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THU HR 1 010622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 7, 2022 12:21 am

THU HR 1 010622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 7, 2022 12:21 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded lived on this January 6 January 6 oh Weirton one year ago today you had the largest deep state false flag operation ever carried out by the very very very corrupt politician DC politicians and very dirty, very dirty cops. Washington DC against Christian patriots and so were we talking about that that's what you get. The truth here and today we've seen all across this country we have seen the communist the antichrist Communist Party propaganda machine in full force. I mean lying lying in this country was taken to a new height today line was taken to a new height of her know what I'm going to only refer to Mr. Biden is lion Joe Biden after what I heard him say so, with that tonight we have with this little other than that natural path is cut a controversial. Can you imagine that the other than Dr. Peter J. Glidden are you there Peter or Pastor. Thanks so much for having me. It always a pleasure happy happy new year happy new year to you too and we got a lot to talk about tonight so we need to get to it in the start course will start with the Scripture and title of the message was our immutable irrefutable on this beautiful God and where we left off and tonight is in Hebrews chapter 1 verses one through 14 will come in just read a couple verses at a time and and then do some commentary. You ready yet.

Learn let's get it done. Okay, where to start here, with verse one God, who at sundry times and I different and diverse manners spake in times past to the fathers by the prophets them arrived at their regular lives.

Everyone was feathers in your throat by going into the night together in these last days spoken to us by his son, who is appointed heir of all things. One of them will realize a gut. God is continuing to speak to us today just as much as he always has an especially now we were seeing those of us that are biblically illiterate were seeing his words unfold right in front of us, but here's the problem Peter, the vast majority of people are clueless because there are biblically illiterate. The they know that things are right and they know things are very wrong with but that they don't understand what were God's Word, the Bible tells you exactly exactly what and so here. In fact everything today's exactly where God's Word, the Bible says it would be.

He goes on to say by whom we have appointed heir of all things, by whom he also had made the worlds who, being in the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power.

Now here in times past. He spoke to us in numerous different ways and today in times past. We had four tellers today.

We don't have for tellers. We have fourth dollars and another was for four tellers would be if you would be adding to the word of God.

We don't have that today we have fourth document, we have a false prophets today, adding to the word of God. But in times past Peter. He spoke to us through visions through dreams through prophets to solve through Proverbs angels animals even burning bushes and well even the handwriting on the wall okay and so today we we have fourth tellers. In other words, is God's word right here that were reading tonight and those of us that are preaching this where profits were forth telling prophets of the word of God. In other words, with the completed canon of Scripture that today we expose what is taking place out there today. The PC movement the local movement will joke if you want to cancel culture of the climate change wackos critical race theory and all the ridiculous semi ridiculous all that the sooner pass away and up. I mean you want you will be hearing much about that.

Should the Lord Terry. Just like Wells.

Most of the craziness back in the early 60s.

If you remember the lunacy in the language of the words.

Nobody remembers that anymore.

It's gone and in all of this. The strange stuff and today will be gone someday. But one thing that will never ever pass away.

That's the word of God. God's word will never pass away. And so he says this he goes on to say when he had himself purged our sins, and sit down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, being made so much better than the Angels as he has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they were in twitch of the Angel city at any time, thou art my son in this day have a begotten name and again I will be to him a father, and he shall be to me, the son that were going to you note for those that doubt the deity of the Lord Jesus. Here we have God the father is going to be speaking to God the son, and here's what he says. And again when the bring it in the first for the first begotten to the world, he saith, and let all the angels of God worship him in the Angels, he said, who maketh his angels spirits and ministers of a flame of fire but unto the son he saith I've thrown all God is forever and ever accept her of righteousness is the scepter of thy kingdom, thou hast loved righteousness and hated iniquity. Therefore God, even my God hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows and now Lord in the beginning has laid the foundation of the earth and the heavens are they the works of his thine hands and they shall perish, but though we managed and they all shall wax old as doth a garment is a vesture shalt thou fold them up and they shall be changed, but thou art the same in the years children fail, but to which of the Angel city at any time sit here my right hand until I make that enemies the footstools are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to them. They should be heirs of salvation. Now here. Here we have a couple of things one the purpose of the book of Hebrews. He's writing this with Gabriel's is writing it to those that were actually professing Christians, the Jews Peter that were professing Christians would see when when Christianity at first was was looked upon or considered by Rome as a sect of jewelry of the Judaism. Then it was it was a legal religion at that time, but now it's things are changing and no Christians are being persecuted in a many of those that were professing the Jews that had been been professing Christians were were saying we know was a lot easier hundred Judaism with you know we did not suffer persecution and so here that that's the whole point is telling to listen. Listen, you don't do that. Don't deny the Lord, and if they do, that means they were never very never really saved to begin with, any and if you go through this.

The book is making the point don't do that, do not do that okay because you will regret it. Then here as we go through their one of the things that he's talking about here is many times you hear people say they have guardian angels. I have a guardian angel your never heard people say that all the time went. Here's actually with the Bible teaches principal a teaches that the Angels of little children that these angels of little children.

They're both there before the face of God continuously and course of their job is to keep those children until the time when they make a profession of faith and here's what he says and to which of the angels actually said any time sit at my right hand until I make thine enemies there.

Are they not all ministering ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation. Those that will be heirs of salvation. In other words, when when you become saved when you make the profession of faith who come to dwell within you write Christ and in what form the Holy Spirit right to the Holy Spirit. Now what is more powerful. The Holy Spirit arranges the Holy Spirit widow angels get their power the Holy Spirit from the Holy Spirit, and so those angels are set to keep us until we made the profession of faith and then were indwelt by the Holy Spirit not do angels intercede on our behalf. Absolutely they do absolutely. They do, but as far as having guardian angels that are assigned to us as our special angels that stops when we receive the Holy Ghost and so very interim.

The outlets I find that stuff right here the word of God in the but you know the word of God means exactly what it says I just read exactly what is that I just read that to duplicate that is sent there till now here I want to go over to in fact James chapter 1 in just one verse, verse 17 we read this, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness is whom is no very absolute. There's no variableness with the father of lights, neither shadow of turning of his only be yet he has us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures now the point that he sees coming across here is that sometimes you know I can tell you unsaved people hate absolutes. They hate absolutes. They don't like you know I hate absolutes, no wiggle room when it comes to their sin and I've had several people years, but mostly all women. For some reason call me and say tell me how it makes him very angry because I'm so sure of myself. I'm so sure of what I'm teaching and because I'm social. You make me so angry.

You are just so sure of yourself now what I'm teaching okay I didn't write any of this. Okay what I'm teaching is the one thing in all of existence that God has said will never pass away. And so I can be absolutely sure of myself when I'm teaching the word of God because the word of God is absolutely sure that when he says here Peter for every good gift comes from from above okay. Can you think of some of the some good gifts that God has given us well, life number one, number two, the earth and the water in the air and will your business. I expected you to say health very good on getting noon all of the, the natural herbs and the natural vitamins which would be true, but I think about that more much more than that would be one the gift of eternal life. That is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive the cake and it was paid for. For the highest price was the highest price that irrevocably demand that also what we just read the word of God. God's Word, the Bible. This is one of beautiful gift.

It is, but here it comes from God, in whom there is no variableness in other words, I noticed something. One day, and when I did that this this passage actually came right right to my mind, I thought about this in one day I was painting in the room and in the room. It was nighttime I was painting a nighttime and I had a lamp in one of those tall lamps there and then I took the shade off it because like I needed more light I needed as much light as I can get in.

There wasn't a very big room, probably about the 20 x 20.

And so if you look at that let that lightbulb the bulb and that lamp if you look at it looks like it's this consistent looks like it's the same all the way around. You don't see any imperfections by looking at the ball the brand spanking new bulb, but when you put the bulb in their and you turned it on when I want to move that lamp turned I could see the shadows upon the wall. You can see all I mean you can see all of the shadows of these parts, and that was because there were imperfections in the bulb they were.

No with God is like that.

It reminded me of this verse because it says neither shadow of turning. I thought that's exactly.

That's exactly this. In other words, so here with God.

There is absolutely no imperfections. He is the ultimate he is perfection. God is perfection. And so here it will beget us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures, and so that is another absolutely perfect gift is not holding up.

I think were gonna stop the Bible study right there for tonight. Now I will go ahead and get you worked up because I worked up with what is been going on and I and I been seeing here.

I've been noticing the propaganda that is out there in their attacking people like you there attacking people like my friend Sherry tenpenny Dr. Scott and DQ. Few people that are doing are telling the truth all of you folks that is Zielinski deductible.

Zielinski and others that are saving lives and I read an article today and here I should think and believe I left it on my desk when I was talking about how you people should be charged. You should be charged with with murder because you're coming out in your giving false information about these vaccines you not giving false information.

Everything that you did. You guys are talking about but away where are the people dying where are they dying there dying in the hospitals and the big thing that everybody overlooks them and you know this is great out of the Democrat playbook whatever they can are accusing other people of doing exactly what they're doing so the only people that are lying here about anything are the World Health Organization, the Center for disease control, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association and at the if that is the gigantic house of cards. Only thing that keeps it propped up in the demand wealth and political power and persuasion of the pharmaceutical industry and one of the biggest arm of the pharmaceutical industry is the propaganda and I all you have to do is turn on the TV and watch it for five minute and you're going to feed an ad for a pharmaceutical and there's a reason why the pharmaceutical industry pays like that.

I think the don't quote me on this, but I think the number is five times as much in advertising as they do hunt research for new product.

The reason that they do that is because it work. They've got it down to a science, and people actually believe most people writing were not any smarter than 1/5 grader by all nation, all nations are deceived by pharmacopeia of most people buy it hook, line and thinker and man, then this all existed inside of a monopoly and people look around. Well, the only medicine practiced in my hospital is pharmaceutical medicine, MD, met up in the only medicine my insurance spaceport, pharmaceutical medicine, family medicine, the only matter thing that they do research on at my University of pharmaceutical medicine MD medicine therefore the MDs must be better at what they do that everybody else in the pharmaceutical industry must be the best gift that humanity has ever had. And that's the logical conclusion unless you consider one more data point that the only reason that these people are in power only reads that they are in first place because they legislated themselves there in 1912, which is longer than longer ago than anybody's been alive. Everybody in the United States. Quite frankly, that all industrialized nation in this generation has grown up inside of a monopoly, which is so complete that most people do not even know that it exists now here's an interesting thing pastor that I just discovered worldwide, the expenditure on urban and vitamins and nutritional supplements is the same ad for expand on pharmaceutical, it is neck and neck even though big Pharma is everywhere all the time with their advertising with their propaganda. They know that the neck and neck race, and felt every time you turn around, they are going to try to be broad and deep fame and lander. The competition I mean you know my profession.

That's all that my profession has been hearing for the last hundred years, you're just a bunch of back of the bus quacks with substandard dangerous training that no were not. That's a lie. All the coronavirus vaccines are safe and effective know they're not that allied government data just released today shows that over 946,000 people have suffered injuries or death recovered 19 vaccination government data and we report on the truth of thing. It's a lien by not telling the truth and honest to God.

This entire narrative is slowly starting to fall apart though they are going to have to develop some type of misdirection.

Some type of something because of coming apart at the theme. If that is the first step that you know to blame everybody else with the pandemic of the unvaccinated cowards not it absolutely, positively is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated the vaccines do not prevent you from getting if they do not prevent you from passing it along.

They don't think type because I cut the article that addresses that will be back right after this the way is fine for me and then in in in rain and in and in a in a in a you a and all right we will remember dear that all you corrupt Democrats of their new Rino Republicans we going to remember were going to we remember what happening today and and this coming Sunday.

Peter, we have a film is one hour and 38 minutes. It was taken there in January since last year.

What really happened. What really happened.

Okay were going to be showing this were going to be showing the folks about how the deep state that corrupt and I mean so corrupt politician so corrupt people like Nancy Pelosi and dirty cops, dirty cops out there. What they did to true Americans, the criminal activity, and it's all on video and this is what people do not. This is what they do not want people to see and so were going to be showing this this coming week. Sunday 415 had doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry that's and now that the morning service starts at 9 AM would praise and worship.

Then we go into an in-depth Bible study with the word of God. The regular service starts at 1115 and then at 415 were going to show this and and you really need to see it that Peter what working to try to do is is get work where attempting to get these DVDs and make them available to ship out the people, so people can get a and invite people over to see the real truth because a little bit of truth can chase away a lot of lies in what you were just talking about here. There is an article right here exactly what you are saying by Ethan Huff and Mrs. autopsy and analysis 93% of post vaccination deaths are caught are caused by the jabs killer lymphocytes attack organs like the hearts and the bill young lungs. This is out of the natural news, I just read you one paragraph and let you go. An independent research conducted by doctors should assured by Connie and Arnie Burkart suggest that the vast majority of deaths that occur after vaccination for the Wuhan coronavirus. That's the. The Fuji morphology virus flew artifact caused by the jabs there caused by the so-called vaccines for the research to darkest took a closer look at the 15 deceased bodies that were deemed by corners as a pup and or public prosecutors have unrelated to the vaccination. It turns out that 14 of the 15 cases were 93% actually did die because of the jabs we think Peter hundred percent hundred percent accurate and that the hundred percent correct and more and more information like that going to come out and slowly start to unravel. There was a landmark thing that happened at the Supreme Court today. While what the Supreme Court but the federal judge just ruled in favor of transparency and Jeff got the FDA and Pfizer FDA and Pfizer were trying to block the relief of the data related to the FDA granting experimental youth Pfizer's jab. They wanted to string the data released out for 75 years I heard of ugly uncle had no now now now now is going to give it all to give it all to us right now and not the first thing that they introduce.

I was a couple weeks ago and knowing their 500 page, you know, drop that data those 500 pages showed that the FDA and Pfizer hid the fact that there were 150,000 adverse effects from the jabs in the first three months. They were really hundred and 50,000 adverse effects from the jabbing first remarkable relief. Those data were hidden when they went to the Food and Drug Administration that they like me to merge with the approval for the it's crazy how much lying defeat and deception has gone on here. I mean, it really should come as the price because this all started when Trump presidency was stolen from him and Biden was installed because that was also defeat deception and thievery. It's no different here and I have to tell you Pastor. I mean look from my point of view.jabbing Batman. It is bad, and the majority of the information being reported on this through the main stream is 180 opposite the truth live defeat and deception and from my point of view. If the tip of the ice because the leading cause of death in the United States. I mean let's leave the whole coronavirus thing to the five per minute. The leading cause of death in the United States pharmaceutical directed medical treatment, the leading cause of bankruptcy pharmaceutical directed medical treatment and while the pharmaceutical industry and the allopathic MDs have been in charge of the development and the delivery of medicine which they have been since 1912. Chronicler these escalating no cure for cancer, heart disease rates increasing type II diabetes increasing autism, increasing Alzheimer's. The increasing obesity third of the population. I'll be the third of the children will be not just overweight OB life expectancy getting shorter. I mean, what I like the people in the listening audience to calculate roughly how much money you spent in medical insurance premiums over the course of your life. How much money did your parents spend 50 would guesstimate if the flippant small fortune and what have you gotten in return for that.

Well, while you were paying for medical insurance premiums every month which gave you access to MD directed big Pharma medicine access that didn't give you access to chiropractic. It didn't give you access the naturopathic didn't give you ask for anything but MD directed pharmaceutical centrist Madison and while you were under their care while you were under their care. You got that and then you went through him with your thickness because, well, as far as you're concerned with the only show in town. The only thing you're your current going to pay for the only medicine they practiced at your hospital and what are you give it. Are you given something to attempt to cure the condition. No, you're given a medicine that manages the problem which makes you thicker and weaker over time fell by the time you're 75 years of age you don't have any hair you got to hear in a you got, you know, to make lenses in your eyes because you had cataract you got three cute vertebrae in your neck. You've got a fake shoulder three fake needs and one for One of the needs that they gave you didn't work so they had to do it a second time.

You need a prescription medicine. The PA prescription medicine not the PA prescription medicine to go to sleep Scripture medicine the way Prescription medicine for your heart. A prescription medication. Medication, fear, anxiety, and effect.

We are walking pharmaceutical digesting machine and while we have been under their tutelage and care for the last 109 years. We are getting sicker and we are getting poorer. And it's not because these conditions are difficult to treat, not because these conditions are difficult. Three it because the type of medicine that your medical doctor is trained and is really fantastically awesomely great for surgery when it that's the very military field medicine and trauma care and at the 50% of the time childbirth but for most of the conditions that most people go to the doctor for it wrong dog for the hunt because it doesn't attempt to cure the condition and jump in here, let me jump in there for a minute because if I had never met you never talk to you didn't know anything about you, but I picked up your book everybody is sick and I know why and going through their I'm reading this and if you think you got you figured it out at me this exactly what's happening.

All I have to do when I read your book and I look upon in.

I turn on Fox News and I'm listen to all the advertising the drug companies for this Darfur that this and none of these things are carried anything. In fact, all the warnings to give you the disclaimers that sometimes the one third with the character telling you you contrite could kill you. Okay yeah and so right now the treatment could kill you but we all eventuated.

We've all normal life. Okay well maybe it'll kill me and then your thick and your suffering and fill you go to a hospital and you're surrounded by all these medical professionals and multi million dollars of technical equipment hanging off of the walls and you feel immediately inferior you think yourself. While these guys must know what they're doing but they don't, your medical doctor may be the nicest person that God ever created your medical doctor only knows what they've been trained in the type of medicine that they've been trained in horrible for the treatment of chronic the and it is in this and listen I can tell you the medical doctors, the MDs that profession, Dr. Glidden. They are losing credibility at a rapid rate. They at the at the rate they're going.

Unless something is changed they're going to be about as credible as the talking heads and NBC, CBS and ABC or Congress that mean they're there losing credibility and I'm talking I've been talking to several of them and they realize that they they realize that's happening.

I'm saying a number of home. I probably shouldn't tell the story, but there is one who actually works for the VA and you know that's it was with line Joe Biden and their for someone to actually do something right. The VA and this individual is actually well.

He's actually more of a natural path that is an empty yet. 11 you know. But the thing that I've been after.

And you know I hate to be negative Nelly and I hope that I'm wrong. I really hope that I'm wrong but I mean, let's look to chemotherapy any chemotherapy doesn't work and that according to the American Cancer Society chemotherapy treatment for 95% of cancers is 97% ineffective.

It doesn't work it doesn't work but a bankrupt you make you super thick alters your personality completely and ruin the last two years of your life from side effects of the nasty treatment it and you know hundred thousand hundred and 50,000 $200,000. Sorry didn't work even in the met of of this situation right people fill so what happened someone goes in for cancer treatment there mother goes in for cancer treatment.

Cancer treatment doesn't work. They had to get a second mortgage on the house.

They gave the doctors $175,000. The drug completely altered that there mother's personality made her depressed made her crying all the time you get to be on antidepressant drug that she had to be on federative in order to get a nights sleep and then she body was covered with bedsores and she died for goodness that and what relatives of the people they don't criticize the medical doctor. They don't say what you you're horrible at what you do look what you did to my mother. They say oh she fought the hardest but she could and then they organize a 5K run in a race can $20,000 in the give it to the people who failed their mother. That's how deep the propaganda in. That's how deep with socialization and and I'm telling you pastor coronavirus.Flipping iceberg and it is the corruption that let me ask you this, Gina, who Christine Grady is I do you know who her husband is no Christine Grady, Dir. of the Department of bioethics at the youth about his wife. That's yet that's Fauci's life.

You talk about I McCance can you possibly believe if if this was a Republican or conservative, I all you would hear is all day long you unbelievable how corrupt I mean how is your face corrupt.

I mean like really really in-your-face corrupt this country is become outages, Democrats are in charge that narrative and everything is rosy and all the Biden Biden economy of thing to be the greatest thing ever to happen to the United States, I don't think that on the coronavirus going to kill everybody know. The only hope with the vaccine.

Everything that they're telling us is the opposite of what I wish I knew with the endgame on. I wish I knew what the agenda was that mean if it no world domination by one world government is that you know culling the herd because if too many people on planet Earth. What is this I don't know idea what you'll find the answer to that in the Bible but you know you just brought up something that was very interesting because there was an article that I had read, and that the article that was by old hump and trying to find this article here that I had just read yesterday, but as I come across another one here, let me just read this, this is Edward Bernays, Edward remains okay this is one of the man in America and he says this the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed in our minds are molded, our tastes are formed are ideas suggested, largely by men who have never heard of it.

Almost every act of our daily lives, whether it is the sphere of politics or business and are social condition or ethical thinking. We are dominated by relatively small number of persons who understand the mental process and social patterns of the masses. It is they that pull the wires which control the public mind. Well here that that is true we like like you're saying Gordo impacted 1912, but here is actually the article I wanted to read no, this will answer your question, what is there in getting you heard of that fellow named Henry Kissinger right now. Well, here he was at a meeting, and this is from his speech that was given on February 25, 2019 and he speaking to people of the well world health organization and and the world health Council on eugenics here 20 says once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations.

It's game over.

They will accept anything forcible, blood or organ donation for the greater good is for the greater good, we can genetically modify children and sterilize them. It's for the greater good control shapes minds and you control the herd vaccine maker stand to make billions listen to that vaccine maker stand to make billions, and many of you in this room are investors is a big big win for you with that. We thinned out the herd and the herd pays us for extermination services. That's Henry Kissinger couldn't set it better myself right people are evil to the core and you know I type I type.

I can't wait for the day when they are made into my on well you got God's word and that he and he's never failed to the amount of defection here is I mean it.

Typical legendary I and you know from from an objective point of view with Genia. I mean if the stroke of genius, how they did it because it's all planned out and and I would argue pastor that as far as health is concerned that if the much deeper situation here because you know myself and my colleagues have figured out that there are approximately 12 food that nobody should look at, let alone eat 12 bad food and these 12 food. Coincidentally, I don't think it was a coincidence, I think it was a manipulation are the foods that everybody thought the time meet everybody unwittingly eating all of the time food that is generating a net negative effect on their health by putting diesel fuel and when I let it end doesn't matter how well the car tuned up, that's not going to be a good outcome.

So were trained and socialized and then the agricultural industry comes along for the ride and they they manufacture all of this crap and then we needed and it makes that thick and then we go to medical professionals who don't know how to cure it and you just manage the problems with drug so it's a win for the food manufacturers it's a win for the medical industry. It's a win for the pharmaceutical industry. It's a win for the medical insurance industry. Meanwhile, we get sick we suffer and die, and the socialization is so complete that we thank the people who killed. It's unbelievable for me and I can say that faster because I've been in clinical practice for 33 years and you wouldn't believe the thing that I am my colleagues lifting our patients recover in different the positive end of this message that nobody but myself and a handful of my colleagues are talking about the human body is inhabited by an intelligent spirit. The human body knows how to fix itself. The human body wants to fix itself.

The human body is trying to fix itself.

All of the time. Healing is relatively easy surgery of complicated healing of the because you stop eating stuff that gumming up the works. You give your body the nutrients that it needs to fix itself. You give it a little stimulation with homeopathy or mechanical medicine.

You get the heck out of the way and you see how far back it. This is not a panacea cure-all.

By the way, but it is a very sophisticated clinically science-based, clinically verified effective system of medicine which takes advantage of God, natural law, which is unchangeable if the blood of Leadbelly just say look, no place in the Beatitudes doesn't say Blessed are the stupid and you and one of the era.

One of your chapters in your book.

Everybody is sick and I know why and if at any youth you do know what I one of those chapters is the ship of fools, but when you do you show this in your book. What is making people sick in the right and I have friends I meeting to go in there and they'll have they got all these pills I mean this polyp till this prescription was for it.

Is it when I see this. It almost makes me is it makes me dizzy okay and so I I'm a hold on, get the message I missed that message what it should go in and give that to all my gosh it, we just had the prejudices. Sometimes he sees people with 20 or 30 pills okay. I don't take any. The only thing I've been taking it.

I mean forever like would be reasonably I have been taking quercetin, quercetin, and it's incidental I buy at the health food store. Okay and also I been taken some of her Mexican and a vitamin D3 but that I may not know, but to see these people with these these prescription drugs.

Now you got two books at one everybody sick and I know what you going to the show. Look about how many things are causing people would never know it just by a lack of calcium and and when I was reading that I'm thinking just little you mean to tell me all we have to do is take a bottle like the stuff that you that you have of calcium in these calcium tablets and you would not have a lot of these diseases you over to hunt 70 is. It's amazing only by me.

If one because it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. All chronic to the is directly related to nutrient deficient directly related to nutrient deficient. If you have high blood pressure, it's not because you have a bad gene, not because the chemtrail the topic of the 5G radiation. It's not because you have a voodoo curse. It's because your body has run out of the nutrients that it that are necessary to maintain healthy blood pressure.

I mean your automobile runs out. Engine oil the engine. The effect it's not really that different with the human body. Sometimes, high blood pressure is caused by kidney problem.

The kidney problem that's a different thing. That's about 1015% of the time.

Most of the time, high blood pressure. If the calcium and magnesium deficiency but we follow God's law and you don't just need calcium and magnesium. There are, in fact, 90 essential nutrients that your body needs in order to work the way that God law intended 90 essential nutrient, which are calcium and magnesium will guess what is 88 other nutrients and they work like a Symphony Orchestra. We don't just give calcium and magnesium.

We give all 90 essential nutrients and then extra calcium and magnesium in case of the 278 don't. It's not.

It's not rocket science, but your dog or your cat better, more neutral fight than you are. You want to prove it to look on the ingredient list of their captivity dear Dr. loaded with vitamin loaded with mineral because the veterinarian industry figure this out. About 75 years ago and when they started putting nutrients in the dog food double the life expectancy of the average household dog doubled you have no idea what you're missing your body need nutrition you cannot get it from food you have to supplement and I and my colleagues have dialed that in 40 you have an attempt to cure the book that you have here where you list all of these different diseases or ailments and then you show the actual natural here since you show us what God gave us here is what God says will cure that compared to what the big Pharma says I would ago we got to create a type of work were covered up against the brick will be yeah.

It's going got him. This place will be back after this local weight was a lot more to come.

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