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Pope Francis: An Apocalyptic Player?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 2, 2020 8:00 am

Pope Francis: An Apocalyptic Player?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 2, 2020 8:00 am

Markell and Gary Kah first discuss the unconventional and dangerous Pope Francis and his role in the New World Order. Could he play an apocalyptic role as well? Then Jan Markell concludes the program calling on church pulpits to not be silent and featuring comments from Pastor J.D. Farag and Pastor Tom Hughes.

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If the New World order is crying for a Savior who might that be will talk about it. They needed to have hope would be on their side and they have that hope in place now, and that's another reason why they are working so feverishly to try to bring this agenda about possible because they have a religious leader in the Vatican who favors their agenda welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Martel want to buy all of three ministries that we spent part one of our program.

Concluding a discussion with Gary, could a pope apocalyptic player work continues its tailspin. Thanks to the coronavirus but is the end in sight talk about it this out and welcome to the program. This is part two of a two-part series, talking to Gary, spent last week in a fascinating discussion and let me just review a little bit.

We talked about impossible to review it fully much you can find the programming on my website. Olive tree views downward into scooter radio complete archives. You can find it on our YouTube channel that be under Jan Markel Olive tree ministries you can find it on his you can find last week's programming an hour with Gary talking about just how would the global government there passionate about it. They have been. Frankly, for 5000 years more active in the last perhaps hundred years.

How are they seizing this crisis to bring about their one world system. That's what we spent last week talking about. We covered a lot of different topics from event 201 he would have to look some of this up online if you don't want to hear the programming ID 2020. We spent some time on that we have referenced the world economic forum. We talked a lot last week and played a number of soundbites with Bill Gates who seems to be at the present well there pin the tail on the donkey of Bill Gates being very let's just say antichrist. Ask not saying he's it. We don't know there's a lot we don't know and sorta speculating Mount makes for interesting conversation at times it can be a little bit fruitless and futile. Gary, began looking at the global government agenda. 30 years ago. He's written some books on it. You can find those books and Gary,.org, Gary, I've done a DVD on it and we talked last week about the rampant loss of civil liberties, it seems that when it comes to health, people are willing to give things up in the name of well we see these horrible images.

Some of them coming out of nursing homes, but not exclusively nursing homes, even younger people getting very very ill from coronavirus. The consequences of all that and then you have to weigh the consequences of a seriously harmed economy in all of this when in fact 98% of those who get the virus are going to recover. We talked a little bit about the Georgia guide stones and the fact that the globalists really do want to reduce Earth's population down to 500 million people. Is this part of their plan. We do not know Gary and I are not wearing tinfoil hats trying to be conspiratorial, but when we look at Revelation, particularly Chapter 13 other chapters as well. 1718 we see a one world system leaping out of the book of Revelation we read about the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. One of the horsemen is very involved in the whole pestilence scenario.

What were talking about church is not in the tribulation, but nonetheless is this a run up to it. Is this a warning to the church.

Is it a warning to the world that time is short time is growing very, very short. Need to make a decision for the Lord Jesus Christ.

There really is good news on the horizon.

Our heavenly home awaits us, and we spent a good deal of time talking about all the vaccine the mass vaccine plans that are going on for the planet as we speak. So Gary welcome back to the program.

Good to be with you. Thanks for having Hard to know where to start but let me start how I pronounce things last week and I'm going back to some of the things you're writing about and actually in your previous newsletter. At this point last week we talked heavily about your spring edition. You can find that Gary,.org folks, but he had a winter edition that came out in January and I'm referring to that.

I'm going to be reading a few paragraphs from it and I used to tease last weekend about Pope Francis of Pope Francis is called the vicar of the New World order. He's one of the primary proponents of the one world system.

Clearly that is his passion in life Gary Kyle what you think that is that a pope would have such a fascination and a longing for a one world system. I think if you look at his background coming out of the Jesuit order which is history has been one that is more toward globalization and pushing that agenda and I think a lot of people have missed that about him. But he is the first at least what we know of the first overtly Jesuit pope that has been a concern to conservatives, both Protestants but also conservative Catholics, who been keeping a close eye on him because this pope, for whatever reason, is really supportive of the New World order on every level. He's addressed all that government, economics, the environment, education, religion, etc. you just can't get away from it. His own words condemn him on that issue. He's made very clear where he stands on this through his many public statements during the last 14, 15 months, though he's intensified his efforts even more. Something I wanted to point out was that little bit over year ago February 2019 Pope Francis met with the world's best-known Muslim cleric that's Ray grand Imam commit all Tyee but Egypt and together they proposed United Nations world day of fraternity. This is the latest catch word fraternity. They propose this to the UN Secretary-General, the Pope and the Imam also propose the UN hosted world Summit on human fraternity. The goal of these events really is to promote the idea that the laid out in their joint document that they drafted together, titled human fraternity for world peace and living together. It's kind of a disguised call for New World order for coming together type of interfaces to help make the New World order possible. The underlying premise of this declaration, Jan of the Pope and Imam all Tyee is that all religions are good and come from God in their document with the word believers is using is actually a reference to all people who believe in the existence of a God no matter what their concept of that God might be so.

It presents the false notion of universal religious unity. The idea that all religions are pathways to God, which of course is a dangerous life.

The document repeats over and over. The term human fraternity which you could substitute the term global interfaith unity for the term human fraternity because it's really what it means. All this is going on behind the scenes and in some circles, people are very aware of this, this pope is held in very high regard by the leaders of the United Nations because of his efforts toward interfaces while also endorsing their globalization efforts politically and on the economic and environmental front. I've told people this last week.

He's involved in all this up to his eyeballs. He just is a question that many people ask me is why has the Pope to consider stage to this degree in the religious community and with the UN.

My answer to them is if you think about it.

The system of world government would be virtually impossible to accomplish without the blessing and support of the Pope which is over the church of Rome, which represents over 1 billion Catholics worldwide.

If he stood up against this emerging New World order and became a mouthpiece against it said. I oppose this because our freedoms will be taken away from us. Things will become to centralized. It's a dangerous thing will see persecution of Christians and Jews as a result of this move toward socialism. If he did that type of thing it be almost impossible to pull off this New World order.

How can you do so if the leader of the largest religious organization the world speaks out against it and a high percentage of Catholics chime in with him to take a stand against it. So globalists understand that they understand that they knew that they needed to have a Pope who would be on their side and they have that pope in place now, and that's another reason why they are working so feverishly to try to bring this agenda about as quickly as possible because they have a religious leader in the Vatican who favors their agenda. They also have a lot of Protestant leaders associated with the world Council of churches that are backing their agenda.

They've got even this Muslim leader Imam off of Tyee from Egypt who has allied himself with the Pope and pushing this agenda. So many of the pieces are now coming together and are in place and you rights and I am referring to the article in your January issue you run a 2016. He called for a world government to solve the alleged global warming crisis. And then he says climate change is a global problem with grave implications, environmental, social, economic, political, and for the distribution of goods represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity today. Many of us say that is not the case that will play a clip of you, Gary, and in this clip you're talking about this false unity, particularly false unity of the last days and folks, this is why we have to be careful when we start hearing Pope Francis. Again, vicar of the New World order. That's what the secular media often calls him. But when we start hearing about a unity and end time unity being promoted in a positive way and go to your local Christian bookstore the most of them are close now never close months and months ago because folks are only ordering online. We'll find evangelical books on unity. My goodness why you can hear Bishop Tony Palmer saying that were all Catholics again that the Reformation's ovary.

He made that statement on Kenneth Copeland's program a few years ago security, talking about this false unity that's coming in the last days the masses that are involved in this movement. Many of them are na´vely involved. Most of those people may number in the millions.

Even here in the United States now they have come to embrace some of the teachings of pantheism, Hinduism, the core religion underlying Hinduism is pantheism. If I could give a brief explanation of it.

I suppose I'd say this pantheism teaches that all living matter, the sum total of all living matter is God so therefore you and I we are part of God we are gods ourselves were part of this universal God force that encompasses all living matter, they don't believe in the idea of a personal God or creator, but rather this God force that dwells us all. They believe that if world government is formed. If all the people of the world are unified through this false unity that this will speed things along and bring in this new age where we will receive a higher level of spiritual supernatural powers that we never dreamed of having before. Some people call this taking the quantum leap into the new age. The next step of human evolution there are millions of people that believe this and collectively. In Western society, we refer to this as being the New Age movement.

It's really Eastern mysticism. Hinduism packaged in a way that appeals to the people in Western society, it sounds much more benevolent if you call it the New Age movement than old-fashioned occultism, which really is what it is. So today, even in Christian circles you got various New Age cultic ideas that have crept in. People don't even realize it because most churches today most pastors don't teach on this subject. To help their flock understand what the occult really is.

So when it creeps in their not able to identify it and they fall for na´vely so, to summarize, get the higher level. You have people who are directly involved, Lucifer worship as you come down through this pyramid, you've got people involved in the pantheistic religions and down here people on the fringes, have embraced some of these beliefs but not all of, but they're moving in that direction of helping to support this and to prop up this coming one world order without even realizing it.

You can get books in Christian bookstores.

Now most Christian bookstores that oftentimes glorify the occult. Their teaching ideas straight out of Eastern mysticism but are using Christian terminology. Oftentimes, in the name of unity. That's a huge deception. The Bibles for true unity Jesus spoke about that in John chapter 17, but there is also a false unity that Scripture warns us of especially in the last days, we can't ever make the mistake of being driven to create unity at any price. If we have to sacrifice vital truth to do that. Gary is you write you say despite his initiatives advancing global government and advocating a new world religion. Most spiritual leaders, including many Protestants have thrown discernment to the when they are attracted to this pope like bees to honey. And isn't that a tragedy it is I want to emphasize again that there is a place for true unity that is centered on the truth in Jesus promoted. That is all for that. It's a wonderful thing when people in the body of Christ come together to worship the Lord in a true sense of unity but false unity which is not centered on the truth is a completely different thing. The Bible is very clear about that. You know what the building of the Tower of Babel. There was a false unity taking place in the known world at that time and what did God do. He intervened and scattered some rainfall. God is vehemently opposed to a false unity because ultimately it takes people to help. Ultimately this is about a spiritual battle that's being waged among us living on this earth determining where we are going to spend eternity. So we have to make the right choices. We need to choose Jesus because of the fact we understand that he is the only way he is the only one who paid the penalty for our sins, and through whom we can gain eternal life in heaven. So any other teachings that open up the possibility for other religions, and the idea that we can somehow work our way into immortality. Those are fatal mistakes, fatal decisions people to follow those religions are to come to the end of their life and stand before God and realize that they have rejected him and the truth all along and fell for a deception that's determining where they're going to spend their eternity there so much at stake in all of this and we have to be absolutely certain that we come down on the right side of this and read the Bible know the Bible understand why Jesus is the only way and why we need to defend that theological and doctrinal fashion.

You're listening to understanding the times radio Jim Markel here.

I spent all of last week talking to Gary, spending at least half of this weekend's program.

Talking with Gary because he's been monitoring the rush to the one world system for 30 years.

He's written some books you can find Gary,.org, and have talked to Gary often on over the last 20 years on radio probably talk to him and doesn't even 15 times, usually about this topic. Quite frankly in previous recordings over the years. Well we were sort of inching towards global government but now are galloping and that's because of the corona crisis and how it's because the world order to lease going to be collapsing on a permanent basis or is it just kinda going through a rough time that it will turn around. Even the economy will come rushing back.

We don't know at this point in time. The point is global government needed a crisis. We had lots of crises over time that some world wars. We've had other kinds of crises.

Certainly a pandemic back in 1918, but now we have one that's almost unprecedented. Even though again 90% of those who kept the coronavirus here going to be just fine. However, having said that over 200 nations are embroiled in the corona conflict. Gary, Pope Francis has something coming up originally.

May 14 that date may be changed. Interestingly enough, on Israel's anniversary her 72nd anniversary talk to us a little bit about what that is to be a call that a global compact on education's announcement came back in September during his visit to the Stolle center which is the Jesuit refugee service in Rome. This so-called global compact on education is to be officially launched at the Vatican as part of a global event and they been targeting May 14 for that watch. And again, that may change because the coronavirus I don't know. They may pick a different date, but the ultimate purpose is to pave the way for major global changes through education.

I take that to mean that people need to be conditioned a little bit more so that whatever is coming will be more widely accepted. He's been pushing this together with religious leaders from other religions, including the grand Imam that I mentioned earlier, all Tyee what's interest.

If I go back to that for just a moment as the two of them have been pushing a lot of this agenda, but a few days after their meeting last year. Pope Francis went on to address the world government summit in Dubai that was the actual name of the meeting of world government summit. So, if people think are we jumping to conclusions. This is all to such a point now it is so blatant and outfront that you can't give these people the benefit of the doubt anymore they're involved in all this knowingly and pushing this agenda. The Pope was the keynote speaker at the world government summit. His speech was delivered via teleconference as world leaders looked on the whole purpose of that summit.

As the name suggests, was to promote the establishing of the world government which the Pope is in favor of so his global compact on education is intended to unite all the educational institutions of the world, including those of the UN, so I'm sure he's working closely with Gordon Brown.

Yes, who is the UN's representative regarding global education. They are going to condition our young people as well as young and old across the board of the importance of coming together in unity into this new world order have a quote hear from him actually sounds a lot like some statements that Hillary Clinton made a few years ago. This is an excerpt from his announcement introducing the compact said every change calls for an educational process that involves everyone there is thus a need to create an educational village in which all people according to their respective roles, share the task of forming a network of open human relationships. According to an African proverb. It takes a whole village to educate a child we have to create such a village before we can educate in the first place. The ground must be cleared of discrimination and fraternity must be allowed to flourish. There's that word again as I stated in the document that I signed with the grand Imam all Tyee on February 4 of this year in Abu Dhabi. He exploits this idea of it takes a village. We have to educate individuals from all different directions through the media, through public education to the Catholic Church through the UN, all to help promote this coming new world order and prepare people to be global citizens, which is something else that he's come out in favor of openly this idea of global citizenship. There you have it in on the environment. Jumping over to that for a moment.

He's been at the forefront of the global green movement in one of the statements he made was that he said enforceable international agreements are urgently needed. What is needed in effect as an agreement on systems of governance for the whole range of so-called global commons, so he pushes this idea of global government really in every creative way that he can you write Gary you say in order for Satan to accomplish his objectives, bringing us to the point where humankind will embrace the antichrist.

He and his minions have to facilitate chaos in every area of life. Then you say most people will never accept a new and completely different world order political, economic and religious system of governing unless they feel it is the only way forward. The coming solution must therefore appear to be absolutely necessary for saving the planet. Recognizing this deceptive strategy of the devil is of paramount importance for us to be discerning followers of Jesus in the days ahead. That was actually wrapping up your article on the Pope that I want to just refer to something else you've written about and I have as well, and that is this is in your magazine for January. This is going back couple months you actually have a picture in here of what is sitting outside of the Coliseum.

The ancient demon God Malec at least some artistic design of him is sitting in the Coliseum and you write about it. You say last fall, a massive statue of the demon God. Malik was set in place at the entryway to the Coliseum in Rome. The pagan idol is the centerpiece of a special exhibit that will be on display at the famous Coliseum until March 29 so it's probably not there any longer. What is most significant about this demonic exhibit is that the Coliseum is actually controlled and overseen by the Vatican and then you go on to talk little bit more about that. The only point being here and I think you raise the question and it's a very valid what on earth is the Vatican doing featuring highlighting spotlighting the demon God Malik. Not only that, but in the entryway to the Coliseum in Rome. This is terribly evil, terrible evil. In fact, in Leviticus 1821 it talks about this ancient demon God and the fact that the children were sacrificed on the altar of Molokai was all about child sacrifice and so all things have their on display right at the entrance to the Coliseum, which by the way we were there little bit less than a year ago and walked right by that spot. And so they apparently put this up a few months later we've gotten statements from tourists who went there Christians and they were just horrified to see this massive idol right there that you have to walk by to get into the Coliseum. It doesn't make any sense when the Catholic Church is taken such a strong stand against abortion, and then they wrecked the demon God right there to whom children were sacrificed to the demon God.

You wonder what is the Pope thinking what's really going through his mind, and I don't know, God knows, but it's not good you can sign up for Gary's magazine. You have to do so and Gary,.org, it is subscription. Check it out. No phone numbers being given right now. Just checking out a cure,.org again. If you're at all interested in the DVD. I made two years ago updated in a year ago hidden in plain view. The new world order in Bible prophecy. You'll find that at my website. Olive trees olive tree we talk about all these issues in my print and E newsletter sign-up and olive trees Gary, thank you for all you are doing to be a watchman on the wall and I always appreciate M having you on error reading you imprint that you do always focus on hope and you always give an invitation to salvation your magazine features that in a prominent way and if you'd like to go out with just spent an hour and 1/2 now last week and out half of our program this weekend talking about these new world order kind of marching to the New World order issues it like to wrap it up here in a minute tell yours in our country we become people of pursuing many false gods.

I believe God is giving us this opportunity with this crisis with many of the Nantucket home with a lot of time to think and reflect. I hope that we use this time to draw near to Christ, to repent, not talk about the church. We've got so involved in sports, entertainment, careers, investments, the pursuit of material things, you name it. Things that distract us from God and if anything takes a higher priority in our lives in the Lord Jesus Christ and it has become an idol or God in our lives and we need to let go of it. Maybe you're listening to this program today just to hear that very thing and to be challenged in that and determine your life completely over to the Lord. That's all that God wants. He wants us to walk closely with him, especially during these times, and as we approach the end times and the soon coming of Jesus and all these warning signs that we've been given the Lord very graciously has allowed us to see all these warning signs so that were not caught off guard by just pray that you would take this opportunity to turn to him in place all of your hope and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ today Gary, thank you for all you do sucks for changing topics after real short timeout. Please don't go away. Gary you and I will stay in touch will talk again and my goodness where might the world be the next time we talk.

I have no idea.

It will be interesting but thank you again, we shall say thank you JI right right now. We enjoy helping you understand the watchmen on the wall.

We live in unprecedented size as the Bible reveals itself more up-to-date than any newspaper or online website. We love everything about right to assert olive tree ministries and John Markel Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55314 which is electronically through our website. Olive tree olive trees used for portcullis simple time at 763-559-4476 35594444 more. We are carrying a nurse are fought his new book the day approaching Israelis message of warning and hope the last things the boat looks the plans of the world, the church, Israel, and for you as we look at the turmoil of our times. Now many are asking if we are in a rut out very last of the last days. Tribulation events are casting a shadow of the church is we have global events, including Logan's plagues and pestilence and vacuum disasters that are of biblical proportion God be sending warning signs to both the world and the church in the Bible Jesus spoke about the signs it would like to clear his return is near.

Learn what those are, how they are evident is a native Israeli believer nurse are Fadi has a distinct perspective that raise biblical history and current events in Bible prophecy together to shine the light on the mysteries about the last days find this compelling book in our online store. All of olive tree and are printed in a newsletter portcullis simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4440 like to look into the future. Like the look of the Bible know that we are going at the globalism I believe are watching the birth of the New World order. I believe all of the data have been collected to observe always demanded how we've acted and how we've reacted with the biggest problem that we have is a problem of the heart that if the heart of our closing segment, Jan shares wise words from two pastors who are radio favorites after JB Parag Pastor Tom continue with the discussion concerning the longing for a man solve the worlds problems longing for a Savior not the Savior of the Bible, died and rose again this coming that there is no well I wanted to make some additional comments here before we wrap up this week's radio and I spent a couple of weeks now looking at the global elites rushed to the New World order, and were now into early May and I think most of us were leaving some pretty normal busy lives.

Back in January and February 2020, but I think prophecy watchers frankly have been anticipating well a crisis because we've seen many crises around the world, unprecedented locusts and part of Africa and the Middle East. Loosing political turmoil. We've seen other natural disasters that seemed to intensify and cause more and more destruction we seen consistently. The decline in the character of mankind with the celebration of the aberrant. We've seen the rise of violence, wickedness and lawlessness plateful hatched no government in Israel for a year until the last couple of weeks. When a unity government was actually finally formed and I have seen the building and the longing for a man who can make all things are right and then I came across an article online in the daily mail out of the you can learn to read two paragraphs. France's 42-year-old president Emmanuel McCrone who has faced many challenges governing his country is now positioning himself to take over the mantle of global leadership long reserved for older leaders of, say, China, Russia and especially America.

And right now McCrone has no real challenge is telling me just add here by way of comment that in my suggesting that Emmanuel McCrone could be the Antichrist. I'm not suggesting that but I am suggesting that the one man can fix that all mentality is building Emmanuel McCrone would like to be that man. Going back to the article, the vehicle of this leadership campaign is McCrone's proposal for a worldwide cease-fire a truce everywhere from Afghanistan to Syria, Iraq and Yemen carrying on with Conant. The future of an antichrist. So here we even have a man who is foreshadowing a mammoth piece. He wants to have a worldwide cease-fire.

I think it's somewhat even foolish to try to figure out who apocalyptic players are. I think that looking to various offices such as the office of a pope to be an apocalyptic player but actually naming these people gets to be even downright risky because only God knows and he isn't revealing the secrets to anyone at the same time, the Bible says were to watch and pray for the Lord's return and one of the ways we watch and pray for the Lord's return is to watch for some of the markers the signs back to this article and it concludes indeed, it would appear that the world could use a new leader in this time of crisis to crisis, referring to the coven. 19. Virus. The article says a leader who is prepared to put global interests above personal or political aggrandizement, and until the United States is prepared to offer such an individual. There may be no better person to fill that void than France's young, charismatic, fresh voice. Emmanuel McCrone now I'd like to play. It's about a 12 minute clip of Pastor JD for Rod. He's going to be building on some of the things I've just shared and when Pastor JD finishes cell tell you how to access that clip and then I'm going to make some further comments want to talk with you today about what I see it as a reshaping even a resetting of the entire world order views of the this coronavirus pandemic. Let me preface this by encouraging you to do your own research on what I'm going to share with you today and I do have to say that much of what I'm going to share his, heavy. But if you hang in there with me until the and this ends very good. It has a very very good ending, but some of the things that I'm going to talk about today are very disturbing and may be in a sanctified way. If I can say it that way but I do want to encourage you to be a beryllium and search the Scriptures on your own, rightly dividing the word of truth. I want to begin with this ominous political magazine article bearing the title coronavirus will change the world permanently shares how listen to a few quotes from this article quoting a crisis on this scale can reorder society in dramatic ways. For better or worse, a global novel virus that keeps us contained in our homes. Maybe four months is already with so this re-orienting our relationship to government to the outside world.

Even to each other religious worship will look different.

Still quoting all faiths have dealt with the challenge of keeping faith alive under the adverse conditions but never all faiths at the same time religion in the time of quarantine will again listen challenge conceptions of what it means to minister and to fellowship, the Washington Post published a similar article titled after the pandemic how the coronavirus will change our lives for ever in it. They basically say that our lives our daily lives will change in ways that we could have never imagined and our lives will never be the same again. This brings me to a Yahoo! News report on Wednesday in which the Gates foundation. This is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is calling for global cooperation on a vaccine for 7 billion people around the world.

The reason I wanted to mention this is because there was a quote that really caught my attention from the Gates foundation, chief executive Mark Suzman. He says and I quote there will be no return to normal on till there is a vaccine, but there are no dramatic ways to shortcut."

In the article he goes on to say that best case scenario 12 months one year.

It's more likely going to be a year and 1/2. 18 months. I hesitated to mention this one, but after praying about it early this morning. I sense that the Lord would have me to at least put it out there and in so doing, encourage you to vet this I learned of it only yesterday and I didn't have enough time to validate its authenticity. I always want to be accurate when I quote sources but this particular source has to do with patent number W0 2020 060606 summer, suggesting that the patent number stands for world order, W0 2020 and has the numbers 666 and it is a patent described as a crypto currency system using body activity data it would incorporate what's known as block chain technology which you find with crypto currency today. Now this is another Bill Gates, Microsoft patent, in which Gates has partnered with vera chip manufactured Digital Angel Corporation dating back to the year 2008. Now, I would suggest that we may in fact be on the cause of this new world order and the revealing of the Antichrist foretold of in the book of Revelation. It's I believe going to come by way of a reset on every level in every arena, a governmental reset and economic reset and it's important to understand that this is been in the works for decades now as a global agenda for global governance back in the year 1957 Paul Henry Spock, former Belgian prime minister and one of the principal architects of what has since its origins now become the European Union, which by the way, I think I quoted this week or two ago, the European Union, because of this pandemic is this close to complete collapse, complete collapse while he's one of the original architects of the EU and he said this is 1957 she said and I quote, we do not want another committee.

We have too many already what we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people and to lift us out. The economic morass into which we are sinking.

Send such a man and be God or devil. We will receive him. 1957.

This is really interesting. It was actually in the year 1999, Walter Cronkite, the personification of network news who was by then retired appear at a United Nations room to accept his world Federalist Association global governance award global governance award 1999 Walter Cronkite in his acceptance speech, he said and I quote the first priority of humankind in this difficult era is to establish an effective system of moral law that would ensure peace with justice for all the people of the world. First, we Americans are going to have to yield up some of our sovereignty.

That's going to be for many a bitter pill. It will take a lot of courage a lot of faiths and a lot of persuasion for them to come along with us on this necessity. More recently, and I quoted this as well. On Thursday, March 26 breaking Israel news quoted former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown calling on world leaders to form and I quote a one world government in order to cope with coded 19. The logic is this it's a global crisis.

And they can only be dealt with by way of a global government okay now all of this begs the question of whether or not this current global crisis and global call for a global government and a global leader. The question is is this crisis what ushers in the Antichrist and said new world order. Well the truth is that none of us can know for sure. However, please hear me out on with each passing day. It's looking like this could in fact be.

I hope you don't tire of me saying this, but I'd rather be ready for this to be in it and have it not be a then not be ready only to have this be a bit I suppose that I could rightly be accused of not wanting anyone's blood on my hands and I'll explain what I mean by that, like with the watchmen on the wall in Ezekiel, who didn't warn the people of what was coming.

The blood of those people was on the hands of the watchmen because that watchmen did not warn the people I have to warn you that it looks like this is what's coming, what's coming for the Christian, it's the rapture for the non-Christian, unspeakable, unthinkable horror, global catastrophic destruction. It is my belief that where all of this is heading.

It's pointing to the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ, which can happen at any time. Now I know that I've been saying this every week for the last 14 years since we started doing these weekly prophecy updates but again please just hear my heart when I say this I have never had the urgency that I do today with this current crisis. And the reason is that this after mentioned resetting of the entire world order is ultimately realized and I'll even save finalize after the rapture and in the tribulation. In other words, were beginning to see this come to pass. Now and now is the familiar voice of Pastor JD Ferron Calvary Chapel Connie Ohe Hawaii is hurt them on this program many times that my conference at least three times. Understanding times events in the fall of each year for the last three years I believe in you want to catch his YouTube updates. He posts them Sunday afternoon.

They had the best those of you are following some of these online updates you're staying up-to-date and very cutting edge manner.

I wrote an e-news letter in the last few weeks and I just want to refer to it and build on all that's been said here for the last two weeks.

Karen understand the times radio and I referred to a life way research poll where three out of four pastors in the survey have noted that the world and church events have tremendous meaning today and there noting issues of the day that are increasing, such as again. I've referred to it.

The decline of traditional morals, national conflicts, the rise of natural disasters, etc. these pastors are concluding that.

My goodness, tribulation events are casting a shadow on the church age now is this a new day in the church, thanks to some sort of a wake-up call here that we've had in the last few weeks, months and even years.

Sadly, about 25 years ago, the church growth movement set any kind of teaching on these topics would not grow the church and pastor should stay away from them but the life way research project reveals that more than half the pastors who were polled expect chases to return in their lifetime. My question to all of these pastors is, then why on earth are your pulpits not proclaiming this is actually more to the survey.

It went even deeper.

The survey said that almost 70% of the pastors surveyed believe the modern rebirth of Israel and the regathering of millions of Jewish people to the land were and are fulfillments of prophecies in the Bible. While that is great news, but that was 72 years ago. I am asking why haven't you been preaching about this pastors because I get emails daily that say they hear nothing of this in most pulpits today more than that 40% of the pastors surveyed believed that the establishment of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Now, two years ago was a sign of the last days and this is tremendous sermon material and it could get a church fired up, I believe, but most pulpits I hear about never ever refer to these topics. The most frequent email olive tree ministries receives has to do with I can paraphrase here. Where can I find a prophecy preaching relevant issues. Focus church where can I find a church that is warning of things to come.

Instead of emphasizing your best life now.

That's why Brent Miller Junior and ingenuity films made the new rapture themed film production before the wrath need to tap in the life way and found that 98% of our churches will not teach on anything and time related both eschatology and Israel are marginalized. That's right 98% want to play another real short clip.

This is an online prophecy update by Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church as Calvary Chapel in San Jacinto, California. I was privileged to minister at his church in January. Hey everybody, hey, check this out. I'm looking at what the world is going on. This appears to me. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems to me like we're in some kind of an experiment. There's like a delusion movement as the bond the world by look at all of the things are going on right now on the right of the left both sides of the aisle present a trope to various governors in the country say we gotta get back to work.

Everybody's got federal plan, listen, this is what's going to happen because the numbers are not adding up to all of the projections that we had with the number of people died from the coronavirus and the number of people that are touching it.

Listen people have died from it. No doubt about that but the numbers are jiving this with the map and is give you a lot of finger-pointing and blaming each other for everything different. Plans are to come out and the governors you don't want to be trough control still want to be the governors go through this here on this different narrative that's going to come out of this because everybody sheltered all that's why the numbers weren't as bad as the tell you something we hear a lot of talk about the global idea in the global vaccinations all of our data has been collected things we watched the Netflix things we've searched pockets of resistance all the stuff is been collected and certainly seems to me like it's been some kind of an experiment to see how the world will be a better told that everybody has to just chill out and go home and not go to work and now they know it's amazing how it happened but what else is up with you this: an experiment but not sure exactly how to define it. We been exposed our sins have been exposed. Listen we need to repent.

Listen to where we can that be when we get through this to the other side, where is God going to be in our lives. A lot of people have been going online and watching the gospel on TV and so forth where we can be of the church where we give it be. As a people, is that it would be awakening is arguably a revival. Listen we have been exposed where we really are. Consider this. This came out of the stream and that this writer talks about those businesses that were considered essential and non-essential terms out that abortion is really essential while church is not church leaders Meet, but the abortion industry is moving along unhindered only five states took this opportunity during the Cove.

In 19 walked down to save innocent lives by declaring them abortion is a nonessential industry, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama and Iowa that brought me another really unwanted thought in 45 states. The only religious rights permitted by the government is child sacrifice.

I look at this and I think pretty unbelievable.

When you put into that perspective. In 90% of our nation. The government is mandating that child sacrifice continue at time of pandemic but preventing churches from offering bread and wine in memory of me. Wow.

The shows were we are listening very concerned when I look at history and a look at the Bible. I look why God judged ancient Israel inmates and Judah is essentially for the sins that we are committing here in America. Child sacrifice, greed is a just immorality and ancient Israel answered Judah. They were worshiping gods in those images got a mailing got a moment for child sacrifice and immorality is*you look at this little we might not make the little images of the little statue. The problem is God is been replaced in our hearts listen I don't know where would you be when we get to the other side of this mess. I can look into the future. I can look at the Bible know that we are going at the globalism I believe are watching the birth of the New World order. I believe all of the data has been collected to observe all humanity. How we've acted and how we've reacted, but the biggest problem that we have is a problem of the heart is at the heart of mankind.

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in them all. But have everlasting life with the folks we need to repent. We need repent of the church that I was there be a bit away from you. I wish there be a giant revival worldwide, but unfortunately I don't see that happening when we live in a country we live in a world that says abortion is essential.

Child sacrifice is essential and Jesus is not. We got trouble. Listen I know ask you to do something if you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ asked him to forgive you of your sins because there's a real judgment that really is coming.

I don't believe that we are experiencing right now is a great judgment this coming during the tribulation. We were there, but that judgment is coming.

I believe this is a warning shot Jesus himself that when you see all these things begin to take place.

Look up for your redemption draws near. Listen, Jesus is coming. Ask Christ to forgive you of your sins and repent of their sins. Bless. So I spent two weeks talking about the fact that the New World order requires a crisis of global crisis nonlocal crisis. We have the global crisis is a global pandemic pastors. I hope you're taking advantage of this because the world is in a meltdown mode right now and people are asking a lot of questions. We don't even know if life as we once knew it will ever happen again. Yes, the church is removed before the revealing of the lawless one, the antichrist, I maintain, is just over the horizon raring to go in the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may be training on some racetrack somewhere you can almost hear their hoofbeats.

The good news as more people are open to the gospel now than ever before. I have an email from a pastor here saying that their viewership online of their church services has skyrocketed. Gone from thousands to tens of thousands to yes hundreds of thousands watching as the gospel is covering the entire earth as we speak. Even that is predicted as an end time phenomenon.

He is coming is coming. Any moment by the way, again spent two weeks on this topic you'd like to look more deeply into a check out my video in my store hidden in plain view. The New World order in Bible prophecy. That's a quick overview going back almost 5000 years of the players in organizations that have tried to form a one world government. Actually, since Babylon I haven't used this little saying and quite a while here and I'd like to. As I go out of the program because we've looked at some very serious issues here in the last two weeks forming of global government, which is on the horizon and yet I'm comforted, every time I read this little saying when the time was right to say pardon the walls fell down. The Lions went hungry. The sun stood still, delays were calm. The stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early and he's never late always right on time and his plan for you is good or thank you for listening and will talk to you again. He actually by we have made a difference in your life.

Let us hear from you write to us through our website. All of his reviews for all are available.

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Our times are perilous. Bible says we are not and when you get discouraged, always everything is falling

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