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Wake Up: Do You Know What’s Coming?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 14, 2020 8:00 am

Wake Up: Do You Know What’s Coming?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 14, 2020 8:00 am

Markell spends the hour with Pastor J.D. Farag. They talk about the level of fear prevalent today with tough times ahead. Also, Pope Francis is apocalyptic in his ways and should be watched. Is God shaking the nations?

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From pandemics to politics the world faces uncertainty. I personally believe that all perils and playing in the world today may actually even a God thing in the sense that there shaking up and waking up many welcome to understanding the times radio Jan Markel brought to you by Olive tree ministries. May we talk with a radio favorite pastor, JD, Verizon, Calvary Chapel, L hey Hawaii today. Jan and JD that her various preevent scenarios that could provoke fear in many rather than thing here is Jan Martel go out and about, which is very often I just look at people going to deal with the going about their lives. The busyness of their lives, their Christian their playing church pastor got me just talks where the watchmen warning where's the alarm sounding the alarm. Do you know what's coming to the program hope that was a sufficient tease for you.

My guest for the hour says that he is not fearful of perilous times and make no mistake their parentless God can create good out of any chaos in my goodness. We have chaos going on around the world today.

He wants people to ask him why he is not fearful, quite frankly, because everything is outlined in the Bible for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see and many refuse. Obviously, we've got bullet points that were going to be talking about for the hour. My guess I'll bring them on. In a moment. Pastor JD Frerotte.

We've got a virus that has the potential of ravaging the world. I'm trying here to be conservative in my terminology with that other illnesses, for that matter, we let locusts devastating parts of the world's got an increase in I would call some natural calamities that are increasing in intensity. We've got a crisis in Syria, which is nothing new, really.

But as we speak.

Just in the last couple of months, another 1 million people are now fleeing. That's just in the last two 2 1/2 months, perhaps three months.

We've got the Middle East tension. We've got a polarizing political discourse in America for that matter, summer, fearing almost a collapse or some kind of an internal crises because of the political discourse just in our country, along with thankfully Israel's had her election. Back in early March. March 2 will see how that's going to turn out were hoping for the best that Benjamin Netanyahu can form a coalition.

We've got Pope Francis rushing towards a one world religion with a very significant meeting coming up on Israel's Independence Day, May 14, I saw a couple of headlines.

One headline read sense of doom and dread everywhere. Well I hope that's not the case in the church. Another headline I said what can government force people to do in the name of containing the virus will that's an intriguing headline us so another one that says empty streets and some of the world's biggest cities. I could go on and on, and I'm not going to go on because I want to turn this little monologue into a dialogue with Pastor JD Frerotte, JD frog, welcome back to the program. Also great to be with you to see her fear in so many places that may not everyone, but too many places we got some stores with nearly empty shelves with got some people are just staying home activities are being canceled trips are being canceled. People have questions people have anxiety people are bewildered.

You've talked about this.

You've talked about this in some of your weekly updates talk to me a little bit about it because you handled the fear factor I went to play clipper two of you. You handled the fear factor brilliantly whole junk to meet the year of the corona is worse than the actual coronavirus and so God is not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love discipline my as Christians we should not be given over to fear God rules over all and overrules all everything is under his complete control and everything is going perfectly according to his prophetic plan.

There's nothing to fear. I would agree with you.

Not only that, but Matthew 24 which we need to clarify.

Matthew 24 and Luke 21 are talking about the tribulation where not there yet. I think of tribulation. I say weekly is casting a shadow on the church age.

But Matthew 24 talks about some things that are going to be happening.

Some of the calamities that if Jesus Christ didn't return, no flesh would be saved. That's ominous that's stunning description prophetically of the seven year tribulation that mankind will have the potential to completely annihilate the entire isolation of the earth, so this is very detailed Jesus is very specific about what would happen were it not for God himself intervening for the sake of his elect. The elect, by the way of the Jews the lectern to church that's that's not a reference to the church there today Friday I want to play couple of clips of you. I want to play a clip talking about the potential you brought this out in one of your updates I will say more about your updates as we go through the hour here. You have raised the issue and it's not unique is an intriguing thought put this virus have been released deliberately.

I don't know that will ever know.

There is certainly intriguing. Articles online that would suggest this is a possibility. What is going on what's going to happen. What is all this mean well, we don't know is that fair to say we really don't know any experts they will see in the know either is so striking to me how much, not just the lack of information but the misinformation concerning this virus is certainly there is no shortage of those who suggest that it's man-made the molecular structure of this particular virus is such that it is not organic in nature that it's been weapon eyes. There's also speculation as to whether or not it was accidentally released or was released deliberately if it was released deliberately.

What's up purpose in releasing something like this deliberately. There's so much that we don't know about this and you'll forgive me for saying this but I think it's a good thing really well Pastor you are one sick individual. This, no pun intended us to stay with me.

To me this is textbook in the sense that when you don't know you can turn to that which you can know namely the word of God and the God of the word and I would submit to you that people are doing just that.

Because Matt doesn't have the answer, the whole world now is fearful about this virus and the potential of this virus to spread and make no mistake about it, this could be catastrophic. But that's a good thing because sometimes the bad thing can be the catalyst for the good thing and if this is the bad thing that turns people to the Lord and it's a good thing. Would you agree with me. I think that was simple and yet profound at the same time JD frog for his example.

I'm sure you're aware that some of the Christians in parts of China are actually folks are seeking them out there able to give the gospel more freely at this particular time I have a precious couple in my church that were missionaries in China for over 30 years. What they have told me is that the brothers and sisters in Christ that we have today in China are I hate to say it this way, they would put us here in America to shame. And God is using them in a mighty way for such a time as this to talk about how the bad can be the catalyst for the good. It's not God's will that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To me this coronavirus, especially as it relates to China is God's way of bringing more people into the kingdom. While there still time.

One more clip as you and this is dealing with the seer factor in the fear factor. I think as I observe it, probably daily. The seer factor is growing by leaps and bounds exponentially almost on a daily basis and part of that is the media and of course the media loves any story that's got some owe some anguish to it because it gets readers and viewers. What happens is the fear factor then starts to go off the chart and that's what's concerning all of us, you're out and about and there is no fear you have faith you trust the Lord and they're looking at you going why are you not freaking out. All I when we tell you I am not freaking out couple reasons. The first of which is this means the Lord's coming is drawing nearer than any could ever imagine. As we were told in the Bible that this is exactly what happened at the time of the during the seven year tribulation. This is exactly what happened. Things like this these pestilences. These plagues will come upon the whole earth's exactly what, so why were you so called because I know the Lord and the Lord knows me and I'm a perfect peace because the Lord is going to take me as that rat in our second Thessalonians teaching out of that water before I perish. The Lord is good take me out of this world before all of this happens or what you mean all the blessed hope that's the hope that I have. I know it's I want to be accurate when I say that is. But it's not even so much a whole. I know it. I don't hold I know it.

I know the Lord's, back I know this is the truth. I know God is in control.

I have nothing to fear God rules over all and overrules all and there's no fear you're listening and understanding at times radio I'm Jim Markel I have on the line from Hawaii Pastor JD for Rocky pastors, Calvary Chapel, you will hate Hawaii were playing some clips from his weekly prophecy updates. You can find them on YouTube and I highly recommend that you do. It's posted every Sunday afternoon, JD frog, I'm just reading a couple of verses here from Revelation 68 and I looked, and behold a pale horse in his name that sat on him was death and hell followed him.

And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword and hunger and with pestilence and with the beasts of the earth threats Revelation 6. My heart's cry is that our pulpits would be teaching some of this so that the people could connect the dots, some sort of what you're talking about here in your prophecy.

Update your connecting the dots of what's predicted to happen and then now we see things starting to where they been playing out really heavily since 1948 that the intensity is picking up know that Revelation passages read is very interesting because in the original language of the Greek New Testament if the Greek word chloro's where we get Cora or chlorine.

Many believe that this will be something of a viral nature that will wipe out a large population of the earth at the time of the tribulation, the point I always try to get across is that if were starting to see that which will come to pass and be ultimately fulfilled in and during the seven year tribulation and is already starting to happen now while this is what Jesus said in Luke records of chapter 21, that when you see these things begin keyword to come to pass.

Lift up your heads and looked up. Why, because your redemption draws my well, it says, in a similar passage 21 that's men's hearts would fail them for fear when they see the things that are coming upon the earth.

We don't want their hearts to fail them for fear that so I played some of these clips that I've played because this is a time for face not fear: 21 your recording. Verse 25 through 27 races are behind in the sun and the moon and the stars earth. This interesting distress of nations will likely have electricity. It's perplexing it and then men's hearts. Verse 26. Failing them from fear.

This is heart failure its friendly expectation of those things which are coming on the earth. And then he goes on and says now when these things be to happen. That's when you look up and lift up your head because your redemption trust. I found it interesting that in some cases the Jews again are being accused of spreading this virus.

This coronavirus for financial gain, which is not a new concept them and they were blamed for the black plague back in the 1300s. They were blamed led to massacre off a lot of Jews which I think there's an interesting twist on this story and that Israel is talking about having a cure or vaccine within a couple of months for coronavirus is a tragic, though, that the blame eventually has to go on the Jews even though they been such a blessing to the world but I was with me to a commentary about the propensity for Israel to actually come up with a vaccine.

The commentary have to do with this boycott movement and what are they gonna do when Israel has the cure for this coronavirus are they going to boycott the antidote they may very well name I gave a lineup as I came into the program and I said that all sorts of things are taking place as matter fact you gave the message in one of your updates you listed seven things that we should be paying attention to one of them. We've already talked about here some other things that made without a locust invasion and parts of the world that's enough staggering proportion.

I said in English last week's program. I did that these locusts can devour a farm in 30 seconds. You wrap your brain around that 30 seconds a farm in Africa and other parts of the world. I think parts of the Middle East and even creeping into China.

30 seconds it's all gone to natural disasters of other kinds. At the end. I happen to reference the polarizing political discourse, first in America probably. Secondly, in Israel and leaving in an very intense political season is far from over.

It's gonna go on another.

Many many months and you said something to me about the one word that might characterize our times right now would be uncertainty.

We have uncertainty in US politics we have uncertainty in Israeli politics we have uncertainty in the financial world. We have uncertainty in the geopolitical world. We have so much uncertainty that you hardly know where to take a conversation because we don't know where anything is going other than those of us who know the outline in the Bible you know where it's all going again goes back to the bad can be a D effort for the good uncertainty can also be the catalyst for the certainty, the more sure word of prophecy the apostle Peter writes one of the things of the Lord's really been ministering to me just since the beginning of the year. Since every heart March and so much has happened just since the beginning of the year. It is just mind-boggling. The Swift's with which everything is taking place.

To me, and this is what the Lord spend ministering to me is that he's using all of these things all of the uncertainty. All of the year you as the catalyst to bring people to faith because what is faith well. Faith is the antithesis of fear. Faith is the substance of things hoped for keyword the evidence strong word of faith yet unseen. So here you have this fear factor, as we say, and yet that is the factor that brings people to faith because there is this insatiable hunger and thirst for certainty. Yes, concerning the future. The future is as you peruse. Let's just take American politics for a moment here, I'm there throughout some words we've had sort of the window on what might be unprecedented corruption. Again, the word uncertainty with use that now twice unprecedented attacks on a sitting president now for three years at is just simply an staggering level. I think both America and Israel are well there drowning in the deep state they both have a deep state and it's filled with dangerous people filled with globalists filled with socialists filled with communists. It's filled with God haters, but I did not think that I would live to see the day when Cheney frog we may be we could be. We don't know we could be one election away from America turning into Venezuela or Cuba. Well, at the risk of being to Frank when I say this and you'll forgive the bluntness with which I please be blunt okay if Bernie Sanders were to be elected President of the United States that I know he has been very clear concerning his hatred for Israel and he would with a stroke of a pen. The click of a mouse and all US support for Israel is healing, not this is an interesting year. The third election on Monday, March 2, while Netanyahu did well better than he had prior to elections, he still does not have what he needs to form a government so the jury is still out. That's gonna play out that her son thinking and again you'll forgive the bluntness with which I say this, but it is very possible that by the end of this calendar year. There will not be a Netanyahu in Israel and there will not be a tromp in the United States. If that happens, and it then would you agree with me Jan that that is the beginning of the end everything now falls into place then the antichrist is waiting in the wings.

He may be. Anyway, I suspect he is and wouldn't the Bernie Sanders work very well with the antichrist, perfect for making a prediction here folks for not saying this is healthy elections going to turn out in November or just throwing some things out here for thoughtful discussion. That's all because the world is heading pell-mell into some kind of a phase that perhaps never gone through before we been through a process in America for three years political uncertainty political crisis political conflict, all sorts of just absolute headbanging with the two political parties in America. Same thing going on in Israel, we would like to see finality and have a few months or a few years of peace and calm.

I'm not sure J. Frog were so late into God's calendar. Maybe that's never going to happen anymore. Well will search Jan I often times wonder if maybe this needs to come to pass that the and Mike, and I'll explain what I mean by that. Okay For purpose of discussion say there is no tromp, there is no Netanyahu and whoever is in there, and whatever comes as a result, well, why would we not be okay with that, as Christians, yes, I agree with you because what that means that if that were not be here very much longer. If at all. In Matthew 24 Jesus teaches this parable about the wicked servant contrasted with the righteous servant who was found faithful when this master return as compared to the wicked, evil servant who said all my master delays this coming and the result of that was well. I just am going to party on and he ate and drank and beat his fellow servants and so that when the master did come at an hour he expected not it was caught off guard, so stay with me on this if it goes that way. Wouldn't it stand to reason that it would be an indication of just how close we are and how the Lord wants for us as Christians to loosen our grip tightening grip on this world and the things of this world. Sometimes I think as Christians we want. April Christian president of the pro-Israel president. We applaud that and we want that we want America to be great again but that means that you be here a little bit longer this when it doesn't go that way. Are we going to be okay and are we going to say hey, times up time to look up to be caught with her seeing to the two categories of people. Those who really are longing to hang around here a little bit longer and then there are a few of us who are just fine with finding our heavenly home and the reunions that await us, the sooner the better you encounter those as a pastor I encounter them as a ministry leader. I understand where the both coming from, but I've grown weary.

I've grown weary of this world and you talk about that almost every week on your update again folks tap into it on YouTube type into Katie Freud's prophecy updates every Sunday afternoon Hawaii time. It's a little bit later than that. Of course he's pastor of Calvary Chapel Connie Ohe Hawaii G frog. Here's where I still want to go in our discussion, I want to talk a little bit about.

We may have to do this in my second half of the program. We have a most charismatic pope probably that we've ever had and Pope Francis, and I'm not suggesting the charismatic is in a positive way because he's pushing for more globalization and even almost a global faith. He's got a forthcoming meeting coming up happens to be on Israel's anniversary May 14. He's been trying to merge with Islam more and more, and it just seems like if he hasn't setting the stage for the global religion. I'm not even saying he's going to take us into a global religion he could, but I'm saying he's certainly preparing the way and someone else could pick up the pace if they had to. I want to talk about that when I get back from our short timeout. I'm going to take. I also want to talk a little bit about an illustration you gave in one of your updates and interestingly enough n-gram lots gave a similar illustration at my 2016 conference a few years ago now and it's a little illustration of the Titanic. How sometimes Christians can be in parallel with what happened on the Titanic. I want to talk about those things when I get back. Folks remember we've got. Understanding the times 2020 coming up on September 26 and 27th this fall.

Saturday will be a Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota Sunday will be at revive church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and we to say more about that. I'll probably say little bit more about that as I go out of the program.

We won't even be offering tickets probably until June 1, but were encouraging you to put the events on your calendar. It will be live streamed of course and got a number of outstanding speakers pastor Barry Stagner, Michelle Bachmann, Joel Rosenberg and Meares are Fadi and Pastor Jacobs.

I'm coming back in just a couple of minutes don't go away and then I'll continue with pastor JD frog we love friendly feedback website.

All of three views.the large olive tree views.for color simple time.

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Welcome back your listing to understanding the times radio.

I play these little teases consent indicates some of some of the direction that will go in and the time remaining were actually going to hit a number of topics in the time remaining. My guess is on the line from Connie Ohe, Hawaii happened to be there exactly 2 years ago this week enjoyed ministering to the flock at Calvary Chapel, Connie Ohe, by the way, if you'd like to sign up for the various newsletters we offer.

We talk about all of these things in the newsletters, print E sign up at the website. Olive tree olive tree were very active on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it YouTube we are putting our programming little more visually oriented on both YouTube and his channel is What I'd like to do was like to move into the closing half of the program here in pastor JD frog and I were talking a little bit off.

Aaron doing some mouse and contemplating here on what's going on in the world and the government that he came up with a few comments that were kind of classic and I just want to pursue it for just a minute or two I think pastor JD frog I heard you say and you and I would be on the same page here. We love seeing America prosper even though America is not our home. Heaven is our home. You said something really interesting to me. Fair use, and so many want to make America great again. You want to make heaven great again. Now I find that a really interesting statement to clarify what you meant by that and then I want to follow-up question okay so if America is great and, arguably, and to his credit, in all fairness that Trump has made America great again? The problem is that if it's so great down here.

It doesn't make heaven great up there. In other words, when things are really going good down here and they are going good down here. It doesn't make us long for heaven. Conversely, if things work so great down here, then it makes us long for heaven even more. I love this country. My parents immigrated I was nine months old.

From the Middle East. Fleeing is at the time. This is 1963 to come to America and for that I have an eternal debt of Griffin because I don't know that I would be alive, let alone save my parents stayed in the Middle East.

I was born in Beirut Lebanon and that's not the place to be right now that's rain so here I am and I have enjoyed and been so blessed here in America but this is not my final destination.

What happens I think with Christians is we dig our roots down to deep in the temporal soil of this earth.

And when things are great again and so forget to keep America great again and that that happens will then that means were not going home yet and there's still work to do, which is fine. I was singing about the apostle Paul. He was so torn straight he was to go be with the right. He knew that they still needed him.

He still at work to do, but he was very candid in saying that it if I had my preference. I would go home. I want to go home another store to do but I want to go home and if America is still great and prosperous and strong then that's an indication to me that were still going to be down here for a very long time. As long as it is, so I want to make heaven great account.

I think that's the provocative thought I do and I think I would say probably half my audience totally resonates with what you're saying and 100% agreement. Others, quite frankly, are clinging to this earth and I kind of understand that to hopefully some horrific like Jan Lee opened the program talking about this blossoming we still don't know where in the world. It's going the coronavirus and mean it certainly could Peter out in that the other side of the coins. It could turn into a global pandemic something like that happen.

My goodness people I can find two homes are kept away from any form of gathering place and if there are massive massive numbers of illnesses and fatalities.

It's not so great and I quoted Corrie 10 boom during one of my prophecy updates recently where she said that she had learned to hold on loosely to the things of this world for we know not when it will be required of us and she wasn't talking about material things she was talking about, loved ones and family members. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the prosperity in this country. The freedoms that we have only praise the Lord for that, but I think that we would do well to hold on loosely to it because this is not our home.

You gave an interesting illustration. I'm fascinated by what happened back in 1912 to the Titanic.

The unsinkable ship that was they boasted there's no way the ship can sink the disaster, as you pointed out you actually brought this out in one of your updates. Not too long ago and Graham lots brought some of this out when she spoke to my conference in 2016.

Fascinating story has very sad ending that you brought out the fact that the disaster may not have been due so much to human error, but rather serve the reflective mirages that created an optical illusion of a false horizon you went on, because even stop there. You feel we are even sort of equally deceiving times with false optical illusions wanted to explain a little bit what you mean by that header.

I referenced 2012 Smithsonian documentary. It was titled Titanic's final mystery and this historian Tim Moulton presented his theory about the Titanic's fate.

He presented his findings in this book titled a very deceiving night. So on that night the conditions were right for what they call a super refraction and it prevented the Titanic's lookout from actually seeing the iceberg because it created this false horizon, so they just kept going and so I drew the parallel to where we are today with everything is happening in the world that it is a very deceiving night and we can't see people can't see the prosthetic iceberg. Due to this false horizon of an optical illusion vis--vis a strong, delusional, striking to me in the gospel and even in the epistles. There's this common theme from the Savior himself from the apostle Paul. He echoes the same thing. Let no man deceive you. Don't be deceived implication is that there's going to be this great deception and even a second Thessalonians, Paul describes how God himself will send a strong a powerful delusion and this is what happened on that fateful night. They didn't see it because of this optical illusion. This barrage this false horizon.

So it was full steam ahead.

The parallel is even more terrifying in the sense that those on the Titanic really truly honestly believed it was unsinkable because that's what they were told some of the TD they actually wanted to stay on the Titanic. Rather than get into the lifeboats they thought it was safer to say on the Titanic. Copyright. That's why many parents. That's right, they would not get into the likelihood thought this is not going to think now no way and they were unconvinced and they stayed with me.

They were deceived and believed that they would be safer to stay right where they were at and is that not an apt description of where were at. Today, many Christians believe that there's a lot more time we can go on enjoying life. Let's avoid the lifeboat.

Jesus Christ is the lifeboat. There are some haunting parallels. We are on a sinking ship. I think the lifeboat clearly is Jesus salvation he offers, but many would rather keep on partying all that's the best Carol sadly many a Christian today is like those on the Titanic. They don't believe they've been deceived if not can happen if not going to sink. And yet, just up ahead, and what I share this recently assured often how that whenever I'm out and about I watch people and I see people just going about their lives are busy going to go and they have no idea what's ahead if you know why you're right.

This is why I say that all of the bad things is actually a good thing because maybe that's the thing that it's going to take to get people's attention. That's why we opened the program talking about some of the dots giving us some some signals are you watching the calamities that are going on a gimmick and locus invasion of unparalleled proportion that so many things going on, get other illnesses talk about coronavirus at a 20 and wanted to get African swine fever.

We got other things that are going on in this world I referenced some of the refugee issues which are staggering. And then they fall out that these issues cause to various nations, particularly in Europe, and I also referenced Pope Francis, and I want to spend just a minute or two on Pope Francis JD frog and he is my guest for the hour and you can learn a lot more. He is pastor of Calvary Chapel Connie Ohe Hawaii is Sunday updates on YouTube are absolutely fantastic. I know you started in about 2006 online.

JD and I know you thought you and your family be the only watchers and now you've got well over 100,000 that are loyal Foss of perseverance got really opened the door for an electronic outreach. We hope and pray that the electronic the world of the social media continues to cooperate so we can keep doing those kinds of things. One of the other points I was going to head to hear. And that is Pope Francis. And I'm not in the frequent habit of giving kudos to a Catholic nun, but there is one online who is scolding Pope Francis, big time.

I don't know her name but she is quiet intriguing gal and she's saying to the Pope. If you continue promoting what you and I going to talk about here in the next couple minutes you're going to bring about the end of Christianity. Now that's a strong statement coming from a Catholic, but this particular none is really chewing out Pope Francis because he's pushing for more number one globalization and then the globalization of face globalization of religion and is using some of the usual things climate change and those kinds of things JD. He's got a meeting coming up May 14, 2020 significant meeting. He seems to be moving certainly emerging Catholicism with Islam where you see this going well on the back up to February of last year February 2019. This was when the popes global vision was laid out in this document on the human brotherhood for world and common living together that was signed by Pope Francis and Shea Schmid, i.e. the grand Imam of off hot and this was in Abu Dhabi. The United Arab to me.

That was the beginning of what really began to show this popes true colors again. I Janice you've gotten to know me over the years, you know that I'm certainly not bashful and I'm just going to say that it's very likely that this poll is the false prophet. There are even some who suggest that he may himself be the antichrist. We don't know but it sure looking an awful lot like this Pope is going to bring together the world's religions and for this Pope to do this on Israel's independent celebration.

I mean that is just, I mean there are no words I got saved in 1982 and I've been following the Vatican and the Pappas he ever since I'll never forget. In 1995 will first wall Pope John Paul II. I have a photograph of him. He had audience with the forget his official title from Iraq and he was presented with a click on which Pope John Paul II right bent down yes you did 1995 Pope John Paul II met with all of the world's religious leaders to pray to gather the popes prior to Pope Francis have joined hands with this lamplight has been a number years now. I don't necessarily want to go too far into this, but I did up prophecy update on this was many years ago now comparing the similarities between Catholicism and this slam what's assassinating JD's medicine that you and I need to do radio on that sometime because I've heard it it's outstanding well even in the court they venerate Mary. They didn't denigrate Jesus. This borders on and I certainly never want to be seen as being into these conspiracy theories, but I remember from a good source that there is the belief and there is merit to it that actually the Vatican was the one responsible for creating slam.

So when you see this hope and the Vatican doing what they're doing hand in hand with this slam on Tuesday, February 11 breaking Israel news published this article about it and they say in their quote. Historically, the Vatican was no friend to the Jews. But if new initiative aligns the Catholic Church with his slam in a one world religion that may be the biggest threat ever to the Jewish people. I have you saying here quote from you this meeting. The meeting, referring to the May 14, 2020 meeting you say this meeting is significant, and particularly because Judaism is the last bastion pushing back against the New World order.

What did you mean by that.

What I was actually a quote from this article, they say, quote, according to one rabbi on the backup. A major event to advance the project will take place on the anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel, which according to one rabbi is fitting since Judaism is the last/June entirely incompatible with a new world order. See here's the thing in Jerusalem on Friday if his slam on Saturday. Shabbat is Judaism on Sunday is Catholicism, and so here this Pope is now going to bring the three major religions together. Catholicism in the slammer already togetherness their so it now needs to be Judaism soul. Let's declare this on the anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel. I think we need to keep her eyes on this. I mean, many have been watching the Vatican for decades, even more so since Pope Francis was installed. I believe 2013.

I think the scenario got a little bit more, almost apocalyptic during his reign, JD he's I believe is 83 years old. He's got incredible amount of energy for a man of that age. He's globetrotting, the likes of which people 20 years younger would have a hard time doing so. He seems to have a lot of stamina you know what I watch him and I as Christians we been given the Holy Spirit and the discernment of spirits when I watch him there's a check in my heart.

This Pope is different.

There something about this Pope and if bearing out. Yes, I need to see if I did not know about Catholic nun that's very intricacies assassinating woman about 80 years old scolding him for about 60 minutes 54 minutes on YouTube, taking a bold stand. She's saying bluntly, if you continue this Pope Francis. It's going to mean the end not of Catholicism.

She saying this will be the end of Christianity as we know it.

She's taking whatever years she has left to be serving under the Vatican. I'd say are in huge jeopardy. You bring up Jim. The page of this very apropos on. I think for what would be deemed obvious reasons. There's a window of coyotes, a window of time. That's my reference.

It is excellent day defrag. I think you are known here. Known for lots of things you're known it's can speak for myself here.

You're known as somebody with an air of heritage who loves the nation of Israel and the Jewish people here are known for being one of the few pastors I don't want to say left on the planet. But let's say you're one of the few pastors who continue to beat the drum in some cases, you will literally do that if you have to and I mean for the eschatological theme in the Bible that one third of the Bible that today is being pretty much overlooked by a lot of churches probably according to Brent Miller and now that the film in which both you and I Jackie of Zamir others are now featured in the before the wrath Brent brings out the reason he made before the wrath film is that in the life way research that was done 98% of the churches will not talk about the various topics we've talked about in this hour and so you are unique and that you'll do that on a regular basis. You have to do on a weekly basis which is extremely unusual again so she can find that on YouTube. You're just very unusual and then Chris you ended up your suffering for Jesus over there in Hawaii. I know it's difficult for you to do that. A beautiful facility got gave you and Connie on a Hawaii, but what you're really known for is that you close every presentation with the ABCs of salvation. I don't want to break tradition.

You've got five minutes you take it and love it. Thank you for that opportunity. Jim and yes, about two years ago. The Lord really impressed heavily upon my heart that need to and every single prophecy update with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ABCs of salvation and is so simple it's childlike simple. Jesus said, unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. And so we do these ABCs of salvation which assisted childlike explanation of salvation and the a and the ABCs is for admit or acknowledge that you sin that you need the Savior that you need salvation. Romans 310 says there is no one righteous, not even one in Romans 323 tells us why because all have sin and fall short of the glory of God in Romans 623 is interesting because you sort of have the bad news. Packaged first with the good news and that's what the gospel is the word gospel means good news. Your debt has been paid. You're free to go. What death all the sin that the wages of sin is that it's the death penalty. We've all sin and we've all been sentenced to death. That's the bad news, here's the good news. Gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. He came, he died in our spare was buried, rose from the dead, and is coming back again. That is the good news the gospel to be is for believing your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, and as Romans 10, nine and 10 says if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved, not you might not you could not, you should know you will and in the sea. Lastly is for call upon the name of the Lord is Romans 10 nine intent also says if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and here's why Ford is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. And lastly, my favorite is Romans 1013 all call upon the name of the Lord will be safe. That's a simple plan and that's kind of a call to action for some of you who are listening and I hope some of you did take that very seriously. We live in extremely uncertain times we've talked about the uncertainty that's going on. We talked about the political uncertainty financial uncertainty in the world right now is staggering geopolitical uncertainty but there's day-to-day uncertainty JD. I was in Nashville, Tennessee national religious broadcasters very recently. I flew out and two days later Nashville, Tennessee. Parts of it were wiped off the map I'm in touch with folks there now on a daily basis to see how things are going. That's how quickly life changed for some people, somewhere almost vaporized with an F3 tornado couple weeks ago 10 days ago.

Now that's how quickly life changes. That's why we give these warnings because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. No one is guaranteed the next 10 minutes.

As we flew out of that beautiful city. Little did we think that a few hours later this F3 tornado is going to come through and change the lives of so many people and cause so much devastation. Hardy and tears and weeping day defrag.

Thank you for all you deal again. You might want to stay in touch with him.

The best way is through YouTube his Sunday afternoon updates that go up late afternoon.

That's website for you. JD is Calvary Chapel.

Connie Eight and he 08. She Calvary Chapel Connie or just search YouTube and there will be only 1/3 of the website. Appreciate all that you're doing and I'm just going out of the program here. All I want to kinda focus on is that we the people of safe and not fear.

We have talked about some ominous things in this hour were talking about a potential pestilence. We don't know where it's going. At this point I have a feeling it's going to be more devastating than most people. I thinking again I we going to be people of faith are people of fear and I don't think you can be both a really down and that's been the purpose of this hour is reemphasized that so I want to go out of the program just with the simple Bible verse I use it. They often comes out of Psalm 3114 and 15. I trust in you, oh Lord, our times are in your hands. All that is a comfort to me are times are in his hands. He has everything under control and everything is falling into place.

I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again write to us through our website. All of three views or all of three caller cycle time 76355 94 763-559-4444 male when you write all of the ministries of John Markel soda 551-1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. Yes, our times are perilous. Yes we face uncertainty on every level. There is no stability on earth other than knowing God is in control of our lives rolls every activity and employment works good is causing everything all

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