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MON HR 2 122021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 20, 2021 11:58 pm

MON HR 2 122021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 20, 2021 11:58 pm

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Donate and listen to podcasts W RW let's go with a clip of the will explains what we were talking about their this is being reported by Reuters saying that refugees are not getting their covert shots because of drugmakers are afraid of lawsuits and is not just a pharmaceutical drugmakers are afraid of lawsuits is also the gates, organizations, Gavi and Kovacs now Kovacs is funded by Gabby the global alliance for vaccination and initiative is what he called the cult of vaccine injections globalize for vaccine injection but I gates funds Gabby Gates and the Gabby funds Kovacs Kovacs is set up. They said as a philanthropic organization to make sure that in the countries where the governments could not afford to buy Soylent Jean injections to kill their population like were doing here in the West and in the US that they would provide the vaccine for them at lower cost. But that's not happening so Reuters in the mainstream media looking at this insane… This is not good.

Yet we we gotta get this out there to the people. The poor countries will guess what the people in poor countries are not dying as the people are getting vaccines that are dying. Have you ever seen a pandemic before the didn't begin and either begin in the poorest countries are become the worst in the poorest countries where they have very poor nutrition, poor sanitary conditions which is poor and as we've always seen with a real vaccine with a real pandemic. You will see these types of things happening in poor countries more extensively. Often you'll see it happening there. First, boasting just the opposite. Now what we're seeing is not the people who have poor sanitary conditions for medical care getting sick watching the people who been given the vaccines a countries giving the vaccines that are getting sicker and direct the people.

These poor countries who did get the vaccine is not happening as other wringing their hands and saying how can we get this to these greedy corporations and the use of so-called charitable NGOs, nongovernmental organizations, they don't mention Bill Gates's name in here, but his fingerprints are all over this with Gavi and without Kovacs's what they say tens of millions of migrants may be denied coated vaccines atop shots from a global program because some major manufacturers worried about legal risks from doing harm the people they know what they're doing they are without you put this in a 1986 at somebody simulates is that you mention all the time, it can you since a bagel. Here's what happened. They got put in as head of the NIAID infectious disease branch of the National Institutes of Health in 1985 he pushed and brokered that that vaccine act of 1986. You can go back and these are the pictures of him posing with Ronald Reagan when the bill was signed. That was his baby. He walked through. That's his department and the vaccines fall under the NIAID and the first thing the factory dead when he got there 35 years ago was to pursue community for the vaccine manufacturers and he's been at the epicenter of all the scams ever since. For the vaccine manufacturers and so when you look at them. What is happening with this essay. Only about 7% of the people in low income countries have received a dose. That's why they're not sick, by the way, Reuters will say that I will the legal concerns aside, Reuters are an additional hurdle for public health officials tackling the coronavirus even as officials say unvaccinated people offer an ideal environment for to mutate into new variants that threaten hard-won immunity around the world know it's not the unvaccinated people in the most charitable explanation of this that is not that it is a deadly kill shot.

Not that it is a genetic code injection. That test starts to create a deadly toxin is that this is not a a vaccine in any sense of the work vaccines going back to the smallpox vaccine were always intended to train your immune system by exposing it to a debtor we can pathogen that was the theory and that's what they would do smallpox initially sometimes because the technology was very crude and rudimentary you would get exposed to a smallpox when you have the vaccine you get exposed to something that was, not debtor. We can, but what they have designed in this is to make sure that your body becomes a vaccine manufacturing facility and what is it manufacturers it manufacturers an un-attenuated deadly pathogen. The spike protein literally calls it the spike facts. It is a kill shot that is that spike that is so deadly and that is causing so many problems so there's not a pandemic in the poor countries because are not getting the kill shot Delta and omicron.

In my opinion.

In my opinion are nothing but cover stories for this toxic by weapon. The trunk calls operational warp speed. So they go going back to the study.

They know they know the drugmakers know and you have Gavi and Kovacs funded by Bill Gates they know that this is dangerous so dangerous to the not going to do anything unless they are held harmless with legal immunity. We saw the blackmailing of governments in Central America. First of all, and that was reported by stat news based on research coming out of the UK and it will documents that were put out by Bruce, the Brazilian officials in the Brazilian government, Argentina, and 1/3 Latin American country and that was either a year ago or maybe even longer that came on thinking that came out in January 2020, but is a long time ago that we learned that Pfizer was shaking down these countries and saying that you give us legal news. It's okay, but I want legal immunity I want to have you set up form bank accounts outside of your country and I want you to put up sovereign assets outside of your country when they do that well because they're not looking simply at the normal kinds of product liability. If you are acting fraudulently and your fraudulent actions and your knowingly killing people they could and should come after you for criminal charges to give people a product liability course.

The vaccines and products are given this kind of liability in any industry to give people product liability, but you know what you can't give people immunity against murder and us were talking about here, and that's why Pfizer was insisting that they have the stuff put out about your assets put in other countries. We found out that with the European Union you had never played that many times and I can play again but you had a group of members of the European Parliament. They got together and said the they were furious. They fought for long time and finally they gave us these documents.

This is not transparency like everything is blocked out on this page. The guy holds it up when allowed to know anything about this together going to force us to do. This shouldn't take away your life if you don't get this will seat the pharmaceutical companies and the globalists blackmailed all of our governments is pretty easy to do when you got kind of government officials that we have with Trump and Biden other people coming these people are flying around with with Jeffrey Epstein you got Biden in the diary this come out from his daughter showing that he's a pedophile. These people are so easily blackmailed for these politicians who run our governments around the world. Then have the because politicians are black male, Pfizer and motor in her can blackmailed governments and they can also blackmailed the governments by saying going have a because all these other politicians are part of this and the ever living to shut this down anybody that doesn't have their population vaccinated that country is going to be isolated and ostracized and was going to go in or out of your country.

That kind of black male holding a gun to their head saying sign this document and give me full legal immunity or nobody comes in or out of your country so there blackmailing country by country, the blackmailing individual politicians and then those politicians black male us individually because that's what they are. Some criminal class so legal concerns rights Reuters on additional hurdle for public health officials tackling the coronavirus even as officials say unvaccinated people offer an ideal environment for to mutate in the new variants that threaten hard-won immunity around the world.

What a joke joke Reuters, AP, are you guys serious. Do you really believe any B12 people actually do obscene people socially didn't seem to believe this because I don't hear anything else but not as a medicament vaccine manufacturers have required the countries indemnify them for any adverse events suffered by individuals as a result of vaccines, says the United Nations were governments are not in control. That is not possible and so this affects people such as those displaced from Jan mar, Afghanistan or Ethiopian crises of the UN is pushing these people around in the mass migration in their same for refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers. The global program known as Kovacs that skates program underneath Gavi created a humanitarian buffer Gavi the vaccine alliance is a public-private partnership know it is it's a Gates thing. It's a Gates thing HB shaking down some governments for money, but it's a Gates thing. It was set up in 2000 to promote vaccination around the world. Gavi operates Kovacs with the World Health Organization. Another organization that is owned by Gates is the largest contributor says that were those applying for doses mainly NGOs, nongovernmental organizations like Kovacs like Gavi when the NGOs cannot bear legal risk deliveries from that stockpile can only be made if vaccine makers accept liability so you got something that they know is harmful.

Gates doesn't want to accept liability his organizations as NGOs or accept liability of the pharmaceutical companies don't want to accept the liability and there's no government there to say right were going to make sure that we protect you and I know that what they're doing is toxic poisons, why, when a guy with a sports officials that I've published this for decades. Why isn't anybody investigating this when I call for an investigation is a unity factor that tells you that they know just like you know, just like Gavi and Kovacs and always governments know they know exactly what this is nobody's fooled by this. Millions refugees.

So are not getting vaccines because NGOs and governments of the drugmakers. Rather, because of drugmakers and NGOs. Fear lawsuits are not being held harmless by a government for these refugees, they can't bear the legal risks that do can only be made if vaccine manufacturers accept liability because the government again of the stateless people don't have a state that is going to force this on them and is going to hold the drug companies harmless already. We are back and so there you go folks. That's what we been to London and we built warning if it's still a lot of people just cannot believe that here in the United States of America. They are purposely going a part of this worldly population program. But that's what it's all about it.

In Europe right now from like psych mirrors a group that includes former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeatman filed a complaint with the international criminal court. The ICC on behalf of the UK citizens against Boris Johnson UK officials Bill and Melinda Gates, chief executives of big Pharma the world economic forum determine and others for crimes against humanity, and they have additionally charged Dr. Ouchi Pedro's very serious director of the World Health Organization during rain that the chief executive of medicine medicines and healthcare and HRAN of the direct, the president of the Rockefeller Institute and foundation theater designate president of vehicle help but wonder was doing the work over there on and they are charging them with the general crimes against humanity. This is big news that the setback on the 16th and I've been waiting to see on Fox or FOXBusiness or anywhere the story and the not there faster, interestingly, we've got these crimes against humanity being taken to the world court and it's not news interesting when hearsay, yet is the shift and talk about some of the things it's not really know should not hearing you haven't heard anything on this about the NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox and what we been telling people about the mass of pedophilia in this in this country right now and the death of credit party is not only the part of abortion in the body of sodomy and beach Jody, but they are the party of pedophilia. And here this is from a human to free the massive child sex trafficking ring busted protected by the police for decades. In exchange for sex, sex with the victims six sex traffickers were arrested this week for renting a Queens based sex trafficking ring which traffic kill women and children from Mexico into the US. One of those indicted in Brooklyn federal court was was a Putman of Putnam County police officer who was protecting not the children with the child sex traffickers in exchange for sex with the victims that we've known about this that believe in talking about it and they also have a lot of stuff. The New York Police Department have and we are well on their hold on to this until I couldn't. I can actually get the documents put Wayne Pifer a village of Brewster police officer has been helping human traffickers human traffickers smuggling in which young children and younger women from Mexico. For years the sadistic human smuggling scheme has been in operation for nearly 2 decades since at least 20 or 2002, according to the US attorney's office in the Eastern District of New York you you you really were at the point where you'll you're almost surprised that there would be anybody that would that would even do anything anymore utility will US the following chart. According to the indictment, Pfeiffer protected the child sex trafficking meal exchange for sex with victims for years.

Pifer helped the ring avoid arrest tipped off tipped them off, disdains them, allowed them to abuse children and young women by exploiting the trust in his badge. According to the complaint in exchange for the dictation Pifer had his way with trafficking victims even bringing them to the police station where he would then rape them for more than eight years, Pfeiffer allegedly directed members of the said Hernandez sex trafficking organization and the God God and as prostitution business to deliver women to him, including the BPD police station so that he could engage in sexual activity with the women at no cost to him in exchange, Pifer provided the said Hernandez sex trafficking organization and the God and as prostitution business protecting them from arrest, including by advanced warning of law enforcement operations and intervene to prevent arrest.

The individuals named in an indictment were part of an elaborate network of conspirators that where they use deception.

A course in the cell dreams of a better life in the United States, the young and impressionable women who arrived only to be forced into miserable life of torment sexual abuse or presentation at the hands of their captors stated HSI acting Special Agent in charge Rick Patel okay this step, there goes on with long article artwork. I have to do is look over at CNN. They started off here little while ago that the JFK been doing some strange things none of them called and they had to fire Chris, and their movement had to get rid of Don Drucker Don lemon is accused of sexual harassment and now we have a man and his name is Rick salad B and he was the Jake captors producer and their things in our world is just been completely flipped upside down and the couple articles the daily liberty daily at an article what is it about CNN that makes them hire the circus pedophiles around and now John Griffin is been arrested for luring young girls and that's a real six-story or what he did, having sex with a nine-year-old and so he could rape a nine-year-old girl that it's all over. When you have the big news organization full of pedophiles. What is a that tell you about the organization to what is a tell you about the people that listen to these people and three.

What is it say about our culture. Pastor Ernie where you have so many pedophiles running around loose going after our children and grandchildren. This is one sick sick society will it's exactly the way God's word, the Bible with 100 is your accuracy said it would be in religious when the second them with the three people can look the month make the Mafia look like the good old boys, you already here you go. Every state away from children. They neatly were not nearly as illegal as Elise Alex. Let's go to breaking DC judge orders the release of three hours of capital surveillance video from inside West Terrence Tomlin January 6 where police were beating the heck out of corrupt supporters. So now if we get this out and again the death the grandson known as the Pelosi and that they know was going to happen. We have this and they know that they're going to go to jail if that election comes because now I mean it is got to the point where it is so much angst and were finally got some Republicans and if we have that the midterms we have a lot of special forces guys running for office. We get these people in the office and and working to get some kind of justice maybe getting. I really don't have prissy people running going into politics affect people that are willing to stand on principle of already risk their life to serve their country, and they're not going to back down like mostly the prissy politicians and preachers but hate act out perfect example of the Democratic fighting voter.

This gentleman of Florida's name was Patrick Florence was in a vehicle that was stopped by the police had no headlights, taillights, anyway.

The driver was arrested but they looked at him and the is a 38 special under receipt.

As Patrick Florence well. He had a rap sheet long, long dozens of felony convictions so they did a search, they found plastic baggies wrapped around his private parts and a course. The suspect denied that they were not his did not belong to him. Perfect Democratic voter caught with on his private parts packages of cocaine and meth of methamphetamine and possession of an illegal firearm monthly in Asia fell in at a course the gun and all the drug did not belong perfect Democratic voter right. Well, you know that he gets a democratic prosecutor you get all three now you probably live so the company arrested elevator did something that violated something wrong but that the world it seems like our world goes crazy like that. But I was reading more.

They said other suspects of denying, owning drugs and syringes in other places. I don't even want to mention on TV socks on their feet and their shoe crack pipes and female organ. It is getting crazy out there like you said, God said it would happen, and it is definitely happening and open the phone lines. It takes some calls before we take the first call CDC data Sentinel overdoses now kill more Americans aged 18 to 45 then coded, they can answer that all the car accidents and all the suicides combine and as the media, and many Americans live now, who's involved with the drug trafficking bringing that in who is involved, who works hand-in-hand with the drug dealers in the human traffickers the death or credit Communist Party fireworks hand in hand with them is how so many of you so rich you got these the corruption that they're totally and completely corrupt. I mean there's all they also do insider trading, insider trading does help from the current credit data exit extra money. Nancy Pelosi said the she should be able to do insider to build a good okay is the media and the Americans live in constant fear of coded 19 a more deadly emergencies being relatively ignored in comparison to the coded pandemic. According to the latest data from the US and is for disease control and prevention, almost 79,000 Americans aged 18 to 45 died from Sentinel overdoses between the year 2021 that's that's when near is 80,000 79,000 in one year's time.

Okay there you go, let's go and take a Kevin Kevin near in the air under Florida. You know point about the variance but when you get the calling that you guys have deemed that your time coho because in the name of Cliff yeah Cliff, you called antibacterial because two of his talk show that a different name. I know I know II hear them at times. Yet we know Cliff okay for you to live in something Cuba even outed Cliff so going to let you know about that yet. Anyway, world economic forum and I'm sure they took it down by now. I got this before. The first one came out Delta toward economic form John Hopkins University their own website. Don't be stupid you're being played or manipulated. I don't you have that I'd like to send it to you, but I kept it and sure enough Delta came right and it gets a whole bunch of other ones, but they got them all lined up with date canal omicron was originally thought to be May 22, but they got a little ahead of helping get the last one is Omega okay that was that what what University but that out… John Hopkins yeah Jenna, you probably got that from us. That was in one of our newsletters.

All okay okay all right Yorty know about it all yet we cover that you Wheatley given names before their names were listed as a near variance before the variance ever appeared several months to arrange. They knew what Grant was coming when Donna worried me all the way up to February 23 and when it ain't want to stand.this is the gift that never ran like that in a longer gift that never ends that they can keep scaring the shape and people get more obedient. They're going to get rid of all the old going to get rid of the useless eaters although circle people that are draining the coffers of those cities and the government because the healthcare firm now know exactly what they want. Okay I think I'm going to miss should you not going anywhere. I think things Kevin.

Let's go to Patricia. Patricia here and there, how are you today compared to what Patricia I don't know myself legally occurring. I'm a little bit today by elected, she announced that we are going to have Jan show proof of vaccination. I generated that she also click that all adults have to go back February.

They're all children by Mark McQuesten and Kylie continue to show the current National League currently get back.

I rethink everything got down to showing the land-grant option, like right now living in a state right now that I can have the option well.

If I were you I would lawyer up there are no frontline doctors have gotten that they put together working on that whole team of lawyers to go after people like that here and circus it as a violation of your First Amendment rights. That's a violation that is not an actual vaccine is not and sell lemonade. They've admitted that and so I would I would get together some other people and do a class-action lawsuit against her doing that around the country and get a pencil and paper. I've got two places for you to go look, there's a toolkit for you can go to first and the other is liberty. liberty okay thank you find out give you a starting point for some attorneys that are working on this problem. Okay.

Okay. And do you want think that right. P exemptions will record this well the exemptions that we mailed out in our mailing number of people wrote his back and said thank you because they that's all they needed that that the religious exemption others. It was strange because they had mailed it back to me saying that their employees demanded that I sign that was identical problem cited as pastor and mentor back in and they accepted it so like there are several big large corporations that are just flat saying they are not accepting any religious exemptions to the back saying that they just will not accept any religious exemption. So it's getting to be very complicated out there yet. I can let you have five federal courts that have ruled that they cannot mandate vaccines so they are opening themselves up to lawsuits and that's what you have to do to get at the civil okay I think you, I direct you are doing like you are. Thank you Patricia God bless you to have a Merry Christmas to you.

Thank you. Okay by now let's go to Amber Amber year in the air and everybody make very Christmas to you about Ron Ron Romney how Romney she can't be tried parade plant brought into another Republican headquarters and she really pushing the gay agenda and Tony Parkin. I believe become the family Council calling for her to step down because she that conservative platform that I think she's really dangerous. I believe she's a big competition. You now. I believe she she got all that money to help fight back against the fraud in the election and no one knows where that money went out to fight fraud before the election and Galactic election, but I think she's a wolf in sheep's clothing think you're right because she came out and I heard her say that there was no note she came and said that that the Biden won the election.

Biden did not win the election. Biden stole that election and anyone and everyone that says difference a liar and is no truth in it when they know that and they know that all those people in that media be verified greatly Tony Parkin and one other point in time you were thinking about hell yeah, and that there's one man that has only spoken out about pedophilia Christian man.

He's always kind about protecting the children. He's really getting attacked by Glenwood, you know, I believe he is. You know godly man. I believe he no doubt believe in Jesus Christ and he speak out about it and I'm getting attacked right now from many different corners and he's starting to release a lot of evidence on all the people that are working them and I am just becoming shocked at all that you know people that I thought were too conservative. They turned out to be the fake you know he gets really some of you recall last year when that whole Hunter Biden video came out and you know TECO coffin was saying that you know he didn't want to talk about Hunter's time because you know we should die for him being on Dragon that he wouldn't talk about that whole Hunter Biden video while at that time Lynwood said something about he knows why you know what the story behind well just get that interview with Kyle Rittenhouse and pretty much through Glenwood enter the bath and so Lynwood just released from emails and stuff that TECO, can have a friend with Hunter Biden and Hunter Biden is.his older daughter into some pristine college so you know there's disconnection that I think everybody connected you just don't know.

I would check that out because I did, I did see Carlson and and also entity both did. They showed Biden on their program with a prostitute and they also there were pictures the date they did they did that clip showing him taking money and played the recording is that the prostitute said. And so I would I would be very careful with a lot of this where it's coming from because a right yeah I thought that Eric Tucker Carlson talked about that mentioned how the media keeping out of seeker loss. You know, millions of votes, a lot of people would have voted for Biden and he said a lot of things. So I have a feeling that's there some fake news and they try to do that to The and we have another problem with rhinos.

Without these lies and deception, so I would check that double check and I'm wondering you know to be much discernment with the three awaken killer you know. If you look closely at a lot of events and and guidance running Clay Clark person Blanche Menotti triangle than fines and you know general plan currently praying to the seven or six rays of light or whatever that is an event I just think we as Christians need to have much permit you Amber, this is actually what I would do if I were you I'd be believe me there is so much disinformation out there on an Internet that you can't believe all of that and there are there are people like Flynn and that that are good people, but there's a lot of false information is being put out from both sides. The white hats and black cats are putting out this information trying to confuse the other to be very careful and very different. I mean there are no no I consider that the conservative side patriot godly patriot. You know, not all patriot M know I know but little to give some examples.

I have some people call it without so many times where Hillary Clinton had been arrested. She was taken to get much was put on trial and I said no know we got this this is good information, we got this right therefrom. The killer not know you didn't.

You got this information was put out okay.

The that Supreme Court justice to the elderly Jewish woman having a senior moment right now. You want talk about yeah no know the one that died later to get a drink in America they had heard did several years ago they had her. She's been dead is why you don't see her and I said no she has not been dead. Believe me, I just recently I had people that really should've known better. Trying to tell me that JFK is still alive and that he is cute or not he was getting on one okay JFK is not still alive, don't. Don't fall for this kind of stuff. It's out there when I'm pictures for myself. You know, if you go look at Clay Clark previous books you will see hello Menotti acknowledged that with the thing on all of books and whenever you fancy that the posters). The whole triangle is). His name is like right smack in the middle of it. I mean, you know, I'm just saying half discernment for the people that are putting on a demand timing a charge $503,000.

No, that's fine. If the current page I should not be calling it like it that Christian event if I got loved to listen be discernible and have a blessed blessed Christmas God bless. Let's go to all. He's back. This is the kind with different names Cliff here in the air? Flip flopping Biden as Pops, but that I wanted to go to a Scripture the end of Jeremiah chapter 51 it says something and it's also in the middle of that chapter says sleep left Babylon. Paraphrasing and to let my soul delivery is so I could relate this to the fact so-called vaccines in the sense that participating in this is like participating in basically monitor yet out that you know for example in any phone that the FDA, you know, hijacking I from Acton so they'll wrap people and to the shot to see that you see white like that is like sleep this… Participate will absolutely nothing to do with any of this stuff again.

Look, it's, it's the years, certain peoples of his obviously is not to others and you know what I know this thing that the article I just went about all these Democrats again. At that.

I know that the Democrats about to the one car taking the shop with many of them are not many of them were not taken the shot.

Okay the fact is an interesting thing because of all the those that to come out. They came out with the marches in New York right there in other places. Believe it or not you have burned load murder black lives matter and at the fire actually lurching with the anti-vaccines out there so they don't want to take a shot.

Either and so Scripture that was interesting that my relate will I didn't quite catch his plane asleep like exploits and change chapter plexus is only one lawmaker that has the talent to save or destroy and then it doesn't that let me have you know don't make plans and in James 413 Symington 1417 you had like an attractive Tory plan, was what all you could relate it to yourself. I think the Lord to save you. Your plans will destroy them or actually think if you destroy you. They could go either way.

Basically what he's telling you is don't be so arrogant not to understand who is sustaining you your sustained you not you.

You know you not living on your own. God sustains us and this is why we often tell people that the time of our departure from winter so will be required of this is been predetermined already and so when he's telling you is don't be so arrogant to say wanted to do this tomorrow that do this tomorrow or say if the Lord's will, because the Lord is listening right and that the point that makes it doesn't make you happy to hear people boasting perfect.

That's what it says it says here about posting he says for four. What is your life.

It's even a vapor that appears for a little time in Venice away for that you want to say is the Lord, will you should live and do this or that, but now you rejoice in your both things that all such rejoicing is evil. Okay, therefore, to him that know of to do good and do it not, to him it is sin. So is making a very clear point. There Paul stated that an inherent right with the warm months they didn't give glory to God only as a number of different ones that boasted throughout the Scripture and did not note you that God was listening to them in real time. There will absolutely, I gotta move on though because the whole board as the entire board is lit things can go to Garland Garland are here in the air and coming from New York and I want to give you and something that that happened recently verities talkshow host on a very, very, very well known radio station here in New York. Morning show on maybe about six or seven months ago one of the house he was reluctant to take the vaccine back and forth, back and forth. His wife talked him into it made the appointment at any rate, he took it back couple of days ago was announced that he has prostate cancer. Now I don't know whether that was a result of the vaccine or he would've gotten it anyway 50s and you know that is kind of shame he's being treated for it.

I'm sure he'll be okay, but it's one of those things you know that happened on how I wanted to relate not to hear the other thing I don't know if you heard Jill Biden is giving a talk tomorrow and he might make it mandatory to have the vaccine.

If you want to fly.

Did you ever hear. I heard that you want ever speak to doubling down on everything and though the courts asserted unconstitutional ill legal that blocks themselves into a corner and all they can do now is fight and double down on everything. So it's like most things will get worse before it gets better well on the you know the exemption sheet that you sent out the health exemption going to be helpful in this area. I mean how can people from flocking Gothic well they can't. Like you said you had now five federal courts ruled that he cannot do that okay so they cannot that that is not all that's his executive order which carries no laws unconstitutional, so here is a good example devastating 40% of Democrats now say Biden deserves to be impeached, so he knows he's on it.

I mean he knows was going to happen. He's going to do whatever he can as much damage to this country again this wife there heartbreaking and mind-boggling kind of think I think it could be going on in our country.

I just I just don't get it. I just don't get it, and it's shocking and the other thing that members of the Congress do not have to take the vaccine, but how it that I asked Eric I mean when I tell talking fair here.

But not only members of Congress are exempt all of their staff that are exempt and not only that, but all of the staff of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and the other when all of them are exempt from CNA NIH where that in there all exempt pain and it's really, I know the revolution you were watching a communist revolution in the process with the outcome is not yet been determined that you are living in the middle of a revolution.

We have to move on to run another time. Let's go to Timothy grieving break no later. I just wanted to call after listening to the show. People need to trust in the Lord and not in man, a man every every day there's something new and everybody gets up in activity and I'm trying to stay balanced every day because I'm keeping my eyes upon the cross and I choose each day, one can assert, and I just let the other Bibles all clear about the fools intelligible about the fools how they defined what they do but they say and that we see it every day. An example of those that follow fools like the blind leading the naked and not I choose not to be part of that group. I know that it's a select few that are chosen and I want to make sure that I am chosen thanks to stimulate Merry Christmas to you always need to keep rising across a man and men go to John. John your near yeah I really think that you did mention acerbic knowledge that may be leftist are now coming around to oppose exists of huge criminal karma drug cartel and its tentacles around media around the FDA to see the CDC and all the fake experts. One of the leftists is, as I've mentioned before global website global but the only place that I found the real experts and horses.

Mild testimony from the former vice president of Pfizer who says the validator tired of that vaccines are dangerous.

Don't take over the overt inventor of the LE play both of them. We played both of them right here in this radio program the entire statements that they made us right that's right they won't set that do as he flies out that the ultimate experts in insider whistleblowers don't take it because it is deadly. And now I think the water has to be understood is that the constant I think. Click claiming that this kind of communist conspiracy is really all it is time is conspiracy to us. We got ago that we are now at a time so let's go we have right now. Three minutes. Joe so I'm going to go ahead and tell the folks that like we always do know we leave now just come to the most important part of the program and there is a communist conspiracy, but he goes way back farther than than that, you know I made virtually Karl Marx. All he did.

He Karl Marx was a Satanist to the boat and today when people don't understand the notice that when communism is communism is Satanism is just another name.

Whether you call it communism is Satanism the Antiochus.

The Antichrist will system everything in communism is totally and contrary to the word of God. So bottom line is they understand that the this is why you have so many so many of these Democratic leaders.

These communist or are hard-core practicing Satanist but the bottom line is simply this, just like what we talked about is only one source that we have out there that we can completely trust and that's the way to God and King James Bible, we can we can trust now here's what because the Lord Jesus that heaven and earth will pass but his words will never pass away.

God said he was going to keep his he would make these words available to us. Okay I tell you this, God always does what he says and we haven't always been under attack. I mean all the New Age perversion those about those out. They attack it this were to God's hated. I mean, it is hated by the world out there. It really made member Obama called his Bible thumper's. And so folks because word doesn't study in all does a stutter. I study it's that it doesn't set right.

Joe J. Indiana senior moments.

God, the ancient of days does not, amen, supposedly tells you this tells you that you you going to die. It's for real that'll happen and when you die you really good to go to heaven or hell. No other places those other two, and you don't want to go to the letter. You don't want to go to help and is a way out of the Lord Jesus gave you a way out he gave you a way out. Even though you didn't deserve it but he gave me a way out and S call upon it, that is great to the father ask for forgiveness of your sins, call upon his name asked him to be the Lord of your life.

If you do that made it. Then you can avoid the burning lake of fire. So you've got God's word upon it.

Read the Gospel of John chapter 3, read it and do it until tomorrow. We want to say good night good night God bless. And always, always and I mean always. Katie find a fine. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on the student next time I was right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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