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TUE HR 2 121421

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 15, 2021 12:01 am

TUE HR 2 121421

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 15, 2021 12:01 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right joke we got another quit clip were going to play here so that I will be back just turn her loose money. Andrew have a black doctor in America who is giving a message and turns out she's reading a script because then we have a or a redhead, Dr. saying the exact same thing. So listen that these were places a few seconds originates exact same thing. I'm Dr. Jacqueline Walters practicing OB/GYN for 23 patients asked whether they should get vaccinated against Kobe 19 to them that vaccinations can protect them from this series. I know Kobe 19 disease can be very serious and pregnant women. It can even affect pregnancy or the millions of people, including pregnant women have gotten the safe and effective hi, I'm Dr. Have been practicing land for 2016. My pregnant patient asked me whether they should get vaccinated against COBIT. 19. I tell them that vaccinations protect them from serious to high.

No cover 1950s can be very serious and pregnant women can affect pregnancy or the people of people including pregnant women have gotten the safe and effective action. Okay, so what we have here folks are doctors as actors. I mean they're being paid so these are really COBIT crisis actors is what we're seeing here covert crisis actors are being paid to spread fear and propaganda to try to get pregnant women to take vaccines because they know the causes for out of five pregnant women have abortions, so this is a child murderer operation or covert crisis. Actors so you don't you want to know how fake all these doctors are who are putting out these messages reading the exact same script and of course are paid by the CDC so the CDC got a bunch of COBIT stimulus money did you know that about $1 billion of the first round of stimulus under trope by the way the first round gave the CDC $1 billion for marketing and that became propaganda money in the CDC use that money to pay Hollywood script writers to start dropping pro-vaccine propaganda into sitcoms into movies they pay comics to put them into comedy routines. They pay these doctors like this to read the scripts and the pain probably media organizations to just push Pro CDC pro-vaccine propaganda so think about of their printing money, which means that their incurring future debt to the American people the printing money and using the money to buy all this propaganda to brainwash the people to commit suicide by vaccine and to cause spontaneous abortions of their children. That's how evil this whole thing is that's all that speak to the dangers of money printing by the way, when you have a money printing operation. They can use that money for evil. That's exactly what's going on here. Sure freaking evil are not speaking of evil. Here's another crazy insane story that's gonna blow your mind. This is from Breitbart sites writers that Biden censored Taiwan map at a panel called digital authoritarianism so so in other words, the White House, they panicked over map showing Taiwan in a different color than China because of course China claims that they own, Taiwan, and Taiwan says no were different country which they are and so the binder Jim totally panicked and they censored that slide that took it down and what was of course ironic about all this is that the they were giving a talk on digital authoritarianism and then they demonstrated digital authoritarianism themselves that this is part of what the Joe Biden's quote Summit for democracy so spell about democracy and freedom and all that shows is that Joe Biden is a China horror. He is a CCP China horror he answers China and he sensors in order to appease China, even when talking about quote democracy. So master this question. If Joe Biden once the people Taiwan to be enslaved to communist China. Why wouldn't he want the American people be enslaved, China, and course he does you. You bet he does.

Joe Biden is taken billions of dollars from the Chinese that they they own, who is said that the Chinese the silk we played you clips here in the program of Chinese diplomats and professors talking about how they only have bought and we have their people in the highest places in America and they know they just gave what $30 million to a hunter.

Biden for for what I don't know, and so there you go.

Must've been approved artwork. Yeah, that's what had to be all right. We have in your talk about what they're doing right now.

People need to understand in this drain Orient as a doctor she is with the Association of American physicians and surgeons and she is writing that the for the first time in living memory. American doctors are getting threat letters from licensor. Licensor boards warning them about distributing harmful misinformation medical boards in 12 states have now discipline doctors with this allegation and they are coming out. If you say you know Dr. Clark: works or if you come home you know anything against the Biden narrative there now going after the doctors licenses and licensing boards and pharmacists. Anybody want all a pharmacist can say I have a doctor that wanted to prescribed by the metric well they can go to the medical board to go after this Dr. of the Dr. might face of the new school board meeting about mass mandates they can go after him. This is the first time in history in this country that they have threatened doctors speaking out against the government or arguing scientific data and this quote is really, really serious, if you think about it. Medical boards: Dr. you open your mouth and face on the government doesn't like will come after your medical license. That's your clear your lively latte. Windows is very seriously. Right now we we are $3800 short of a gold to a 3800 Joe. That means we have approximately 40 minutes. We need to raise $3800. That's about $100 a minute tonight.

A lot of donations but folks many hands make the load lighter and if you want to keep us on the air. We need to have stations that are self-supporting, we need to be able to raise enough money to pay the bill. Your donations pay the radio airtime.

No one in this ministry in all the years of been on their no one is taken even a salary or compensation. We all donate our own time, our own talent and we give around treasure for equipment and other things do you know nothing about. I have to get those numbers out showed their 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673. All right, Stephanie from New York pledges 30. Thank you Steve from Michigan pledges 25 votes. We got to hear from you because we got a raise about $100 a minute.

We need a lot of people donating. Now we know everybody's not rich and famous out there you can all donate even $20 a month. $10 a month and many hands make the load lighter you go to. Here's what you were talking about resiliency because hospitalizations and mortality rates in half after implementing either make them as a prophylactic for: that's right. The city I dig Brazil offered I would make into its citizens during the covert pandemic. The result with spectacular hospitals and death were cut in half have the problem of his big Pharma doesn't make a lot of money off of that early treatment could treat drug good faith and that's not experimental nobody's got a patent on it. So all these new drugs are coming out new patents and we know that the big powers that be have money in the patents in their all getting rich and the more vaccines you have to take the more boosters the more money.

Big Pharma gets the more money there stockholders and patent holders make this is about money and power here between July December 2020. Roughly 220,000 people were offered the Dell survivor electing is an optional treatment for two days. Once every two weeks and that after analyzing the data team of researchers spanning several Brazilian incidents at the University of Toronto and Columbia's if it included in a December preprint study that the hospitalization and mortality rates were cut in more than half their ego and that program should be on the news every night. The good news but to notice. They only put bad news. They only want to scare you.

They don't know about all this going to be another pill coming but it's not approved yet. It's always pushed the fair and you get obey the government until the miracle drug company.

We already have all these things that can be used for save lives and keep you out of the hospital and they are not going to tell you BC people are waking up to the children what's happening or people are losing confidence that losing confidence in medical doctors there peopled don't then I want to go to the hospital. They want to avoid hospitals and more more of our in the canceling appointments so many have lost and in these medical back on these MDs.

They know you know I've told I got to push this I had to push that and people people know this out there is not a secret anymore and I got it. If I risk my license I risk my job if I tell the truth and if I actually try to heal them and and use. You know the group make her the hydroxychloroquine that II could lose my job or lose my position here is actually and so we think Joe is it better for them to lose their job to keep their integrity or their job and lose all integrity what you want to trust a doctor throwing to lose his income. Licensor's reputation to save people's lives or somebody who is a pimp for big Pharma pushing the narrative.

You've got to have the VAX and I'll think about it that the people that are standing have a lot to lose. To tell you the truth. These are the truth tellers. They have a lot to lose their risking everything to save you. These are the people you needů To aircraft a joke night you know there are people that are totally exempt from this vaccine and you know they are limited to read all of the US senators and House of Representatives, plus all congressional staff 6000 White House employees, all employees of Pfizer 2500 all the employees of Madura in 1500 and Johnson & Johnson 120,000 and 15,000 CDC workers in 14,000 FDA employees are all exempt from having to take of the aggravation. I wonder why the most telling fact that we've done on this like we mentioned before about the CDC's of the groups but think about it folks. All the important power players that are pushing you to get back are exempt but here in New Jersey, GOP lawmakers defined the Cove in 19 vaccine mandate so more than 2000 employees have filed a class-action lawsuit against the United Airlines for religious and medical discriminations over unconstitutional mandatory vaccine to Capt. Sherry Walker, cofounder of airline employees for health freedom said many of her colleagues were fired by United for not wanting to go against their faith over being too sick to get an injection.

The stories and stand in evil but our CEO is harming their people and perpetuating the destruction of our country for his profit. She added the lawsuit is sent to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the State of Louisiana their ego and I have a copy of the letter here, but I like to read that right. Right or wrong.

Okay tell you anything that we don't have good sources for in this program for components protected it valid.

We know the source of information and checked it out all right, Betty from Michigan pledges 100 anonymous in Florida pledges 100 Israel in New York pledges 25 and Sharon in Minnesota pledges 131 and all of I was thinking the Lord is the Lord that we can thank people for doing this. Where were not making any money were here serving the Lord because this is what he called us to do, but the Lord says in Scripture.

When you give to a ministry that during the Lord's work and being watchmen on the wall is one of the Lord's work and preaching his gospel that you if you help us help of ministry you get to share in all the blessings that ministry that means anything that through king's word school of the Bible through the right to life ministries of prison ministry couple. The pastors have been involved or are involved in hospice, teaching, preaching, truck trucking ministries and a couple other things I'm forgetting right now. Any good. It's been you get to share in the blessing. If you've donated so it's a great way to view the layouts of crowns and treasures in heaven, you know, we found we were cleaning out in our literature will mount it, we found two cases of Larry Nichols book and decides to print you can get them no more right and so in the they were 28 years to know where 28 years to know where and here it's book about the inside. Truth is, the author describes a journey that led to the destruction of many powerful people imitate. I know because her sent from 1990 on until a couple years ago when Larry went home to be with the Lord. He did more to expose the corruption in the Clinton cartel than anybody and and anyhow, this book is a really good book here is with some of the people said I'm on the edge of my seat. I can't turn the pages fast enough. Vicki Pat says Larry has fought the fight for good against pure evil. He was the only one who would do it now. It's like you're sitting down and talking with him and that that's patent wow what a book Colette says and Betty says Larry Nichols personal story to save America is a must read for all the love is country simple phones we have these now you folks that all of you people have been pledging here if you want this book if you pledge $20 or more $20 and more just say similarity now and in and will send them out to the first 40 or so people that did said that in a 12 would pledges of 20 or more. But when you send in your pledge.

You have to put that in there so that we know that you want the book because if you don't, then we won't know the same primary care to know where we tied our pen and paper pencil and paper handy when were on the air.

That's 28 years to know where Larry Nichols and when you make your donation you can write to us. WR at what ministry that's also the web WR or WR WL ministries 147811 4781 Sperry Rd. SPE RR wind Road city of Newberry any WB you are why OH 44065 and you driving can't write that down you go to that website. WR and all that information is right there for you already here with the richest men in the world is you financially like I heard the name but I can't remember, it's not lead you to Know sure that if it was, I wouldn't be we wouldn't be having this week would really be having this problem if we were even one that Richard could afford to pay the monthly bills we were that we will all television stations nationwide and be telling the truth about radio. Note that the narco products on television. I daren't know unless we own that you all well ~what is scary which is man is Elon musk. He's the new richest man, one month, and here's what he has to say about porn about the build back better.

He says throw it out, throw it out, throw it out okay.

He said the federal government should get out of the way and quit impeding progress, emphasizing that the government should be a referee that rather than a player in the field there you go. That sounds like something we heard from a fellow named Pres. Donald Trump very much the same route, and here build back better is bussed back better. It's the goal of the death or credit Communist Party is to destroy this country as quickly as they can. That is the goal to reduce America to Third World status. A lot of people don't know this, they can believe that anyone that that people could be so wicked or evil, and you have these people just like in North Korea.

The leaders are very wealthy, very wealthy in China. The leaders of very wealthy and you saw what happened in Venezuela okay and every corrupt country in the world to route the leaders are very wealthy and let me take you take a look at our corrupt leaders Julie Biden and Nancy Pelosi. They're all very wealthy that but you know they want to transfer the wealth from us to them.

Her brother what the wealth transfer the update. Speaking of that, yes, who is running for president of that is Hillary well on the deck that excited Hillary but there is a new person front runner out there.

Her name is Liz Cheney and she is being supported by none other than Mitch McConnell met Romney Lindsay Graham and Jeff Busch are raising millions of dollars per There getting ready to run for president raising all kinds of money and here is this gal who is on the January 6 committee.

She is a traitor who was he is a traitor. She is treasonous. That woman is Jesus treasonous is treasonous gets. She is a Rino to the core and those that there are supporting her. We have to we have to get them out. We have to eat we we gotta get rid of them. I never trusted Lindsay Graham limits McConnell. They have been turncoats from day one 100 just made it possible for the Senate to vote to raise that feeling by about $2.5 trillion in what Liz Cheney was doing. She had been reading text messages between Mark Meadows and some anchors at Fox News and she's been reading them out loud there in the January 6 committee been listening to the house and I agree with every single one of them is gone. Folks here. There's nothing safe anymore.

There is no privacy in America. It has been hijacked by these people who think they know something your constitutional right to privacy and freedom in America is no longer sharing Minnesota pledges 100. I'm not quite sure will wrap I think would we need about $3000 right now. Right now we have approximately 27 minutes is that we need about $3000 in 27 minutes. That's more than $100 a minute, folks, we gotta have her from quite inferior, folks, so it's 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. I have about for the rest of this week. About six hours to raise the money to keep us going for another month and not so here's the question well for yourself.

Why get this when I get a table at this just to take you back a little bit. The Spanish flu of 1980 now want to think about this the Spanish flu of 1980 was not a fluke but an experimental vaccine given to the military, who then went around the world exposing others now the majority of those who died did so from bacterial pneumonia they received from wearing a mask that began in I mean even even the out even found she admitted that they died from pneumonia received from wearing a mask that the Spanish flu vaccines killed millions of people 100 years ago and guess what's happening today.

History is repeating itself, but you sure I could hear that in the fake news media already is another one.

Joe, one of the globalist planning to do with the new fake variant attainment right after this. I've got to give me those numbers again were running out of time. We're writing on it. Time 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 here where the globalist planning on doing with the new fake variant is not a difficult question to answer. All one has to do is turn on the TV at the corporate news broadcast and read all other publications because they will most they almost to say the very same thing. That's right you got the echo chamber out there if you want to know how the, omicron omicron Varian is going to affect a narrative well. The Guardian has done a handy air. It is a here's all the bull were going to sell you over the next couple of weeks.

Go the this is what you this what we are hearing the omicron environment is more transmittable but they don't know if it's more dangerous. Yet keeping it.

Believe me, these folks there that are concerned about your well-being. Yes, it originated in Africa, possibly mutating in an untreated AIDS patient sick people are breeding grounds for dangerous mutations. It has more than doubled the mutations of Delta scientists anticipate the virus will be more likely to affect or reinvent people who have immunity earlier, there is listen and you know why all of these people that of Gary getting this here are ones that have been faxed because the facts the poisonous pulse which is not of XML. But what is it does it weakens their immune system.

It weakens the immune system to the point where they are much more susceptible and this is why most all of these people that are getting this are the ones that have been faxed you correctly the big why there are more mutations in most viruses written history of virology, the more mutations the weaker the virus gets and eventually it gets to the point where it may be hanging around but it gets weaker, not stronger. And that is a blessing so these variations are not to be afraid they are nature's way of cleaning up a very dangerous virus like we've got Chris in Minnesota pledges $30.

The BC Elizabeth from Pennsylvania pledges $30 thank you thank you but we need it with) another time were down to nine, 23 minutes we had 23 minutes till and was still way far away from Mr. Henry's about 3000 right against federal law to places people think well the yard here. Radio is free yes radio is for it to get remember you have a lot of commercials and advertisers. Ellen pledges from Ohio pledges 50 all right keep me gotta keep becoming folksy.

Now Jones advertisers and sponsors. That's why we have that we have a partnership review the listening audience where doing the work can during the politically and that we need help. We need your support. This is a short note. This is one of the this is one of the things it why there's so afraid of Trump when they are so afraid of drunk visitor logs revealed Jeffrey and Steve visited Bill Clinton at the White House at least 17 times between 93 and 95, a new report on the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein visited the White House under Bill Clinton that there was a whole lot going on and Joe were talking about within the death or credit Communist Party. Pedophilia is rampant the gateway. Pandit reported that the Gidley Maxwell trial has begun. But it's only been led by Obama appointed judges be led by an Obama appointed judge. This judge was involved in the loss video incident from the jail.

They purportedly showed everything trying to kill himself and his so-called first suicide attempt, Gidley Maxwell trial begins with Obama judge Wright and Jim Coley's daughter Obama judge and Jim Coley's daughter prosecuting you tag about foxes and the in-house Joe unbelievable there's no incident in out there all foxes in the in-house right okay with ties to the FBI.

You don't suppose he's going to make sure that that her father is not implicated in any of this. Couldn't believe that material near there you go.

You don't suppose that the key was put there purposely just just for that purpose. Just call me suspicious but it just sounds like normal in Washington DC, Johnny from Hiram pledges 30 and Peggy from Brooklyn pledges 100 got housecleaning in that place like you wouldn't believe we need a couple dozen. Jim Jordan people like him and Meredith just totally clean house.

You know it's been happening in the capital there trying to the Gestapo.

I mean there January 6 with their doing what we saw all summer. Two years ago we saw burn load murder burning down houses we sold 40 people killed police officer attack and the George Soros bought district attorneys prosecuted Atty. Gen. These George Soros there bought and paid for prostitutes and not prosecuted with a prostitute if they they just sit back and just let them go. They never prosecuted any of these people that you saw hitting people with Braxton and setting people's house on fire.

Whether people rental no prosecution, but now you have people in DC. By the way settlement. This was a false flag anyone and everyone that says it wasn't as a liar is not a bitter truth in them that whole incident in DC in January 6 that was set up that way by the death credit kindness corrupt IVF.

I write the extremely extremely corrupt death. Credit kindness was the inherent limit read this to Joe and hear the trying to go after Mark Meadows now capital police officers who were hailed as heroes were involved up to their eyeballs in and much more in that day, McKay officers Michelle for known and Lila Morris Michael Vaughn here this Lila Morris was so beating the woman that died beating her with a stick or some kind of a stick at something and the woman had died, but we see the woman to die was a white woman. And so it was all right.

And this is in Washington DC is politically correct. You can do that okay. The woman was shot of the patriot that was shot in the face. She was shot by a black cop so it's all right that they dump in much of the DC that's political correctness.

The hike hypocrisy is is is unbelievable of the evil and the whole point of it is is to turn the whites against the black. That's the whole purpose in this. There's nothing nothing nothing about the death of Craddick mob is not totally corrupt attorney want to create division whether it's black against white rich against poor male against female role against city. The idea is to create this hatred division and that's what their goal is and they just pick race was the tool they're using today because division America, but they have tried everything else in July to support an activist Philip Anderson confirmed to the Gateway pundit, the capital police killed Trump protester Roseann Boylan on January 6 and this woman is so call police officers standing.

I'm looking at right now thank I got a picture of her beating this woman wouldn't stick. Philip knows that because he was next to her when she died. He was holding her hand and Philip nearly died himself activists. Philip Anderson spoke with the Gateway pundit about the January things protest at the US capital and how the capital police murder Roseann Boylan and nearly took his life to anything you don't hear folks you can you can trust. NBC, ABC, CBS, to lie to you every day and that just unbelievable within the out there you go, and today they are saved in out there and talk about the capital riot here is talking about 130 people were injured almost 10 people were in this note, January 6, there was a great loss of life was presently one of the other members of the squad so squat three have AOC almost 10 data hundred 30 injured and not presently going there was a great loss of life that day.

I think they are just sitting there telling boldfaced lies and we have people who will not read the truth. They listen to some fact checkers only now, and I looked into these fact checkers.

I can't find any that aren't really biased. The left everything they do seems to go back to one organization. It's extreme far left, and everybody working in that organization is a socialist extreme liberal and these are the people that claim to be arbiters of the truth for you. You need to go to the source you need to listen to the people that were there and we have had some Ontario pledges 100 John Texas pledges 20 and Sylvia from San Diego pledges. It's about to come up here any minute now. Right serving Sylvia pledges 50 and a full suite we kind were running out when we got some more coming in a regimented time. We have proximally 19 minutes left and we have Dr. Dr. Michael in Illinois put out. I know that is that the fellow we just had on this program I think is $100. All right. Thank you. Right we have about the right now we have both 14 minutes left.

So folks 40 minutes left. We can elect to Asian where were not nearly there. They were still about 2500 down right now at this point so we got here from it. Listen all we need is one of you just a place 2500 will make it this one are some people out there that I know God has blessed the required political donations will we reach sometimes more people than some of the political donations are gonna reach with the truth so recently you would consider money that you might just tend to write campaigner. One of the fundraisers that the second portion of it here and let us get the truth out to millions of Americans that desperately need to hear. We don't jump, you know, if you burn load murder at the file just the real hard-core communist, anti-American communist terrorist. You can pretty much burned and looted murder in the big cities without worrying about being prosecuted. But you're not the only one to say here, the CIA, Joe CIA and child sex abusers. They avoid prosecution all the time for at least 1010 cases of of the incredibly suspected crimes were identified over the course of years, according to Buzz feed as scolding exposed they expose based on the trove of eternal CIA documents indicates an apparent pattern of failure by the federal government to prosecute CIA employees and contractors of the child sex crimes. The article published by Buzz feed is based on over 3500 pages of the classified materials and obtained through the Freedom of information act. Note that this is the corruption. This is like those guys were the Bible tells you what we have to we have to resistant to death.

We have to resist and that this is our type. God has raised us up for this time.

Right now this is the role of you folks out there. I know a lot of times you feel like getting relative like you getting weary and in every time you turn around and things like that the wickedness and the evil is so great.

Listen God is greater.

Believe me, he's on the throne is in complete control. He has raised you up right now. This is an opportunity for you to run to the battle showing which are made up.

You know what he did for you so resistance to tyranny and let me tell you in China or Russia are not our greatest enemies here in America and the death of Craddick Communist Party is it it is the party of everything that God's Word, the Bible calls sin. That's your enemy and and don't forget the rhinos those trade authorities within the Republican Party. Okay, the focus again, this is your time to stand up you've got a stand against the tyranny just like the black robe Regiment during the war for independence from Genesis to Revelation. Genesis to Revelation.

God's Word, the Bible makes a very, very clear.

If you have any doubts I have to do.

Go to Hebrews chapter 11 read the book on the heroes of the faith God is calling you to stand up let's fight to bring the nation back to one nation under God.

We we owe it to God and we owe it to the children of these pedophiles, the entire death. The credit kindness parties out to destroy the children to the utmost.

Well, I'd like to just give a couple words of the Lord today. Scripture tells us we are to what, pray to testify to witness to preach the gospel to exhort to render the battle to stand in the gap to fight the fight to reprove. If that doesn't work, rebuke where to storm the gates of hell to visit those that are sick and in prison, feed the hungry love your neighbors save those that are being led to the slaughter. We are to save those that are being drawn to death and we are to obey him. Everything is a action verb he is giving us other than the 10 Commandments.

These are the things he's commanding us to do and he's put us in this battlefield as you said best attorney so that the people can lay out crowns and treasures in heaven, and this is the time with our opportunity. Yet you can't win a Olympic metal in less you participate in the contest. We have nine minutes left in lay D in Pennsylvania pledges 150. Thank you. D.

We have nine minutes left post-nine minutes left week we got a reason was $200 a minute for the next nine minutes so we got here you write we need we need to consider what were asking him here because we're here going doing the work and we need your help desperately. We don't want to go to the station every time we lost the station in the past, but never been able to get back on some if you're listening to us on a particular station in time, it has to become self-supporting and they say radio is free, but it isn't all you have all those advertisers and sponsors that we don't have some we have to rely on you and the we just ask you to prayerfully consider keeping us on their you know Joe yesterday, but they went in. We do that here. We played yesterday was of the word church placed a thousand right now. Tonight I'm going to pledge another thousand right now in pledge another thousand right now. It was of the word church we can do it.

I am so pleased to be a part of that church and they are doing their got the greatest people I've met Derek that there is a word church they've been so many people of working this ministry and given their time and their talents and all drawing and thank you just earn enough Friday night which we can find one matching donor tonight when matching elite, we can find just one matching donor tonight to pledge a thousand or two to pledge 500. We don't have much time left in an folks, this is the last pledge week of our year here right in with wickedness apparently know it's a tough month but the figuring gift that Lola breaks a lot of people the truth.

God's word and in a way that would make a wonderful Christmas present to a lot of people who a lot of our listeners are older in any or invalid. Medium can't get to a unregistered church and don't have a real Bible believing church. So this is their church and you would be helping these people love communicate with the Lord and hear the gospel.

Listen to this.

She'll build you. You've heard of the sinkhole on the ground, will Bill Gates had again created for Windows called the crown in 1999.

It was about her payments, pretending to be human in order to harvest their souls. That's right inherent he goes on to say is that happening IQ from a higher power, a man brother a man right today comes the news that in 1999 Bill Gates and Microsoft released a game called omicron that revolved around demons pretending to be humans and go around harvesting human souls, which is actually one of the most important chapters of the alien agenda. The name of the game. Omicron is basically that the same as the new covert mutation omicron in one speech, David Bowie's character Boz speaks about taking a stand against the government government which may which many are like into attitudes toward the government during the covered 19.

Wake up people of omicron in its current government unrolling you to sleep in order to control you better. They has transformed you in the province and manipulated by Ike Hickey's and the demons both said Leo again here is unbelievable goes on to say, honestly not go that is a Bill Gates pretends to be a human. Mark Zuckerberg pretends to be human and the list goes on. This is in their book there. Unbelievable that it's got a picture of him, Zuckerberg with these very synthetic eyes. There may think of story hours, save for tomorrow but I think maybe a good time tell people you haven't heard this, I haven't seen it anywhere on the main infected 10 European presses. Chinese hackers are exploiting a Foley weapon software vulnerability causing mayhem on the web. Give me possesses a threat to Internet connected devices world wide for call this the log for shell flaw is the biggest threat to the Internet in a decade countries to vitiate critical warnings about the software flaw. It is considered so serious because the affected software is used in a wide range of devices that use Java software embedded in programs world Joe I think we I think we can make illicit migrant from Hudson pledges 400 Beverly from New York pledges 200 jail for Massachusetts pledges 100 and John John from harm, I guess is Parma pledges 150 couple more will donate yeah I think were getting very very close. We've got about 20 minutes that I think about three minutes for him. It enough for me to finish this warning, yeah, go ahead people.

This is hackers.

This is been recognized, this law was uncovered in a piece of software called log for Jay and hackers can get in with this take control of servers that run the network and repurpose the servers for their own and and there is very little that ordinary users can do to stop this from happening or you won't even know if your data has been stolen and one cybersecurity source said this is where you put your faith in the lap of the computer gods and hope it gets fixed. It is a very long and complicated article but the governments around the world is now starting to warm businesses or military says millions of firms are thought to be in danger, and some of the world's largest tech companies, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Google are have found their services servers to be vulnerable and this includes the infrastructure security agency in the US have found out there servers are vulnerable people on the Chinese are happy happy happy tonight and all these companies that have been supporting China Pershing China and not cutting United States short, they just may get there comeuppance Chinese are winning folks folks out there.

Catherine in Illinois pledges 100 and I think were very very close to our goal. So you can keep calling but I'm going to give an invitation out here now is a wonder to Linda to give the first part of the program passes. Sometimes I fall asleep forward programs over will let me tell you it's because we did the last thing we want you to remember when you go off there before you. It is that pillow is the most important in that it that is this folks, you know you might not wake up. Not in this world again were talking about it. If you've done as many funerals as I have done. If you find out a couple things. First, fields are for the living, not the dead. The whole point there is to make it very clear that is God's call when the time that we depart this earth is not our call and that it's God's call. Thank you, but I was just discussing that when the man today who is getting ready but in his house in order, but in his house in order and some here again and and I know a lot of you say why you night and I hear that every night without limitation you don't know that your soul may not be required of you tonight limitation is unit now again remember another thing to do and and pay close attention to Lord Tony when you hear the preacher preaching this the preacher is only the messenger the messages coming from on high and so when you hear that, and he tells you that if you're not if you have not called upon the name of the Lord is like you're standing is standing on the thread over a lake of fire. That's right folks is not your call. Anything can happen. I know I've had people tell me.

Well I had a fellow that used to work with me. He was an Orthodox Jewish claimant quite a theologian work comes to the Old Testament and he would often say if I'm once I'm convinced the Christ as Messiah, I will switch before I die. And you know what folks a lot of people end up getting a blood clot.

A lot of people end up getting shot down by an inner by drive-by shooting and you don't know if you're going to have time to do that, but you do know that right now. You do have the time to do that right now and if you have not done that you say why don't necessarily believe that you will you will believe that there is no chance at all that you won't listen to me you will believe that.

So if you have not made that decision in your listing to me right now you're being told that now. Now is the time to do it now. Right now, so if I were you. Here's what you do, the Lord Jesus made it clear you pray to the father you prayed to the father you ask for forgiveness of your sins. Once you've done that you call upon the name of the Lord, you asked the Lord Jesus come into your life to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations at all without any reservations you hold back nothing is a look only give you right now, Lord, take me and use me completely and totally once you've done that you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit and and folks from that point on your on the road to mortality say immortality. That's right, God said it, God said it and so do that tonight. Pray that prayer asks the Lord to come into your life and folks again no one, no one has ever ever ever regretted receiving eternal life, but there's a whole letter people right now that wish they had and I want to pray together because we just had some last-minute pledges. We thank the good Lord were out of time for tonight without and so Jill, they should be inherent until tomorrow as we do, this time ever that we want to say good night good night God bless you and always, always, always, let's do it.

Okay Friday flight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and please tune in next time for meditation, what's right, what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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