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Waiting in the Wings

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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February 29, 2020 7:00 am

Waiting in the Wings

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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February 29, 2020 7:00 am

Markell spends the hour with author Jeff Kinley discussing the character of the Antichrist, the locust invasion in Africa, Coronavirus, the Presidents peace proposal in Israel, and much more. Tribulation events are casting a shadow on the Church Age. Is the Antichrist waiting in the wings?

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Tribulation events are casting a shadow on the church age, how late is the our Bible teaches us that one day there will be a world leader will be political. He will be spiritual that he will step to the forefront. He will step up all the grand stage of life, perhaps setting down to the table, picking presidents of the earth, and he will lay out a plan and they will say never a man like this man, I've never heard a thing like thank you for tuning into understanding the times radio with Jim Markel brought you by Olive tree ministries that we first consider a new book by author Jeff Kinley and then we consider some current events will reach a crescendo in the tribulation. We are seeing a foretaste of them now moved into our program and welcome to the program.

So glad you can join me today I'm going to be joined by special guest here in just a moment, because he has a new book out the title of the book is the interview with the Antichrist is our has, just read an opening paragraph herself from the book is authored by Jeff Kinley and he says in the opening pages, Antichrist, what do you really know about him.

What would you like to know the Bible prophesies that a lone individual will rise in the last days and be a catalyst for global change. Scripture describes him as being both delightful and deceptive diplomatic yet diabolical. He will be charismatic and charming but corrupt to the core like a subterranean monster volcano. This man will be beautiful and calm on the surface but hiding underneath will be a heart from hell.

Without warning he will emerge onto the world stage arising from the waters of mankind's persona will marry the charisma of John Kennedy, the mystique of Barack Obama and the arrogance of Alexander the great and then to have Kinley goes on to say and I'll stop here and though many Kings conquerors presidents and premieres have preceded him now, and will rival his raw ambition or success at world domination. They are all amateurs in his shadow, and the whole earth will swoon over him and then Jeff concludes, what does the Bible actually say about this nefarious individual how close might we be to his unveiling and what difference does it really make in your life today so were going to analyze some of that Jeff Kinley welcome back to understanding the times radio Jan Gregory Beckwith again why a book on the Antichrist. I'm like you kinda describe why you've done the first part of the book in fiction form, but the last part of the book is a real handy Q&A on what the Bible says about the Antichrist. Let me go back to my original question. The church is never going to meet him. The church is awaiting Jesus Christ. We almost care less about the antichrist. But you've got a whole book about them right there what we would be concerned about Antichrist mapping. One of the main purposes about studying the antichrist that you, a major player in Anton's bubble popping truck. No other persona is mentioned more in the last days that antichrist than Jesus himself and Jesus really outranks him and others over hundred passengers in the Bible about the antichrist to describe the beast 36 times in the book of Revelation is so as we study the antichrist and we see that God is put this in the Bible probably felt a lot about the antichrist got to just mention to him and wanted to burst on and on and dangling Thessalonian Jesus referred to the abomination of desolation. The courtship Revelation as well.

If I think that the fact that he so prominent help with something of the purpose of the import of the Godhead like another reason would be janitors.

The wealth of truth that we learn from God's description of the Antichrist himself with the scenes and the times around him his activities. We learn a lot about God, about God's relationship to to send the evil without a whole lot about Satan and a lot about humanity about the property with the satanic delusion the sky come to the antichrist and so there's a spirit of antichrist that we can recognize now there's activity.

This site will have in Revelation, we look at archon Valley a while back happening right now so there's so many lessons that we can learn and truth that we can glean from studying the antichrist is just a little bit of the reasons why I wrote this book but you mentioned the literary part.

The fiction part one on earth would you want a fiction novel about the antichrist to the couple reasons why do that. Number one narrative books right now are so hot among millennial millennial now that reading historical fiction about World War II you would never think of millennial's will be used in World War II, but there reading stories about that topic. The narrative is a great pickle to get a scenario of truth to them. The reason is because of just the attention span of most people today.

I have trouble attracting with a lot of truth there people that will never pick up a book specifically on Bible prophecy, but they will read the story, so I endeavor to create this potential apocalyptic scenario here, but in a way Jan is not campy is not cheesy is not something that they're gonna be a shame to give to their non-Christian friend is very real.

There are no Christian heroes in the story, but it tells the story from the inner circle of the antichrist and my wife that the story is really a trail of breadcrumbs leading to the back of the book were they really get the truth in the section called me the antichrist for the Bible truly says about writing I'm focusing kind of like a laser beam on that section of your book. The last surgery, so are we meeting in Christ. Let me just drink some questions into. Let's discuss them. My first topic of interest would be what kicks off the tribulation. It's really not the ramp sure it's what the antichrist does to the nation of Israel because he's going to sign a covenant with them, and that is really the beginning of the tribulation correct, very correct what really important that a lot of Christians out there today think that the rapture events will begin the tribulation. That's not true. It's the seven year covenant that the antichrist makes in Daniel 927 but he makes with Israel that will officially kickstart the tribulation seven year. By God's prophetic clock against the click again, so there could be presumably some time to drain the rapture and the signing of that treaty could be weeks could be much we don't know. But at some point he's going to have to enter into that post rapture chaos, employing offensive peace to that region and the bottle so that covenants can be, what kicks off the tribulation.

Let's consider his origins were just a moment because Susan Daniel 926 and this refers to the people of the prince to come. Now that is linked to Jesus forewarning of the tribulation in Matthew 24 and Luke 19 and the people referred to in Daniel's prophecy were Romans in your conclusion, I would agree with you though this is in dispute. Obviously, your conclusion is that he has a Roman ancestry but does not have to necessarily be an Italian as he could originate as you state from any of the nations that were under Roman rule that be from North Africa to Spain to the Middle East talk to me for a minute about his potential origins that what Scripture says about Satan. Revelation 13 one course we know and over in chapter 17 verse 15 that that's referring to just a map of Gentile nations.

But pacifically, as you mentioned in Daniel 926.

He will come from the people the Prince with the, we know that the Romans historically from 8070 with the Roman Gen. Titus, but yet he could be an Italian or it could be someone from Roman ancestry so that some of the fake some of the fog there that we don't know specifically what we do know you'll come from some sort of Roman origin and that really knocks out a lot of people from being identified as the antichrist people falsely try to lead us to trying to identify the antichrist of this age, I believe is going to be a Gentile from some sort of Roman origin for little over Gentile kingdom. I don't think that if he was a Jew he would do some the things of the antichrist does and so I think it's very clear that a Gentile, Roman origin will rule over this revived Roman Empire. This coalition of nations that he brings together in the end days. I don't want to slowly leave behind your comment today will he be a Jew and Gentile, even a Muslim. That's first on the display a real quick clip here of Dr. Mark Hitchcock addressing all this is very click it's a minute and 1/2 while you cross-link is gonna rise from his reunited Roman Empire and we don't know what country for sure is coming from the windows and come out of this reunited Roman Empire think he's gonna be a Gentile. The early church believed he was gonna be a Jew. Many of them did, but he rises up in Revelation 13, out of the sea which speaks of the city of nations. The only type or foreshadow the antichrist and the Bible was a man name Antioch epiphanies back in the book of Daniel, and he was a Gentile and also the antichrist is going to lead the final form of Gentile world power, and he's gonna be a great persecutor of the Jewish people, which seems odd to me if he's a Jew from to be persecuting the Jews report so I think he's gonna be a Gentile. He's gonna be someone who's going to come on the scene is a great peacemaker and think about what is the world want today, more than anything else, someone who can bring peace to the world peace and prosperity.

That's gonna be his platform and his promise to do that for some period of time, but at some point in time the iron fist inside the velvet glove is going to be unveiled. He will be the most ironfisted egomaniacal leader of the world is ever saying and Mark. You can see the way the world is today with instantaneous communication. How very weekly news can spread and power can be established and influence can be made just because of media platforms letter at the globalism we see today is setting the stage for him to come on the scene and the technology that's available today because the technology available.

I will allow someone to keep track of where people are in the know what people are doing all these things we see coming together really fit what the Bible says about a coming world ruler if you just joining your listing to understand the times radio Jan Markel.

I am on the line Jeff Kinley because I've just recently read his newest book interview with the antichrist is our has come. You can find more Jeff and find the book at Amazon.

Check out your local Christian bookstore as well. Jeff, let's go back here for just a minute because you bring out an interesting point in the last part of the book you don't believe I agree with you that the antichrist to some sort of artificial intelligence that it might just be a governmental system, the Bible refers to him it's a man it's a real person. Not only is a real person. He could be alive.

As we speak absolutely true and that when we approach the Bible about Bible prophecy we approach the Bible we do so from a literal grammatical historical contextual approach that means that we let the Bible speak when the Bible says that a person is a person that we take the Bible at face value. That's what it says about the antichrist five times in the first shot. He mentions a real individual called antichrist with the spirit of the real individual is called a man called the son of perdition male pronouns are used them over and over. Get people think that maybe you think Hillary could be the right half because she's not a man and to be quite honest she's not even evil enough to be the antichrist which tells you something about what this man could be lost again will you just real startling statement you have your on page 177.

What are antichrist names and you've listed a number of them. The little horn, the insulin King.

The prince who is to come. One who makes desolate, the king who does as he pleases the foolish, worthless Shepherd in the Bible references for all of this in the book here. The man of lawlessness, the son of destruction, the lawless one, the antichrist, the deceiver, the rider on a white horse the beast coming out from the sea. Those are some of the titles of the antichrist and I have a theory. Jeff Kim a and that is that there's been an antichrist ready to go in every generation what you think about that product completely agree because Satan does not know God's timetable is not privy to. When God is going to call Jesus to bring the rapture to the church.

He doesn't know when the tribulations going to begin so he has to have a candidate ready in every generation that puts him at a point of contention again with God because he hates what God is doing in the world right now, today, and so even more so I think in the last days definitely have contenders and candidates ready to be the antichrist because at any stage of his life.

You have to be ready to to be poised to be put into that political scenario and delete nations so is not just some farmer just some guy run a video store somewhere. He someone in a place of the lease relative power so that he can be put into the world stage at the right time. So yes I do believe that every generation recent price that so Hitler could have been tapped to be the antichrist is just the time was right back.

He did many things that with the persecution of the truth and say and without wanting to rule the world of ever so many things that we see little snippets of the character of the antichrist with one of the passage you read from the book earlier talk about the charisma of the Kennedy the mistake of a Barack Obama.

This man can have all these things and more. Because Satan all of his eggs if you will, into that basket is going to be the persona of the section persona of the angel of light. He's going to be a great speaker. A great orator, a leader becoming to be everything the devil ever wanted to be on the earth can it be that through a man.

He's going to be the devil with skin on like. Heinsohn to lean here because Dr. Hansen is calling her attention to the sacked and we need to discuss this sometime in the time that we have left chance and that is there are two main characters pals lease they are for the first part of the tribulation. During this terrible seven year ordeal. Can you talk to us about a couple of major characters during the period the Bible refers to as a we think it was the tribulation. There's the false prophet.

And then there's the antichrist are not the same people are they exactly 2 different people of false religious leader and a false political leader.

I think that's very clear in the Bible you have. Interestingly, right in the middle of the book of Revelation. You have a scorecard if you will.

If you were going to go to the Blue Jays baseball game and you got the playbook right in the middle the playbook. There's a line of cars roster Philip fill in the line of cards was on first visit, second is in short today etc. all of right in the middle of the book of Revelation. You got a roster seven symbolic players in the great end times drama in the last two are the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the orphanage. Read on, because the beast out of the earth the false prophet so you have a false religious leader. In the end times who is urging people to follow the leadership of the antichrist that at least ought to tell us that there's a breakdown of theology of biblical truth of Christian influence in society because society is deceived enough to be willing to follow this and then the beast that is called in the book of Revelation. John calls in his letters antichrist against Christ other parts of the Bible: the man of sin, the son of perdition, the lawless one there about 10 different titles of this antichrist figure we list that in the book and then try to describe who this might be a leader, presumably I think from the Western nations. I think the Bible makes it clear the antichrist is not a Muslim.

He is not a Jew, and he certainly not a Christian, the book of Daniel says of him. He does not regard the God of his fathers or any God is an atheist, secularist, and what we see today in Western culture, a rise of secularism that wants to push God right out of society, out of our educational system out of our political system out of our lives and it never remains neutral. That vacuum is immediately then filled by Satan is immediately filled by evil so Jeff can Dr. Heinsohn brings out the fact that he's got a cohort in crime here and that obviously is a false prophet in I just picked up a story here. Right before we started recording. Pope pushes one world religion on Israel's Independence Day and I might refer to this a little bit later in the program but just a quick synopsis here May 14, 2020 coming up here in the spring not that long distance away here.

The Vatican is going to be pushing for some kind of a one world religion that he can no friend to the Jews. But it's new initiative aligns the Catholic Church with Islam in a one world religion that may be the biggest threat ever to the Jewish people. But the irony is this is all taking place on May 14, 2020 the 72nd anniversary of Israel's independence and very interestingly also my birthday is in that scenario, but directly right one thing that he hijacks Christian values Danny. I checked tolerance he hijacks while he hijacks unity using those things. In subverting those characteristics of principles for his own purposes. And of course Satan is going to have to bring the world into some sort of cohesive religious organization in order to bring that relative sense of peace and calm peace and safety as this one is for so that he can leave the world religiously will default property just mentioned going to be at the head of that organization to be the head worship leader eventually for the Antichrist himself.

You can bring at the midpoint tribulation. The Bible says the antichrist is to declare himself to be God speak blasphemies against God call himself God in the antichrist is going to be that man is going to be there to promote him. Bible says he's going to exercise all the authority of the first beast, so he has satanic energizing as well. Anything to make the earth and those who dwell in your worship the antichrist and so ill be sort of his front man his PR guys but also the one coming alongside him. Good to great signs and wonders, so they'll be part of this unholy Trinity. Satan the antichrist and false prophet. There they are to be a counterfeit or substitute version of the actual Trinity for the earth will be a great delusion to lead the world in the book is titled interview with the antichrist is our his calm, I authored just Kindle.

He whom I have on the line here you for Jeff on this program many times you can learn a lot more HS you can find the book at Amazon. You can find a Christian you can find various places I have read a good portion of it, but I've not been able to read an entire book of what I have written. I'm sharing insights from particularly the last third of the book which is just practical questions on all the things were talking about and let me go to another practical question Jeff in a practical, I think. Bullet point here because according to Revelation 13 with got have on the scene a globalists are they one world system.

Some would call that the New World order.

I prefer to call it that which is going to pave the way and recently we've observed three people in the way of the global government, Boris Johnson, who wants out of the EU, Donald Trump, diehard anti-nationalist and Benjamin Netanyahu know all three of these men under attack for various reasons. I think there under attack because the globalists will know that they are standing in the way.

But my point is, for all of this to play out that you've written about that we're talking about. For this to our we've got have according to Revelation, every tribe, every tongue, every nation is going to be unified. It's going to be one world and we see that forming the rapture has to happen for that to really come together, but nonetheless it's like it's over the horizon don't really affect what things are happening in the world right now you got world leaders and organizational head or calling or global solidarity thing Janet that the antichrist can't rule over a divided world.

Yes rule over United world and that's the goal. The whole world under his control, but as you mentioned, there needs to be a reason for that to happen. People don't just come together for no reason to be a reason why there won't be Donald Trump stand in the way globalism or Benjamin Netanyahu. There's got to be a compelling chaotic event. I believe that event going to be the rapture.

I don't think we've really explored all the scenarios can about how cataclysmic the fact the rapture can I have on planet Earth, specifically in the United States of America and other countries as well. We were going to be gutted, estimated, terribly, morally, economically and socially, politically and everywhere we can imagine. And in that is going to be worldwide panic well but Satan himself could have a man standing ready to rise to the pinnacle of his platform to build a bring defensive call of everything's gonna be okay and the most amazing thing about if people can buy they will eagerly I think because of the panic that's going on around the world what you think would be a reasonable little gap in therebetween say the rapture then this can be the signing of the covenant think maybe weeks, maybe months could be more than months, but we know we know that some mindset of planet Earth. Right now people are used to age of technology used to getting things done pretty quick. They're not used to their Internet going down there phone calls dropping they want what they want when they want it. So this could be a global demand for an immediate sense of peace. Call ranchers of the leader of a figurehead so I don't really envision more than a few months could be a matter of weeks. We don't really know what it's going to take in terms of getting the word out and having local and global warming national governments to be able to help bring their people to sense of relative call, but I can imagine it going too far beyond weeks or maybe a month or two course we don't know, but the way people are today. The demand that something happened pretty quick and the ugly things ready for that. I think you got it man ready right now the rapture will happen today. I think that he would set the domino effect in the motion to get his man into the position that he needs to be in because Satan is not a patient person he wants to be in charge of the earth like now. So I think he's ready to leap into that void. To make it happen as soon as he is able, you asked what is his primary agenda. Please read Revelation, he certainly got quite an agenda is not to come against Jews and Christians and to establish again with all referred to it that global system that New World order. What would you say his primary agenda would be primary agenda is to be God is to be worshiped and to rule the world in order that to happen.

He's got to overcome some obstacles. There are some people standing in his way in the tribulation. Those people are primarily going to be the Jewish people. The nation of Israel.

Satan hates the Jews that he hates the Jews because through the Jewish people came the Scripture the seed of the woman Jesus Christ. Genesis 315 the promise of salvation but one thing standing in the way of him ruling the world are these Jewish people in the end crisis can return partially to save Israel and if there's no Israel to say then, theoretically at least, in thing deceptive way of thinking.

There's no reason why he should return flight and continue his reign on the earth.

And so that's one of the reasons I believe wife and trotted destroy the Jewish people so that there'll be no Christ to return for them. But then again, make no mistake about his in game is to ascend to the throne of God and to rule over all that there is a clear sign chance particularly clear insight to my audience that the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation is not for the church. So as we talk about them in Tim's scenario here. We talk about the tribulation rather frequently on this program. Not every week course but frequently anyway that the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation at church is gone. The church is enjoying heaven. Here's what I want to do when we get back from a real short timeout.

I want to hit on a few other topics just because we have a foreshadowing of the tribulation going on really as we speak.

And I think some of these things are wake-up calls we just give you a couple of bullet points here and we can't comment on each one of them, but I'd like to start a comment on the overall effect when we get back. For instance, we have a locust invasion in huge parts of Africa that are promising the famine somewhere across parts of Africa more than 10 million people affected by food insecurity. It's being called quote the most devastating plague of locusts in our living memory.

That's what this is called happening in Africa we have the coronavirus and depending on who you talk to. It could be a pandemic of devastating proportion or it could blow over our player real short clip when we get back about this. We've got earthquakes going off of six-point magnitude at a rate of 400% higher than previously reported. We got this so-called deal of the century this peace and security that's been promised by the Trump administration to Israel and the Palestinians. I want to at least spend a minute or two on that when we get back because were talking about at this going to be a covenant sign with the antichrist. It's going to entail peace and security in deals signed by the antichrist with Israel.

We've got one here on the horizon.

Will it ever blossom.

I doubt it but leave the lease want to talk about it.

I just reference the Pope. The Pope pushes for a one world religion and it's going to happen on Israel's Independence Day, May 14, 2020. He's calling for a global religion. All of this blossoms in the tribulation.

The we've got the shadows of the tribulation casting their shadows on the church age will talk about some of those things in my second half of the program. Just a quick reminder I'm trying to get folks to be aware that if your visual.

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Let's return John Markel and Jeff Finley examine some current events in light of the Bible is Palestinians had declared the Trump deal dead on arrival. Many months ago as he was preparing to invade us in Washington and the West Bank. They were on the streets in the White House. The choreography said it'll to lead his team to find distractions came to be reelected. Unveiling the so-called deal of the century.

My vision presents a win-win opportunity for both sides. A realistic two state solution that resolves the risks of Palestinian statehood to Israel's security. Today Israel is taken a giant step toward peace under this vision. Jerusalem will remain Israel's undivided very important undivided half of the West, some seemingly warm words from the presidents of the Palestinians, but listen to the chairs from the pro-Israel approach Trump crowd. This was a gift for Israel had known Stossel for the Palestinians and welcome back. We'll talk about that for a minute or two anyway. In this segment of the program. We are very active on social media. If you would check out her Facebook Jan Markel's olive tree ministries. We got almost 60,000 people over there having conversations twitter olive tree men Instagram as well. If you write to us what you always tell us how you listen. Are you listening on her almost 900 radio stations a listing on YouTube area podcast or helps us here in the office that helps us move forward as we decide what outlets to remain on, and which ones to perhaps drop because it is not productive but you heard that little clip there and now we're not suggesting that just because we are talking here this hour about a forthcoming peace deal between the antichrist in Israel. No were not suggesting that Donald Trump is the antichrist, far from it. But what we are suggesting is that Jeff I guess I'd be accurate in saying what I not be that the idea the concept of a peace deal in the Middle East is always first and foremost on the minds of just about every diplomat on the planet because the mentally volatile powder keg and I think every person with their pulse on geopolitical activities will note that if something happens over there, it could lead to World War III in a heartbeat. Following a world of longing for that call in the Middle East. As you well know, Jan, every president since Richard Nixon tried to broker some sort of peace deal in Israel. Recent truck plant is affirmative to Israel to get favors Israelite things. One reason why the Palestinians are so opposed to it from the get go. Because there are series of conditions there that I think really a favor Israel. The thing to figure if things are positive that he would do that and I think that tells something about who he is and his relationship with Israel and also I think Janet also gives us a sense of knowing that you know as long as we got a president who is supporting Israel as we are Israel's greatest ally that God is going to preserve us to a certain point, obviously were under a lot of abandonment wrath here with a lot of stuff that's going on, but at the same time. It's like you were pressing on the break in the gap at the same time and God and God is used this administration to help maintain and preserve our long-standing support of Israel and course there are other great things that the presidents done terms of the unborn and sitting religious freedom and that type of thing so he is a friend to Christianity and that but as you well know, as you said this is not going to be the antichrist plan because there's nothing in there concerning the Temple Mount.

There's no context of the post rapture covenant were not in the tribulation. We have it started at seven your process, but certainly there could be elements of this plan that could be incorporated into a future plan topic would be pretty confident thing, Trump is one of many who attempted this in this one moves Israel one step closer to boundaries outlined in the Bible it calls for a two state solution, Palestinian state, so it does divide the land, which is troubling to me. I just don't think that's permitted ever chance God calls it. Leviticus 25 my land and can't do anything with that. It makes some higher demands on the Palestinians and play clip in just a second here and asks for commitments that probably will be impossible for them. The Palestinians get $50 billion. I think some of that may be US taxpayer money, so some issues with that, quite frankly, new Israeli settlement expansion will be halted for four years, but they can and next settlements in the West Bank in the US and Israel sign an agreement that says a military attack on Israel will be considered to be a military attack on the US. Some of these points in the deal of the century are excellent but again worth kind of dividing the land so I got a problem with right thing we have to look for to know that when Jesus Christ comes back to make all this right up to be the second coming, but until that time. There's going to be conflict but I'm interested to know from God's perspective when were in heaven watching all this, hopefully exactly how the antichrist is able to deceive real in giving them this piece planet, whether it's a promise rebuild the temple because something is through the Islamic forces through perhaps but what Gog and Magog which could happen and that intermediary. Between the rapture and the signing of the covenant. We don't really know exactly, but something happened to enable the antichrist to be able to broker that plant and when he does he's going to be hailed as the Messiah, because who could bring peace to the Middle East, but a godlike figure.

And that's what he is counting on talking for the hour with Jeff Kinley's interview with the antichrist is hour has come were not carrying it at this time that you can find it on Amazon Christian book local bookstores.

You can find it available as well just kill. lot more info there. I want to play just a short clip.

This happens to be. I'm going to have JD for ongoing air sometime in the month of March that I want to play a real short clip with his take and then again he gave hour-long message were playing couple minutes his take on this so-called deal of the century were only bringing out to bullet points that he's emphasizing which I just wholeheartedly agree with him on these two points want to turn a corner and focus our attention on why this really matters and make no mistake about it this really matters to you. To me, to us today. Again, I don't think it's possible to overstate the importance and the significance of what this means to us today in order to do that. I think I'd be grossly remiss right not to preface this with what I'll call fast facts. Five fast facts of paramount importance. First, there is no such thing as a Palestinian people, and as such there is no such thing as a state of Palestine. I grew up being told that I was a Palestinian and it wasn't until I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to begin to search the Scriptures for myself and learn a little bit more about my heritage, my culture as an Arab that the Palestinians don't exist because there's no more Philistines, which is what the Palestinians are and the reason why there is even the name Palestine is because in the second century A.D. when Rome conquered Israel and destroyed Jerusalem. Actually, in 70 A.D. they named it after the arch enemy of Israel, which was the Philistines fitness. The dust why we get this name Palestine and for almost 2000 years. It was called Palestine until May 14, 1948 so Pastor who are these people that they are Arabs.

They are not Palestinian gossamer auto fat who manufactured this whole Palestinian thing was himself an Egyptian and Egyptian. There are no Palestinians and there is no such thing as a state of constant second, the so-called Palestinians have no interest in a state with Israel.

They seek only the total destruction of Israel, and one need look no further than to history as evidence of this action. You have to go back that far. You we have to go back to July 2000, when then Israeli Prime Minister whose buttock offered the officer modified not only sovereignty over the Temple Mount, but he also offered him 75% of the old city of Jerusalem, the city, three fourths of the city. What was auto fast response. Thank you. Finally, we cannot do this in the movies now that was not his response was response was he abruptly left the meeting with then-President Bill Clinton and commence the bloodied and deadly ox intifada the uprising. Do you remember this all those bombings on those buses. It left a death toll of over 3000 Arabs and 1000 Jews as a result. So just kill you, and by the way that again was pastor JD for Augie's weekly prophecy update that he gives every Sunday on YouTube.

Don't miss it.

Jeff he raises. I think kind of the key issue here, and it goes right back to your topic and that is JD for his just indicated that Israel doesn't have a piece partner.

That's very, very true. Israel's enemies wants Psalm 83. Come, let us wipe out the very memory of Israel's existence, but the antichrist that you write about in your book is going to have such cunning zeal that he's going to convince the Arab world to indeed make a treaty with Israel will he will and I will help you greatly can do that because he is a master negotiator, charming man, but he also dissected me think about it. Mere principle of perception is that you don't know you're being.

And that's the way Satan in disguise himself as an angel likely to have the unique ability to be able to placate both parties. The Arabs and Israel and be able to bring that relative peace to the amount or maybe some situations in terms of some pre-cursing war that happened prior to that end up here between the rapture and the signing of that covenant that could influence that negotiation, but either way things are going to do it and get back to be the amazing thing about him is that people are going to say who is this man eventually the five who can make war with him and went to be this kind of person that have the ability, whether a high intellectual degree weather ability to speak and have a orations to be able to deceive the nations but that position that apostrophes going to take what no one else is been able to do before. He's complaining that peace to that and I like it when that happens world is going to sit up and take notice of him not to be denied. JD frog just pointed out the highlight July 2006 can't even walk away, but the main the Arab world has walked away from more peace treaty proposals than just that one they walk away from every single solitary one there to probably walk away from the deal. The century that's I think that's kind of a silly name for this particular deal that that's how it's been labeled but there's coming a day when that will not happen because of the cunning S of Mr. antichrist. Let's talk about his government for just a minute talking to Jeff, can you for this entire segment you can find his book which is interview with the antichrist is our his come he could find that Jeff Amazon Christian book. Other places think that is government for just a minute because he's going to lead a 10 nation confederacy. Let's clarify this. He's going only attend nation Confederacy. But why about the whole world is going to lead the whole world. Revelation 13 couldn't be more clear. All tribes all tongues all nations. He's going to be over them will have an economic system over all of the world. So what is the 10 nation Confederacy is that just his headquarters while one of the very that Bible scholars have granted that rapture scenario there's going to be out Saturday nations coming together to form alliances and perhaps even nations that will form one new nation, so there could be. Honestly, not all nations will fall under that, but there could be nations that will be basically absorbed into other nations. Those 10 nations could be representative of many nations out there in the world so and that there could be that to nation. The other thing is that though the power of those 10 nations will in essence in chart whether you join them or not there to be in charge and fight, get on board or get left behind in terms of economic policy in terms of aid in terms of being able to have peace treaties with other nations so there could potentially be rogue elements world, but ultimately the fall in line behind us antichrist because eventually build a fire. So come on board with agenda and then you believe that his headquarters will be literal Babylon, and they know that's hugely debated. Some believe it's Rome. Tell me why you and I know I then run roads on here.

He believes it's literal. Kenner rebuilt Babylon others are Adam and it's Rome look. Some think it's New York City I don't but a lot of people do that you paid literal Babylon. That's his headquarters with the optimum for the antichrist. I would pick well.

In fact, in the novel portion of my book. I have antichrist government enrollment and moving to Babylon bok choy to get to make the choice of the Bible tells us that it's going to be Babylon after fellow Babylon really can't edit would be in that time Rome does exist about our Rome seems like a better choice for six separate times in Revelation and the city of Babylon refers to the antichrist capital city. We know from the Old Testament that Babylon is where mankind originally established a rebellion against God. With over 300 times in the Bible.

Babylon's mention of the little city thing to it that when Johnny uses a symbolic word or metaphorical word typically translate that 40 typically tell us what that metaphor that symbol made with Babylon. He doesn't do that topic from just a contextual literal standpoint, interpreting the Bible that is going to be a rebuilt Babylon and will be very motivated to do that but another reason just be on the practical side is that there are many rich oil reserves in that region. It very strategically located on the banks of the phrase River geographically located between cognitive and spiritual standpoint. Janet Hopper demonic activity in the Revelation, so I think that's gotta be sort of a headquarters, not just spiritually but also economically and politically as well.

So how it happened. I can't really say. But the Bible says it, so that's where I'm to go with him to believe what the Bible says and let God sort out the details several minutes ago. Now I can even tease that we have a foreshadowing of what's can happen in the tribulation going on right now, even as we speak and I want to go over all these issues again with the locust invasion which is been called the most devastating plague in our living memory. This is in Africa.

Everything we hear today is a biblical proportion 6.0 magnitude earthquakes are at a rate 400% higher than previously reported, have already reported some other things as well.

The Pope wants to unify religions, but then we've got Jeff please count this M1 spent just a minute to play real short clip here. We've got this coronavirus and you and I know that Jesus refers to pestilence that's going to be prominent in the tribulation part of the seals and Revelation 6 it talks about pestilence that's going to be prominent in the tribulation were not in the tribulation. The questions probably is the tribulation sort of on the horizon. Frankly, I think it is that we don't know that that's conjecture. I want to play real short clip here and come back and discuss it. Jeff and this is Sen. Tom cotton was given a warning and I think he's got some serious credibility. He's got access to the intelligence committee, etc. that this coronavirus is not just your ordinary flu that's going to make him a couple million people very sick and they can to get up and be just fine.

Two weeks later, but this has the potential for some tribulation like fallout or talk about the biggest and the most important story in the world but will hand coronavirus. This coronavirus is a catastrophe on the scale of Chernobyl for China but actually is probably worse in Chernobyl which was localized in its effect.

The coronavirus could result in a global pandemic while you are all sleeping overnight. The number of diagnosed cases in China increase by 30%. When I declare that's not new cases.

That is just newly admitted cases, it is probably several orders of magnitude higher than that. Also, while you're sleeping China now has its entire border with Russia closed 2600 miles. Russia is close that border L alpha shutdown travel between Israel and China Air France a shutdown travel between China and France. That's in addition, all the other countries have already shutdown travel from what we know so far, and there are still many unknowns, this virus could have both a long incubation period is much as 14 days and individuals could be contagious while asymptomatic, which was not the case with SARS in 2003.

Furthermore, from some cases, it appears the virus could be aerosolized which means it doesn't require the kind of contact you have with, say, a married couple kissing each other or family living in close quarters in a hotel or apartment, but rather the distances we are all sitting apart right now. Yet China is still lying about all of this they been lying about it from the very beginning and you don't need their history of lying about SARS 2003 that is relevant here. You just have to see what's happened over the last two months we now know that the first case manifested no later than no later than December 1.

Indochina didn't reveal it to the WHO until a month later on December 31 when they continued to hide it from their own citizens and they continued to say that hidden behind contained inside will today. It is in every single province in China.

They also claimed for almost 2 months until earlier this week that it originated in a seafood market in Wuhan, but locals are contracted it from animals inside bat soup or snake Tartar that is not the case. The Lancet published study last weekend demonstrating that of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market, including patient zero as one epidemiologist said that Boris went into the seafood market for came out seafood market. We still don't know where it originated another seafood market could been a farm benefit processing company. I would note that Wuhan also has China's only biosafety level for super laboratory that works with the world's most deadly pathogens to include yes coronavirus China's own actions they pointing 60 million people 60 million more than the entire population of our West Coast.

They shut down schools indefinitely class is canceled nationwide indefinitely. Hong Kong a part of China is basically shut down all travel from the mainland.

That's why it is essential that we immediately stop all travel on commercial aircraft between China and United States make exceptions of course were American citizens to come back as we just brought back yesterday, allowing a central trade flow. As long as crews on ships and aircraft are not allowed to going to the general population. America make exceptions of course for medical personnel to going to China to try to get a handle on this okay just Kinley that was Sen. Tom cotton and what he's describing there is very tribulation. Ask, and it would be certainly convenient if Mr. antichrist could come along and say you know what I can fix this. However, I think the Bible indicates that rather than Mr. fix it fixing it there can be huge destruction during the tribulation from wars, famines, pestilence, etc. but exactly WHO is also said, got my home state of Arkansas right information for people very sound and not hysterical because a lot of people do they propagate misinformation and you like this chapter really that the flipside of that is that if left unchecked, could spread out.

They say to 60% of the world population that's nothing. Just a friend ministry friends in that region of the world right now they are taking every precaution to could be on the scale of a bubonic plague vanished flu that killed from 20 to 50 million people and that could happen prior to the rapture of a thing that could not happen but is not going to be anything like the pandemics organist see in, for example, you mentioned Revelation chapter 6 and if you can just imagine one fourth of the earth population killed due to war and famine, and pestilence that the Bible talks about beast of the earth certainly could include rat fleas and animals and that type of thing that there's going to be global hysteria and that date anything right now if this thing just take the next step goes to the next level in the news, then you can see effect. America had a very/just Kinley again his book his interview with the anticrisis hour has come.

Some people listening right now you may be terrified and maybe terrified of some things we talked about the may be terrified of, but I do know my going through this terrible time of tribulation.

The greatest catastrophe on the earth that is ever known to happen. Your words to them would be what believers out there that we have nothing to fear the antichrist.

We don't look for the antichrist. We look for the Christ level pelvis will be rapture before that time also prophecy Janet Reno produces faith not fear the believer, we have nothing to fear. However, on the other side of the coin is the unbeliever, the person who makes Scott that this information may be a skeptic who may just be confused who may be worried.

I would say this to them that the most frightening thing that you could possibly look forward to the fact that you would be left behind in the rapture and that you would have to live under the world government of this person that the Bible called the front of Satan, of the son of perdition, and that's something that you need to turn to Christ for right now and to be rescued from the wrath is come not only from God's wrath but also from Satan's wrath during this time of tribulation, and that the thing that you need to do in the back of the book I talked about how you can come to know Jesus Christ by calling on him as your Lord and Savior and exempting yourself from being under this time. If there's a lot we can learn from the antichrist not be during that time because you and right now the world is longing for Savior. Satan is just chomping at the bit Savior that they want and he's going to be the antichrist.

A lot of the program uses for many many weeks and I love it. Thank you. Just Kinley for joining me here for the entire hour. Again his interview with the antichrist is our his company is a go out under the words, once you when the time was right to see.

Pardon the walls fell down. The Lions went hungry. The sun stood still. The ways were: the stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord is sanded and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early. He's never late always right on time planned for use by thank you for listening.

Join me again next week watching you in understanding the times radio and thank you for standing with understanding the times radio John Mark now in our 20th year of broadcasting coast-to-coast around the world electronically get our mail all of three ministries Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 call a central time. 763-559-4447 63554444 or just drop us an email website and remember that God has everything under everything is falling

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