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TUE HR 2 010422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 5, 2022 12:03 am

TUE HR 2 010422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 5, 2022 12:03 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR right. We are back.

There are some strange things happening out there to. I'm getting some some people told me that there there there.

Finding out the banks of the enclosed are having problems with well the credit cards they're trying to buy some things on credit cards. Have you heard about any of this. Number of today said that the credit cards are done right now we can take credit card.

Some people try to order some things using credit cards like they always do.

They said they can't take him. So I'm not sure was going on all notes of been hearing this. Others said about some of the smaller banks are closing no hear hundreds of Salvadorans say big, has vanished from their government issued centralized. Should tribal Scheible wall 20. The model agile architecture.

Currently out there, get a lot worse before grip better if it ever is being reported hundreds of people in El Salvador unable to access bit come in the centralized government issued chive oh wallets.

Hendrick cornerback, Ohio.

I see their cookie once is because we are new this is become okay here down here big coin big coin going out that a lot of very volatile thing I stairway for things like that the government is probably going to try and shut it down, control it and get these different foreign governments. I don't know that's above my pay grade. So I stairway from things that I don't totally understand the case of this is things going on.

Like you said, the chatter you know how you hearing all kinds of matter out there will the chatter is saying that and like is that this is only chatter folks have been hearing a lot of different things. It would be really nice if it was true, but I'm not guiding them of the would-be that on Thursday going on with the chatter, but you never know for sure what area but right big news to me of the day is the Twitter banning. We started a while back, we told you that Dr. Robert Malone, the man that invented the technology of the M RNA that was years later to make the vaccine was banned from Twitter with no explanation from the tech giant is been trying to tell the truth please band then we have ran Paul Mott and he's been banned and he made a big announcement yesterday he announced that he would begin an exodus from big tech and they said many want to Congress on the right and left want to break up and regulate tech but few of the voices of actually stepped up and quit using the tech so he is going to rumble and he is asking people to join him to leave big tech.

In fact, he mentioned that in all their their deleting constitutionally protected speech, and he say hey if I wake up half of the country is conservative.

And if we just all pull out and get away here. They can't continue to control like they do. If we all act of doing exit exit exit and he's going to and I he's asking everybody to follow.

In fact, she's also set up a new site called liberty liberty is hoping that people will follow him and I did that to get to the story. Today they banned Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green and they banned her from Twitter now. I went and checked on cursory search engines faster and I went through 12 pages on three different search engines I could find no conservative site. No article from a conservative news site on the first 12 pages I quit looking at another time on three search engines but there's a big story, a course in the Washington times conservative and here's the conservative version of the story and she is calling on all Republican lawmakers to abandon Twitter in the wake of her being banned by the platform so she's joining Ron around Paul saying hey, let's get rid of this book quit using it and look all come together. It was work together and she's going what are we doing recently. Sit around and talk, but nobody in the Republican Party is not done anything.

We just that there what we gotta do wait until we get the majority back in, then what are we going to have investigations and then well by that time. If we pass along this could be too late to stop so she is really coming out there telling people if you you know you don't keep eating bad food at a restaurant to keep serving it to you and yeah horrible service someplace you get up and go where your well treated and but I was just amazed and all 12 pages on three different search engines could not find anything but the liberal version, which was all and all the liberal versions that she was banned because she was what tweeting this information is just what she was quoting federal government statistics out you can't tweet the true quote. The CDC their daily figures on Twitter your Savior.

Doing this information you're just this, but the work the present, not just this information but misdirecting people. She was accused of misdirecting misinformation and falsifying and she was quoting our own federal government's legality.

This is a conspiracy, folks, this is a real revolution. They are hiding the truth such as 95% of the space below tried to find anything about this story. All they got was the scream and left version where she was mental misdirecting people to getting out bad information all kinds of things and nowhere did I see any story that said she was quoting federal government statistics will call that a revolution don't you faster. Well Joe here breaking not the Sunday Lord's will in the Sunday Linkletter and I showing the film by January 6 and it's an hour and 30 minutes long and it shows you what we've been talking everything that we've been telling you to place their it's there. It's in the film was made by Pedro to group and that not and I said we are trying to.

We are trying to obtain a number of the deed. These DVDs on people already: a one hour orderly and we have not obtained the DVDs just came out and were still trying to Lena were having problems and I you can't see histamine L days you could pick up a telephone call people and it was too simple for that. They wanted a complicated snow you have to go up. You gotta send an email see because it's just too simple to make a telephone call in order right so anyhow so were trying to go back in for playing games. But anyhow really show this film. Now what I have right here is breaking feds finally admit to running secret DOJ commandos on January 6 trunk protests and what we call exhuming the protest to take back the election was stolen anyone and everyone. Anyone and everyone that says that the election was not stolen is a liar and is not a bitter truth that one bit of truth in them and they don't have one been encouraged to come on this radio program is set across from me. Excuse me and defend that position. So anyone this is that that was not stolen is a liar and is not a bitter truth and importance of nomothetic January 6 commission been trying to get the former moisture of solitude and there from New York, senior moment than talking. How what what even testify publicly. They wanted in private. Please try to he's got all this information what they were trying to put out about the elections they all kinds of facts. The committee does not want to see any evidence know the attorney. Please return character anything he and Rudy had stacks of proof of the election fraud and he wants to testify and pump every six commission they will not let him and he said he will testify lustful because he wants to tell the truth. They want him to testify only behind closed doors.

For they can control and then cut-and-paste anything he says in the leak it to the media and he refuses so this is all just part of this deep state government trying to do a political coup and changes from a constitutional republic to a socialist communist or socialist democracy are basically a cognitive state part of the one world order and to go along with what I said here's a story desolate ability finish my story here for export from supporters died that day, including two women who were murdered by Capitol police goes on says 1/3 woman was nearly killed but was rescued by Green Beret Jeremy Brown went after Jeremy Brown because he rescued that woman it would they try to kill her to shocking video, 16 political prisoners and Green Beret Jeremy Brown rescued female transporter from deadly US Capitol police beating woman was nearly killed say this again. This is the Communist Party. These are dirty cops really dirty you'll see this in this video that we have the DOJ. This department of Judas commandos were given shoot to kill orders that I think I'm done from nasty Pelosi not admitting the government did not the government did in fact have commandos at the Capitol on January 6. Gotta remise it Ruby Ridge. You know with a shadow and is a little little baby a mean area you talk about our current these yeah yeah these are real real courageous people and thick after nearly a year.

This information is finally coming out and they accuse this website knows of being of being conspiracy nuts for reporting on the feds and the crowd that day. Well guess what, we will never know just how many fans were working that day to sabotage the peaceful protest. So there you go to because I was an Sunday, January 3, the heads of 1/2 a dozen elite government special operated teams met in Quantico, Quantico, Virginia to go over potential threat contingencies and plans for upcoming joint session of Congress this meeting and the subsequent development of the shadowy commandos on January 6 has never been revealed. This is what they don't want people to know that this is what nasty Pelosi and Chucky Schumer and the rest of antichrist communist than trying to keep people from finding out already told people from the very beginning.

This was set up. It was designed to make trump supporters. What that make trump what bad this was planned and programmed it was a set up, and we have stupid people that fell in. But everybody seen the pictures of guys wandering around taking pictures, standing there and I'll end this was not a violent insurrection that was a Volvo so no crowd look at other hand, some of them got into the riot mode.

Most of the people were just stupid sheep following in all kind of excited that there were inside looking around it so Smith's left garage here in this film you're going to see where the washing people reporting what is going to look the police are invited people they taken down the barriers and you see right there.

The DC police waving people to commit in and out here you had to 74-year-old women you know grandma's essay their disco and see what they will. You know they they went in thinking that these police were were good guy didn't know they were dirty cops and so they want they want right in their and those two women were arrested to 74-year-old now.

Yeah. So anyhow. Just add because the whole thing was that all ties together yesterday's story came out. There is a publishing company called heroes the liberty and they fake book. In other words, Mark Zuckerberg permanently disabled their ad account and they publish books on heroes like Ronald Reagan and Thomas soul and they said the cut they violated the Facebook rules about low-quality disruptive content itself, Ronald Reagan, soul are disruptive content and you know we can have a biography of Ronald Reagan on Facebook. There are trying to kill the business. This whole thing ties in the liberal media is doing everything it can to hide the truth. There, colleges, universities, school system are rewriting our history telling lies about the races you almost the white privilege in all this going on in the country line about our founding fathers, the Constitution, this is a media run revolution of disinformation and like best attorney you've been telling for years. Connie has always accuses the enemy of doing what they're doing so their line there doing the rewriting history there doing the disinformation they're hiding the truth. So what are they doing they are putting all that on the conservatives right there you have the media revolution well again we are in a war right now. This is a communist. You know this is a communist attack against American is very does the Constitution is only offering spiritual thick like Paul antichrist against Christ.

Absolutely followers. One of those against Christ is a guy named Clouse Schwab. He wrote a book describing his plans to get to kill billions of humans starting with the white people make all while John had declared the cc excessively high management salaries is no longer socially acceptable.

His own annual salary of about Fr.1 million is been repeatedly addressed by the media. Now this was radio and television Corporation SRF reflected the salary level in the context of ongoing public contributions. The fact that the form does not pay any federal taxes.

Moreover, the, the former Frankfurt out of the mine site telling journalist Jorgen Juergen doing doing this message criticize the finance reports of the WNV as institutional head is in this division headed by Clouse Schwab were not very transparent, since neither income nor expenditures were broken down, well he goes on basically did this a long article, but he goes on talking about how to use the vaccines.

This is a great way to use a poisonous quote to depopulate the plant and this is a part of what he talking about surplus population right yet. Then he wants to there plans are to to take it down to two half a billion people while taking out every Jorgen is there from Ohio right right knee has the pace out on the Ingram angle that aired last night and he said this, I have discredited the Democrat I destroy every norm precedent and principle we have absolutely what they think about what they've done this past year. Close the capital and act as proxy voting for Republicans off committee would let Republicans sit on the select committee trying to make DC estate kind in the Pearl college trying to end the filibuster trying to pack the Supreme Court trying to nationalize elections trying to let illegal immigrants vote already doing that and the January 6 committee is altering evidence and lying to the American people about that information. They could see where they're trying to take us where they want to take this, he said, but it's time the American people get it and he's counting on the American people to stand up and fight and put up with this revolution down I have something here.

Joe, if I can pull it in. I have to hold it up because the cells that will bid Jill. This is the little I did have it back and get now this is from the mid-1980s, Joe and here is not a man named Dr. Robert will and he's testifying the doctor. Anthony Fauci is guilty of genocide during the 80s. Now we have a recently reports it just came out here that apologies got some link onto another one of his operations. He is going where they were cutting the arms of monkeys amongst other things would let me see if I can bring this up, and I will try to turn the line of an NIH balance out out the opening of genocide, without a doubt, I invite them to take me to court and would take me to court because they had been coming out knowingly in a court of law. I would have the opportunity to provide evidence and I have in my I'm not alone in what I'm doing today.

I member of our National Academy of Sciences funding can't regulate. That was back only back in the mid-80s now. Yeah, yeah. We left yesterday I also played some didn't know what I know was this I asked you if you never heard of Christine Grady and Calypso Christine Grady right now is the head of the NIH National Institutes of Health bio ethics okay you appointed by buying no there. They are the company that approves drugs for the FDA. They are the company and she again Christine Grady is the head of the NIA bioethics. They are the company that approves the drugs for the FDA. You know what her husband. Husband's name is all.

Now I know you married Dr. Crabtree, Anthony Fauci. That's right. Ryan rings a bell now seemed very talking and unbelievable that the correction I mean is nothing, nothing, there is not anything there's nothing at all about the Democratic Communist Party that is not totally corrupted.

Speaking of that serial list of this one.

This would you expect coming from them here serial killer who targeted women now be in Houston.

Women in prison because they are transgender and I'm taking a look at this guy, who is this serial killer. He is a all you can see the look at us or mailed to the targeted women claiming to have killed nine he's killed nine is now housed in a woman's prison after being declared a transgender Donna Perry born Douglas Peary has been transferred to the Washington correctional center for women under new laws that allow gender, self identification, this country has gone crazy. You know I mean it's absolutely insane folks, we have to bring some sanity back to this country. Unbelievable. Just just as is going absolutely crazy here Perry was convicted in 2017 of first-degree murder for the violent slayings of prostitution lend a slap Nikki low and Kathleen Briggs, boy Brisbane Bridges Road boy boy yeah they they were all prosecuted. Though he was prosecuted for three killings. There were nine defensive and Perry's case actually had the audacity to claim that it was Douglas Peary, his former identity who have killed the women not Donna Perry is no identity, anything that gentle.

I think it's gotta be the biggest scam and invited believe that the ANOVA got some great farmland down there in the Everglades that plants that prosecuted them prostitute would be a good pick for window blinds Atty. Gen. C. Using B corrupt enough you might even make it to work with Don Lebanon during out the news. Yeah. Already we going to well you know what we can pass up tonight. Let's open the phone lines phone lines are now open Joe phone lines and no open at 888-677-9673 again.

I want to remind the folks Thursday morning, the doers of the word Baptist Church. We meet for prayer.

We meet at 9 o'clock for prayer. We have a prayer breakfast this week. Our cook is sick so it's up to me to provide the victuals and so I will come up with something right. You make a great showing but I don't know how that'll go over for breakfast. Well will find out okay but anyhow we meet for prayer doers of the word Baptist Church of 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry. That's right at the corner of of 87 and Sperry Road and we meet there because this country needs prayer. It really does it really, really need know God's Word, the Bible doesn't stutter about prayer. This power there and let me tell a had not been for praying people, the ones we have this country wouldn't even be here anymore. Now we need all the help we can get people need to come and pray. We will be on the Golan will get some little first of nine. We have a breakfast event prayer goes anywhere from 2 to 3 sometime to four hours depending, and we getting more and more and more prayer requests people are coming up left and right that they need prayer today and this is the days were living. Also, I want to remind you about our few people keep asking me about, would you please give out the times of the services you Sunday morning at 9 AM we have praise and worship 930 at end of Bible study. 1115 as the morning service and then this week at 415 this coming Sunday were going to be showing that film that were talking about the one that really exposes everything that they don't want you to when NBC, ABC, CBS with the entire Democratic kindness antichrist establishment does not want you to know is in there for pain last night euros, start a little early for summary now we have 450 not only yelp and skinny 415 and then because were going to do away with. Normally we do have a it started at 4 o'clock when the going threw us a series because of the rise of witchcraft and the rise in Satanism showing this work where an activist church were doers of the word lately actually really truly believe the entire God's Word, the Bible and we believe in being doers of the word not just hearers only, we really believe that we really, really, really believe that. Okay so that's why I we've been doing a series getting people prepare because they're wondering why things the way they are. They need to understand about what's coming this way, the days were living in we are up against the antichrist world system, but this is no time for us to be fearful. Instead, it is time for us to be warriors.

The beast, Christian soldiers alter their man hey I had a brilliant idea. I remember back when I was during the more Monday morning show in New York I had a group of women got together and formed a prayer group and all my prayer requests I could send them and I'm thinking we got listeners all over cities or from nano coast to the west, north to south that if you have a church group, a large group set up a prayer group and contact the pastor need Eric to the ministry office and we might be able to send out some of that to prayer request to you and people playing all over the country. Yeah, yeah, we need to do that. In fact, sometimes we do we actually have a people be put on loudspeaker: they will pray with us in the morning and so that I'm thinking we had groups from New York to San Diego to Texas and Florida praying that looks like were going to need to prayer teams of all these requests come in and remind his relatives utilize our wonderful listeners and give everybody that wants to something to do yeah absolutely loves going take some calls we have Marie Marie here in the air. I became a primary care clinic. I didn't take McGinley back even if it was a real virus. I wouldn't take and when President Reagan came out that he was going to do this while he was still in the White House before his. He was stolen on doing on the cake that my primary camping hiking in him two years back I think now and he said what I ask is because I medical invention and I really think damages anything to me in the market over the greater mind you not have an agreement. I think you will find it on a respirator.

I will not be retrograde. They could not hope. Part of the common cold, and when I was trying to count Shanna and you know they called it the current first account of the chart will then direct in the, the coronavirus and Jane Jacoby 19 because people would look at Corona and find out what kind of common cold and want to examine unit cannot you let me know you're very rude and I will not examine you before you put America night and I can't read. I can't read it.

So he went and got a chance to go over it now. Really, I knew he was initiated Before even reminding them so I think you know that giving and to make it shut down the line to check that ditch to shutdown the kidney. It's like lung fluid and interest rate extinguisher and drinking the high guy knew that now and then I said I'm sorry if you had to be cannot become a Christian. I want to be rude but I need to speak out and I'm very you know it right arm don't tell me I'm going to end up on a respirator with a think my you know and I'm glad God lead me this week and because when we first had to shut down and then I started seeing things on and on video and Infoline money for private 3M rail and the like shall not hope Intel.

That's what I wanted to say you know. And now you know. I asked Mike if I get pneumonia and I get bronchitis when you treat me with antibiotics.

Any anyone you know because a lot of people there in the hospital have a hands-on pneumonia, and they don't give them the treatment they use it again until they can't read up on a respirator event when damaged Mary and they're gone. As a kidney.

Yeah, I know this is what we've been talking about this leave the doctor after doctor after doctor but you see those in the hospitals there tied into big farm big pharmacist this here this is this is the our policy and you have to go by our policy. Therefore, this is you know you're just doing what you're being told to do and you're not responsible for these people there died and this is what the lottery they've lost these doctors, so many of the lost not only lost a lot of patients they lost credibility. Nobody nobody trusts the AMA anymore then the loan I mean they've got a terrible reputation now infective frontline doctors and others are starting their own medical Association when it's legitimate and so you all of these when you sell yourself for money. You call the horror and that's what's happened, the Bible, so the going Maureen and the money would then go whoring after his money out of town, figure virus is not very clear. There's a bio weapon that was very altered virus that's been altered to make it turn it into a weapon.

It's real out there and but of the other treatments and things for that was what the big secret is they didn't want anybody to know that there several treatments that will prevent you from getting real sick and going to the hospital. Well, I don't believe in braille and that night. Anyways when I wanted to say. One other thing I said to my doctor was Dr. Fouts and no one on you know I told him that now everyone is going according to him, and I know what you meant about the situation pompously. I need medical care for other training you now, so I had to go and and see you know I need my medication might provide high blood pressure.

He wouldn't give it to me fighting the land, but like as defined in doctors. I might have to get in touch with Dan and Dan because I won't take action will take none of it and now we might all end up in jail like college but that that they got concentration camp that the people who aren't going to take the market would be well any other.

They're doing that. Get ready for that.

You're right in. I'm looking for what I had here just a little while ago I I actually had if I can find is the numbers of phone number that you can call to order and you can you can buy we give it out a hydroxychloroquine fibronectin where you could you could buy the stuff yourself, you know, these are doctors have to fill out some paperwork and excuse me, and you can order it and I will see if I can. I just had that here a minute ago. If I can find the okay let me say this may be it right here okay let me's. The locative set because we we made a purchase came in.

I will have to go to one more thing down here because they sent me a questionnaire and there was phone that was honored to call to order and it's you know what I'm talking up about his reliable RX reliable RX pharmacy in let me see when we see here.

Maybe this might be at the gate right excuse me here. I just had little boy they had were to have phone numbers before what I was looking there. How you could just call in order. This and I know it's here. I know it's here somewhere illegal back over here receive its abundance with okay this is reliable RX pharmacy and they sent me a letter okay please to do to to and hours Monday through the many hours here now 6 AM to 2:30 AM. I got it ready. This is the phone number you can call a gay and it is for USA 855-870-5513 toll-free 855-870-5513 and so that's we can call RX pharmacy reliable pharmacy and have a conversation and they can.

You can order the stuff you need to these other doctors there there there trying to save us from faulty in the Democratic Communist Party through their online yeah I just want to remember religious exemption because they get not my daughter to get the shots around to get fired and on like two or three applications really religious exemption on okay here's what you do send a letter. Do it tomorrow to W. R. W. L.

Ministries W. R. W. L. Ministries 147-811-4781's very SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry that city WBURY Ohio. Any WBUR why OH 44065 now make sure that you make your name United States. I would like the exemption here newsletters put your name very clearly in your address very clearly with the ZIP Code very clearly and a phone number give people rightness their actually writing this letter asking for that and then in the return address is that having the full name and the sin that villages have the city to straight Street the city in the ZIP Code. We don't even know what they are. So you have to do we need all that information. If you don't you get our newsletter within its free say please send me the newsletter because of leave.

You get all this information in their that the that you really need.

So do that tomorrow I gotta move on with thank you thank you already who could he have next over there okay all right phone lines are open. We got about the we can take calls from another. How many more minutes do we have about eight okay I think a Mormon Steve you're in there. Are you going on okay Steve how are you feel a little down the homeowner but I don't drink, so no what will your concoction again.

If you know through on somebody's thing in the congregation or something. I here's what here's what the doctors told me that two of two doctors told me this and not what happens to be local while actually one doctor told me that so the doctor told my son and told my son exactly what the other doctor told me so, that is Lisa look me right okay if if you have the cold that is what they told me if you have the code, then you take if you have either an Iver Mexican in the morning, take an Iver Mexican in the afternoon.

Quercetin and D3. Quercetin now when I say Carissa to end the chorus it and that we have. You have zinc and you have these other things. All that's a it's like a cocktail something in the pills you take three of them okay for the first week the next week you switch from Iver Mexican in the morning to hydroxy and you and in the morning and then he still take the quercetin and the D3 in the afternoon and so that's what my doctor told my doctor this Dr. that I'm talking about told me that so the doctor told my son very same thing is one of those two doctors anybody on the west side in our community connected to someone of the same type Dr. Fleming Mexican you looking for another Dr. producer in my network, my insurance of one part I don't know. I know that that yeah this is a private doctor that the doctor and I'm telling you about is when you've heard of this radio program and buddy but right now since he's going to be giving testimony but not I'm not a woman. I better not say anymore. The guys try to stay alive. I understand I understand.

So what was that the more we could figure out ourselves right okay so understood they how effrontery can ultrafast all the stuff going on on Ike I just want to call the CDC dog in all it communist Democratic corporations acknowledged, don't confuse, divide and conquer big article on that. It just seems like everything they're doing it so doing this so perfect I mean someone said Snyder somewhere good Job right in the eyes just empty and it made so much sense to me an empty suit and punching the cause of the startup but if you keep everything divided and you keep it fear and confusion out there but you keep it in sections when you move around without you talk little replaces all the different stuff 500 million test but you can't get them for month he needed like about 3 billion. Gotta wait for this study were to be enough test.

Anyway, that's not even one and 1/2 per person. If the animal right now and if they can't get a if they work. But if the government didn't have to buy them. Why can't the private sector to school beautiful environment have well liked to say hello when they tell you.

Confusion is voluntary, rightness all confused. Okay, if you got bit by a poisonous snake and one of those doctors are there saying okay. We have the antidote here, but don't give him the antidote don't give an antidote. Now he was Satan that Dr. doesn't want me to have the antidote. He probably wants me to die. Would you believe that we believe return and do well that's what that's exactly when they're trying to keep you try to cut off supplies of hydroxychloroquine try to cut off supplies of fibronectin.

Anything that can sure you from the symbology flow. They try to stop and this is why you have. We had that attorney on here there that they let former are what was his name full well the one from Germany, the one who is pushing those lawsuits and these using the Nuremberg contract we have here the with the knowingly talk about somebody agog with your mom real quick just go by the way. All right, you got your your deftly going to have a pastor sends a nuclear dispute and knock it out of the ballpark every night. I got a protégé.

Gotta blame him. Yeah, I think we got only got little things seem okay so do we have. Next there. These young you got about two minutes to Jean, go in to meet you Mike. My characteristic of me out Barbara Young because I did not take the shot dialectic against urban rechargeable. I think you can Insert but I got Dominic can come back and I can do that anymore therapists. I was dumb when I finally start, I was wondering if it is probably the best things happen to you for long time. You got that right, out, out, wondering maybe if you couldn't lie. Gotta go find a new character than the landing on throw me out coming on young pigs that you got a discharge.

Most likely, I'm gonna the front of the church. I was wondering if you had to make if you don't have it may be meant find charges churches announced that with one don't have the 501(c) like Volkswagens where you live me up in New York and try to think of who we have there that would know around here. We have probably about 30 unregistered New Testament churches that are not corporations.

I don't know what you have, the New York my day went if you call if you call and I'm I did talk to a pastor. The one time he came down here and I was in New York to what had that in Rochester when we had them pro-life pro-life event, but he pastor the church in Rochester that were not. That was not a 501(c)(3), but I don't know who I can't remember is been a while. Call our office. Leave your name and phone number and if I can find when we get back to you. Make sure you leave a message. The number is 440 OKC call that very clearly very clearly leave your name and phone number in the message and that okay gotta move on thing. I think I already mark Mark you got exactly 1 minute mark yet hello pastor standard hello pastor Larson Taylor and update from Michigan.

Remember when our governor was supposed to be being kidnapped other technical were in trouble with the latest news with the judge wants to throw it out because it looks like the FBI with the playing games with informant and surprise, surprise. I write you'd never believe that group.

I'm beginning to wonder you know just how the dialogue went between her and the FBI.

You know that they tell her she was kidnapped are going to be kidnapped, at which point you know they're scaring a governor unit with false information for which she privy to it. You know you just wonder how much you know goes on with collusion between all these people thought I thought you'd like to hear that because I'm sure not can it be the headlines. I hear you.

I know what you mean. Believe me, I let my friend I'm out of time for tonight and so pastor Joe tonight is your turn to give an invitation right want to start with a familiar verse in Hosea my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject the ad that thou shall be no priest to me, seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God. I will also forget thy children and we know Scripture tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, and Scripture tells us that fools despise wisdom fools despise instruction and Scripture tells us in Jeremiah and I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding said all that to get to the simple point of the most important decision you ever make in your lifetime is where you will spend the rest of your life maternity in heaven or hell, and Scripture having the knowledge the Bible is very clear. You have to go to the father. You have to ask the father to forgive you of your sins because it was your sin, but his son upon that cross, Jesus went to the cross to take your place to pay the price for your sin.

The wages of sin is death.

He paid your sin debt are bought and paid for and assessed by the blood of the Lamb.

And when you go and ask then you ask with a repentant heart, you have to be really sorry you have to truly believe that Jesus died for you, but he died to pay your sin, your sorry that had to happen and asked to be forgiven and then you asked Jesus to come into your life to give you the Holy Spirit to become the Lord of your life.

All of your life without doubt, without reservation of any kind, and if you do this you will be given.

God cannot lie. You will be given the down payment on eternal life, that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God, you will become that born-again believer that child of the kingdom, and a joint heir with Jesus and ever lasting life. You have God's word on it makes it clear of Matthew, he said, for this is my blood of the New Testament which is shed free for many, those accepting for the remission of sin and we confess our sin. Jesus is faithful to forgive us of our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. First John chapter 1 verse nine that the decision you have to make. It has to be a decision of the heart and if you do not understand God to go to his word to get what wisdom, knowledge, and instruction, and it's clear what you must do to help build on the right dude do it today. Do not turn him away. When when you hear the preacher give an invitation he's just the messenger. The messages from God so doing today don't don't turn away.

Don't run out of tomatoes like a lot of people going out into mouse tonight. You don't want to be one of them soaked until tomorrow as we say every night. Good night God bless out and always, always, Kate Friday fight fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian much left there to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please do next to what's right what's left sponsored by what's right what's left ministry and is responsible for its content

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