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He’s Coming for His Bride!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 21, 2020 8:00 am

He’s Coming for His Bride!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 21, 2020 8:00 am

spends the hour with Brent Miller, Jr. as they introduce the new film Before the Wrath, found in our online store. This is a defense of the Rapture of the Church, now abandoned by most churches. In a time of turmoil, enjoy the hope offered by our blessed hopethe soon-coming Rapture before the wrath of the Tribulation.

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Because the pulpits are silent. The greatest news for the church is seldom heard. This is a film that has a story that is true, the true story that it based on real discoveries of the time of Christ, and it's something that has to be seen by the church that something that the church should see something the church in the US all the church regardless of the denomination must see, especially for pastors.

Pastors have to see this fellow welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel brought to you by Olive tree ministries Jan spends the hour to a with film writer and producer. Brent Miller Junior ingenuity films you're carrying his latest production title before the rat docudrama about the rapture of the church.

If you think the rapture is not in the Bible. You are very wrong. It is portrayed in the Galilean Jewish wedding in the New Testament types shadows and symbols are stunning. Here are Jan Markel and Brent Miller discuss this intriguing topic. For example, the sold-out film premiere in California a few weeks ago we had shockingly all walks of life from Christians in different denominations. There even at atheists and agnostics and pastors in the audience.

He often prayer brings and everybody quite honestly, this film is something that builds and builds all the way to a shocking conclusion.

At the very end and people quite frankly were weeping and walking away and all, and in shock and regardless of what your preconceived notions were when you came into it. There were nonbelievers asking questions about the rapture for the first time in their life. For the first time ever, the rapture no longer sounds like something that you can't believe and welcome to the program. You've heard us talking that pretty new product here on this program now for a few months and the producer of the new film before the wrath. Brent Miller introduced his film to actually my conference last September 21. It is actually been in the making for almost 3 years.

Brent Miller and I discussed the film. Three. Four months ago here on air. So this is not a replay of that program. This is an update say.

Also by way of sort of update, as I'm adding a few comments here to set the stage for the next hour and that is I have referred to Pastor Tom Hughes article he's Pastor 412 church in San Jacinto, California actually ministered there in January. He wrote an article some years ago. Now it went viral. It probably wasn't even his lungs five years ago that he wrote the title five reasons pastors don't teach Bible prophecy.

Just reading a couple of bullet point paragraphs.

He says prophecy fills the Bible and time prophecy touches every person alive today. Jesus taught on it. So did John, Peter, Paul, James, and Jude get only a small percentage of the churches teach this crucial part of God's message to our generation time goes on to say some pastors don't teach it for theological reasons.

They don't believe that they don't think it applies to us a considerate symbolic or whatever and he goes on. Others believe we are probably living near the end of the age, but still refused to touch the topic they see it as an elective part of God's curriculum, take it or leave it, and then Tom concludes I'm skipping parts of his article. That's not how Jesus sought he reprimanded the Pharisees and Sadducees for not discerning the times when it is evening, you say it will be fair weather, for the sky is red and in the morning it will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening Chris you know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the times or the signs of the times and then Tom concludes more than 1/4 of the Bible actually almost 1/3 really is Bible prophecy.

Much of it yet to be fulfilled. How can we give congregations a well-rounded understanding of Scripture. If we leave out such a vital part of it. So as I began to work with Brent Miller Junior I would learn through his production before the wrath is that 98% of our churches avoid some of the things were going to talk about this particular hour Tom Hughes went on for five points as to why churches are avoiding this, they don't understand it to. They fear offending. Three. They sense it will scare people for people might not tie if they think were that close to the end and five. They fear that they could look like a sort of Looney Tunes French such as Harold camping and all the damage he did back in the 90s and then again in more recent years, I always bring Tom's article into discussion when we have a topic like were going to have for the balance of the hour. Brent Miller, welcome back to the program. Thank you so much stranded amazing tobacco. We have carried the product we've now sold number of copies and that's an understatement, and we've had feedback and I'll go into that just a little bit later and let me quickly say that participating in this film and you've got a lot participating. You got actors, you've got commentators Amir Stephani JD Farah Jack Hibbs and others. Let's start at least with an explanation to my audience you had unexpected delays. Big time you had. Let's just call it opposition talk to us for a minute about that quite audibly in 20 years of filmmaking and working in new media. You been back for MTV networks. I've never experienced the type of opposition problems that have come up throughout the production cycle before the rock even recording sessions that we had scheduled with Kevin Sorbo, who narrates the docudrama down in LA, many will remember about LA fire, shut everything down Kevin Sorbo had to flee away for the whole production crew not only had to delay some of the recording for a couple months but we had to fly all the way out East Coast and do the recording out there you have to closely related to people on the production crew pivotal members in postproduction, which delayed things would think her to be rescheduled.

Months later, but God is faithful and to lead this through the trials and we kept pushing forward and he saw the film to finish wonderful finish in sac were going to be playing some clips. Client is he was a matter of fact from the film Brent I know I get it that your goal was not necessarily to focus on rapture timing your goal was to get people to see that just want folks there really is a rapture in the Bible and what you did is is you kind of diet out of the ancient Jewish Galilean wedding the Galilean folks were actually a subculture of the Jews back in Bible times so you found this incredible Galilean wedding that you put into actual drama with some commentary and one play couple of clips but I want to start here. I'm saying that the goal was not necessarily to focus on rapture timing. Nonetheless, this is the clip I think is important and we can discuss it with the events prophesied within the ancient records are indeed to come to pass. Knowing the timing of the Lord's return would be of great the conflict, the disagreement, the contention over the timing of the rapture and particularly in the last 10 years it has gone off the chart is that of saying my how they love one another as they said of the early church now today of the church. They say my holiday flight with one another than recent findings from organizations such as life, we research confirmed that the infighting among Christians is deepening our surveys. We ask when they thought the rapture will occur. The largest group, 36% believe that the rapture will occur. Pre-tribulation, but that's the largest group that means is not a majority believing anyone. Think about the rapture.

In addition to the 36% believe the rapture will occur before the tribulation period begins 4% of Christians believe it will happen in the middle 18% believe the rapture will happen at the end and additional 13% consist of other timing variations and theories 4% just not sure. And surprisingly, the remaining 25%. The growing statistic no longer believe in a literal rapture. Your point was not so much to discuss timing though. I'm so glad you brought out the contention because like I'm a victim of it so I know how horrific it's gotten absolutely the most terrifying thing that we learned while we were working with lightweight research on a lot of the trends occurring in the church today is just how many pastors and Christians within the body of Christ no longer believe in the rapture and all that but to fictive loading year after year. Even the data that we hurt Kevin Sorbo talking about there about the different percentages that shifting and getting worse it's getting worse with more views about the end times and Christ's return and the reply for the fire's return it because there is such biblical illiteracy and most Christians today no longer know the difference between the rapture, the second coming, the day of the Lord, the tribulation. They have no idea and I get that because it points back to what you do. As previously mentioned at the beginning of the show that up to 98% of churches are marginalizing prophecy that on talking about it at all, so it's no wonder there's incredible confusion about even what the rapture is nevermind but timing and how God's plan. You said key couple of words. Just a second ago you said there are more views, which is always been many views on the end times. We got all millennialism, which I think is doing great damage we've got kingdom now theology, which again churches making the world perfect etc. leaving that printer is him that some other theologies that I would collaborations, but these other theologies.

Some of these aberrations. They have just exploded here in recent years and decades which probably falls under the great apostasy and I want to get to the great apostasy in just a minute because you get an outstanding clip are going to play here.

But the more views is huge. Another always been views but the biblical illiteracy hasn't been as bad as it is in the last 10 years.

Views are popping up out of nowhere. Like you stated, there's always been various views and conflicts, and debate what it always been a minority in our saying that becoming the majority. The only 36% of Christians. What I think a lot of people find shocking believe in a preacher rapture. Yes, that's actually almost as many as though they don't even believe don't even believe in one directive to clarify about talking about everybody in the United States, the whole population about the Christians in the United States. Shocking. I'm glad you clarified that you sound this intriguing subculture gallantly in the wedding that the Jewish Galilean's hand does even come about.

Was this something you discovered, not me personally because we specialize in eschatology research. We work with a lot of amazing pastors and researchers in the Middle East archaeologists out there in our film crew. There roaming in Israel and Turkey and the surrounding area quite often what we discovered is that there were so many anthropologists though studying first century cultures and those finding digging up artifacts in the Galilean area that it actually was brought to me by couple, the researchers we work closely with him stated that some of these new discoveries that we've made in the last 10 years. Nobody is talking about and it is all related to the Jewish wedding absolutely. But the reason why, focusing more on the subculture. The Galilean wedding. Specifically, even though it is the Jewish wedding is because even though in the past there's been some amazing parallels made between the Jewish wedding what Christ prophesied about his return. There's always been some missing pieces of the puzzle you will when you focus in the Galilean wedding. All of a sudden those pieces are exposed and now the entire picture prophetic timeline if you will now clicks in the place and it's so perfect that even a nonbeliever can watch this infant will perfect that like to play clip and backed up with Brent, as you said this.

This is a recent insight expose the forgotten ways of the things in the two thirds of the gospel to place in the little strip of land but is two thirds of the gospel actually makes no sense you think about most of the Jews didn't make their but yet two thirds of the gospel took place right there so you cannot ignore the culture people life and habits of those that the Galileans are laying such a big part.

There are a lot of other people have a lot of pieces to the puzzle and a lot of the people working on the same projects. It's an enormous research project to make sure that you find it, get it right because were so we people bringing up little bits and pieces of there's got to be a pattern here and there was pieces to a puzzle that formed a prophetic timeline woven throughout the ancient scriptures that directly references ancient Galilean ceremony ceremony that was passed on through generations to foretell how and why Christ will return in the last days the world and of all the ancient ceremonies. This secret could of been hiding it was discovered within a one-of-a-kind wedding. The ancient Jewish wedding in the Galilee. You heard the voice there of a mere certified it because those making some comments into the film include a mere JD for on Jackie abs Yours truly came Carl from life way research Kevin Sorbo is the narrator of the film and then you get print visit between 1600 actors and extras, 100 actors an extra crew.

I think you paint the most stunning picture when it comes to using the Last Supper and the cup of wine, and I'll play clip that can illustrate that in folks. Some of you listening by radio. You can see these clips on our YouTube channel Jan Markel, all tree ministries. We post these kinds of images, videos, etc. honor his channel programming. If you're more visual and you'd like to see some of the things that were showing you that's where you need to go to see them otherwise are trying to paint a picture with audio we do the best we can talk to me a little bit Brent here about how you've tapped into the Last Supper and I am talking to Brent Miller for the hour. Brent Miller Junior he is the writer producer director of the new film that we are carrying and that we've promoted I think now for five months anyway and some of you have ordered from us and some of you learn from other places talk to me a little bit about the Last Supper, the cup of wine and then will play clip. To illustrate this, one of the shocking coverage we were going over a lot of evidence with our partners in the Middle East that you find a lot more understanding in the Galilean subculture. We have to remember that Jesus what the Galileans he related to, the intricacies of culture very closely, especially with the vital what we find is that in Galilee that the bride would be offered a couple of wine by the groom order to conclude a patrol marriage. What many don't understand, especially here in modern Western cultures of the bride actually had all the power and authority during that process we think of when in the first century is not having any kind of authority, which was true in the outside areas outside of Galilee outside of Israel and pagan society. But in the Israeli wedding patrol the bride was offered a couple of wine and she drank from it than she would be accepting the groom and she would be the troth, but she had the option all the power completely up to her by choice to push the cup away and reject the group and everything would be off no question that, but that's not even the most amazing part me already beginning to see the parallels with Christ and his disciples a number but the shocking part is that in the wedding patrol the groom would then drink from a cup of wine next and after also drinking from the cup of wine. The groom would say I will not drink of the cup again until I do it renewed with you in my father's house, which is very similar to what we hear Christ say of the left absolutely. And this is portrayed in a stunningly beautiful way. In the film. Again, the film is before the wrath you can find it in our store.

Olive trees use downward all tree views downward you can give my office a call you'll find it in their various newsletters.

Brent, I want to play that clip here of the Last Supper illustration but I think you are offering some combo packs things like that beyond the single DVD because that's what we're offering is the single DVD, but I think you have some packages correct yeah the film is also available on a Blu-ray plus DVD combo pack.

Also we have bundles that come with the book, which give, deeper description of some of the Jewish wedding culture got involved in note bundles are have to get the various you can get the single DVD from all tree ministries Olive trees use downward. I want to back up what you said about the Last Supper, how it is tied into this story with a real short clip then focuses down onto the moment where everyone holds their breath.

What happens is the bridegroom is then handed a picture of wine.

The groom then pours wine into a ceremonial cup that will be offered to his desired bride to be called the cup of joy with both hands reverently and respectfully fearfully he would pass it to his bride. When the groom presents the cup she now has the choice to assess whether or not she will accept or reject this proposal for marriage with the top is handed to the bride. She's given all power to stop the wedding by pushing the cup back and rejecting the bride contrary to all other wedding bride Galilean since the final shoe you have the power to accept or reject the offer, the patrol could not be completed without acceptance to drink from the cup but on this during this patrol the bride access the groom will then also take drink from the cup, solidifying the new covenant, but then he said something truly profound in the bridegroom says publicly so everyone can hear you are now consecrated to me by the laws of Moses and I will not drink this cup again until I drink it new with you my father's house, but to understand why this phrase is so profound, we must look at another recorded later in the Scriptures during the last summer. Jesus offered a cup of wine to his disciples to signify a new covenant with them, and after his disciples drink from the cup.

Jesus then said something similar to what the Galilean would've heard from their own weddings. He said what I say to I will not drink of this fruit of the fine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my father's kingdom, and the point you are making Brent the reason why Jesus used the Jewish wedding and specifically Galilean because his disciples were all Galilean, with the exclusion of this of course they were all Galilean and Jesus used parables and metaphors with people about the way things were in heaven about spiritual truths.

It's not a coincidence at all that so much of what Christ revealed to Galilean disciples about the End of Days and his return at the end of days which they heard it before anybody else.

By the way they came in asked him tell us about this time that you're coming back is that of course the way for them to understand that the most with you something that was already ingrained by the culture.

In fact, I believe God predetermine that agreement in their culture ahead of time because it was for God's glory because it was the prophetic timeline to the first coming through the rapture to the second coming of Christ that the End of Days so they could completely understand the spiritual relationship between becoming the bride of Christ because they related to these things in their own wedding that you keep swinging here some things you just said.

He talks here that it's the Galileans who would've understood all of this. But Jesus, one that many will not accept his offer to attend his wedding that there will be many that choose to be separated from him for all those that will be left behind when they get to the father's house. Everybody piles into the compound now and the feast is set and ready to go in the door is shut behind them. And no one leaves one comes in seven days and thanks and you were locked out. There was no you have heard about the rapture.

Jesus was to come back. I've heard about this hearing about is not enough that we know from Galilean experience in first century.

You not only to be ready at end of oil yet to get in to get into that wedding and the door was shut. By the way. Once the door was shut.

It was shot out route you think about rentable terrifying reality of knowing that Christ said he would come back and to then be shut out to be left out, and Jesus warning us in this parables warning red Miller. I think this is sort of the left behind illustration of my right you don't do a little bit about it, this is amazing.

I mean the illustrations that are given. You gotta see it to believe it soaks were trying our best year in our discussion Joe must have to see it to believe it just left behind. Scene is incredible. Yeah it one of most powerful thing yes it is.

They did open it up you cannot question topics for pastors in the church to discuss with the congregation. The counterpoint to the understanding that disciples again actually understood what it meant to be left behind. They understood the rapture and that were touching on a topic that is heavily debated that the million dollar question for all the Christians that fate will I don't see the rapture in the Bible. And of course the go to looking at the word Hartog built to be snatched away to be caught up only meet Christ in the air in and for many that's enough but for others they say well I don't know do that literally mean that in the debated and debated. When we look at what the disciples understood about Christ coming back for his church about coming backwards bride. That's why they were offered the cup of wine at the Last Supper, to becoming the bride of Christ is the bride of Christ. Thank you for that clarification that was needed.

Yes, that's why we are referred to as the bride of Christ. There's a lot of literalness to it and the disciples understood it, everything was related to this wedding and it's not just the pouring wedding. There's a lot of terrifying element in the morning and it when they were warned about being left behind about missing his return.

They actually understood this very deep level. And that's because their weddings had a lot of elements in there that were only now really beginning to find the details. It's quite terrifying up a warning to the church and that number one their weddings. What actually occurred little more detail here about is paraphrasing they would actually occur in the middle of the night and I'm sure will probably touch out for little bit when their wedding feast began. The doors were shot and when they were shot. They were shot if you were prepared or you missed the time to be in that wedding you were literally locked out about wedding.

Many scholars believe that that wedding feast could have lasted seven days a night, which is very interesting when you stop the tribulation. There's even references to those that did not make it into the wedding and having pairing of clothes and gnashing of teeth. They was very traumatic for them because during that day and age as JD prerogative mentioned in the film a wedding with one of the most important amazing events that could occur in your life.

It was a very big deal and to benefit his tragic working play that when we come back we said that similar clips to play work and try to play the trailer to the Salem talk a little bit of the apostasy in the church and we can reference that opening up I want to dwell on it. Just a little bit more because it was a part of the apostasy of the last days because the church has brought this topic of the Lord's return, the King is coming ho-hum maybe don't come too soon because we want to enjoy our life I think so. We'll talk about that and much more. I'm taken just a short timeout will come back and going to continue with Brent Miller Junior you can learn before the you can find the product there or in our store olive tree olive tree more in just a minute both ministries today have a passion church excited about it. That is the rapture topic tossed aside by many churches, send us feedback through our website. All of tree that's all of three central time is 763-559-4440 476-355-4444 order this product online, by phone or by mail single DVD right to follow through ministries Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 145, Maple Grove, MN 55311 single DVD is $20 and six dollars for shipping and handling in the US more in a moment with Jan and we are now shifting ingenuity films DVD for the wrath. This is a docudrama of the rapture of the church centered on a Jewish wedding and yellowing is written and produced by Brent Miller Junior features, commentary by Pastor JD Farah Pastor Jack kids, there's our father, John Bartel and others is narrated by Kevin Sorbo and feature 60 actors.

Why has the church dropped the important message that the king is coming, but it is as the Bible says our blessed hope is our times get more difficult days are filled with uncertainty.

There is a biblical theme consumes almost 30% of the Bible. How tragic that most churches have set aside this glorious news that Jesus Christ promises to remove his bride.

His church in the rapture prior to his known as the tribulation. We offer the need for just $20 +6 dollars shipping US visit our online store that all all of or call our office at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. The DVD is also offered you newsletters sign off on our website work holding things that will affect me so that I amply know that God is God.

That's the point of property faithfully on blind faith proving that I thought Kelly going to have to know you lead busy lives and can't always be via radio program at your leisure, do so on our YouTube channel under John Markel's olive tree ministries on his channel and his for only one podcasting site use their mobile app if you download a new program will be delivered to your devices. Every Saturday morning, there's John Markel to wrap up today's interview with Brent Miller Junior, ingenuity, the events prophesied within the ancient records are indeed the come to pass in knowing the timing of the Lord's return would be of great conflict and disagreement. The contention over the timing of the rapture, particularly in the last years it has gone off the chart is that of saying my how they love one another as they said of the early church now today of the church. They say my how the flight with one another in recent findings from organizations such as life, we research confirmed that the infighting among Christians is deepening our surveys. We ask when they thought the rapture will occur. The largest group, 36% believe that the actual color pre-tribulation, but that's the largest group that means is not a majority believing anyone. Think about the rapture. In addition to the 36% believe the rapture will occur before the tribulation period begins 4% of Christians believe it will happen in the middle 18% believe the rapture will happen at the end and additional 13% consist of other timely variations and theories 4% just unsure about an and surprisingly the remaining 25%. Growing statistics no longer believe in a literal rapture, you heard me play that earlier.

I played it a second time because it's that intense out there until I can say when you're a victim of it think a little more sensitive to some of the contention going on, say, don't forget folks because they just need to get you to put it on your calendar. Understanding the times 20, 20, we sure hope are going to have it Saturday, Sunday, September 20 627 just outside of Minneapolis. The tickets go on sale probably June 1 $25 that includes a lunch some of the voices, your hearing in this presentation before the wrath are at my conference this fall.

That would include a mere certified eight Jack hips coasters truly other speakers are going to be Joel Rosenberg, Michelle Bachmann, Pastor Barry Stagner supported on your calendar for September 26 27th on more to say about that as we go further in spring into the middle of summer. So what I'd like to do is add like to play the trailer to before the wrath again, this is not an 80 minute DVD film professionally made with actors with commentators Kevin Sorbo is the narrator and just cannot play the trailer and again if you like to see these videos you do so on our YouTube channel. You do so on his channel programming his assist plates trailer to before the wrath needs to last night. So even discovery is coming back, looking back. Brent Miller Junior with me Brent you made a comment I believe is opening part of the program and I think it might've even been in the clip we played introduce the program that if the screening you even had some unbelievers now this was in California. This is number of weeks ago now what they have to say to you at heard bits and pieces of conversation that were occurring at premier and received a lot of phone calls and emails and even company back after that were at the premiere of various denominations. A lot of younger people or at the premier. Most of them are agnostic or even a course of a couple hecklers in the audience that are there just to bash the film on their blog. Surprisingly, the film presents the return of Christ in a way that a nonbeliever can absolutely understand.

In fact I would argue that it's the only film available that really does the best job of breaching a nonbeliever when it comes to topics like the rapture.

Understanding how they view the rapture in the Bible and prophecy through their perspective. For the first time ever actually made them stop and think about the return of the Messiah in a very rational way and that's the key in a very rational way that can actually be plausible. Many of them we heard want to seek out a church.

They want to look into this topic more and it setting them on a journey that I feel that those that are truly sincerely seeking truth, the Lord will draw them to himself as he promises it's extremely effective in closing that gap between the division of believers trying to tell their loved ones that look Jesus is coming back and they cut mock and shrug it off and feel table where's the proof this film is the proof that really is building that new root of communication that believers can use to talk to nonbelievers talk to their children are apparent. Where have you actually say look, consider that is opening their eyes.

Now get you at the same time have some skeptical pastors or can rephrase that you heard from some skeptical pastors. Maybe by now they've watched the DVD have they given you some feedback. That film is still rolling out to retail so I haven't heard directly from any skeptical pastors but privately what we did hear about it a couple characters in the audience that have beautifully marginalized prophecy in the church and not because they reject prophecy, but for some of the reasons that OxyContin is mentioned great fear and don't want to be associated with a friend and all the things out there. They've watched before the wrath of the premier infect next Sunday my messages really be about the things discussed in this film because it prevents the rapture and the return of Christ in a way that they now say this is something my congregation can understand and it's not going to divide the methodically going to cause conflict and it's an icebreaker to bring coffee back into the church must've been remiss blessing for you absolutely affect that the goal that's to go back behind closed doors.

What are prayer what our goal is what we discussed was that we want to get the film into the hands of every single pastor in the entire country and have them show this to the congregation that is ultimately the goal my audience. You can order it from one of a couple of places. Plus it will be available in retail outlets.

Eventually, you're probably in the next couple weeks. Get a copy for your pastor, olive tree views down or get a copy or you can go through before the again before the has variations has a book involved in some bundles olive trees carrying the single DVD. We had to keep it simple reasons are important where caring the single DVD which is just a real blessing. I have the privilege of saying a few sentences and it. I think that Jack hips and JD for a mere certified and others suits are speaking into it just did a fantastic job. I want to speak for a minute or two.

Brent Miller and about the apostasy issue and I referenced it earlier. I want to go back to it. Were going to hear JD for Iraq actually say young people want nothing to do with the church and he's going to tie it to the fact that the church is dropped such important issues that are going on today, not talking and heavily in time related because they've dropped this very theology that were talking about the ramifications of rapture, the second coming, the tribulation, the rise of the Antichrist were seeing a potential global pandemic breaking out as we speak.

We don't know exactly where it's going and by the way, I hope to have Gary Kyle with me next week on understanding the times radio to talk about is this virus outbreak. Is this anything to do with global government. They have said for centuries.

They need a crisis there waiting for a crisis but globalists are waiting for crisis to install their global government. We know that happens during the tribulation really not before, but I believe now getting that much closer to the tribulation and again these are some of the very issues that the church is dropped and that's the purpose of this hour to purpose of the film that were promoting, so let's play clip and then Brent let's you and I talked about it, the culmination of prophetic events make up almost 1/3 of the entire Bible. The findings that on any given day, only 2% of sermons contained anything prophetic means that churches are intentionally marginalizing the topic. I think that when you take 30% of the Bible more than your understanding of the other 70% is going to be flawed the Bible cannot be said you cannot just choose what you want as to why it is that Christians today are dismissive of the Lord's return. I would connect the dots with biblical illiteracy and here's the thing.

I'm sad to say that it's the fault of the pastor behind the churches I got to tell you know what I want to live my full life I wanted to see my children grow up I want to see my grant.

I don't want to think about end of the world issues and I think that is what sells through me is that the fact that the king is coming. We have a glorious home prepared for us were going to go to that place eternally became negative became a downer, but the bigger problem is that you cannot remove prophecy from the Bible without also removing return of Christ. I absolutely believe that the rapture is a fundamental belief in Christianity eschatology Bible prophecy is paramount in accordance nearly 1/3 of the Bible is prophecy so you cannot have the whole counsel of God without also having the prophetic word of God it's the gospel.

The gospel is that Jesus came he was crucified very rose again on the third day and is coming back again one day. If you take the return of Jesus Christ out of the gospel.

You got the gospel out, but even worse yet, the unintended result of prophecy being systematically removed from churches and educational institutes is that the world is forgetting why prophecy exists in the first place it so that God can prove to the world that he is God.

The point to all of this is that if you remove prophecy from the Bible removed proof that the Bible is from the divine source it would place the remaining Scriptures of the Bible on par with other religious teachings in the world with all things perceived as equal. The Bible would be seen as no more relevant or defined in any other so-called holy book. This is actually why it is that young people today want nothing to do with the church that the number one reason that many today don't believe this because there is no evidence it was interesting is Jesus that I've told you what's going to happen before it happened. So when it happened. You will believe that I am there is so much evidence and the problem is that many today do not believe because they do not see the evidence that is there and only one thing could come from this a falling way those that believe Christ will return.

Even in the validity of the Bible itself, a terrifying trend that is already begun. Brent Miller couple things jump out at me talk to me little bit about it. One is a mere certified he saying there that if you're going to ignore 30% of the Bible how you're handling the balance of the 70% may not be very effective right that pastors really do need to think about a lot more that prophecy makes up around third of the entire Bible. And as I like the family stated in the film. You can't remove the Bible without also removing the return of Christ, but the return of our Lord is the conclusion to the gospel to the point where the bride of Christ were supposed to be prepared to be watching for the high I absolutely love this segment of the film because I believe for the first time it pains. Why reinvent property price.

Church is very detrimental.

It goes far beyond just not being prepared to goes far beyond not seeing the fines of our times which are very important, but actually degrades the Bible especially for nonbelievers who are not filled by the spirit that led by the spirit. They don't have that spiritual discernment so they can understand how it's the word of God to remove the proof that God is God. It removed the proof that the Bible is of the divine source, so no wonder why most of the world and by the way, 83% of the entire global population is non-Christian about the best majority are global population cannot see the divine nature in the Bible.

What would also stated is that we are told these things so that when we see them happen. We know that I am.

We know that God is God. That's the point of prophecy. He doesn't just say believe on blind faith. He gives us a reason for that faith go from proving to you that I am caught because I'm telling you what going to happen before it happened.

For those that are out there now that may not have a lot of knowledge of the end times of eschatology may save a lot of these in time events haven't happened yet will not correct but remember, the Bible has roughly 2500 prophecy and two thirds of it have already come to pass, so we look at everything that's already occurred and if that's all occurred in perfect accuracy and 1/2, and it can all be proven. Many of them with extra biblical historical account and why wouldn't the remaining one third events which begin to take place out at the end time, come to pass will typically do have to know the thing that Stumptown is something I said, which I do say quite often and that is me. That'll statement in that little clip that I never thought I would live to see the day where the glorious news that the king is coming would actually become sort of a downer, assertive cassette a few minutes ago. The theme of the church today is come, Lord Jesus, but not too soon, and JD Farah in this clip as well jumped in and he really puts a lot of blame at the feet of the pulpits and the pastors. Not all those of you pastors listening for holding to this truth and telling the truth and preaching the truth of this message. Thank you and thank you again, but again so many aren't, but how did this news that Jesus Christ is going to return to deliver this aching sinful stained planet from sin when he comes back. Now this would be at the second coming. He's going to install perfect global government. A perfect one world system with a line in the land lay down together in perfect harmony and that message Brent Miller in the church seems to be a downer. Bad news, as I said in opening the program we want to raise our kids and grandkids and can't this wait I never thought I'd see that it actually breaks my heart that is the state of the church today in fact a lot about go back Bible prophecy pastors just are not seeing the connection between removing property from the church and the deep damage it happened. Faith of Satan does not want prophecy and let her know no limit church probably why we had three years of trial to stop, or at least delay, but of course everything is in God's perfect timing that the prophecy that the current actually believe that you stated that true Christians are saying, Lord, return but not too soon because the baby and feel like the girl etc. and honestly, if I can be so bold, I would say that. Honestly, upon belief.

I believe most so-called Christians in the church today. They have a desire to believe and follow.

But they're likely not actually brought faith. They're not sincere in their following of Christ to have unbelief in their minds and their hearts. And the reason why, back up that bold statement is because even in the film.

We have some disturbing trend data from lightweight research this and that 7/10 Americans call themselves Christian when they're asked about the validity of the Bible very basic things like it. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. The Bible is the complete word of God. You often tell others about the gospel. Very simple core beliefs of the Bible and that show you how bad the apostasy is getting worse that only the pain percent of Christian not the US population of Christian 15% actually said they agree with all the statements that the Bible, the complete divine word of God.

There's something very seriously wrong in the church to is the great falling away said to Sam, it was predicted talked about frequently in the Bible the last days church on a play one more clip and that has to do with the 10 bridesmaids and then when we come back from the clip rent. We need to talk about it. Jesus returning as a thief in the night. Those unprepared in the last days appears self-explanatory, and for years, theologians interpret the meaning at face value, but you see an ancient gallop. We know that only the father of the groom knew the day and the hour at the wedding would take place.

But what researchers have now discovered is that the hour the middle of the night while even the idiom of no man knows the day or the hour. The idiom of as a thief in the night they in that day would've absolutely understand exactly what Jesus was saying when he uses those expressions they know was literally can it be as a thief in the night and it would be in the night, which again was why they had to have oil in their lamps or lamps lit so that would not be as a thief. They were ready.

They were dressed and ready. This was the ultimate surprise twist on the Galilean wedding and Jesus lived among them for years knew this all too well that the groom would come for the brine in the middle of the night.

Her life was pure she was slept in her wedding dress, bridesmaids were dressed in their white linen garments and they were ready to help her out.

Should the bridegroom, which he was coming unexpectedly and I wish you didn't know, so that she could be ready to meet him night for recent basically clear that can happen when everybody else are not necessarily ready it is delivered and in and that's why only the people that have an active part in the wedding are excited ready but those that are not. They are exact and that's why were told not to fall as others. That's why one of the reasons I think Christians always look for is one of the signs that Jesus gave the disciples and are we seeing this voice veneer certifying comments throughout the film, Mrs. JD Farah Pastor Jack Hibbs.

Yours truly, Jamie, Carl and others you're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel I have on the line from California writer producer Brent Miller Junior of ingenuity films. We carry the new film before the wrath that's the clips were playing would be from the new DVD we carry an olive tree and we've had folks who had it now for a week or two. Calling in and ordering to three and four more, and sometimes to give to a pastor which is kind of the point here. We have just wonderful seatback. Of course Brent, your comment let's go here to the 10 bridesmaids because I was fascinating seen a warning to the church. We very clearly fallen asleep in the last days that were warned not to fall asleep as others do, we just heard, and yet the church is asleep. The unfortunate result of much of why that happening is because prophecy is being marginalized in the church that I previously mentioned, I believe that the problem of unbelief with them that were seeing with apostasy because most so-called Christians don't even agree with core biblical teaching possible. That's not the Christian. The reason being is because they may have a hope to believe but no pastor given them an actual reason to believe in prophecy is one of those things that really does prove that the Bible is divine. It is of God in Christ even Christ, who came to claim prefilter. Scholars from over 250 prophecies fulfilled with the first break that the very big deal. But these things are being taught in the church and so of course everything that kind of apostasy. The Lord warned that the things were going to happen in the last days and so the parable of the 10 bridesmaids which have incredible parallel with the Jewish wedding because there at night. They have oil, why do you need oil. Why do you need lit lamps will become a pet night because in the Galilean wedding. The groom would come for the bride in the middle of the night. It was a surprise wedding that's shocking to scout out sudden you look at Jesus's disciples put yourself in their shoes and all of a sudden the idea of no one knows the day or the hour that Christ comes a thief in the night.

It all makes sense now. Perfect fat from a related but then that warning terrifying warning for the church of the 10 bridesmaids because these bridesmaids had oil which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

They were dressed they were ready they were aware that the Lord was coming back as I would say most not the whole church is aware and have heard that Christ is coming back, and yet they're not prepared. They run out of oil be missed. It is a warning to us that the bride needs to wake up the church have to be ready in.

That's why it is so crucial for this film to get into the hands of the pastor there now bravely mentored to last. If you want to wrap it up anyway you'd like.

Then I went to go out with some comments that I hope are appropriate as we close for those that are scratching their head and saying well that really proves that this image of the Jewish wedding that there is a rapture that Christ is coming back how much evidence can it really be effective for an analogy that may sound great first sermon. But if it really biblically sound and yes it is, in fact, just like how researchers have given a name to the plan of God's redemption throughout the Old Testament to the New Testament to refer to it if the scarlet thread of redemption. This film reveals very early on will be determined in production is almost you could call it the white threat of the bride because it really does parallel the scarlet thread all throughout the entire Scriptures. In fact, even in the Old Testament when Israel would turn away from God refer to them as committing adultery it very interesting when you begin looking at God's perspective of off here on earth.

What happens when we say what happened only serve other God. You see the terminologies even going back to the Old Testament of being related to a broad.

Of course, when Christ came and he teaching his disciples and us about his return and what it all means that a spiritual level, of course, it is related to a wedding there is no doubt about learn a lot more Brent's website before the and a lot more products related to the DVD there again.

We carry the single DVD before the rats in our store olive tree you can call my office.

We put it in our various newsletters printed E newsletter like to sign up for those on her website. Olive tree you'll find this product advertised there.

Again, we began advertising it in about September or October because that's when we wanted to get folks enthused about the message contained therein and that's about the time the production ran into the snake that we talked about earlier on in the program, which I think was just plain satanic interference because the message is so important that gets to the church and the pastor's Brent, thank you for all you do. Thank you for hanging in there in spite of things during this ordeal. We appreciate it so much. Thank you so much when a lot of the program just couple words here as I see that the nations of the world.

They seem to be moving is still well almost a hidden hand is moving them into the right positions in sort of a global chessboard. What an amazing thing to see it happening right before our eyes. It builds faith draws our attention to what draws our attention God word and it is a fantastic evangelism tool as is what we've been talking about and I think the church is headed to the home stretch of her history and I base that not on emotions or wishful thinking.

I base that on what I see happening daily man can live for a week or two without food.

We can live only a without water in our spirits.

Within hours without hope, will we have the good news of the ultimate help the blessed hope.

Titus 213 is glorious appearing pastors.

Please don't remain silent, share the good news out there.

The King is coming. It may be.

Today I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week. She Christ comes for his church or the terrible wrath of the tribulation. We would love for the church to be excited about this forthcoming, perhaps next You part of a rapture of the church must have this price to save your life away think that this is right to us through our website. Olive tree that's all she can also be in our store olive, simple time. 763559 763-559-4444 male by writing to alternate ministries in Jan Mark so much. 1452 Grove, MN 55145 two Grove soda 55 know that everything's falling

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