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WED HR 2 010522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 5, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR 2 010522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 5, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already, we are back in there you go, and I have something to work your district before the break with Outlook.

Ezekiel and chapter 3 Son of Man. I have made deal watchmen the house of America. I like subs. Therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me and that's what God called you to be about 50 years ago, but not wrong to get out there be the watchmen warned the people, but that is what we have been doing all the years I've been with you in all the years before that you were doing it and mentor during the night. We are being a watchmen on the wall, giving a warning and we are doing it because this is what God called afternoon he called me to go to work for him and be the watchmen and we are giving you that warning and from the bottom of our hearts. We are surely asking you to go into prayer and to render the battle especially been saying for years. Get out there and fight the good fight of faith under this battle.

This is now like the last moments that we have to really stand and deliver. Absolutely this is not a time to be fearful of being fearful and worrying will do absolutely no good in the canal. It can do a lot of damage. Are you so, but the reality is this so that I know people out there there there afraid there afraid who the government can become the government can give me look the worst I can do is kill you.

They can only do that one time right we can take away your birthday listen to me listen to me even and I anyhow and you might as well listen until you get to the one that you'll be standing before and and doing exactly what he tells you okay run to this battle right now put in place of those crowns and Lori run a good race fight a good fight, finish strong and Andy you will not regret it. You will not regret it for the fearful. The unbelieving also have their part in the lake to the family assignment, and all liars values. That's right, all lives okay have department microphone and burning like affiant Merrick Garland you hear that we can hemming that you just told a whole bunch of whoppers today. I've got one after that.

He said this is talking about January 6 of the most important of the Department of Justice has no priority higher than investigating insurrection, but effectiveness that the joke, the central norm that is in our criminal investigations. There cannot be different rules depending on one's political party affiliation. There cannot be different rules for friends and foes, and there cannot be a different role for the powerful and the powerless. There is only one rule yeah the Democratic National delivered. We do not have an independent Department of Justice that there is no such thing. No, it is become simply a branch of the death or credit Communist Party what is called the DOJ is nothing more than a branch of the death or credit Communist Party. There is no justice. There are no is been a weapon nicely against all true Americans is you know it is an enemy of America not not and for him to say to defend against all enemies of America.

Foreign and domestic.

Yeah, he saying to defend against because they have become the enemies of America and focus look at these people here were Pelosi, Biden, Harris people are evil and wicked, but they're not that smart Outlook Canada quote Harris a Kamala Harris made the biggest dose snowstorm that stranded almost people on Virginia's Highway 95 she came out and said because of the bipartisan infrastructure law. America is moving again. That's what infrastructure is all about getting people moving here is responding to the people's not stuck in a snowstorm and I thought how come she's bragging about something that hasn't been passed, getting the highway open again. It was close by God himself. I thought that this is our enemy folk would be an easy battle. These people are not right. Let me ask you this. How much how much money has been spent on this bill on highways and bridges, not a done weapon 10% 7% or something out a minute was an innovative small in the bill a but so far been theirs with nothing spent on things right, but you're right infrastructure course we know that infrastructure includes daycare centers. Kate and a maternity leave for women who are pregnant and their husbands now to see that Smith infrastructure. Remember some of the husbands are having babies Is right this way you can do that now they sent silk and it's amazing the enemy just stupid is as stupid does.

When when we get to come to the end of this insanity, or is there any end to this insanity. When the people realize our enemy. They may be evil and wicked but they aren't that powerful. They are stupid. And if we realize that, like the Wizard of Oz, the great wizard behind the screen. You know, with all this power screaming all the things these are nothing but people and we've got God on our side folks but the trouble is really don't believe that as a nation, not some on none of us here on his radio program and a lot of our listeners, but as a nation. They've lost his faith in God.

They don't realize that there's power in prayer and once we go to prayer.

We've got the Lord on our side and there is no way these people can stand against the boat as a nation we haven't come together.

We haven't joined in prayer. We haven't run to the battle and people been afraid to stand up and speak out. All you gotta do to go just political correctness is speak out against it. Go to the school board throw the bums out. Get people interchange go to your politician say we want vouchers really change education system.

If the people of this country would rise up and do a few simple things the Democrats will fall within a year they couldn't stand the negative self distributing are they are so distracted their retiring but is like can we completely destroy America you we get it done completely destroy America before the others did the patriots. The true Americans have a chance to get it back and ended and we know about this election would literally jump guys that are in our side. The Bible says who will fight on the wards that were on his side were an inside we we always needed to do that instead of saying guides outside the sake we're fighting on the Lord side because he says the battle is mine saith the Lord, your right II was putting in the context of so many people are letting the fair control and not their faith or their faith, they would stand in the power and presence Lord said, you have my kingdom authority.

You are my children. The children of God and he's telling us get out there and act like it. I I am fanatically or by Dr. Stella Emanuel in. She says the beast is been revealed at UN headquarters and that's that big ugly monster calling the other that the clinic there that you and Thea and Matt Lily help but hear here's what she says. Towards the end of this Emanuel lemonade.

The fact that most Christians don't know the holy Bible or holy Scriptures. The biggest problem is a famine of the word of God. Most Christians don't know the word of God. Most people don't know the Bible.

Most people don't know what God says in the Bible.

She says, so they make their own. They make their ideas of Christianity about what they think, especially in the new time and this is not a time for us to be ignorant to Kate and she said that we are at the end times in the church needs to wake up know what was the problem with her pie thought hypothesis here that there's a problem there. Okay, let me let me ask you this one is a Christian rock Christian as a child of God. A born again believer is a true Christian, but there are many who profess to have no possession of faith so they have a profession of faith. Another possession possession I think is so if you are actually saved you want to read the word of God will show you what yeah absolutely okay so if you if you are truly a Christian, will you have a burning in your belly to want to serve God. Absolutely yes twilight were here during this were not making any money for Eric. Our time are talent and treasure euro have this ready administrator warned the people I meet messages about a priest over the years.

Same telling people to make your salvation short to make your salvation short commitment and the reason for that. There are a lot of people there and delusions. Jesus said many, many are called but few are chosen.

Many will come with fuel and and the vast majority people out there. You're right there clueless to see they and in this is what Stella doesn't understand located. The reason that they're not acting like Christians is because they're not good, and so only a remnant. Jesus said, many are called but few are chosen.

Few are chosen to look like Rick Warren's church or droll being all staying order versus ignorant now that huge congregations but I bet you might not be able to find a real born-again believer in one of those so-called churches I say so-called because I don't think either one really are churches there prosperity there down the they're not led by a real pastor there, led by a hireling so the odds of them being a real born-again believer pretty slim. Mostly entertainment centers annual you'll find that that to be the case with most all of those mated with the culminated churches so easily believe nothing by you that there's a lot of processing out there, but very little possession.

Now it's it's easy believe he is in the Jesus of the body count theology elliptical already very good. So you have another article there.

Randy yeah I do I have a fancy employing China communist agents in Texas because my hands off monkeys cottontails of dogs and cats. The foxy animal experiments and it will provide brand-new indoor outdoor house and prepped 800 nonhuman primate. Texas biomedical research Center and the Southwest National primate research Center program today which was that that which is December 8. On on four new buildings that will enable them to continue to provide exceptional care for nonhuman primates play a central role in addressing the nation's non-primate shortage and accelerate the Institute for growth in infectious disease the animal complex was will be built in Texas on a 200 acre campus construction estimated get underway after the holidays and finish by early 2023. The complex consists of four structures, three large buildings in the route north makes it that will support my multiple primate species 18,000 square-foot animal building will feature a top-of-the-line veterinary clinic pathology lab and a central meeting space for animal staff. The diseases that they will address will be hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Ebola virus vaccine COBIT 19 therapeutics and vaccines that were shown to be safe and effective through studies at the Southwest National primate research Center before moving it into the it's his current home Southwest National while research centers supported by the National Institutes of Health and the office of researcher infrastructure and so will bring them in the Chinese now to do the research in Texas with unashamed and on the base. It's amazing what you like in this, the more we find out about pathology of the more disgusting becomes and I know that that I had played some clips on him effect. Here's one.

Can I put this thing in play here. Can you get that turned in over the here and I will and do this protective effect of zero Dr. Robert Maloney been talking about here.

Got an article out yesterday they said Tony. Tony has no integrity lies all the time, idea, and his peers been watching this for decades. We shrug our shoulders shake our heads at spout C and Dr. Robert Maloney is known pathology for many many years called him a liar and deceiver lies all the time and nobody values that exist as no he's not the only one, Jonah. Here's a fellow named Dr. Robert will learn this goes back that back in the 80s.

Remember when big when them big Pharma by Congress when big Pharma went to Congress so we got a lot of money. We got a lot of money we can spend that money around with the anyhow we we don't want to lose that money by being sued every time we kill somebody. And so you can get a good protection you guys have got to make it where we can kill people with immunity. We can make him sick or we can kill with immunity and therefore so now this this Dr. Wilber's arraignment is not a good thing to kill people and so here's what he has to say NIH balance out the cable by men at the end of that belief dongle on the daughter of the opening of genocide, without a doubt, I invite them to take me to court borrowed welcome would take me look like because they have been putting out a killer drug knowingly in a court of law. I would have the opportunity to provide the applicant been evident as I have in my book, that the deception that I'm not alone in what I'm doing it today. I noted virology member of our National Academy of Sciences due to be embedded in his entire career on without a loss to the laboratory and its funding regulated professorship because new tenured unit. There you go. He's talking about that age drug that he knew they knew that we would kill people locate and that they were they were purposely given age people came in them. Remember that's how the warrants are for them in the top five nations in Africa, and Kenya comes to mind off the top of my head, but the four other ones that have the same thing where they had a mortality rate of 30 million people died from that vaccine and and and there are arrest warrants for four fallacy for Gallo for Rob Bill Gates and all the people that were involved in that that you know that the debacle that you and I could hear that anywhere. But programs like this will and out children's or others will leave that function.

I could hear that none of the fake news media and you really well. This is why so important we are. The end run around the fake news media. But remember, that they may have letters in back of the name and that's the main reason that they do that that they do what they do because when people see certain letters like MD, PhD, whatever it is and all of a sudden we do back off and let them become: "God, what liniment I have some let it go to have a letter well what well yeah but that they don't work.

They homework left anyway can be a PhD pothole digger that's it matter that we always say real doctors and vanities anyways. I don't know you don't notice that the fake news media. These people are just unbelievable. The times were living in right now so anyhow they know that I found something today that I found on believable that new Manhattan DA is going to make us all safer put out a memo now is genius eat. He found a way to cut crime down by legalizing metallized not, but it's to make the people safer history is going to make sure he is downgrading felony charges and armed robbery, drug dealing, were not going to prosecute crimes of drug possession, trespass, resisting arrest to get away from the cops as a Dictation remark resisting arrest is not a thought crime and all but here's here's what I found. I'm reading all the stuff thinking this guy received $1 million from George Soros read million people for years.

Soros is buying up judges and prosecutors, especially district attorneys across the country. But here is the truth got this 1.07% of newly eligible New York City voters voted for the DA. In other words, their focus was everywhere else. A lot of all the people that could've voted less than one 1/4% of all New York City voters voted in the DA election. This guy had $1 million. All you had to do is get 1% of the people to vote for him and he is in and this is what they're doing because people have not been in that big city and other big cities paying attention to the election of the district attorney, judges, things like this, so this is why Soros is been able to command drop $1 million check in Detroit and all these other cities that have these Soros appointed judges because nobody is bothering to vote in the election under the enemies rimming winning.

The Christians are staying home. Apparently not voting. And if you don't have a team on the field. Your team will never win the football game. Folks, so now you're talking about in New York City right right limit.

Are there any Christians New York City. I didn't know I didn't know that because I mean I didn't know any dictation error. I know there I know there are some Christians in New York City. We make jokes because a lot of the enemy but all these major cities that are Democratic-controlled. There are Christians in the cities and apparently people don't think that their vote counts doesn't matter, they don't realize how important the district attorney, as are the judges and elected our and this is where the enemies been winning battle after battle. Because of our people, their ignorance and out. Joe, you know) knowledge their ignorance of what happening in your own backyard is pretty pathetic. If you keep talking little Lisa will never get an opportunity and waiting and waiting and waiting lately. She's got an article that she wants to do and you just keep talking genetically get it done. Josue got a letter doing to hear you go okay 806 WH flight schedule shows hundreds of flights from the southern border to US and foreign cities.

How many planes like this are there on Saturday we first reported my flight of illegals that landed in Pennsylvania. We now have information on the several trips the same plane is flown and it's frightening while Americans slept Thursday night.

World Atlantic flight 695 transported a full flight of illegal immigrants from El Paso to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and these flights are being hidden from the public Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Wolf claimed the flights of illegals into his state only carry children who were transported through the state, but we have evidence that this is not true.

The PA Dimmick, the Pennsylvania Democrat governor was totally wrong and dishonest one flight that landed in Pennsylvania this last month carried an individual is potentially very dangerous and he's an individual wanted for murder in Mexico and this is one of the at least seven planes.

This part of the world Atlantic fleet.

This plane has a name printed on it.

It difference differs from the one on the plane and note the numerous flights to Pennsylvania and other states as well as flights to Cuba, Haiti and other countries is see again. Joey Biden is the world's largest human traffic now is trafficking. These children and their but was happening until they they simply disappear and nobody seems to know what happened to the children of these providing we played that clip last night. There's some very, very horrible dark things happening in this country, pedophilia, child abuse and sacrifice is been a rapid home was the death of credit Communist Party and a lot of people are are totally the vast majority people are totally oblivious dislike you know how quickly people fell for that. That whole scam. Dimmick I was amazed.

I cannot believe how easily they fell for this thing. How easy their lining up that the Chinese are bragging.

The Chinese are bragging about how their killing off the American troops are our military is in bad condition. It is very very weak right now. The very best and the bravest are leaving their they're being thrown out because they refuse to take the suicide poke and so here the Chinese are bragging other killing off a military there boasting how they own those people in the highest positions in America. They own like Joe Biden okay and yet so many people out there are totally clueless. They're absolutely clueless. Hey, I've got something when they say that Democratic Congress and Matt Cartwright said all these flights are intended to unite people with their parents or approve sponsors if these flights are uniting children with their parents don't you think that would be thousand liberal reporters out there with cameras and microphones proposal Johnny, aren't you happy to be reunited with your mommy and daddy got me that would be great PR right we haven't seen one reunion of a lost child with his parents and I can't believe the liberal media wouldn't be sucking that up and putting it on.

You know, every hour on the hour for days limit table yells didn't see Joe, you didn't see NBC, ABC, CBS, PMS symptoms in those, including Fox news at the so-called insurrection a year ago right. They weren't there.

The immediately Woodley showed what you did show the clips that the some of the people, but you didn't see them with the cameras and what we are showing this coming Sunday Lord is willing to do is the word Baptist Church were going to show what actually happened from people that were there the patriots were going to show you would might. When Merrick Garland does not want you to know where to show you what Mary Garland and the deep state does not want to know organizationally what would what happens when there are dirty cops and in the course would what took place there.

This was totally a war against American patriots and those people that whether this was not an insurrection. People were there because they had election stolen election was told by quick and corrupt people, and in the. The fake media was a major part of of that brand and what were going to show you what actually happened and so after earning some of those poor placement of been on the liberal media talking about how they've got PTSD because it was so stressful and so violent so horrible that they're going to therapy and they think about it every time they go to bed.

Have these horrible dreams and thing are going I don't think any of those.

The politicians were taught about how freight Ted Cruz was on the resend and it was a terrorist attack. I think what it is these people been so sheltered. They've never been in the fist fight they've never been in combat. They've never been in the bad situation and they don't know what here is they don't know what a bad situation is and something like this may be scared the poor little Nuno bloomers often because it never anything bad in their life for the new open the phone lines 888-677-9673 this coming Sunday and forth 15th and doers of the word church will be showing that all you folks out there pray pray that that we can because we got very, very deep and dark forces. The don't want that to happen. They do not want that to come off so again that this coming Sunday at 415 doers of the word. One 4781 Sperry Rota Newberry by the kind of work. What we just talked about before we I just go to the phones.

Remember that waiting in the wings. Now they have the money they want to give to anybody that was separated from their parents and each part, the parent and the child can each get $450,000. This is I it's estimated that it will cost about 6 billion a year when you know when that halfhearted doing. You have to have least is for hard-working lawyers they have to get compensated for making sure that they get that money to the right that suggest that think that that's exactly right. And, and I'm sure that all of a sudden these loss people who they call them breakaways or giveaways that they can account for will come out of the woodwork and don't magically find her parents because this 450,000 apiece. All you did when you've when you find mom or dad and we know what's going to happen.

Mom and suddenly mom and dad. I read it were going to go to Timothy Timothy here and there gives Timothy hello Timothy, good evening good evening how are you feel blessed, blessed and prepared for success.

Okay every day I choose each day you administer and not in its history. Toric but I choose each day. Anyway, because it is the King James Bible. It is the Lord Jesus Christ and not I just have to chuckle when I see the plans of the wicked, all things done in darkness will be brought to light says in Luke 12 and I'm on that every day and not all the other things are taking place at I'm praying the imprecatory prayers every day six Psalm 6924 and the Psalm 68 I got a rise of his enemies be scattered demand for much sums it up.

The man you keep doing the delete we have to break for you know God's people the persecuted church and the guy would be a protector provider and a comforter and we got a play. However, Rich Mullins is about to sign my God is not in it.and not is also Nicole she Mullins wrote a song my Redeemer lives 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ackinthe80s.Weweretalkingaboutrogueagentswithintheirevent,butitwasn't.Notnearlyasbadasitistoday.Okay,asfarasKissingergoes,here'sthisisaquotefromChrisKissingeronFebruary25,2009here'swhathesaidoncetheherdacceptsmandatoryvaccinesvaccinations.It'sgameover.Theywillexceptanythingforcible,bloodororgandonationforthegreatergood,wecangeneticallymodifychildrenandsterilizethemforthegreatergoodcontrolsheep,minds,andyoucancontrolaherdvaccinemakerstandtomakebillionsofmanyofyouinthisroomareinvestorsisabigwin-win.Wethinouttheherdandtheherdpaysusforexterminationservicesthat'sputoutbythepatriotnewsnetworkonDecember19-21.Thatwasthequotethatwhattheyputoutbyhimnow.Thereyougo,let'sgotoallthenamesofalldisappearedupstreamlimitedonthemagnetichereandthereafteranygoodtohearyou.ImetmywifeandIhavebeentoldnotmuchthistimeGodnotbyprayerandfastingandthatthatmethod…CountworkswhenyougetacquaintedwithGodandhegetsacquaintedwithyouandandthatmessageandplasterwell.OneofthecommondenominatortheyallthoughttheLordtoplantfasting,theyneeded,anditworksasdemonstratedbythefactthatapublichighschoolfootballteamcametomen'sprayerbreakfastwithmychurch.ThereweredecisionsmadeforChrist.IwantacaptivecametoChrist.Itdoeswantneededtoprayandreadfastjustlikeinthatinthatdocumenteffect,withfineAmericanAmericanpulpit.ThegamechangerwithTodd.Peopleprayedandfastedandmyprayeristhatthelittleroundmorepeopletoprayandfastbecausewhenyoudothat.That'swhyJesussaidkind…OnlyforthbyprayerandfastingandthatI'mplanningwiththatthingforthebeginningforthisministryandevenRushLimbaughisgoingyetyouyourstationyourprogramisgrowinginleapsandboundsthatbecauseGodismovingthejobIhavetheopportunitytowitnessitworksandthat'smyplanofthecountrythatChristianswillgetseriousaboutprayingandfastingstrategythatwouldnotemphaticallysetitbecauseitworkedwell.IthinkIgotamoveontheentireorderisthelistgotoMaribelMaribel,you'reintheairearningincome.IlearnedalotmockingyouanythingaboutmyhavingbeenlongbutI'mtryingtosayaboutdoinganyandI'lltellyounotbabyAdolphoncall.Ionlywhatishername,maybeabit,usuallysixmonthsoldokayweregoingtohaveRandyprayforgoaheadanduseit.Shehadtoldhimwhatwasinofthecondition.PleaseuseitarethreeIokaydearfatherGodwewillliftupbabywithyou.WeknowthechildrenhaveaspecialplaceinyourheartandalsothankyoufatherGodfortheprivilegeofprayingforbabyicethatyoumighttouchherthatyoumightbeasmuchorsinbearerburdenbearer,andespeciallytheburdenofdiseaseasyouare.SalvationandwepraytoGodthatyoumightguideguider.Maribelwhattodoandhowtocareforherandthatshemighthavecompletehealingbecauseweknowthatallthingsarepossible.Youpraythatyousaidyouwillmanifestundertheworksofthedevilandrenaldiseaseaspartofthattop-ratedfatherGod.YoumightrememberyourwordsandputyoubecauseofthehopeandthatyoumightbutyouyoumighthealbabyAvaandthatyoumightyoumightdifferbacktobeyondthestrengththatshehadbeforeshecamedownwiththedisease,andgrantthemtohavepeaceandblessingandmorethananythingelse.ThesalvationofoursoulaswellasathehealingofherbodyandthethingswethankyouforwepraiseyouforinJesusname,thanksfortheprivilege.Thankyou.YouthankyouandinnotewithauthorwithDougaboutthecoursewiththedogaboutSubletteyesterdaytoworkinapeopletalkingaboutguardianangelsGuardianwillyouknowwhattheBibleactuallyteachesonthatwiththeBibledoesteachisthattheirangelsthelittlewinterchildren.Hislittleoneslikeher.TheirangelsarebeforethefaceofGodcontinuouslyandsotheboyonthisiswhytheLordsasitwouldbebetterforyouifyou'dneverbeenborntohaveamillstonemillstonewait4000poundstonguearoundyourneckanddroppedintotheoceanintotheintoouroneoftheselittleones.Justthinkofwhatthisnationisdentkilledover150millionofitsownchildren.Thiscountryisinbigtrouble.WegotHymanBigleycouplegotendeavorsoftheonestheyprofess.Weknowknowhowmanyandatnightwhenanotheractuallyprofessabout66,00066millionratherthatit'sdoublethatweknowweknowit'sdoubledallright.Verygood.ThanksMaribelalreadyknowIwanttosaythisbecauseweweretalkingabouttheFBIherethereisanarticlebyRahimandgetsomeandthathetalksaboutherenearlyhalfofAmericabelievestheFBIaskedasJoeBiden'spersonalGestapo.IfyoudevotedfewervotersnowtrustthefederalBureauofinvestigationandmanybelievethattheagencyisactingasJoeBiden'spersonalGestaporeferencedAdolfHitler'ssavingGermanpolicenewdatafromtherestmustrestmucinreportsisrevealedinthestunningpole40per46%oflikelyUSvoterssaythattheyhaveafavorableimpressionoftheFBI15%claimtohaveaveryfavorableviewoftheagency.That'sdownfromMay20with60%hadafavorableimpressionoftheFBI.47%nowviewtheFBIunfavorablyandtheyadmittothat.TheyarenewtheybelievethattheFBIsimplyJoeBiden's.ItwasthemilitarizedagainsthisweaponeyesthejusticeJoeBiden'sthugs.That'swhattheybelieve.InrecentmonthstheFBIleadershiphasbeencalledagroupofpoliticizedthugsatthetopoftheFBIwhoareusingtheMPIJoeBiden'spersonalandthestepof46%ofallvotersagreetheassessment,including29%stronglyagreeokay.ThenewscomesfromFBIraidsandjournalistsreportingonthediaryofBiden'sdaughterAshley,whichincludesclaimantPresidentoftheUnitedStatesinappropriatelyshownhisyoungdaughter.Yeah,that'sright.Thosejournalistswaswrotethestoriestheybeenonsohe'sbeenusing.It'slikehewantstohire80,000moreIRSIRStoweaponeyes80,000IRSagentsagainstus.HewantsaweaponagainstChristiansandconservatives.NorelicofthepastthroughouttheIRS.BackwhenObamawasinchargeandyouknowexactlywhatwillbedoingthunderinghistoryrepeatsitselfwiththisiswhywecannotletthempassthebustthebankbillthathehas11that'swhatitis.Thisistheywill.TheywantedustheretheremovingasquicklyastheycantocompletelydestroyAmericaJobBidensJobBidenscausesthatistomakeAmerica1/3worldnationdidtotallyreduceorcontrolaFederalistrightabsolutelyyes.Andtherewasone.Didyouhearabout.ThereisUCLAprofessorwroteabookornameErnestKearneyProf.CaraKearney.SheclaimedthatKyleRittenhouseshottwoblackmenwellwhenstartedcallingheronherbook.Shewrotethattheconsider17-year-oldCalvinusedasemiautomaticweapontokilltwoplaqueforblackmenwagingagloriousracewaronbehalfofhisinheritedwhitepower.Wewonderwhythenationisinfairbypeoplearehatingoneanother.That'stheliesanddeceit.ImeanwhowritinganentirebookcouldmissthefacteverybodyshouldknowtheCalRittenhousetwowhitemennottoblackmail.AndhereyouhaveanentirebookbyacollegeprofessorattheUCLAfolksofanyofyoursendingyourchildrentothatuniversityspendingmoneyyouarebeinghadtakenforbiggestrideofyourlifeishiswordcomeisprettytakeoverFDIseechairresignswaristhedeathofKrantzarelaunchingahostiletakeover.FDICchairmanAngelinaMcWilliamsannouncedherresignationafterwarningthatDemocratshadwantstohighlighthostiletakeoveroftheagencyaMcWilliamsdesignisanopenletteraddressedtoJoebythecausingpresidentinthehome.McWilliamswasappointedtothepositioninthe2018byaPres.TrumpwhenIimmigratedtothiscountryto30yearsago.IdidsoinafirmbeliefintheAmericansystemofgovernment.DuringmytenureattheFederalReserveBoardofGovernors,UnitedStatesSenateandtheFDIChaddevelopedadeepappreciationforthesevenerableinstitutionsandtheirtradition.IthasbeenatremendoushonortoservethisnationandIdidnottakeasingledayforgranitethroughoutmypublicservice.IhavebeenconstantlyremindedhowblessedwearetoliveintheUnitedStatesofAmerica.AswiththeletterstatedinDecember.MissMcWilliamspublishedtheop-edintheWallStreetJournaltitledahostiletakeoveroftheFDIChowmuchtimetohavetheirokayweregoingtogoletRandygivetheopoftheinvitationtogetthreeminutes.Randyfigureitoutandoutmuchintheclutch.IdohavealeaffirstoffforsomeonetosaythisandweallmoveinallthesameandcomeshortofthegloryofGodthatweallhaveadebttoGodthatwecannotpaybecausewhatitrequiresisaperfectlife.TheLordtookonthebodyandassumingthatperfectlife,andthelifeisinGodandit'sit'shisblood,hislifesincehisdeath,hisburial,resurrectiontheburialandresurrectionwasGod'saffirmationthatIapprovalforthisperson,thisGoddidandveryverysimply,ifyouneedaSavior,theLordJesusChrististhere,butyoumustconfesswithyourmouththeLordJesusChristandbelieveinyourheartthatGodisraisingfromthedead,andhesaysyoushallbesavedeternallifepeoplesstartsnow.Nowyouhaveeternallifedoesn'tdoesn'tstartwhenyoudietstartsnow,andIencourageanyoneherewhoneedsasaviortoturntoJesusandaccepthimastheperfectsacrifice,offering,andasyourSavior,Lord,mastercreator,andifyoudosoandIandIwassavedinthemasculinethewomentothedeletewecanbecomethesonsanddaughtersofGodnowsomessytobowyourheadwithmeandsayLordJesusandsaysomethingtothiseffectdoesn'thavetobethesewords,LordJesus,IknowthatIhavesinnedagainstyou.IknowthatI'llyouadebtIcannotrepay,andIbelievethatyoupaidthatdebt,andI'maskingnowbecauseIbelievethatyoupaidthatthatandthatyoucanbeandwillbemylife.Mypaymentformysinandyouwillgovernregardingguidemefromthisdayforward,andIsurrendermylifetoyouunderthoseterms.InthisweprayinJesusname.Itdoesn'ttakealotjustsoyouhavetodoifyoubelieveit,yougottosupposethattherightfolksoutthereandagainIhopeyouprayedthatprayerandyoucangotothegospelofJohnchapter3andataratethattheRomansalsochapterwillliterallychapter10shortlybehandlingthesevenversesevenwithcloseagain.YougotGod'swordistheonlythingthatyoucanabsolutelycompletelytrusted.That'sitroutedtimefortonight.Wecontrastingthathaveremainedsoaswedoatthistimeeverysinglenight.WewanttosaygoodnightnightGodblessandalwaysalwaysalwayskeepahighthanksforlisteningtothevoiceoftheChristianresistancewasrightmuchleftpostedbyPastorErnieSandertolearnmoreaboutourministry.Pleasevisitusonlineatwww.WWMpleasetuneinnexttimeforanothereditionofwhat'srightwhat'sleftprecedingprogramissponsoredbywhat'srightwhat'sleftministriesandisresponsibleforitscontent

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