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WED HR 2 010522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 5, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR 2 010522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 5, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we are back, and there you go. Can I add something to what you just did before the break?

Yeah, go ahead. I was looking at Ezekiel in chapter 3. Son of man, I have made thee a watchman to the house of America.

Now I substituted. Therefore, hear the word at my mouth and give them warning from me. And that's what God called you to be about 50 years ago, if I'm not wrong. To get out there, be the watchman, warn the people. And that is what we have been doing all the years I've been with you, and all the years before that you were doing it.

And that's what we're doing tonight. We are being a watchman on the wall, giving a warning. And we are doing it because this is what God called Pastor Ernie, and he called me to go to work for him and be the watchman. And we are giving you that warning. And from the bottom of our hearts, we are sincerely asking you to go into prayer and to run to the battle, as Pastor has been saying for years.

Get out there and fight the good fight of faith. Run to this battle. This is now like the last moments, and we have to really stand and deliver.

Absolutely. This is not a time to be fearful. Being fearful and worrying will do absolutely no good, and it can do a lot of damage, you know?

Oh, yes. But the reality is this, and I know people out there, they're afraid. They're afraid. The government's going to come, the government's going to get me looked. The worst they can do is kill you. They can only do that one time, right?

They can't take away your birthday. Listen to me. Listen to me. You're going to die anyhow, and you might as well listen to the one that you'll be standing before and do exactly what he tells you, okay? Run to this battle right now. Place up those crowns in glory. Run a good race. Fight a good fight. Finish strong, and you will not regret it.

You will not regret it. The fearful and the unbelieving also have their part in the lake, too, in the lake of fire. And all liars. Liars. That's right. All liars have their part in the lake of fire.

Yeah, the burning lake of fire. Merrick Garland, do you hear that? I mean, you just told a whole bunch of whoppers today.

I've got one to add to that. He said this. He's talking about January 6th is the most important thing that the Department of Justice has no priority higher than investigating this insurrection. But he said this.

Listen, it's a joke. The central norm that is in our criminal investigations, there cannot be different rules depending on one's political party or affiliation. There cannot be different rules for friends and foes, and there cannot be a different rule for the powerful and the powerless.

There is only one rule. Yeah. The Democratic National Party. We do not have an independent Department of Justice. There is no such thing.

No. It has become simply a branch of the Democratic Communist Party. What is called the DOJ is nothing more than a branch of the Democratic Communist Party.

There is no justice there at all. It's been weaponized against all true Americans. It is an enemy of America.

And for him to say to defend against all enemies of America, foreign and domestic, yeah, he's saying to defend against because they have become the enemies of America. And, folks, listen to this. Look at these people. Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Harris.

These people are evil and wicked, but they're not that smart. I was looking at a quote, Harris, Kamala Harris made the big snowstorm that stranded all those people on Virginia's Highway 95. She came out and said, because of the bipartisan infrastructure law, America is moving again.

That's what infrastructure is all about, getting people moving. She was responding to the people stuck in a snowstorm. And I thought, how dumb. She's bragging about something that hasn't been passed, getting the highway open again that was closed by God himself. I thought, if this is our enemy, folks, this is going to be an easy battle.

These people are not right. Let me ask you this. How much money has been spent on this bill on highways and bridges? Not a dime. It was less than 10 percent, 7 percent or something of it.

I mean, it was incredibly small. In the bill. OK, but so far, I mean, there's been nothing spent. That's right. But a thing spent. Right.

But you're right. Infrastructure, of course, we know that infrastructure includes daycare centers and maternity leave for women who are pregnant and their husbands now, too. See, that's infrastructure.

Remember, some of the husbands are having babies passed. That's right. That's right. That's why you can do that nowadays. So it's an amazing I mean, just stupid is as stupid does. I mean, when when are we going to come to the end of this insanity or is there any end to this insanity? There is when the people realize our enemy. They may be evil and wicked, but they aren't that powerful. They are stupid. And if we realize it's kind of like the Wizard of Oz, the great wizard behind the screen, you know, with all this power, screaming, all these things.

These are nothing but people. And we've got God on our side, folks. But the trouble is, we don't believe there is a nation that some none of us here on this radio program and a lot of our listeners. But as a nation, they've lost his faith in God. They don't realize that there's power in prayer. And if once we go to prayer, we've got the Lord on our side and there is no way these people can stand against us. But as a nation, we haven't come together.

We haven't joined in prayer. We haven't run to the battle, and people have been afraid to stand up and speak out. All you've got to do to go against political correctness is speak out against it. Go to the school boards. Throw the bums out. Get people in there. Change. Go to your politicians. Say, we want vouchers.

We want to change the education system. If the people of this country would rise up and do a few simple things, the Democrats will fall within a year. They couldn't stand against us. Well, I mean, they're going to self-destruct. They are self-destructing.

They're retiring. But it's like, can we completely destroy America? Can we get it done, completely destroy America before the others, the patriots, the true Americans have a chance to get it back? And we know about this election. But literally, Joe, God's not on our side. The Bible says, who will fight on the Lord's side? We're on his side.

We're on his side. And we always need to do that instead of saying God's on our side. Let's say we're fighting on the Lord's side because he says, the battle is mine, saith the Lord.

You're right. I was trying to put it in the context of so many people are letting the fear control them, not their faith. With their faith, they would stand in the power and presence. The Lord said, you have my kingdom authority. You are my children, the children of God. And he's telling us, get out there and act like it. I have an article here by Dr. Stella Emanuel, and she says the beast has been revealed at UN headquarters.

And that's that big, ugly monster thing that they put up there at the end. But anyhow, here's what she says towards the end of this. Emanuel laminated the fact that most Christians don't know the Holy Bible or Holy Scriptures. The biggest problem is the famine of the word of God. Most Christians don't know the word of God. Most people don't know the Bible. Most people don't know what God says in the Bible. She says, so they make their own. They make their ideas of Christianity about what they think, especially in the new time. And this is not a time for us to be ignorant. She said that we are at the end times and the church needs to wake up. Now, what's the problem with her hypothesis here? There's a problem there.

Let me ask you this. What is a Christian? Well, a Christian is a child of God. A born-again believer is a true Christian. But there are many who profess who have no possession of faith. So they have a profession of faith but not a possession.

Possession of faith, that's right. So if you are actually saved, will you want to read the word of God? Oh, sure you would. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So if you are truly a Christian, will you have a burning in your belly to want to serve God? Absolutely. Yes.

Here again, yeah. That's why like we're here doing this, we're not making any money, but we're here giving our time, our talent and treasure to have this radio ministry to warn the people. How many messages have I preached over the years telling people to make your salvation sure, to make your salvation sure? And the reason for that, there are a whole lot of people that are in delusion. Jesus said many, many are called but few are chosen. Many will come but few will enter. And the vast majority of people out there, you're right, they're clueless. You see, they, and this is what Stella doesn't understand, okay, that the reason that they're not acting like Christians is because they're not Christians.

That's right. And so only a remnant, Jesus said many are called but few are chosen, few are chosen. Well, if you look like Rick Warren's church or Joel Osteen, Osteen or whatever he says his name, you know, they're huge congregations but I bet you might not be able to find a real born-again believer at one of those so-called churches. I say so-called because I don't think either one really are churches. They're prosperity. They're not led by a real pastor, they're led by a hireling so the odds of them being a real born-again believer are pretty slim.

Mostly entertainment centers is what they are. And you'll find that to be the case with most all of those what they call megachurches. Easy believe-ism. That's why you said there's a lot of professing out there but very little possession.

Yeah, it's easy believe-ism as you just said with body comp theology to do what they call. Alrighty, very good. So you have another article there, Randy?

Yeah, I do. I have Fauci employing China communist agents in Texas, cutting arms off monkeys, cutting tails off dogs and cats. The Fauci Animal Experiment Center will provide brand new indoor-outdoor housing for up to 800 non-human primates. Texas Biomedical Research Center and the Southwest National Primate Research Center broke ground today, which was December 8th, on four new buildings that will enable them to continue to provide exceptional care for non-human primates, play a central role in addressing the nation's non-primate shortage and accelerate the institute's growth in infectious disease. The animal complex will be built in Texas on a 200-acre campus with construction estimated to get underway after the holidays and finish by early 2023. The complex consists of four structures, three large buildings and their outdoor spaces that will support multiple primate species. The 18,000-square-foot animal building will feature a top-of-the-line veterinary clinic, pathology lab and a central meeting space for animal staff. The diseases that they will address will be hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Ebola virus, vaccine. COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines were shown to be safe and effective through studies at the Southwest National Primate Research Center before moving it into its current home. The Southwest National Research Center is supported by the National Institute of Health and the Office of Research Infrastructure. And so we're bringing in the Chinese now to do the research in Texas with unashamed and unabased. It's amazing. Well, you know, again, the more we find out about Fauci, the more disgusting it becomes.

And I know that I had played some clips on him. In fact, here's one. Can I plug this thing in and play it here? You got that turned in over there. Here.

I'm going to do this. Well, if it takes a second, you know, Dr. Robert Malone, we've been talking about him. He's got an article out yesterday. He said, Tony, Tony has no integrity. He lies all the time. He said he and his peers have been watching this for decades.

We shrug our shoulders, shake our heads. It's Fauci. And so Dr. Robert Malone, he's known Fauci for many, many years, calls him a liar, a deceiver, lies all the time. And nobody, you know, he said he just has no...

He's not the only one, Joe. Now, here's a fellow named Dr. Robert Wilmer. And this goes back in the 80s. Remember when Big Pharma bought Congress? When Big Pharma went to Congress, he said, we got a whole lot of money. We got a lot of money.

We could spread that money around. But anyhow, we don't want to lose that money by being sued every time we kill somebody. And so we've got to get protection. You guys have got to make it where we can kill people with immunity. We can make them sick or we can kill them with immunity. And therefore, so now this Dr. Wilmer said, wait a minute, that's not a good thing to kill people. And so here's what he has to say. And I will put the lie to the individuals of the NIH, particularly Gallo and Fauci and Hazeltine and Essex, and the rest of these scoundrels of the worst order.

Criminals guilty of genocide, without a doubt. I invite them to take me to court. I wish Burroughs Welcome would take me to court because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly. Because in a court of law, I would have the opportunity to provide the absolute proof and evidence, as I have in my book, Deadly Deception.

Now, I'm not alone in what I'm doing here today. How does the press escape such obvious truth? Why would the finest virologist in the world, the most noted virologist, member of our National Academy of Sciences, Peter Dusberg, why would he put his entire career on the line? What did he have to gain? He's already lost his laboratory and his funding.

He can't take away his professorship because he's tenured. All right, there you go. He's talking about an AIDS drug that they knew would kill people. And they were purposely giving AIDS to people. Well, that's why the warrants are for them in the five nations in Africa.

Kenya comes to mind off the top of my head, but there are four other ones that have the same thing, where they had a mortality rate of 30 million people died from that vaccine, and there are arrest warrants for Fauci, for Gallo, for Bill Gates, and all the people that were involved in that debacle. Well, you're not going to hear that anywhere on programs like this one and Alex Jones or others, but folks, you're not going to hear that on none of the fake news media. And do you really, well, this is why it's so important.

We are the end run around of the fake news media. But remember, they have letters in back of their name, and that's the main reason that they do. That they do what they do because when people see certain letters like MD, PhD, whatever it is, then all of a sudden we do back off and let them become quote unquote God. Wait a minute. I have some letters. Don't you have any letters at all? Well, yeah, but they don't work.

They don't work. Well, anyone can be a PhD pothole digger. That's right.

We always say real doctors have MDs anyway, so that's okay. I don't know. No, it's the fake news media. These people are just unbelievable the times we're living in right now. Anyhow, there you go.

When you said that, I found something today that I found unbelievable. That new Manhattan DA is going to make us all safer. He put out a memo now.

He was genius. He found a way to cut crime down by legalizing it. He's going to decriminalize. No, but it's to make the people safer. You see, he's going to make sure he's downgrading felony charges in armed robbery, drug dealing. We're not going to prosecute crimes of drug possession, trespass, resisting arrest. No, if you get away from the cops, they can't chase you anymore.

Resisting arrest is not a crime. But here's what I found. I'm reading all this stuff thinking, this guy received a million dollars from George Soros.

We've known people for years. Soros is buying up judges, prosecutors, especially district attorneys across the country. But here is the truth.

Got this. 1.07 percent of eligible New York City voters voted for the DA. In other words, their focus was everywhere else. So out of all the people that could have voted, less than one and a quarter percent of all New York City voters voted in the DA election. This guy had a million dollars. All he had to do is get one percent of the people to vote for him and he's in. And this is what they're doing, because people have not been in that big city and other big cities paying attention to elections.

A district attorney, judges, things like this. So this is why Soros has been able to come in, drop a million dollar check in Detroit and all these other cities that have these Soros-appointed judges. Because nobody's bothering to vote in the elections. No wonder the enemy's winning. The Christians are staying home, apparently not voting.

And if you don't have a team on the field, your team will never win the football game, folks. So now, you're talking about in New York City, right? Right. Let me ask you, are there any Christians in New York City? I didn't know of any. I mean, I didn't know of any out there. I know there are some Christians in New York City.

We make jokes, but there's a lot of the enemy in there. But all these major cities that are Democrat-controlled, there are Christians in these cities. And apparently people don't think that their vote counts.

It doesn't matter. They don't realize how important the district attorney is or the judges being elected are. And this is where the enemy's been winning battle after battle because of our people, their ignorance, you know.

For lack of knowledge, their ignorance of what's happening in their own backyard is pretty pathetic. If you keep talking, little Lisa will never get the opportunity. She's been waiting and waiting and waiting. Lisa. She's got an article that she wants to do, and you just keep talking. She's not going to get it done, Joe.

So you've got to let her do it, too. Here you go. Little Lisa! OK. N806WA's flight schedule shows hundreds of flights from the southern border to U.S. and foreign cities. How many planes like this are there? Well, on Saturday, we first reported on a flight of illegals that landed in Pennsylvania. We now have information on the several trips this same plane has flown, and it's frightening. While Americans slept Thursday night, World Atlantic Flight 695 transported a full flight of illegal immigrants from El Paso to Allentown, Pennsylvania. And these flights are being hidden from the public. Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf claimed the flights of illegals into his state only carried children who were transported through the state. But we have evidence that this is not true.

The Pennsylvania Democrat governor was totally wrong and dishonest. One flight that landed in Pennsylvania this last month carried an individual who was potentially very dangerous, and he's an individual wanted for murder in Mexico. And this is one of at least seven planes, this part of the World Atlantic Fleet.

This plane has a name printed on it that differs from the one on the plane. And note the numerous flights to Pennsylvania and other states, as well as flights to Cuba, Haiti, and other countries. Well, you see, again, Joey Biden is the world's largest human trafficker. Now, he is trafficking these children in there. But what's happening to them? They simply disappear, and nobody seems to know what happens to these children.

He's providing, we played that clip last night. There's some very, very horrible, dark things happening in this country. Pedophilia, child abuse, and sacrifices being rampant amongst the Democratic Communist Party. And a lot of people are totally, the vast majority of people are totally oblivious. Just like, you know, how quickly people fell for the whole scandemic. I was amazed. I could not believe how easily they fell for this thing.

How easy they're lining up. The Chinese are bragging. The Chinese are bragging about how they're killing off the American troops. Our military is in bad condition. It is very, very weak right now. The very best and the bravest are leaving.

They're being thrown out because they refuse to take the suicide poke. And so here, the Chinese are bragging how they're killing off our military. They're boasting how they own those people in the highest positions in America.

They own. Like Joe Biden, OK? And yet, so many people out there are totally clueless. They're absolutely clueless.

Hey, I've got something. When they say the Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright said, All these flights are intended to unite people with their parents or approve sponsors. If these flights are uniting these children with their parents, don't you think there would be a thousand liberal reporters out there with cameras and microphones? Oh, little Johnny, aren't you happy to be reunited with your mommy and daddy?

I mean, that would be great PR, right? We haven't seen one reunion of a lost child with its parents. And I can't believe the liberal media wouldn't be sucking that up and putting it on every hour on the hour for days. Let me tell you what you else didn't see, Joe. You didn't see NBC, ABC, CBS, PMS, NBC, and none of those, including Fox News, at the so-called insurrection a year ago. They weren't there, the media.

They showed what you did show, the clips of some of the people, but you didn't see them with the cameras. And what we're showing this coming Sunday, Lord's willing, at Doers of the Word Baptist Church, we're going to show what actually happened from people that were there, the patriots. And we're going to show you what Merrick Garland does not want you to know. We're going to show you what Merrick Garland and the deep state does not want you to know.

We're going to show you what happens when there are dirty cops and, of course, what took place there. This was totally a war against American patriots. And those people that were there, this was not an insurrection. People were there because they had an election stolen. An election was stolen by crooked, corrupt people. And the fake media was a major part of that.

But we're going to show you what actually happened. But Pastor Ernie, some of those poor policemen have been on the liberal media talking about how they've got PTSD because it was so stressful and so violent and so horrible. They've been going to therapy and they think about it.

Every time they go to bed, they have these horrible dreams. And they're going, I don't think any of those. And the politicians were talking about how afraid Ted Cruz was on.

He was saying that it was a terrorist attack. I think what it is, these people have been so sheltered. They've never been in a fistfight. They've never been in combat. They've never been in a bad situation. And they don't know what fear is. They don't know what a bad situation is.

And something like this may be scared the poor little bloomers off them because they've never had anything bad in their life. We're going to open the phone lines at 888-677-9673. This coming Sunday at 4.15 at Doers of the Word Church. We'll be showing that. And all you folks out there, pray that we can. Because we've got very, very deep and dark forces that don't want that to happen.

They do not want that to come off. So again, that's this coming Sunday at 4.15 at Doers of the Word, 14781 Sperry Road in Newberry. But to cap off kind of what we were just talking about before we, I guess, go to the phones. Remember that waiting in the wings now, they have the money they want to give to anybody that was separated from their parents. And the parent and the child can each get $450,000.

It's estimated that it will cost about $6 billion a year. Well, you know, you have to have these poor hardworking lawyers. They have to get compensated for making sure that they get that money to them, right?

That's exactly right. And I'm sure that all of a sudden these lost people who they call them breakaways or getaways that they can't account for will come out of the woodwork. And they'll magically find their parents because there's $450,000 apiece when you find mom or dad. And we know what's going to happen. Mom and suddenly mom and dad are going to appear.

All right. We're going to go to Timothy. Timothy, you're in there.

Give us Timothy. Hello, Timothy. Good evening, gentlemen and lady. Good evening. Good evening. How are you? I feel blessed.

Blessed and just prepared for success. Okay. Every day. I choose each day who I'm going to serve. And I mean, it's rhetoric.

But I choose each day anyway. Because it is the King James Bible. It is the Lord Jesus Christ. And I just have to chuckle when I see the plans of the wicked. All things done in darkness will be brought to light, says in Luke 12.

And I'm all on that every day. And all the other things that are taking place, I'm praying imprecatory prayers every day, Psalm 69, 24. And Psalm 68, let God arise and his enemies be scattered. I mean, that pretty much sums it up. Amen.

We've got to keep doing that, don't we? We have to pray for God's people, the persecuted church. And the guy would be a protector, provider, and a comforter. And then we've got to pray... Rich Mullins. I don't know if anybody's aware of who Rich Mullins is. He wrote a song, My God is an Awesome God.

Uh-huh. And there's also Nicole C. Mullins wrote a song, My Redeemer Lives. Those two songs pretty much sums up our Jehovah and our Yahweh. Amen. And his son, Jesus Christ, he said, I go to prepare a place for you. And I'm waiting anxiously that he doesn't tarry. If he does tarry, then, you know, we have the three charges that we have to keep employing every day and choosing who we serve. And if he doesn't tarry, then rapture be all. All right, Tim, I've got to move on.

The entire board is lit. God bless. Okay, God bless. All right, we've got our co-host here. Okay, all right, he's in there.

You've got the dream team tonight, yeah. Well, what was I going to say? One thing was that woman, Ms. Lawrence, said God is obsolete. She should be grateful. She's got a nice speaking voice for a movie actress or other things. Well, you ought to see in the way in that video she was prancing across the stage like she was an actress or doing a dramatic scene.

She should be grateful that she can prance across the stage and has a good speaking voice. But I wanted to go, while you're here, to the end of Jeremiah Chapter 48. It says, the strongholds will be surprised. And then it says, you know, they'll go from this problem to that problem, the pit to the snares. And I was thinking that parallels Amos, where, you know, the guy's walking one way, there's a bear coming at him, he goes the other way, there's a lion, and then he goes home, there's snakes coming out the walls. Did you see that a little bit?

Like, I consider Fouch his stronghold, you know? Will he be surprised? I think it's going to, well, yeah, we know one thing, that God is not going to tolerate this. This is why we know we're coming closer and closer, because what they're doing now, when they're professing that they're going to make gods, he's doing exactly what he said, what they said Romans 1, but doing exactly, remember what happened in Genesis 6, when they tried that before, and how it worked out for them. And so, we see that there's a different plan this time, and I think this is just a real sign of how close we're coming to the Lord's return. What do you think of that particular voice at the end of, first at the end of 48, where the strongholds will be surprised? Will they, you know, what would you consider a stronghold, basically, in this, you know, contemporary strongholds? Well, I know in 48, chapter, Jeremiah 48, Yet I will bring captivity to Moab, and in later days, saith the Lord, thus far a judgment of Moab.

Let me see, I don't know where this is, the strongholds will be, well, let me see, he that fleeth from the fear, 41, 41, okay, so there you go, he says, Caroth is taken, and the strongholds are surprised, and the mighty men's hearts are moabed, and that day shall be a heart of a woman in her pains, and so, exactly what it says, I mean that's, you know, it means exactly what it says, a mighty man's hearts are moabed, and that day shall be like the heart of a woman in her pains, meaning, you know, when a woman's going through birth pains, and what is it, she's usually what? Well, the mighty men are going to be scared, they're going to be afraid, and we're going to see what's happening, and when I think about, like what we saw, in that film, when I think how their military, what they do, they weaponize the FBI, they weaponize these commandos, and this is what took place, they had people in January 6th, the deep state had these people in there, and when I think about what happened at Ruby Ridge, when they came down and they shot Vicki while she was standing in the doorway holding her baby, when I think about what happened at Waco, when you get a bunch of dirty cops together, you know, listen, we support the police, and by God's grace, the vast majority of them are good people, who are willing to lay their life down, but you have those, like Ted Gunderson used to say, rogues, those that are dirty, and they give all the rest a bad name, and that's exactly what you saw on January 6th, and that's why we need to show you what actually, what really took place there, so there you go. Yeah, yeah, I know those at Waco, those guys were getting paid good money to just sit there and wait it out, so there was no excuse for what happened, there was no threat. They burnt 17 little children alive, Vicki. Right.

I gotta move on, so thanks, let's go to John, John, you're in the air. Yeah, talking about police agent provocateurs, I'm not familiar with what role they played in January 6th, but I do know that the FBI has been notoriously involved in the old, good old days, when you say they were supposedly honorable, and the worst kinds of use of agent provocateurs was in the COINTELPRO, people looked at COINTELPRO for years, to frame up anti-war activists and others by having agents go in and perpetrate, or try to get people, one person to perpetrate an illegal act so that the FBI could arrest all of them, and I think if you look at the article called the GLADIO, G-L-A-D-I-O, Crimes of the U.S. Empire, it shows that the Pentagon, all the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to leaked documents by James Bamford, who was a top expert on the NSA, proved that the CIA and the Pentagon had plans to mass murder Americans through false flag terrorism to frame up Cuba and incite the public to justify a full-scale invasion of Cuba. So I think when we use these claims that really capitalists to the bone, to use your expression, people like Henry Kissinger and others who have perpetrated these kinds of crimes around the world in the name of anti-communism, are really the exact opposite of communist and socialist, and Kissinger even admitted that his tilt towards alternately Russia and China was to pit them against each other, break up any kind of alliance they had, so it wasn't any kind of sellout to them, it was an attempt to subvert them and pit them against each other. And so I think when we don't realize that people like Kissinger, who said after he overthrew the elected government in Chile, said that we can't allow the Chilean people to be so irresponsible as to vote in a communist socialist government, and the United States proceeded to use that fascist Pinochet regime to kill tens of thousands of people.

Alrighty. Okay, John, I've got to move on and listen in and I'll comment on what you just said. First of all, what he said about that, when he said you claim, I know there's always been problems, this is why we've talked about back in the 80s, when I had Ted Gunnison here with me on the radio program back in the 80s, we were talking about rogue agents within their then, but it wasn't not nearly as bad as it is today, okay? And as far as Kissinger goes, here's, this is a quote from Chris Kissinger on February 25th, 2009. Here's what he said, once the herd accepts mandatory vaccines, or vaccinations, it's game over.

They will accept anything, forcible blood or organ donation. For the greater good, we can genetically modify children and sterilize them. For the greater good, control sheep minds, and you can control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room are investors, it's a big win-win.

We thin out the herd, and the herd pays us for extermination services, and that's put out by the Patriot News Network. On December 19th through 21, that was the quote that they put out by him. Now, there you go, let's go to, who do we, uh oh, the names have all disappeared.

Off the screen, let me go down to Mack, Mack, you're in the air. Hey, Pastor Ernie, good to hear you. Just wanted to tell you, my wife and I have been holding that verse, this kind goeth not by prayer and fasting, and that message by Dr. Jack Hyles works. When you get acquainted with God, and He gets acquainted with you, and that message in fresh oil, what is the common denominator? They all sought the Lord through prayer and fasting, they needed His power, and it works. As demonstrated by the fact of a public high school football team, came to a men's prayer breakfast at my church.

There were decisions made for Christ, one of the coaches came to Christ, it does work. And we need to pray, and we need to fast. Just like in that document, the sacred fire of the American pulpit, the game changer was when God's people prayed and fasted. And my prayer is that the Lord will rouse up more people to pray and to fast. Because when you do that, that's why Jesus said, this kind goes only forth by prayer and fasting. And we're praying and we're fasting for you, for this ministry, and even though Rush Limbaugh is gone, your station, your program is growing in leaps and bounds, and it's because God is moving. The job I have, there's opportunities for witness, it works. And that's my prayer, that the country, that Christians will get serious about praying and fasting.

Because if it weren't so, Jesus would not have said it, but he said it because it works. All right, thanks, Mick. I've got to move on, the entire board is lit. Let's go to Maribel. Maribel, you're in the air.

Hi, good evening, Pastor Ernie. I just want to say that you guys are amazing, and I've learned a lot from watching, I mean, from listening to you. I've been listening to you for about six months, and it hasn't been long. But what I'm trying to say is, keep up what you guys are doing.

I'm serious. And I also wanted to tell you, can you please lift up baby Ava? She has COVID and she has RSV and she's very sick, and she's only six months old. What is her name? Ava. Baby Ava, she's only six months old? Okay, we're going to have Randy pray for her.

Go ahead, Randy. And you said she had COVID, and what was her other condition, please? RSV. You said RSV? Yeah, RSV.

Okay. Dear Father God, we want to lift up baby Ava to you. We know that children have a special place in your heart. And also, thank you, Father God, for the privilege of praying for baby Ava. I ask that you might touch her and that you might be as much her sin-bearer, burden-bearer, and especially the burden of disease as you are salvation. And we pray, dear God, that you might guide her, guide Maribel on what to do and how to care for her, and that she might have complete healing because we know that all things are possible to you. I pray that you said you were manifesting to undo the works of the devil, and we know disease is part of that.

So I pray, dear Father God, you might remember your words and what you caused us to hold, and that you might heal baby Ava, and that you might lift her back to beyond the strength that she had before she came down with the disease, and grant them to have peace and blessing, and more than anything else, the salvation of her soul as well as the healing of her body. And these things we thank you for and we praise you for in Jesus' name. Amen. Amen.

Amen. Thank you very much. Thank you for the privilege. Thank you.

Yeah, thank you. You know, often we talk about, and of course we did talk about some of that yesterday, too, where, you know, people talking about guardian angels, you know, what the Bible actually teaches on that. But what the Bible does teach is that their angels, the little ones, their children, these little ones like her, their angels are before the face of God continuously. And so, and this is why the Lord says it would be better for you if you'd never been born or to have a millstone.

A millstone weighed 4,000 pounds, hung around your neck and dropped into the ocean than to harm one of these little ones. And just think of what this nation has done, killed over 150 million of its own children. This country is in big trouble with God.

I mean, big, big trouble with God. And those are the ones they profess. We don't know how many they really kill. That's right.

Well, no, they actually profess about 66,000, or 66 million, rather. But it's double that. We know that.

We know it's double that. So, all right, very good. Thanks, Mayor Bell. Thank you.

All righty. Now, I wanted to say this because we were talking about the FBI here. There's an article by Rahim Kossam, and he talks about here, nearly half of America believes the FBI acts as Joe Biden's personal Gestapo. Fewer voters now trust the federal view over investigation, and many believe that the agency is acting as Joe Biden's personal Gestapo, a reference to Adolf Hitler's secret German police.

New data from the Rasmussen reports has revealed. In the stunning poll, 46 percent of likely U.S. voters say that they have a favorable impression of the FBI. Fifteen percent claim to have a very favorable view of the agency. That's down from May 20th, when 60 percent had a favorable impression of the FBI. Forty-seven percent now view the FBI unfavorably, and they admit that they believe that the FBI is simply Joe Biden's, you know, it's been militarized against us, weaponized against us, Joe Biden's thugs.

That's what they believe. In recent months, the FBI leadership has been called a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI. Joe Biden's personal Gestapo, 46 percent of all voters agree on the assessment, including 29 percent that strongly agree. The news comes from FBI raids on journalists for reporting on the diary of Biden's daughter, Ashley, which includes the claim that the president of the United States inappropriately showered his young daughter. Yeah, that's right, those journalists, the ones that wrote the stories, they've been, you know, so he's been using. It's like he wants to hire 80,000 more IRS people. IRS to weaponize 80,000 IRS agents against us. He wants to weapon against Christians and conservatives.

There you go. Well, look at the past to what the IRS did back when Obama was in charge. And you know exactly what they'll be doing. I mean, history repeats itself. Well, this is why we cannot let them pass that bust the bank bill that he has. You know, and that's what it is that they want is they're they're moving as quickly as they can to completely destroy America. Joe Biden's Joe Biden's cause is to is to make America a third world nation.

They're totally ready to control us and rule us. Right. Absolutely. That's correct. Yes. And there was one. Did you hear about there's a UCLA professor wrote a book. Her name.

Here it is. Cooney. Professor Kara Cooney in it. She claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse shot two black men. Well, when people started calling her on her book, she wrote that consider 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse used his semi-automatic weapon to kill two black two black men, waging a glorious race war on behalf of his inherited white power. We wonder why the nation is in fear, why people are hating one another. It's the lies and deceit. I mean, who writing an entire book could miss the fact everybody should know that Kyle Rittenhouse shot two white men, not two black men. And here you have an entire book by a college professor at UCLA. Folks, if any of you are sending your children to that university, spending money, you are being had taken for a biggest ride of your life.

All right. Here's here's more Communist Party takeover. FDIC chair resigns warns the Democrats are launching a hostile takeover. FDIC chair Chairman Jelena McWilliams announced her resignation after warning that Democrats had launched a hostile takeover of the agency. McWilliams resigned as an open letter addressed to Joe Biden.

She calls him president. Anyhow, McWilliams was appointed to the position in 2018 by President Trump. When I immigrated to this country 30 years ago, I did so with a firm belief in the American system of government. During my tenure at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the United States Senate and the FDIC have developed a deep appreciation for these venerable institutions and their tradition. It has been a tremendous honor to serve this nation, and I did not take a single day for granted throughout my public service.

I have been constantly reminded how blessed we are to live in the United States of America. That's what the letter stated. In December, Ms. McWilliams published the op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled A Hostile Takeover of the FDIC. How much time do I have there? OK, we're going to go out. Randy, you have the opportunity to give the invitation. You've got three minutes, Randy. OK, great.

I'm watching the clock. First off, folks, I want to say this, that we all know that all the sin that comes short of the glory of God, that we all have a debt that we owe to God that we cannot pay because what it requires is a perfect life. The Lord took on a body and assumed that perfect life, and the life is in God, and it's his blood, it's his life, it's his death, it's burial, resurrection. The burial and the resurrection was God's affirmation that I approve of what this person, this God, did. And very, very simply, if you need a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ is there. But you must confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead. And he says you shall be saved. Eternal life, people, starts now. Now you have eternal life. It doesn't start when you die.

It starts now. And I encourage anyone here who needs a savior to turn to Jesus and accept him as the perfect sacrifice offering and as your savior, Lord, Master, Creator. And if you do so, and I always say in the masculine, but women too, that we can become the sons and daughters of God now. So I'm asking you to bow your head with me and say something to this effect that doesn't have to be these words. Lord Jesus, I know that I've sinned against you, I know that I owe you a debt I cannot repay, and I believe that you paid that debt.

And I'm asking now because I believe that you paid that debt and that you can be and will be my life, my payment for my sin, and you will govern, guard, and guide me from this day forward. And I surrender my life to you under those terms, and this we pray in Jesus' name. It doesn't take a lot. It's all you have to do. And if you believe it, you got it. And it's as simple as that.

All right, folks out there. And again, I hope you prayed that prayer. And you can go to the Gospel of John chapter 3 and read that. Romans also chapter, well, go to Romans chapter 10, huh? Start with verse 7. But folks, again, you've got God's Word is the only thing that you can absolutely completely trust in.

That's it. We're out of time for tonight. We can trust in that. We're out of time for tonight. So as we do at this time every single night, we want to say good night, God bless, and always, always, always keep fighting the fight. For more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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