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MON HR 1 011022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 10, 2022 11:27 pm

MON HR 1 011022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 10, 2022 11:27 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening and welcome to another additional what's right what's left on this January 10 Monday 2022 and a denied we have like we hope you still.

We have so much to talk about but tonight we have the mighty Andrew on the board.

Good evening Pastor and everyone else okay thank you Andrew a way out yonder in Missouri.

We hope none other than the parking Joe Larson wherever everyone else. Highly effective. Here again, ready to go to work off well knew I wanted to say our most deepest heartfelt condolences to Marsha Sally, wife of Deborah Shelley for 56 years. Jackie and Denver. The third Jack is his daughter Denver. The third is his son Christopher number 30 Christopher are both MDs of and want to say again in all of the friends of many, many, many, many friends have never had. I mean, here's a list of all his children and grandchildren here just goes on and on but again I want to say a heartfelt condolences like my buddy Denver was born on July 26, 1942 and still Nevada, Virginia, and he passed away just one week ago today, January 3. He moved to Cleveland in 1950, graduated from Carmel high school 1916 earned his master's degree Kent State University Denver worked for General Motors for number of years and payroll accounting. He was the president of Lake County right to life and cochair of help in St. Helens never loved food especially cooking the bacon. He enjoyed homeschooling with his grandkids and spending time with his grandkids. Boy did he really did love he really was into the homeschooling for the grandkids and so he had Denver was a Cleveland sports fan with very very staunchly and I mean staunchly pro-life. He will be remembered most of the selfless giving man who had a great sense of humor who loved to tell stories and sing folksongs to his grandchildren Jackie to he walks he was.

He was grandpa Denver. All right then there was a devoted to his family and faith in it will be dear dearly missed by all those whose lives he touched and Denver and I work we been friends for many many years. We work together and many other pro-life activities.

He was on the board while pro-life action committee would meet. He also was my VP for I was the president of the tea party for four terms and in Denver was my VP. He was my right-hand man there always dependable and well in recent months. I can see his health was seem to be waning.

He didn't have the energy.

Of course he's one of us to put an wheat we were in contact with much but every now and then I would call and ask when the answer you still kick at an agency, I'm still here and they would right away*tell me about what he was doing with his grandchildren endeavor would go around and he would put out crosses 144 crosses. That's how many people the children that were killed and I believe it was in Ohio and one day I'm fiber member can try to remember what the hundred 44 stood for.

But anyhow he would put those out and he would. I would always invite them to come and put them in our church and he would go to different churches and he was real again like I said it was a very faithful husband, father and grandpa and a dear, dear friend for many many years so I'm gonna miss my dear friend that he's his services going to be at funerals going to be January 13 Thursdays coming Thursday at 11 AM and 11 o'clock in St. Helens Catholic Church.

That's at 12060 that's a Kinsman Rd. in Newberry the burial following will be at one Cemetery. The family will receive friends to pay tribute and to celebrate the life of Denver at the church between 10 and 11 AM and so again it just a good missed the missile incident.

I can't believe how many of my friends are dying off.

Just seems like Joe. It's almost like the Lord is saying you know what you guys have really good ratio for the good fight, and things are really good things really get nasty and omitted to get out of there before they do Hyman I just have that regular involuntary Paul him so the same thing Missouri regard for many people's lives summer for all small rural areas very large number yeah well that's happening put in him. We do you read into the message and Joe after watching last week January 16 I had never seen. I have never ever known a time such as this one.

There was so much lying going on Joe I just could not. I watch the so-called select committee. I was listing to them. Joe, I gotta tell you something that so-called select committee here at the first of all, like the congressman Jim Jordan says is illegitimate to this, but is illegitimate committees you can get reflect comments, it is fair agreement number on the main electronic or everybody on that committee. Joe everybody on that committee are absolute, totally corrupt and I'm not saying this. I'm not saying this for any reason other than his truth. I've listen to live listened how they've lied time and time again and then not all death the crest. They've got some rhinos in there that are traders. Katie emigrated her nebulizer by omission because they are evident. They have kept under wraps all kind takes an exculpatory information so that the lies they've been telling us all of the things that they've been hiding it just as bad as what they said well work what's happening.

No, they lost all credibility and people are no longer there.

Not buying the story. They're just not by the of this committee what was coming out and they been like you said, trying to hide hundreds of hours of fill the Joe in the church last night in the church. We showed January we show what really took place in our 38 minute film with actually took place in you can see just how illegitimate you can see how that this that every single person every single person on that committee. Joe is totally reprobate. There's not one why were corrupt. They are trying to make appointment and come up with correction correction · trump and making him from running for president again. This is all about keeping Donald Trump being able to run for office will listen here Harrison cared that much dear, scared, and many many other Democrats right now are a there there is nothing then I can win again because they know what's coming. They know the and they don't want to still be a congressman. They start having criminal hearings for these criminals for all of them. These are to the the entire Democratic Communist Party.

And so there were like rats jumping the sinking ship. But anyhow, let's note the start of the message tonight because those go there. I mean just it's just unbelievable how they have lied. But God's Word the Bible, God's word has a whole lot to talk about liars you known in Revelation 2180 says all lawyers will have their place in the lake of fire. So let's go to Proverbs chapter 19 in reverse title. The title, the message is what I'm going to write were going to read the title of the message so you just go ahead and read verse five and you will read the title of the message.

Proverbs 19 verse five of correctness shall not be unpunished indicated why, shall not escape. Okay now read actually verse nine is actually the title of this one more different. Read verse nine of correctness shall not be on honey and needed to comply shall perish.

That's the actual title of the message right now. Here again I have never seen so much line. When I listen to Joe Biden. When I listen to Mary Carlton, Mary Garlin given his speech. Joe and he told one time after the other after the other, talking about how I couldn't believe without that there they make no difference in the way they prosecute crimes and those people that are rioters are insurrectionist and they referred to that now. Joe the entire 20 summer of 2020. You had burning looting what they did because over hundred times more money over 100 times more than than what would what happened at the capital but but here it 1300 times as much damage as what happened to part damages. January 6 but that you Eric Garland lied, he lied like a rug when he said that there was no election fraud Eric garden is illegitimate. He's a dirty cop.

Joe he is a dirty cop. He lied when he said that there was an insurrection by white supremacists.

He lied when he said that he is committed to ensure listen to this. The civil rights of all Americans, and he lied Joe when he said that the Justice Department was determined to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Joe he is the enemy of America domestic heat is the enemy of America and in the Justice Department is no longer the Justice Department is no longer an independent agency is simply a part of the debt, the credit kind of collective and so will Jeremiah my premium pay perimeter, like their approach relies, but they are not going to trip on the earth, for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, Lord, you know, Jill, when when what happened in 2020 when they burnt and they loaded when the you had camel hair promoting she was out there telling encouraging of the burners. The burden of murder. The LM printing money to pay bail they could get back out and do it again get back out there. Georgie Soros my owner is telling you this money to get to go out there and burn and loot and murder. That's exactly what this stands for anyone and everyone.

This is that is not true is a liar and a random truth that a bit of truth in them.

Joe felt I really feel from time they're not holding back an article about well you know I had them ahead several several ladies asked the pastor why aren't more pastors saying what you're saying why are they saying what you're saying you know what I believe you everyone. I was that I believe every word you're saying in simple Joe. They don't have the courage they're afraid they're afraid you are simply they fear the government more and they do God or they would tell you truth the collection plate: plot of prosperity churches.

They don't want to lose all that money coming in.

The appraiser night accelerating for doing very little for taking no risks yet and and and I remember Nancy Pelosi also encouraging people to get out there get out there don't go away, get out there. Keep it up and remembered what is the name Jessica Waters or no Maxine Waters, Maxine.

Matt McNamee met Maxine single after get after wherever you see him at a restaurant in the gasoline station ghetto attacked them and they were attacking senators and congressmen along here that network. They don't belong in public. I Will read verse thirteen of poorly run the calamity of his father and the contention of a wife, are continual dropping the Joe what is the best way the world to make fully so for over run and spare the rod. Moreover, those with no guideline and no tough love and all that you get with you sending most of to the public schools nowadays descended into a lot of here in the city, especially public schools were inuring to the devil to be educated, probably fingers in it. Absolutely because those teachers those teachers out there. By the way were to be getting to that because here now.

They declared a national emergency crisis of of children committing suicide and organ. Take a look at who's responsible for that really is this a because of COBIT know it's not covert, but working look at what really is responsible for that.

Okay so here what about them in the content is basically the paragraph are to be the primary teachers of their children.

Derrida talk with them and teach them God's word what my brother walking mother sitting in our father during their normal day there to be taught by the parents. Okay, so what about the contentions of a wife, are continual dropping would tell what is a good way to to end up with a contentious wife. Maybe not the creator very well. Not true of older how about this. How about centered on the couch in front of the television and let her watch the view and and of what's her name Oprah.

If you do that Cinderella do that because I know some situations where that's exactly what some, the mentor complained about their wives, they they sit there all day long they become lazy. They don't want to clean the house and no one do anything.

They sit there and watch Oprah or the view and they become very contentious and then here. Read verse 14 how and riches are the inheritance of fathers and a prudent wife is from the Lord. Well, how do you get a prudent wife. Get one. What the Lord will help you find you've asked for guidance and direction. Ray the logo give you a life prudent wife. That's right.

You just you just read how you got that right there right over turnover know how how did we get to the situation why, when did all this lying start.

Who was the first one to start telling all these lies do I think it was the serpent in the garden yet. So Jesus answers that John chapter 8. If you go to John chapter 8 verse 44 will actually let's start in verse 42 okay Jesus said under them, if God were your father, he would love me for I proceeded forth and come came from God neither came I have myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech even because ye cannot hear my word, ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father you will do. It was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own perky is a liar and the father of right very good and so here here lately. Take a look at them here.

The religious leaders that he was speaking to her dear Lily what they were speaking the language of lies. They were they were accusing him of doing exactly what they were doing right and we see that the original cognitive security injury during what they were committing right right now.

Here again, you have people say we see Jesus.

He just was. Love love love.

He loved everybody and you think Jesus love these people here know I take no, he said that if God were your father you would love man is not on a lot of people that hate and that water crucified him.

Okay, so now he is telling them because as we hear people all the time saying we are all God's children and we hear these people say that the Lord Jesus was nonjudgmental did that that sound like he's not that he would.

He is nonjudgmental. Would you just read are detrimental. We are all God's creation and some of us are God's children. The remnant are God's children are all part of his creation but become part of the family of God's children. You must be born again. So now you hear people say that the Lord Jesus was tolerant of sin. He was with a comes to send this is what the liberal so-called theologians tell you that he was taught with a because the sin that he is tolerant of sin.

Some of them actually say that he himself was the center okay that doesn't sound like he was tolerant of sin know your work not doesn't sound like it and there's other things that he said all the way through. He hated them and initiated certain centers and he talked of the year of the one that talked about the lake of fire and sitting in judgment of a sound like survey that loved everybody, so please talking about this then we know that it tells you that the Bible that were all people are God's natural born there all for all people, but but the spiritual born okay of God are those that are born again that a receive Christ as your Savior. Those that have been born again regular work creation where all God reality rates are God's creation or all natural born so here these leaders that he was talking to know they were full of lies, their pride, their greed and their lust for power and control of people.

That's what they were all about.

Now the left takes a page today right out of Karl Marx playbook and doing it does exactly what these people were doing here lately were accusing the Lord Jesus of having the devil when they serve their father the devil okay right now. I doubt the salvation of any of those today Joe I doubt the salvation of any of those today that is so spiritually blind is to trust a corrupt and murderous government. Those that will take the shot, and will and will be among the very first to take the mark. I have no doubt in my mind that those people that are taking the shots will be the very first to take the mark and and I can tell you there's a lot of about so-called pastors out there that are promoted and told people to go get it. We have a government Joe and they know that that is killing people with bio weapons and trying to silence legitimate doctors they going after all that they're doing their best, but this is not going to work. Joe and so and they're trying to and we who are trying to warn them. B. In light of who you remember the three marketer of a hear no evil, see no evil note for Kelly Holt. Basically, they're turning that around. I will journal truth. I will say no truth.

I will speak no truth. I'm happy in my ignorance throughout God is not like his mercy, love, knowledge and understanding to talk about the minute the car having understanding of the time. Knowing what's going on. People are.

Many of them are purposely hiding from the truth and willingly listen to the lives of the state so they can say on this and I'm doing what I'm supposed to do.

Joe going to safety limit was 50 years ago, Jill, how many times going back to the 70s and 80s we tell people things that that that the nobody was talking about yet and they were call. Where do you guys get this stuff in time when we were call fanatics and you know this but then later within you know couple years later, everything we say came out to be true. We we warn people about these this whole thing about when remember they were telling you that by 1988 we were going to be in an estate of it was going to be a total freeze that the they the entire country could be one big glacier and now remember that that that was on the news that was you have that on coming of the government doesn't act doing now and take more power take more control in a world of afraid that it was all about giving power to the government that right solution. The government have to power and authority. We warn people we warn them about that then. Throughout the years. The change back and forth with a different climate with first freeze aluminum water main and young Renée that became Canada understood to be a big lie limit switch to climate change which your course requirement changes that are covered again but they got back to the Fabian Socialists in the late 1800s it word would be the weapon of choice for this new war and all creating that we warned we warn people about the public full system we learned was they didn't get to children if you can get the children out of the public school system that they were going to take everything that you put into the you you morality they were going to take that out of the night. I remember people say will and I and I had some pastor say what we don't send our children into the public school sister system with missionaries.

How are we gonna reach the kids in there and I told I should look at all the authority figures out there.

All the authority figures out there are not like they used to be there going to in your children will be the ones that get changed not. They won't be bringing they will be reaching the silly kids and death.

Remember, it all started out.

I remember back in 1983 height." John Dunphy from the humanist magazine battle for mankind. Future must be weighed and one in the public school classroom classroom must and will become the arena of conflict between the old Avenue. The rotting corpse of Christianity and the new rate of humanism and then remembered that that was a radical that was in saying that the public. It wasn't like that sure is folks and have been and absolutely is, remember when we have Pap, you can use to come on we would talk about what was going to happen the border.

We talked about back in the 1980s they were saying there's been there's about 11,000 illegal aliens and we said back then know it's way more than 11,000 we were telling people what they're doing. We were telling people what was going to happen if we didn't put a stop to it and the and the drugs and Joe here today. I can tell you this know this 11 million net 11,011 90 yeah there's there's more. Joe like there's more like 40 million Joe. It was relatively 11 million figure for what about her daughter through some of the yeah and remember all we have to couple years ago but it's it's more like 40 million that if that is been in here since them Joe were going to play clip we have a lady, her name is Dr. Jane Ruby and this is going to be a club by Stu peters program. There Joe what we've been telling people what we've been telling of this woman's job when she does is Dr. is he follows.

She researches and follows the different vaccines how they're distributed and where there sent to it.

All 50 states so mighty Andrew when you're ready go ahead and play the clip Monday on the Stu Peterson Dr. Jane Ruby broke a bombshell report about specific lot numbers of the bio weapon jabs that were shipped across the country. She joins us now with more details. Do you know where these things went or how deadly they are sure Stu after that report.

A lot of people wrote to me in my social media and had lots of very good question asked how I wanted to get a little deeper on the first.

I know we have a limited time, you're the first graph that I'm showing you here is very very interesting it's it's not really clear and that's okay.

I just want everyone to get a visual relative to your question. If you look along the left-hand side.

That's called the y-axis the left y-axis he see all those tiny little numbers and those are listed. The lot numbers that were were identified not the most deadly yet okay and then you go across the top of this document.

You can see all 50 states because a lot of the questions came up after the initial report by Exposé UK where they did find in their analysis, which was by the way done differently with a different number of of lots. Okay, I may found that there were a larger number of deadly or lots that went see what they called red states that really has not been borne out until you see on this piece of paper going across the top. This is actually an Excel spreadsheet. All 50 states he can see on the right hand side far right you see all those tiny numbers the most of those numbers are probably two or three illnesses or deaths where you see a couple of those rows that end up with larger numbers like 1015 hundred desert. Those are by a thousand times more deaths and injuries right on what this tells us is that these deadly batches when you look at these two lines in the middle with all the numbers that end up on the far right with a thousand or 2000 deaths that these deadliest batches that have now been identified by these analysts did go in detail all 50 states. There was no one state or group of states are politically affiliated state that was targeted.

The other thing I wanted to share with people sort of follow-up is that these analysts started to look at the temporal, if you will. Deployment of these vials. These the vials that were associated now with the deadliest in a number of number of deaths and and and and injuries in the first one I want to show here is the my journal when my journey is singled out. We single out a company wanted a time.

This one looks at the Journal on the far left vertical axis which is the y-axis you're looking at the number of serious adverse events member in pharmaceutical drug development. I said there are adverse events. These are technical terms, and then there are serious adverse events and they are defined differently in a serious accident usually mean hospitalization.

Death, serious permanent disability, ER visits, things like that and so what you see here is the mode during a deployment of their deadliest batches and isn't this interesting. Notice the pattern it's a bit of a company start to look at the biggest deployment began in January. Like right out of them out of the gate. When Jenna sent out its deadliest batches in it and there's an decrement at that D is down and it lowers right in a graduated way this was kind of an L-shaped. So when I wanted to show the last sheet here is when we put these three companies together. This is really interesting again. On the left, the far left vertical y-axis. These are serious adverse events numbers of them on the X axis which is the bottom horizontal axis. You see the dates that these lots were starting to be deployed again. It starts pretty consistently around January 2021 and noticed the same pattern. Still, it's an L-shaped for the most part, when you overlay these three companies. This tells us that these companies do not only were strategic in deploying these, and coding these these lot numbers that they could find where the greatest death and destruction occurred. Stu they were working together is a strong evidence here and there working together have the same L shape very scary.

So is it possible your pharmaceutical researcher on the leg. I possible that they sent out these deadly batches by accident and there were like these were to deadly. These were done wrong. We need to get this right.

Oh gosh, let's fix this now.

This is a good question and it's one of the questions I asked the three of the two analysts.

Out of the five that I spent three hours went over last weekend by talking about this and they explained to me that they had the same question they brought in a statistician who could do. It's called confidence intervals to see where the chances that this would be my chance was a 99.99% chance that the RNs are a result that this is not by chance, which is incredibly frightening to to to them and and they were analyst is looking at the numbers the way the patterns fall in the and the statistics that tell you there's there's basically no way this could happen randomly. Yeah, I know these people are psychopaths and I I'm gonna be the last person to defend these people that are responsible for manufacturing.

This bio weapon that's resulting in the death of children and you know people who been misled misinformed, brainwashed and propagandized to taking these things out of fear of Iran with an nearly 100% survival rate are not here to defend them but in the spirit of your factual journalism. I want to make sure that we know that hate when accusing them of something that they did not do better. 99.99% probability that this thing was not by happenstance and that this was absolutely done on purpose is what I would suspect it just validates my suspicions. They are psychopaths there murderers their genocidal murderers docketing Ruby thank you so much for being really appreciated my pleasure stent coming up on the stoop rightly back Joe I got this article. Your omicron spreading and affecting the vaccinated against the like to tell you this, and I can tell you that these people in the hospitals. The ones that are in their with with the covert. Whether it's the omicron or whether it is the Delta variant. The vast majority of those people that are in the hospitals of the ones that have been vaccinated, and they will not tell you that they're not connotative truth.

They just won't tell you the truth when the home of Dr. Kelly victory one on. And she said the faithful that it had two or three vaccine for treatment of Mr. R3 to four times more likely to get three in check. That those who have natural immunity very, very few very small percent are getting reinfected so the ones who are getting reinfected are the more you have the back, the more likely you're going to get well, here's an article here by Dr. Robert Young. You remember the old bear hug her and her gait. Anyhow, covert injections are intelligent targeted bio weapons, explosive news that the covert vaccines have been bio biochemically designed to target specific organs. Given that they are now causing specific adverse effects involving the specific organs such as reproductive organs, heart, brain, blood goes on to say. Dr. Young shares his experience with over 40 years of formulating targeted new practical new track. Anyhow, this one is well worth the new Utrecht since new track so tickled when she specific poly new cool Cleo tied nucleotides genetic material.

Yeah, taken from animal tissue dissent herbal nutrition specific organs. It is the same methodology. He said, using fetal organ cells in animal organ cells lines undisclosed kept hidden by trade secrets which is being used in vaccines for deleterious purpose to harm and to sterilize variably hoped of toxic toxicity across the batches and selection of batches for targeted reasons labeled record instructed by the vaccine maker. Scientists conducting these horrific experiments is the other end of the scenario. This is why we're Theta Verizon Michael kind artists and boys taking the vaccine and miscarriages. Jalisco changes in women taken the vaccine. The information is borne by Prof. Sir John Bell of Oxford who was recorded saying that 60 to 70% sterility is intended by the vaccines. You know I have Joe a listing.

If I can find it.

I'm going to go here. Maybe I will maybe I'll wait till after the next break, but what it is.

It's a listing Joe of people that have died from this and it's unbelievable because if I can.

Let me try to find this if I can still find a minority of a very rare foundation came out. The growth back pain is worse than repair record be looking at hundreds of thousands more at and are talking about the number of suffered Americans of suffered serious side effects or died is exploding and said 946,000 Americans advocate. Death or serious, very serious side effects that meet hospitalization, disability, and that the US Department of Health and over hundred thousand have been hospitalized after receiving this jab and we know that in Vietnam they suspended the Pfizer vaccine after they had 120 children hospitalized some of them dying from the vaccine.

We did that Columbia University studies where they shifted the underreporting of the fair said 20,000 have died and they said it 20 times or more around 400,000 dying and their reading the same thing. Columbia University said the more injections you have, the more chance of your getting reinfected and the wonders now is gone on for mercy and the ramifications of this untested, unproven, hastily developed facts worse than repair. This is the beginning wonders now person sharp, less Americans and parent stand up to these unscientific mandates we could be looking at hundreds of thousands more.

Dead permanently injured victims from the biggest experiment on human beings in history because all of your left-wing socialist government are following Biden trying to do a mandatory mandatory back and pushing through three shots in a booster so they're trying to lower we told people lower the world's population is what they're doing lead intelligibly for years and it's like now if we just we don't believe that it can happen if we just don't believe it can happen and you guys are there Be that bad. People really wouldn't want to kill all these people they wouldn't want the death of all these people.

Yeah, they would all through history. What governments have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of millions of people.

They've done horrendous things to their people. The world's history, every country in the world you go back and look at the terrible things that have happened to the general population and the more people in the society that they have trouble feeding and giving healthcare, the more they want to get rid of that burden, the useless eaters and it's been that way all through history, here Jill, you have 30,000 Marines now refusing to take to take the poisonous poke while they originally just said it was like 2000 or something dinner. There were going to kick 2000 out but there is a lot more refuting.

They haven't thrown out yet. Yeah lately. They start out with 9000 say the 9000 Marines on vaccinated with another truth certainly come out okay. This basically hundred and 80,000 altogether and out of that right. Another thing like 30,000 of them.

They did it start amount that they're realizing you know because all these numbers that you're getting about 75% all Americans. And in fact that's a lie told by liars that is a lie told by liars. I run him run into people all over the place that the field is a way that we do know I mean I'm getting letters from people all across the country and unfortunately something that I had a son or daughter or someone to get the Dick put the Polk, but the vast majority of people are actually refusing those in the in the more the more people die in the more they get sick then the more the word is getting out. I'm in the. The word is starting to get out.

People are starting to figure things out what we've been trying to tell him all along. And so while I'm working or something arrow near effective service in early twice. Get this twice as many military members have died from suicide and just July through September than for all deaths related to: Kroger coronavirus since the start so just July, August, September, three months twice as many sailors and soldiers, Marines died from suicide and through all the armed services. According the Coast Guard since the pandemic, the man we have a pandemic in the military but the pandemic of suicide and other problems to hear you your hearing again that the were having a crisis incident in national emergency crisis of children committing suicide because of covert. Joe is not because of: is because of Joe Biden is because rightness and loss valves and all because about how children report because of the mad scientist Anthony Bangalore Fauci is because a big farmer is because of the public school teachers, parents who put their children in government schools and teachers that to put fear to teachers that harass these children and put fear until make aware those those dirty diapers on their faces all day long and the public. In Joe, you know, Elsa does. It's about pastors who work you don't have the courage, the guts the place to truth and and tell the people know were not going to put up with this know we are not. This is not right which are doing this is wrong and were knocking up were not going to stand for it. That's who's responsible.

Joe is not is not decoded this causing those children to kill themselves. It's the so-called antichrist, God hating adults in a parallel would would put their children to submit is a go-ahead where that mass no. If you love them, get them out of there homeschool and do whatever you have to do to get them out of there.

I'll make a correlation here back your work back in the military. World War I, World War II, were horrible trench hand-to-hand combat horrible things fixed bayonets.

We had in the past two years or 701 suicides in one year, 476 and another just two years. That's about 1100 almost 500 military that again shows what's going on in the country.

What were doing to our young soldiers, sailors, Marines go back and look at how many people from World War I and to commit suicide very, very few what happened.

We told God to get all the military didn't need them anymore and being a gentleman. He left when he wasn't wanted and were seeing now, the result of his leaving. I have people I got these people are so afraid you're so afraid that the Biden is going to upset Mr. Putin to the point were potent nukes America note is not going to nuke America. I truly believe I did. I truly believe this. I truly believe that that them China and Russia.

All they have to do is is tell the Biden regime look organa within a take away no more money get no more money from us.

They have their people bought and paid for and what the less you surrender, we want you to surrender and I have no doubts in my mind that Austin and military and Millie would surrender that they would that they would come out and they would say well in America we can't win with everyone will lose in a nuclear war. The best thing we can do is surrender and give unto Cardinal Russia and China have been making treaties, getting closer and closer and they are both putting pressure on Biden different fronts. The Russians are crying to China for most cellular want take their island back and they are just exploiting the weakness of Biden as Pres. and is staff of advisors who know nothing about foreign policy except surrender and appeasement and the burden is not crazy he is. Wiley is a foxy might be wicked and evil that he is not crazy is not insane. He is a calculated KGB agent, who knows how to get things done even if it's in an unpleasant way. Everybody's not nutcase. I will miss you this them. You think of fruitless. To date, AOC no because she thinks it is a 12 the Trump and everybody else wants to date her that maybe two things, Putin was the dater. The titling is a very confused young lady and she thinks all those young Republicans out there want a life like her.

She got another thought coming out about the last woman that they would expect to be alive for the date the retreat. Rephrase that she was a very confused young what horror as well. The consent woman but you don't have to say is it a limited believe me, she's no lady. She had to write liquids come out of her mouth does not come out of the mouth of a lady, lady. Yes, you're right on that correction and think that whole squat that whole bunch of those women have filthy malls, having just really filthy mouth but anyhow eloquently went down to party in Florida. What's your dear she goes to a transvestite farmer there during the Atlantic problem guys dressing up as girl dancing and doing a clean drink clean dry coloring that her idea of where to go on a date the should tell you that right there I'm talking about the language of the Denali acid that is is just you know for a minute just so they fed the children right there in front of their children, and they said Muslims don't have any problems with using profanity, friendly children, but the muzzles as a way to minute hold it.

They do not represent good Muslims lady and so the muzzles they know we don't use that kind language in the list that sewerage being spewed out so anyhow feckless goodness. I wanted to talk about this. January 6 thing here that Gates and that that Margaret Greene they had something to say about it that they made a very clear Meg insisted it was an insurrection. It was a fender fence erection and he's absolutely right. This was this was unbelievable all false flag and is fully signed. I'm really sorry for you if you believe it's been the lies, the outright flat out lies. I mean tremendous lies that have been: NBC, ABC, CBS P, MSNBC, unbelievable, and here Jim Jordan tells the until January 6 panel compound and sand rejects rejects any legitimacy of the so-called investigation. Currently Jim Jordan Republican Ohio told the January, six panel opponents and after they asked him to provide information about his communications with Trump on January 6 protest. Jordan formally responded to the January 6 panel with a letter to the committee chairman, representative communist Benny Thompson coming this Benny Thompson requested far outside the bounds of any legitimate inquiry and violates core constitutional principles and would serve to further erode legislation norms. Jordan wrote to Thompson again. There's not one person when that one person on that panel. Joe not one person on that panel that God's Word, the Bible would not classify as reprobate not want one single person in that illegitimate panel and so you say will escalate you hillbilly really mean past.

No I'm not. Listen to what they're saying read the Bible.

Listen to what they're saying Joe what is a say about all liars that will have anything like a fire.

Proverbs 2912 if a ruler to live in all his servants are wicked and we can go through all kinds of things in Scripture about the liner deceiving their neighbors. They don't speak the truth, they teach their tongues to speak lies to commit iniquity and Mary goes on and on and on your every one of those people. Joe and Emily proportions the killing of innocent children. Every one of those people. Joe are adamantly pro-sodomite that they drag racing on Saturday there's nothing every one of those people according you find them described perfectly in Romans chapter 1 John over here when you mentioned that 27 nations in the world. Bad abortions after 12 weeks we are one of the only countries in the world other than like China and North Korea are places like that that permit abortions up until later, but in Virginia, New York and other state and California. They want to keep killing them after the board to they wanted they want to extend until after they're born so another words if you born to the sides of my Bureau in a baby. You can kill it.

Hang tight. Will be back right after this with a whole lot more so do not go away. Do not go away. More to come. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14 781 Spear erode Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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