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TUE HR1 121421

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 14, 2021 11:17 pm

TUE HR1 121421

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I'm ready about 30 sailors and indeed this is the boys of the Krista resistance on this December 14, 2021, and until it is always on the board. We have none other but the true blue Andrew good evening Pastor and everyone else. There is standing by, not even Colbert would dear come into the studio Andrews on the job and soak going to make a mean facial old see that he just woke every glass in the their growth occurring in the spigot of the back in the back room.

We keep them back there if they don't fight. None other than the rowdy Randy and in the other corner well only when the wet okay the whole with the whole wit year the cackling Lotta cackling no eggs we have here and that is clipped always so good evening everyone, and now this is he's been thoroughly entertained will go way out yonder into Missouri to the country. Parsons none other than Joe Larson trauma of the kingdom forever. I am glad to be here ready to go to work already well this Joe. We have seven hours left this week. Seven. Seven hours left to reason influences down for the whole month. Now Joe Joe. We came $300 short last night of mechanical 300 short to think that bothered me yeah yeah it did so, that means we getting over three yeah that's right so we have to have 300 to our goal for the night. All right, are okay so we really get it done in the phone numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide so folks phone laser open start start ring and we got to hear from work (supported advertising or no results.

So we only got one got one Phyllis from from Brooklyn just puts $40 thank you Phyllis okay here you go, but we got a start out tonight. Today I went over and I saw Dan Shafer he asked me to come see him and he he. Again, he's got stage IV cancer both in and in the pancreas in the liver and so we went over we anointed him with oil. We prayed over him again. It seems like Jill did, that the good Lord seems to be taking a whole lot of the heroes of faith home.

Dan was one of those fellows feel that he sees one of us eat, he marched to the beat of a different drum. He stood on principle student principles of morals yesterday I buried. I did Eddie Corsi's funeral yesterday. Same thing in the end they know each other. They stay both are men of honor men who stood on principles and the will and the good Lord we prayed for Dan. Also, another who we prayed for and in the anointing with oil whose is Jonesville 1/3 man and they're being tested and had thanked the Lord of lords is is taking his saints home before things get really bad here. Okay, we know like pampering or eyewear. For members of our own country church, all good structuring Bible believing born-again Christians through the works of the Lord and are always faithful and I sometimes Victor fought the good fight and are being taken home to claim the rewards yeah well let's paste the following guy we want a hold of Dan only when a hold of Joe and Lord. Also, we begin the third request from a lady named Pam who's who's about to have a quadruple bypass surgery and she's asked for prayer and so we want to hold her up to again.

We just want to hold all three of these people up nor we know you're a merciful God, we know your merciful God, but we also know Lord, the jury your will is a perfect will of perfect will.

So we would hold him up and we would asked if it be that perfect will to touch these people and heal them. We know all you have to do is say the word, and there made holy Lord, then we would ask that you would use in a mighty mighty way right into the time you take-home than that of that goes for all of those folks out there list into estimates of millions of supported us and helped us and them to continue to fight the good fight and stand for freedom and stand for the cause of Christ.

These things we ask in Jesus name, amen already out. We want to. Looks like we have another place coming. Thank you anonymous in what we have another one coming first.

Ms. McCurdy budget 35 thank you Ms. McCurdy and anonymous in Illinois pledges 400.

Thank you anonymous right there you go about that.

I close my eyes and prayer opened them up and and the Lord has blessed our Lord works in various ways we were praying for others, and the works of one of the things that were called. But the other. He calls us to be watchmen on the wall and warn the people, and in doing so are also what pastors and teachers what Scripture says already. Now Joe working on the topic. Many babies have become kings but only one king ever became a baby. That's true that's That was a one time event. One time, and probably will never ever ever happening right in the universe just like tonight's radio program will never come this way again. We cannot reclaim this this this program tonight, and that's white when it comes to time we start out talking about when time is and that it's it's just an amazing thing when you get into death into the word of God and how much that is contained in this King James Bible. But let's start start in verse John chapter 1 and read through verses 15. All right the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made in him was life and the life of the light of men in the light shining in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. There was a man sent from God whose name was John.

The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the light, that all men through him might believe it was not that light, but was sent to bear witness of the light that was the true light which lighted every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world and the world was made by him in the world knew him not to came under rezoning his own received him not.

But as many as received him to them gave you the power to become the sons of God, and to them that believe on his name which were born, not of blood, blood, nor of the role of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. John bear witness of him and cried, saying, this is he of whom I spake, he that cometh after me is preferred before me, for he was performing right so we go back to two verse one in the B beginning was the word and course we we talked about that this verse predates the really verse of Scripture. Even Genesis I doesn't right and relative beginning of everything in Scripture. So here now we take a look at in the beginning was the word so we go in the Hebrew Scripture. The word was an agent of creation. The word was it's facts.

Psalm 33 six and Psalm 33 six and was the source of God's message to his people through the prophets, we see that in Hosea chapter 1 verse two, then in God's wallet in his stand for holiness going back to Psalm 119th Psalm verse 11. Some we see this and then Greek philosophy, giant Joe Greek philosophy. The word was the divine essence that held all things together. It was God's ideal pattern for creation right route was the essence of all essence of the spiritual father so it says here the same was in the beginning with God all things were made, but let me go back to verse one in the beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God.

And so here were talking about. Obviously were talking about the Trinity that the Lord Jesus than the Godhead is made up of the father son and the Holy Ghost, and so we take a look at that when we see for example where made after God we try human beings right God says in Genesis 126 let us make man in our image when he met Maddie met mankind a madman woman and Chuck children now even though men, the man the woman and the child in their humanity. They're all equal in their humanity but God has given us a pecking order has any and so when it applies to the Trinity, the father son and the Holy Ghost. There are all equal in their deity. But then again you have a pecking order thereto.

Don't you are certainly very God the father. Then comes the sun and the Holy Ghost. So we see from Genesis to Revelation. God the father giving the orders guidance in carrying amount and then Holy Ghost providing the power are exactly the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made some here we take a look at Christ the creator Christ, the creator, so all everything the entire universe was made. Okay to let you know you have all kinds of people saying will you know this is my creation. Whenever we create things we we really don't create things actually today, we take the materials that God is provided pretty much assemble things that only rewrite where maybe rearrange your do something with that he gives us all the material necessary for all these recalling inventions and so let me know everything is up to the minerals in the ground whatever God has provided and then man takes those things and he manipulates the lint and maneuver insulin and makes things and so are for a bill out of God's material right in him was the life and the life was the light of men. And so when will we talk about that in him was the light. The light of men that his death brings eternal darkness and only Christ's eternal life is planted in us will keep us alive throughout eternity that without St. Margaret of America is also very white, good notes, you're not Jesus reviewing the father to the world. Okay, so he says here to then when he says in the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.

Okay so here even though all of mankind's entire universe is held together and we exist. Okay without God we would not exist when we Scripture said by him and through him all things in heaven and earth come for another would continue on Jesus is the one who is in control of everything in the universe and yet the vast majority of the people on this planet that they don't even acknowledge God's existence today.

I guess you're right. Vast number of them but don't acknowledge God in any form.

Okay, so the Bible gives us false gods and idols. There's a lot of that tomorrow will, God gives us the definition of those people that don't acknowledge his existence doesn't come from several blind and fruition because of fools. All right, Dan from Indiana pledges 100. Thank you, Dan Codey from Florida pledges 100 all right.

We the little bit of applause we can get a better applause would benefit the words hurt together with a good recording regular grade applause.

All right will do it. So let's get back here now uses this here. Let's go back to where we left off. Now he says there was a man sent from God whose name was John a Jill in this book. Here the name John refers to John the Baptist like a vibrant Baptist John case the sum of things about John the Baptist. The here God had appointed he was a God appointed messenger to announce the arrival of Jesus did he do it. Certainly Derek already.

Do you think he was a preacher whose thing was repentance directly.

Okay they baptized. Do you think maybe he might've been kind of a fearless confront her role from the time he was a child. He was given the hallway to the drawing of the Holy Spirit before he was still underwhelmed and he had the strength and courage and went out and just did what God commanded him to do without question. That right. You whereafter the rich and powerful and pointed the finger and said you're saying, he went after the king carrying out okay what you think today of John the Baptist was here and was doing it.

The prissy preachers would say that I think would come unglued because it be pointing the finger at Biden and calling him a traitor and all kinds of things he would and in the prissy preachers would you write because what would happen when you have a manly John the Baptist had courage and integrity and principles it makes those that have the lack of such things more visible much more counterproductive spotlight on them because of their silence and their lack of action already. We have Maria from new York put Laura Miro from New York pledges 100.

Thank you, Moira and Bill from Boston pledges 35 thank you Bill there you go.

We finally did it all right there the mighty dandies in there.

He's got he's getting going. Most get us give those numbers out again. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Gillis go back here Jim and he says in a note. We talk about John the Baptist you know here we been talking about how the Lord seems to be taking a safe settlement in one of those men. Joe asked me why. Why have I had to become white is this happening to me pastor.

Why have I become like Job, why am I suffering this way and then you just being God will test us. But he'll never put more honest than we can we can handle Willie for our joke wouldn't think about how strong or how much I can think out yet but what we see is John the Baptist, and all ended up dying for the Lord.

Being obedient and trusting prettiness total faith and trust in the Lord, but he was meant to be a witness and we are to be like John, we are to go out there and preach the gospel.

Be fearless about it and the not worry about the consequences that the trust in the Lord that our reward is laid up in heaven. You think the Lord Jesus could've busted him on here is present. Sure earn anything. Christ couldn't do so, then why didn't he because he chose not to let John stand as a witness for us today to show what a man of God in all that there are consequences. The following the Lord, he didn't say it was all going to be a roses and lollipops and sunshine. But he said they hated him. They're going to hate me. They're going to hate us okay so Louis the Scripture teaches those who suffer the most for the cause of Christ will be rewarded. The most right okay so here we saw this we saw John the Baptist beheaded. Christ could've busted him out of there anytime you want.

I mean, do we have them. We have evidence of that. In other words, three of other evidence of the apostle being both jail and raising the dead raised Lazarus from the dead, you get a rate indicative John said back on and raised them up right there okay Sue, but when Peter and Paul knows where imprisonment who was at the when and the angel of the Lord when in hardware and about okay so he spun away so program busted out of jail about the same.

So here by standing for the truth and and being totally obedient to God when he did what would have been more profitable in the long run if he had become a billionaire or if he had done what he did and suffered and was beheaded for the cause of Christ suffering for the cause of Christ earned him far more crowns and treasures in heaven, all the world's money could buy.

So whose word do we have on that God's word right so here in Matthew 1111 the Lord Jesus also look at these people look at the apostle Paul and John and all the people John the Baptist they believed him, to know their lives. They gave their lives to the Lord and they took the consequences that enough that they were willing to do this that shows us the way of his shows us just how truly, they believed Matthew 1111 we read this very I say into them that are born of a woman there and not risen a greater than John the Baptist. Notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he gave so here let me only asked about this okay what is that mean he that is least in the game of heaven is greater than any servant obedient servant of the Lord is giving self-care obey the Lord. The Lord servant. Well, he's talking about those. When John was alive on earth, and then compared to those that have already made it to have a okay well what about those that are born. Those that are born of woman. I mean there's only been to that were born of women that I would act no right Adam and Eve. Okay so there you go, now despicable and we have to move on here because we ran out of time. He was a light but he was sent to bear witness of that he was, not the light that it was sent to bear witness that was the true light enslaved every man that cometh into the world was in the world and the world was made by him okay I am going up against the clock work and finish this here in the world knew him not.

He came into his own and he received him not. But as many as he received to him gave him the power to become the sons of God. Okay, so here who's the sons of God.

We are on right so all those that have recently been born again. If God becomes your father Kenny ever unbecoming father.

Okay so for becomes your father near the son of God can never lose your salvation. There Scripture real customer adoption or had priority over all of the natural children and we were adopted or grafted in to the family of God through Christ and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory is the glory of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. John bear witness of him and cried.

This was he of whom I spake, he that cometh after Ms. preferable for me, for he was before me and that M there would have to stop right there and go to break will be right back after this is see the will is in a and short right so what is of course were to start there because this is the craziest podcast ever and you know the Prime Minister there just send the hard-earned who is some kind of insane lunatic has as she rolled out some kind of new quote traffic light system that determines your level of freedom based on what region in which you live, you might live in a red region or green area or an Amber area and that determines how much freedom you have now.

She has announced that in the seat in the red areas of courses like red light district is what she thought about you can now engage in orgies with up to 25 people. This is the priority of New Zealand coming New Zealand leadership in the New Zealand people. This is the priority is getting back to the orgies in seriously and if you know anything about his global as you know that there they never stopped. And they weren't orgies with all just other adults you know they were well I mean think about the CNN producer. The just got criminally indicted for sex trafficking nine euros right okay so you can do the math.

From there and figure out what these orgies are really all about. All of the world among his globalist but now you've got.

She literally says you can you can have orgies with up to 25 people in a red area i.e. a red light district out to play this. You might not believe me. So I'm a go ahead and play this for you so knows that she's smiling and laughing the entire time Mrs. this is a she's overjoyed that the orgies can continue. Maybe she's gonna participate in some I don't know. I'm not sure they have enough bags for all that in New Zealand but but here she is, take take a look. I can configure in that attendant liaison to every eye pinned right here is my friend is not strictly embedded in the traffic light system 510. It is a given out to 25 actually in every area so you get too carried away with this because it got way crazier stuff today but just just understand you know, first of all, who's going to 25% orgies maybe except the globalist with their little kitty buffet pedophile thing that they do is any normal person going to a 25 person, or to have given holding out and waiting for government permission to return to that lifestyle did did they spend the last year and 1/2 day can't have them. 25 person orgies again. I'm she's serious and it is, is this really the proud.

What about getting people back to work, leading to open their small businesses because you know what Jacinda let them give you a piece of news you crazy, which people most people they don't want to just have a result they want to actually run their small business and be able to support their families and earn an honest living and they want their freedom is freedom to have sex in some kind of weird cosplay. What is the that the animals were the people called the floppies the dress up like giant animals and the have sex with each other. What is a call cosplay that is furry's first series crazy dress up like giant rabbits to start a company, just other eight Jacinda that's not the real world. Okay, those are crazy psycho lunatics real people just want to be able to make an honest living live in a free society care for their families go to church. You know express freedom of speech.

All these other things. But of course Jacinda because she's a demon infested wedge is all laughing about orgies but there you go. So at this point, absolutely anything goes in, and New Zealand. Because she's allowed to have orgies again already we are back in the and I recently spoke to a man whose ladies nationally notice a ligament's name because he's he was from New Zealand and he has still has family there and them anyhow.

He was telling me that that's why he moved away from the Cepheid because it was deteriorating so fast, but this is the first I heard about dressing up in an giant animal costumes and in doing these things.

Joe promise we'll never do that affect your level of severity about the furry's been out there for a couple years. The furry so they dress up. Tell me about they dress up in local claimant available area may dress up in costumes like a giant Easter bunny and that's how they get sexually excited. I wonder Jimmy Grayson here that the brain with no we didn't.

Maybe you think there's any Democrats out to the don't know about that. Not alright but anyhow this is that right I got leave that I can take the hell so you have but I won't look it looks like we have this receipt. When we leave off of Susan from Staten Island pledges 20 Philip Michelle from Florida pledge 100 Lillian from New Jersey pledges 25 a right. Go one day Staten Island yeah I don't think I heard that before. So let me ask the money into it. We had any in the any reports of been taken down anywhere. We had any reports of been taken down anywhere support the nothing yet.

Okay. The Greek cannot go home until right right very good praise. Good Lord, so year that folks.

So far so good.

This is pledge week right like to give those numbers out.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 and so you know what to speak in a pedophile film and out here in Washington state.

The governor there in Washington state dictator Jay Ensley.

He likened those of us Joe. Those of us who were smart enough not to be affected with the weapon eyes to poison you know the bio weapon he likened us because we refuse to take the poison as terrorist were terrorist because we refuse to let these people focus will poison the amount of cortices from the death of Craddick party mom and what is the death of Craddick party. Mom known for and known for abortion for euthanasia for sentiment for based reality from pedophilia and now anti-Christ yeah and now dressing up in furry little animals constantly felt we got the last laugh because we are listeners be good news. This is our own CDC 79% of on the crime cases are occurring in vaccinated people Here in the United States, nearly eighty percent of the people came down with me on the con variance. According to CDC and there were even one third of the people had received 1/3 booster shot without remember only one was one person's even been in the hospital near here in the US so far no one in the US is died only one person in the world something in Britain died so only one of all the people that were came down with the on the current virus had to go the hospital in Israel where most the population is received booster shots 80% of the people there had got the omicron and most of them had received three shot.

So if the vaccinated. Think about that 80% of the cases are here and in Israel or people who were fully vaccinated, and even at their booster shots.

Would you know what's happening in this windchill is real is tracking they have track folds of citizens that are positive for omicron. That's right.

Israeli authorities have permitted the cut. The countries intelligence agency to track the mobile phones of people who test positive for Wuhan coronavirus 19 Cova 19 then the emergency legislation allows the Israel security agent agency Shin Bet to monitor phone data in order to locate those contacts of those positive for the B11529 omicron strain so yeah there you go, not some other good news for the people in South Africa where they first came up with the omicron variant research. The World Health Organization researcher Dr. writer said that in his country immunity from prior infection is high, about 70% of the people have natural immunity and are not having trouble with omicron. It's become the dominant virus in Africa and are staying in the sentence South Africa is the pandemic is almost over his people are getting just mildly ill even less there less ill than if they had a mild flu and so there there really happy they think the pandemic is over that omicron may be the end of the pandemic. I think that's great news, but guess what I don't find it on Fox, ABC, MSNBC, is a major nurse aren't reporting this. I think this is great news. But you know the reports there from Italy that 132,161, had died from the throne of eyes.

Well, what happened was the died from it and Lisa know we have corrected those numbers so the actual member Jill was in 132,000 and 161, but the actual number was 3000 Joe 783 cylinder different not just double rounding errors that that's a major mistake on skylight, core math is Kate. If you believe that Carolyn. Five then that five is your answer right well it's a 97% fiction report that they gave right now problems due to on the chronic and South Africa are about 25 times lower than when they had Delta hey Joe Pearl, a Cleveland just played $600 wow thank you Pearl grade one young lady here in Cleveland must like the good news that we gave her you know you were talking about the children here a minute ago Joey Biden Joey Biden says I'll do everything in my power to make sure the FDA approves vaccines for children under five. They really like to take the hurt the children. One thing I really hate the children because we have gone story after story. I've got one writer Dr. Peter McCullough vaccine induced myocarditis in young people is weighing more serious than covert induced myocarditis and he's talking by a huge amount. There is a very mild case that occur myocarditis that can occur with natural effect infection but he said it's very very different than the one that there seen in people who have been vaccinated. They said there are preclinical studies suggesting the lipid nanoparticles from the vaccines actually go right into the heart and the heart expresses the spike protein the body attacks the heart, and there are dramatic EKG Kate, EKG changes in effect, I don't want anybody to think that the myocarditis of the natural infection is anything like what were seen with the vaccines and he talked about.

If there's a blood test for heart injury and he said it is 10 to 100 times higher this test and we see with natural infection. At that totally different syndrome. When kids get the myocarditis of the vaccine. 90% have to be hospitalized. Dramatic EKG changes. Paying heart failure and they need an echocardiogram and medication to prevent heart failure. He said this is a big big deal in children and way more serious so and out anyone who with that kind of information wants to give vaccines to children. Anything under 18 is dropped almost 8 children passed earlier want to see them die well again.

It will come out one of the reasons that they are so afraid this is why the death of grants are so afraid of trump. They are scared so afraid of the real president president from because he is totally aware of all of what is taking place with the pedophilia. With each with things that are really horrible folks that is so prevalent within the death of Craddick is why it's called death of credit Communist Party and again that this there was any come out and they know that this is why pencil neck unite. I just thought aspects of like what he knows about little boys being in a hotel room. By the way, it's an amazing thing that I need to think about this when you can view it where to place now where they're boasting the death of Kratz are boasting that pencil neck enter shift is what is their best liar is one of their best flyers that they're boasting about that. You remember to remember back in when that Bill Clinton was was in office and you had the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Listen it right and there was an article I think it was was Newsweek. I believe it was where they had come out and they said these were the liberals that not only is he a good liar but he's he's a great liar and he's our liar while they were they were in because Bill Clinton's famous words were going to trust me or you lionize okay and so here and now to to say whether talking about here. Pencil neck enter shift their boasting about this guy is is a good lie. He gets up there and people will believe implicate why would anybody gets up there.

We've got proof that Russian coercion ripped out to provide fingerprint where got how many 5060 times.

Can you tell somebody you got the good you got the proof and then when they say show and tell all. Nobody shows anything, how dumb can people be they keep believing that that's the point of making that even though he's been caught is because improvement in real time and time again of a blind that those the Democrats still believe they still want to believe. Even though they see them get caught time and time again line until you don't live out here. Jim Jordan really to Maine when Jim Jordan goes after he really tears will pencil neck up throughout college. When I did the story about the vaccine induced myocarditis. I want to remind people Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the nation's top cardiologists is not a family practitioner. He is one of the best child cardiologists in the country so there are people say well. Do you know what is Philco cardiology so there you have what it what you just read.

We played in their equipment is saying that here right so speaking of Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz is no Pisciotta politician is the right or legal authority to force you to get vaccinated them. Ted Cruz knows a little bit about that because he has the testified silicates and for throughput Supreme Court. Speaking to reporters after the Senate voted down a resolution to remove funding for them from the mandates Cruz tore into the Pisciotta politician's like Joe Biden for overstepping federal authority. The Biden White House mandates have been struck down repeatedly by the corkscrew says is absolutely right but I think you got an almost perfect record of hardware and yet he had say. Does that make it perfect so far so here now going this this thing about the end of this whole new variant scam. The coven variant scam was simulated in Israel weeks Joe before it was so cold discovered another where they were all prepared to bring it out already for this. The flames of coven fear be installed again as the big Pharma globalists unleash the new plan to increase profits and exert more tyrannical control over populations by using their corporate media and public politicians in the attempt to extend the false covert pandemic folks again. I just can keep telling you, if you look at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN P, MSNBC, and Fox News. You'll notice who their number one. Advertisers are the number one advertisers are big Pharma, big Pharma and that's why you won't hear any of what you're hearing here even on Fox News because their number one.

Advertisers are big Pharma. The been bought right. For what is interesting, because you and I are in a way bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb and by the Lord Jesus himself, and I'd rather be bought and paid for by the Lord Jesus and by big Pharma will absolutely insert and then speaking about that because you either are or you will wish you were. That's where that's a fact and listen three billionaires with foreign roots financed the 2020 death of Craddick dark money machine in a report from FrontPage week, we credit us in on this a little bit so a while back we can to with them and read recent report from FrontPage Magazine three billionaires donors were mentioned as donating nearly $200 million 200 million to the death of Kratz to stop a president trump Daniel Greenfield in FrontPage Magazine put together an in-depth analysis of the three billionaires donors to the Democratic Party and he shares the shocking points will meet when we were coming up to break political reported recently that 16 of the 1630 fund the leading dark money machine of the left hand pumped 410 million into the Democratic 2020 efforts to defeat president trump than the 1630 fund has raised another 390 million of that year and have half that money came from just for donors. While the names of the Donatist secret. The article did not did note that the names of three of the major known dark money backers were peer amid our Hans Hans Morgan Weiss and George Soros. And so the archers surprised to find George. Now add to that Google, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. They all helped undermine trump to because they cut off fundraising by shutting down services and denial of service Google and T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and The tweets and cut the emails and cut fundraising and that was probably worth the additional hundred million dollars of the racket protection.

Her trump and help Biden, especially the last few weeks of the campaign. The trump organization had a lot of trouble raising money online. They were cut off by the group. Okay Jill we're up against organization had a lot of trouble raising money online.

They were cut off by the group. Okay Jill we're up against our bracing typos.

We will be back right after this with a lot more. Don't go they be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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