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The Anointing

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins
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March 10, 2019 9:33 pm

The Anointing

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins

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March 10, 2019 9:33 pm

The Anointing of God is the presence of the Holy Spirit coming upon you for Kingdom service. You have an Anointing with God's Spirit abiding in you, however a special Anointing comes upon you "for a reason and for a season"

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The anointing of God we hear it all the time we hear he's anointed she's anointed or there is an anointing upon life for that person back church for that ministry.

I often wonder we really understand fully what the anointing of God's development talk about that for just a few moments and then I will pray the prayer because we have so much work to do in this community so much work to do in this church to pale the kingdom of God and talking about membership. Ladies and gentlemen, you know, membership is.

I know there's a mentality today that you don't have to be a member of the Christian that is true. However, when you commit to membership what you're doing is you are committing your time, your efforts, your abilities and your saying that I'm willing to come up under spiritual authority and allow God to use me in my life. They make you realize there's authority and everything that you everything if you have a job you have a boss you may be the boss that you always have somebody over in some capacity. There's always some type of cathartic in the family right makes full speed ahead of his house.

You know why the children there's authority there you there. There's authority in schools. I may not be respected anymore, but they're still barking there like there's authority in our judicial system, with with the law with judges you know and and there has to be submission to authority. In order for things to operate function the way you're supposed to say when the church God has set it up exactly that way. In fact, I believe everything is election of the body of Christ is a reflection of the church. I think one of the biggest problems with the church in America today is that you have a this is the anointing because a lot of times we get anointing and gifted mixed and somebody could be gifted but not anointed here what I said just as you feel a loser run a producer response.

I decimated the anointing. I feel that it can't get a concert that doesn't mean it's not anointing that emotions are right, but the anointing of God is different. I would teach you that today because I believe in America we have a lot of gifted, especially mature. We have no anointed people and the reason we don't have anybody that's anointed is the cost are not willing to pay the price for what that calls right so what does that have to do with membership has a lot to do with it because it is in the church today you have no there's no respect for authority is about to get my pastor. They just take off. You never hear from them that's disrespected cathartic, if not ever lead you to another church. The least you could do as a pastor I feel led to go this way would you bless that and have been a blessing upon your life. A man respected authority know that that's we have so much of that going on today. We have spiritual renegades for people that want to become members of churches because if they do that they have to make a commitment commitment as a customer anymore. What you have somebody to be committed to what God is calling them to do will be committed to the mission of the effort of the church. If you have somebody to be committed. Ladies and gentlemen, they they they they get nervous they might have to give up and sacrifice something to do something for God to think about that as we talk about the anointing all right. Let's go to first Samuel 16 little power point presentation.

If you would go ahead and bring you a number 1Q what takes first Samuel chapter 16 and will read one verse 16 we have King David is not keen yet, but we know the story how God told Samuel and he told Samuel he said no and no K and he did say you be a shepherd boy so he goes into the house of Jesse, and he sees all these good-looking guys walk by and he said that divinity and one by one. Lord said that's not the man because God looks at the one the heart of a man looks not the presentation is not telling you what you anointing and gifting are two different things.

I could stand up here and give you a discourse on a doll that would make Mark anointed right somebody to get up here and see you happy and make you cry, but that doesn't mean there are no and the problem is the church building does not recognize anymore what gifting and what because it's the anointing that changes people's 60s so Samuel finally David is anybody else you have any more children is a well I've got one more buddies you know you don't want to see this guy is a little redheaded guy out there taking care. She don't want him I said bring it when he saw baby, he realized right in that that was going to be the key is a man I like this verse all right in the same took the horn of oil and anointing shall anointed anointed him in the midst of his River in the spirit of the Lord came upon David back day follower, so we often hear the word anointed right at the first point Devin if you would please would you be the definition of anointed means to pour oil upon smear to rub over with oil unshipped substance of some kind. So when when Samuel was anointing David.

He took the horn of oil and the Bible says that Christ is the horn of salvation so so so he takes this form of oil. Upon David said to what you see is an image picture a man a man having problems and barriers are solid, you get a mental image of I love this picture.

This is my favorite one is so you see the subject I see no man from the horn of oil.

I got David kneeling right in front of the sheep around is that wonderful because he was a ship I not know now that that has a lot to do with his anointing because I see the brothers in the background. I thought they were next in line right they were very gifted. I'm sure they can at least praise and worship.

I'm sure they could put on a good light show.

I'm sure they could do all of that they could demand everything that he is supposed to do, but they were not anointed or gifted to do man so so we see this picture here now.

Now to anoint ladies and gentlemen means to consecrate, to set up our holy use to sanctify a man so we have a picture here we have a picture of the Holy Spirit being poured out upon King David in the spirit of God overshadowing his life and anointing him for service as a K God was preparing him the whole time.

You know there's different levels of anointing in your life just like there's different levels of faith are different levels of joy right is little faithgreat faith much faith there's there's different levels just like there's different levels of anointing in your life. A man so so when when David was anointed with oil was anointed for service, but before that he was shepherding.

She and he had to find all online God was training.anointed him for that service fee anointed him to take care of the lion to take care of the dinner was going to come a time when he was going to have to take care of the 9 foot tall giant job anointed him for that as well so levels. I tell you all the time new levels like the closer you get to God, the deeper you go into his presence more than scuba diving. When you get a stupid diving deeper you go the more pressure there is not careful you have a panic attack and that what because the place was so heavy of all the weight on you and the instructors will tell you that they'll tell you don't you get to a certain point you'll feel the pressure don't panic. It would be all right. That's the same way with the anointing of God. If you want to be anointed.

The deeper you go in God, the more pressure that you're going to feel new levels new a man so when you make a commitment to Christ.

That's 11. When you make a commitment to the church. That's 11 and you're going to be pricks going to be put on the whole time trying to do is bring out the anointing you have gifts you have ability, but he wants to consecrate in sexual far a man that's what anointing is the Old Testament they would anoint key employees how many know that Jesus was a prophet, priest, and a K and even Jesus said spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me the gospel to the poor. A man all right Exodus chapter 30 I want to go there only a couple of verses. I want you to learn this morning how the anointing is attained, so when I say anointing. I want you to automatically think the presence of God. The presence of the Holy Spirit. A man Exodus 30 verse 22. There now. This is found in Scripture, we have God telling Moses, instructing him on how to create the tabernacle and the articles of the tabernacle of the brazen altar of the labor holy place, how to set up the curtain, how to make the decisions that would go into the holy of holies with the ark of the covenant is he was telling him how also to make the anointing oil is important.

All right, so verse 22 Exodus 30 Moses is speaking with the Lord on the mountain.

How limited.

Moreover, the Lord spake of the Moses say thank you also want to be principal spices that make important spices.

The best spices. Murder and of sweet cinnamon sweet calamus.

Verse 24 and of Cassio and of oil of the all now and also may get an oil holy appointment anointment compound after the park. The apothecary and it shall be a holy anointing oil and anoint the tabernacle of the congregation there with the ultimate test and he knows that the articles of the tabernacle. He says you will anointed and in verse 29 about self sanctify themselves like the five that they may be most holy whatsoever touches shall behold, thou shall anointed a minute or so. Consecrate them and they may ministering to be in the priest office, know that we are a royal priesthood in Christ and also speak to the children of his say this shall be a holy anointing oil, and to make throughout your generations. So he's teaching him a very affordable lesson about the anointing because you see the oil world, this is just a few moments the oil that is talking about your the olive oil was used for three different things to talk about that moment what he's talking about is the light for the holy place so there was no lamps.

This was before the days of medicine right there was no lanterns. There was no General Electric there was the light where today it is like they simply got it by the olive oil that was said to the golden candelabra that created the light that illuminated Windows XP Wealth building candelabra is a picture of the church body because John the river later stage revelation Wednesday night to be definite. John the river later saw seven golden candlesticks. He saw the Lord walking in the middle of the seven churches of Asia minor, which represents the body of Christ today so so we have a picture of the tabernacle of oil, which represents one of the Holy Spirit being fed to the vessel. We are willing vessel right in the fire of God being the tabernacle you are the light of you wants to buy anything in the Bible says let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify God in the light of the gospel should shine the anointing of God in some cultures, and in Africa when somebody confesses to get say give their heart to Jesus.

The first thing they do is watch the when somebody to Christ within a month back to salvation available because they understand that if you're born again, something should be shining on the inside of the gospel to becoming wanting to share your testimony with somebody is about time with the evidence of tones that they receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. They want to convert link somebody saved within a week they played it back to salvation because they understand that we have a great commission that we have to be anointed for service.

Preachers are not the only people that are singers are not the only people to be anointed teachers. You are supposed to be an Melissa. So we see the olive oil, representing the anointing of God defeating the Holy Spirit feeding the candelabra the light of the gospel shine in that place, but the anointing ladies and gentlemen comes with a price shall price comes with a price and I will visit the Scriptures.

I want you to get what you get. Everybody wants to be anointed, but not everybody wants to pay the price.

Exodus 27 verse 20 says this and also command the children of Israel, that they bring the pure olive oil be shopping for the light to cause the lamp to burn always bring up that third point that if you would please. I will assure you that some of the teachers olive oil comes from the olive fruits. But when you press the real hard, you will find any oil only white sent types of also the food tastes really bitter to get the oil of the fruit is to get the oil. The food and it seemed have to be crushed by a great white in the olive press.

I want you to see this so we have a picture of an olive press that they would have used back in those times I you have a stoneware that that's rolling around in a basin, which is where they would put the olive you have a mule guiding that thing into a circle with the really slow very happy back there guiding that you now know this was how they made olive oil others. A beautiful picture of Christ number one all right because everything begins and ends at the cross, a man that's where it all starts Jesus Christ now but I want to see something about the anointing in your life as well. All right number 13 passes of this olive press number one the first batch of oil that they would get the first question.

All right, shall be olive oil be the first pressing was for the light that was for the life of the tabernacle, they would see that candelabra and it would continually lied about was only like all right that was that was the first pressing the second one was for medicine right medicinal purposes. All right number three that was for so Lindsay, all right, now there's a beautiful type and shadow your dispute that I want to see this as it pertains to Christ because Christ before he went to the cross where was it was in the garden of Gethsemane. Now, do you know that Gethsemane in the Greek language actually means olive press is a good God. Gethsemane means all place. So he's in the garden of Gethsemane before the Roman soldiers come to take him to Calvary taken before the high priest and governors of the rulers of exhibits of the death. Jesus was crushed by the old to think about this. The first pressing is for the Linux the light of the gospel Jesus in John verse 12 is the light of the world and follow me in darkness, but shall marvelous John 115 is beginning was the word the word of God and the word was God the same was in the beginning with God without him was not anything made that was made in him was life and that life was the light of men and the like.

In the darkness comprehended it not.

In the beginning God in their form and void, as was upon the face of the great God said, let there be created for some constellation to bring light ladies and gentlemen that's something he created so that we can see see time and time to set our clocks back said. But the real true son, Jesus Christ will number two medicine was crushed in the garden as it was under great stress, so much so that he blatantly drops of blood, but take him as Roman soldiers and five sex crazed, hungry bloodthirsty role in so in John's Gospel Susan McKay. They said where is the Christ. As I Bible says they all fail to grant government at first all, what great power and authority. He had when they took him before Caiaphas limited in the pilot's judgment call pilot said I don't want to kill the man just start my tutorial upon the judgment all and they began to beat him with a cat of nine tails now.

Now this Roman which is interesting because with each a leather strap that was the last. This is historical fact, not just by the fact read your history books.

If you don't believe the Bible. This is what this man would be most historian says that nobody ever really survive and when they would beat him at that moment with that eventually they would bleed out director because each latch of the whip.

Josie said that pieces of flex the size of a man's hand fail the test pilot I want to think each last event which he was beaten within an inch of his life. Isaiah said that the beard was put off of his face and he was recognized. Should we desire was a crown for them for medicine was requested was the second time around. Isaiah said he was wounded for our friends, he was bruised for our and Peter said it's by his stripes we are healed. Not just in your physical body but in your soul was landed in your spirit man something like this again. If you have physical sickness, probably because of something internal that you were dealing with. So what's your deal with the room of the problem healing comes to you, not only in your body, but in your soul and your spirit man. If you can get your spirit man to heal your mind healed by the body of Jesus Christ.

Simply put your faith in our risen Savior. What's going to happen. I can explain it, explain it to where it says that when those where it was and nobody knows where the wind is coming from, but it touches the hearts and lives of number three, Jesus being crushed the fiery judgment. The Bible says when he hung the political cross away ornamental line right we put it on our next change of the rim around her next rappers room, but that day stickered on our car on our back here at sanded and polyurethane is wasn't. It was a cruel wooden by the federal and they nailed him and his wrists and his Achilles electoral why would he do that when they said I could call 12. It was press so you could be anointed and his blood shed on down just like that last time around. That was the pure olive oil created for so Lindsay is likely not only does it cleanse us from all sin. But it's like it sets us apart verse 12 you are signified by the blood of Christ means being set apart for holy, so that he can anoint you to cross-link to find you excited vacation set you up to be anointed you can't be anointed until you've been saying for five and Mrs. I asked the question all the time. I say Lord why why do we have so many worship teams with bad things on the planet right you know who they are as all the time I got a new song coming out every day right, but there's still people lost hurting and dying because there were double preacher scrolling through Facebook that we never seen before with more little clips and messages about people dying there addicted there in bondage because they're not anointed the difference between being gifted and being anointed with gifted people but they're not telling you could tell the difference very soon. I still have a lot. But sooner or later become the service world used all but the anointing of God. Every time you see every time you feel it is like something fresh.

It's like something new, but if you want that in your life if you want that in your ministry preachers if you want singers. If you want your ministry in your life and because you're not anointed until your crushed and beaten just like that all all fried you have so many flaws. That's why you have so many people liquid because they're not anointed, older gifted but they're not. I don't I've seen people start classes and equipment to show up. That just tells me that because when God you commit your faith and stand across all you might say, just like Jesus said horticulture will let this cup pass from me but in your heart you know you can but you need to be crushed just yesterday believe Moses was commanded to anoint the priest of the Old Testament to fulfill their duties in the tabernacle is a verse 10 says this and Moses took the anointing oil and anointed the tabernacle and all that was very and sanctified them, which is a verse 30 St. Jefferson when Moses took the anointing oil and of the blood is upon the altar and he sprinkled it upon a ring, and upon his garments, and upon his sons and upon his son's garments with and sanctified in his garments of his sons and his son's garments with sanctification.

Ladies and gentlemen and anointing hand-in-hand. You can't have one without the other. Following telling he has to set you apart and sink the fine busy anoint service now when you receive Jesus as Savior. The Holy Spirit company takes up residence in your life. Try partly you have a body soul and a spirit, your body is your flesh as if it's hot or cold case if you're hungry.

We walked past the coconut cream pie, your body says I will, but your soul, your minds is no born again and accept Christ if he changes your life spirit man is now alive is one piece of me but until your spirit man is born again because if you're not Savior, not born again you have a good spirit which major flesh is going to rule in those things you really don't want to do in your soul when your mind and your emotions because your flesh is really your life.

But when your spirit man comes alive become a new creation in your spirit and the Holy Spirit linked together.

Now you got Christ the Holy Ghost you and your anoint and there's just like was anointed to be the key he was anointed to kill their life, but then later on in his life, he was crushed. A lot of us because of his own space, but God is a good way of taking space and bring something good out of a man, and only God. That's what he did for David when he should've been out fighting was on the rooftop Lane peeping Tom with event when the first time that website and a new art laws that are looking but he was something happen when he did that when he when he fulfill that desire, we committed something happen in the Bible says in Psalm 51 that he repented so much so that he said create a clean heart and renew a right spirit. Psalm 92 verse 10 he says anoint me again with fresh. The English standard version of events is poor oil all over me once again this is not already done was a document he was talking about the anointing of the Holy Spirit, not only to be a key, but to fulfill his service and his commitment all right, but this PowerPoint if given the performer to get this right it down if you have something to write with the says this, the anointing comes upon you for a reason and for a season to remember this because yes you have the spirit of God. Yes, you have his anointing that you have his presence is anointing comes upon you just like it came upon David for new seasons and new levels of your life is an automated pastor, Mr. I could do it. What do if I was in. People say how do you do what you do. How do you deal with is that he put up a bit because his if he didn't want me to do it. I crumble and fall just like you think I should a man has nothing to do with me as everything to do with the anointing and call same thing for you and the problem is a lot of creatures they they go somewhere with no or doing something they're not anointed and it crumbles a fall, but let me talk to you because you have.

God wants to anoint you for seasoning your life wherever you are today.

Whatever season your he wants to anoint you to be effective in the kingdom of God. But it takes dedication it takes consecration.

It takes commitment. They want you to be a soul winner want to lay hands on the sick and see them that, but you have to be anointed and before he could be anointed you have to be class scheduling blogger. These conferences and they were quite safe.

They want to witness all this but they're not anointed to try to do it anyway. In the following with my Mrs. lay hands on no man said put somebody to work in the ministry. Whatever capacity quickly because if you do come to reproach you gotta wall the way you probably won't and it will so the anointing comes upon you for a reason and for seasons I went out but just a moment about maintaining and growing in the anointing.

As I told you there are different levels of anointing. Just like with different levels of faith. Enjoy. Ecclesiastes to verse one.

I think you bring that up. I will read it to get says this flies calls the ointment of the apothecary decision for us. Thinking Savior, so that a little folly. That is a reputation for wisdom and honor. This is your life you live in a day and time where you don't have to be guilty just accused of something. That's why your testimony is so he saying that that flies calls the anointing the ointment state and other words that one little see anything nobody knows about it stinks up the anointing he will put on your nieces a little folly. The little foxes soiling the vine. If you're going to make yes you are going to mess up with a life of repentance before God, forgive me and stay in constant fellowship with him on all of these bridges. I believe you have to sit every day.

I don't believe that one being given the right those who are born again do not see in everyday if you're actually sitting in your life. I question your salvation is a good tree bears good fruit, and you are say yes you make yes you blow your live a life before God and nurture the anointing of God upon your life. Don't let little flies stink up the anointing on your life. I'm not thinking I'm going to heaven. This is saying that he can use you the way he desires because you're not consecrated we have here.

We got a lot of shorthaired Nazirite's anybody get for cut his hair sense is dedicated to God. He had commitments to the Lord, you have any commitment you have anything you don't do and you don't tell anybody about how do commitments things are things I don't do that committed to him because I Nazirite but but but somebody that's committed and sanctified so that he can use it for his glory. Is this just little things that spoil the little foxes spoil the vine supplements. That song saw this little Cindy's sins. But I'm telling you, it will destroy because it just does not stop with the little see it doesn't stop there.

Ecclesiastes 9 exist with my garments. We always want and lick my head like no one went towards no anointing. Let your garments be white. Always live a life of repentance for the life of confession before God and fresh oil over a couple things on the Litchfield talk to this before that King David once again anointed to be dictate. He understood so much.

So now I know many of you heard me teach this before, but there are people here that it never is.

The thing about Pastor, you know what we hear when you're preaching to a flock like this, you have people who are strong in faith strong of a word and you have people that so so David was a shepherd, and he knew about only the anointing oil. In fact, Psalm 23, only here it feels, but it's a great song.

The Lord is much like it makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside the still restaurant it restores my soul for his namesake wow the valley of the shadow get out of here in real valid with me and I run my staff they comfort me forming the presence of mine enemies you anoint my ointment.

He said that he understood the principle behind it because he was a shepherd. She oftentimes would lives of the flower around her head and those live and work their way to their ears and dry mouth, and they tell us that in ancient times with a sheet with take their head and they would beat it against the rock of a God because he could stay but David knew the trip. They would take all of oil in spirit on the head of it would repay all flies in the ointment. Make the apothecary stick.

He understood that.

In other words, the fly is what contributed to that she wanting to lose their own will and was by those live and David called Jesus feels about which makes the Lord. Gotta make Satan himself. That's what he is the Lord of the fly is out agitates you to destroy your anointing bring you down to the B numbers to out of this. Isaiah 10 verse 27 and it shall come to pass in that day that this burden shall be taken away from all five silver yoke from off my neck shall be destroyed because of the anointing. I want to know something right there. It says the yoke will be destroyed. Not something you can put it back to fix it but when you just bring it back together again in your life. This is not suicide. Spirit is not like or not. Thank you for your I think you did you request the display will leave you with this, neither shall he go out of the sanctuary.

These are those were anointed with the priests for the crown of the anointing oil of his God is upon I am work he does anoint anything he anoints those who are consecrated work all was in Sunnyvale and he was anointed bristly duties. What's it mean for you and I will were not of the Aaronic priesthood. Thank God or the priesthood of Jesus Christ our great high priest first Peter tells us that we are a royal priesthood which we are anointed with crown you want to buy Internet listing my podcast. So thankful that you're listening today what we want to invite you to accept this anointed Savior Jesus Christ means it means anointed Savior and God anointed him anyway that doing good healing all the rest of the devil and writer that he wants to heal you wherever you're at, whatever you doing to stop what you're doing and simply say Lord Jesus I give you my life. I confess my sins because I know you're faithful and just to forgive me and to cleanse me from all arrived and confessing your with your mouth that you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, my friend.

If you do that by faith right for you will.

I believe you be a new creation in Christ. Old things passed away and everything becomes new and you could be in service Jesus.thank you for watching and listening

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