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December 15, 2021 11:11 pm

WED HR1 121521

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 15, 2021 11:11 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now to win 2021, and do this either literally knows both the student as close as we can tell just pulled into week there early. Of note, good evening everyone, all right, good.

Get out of here. Now you go okay there you go there's a little Lisa and we got the boys in the boiler room in the back week we keep look that there really Randy and smitten with. We got it in the back is so course on the board would get none other than the mighty Andrew and also you know what my dandruff curtail this Wendy's post to be joining us tonight. Okay Wendy was not supposed to be joining us as a whole lot prettier than Pastor Joe. But even I'm prettier than Pastor Joe Wright. I have the perfect face for radio so I might as well be your go to work you want to know what happened tonight. I was a guest there was another program for me. Mike had his program on so I sit on the other side of the table so Andy is to the scene in my face I just saw the back of my head. It was refreshing. Pastor did you believe it he said it was an improvement radio believe that already. This is a pledge week and guess what we got off to a good start.

Edwin from Ontario pledge 100 role in from Canton pledge is 100 wow you got a good start right out of the ship so 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 there you go and so we want to praise you Lord for that pledge week because we do were trying to raise enough money in one week. Take care of all month so we don't have to talk about money and we are totally listener supported Greek.

No one takes any money in this ministry pattern is never taken a diamond over 40 years on radio all the donations pay the bills keep us on the air in the station you're listening to so that's what were doing folks very good Willis. Let's get it done tonight.

Let's start right off in Colossians chapter 2. Remember the time the message the title of the message. Many babies have become kings but only one king ever became a baby absolutely right. We have Wendy with us when the are you there I'm doing all right and we we just started a Bible study and so we've got you here and at the time of the message was many babies have become kings but only one king ever became a baby and pick it up where we left off in Colossians chapter 2 verses six through 10. Go ahead Joe have therefore received Christ the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving anywhere, lest any man scroll you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ friend him well. Of all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, and ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power. So it's a bully set up what it says here.

As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk you in him, rooted and built up what you think that Ms. rooted and built up well when Wendy I will would have an application. Glad you I was thinking rooted in him were supposed to be where the branches. He is the vine that we are to be rooted and we get all our nourishment, our substance from so that's where Wendy as you know the plants you use in your path to Gary Herbst get the nourishment from the minerals in the ground, and that's that's what it was referring to that we get our nourishment and wisdom being for light from the word of God right here from the teaching of the word of the Lord Jesus Christ and so he says here in the faith, as you established in the faith, and so you would be right on talking about the word of God as you have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving, with thanksgiving, is an important thanksgiving currently where everything in the world should be taken with thanksgiving. We should be thankful every day that we wake up that we offered in the table that we are friends, family, arms, jobs, air to breathe, water to drink, a place to sleep coming. That's all because of him and everlasting life because of what he did for us on the cross. What about these all the self-made men the self-made millionaires know they have a little gray have there is now I have my mentioning Evan, I just have to wait a little longer. Okay. Has there ever been a self made man.

No, that's that's is this: if you eat, you know, there is no such thing as a self-made man and and here is you talk about me and we hear the stuff all time and it gives us a warning about that. Okay. Of course it only tells us over in James 417 don't don't say this, it does say that then I'll then do this tomorrow. I may do that and when I go soup so for maybe he says don't do that because let me ask you this, are we sustaining God or does God sustain us drug things that's that's why were to say good Lord willing, I'll be on the radio tomorrow night. Good Lord willing. So who decides the moment the that we depart from this this world when the moment our soul is required of us. God so what about these people, you say well okay I made up my mind. I'm going to commit suicide.

Can that happen. Apart from God, allowing it to happen. So unless he allows it so. So here now this God is a Missy and so he knows ahead of time with you knows ahead of time what would you think there's any well and knows everything about us, even things that happen around before we die. So these things that were better planned out my note. I know some people that have committed suicide, and they have these things planned out and it's like will you know this this this is totally new God.

God forgive me. You know is as if God wasn't aware of what they're going to do right right like they're telling him something he doesn't know right so that the the time that our soul is required that the time that we depart this world is been already been predetermined by God and the manners that even if we think that we are totally in charge are we ever totally in charge at Susan in Illinois pledges $100 thank you Susan, we think were in charge were making a decision or using that free will to go against God or his laws of recession, but that's only because he allows us. They gave us a free will allows us to use it right.

Let's look at this, beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men in the rudiments of the world and not after Christ. So what it will okay that's the greatest warning in the entire world. A brief short sentence.

So what is that word there didn't what that word to the definition of that word there in the Greek what that means that any man spoil you at least spoil it out. Spoil something you change the training awareness that it. Don't let it get to completion likely what it what it means. The right is to be taken captive taking Beware Lest Any Man Take You Captive through Philosophy and Vain Deceit Gate. So Here You Go That Word Vain.

All Is Vanity Vanity.

The Definition of That Means Empty Empty. In Other Words, How Would You Live Right Right so That in the Rudiments There Are with What They Call Basic Principles of the World. Okay, after the Rudiments of Men or the Rudiments of the World. So How Would What Are Some of Those Basic Principles We See Today of the World. Basic Prince like Global Warming, like the Population.

These Are Basic Principles That You See out There like Evolution of the Métis That Is a Basic Principle Is Any of That Valid at All. So Is Given All of the World.

They Have Always Worked. The Postmodernism Human Secularism. Everything Is Zionism and Judaism, Communism, Socialism, Almost Always, Philosophies Are Isms and All Isms Are Basically Antichrist. Yeah, for in Him As Well As the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily Neck That Comes to That Word Hypostatic Union Doesn't Right. Holy God, and yet Fully Man. At the Same Time so All the Fullness of God Is Completely God.

But He's Also Completely Human. So the Process of the Hypostatic Union Is That They Got the Christ Was Fully God, As It Says Here the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily.

And He Was Fully Man, but the Processes That None of the Attributes of His Humanity Could Be Transferred to the Do's Deity Because If Some of of the Attributes of His Humanity Were Transferred to His Deity Would Would He Be All God Created All God Are All Man. It Would Be Less Than Deity. Whitney, so What If One of Some Deity in the Human Flesh. He Couldn't Be Holy Human. He Would Be Partially God and If He Had Humanness.

Part of the Human Was in Him As God, He Would Be Less Than the Almighty All-Powerful God, so That If Some of the Attributes of His Deity Transferred to His Humanity That He Would Be like Superman Would Now like a Lesser God. Yet He Would Be More Than More Than a Man Is so so That's What We Call What the Process of the Hypostatic Union. Now Okay so Here Now He Says and You Are Complete in Him, Which Is the Head of All Principality and Power. How Are We Complete in Him We Have the Indwelling Born-Again Believers of the Holy Spirit. We Have Been Made Sons and Daughters of God.

We Been Adopted into the Family Grafted in the Time but That Where the Branches Grafted into the Vine Were Grafted into the Family of God, and He Sustains Us Completely and He Is Ahead of All Everything in the Universe. He Is the Supreme Judge of the Universe Is One That Keeps Universe and Control Keeps It Moving Consisting and That He Is the One Who Made All the Rules and Regulations.

Seven Universe Okay so If We Go over to Say to Galatians Chapter 1 Galatians Chapter 108 We Start with Verse Six We Read.

I Marvel That You Are so Soon Removed from Him.

They Called You into the Grace of Christ into Another Gospel Which Is Not Another, but There Be Some That Trouble You and Would Pervert the Gospel of Christ, but the Way or Angel from Heaven, Preach Any Other Gospel into Than That Which We Have Preached, Let Him Be Accursed. And He Said His and As We Said before, so I Say No Again for a Man Preach Any Other Gospel unto Them That They Have Received, Let Him Be Accursed for I Do Not Persuade Men, or God or I Seek to Please Men for Four If I Have yet Please Men, I Should Not Be the Servant of Christ, so but I Certify You Brother That the Gospel Which We British Obey Is Not after Man. For I Neither Received It of Man, Neither Was I Taught It, but by the Revelation of Jesus Christ. You Have Heard of My Conversion. In Times past from the Jews Religion Now so Here This Is What He's Talking about. Always Was Talking about the Judaizers Was in Is the What Did the Judaizers Teach Because They Said That They Thought That You Would Be Complete If You Believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. But What Else but All of the Circumcision Religious Laws Lawless so You so If You Combine the Dietary Laws and the Ceremonial Laws and Become Mind That Would You Believe in Christ That He Would Be Complete Right Wrong. So Paul Says and You Are Complete in Him, Which Is the Head of All Principality and Power.

So Now Here Today You Have Remembered for Many Years in the Prison Ministry up on Death Row Administered to a Fellow for 17 Years and He He He Considered Himself to Be Well Quite up a Scholar and He Studied All Different Religions and He He Would Kind of Try to Tell You That Basically Eat What You Really Did Need Was to Have a Practice of All of Them to Cut It. Bring All of the Men Together to Make the Perfect Religion so Right Breast That Will Pulsate Is an Is No Work Close, so Would What He's Telling You Here Is That and You Are Complete in Him, Which Is the Head of All Principality and Power.

So He's Telling You That You Don't Really Need Any of These Other Things and All Data That Are Not Necessary for Anything Important for Can Occupy Time. Most Importantly, All These Diversions Major Way for Christ Not.

So Silly That He Goes on to Say Which Is the Head of All Principality That Were Principality Their Means What Rule Government Rule Means Ruler of the Head of All Rule. There Is All Rulers. All All Authority and of Course the Word Power Actually Means What It Means Authority so so Here He Says for Him. 12 All the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily, and You Are Complete in Him, Which Is That of All Principality and Power's Little He's Telling You That Christ Is the All In All and That We Don't Need Anything Else. In Others, and We Don't Even Want to Go There Doing Well Most the Time It's a Waste of Time and the Basically Lotta People Are Led Astray by Doing What That Man Thought It Was a Philosopher by Adding All These Things Together We Create Our Own Idea of Religion We Create Our Own Salvation. All It Doesn't Get the World into Trouble!

If Your Grandma Had the Best Recipe in the World for Chocolate Chip Cookies and You Will Conduct Boundary Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Combine Them Altogether. You'd End up with a Lousy Mess, You Would Not Have the Best Cookie. That's Why Never Fool around Chocolate Chip Cookies. Okay, We Want to Go to Susan in Illinois. He Pledges 100 Jesse in Minnesota Pledges 50 Carol from North Olmsted Pledges 50 and Died from Cleveland Pledges 400 Level Your Crowd Tonight Delete Him. The Louder You Make a Great Hot Chili but I Don't Know about Your Cookies Okay Yeah All Right Very Good about When He Can Make Good Cookies. I Try to Better Herbal Medicine. Turkeys Probably She Makes the Best Density Where I Don't Know These Are I Was Trying to Be Nice.

Give Her Locally.

Whether We Had Wendy Got Met and Actually All Right. Well, That Takes Us over to Prophecies of the Christ Child. Prophecies of the Christ Child.

So You Know Where We Find the Very First Prophecy of the Christ Child. Yeah There Are of Three in Verse 15 about 6000 Years Old and Is Called Evangelion Boy Wanted to Let You Talk Willie Wendy Already Let's Go over There and Read Genesis 315. Go Ahead Joe and I Will Put Enmity between Thee and the Woman, and between Thy Seed and Her Seed It Shall Bruise Thy Head, and Thou Shalt Bruise His Heel.

So That's Known As the Proto-Evangelical and You Know What to Believe in. Joe Means the Word Means the First Gospel Is What It Means. The First Gospel. Now This Is a Problem There. Let's Look at This and I Will Put Enmity between Thee and the Woman in between Thy Seed and Her Seed There's a Problem There. Wendy Do Women Have Seats Yeah Okay so Here Now He's Telling You Something That This Woman I Silly This Could Be a Child Born without a Human Father Because Men Have Seats on and so since He Didn't Have a Human Father That His Father Was Not a Man Was Great. So Who Was the Father of the Christ Child of That Holy Thing. The Holy Spirit And I Will Put Enmity between Thee and the Woman in between Thy Seed and Her Seed, and They Shall Bruise Thy Head, and Thou Shall Bruise the Hill Now of You Ever Had a Bruise Heel. Yes. Okay. Have Well If You Have a Bruise Heel Can Be Very Painful, but You Can Will You Can Still Walk Even on Crutches or You Can Still Even Drive a Car, Even If Your Heel Is Totally Shot. No, What about If You Don't Have Ahead Right so I Meet.

What Can You Train the Headless Horseman. So without Ahead Inequitably Function Right Right No Function. There Is No Real Lowlife, so That What I Have To Do Is Say Go to DC and Be a Democratic Congressman Right No Place in Where They Don't Use Their Heads. All You Have To Do Is Take a Look at Build Back Better and Noticed That Nobody Is Using Their Head There Right Right Okay Civil Purposes. Okay so Here Is Tell You That the Future Descendent of the Would Have No Human Father and That Let Me Ask You This Will That Ever Happen Again. No Soap We Find a Couple Things and Is One Versus Going to Be War All out War between God Seed That Means the People That Are Saved in between Those That Are Not Saved through God's People and Things People in and We See That Right Now. I Mean, Are Satan's People Comment Clearly Defined over in John Chapter 8 Remember Exactly. John Eight That Are Probably Right. Well Let Me Jump over There Very Quickly and Just Read It to You Real Fast and Then We Got Were Going to Go to a Break. I Get Here You Go. Jesus Said If God Were Your Father You Would Love Me for I Proceeded Forth in Came from God Neither Came I Am Myself, but He Sent Me Wide. Do You Not Understand My Speech Even, Because You Cannot Hear My Words. You Are of Your Father the Devil, That's All It Needs to Be Set Right and What Is He Talking about Those That Do Not Obey His Words Will Be Back Right after This Is See the Will Is in a and Already Were Back in Portland Pledges 200 and Guess What This Wendy I Forgot to Mention You Pledged 800 Other Night. Good One You Pledged 800 Already Do for You Already Will Listen What You Will You Here for to Tell Us What Is on Wendy's World Topic I Have Here We Have the Longevity Quicken over or Women at High Risk of Side Effects. Which One You Want to Hear about Your Ministry Again Longevity Dread Quicksilver or Women in High-Risk Holy List of the Women Women Conquered Well. Yes, This Is Some Research 2020 California, Berkeley, Chicago, State That Females Are More Likely to Have Drug Side Effects Than Their Counterpart Men and Their Hospital Overmedicated Compared to Men That Women More Vulnerable to Drug. I Know There Mean Okay Go to Your Wife after the Woman the Weaker Man Because Nobody Can Handle Prescription Drug Differently, but I Doubt so What Reason the Report with Stating That Women Are at Higher Risk Than Men Taking Prescribed Medication That Human Drug Trials Often Have Male Participants That the Drug Doses Are Standardized Based on the Male Metabolism and Not the Female Metabolism Is the Same Problem LinkedIn When Drug Companies Establish Vaccine Doses As the Human Trials Don't Really Establish That in Toddlers 70 Drug Company Simply Make an Educated Guess Based on a Hypothesis and a Radio Quote from the Date They Women Are More Likely Than Men to Suffer Adverse Side Effects of Medication Because the Drug Doses Are Historically Based on Clinical Trials That Are Conducted on and I Want to Keep in Mind That You Know A Lot Of These Drugs Are Grandfathered into the Marketplace.

They Become Over-The-Counter and These Are All Established on Having Drug Trials Based on That Some of the Data. Here the Research It Actually Dictate Now Is in the Medical Journal Study. What They Found Evidence That There Is Gender Bias That Exist with Medical Find It Unsettling to Relate Hear Your Common Medication That Are Prescribed Now Over-The-Counter Are Primarily Designed for Men Drugs like Any Present Cardiovascular Drug Anti-Seizure Medication and Even Analgesic so Therefore Women Often Have Profound Back As the Medication Dose of the Really Too Toxic for Him and the Research to Get Published in the Journal of Biology and I Thought That Me You Kind of Ring a Bell with You Why There's a Different Day and Age.

They Say There Aren't Any Right Well According to Their Sexes like They Said Was No Longer Will Will They Put the Gender on the Birth Certificate Because There Is No Actual Proof That There's Really Two Genders. I I Don't Know. I Am See One of the New Birth Certificates. Okay, Well Here's Another Quote from Prescribing Drugs As a One-Size-Fits-All Approach That Is Based on Male Dominated Clinical Trial Is Not Safe Is Not Working for Women. There Are Fundamental Biological Differences between Men and Women. Are You Sure University California Berkeley Hello Bo, I Love My Wife and I Have Looked at Myself That I Can Tell You There Are Very Many Fundamental Differences I Will Answer That One Right Cassettes. Remember That Guy That Was the Male Swimmer for Years. Now He's Claiming to Be a Female You Breaking All the Records and Trying to Convince Us That Is the Same As the Female Participants. I Mean, If Such a Load of the Recalled Horse Manure with You Something There. All of These Feminists Is Supposed to Be Speaking up for Women's Rights. Where Are They. I Don't Hear and I Don't Hear Their Voices out There These Poor Girls.

These Four High School Girls and Those in the College College Outlet There There Being Just Slam Dunked and Where Are the So-Called Women Speaking up Now Is a Because Transgender Is a Is Is Not Normal Is Because It Is Contrary to the to the Word of God.

Therefore, Being Contrary to the Word of God.

They Have Support That Is That It Will Help You We Come to Depend upon You to Tell Us Things like That. The Join I Don't Know What Kind of Mind the Reprobate Make Any Sense of It.

Let's Talk about Here Because What the Researcher That the Diversity Found That Women Overall. Receive Higher Concentrations of the Drug Compared to Men in a Producer Than a Cumulative Effect That the Drug Can Still Linger in the Female Direct Blood System Longer. The Body Struggled to Eliminate the Residue and Puts Excessive Burden on the Female Liver and Other Filtering Organ to the Average Physician Prescribing Medication to Female Patient Are Largely Ignorant of This Fact.

I Was Told One Time My Pharmacists and Then When I Had Gotten the Prescription and I Can Remember What It Was All for with Something, but He Said That Here's the Amount That You Take and He Told Me That That Time That Was Some Years Ago It Was Based upon a Man Who Weighed 140 Pounds That This Is Where They Basted an Adult with Those of a Person Always under 40,000 Somebody the Way 250 Pounds Would Have To Take More of This and I'm so Another Words He Was Telling You to Take, Though I Wasn't. It Wasn't a Prescription or Was It Was It Over-The-Counter and What Was on the Bottle He Was Saying Here. This Is for Person Always under 40 You 804 Impounds More so You Want to Take More of It. This Was His Advice Would He Think I Can Remember Might've Been Something with Alcohol, Bureau of the Heavier, Bigger You Are, the More Alcohol You Can Absorb It All before Your Father Think about This, Permanent Clinical Trials Based on Male Metabolism and Body Mass Anatomy One Drop of a Male Blood Blood One Drop in Male Blood Has 1 Million More Red Blood Cells Than a One Drop of a Woman's Blood Flow There at a November Jury Hangers and Extreme Chemical and Biological Difference between Men and Women in the Medical World Is Not Want to Go There Right and You Have More Muscle Mass Than a Woman. You Need More Blood Say so Here You're Glad to See That Muscleman Women Don't Have the Same Muscleman That That Extremely Significant Difference. So Basically, and over 90% of the Cases Women Tend to Experience More Side Effects from the Drug Such As Nausea, Headache, Depression, Cognitive Deficit, Featured Hallucination Mood Swings and Agitation and Cardiac Event Though before You Start Saying the Woman His Armpit Darrell Called. Maybe It's the Drug-Induced Area That Causing the Windy after Knowing All of That. You Still Want to Stay Woman Lately.

I Do Not Hear or Quote It Says Overall Research That Women Suffer Adverse Drug Reactions Nearly Twice As Often As Men, Myself All Women Not in the Drug Trial. There Are Several Reason Drug Trial and Exclude Women and They Have A Lot Of Young Children Due To Lack of Opportunity to Participate in the Trials Away from Home or from Work Working Female Can Afford to Take off Time from Work to Participate in Light of the Trial of the Drug Trial Often Attract Unemployed Male Lap Time and Also Need the Money. The Drug Companies Are Paying Them Care Participate in. Another Reason Is That Traditionally the Drug Companies Did Not Want Female and They Were Excluded on Purpose Because the Female Were Seen to Be Unstable Kitten You. Here's a Quote from the Study. For Decades, Women Were Excluded from Clinical Drug Trials, Based in Part on Unfounded Concern That Females with Hormone Fluctuations, Render This Email to Difficult or Hysterical to Work with."

About You. Still, Those so Hormone Fluctuations That Fluctuate in the Female Anatomy Because of Cycles on Childbirth and All Kinds of Things, but You Never Know What Medications Thereon That Are Interacting Type That I'm Not Sure You Should Have Told Joe That He Might Not Be Ready for Well You Know I'm Part of the 1990s Really Female. In General, and Pregnant Women.

They Couldn't Get into a Drug Trial. Vishay Saved Their Life so Evident Is Also Showing That Female Are Absent from the Animal Studies As Well That They Don't Want Female Animal in the Grandchild. So, on Stuff You Really All That Smart Know the Same Thing. You Resist Thinking in Terms like Cattle Rebate When You're Doing Ranch Work You Base Your Different Drugs and Things on Weight and Age.

And You're Right. All That the Different Testing Was on the Male Animal I Could Because Reproductive System Is Complicated with the Different Hormones and Changes and I Think It's Very Complicated and If You Work with the Males. It's A Lot Simpler so They Go with the Simple Way out in Ancient Well Even with the Natural Healers Them, Then They Did They Date Doses by Weight, so the Younger Children and Infants Women Men Now That Does Based on Their Weight Today Do That Officially for Anyone under 100 Pound You Date You Beta Test on Weight so This Cookie-Cutter Medicine Unit. I Will Say It's Not All Types of Therapy That Medicine Is Doing That to You. They Do Have Some Instances Will Vary Doses for the Lenten Thing I've Seen, but Basically, in General, A Lot Of These Prescription Drugs Are Kind and It Tailored to the Male Metabolism Where They Dissatisfied Were Talking on This Vaccines in Different Things out There Were Some Different Things for Cattle Dictate Told the Told Us Not to Give until an Animal Was Six Months Old Because They Would Be Ineffective. Don't Bother to Waste Your Money on Getting This Vaccine Because the Animal Month Won't Work and I've Noticed I've Never Heard Anything like That in Human Medicine. But When You're Dealing with Animals. Whether It's Puppies, Horses, Cattle That I Understand There Are A Lot Of Rules like That That You Don't Do Because It's a Waste of Money, but You Never Hear That with the Immunizing or Vaccines or Treatments for Human Infants Breaking down Absolutely Bizarre and It Ended Something like a Common Sense Rule. There Is Immune System Is Very Immature and When You Inject Things into the Body like That. It's an Assault on the Immune System Really Is a Young Child. I've Often Wondered about the Deserved Current Ones I Would Let My Children Have an One of the Reasons They Asked Me Why and I Told Him about the Cattlemen Look to Me, What Are You Don't Actually Live Your Beef Cattle to the Six-month-old Won't Do Any Good. Defective Made Your Arm so You Don't Harm Something You're Trying to Raise to Sell and Making My Children A Lot More Valuable Than Those Cows out There Those Cows.

There Was Actually a Corner Medical Doctor in Germany Here. He Wrote a Paper Based on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Arena. The Children Tend to Just Die in Their Sleep. Thanks That in A Lot Of Cases Known Autopsy Done on a Child in That Instant, and It Looks like the Child Was Picked up and She Been Shaken Because They Have a Hemorrhage in One Part of the Rain so I Time You Know the Caregiver or the Parent Is Arrested for Murder, but the Coroner Found It Did All the Top Autopsies on the Children and You Know It That This Hemorrhage Happened in the Pacific Part of the Brain Which Was in the Area in the Brain, Where It Controls Involuntary Breathing When You're Sleeping, so the Child Is Quit Breathing and Die and He Said That It Was in His Opinion, Caused by the Heavy Metal in the Vaccine That Caused the Hemorrhage in the Brain with Anything about Picking the Kid up and Taking It Amazing How That Wasn't the Put out There for Public Consumption, but Are Agreeable and around the Natural Healing Realm, but Find the Tentative Print That You Know That That We Actually Had Some Cases Where We Had Some People in This Radio Program Were That Happened Man Was Charged the Young Man Was Charged with the Doing That with the Shaken Baby and He Will and in the and and He Got Attorney to Get Some Medical Experts on Their to Prove the Opposite, That He Did. The Baby Was Had Not Been Shaken, so That's That's Interesting Because I Didn't Realize That the Studies Were Done Mostly Admin or Not Women and That You Know That His Interest Now Is That Still the Way It Is Today.

Trial Now and You Can Actually Actually Donated Their Kids for the Coming Vaccine Trials and Their Kids Wound up Damaged and Then They Were before. Sen. Johnson Crying and Complaining That They Waived All Their Rights When They Submitted Their Child for That. There's Nothing Anybody Can Do That You Know They They They Allow Children to Be in Clinical Trials Implements It.

Now Women and Pregnant Pregnant Women Is Anything, Anything, to Many Studies on Were Going to Play a Little Clip Just of a Woman Who Took the Vaccine Usually Keep Doing That and I Still Work Where Were Telling People of the Dangers of These Things and They Keep Doing It Is so Little Play Just a Little Bit of the Clip Here after the Break of a Woman Who Took Took the and I We We Keep Calling to Vex with That of XML and Now It's Bio Weapon. The People That Invented It, Said It Is a Bio Weapon. Don't Take It and so Which Is Good until Little Bit of Her.

Her Story about and They Trust, How Could You Possibly Trust Big Pharma. I Don't Know I Can't. I Can Understand People. I Mean, Why Don't You Think Farmer in the Government and Their Doctor and the Problem Is, Dr. McCauley Says the Nurses Are Being Threatened by Their License Will Be Revoked If They Date Have Any Kind of Opinion against This Agenda and Vaccinating Everybody with That so That That's the Problem.

You Know That the Medical Staff Are Being Threatened and Intimidated and Provoked so That's Why I Have Here a Clip of My My Phone of Woman That That That's Exactly What Happened When She Was Prescribing 100 Bucks. Chloroquine and I Were Mexican and Had a Very Good Success Rate Did Losing Patience and Because She Was Doing That She Did Lose Eliza Chad Leaving Jim to Go to Another Country and Practice about Those Numbers Were Gravel or Break Moment Because We Haven't Done a Long Time. 888-281-1110. Boy Do We We Were. We Haven't Given out These 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. What Joy You Know What We Have Approximately 55 Minutes Left in the Program and We Have To Raise Approximately $4000 so Where Were 4000 Short so We Need for People Played out in a Good Programmer Interesting Topics That We Don't Concentrate on the Donation Soil.

Listeners Are Understanding That Way Even If It's a Really Interesting Thing.

We Still Need You to Call Him and You Might Miss A Few Minutes of the Program but It Is Vitally Important so That We Can Continue to Stay On-Air on the Station You're Listening to. You Don't Have To Lose a Station My Nebula Give Us a Reason Wendy What We've Got You Here What That Specials Do You Have on Your Natural Medicines Given to Us by God Dollars That Will Receive 30% off on Some Restrictions Do Apply in Product but the Products Where Manufacturing Today Simply Can Call It up on the Website on the Coupon. Mary 21 to Mary like for Merry Christmas and You'll Get the 30% off and Taylor in the 26th Already so Tell Us about Right Now. Further Give Us the Website. All That Way to Give Effect Mary 21 Website.

The the Power That, or They Can Call Toll-Free at 8662936638662293663 You Tell Joan Casey Ever Has a Problem with Kidney Stones. But You Kidney Stone Formula Very Effective Formula. Dr. John Christopher Developed That Affect Clinical Track Years of Use, Though. It's All Plant Faith and Works Really Quick. Already Very Good. What about Your Adrenal Glands When I Feel like I'm Really a Glands Needle Perking up Including the Adrenals and A Lot Of People Feel A Lot Better Once They Get Some Nutrition and Therefore the Gland's Sometimes Joel Has To Put on a New Roof. Tell about Your Shingles Be Gone.

I Have Natural Disaster Virus Which Is Your Single Virus They Can Kinda Stop an Outbreak in Track Really Great. That Is Got to Be Worth Its Weight in Gold. I Have Absolute People I Know Get the Shingles and They Didn't Have Access They Just Suffered Barrel You and on Your Ganglion Nurse She Really Is Painful, Say, Why Not Usurp That God Gave You to Inhibited so Doesn't Arrive so I like to Use That If You Use It Right Away Soon As You Start the First Symptoms of the Singles Is Pretty. It's Them Effective As an Something for Shingles of People Called Shingles Be Gone. Shingles beyond Okay You Go and so I Have No Someone Who's Very Close to Me That Had Shingles and so I Ordered That and When the Time Came, She Felt the First Symptoms He Took It Right Away It Was Gone and Stopped Dead in Its Tracks Right Where Because the Hard-Core Break. We Will Be Back Right after This, Wendy. I Know You Want to Get Your Beauty Sleep, but You're Welcome to Stay with Us If You'd like Early Morning Tomorrow Time but I Enjoy Every Minute Already.

God Bless You. Thanks Again Brenda Already Merry Christmas Be Right Back after This.

Don't Go Away: Thank You for Listening to What's Right What's Left the Voice of the Christian Resistance to Support This Ministry and to WR That's WR Mail Your Donations to What's Right What's Left Ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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