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Warning: When the East Seduces the Church

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 28, 2020 8:00 am

Warning: When the East Seduces the Church

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 28, 2020 8:00 am

talks to Jessica Smith for the hour. Why is the church trying to sanctify Eastern practices such as Yoga, Reiki, aroma therapy, crystals, and more? There is no such thing as Christian Yoga as it is calling down millions of Hindu gods. We cant sanctify pagan practices.


We hope our program today is a wake-up call for some listeners. Should Christians do yoga yoga tomorrow and what does the Bible say about yoga. If you ever had questions about yoga from a Christian perspective stating this is from Kim the New Age movement is becoming so popular. Yes it is but especially yoga and meditation. Is it okay for Christians to practice the it's okay for Christians to stretch their bodies and to meditate on God's law and on Jesus some meditation itself, is not wrong if you're focused on the God who is and you can do physical exercise with your body, but you cannot partake in Eastern religions for our God is a jealous God and we are not to have any other gods before him, or even with him. Exodus chapter 20 verse three. This is understanding the times radio with Jan Markel jazz guest this hour had a paranormal encounter with a psychic relative that event convince Jessica of a spiritual reality outside the bounds of our Christian upbringing as the mysterious realm of energies and meditation open before her. She expanded her practice by seeking in-depth training at a Buddhist center in California meditation retreat in South America and Astron and India after a decade of passionately pursuing spirituality. She became a certified yoga teacher and a master level Reiki practitioner Jessica has a story to tell that we think all Christians who practice yoga already need to hear. Jessica has also written a book about her experiences titled the shattering encounter with truth. Let's get started with Jessica Smith. Here is Jan Markel. Welcome to the program and let me clarify right a friend here that the previously announced programming for today had to be rescheduled due to the current health situation in America and the world. Gary Kabul joined me just as soon as possible I had to insert best of programming today, a previously aired favorite on how the East is seducing the West, and particularly the Western church.

This originally aired in October 2018 to set the stage. I think, and I am going to do so by just talking about my rather special guest here by saying that she actually was raised in a lease by one parent who love the Lord. Jessica actually left her beliefs in God behind why because she was going to go off she was going to study things like yoga or reiki she was going to go to an ice from India live in a Buddhist center in Berkeley became a reiki master and she was going to renounce anything that she knew about righteousness. Jessica writes in her book I'm quoting. I spent my 20s traveling the world and exploring the spiritual realm of meditative practices in an effort to find real truth and peace. My ultimate goal was a good one to make the world a better place by sharing what I learned along the way, she says. Like many on this path. I thought the Bible was ridiculous and Christians were arrogant bigots.

It got to the point that I cringed at the name of Jesus, so irritated was I by his followers, and I grew to use his name solely as a swear word never what I have used Buddha's name as a curse word. Now I happen to get a hold of Jessica's book and it's titled the shattering and encounter with truth. I'm going to give you some contact information and how you can order it just a little bit later, Jessica. Welcome to the program. Thanks so much for having me here. Thanks so much. Now let me just get a little bit of background from you because as a child you actually heard some truth in your home but you chose a different path you chose to go down a mystical path you are going to eventually find out that this pathway you went down was not only dangerous it was going to be almost deadly. Let me say you went from knowing the truth is saying if you had handed me this book, meaning the book you wrote. I would have stopped reading at the first time Jesus name was ever mentioned cell. Is there some particular experience that happened that sort of turned you in such a direction, and so harden your heart well yeah absolutely correct.

I can mention my mom is a credit and Shelley that Jesus was God and I and I believed that all growing up I had given my heart to Jesus as a child and I went to church and I want you to pray to Jesus and as I got older and popularity really well, and more importantly, I want to feel cool and everything that comes along with that partying at first just the token crashed and that I could reach people often are no other Christians around that over time, of course, and have more of an influence on me and then and I certainly had on them and like slippery slope away. I grew to the point I was going to church anymore is downright rebellious heart. And Satan you he looked for his opportunity and he went good friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle accident and it really made me think okay what you I believe now.

I still believe the Bible didn't know anymore. I didn't know if I believe that that was true because I knew that there was a chance that my friend could be a place called hell because I didn't know what relationship Jesus would likely never talk about it so completely unwilling to have the possibility to get my friend the next beautiful inside and out just what we meet girl and I was just unwilling to accept that there was such that a loving God could allow somebody like to go to a place called hell. Just a rack for a few days.

I just cried and prayed. What is true overwhelming feeling the call around the tent of mine and it was strange because I put the gelatin at the time and with personal comments relative and so I calling her crying on the phone and we are later fed even know why I'm calling you late at night, my friend just died and I just want to know where she hit me my my relative was involved in mediumship and psychic abilities and whatnot and immediately asked me what my friend's name was told them and they proceeded to say your friend is here with me now what do you want a car and the moment my relative started talking this physical energy felt like a physical energy because I felt physically shocking about my feet and just felt like this way of euphoria like he and a lot of it was so hard to explain in words but the best making peace and love, and what it felt like shooting through my body in waves. I thought been praying to God for answers. I know God is love must be God. Even though I knew the Bible type that I knew that I will strictly forbid medium and practice divination and sorcery in the Spirit of things they knew what the Bible said that choice at the moment, I can choose my earring felt like peace out like love and it felt like truth or I can choose to believe what I knew the Bible to be say and at that moment I chose feelings over what I knew the Bible said he did have a conversation with you I believe was my friend Jeff Hathaway gave me ulcerative details about how they had just died, which lined up with truth, and I thought there's no possibly not be truth be God and all sorts of other details that were contradictory to the Bible about reincarnation and live under things that say when I got off the phone I was completely convinced that what I had just experienced was real truth, God put in what was now opening up this new realm of truth and possibility to me and I wanted to learn how I could learn to communicate with spirit.""

Help people the way I felt I had just been held Jessica's cell. This is going to open the door if I'm reading things right to supernatural the new age etc. because I read your book talks the title of the book is the shattering. The encounter with truth and really it's it's kind of it's her story. But it's also explaining some of the dangers of what she's talking about working to spend a little extra time in this hour on yoga and can a Christian engage in yoga and Jessica was an instructor. She was a reiki master all sorts of things. Obviously she's been set free from all that and let me just quote you in your book a Jessica Smith and you say this quote and work here I'm I'm in the realm here of yoga you say I felt there was a spiritual depth to yoga that was being lost in the westernized version presented in gym classes. I wanted to explore yoga's origins, and learn about its spiritual foundations, then I would be able to deepen my own practice and help preserve the tradition I wanted to share the benefits I believed came from tapping to the root of the spiritual practice instead of just going through the poses for the sake of a workout, you say yoga also seemed to be an excellent tool in introducing people to the benefits of meditation, especially as it was becoming so popularized in Western nations, and then one more paragraph I'm quoting you. You say, what better way to get a body obsessed culture interested in these perishable practice and to focus on his physical benefits. It was brilliant to repackage the ancient spiritual practice as a trendy body sculpting class. At least people would attend and it would open a crack into the spiritual world, drawing people who would otherwise reject Eastern spirituality. Okay you are going to get drawn to India. My right knee talk to me just a little bit about that experience going to India from you've met people who were teaching this practice talk to me about it when you realize what that the actual yoga. Even the westernized version of yoga was setting into motion the spiritual and what I mean by that.

Even the holidays that the spiritual and emotional regardless of the people in hand for you or not. We can talk more about that here in a moment, but your question, go to India I wanted to experience the depth of what yelled out what the foundation of it and and so I need to India with the place to go it where it originated.

I knew it wasn't going to get some telephone game version of it. I was going to get the actual route that I certainly dad.

I learned a lot about the reality of what yoga is and what is poor and and what even going on during a yoga class, which a lot of people in our country. Even teachers don't have a clue what is being put into motion spiritually by the movements of yoga did you learn then in India about this kundalini type experience sure so no immediate threat of any who never heard of it, is to be awakened along there you have it again and demonic to the core but essentially what it is is an energy that method to start at the base of the spine it's kundalini a translated serpent serpent energy how demonic it said you as one becomes quote unquote Mark awakened along their path. The kundalini is awake and through various method yoga being one of them and the kundalini energy or spirit demonic spirit begin to uncoil and work its way from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. And yes, while I was in India, one of the yellow classes with dedicated specifically to opening this kundalini I had already done practice is to open my own kundalini years prior.

Let me ask you this, then, so you're very well aware of this kundalini affect do you sink let's bring it back to the Western world just for a moment here. Do you think those practicing it in the local gym for that matter and will get to this topic later. Those practicing it in the church GM have any idea they're dealing with the kundalini spirit. Now you're not going to be told that the right person or not.

That's not the point is to try to get people engaged with this beer actual and an appointment with him gently." By this yoga guru might help explain in the lumen to our listeners and many do you know the death of you know what yoga actually is such a. During our word for teacher guru Montague Pattani Joey is the founder of the hugely popularized version of yoga that in gym classes all over the place of the regular type of yoga that you see in gym class that what he said he found the type yelled all over gym classes all over the place and this is what his dad said philosophy is, he said yoga denies which are the poses, so the yoga poses are important.

You just do talk about the philosophy 99% practice and 1% philosophy that he taught you just keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it, then delete talking about the spiritual talking that we are talking about will start opening up inside of you. So he saying you don't talk about it, you just practice.

The practice alone is a loan that will start slowly opening up the spiritual, not the Lord spiritual. This is not the Holy Spirit, spiritual we know as Christians that anything that is not the Lord is demonic, spiritual, and that is wholly yearly. What this practice it.

Yoga actually has its own set of doctrines, we can talk about in a little bit to hear if you're interested in Jan that just just to make it very clear what is at the root of yoga just to establish that it is completely antithetical over and over and over again to biblical teaching at the ancient pagan practice and that is what it is you are answering my question quite frank, I had an answer to this question before this program covers this topic on this program previously, but I wanted it to come from somebody like you and not somebody like me a radio host you a former practitioner promoter, etc. a Christian cannot be practicing yoga.

Maybe I should say should not be practicing because they are, whether they're doing it unawares. Whatever they shouldn't be doing it. Absolutely not. There is no way to separate out the spiritual aspect of it, there's no way we just heard from a guru saying spiritual is activated just by doing the poses within the study. Jan and I want to talk a little bit more about Christian specifically dealing yoga, but this study is at the secular study published in the Journal of health psychology and why people start doing yoga and wedding keep doing it.

They were interested in why people do yoga so here's what really fascinating and very telling to begin with. Both teachers adopted yoga practice primarily exercise and stress relief that the people started exercise stress relief. Most people are interested, they don't get involved yoga for the spiritual reasons. This is what the study found over 62% of units and the 5% of teachers reported having changed their primary reason for practicing what it changed you for both the pop changed primary reason was spirituality. Findings suggest I'm quoting from your findings suggest that most initiate, exercise, and stress relief for many, spirituality becomes their primary reason for maintaining practice so Jan because we with whining feet with golf or pole jumping or swimming or any other activity not spiritual to the court, just like the people just start that they just keep doing in the spiritual open up inside of them.

They changed the reason for doing spiritual chest and showing spiritual foundation, opening up doing something. My friend Carol to see Anna now clicks and some are just a little bit later. My second segment, but she made him assume a number of years ago, probably 10 years ago called yoga uncoil from East to West and she actually went about interviewing Christians because the setting of that film happened to be a church.

Quite frankly, she came from California to Minneapolis church and film the whole exercise going on in this particular church.

It was a haunting film. II. We don't carry it any longer and I'm not sure it's out there, but it opened my eyes, Jessica, I'm talking to Jessica Smith for the hour because of her book the shattering and encounter with truth. It opened my eyes to I would have to say the passion among some at least proclaiming Christians and I don't know their true heart, but they are proclaiming and professing Christians that they could worship Jesus through the poses and the stretching and the meditating. The Eastern way, you can worship Jesus while you're doing these poses while you're doing the stretching and while you're meditating. The Eastern way. I'm not talking about the West there talking about doing all of this the Eastern way and yet worshiping Jesus and possible for exact purpose of yoga is to tell you nice right and hold in our society that means to yield to get a body and mind. That is not true. The real yoga means to unite and the doctrine of yoga. Many don't understand and never heard that there is an actual doctrine of yoga that asked exactly what yoga is the doctrine of yoga that tells us clearly that AP gnocchi with the pagan God name the pagan God that the yolk is referring to and you feel that sutras read as an outline for sorcery. There is just point after point after point that is medical to the Bible. I could spend the rest of our eye. When you point by point will completely and sabbatical. Okay, we can pick up on this. I just need to take a quick timeout when I get back I'm good at play that little clip by Carolyn Christiana from her film yoga uncoiled very prominent filmmaker and was trying to teach the church on a lot of issues, were they gone astray, but one of her passions was to get them to understand and Carol had been raised in India okay and she had seen all of this from childhood on up to age 20 and will open with that slip when I get back. Folks don't go away coming right back. We appreciate helpful for all the mail every letter is read by someone on our staff villas through our website follow through or follow through views toward Paula's uncle Todd 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 male would you like to follow three ministries John Marco drove soda, 11 spots 145 Minnesota 5534 with John Marco and Jessica Smith, thank you for being a faithful radio supporter, but every listener to support us financially.

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Let's encourage one another as our bracelets. In 2000 16/30 6.7 Americans practice yoga sending well over $16 billion on yoga products such as math and other accessories so you combining half an hour that the poses of yoga with a Christ and it's very interesting to me how these two things work together why you are running your life in my past self. There is something really unique to be said for just in general stronger in your body while you're getting stronger when you're getting stronger and body and your spirit same time. The result is you don't carry as much self-doubt and you're able to run after one filling his purpose in life. Jessica so Jessica's conversation with Jay as foreman you yoga influences in Christian circles turned out to John Marco and Jessica Smith consciousness movement human potential philosophy has successfully marketed the practice of meditation to the west. Scientific proven beneficial health And mental well-being of the practices office enough to help promote it on to the body and flexibility exercises to employees as medical benefits to study the mind, emotions, and relax away stresses organized by the charge of the Hindu religion today is being practiced by Christians and promoted many forms of exercise Christian mind-body fitness as a spiritual vehicle on which a Christian Eastern mysticism gain access into the West and social time change. It's very hot months as we go back to the 1960s, the birth of the hippie generation culture of hallucinogenic drugs to heroes of an era and welcome back and I'm continuing with my conversation with Jessica Smith. You can get her book the shattering. Here's a couple places the truth behind the truth behind or the easy way. is well and I've read it cover to cover, is traveling recently and it had lots of time to sit down and read it and it's a fascinating all true story because she had a similar experience to mind and that she knew truth. Then she decided to which you came to a crossroads to make the wrong turn and I did that for about a year in my life so I know it can happen.

And fortunately I got a hold of both of us and turned us around in the right direction. Jessica, let's just go back here for manager to we went out of that last segment with is you can't do yoga for Jesus. You can't be praying to Jesus and worshiping Jesus at the same time you're doing some of these stretching in poses and positions and I think you wanted to build on that for a moment. Go ahead, absolutely. What are you waiting for people approach burial at one time people approach it will just stretching everything that is talking about, not the type of yoga ideal. I just stretching to talk about why can't indicate even your gym, yoga class, no matter what type of yoga class you do something like touched on a little bit how I just talked about how it is opening activating the spiritual realm are there other things to consider carefully my patch on the other way that people approach yoga. It all just pledge either. Thank you et al. do yoga for Jesus, talk about why that is completely medical about the Bible and the Lord's heart and will talk about that in order to talk about both of those. I do think it's important to spend just a quick minute you about what the root of what yoga actually is. I know it will be tempting to say, not my type.

Please keep in mind this is what that the root of your gym yoga I mentioned that yoga has its own doctrine. Now I want to talk about what the Bible has to say about it. The basically the doctrine is an outline for 43 gives instructions on how to communicate with spirit has its own God. Name the pagan god in there too much into this because the Bible warns in Deuteronomy 1230. In Romans 1619 not dig into pagan teaching because they're intended to be a track so I just cover and on my website as well and not the yogic doctrine to show you to compare that it's completely entered medical to the Bible and to give verses to show you how it antithetical. For example, in Leviticus 2026.

Clearly the Bible says do not practice divination or sorcery which yogic doctrine outlines how to do that in Leviticus 1931.

Do not turn to mediums or seek out spirit if you will be defiled by them.

I am the Lord your God in Deuteronomy 1230. Be careful not to be ensnared by inquiring about our God saying nations serve their gods. We will do the same.

You must not worship the Lord your God in their way with birth right there.

I want to go and you yoga plugging Jesus and to yoga right here, the Lord, clearly saying and I know that the Old Testament, but the same principles apply. There are many verses where the Lord all the Old Testament that do not adopt pagan practice it and he said the opposite. Over and over and over and over.

He said Deuteronomy 12 Rita Flores is break down their altars, smash their sacred stones and burn their triples in the fire of their gods that there is no compromise here again you must not worship the Lord your God in their way. The Lord wants us to come out to be separate not had anything to do with their practice if they just want me and that one's not so bad, you know that one has some redeeming qualities. Note he said don't worship me in your way repeatedly do not worship the Lord in your way. Now we've established we talked about the fact that doing something spiritually. Whether you intend for it to or not. Now, we've also talked about the Bible says don't worship the Lord your God in their way.

Even if you take all of that aside, Jan, if you take all of that aside, where you know we we know that getting something spiritual we know what foundation it's completely antithetical to the Bible, we know the Lord doesn't want us to worship him in their way.

In pagan life. So even knowing all that we put all that aside, there's another aspect I want us to consider and that is what we are saying to others, you know, the Lord told us he wants us to be his ambassadors. We are we are his ambassadors for him and being there is our obligation to represent him well. Second Corinthians 518 to 20 tells us that we are his ambassadors and you know when we of approval on yoga by going to class. Telling people that this is an okay thing for Christians to think about what to people because there might be somebody, much like myself who is searching. You know what is truth and they think so you know this woman who I know is a strong Christian. She yelled at church even had Shirley there is this is a path of truth and start digging a little deeper regardless of the fact that when I start doing that leading them to a spiritual path that they start digging into what you put your stamp of approval on their find of divination and source three God that is not the Lord, you know, first Corinthians 1023 to 24 says the right to do anything you say not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything that not everything is constructive and should seek their own good, but the good of others. So basically what I hear you saying is using pagan practices is not going to bring us closer to God my producer here you have someone that you care about a whole lot that you feel could fall in the category that yoga is not the harmful thing whatsoever.

Talk to us a little bit about that will help many relatives and friends that do practice yoga and are very committed Christian. It's almost like a blind side to their understanding, and of course we know that in our day. You talk about all the time J on the we live in an era where discernment is that this right and in this case to serve in his dad just got I have a question for you. As I listen to you speak about this yoga. What is the difference between the spirit of yoga and the spirit of the Ouija board. Is there a difference well know and shock a lot of people say that spirit of demonic training Satan and a really good question because actually I you Ouija board as an illustration to help people understand that you know yoga is activating the spiritual realm. Regardless of your intent just like Ouija board that so for example you're not familiar with the Ouija board. It was packaged by Milton Bradley as a harmless boardgame for kids or the family.

Many of us who know what it is. Know that it is not heartless letters on it and a little gain peace and ask question and the spiritual realm entered with the person, the practitioner puts their hands there by spelling out and answer. It's completely demonic.

That's the demonic energies that are activating the spiritual realm and communicating now. This same thing with yoga. The whole purpose of yoga just like the whole purpose of the Ouija board to you with spiritual realm, only instead of using the fingertips on that little plastic P one move their body into how is it how would this activate the spiritual realm the public are actually many of the poses are actually invocation to certain gods or demons that are present and placing the fingers on the Ouija board game piece the spiritual realm the same way that moving the body and can be pelleted spiritual realm interesting about this is that matter.

If you believe in the Ouija board or not your fingertips on it. You can think this is stupid. Nothing in a work sometimes nothing nothing network sometimes it can work well you have any control over it. I have to interject here Jessica simply because you're bringing up the topic here. This is what led me astray in my 20s was a Ouija board and the power behind the Ouija board and folks were talking about.

Let me just go back to discernment is dead. Discernment is not only did, but discernment can be deadly if you lose it and the Ouija board could've been deadly to me because I lost all discernment and started monkeying with it as a Christian. And so you can certainly can be a believer in and take a path down sometimes temporarily I don't know if people do it forever but it's in my case it was for just a year that I was really heavily addicted to the supernatural, and that Ouija board. I asked words got its power and is spelled SATA in the quickly and I put a little tiny New Testament on that board and that plastic little object knocked that New Testament off the Ouija board and began spinning around in circles because it was outraged that I had introduced the word of God on a tool of the devil. So, all were saying here folks is be careful and if in fact you think that as a believer you can be participating in some of these things you can be doing the poses and you're just stretching your just exercising its healthful and you're trying to lead a more healthy life were sending out the warnings this hour that you may think you're doing great physical good to your body but in the process you're doing huge spiritual damage. What I be accurate there. Jessica absolutely yes I would. I would absolutely want everyone there are so many things to do instead of yoga and I've heard people say it will only thing that helps my back or I feel so peaceful from listen guys, Satan is going to let you feel peaceful from it. You can let your back feel better because he didn't care about your body, he cares about your soul and your soul that is being affected here and there are many things to do instead of doing yoga. What is your intent.

And if it's for physical purposes. You know, walking and stretching and moving people feel that because you're moving what's important is stretching and moving and counting.

So I would point you just regular stretching ordering a book on proper stretching and working on that going for a walk and talking to the Lord during your watch for anxiety or stress relief. I would recommend highly an extra 10 minutes, even 20 minutes to half an hour early and spend some time with the Lord in his word and praying in the morning and you will see wonders for anxiety and stress relief or even praying to him while you're walking, spending time with the Lord. And that is what will do wonders for Naomi. Her body but your soul as well.

Will Jessica sometimes people say well we play Christian music while doing yoga.

Well, okay.

Does that sanctify the spirit.

Yoga represents what it sanctify doing a Ouija board music lewdly not again lack of discernment.

Think well were praying and praising God. What were doing it so it must sanctify what were doing right absolutely not share his glory, and he does not want us to work not answer you in a Ouija board and Jesus isn't an answer you in a yoga class so you can get some more information soaks write it down the truth behind that's Jessica Smith's website.

You can also get the book there is a shattering an encounter with truth or the truth behind you want to do the easy, quick way. has the book as well, but her website has articles has all sorts of interesting pointers including Scripture to refute the fact that you can sanctify what is ungodly. You can't folks and honestly personal life and your spiritual life is going to get really complicated if you try doing I'm speaking from experience Jessica speaking from experience, I dabbled think God is stopped with the dabbling. Jessica went much, much more deeply into all of this, Jessica. Here's where I want to go in my closing segments.

If you have some more warnings for folks that's fine but I I want to touch just a little bit on reiki because at the same time and you are over, and in the you were also out in Berkeley and some other places and you are getting very deep into reiki now reiki today is seen very respectably.

You and I know it's not a respectable practice and yet it's everywhere you can be trying to recover in a hospital and then someone will come in and say, may I pray over you and I know what they want to do. They want to do reiki over me and I will let them.

So I want to ask you a little bit about that. I'm coming back in just a minute or two of her going to wrap up my discussion again the truth behind if you want to understand from a biblical perspective, but that's the only position I try to present here would be the issues from a biblical perspective, and Jessica Smith has that honor website.

You can learn a lot more at the website or in the book the shattering back in a minute or two don't go away for this ministry.

Say it often were living at a time when spiritual discernment is dead. Since few ministries are telling you about dangers that invaded the church in his last days is are you hearing a warning from Jessica Smith yoga and Ricky are practices Christian should not be doing this discussion with Jessica Smith can be downloaded free of charge from our website. All of three It's a complementary service from follow-through ministries. Please remember as a broadcast ministry. We are listener supported without your prayer of mental health not be able to bring you these discerning programs every week. Please write your tax-deductible gifts to all three ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55411 continue with June Jessica Smith, we are nausea, ingenuity films before the wrath.

This is a docudrama of the rupture of the church centered on a Jewish wedding Jell-O is written and produced Barbara Junior futures commentary by Pastor Judy Farah Pastor Chuck's nurse our father, John Bartel and others is narrated by Sorbo features.

What has the church dropped message, is says our blessed hope is our times. Days are filled consumes almost 30% of the Bible. How tragic that most churches are set aside news Jesus Christ promises broad church in the rapture where to go for just $20.06 dollars US online store all of your caller office at 763-555-4447 6554 is also offered you newsletters on our website says God is in everything. Everything is divine. Whether it's the raft on the street. How monkeys and trees you before every yoga class you say namaste that the God within the God so that is all part of the spiritual discipline of yoga and brown mind is understood to be God consciousness, not a person.

So when you said God consciousness safe. Thinking to connect into said offer Jessica Smith. Remember Jessica's book shattering counter with and it really boggles the mind to see how people present something from one worldview into another culture and change it and alter it to be something it is not and cannot be very fundamental to Buddhist and Hindu meditations to follow the breath into the mind to change consciousness and to move consciousness away from logic.

The relationship of objects. Normal everyday awareness to supposedly higher level of conscious breathing fosters his words. There are relaxation techniques that are not yoga but yoga in principle has this world you behind so you really can Christianize because what you're doing is you're submitting yourself to an ancient spiritual discipline. The point of which is to transform your consciousness to connect with the sacred. Apart from a mediator and welcome back and I'm wrapping up in our with Jessica Smith and hope you'll look into some of the things she's offering. Starting with her website. The truth behind she was very much into the whole yoga experience.

Let me just quickly say this program is posted to my website every Saturday morning. Perhaps you'd like to just download the app in one use their mobile app and will be downloaded here devices Saturday morning and want to look into my E newsletter and my print newsletter and if you do write to us, which always tells what station you're listening to.

By the way were very active on social media.

If you check out Jim Markel's olive tree ministries at Facebook and all of tree men at twitter were also on Instagram. I want to get back because the time is winding down, spending it with Jessica Smith, Jessica you want to say a word or two. Kind wrap up your thoughts on the issue of stretching and stretching.

What about stretch.

It looks like a yoga pose. I still do it With a Ouija board. There is nothing wrong with the letters on the Ouija board.

We use them, and words all the time.

Nothing wrong with them the same way.

There's nothing wrong with stretches doesn't get the claim letters and he doesn't get the crane stretch of what is important is the context in which they're being used. Don't use it in the context of the media, but don't use the stretches in the context of yoga class. There's nothing wrong with stretching up to the sky and I've been searching for an alternative that I can commend people itself are able to find anything so I do have plans of starting my own alternative called Newtown fitness that you're interested in that. Feel free to contact me at my website to get on an email list and I'll let you know when that's ready, but I do want to let you know that you're absolutely fine stretching and toning just don't do it in the context of the class we were talking just a little bit off here and you are citing some illustrations rather so Sue got involved in some of this, let's just say the paranormal activity. The New Age type philosophy and lo and behold, lo and behold, their lives really started to go over a cliff and you would substantiate that correct you know many illustrations of that absolutely.

I've heard time after time after time I heard people firsthand of life that just start falling apart in one way or another relationship falling apart.tends to be a huge one just things start going chaotic and seen many people experiencing it. You can be strong marriages divorce strong people strong relationship out of nowhere and it's tricky is that people don't recognize that this is where it's coming from, but there's this common denominator insight recognizes and where it was coming from.

There's no way I would've recognized my life is falling apart.

As a result of these practices that felt like they were bringing peace and clarity and lot where it was all coming from your relationship falling apart. If you're doing this or if it's a sickness or an illness or if the number of other things that you're not even associating with it if you're not now or maybe it's just the relationship with the Lord is as close as it used to be. I guarantee you this is putting away and that purpose gets you away from opening the door is opening the door and in the enemy will command and seize this opportunity by your opening that door, I'm just going to transition here for a few minutes and you also because of your experience at the ashram in India. Other places as well. You got into this energy healing. It's also known as reiki and I don't want to let the hour go by without hitting on it. It's in the same categories in the same family hits the same type of supernatural. That is, of demonic source though today and I'm hearing about it more and more I get emails I hear actually actual testimonials that you can sanctify reiki that the energy that energy healing that comes through reiki is of God sent the fights of God. You and I know that isn't true. I'm not sure how we convince a skeptical person that it isn't true. Talk to me a little bit because you were a reiki master not true. By looking at what rate.

Looking at the Bible in their and alignment and it's very easy to see that they are not reiki is a spiritual this is not just my experience that I was a reiki master. There's three levels of every training and you got your different events are called for the transference reiki energy which is spiritual energy is transferred from one practitioner to the other to read you a little bit you right off of because I know people tendency if I just tell you guys what it is to be people to say that just her experience.

Ours was not like that are the different kind of energy you need some information off of because there's no arguing with this is what reiki is also called God and has many other names. Depending on the culture that has named it. Now I know the patient for a lot of people. If you need to say this is where you talking about Jim where the sanctified reiki comes in will we can just plug Jesus into it to see that nonphysical energy that will enter the energy that animates all living things that people think we can get.

I will plug Jesus into it because it's just God had many other names. While there is an easy way that we can check if we can do that or not. Let's look and see what reiki is and see if it's in line with the Bible because if we can do that then it will be in alignment with the Bible here on another page of that listen carefully.

Let's see if it's in alignment with biblical scripture. The reiki demand, which is the training in which energy is passed from one to another teacher from the student. The reiki is powerful spiritual experience. The energies are channeled into the student through the reiki master.

The process is guided by the Ray or God consciousness the name of the pagan God Ray and make adjustments. Even if you want to say it's not an plug Jesus and just wait, there's more and makes adjustments in the process, depending on any of the deep commitment is also attended red flag here comes by reiki guide and other spiritual beings who help implement that many reports having mystical experiences involving personal messages, healing, vision and life experiences report experience involving opening the third eye is intuitive awareness and other psychic buddies after receiving a reiki payment you mention the third eye there in and when I hear things about the third eye, I associated with the whole New Age movement, which is really where were at right now minutes, the invasion of all things New Age metaphysical which I never thought I'd live to see the day that it would invade the church but it has invaded the church, which is why I'm doing this, our ends, which is why folks have given an hour to Jessica Smith, is because it's not just yoga.

It's the whole metaphysical. It's the entire it's the entire world invading the church, but in this case. More specifically it's invading the church through making things that are very demonic look very innocent, nave, simple, healthy isn't it good for our body and mind. There are many things, and in this teaching and practice medical for the Bible mentioned psychic abilities. We've already established that I would talk about verses that psychic and mediumship and spirit is completely against the Bible.

There's no way Jesus can be plugged into this because it's a pagan practice that is against what the Bible teaches you that you can plug plug Jesus into the same thing with all of these New Age practices yoga, mindfulness meditation is another one that if you were going to do were going to do a program on that down the road somewhat is mindfulness, because I'm getting lots of emails about it. Wonderful yet and it's not just in doctors offices and jammed it in your magazine in your church is to encourage if you are a pastor of a church or leader of a church or in the church. Encourage your parents started to look into anything not to allow that your church and show that the reasons why I feel free to use my website as a resource because it goes back to the Bible and what we want to go back to guys not the way that we feel when we do something not in the way that that Friday is portraying presenting your doctor tell you to do it or the magazine or the talkshow host Don have to say about it. What we care about and he's very clear so I encourage you all to look into it and the Lord on this and he will tell you his truth regarding all of these issues. The book is to shattering an encounter with truth Jessica Smith in her website.

Again, you might want to visit the website and sign up for the will which she hopes she will come along with year of kind of a substitute for some of the things were talking about. It actually would be righteous and more holy than what we've talked about the truth behind the truth behind just to 2020 conference heads up here the leadership and olive tree ministries is taking sort of a wait-and-see position concerning our September 26, 27th conference tickets were to go on sale June 1 that date will likely be pushed to later in the summer. Could the event be canceled well. Hard to say here in March. Let's pray that God turns all of this around by fall will make further conference announcements on-air online and in our various newsletters, we would advise you not to make plane reservations etc. right now until we see where the corona crisis is going by Midsummer in that I'm totally out of time. Let me just wrap this hour up by saying this at the Bible says in Ephesians 5 that those days were evil. So imagine how evil is waxing worse and worse today. As predicted in second Timothy three we are called to be salt and light to push back against the evil of our day. We are also to occupy until he comes to win the lost. While there is time and always to look up knowing that he is coming soon.

Say want to thank you for listening. Talk to you next week. You will in all so continue to report biblical perspective across America wide web.

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