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The Samsom Option

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins
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July 21, 2019 8:31 pm

The Samsom Option

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins

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July 21, 2019 8:31 pm

Samson was called by God to be a Mighty Warrior for the Nation of Israel. Through a series of bad decisions Samson was able to call upon the Lord and see the Mercy of God. When you make mistakes always remember that the Lord is always ready to lift you up and establish you once again!

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God is good.this year the product contained me for stem so we can give them a bright boxer think I can just as easily take this thing out. One of the right. So we'll see how long this last Hebrews chapter 11. Turn in your Bible and Judges chapter 14 I want to look at a couple of passages this morning. I want to talk about the Samson option pastor, Silas, and I was talking one day were talking about the word different things. I would not come up but he said you know what he says you're, like Samson, that's a good thing or bad thing, but I begin to think about that. I'm like you know what there's a lot of people like Samson. I've heard many preachers in the arena that I'm in. You know they will say things like this that you know when God called me, I felt inadequate.

Like I couldn't feel that task like Moses, I can't speak before people. Public speaking scares me ill-equipped inadequate. A lot of folks say that the stand behind pulpits, but think about my life begin to think you know what, I've never really felt that way. In fact, there's no place more comfortable for me being behind a pole.

With the microphone in the Bible. I think Samson was sort of of the same mindset. I believe he knew that God had called him that God had sanctified him, set him apart to be used, just like he has you set you apart from significant purpose in the kingdom of God you believe that an Samson knew that. However, Samson like many of us, we come to a place where we feel like we can do it on our own without the help of the hand of God. Now you may not say that you may not even realize that but a lot of times that's exactly what you do and you can't make it without ever felt like you went through a season in life where all you did was make bad decisions, one right after the other, knowing you're making a bad decision spiraling out of control. Have you ever been there, +3 of you.

Well, I'm in good company.

Ideas for enterprise.thank you Delbert thoughts okay great I think we all can say that right but God is merciful listening. I'm so thankful for his mercy today five times and Judges chapter 14 and 15. When you read about the life of this great man of God.

Nine cents five times. The Bible says that he went down now course. Speaking physically he was going down to Philistine territory doing things he shouldn't do. Seeing things he shouldn't see saying things he should not say Samson had a syndrome it's a go where you shouldn't go see what you sit and see what you shouldn't do syndrome. Never been there and he made a habit of this.

But five times the Bible says he went down and I know that he went down physically, but I believe there's more of a spiritual significance to that and that he went down spiritually spiraling out of control continued to go down. There was a period in his life of about 20 years where he was a godly judge in Israel and Judges people wisely.

I believe that but then the Bible says he once again went down a man I look at Hebrews chapter 11 and will go to Judges 14 only two passages endorsement stand for the reading of the word. If you would let's honor his work today. Hebrews chapter 11. Let's look at verse 32 through 35 now. Hebrews 11.

Of course, is what we call the hall of faith, writer of Hebrews is talking about great men and women of faith who did great exports for God simply by faith right and then we come to verse 32 nieces, what shall I say more for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and of Barrick and of Samson shall Samson verse 33, who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions clinch the violence of fire escape the edge of the sword and out of weakness were made strong shout yes and wax about in-flight turned to flight the armies of the alien by faith, go to Judges chapter 14 take a hard left right after Joshua and I want to read verse four. They may have it on the screen for your very good. Judges 14 in verse four, but his father and his mother. This is the father mother of Samson. This is a hoax. This verse of Scripture right here rock my whole world.

Theology theologically because we have our preconceived ideas about how God does things and we think that he's predicated on our decision that he does things based on what we do. But that's not how God works. See, that's how man works. That's how you work.

But that's not how he works this verse reckoning I verse four, but his father and mother knew not that it was of the Lord that he sought an occasion against the Philistines were at that time the Philistines had dominion over Israel to be seated by the Lord at his blessing to the word of God today. Now that verse is strong because Samson went where he shouldn't go did what he should not do and he always seemed to say what he should not say now. Chapter 13 jewelry were the Bible says that the spirit of the Lord came upon Samson and he waxed valiant. He was a great was of great physical stature and that he was so strong it will read about the great exploits that God the Holy Ghost did through Samson by these feats of strength, but beyond that Samson was a Nazirite shall Nazirite he didn't cut his hair. He didn't touch anything that was dead and he did not let alcohol touch his lips if he did one of those things throughout his life he would lose his covenant as a Nazirite before God. Just one of those things now we read about Samson. He did all three of those things and he broke his Nazirite vow.

But Samson from birth was consecrated, set apart for God to use him in a mighty way. The plan of God was to use him to destroy the Philistine army and nation was pagan and wanted to take over the Israelites and their nation. But God was going to use this man by the name of Samson to destroy the enemy of God.

You know, today that he has called the church, the body of Christ. He's called us out set us apart so that we can defeat the enemy of this world and win lost souls to Jesus Christ.

That is still the number one mission of the church, you realize that the number one mission is to see people born again. I don't want to see people make a decision on so we can fill out a card of how many made a decision. I want to see people born again because the Bible still says that you must be born again before you can see the kingdom of heaven, and I believe on that same note that the church had a greater impact on the world when the church was less like the world. I got some good stuff this morning, save again. The church was more effective had a greater impact on the world when it was less like the rural if I want to go to business school out of went to community college. The light of the church. I want to feel the power of God because that's what's going to transform and change lives.

You believe that today chapter 14 judges.

The Bible says that Samson went down, you know, Mr. Samson was consecrated and chosen. You realize your chosen today that he has set you apart. The very fact that you hear means that he has a calling upon your life, you haven't gone too far out of the hand of God who he can't pull you back into covenant with him willing to see that in the life of Samson today.

You know people say that life begins at conception, I totally disagree with that.

I believe life begins before conception because he told the prophet Jeremiah before I formed you in your mother's room had already sanctified you and set you apart to be a prophet to the nation. I believe life begins before conception and that God has set you apart and made to a living viable part of the body in the kingdom of God. All right, Samson goes down he goes down the Temne and Philistine territory only realize you become the company you keep. That's right, you will every single day of your life.

The company you keep. You will become. Mark my words marked his work today. He goes down the Temne and he finds a woman and he likes her, his back to mom and dad said well I found nice looking gal and Temne probably showed the Instagram check around them. Mom and dad looks at him and says can you not find somebody from Israel to fall in love with you have to go. Today's uncircumcised Philistines had signed a woman there.

His exact words, but they did not know that the Lord was working the whole time. Remember the verse we read all right. So they began to go down the Temne and is there walking down the Temne young lion comes out of the thicket and jumps in front of them getting ready to attack what the Bible says the spirit of the Lord came upon Samson and the Bible says he ripped that all I am like a young goat, ripped it like ice read a paper because of the power of God that was upon his life. I tell you that no matter where you are, whether you are walking with God or melting away from God or doing one of the other abiding somewhere in the middle you see, which are walking with him or melting away from the enemy is always out to destroy you and cheer you and take your life and separates you from God. You understand that today I think about first Peter five and a consistent your adversary the devil is like a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour. Samson wasn't even in the will of God and the devil was still trying to kill him. You have this mindset that if you're not serving God, the devil is going to help you out of these on your side.

Let me tell you he will kill you without heading if he could he is out there to steal and destroy. God has come to give you life and to give it to you and I'm here to tell somebody today (from God.

I know you bloated and you just made a mess of your life.

But it's never too late to say here I am saying is sooner. Samson goes to Tim finds this woman when he does he throws a party 30 Philistines. There was a doing these drinking once again broke his covenant as a Nazirite. Think about that folks tell me if you have valves with the civil pastor what your your business between you and God. Right have some valves with make make sure there are certain things you just don't do because you love him, and it may be right. It may be wrong. I don't know but it's of value made with God. A man and it's nobody's business but yours in his something powerful about valves with God.

Samson broke is because the Temne he starts drinking starts making riddles acting silly all the attentions upon him because he's just charismatic and a man of great stature and strength.

They've heard about this young lion that he destroyed with his bare hands.

The ladies are hanging on every arm. Samson makes a riddle he says if you can solve this riddle. I'll give you 30 pieces of garments to all 30 of the people if they will not. These are not just any garment. I'm sure these were the Canales suits of the day like the Philistines knew how to dress papers not so much the Philistines, the pagan folks knew how to dress and he says I will get you 30 garment 30 Canales suits for you to strut around it now reposes this riddle about the lien and Philistines coerced his girlfriend and getting the information out of them right to see a pattern here all right in Samson's life so he marries this gallon.

She gets the information out of it.

Philistines are about to miss it would solve the riddle.

Samson gets angry instead of repenting before God. Going back to where he belonged it was supposed to destroy the enemy not play with. The problem is so many of us, the world has more of an impact on us than we do on it.

When you go to your job with your family. They have more of an impact on you than you do on the exam. That's a problem that's what was happening in Samson's life. He continued to go down. He gets angry he goes down the Philistine city and he kills 30 men takes their garment and gives them to those 30. Many had departed with well he goes back home for a while gets bored, to see my wife goes back down the Temne by that time the wife's father had already given away to somebody else spoke of course, Samson's got a track record of getting angry and he gets angry so he decides he's going to catch 300 foxes, senior Bible and the Bible says he ties their tails together and he puts a firebrand between their tails and sends them through the wheatfields of the Philistines all that was there money that was their crop that was there living and he destroyed it. They destroyed while the Philistine leaders get angry so they go to his ex-wife and father-in-law they burned and they murder them.

Think about think about Samson's life.

All of these bad decision. All of these things that he's doing that are doing nothing but bringing devastation to his life. Samson goes back home to Judah, Philistines, or disappointment very angry. They come looking for Judah to come to Judah. They say Samson is a strong warrior. Where is this man of God, whose destroyed our living for the next year we want him so the men of Judah. They find Samson on top of the mountain.

I said look, buddy were given you over. Like it or not Samson. Out of respect for his brothers. He said well I'll go if you promise not to kill me first. Since we won't will take you to sleep at new handcuffs on them taking down and as he's coming down the mountain. He sees the Philistines waiting on them at about that time the anger riles up in him again in the Bible says an interesting thing. The spirit of the Lord came upon Samson hallelujah receive it out of his bad decisions. God was still working in his life fulfilling his will and his purpose even when you don't know he's looking he's working in your life when you don't see him doing anything he's doing something in your life and I'm telling you, if you have faith in God today that he is working out all things for the good of them who are the called according to his purpose. Hallelujah receive these many gets angry.

The Bible says that the spirit of God came upon him. He breaks loose out of those new bonds now he finds a jawbone of an ass donkey and he takes that thing of the Bible says he killed a fowls in Philistines with one child goal. Think about how you would think that God would just give up on section.

You'd think that God would just turn his back. Well, he won't listen.

I tried to help them. I've done everything I can like I cast my pearl before swine. He never said that Carhart never turned his back on Samson and Samson got thirsty. I'd say if you kill a thousand men you would be thirsty. They got hurt. He said Lord here I am I bloated again. I went where I should not go.

I've seen what I should not see it.

I've done what I should not do, have done it again.

I would never been there but I have good job telling you.

Sometimes you know I would think the older I get, the stronger I would get in some areas but it just seems like the older I get the closer I get to God for the Miller I'm aware of how we got really and that's what happens to the closer you get to God the more self-awareness you have and the more you realize you need him you need his mercy and his grace you needed to reach down and pull you out and establish a goal in soccer not doing anything for God and you're sitting on the sidelines of Mitchell requirements. It's a little uncomfortable for you. Will you just stay in her fearful corner.

But when you actually decide to take a step of faith and say Lord I don't know what it looks like I don't know how it's going to feel how it's going to end up, but by faith because on goddesses wanted something to drink jawbone. The Bible says and he carved out a little hollow spot and water began to appear.

You think about this. What he used to commit murder city wasn't supposed to touch anything. It was a Nazirite that very God use that to sustain him and help him. Good God. That means to us. You and I what is your weapon today. Your weapon is the word of God. The Bible says that you are washed by the water of the river. Hallelujah. So what is your weapon is your sister and it's a new provision as well so that when you do better at this, you can always go back to God's word. You can always go back to the living water because his will will not change.

There will never be an extended mission there better be a new copy of the 66,189 chapters 732,212 verses of God's holy water. That's his promise to God still had a promise with Samson, God still had a calling upon his life, and even though Samson took the wrong road. Even though he made decisions, one right after the other bullet time and time again, God had made up his mind. I'm still going to use this man to fulfill my purpose in his life. I go to the same thing in your life. You see my goddesses good preaching no I think about Sentinel. I think to myself how in the world can a man of God so anointed powerful makes of so many dumb decisions and I look at my life and I feel better about myself because everybody wants to sell a lot more like David. I'm more like Elijah, like Jesus, like the apostle Paul said to send me to brother you see, God knew the whole time God knew the whole time.

Once you think he was surprised this Nazirite long beautiful hair, strong as an ox, the judge of Israel, the Savior of the time of the day you think God didn't know he was going to go to Tim none chase women course he did, just like he knew what she was going to do before you think just because you don't ponder on it long enough. God doesn't see it all. He sees it sees every bit of it. So Samson it's a McGregor water. He repents comes back to job and for 20 years. He judges Israel with power and authority with prestige. 20 years later he gets that urge again starts hanging out in days a and he meets take a guess a woman he meets a woman by the name of Delilah. We know what Samson was struggling with and Delilah, very beautiful, strong-willed, determined remind you of anybody. Samson meets this woman falls in love with her starts hanging out in days and Philistine territory. So these Philistines get word that Samson back in town and they said years are shocked to tell you something.

There are demonic forces assigned to you who are looking for an opportunity to take you out. That's why it's important watchword you go watch what you do watch what you say watch how you write don't leave foolish and lose your life before the time is to get rid of this idiotic mindset that well when it's my time.

It's my time. No sir. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes that the man who lives overly wicked and foolish this time he lives so the enemies coming after him again just like he's coming after you time and time again. He's never going to let up is never going to quit. The closer you get, the more pressure he's going to apply but the more pressure he applies the gospel loses that greater is he that is in you is send this letter is grace, there's no anointing there's no power to tread upon severance and scope of powers of the devil have Delilah listen honey will pay you a good living wage.

Find out where his power lies. Is that okay I'm up for the challenge. She gets in Samson, she asked him a few times. How do you get the strength how do you get this power. How do you do what you do and Samson just winked at her and said well if you do this I'll lose my power so she tried a couple of things you know new flax to tie his arms and they did. Philistines came after when they did, he broke it and revealed the power and glory of God. Again he was playing with this thing see. Don't play with your anointing don't play with the call that is placed upon your life was playing with. He was thought he could do it on his own folks from experience I can tell you that you can't you could not feel a nap with a bad cold.

You cannot do anything away from the anointing and power of God you didn't earn your degree. You didn't get your job and work your way up. It was the job. The whole time promoting you and telling you where you are.

The first time you think you had something to do with it in the mirror and say whatever meant taking list all because it's just right around the corner.

If you think you can't fall again ready to fall. I know what I'm talking about. I was a young, good-looking fireball preacher. I didn't appropriate and I would quote chapters not versus chapters do not do that on. I pray for people cast out devils stand before teens crowns the great. I made the statement. One time, I've got too much word and beautiful one long pole. I was as low as I've ever been in my life and I just kept going down to Keithley, a man you need him.

But the good news of that story is that when I was ready so we see. Everywhere I went I had to Samson syndrome safe. I went where I shouldn't go to, but I shouldn't have silent auctions all said well I shouldn't say acted on which I should've acted on.

But every time the Holy Ghost was right there with me and I could not forget about Ephesians 113 that says you are sealed with Holy Spirit of promise to have a day of rain. I'm telling you, you can never go too far.

Preacher lied to you is never a place where he's not so separated from the love of God, elation, distress, persecution, fame in the sparrow song was written during accountancy for the slaughter man all these things we are more than conquerors through him, no Angels, no principalities, things present, nor things to suffer Jesus Samson finally news and there was woman will be American Phyllis and is okay, I'll tell you and he did. If you cut my hair. Probably half drunk to his only bogus covenant. That's the mindset he had ugly well come this far, why quit now been there to at six 112 so I can like you never said something like that. What you just take a church face-off in the room with God at 20 to move feeling good. The love live do not know what I know what and so will cut my hair. Always my power will she got the Philistine leaders said razor and went to the Rome barbershop laid his head in the lap of Delilah, like many of you lay your head in the lap of the world. They begin to take his power.

He did even though it it wakes up and got them bound.

In fact Delilah was yelling at him to wake up how deceptive art of preaching our right there, but I'm not.

He wakes up and is bound and he just laughs there edited the end of the Philistines that is never learned how arrogant he was like this young preacher when he started to fall, so I do when you think are beyond the bounds of making a huge mistake.

So he tries to break loose of the Bible says he did not know that God God's power was removed, not God's power system. Years go by Dave took his eyes out so I can't see but maybe a laughingstock I could've killed him very easily. But they wanted to make a laughingstock of and they wanted to display him in front of everybody.

Well, they had a drunken party they should go to that Samson fella, let's make fun of them for a while.

They bring him into the middle of the Philistine court with her having the party they put in between two pillars. The Bible says and Samson said to the jailer. He said Buddy can you just taught me up on these pillars so I can hold on to them. I'm not feeling well well sure Mr. Sansone court is going make fun of you. Anyway, and they did. But the Bible says they did not know that his hair was growing back hallelujah he had somebody praying for them just like you got somebody praying for you never left him was. Judges 16 I will read this and will close with this Judges 16. Hallelujah and look in verse got tell you something is returning. You are not your struggle I was saying all the time.

You're not your password or not, your struggle like not care what somebody says to you, you're more than that in the eyes of God. I'm telling you today.

Samson has a come back all right. I'm in the wind whistling down chapter 16 verse 28, and Samson called unto the Lord and said, oh Lord God. Remember remember somebody today. Remember me, I pray for and strengthen me if I pray the only this once God that I may be at once avenge the Philistines for my two lives.

Verse $0.29 and took hold of the two middle pillars upon which the house stood on which it was born up one with his right hand and the other with his left.

You get a beautiful picture right here.

If you think about it, you got the man in the middle. Don't you dislike you had another man in the middle between two thieves and Samson said verse 30. Let me die with his Philistine. This is powerfully ready and he bowed himself with all his might to the house, fell upon the Lord's, and upon all the people that were therein so the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life just like Jesus. He defeated more enemies at his death on the cross that he did while he will serve it's never too late to repent.

It's never too late to see a change in your life do you hear this printer today. You are not your struggle when you stand before God is not going to look at you and say I cannot believe that in 2001. Wow, you did better. 97. Just this last week. No sir, no man, when your faith is a good in the cross of Christ and you stand before God.

The only thing he's going to see is the red shed abroad that was applied to your heart that you did yesterday. The Bible says a righteous man falls 77 times.

Somebody realized that you think Jesus Christ thank you Jesus, walking by Internet listening by podcasts were something that you can hear the word of the Lord today.

Just like Samson.

You can come back to God through Jesus Christ sired you today simply say Lord Jesus I give you my life.

Forgive me my sins cleans my heart say I believe Jesus is Lord and Lord of my life. That simple to set it by faith. I believe transforming power they can poison your life and you are born again. Jesus and I thank you for watching. God bless you

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