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THU/FRI HR 2 DEC 30/31

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 31, 2021 12:26 am

THU/FRI HR 2 DEC 30/31

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 31, 2021 12:26 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR Senior is in the hospital after collapsing on the tennis court.

Finland Dunlop Star man Christian Erickson collapsing towards the end of the first topic nine South Carolina high school football players died after seeing practice is collapsing on the video may be difficult to watch gator start Johnson & Johnson during the game on mile eight. She suddenly felt fuzzy and blacked out 17-year-old Ryan Jacobs hearts Dom unexpectedly collapsed on Megan cardiac arrest collapsing during walking right know what to see my screen here is articles Josh Groening is another one.

01 after the other: the reason why many still know okay one after the other after the other. Did you know is very 24-year-old showing new to architects in a few hours. Email all says where I'm looking at all the going is reasonable. You could put what's happening there.

Is there not the fake news media what they call the mainstream is is doing what exactly with her told by big Pharma. You don't don't tell people that these all these athletes dying from a shot. You don't do that you just don't do that okay so here I got this article here. Joe I know you got.

You want to get back to bed but the just sit read this part and let you go 85% of covert.

This could have been prevented.

So what happened of the people who died from covert in the US. None received adequate and or early enough treatment. Dr. Peter McCullough told podcast Joe called Jorgen if they had at least 85% of them would have survived and with that, I'll let you let you go Joe. I'll be looking for you, go get some sleep because I was looking for you on Tuesday.

I thank you, thank you, absolutely initiated and I look forward to. God bless and have a happy new year my friend, you and your family. Thank you. You all do things right now are going. We got a lot of stuff so Randy, go ahead and lead off with your lead article sure yet.

US approves first injury claim for covert countermeasure test backlog grows to 4000+ current claims and I want everybody. Please pay attention because that's true, the US government has up, measure injury compensation program which will issue compensation for its first claim, and it's unknown if the claim is related to a vaccine or some other medication will device related to the diagnosis or treatment of the virus, not according to the countermeasures injury compensation program website 1:19 claim has been determined eligible for compensation and it's all pending your review. Eligible expenses CI again this is a counter measures I did not reveal the terms of the compensation confirmation of the claim comes almost a year after distribution of the vaccines began in the and after 965,843 reports of adverse events following covert vaccines were submitted to the five players and a however it's unclear whether the claim will be compensated up. That's is being compensated pertaining to William the actions of covert vaccine or some other covert related treatment and that's according to the epic times.

It says that the of the program was established under the ages of the public, the readiness and energy preparedness or prep and that was in 2005. The law scheduled to remain in effect until 2020 for the CIP program focuses on countermeasures such as vaccination medic medication device or other item recommended to diagnose, prevent or treat a declared pandemic epidemic or security threat CI CP allows an individual to claim compensation for lost wages for medical expenses not fully reimbursed by insurance or government programs such as Medicaid. The individuals also can claim death benefits for someone that as a result of this. This ERCP is known for its cumbersome claims process and and low likelihood of success for claims to date, only 4% of the petitions have been compensated under the program and update big want to point out that out of 5242 claims which are filed that 404,000 skews me 751 pertaining to covert, including a 2297 claims related to covert vaccines in 2454 for other countermeasures and the city that CI CP numbers, which also do not include November December's claims may increase further. If and when the program develops countermeasures injury injury table in the half of the claims filed were took place more than and they have more they take more than five years to educate and adjudicate, which means that if you follow claim of taking five years to get the thing done slow writer for all fraud processes are from ship proceedings skews me claims to the US can be compared with Japan for as of August 29 to 41 claims of injured of injured folks following eight covert vaccine were paid out all right. That's enough and left the list of their subversively Compared to Look back and 80s big Pharma pay Congress good money they paid Congress good money to give them immunity against losses for killing people if they injury kill people in the last part of the business and so they paid Congress good money to give them immunity and that's exactly what Congress did let men what they done really is protected themselves because what it's what they did is this is this is court.

It did requires for you to file a claim. A direct causal connection between the countermeasures and the injury or death. In order for the community to be granted under the act now without such a connection there is no legal immunity and the plaintiff's lawsuits may proceed. So basically they've met. They've made it very very difficult but almost impossible, but it can be no okay I will go ahead and do this article it very quickly. 85% of code that could have been prevented. So what happened okay on the culminating death in the US.

None received adequate or early treatment, 85% of deaths were preventable on this again by Dr. Joe; these are the company are the components of SARS: 282 infection viral replication, cytokine storm, and blood clotting. Therefore, necessitated a multi-drug approach and treatment must begin early. To be effective. Research published 2006 showed hydroxychloroquine reduce viral replication of SARS code 1.

The original SARS virus. It also is well established, very well established anti-inflammatory properties. These two properties help explain his usefulness against Cova 19 there were clear, very clear intentional effort to prevent the use of hydroxychloroquine against open Cova 19 in an effort to make the covert gaps appear necessary.

You cannot get Cova 19 twice those with natural immunity have robust long-lasting immunity. The Pfizer covert shot, meanwhile, has been shown to be and have undetectable effectiveness 201 days after the second dose and number. During this effectiveness reaches zero.

Around that date. There you go. So anyhow look see. Here's reality think people don't want to.

They don't want to try to wrap your brains are in effect that there are actually people out there that want to depopulate the program plan, listen clip number play clip number to play the clip with the Bill Gates and the CIA again. Now here's Bill Glades and he's got these pictures of the species addressing the CIA and is talking about religious fanatics to new religious fanatics are.

We are always talking about you folks on there.

If you believe God's Word, the Bible is referring to go in and play it have individuals who are religious fund fundamentalist religious fanatics and this is the expression on RT-PCR real-time PCR expression of the be met to Jean over here. We have individuals silently complete set over here. We have individuals who are not particularly fundamentalist, not particularly religious and you can see there is a much reduced expression of of this particular gene that the be met to Jean another evidence that that supports our our hypothesis for the development of this approach. What is virus so are our hypothesis is fanatical people that they have overexpression of the be met to Jean and that by vaccinating them against this will eliminate this behavior, until he absent some very, very remarkable data in this here we have two brain scans. These are fMRI's.

These are two different individuals with different levels of expression of the man to on top is an individual who is a religious fanatic, an individual we repeated this numerous times that that has a high level for the man to now this individual down here you had low levels of the be met to Jean this individual self describes as is not particularly religious.

In in each case, these individuals were were read a religious text. This individual light show. Anything short writing Randall John Paredes got leadership that your letter of brain supposedly your brains human brains and other human brains of the Christian is showing you the CIA where there is a defect in this is what makes us Christians fanatics not granting it when they can look at it live as religious and we never read a religious text what you see is that this part of the brain called the anterior insula lights up. This is a part of the brain is associated with with custard. Okay there you go, that's that's enough there. So here this is easier what is referring to. Now I want to go to the third clip the third clip.

What was good to and the third clip is this is Dr. Brian Artis, and he sees telling us why we should not trust hospitals. This this guy is one of the again. He's one of the top known doctors in the country and he's telling us why and to go ahead and play that clip back. I thank you for having me here very excited to be here don't like standing behind the podium sustained a I don't know if any of you ever talked about the same thing every day for a year and 1/2, but you think it would get old you think you get tired of it. There are so many lies and deception being told to you right now. Throughout this entire world that I constantly want to go to the new ones you talk about those people that continue to text me hello like nowhere and say there's a phenomenal group of medical professionals in this room that are part of this summit that have been a huge encouragement to me. The encouragement is keep telling the same story. It's too important and there's like this peaceful, loving, gentle giant, overturning Peter McCullough, who like 545 in the morning, will text me go.

Keep your computer hot, don't stop. Keep going. This is too important. Don't quit. Dr. Artis is too great.

It's so message in the message what's important to him to so many others is my constant preaching has been to bring awareness to everybody that there are protocols and established in hospitals to murder, maim and kill you to convince you that there is a deadly virus that's mourned it really is so that they can sell you on vaccines so I will continue to tell this doctor. McCullough Hall tell the story again right so I'm Dr. Artis, my father-in-law, since Weldon JW on the front row waiting nearby teller thank you because it's the whole reason I'm in the media is because her dad was killed in a hospital in Plano Texas early February 2020 so what I learned there was. I learned how to get kicked out of the hospital met security escort me out and then convince my wife's family to continue to follow the same protocol for the last six days that caused acute kidney failure secondary pulmonary edema that they lied and called pneumonia and it wasn't they drowned him to death. Just like their drowning All-Americans to death with rim – severe in hospitals and calling it Cova pneumonia when in fact it is pulmonary edema, and I can prove it but I learned that from the expense of watching her dad died, over 90.

Being poisoned to death with a drug rim – severe does the same thing. It's a poisonous truck and Anthony thought you knew from the beginning. So let's go pretty here so that we know this is extra QR code on if you want this but you might want to take pictures of this and save it because my my entire message for almost 2 years now has been the hospitals are dangerous. Don't go there early treatment always better than my message. However, there really some of you at some point to get sick 11.

Sick and you think you need to go to the hospital because just don't think you can appeal to make it so. This site has been created. This QR code takes you to the doctor to website. If you set up a username and password and register and sign back in this new tab appears.

It's called resources. I have decided like Peter McCullough who decided to be the expert with over 90. I decided I was here to be your expert at protecting you from hospitals killing you. So here you if you go there you go to the resources page the resource page only appears in execration and sign in account it's offering. When you login click the resources page page go to the bottom. There is an advanced medical directive form created by an attorney Kelly Sorell. Fort Worth actually and it's a advanced directive recovered 19 treatments. If you haven't figured this out yet hospitals are being bribed to use Cova 19 protocols. Also, there being bribed to diagnose you with Cova 1990s. Test to do that, you better tell them what they are allowed to do and not to be before you go in there and there's what's called a directive for physicians form at the bottom of the page in a medical power of attorney form is ready you pretend like you are right now right now forever and stands at the moment. You need to pretend that you're pregnant and it's the third trimester and you need a bag travel bag radio with you to the hospital when water breaks, you better print these two forms. Now get them signed initial notarized and have them with you in a little folder so that you never thought you hospital you tell them what they are allowed and not allowed to do Kelly Sorell having to talk to her when I had her come on my show SR forms the very first things that I don't care if you presume I have Cova 19 I don't care if you test me positive Cova. 19 you. I do not consent to rim density treatment or venting me.

The fourth one is I don't care if you admit me to this hospital and I don't care if you send me to a psychiatric facility. I never consent to the Cova 19 vaccine and you have to know their hospitals around this country would have in the intake forms that my signing the admissions form you consent to getting the Cova 19 Chuck and at any rate, it so you better be ready. They're trying all all costs to get you the shots, and they will live to see all of you. So just make sure you have a resource that's out there for their side.

In his offering to ticket the forms are savvy and save you. May 2020 Anthony fatty said that there was a study done May 2020 is a study done the year before on Ebola virus in Africa and there was for experiment with drugs and other sports terminal drugs rim – severe which Reichhold just told me again with a new name for an decimeter case can pronounce. He said run death is near. So Anthony fallacies has there's this drug that was proven safe and effective. If the Ebola virus and I don't think anyone in the country. Look at this study, hyperlinked but me. I clicked exec never heard of that drug.

He said it was an antiviral drug that was experimental is the only drug that we use for all American hospitalized patients, and then he asked the federal government to buy up all this experiment drug you don't give it to another country until the end of 2020. Don exported. Ever wonder why it is within a 2020, America had 25% of all the Cova 19 deaths in the world and we only have less than 5% of the world population, but this deadly virus went around the whole world Anthony fatty in American hospitals are only doing one thing that no other country in the world was doing company full of a drug that was proven in this study, the Ebola trial in Africa.

It was proven to be the most deadly. This is a quote from inside the studied safety board found halfway to the study were decimeter killed over 53% of all people. He gave directive so they took them off the drug and allow another Ebola patient to get this drug amazing.

I hear table 2. From that chart from the research study. Rim decimeter is the second column from the left. See map is the first one I've said this over the last six months. Now the Ebola trial is so significant.

It was from November 2018 to December 2019.

This was actually the rehearsal dinner for Anthony fallacies Cova 19 wedding he funded this whole study was only limited so the reason why I say this is a rehearsal dinner. It's the same stuff you're hearing two years later from the beginning is pandemic rim decimeter. You see listed there rim Deseret look right below their mortality rate 53.1%. It's only when the killed over half the people he gave it to the truck to the left is called Z map is a triple monoclonal antibody have you heard about those.

It had a death rate you see either 49.7% have to be really able to guide those two drugs are pulled from the study right in and they said not give these anybody else but five months after this research study published in December 2019 Anthony Fouts. She said it was proven that rim decimeter in this study was found to be safe and effective against the Ebola virus now without you guys being researchers and scientists. How maybe think it is the most successful safe and effective drug mistrial. Look at MAB 114. It had a mortality rate of 35% 12 from the Regeneron CR AGN rest Regeneron. The triple monoclonal antibody are hearing about right now. Why is this stuff still coming up Anthony fatty set up this way just how they actually determine whether or not these people are positive for Ebola use this thing called a PCR test. Regeneron had a death rate of 33% of all Ebola patients.

This is my problem.

May 2020 we knew that since China, New York, California, this new coronavirus is going around the world at that point we knew coronavirus was killing less than 1% of all people in the world got infected with, but the drugs they were considering to treatment virus from a research study. The best one had a death rate of 33%. Why would you ever select the drug in my opinion, from a research study that had a higher mortality than the virus you're trying to treat okay were going organist of their goes on as this fellow really is really knows what he's talking about. I mean he is really sharp and you quickly swung to say this, here's a couple things in a you talking about CDC releases report on overgrown omicron variant and guess who is getting it the most. That's right out of 43 of the first study file studied. Guess what all of those they got 34 of the 43 were fully vaccinated of Koresh McKay and so again, what would happen to those vaccines. They destroy your immune system. That's what's happening Joe Biden's bureaucratic puppets working for the CDC have all repeatedly label every surgeon Cova 19 cases is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. This is simply a lie, a great big lie is a corrupt manipulation of the facts and try to force everyone to get the Cova jab. The latest variance ours Cova to omicron proving that many experts have been saying for months. The virus unleashed on the world through a leak from the Chinese Rajah lab is something the world must learn to live with the accomplish this scientist must acknowledge the breath of potential immunity and some people naturally have they refuse every single strategy. Bureaucrats propose involve mandatory compliance. There is no discussion about natural immunity. Why not. According to these people. It doesn't exist. That in and of itself is kind contradicted oriented true science omicron is exposing these failed policies, especially the critical vaccine mandate for what they are government programs with no basis in truth, St. Philip Jill are Randy again. The whole point is the elite that the Bill Gates that found Jesus and that they believe that this planet should belong to them.

They many of them actually feel as God's shoe. The magic number is 500 million grant of 8.5 billion which means 95% of us have to be gone. That's what they wanted, and that's it exactly 95% and even the Army that is it.

Right now all 8.5 billion people could stand if we stood in and there on the real estate this in the Oregon state of Oregon which we that's how much more world there is yet you know and and what they want this world to be clean and pristine for themselves or themselves at remember these elite they feel they that they don't need us anymore. They've got robots that got technology and that the planet should be kept for them. They feel that the problem of it is there's a whole lot more of them that think that they're a part of that elite, especially those in the lame stream media. And speaking of omicron CNS reports.

The first omicron death in Texas hospital but the hospital says they're lying CNN line in the back and imagine Annette and Lou okay you had another article there… Oh yeah, the Mac actually be update the other article I have here is that it it can takes is off little bit it, it talks about the Fairfax County police seize an electronic hard drive from a CNN producer Rick the cell of the after-tax to show solicitation OEF underage photos here and it says last Wednesday driving Veritas released a shocking investigation of another CNN producer fantasizing about sex. Sex with an underage with his fiancés underage daughter.

The investigation reveals Rick Cella be a prime time producer for Jake Tapper fantasizing about sex acts with an underage teenager in one tax exchange tales of the source.

His fiancés daughter was wearing very closely cut bottoms at the pool before using graphic language to describe how how he could see the outline of her private parts. No other techs were too graphic and and segment to quote directly surprising Veritas.

First of course action was to one what was to reach out to the authorities. Following that we reach out to the mother the children to ensure their safety and project Veritas then reached out to hit the employer CNN to inform them of the situation and give them the information the comment and as of this press release.

We have had no response and I think it was Satan's really David, but we know that pedophilia is rampant is wrapped that within the left-wing media you got a mean if it's a sin is rampant.

If it's abortion is rampant. If it's sodomy is rampant within the left-wing media. It's everything. The guys were the level because abominable sin they embrace.

But there also rampant about minors and that's the problem I I think that that's beyond sexual sin.

It's with with with minors with children and let's face it, we know that this administration is very soft on that.

Well why is that you're not hearing anything if this is Epstein's Island this woman that they just convicted she was not the one that was raping all those young girls. That's correct whole lot of very powerful liberals out there. Bill Clinton Holland of Prince Andrews people came back in their contest and the whole thing because the girl lives in Australia, and the suit was filed in Virginia and there said they have no jurisdiction but Bill Gates was one of those absent any of the CE the CEOs the large corporations that have gone woke many of them there fallen in line there do what they're told. They don't want this to come out. Big money is keeping them from coming out. That's just the way it works and that's why Judge Jeffrey Epstein died yet badly. Let's face it, how he could, if you'd sing like a bird.

He could've brought too many people down right so how do you take your guidance on the suicide death watch and all of a sudden you don't watching it out obviously and he had a huge bruise to the back of his neck yeah okay so what were going to do is were going to take some cough. Let's go.

We have a prayer request Mark and Mary filled mercury near go ahead. After several months ago maybe seven months ago I called you up down here in Marigold mentioning that my property that I rent on is for sale and my landlord was selling at the administrator wants to use this transition housing for women getting out of the prison here in Marysville turned out that ministry is affiliated with Bill Johnson of Bethel church in Redding, California. One of the worst heretical churches in the country got kicked out of the Assemblies of God a couple years ago. One reason was because they tried to raise a girl from the dead been dead for like three or four days there not in this ministry, so to speak in this town just purchase the property today. Fortunately there not to use it right off the bat for transition housing for women about their some shady dealings going on and I'm just asking still the God would intervene were allowed to live here but I just do not trust these people. They've gone back on their word and change their mind and flip-flopped and been a massive confusion and they got ethics violations and it's like it's just math and my rent from now on until indefinitely if they decide will be used to fund their ministry. That's not my choice.

That's what they said to my landlord gave the property today.

That's what I do with the property and will be a moderate money raising tool for them and I'm asking prayer for God's mercy. The leader of it sometimes won't even use the Bible when he preaches sometimes he'll read stuff that he says the Lord told me you know to his congregation.

It's that bad and I tell you what one or two since you are only familiar with with all the workings went on to lead us you partly, this prayer will agree with you, and that prairie men shirt. Dear God, I come to you in Jesus name because of the blood of Jesus and I asked Lord he was still sovereignly intervene.

Despite the development today that you would uncover everything that is unethical and illegal and biblical with this ministry, Lord, and that you would sovereignly either change it or that you would read them out of this place or that you would stop all of their ministries that they carry on outside this place and that somehow there were the interventions either with the banks or the law enforcement or something. This ownership of this property to this ministry. I thank you for sparing for the time being. The women in prison from being subjected possibly to coming over here under the guise will be helped they would be preyed upon and I thank you Lord that at least that is off the table for now, but ask you to please intervene and please put this burden that I have and that others have in this town on the hurt as many people listening as possible. In Jesus name, amen. Thank you much in Marco, just to hang in there my friend and have a blessed new year. Okay, let's go to the our other cohosted nets. Clifford Cliff here and there and I guess you just line up a like a light. God way wanting all swimmers, whether that democratic or whatever… But one reference. I'd like to make that relates to what you were talking about about outpatient treatment. That's a good answer to whether the doctor on the right shot right SCh on Rudy Giuliani's comments that podcast about a week ago where he talks about how this all at that's rated pretty much all of it outpatient using things like hydroxychloroquine and how they align states fraudulently like one person had 10 times the elevated authority whatever and they said without some studies so his qualification is this guys from Yale Medical Center teaches that yelp medical school enters primary expertise and serpent is also an expert on amine analogies Phillies of really big name from the alanine saying that flat out quality FDA completely corrupt know it is it is completely deep state. It is totally the state and also that the family dentistry might be collapsing due to these people getting vaccinated a percentage of them just can't work anymore and he can't find backups for them.

Now that seems to be what's really going on. The blaming it on whether we've always have bad weather might question is are you familiar with the book of Enoch, because I downloaded chapter 89. They both think that God sound like Bill Gates and the focus cannot but I'm not definitely what I just gave it one list of the hundred and five. There is some good information in the not historical and it is not one of the inspired books, let them anyhow. Yeah there is some good information and that I would have to move on. The entire board is elliptical and have a happy new year to you and have you. Let's go to Nick and PA Nikki Rainier I write a question about the good Lord Lebron came and what you would think that Jackie and Ilya and all I Donald Trump's let me see little. I think you meant that the differences Donald.

Donald Trump. I remember in 2000 and 2000. They were interviewing Donald Trump and he asked him about Bill Clinton. There they went to each other's weddings. The Clintons and the drums and what you think of Bill Clinton and because Trump at that time was a Democrat but he was silly was accepted and within the and he said well he cities a nice enough guy. All right, it's a nice enough guy, except for, you need to stay away from that island that Eileen is a really bad place.

The need to stay away from that island that he goes to now, I remember hearing from saying became so here Trump Epstein 12 Merrill article and 88 when he was there he was visiting. He got a hold of a 17-year-old girl and Trump three Mount banding for Merrill article for good.

When Trump found out about. So that's that's what I can tell you about those connections and Trump is still saying the sin. This is why they're so afraid because he called new all of those that were going to that island. Remember he was a Democrat until he got saved he was a Democrat and so what happened was, he knows all of those people a whole lot of people that went to that island.

There and laid there and they know that if he gets back in the White House. He's got the goods will also remember to that. If he gets back in the White House.

He's a lame-duck so he has nothing to lose by turning them over. However, can we lame-duck's did it for years you have for years, but I'm saying but can't get reelected.

Well, we don't know the way things are going.

Nowadays the 80 and they completely got to dinner this last election was stolen from her nose could help me with an argument about Buddy Clagett. Why did he call her a good person. I never heard him say that the finder when did he say that in interview. Back in volume fitting and I was taken aback by that you know well he probably didn't know he probably had been introduced to mentor and enough you don't know someone, you probably can be less likely to say something bad about the new ROK so I don't I don't know why he said that all I do know is what I when I saw what I heard with with him. So there you go. But anyhow thanks Nick, you have a happy new year. Let's go to the Westin Portland. I pastor during your program. I was going to call that your discussion about some of those people that were in Epstein's orbit left one out one very important ones might affect with my monthly donation check. I typed out a letter you haven't got it yet, but if that is Chief Justice John Roberts. You happily with the Clintons will actually we did leave that out because we sent out a newsletter some months back and it was at Epstein's island and there was a picture of John Roberts, Bill Clinton and Epstein standing together out in the water in the well that's what I'm talking about that that picture in my mind because I was hoping for a positive decision on the role versus way with this new court, but I just convinced that Roberts with the rest of it has gone over to the dark side. I think I don't I I'm sure I just don't have the faith like I listened, I totally agree with you. Roberts did everything he could in fact I think he was somewhere I would. I in my opinion he was involved with the when the patriots tried to have their takeback utility.

The election was stolen when they when they had their rally to takeback to recover the election it was stolen and they call it the insurgency or whatever. Okay Roberts I believe was a part of that what you know those people marked down there an orgy island swim all know, keep up the great warring girl like very dark world. God bless and thanks America and happy new year already and so now you have a lot of this is why they fear Trump so much and this is why these Trump had no intentions of running for president. He was convinced to run for president. My those generals that were purged from our military by abomination and that's that's who convinced him to run until, but then you have folks there you go, and anyone and everyone that says that the there was no election fraud is a liar and there is no truth in them and they would never have the guts of the decency to come on and sit across from it was like right here see what say we get any appliqué get some coach that will call you later call anyone. Okay what will bring up Pastor Heller's and bring a pastor how Larson is some prophecy and want to praise the Lord called me a couple nights ago that she needed a exemption form not get the shot and I didn't think I had any left. But I found one with the library and uploaded it to your Internet be a real blessing given to her union people and everything else, but she call me back tonight and said that there are a lot during treat her like she's an alien and that we got to talking and I found out she wasn't saved and so I got to go to the plan of salvation on the phone with her tonight and she prayed out loud, repented of your heart and saber and everything trusted him as her Savior and boy was she happy, but you family you know hung up and everything and I just want to praise the Lord towards you, lift up and that Plainfield North Plainfield, New Jersey, and I like to relate. She wants to find a good Bible believing church around the landfill and I thought I'd take a couple days. Let Jen find Gordon and let her know and appreciated by print for very very good with your name again and again. Okay, now and real quick name is Chris could send the EMD crescendo Crimson okay. Say right there. How we got to John in LA John and Elaine John year in the air because I wanted what King Lebron James what you think about the fact that Donald Trump only vaccinated in the deep. They also and later on that given that you're clearly like a big what what you, King Lebron James and Kate would he think he's a king, yet he is he is he really your Lord and Savior. You are a fool.

Okay, I'm your fool you should hello I want to hear what he had to say all right yeah yeah the hell is an he said the next lady Alan Mahar, King Lebron James as his Lord and Savior. And I know where I know we we are to pray for his radio Lord, that he might be that the eyes of his understanding might be enlightened, who is King and Savior really use and that he doesn't have one right now because he doesn't have a fellowship or relationship with you so we pray for that man to be drawn to you and she would open the ads in his understanding and anybody else who believes that that they might come into your kingdom and not go into the pit of hell. In this we pray and ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, our Lord.


The second part of his question was why did what I think about the outcome can fully vaccinate fertile if he did get fully vaccinated. I think it was a really stupid thing to do. Okay man in the weeks we've spoken early about the fact that that we we understood the position he was putting why he came out with this experimental going to begin with, but today you know III told this the one thing that he's doing that I totally, completely disagree with now. Did he actually get that look at you know those doctors that we had ham here. We played earlier.

These are real doctors thrilled that they care about people or patient. They'll tell you folks don't. If you think that these people in a coming out there and taking these faxes actually taking the real they're not there taken placebos and and and within that within the deaf culture there. They they don't really trust each other very much, but these nurses have dropped the ball are not dropped the ball hit the come out and they've told us time that they blow blown the whistle whistleblowers and they have let him know that the feeling taken placebos. Most of most of those that you see out there than it doing that now you had that one fool who did the radio program that was out there the atheist to the anti-Christian guiding the anti-God guy that there said that that all of us that won't take the vacuum exterminated and he came out and he didn't take had his public press conference and he took the vaccinate died couple daily living and enhance just a couple days later and so there you go, that's that's the reality of it. Let me go back to what Houston help that function. Everything were talking about everything we talked about tonight here in this radio program will be forgotten there be you folks out there listening many of you won't be here in 510 years that you'll be gone okay. Should Lord Terry is only one thing that will matter to everyone of you this list into us know this is reality seat.

You are free to believe whatever you want. I mean you can believe whatever you want but what God's Word, the Bible says is reality at and so here in this book over 1800 prophecies, most all of who have become over 90% of them come in the past, already exactly when exactly where exactly how it's mathematically impossible. With all of our technology today. We cannot duplicate any of these okay but here, the time will come. This will happen.

There is no chance at all. Won't that the only thing that will matter to all of you out there listing tonight is your standing with the Lord Jesus Christ deceit hearing the same to your loss is no in between is no no middle ground you save the lost is like you like being pregnant you are you want is no middle ground right side being alive or dead you are.

You want right and so here with that pastor hell is called in and eat what he wants to give you an limitation wants to tell you how to avoid the lake of fire how to get to heaven and hell do it. Services and administrative unit would be out on the street talking to people and 9/10 of the people I talked to were members that that their good works to get in the heaven of the good work that balancer that works but the Bible says not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us. In other words, my salvation is based on my good works that balance my bad work. One thing to keep the other heaven got The in never, not even one so you know what he it was. He vowed Jesus Christ to pay the payment for your sins and mine on that cross only the purest and got himself which was in Christ Jesus can wash away your sins and mine. There is no other way. I don't get you was the best person to ever live, but the thing is, you could be the worst sinner that ever lived. And if you come to Christ in repentance. The heart repentance is admittance of the God knows already anyway without Jesus in our hearts were a bunch of dirty rotten on the road to hell and got don't want you to go to help these making it a free gift waved goodbye. Bible says in Ephesians 289 for by grace are you say that they can help you think that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God not of works with any mentioned both nobody's going to be what you meant heaven patents up on the back and I got her to that the good Catholic, Methodist, Baptist or whatever. But to be given Jesus Christ all the praise would get them there. Right before Jesus died on the cross he said three words. It is, which means all the work necessary for you to go to heaven is been done, but not when you go to heaven or hell depends on what you do with that payment. You know even the devil knows Jesus died on the cross and shelters, but the Savior so that the devil don't want you to receive that John 112 but as many as received him, to them gave me the card become the sons of God knew me. Right now the creation of God, but to go to heaven you have to become a son of God and that happens the moment you open up the door of your heart through prayer and asked Jesus Christ to come in your heart and give you the payment you gave you on the cross and sorry about the fact you're sinner 1013 for whosoever shall call upon the name the Lord shall be saved. In Revelation 320 says behold I stand at the door knock. If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in right now Jesus is knock at the door of your heart you know you better and you know yourself and you don't want you to go to hell, but he's given you the opportunity to bite great open up the door and let him come in and give you salvation. If you'd like to do that is taking that his promise right now. We consistently pray together but even though pray together strictly between you and God is only you can open up that door and the government. If you like to do that display with me.

Oh dear God, the Bible says I'm a sinner and on my road to hell and I believe it and I confess my sins you that I am a sinner and I need your forgiveness and I need your salvation… Believe Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save my soul and Lord I hearing Lord Jesus asked you to come into my heart, forgive me of my sins and save myself until I believe everything the Bible says that you did for me that my salvation is complete and you and… Thank you that having to accept my heart right now. According your promise. I have salvation side of me. I received your great name, your gift and I thank you for in the Bible says folks at first John 513, the singular written unto you that believe on the name of the son of God, that would leave on that you believe to the point of receiving notice that knowledge receiving like you just didn't prayer. Why, that you may know you have eternal life, that you may think it wish it wonder about it. Hope work but that you may know, how can you know because God made that promise and God cannot lie. So praise the Lord. That's where the gospel means good news. Very good again and we know how to hunt Harley so certain of this because I creator God, who cannot lie, makes it makes it very clear whenever you just said is right from God's word.

And Jesus said heaven are the best for his words will never pass away. How long his men been trying to destroy the word of God is living in the beginning and end its and it's not gonna happen. Heaven and earth, the pass when God's words will never pass away. Folks again like said you cut God's word on that. You got guys were left without a time I want to wish all of you a happy new year out there. I hope this is a blessed new year and hope we do have a very good new year one nation under God back again so until tomorrow. We want to say good night.

God always always keep a fly high. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on the next time was right, left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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