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Where did our power go?

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins
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May 31, 2020 8:52 pm

Where did our power go?

Voice of Power Broadcast / Pastor Garry Adkins

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May 31, 2020 8:52 pm

Listen to this powerful message from Pentecost Sunday.

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Welcome to the voice of power broadcast with Gary Atkins willingness as Christian center in King North Carolina in a postmodern culture pastor Atkins preaches an old-fashioned message under a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit, pointing, meaning winning to the truth of Scripture and freedom found in Jesus Christ pastor Atkins police the body of Christ has a voice and when we declare Jesus is Lord and the voice of power is a recent message from the tabernacle of willing vessels Christian center question this morning for you and for the church as a whole better use were good all power surge instructor search would approach one and the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, behold now, the place where we dwell with serious destroyed for us to talk to compact the overflow room, sort of like what we have.

Let us go with bravery under Jordan exits every man being and let us make us a place where we might dwell and he answered, go ye underline you because that's important and one said the content operated by servants, and he answered, I will go so we went with them and when I came to Jordan, the cutdown would, but as one was failing a DB accent fell into the water and he cried and set allows master for it was borrowed and the man of God. Elisha said where did it fall where Philip that's important and it showed in the place of the cutdown stick and tested him hither and the iron, the accident did swim think about the and therefore said he'd take it up to the and he put out his hand and he took it up, keep your finger there about come back to the text, but I will take you back in time for the on this day of Pentecost, the Pentecostal church has been through a lot were to be damned well it began in the New Testament. It began on the day of Pentecost in acts chapter 2 when the Bible says the spirit of God was poured out upon the disciples in the hundred and 20 that were in that upper room fire was upon their heads.

They spoke with tongues and magnify God. That was the day of Pentecost pinned to meeting 50 of the 50th day after the resurrection of Christ. Christ resurrected and walked the earth for 40 days. Then he ascended to heaven and he said Terry in Jerusalem until you be endued with power from on high. 10 days later they were praying they were worshiping God poured out his spirit a mighty powerful thing happened on the day of Pentecost. And that's what were celebrating this morning. Now the New Testament church would began turning the world upside down. That's what they did when you read the book of acts. There were many people healed. Laymen walked on their feet again deaf ears were open people were raised from the dead miracle signs and wonders took place and then persecution came the disciples began to be martyred.

Paul eventually lost his life and we see that over the next few hundred years that this thing called Pentecost. This New Testament church would began to quiet down when you come to what's known as the dark ages in the Catholic Church rises up and they would not even allow people to read the Bible in fact they would change it to their podiums and would not allow people to read why so that they could manipulate the masses they would sell indulgences and say well if you want grandma out of purgatory and into heaven.

You gonna buy this piece of paper inside the priest will pray that out of purgatory. Well, there was a man by the name of Martin Luther in the 16th century and he got tired of it because he came across a verse of Scripture that said, the just shall live by faith. Now we have the Protestant Reformation and because of the boldness of Martin Luther. We have thousands of Christian denominations that call themselves Christians. We reformed against the Catholic Church. Well about the 18th century.

You have a man by the name of John Wesley you ever heard of him. He was a trailblazing evangelist by horseback in Europe.

He would take the gospel of Jesus Christ. But not only did he preach that salvation was by faith. He also preached a thing called sanctification that a man or a woman could pray and ask God to sanctify them and set them apart for a holy use that he could cleanse their heart and that sin did not have to have bondage over their lives. They do not have to be addicted to nicotine or alcohol or perversion.

They could actually be set free from all of that. That's what he taught and of course, when he began to teach this descendent to America. He said to the colonists and that became known as the Methodist church. Why because he implemented a new method of seeking God it wasn't no longer just salvation by faith which was wonderful. Martin Luther brought a great message and a great reform but John Wesley took it a step further because he realized that we could go further and deeper and higher in our relationship with God. The Methodist Church began to call themselves holiness people. And from that branched off holiness churches all across America. Different sects of holiness. Now let me just servicing their here we are a few hundred years later, in the Methodist Church is now deciding whether they want to say same-sex marriage is okay or not. I tell you it seems like they come a long way from the preaching of their founder John Wesley lost their power. They lost their accent put on the late 19th century in the mountains of North Carolina in the mountains of Tennessee a couple of Baptist brothers felt like there was more to this thing called Christianity. So they got into a little room one in the place up in the mountains. They began to pray and they said that they experience something that they thought well this may be sanctification, and then they experience what they called up fire baptism and bait spoke with tongues just like they did on the day of Pentecost from those four brethren sparked a movement that was called the Christian Union then they call themselves the holiness church in Cane Creek, North Carolina, and today it's known as the Church of God 7 million members worldwide. All because for brothers in the mountains decided that they were going to seek God because there was more than just your average attending church. They knew that there was something to serving God and January 1 19 010. A young lady by the name of Agnes Osmond said that she experienced something that she didn't understand. She felt that the power of God came upon her and she began to quiver and she felt the heat and she began to speak in a language that she could not understand, she became the first person of the 20th century to receive what we know as the baptism of the Holy Spirit from Barrett sparked a revival in Los Angeles, California of all places black brother by the name of William J. Seymour stumbled on to a place called Azusa Street and he says I'm just gonna start a revival I did know what he preached. He preached Pentecost set a man or a woman can be saved. They can be sanctified and big bacon beef building baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues and in 1906 the Bible started in Los Angeles, California of all places. Now get this. They had church three times a day for seven days a week for 3 1/2 years now Pentecostal churches are doing.

If they can get their people for one hour, one day a week. We've lost our power 1906. That revival sparked many Pentecostal denominations you have the Church of God you have the Pentecostal Holiness church, you have the Assemblies of God and now Pentecostal believers. Charismatic Christians make up the largest sect of Christianity on this people, planet, did you realize that well. Then came World War II in the 40s and 50s, there were men like AA Allen men like William Branham, men like Oral Roberts who felt God calling them to raise up a tent and had to meetings and tent revivals and healing began to take place. Olympic started calling it healing revival, and people were healed by the masses, then you have the 1970s, and Timothy Hagan brings the word of faith message and says that you can and shall live by faith, and that the believer shall have whatever he desires and then in the 1980s and 90s resolve the Bible and Pentecostal churches. In fact, 1995 in Pensacola, Florida. A man by the name of John Kilpatrick goes down there and start to revival that would last for years and it's estimated that 200,000 people gave their heart to Jesus Christ. During that revival. It's estimated that over 300,000 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, and magnify God, but the revival soon died out. The tent revivals started dying out the 9/11 happened with limited rewind. In 1998 God with his fiery finger reached down and germ at the North Carolina and he touched the shield in math and sparked a revival in my heart for 20 years now I've had a Bible in one hand and a microphone at the other, declaring that Jesus Christ is Savior sanctifier, Holy Ghost, baptizer, healer, and soon coming King. Somewhere along the line we have lost our power traded powerful persuasion churches feel like they have to persuade people to come to God's house. We have the right lighting of the right worship band and the right close on the preacher and the right cameras in the right technology. Maybe we can draw a crowd, but the problem is you replace that for all your power when the apostle Paul within the New Testament and he preached. He said I didn't come to you with enticing words of man's wisdom, but I came to you and demonstration big power was the power of God that drew men and women to Jesus Christ and that hasn't changed just because we change the model doesn't bring the power of God has changed to bring men and women to salvation. Now we go to our text second James chapter 6 verse one Elisha not to be mistaken with Elijah. Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire when he was he gave Elisha his mantle, his anointing Elisha was anointed with a double portion of the spirit that was upon Elijah. In fact, he performed the miracles that Elijah did. Elisha was a prophet of God, who prophesied in Israel for 50 long years. In fact he was so anointed that when he died and they put him in a grave that they did another dead man in his grave, but through that man in there.

The Bible says that man came back to life. I tell anointed that Elisha wants it was a baldheaded brother. He was in good company syllabi. He was walking around 1 billion little children came out and started making fun of his bald head Julie that in Scripture and the Bible says he called after she bears to get this was on anointed man of God. He had a bunch of prophets who were working underneath him. He was teaching them the ways of God was teaching them how to be a prophet and accompaniment site. Elisha, our buildings too small. We need a bigger school and he says go now this has a parallel narrative of the New Testament church. Christ is the head of the body. Elisha was a type of Christ, and he has told you and I as the people of God to go. He's told us to go into all the world is Pentecostal believers, is that all power is given out to me in heaven and in earth.

Therefore, I teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father of the son and of the Holy Ghost, and he said hello I am with you always.

That's why it's okay to be scared of heights because he said hello I am with you always. But he said go in Mark's gospel. He put it like this is that these signs shall follow them that believe all hallelujah. But surely hands on the sick, and they shall recover, shall speak with new tongues, and magnify God. These signs will word that's what Jesus told him he said go notice in the passage he says go you see everybody say he now we discount that for distal King James language, but in the Hebrew.

It is so powerful because it's actually saying you now not just go go now. That's what the Lord is calling us to do as a Pentecostal church in his last days is calling us to go now where the highways and hedges go into your family went to the community, but you better go full of the power of God and full of the spirit of the presence of his anointed, so that you can have an impact and effect that will last a lifetime. It is possible this is. Go to verse three at once addicted to it are private and go with my service and answered I will go they wanted Elisha to go with them. Jesus walked with his disciples, and there were many times he says I will be leaving you soon and Peter and some of them said there are going anywhere and wherever you go. Were going reset it many times. Why because they did not want him to leave them but go with me if you would put your finger there.

Go with me to John. John 14 number 60 and I will pray the father and he shall give you another in the Greek. That means another at the same time, I will give you another comforter.

I like that word that means Paraclete. That's one who comes alongside and he walks with us. In fact, the text actually means that he locked arms with us and walks hand-in-hand with us, that he may abide with you forever, even the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, neither knows him. But you know him, for he dwells with you shall be due, the apostle Paul put it like this in Galatians 220 is that I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live, but Christ lives in me and the life which I live in the flesh I now live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. Cannot tell you if you will put your faith in Jesus Christ, that he will take up residence in your heart by the person of the Holy Spirit, he will not leave you nor forsake you. But he will go with you to the exact place that he has called you to be a will was 18 I will not leave you comfortless I will come to you yet a little while in the world sees me no more, but you shall see. Because I live, you shall live also you shall know that I am in my father in you and me and I in you and he that hath my commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me and he that loves me shall be loved of my father and I will love him and I will manifest myself to him how did he manifest himself to the apostles, of whom he was talking to. How did he do that when Jesus the person goes to Calvary resurrects three days later shot yesterday believe it seems to have them before and they hear the words this same Jesus that you see acidic will come back in like manner, but how did he made a fist himself well in acts chapter 1 verse five Jesus said Terry in Jerusalem because John baptized with water unto repentance, but not many days hence.

You shall be baptized everybody say baptized with the Holy Ghost and bursae decisions. You shall receive power, after all, dear God, you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come up upon you to see the Holy Ghost was already in them.

He said it shall come up on you and you will sap power you will be a witness unto me in all the world.

Acts chapter 2 of the Pentecost was fully come, they were in one place one mind, one accord and then suddenly everybody say suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting there appear to cloven tongues like as a fire and it sat upon each of them and they began to speak with tongues, and magnify God as the Spirit gave them utterance in the Pentecostal church was birthed, but the Pentecostal churches lost its power loss of power, as the prophets were working one of the ax heads. Notice they were working there but not announce that work being that major exerting energy you're doing something dear God, they were working but he got like today's. He began going through the motions that he lost his power, he lost his ability to work at what's happened to the Pentecostal church that's what's happened to many of you before this morning. You started off hot. You start off serving him with zeal and excitement and then you call the trial along the way it did work out the way you thought it would not allow direct said to just fly off into the water because you're just going to the messenger to showing up on Sunday morning.

If you are not on vacation. If you have the time and you've lost your power and you see little hints of it here and there that's just because he's good to you, but he wants to take you further. He wants to take you deeper and he wants to take you higher in his power. Many of you before me this morning are saved but I wonder if you've ever been sanctified. I wonder if you ever cut off some of that stuff. It just hinders your relationship. You know what I'm talking about some of those things are just lagan hanging on the little foxes, that spoil the bind it's not about what you do or how you look or what you say to where you go.

It's about your heart seeking after God is something ladies and gentlemen I was going up in Pentecost. I had a pastor that would not mow his glass unless he was wearing a suit that we call that silly and legalistic, but I want to tell you something when he got behind the pulpit.

It was like he said his elbows on heavens window seals and the power of God manifested the spirit of God was manifested, why because he made up his mind that he wasn't going to let the world flesh or the devil did in the middle of he and his relationship with a powerful awesome God. It was his heart, not what he was doing, but took it to the extreme women that wear makeup and wear dresses and I remember that all that they could play some say I'm glad women started wear makeup again as a pastor how you feel about plastic surgery so well depends on the before and after picture. I'm I just lost my morning a mighty skill that spirit.

It was stay with me it was the condition of their heart.

They did not want to lose their power. And yes, some of things were silly, some of it will record legalistic but I'm telling you the Pentecostal Church of the charismatic churches today. They went so far in the opposite direction. Now anything goes blue but alcohol here little bit of tobacco there little bit of this little bit of that which always leads to more always does what I like the taste of alcohol really you take the alcohol out of whiskey and see how many people stop drinking. I'm serious.

Take it, take it out of whiskey.

See how many people to drink but I like the taste of whiskey.

I'm talking about the little foxes, that spoil the vine.

I'm talking about the things that impede your commitment. Where have you lost your power or have you ever had.

Have you ever saw him for sanctification, have you truly ever taken Anita Jesus Christ. Many people think they are saved and are not many people have never really experienced true salvation because true salvation brings a change within your heart that cannot be denied by you or the people that know you and if you've never had that experience. Today's your day today is the day of salvation. You can experience a power like you've never experienced before.

But then maybe your one has been going through the motions. Maybe your one who's lost her accident, you lost your power is, and what I do is what you do you do as a prophet of God told the prophet he said to me that stick a suet in the water.

The exit started swimming back to the brother, and he said just reach out and take it unto yourself. You want power again.

You want to experience Pentecost.

You want to experience the power of God welding you don't have to give up some things you're going to have to make some sacrifices that I have to make a fresh commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and you're going to have to ask him to sanctify you folks see and does not have to rule your life and attitude does not have to control you.

Anger doesn't have to control you. Tobacco doesn't have to control you. Alcohol does not have to control you. It's not about whether you can or you can't, it's about your heart, so about what you can or cannot do and get binder to have it. It's about everything you can of the have the power of Almighty God. The Pentecostal believers of yesteryear. They sought after holiness. They sought after separation from the world. Yes, they took it to the extreme. But I would rather be on that end of the stick and have the power of God to be on the side of cheap grace that says anything goes, that's dangerous folks is calling you to a commitment he want you to get your power back. And here's the good gospellers during the time this was taking place with Elisha and the prophets, the nation of Israel was in civil people's bedtimes for Israel. This tells us it shows us that you can still have an impact on the world even during times of great distress. Yes, McGuire said these words when he was with us last year. He says a world in chaos, must have a church in revival, a world in chaos and darkness and evil in pandemics and civil unrest and hatred must have a church that is in revival, a community like King North Carolina deserves a church that's in revival, not just another Pentecostal charismatic church I'm talking about one that's truly experiencing cost will ruling vessels were considered to be the church. I want the power of God about you if you're watching or listening. Jesus said these words.

He says if we been able to how to give good gifts to our children how much more will the father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to them who ask for so if you want the Holy Spirit. If you want to be sanctified. If you want to be born again and commit your life to Jesus Christ. I want you to play with me repeat this prayer that I give you say Lord Jesus here I am, I confess my sin I give you my life. I believe with my heart and I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Savior sanctify me purge me claims me and set me apart and feel me with your Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name, a man I sure hope you prayed that prayer, believing that Jesus has forgiven you of your sin and that he has transform your life from this moment forward, and I'm so glad that you decided to listen to the voice of power broadcast and we pray that it has been a blessing to you. If so we would encourage you to consider giving a financial donation to help the horsepower stay on the air.

Give three ways. The simplest way to give would be text message by simply texting a dollar amount 336-747-3336 and following the instructions and also you can go to the website and force of and click on the give link will take you step-by-step on how to give financially to the force of power and thirdly you can get by mail, PO Box 243 9T NC 27021 and once again were delighted that you decided to listen to the voice of power broadcast to the next week at the same time, and I pray that the words of your mouth the meditations of your heart be acceptable in his sight, for he is your strength and your Redeemer

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