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Perilous Times Will Come: Fear Not

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 18, 2020 8:00 am

Perilous Times Will Come: Fear Not

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 18, 2020 8:00 am

plays a recent Happening Now with Pastor Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart. They look at the covid crisis from a biblical perspective and offer great insight. This is regularly featured at Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, CA.

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If it's happening now.

We talk about it.

If America goes down.

The world is going to be crying out because the world is upon the US and the boys looking for rescue work. Today we played the recent happening now.

Ran from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California dissipating our pastor directives and Jon Stewart looked at covert, 19 crisis look at it from the perspective there's John Mark filled welcome to the program and say I'm taken a week off recording and him playing a recent happening now as announced I was privileged to be a part of Pastor Jack Hibbs happening now format back on January 22. Right before the Corona crisis broke but this program with Pastor Jack and Don Stewart looks at the issue from a biblical perspective.

Let's get right to pastor Jack Hampson done Stewart and I'll close with a few thoughts at the end of the program at our number one desire is to bring you confidence and call in Christ at a time like this. Listen, I'm gonna ask you to welcome right reroutes wherever you're at our good friend and resident genius and I mean that sincerely Don Stewart so you can clap in your house right where you're at for Don Stewart on come on out and will do this together for the risetime.

The first time you and I parked 6 feet apart alone, but not exactly. So father we pray Lord in Jesus name that as Don and I sit here life together for smells awesome. It's thrilling to live in an age like this when we can crack open the Bible in real time and cover the globe and father even right now.

I can imagine I though it's a bit sometimes distracting, but on Facebook the little bobble start popping up of people saying hi from Ron and hello from Moscow and hello from New York is cool is that is may not be a distraction but were grateful God to be able to reach the world tonight. Lord, give us your heart. May we be ready to meet you in Jesus Christ. Their faith in him alone and bless our dialogue. We pray in Jesus name Amen amen.

So Don where do we start today. There's so much going on in the world where we start. Okay, here's a restart Jack with the living God, the Bible tells us over and over again some 500 times not to be afraid member when Jesus was walking on water, and the disciples saw him I thought they'd seen a ghost liquidity say fear not the day of his resurrection. That night there in the upper room and the doors were locked because they were afraid of the religious leaders. Jesus appears a thought they'd seen a ghost.

He said fear not. So the first message rabbits, fear not because Jackman was Bible believers. This is not really surprising.

All the things that were seeing the perilous times of come in the end, and the good news is what you want to emphasize over and over again tonight.

We know how the story ends, don't we, and we win, and that's the thing that keeps us going right absolutely so you and I talked earlier this afternoon about is anything that we can communicate outside of the, the person of Jesus Christ. It's people coming away tonight with confidence. Confidence in him. A lot of people feel like the world is been shaken beyond recovery as a local LA radio host whose two friends this week committed suicide is of the lack of hope, and that's exactly what we want people to avoid. And so Don I'll just jump in and you go for it, but the first that we got on the agenda is regarding of course China and the headline universities. Basically, this is China seems to be winning what is known as the coronavirus war among some camps. In fact, Pres. Donald Trump calls for American independence agenda to defeat coronavirus US must never rely on. Here's the key statement is for a foreign country. Don talk to us about China and talk to us about what is it that Trump is referring to here.

Okay what is referring to. Jack is a biblical concept member in the book of Deuteronomy the Lord to be set up nation's boundaries of nations. The same thing true in acts chapter 71 Paulson Athens, the Areopagus is God set the boundaries of nations see we live in a world today where they don't want boundaries do they want one to go ballistic world shyness decided they're going to rule the world. But the Western world are basically ruling the European Union in groups of nations ending sovereignty thing that got Donald Trump elected to make America great again were the hugest largest country in the world, the richest country the best military and the idea is we can do it on our own. We can produce these things we don't need to send things out to China does some things to other countries that may cost us more little bit of the cash register. But the point is Jack with Pres. Trump is doing is exactly right. We are dependent on China way way too much. Now, to our detriment.

As we talked about the supply line there with drugs and other things could be cut off if they wanted to at the trade war going on so it's a very biblical concept with Pres. Trump is pushing and that is basically nations, populism nationalism what everyone called Raven globalism because the Lord set certain boundaries and in particular Jack which we really need to put this in the context the boundaries the promised land nation. He gave the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to see what you believe, and go ballistic world and God's promise to Abram Isaac Jake's descendents are no good right simply because the world one world now got this is your land, the promised land be my witnesses to what he's doing is exactly right. Trump's policy is exactly right.

In fact I had written something today and put it on my Facebook site I thought I had and I messed up I didn't bring it out and it's interesting what you just said because it's almost as though you and I have rehearsed this, which we did not we have a query never did. By the way, no adequate arrears that is that we don't rehearse anything Don and I but I have made a comment something to the effect that the reason why were in the condition that were in right now, economically, and how we talk about this in a moment how this all dovetails together is fascinating for the fact that God never promised us our wants. God promised us what we needed correct what happened in American you said a moment ago that if I'm Joe and I'm producing this widget and I'm making three dollars per widget profit when I found out that I could make that widget in China and make five dollars per 450 profit shipped everything over to China and I've been doing that for decades, and what I built up was a so to speak a workforce for me. It lagged my pocket very well that made my little company now into a big deal but I became the master became dependent upon the slaves totally and now the slave is rising up were going to talk about the coronavirus but what a lot of people Don are not getting is that this is extremely complicated web and we don't want to go down the path of conspiracy stuff, but at the same time. In fact, Don regarding this conspiracy type stuff that we don't want to go down that path. Can you hold up your mug yes to either the WebCam right here.

Yeah, can you guys see that you read Donald's essay on your mug you can't make this stuff up because it's perfectly fitting.

Jack exactly what the Bible tells us the world will be like in the last agent can't make it up. Can you not surprised the way this took place were surprised at this with virus and how it spread, but were not surprised what's happened because what America has done for the almighty dollar is again used China as a conduit as the slave and the slaves become the master because once the supply line is cut.

What happens when your stock right but what is happening now receive his companies coming back hopefully to our country and produce here will and that's the present I believe is going to make that the result of this self for many reasons that it it's always best to forward control of things. Is it rather than sending it out elsewhere just to make a few extra cents on the dollar guys can we play that video to this link. We should never be reliant on a foreign country for the mange of our own survival. I think we learned a lot and learned a lot. This crisis is underscored just how critical it is to have strong voters and a robust manufacturing sector for three years we've embarked on a great national project to secure the immigration system and bring back our manufacturing jobs will affect many jobs records numbers of record number and this really shows this experience shows how important borders are without borders. You don't have the nation a goal for the future must be to have American medicine for American patients American supplies for American hospitals in American equipment for our great American heroes. Now, both parties must unite to ensure the United States is truly an independent nation in every sense of the word energy independence. We've established that something incredible that we've established with energy independent manufacturing independence, economic independence and territorial independence enforced by strong sovereign borders. America will never be a supplicant nation will be a proud, prosperous, independent and self reliant nation, we will embrace commerce with all but we will be dependent on none above all, we know that the best thing for our economy in the world right now is a very very powerful victory over the virus what he just said non-drives the global list.

Nuts, it certainly does this cause is in fact not only the globalist but many who are within the Democratic Party. Consider globalist what he just said is national sovereignty not only for the United States but for any and all nations, and that has got to drive the antichrist spirit or the antichrist who may not know he is the antichrist.

Yet if he's on the planet walking around. I can almost smell his cologne. So to say it's wild that kind of talk inspires people that kind of talk encourages people because God is you said place, that within us. He did, I want to read this, I went to my Facebook page. Two hours ago, I posted this. Make no mistake about it, this is a sad day for the United States of America, the federal bailout of ourselves or a.k.a. the Corona virus stimulus plan to rescue our economy is a necessary evil, but it is one that could have been avoided.

I am reminded that God wanted Israel not to lean upon, or trust in the strength of any foreign power for treaties or any other nation for Israel's existence, the God of the Bible had promised to provide Israel with what it was that they needed but never did. He promised to supply them what they wanted for many decades now the United States has leaned upon cheap Chinese labor to satisfy our diet of one as the desire for want grew so grew our consumption now hooked on materialism. The United States of America is addicted to China's ability to literally be our supplier master has become dependent upon the slave. Most of us had no idea listen that such a sellout of our nation was underway, and perhaps we never would have known it unless a scrappy streetsmart businessman had been elected president of the United States for such a time as this.

Donald J. Tromp, who, against all odds and counsel ripped off the mask of the Chinese version of the Trojan horse. But now the enemy is not only within the gates. It turns out that the enemy owns the gates and everything around them. We will be finding out real soon. Within the next few weeks if president trumps actions came too late to save the US from its own lust for greed and stuff and from China's desire for global dominance. But my curiosity begs me to ask the question. Where was Pres. George H. W. Bush, while all this was going on. Where was Pres. Bill Clinton. Where was Pres. George W. Bush, where was Pres. Barack Obama while my country was being sold right out from underneath my feet.

A man and that's exactly what were talking about.

Yeah, you know, Jack and Paul to the Philippians 419 he said, God's can supply all our needs but not all agree what we need… We are greedy about. He does yeah but see America unfortunately is like you said we got over to China. We got things deeply. Evidently, we thought we would be fine always. But when the supply line is cut when you got this thing going on, we've got the trade more happening.

Look at this. The sovereign nation of the US which can supply all our needs here in this country. God has provided an advertising where the biggest marketers the world right now we could do everything right now. We got a president, let's do it.

Keep going on what you know if it's great because what I like about this Jack.

This is how the Lord set the world a people have to work for a living member. The idea is that in a market-based economy.

Allergies recall It was best, Marxist, or a market-based economy means I need something so you make it you sell it to me.

I'm benefited in your bed were both benefited and that causes entrepreneurship.

It causes people to be creative this that use the God-given gifts that they have been God has blessed America because of that where this melting pot of people small liberal role immigrants are quick. We've come here with this great experiment, and God has blessed and is tremendously blessed this first three years of president trumps administration because he is done things that have caused the blessing with Israel. Three things moving there where we go from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now we have the embassy Golan Heights, which for years and years and $0.67. Israelis wanted in the war has been part of work and part of Syria and the presence is know it's part of Israel were the first country to acknowledge that and then the so-called West Bank, Judea and Samaria president trumps it that's occupied territory that belongs to Israel and so here we are have been blessed. All of a sudden Jack in the middle of this blessing to get hit right between the eyes with this virus.

None of us expected. We're in a very trying time right now. Well done. Boarded the virus come from Farscape China communist China to buy the way, how has communist China's economy been since transmit elected not very good, Jack. Because what he is that he's called the modern all the reason this is many look at this is why are we giving everything away. Why are we paying Everett for everything paying them to sell the stuff. Yes, we have interest like NATO and that if this is a business that he looks at the bottom lines of this is smart let's run the country like a business. He got someone knows what they're doing and look what happened trying to like that. Let's face it, they don't like it and the people. Unfortunately, the corporations, the companies in the let's talk to like it is the politicians are embedded with China and so they're not happy with what he has done what he is doing goodness keep going to just insert we know as a church that's in touch with our elected officials. There are politicians who use that in the second ago. They are simply really honestly on Chinese payroll totally totally. Yeah, just like with UK. When they got out of the European Union breakfast reason the politicians did wanted is because they're getting the little brown paper bag is handed to them and they're doing fine. But then when the citizens get a chance to vote whether they vote for freedom. We always see that happen.

You don't vote for some big Bob union you don't vote for 32 member European Union you will for your own sovereignty your own freedom and that's what you meant. That's why God made human beings the way we are and that's why America has always been great and I believe her to be great again. So listen, we show that happy music video Danny Gilkey reached out to the kids. I did that intentionally because of the heaviness where we need to go next. That is, regarding the virus. I probably should announce that for on behalf of the both of us were blessed that people tell us things were blessed that we know Don, we know people and places him Quote them and we understand that when we say something we take the risk of looking like idiots because we can't say all by the way, I got that from Mr. XYZ at the XYZ. We can't say that.

So what we can say friends is that listen to what we say right now and then you go judge, don't panic. Go judge in and watch, so I asked you where the virus came out of not come out of Wuhan, China, but if there was ever a place where viruses have the habit of sneaking out of the building. It's a place called Wuhan, China.

It's happened before. The danger of what we have now been told when I say now I'm not sure how public this is, but what I'm saying is not secret previously done. We have seen the elderly susceptible to this correct but in the last 48 to 96 hours. We are watching now a shift globally in its ability to attack younger people.

It has set the medical field on its heels. Just when you thought, yet the cat in the corner. It turned out to be an elephant on the roof and where you are now hearing from sources that it is mutating and that we can watch it in the lab mutating it's coded.

It is synthesized to mute, which means that they took a in existing sickness and existing organic flu and they humanly engineered. It and what were looking at now just like a time-released ibuprofen or aspirin would act time-released painkiller. This is now apparently a time-released flu which mutates and now were going to expect to see it attacking younger people. I don't say that to scare people. I say that for us to pray for our nation, Don Young, I'm glad you brought that up. Let's take a step back. It was starting in November, with a found this out in China. What's think it logically, Jack. You know they think we got the tinfoil hats on the conspiratorial's theory, China's 3,700,000 mi.˛, 3.7 million third-biggest landmass the world next to Antarctica and Russia arrived 1.4 billion people, and this pandemic will epidemic the first break somewhere in the city of Mohan will woo Hanwell who had all the cities in China is the one place that has the level for laboratory, where is just been there for about two years where they have all the pathogens such as SARS mers 81 and one Ebola. It's all there. The previous lab in Beijing in 2004 Sgt. got out of there twice out of that lab repeat that. Yet in the previous lab they had in Beijing in 2004 SARS escape twice SARS kill 10% of the people.

80,000 people got a thousand people died about 10% but that within the lab. There they move the built this new one.

Wuhan just a couple of years ago and were told that's coincidental enough and 3,700,000 mi.˛. This marketplace, for they eat these animals. He wound an amount outdoor all of a sudden the virus to spontaneously happen right there and number two. Once they realized in the Wuhan area that people were getting the virus and people were dying something strange for start taking samples and start investigating this when they sent the samples to the authorities what the authorities do they destroy the samples, not why would you do that you do it because you already know where it comes from right number two, number three, you can also God not only the destruction of the samples you not only got the history of the labs there, but also in three is the cover-up that's there happened they had this big potluck dinner and Wuhan. After they knew there was this epidemic going on 40,000 families had a pot luck there. 40,000 and then all of a sudden, as we know the rest is history. And then we find out the first date of January whether some type of epidemic going on and will him China is coincidental enough for the level IV lab is and so all of a sudden now it just happened to pop up. By the way you after several members of political members/military members of Iran went back home. Yes, one of the first international dots on the map outside of China was to run totally interesting right young very much so because he would people realize, China has is called BRI built Road initiative what they do they invest in countries that need the investment to the biggest investments in the world now or ran Italy, ring a bell what's going on with the virus right now. What do they do will they invest in the infrastructure of these countries but what you have to entire Chinese workers financed by Chinese banks and before you know it China into owning them or something like four ports in Italy never owned by China or something like 330,000 workers in northern Italy who were Chinese. This done, you're talking so fast and it's so important. I'm afraid you minimus that will go over to get you are talking about people listen. Don is talking about China purchasing, which, if you know anything about the Venetian Empire. They were brilliant because they weren't very good at warfare. They were very good at business and the control ports. It's an ancient tactic its brilliance. China is purchasing or controller influencing how many ports Don and do you know that the city of Los Angeles owns the Port of Los Angeles and that China is making an offer to buy the Port of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California 39 miles from where were sitting. What in the world is going on Don when the virus came out and when it became very Burlington strong and it began to affect us, we saw our market crash in a day and we did back to back back back friends. Do you know family of God.

Do you know what happened is soon as that happened when market value of some of the greatest companies in the world here in the United States went down. Guess what happened was talking about China started buying up that stock. China started buying through shelves through covers companies began buying up key states of US corporations. The question then is it possible that three years ago a president, not the mask off of China's charade expose their falsehood in the world.

Their economy plummeted and for them to save themselves once again. A virus had to walk out of Wuhan and they would gladly risk their own citizens to save their own communism specifically to affect the global markets. Not one person in America had to get sick. Others had to get sick in the world to affect the US economy in China is very much if this is released by China. There were tactic was better than a nuclear bomb. Yet it sure was right… Explain to the audience. Where were going with this to because one of the interesting things about my stays Bible prophecy, we find that US is in a play or jet when a player and something for some reason were not gonna be a player enters a bunch of different scenarios. But see this here is one possible center of taking us out, of being a player not praying and hoping it doesn't happen, but it's not impossible that it does. But sooner or later, we are not to be a player in the world and there's other possible scenarios. I like to tend to think that US will be so interested in China in the Pacific. That's why the be out of the Middle East constructs trying to do that in China and and U.S. Navy Bay loggerheads with one another.

But the point is the US the great what we had. Select $17 trillion in stock market worldwide and gone up, and then all of a sudden boom were almost looking at a not a recession or depression. Now our president currently is speaking in such a way to inspire the nation.

In fact the last few days he's been speaking encouragingly. Stock market has gone up tremendously last two days but the reason is people do not want to hear this, our country, the United States just preparing the stimulus package to give Americans money to keep the economy or to spur on the economy when you're hungry you don't want candy because one of the side effects is a sugar rush. This giving of free money, so to speak is not free but it's only money, so to speak is going to be very short-lived. Our economists tell us in our Treasury Department is telling us that this nation as it is.

Cannot continue in the condition that it's in with all of us being home.

America has got to get back to work or America is going to fail and if America fails the Wuhan virus will be a joke compared to how many people will be affected by suicide will be affected by sickness will be affected by homelessness, joblessness, more people will perish if we don't go back to work versus taking the risk of getting sick by going to work.

This is a absolute Hollywood movies and aerial talk about that from yeah and this is that were present in trust between the proverbial rock and a hard place is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, but we do have to get to work.

Becker Rocky said in that broadcast America's created work were not created just to sit around with the most prosperous country in the world and all of a sudden everything seemed to go south.

We do need to get back so that's the trade-off we will return to the most recent happening with objectives of Jon Stewart in just a moment. We love friendly write to us through our website. All of three all of three call it simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 we get our mail when you write to Jim Markel and Olive tree ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311.

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763-559-4447 635-5944 stay ahead of the unprecedented time you can be encouraged.

Predicted events are in play and that everything is falling into place. I absolutely believe that his biological warfare lost by China because China didn't do this, could survive the trip duration they had to disrupt the world to disrupt this administration and its success. I believe that in time it will be proven.

This was a weapon eyes virus intention. Let's return to the most recent happening now format with pastor Jack hymns and Jon Stewart is a look at the current code 19 situation and spent some time on it from a biblical perspective world is in a set up mode for a man with a plan solving enormous problems. Jack talk about that in the second subject if there's ever time the Christians need to pray to ask the Lord for his grace for his mercy again grace and mercy, not because we deserve it. Like the prophet Daniel in Daniel nine.

Lord we have sinned against you, we have turned our back on you. We ask for your mercy and that's what we need to do right now because it's a very, very difficult time with respect to the economy in the country.

The people watching us right now wondering in what am I going to do next week. I'm waiting for this to trillion dollars of the to come.

My wife, like you said it's a sugar rush is not gonna last forever. We need to get back to work but then we got again the viruses is moving across the country. The only good news of that, even though it is more virulent. The death rate is still very very small, very small. People need to be encouraged by this now. It may have changed recently, but the last time I saw the reporting out of MIT's data agreed with MD Anderson's data which agreed with Johns Hopkins University data that globally those solicit those who proved positive.

They were tested positive.

Not all of those who are positive got sick but those who got sick 98.6 of them recover you exact is about 1.2 to 1.4% of fatalities people listen, don't panic, don't panic.

I meditated, now's a great time to turn off normal broadcasting and tune into his channel television and stay tuned with us as well because, listen. All of a sudden now know much reporting anybody getting shot in LA or Chicago once last time you heard about a bank robbery in Miami every moment of your 24 cycle of news is another person died of the virus and other personnel under the virus.

You would think the whole world is dying and our media is our media is killing us by focusing on. Yeah, there's a couple of sites to give you the latest data every time they give it. It shows the number of people that are firm with case and the impact of diet and keep doing my get really good axes a calculator and it's anywhere from 192% to 1.4 that are fatalities and it's a pretty consistent right now meeting with the terrible things happening New York and elsewhere, and so it is again. If you dealing with hundreds of thousands of millions of people. That's a lot of people foresaw sock and wipe us out. Let's remember this project.

Jesus said it can't because Jesus said he's gonna come back there to be people on this planet. He said, but he did say this unless he did come back, no flesh would be saved now. He says that the context of wars detonates. But it interesting, isn't it so first thing we want to encourage people that when I don't die I we are that we were not all gonna die the planets document dissolved in our president who I is the last person on earth I want to be is doing an amazing job. I can it's amazing let's move on. China will emerge from the coronavirus stronger then the US experts warn us so that may be so, that depends. I don't know if I buy that exactly. If America recovers. If America gets back to work.

You could actually see a recovery of the United States that will surpass worry were that if we Don economist tell us what needs to happen for that to happen but you and I would preempt the economists and say that will happen if we repent as a nation correct tell us why that's because God's looking at us and he tells us in his word. He looks in the hearts of nations member Nineveh, the people there repented when the what even offer of repentance. Yeah Jonah comes in 40 days can be destroyed really and they believed and will maybe if we repent God will show mercy on us all, how much more here and I really think Jack again. I'm an optimist journalist of the got a couple things going. We got a present who is a businessman is a tremendous businessman number one in the three things he's done. Like I said, with Israel moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, recognizing that as part of Israel and in the Judea Samaria the West Bank say no it's not occupied territory thing a friend of Israel Genesis 1223 still in place. He will bless those who bless the descendents of Abraham and curse those accursed so I'm an optimist, how I I believe it's gonna work out but we have a responsibility to confess to pray and get serious about our relationship with the Lord. That's what we need to do as people of the world that are watching us. In fact, I would encourage everyone that if you know your Bible. I know many of you tuning and you don't know your Bible. That's okay listen you need to get a Bible and read it because it's more relevant than tomorrow's news, here's the deal. God says of any nation of those who are called by his name that means you believe in him that if you would repent of your sins and seek his face. God promises to heal your land but you gotta turn personally.

Now Don's good have to hold me back on this link is a very passionate about. When I read my Old Testament. Every nation is a nation of sinners. We've all sent but there seems to be sins that God hates more than others. He hates all sin. But there's certain sins that just sets him off and at the top throughout Israel's history, is the sin of sacrificing human life. God hates it, and God destroyed cultures that are no longer in existence because they sacrifice the children and his bizarre that in the United States, the Democrat party, headed up by Nancy Pelosi, every word, every other word coming out of her mouth is. We've got to keep aborting babies. Our nation is in crisis and four days we couldn't pass a bill to help our companies in America because she wanted in the coronavirus bailout money to kill babies. Nancy Pelosi, that is demonic. She's sick.

That is perverse.

God hates it, and I believe that America must repent of slaughtering babies in the womb or else were going down and I'm not being a bad guy we want to be optimistic.

Here's the optimism repent of our nation slaughtering babies in the womb, and God will heal our land. If we do not stop this Don. It's not going to be well for us in here we go. Even now she is yelling and screaming about. No way can citizens get help unless we agreed to fund the abortion of babies yet. It's interesting you say that because they list the essential businesses that must stay open and one of the. The states are making this on a case-by-case basis, which is interesting Massachusetts that abortion is an essential business industry so there Gov. DeWine of Ohio, bless his heart to know what's not shut them down. And yet there aborting kids anyway thereof against the governor's orders, Gov. Abbott of Texas same think this is not an essential business were not going to have it so we have people standing up Jack and standing up to that today. And yet Nancy Pelosi and the left part of this is what they the pork they snuck in is not only like the harvesting of ballots the things ballot stuffing and that but the abortion thing to which is again a terrible blight on our country. Things number one yeah yeah I think it is to just keep going. Well anyway interesting. I doing his channel 5 days a week at 1011 every day in his breaking news of the latest news on constantly watching the news and Sen. Blackburn, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee to set some born-again Christian. Yeah, I know something that we just said in the control the madman in Beijing have over America's drug industry a man a man and people would be surprised about how many born-again Christians there are in this administration. How many people there are actually serving there was a story the other day I gave this is always want to give some optimism about the pessimism. There is a digital Bible study that the reelection campaign of Donald Trump were meeting together doing online because they couldn't get together and who and whatever know that his reelection campaign to meet for Bible study.

First thing before getting into the ins and outs of reelecting them. Well done.

I probably will I tell you that I was on that call this morning at 1030 Pacific time one with that group of leadership for Bible studies for the various members of the administration. You are correct.

In fact, according to the vice president Mike pence. It's his understanding that there are more Bible studies taking place among cabinet members than any other time in recorded American history, yet it's amazing how many people close to the president are really Bible believing Christians you think Mike Pompeo obviously a tremendous born-again believer. I the chance to ask Mike Pompeo a couple months ago. If you could do anything in the world. What would you do you you have been a decorated war hero was a tank commander you have been a congressman.

You've been a business owner you've been director of the Central intelligence agency and now you're one of Trump's trusted allies and government. If you could wave a wand. What would you do to his answer was done I was that he said for Susan and I to be back in Kansas at our church be in Sunday school teachers allow a man about the world. I'd rather be back in Kansas doing Sunday school know what is that say about a person's priorities.

The things that really matter in life and that's what were talking about her today Jack the gospel of Jesus Christ affected Christ can change lives.

The fact that we do have hope were not pessimistic with what's going on because we know the outcome of the story, the Lord already tells us we win in the end. And so we don't how to get there.

This could be some difficult times, but when we read and what we see all the time like again. You can't make this stuff up of all the prophecies that are in place right now. Setting the stage to be fulfilled. You literally can't make this stuff up. We got a story somewhere about Saudi Arabia and Russia being at loggerheads is an interesting Ezekiel 38 has those will invade Israel in the last days, and those will protest rush is the leader of the invasion. Sally is the leader of the group the protest.

Another loggerheads over the oil prices where they dumped all this cheap oil MBS Monaghan Solomon did that a few weeks still dump it on the world and initially that's when the stock market went down that one day on the money. Not because of the coronavirus at first because of the oil glut that was there and that's why oil futures went down this and that announced to the place where they're practically giving away some of our devastation is and yet there still charge me an arm and leg but bottom line is notice when you see one side the US and then of course urging Saudi to do this Saturdays on this side rush on this site see the players already list. What's either going to be on your already lined up perfectly just as the Bible said you can't make stuff up. You can't make this stuff up and and I assume guys you can yell if this is true, but I assume the audience can see this line that Sec. Mike Pompeo on the left. This was just today or yesterday this crown prince is an interesting guy is very young for what which is good for us. These young he loves the United States he loves American movies. He's the one that is ordered AMC theaters to be built throughout his country. He's the guy that's encouraging women to have rights and drive and Saudi Arabia and what Don just said a moment ago is key because you see that picture Pompeo is trying to get the prints to work things out with Russia because it's better for the world if they work it out. The point is you got America trying to get Sally in Russia to calm down, which backs up to what Don just said the Bible says in the book of Ezekiel 38 that could happen at any time that Russia will be an enemy or I should say against in some capacity Saudi Arabia because they do not agree. When Russia invades Israel from the north is clearly written in Scripture. Yeah and what we see like reset check every day when all these things are going on, let's not miss the fact that other things are going on the same time as the virus we don't want to be misdirected either with the oil thing there was going on Israel right now with the government taking a summarily okay what's happened there is that this is their third election adjust at the Kepler government together, you got 120 seats in the parliament called the Knesset, you have to have a combination of 61 to get your prime minister, while the last two elections. Neither group to get more than enough.

This last election premonition at Yahoo we thought on election night that he got 60 and getting 58 all right need three more the other side has 62. So what did they try to do any against the leader of this blue-and-white party that lost a number of seats there for us to switch her for the last election contradict every promise he made somewhere to put a coalition together with the joint was parties, 15 parties the joint list, which include people that want to see the destruction of the state of Israel. Literally, we literally one of the other MPs are on that list praised a terrorist crush the skull of a four-year-old when the rockets are shooting from Gaza towards the center row and there in southern Israel. These MPs were single. Israel should shoot back.

They should just take and this is the coal which he wants to put a government what today the headline was in praise God we can emphasize that they can't form a coalition with no way the blue-and-white conformal with the joint list for can get together. Amazing. While Europe is in this upheaval and Italy is fighting for is its existence. Israel is so leaderless in a sense, coming in. Netanyahu has obviously tremendous leadership skills but the people are unable to come together. I find it possibly prophetically intriguing that it's not grace that is fighting for its existence right now it's Italy and in Italy is a place called Rome and Rome. Quite possibly could be.

If we understand Bible prophecy correctly. The place where a European leader will find at least one of his governing seats position.

It could be his religious headquarters.

We don't know but it's possible that Italy is crying out for someone to rescue them. At this time. It's possible that Israel is crying out for somebody to rescue them. At this time.

If America goes down. The world is going to be crying out because the world is so dependent upon the US and all kinds of ways looking for rescue where I'm wondering Don if that rescuer hypothetically is walking planet or a variable could be first John 218. In the days of our Lord and soon thereafter, John wrote that many antichrists I've already come, but one antichrist is coming a final Antichrist. The final world leader is called the man of sin.

The first beast of Revelation chapter 13 is can be a political leader and he's can have all the answers. The Bible calls him a mouth speaking great things. So what it assumes is a world that's chaotic like overseeing our world that doesn't have answers.

Countries that seemingly like Italy, like you said like Israel that need really really leadership and help where here's a person comes on the scene in the place of Jesus Christ is the anti-Messiah or the false Christ Jesus said in John chapter 5 I have come in my father's name.

You did not receive me. Another will come in his own name, him you will receive in the world is getting perfectly set up for that. Not only that, the exponential increase of technology that sets it up perfectly for him because again there is an assumption in Scripture in three different passages Jack of the world right now were living in the world was so foreign to the Bible days, no one could buy or sell Revelation 13 without a mark in your right hand or your Ford worldwide, broken your monitor. Some like that with every business transaction we have someone standing and when people exchange money while money is going to be a thing of the past Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said next-generation kids won't know what currency money is because it's elegantly digital and particular. Now with the virus going on. My wife is in the finance business there. And these are heroes. There is a handling money every day, yet they have to do it the tellers and that somebody has to do it to distribute that and they're putting their self on the line because of all the possible things that are go along with that but anyway so were moving towards that and there been calls now to because of this because of the dirtiness of money.

Let's just make currency digital worldwide, and it's worth coming to. Let's be honest, the truth of the matter is it's really great. For example, that our animals have chips and our animals and in California. Maybe the entire US. Our pets are chipped at the vet so when her dog runs away somewhere they can scan it and when they know exactly where he lives in his name and whatever that stuff is great idea. It's a great idea, yes sir and I cashless society is a great idea.

I don't carry cash. It's very inconvenient. I don't carry it.

I just don't.

But coronavirus stimulus offered by house. That is the US House of Representatives financial services committee creates new digital dollar. This is not a joke. This is not a spoof. It's exactly what Don was just talking about a moment ago yeah and it's coming and the Bible assumes that type of world jacket and can you imagine someone even living 100 years ago or 50 years ago psych monitoring trends actions worldwide.

You can't do that idea what's going on in Mongolia South America, even here in our country. The technology we have today. It's all digital.

And like most of us don't pay with cash anymore. We don't carry it, or we carry very little simply because it's simpler and it gets easier and easier now to pay with you, and I got Apple pay and things like that.

The digital cash and we use it. It's here so the world is perfectly set up that way. So you see, Saudi Arabia against Russia that set up perfectly as the Bible says the cashless society perfectly set up the need for leadership perfectly set up. We start to see a pattern here Jack on it was written so for thousand years ago while you're going. I'm thinking that the 24 Revelation 13 first John two Ezekiel 38 Bible verses just flying by me why you're talking correct and is actually amazing because we talk about an earlier some of our good friends and some of our mentors in life I think of Dr. Tim LaHaye. I knew him jumping up and down right now on this stage numerous times Dr. John wall written, taught here five different time while Chuck Smith, Chuck Mesler, Hal Lindsay's house still with absolutely amazing days in which we live.

It is, and we were always looking for these days and it's getting as we said closer and closer because we see everything set up now again were not in a limit God in dining we cancel.

It's got a happen this time or that people made that mistake in the past, but again Jesus said you can know the times and the seasons and goodness. When all the signs were there and the world is desperately now looking for leadership of someone can bring them out of this is where this man of sin can come on the scene particular like you said in these countries such as Italy, which is been bought and paid for now by China, Israel now which needs leadership they need to find somebody and unfortunately that person will appear unfortunate because the people receive them because again he's got all the answers. A mouth speaking great things, yet he is literally the devil himself living in this personage is twice the final Antichrist. The final personage in this world is come up like in the past with Goliath, Saul, Alexander the great Antiochus the fourth got Nimrod. The first one back in Genesis all who are anti-God as world leaders, but this one will be the one the worst of all, the culmination is the final Antichrist interest in the book of Daniel leads us to believe that this guy is ego with legs right.

He speaks pompous words against God in heaven sure does interesting thing Don all around the world.

Saudi Arabia, the Vatican, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem vacant, silent, empty theory. What is full homes all around the world. Ladies and gentlemen never on a global scale. At this moment.

World history has been made. As you your voices because people are confined to their homes around the world and what gets done and I'm excited, is that 2000 years ago the church was born in a home and all of a sudden for the first time in 2000 years. The church is back in the home is the trumpet going to blow soon are we going to go up soon. I don't know, will we come back and will this massive auditorium be filled once again I don't know but I can tell you this, we have never reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we are right now during this coronavirus season so and that I think God for it.

I know God didn't cause it, but guides using and remember what the gospel is Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and mine and Don Jesus rose again from the dead to justify us. He died for our sins, but that he rose again for justification and Jesus Christ was God incarnate, that is God in the flesh come to this world to fulfill the Hebrew prophets.

The Old Testament prophecies of the Hebrew Bible and he ascended back to heaven and Christ is coming again in the things that are going on around the world. Jesus warned that in the last days we would see these things. Things like in three minutes.

A 7.5 earthquake in a 7.8 earthquake a 7.8. Again earthquake Jesus said when you begin to see these things come to pass. Look up for your redemption draws near the Bible tells us we will not know the day or the hour of his coming concerning the times and the seasons, you'll know perfectly well amazing time to be alive.

Trust Christ. Do you think the coronavirus was released as a biological weapon to disrupt the current administration. I'm just going to do my. I underlines my opinion, I believe China had to release it.

I believe the guy that is known as the whistleblower in the laboratory, who was killed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I absolutely believe that this biological warfare launched by China because if China didn't do this, they could survive the trip administration.

They had to disrupt the world to disrupt this administration and its success. I believe that in time it will be proven that this was a weapon eyes virus intentionally you think about a check I could sit earlier. You've got 3,700,000 mi.˛ of the country and supposedly coincidentally the virus erupts right in the only city where level for lab is with all these pathogens, which previously escaped from a lab in Beijing in 2000 for the SARS virus and then when they started looking at the people they start looking at samples of the pathogen immediately. They were told by the hierarchs to destroy the why is that if you want to get rid of some type of epidemic it's going on that was naturally come about by some food in the market again just logically speaking out on the faith to believe that happened by chance.

Of all the cities and 3.7's million square miles will on either the only one with the level for lab you only want the same people who lost the SARS thing in 2004 working there. Then they destroy the evidence. Seems to me sounds fishy there absolutely it's the preponderance of evidence exactly the jury instruction is this beyond a reasonable doubt, not beyond any doubt beyond a reasonable doubt is the preponderance of evidence. Seemingly this came about purposely designed as a bio weapon or is it something that just naturally came out know Mike is theoretically as possible.

It could have come, but the same city you and you said earlier, what's the mathematical lives him that a great contingency of people from Wuhan would go to northern Italy, 330,000 Chinese at least live in northern Italy in the lumbar region because that's where the garments are there. That's a whole fashion era Milan and they live altogether to unfortunately the Chinese workers.

There are is reading it like a 1500 square-foot house of three families living in and going back and forth from Wuhan members. The Chinese new year when they came back and forth exactly correct. Yeah, you can see how why there and where ran Wyatt just exploded there. My thanks to Pastor Jack & Don Stewart for their recent happening now format Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. Trying to present some cutting edge issues as it concerns our new world and the new America. Understanding the time to review God is always trying to get our attention. I'm told interest in prayer and prophecy related issues.

Mother both soaring as a matter of fact, nearly half of American adults believe that the coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call from, according to a new poll.

The world may never let a crisis go to waste.

Neither does the Lord he will use everything for good and for his eternal purposes.

Thanks for listening. Will talk to you next week and just can't be by a radio when understanding the times bears on our 850 stations connected electronically on our YouTube channel.

On one on his channel and on our website. All of three views God Argie write to us through our website get our mail by writing to Olive tree ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 5511 Xbox 1452 Grove soda 55 gifts are taxed and while things seem disturbing and even chaotic. Remember that everything is falling

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