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The New World Order Cries for a Savior

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 25, 2020 8:00 am

The New World Order Cries for a Savior

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 25, 2020 8:00 am

Markell welcomes Gary Kah for the hour. They ask if Corona is the crisis the NWO crowd has waited for. Should we be concerned about Bill Gates and his mass vaccination program? Global government may be on the horizon but cannot happen until the Church is taken in the Rapture.

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Are we experiencing global conditioning for the new world order a world government great government because it will be a lot less confusion.

Different governments follow different religions, different governments follow different politics.

What is really cool in our neck of the woods just not going down like Yemen assumptive world government would work welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel brought to you by Olive tree ministries page and talks to a radio favorite Gary, Cobb began watching the move toward globalism in the late 1980s and now sees it as a Sprint. Jan and Gary discuss how the Corona crisis is expediting becoming one world system. Today's program I put on my conspiracy had him sit in the China and I am watching my governments and my country and my economy get torn to shreds because some guy got elected in Washington and pulled the mask of our charade that we were perpetrating on the world. China seals technology and robs other countries of its intellectual properties, and then gets second third rate companies to build the knockoffs as an Apple Store in China. That's not even an Apple Store. The mascot knocked off by the tariffs and the internal economy of China's. They won't take a sign in a war they know that, but they can't keep going the way that they're going will implode. Is it possible that some things out there. People are panicking because you know what it plays right into the hands of a global government type of thinking. Globalism, because as long as the economies of nations that are free-trade. Nations are exploding globally, like they are right now it's really put a crimp in the globalist agenda and welcome to the program and that was the familiar voice of Pastor Chan kids commenting on an important aspect of this Corona crisis, the rush to globalization and the formation of a one world government, and when I talk about the rush to globalism.

I often discuss that topic. With today's guest Gary, bring him on just a moment and let me set the stage by saying, can you by way of an opening here that perhaps life as we know it has changed and probably forever for global economies to recover from the meltdown of the last couple of months can be difficult and the world's globalists have wanted and they have waited a long time for a crisis. The ultimate crisis in the world that will bring the rush to a one world system will be the rapture of the church, but before that we have some birth pangs of which the Corona crisis is perhaps the largest, certainly since World War II right now over 200 nations are burdened with the fallout and ripple effect of an invisible enemy.

I've watched segments of the church. First of all, I've watched a lot of the world. But now I'm watching segments of the church behave in an embarrassing manner.

For instance, televangelist Jim Baker was forced to quit promoting his silver solution as the answer to the global health epidemic. I also watch televangelist Kenneth Copeland declare a date in late March that he said the crisis ended. Yet thousands continued to die. I wish men who behave this way, which is a timely time to retire and I think quite frankly that time is now. We have an intensified surveillance society as we head into mid 2020. All because of this invisible enemy. Some will tell you that the crisis is all about micro-chipping forced vaccinations. A cashless society, digital IDs, the UN global tax and complete government control and maybe it is. Frankly I'm watching us lose our civil liberties I'm reading about immunity cards so that we can move about these kinds of issues I'm talking about their leaping out of the pages of the book of Revelation. My guest today and I are not wearing tinfoil hats.

Revelation 13 and 17 speak of a global government global system, a global religion that will not be Christianity, and eight total control by just very few people reread about the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse during that tribulation.

And I think we can hear their hoofbeats in the distance again as I am going to continue to remind you, the church is taken to heaven before all of that begins playing out, but we're seeing a foreshadowing.

So, how soon might that all be. I think very, very soon, Gary, welcome back to the program. Hi Jan, it's always good to be with you. Thanks for having with you and I have talked for years about the fact that the globalists are waiting for crisis we have one talk to me a little bit about your thoughts on the crisis angle and let's apply it to what's going on right now.

I think everyone in your audience would probably agree that the globalists in social media are helping to foment nothing short of massive area through their over-the-top sensational coverage of all of this.

I personally believe that a lot of that is intentional. The liberal press and media these days almost always have ulterior motives and covering events the way that they do and this is not the exception.

A few days ago I watched New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo accurately state during a press conference.

He said crisis forces change. I wondered if he recognized profound so that statement in the broader context when he made it because the media and the political comrades on the left understand that concept very well and operate under the guiding principle. Never let a crisis go to waste effectively simply cannot resist turning this health crisis into an opportunity to further their globalist socialist agenda and so were seeing that play out real time now.

I think the one who's emerged front and center in all of this, not that he's been in the shadows before but is getting a lot of attention with the globalists and she's Bill Gates the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has pledged $10 billion, for a long time that their goal is Chris vaccines for everyone, Bill Gates, coronavirus vaccine is going to be entering human trials after it gets FDA approval, and Gates has moved he's just literally moved to center stage at got a number of soundbites of Bill and I want to play. Let's put it this way. Nothing he does is very Christian friendly. I want to play a quick clip of him because the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. There connected with many facets of this pandemic, including relationships and/or their vaccine and ID agenda in 2020, Bill Gates predicted a pandemic like the 1918 Spanish flu that would spread very quickly want to play clip here. Bill Gates this is going back to 2015 which I think is intriguing or he's going to talk about a crisis with a virus is on its way. This is 2015. The best way to tackle this, of course, again, is not vaccinating everyone on the planet.

If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war not missiles but microbes now part of the reason for this is that we've invested a huge amount in nuclear deterrence we've actually invested very little in a system stop and epidemic were not ready for the next epidemic. You can have a virus where people feel well enough.

While there infectious that they get on a plane or they go to a market the source of the virus could be a natural epidemic, likable, or could be bioterrorism and so there are things that would literally make things a thousand times worse.

In fact, let's look at a model of a virus spread through the air like the Spanish flu back in 1918. So here's what would happen it would spread throughout the world very very quickly and you can see there's over 30 million people die from that epidemic.

So this is a serious problem.

We should be concerned but in fact we can build a really good response system. We have the benefits of all the science and technology that we talk about here we got cell phones to get information on the public and get information out to them.

We have satellite maps work and see where people are and where they're moving. We have advances in biology that should dramatically change the turnaround time to look at a pathogen to be able to make drugs and vaccines that fit for that pathogen so we can have tools but those tools need to be put into an overall global health system and we need preparedness. The best lessons I think on how to get prepared are again what we do for war. Gary, the chatter online is almost like Bill Gates is antichrist S he may be a forerunner I don't know what your thoughts when I was researching over the last three weeks of whole coronavirus and some of the push behind resolving it and where it's coming from and what's being proposed. I have come across Bill Gates's name over and over again as their foundation is been supporting a number of different developments moving us toward globalization and the global vaccine. The digital ID for everyone.

If I may, I just want to focus for a moment on something that took place last October called event 201 there were some very powerful players allied really with braces.

The head of the UN's World Health Organization and the United Nations. They generally agree. I think it's fair to say this, that global problems demand global solutions, i.e. world government just two months before this virus was first known to exist in China, globalist strategy session was held in New York City of all places and is called event 201 a global pandemic exercise. The purpose of this select gathering was really to game out if you will, the response to global virus pandemic. Now those who supported her attended event 201 included the United Nations foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the World Bank, world economic forum NBC, the CIA, Johns Hopkins school of medicine/Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Chinese Center for disease control and prevention. While this was less than two months before the coronavirus began to come out and spread and are discussing everything in detail of a virus so similar to what we are witnessing right now it's you know it's either the most unbelievable coincidence in the world or somebody knew that something was coming right. This was October 18, 2019.

This really broken China around about November or early December 2019. Yes, you listed appropriately. All the organizations involved, folks. It's called event 201. Look it up online do some research on an event 201 again. It was the Johns Hopkins Center for health security in partnership with all these outfits all of them globalist outfits carries talked about. Go ahead Gary, their goal when I was looking into this.

I wanted to get to the bottom line.

What's this really all about.

What were they discussing at this meeting, it became quite clear.

Their main goal.

I would say is to control the entire narrative of the global pandemic from the top down, centralizing the flow of information and then flooding the media market with their you called designed messaging in order to manage and modify our behavior. That's what was discussed over and over after strategy session. They called this focused. I call it propaganda technique they called it flooding the zone and the use that term over and over were witnessing that right now there flooding the zone with a contrived pre-contrived narrative on everything that the truck administration is finding very difficult to overcome because it's being thrown at people from every different angle. So we have to break through all of that and look at what common sense would dictate as a response rather than what these people how they want us to respond to it. Also, as far as the article that I just wrote on this Jan that I forwarded to you is coated 19: a global conditioning, and people can read that article in its entirety at our website which is Gary Just go to our homepage.

You can click on that article. Also the article before that which is quite relevant which is titled it's game on which I wrote back in January so I hope people take advantage of that and be informed on this and I just want to say this, Jan, honestly I am so sick of talking about this virus and seeing it every time I turn on the television or radio. So if we have listeners right now the don't want to hear one more thing about this, I completely get it because I feel like running the opposite direction, but there were some really important things that I came across in my research I try to focus on that. It's the kind of stuff that you don't get to the media day and this helps us to understand this better learning to talk about that. Within an hour here to talk about some of the things you wrote about.

I will refer to your newsletter and website here as we continue to go through the hour. Here's the thing, I think because this crisis has to do with health.

There something in every person that they cherish their health and they seem more than willing to give up some freedoms, but you know they did not panic like this and we've had previous outbreaks we've had SARS H1N1. I can even give some stats and I will little bit later, perhaps we've had Ebola. We had murderers we've had, the average flu and with all of those in spite of tens and tens of thousands of victims. There was no call for global mass vaccinations. There was no suggestion in any of those outbreaks of global government.

Of course Donald Trump in the US stand in the way of global government. You obviously see the globalists and the socialists in the leftist media are fanning the flames of all of this. I don't think they did in the outbreaks that I just already mentioned, H1N1, etc. note they were ready to drop this time everything was in place effect. They were antsy. They were hoping they could move forward on something like this even before now, but they really haven't been able to the ultimate goal as far as global government is concerned by globalists is they understand that the global economy has to either collapse or disintegrate to a large extent in order for them to be able to introduce their new global economic system that is central to what they want to do in the future under global government. I think they view this pandemic as a way to help orchestrate that to intensify the call for globalization and a type of false global unity.

We all want to see this crisis solved and to the degree that nations can cooperate in doing that, that's great, but there's a lot more to this when you do the underlying research and you see the organizations involved in pushing all this forward is the same old groups that I writing about 25 years you let me say just a little bit about your background and I have every time we talked on here is given extensive background you've been studying this for some 30 years because you are involved in the trade. Trade the state of Indiana back in the late 80s and 90s and he can stay here.

Talk back then, which right now is 30 years ago to believe it or not, he began to hear talk about this love for a one world system. He began to connect the dots wrote books and then the rest is history's of folks have turned to you very often for insights on the one world system again this is an tinfoil hat. That's right out of the book of Revelation 13. Chapter 17 global governments coming. I want to play one more Bill Gates clip is pushing mass vaccinations and he says here and there may be some truth to what he says in this little clip here. He's going to say look were never going back to auditoriums were never going back to stadiums unless every single person is vaccinated that beats openly is talking about vaccinating everybody on the planet of all the vaccine constructs the seven most promising of those even though will end up picking at most two of them were to fund factories for all seven just so that we don't waste time in serially saying okay which Babylon works and then building the factory because to get to the best case that people like myself and Dr. Faucher same is about 18 months. We need to do safety and efficacy and build manufacturing and their different for the different constructs and soul abandon it will be a few billion dollars will waste on manufacturing for the constructs that don't get picked because something else is better but a few billion in this situation wherein where there's trillions of dollars. That's a thousand times more ends of the haulers being lost economically in his worth it. In normal government procurement processes and understanding which is the right seven in a few months. Those may kick in, but our foundation we can get that bootstrapping get it going and save months because every month counts things can reopen.

If we do the right things in the summer, but it won't be completely normal. You'll still be very worried. We may decide masks are important, although right now there in short supply for health worker so people should not go on board those but the capacity that can be brought up.

So it may be something that like China today. Everybody's walking around is wearing one of those will have a lot of unusual measures until we get the world vaccinated 7 billion people. That's a tall order but it is where we need to get to. Despite a lot of things in between now and then to minimize the damage.

Dietz openly talks about vaccinating everyone on the planet before life can return to quote normal in the central state saying this is little buddies out.

She has also implied this, the Australian prime minister has stated that life will not return to normal until there is a vaccine Johnson & Johnson who participated in the UN dates in 201 pandemic simulation is preparing mass vaccines. Denmark has mandated vaccines through an emergency order and in Italy. You may have to have a covert pastor prove you have a marker of immunity just returned to work after this lockdown bar foundation is engaged in projecting what's going to go on the modeling our partner either to me is telling each state what they should think about terms of ventilators and capacity further on out the work were doing now to find a therapeutic drug to reduce the disease to cut the deaths down or hopeful that even in six months. Some of those will of been approved but the ultimate solution. The only thing that really lets us go back completely normal and feel good about sitting in the stadium with lots of other people is to create a vaccine and not just take care of our country, but take that vaccine out to the global population so that we have vast immunity and this thing no matter what isn't going to spread in large numbers you're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel I have on the line. Gary, you can learn a lot more Gary, KH and I'm playing off a recent article of his that will be posted at Gary Condado Eric Gary and I want to get to ID 2020. Just a moment or two.

First let me just build a little bit on what Bill Gates has just talked about that were never going to feel secure going into a crowded location again.

I want to pick up on something else and that is his love for population reduction. Again, we may sound conspiratorial but he's very open about this reducing the population enormously.

The Bill Gates foundation has been involved in funding so many different aspects of the globalist agenda, especially over the last 10 years and it seems like it's increasing in momentum. But what I found through my research on the crisis were facing right now is that there is a very close connection between the push for a global vaccine and the pursuit of digital ID fact, it appears that there is a marriage of sorts taking place between those two. I'm concerned that a global vaccine for the coronavirus could actually be tied together with a digital ID because the Gates foundation is supporting both and there's an equal drive for this within copy which is the global alliance of vaccines and immunizations and so to see the Gates foundation working closely on digital ID, as well as with God the I think is a legitimate concern and that something that we need to keep her eyes on right but inherent in these organizations is a longing to reduce the population of the planet from 7 billion down to 500 million we got the Georgia guide stones. My goodness erected in Georgia 1980, spells out the globalist goal of reducing Earth's population through eugenics and other means. They want the population reduced to a few hundred million. I know that sounds terrible and I'm going to keep hammering on it because it's a reality. They want a one world government that is spelled out on the Georgia guide stones, you're absolutely right. So we do have to take that seriously, because that's what the people at the forefront of the globalist dry believed in what they want. If I can bring for a moment into the picture at Pedro's get braces. Please, Dir. of the World Health Organization. Early on he did everything possible really to downplay the severity of the coronavirus when you look into his background.

He is an Ethiopian socialist revolutionary beliefs. The close ally of China. He clearly wanted to protect China's image as best as he could. Early on, is this virus spread, but I believe there may have even been more to his story and his motivation and will be careful here. I want to falsely accuse anybody of anything but is it possible that maybe he actually wanted this virus is spread that he wanted to give it some time to get out there because he dragged his feet for so long when he knew there was a problem. He knew what was going on in China. He so close to him. It would've been impossible for him not to win other people finding out about it. This idea of a global problem demanding a global response and solution it for platform if you will to help push things toward global government braces happens to be a strong advocate for universal health coverage. He's big into the green movement the global climate and environmental change, and very radical on all that. And he also wants to dramatically transform and empower the World Health Organization and one organization more than any other, has been pushing population control around the world. This virus certainly takes out quite a few people not near as much is what globalist would like to see in terms of an overall reduction of the population of Earth, but it's a start. I realize this sounds incredibly evil or wicked, and it is as even to accuse somebody of possibly wanting that sounds evil but yet they've come out and set it they set goals for population reduction in there only a few ways that you can reduce the population of the earth, and this is one of them. The Gates foundation is the second largest contributor, behind the United States to the world health organization which, as we speak.

We know that some of the powers that be in Washington are re-examining all of this support of the World Health Organization. I'm glad you gave some of that background on this fella Ethiopian he's socialist Marxist. Obviously very close ties to communist China folks. I want to continue our discussion here were talking about some civil liberties are leaving. We got a strange new value system here in America where okay let's just say liquor stores are essential, but churches are not churches are being slammed shut. At least they were around Easter time. We've got a mayor of New York City who says to the churches there if you don't behave and when to shut it forever, so we've got some almost dictatorial like conversation coming from, particularly some on the left, I referenced coming in the program we've got conversation about immunity cards are going to have to carry about some of this leaps out of the book of Revelation where it talks about all of these kinds of things proliferate during the tribulation from which the church is absent. I'm coming back with Gary in just a minute or two. We need to talk about ID 2020. The ID 2020 alliance. These are things you can only read about online you're not getting here about any of this from Fox News from your general nighttime national news, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN will never talk about some of these things you'll only find it online from a few programs such as understanding the times radio trying to help you understand what an Earth's going on behind the scenes ID 2020. In the alliance ID 2020. It is amazing and again I believe it's leaping out of the pages. The Bible will talk more about it coming back in a couple minutes don't go away, just a quick word here that the leadership and staff here of olive tree ministries has concluded that to try to carry on with our annual conference. This fall is just not going to be possible will reevaluate things in early 2021 hoping for better days next year, but all plans for September 26 27th here in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota are officially canceled for 2020 we love friendly to us through our website.

All of three days.O are as follows three views God for Collison full-time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 general mail by writing to follow tree ministries and John Markel Fox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove soda 5531. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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You can kiss goodbye any semblance of civil liberties and freedom and control over our personal lives because this is going to be universal in your gonna have to have this coming digital ID eventually marked to do anything on the planet and were seeing the beginnings of this it's ready to go. The technology is there. There just waiting for the right opportunity to instrumented all we know you lead busy lives.

If you can't catch understand times radio on one of our 900 radio stations catch up electronically at your convenience on our website under radio's on our YouTube channel. On one or the other one mobile app for a new program is downloaded every Saturday morning. All of these electronic options had years of archive programming available here are John Markel Gary Cox wrapup so the affirmative test we have now is to actually create a new world order. We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations. A new world order the world for the rule of law.

The law of the jungle governs the conduct when we are successful we had a real chance if this new world order and order in which the United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision different thoughts.

Never before has a new world order assembled from so many different perceptions or so global scale. Nor has any previous order to combine the attributes of the historic balance of power system with global Democratic opinion in the exploding technology of the contemporary. After 1989 present was set in place about myself that we needed a new world order is that development over what is at stake is more than one small country.

It is a big idea. A new world order for diverse nations are drawn together in common thoughts to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind. Peace and security, freedom and the rule of law.

So in conclusion, you will is is a new world for the significantly different and radically challenges and welcome back, encourage you to sign up for my printed in EE newsletter. We talk about things like this.

Those were the voices of Joe Biden, George H. W.

Bush, Henry Kissinger, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, UK Prime Minister in the past Gordon Brown promoting the concept of a one world New World order Gary Kopp give me your thoughts on this obviously is not equipped to all these people are using the same terminology. They all have a track record of being globalists. Some of them have gone beyond just using the term new world order, which is more mysterious.

They've actually come out and openly call for world government. Talking to Gordon Brown continue to do just by a couple weeks ago Diane came out very openly in favor of having a world government needed to solve this crisis. I think 30 years ago people were more careful in how they use that term.

But now, because there are so many people in the world that have already been conditioned and are backing their efforts and want to see a world government. They are becoming emboldened and so were seeing this much more out in the open. They're not really hiding it anymore.

We need understand to Jan that the socialist movement is one of the same with the globalist movement, it's a global socialist movement that's trying to develop this world government.

So as we see the increase in socialism. Those who prefer socialism in this country now over 30% that also trends favorably toward globalization and having a world government.

People need to connect those two dots and realize it's one of the same talking for the hour was scary, you can learn more at Gary, and I shall check out my DVD I made a year ago hidden in plain view. The new world order in Bible prophecy that's in my store. Olive tree olive tree

My office Collison my print me newsletter as well to write to us, which always tell us how you listen. Maybe your listing on our 900 radio stations or YouTube's channel or one place had, let us know how you listen helps us process things here in the office.

Why move on and carry your thoughts on the loss of the civil liberties as you and I are speaking. It seems like every day there is the potential loss of more and more civil liberties again.

This immunity card that they're suggesting now that everyone's going to have to carry about with them to get into any kind of a venue. Give your thoughts on this. A lot of this is moving forward right line in parallel with ID 2020 that you just mentioned moments ago provided will focus on that for a moment. There's a group of very influential globalist partners there known as the ID 2020 alliance they are pushing very hard to develop a digital ID that really every human on the planet will need to do just about anything if they have their way. Based on the ID 2020 alliance manifesto which was drafted back in 2018. By the way, in partnership with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees this coming digital ID will be powdered as a fundamental and universal human right that other than try to bring the sin of fundamental and universal human right. Even though in reality were going to be giving up a lot of our rights in order to move forward with this digital ID so that's what we have to be aware of.

They make it sound so good Jan tall about privacy and everyone being in control of their own digital identity and when you look again at the organizations involved that funnel into ID 2020 alliance. It's a body consisting of top government leaders technologist global banking reps distinguished members of academia, UN agencies and NGOs, and very strategic private sector companies when they met in New York City for the ID 2020 Summit last fall.

They did so in their own words to explore the potentials and challenges of digital identity, but the particular summit. The last one when you look at it is completely sponsored by globalists is sponsored by the UN office of information communications technology, the UN refugee agency, the international telecommunications Union and also the Danish mission to the UN, so you have these and other partners with the most influential ID 2020 alliance partners were Microsoft God VGA VI. It stands for global alliance of vaccines and immunizations. The Rockefeller foundation accent sure the UN and various international banking leaders as well as the world economic forum and this is key because they been using the world economic forum is a type of launching platform for their ID 2020 programs. So that's actually where ID 2020 launch their certification marks something new.

They did so in January 2019 at the world economic forum and Davo's there so many players in this, but it's the same people that have been pushing global government for years. There also behind this ID. 2020 if this goes through. You can kiss goodbye any semblance of civil liberties and freedom and control over our personal lives because this is going to be universal in your gonna have to have this coming digital ID. Eventually Mark to do anything on the planet and were seeing the beginnings of this it's ready to go. The technology is there.

There just waiting for the right opportunity to implement it all long as people are speculating this is the mark of the beast sucks. Remember to have the mark of the beast. We need to beast okay the beast is in the area. The beast shows that the antichrist shows up during the tribulation. Now is this a precursor. It absolutely could be a precursor. It could even be a warning sign here to Christians again. The church is not present when the beast shows up, but nonetheless I don't know that that is the point. The point is, the hour is so late were talking about this ID. 2020 alliance as Gary has said my goodness, Microsoft Rockefeller foundation UN international banking leaders, world economic forum this world economic forum frankly Gary, we could probably do an hour or two just on the world economic form. In short, and this is from Gary's article, which you can find at Gary,.org. In short, he writes the ID 2020 certification Mark is intended to further digitize global commerce and serve as a stepping stone toward a personal digital ID for every man woman and child. The alliance's own words. A unique convergence of trends provides an unprecedented opportunity to make a coordinated, concerted push to provide digital ID to everyone.

This is sort of the talk of folks that are online because there are videos about this sucks I can't get all the videos you sent that wonderful.

I can get to them because they just way too many Gary, it seems to me that because this has to do with health references few minutes ago. Suddenly, people are more open to listening about this, you're right and ID 2020 unveiling their latest program at their last meeting in their own words, he said, recognizing the opportunity for immunization to serve as a platform for digital identity. This program leverages existing vaccination and birth registration operations to offer newborns a persistent and portable biometric Lee Lake digital identity so they tied together vaccinations, immunization with digital identity and this is kind of a new thing this is a big step forward toward globalization and having a universal ID for everyone and I wrote my article. I said, here's the bottom line dedicated globalists involved in so-called solving code 19 pandemic are also putting in place a one world cashless commerce system that will include a device free digital identification mark for every human being, and they stress that a device free identification mark for every human being.

That's the ultimate goal. The UN's world government agenda, in cooperation with its closest allies, has permeated and is driving the international response to the coronavirus and I went on to save Pro you and globalists can't pull off their New World order on this round will simply learn from this experience make a few adjustments and try again later and could they try again easier with another pandemic or what they keep saying coronas get a come and yell just like the common flu comes and goes. Okay, so we haven't again early fall. Let's say for discussion org next January and we going to go through this all over again.

Don't you think, Gary, that most of society will beam more then willing to line up for a vaccine. I believe they will. It's still about a year away is what I'm understanding. At least if it's going to be tested properly and so forth.

What I'm waiting to see is are they actually going to attach to that vaccination. Some type of digital ID system and that remains to be seen. I don't know if they can pull it off. That quickly there ready to do it but if they feel that the public isn't ready to receive it. Yet they might not. So that's what I'm keeping a watchful eye on well and that's where the idea in the conversation and the chatter online courses assists part of the mark of the beast system folks we don't know. And then comes the dilemma. Do we take this or not. Again, to have the mark of the beast system, you need a beast. We need the antichrist and is is can be implemented before the tribulation. We don't know.

I think the point is, the hour is so very late and I think the other point, Gary, is the fact that the world is in such turmoil. The fact that there's just such gross economic damage being done as we speak we know now how long this is going to go on, but the world is just kind of I think you're getting set up again. I keep saying for this man with the plans, Mr. fix-it, they're going to be crying for a Savior. Pretty soon, unless things can turn around and I appreciate some of the positive words coming out of our president and vice president that things are going to turn around and go back to normal.

I personally don't believe that.

What are your thoughts. I see some positive things coming out of this crisis, but I see a lot more negative. If 20% unemployment is reached in this country. It doesn't matter what Pres. Trump does when I get to be able to make a full recovery.

I may not anytime soon.

There's just no way I saw survey recently that said at least 5% if not 10% of all restaurants will be permanently close anything they're not gonna make it through this. They were operating too close to the edge already and the same can be said for other businesses.

If we do indeed hit 20% unemployment.

If we rebound really well a year from now maybe you would be down under 10% again but to come down to 3.5% were was to me this seems like a pipe dream, but it is can have a long-lasting impact and especially if we see wave after wave of this type of coronavirus resurgence or even other pandemics. All this plays into the hands of the globalists because they're going to use every opportunity they get to further their narrative and call for world government is the solution to it.

In trying to empower the World Health Organization. Having said all that may be even a bigger concern than all of this is the fact that were already in a politically charged atmosphere of this country where you see socialists coming down really hard against Christians and Jews were increasingly being viewed with contempt by the leftist media in this growing socialist movement.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if ultimately somehow Jews and Christians were somehow blamed for the code 19 outbreak even though it began in China and in fact I just got some information from a friend in Israel. We see this already beginning to happen in the Middle East. There is propaganda currently being circulated in parts of Gaza and the West Bank, saying that the Jews are behind this virus. I saw one cartoon with an Israeli flag draped from the airplane flying over people spraying coronavirus on them infecting them. It is now spread to Turkey this propaganda. Some of Turkey's leaders are moving forward with this narrative.

Iran is as well. So if this catches on in Europe in the next few weeks and months we could see a real strong outlasts coming against Jews for many years. For centuries, there's been a saying now that first the Saturday people than the Sunday people.

In other words, when persecution begins.

A lot of times it starts against the Jews first and then Christians are gathered up as well and we saw that happen with Hitler.

For example, during World War II.

This pizza concern all of us Christians and Jews alike are Judeo-Christian ethic is being threatened and severely tested in this country, so we need to be able to take a bowl stand. We need to do so in the spirit of love and truth, but we can't back down. We've got to be bold while we can be bold and get the gospel message out and share the truth in love because I don't believe were going to have a whole lot longer to be able to speak openly like we are right now.

This program and I don't believe that the pessimistic view I believe is just reality. This is where things are going and if you can't see that right now, you're at least part of the way asleep and you need to wake up and get with it and pursue the Lord be walking a step with him because he wants us to be knowledgeable.

He does not want us to be deceived. He wants us to be aware of these things so that we can be discerning and effective for him in these last days. I'm so glad you brought up the persecution angle and Carson New York Times month ago said that evangelicals all our fault that we have this crisis going on and he covered that with Michele Bachmann and my two-part series, Gary's right knee that blame somebody sometimes they start with Jews, but they never end with the Jews. One play, one more, Bill Gates, Cliff, it's very short minute long and it's Bill Gates praising China and the folks that Anna set alarm bells off when you start hearing China being praised here he states that they've crushed the pandemic the epidemic.

They haven't let her know what's going on because it's a close and secret society, while China took the situation Wuhan, which was quite dramatic and by extreme interventions in terms of reducing movement. They were able to crush that epidemic.

Those hospitals are gone look at the commerce stores are open now in China and nor elsewhere as before was the opposite. So it's a real thing that they took a significant number of cases not only floundered but brought it down to very small levels now stay open up, there will be slight rebounds and it's very valuable for them to share where that's happening because all the countries that have substantial epidemics now have to think okay once you get down the absolute level before having a vaccine. What kind of activities should we reengage in improbably manufacturing we can do public construction.

We can do. Hopefully, because of the number down people involved. We can do education for now this intermediate. Of opening up and it won't be normal until we get an amazing vaccine to the entire world. Bill Gates obviously his middle name is vaccine. So keep your eyes on him. I just think he's a highly suspicious character Gary you have any thought on that he as well as the UN working in sync with each other as they seem to reward China effect, the UN human rights Council, which has a dark history of supporting and being closely allied with various Marxist leaders around the world.

They just recently appointed China to a special panel on this controversial counsel.

That's almost unbelievable, but it should tell us a lot so it's not surprising to hear gates praising China. What about talking about how this whole virus got started in the cover-up that went on in China and all of that is never mentioned by Gates right you answering in the UN consistently rewards those regimes that help fuel international crises and violate basic human rights. In fact, we left that Council in 2018. Because of its extreme corruption and then UN Amb. Nikki Haley called it. I quote her a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias" and good for her. She is one of the few people to be willing to take a stand and speak out on that Council, anything that comes out of the UN from the various councils, the World Health Organization or the human rights Council strongly favors Marxism globalization socialism consistently.

It's a pattern it's not us jumping to conclusions.

Any people that support them on a regular basis are part of this agenda and gates is one of those people. Unfortunately in the World Health Organization is encouraging people. Frankly, lots of outfits are encouraging people to stop using cash to paid digitally only due to this virus. The WHO is telling the public to avoid cash. Hardly a surprise. Research has found the coronavirus has been found to live on surfaces for as long as nine days what's going live on plastic to folks, but nonetheless it's got a leap and out of the book of Revelation because they're pushing no more cash no more cash and I don't know too many people who do carry a lot of cash any longer. Here again when this becomes headline news stop using cash.

You have to start connecting some biblical dots.

Much of the sensational media coverage surrounding this virus is really intended, I believe, to facilitate a transition involving our currency and going cashless. That's where all this is going. In fact, the central banks of many countries are even as we speak preparing for a switchover. Some of them have been ready for about 18 months or so. Others are in motion.

Right now, making preparations, everything that I'm getting from my sources is that the global currency when it eventually comes out will make use of digital technology and take the form of an electronic monetary unit it will utilize distributed ledger crypto technology, which is of course readily available. Some of the international banks for a few years, have been using the SDR the special drawing rights digital currency settled there in her bank accounts so it's already being used in a limited way they want to take this globally and take it down to the individual level were ultimately we are all using this electronic monetary unit of exchange before that can happen as I said at the outset, I think we have to see a serious downturn in the global economy and that's kind of what's underway right now but I know the president is fighting for our economy very strongly. He wants to come out of it quickly because he realizes that things drag on much longer it's going to do long damage and so as a rule, I believe the spiritual battle being waged on this front. There is a lot at stake. We all need to be praying for the president and vice president right now that God gives them wisdom to help our country pull out of this crisis very quickly, because the longer it drags on. The more time it gives the globalists to put in place the final pieces of their agenda. Gary you also write about this effort at global unity and what I'd like to ask you to do this if I could invite you back for next week as well, at least for a portion of next week's programming to talk about this effort at global unity to talk about how Pope Francis possibly plays into this entire scenario that be okay with you.

Yes, absolutely. I be happy to do that.

Let me just kinda wrap things up a little bit here with program number one and again spent the hour with Gary, learn more at Gary,.org that's KH could like to see my DVD hidden in plain view. The new world order in Bible prophecy find that in my store at olive trees use views as an viewpoint. Olive trees used out or call my office get on print and E newsletter lists, you'll find that DVD in there and Gary, here is what I was referring to earlier in the program that I want to dwell on this but I just want to reference it anyway as we go out of this program for illustration a year ago to help her 35 million people who have the common flu almost 35,000 deaths. We had the swine flu I referred to it earlier. 2009 inspected 61 million people worldwide and caused almost 600,000 people to die. That was 2009. Back then, there was no weeping. There was no gnashing of teeth. Schools weren't shot.

Churches were not closed professional sports kept on meeting Disneyland was not boarded up the NCAA tournament wasn't called off. So I think what the question is, were asking in this hour and will pick it up a little bit for next week as well.

Is there some kind of global conditioning going on now that wasn't even going on a year ago when thousands of people were falling to some of these other issues I'm talking about each one and one 2009 just the regular flu and my understanding is indeed that coven virus is more destructive than the ordinary flu is but nonetheless the world didn't stop nothing and stomped with some of these 61 million people falling ill in 2009, with thousands and thousands of deaths 575,000 almost 576,000 deaths in 2009 with swine flu. Gary M down to 30 seconds if you want to comment on that will come back and pick up our discussion again next week. I would just say that what is different right now. If things are further along technologically, but also president trumps best argument for reelection this fall. Considering record strong economy strength. If you take that away from him. The odds of far left candidate winning the White House increases dramatically. So if you're a globalist look help collapse the economy to bring that about. In their thinking, and that's what we're seeing right now, but quickly I want to say to there is hope so.

I encourage people to go to our website and read the telling of my article is applied where's the hope because people need to hear that lovely, let me just say going out of the program. I'm talking more. Here the global government.

Is it on the horizon, will in fact it is is called the millennium 1000 years Jesus Christ on earth in perfect harmony. All other efforts fail. Global government because they're all in an attempt to have a one world system without the God of the universe that time of perfect harmony is followed by the new heavens and the new earth.

Don't miss it for the world make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior to day no one is promised tomorrow. Be sure to join me again Gary come back here for understanding times talk you again by sure to join us next week when Jan spends one more segment with Gary, discussing the rush to global government. Why is Pope Francis called Victor of the New World order discussing rights to us through our website,.org that's call is so full-time, 763559763559 by mail by writing to all three ministries in Denmark tell Box 1452, Maple Grove persona 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 550. It seems the world is not what it used to be anymore the gospel has a future know everything is falling

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