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FRI HR 1 121021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 11, 2021 12:16 am

FRI HR 1 121021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 11, 2021 12:16 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now to another additional what's right what's left I'm ready to post early centers, and indeed this Friday, December 10 20.1 this is the voice of the Christian resistance and I have my illustrious cohosts will be tonight is normally on Friday night.

John Holman and John McCartin running all the listeners really bothered me here. Thank you.

If you want to be here and we will be a blessing will need to fellows of invited you are to just Margaret Wolf and Chris Hopkins hello Margaret and Chris were going to start tonight in our Bible study and the title of this message was half God said, and that it is written in this from Genesis 3 in in Matthew chapter 4 and the message was on current events, things that are happening what the Bible has to say.

And as we take a look at how these things is there's nothing new under the sun were dealt with during biblical times and how we are to deal with the times that were living in today and we ended up on with Willie dealt with. We started out because of the legislation and court cases of abortion and we went to the apothecary or the Pharma key. In other words, here's the things that God said that we should take for healings for diseases and then here's what would the world so we should take. So you have what God has given us in the what the world has given us anything it knows better and then we went from there to Borders walls and borders.

We talked about that a nation without borders is not a nation. You can have a nation without borders. You can have a state without borders. You can't have a county without borders.

You can have a township without borders and indeed your own property. If you don't have borders in your own property, property lines, then you don't have property and so this is where were going to pick it up tonight and my two both of my guests are but cohosts are very good at reading.

I think I taught them in the morning to pick it up in Matthew chapter 4 verses 12 through 17. You fellows ready John. John Rambo earning the right for a verse 12 okay verse 12 through 17, Matthew four now and regionals had heard that John was cast into prison, he departed onto Galilee. They turned sorry for hurting nude and leaving Nazareth became an broker in Capernaum, which is upon the sea coast in the borders of Zebulon and all that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah's the proper thing land of Zebulun and the land of myth by the way, you can see beyond Jordan, Galilee, Gent, the people which sat in darkness saw great light and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up from from that time began to preach a new state repent for the kingdom of heaven is John healed military new vintage compartment Nazareth. I've been there and we know we know that the conference about 20 miles north of Nazareth, but he talking about the borders of Zebulon and FLM. Okay, here again, this is another passage of Scripture that refers to borders in here Jesus flows from Nazareth to Vernal. By the way, as were going through this.

Chris and Margaret. If you have any questions, you could just jump in and ask Jake and's and so here he fulfilled that prophecy in Isaiah 9 verses one and two that we just read here and so, in the borders of Zebulon enough them again. We take a look. They would not been towns without the borders and so this is one of the teachings and of course obviously here the antichrist system anything. Everything that God's Word, the Bible teaches.

The antichrist world system. By the way, that's the Democratic Party or the death of any party system today is totally adopted, the antichrist world system they would their total opposition to every single thing that God's Word, the Bible teaches everything and so we want to jump over now fellows to really go to the climate change you know that we've been talking about here. Antioch AOC AI kids.

She's been nice. Not you. That is three years to us so that we were not going to be when she gave us three years ago, only 12 years to exist without to that of the few more years that Antonelli we have I think the 1900 2038 I think is going to give us that we should we should think a great anyhow. So let's take a look at what God's Word, the Bible has to say about climate change. Let's go to ecclesiastics one verses one through eight, ecclesiastics one verses one through eight and go ahead McCartin you start this time the words of the preacher's son of David in Jerusalem. Vanity of vanities sample preterm vanity of vanities, all is vanity. What prompted the man of labor take it under the solemn one generation pathway and another generation, but the earth abide forever, so it also arises in the sun went down in a minute to place you wrote the wind goeth toward the south and turn up about onto the north wall of about continually in the wind return of again.

According to his circuits. All the rivers run into the sea. Yet this is not all police once the rivers come to their mate return again all things are full of labor. Man cannot moderate the island not satisfied with saying nor the ear filled with hearing. So you know we take a look at this. Solomon at that time was the wealthiest man in the world but Solomon was not full of himself what you think about most of our billionaires today early date of about all of them but some of them think that they are going to become God to be immortal and God.

Some of actually said they are gods that George Joseph one is that he is a God.

Okay, so here now we take a look at the at this here AOC gives us something to 1938 but he says this he says the sunrises of the sun go down patients to his place at the Rose.

The wind goeth toward the south and turn of the Belton to the north world with about continually. The wind return of the again according to his circuits and all the rivers run into the sea yet the sea is not full into a place from which the rivers come together they run again all things are full of labor. Man cannot moderate so is go ahead and 80s telling you all so that there is an inverse for any earth abide forever.

Now here what is what is God's Word the Bible teach about the earth very well. We hate it talks about the earth and a lot of different places in Scripture tells you that there's going to be a new earth in a new heaven, but he doesn't say he's going to destroy easily. He's going to what make over the earth is going to redo or harden on the cleanser rights but is God will be by fire president. He wanted this when the next one will be fire right simply look at this and and eight we see the Sun also rises single down and Hayes is a place we see this, the ongoing can know everything working in the circuits with the sea, the waters continue to run into the sea with the sea never gets filled, so is somebody is sustaining the entire universe. Some of these things are happening, you know, you would have total chaos if everything was just left alone so there is a force that is an extremely intelligent course and power and extreme ultimate power that is holding everything together and is is everything consists in the Air Force and everything is being sustained in a force would you guys agree to that well and I'm going to give you pewter back that up.

Sure noted.

Hebrews 13 and the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of the out upholding all things by the word.

We have financial urged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the I know that is I was waiting to get out.

Go see Solomon is talking about these things in nearly he sounds he sells little pessimistic doesn't hear Willie when he's talking when he says that the eye is not satisfied with saying nor the ear filled with hearing. So here near the end of his life. He looked back over everything he had done most of its seemed futile to him what you think that is good. I don't want to lose weight with the Lord in the material is consumed with the material thing and it was empty and that Ecclesiastes is really a lot of it's about that you connect units without God. And so what did he try to fill that emptiness with him. He had all the riches of mortgages.

He probably had no idea what she was. What was it because the member that brought him down. Well down.

It was the women yet that was the women went Sampson in that yeah and you had David got himself in trouble with the Solomon's mother even with that was that was David with but if you take a look, going back that there's a reason for that. Again, the apostle Paul talks about that over in first Timothy chapter 1 existed that the enemy attacks men in the area of pride and even from you when were even as we grow up. You know my dog can beat your dog by dad bigger than your dad. My brother stronger than your starter. My car is faster than your car, so that's the natural competitiveness and so we have this they would Miller private with women. The possible causes.

It was discernment. Who was it to who was it did talk to Evan even are adamant, assuming you a who was at the gut about Abraham and all that trouble to Hagar White now to select if did you forget a name there.

It was Sarah. I get older. And those whose lives out. John openly out the words looking at and not mine but who's the those whose wife this does this should be an easy one whose wife told him to curse God and die will go when the good idea was so so why, why was that her women may enable or did men fill in these cases, most of to take the responsibility of the headship. Adam Adam had the full authority to throw to take that off the serpent in the garden but the but but the serpent, Satan. He peered, she a lot of people get the idea. That would one day Satan appears in the garden and it's the next day. All of this takes place. But he could've been there for years and years and years and then here looking in. No waiting to find the weakness any file leaves weakness and discernment and it was because of what what was the most beautiful creature ever made.

The serpent that was Lucifer. Lucifer. Before he became Satan and that we find that Ezekiel chapter 28 the what what attract the second most beautiful creature he was the most beautiful woman she was a prototype what what attract the second most beautiful creature in all existence than what the first), what was Lucifer's vesture made of diamonds and rubies and carbuncles kind of things that attract women right and so she was attracted to that answer no limit as to this here. The three of them had something in common.

Adam and Eve in Lucifer and you know what that was available to God. Well, has God said yeah but they none of them had ever seen another human before they were the first humans that the data that any of them had ever seen. Right. And so this was a complete and total unique situation wasn't what I hope you guys would catch on to that, let's go, let's go forward to dance tonight. We cut help them help them out. Ladies fell below. Let's go over to Psalm 104 Psalm 104 and ramie verses one through six. Psalm 104 and ramie verses one through six.

Getting like I know you do what the Lord Almighty soul, O Lord my God, thou art very great thou Art will honor in that sonogram faster what 104 probably filled with light eyes with long directed out like a curtain on John's beating Cambridge in the make the cloud.

Walking on the wings of the way to make a good legal spirit minutes between five who laid the foundations of the that it should not be moving for a covered set with a deep as the government and the waters stood above the mountains. The case of it looks like God had for quite a hand in and that the creation of the reader could okay so when we when we were looking back over and in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 we see God the father saying let us, let us make man in our image. Okay, that who was he speaking to market okay so you had a conversation between the father the son and the Holy Ghost. So, in the process of creation, from Genesis to Revelation. It works in one matter okay, God the father gives the marching orders God the son carries them out in the Holy Ghost provides the power we see that from Genesis to regulations okay now when a made man in the image God is a triune being our men try doing beans body soul and spirit. Very good right now were going to go over to Genesis chapter 8 and Regis two versus verse 2022 Genesis chapter 82 versus 20 and 22, 22, 22 yeah Genesis 822 22 and Noah build an ark on the Lord and took every queen bee of every foul and offered burnt or offerings on the altar and the Lord smelled a sweet savor of the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground anymore for man's sake or imagination a man's heart is evil from us. Neither will I again smite anymore.

Every living thing is I've done while he remained in seedtime in August and in cold and heat in summer and winter in the in night L not so God says he's going to keep as long as he keeps the earth is going to keep the climates as after Jason's road clear.

So he's got so that they could be wrong or ask not right at all with it with his age is not right for you and I getting now. Let's go over to Hosea chapter 4 and ramie verses one through three, Hosea 4133 word of the Lord. Children of Israel for the Lord has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land because there is no truth more mercy nor knowledge of God in the land by swearing in line and killing and stealing, and committing adultery. They break out and blood touch blood therefore shall the land more than everyone that global experiential language in the piece of the yield and the fowls of heaven gave the fishes of the sea shall also be taken away right now as to guys question you think this could be a hard periods could be deep okay it's is number 1231. Okay the environment.

The environment is being destroyed by one fossil fuels to SUVs or three man sin and sent right here is that it by swearing and lying and killing and stealing, and committing adultery. They break out and blood touch his blood that doesn't really have much to do in fossil fuels at all. Doesn't Dr. Mark, do you think they think of. If Biden understood that instead of shutting down our pipelines and and I givenness high gas prices. Now I'm paying right now I'm typing $3.30 a gallon. I was paid a dollar 89, when the real Pres. Trump was still in office and so do you think about Biden knew that that line is stealing and swearing and killing committing adultery that that's what's causing the destruction environment he might change the Democratic Party platform learning something they are ideologues we are ideologues and rebellion against God.

The writing I got one more passage we want to cover here. That's in Luke chapter 22 readme versus this is dealing with the Second Amendment.

Ramie verses 36 to 38, 36, 38 that said he unto them now that after purpose. Let them take it. Likewise, script and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and bar one or experience you that is written must yet be accomplished in me. I provide perverse, no, no, I did, and he was reckoned among the transcription for the things concerning me have an end and they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords and he said unto them, it is enough okay so them when he told him to go and sell their garments of bias, sword of was that was that so that they could be offense of and be like what is let the January 6 people. The patriots were accused of or was he telling them that you going the time is coming, you're going to need to defend each other and did he know that that it was time that that he was going to teach a lesson in the lesson was about Malcolm's and Peter cutting off his ear and did a make sure that it was he providing making sure that Peter had a sort. While I know you made a statement about the question at this already, but I just I just wanted to show the ladies how smart you guys are. I know I'm impressed south of all right doubt that after earning the grenade I wanted great reading and answering question I wanted great I give you Monday so that you did very well. I think it got an egg yolk well. I had a couple good. Okay I'm not going. David mentioned to the lady so sometimes you guys really mess up and we just won't even bring that up let's them.

Let's go to break will be back right after this is a is an is is is is is saying is, is reputable voice was my girlfriend ST Christmas is going to be with the Lord and accompanied by Brian Parkman. Yours truly will pastor Ernie and now I'm going to read something very quickly and then Margaret and Chris, would you to tell me about what happened at the Jake Korman event in Bellefonte. The first, let me read this very quickly because this has to do with that breaking huge Republicans in Pennsylvania said it identify group.

The hired to perform forensic audit of the 2020 election the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania were severely corrupt for the we know that the amount of fraudulent activity before, during and after the 2020 election was shocking.

For example, we know the 200,000 more balance work received that were set out during the election Is going to stop right there and ladies, tell me what happened with the at the Jake Korman event Bellefonte.

Thank you for shadowing and not letting part. Dorian Wheatley on the ground here in Central Pennsylvania.

Thank you for coming that you went Sen. Korman and are represented by area. Pending both leaders in both houses, Pennsylvania House and Senate and we were kind of a lot of the work that that background finished in first a lot of work on the campaign work tromping and other Republican everywhere and that we thought things that were happening with people who were to be representing Bennett and I count on bills going forward trying to make one great with me. Hated by them getting out of the way middle of the ninth 2000 led by Carmen watching activity that get passed in Pennsylvania, which opened up fake door mailing on that they rave about the type of personal enactment and shortly after that election. A lot of got together were not an organized and congratulated and we got together and that meeting with forms because we become aware actual election fraud County can provide limited friend of ours Margaret had gotten a lit that anyone can buy the better information for like 2025 pack and they put her to another front, I believe this is how I understood it, Margaret. You correct me if I'm wrong, but before during 2020 that they were going when I let lender dying.

We couldn't go in and feed them. Democrats are going into our nursing home and they were harvesting vote and they would take an identity of a potential voter that wanted to do a mailing and identity and they would duplicate it and make or five more identity with like a different name so you might have a Mary June Brown and he would have a Mary July Brown, Mary August Brown and I think that he shifted the names that they actually showed different that I remember Margaret.

I think she told me that there were some that were on Wednesday, June 2 Mary Jane something like that. Very similar to what extent we actually saw this evident in the spreadsheet. All that they wanted you got a chance to get and ultimately became aware of our dropbox is that with that word fought with Dr. Buck on we were the second per capita in Pennsylvania to receive that private funding to help election that they ended up dropbox without in but we found that the sheriff department.

I went Debbie given information that people walking up the boxes not Central Pennsylvania and in Philadelphia style. They were like shopping Evan ballot think these boxes and they only have one vote. And yet deputy that informed me that directly told me that they tried to stop and think and shove them in the box and walked away and the power election with the learning center County evidence was brought directly toward to legislate any thoughts first thing legislators at a meeting about a week after Gettysburg felt that they didn't know that they hadn't seen any evidence that neither one of them took the time to him. Man or drive to Gettysburg and let them evident 16 patriot for meeting and we confronted our legislators about wrong what's happening and we want you to hold a special that we want for Outlook that we feel like our election was stolen and they continue to go to papers and for a that were not being any fine fried after we chatted that you can imagine how rapidly we were not happy.

Margaret you want to add anything that I believe that Mr. Bank spent several hours the day before our meeting with one of our members and went over that I read she asked tentatively on understanding after Korman fell at an hour before our meeting, and yet at the meeting.

Everything they found out the front.

They had a pretty agreement of like-minded patriot none to happy a pretty good look at quite a few of the little he knew the names of a few of so move forward, you have the election now Pennsylvania for governor coming forward and that we've been vocal all the way along looking to have a forensic audit in Pennsylvania and that's one of the biggest things that we press on, especially Mr. Korman on and we had been posted on public venues such as we are Central Pennsylvania website. Also in the lock Haven newspaper online Facebook posts. We thought it going to have what he called the restoring restoring freedom, listening for to step off. Vittorio campaign. A good example.

A good opportunity for all of us patriot to go to our work constituents to good our legislator and the listening tour. I actually personally thought there may be some Q&A been here when we may be able to ask or address our legislator on item though we all got to get any no-name put in our real name that were next week to get their reservation and all I would say I knew of at least 12 people 12 or 15 people that went on but when we arrived at the event on a bunch investment in a lot and we had different plans for what we want to do that night needed now we want to have fine flaking out voicing our free speech, happy T-shirts made up over the summer time and make the concentrator Jake their blue with white print at trader Jake in the kind of like trader trader David can like a live event that trader Jake and the shirts we debated make that clear that it trader had TR I TLR trader like training right we are wearing that shirt in Malawi with deciding what we can do to dark and and I believe the little dangerous to the wind, but we cannot do any protecting mechanic decided that in a lot were not in a dark roadway protesting.

I let it go and cover up her shirt, going lifting questions if we got not which is our right.

Even the shirt. We wanted to be blazing them coming in there not been there for First Amendment protected each week.

We want to be contentious either wanted to be called upon. Possibly there is an opportunity to ask a question we covered. We went in and we put one towards the front line. A lot of people when I walked in I thought to.

I got to thoroughly point I claim you it was Steve Salyers from Spring Township Police Department a really nice guy a lot of respect for and had a gentleman with them. They were in plain if not typical for police officers to get political. So I kind of assumed that they were probably working on that hike him briefly and we want as we got toward the table. I kind of thoughts to carry that word for governor. I believe that. I wasn't really interested so I walked past them and as I got up toward the front.

My path was blocked by a reddish man. We later found out with William nephew of Mr. corn didn't know that at the time block my path that you need to check back that and I father like that unless and I went to my name and my three friends, Margaret and other people are behind us and as I got checked and I started to go back to go up the stairs where the venue is on the second floor. As I approached again gentleman Mr. Lily, nephew of Mr. Korman stepped in front of my path a little agitated and he said show me your shirt, blue T-shirt by the collar about my letter. I was kinda shocked at what obviously not a request. I was leveling a little intimidated at that moment, and I'm pretty compliant part when impressed with your dignity something so I now lifted up my flat, open up my coat lifted up my sweater and showed him that trader Jake care at that very moment he yelled, you're out of here.

While he's grabbing my right arm with both of his on started now and at that moment, but what about who are you are you like the manager or the owner I've done nothing wrong and he said no, not you're out of here year you're going and I could now I'm not going anywhere. I have a right in here. I'm here to see my legislator and that shirt is not unfit. It was covered and we have a right to come here via First Amendment. You literally leaving me violating the fourth amendment, and because I think some of my friends are going in and other people that I know your filing or think 14th amendment unless you can tell me what law or ordinance. I have violated and let go of me because I yanked my arm free, and I immediately got on the phone and called nonemergency to get a police officer there.

I'll leave it that Margaret on what she thought I would. A couple people behind Chris part of the conversation by watching my turn in line to get my name on an absolutely remember her having an earlier action with our Arcana table I. It's getting that rain has. I really care credit. Arguing with him other than to say hey wait a minute and out on the table. My name and the woman on your on the right target cable another man came down Eric and pointed his finger at me and said show me your T-shirt and I and I wanted to work on your T-shirt know I had a cardigan on ATM card again you can't come in here. I am sorry I'm back at nine going thing.

I'm sorry my battery without a lot of money. One thing uptight being women, you guys felt differently and you guys, but being a woman in a crowded bar at the foot of the stairs being asked to remove clothing so that they can be certain it was even visible that that was very disconcerting for me and very embarrassing.

I was in the word mortified that I was going to do that and the I'm sure of is beet red. I was not aware some of the everything that was happening with the other women because I was busy trying to get dispatch to get some police action. I did call nonemergency and I hope being that the weight wouldn't be too long because I was knocking a leave that place. We had no reason to believe that faith when I asked if he was the manager of the owner hit the nephew told me no one with the claimant came on.

We later identified the gentleman that had asked Margaret to show her under shirt.

We later identified as Stephen King Miller, who worked for the Republican campaign committee.

I believe it's been provided with Mr. Korman quite a bit and and apparently from other statements that have come in with the when asked numerous people believe wow William Matthew Korman was dealing with me that we had numerous people that were being asked to leave that it violated no law violated no ordinance weekly warning and protesting what that would've been awful, but we were chanting a megaphone know anything Margaret Healy are you will come back. I think there yet. Yes I so absolutely, and I fit the other gentleman Miller asked several of them actually got in my faith and said, if you can make some trouble here and I just looked at him and in fact what do you think I'm going to do now just to get out on an excellent when I looked over just at that time as when Mr. K grabbed you and I remember very quickly. I have been wanting to see what was going on you saying to him. Please take your hands off of me and Ratigan ticket already started shopping so I think a list quite clear that none of that appropriate behavior on their part of history.

Can I interject something here so you insignificant what she just said the question posed to them. Are you going to make some trouble they hadn't made any trouble and they have already invaded their privacy and now they are asking them. Are they going to make trouble. Obviously they hadn't made any trouble since you know what I think might be a good idea to do list is all over the country about this Jake Corbin and what all this has to do with the voter fraud in election fraud because people really need to know no incident of the Cristiano was trying to get an actual audit and what happened was, these guys don't want an actual audit.

The they've hired this company invoice age will work coming up to break in the we come back from break, they will.

We need to do is is is go back and talk about. I want to read you this for your article about this this company ligature opinion all of you and then find out who is running against this Mr. Korman for governor because you know this guy obviously everything I've heard you notice in just smacks of rhino rhino rhino rhino and those of the people to cost us more those of the people he did not stand with our real legitimate present the actual prism United States Pres. Donald Trump.

So, will we come back from that from the break. Quickly, I want you to start from the beginning and talk about that because people really need to get a good picture because we we need an actual real legitimate legitimate audit that people can trust.

People of lost all confidence.

You know we've got a lot of corruption here in Ohio, but not nearly.

I don't think is not nearly as deep as it is there in Pennsylvania so over this. It is very quickly before we go to break folks up because of this this coming because of the passing of Ed Corsi and one of the doers of the word Baptist Church members is not a normal class insert Sunday service. We normally have a glass of four class of five in the evening services. Six. There still will be community services six put the four and 5 o'clock classes will be canceled for this coming Sunday so will have the normal starting that night o'clock would praise and worship 930 within the Bible study.

1115 with the morning service and then it'll be the evening service will be at 6 PM that's a doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH were an actual New Testament church. We are not a 501(c)(3) corporation where an actual unregistered New Testament Bible believing church. So there you go Phil come after break we come back after the break will picking up where we left off because they really need to know the whole story so will be right back after this. Don't go away. A whole lot more to come. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's life ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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