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Who is the Holy Ghost?

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins
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September 3, 2018 3:08 pm

Who is the Holy Ghost?

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins

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September 3, 2018 3:08 pm

Jesus declared that He would send us another Comforter who would abide with us forever. The Holy Ghost is more than an energy or abstract idea, He is a person. The third person of the Godhead.

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No, we are in such a season of of of breaking, you know II think that is what's going on with this church and I was up at 2 o'clock this morning trying and you know a lot of times at 2 o'clock in the morning on Sundays. I don't have a sermon I don't get them from a magazine.

I don't get them from the Internet. I don't practice them in the mirror is to but and I asked the Lord, and he took me to the occasion where he fed 5000 people remember that story is more than 5000 because he was just talking about men, women and children so that the number could be endless, but it shall be something in that passage he said this is what's happening.

It will invest us out with you and you know when you go to the Scriptures like that and and then the Lord that needed speak to me in an audible voice, but I know what I heard in my spirit man. So I began reading this and he says this is what I do in your life and in the life of the church. So in our lives to this Christian walk. Be tough sometimes to be contradicting sometimes so. So I began to look at it and sometimes you just wake up in the morning and you say what in the world is going on because in slip operate through the bars eyes got real big but Jesus when he took the bread to the following year he took the bread he took you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

When he took the bread five loaves to fish when he took the bread. The Bible says that he blessed it, so he took you out of darkness, he blessed you put his hand upon you he blessed your life as a child of God as a born-again believer, a man what the directory blessed, he broke it and that's what he's doing and some of your live. I know you we know each other. I know what he's doing on the what's happening. That's what he's doing in this church people realized that individuals and churches go through the same seasons. So when he takes you and he pulls you into it. That's why when you get born-again and you're just your urine euros has a kite for days because you have received this so great a salvation and then the lawnmower breaks down in the cars tore up and you know you know you you lose your job or did you get Scott or something like that right is been there or you receive a great blessing or a revival switch to the church and then all of a sudden there's a spirit of offense and then everything just going to shambles. Well that's called breaking. That's what he's doing but I begin.

Michelle and I kept reading it. You know why because after he broke it.

He started multiplying it so he broke it. Then he multiplied it and everybody was fed and guess what, there was more leftover are to thank you for that.

There's always a breaking. But then after the breaking always comes the multiplication and the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved. Hallelujah, while love that so that's what we are having said that, acts 19 who is the Holy Ghost ice to that question or Holy Spirit I say Holy Ghost on from the old school but it's the same thing.

I had a guy walk out on me one time because I said, Holy Spirit and and he told me that ditto you say Holy Ghost or loses Pentecostal but may say both of them envelope but it's the same thing right though, is the Holy Ghost. Acts 19 a look at verse one. Thanks Mike. I want to see a Pentecostal revival suite to this church that will shake the foundation of who we are standing is or what your vision that's my vision. I want to see a Pentecostal revival comes in this church but I been around long enough to know that before you can see a revival and revival isn't just noise and things like that revival is when people are men and women are pointed to the cross that pointed to Jesus Christ. They see your enthusiasm. They see your excitement.

They see your anointing call to bring them to Jesus. A man bobbing along the flow that in order for that kind revival to take place. You first have to be separated. If you want to be used by God. You have to be separated. I've been told for a few weeks now. Pastor you been doing some hard preaching. I think the people of left what is hard preaching. I asked myself what is hard preaching because if I preach this right. It's either the truth and preaching the truth from a false prophet and you're running away from error which one is it which one is it so I know no don't clap yet. Listen, I know that that in order for this to take place and I want to see it. I want to experience it, and I want you to experience. I want you to experience true Pentecostal revival. That's what I want you to experience, not the fluff you see on Sunday morning. Scott talking about a true revival but before you can see that you have to be separated and made meet for the Masters use so he can use you for his glory that sanctifying that's holiness that separating yourself from the world the flesh and the devil right you might have to give up some things so when you're convicted. Don't take it up with me take it up with him and his word. Will you please a man because his word is truth. I promise you when you stare into the word of life is going to reflect himself to you is going to change you and is going to break you is going to trim you and he's going to mold you a man is like a T from Bojangles, you know, if you look at things I like to elect a thing sit there all that stuff that goes the bottom right starlit thing up to get that flavor to get that life. That's what he's doing here. PCs let you go to the bottom additional stir you up a little bit right because when you get comfortable you go to the bottom when you get comfortable. You tend to layout you to know sit back and watch TV and you get lazy because you're comfortable and that is the enemy to progress. That's the enemy of moving flower. If a church gets comfortable lookout. It's my job as a pastor to keep you uncomfortable is my job to keep you stir up all that flavor can come to the top to stir up the gifts within you probably all right. Acts 19 verse one, I joined after the diss of the Spirit in your today. I do work for two people already, acts 19 verse one and it happened while Apollo's was entering that Paul, having passed through the upper regions came to Ephesus and finding some disciples. These are Christ followers. These are born-again believers. He said to them, did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed. And they said to him, we have not so much as heard whether there be Holy Spirit and he said to limit what then were you baptized so they sent it to John's baptism impulsive John to be baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on him would come after him. Saturday is on Christ Jesus. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Now this means that they they realized that John's baptism brought them to repentance, to accept the risen Savior and then he explained to them what they have. They have salvation. They have a born-again experience.

That's what they have baptized into Jesus Christ, but he's asking them a question he's asking have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed but okay since you believed believed a lot Jesus Christ well you have to have him in order to receive him right you have to have them in order to receive him.

This is why I tell you that I believe with all my heart that Pentecostal experience is coming to this church and what I mean by that I mean people been baptized in the Holy Ghost. I'm talking about I'm asking the question, have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed on Jesus Christ is that we don't even know if there is a Holy Spirit and he begins to explain to them, you've repented you been baptized into Jesus Christ. You have the spirit who convicted you and brought you to Christ. But then he asked them. Do you know who the Holy Ghost is E verse six and when Paul had laid hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke with tongues, and they prophesied they spoke with tongues, and they prophesied.

How did they know they had received the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is how they knew. They spoke with tongues, and they prophesied that wasn't declaring the future they were speaking, the wonderful works of God and encouraging each other when they prophesied but they also spoke with tongues.

That was the evidence that they had been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Maybe you've never experienced this. Maybe you've never experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit since you been a Christian you may have been a believer for 30+ years. Why can tell you right now that no better time than today.

Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed you say what's that going to do for me. Well number one it's going to help you know who the Holy Ghost is. That's why asking the question who is the Holy Spirit and the Bible says we are not to be ignorant. It is 12 one because he wants us to know what spiritual gifts are the word declares that we can know the Holy Spirit. John 1417 the spirit of truth in the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, nor does it know him. That's what they say you're crazy when your Christian right, but he says is you know him, for he dwells with you and he shall be. Everybody shouted, he shall be in you, many here today, and many Christians them don't understand the Trinity. I think the Holy Spirit is an energy is a life force is just the spirit of Jesus and he is those things, but he is also a person is a person who you can know that's who he is.

The Bible says he can be grieved. The Bible says that that he has emotions. He has a will. And Jesus said I will send you a another comforter, not himself. Another comforter for Silas or Joe or Kevin also help me preach my sermon said writer for everybody. These are also your elders email so you be God.

But God doesn't say God God this is Jesus. Jesus knows that is a little like Jesus right this is the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit. All right God in three persons father-son Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not just an energy is not just us a spirit that that that you feel he is a person.

In fact, in the Greek when you read in the Scriptures. It says he will be with you, and he shall that were he in the Greek is is a is a pronoun in which describing him as a masculine person. A person another comforter right so when you're say when you get saved tell me remember the day you were born again all hallelujah you'll never forget it, will you, he changed your heart he transformed her life.

He regenerated you and made you a new creation. A man will never forget it and the disciples I never forgot the day that they met Jesus Christ. So when God was calling you God Jehovah God. When God was calling you. The Holy Spirit was telling you you need him so you need God really God I don't want and you resisted you walk away, but the Holy Spirit is the one calling you to. He's drawing you to Jesus is drawing you to Jesus. Jesus was the image of the invisible God. Jesus was a man. Jesus was God face as if you seen me you seen the father writes Jesus today is still a man is not a spirit he is a man first Timothy 25. There is one God and one mediator between God and man. That's the man Christ Jesus is still a man and he still sitting at the right hand of God in the heavenly's and he's interceding for you and I is standing in the gap for us to stand right now representing you and I to the father, God told his disciples. He says I'm going to be leaving you and I got upset and Peter says you're not leaving me and he said get behind me Satan says that I'm going to send another comforter. I'm not going to leave you as orphans. So when you come to Jesus Christ and you experience salvation there comes a point in your life where you need another comforter you meet Jesus, it changes your life, you accept him as Savior and you walk with him, tragedy strikes, things get hard and you need another comforter.

That's the Holy Spirit. So Jesus resurrected a walk this planet for 40 days and they said don't leave us, and he ascended to heaven before he ascended, he says I'm going to send the promise of the father would say if you been baptized with water underpin this blog will baptize you ask 15 with Holy Ghost.

Another comforter so Jesus ascends to heaven. 10 days later there in that upper room wondering what they're going to do the man that they saw walk on water. The man that they saw fit 5000 with five loaves and two fishes demand that they so raise the dead man that they saw crowds that no man could number get around him while he preached the man that for miracle signs and wonders.

The man that spoke to the stormy seas in the column that the command of his voice is gone but have the Bible like we have the New Testament so there in that upper room praying in the Bible says there in one mind and want to court they want.

If individual other than what you know they were there committed to what God was doing and then all of a sudden there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house were there were sitting. They begin to speak with tongues. Once again, and magnify God. That was the evidence the baptism the gift of the Holy Ghost had come so what happened there God on his throne. Jesus is at the right hand of Saddam. What does he do he sins another comforter. Jesus is gone, they don't know what they're going to do in the spirit of God, the Spirit of God comes and he likes arms with you and he says I will not leave you comfortless and you need the Holy Ghost hallelujah cases I'm going to empower you. I'm going to comfort you. I'm going to help you do ministry and from that day forward, Peter, who was a coward who denied Christ three times, turned into a another man I tell people the baptism of the Holy Ghost will do for you what a phone booth did for Clark Kent, it'll turn you into another man you safe and I will baptize with the Holy Ghost. The apostle Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost preach the gospel. There was a Pentecostal revival. Not only did I speak with tongues but the Bible says 3000 people to the church and because they had another comforter is a person is a person that can be grieved to see his feelings get hurt.

He's he's he's hurt because everywhere you go that you should not go.

He goes with you everything you want at that you should not look at you, convicting you the whole time every time you act and react to what you should not react according to God's word is with you and is cleaved by because he's a person's raise your hands and praise them for just a moment's is God the Holy Ghost first registered nines design is not seen you has not heard from either resident in the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them but they are being refilled first 10 everybody stops at verse nine verse 10 says they are being revealed by the Spirit, because the Spirit searches the deep things of God. That's why Jesus says when you receive the Holy Spirit. He doesn't talk about himself. He speaks only what he hears from the father.

That's why he's called the spirit of truth, but there are 31 Co. Eagle, coeternal just like you and I Silas are you a part of the body of Christ.

So am I do we have the same personality and he says thank God. But we are one in the body of Christ, a man we are one of the father-son Holy Spirit, coequal, coeternal three different operations three different jobs three different motivations but all three point told one thing and that's the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ whether he was a man eating with Abraham whether he was a man encouraging just what whether he was a man looking in the fiery furnace, whether he was a baby laying in a manger, a man suspended him because he was the Savior. Pentecostal revival points to Jesus Christ and his saving power.

I cannot tell you how I want to see people change their life and I know all it takes is an anointing that can destroy every man or woman to his knees and say Jesus I need you and received baptism in the Holy Ghost. It's a benefit to see if it empowers you, helps you strengthen to all you can live without speaking in tongues to go to heaven without eating at times, but why would you want anything less from his disciples experienced. Would you want anything less than what John the Baptist is disciples experienced when they spoke with tongues, and magnify God. I don't want anything less to see the deep things of God. It would help your prayer life because the Holy Spirit likes arms with you once again and he helps you pray.

The Holy Ghost is more than an abstract fault is more than an energy is more than an idea. He is a person's John 1426 but the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost. The father will send in my name it shall teach you all things bring all things to your remembrance whatever I've said unto you, read from the amplified I want you to hear this, but the comforter, the advocate the intercessor. The counselor, the standby, the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name and my place to represent me and act on my behalf. So when Jesus walked the earth. It was God in Christ. Now you as the body is the church it's the Holy Ghost, Christ the Holy Ghost on the inside of you.

Are you following me this morning so your operating on his behalf. As an ambassador for Jesus Christ. Empower by the Holy Spirit of God and I believe that the spirit of God to its look at us face-to-face and talk to us like were talking I bet he would see if you see me you seen Jesus just like Jesus said if you say maybe you seen the father how to but it's Christ the Holy Ghost on the inside of us. He's on my present you know that means he's everywhere at all times the spirit of God is right here right now.

The Bible says in Psalm 139 verse seven. Whether shall I go from my spirit. Whether shall I flee from my presence if I ascend up into heaven, thou art there. If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art that you hear what I just said if you take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea even desire show by hand lead me and thy right hand shall hold me the Holy Spirit is eternal in Genesis 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and earth. The earth without form and void, darkness was upon the face of the deep.

We see the true director of the first three verses not in the beginning God Elohim, Jehovah God in the beginning God freed the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and without void.

That's a perfect attribute for Jesus you perform as you were bored you are empty you were abiding in darkness anniversary God said, let there be light, but integrate the sun, moon, the stars today for so God looks to eternity future and he saw that his creation would fall. He saw that item and he knew all about it.

He wasn't surprised that he saw you as well. So every every iniquity, every sin that you would involve yourself in may be involved. Now he saw every bit of it and he says I have to provide an atonement I have to provide a Savior.

That's what I have to do but he already existed, say, and he says you know what I'll do, I'll become one of them and that's what he did so when he said, let there be light in this dartboard world. He was expressing who he was. He wasn't creating like he was expressing who he was and that's why Jesus said in John one in verse one in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God in the beginning was the word the logo's low gloss is expression in the beginning was the expression of God and the expression was God, and in him was light and the light was the light of men.

The divided light from the darkness had been in John 812 Jesus said I am the light of the world and if any man will follow me and look after me, you will not walk in darkness, but he will walk in the marvelous light of life and in the Bible says the spirit of God hovered over the face. The spirit of God is what brought life to a dark, destitute, fallen world, I believe, is talking about a fallen world. In Genesis 1. Lord, I know doesn't create anything in darkness. He doesn't create anything void and empty so it became that way somehow but he's bringing life once again to it in the spirit of God is what stirred that life over the water.

It's the same Holy Spirit that stirred your heart, and brought you to Jesus Christ it's the same Holy Spirit right now that will sustain you in your life if you would just receive him by faith. It's the same Holy Ghost that's going to sustain and bring revival to willing vessels Christian center and stir up the people of God and help you understand and realize who you are to experience a revival like you've never experienced before. Shall yes the manifestation of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is eternal is on my present but to manifest mixed means making visible what is not seen him Holy Spirit is here. We don't physically see him until he manifests himself.

How does he manifest himself. Tongues word knowledge what you just saw prophecy, discernment, gifts of healing, et al. he manifests himself. That's how he makes himself known same helping. We always focus on the tongue as being something strange, but I want you to follow me for just a minute. What is the one thing James tells us that man cannot tame and I give them a big demand that you tame horses you can control a ship and aircraft carrier you can manipulate it. You can control it you can tell it what to do and it'll do it when it comes to your tongue. James visits an unruly evil. It's a fire is a spark that will start a fire and you cannot tame it.

So when you meet the Holy Ghost is in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the comforter was walking wants to walk with you and you speak with tongues, as the evidence of that baptism.

He's telling you that he has complete control of your life because the one thing you cannot control. He can and can't that's is evidence is evidence and then when you pray in the spirit. When you pray in the Holy Ghost. When you pray in the Holy Ghost. The Bible says that you are praying mysteries to God. I've been doing a lot here lately as I don't know what's going on the aft hey I want every file cabinet.

Marshall right and it's what we do we go to every of the file cabinet, but praying in the spirit times would bring the spirit together as a board, not many. Although we tried everything else. But you see the mysteries of God are not hidden from you there hidden for you, not from you, for you. Some of you are struggling your struggling to get it together.

Your struggling to help yourself but I've got news for you and this is good news. Believe or not you can help yourself you're in a dry season during a lazy season.

What do I need pastor the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was baptized 20 years ago will you need a fresh and filling. They were baptized and asked to ask for their in jail filled again. I did feel again, you think about this because you know I've had people tell me what pastor you notes seem like things will be happening in of the building would get built. This will happen and if you know but the more I think about that.

The more I think the exact opposite. Because I rework Paul and Silas were told to go to Macedonia. He had a vision that told him to go so he goes on his way. Just what happens. First thing you put in jail so so when God tells you to do something and it seems to be falling apart all that's just a sure sign you're probably doing what he wants you to. So there put in jail, stocks, hands and feet and Paul and Silas Arnold Ronald read where they said the Lord told of what we let why the working why is it happening while Macedonia preaching a great revival why are we not there but God's plan is always bigger than our plan. Dear God in heaven. I'm about to lose my mind right now. His plan is always bigger than our plan on trying to detain myself because they were meant to go to that jail cell because there was a jailer there needed to be saved.

So when they go to this jail cell interrupted the Holy Spirit put them in that jail cell. The Holy Spirit interrupted their plans for the Holy Spirit interrupted what he told him to do and it made it look like it wasn't going to happen, but all the while the Holy Ghost had a plant's apology Silas sent when I do get angry when I going to get sad will not go to court not going to quit what God has called us to tell you something when you quit.

You don't quit on me.

You don't quit on this church you quit on God. Don't tell me he's called you here and think because you are quitting on me and not on people consider sitting in that jail cell and I said let's sing a song. I wonder what they say. I bet they lifted up their voices in praise and they say no to God and let me tell you what happened, Pentecostal revival took place in that jail cell is always thought that they were busting loose always thought that they were praising so they could get out of their situation, but in the Holy Ghost reveal something to make pizzas when they were singing like that I wasn't breaking them out but I was broken in the Holy Ghost breaks into your situation changes will be sex-linked process come to Jesus Christ our so maybe every interruption may be the tipping destroyed was for us to go somewhere that did somebody say is people been bored in her baptized something once and that's it. And you know what it's worth at all. I do it again. I'd walk again.

I go through it all again if either one person will be standing in the kingdom of heaven because I was obedient to God. They can say well done good and faithful servant. That means more to me than big numbers. That means more than made in the building I'm telling. If it means we have to be here to get somebody born again for another six years like you want to do is be obedient unto God, feel this today so we know he manifests so grievance 447 I believe since this we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence in the power may be of God and not about what is that treasure the treasure is the Holy Ghost is the oil why the analogies right that's what we call the Holy Spirit living water.

But what I want you to get is that he's more than all that he's a person so that treasure is manifest in evident when the gifts of the spirit operating in your life.

A man, how wonderful would it be for just the Holy Ghost to use you somewhere you go into harbor freight or or wherever you hang out at and and you walk in a file looking at wrenches. They got 3/8 and you save to the employee was 3H which is his level of your check while he's gone to get a word of knowledge about the heavenly before I post on Facebook and, pretty much like the first time talking about and that's how he wants to operate in your life that deceive Jehovah's Witness knocks on your door so you hiding and ducking a digital word knowledge happened to me and it was verbatim what happened to them the night before. How can they deny my Jesus not there.

Jesus, my Jesus what I call God, not a prophet, not a good man but God it can happen to you is no respecter of persons is no respecter of persons, you could save yourself a lot of hurt in your life if you had the gift of discernment in your life. So when people come around.

You don't have good motives and they have slick hair and shiny shoes and they can talk a good game to serve something about that.

It will save you a lot of heartache so the church a lot harder to if you can operate in these gifts, tongues, interpretation of tongues operated. This is a Pentecostal church and it's going to happen and I will preach like this if I've got nobody sit in this church. I promise I will because I committed to the Lord, but I believe all my heart that in the midst of all the breaking multiplication is coming multiplication in the gifts of the spirit of multiplication and fellowship with other churches multiplication with opportunity to do ministry an opportunity to do missions talking about world missions. Some of you many of you are called to the mission field you hear what I'm saying you're called to the mission field you're called to the mission field you are called the mission field. Many of you are called to the mission field opportunity is coming.

It's going to happen. Will investors are you ready are you and feel with the spirit set ministry aside, the manifestation of the spirit and now look to your life personally hurt, pain, devastation thumps me tell you something that I tell you all the time. You're either in the middle of the trial coming out on your head and the one it's one of the other. If you're comfortable. Things are going great in your life seem like it's on the plan you want your father plan faster so I'm five minute plan was five years you should your plans up tomorrow. But when tragedies picture life and it will keep living.

When you get the doctors report when you when you get that unexpected tax bill you for that unexpected job cut is to give you a couple of years to find something no use in corporate America is worried about your your future. When that happens, you will have a comforter. I hope I can help you pray comfort you. During that time and help you and folks me tell you something having a church family like this is so vital to your health is so vital to your mental health your physical health. It's so vital for your children, because when you have a church people solemnly church that haven't real church is a note to get to your reader just jump in the water and start swimming. But there's like sharks along the way. I will be on the boat.

I would have a church family man. I can count on. That's who you are to me and that's who I want to be you. A man there's a great anointing coming.

There's an awakening coming right here to willing the subscription service going to point people to Jesus Christ. I leave you with this. Luke 1113 says if we, being evil, know how to give good gifts to our children how much more will backtrack. Matthew seven verse 11 says if we, being evil, not gifted to start children how much more will the father in heaven give good gifts to us who ask him now fast forward to Luke 1113. He says the same thing, only he says it this way is as if we, being evil, know how to give good gifts to our children how much more will he give us the Holy Ghost. If we ask.

I left the gift of the Holy Ghost belongs to you in my life growing up I was nine years old I heard this pastor who I heard it's not doing very well yet. Brain tumors now. I saw this pastor and a lot of preachers that I listen to personally most of my bed so I will listen to the dead man, what is under the listen to live dead man's a dead live man.

I promise you that. Anyway, so, so this pastor he sees not doing well. Still pastor he still called the pastor of this church for dinner, but I heard this man preach.

I can tell you what he preached on all I know is he got red-faced and peace called and I loved and I went home that night knelt down by bedside and I told my family. I wanted to be saved wasn't too much longer after that I was in a church of God youth camp in Asheville. Most Carolina while teenagers there were part of the Church of God. We were in the also worshiping and I received the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of tongues. Three months later I was preaching my first sermon I have in stock because this makeups have been in written, dumb and rebellious. He never left me for left me. I can never get them out of my mind never. I would listen. I've told you stored are sitting on a barstool somebody looking at me saying I had a dream you were preaching never met the guy in my life. I do run out of that place. I could get away from them helping neither can you.

Neither can your children when you get them in an atmosphere like this it will stick with him forever. I'm talking about Holy Ghost energized power packed word of the Lord will stick with him the rest of their lives what to Laura was preaching the gospel and the Lord has opened up many doors for me, it is my life story, but is brought me to a place now where I know in my spirit man. What's about to happen. I just know I know what's about to happen with this church and I know what's about to happen with you, what hurts me as a pastor is that I see the enemy creeping into the hearts of men and destroying them, and I don't have any control over that because at the end of the day you have free will and in the day you make a choice, I'm telling you he will plant seeds in your head and your heart tell you the way to doing receive the gift of the Holy Ghost

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