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What You Believe About the Rapture and Why it Matters

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 9, 2020 8:00 am

What You Believe About the Rapture and Why it Matters

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 9, 2020 8:00 am

play the message given by Pastor Jack Hibbs at Understanding the Times 2019: What You Believe About the Rapture and Why it Matters. The Rapture is the blessed hope of the Church, yet few are talking about it. We will. We still have CDs and DVDs of our 2019 conference in our online store.

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We offer hope this hour, the blessed hope to get you and take you where I can I change the word a little bit and take you where I then tells that parent a place for you is in heaven. If you don't believe in a rapture.

If you say there is no rapture, then take a pair of scissors and cut John 14 123.

Write out your Bible is that serious welcome to understanding the times radio John Markel brought to you by all of the treatment of students. We offer you an hour of encouragement today.

Talk about an imminent event known as the rapture of the church.

Here is Jim and welcome to the program say were going to take a break from some of the troubling issues we've looked at recently and were going to play Pastor Jack Hibbs conference message from understanding the times 2019. What you believe about the rapture and why it matters. So let's head right over to Jack Hibbs back on September 21, 2019. Pastor Jack Dear Friend Brother Hello Warrior Ministry Leader.

Can You Come out Here Please Got out. I Know You Have a Pastor to the World with His Electronic Outreaches, Radio Outreach and Is Such an Excellent Communicator and I Was Able to Share a Conference with Him in May in Toronto and He Got up to Speak on the Rapture like Today Someone in the Balcony Way up High Started Screaming Loudly. There Is No Rapture Screaming. There Is No Rapture. What an Attack on a Biblical Concepts in the Bible. Okay, This Is Not Rocket Science and Whole Team Handle It so Well for Security Assured the Person out to Check What I Would like You to Do Right Now.

Would You Just Lead Us in Prayer and My Aunt Could Hear Me Okay Let's Pray Together an Agreement. Father, We Praise and Thank You for the Very Fact That Here We Are. This Portion of This Moment. Of the 21st Century Defending an Ancient Truth Is Nothing New, but the Attack Is the Covenants and Increasing Support. First of All, Help Us to Understand That These Attacks Must Come the Prophesied in Scripture.

There's the Day and It Is Now That Your Word Tells Us That There Will Be Those Mocking Your Return and Your Promise Will Father We Pray Right Now That in the Midst of All the Flurry and All of the Passion Your Truth Would Prevail. Your Truth Will Prevail. Pray That the Lord, the Hope of Your Word in All Areas Not Only Just the Truth of the Rapture, but Salvation Itself God That You Are the Lord That Heals and Delivers and Makes New and More That Together We Pray That You Would Honor All of Our Collective Feeble Effort to Bless You Back with Standing Firm in Your Word, so Father We Pray That You Would Grant Our Efforts from This Conference. All That Janitor Team Does to the Ends of the Earth. May We Carry the Torch of Hope Because Would Be Lifting up the Gospel.

We Pray in Jesus Name in All God's People Said a Man Amen. Hey, Unless You Said, If You Would Open Your Bibles This Afternoon Stand and Open Your Bibles I Can Ask You to Turn If You Would to Colossians Chapter 3 Colossians 3 Were to Read Verses 3 to 4 I'm Gonna Read Out Of the New King James Version Bible and If You Don't Have That Version We Need You to Get a Real Bible. I'm Just Joking… But Listen on the Screen. If You Don't Have That Version That's Okay Look to the Screen and Will Do Our Responsive Reading, and If You Listen to Any of the Messages That Chino Hills Are Anywhere like That.

Okay so You Have Church Today Right. I Know It's a Sunday to Do It like to Know. And This Is What We Do at Home, Some to Begin by Reading the Odd-Numbered Verse If You Will Join with One Another on the Screens, Even Reading the Even-Numbered Verse Will Do This Together. Colossians Chapter 3.

Are You Ready I'm to Begin.

If Then You Were Raised with Christ, Seek Those Things Which Are above, Where Christ Is Seated at the Right Hand of God. You Should Hear You for You Died in Your Life Is Hidden with Christ in God.

Hey Listen before We Pray Again That Last Statement, Then You Also Will Appear with Him in Glory. This, and Yes Hey Can We Can We Lift Their Hands in Prayer. I Know You Can Do It. It Doesn't Make the Prayer Any Special, It Just Looks Really Awesome Ready Father We Pray That You Would Be the One Who Would Not Only Deliver This Message Today, but You Would Be the One Who by Your Grace Grants Us to Be Students of Your Word in This Gathering We Could Easily Be Fixated on One Diet and That Diet Would Be Bible Prophecy but Your Word Gives Us Bible Prophecy That We Might Trust and Believe the Rest of It. May We Live All of That so We Invite the Presence of Your Holy Spirit Here Today. May We Leave This Conference This Afternoon or Evening Change. People No Matter Who or How We Come into This Place. May We Leave Changed. We Know That That's Your Will and We Know That You Answer Prayers That Are in Accordance with Your Will. So We Ask It in Jesus Name and Again All God's People Said Hey Man, You Could Be Seated. You Can Be Seated and Jan Has Asked Me to Infect Only Jan Could Do This to Me in 30 Years of Pulpit Ministry. I've Never Preached the Same Message Twice. I Just Have Never Been Allowed to Do That by God and She's Never Been Allowed for Him to. It Just Doesn't Work for Me and Jan Asked Me Some Time Ago. She Said You Know the Next Time We're Together and Minnesota Will You Give This Message. I Remember Exactly Where Jan Heard It.

I Think It Might've Been Toronto, but for Those of You. I Met Some People from Toronto You'll Be Askew. You Can Sleep during This Message. You've Already Heard It but I Want to Be Honest and Direct. Of Course, Spirit Lead in Biblical and I Say That Just the Preface That I Will Probably Get Passionate about This.

It's My Hope Is What I'm Living for.

I I Love the Fact That the Rapture Is a Clear Doctrine in the Bible, and yet Today There Are People Say No It's Not. You Saw That Clip Tragically by Hank in a Graph Who Is Not Telling You Is Other Agenda in His View of Theology, Which Would Explain Everything, but We Need to Be Encouraged When We Hear Things like That. I Mean It. I'm Not Joking. The Bible Warns Us That in the Last Days Scoffers Would Come Mocking the Promise of His Coming. What Is Incumbent upon You and I Is to Not Be Swayed Are Persuaded by Their Voice.

Other Fanciful Books or Their Name and Ministry, Watch out. The Bible Warns and Says That Men from among Us Will Rise up in the Last Days and Deceive. Are You Ready for That.

Listen Men Will Rise up from Your Church in Your Movement in Your Denomination, the Bible Says and They Will Deceive. So We Need to Be Careful That Were Not Swayed by Someone's Face or Name, but by the Truth That Comes Out Of Their Life. I Mean That Out Of Their Life What They Say Is What They Live. I Don't Care about What You Say I Want to Know If What You Say Is What You Live, Then It's Truth If It's Not Lived out in Truth and It's Only a Theory, and the Last Thing the Church Needs Theologians Had Enough of That. We Need People Were to Live out the Gospel. That's the Call upon God Today. So Today Were Looking at a Message Entitled, What You Believe about the Rapture Matters What You Believe about the Rapture Matters and Were to Be Looking at Many Scriptures so Take Notes. Please. But the Fact of the Matter Is for All of Us That Have Come Here Today and I Love the Theme by the Way of Amir's Conferences That He Takes All of the World Awaiting His Return, Awaiting His Return.

I Voice I My Emails at the End of My Letters at the End Awaiting His Return. That's over 11 for We Get That Out Of the Bible in Titus Chapter 2 Verse 13 the Bible There Tells Us That Were to Be Looking That Implies Waiting with Eagerness for the Blessed Hope and the Glorious Appearing of Our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. What a First Is an Argument Not Only for the Deity of Jesus Christ. He's Our Great God and Savior, Who Is It Jesus Christ.

But He's Coming Back. I Love That in a Moment Ago We Read in Colossians about You and I Being Believers and Being Ready to Meet Him in Glory and, Therefore, Things That You Saw As Your Bible Is Open There in Colossians 3 Is the Fact That You Saw This Seek Those Things Which Are above What Will I Do As I Believe the Lord's Coming Back He Could Come Back at Any Time.

But What If He Doesn't Come Back to the Next 10 Years for the Next 50 Years.

Listen, You Need to Be Ready for Jesus Today and You Be Planning and Occupying Chile, When Will That Be Auto but I'm to Be Ready by His Grace. How Do You Do That Number One Market down Seek Those Things Which Are above and All That, You Know, Seek Those Things That Are above and All of Your Christian Discipline in Your Following of Jesus. This Is Your Marching Orders for Nam Time Church Seek Those Things That Are above Pastors in Your Churches Need to Seek Those Things That Are above Your Board of Elders Your Ushers Your Associate Ministers Every Church, Imagine All of the Churches That Are Represented Here This Afternoon. We Are Commanded in Scripture to Seek Those Things That Are above, Not on the Internet, Not What's Trending Not What's Cool, Seek Those Things Are above.

Secondly, Recite Your Mind on the Things That Are above, Then the Bible Tells Us Will Be Ready Because It Says, When Christ, Who Is Our Life Appears Church Listen Today Is Christ Your Life Is He the One That Is Given You Might Listen. Have You Suffered You've Suffered. Raise Your Hand. You Suffered Enough. Listen. Suffering Is a Blessing Jesus Suffering Sapping You Say That Because It's True or God Is so Real That Even Suffering Is a Blessing. The World Suffers. But When the Christian Suffers Were Drawn Closer to the Arms of Jesus. Listen When We Suffer, He's There in Power and I Love the Fact That When Christ, Who Is Our Life, Appears, Notice the Words and Appearance. He's Going to Tear That Ring True to the Bible Will See Today and Then It Says Then You Will Also Appear with Him in Glory.

Where in the World Is There in the Bible, an Event That Allows and Affords You to Appear with Christ in Glory. Think of It. Colossians Chapter 3 Right Here Tells You That There's Going to Be in an Event That Takes Place That You Are Going to Be Gathered to Christ and Juergen Appear with Him in Glory. Number One Market down in Your Notes Number One What You Believe about the Rapture Matters Because the Rapture Is a Biblical Doctrine. We Market down. It Is a Biblical Doctrine That Phone Call to the Bible Answer Man Program Was. It Was Phone Call Made by the Uninformed, and It Was an Answer Given by the Uninformed. The Bible Clearly Teaches Rafters Record As a Board Rapture Is Not in the Bible of Course It's Not in the English Bible Is Not in the Russian Bible Either.

Listen, It's Not in the Portuguese Bible Hawaiian Bible Is Not in the Hawaiian Bible the Word Rapture Is a Latin Word Rapture Appears in the Latin Bible Supposedly Says It Doesn't Appear in the Bible Doesn't Appear in Your English Bible but If You If You Have a Latin Bible It Appears in the Latin Bible. So Don't Let That Be Sent Anymore in the Word Rapture Means to Be Wrapped Got Pulled up. Suddenly It Means to Be Taken from One Place on to Another Place.

For Example Fillet. Remember the Book of Acts. Philip Was Ministering in the Bible Says That He Was Caught up by the Holy Spirit and Deposited in Another Place That Was a Rapture.

Elijah Was Rapture Member like It Was Taken up in a Flaming Chariot up into the Heavens. Anybody Know Who Enoch Is Whatever They Not Walked around for Thousands of Years Ago You and I Walked around Saying the Word That I Grew up on a Coverage of a Costa Mesa in the 70s Man off the Member That Anybody Mer Not That What It Was. One Finger Mirror, Not the Mayor, Not the What Was It Called the Lord, Have Enoch in the Bible Tells Us That Enoch Was Walking on Earth and Then Enoch Was Not As God Rapture Did Not Bottom up, Took Him Away. It's a Biblical Doctrine Introduced by None Other Than Jesus Christ Himself Right down the Verse John 14 Verses 1 to 3 John 14 Verses 1 to 3.

Your Friends May Be Here Today.

You Don't Believe the Rapture Then Figure This out. Please John 14 One Jesus Said Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled You Believe in God Believe Also in Me. In My Father's House Singular Are Many Mansions.

Plural. In Other Words, One House, Many Dwelling Places so Church Take That Finger You Strike up a Moment Ago Where Is the Father's House .2. It in My Father's House Are Many Mansions If It Were Not so I Would've Told You. I Go to Prepare a Place for You. When Jesus Ascended to the Go up to Go Sideways. Did He Go down He Went to Prepare a Place for You and If I Go to Prepare a Place for You. I Will Come Again and Receive You to Myself, That Where I Am, There You May Be Also Church Was That You Just Read Colossians 3 Who Said He Is Going to Appear and You Are Going to Be with Him in Glory.

If You Join Me Late Time Playing a Conference Message from Understanding the Times 2019 Is Pastor Jack Camps Title of His Message.

What You Believe about the Rapture and Why It Matters. Jesus Says in John 14. I'm Going to Go Away and Prepare a Place for You. I Bet It's Glorious Chip Enjoyed against Ain't Done Nothing Compared to What Jesus Is Doing and He Says I'm in a Come Back on That and Get You and Take You Where I Am. Can I Change the Word a Little Bit. I Want to Come Back and Get You and Take You Where I've Been Tells That I've Been Preparing a Place for You Is in Heaven. If You Don't Believe in a Rapture.

If You Say There Is No Rapture, Then Take a Pair of Scissors and Cut John 14, One, Two and Three Right out Your Bible. It's That Serious.

Every Pulpit Listed Every Pulpit Must Teach the Rapture of the Church. I Am Not Here to Persuade the Timing of the Rapture. Nobody Knows the Timing, but If You Are Pretrip. If Your Mid-Trip Three Wrath Post Trip.

You Know What We Can Have Our Debates, I'm Super. I Used To Be. I Was Afraid That I Was Posted Now I'm Super Free. I Was Because My Sister Was Free and Then I Got an Attitude.

And Then I Thought. I Know Better Than He Doesn't Then I Went Posted It Was Hard to Do Because You Gotta Twist the Scriptures and until You Have Been the Bible around the Poster and Then I Went I Just Went Back for Taking the Bible Literally Because of the Biblical.It Was the Hope of Paul the Apostle. It's the Hope Taught by Jesus. So Paul Shows up on. Can't Wait to Be There in A Few Weeks and That Region of the Adriatic, and Paul Was up in the Area of Thessalonica and He Was Only Their Theologian Sellers from 3 to 4 Weeks. He Went There and Spoken There's a Church That Was Started in Paul the Apostle Taught the Thessalonians, Two Key Doctrines. Are You Ready for This 2000 Years Ago. He Taught Them regarding the Security of Their Salvation and He Taught the Thessalonians in First Thessalonians. The Doctrine of His Imminent Return. It's Found in First Thessalonians. I'm Not Making It up with the Fact That Theological Truth 2000 Years Ago. Paul Thought That Those Two Doctrines Were Important. I Would Submit You Today That the More Important Now Than They Ever Have Been, Were 21 Centuries Removed.

Having Said That, We May Differ on the Timing but I Don't Know of Any Christian That Says There Is No Rapture. You May Be a Poster MNR Three but I Don't Know Anybody Reading the Bible Says There Is No Rapture That Would Be.

I Believe Heresy the Pulpit Needs to Be Clear on This, Pastors Need to Teach on It. Everybody Wants to Learn about the Crowd the Sinner Today. In the Distance I Met Someone Who Just Drove 14 Hours Canada Why Hungry for Hope.

Hungry for Truth Hungry for Light, Hungry for the Word Pastors Need to Teach It. Imagine People Would Be Filled with Hope. Again, Yeah, but You're Not There Had to Be Stuck in the Clouds and They Would Be No Earthly Good. Oh Come on, the Church Needs to Become Heavenly Mind Is so Becomes Earthly Good for Crying out Loud, but in All Five Chapters.

The First Thessalonians Will Run through It Really Quickly Ready to Go Fast. First Thessalonians Chapter 1 Verse 10 Wait for His Son from Heaven, Whom He Raised from the Dead, Even Jesus Who Delivers Us from the Wrath to Come to Guess What the Word Wrath Means the Indignation of God. The Anger, the Judgment of God Has Nothing to Do with How This Is a Verse That Has To Do with the Wrath of God Being Poured out on Earth.

Guess What the Bible in First Thessalonians 110 Says That Word Away Because Were to Be Delivered from the Wrath That Is Going to Be Poured out upon a Christ Rejecting World, Not My Opinion. First Thessalonians Chapter 2, Verse 19 for What Is Our Hope, or Joy, or Crown of Rejoicing Is It Not Even You in the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ at His Coming. First Thessalonians 313 so That He May Establish Your Hearts Blameless in Holiness before Our God and Father at the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ with All His Saints.

Do You Know Anyone Who Died Believing in Jesus. Raise Your Hand. Yet, Family Members, Friends up There Now Hang on to That Verse. First, Assuming 313 He Subordinated in the Same Season to Come with Assays. What's All That Hey Listen, There Are Saints in the Church Age That Are in Heaven, and There Are Saints Here in This Grand Sanctuary Today. Did You Know That Saints Maliciously.

If That's True, Next Chapter, First Thessalonians 4 Verse 14 for If We Believe That Jesus Died and Rose Again Church Doing. Wow. Even so God Will Bring with Them Those Asleep in Jesus Sleep in Jesus Means That There Body Took on the Appearance of Sleep When They Died. It's a Very Affectionate First Century Mention of the Believer When They Die. By the Way, It's True of the Old Testament Saints.

Remember, for Example, the Bible Says God Said to Daniel, You Are Going to Sleep or Your to Go to Your Father's or to Rest with Your Fathers. You Sleep Is That the Believer Takes on the Appearance of Death and the Body Was Never Spoken of Your Soul of Your Spirit, Your Body Looks like It Sleeps in Jesus for This We Say to You by the Word of the Lord, That We Paul Said He Didn't Say That We Who Are Alive and Remain until the Coming of the Lord Will by No Means Precede Those Who Are Asleep What Their Bodies on the Ground Look in LA Area. We Have Two Famously Join Enormous Cemeteries Rose Hills and Forest Lawn. I'm in Their Beautiful Their Epic Their Famous Their Amazing I Often Why Do Funerals There. I've Often Wondered How Cool Would It Be to Be Bearing the St. for Doing a Service Put Them in the Ground Only Been in There for like 10 Minutes in a Trumpet Blast Close and They Pop Right out That Pop Out Of Her As Anything about like Toes Coming Out Of the Poster Man in the Bible Says Arising Then We Live Name with Me. We Will Live and Remain the Scripture Tells Us Shall Be Caught up. Verse 17 Is Your Word Rapture in English It's Two English Words Caught up Our Pot Doing Greek. Earlier Today Amir Mentioned That Italian Prophet Valachi Malachi, I Have To Admit Are Parts of Sounds like Something You'd Get in Italy.

I'd like to Have a Coke and to Her Pauses with Extra Sauce Pot so Our Pods. It Was the Catching Away of the St. Right in Your Bible. If You Have a Latin Bible the Word Rapture Is There Caught up. The Bible Tells Us Together to Meet Them in the Clouds. Listen to Meet the Lord in the Air You Ever Gone to Meet Him in Glory in His Appearance, and Thus We Shall Always Be with the Lord. Verse 18 Therefore Argue about This, Tear Yourself up and Worry. Be Fretting about This Is a Safe Can I See Nothing to Say This, Beckham Stupid My Grandkids from My Greg Is Going to Be Say Stupid Listen. The Bible Says That the Rapture Hope Should Be a Comforting Conversation. It Should Be a Wonderful Edifying Truth That We Should Comfort One Another with Those Words May or Not That They Are Not of the Lord, the People Go. I'm so Comforted by That Nothing Will Get in Fights over It. Let's Debate This. Let's Argue It. I'm Just to Be Excited about Is Coming.

First Thessalonians 5, so This Is the Final One in That First Thessalonians Writing up Offices Only His Five Verse Nine. For God Did Not Appoint Us to Wrath, but to Obtain Salvation through Our Lord Jesus Christ. He's Gonna Deliver Us from the Wrath to Come. And by the Way Market down.

Please the Wrath Is Not 3 1/2 Years, the Latter End of the Trip Relation.

Don't Let Somebody Dupe You Lease It Will Last Three and Half Years That's All This Claim and Firing Demons Going Everywhere and All the Stuff. This Is True, but the Whole Seven Years As a Judgment. Upon the Earth, and the Whole Seven Years Is God Repurposed in Israel and That Seven-Year Trip Relation. The Seven-Year Trip Relation Peer to Specifically Jewish for Reason the Book of Daniel Makes It Incredibly Clear. Chapter 9 Verses 24 to 27 It's Just by the Way, If It Were Gentile and the Gentile Church. Why Is It That in the Book of Revelation Chapter 2 and Three Churches in the Book Spoken to by Jesus Himself and in Revelation 4, Verse One John Is Seen Being Caught up into the Heavens and the Church Never Again Appears in the Book of Revelation until She Seen in Heaven. In Revelation 19 Question to the Skeptic and the Doubter out You Get up There How to Get There from Chapter 3 Know We Need to Go through Trip Power up Who Will Then Why Doesn't the Book of Revelation Give Us Survival Tactics.

Three. Know That You Relation. Why Is There.

The Church Is on Earth Being Spoken to John Susie's Caught up and He Sees Heaven.

By the Way, and He Sees a Host of People from Every Kindred Tribe Tonga Nation to Get There and When the Doors Open up. In Revelation 19 and Jesus Is Returning in the Second Coming, the World Is It That the Church Is Writing behind Him on White Horses. The Church Is Amazing. Read It Carefully. She's on White Horses. That's Us in Fine Linen, Clean and White Which Is a Wedding Gown but She's Called an Army.

She's Quite a Woman. I'm Telling You She's Got a Wedding Gown on a Couple Hand Grenades on Her Hips. She's Got a Grenade Launcher so She's an Army in Heaven Coming with Him in the Bible Tells Us That We Actually Don't Do Anything Which Is behind Him and the Bible Says That Out Of His Mouth Goes a Sharp Two-Edged Sword, and with That He Will Strike the Nations of the Earth. Had She Ever Get There. If There's No Rapture a Real Quick.

Hopefully This Can Work out. There's a Perfect Document Agreement of John of What He Saying to What Paul Is Saying in Thessalonians and I Wonder We Can See in John Chapter 14 Verses 1 to 3 and First Thessalonians Chapter 4 Verses 13 to 18 We Have a Guys. For Example, in John 14 Jesus Is Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled to Read This Paralleled Writing down Out Of the Gun Screens. Right Now I Need to Write on This. I Want You to Work Now, so Watch This John 1423 and First Assembly and Scored 13 through 18, John 14 Watch Troubled Thessalonians Grieved John, Jesus Is Speaking Believe First Thessalonians 413 Believed Next Father.

Jesus Is Speaking regarding Him and the Father in Thessalonians, It's Jesus in the Father in John's Gospel.

He Told You in Thessalonians, I Say to You or by the Word of the Lord Number Five in John It Speaks about Jesus Coming Again, and in Thessalonians, It's Jesus Christ or the Lord Coming Back in John's Gospel, You Will Receive Us to Himself in Thessalonians That Happens, Thereby Being Caught up There in Scripture. Number Seven Argument Is That We Are Received to Him to Christ and in Thessalonians, We Meet Him in the Air and Then in John, Jesus Comforts Us and Says That Where I Am, There You May Be and in Thessalonians 4. You Will Always Be with the Lord There Is a Perfect Eight Piece Correlation between Those Two Books with Exact Accuracy Speak about the Same Exact Event Number Two in Our Study Today As We Look at What You Believe about the Rapture Matters Is How It Matters Because the Rapture Is the Believers Hope It Should Bring Hope to You, Not Church Splits or Divisions. It Should Bring.

Hope You Not an Argument Should Bring Home If We Would Only Read Our Bibles and That First We Opened up Was in the Second Chapter of Titus Verse 13 Titus 213 Looking for the Blessed. No and Glorious Appearing of Our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ, the Blessed Hope, the Rapture Was in Paul's Day in the First Century. It Is and Will Always Be the Blessed Hope, until It Happens Affect Is the Blessed Hope and Were Waiting the Moment It Happens It Will Be That Hope Realize God Is Gonna Fulfill His Word.

He's Promised to Do That. Just a Quick Reminder That We Will Not Be Having Our Annual Conference This Fall and We Also Will Not Be Presenting an Electronic Format of the Conference, but Stay Tuned to Radio Our Newsletters and Our Website concerning Some Potential Plans for 2021 When I Come Back Will Ramp up Pastor Jack Hips.

Remember, We Have Complete Sets of CDs and DVDs in Our Online Store. All of Tree Views As an Viewpoint, You Can Call My Office Central Time There. Also Featured in Our Various Newsletters More in a Moment. If All of Tree Ministries and Understanding the Times Radio Has Made a Difference in Your Life.

Send Us Feedback through Our Website. All of Tree All of Tree Follow Social Time at 763-559-4444 763-555-4444 Get Our Mail When You Write to Fox 1452-year-old MN 55311, Box 1452, Road, MN 55311. All Gifts Are Tax-Deductible for the Moment We Pastor John We Are Carrying a Nurse or Fadi's New Book of the Day Approaching Israelis Message of Boarding.

Hope for the Last Book Looks the Plans of the World, the Church, Israel, and for You As We Look at the Turmoil of Our Times. Now Many Are Asking If We Are in a Run up to the Very Last of the Last Days.

Tribulation Events Are Casting a Shadow of the Church As We Have Global Events Including Locus Plagues, Pestilence, and Natural Disasters That Are of Biblical Proportions Not Be Sending Warning Signs. Both the World and the Church in the Bible Jesus Spoke about the Signs. It Would Make It Clear His Return Is Learn What Those Are, How They Are Evident. As a Native Is Really Nurse or Fadi Has a Distinct Perspective That We Use Biblical History and Current Events Bible Prophecy Together, Shine the Light on the Mysteries about the Last Line Only Book in Our Online Store. All of Tree All of Tree Is Our Print and the Newsletter or Call Her Several Times 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. Yes, I Believe Jesus Could Go Back Today. I Encouraged Her Church to Run for Governor to Run for Congress Because You Know I Don't Know When He's Coming Ideally Comes I'm Getting Hurt As Many People As Possible to Righteousness Because That's What Were Supposed to Do. I Want to Be so Heavenly Minded That I Am Personally Good.

We Know You Can Always Be Via Radio so If You Want to Listen to Our Programming at Your Leisure Listed on Our YouTube Channel John Markel Apollo Tree Ministries on His Channel Website under Radio for Only One Mobile Programming on YouTube and His Channel Is Visual Was That One Know That There Are 10 Years of Program Archives. There Jan Pastor so Let's Get Right Back to Pastor Jack Hips and His Conference Message Last Fall. Understanding the Times 2019. What You Believe about the Rapture and Why It Matters Here Is Jackie It's Paul the Apostle Marcus Dennis Is a Huge Argument regarding Paul and His Desire to Be Rapture. Listen up Everybody Because That's the Somewhat States It's a Bit Ill Unless You See in the Bible. Here You Got a Seat in the Bible. If You Don't See a Projectionist Fountain off and I'm Knocking to Do That. Watch This Second Timothy Chapter 4. It Is Awesome. Paul Knows He's Going to Die Now Is Been Revealed to the Apostle Paul Is Dying. Notice What He Says in His Last Will and Testament Is Her Last Words Even Die in Rome Go to Rome Go to the Member Team Prison.

It's Preserved It's There.

The Prison You Can Go to See Where Paul's Last Place on Earth Was This What He Said but It Was Very Moving. He Wrote Second Timothy Four.

Right Second Timothy Rights It No Doubt He Would've Handed It through the Great up to the Street to Probably Luke and to Him, for I Am Already Being Poured out As a Drink Offering. That's How a Believing Jew Says My Times up Is over. I'm Not Walking Away from This the Time of My Departure Is Is at Hand.

I Have Fought the Good Fight. Notices. All past Tense. Now First Time Paul the Apostle Is Ever Spoken about Himself in the past Tense. I Have Fought the Good Fight Translation My Fights over. I Finished I Finished the Race, I'm Not Running Anymore. I've Completed I'm Not. I've Kept the Faith.

Oh My Goodness That's Living Listen and Must Jesus Come Back You Lay Your Head down on Your Pillow Someday and You Look in Your Family to Say You Know What I Have Fought the Good Fight That's on My Father-In-Law's Tombstone in Orange County by I've Kept the Faith. I Finished My Course, That's What Will Supposed to Be Living for. This Is What He Says.

Finally, There Is Laid up for Me the Crown of Righteousness, Which the Lord, the Righteous Judge Will Give to Me on That Day and Not Only Me Only, but Also to All Those Who Have Love That That Love His Appearing. It Wasn't until Paul Knew He Was Going to Die. Up until That Point He Was Saying Things like, We Who Are Alive, Shall Be Caught up to Meet the Lord in the Air When a Blessed Hope We Have Christian Jesus Doesn't Rapture Us out Here. Don't Worry If You Rapture. He Said to Be Holding Your Hand in That Moment of Death, Rapture, Rapture, Christ Will Not Abandon You. He Will Be with You Forever.

Number Three.

What You Believe about the Rapture Matters Because the Rapture Is the Great Motivator the Great Motivator in First John Chapter 3 Verse Two.

The Bible Says, Beloved, Now We Are the Children of God, and Has Not yet Been Revealed What We Shall Be, but We Know This, That When He Is Revealed, We Shall Be like Him, for We Shall See Him As He Is, and Everyone Who Has This Hope in Him Purifies Himself, Just As He Is Pure Christian. The Fact That Jesus Christ Could Come Back Today Should Cause You to Run for Office Not on the Joke and I in Trouble A Lot Because I Super Ready for Jesus Preach Rapture Ready to Go and Then I'm Involved in Issues of Government or Washington DC and Friend Scratch Their Heads and They Said What Are You Even Here for You Believe the Rapture Which Is Going Away.

Notice of United Church History. The Ones That Have Made the Greatest Impact in Church History in 21 Centuries Are Those Who Believe That Jesus Could Go Back at Any Time. Go Look at Your Church History, Its Effect Was Yes. I Believe Jesus Can Go Back Today, but That's Why I'm Going to Encourage People or Church to Run for Governor to Run for Congress Because You Know What I Don't Know When He's Coming to Occupy till He Comes. I'm Getting Kurt As Many People As Possible to Do Righteousness Because That's What Were Supposed to Do. I Want to Be so Heavenly Minded That I Am Personally Good.

Don't Let Anyone Ever Say Will Many Christians You Are What Wear White Robes Junior Ruth to Do That, Not on the Run for TDA Get Involved, Get New Congresswomen and Congressmen Get a New Mayor You Might Have a Good Mayor. I'm Just Saying I'm Not Saying This Mayor Here.

I'm Just Saying a Mayor Where You Live, so I Don't like That Person There Antichrist That Do It. No, That's Political My Entire Bible's Political, David Was a King.

Isaiah Addressed the King Jesus Is the King Paul the Apostle Invoked His Roman Citizenship and with the Wrong Game the Gospel and the Peace of Mind to Nero Listen Use Your Citizenship in America, We Saw Today by That Awesome Presentation regarding the Infiltration of Our Schools in Our Government by Islam. They Know What They're Doing What We Do for the Truth. Mark Twain's Is a Lie Goes around the World Twice before the Truth Gets to Choose on. We Need to Get out There for the Truth. I'm off Topic.

It's a Motivator. That's What I'm Trying to Say Jesus Could Come Back Today. That's Why Want to Get Involved Tomorrow Because It Doesn't Come Back Soon. I Got Grandkids That Are Going in Here This Nation. I Love This Country and What Is Beaten up in America Know What This Nation's Messed up but Still the Best Messed up Place in the World It. Thank You God Move into the Country in the World They Were Trying to Break into It.

It Should Motivate You. I May Need a Card to Sweep Me Away.

After This Next Statement, but I Know Many of You from the Emails and Phone Calls in the Conversation. We Have That Many of You Don't Have Good Churches in Your Community You Need. Ask God to Change That I Believe Is God's Will That a Good Church to Be in Your Community. So Listen If You Can't Change the One You're in the Start Gathering Together Get People Together If You Don't Know What to Do Than You Know What Turn on the Switch and You Got a Myriad of Great Bible Teaching Available by All Kinds of Wonderful People. Some of Them Are Here Today in the Front Row and You Can Get People Together. People Are Doing across America and the Sit down and They Have Sunday Service. With This, but They Might Have Sunday Service with Because They Go Online in the Get around the Got the Food of the Got the Popcorn or Whatever They're Doing and They Have Time Together Than They Said That They Worship and They Have Church in the Home or Church at the Community Center but by All Means Do Church and Here's the Reason Why You Can't Give up Can't Stop.

Here's the Motivator. Hebrews Chapter 10 Verse 24. Let Us Think of Ways to Motivate One Another to Acts of Love and of Good Works. Verse 25 and Let Us Not Neglect Our Meeting Together, As Some People Do but Encourage One Another, Especially Now That the Day of His Return Is Drawing near.

Listen If You Can't Go to a Bible Teaching Church in Your Community. Good Bible Believing People and Gather Together and Go through the Word of God Together, but by All Means Don't Stop Gathering Together Please Listen Don't Stop It. It's Certainly Knowing If You Give up. Don't Do It. Some People Get Upset Us Back Home.

Listen a Bit Serious When We Started Live Streaming Window over Doing so We Started Live Streaming and in the Next Couple of Sundays and Wednesdays. There's Hardly Anybody in Church What's Going on so I Made an Announcement. I Said Where Are You People in the Ones I Sit It to Her Sitting There.

They Were the Good Ones so I Say Those of You Who Are out There Were Going to Pull the Plot and We Did Technology People at Church.

They Put a 15 Mile Cone of Silence and I Got Hate Mail I Listen.

Christians Were so Upset They Were Threatening Me to Believe That I Will Relate in Bed Watching Watching TV, Having Church Know Know You Are Laying in Bed Watching Church, but You Never Church You Can't Have Church Unless You Have To Deal with People Sit down Deal with the Parking Deck. I Took My Seat Didn't Say Hi, How Come I Didn't Get That Would You Got to Get Some Math Charges on the Watcher Bed, Get up and Get in the Mass. I Don't like That Guy Don't like This Woman.

She Drives Me Crazy That You Are Supposed to Be on Got a Rub Elbows and You Get. You Got to Do It.

You Got It You Don't Stop, Don't Stop Going to Church to Hear You but You Gotta Do It. Number Four Number Four.

Listen Rapture Should Promote Holy Living. Jesus Is Coming Back Sick. Those Things Are above As We Saw Moment Ago. Look at Hebrews Chapter 9 Verse 28 so Christ Was Offered Once to Bear the Sins of Many.

By the Way, My Dear Catholic Friends. Christ Was Offered Once to Bear the Sins of Many, Jesus Only Suffered Once. He Doesn't Suffer at Every Sacramento Every Communion Service. The Only Suffered Once Jesus Jesus Suffered. Once on the Cross Never to Suffer Get Your Your Height, Your Priest Is in Heaven.

Your Priest Is Jesus Christ. He Suffered for the Sins of Many. Listen, There Is, after This to Those Who Eagerly Wait for Him He Will Appear a Second Time, Apart from Sin, for Salvation.

Are You Eagerly Waiting for Him Is the Thought That Jesus Could Come Today Excite You Yeah Let's Be Honest, This Film Really Honest about This That the Thought of Him Coming.

If You Start to Backslide.

Love Should Keep You Going. First of All Let Your Love You As We Pray Lord Cause My Heart to Love You More Every Day. Don't Let Me Grow Cooler, Let Me Grow Hotter and Love for You, Jesus. But If Anything Goes Cockeyed Weird with My Heart. You Can Hold Me Jesus.

If That Doesn't Do It Me, the Fear of the Lord Keep Me Out Of Trouble Right If That Doesn't Do It Me, the Sheer Terror That You Could Come Back and Am Involved in Something I Ought Not to Be Keeping Out Of Trouble. You Know Sometimes We Need a Little Bit of an Admonition. You Know, an Exhortation, Kids Are like That. Look, Junior Do Because You Love Me to Get the Attitude Okay the Drugs I Told You Do It That Doesn't Do It Either. Then Look at Junior and Say If You Don't Do It.

No Cookie for You Here I'm Saying You Want to Do It Out Of the Reinhart Out Of the Right Dr., #5 in a speedup for time matters because the rapture is the great separator. The rafters very clear in the Bible it separates. Listen the believer from the unbeliever at the time of the rapture of the world is separated this or a lot of people who argue against the rapture.

They get all sweaty with this one mutation to write out the rapture is an event in the Bible, we saw that in a few scriptures it has its purpose and its motive in this reason I'm submitting to you today that one of them is that it's a separator. Why would God separates his people from a Christ rejecting world listen. According to the book of Isaiah, and according to the book of Revelation there are those who are called Earth dwellers.

I love the old King James calls it Earth dwellers.

Those who dwelled on the earth. They the hailstones the for all the suffering in the Bible but is nothing to do with the church and it has nothing to do by the way, with the believing house of Israel in the tribulation. There protected by God. Remember to Christ rejecting world that is shaking their fist at God.

The Bible says and that this incident repenting the Scripture says, it says that they shake their fist at God, and they hide themselves in the rocks and the cliffs of the world to shelter themselves from the wrath of the Lamb of God, they cannot believe they refused to believe the Bible tells us that the rapture will separate us from an unbelieving world. Look, if you have a hard time with that read your Bible some more.

It's in the Scriptures.

It's going to happen but look I'm speaking to house the believers to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord Jesus said, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye or Paul said in between and I will be caught up to meet the love we changed that on excite you get started over that house interesting with you where elections 55 says for we through the Spirit eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness by faith. That's a reference to his coming. His righteousness is coming, but a great thing. Number six. It matters because the rapture delivers us from that wrath. We were talking about.

If you joined us late playing a conference message from last fall, Pastor Jack Hibbs, what you believe about the rapture and why it matters, hears Jack to wrap up our programming today. Okay, get ready, here we go. People say you guys know what it's escape is that's what you're all to use my escape escape is listen I do every thing I can to escape.

The pilot is on California where most expensive places in the world to live.

Okay, I'll do anything entering I can't escape having to pay full price for anything. Okay Amir thinks he is Jewish Jewish I price I want to coupon. I want to deal escape this I don't mean this in a funny way.

It's ironic. It's funny, strange people trying to escape flooding Houston standard one, waterman Freddie, you bring it listen when an earthquake happens in Southern California goes down the beach why they want to finish in the light. So you escape this tsunami anybody would know this.

Well, listen to this.

Luke 12 beginning in verse 35 let your waist be girded and your lamps burning in you yourselves be like men who wait for their master. Verse 37 Blessed are those servants who when the master when he comes, will find them watching verse 40 therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming an hour you do not expect why because the Scripture tells us in Luke chapter 21 off my head.

It's coming. Verse 36. I believe it is that were to be watching and waiting for him because if we do we are going to escape all those things that shall come to pass upon the earth.

The Bible even uses the word escape escape sign me up yet apologize for that. But listen, it's not because were cowards because God's promises to spare us from the wrath that is going to be poured out ready to be delivered from that wrath. Number seven, it matters because the rapture belongs to the church. It is a church possession. Listen the rapture from the Scripture doesn't belong to the Old Testament saints. Listen, it doesn't belong to the believing house of Israel that's for later.

The rapture of the church does not belong to the tribulation saints are not rapture. There is a certain group of believers that is designated for the rapture in it's called the bride of Christ.

The church that goes study and see what the Bible says about that it's exclusively belonging to the church member. What Jesus said in John 14 remember what Paul said in first Thessalonians 4. Speaking to the church, the rapture in Revelation chapter 4.

You want to talk about it belonging to the church we mentioned earlier.

Revelation chapter 4 verse one after these things I love John is speaking and behold, a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying come up here.

I like that that's a pretty amazing too that he said it's like a trumpet speaking to me and the word is come up here and I will show you things which must take place. Since I after this.

So now endocrinology something is up. Verse two immediately I was in the spirit, and behold, a throne set in heaven. One sat on the throne and he who sat there was like a jasper like a service stone in appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne and appearance like an emerald around the throne. There were 24 thrones, and on the throne there were 24 elders sitting, clothed in white robes and they had crowns of gold on their heads and from the throne proceeded lightnings and ponderings invoices and seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God before the throne there was a sea of glass like Crystal in the midst of the throne and around the throne.

There were four living creatures. This is freaky, full of eyes in front and in the back that's freaking the first living creature was like a lion, so it's not a lien it's like a lion was admitting and another living creature like a calf, the third living creature was or had a face of a man like a man in the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle is where it has one head with four faces before living creatures, each having six wings, were full of eyes around and within, and they do not rest day or night, saying, holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was away as it was to come whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever. The 24 elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever, and they cast their crowns before the throne of this what they say you are worthy of the Lord, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created. The Bible says Jesus is the creator of all things. Revelation 19 verse 18. After these things I heard a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying, alleluia, salvation and glory and honor and power belong to our Lord God for true and righteous are his judgments because he has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication and he has avenged on her the blood of his servants shut by her verse three again they said alleluia her smoke rises forever and ever.

And the 24 elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God who sat on the throne said amen hallelujah then a voice came from the throne saying, praise our God all you his servants and those who fear him, both small and great, and I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude this Revelation 19. I remember that sound like many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, lawyer for the Lord God omnipotent reigns. Let us be glad and rejoice and give him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife has made herself ready. Go find out who that is. You need to know. That is because she's an she got there. Somehow, and to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright.

I had the high honor.

One time of asking Dr. John will read in person sir. It's interesting to not mention having robes their mention here. Having fine white linen. And he said young man that's interesting. It's all that's only said it was looked from John Woburn.

I was honored. He said it was interesting, but isn't it interesting she got silently and write as you can find out that it's apparel. That's an association to a wedding for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints verse 11. Now I saw him open. Behold a white horse and he was sat on it was called faithful and true, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, pause right there.

Jesus in heaven right now looks like this. This is hard for us from Southern California because everything we have on our walls. Every children's ministry coloring book has got Jesus looking like he just got off a surfboard.

He's got a great robe on.

He's got windswept hair looks like a service guy. He doesn't like a certain guy. This is what he looks like his eyes were like a flame of fire on his head were many crowns and had a name written that no one knew except himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, by the way I'm to submit to you that that road was bloodied during the tribulation. Think of it, and his name is called the word of God and the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, there she is. She is an Army dressed in fine linen, white and clean, followed him on white horses. Now out of his mouth goes a sharp two-edged sword, that with that he should strike the nations that he himself will rule them with a rod of iron and he himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and that there's the word wrap been hearing about it all day. The wrath of Almighty God and he has on his robe and on his thigh a name written, king of kings and Lord of lords. That's awesome, that's Jesus, I thought you be excited about that.

But anyway, number eight number eight. It matters because the wrap is the ultimate act of mercy upon us got it's an act of mercy for us this be honest. Do we deserve hell yes we do.

His grace is what's going to get you into heaven do not deserve to be disciplined at every moment. Yes, we do mercy. I'm gonna submit you today that number eight is the rapture is God's act of his ultimate mercy for the church.

He gets us out of here before the world was punished for their sins. It's very important. Number nine. I'm running on meta time by one minute it matters because the rapture is in the believer's DNA. Look, I'm sorry if I upset you, but if the Holy Spirit is doing it, then God bless you.

But I believe that the doctrine of the rapture of the church in the imminent return of Christ is the Holy Spirit's imprint of the DNA of the spirit in the life of the believer. I cannot imagine a Christian reading the Bible and then saying the Lord is a convex and I don't understand that that's number nine and number 10 I had with this. Only the rapture and the doctrine of answers the teaching of expectancy in Scripture. This quick and be ready for this book of Daniel chapter 9 verses 24 to 27 gave the Jewish people in outline for the coming of the Messiah, the book of Daniel is the book that says in the 483rd year of Israel's special dealings with God and God with Israel. This 490 of them years at the 483rd year, the Messiah would come to Israel, the general says that the book of Daniel said that before kissing on. It says it the same next sentence in Daniel nine says, but the Messiah will be cut off. The word is cannot he will die, the Messiah of Israel will die.

Every Jew knows this incident, Daniel fast forward Jesus is coming into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Remember what he said oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who stones the prophets were sent to how often I would have gathered you together like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. Here's the indictment, but you were not willing. So now behold, your house is left to you desolate. You will not see me again until you say to me, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, when was Jesus crucified. What year was that Jesus was crucified, died and rose again from the dead on the 483rd year of 490 year prophecy.promise 490 years to Israel on the 483rd year. Jesus dies exactly what Daniel prophesied in Daniel nine Jesus his first coming to Israel was on Palm Sunday, not Bethlehem's birth.

He expected them to know the day of their visitation. He said because you didn't recognize a debris visitation now pieces done from you. They should have gotten up that morning and looked at the calendar and said based upon Daniel, today's the day the Messiah comes to the nation of Israel is the first physical coming of Christ to the nation of Israel happened on the Mount of olives, Jesus went to the temple mount declared himself that week to be who he was and the people didn't receive them. The second coming of Jesus Christ to Israel where does the landlord as he put his foot Mount of olives saying landing course. He goes through the eastern gate.

He goes to the temple mount. He establishes the throne of David from the temple mount location because we believe in the millennium. Jesus is never sat on the throne of David.

He must do it and I submit you today that the book of Daniel told the Jewish people is first coming in that book, and the Bible tells us in Daniel, the second coming. It's a Jewish thing in the middle is a thing called the rapture is not a coming it's in appearing in the atmosphere to meet him in the air and he will take you there. From that point back to where he's been preparing.

That is the blessed hope that is the truth of the gospel. It's there and that's why we believe it. We don't believe it because we wanted. We believe it because it's there. Taught by Jesus and exact correlation to all other biblical references old and New Testament alike. What a blessed hope, what you believe about the rapture matters father in Jesus name. Thank you for this gathering. Bless janitor boldness and father all those in this gathering today wherever they go, may they go out of this place. At the end of this day like embers ablaze to go to their communities and catch fire, but they might burn the lights until we see your coming for us as individuals but more hopefully even now, come quickly, Lord Jesus and all God's people said amen. Unless you think you say when our times get dark.

In fact, when they get careless as they are today. We need no we just spent an hour considering what the Bible calls and Titus 213 the blessed hope, the any minute rapture of the church to be a part of this you must be a believer call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ today make him Lord of your life, escape the coming wrath upon the earth, known as the tribulation and look forward to an eternity with our Savior. Thanks for listening and will talk to you next week. She we have taken a break this week from the time of our times to consider the future any moment rapture of the church was here from you through our website.

All of tree all of three views.or call us several time at 76355976355944 or right to assert all of tree ministries John Markel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 box 1452 people Grove, MN 55311 gifts are tax-deductible. Remember, we still have complete CD and DVD sets of our 2019 conference hosted today's lesson. Don't lose heart. God always has things control you will never leave you or forsake everything is falling apart

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