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A World Turned Upside Down (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 4, 2020 8:00 am

A World Turned Upside Down (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 4, 2020 8:00 am

Markell spends the hour with Michele Bachmann in part one of a two-part series. Biblical birth pangs are accelerating. Is Corona the crisis the globalists have waited for? Is the global cure far worse than the pandemic? Can America and the West recover from this? Economies are reeling. How long before it is too late?

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On invisible enemy is among us who can stand in LA the iconic Grauman's Chinese theater is no longer filled with forests.

Chicago's millennium heart out and usually bustling Las Vegas strip is almost entirely deserted. Welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel, plus you bought all of three ministries that feature a radio favorite next week as well. Michelle Bachmann, what are we to make of expanding government locks shelter in place rules and an economy that is precarious at best. Janet Michelle talk about that and much more so if the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe is in the body province in northern Italy than the absolute center of this epidemic is here in the town of butter, more people died here than anywhere else, and they still every day. The virus storm swept through these beautiful ancient streets. This medieval town and its molten city is utterly look down only a few venture out. Everyone knows someone who is died or is ill. Everyone is get welcome to the program. I think I have to ask, why are we surprised prophecy watchers Bible readers have been warning for years that some very interesting events would play out in the last days even before the rapture of the church and we have let people know that tribulation events we talk about on this program all the time. Tribulation events will cast a shadow on the church age as God gears up to close the church age and we have talked about birth pangs on this program as they intensify. We look at them every week. God doesn't shake the entire globe very often. He did during the time of know I did at the Tower of Babel.

There was a terrible plague in the 1300s.

It was a pandemic in 1918, two world wars took a stunning toll but not even 9/11 compares to the staggering consequences of the coded 19 pandemic in America and the rest of the world by now. Frankly, an unseen enemy of virus no less, has created.

I guess I would call it fear driven chaos and some unknown factors are causing people to embrace a worst-case outlook for the world and at this time we don't know how this will play out with hope it's a best case scenario. It certainly has apocalyptic implications. However, to be sure.

So as I speak. Perhaps even one third of the world is on lockdown though that figure can vary from day to day and week to week. So where is this going. So I've invited on the program today. The familiar voice of Michelle Bachmann to me just remind you who Michelle is not that most of you don't know, she represented Minnesota's sixth district in the US Congress 2007 to 2015. She ran for president and that states, in 2012. She is an ambassador for Israel heading up the Jerusalem prayer breakfast. She also has spent recent years at the United Nations ministering to ambassadors from many nations. Michelle, welcome back to the program Chad thinking how much I just want to say and all of the year that we have known each other. I believe that this will likely be the most important subject matter of any program we have ever done. I concur with that. We've actually talked about that privately. We just prayed that the Lord would guide our words and gutter steps here because we can weed through quite a mess. You and I are concerned about a lot of things.

Will try to hit on some high points here were certainly concerned about the expansion of big government. The need for big government need for a bailout the dependency on government frankly were concerned about things that Pres. Trump is basically opposed to any yet he finds himself in a position of having to sorta succumb to them about the right credit. Trop ran as a conservative, someone who prior to this one month ago the American economy was the strongest that had ever been. He was presiding over the strongest, most powerful, productive economy ever recorded in the history of the world. His success on our economy was nothing short of stunning. And yet one month later we find ourselves in a completely different 180 difference and as you and I are recording this the United States Congress sent the president at historic Cabell to bailout the United States economy.

The president find that bill.

We can talk about that further, not necessarily for the political reasons, but to say.

Never before in the history of the world has such of monetary package been passed by a government with such breathtaking unprecedented level of money and power to deal both with individuals and private businesses and soon Bill and she sings you saying.

First of all the packages the trillions of dollars, which is staggering. How high do you think the stimulus will go 6 trillion. Is that accurate eventually estates have to be bailed out. Yeah, this bill allows and authorizes 2.2 trillion eight if even difficult to speak about what that number means it's so massive that primarily will be used to help individual citizens in the United States and American businesses to everyone through no fault of their own. Their shot at home and I can't work. I saw stunning statistic on television yesterday that said one third of the American people been laid off over 50%. Their jobs have been reduced. Just this past week 3.3 million people applied for unemployment. That never happened, even including in the depression.

Certainly, government programs work, what they were. But this is on every single level unprecedented. This bill also allows the Federal Reserve to put forward an additional $4 trillion in stimulus and the president has said there may even be a requirement for additional bailout monies for state and local government there getting hit they are receiving revenue for taxes from individuals on every possible level. We've never seen this in the United States work. Every part has effectively been shut down and yet people need to have an income they need to have money to replace the money that they were formerly earning we had more people in the American workforce than ever in our history at every level stratagem of our economy, African-Americans, Hispanics recommend youth.

Every person was making more money than they'd ever made before, on average, and they were at work. More than ever before.

Our economy was growing at an unprecedented in excess of 3% rate, GDP every single quarter, just prior to this pandemic are stock market had reached its 150th new all time high. We had gone from the highest of the high Jan to a virtual standstill. Just read a paragraph here from Davis Hanson sector speaks I listen, he says, ostensibly, the panic driven shutdown of the US economy could plunge us into recession or worse with dire consequences for the 2020 campaign. Some on the left see coded 19 in unapologetically political terms as the major solution to ending the Trump presidency and his supporters in a way that all the past hopes and dreams of doing so didn't happen from subverting the electoral college after November 26 election to Mueller to impeachment and all in between utterly failed and he concludes whatever the ultimate human economic toll coronavirus. There is no doubt that Pres. Trump will be blamed for the economic slowdown of spring and probably early summer. The media despises the president, as does entertainment academia, the media, insuring in popular culture and the news that he will be demonized in a way Barack Obama was not despite reacting farmers slowly to the swine flu threat of 2009, and he brings up not only the economic insight here, but that swine flu which happened in 2009, 2010 you are in Congress Adonai Gatineau 10. Was there any kind of reaction going by me.

This was a horrific outbreak in 09 and 10. It was a huge number of people who died that was called sorry again another Asian type outbreak you didn't see the American economy shutdown, but lately there were calls for the American economy to be shutdown for the government to bail everyone out on this particular pandemic. This is unprecedented Victor Davis Hanson is brilliant he is right. This appears to be something that the left is wanting to use so that Pres. Trump will be blamed no matter what you does.

If he wouldn't shutdown businesses if he would shutdown our society.

He would be blamed if he opened it up. He's blaming. We've never dealt with anything quite on that level. It's not only in the United States that the other places. The whole reason why we had Ellis Island in the United States was to prevent immigrants from coming into the United States who would be bringing in diseases. That's why we had borders and immigration enforcement.

We didn't want to see this happen. One thing that is different today versus in 2009 or even going back to another outbreak in 2003. We have far more border crossers today. Then we had back then we didn't have the number of Chinese coming in in 2003 that we have now. That to me is one of the strongest reasons why it makes only common sense. We cannot destroy Americans live their health, economic stability, I foolishly flirting with open borders, they can bring about a pandemic like foreseeing today. Let me just say that Pres. Trump most brilliant decision early on was a close.

The American border to China and he did that I think was around January 31.

He was called a racist in the Xena, followed by his political opponent Joe Biden. If Joe Biden was president he would not shut the American border that would've meant for a worse pandemic.

So the best decision. The president made at that point was to close the border, and America's borders need to be closed in the future so we can make sure any one-week grant permission to to enter will not serve as a threat to the American people, not quite leaving the economy you want to play a very quick sound bite him species, man talking about potential economic inferno coming.

We hope won't be quite that then we have an economic inferno coming at us. Okay, Sec. Nguyen was taught about 20% unemployment.

Remember from the great crash of 1929 and are stock market over the last three weeks is been like the Great Depression. 29 when Roosevelt was elected that was 2 1/2 years later. Unemployment didn't drop really off the market until 31 to 32 now is going to drop next week and the following week. That's what you have to get on top of this and I look Pres. Trump's greatest virtue is his entrepreneurial spirit is toughness and his focus and I'm just saying right now not mitigated. Hammer it and you don't have to take the pain front were about to shut it all down. Michelle, not quite leaving the expansion of big government here because I want to ask you some of what's playing out before us now could make socialism more appealing. We all know the left is in love with socialism.

We've got a couple candidates still on the left who are still running for president. Note states ones a blatant Marxist, the other socialist but you think this could make socialism more appealing in America, there is no question that in the future of those who advocate for socialism, the United States will look at this very pointed response by Pres. Trump in the Congress as their platform for instituting socialism on a normative basis in the United States and other words supplanting capitalism with socialism. They'll say we had to have socialism in order to win this victory. This is a very unique concept that were going through right now very different because Pres. Trump is using all tools of the US government to set the United States up so that we can return to the most powerful engine of the free market, i.e. capitalism that created the greatest economy ever, it wasn't socialism that created a strong American economy it with capitalism will we have to do with Marshall are asset so that Americans don't lose their homes don't lose their jobs and Great American companies don't go down the tube. One thing that I'm very concerned about right now we hear that only essential jobs will be open. One thing the American people are going to find out real quick is that every job is essential not only to the economy but to the supply chain. There's a famous essay that was written in the 1950s called. I pencil people can find it on the Internet and it explains how the economy works that every job is essential to that economy and I think the goal if you've been listening to present Trump as it wants to get normalcy back into the economy so that we can balance safety with getting the economy on track because people will be hurt by not working. That's what were in the midst of is looking for wisdom wanting your show is so good at. Jan is to speak to people who are believers about wisdom, were trying to apply the scripture to events that are happening in our world that wisdom and understanding. We need to pray for our leaders right now that they will make wise decisions filled with godly understanding so that we get it right. We get the balance of safety and loving and protecting the humanity of our people and coupling that with getting our economy back on track. Listening to understanding the times review to Mark Hill here your hearing the familiar voice Michelle Bachmann.

She was on the understand the times radio on a regular basis. We been in touch for several weeks. Quite frankly, every time I talk to her.

She is in a different country, but now she's back in the Twin Cities as a my so we decided to do a couple programs here on the current pandemic going on said global phenomenon. I think there are 275 and 200 nations involved in this Michelle.

I want to just go down a little bit different road for a moment, we can take a lot of time, but it is an important angle to consider. That is very recently ex-British prime minister, actually Gordon Brown. He called for world leaders to form a one world government will talk about never letting a crisis go to waste them in the have tried to get rid of Donald Trump for three years, nothing has worked same.

Frankly with Benjamin Netanyahu. Both men are not interested in globalism but these globalists are desperate people. They want one world they wanted now and they wanted a crisis for a long time and now they have it and I don't think Michelle that just because you and I might talk about this for a few minutes that we have tinfoil hats on, because this kind of a conspiracy comes right out of the Bible. The Bible predicts the coming one world government one world system and we can see the longing for it on the part of some people. Some of them of course have evil intent and others think of one world system is just what the world needs it will solve all the problems etc. your thoughts Exactly what's happening right now and it isn't just from the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom. It's also from our former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and others who were famous globalists prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. They were for many decades calling for a one world government. Those calls are being increased now look at what a disaster that would be look at this Dir. of the World Health Organization's Dr. Tatro's.

He has a questionable background that he has falsely enhanced his resume, but worse.

This outbreak of this pandemic of coronavirus began in December 2019. That seems like 500 years ago now. He originally said that this disease. We had nothing to worry about. It wasn't transferred human to human.

Don't worry that was in December 2022 months later he was blaming the world thing the world was slow to react, will maybe he had something to do with that. He has been a failure and a disaster.

In my opinion, Dr. Tatro should resign from the World Health Organization and the United States should pull all of its funding from the World Health Organization method globalists enterprise. If we put the health and safety of the American people into a one world government, global health organization we would see millions more people dead Beth I you want competency what I've seen, and again this is no real commercial for Pres. Trump but I am amazed at the leadership of the president competency level of people that he has pulled together yet to deal with 330 million people with their lives and their safety. We've seen incredible competence on a national level for an income level incompetence along the left level. So to me this is a commercial why you wouldn't want global government and yet these globalists in the face of the war ain't tragic incompetence continued to call for one world government tired of what heating they think this is the pendency of this is the answer to everything equal distribution of wealth. Everybody paid the same thing.

This is kind of their dream. Quite frankly, I think they think it's okay if the world comes to a standstill for a while because that their agenda is going to get initiated even sooner offset in 2016. I really believe the globalist yacht that they had reached their dream with the election of Hillary Clinton two is a committed globalists. They felt that now they were just going to sail right through you and I talked formally about UN resolutions that had global impact to deny free speech rights and religious rights to every person on the planet through this UN resolution. I think that when she did not win we saw a scream and a howl that has continued to this day from these globalists because their plans were foiled and they again in the middle of this crisis are making this call for what you have very well stated would be a man with the plan someone who could come in and fix all that.

I think this infuriates them when they see Donald Trump having a 60% approval rating because in the midst of absolute chaos. He's trying to make order and sense and save people's life. This is infuriating that you can you believe it.

It's like they're rooting for death rather than rooting for success in life. These globalists care about their agenda.

They want one world everything more than the health and safety of individuals going back to Salina for just a moment.

We referenced how things can of were sparked back in December of last year. Quite frankly, if we go back. I think even to November there was a young Chinese doctor who tried to warn the world. He was an ophthalmologist. He suddenly disappeared. That must've done something to him, and then questions began swirling everywhere, heavily online. Was this plan was this intentional was just stupidity. Was it an accident. Was it a market incident with infected animals was in bio weaponry. I'm not sure will ever know. Do you have some insights on that I don't have a personal insight other than someone that I know personally and trust impeccably and that is Sen. Tom cotton Arkansas. He has followed this link and he has stated unequivocally that we know with certainty that the coronavirus did not start and a meat market in Wuhan, China.

It began, he believes in a secret bio lab outside of Mohan, a lab where they deal with viruses and that it came from there it went to this meat market but it didn't originate in the meat market. I think if anything Jan, our listeners need to have their eyes opened as to who China is there a communist nation seeking world domination that is not a cruel thing to say they are in year 60 something of a 100 year plan of achieving global world domination.

They are extremely angry because they had their worst year economically and 57 years. They lost $22 trillion this year.

The United States gained over $11 trillion.

I can't tell you if this was intentional on the part of the Chinese, or whether it is accidental what I can tell you is it.

This pandemic began in China and whether it was through incompetence, failure, or whether this was intentional. China must be held accountable and what we have seen is the vulnerability, the United States has*supply chain, the worst trade deal ever struck with by Bill Clinton when laughed at the North American Free Trade Agreement that saw the sucking sound of American manufacturers leaving America's small town going to China and our entire medical supply comes out of the mine are antibiotics, etc. and we need to pull all that out of China and make sure we never again have the supplies outside of America and have jobs in America so that we can know that we have a reliable supply.

Tony Perkins rights, and you serve on the board of the board Jan family research Council, and he writes in speaking of China says they clearly mishandled the coronavirus he's quoting Asia expert Gordon Chang goes on saying they kept it a secret for at least six months, maybe even more.

And now they need to say it wasn't us didn't come from us. We are the victims goes on to say here now furious at the flood of criticism.

World Leaders Are Directing Their Way, China is responding. The only way they know how with threats and lies quote. There have been a series of propaganda pieces coming out of Beijing which say that if the United States doesn't do this or that China could cut off the supply of pharmaceuticals and medical protective gear and throw the US into a mighty sea of coronavirus and given their stranglehold on the American supply chains. Everything from gloves, mass gowns, medicine, the risk is a serious one in the quote Sen. Marco Rubio pointed out up to 80% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients in American drugs are sourced abroad in places like China that gives the Communist Party incredible leverage over the US, especially if we get to the point of widespread shortages or dire need. That's a little bit of a scary thought. Michelle probably out of our control, but we let it happen. We let it happen because of that disastrous trade deal that you have to was in the early 1990s, but now Pres. Trapp to change that with the new trade deal that he struck with China every year. Your listeners need to know we were paying attacks effectively to China in the amount of $500 billion a year. That left the US economy and built up the Chinese economy when I was in Congress, we talk about this all the time that effectively the United States taxpayer with paying for China's military buildup.

With this tax that is also under Donald Trump. We no longer pay that tax through tariffs that we paid to China. Now it's the other way around. China doesn't like that they were well on their way to world domination. Who benefits from this pandemic.

China is benefiting from this current pandemic by the havoc that it is wrecking on the American economy. American innovation and American personal health. The other way that this could potentially benefit China, the Federal Reserve has to issue most likely the backstop of potentially $6 trillion in affective bailouts of the American economy who's going to buy that debt.

Historically, and the last decade it was China is buying our debt. What that means that China will own us generator is benefiting at every level. Why we have to make sure every decision that is made economically on whatever level that we are not advantaging China.

That's why it's important that we have in America first philosophy so that the United States benefits not China because for my opinion.

I'll give you my opinion only.

I believe that this was either always incompetence on the part of the Chinese government or was intentional. I believe it. It is within the realm of possibility that China intentionally allow this to happen now that would be one of the most stupid decisions. Anyone can ever make because when you deal with a biological weapon. It is a weapon that our Pentagon and our Defense Department fear most because when you release a biological weapon on the world. It is the most difficult to control and tamp down China did this like I remember back when I was in Congress. China shot a satellite out of the sky that had all of these particles that flew all over. If you had a particle that was the size of your fingernail that would be enough to take out another satellite that is in Earth's orbit. They did this recklessly, the Chinese can be reckless.

So China needs to pay a price. I'm not saying militarily to war against them. What I'm thing was we need to use our brains now more than ever, and open up their eyes about who the Chinese Communists are what their intentions are and we need to make sure that this act of war. I believe that it was intentional or accidental. This act of war does not goal rewarded. Surely don't want to completely ease the economic angle here when we come back for my middle of the program break.

I want to ask Elizabeth about what's probably on the way massive inflation, etc. global recession we need a Mr. fix-it soaks.

We need someone has been stepped on the stage sooner rather than later probably and say I can fix all of this is name of the antichrist. We don't know who it is we don't even know the timing.

We just know that the stage is being said want talk about some of this will be back in just a couple minutes don't go away. We love your right to us through our website. All of tree all of its reviews.for follow simple time. 763-555-4440 476-355-4444 male when you write to follow through the mysteries of Jim Martel Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55111 452 Grove, MN 55311 gifts are always Jan and Michelle. We are now shivering new ingenuity films DVD before the run. This is a docudrama of the rupture of the church centered on a Jewish wedding and Joe will produce vibrant Miller Junior futures commentary by Pastor Jennifer cost rejections as our father Joe Martin and others is narrated by Kevin Sorbo future 60 doctors. Why has the church dropped the important message that the king is coming is as the Bible says our blessed hope is our times get more difficult days are filled with uncertainty. There is a biblical theme and consumes almost 30% of the Bible. How tragic that most churches have set aside this glorious news of Jesus Christ promises to remove his bride.

His church in the rapture prior to what is known as the tribulation.

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All our first scatter please not think it is worded that truth. I would plead for word of God more than ever, we see that the people proving itself true holy God is whispering into the hearts of his people. Be ready. I think even though our discussion is disturbingly serious, you want to encourage God has things under control here is about the sparrow says Bible is looking remove our times reminds me of the Savior in tumultuous times. So here are Jim Martel and Rachel with people facing the prospect of losing their jobs at a once booming economy showing signs of deep recession, the president says he wants the country open for business sooner than predicted. Even as a coronavirus continues to spread and hospitals brace for a wave of virus related debts. America will again and soon be open for business very soon. A lot sooner than three or four months if somebody was suggesting the Treasury Department set to release new jobless claims on Thursday.

That's what's predicting the numbers could be in the millions. As more states order all nonessential businesses closed in one out of four Americans forced to stay home. The president tweeting.

We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem it self outing that is going to reevaluate federal guidelines on social distancing next week we can Chardonnay economy.

The economic cost to individuals is just too great and welcome back spending this hour and next week with Michele Bachmann. You remember that she served in Congress from 2007 to 2015. She ran for president United States in 2012.

She is an ambassador for Israel heading up to Jerusalem for breakfast.

She spent time in recent years at the United Nations ministering to ambassadors from many nations. I said going out of the last segment that I'm not quite finished with some of the economic fallout because that's what affects everyone in my listeners and we can talk about foreign policy and we will and you may think.

Well, maybe that doesn't affect me quite so much as the fact that money is just not stretching like it used to. And besides that money isn't coming in like it used to. Do we have massive inflation coming when we start spending trillions of dollars to fix a problem you gotta remember where those trillions of dollars come from the printing press.

That's where it comes from that has consequences. Michelle, let's talk about that for just a moment.

Are we looking at some inflation may be massive inflation. What are your thoughts there are new options in a situation like where and in our home state of Minnesota were like many other states where we've been told to shelter in place stay home.

People are not allowed to go to their businesses because their places of business have been shut down only essential business are open and I've made the case that every job is essential in our case now in the United States, at least well over 100 million people article that means there's no income. That means that the employer has no income. The employee has no income that is unprecedented in the history of the United States never happened. That means the depression. So what are your options you can raise taxes. That doesn't work. Nobody has money to pay them. You can cut spending. That's not an option because there are people that have needs that have to be addressed. You could cut services that's not possible, or you could print money when you print money which the federal government has the power to do United States treasury says to the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is not a government entity initially and there is a reserve of money they just print money. They say we need $6 trillion. The Federal Reserve starts printing the money and they put it in the US treasury will worded that money come from. When you print that money and you flood the money supply. With that much money.

That means ultimately you'll have inflation. I believe though we had to take the action that we did because people are at home. Bills have to be paid. The lights have to stay on you have to buy food to avoid a depression.

We had to flood money into the supply.

The immediate consequence I believe will be deflation. Why do I say that because demand has dropped like to the basement. There is no demand out there. People want food. They want medicine they want. The basic that nobody is talking about their next vacation.

Nobody is talking about putting in addition on the house. Those kind of things are over so that the deflationary timer demand has dropped in the United States in any country impacted by this however when you print $6 trillion.

It won't happen today.

It'll be a little bit at a time.

That means the money supply has been flooded with additional dollars. What $10 bought today will be worth less down the road. That's important that people understand that who's going to pay this back it will be future generations, our children or grandchildren. The money that they make will be paying back this $6 trillion. Now here's the good news we saw the miracle of our warring economy at its best, it is possible to have a healthy economy. If you have the fundamentals in place no economy in the world that was performing like the United States of America. Can we go back to that because we had all the right fundamentals in place, it won't come without a cost. That cost will be inflation that prices will eventually go up and that our dollars will buy as much. Will there be pain. Yes, there will be pain.

We will see an impact. Can we get through this. Yes, we can get through this and the sooner that we can get our economy back up and running and people back at work, we will begin the process of paying this back when you have a debt you have to pay it back, but our economy was the biggest hit ever wise because people were at work. We will go back to that that we can go back if these businesses go bankrupt. If you have millions of businesses who can't pay their bills to file bankruptcy. It does nobody any good. Nobody can buy worthless assets.

That is why we have to take this extraordinary action from the Federal Reserve we have to make sure people can eat with to make sure people other lights on. They could buy their medicine.

We have to make sure that we get through this. I think once we get through this and we are promising cures that were looking at right now, but I think it is extremely promising were going to get a grip on it and have a strong prayer life. God is not forgotten.

He will give us an answer to this and we will get our economy back. It's important and I thank you Jan, because people need to realize that nobody wants a bad day there will be some bad days.

We will have to pay this back. You can't have people at home for two weeks or a month all across the country and somehow think that doesn't come at a cost that comes at a cost. We will have to pay this price.

But we can get back on her feet and like to play a short clip here because I think we need to talk about Michelle Congress is doing their best, but there's some Keystone cops going on in Congress.

Some of this been horrified watching it over the last few weeks couple three weeks here, Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana summed it up very well recently like to play three minute clip and I like to get your perspective on it when we get back know what the American people are thinking right now must depression their fight. This country was founded by geniuses but is being wrong by wanting idiots. What are we going to leave to our children if we allow this economy to crash. Sen. Kennedy joins a slicer. Thanks so much for coming up you been in Washington while I certainly have.

I've never seen anything really like the Democratic version of this will it almost of the parity get mopping person are being sincere. Did they think that this was to be enacted in the water. They believe that mandating diversity officers and corporate America is an appropriate response to coronavirus was this.

I think that they think that they have the Republicans over a barrel and the president reality calls and Congress is hanging up. I meant what I said on the floor talk more charitable Americans are thinking to themselves well there.

Some members of Congress, but we can figure out what they're good for less charitable Americans are saying you know how these morons make it through the birth. I mean, people are losing their jobs there losing their savings there losing the 401(k) we think we know how to get the economy back on its feet over the next 60 to 90 days until we can get control of the virus. Some of my colleagues there acting like I'm sure I'm not signed by me to but nonetheless there just for one in every every special-interest, political, want not need thinking that they can ram it through because were too scared to vote against and is just wrong man is wrong, but it's also counterproductive to me. This is in renaming a post office.

This is something of real interest to the whole country and people are paying attention. Do they think that no one was given notice what was in the bill. I don't know why my children fighting at all and I saw a press conference by the speaker, and I mean no disrespect to basically she was saying she wants present trauma to come out and endorsed Obama care. That's not going to happen. You know that and I know that they have provisions you what you did a good job in your commentary corporate board diversity same-day election registration when tax credits solar tax credits. I mean the stuff.

It's basically they want the green new deal and they're saying if you Republicans don't endorse it. Were going to strangle the American people economically now for a small segment of our population. It's true, the coronavirus can kill you for a small segment but you know what else can kill you. Poverty, hunger, losing the entire, and we need to stop thinking about the next election and try to think more about the next generation and what room, leave him which is going to be little land of nothing if we let this economy class you're listening to understanding the times radio Jim Markel here talking to Michelle Bachmann for this hour and next week as well leave and trying to cover the various aspects nurse. So many of what's happened around the world, not just in America, not just the Western world between 175 and almost 200 nations affected by the coronavirus.

That means the world is in a tailspin. That means the world needs kind of a miracle or miracle man anyway but Michelle, I think the thing that has troubled a lot of people and I'm one of them. The politicization of this issue sort of the delusion of the left. We had a throw in. Planned Parenthood's in the green new deal into this trillion dollar bill that was passed here recently. This Sen. Kennedy just said let's stop thinking about the next election, and more about the next generation.

You are the victim of the politicization of a lot of things when you are in Congress running for president, etc., have you ever seen it like it is today the most egregious example analog Sen. Jack Kennedy was exactly right. This was a stunning level of selfishness. It was immoral. It demonstrated file heart here our nation if, on the brink of collapse economically looking at a pandemic in the most selfish people on the planet showed their one track mind to defeat Donald Trump. They were economic illiterates and a cold fantasy view of foreign policy, and yet they wanted to stick worst legislation into a bill to save the American economy.

Thank goodness the answer was no. They didn't get their way. But right now this really is a war footing.

This is when you should see the best of people apolitical, rather than the most political action. People need to put Democrat Republican. Aside there is only one country. The US of a and we need to survive this because we been a force for good in the world. We need to save people's life that is get that the only agenda various. I don't care about who it is that they're trying to put forward for president 2020 doesn't really matter if you don't have a contrary we need to make sure we have a country that's what John Kennedy was talking about in the context is that Nancy Pelosi had the right call to stall this bailout bill so that your listeners are about to get a $1200 check in their pocket businesses are about to get money so they can keep their employees paid the lights on the people face load that bill down for a week because she wanted to get garbage into it. We could've had this done on Monday. And the thing ended up being stalled because of her games and and I think people know that the American people are smart. They're not gonna stand for and now thank God. That bill passed. People are going to get the money that they need and we are in the process now of taking a very bad situation to me more bad days ahead but were gonna stand up again.

It's going to happen because we finally have the tool. This alone shows that people like her should never hold power ever because they put themselves first, not your listeners. I've seen it myself and now the whole world has seen how selfish these pathetic politicians are to read an email I got recently. Please ago actually, I maintain, this is a wonderful opportunity for folks to be reaching out to the lawn store to be Christians of fallen away for one reason or another, who may have ears to hear.

Now that they haven't had before, particularly when speaking of unbelievers got a very encouraging email from Will and just can use his first name. He said I could read this first name is Joe this is Jan I'm a retired police officer with time on my hands. I'm also very active witness or I just had a neighbor who hardly spoke to me over the last few years and he came a knock at my door when I opened the door, he blurted out till what's going on with a worried look on his face in a very sincere tone in his voice. So I said come on in and I'll show you I've drawn up a timeline of events past, present and future. So he sat down, I started telling him all about it in the past. He kinda blew me off when I attempted to witness to him.

He turned away will we dove right into the end time issues wasn't awesome, hour long, now he accepts anything that I give him.

I purchased send copies of before the wrath I've given out several of my neighbors and put a copy in the mailbox of the pastor people are waking up in fear. They don't know what to do. The Lord is working all over the Lord is working on fulfilling the times of the Gentiles. Meredith Joe from Long Beach, Washington Michelle, I think we need to focus on that or my audience needs to focus on that as well and we should talk about the seriousness of the dire situation that the whole world is system localized situations affecting almost every country in the world, few countries are exempted. But I don't think there will be forever, but here Joe from Washington state got a neighbor who blown them off for years not set is torn. Michelle says what's going on. But that's right because when you lose your income and when you hear of family members who may be struck by this disease are friends or acquaintances. All of a sudden, people are in higher alert and they want to know what is going on. For those of us who know Jesus Christ who have had a relationship with him and it was spent years reading the Bible and trying to understand what the Scripture teaches us about this most important apex in all of human history.

People like Janet people who have worked very hard to understand what the Scripture says, as this fig leaf is unfolding as were coming to this maturing of the culmination of the ages. This is the time Aronoff that come, Lord Jesus, but it's also a time when the world will pay attention.

This is in the time for sorrow and fear sorrow that were losing way of life in this world, but also a great joy because God has an eternal plan for who had he loved every single person everyone on this world that he created the plan of redemption for them to bring them back and you and I talked about these beautiful commercials that Franklin you and the Billy Graham Association have been putting on TV. I get great comfort and joy when I see those because he's bringing right back to the center where we need to be that cop loves us. He hasn't forgotten anyone, and I think anyone that we come in contact or perhaps now were calling him on the phone to check with them to just let them know God has not forgotten that this is a time that he wrote about that would be comic that we should expect that we can escape all of the troubles of the world. We can escape this by knowing and trusting, and his plan for us because he will not abandon us. His word is truth, and he has promised that he would be with us to the end of the age.

You know Michelle you and I talked on here here for so many years now.

Normally we sit face-to-face because you're in the Twin Cities.

I'm in the Twin Cities.

Our circumstances are quite different right now as we speak. Whoever would've sought but at the same time, why wouldn't we think that as we move closer and closer to the end of the age. The Bible warns about these things opened the program talking about.

The Bible warns that they're going to be tribulation events that are going to cast a shadow on the church age, which is what's happening because we read in particularly the book of Revelation. Though Jesus references it in the Gospels that there will be in time pestilence.

The ultimate of that plays out in the tribulation.

So it's casting a shadow on the church age.

We had an outbreak here of earthquakes in the last week or two we've had the nation of Australia nearly burned down here in the last year I can.

These are birth pangs are accelerating.

The baby is about to be born, the rapture of the church is about to happen any day.

Perhaps today I always say that. So I signed my emails. Perhaps today in one sense this is a very exciting time. Michelle Bachmann and she has my guest for this hour and next week as well so I'm surprised some really it really has been another wake-up call to remind me a month ago I was in Australia and see where I was reading that your some prayer breakfast.

I would hosted by some of your biggest fans. Unless stars and Melbourne Australia.

May and David they love you they link you regularly to your podcast we held in Australia's capital and camper of the church.

The prayer breakfast to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and they were coming to the end of their wildfires. In fact, I saw some of the wildfires when I was there. We were at an apex at that time their economy was beyond brilliant. The US economy. I was supposed to go from there to Florida and then I was supposed to go to South Africa for another Jerusalem prayer breakfast, the Lord ended up shutting that door today as we speak. South Africa is on military lockdown or one of my colleagues is in South Africa from the truth.

Some prayer breakfast. They can't even leave the country because of the military lockdown.

I would have never in my wildest thought the leaved with my heavy travel schedule that I had that I would come home from the state of Florida wearing plastic glove amassed airplane feet were covered in plastic. There was no one on the highway when I drove to the airport. There was 15 people on my flight back. Most of them were airplane personnel I got to Minneapolis I went out to the parking garage. My car was there by itself and I drove home. I am now in quarantine from my family. I will not see my family for now 14 days we won't even be together for Easter because they don't want me to infect anyone else because I was on an airplane who would have ever thought a month ago when we were riding high in Australia that we would ever see something like this but you know champ like you mentioned foreshadowing. This is a foreshadowing that in the moment I twinkling of an eye. Jesus Christ will appear in the air and we will meet him in the air, the end time timetable that Daniel Revelation, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Jonah, all the prophets speak about Jesus speaks about in Matthew 25. This is all coming together for he is good, let's be ready, let's rejoice. Let's be the virgins that have oil in our lamps.

Let's be looking for our salvation, drop, and I think there's a time to speak out to the church. You often so eloquently cried out to the pastors in their pulpit. Now is the time to speak about what's so much of the Bible speaks about the soon coming return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the culmination of the age. All the signs are converging and coming together. Why would we not think that his word isn't true, why would we doubt this everlasting word of God more than ever, we see that the Bible is proving itself true and loving holy God is whispering into the hearts of his people, ready for I am coming soon answers we need you to inform your people about the I know it's not a popular topic any longer. But we need to have you talking about the fact that the King is coming any day could be today, God sent us a wake-up call. He sent us a warning always warns before he judges and some of this judgment. It could be, will talk more about that next week.

There's lots more that we have to talk about kick it in the various topics. Some of you may be wondering about our understanding the times conference this September 20 627 Jackie of Zamir's or Fadi.

Stagner, Michelle Bachmann, Joel Rosenberg, all I can tell you is my leadership is analyzing it very carefully and wondering at this point what paths were going to be taking can't tell you at this point suggest you perhaps not make airline reservations quite yet. Just keep listening. Keep watching our website. Keep watching your newsletters and will be apprising you just exactly what's gonna happen next fall Michelle's schedule to be one of our speakers Michelle are winding down our one and I think we sounded some mornings. I think we talked in real practical terms as well. There's lots we have left a hit that some foreign policy issues with got the Israel issue as we speak. Israel is promising to come forth with some incredible technology. Some Israeli tech companies are fighting co-vid 1924 seven.

Even in the midst of the BDS movement will talk more about that next week. Boycott Davis sanction movement as Israel tries to be a blessing to the whole world just want to refer to this article, I just sought recently here on breaking Israel news as the deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on Israeli companies are stepping up to find innovative solutions goes on to name the company, our crowd leading Jerusalem-based investment platform. Since several of its portfolio companies are helping save lies yet. Michelle you've got the entire heat Israel crowd, starting with the so-called squad in Washington followed by many on the left in Washington, followed by the BDS boycott Davis sanction movement pushed by many churches, by the way they push this narrative for years and second decades. In some cases that Israel is the world's number one problem when they are on the forefront here of trying to come up with solution I'm coming down to just a couple minutes left in the program and we can pick this up again next week and we can talk a little bit more about some foreign policy issues, but address this and down to literally couple minutes. Go ahead, it's all yours. Carol has been working on a coronavirus as a matter fact, Israel made a gift to the United States of 6 million units NASA hydroxychloroquine line. They are planning to send another 10 million units to the United States as a gift by the end of the month proving again what Genesis 12 said that Israel would be a blessing to the nation in the next show that were going to record really talking more about what Israel is doing, but it's extremely important for all of our listeners. God wrote in the Scriptures that if we lack wisdom and understanding.

All we have to do is ask the father flight. This is so big chance, so beyond any of us or even leaders that we need to ask a holy God for his wisdom and his understanding.

He loves us so much he knows the fear and the frustration that people feel right now and it's important. I think that people know that our holy father is only a prayer away with a father, grant me the wisdom, grant me the understanding how my going to deal with these needs in my life and my family's life. He promises in his word that he will grant up abundantly, without reservation, wisdom and understanding that we need for today. All other let it be.

We thank you for you are enough in your provision will be enough for us personally and for our nation limit is the program according to verses Isaiah 4031 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not say Jeremiah 2911 for I know the plans I have for you, the players, Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you lands to give you hope in the future and I'll close with Romans 1513 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust him. Thanks for listening folks will come back next week with Michelle Bachmann part two of our programming join is going to the Bible's last days will be both a privilege and challenge times would be perilous in that day cannot make it on a roll guidance of the Holy Spirit you haven't done so already, call upon the name of the Lord Christ asked them to redeem you write to us through our website. All of our almost 3 views or follow simple time. 763-559-4440 763-5594 right to assert all of treatment as soon as 554, part two part series rose

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