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MRM YouTube Video Page: An Introduction

Viewpoint on Mormonism / Bill McKeever
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March 15, 2020 9:42 pm

MRM YouTube Video Page: An Introduction

Viewpoint on Mormonism / Bill McKeever

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March 15, 2020 9:42 pm

Did you know that MRM has its own YouTube page? Get familiar with this incredible resource!


.1 Mormonism examines the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from a viewpoint when Mormonism is sponsored by Mormonism research ministry since 1979 Mormonism research ministry has been dedicated to equipping the body of Christ with answers regarding the Christian faith in a manner that expresses gentleness and respect. And now, your host for today's viewpoint on Mormonism welcome to this addition. A viewpoint on Mormonism on your host, Bill McKeever, founder and director Mormonism research ministry with me today is Eric Johnson my colleague RM well if you've been to our website, you know that last year we did a huge revamp and what we want to talk about today. Eric is what I think is probably one of the best kept secrets that can be found on and that is our list of videos. Now we know that a lot of people get their information through video.

I don't necessarily read long articles they would like to just see someone talk to them and we're trying very hard to accommodate that need, and we are adding to our video collection but you've been spending a lot of time working on that page. So how do people get to the videos that we have on You go to and at the very top. It will say home about resources shop you want to click on resources and under resources to get a pulldown menu of articles podcast and videos and you want to click on videos that will take you to our YouTube page, which has a lot of the videos that we have done featuring you Petri me witnessing encounters a number of different things were and talk about today. So these are videos that if you would like to just look at the catalog of videos that we have available for you. That was that's where your and want to go now, you and I were talking about this link on their called playlist explained that so when you go there, you're going to see at the very top. It will say Mormonism research ministry and what you want to do at the right hand side is subscribed to this because if you want to hear about any new videos that we have produced it's going to give you an email every time we come up with one and were planning to do that over the next few years.

Now is not just videos that we have personally produced it MRM, but we could also have videos that other people have produced that we feel is pertinent to this topic as well correct, yeah. So what we have on this page is mainly a lot of different links to two videos that are excellent video. So at the very top underneath Mormonism research ministry is going to say home videos playlists and you want to go to playlists, you can also look at the main page and go down. We have 10 different categories around talk about those today but if you wanted to see all of the videos because they're going to show you 15 in each of those categories. So if you go to playlist we have more than 15 some of those categories, such as doctrines, such as Joseph Smith, such as the book of Mormon. Some of the playlists are 40 videos seek go through. You can actually just play all on a playlist and you can just sit there and watch a video after video take place. Let's go through some of these. If someone wants to look at what we have available, why would they be enticed to go there we have the first section we have is called. The gospel according to Mormonism.

It's these are videos having a day with grace and forgiveness in the gospel so we start off by just for somebody who wants to have an idea of what the differences are between Mormonism and Christianity. You might want to camp out here just so you can hear what the gospel is acquiring a Mormonism versus what Christianity is all about and on the first video we have. We have a video that features you.

Is it time to embrace the LDS church as Christian that was posted eight years ago.

So these are videos that we have done 1012 years ago or could have been done even last year but this this video on YouTube is received 10,000 hits and that was from a talk that I gave at our compassionate boldness conference several years ago we had with two or three of these compassionate boldness conferences and invited guest speakers to come in to give plenary sessions and such and we had a lot of workshops but we did film the plenary sessions and we hope to be adding more and more of those. As the months go by.

There's another one in that category and is titled Bill McKeever amazing Grace man tie Utah 2014. It's one of my favorite witnessing videos that you have done.

I've had a chance to fill you on a number of these, especially with goal place, but this was kind of at the end of the evening. One night at the Moore America pageant in Manti in 2014 yet they were playing amazing Grace on the loudspeakers and you are asking people. What's so amazing about Grace. And so, tell us a little more about this bill. Let me be specific.

I was asking them what's so amazing about the Mormon version of grace we already know what's amazing about the grace of the New Testament, but when they would play that song over the loudspeaker will heave you stood by me when they do that I can I go crazy when they do it because it's one thing I found so offensive is when they played that song because that song has a special meaning to us is Bible believing Christians and for the Mormons to play that song. Knowing what their definition of grace really is and how you can even get all of the benefits of Mormon grace until you've done all these things.

Certainly that is not the grace that we talk about so when I would hear that song I would start asking some of the people standing around. What is so amazing about your version of grace and that led to a conversation that I had with a group of LDS young people. They were very nice kids and they listen to me as I asked my questions and they responded to me as really most typical Latter Day Saints will respond. This is a tactic that I have used for years I've taught this tactic many times over the years and I have found by my using it over and over that the answers I receive are usually always the same.

They kept using the WordPerfect throughout the conversation and you kept reminding them that you never mention the word for it right. The only time I think I use the word perfect it all was when I was reading something from their sources, but it wasn't me using the word, and when I would cite some of the sources from what say the book of Mormon, or the doctrine and covenants. The young kids responded in a very textbook matter. They would hear the verse that I would cite puts a Moron.

I 1032, for instance about denying yourself of all ungodliness and they would respond with wealth will nobody's perfect, or something like that and I would remind them why did you draw that conclusion. Why did you think I was talking about perfection. When I merely read or cited one of your passages. The reason folks is because they know exactly what those verses are implying, and even though they may want to accuse me of taking it out of context, but he certainly know what the verses are saying and if you read for instance Moron I 1032 that's what it's implying if you were to deny yourself of all ungodliness will what is your idea of perfection. Most Latter Day Saints look at perfection as being able to keep all the commandments and being able to successfully repent or confess and forsake all of their sins, and it was a classic conversation I had with these young people. It was a very good conversation and I often say whatever I recount that conversation that I had. I wish our Christian young people could go toe to toe with someone who disagrees with them as they did with me and I've got to tell you I was pretty impressed with those young people I didn't think their answers were very good and you can tell by my rebuttals. But still, they were given it a good shot and they were standing there toe to toe with me and for that I give them credit it's had over 7000 hits since only 60 minutes long. You might want to go on to and go to our video page and you'll be able to watch that. Another category the book of Mormon is a historical and reliable. Though a number of these videos that are in this category have to do with the gold plates which is something that you like to talk a lot about you. I would take my replica set of gold plates down to the Mormon miracle pageant in Mantua, Utah every year and I would just challenge Latter Day Saints to lift them the minor sheet-metal. The only way 80 pounds, but any latter-day St. take me up on my suggestion would readily see that these are very heavy and much too heavy to replicate what Joseph Smith claimed he did with the gold plates that he said he found third category we put a lot of your teachings into one category, including some of the sermons that you've preached and so this is kind of fun to go through on a variety of different topics for somebody who would like to hear more of what you have to say.

Fourth category doctrines of the LDS church dealing with a variety of doctrines that have been or continue to be taught in the LDS church.

One of the videos that has a lot of hits is policy or doctrine, the Mormon church band of Blacks and so I did that video seven years ago. It has over 6000 hits that something. If you'd like to learn more about you can go there then a another category would be issues involving evangelism. Our top video there a video that was produced by Aaron Cioffi wallop from Mormonism research ministry and it was on Sandra Tanner talking about why Mormons leave and I think this is information that every Christian who hopes to be able to share effectively with the Latter Day Saints would be able to understand the information that somebody like Sandra sharing and you know why I think that topic is so good. Eric is because you and I both do this whenever we are having a conversation with someone who claims to have left the LDS church. We want to know what caused them to start that journey out.

I think it helps us as Christians to kind of know ahead of time what bothers many Latter Day Saints and if that's what's bothering them, then maybe that's an area we need to spend more time on him asking them about that and if it bothers this particular latter-day St. you can be sure it probably bothers another Latter Day Saints. We have a category titled Joseph Smith and the number one video in that category is 25 minutes long. The untold story of the death of Joseph Smith. This has on YouTube and 13 years.

Over 600,000 hits.

How did that come about.

I had Aaron over for dinner with his wife, Stacy, and he brings his camera equipment to dinner at my house and he wants to do this in impromptu interview with me about this very subject and so we just kind of did it after dinner. I didn't do a lot of prep.

I think I had maybe one book rough Stone rolling.

If I remember correctly, and I just went through my visits at the Carthage jail talking about what I have heard from tour guides in Carthage now that I look back though. I wonder if maybe the title could be considered by some Latter Day Saints is being a little misleading. You have to remember back when we did this, the Mormons really work talking a whole lot about Joseph Smith and the smuggled pistols and things like that and now they are starting to do that.

I mean they have to. There's no way that they can keep it a secret and I'm very well aware that they've always had the guns on display, but it's not normally a topic that most Latter Day Saints will bring up with a non-Mormon when they're trying to convince them that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, who died as a martyr somehow throwing in that Joseph Smith had a small pistol and fired back doesn't really give that impression that he died as a martyr in the traditional sense, but we talk about that night I talked about as I said some of the things that I've learned from tour guides at the Carthage jail over the years. One last category I want to mention is we have full-length documentaries on Mormonism, including the Bible versus the book of Mormon, the lost book of Abraham lifting the veil of polygamy DNA versus the book of Mormon there all legal and allowed beyond their and so instead of having to buy the videos you can go and listen the Bible versus the book of Mormon is had over 729,000 views. This was done by our friend Joe Kramer, so there's lots of good informational videos that are available somewhere short summer longer, but we encourage you to go to our website click on to resources and go to videos go to our YouTube page and subscribe. I think you're going to get a lot out of it. Thank you for listening. If you would like more information is research ministry. We encourage you to visit our website you can request a free newsletter is research. We hope you join us again as we look at another viewpoint is

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