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A Preview of Things to Come

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 16, 2020 8:00 am

A Preview of Things to Come

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 16, 2020 8:00 am

Markell and Amir Tsarfati consider a multitude of issues that are a forecast of things to come. So much happening now is setting the stage! We carry his new book in our online store. While a dark agenda is playing out, it is leading to the Rapture of the Church. The day is approaching!

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We've gotten a wake-up call. Is anybody listening.

There was a war going on right now and the minute we moved down to earth.

That's when we have to check out of your welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel brought to you by all of three ministries they Jim talks to is really on their's are foggy about the fundamental transformation of society. In less than three months.

Thanks to coronavirus. This is part one of a two-part series with their peers are Fadi is an Israeli tour guide Bible teacher and author.

Now here is today's program brought his moving he's moving in greater ways than you can imagine.

And yes there is deception. The enemy is moving ahead with his deception. The world is not get better the world is not going to get wonderful.

The world is on to get safer and easier things are going south. Jesus said I'm going now to prepare a place for you and then if I go I will come back and then I will receive you unto myself, he said to where I am.

You will also be he's not saying I want you to prepare a place for me here so when I come where you are. I will also be is evident that the world is going so bad. We need to be out of here in order for God to deal with all of the wickedness that is going to rain here in short time. We are already seeing all around us, welcome to the program. So glad you can join me this week that was the familiar voice of the mayor certified he who will join me momentarily when I want to set the stage before he and I talked because I have watched a nation frankly have watched the world transform yes I fundamental transformation in less than three months.

Let's confine this comment section here to America. I've seen this country thanks heavily to media manipulation go from well a roaring economy filled with entrepreneurial freedom loving Americans to a society that is arresting business owners who must put food on the table and releasing hardened criminals from jail back into society and vast segments of America were okay with all of this in the name of keeping people healthy.

In other words, frankly, I feel like I have fallen down the whole of Alice's Wonderland I feel like I'm answering now to a bunch of Mad Hatter's let's just call them global elites who say they have our test interests in mind. But do they really if I did not know how it all ends and I mean from the perspective of the Bible. I know I could not of My sanity since this trauma began in March of this year but you know, folks. The beauty of the Bible is that it tells us the future in advance. It tells us in second Timothy three that the last days would be perilous times that self and money would drive everything that society would gradually fall apart and eventually have to be put together again by a man with the plan's title is the antichrist. First, Jesus Christ rescues his church from the carnage in what is known as the rapture to help me sort this out for the next couple of programs is a mirror's are Fadi. He is the founder of behold Israel.

Some of you have had tours to Israel, led by Amir. Others of you have heard him at churches and conferences around the world and he's been my understanding the time conference speaker every year since 2015. I've gotten to know him even traveled a little bit with behold Israel and gotten to know the whole team.

Amir's are Fadi welcome back to the program is quite clever.

Amir, not that long ago in January late January. You and I we were ministering in Southern California. Proximity and there were some rumblings about of virus life hadn't changed it late January 2020. Now we are in May and look how fast things have changed. Did you expect things to move so quickly. I don't think anyone expected. I'm not even sure it does, who released the virus expected it to be big Bob.

Shortly after he got back from the US.

I gave a few updates on this topic and I was convinced that it is going to make a landfall in most of the world. Currently in America and it is going to hit hard melt from the very get-go. I was convinced that it is a lab made manufactured virus. To this day I'm not sure if it was intentionally released. I'll give it back to them thinking about one thing is for sure the virus is definitely humanly engineered and it is doing that which it was originally designed to do. It is highly infectious that is spreading very fast but at the same time within 4 to 6 weeks. You see the curb going flat lateral going down at least a little bit and then it'll go away. I think that what you are watching and are being shot by is not been thoroughly that which the virus is doing from the medical perspective, it is more how it is being taken by the establishment media is hyping it. Doctors are knowingly treating the patient in the wrong way because they're being given orders to avoid certain medications and to keep proceeding in a certain direction. You have scolded Timothy about the love of money. The much of this has to do with money.

Much of it has to do with captains. It has to do with money of big pharmaceutical vaccines, faxing, exactly, much of it has to do with the way to control society and this is the first time in the history of planet Earth that the entire population of the world over 190 countries rate is affected at the same time the same place on their policy when I have messages about the globalist cabal. We are blunt in these messages. I've heard yours couple of times and they have a very dark agenda.

They are in a hurry. They've trusted to create a globalist Empire actually for 5000 years made up of bankers, movers and shakers, two dozen organizations, industrialists, and then I heard your message would have been in late February, I heard you give a message that was stunning. And folks, as I described this. I want should hold your speculation and skepticism about what were going to talk about because what Amir presented in late February was so absolutely right on, but it will sound a little strange.

This satanic plot to reduce Earth's population but since all outline this outline all sorts of places we can start with the Georgia guide stones that outlines the fact that the globalist want the population down to 500 million people so I heard this message of yours Amir in February.

I want to talk about it for just a minute or two because you cite the following ways that the global elites are trying to reduce Earth population and you include Calvin you throw in vaccinations you include abortion you include.

Let's redefine marriage, fewer marriages, fewer births, drug legalization, people can be more controlled if they are on drugs climate change due to too many people I want to play just a short clip it's you in this message where you're sort of summarizing the purpose of the message that you given here on the satanic plot to reduce Earth's population but you need to understand there is a group of people and you must understand I'm not sensationalizing anything here. I'm actually quoting what they say about themselves. There's a group of people in this world predominantly in America Online Western Europe. Some in other places around the world. They believe that they are the and the heightened ones. They believe that they have seen the light.

They believe that they know better than to that they understand better than they believe that they are ought to make the decisions for you because all you are incapable of taking the right decision and by the way they mock and reticule politicians, the politicians are for them. Those who just danced before them in play before I'm talking about a cartel of international bankers, industrialists based mostly, as I said in Western Europe and North America.

The names certain of those family persist overlong peers of time.

Some of the most important ones are the role child.

The Rockefellers, Morgan Nazareth viable disorder and what should I wish I could laugh.

I wish I could laugh, but what we've been witnessing in this country is an ongoing madness orchestrated by this group of people to bring about something else in the they want you to understand that they've seen the light. They want to try to sense with using symbols symbols that will allow you to understand the light that came the all seeing eye that is always there.

They completely not acknowledging God himself.

They made sure it will be worship and it will be on your dollar bill. They make sure it will be everywhere. They make sure that those symbols will be inserted in the subconscience of every American.

Every person, even around the world, for they make sure that while they may say that in God we trust. In actuality it's not even the case, they are actually looking at pyramids.pagans used to worship you can find Amir's message on YouTube. You just have to go to YouTube and then type in the topic that were talking about and that would be the satanic plot to reduce Earth's population. This was an amazing message Amir. You really were inspired that the eye was it gotten the limbic tomography to many that are so blunt, we can see through things. One, you know, and how they oscillate, you can smell it from afar. What they do and see their fingerprints and their footprint and everything you know you see that in the way they handled the attempts to throw Trump out of office. You see that in the way they are celebrating now the downfall of your economy because of the covert, 19 you see how they literally have disregard for human life made him thinking about the abortions in the country and I'm thinking about holiday defying everything that the if the right to choose for a woman where people forget it. Baby is not the woman's body.

Sorry. They have two different hearts through different brains that ended the separated thing. You may have ownership over your own body, but not over something else that will leave a word thing, the way they bring them through in the media the way they convinced this is so, I mean for me so transparent on the eye can see that they are the illuminated and as you said in that little clip we played.

They think that we are incapable of understanding things that we are incapable of running the country.

Here running anything because they the global elite have to do it for us. I think they think we are morons for the Gateway enough people vote for their candidate. There's enough people that are buying their ideas is enough people that promote their agenda. They don't have many followers do you say don't think you're dumb they can prove your program member. They hate Christian yes because spiritual aspect in the Christian plays a huge role in exposing the darkness is I want to zero in on the word vaccination because were talking here about reducing Earth's population again, this is the goal of the global elites of Simeon. It's posted various places and again a reference Georgia guide stones where they spell out their goals, their purposes, their agenda, so to speak in multiple languages is an amazing thing. I can imagine why Georgia would agree to have that be there. It's put up there by the global elite.

You have listed Cove in vaccinations. Abortions redefine marriage. The climate change due to too many people. Let's focus for just a minute on the covert vaccine that is the talk of everybody right now.

You cover that real brilliantly online.

You talk about it in some of your Q&A's, because we're coming to a point where the average listener right now is going to be ceased with the decision, probably within a year anyway. Do they take a vaccination or do they not you and I aren't necessarily anti-vaccination but there are some troubling aspects to what's going on with Cove. What you write. I'm not anti-vaccination.

Not at all mean vaccinations saving many people who are slow but unfortunately not every vaccination is needed. In fact, vaccination, the way to control people life in different ways.

For example, if you don't show that you gave enough vaccinations to your kids, you won't be able to register into certain schools. You won't be able to do certain activities. I believe that the covert, 19 you won't even be able to fly right they can make it very very clear.

We will not allow international travel for people who never vexing but felt much of what we see, the vaccination has to do with the greed of the pharmaceutical companies and not with real concern about the health of anyone.

I'm not ruling out all vaccination is not a goal. I know for a fact that there are several vaccination that are not only not needed. There actually hurting people. The damage people and we know that the fact that the establishment don't want you to know that I wait in my message covert was one thing in the vaccinations were. Another thing the covert was a way to spread viruses to create panic but the fire lit faith that it did kill people. It came in addition to the flu.

Not instead of the flu. So the with the flu throughout the winter and then came covert and killed almost the same people have known the guy from flu.

They managed to kill people. That way it will be lost so many most of the elderly population in northern Italy going so you have that and then you have vaccinations that in many cases do not help but actually make things worse. You're injecting into your system. Body really doesn't need and I'll give you an example. The very first vaccination that you get the babies born is really not effective until that person will become a toddler, or maybe even a teenager, and by then it's already expired. You'll need another one anyway so what the point of giving it to him when he's born then you ask the company then they tell you because we can go on the radius we can so yes there are vaccinations for very deadly diseases that I believe people should take in its good.

I believe we should be very open to the possibility that the release viruses in order to create vaccinations in order to make the money on the there's another ingredient here. As you will know the mirror and talking to the mere society this hour. You can learn more and behold behold He also has a new book out and working to get to that eventually here call the day approaching and Israelis message of warning and hope for the last days because my ministry is carrying it in my online store will say more about that because we've got a lot to talk about yet. I don't want to marginalize the time for the book that Amir has written his second book, but there's another ingredient here Amir and that is that people are so concerned that any kind of okay a vaccine.

Some of the things that were talking about, for that matter. Prime Minister Netanyahu has just announced that sensors will be placed in Israeli children. As a result of covalent, but here's the concern is this Mark of the beast and what I have said now for a month on areas we don't have a beast so I don't think we have to worry about a mark of the beast right now and I think I need you to back me up here on that.

I believe that ointment in the outfit when he said he was just a suggestion to something that we may consider doing as a technological solution for future outbreaks of viruses like that the mere fact that this even becomes an idea that is being expressed by prime ministers and leaders of countries is telling you that Percival the world is not the thing.

Many of you are already taken from.

But now in the name of the fight in covert, 19 you will have to allow your country to mark you somehow in the name of health in the name of life in the name of moving forward and staying quarantine. You need to choose which freedom you're willing to give up trying. And the thing is, were no longer at the point where we can say we don't want any freedom to be taken from where the point where we have to just choose which freedom to get to know we get to the point where you write will will not be doing the mark of the beast because we are not to be here when the antichrist is introducing all that but planet Earth is not being confession to the eye. That all people must be marked somehow. It's for the purpose, and then when it comes the antichrist and that will become already a spiritual aspect, not just the health issue. It'll be easier to sell it to the people. People are going to run to what ever presents their lives from being disrupted. That's what they don't want and we seen this now for almost 3 months and people they've had of them in the lost jobs. They've had their lives interrupted. They've lost life savings. They've lost every investment in the stock market are much of it anyway. Some is coming back now, they still want their lives to be disrupted and some will do anything which is setting the stage, and I think all we are saying is this is setting the stage for what is to come. But what is to come isn't here yet know it's not here, but we need to get a reality check.

We need to understand that the world we can live in. From now on. Yes, and we as believers should not be surprised. We shouldn't be surprised, why is it that we think that the world should be only a garden of roses and those should be no problems and evil should not be attempting to reign and rule in when we know that we were actually told the opposite. We were told in this world we will have tribulation. We were told that it's not our home, that Jesus is preparing a place for us that he will come and take us to be with.

What is the purpose everything is going to be so great here. What is the purpose for him to take his students through cell you listed all these things that let's just say again the global elite have decided this will reduce Earth's population. They would like it down from currently about 8 billion down to 500 million. Perhaps what's going to happen. Touring the tribulation is going to definitely take theorists population down to probably a few hundred million and then you've explained how the Cove at the vaccinations the abortion redefining marriage drug legalization, climate change due to too many people. All of that has been us to put together that is absolutely resulted in what you outline in your message. I want to talk about just a few of the things here in this segment they were going to take our midpoint break and come back and talk about some more issues. We've only been talking about 25 minutes and we've already brought him to our discussion, a form of theology known as dominion is similar kingdom now, and they believe that were going to make the world just perfect and then Jesus Christ can return and yet what we're saying is, things I opened with a clip of you saying to that effect, that the world is going to get worse and worse and worse until God says enough. I'm taking my church out. Then he completes his purging of planet Earth and the salvation of Israel that we've got this kingdom now dominion is him out there which is a growing theology. Sadly, the growing theology because let's face it people have a hard time grasping the fact that we will literally physically be removed out of here.

It's too much for them to realize that they can talk about the supernatural nature of God are you doing visitors doing that if he can fill your teeth with gold.

And yet when it comes to the rafters. Sounds fantastic so let's just talk about another option on the other. We can go up there Lloyd, we're not going up there with definitely can make things good here and again that the one of the things that they are confusing with thy kingdom come, thy will be gone on earth at that in heaven they don't understand this whole discussion the kingdom of God has been dealt with by the disciples deer in the time of Jesus and he is talking about. Of course, life of the believer at the time. It's not something you can see it's not something you can talk. It's not something you can win or achieve due to different things that they take that concept make it a real kingdom that they are going to help him build here honestly so sad because Purnell is not the goal. But second, a bowl all the people.they are trying to get excited about are constantly disappointed. There is nothing in this world that is getting better for the believer that is even indicating that this world is going to embrace Jesus as is right again if pleasant things were going to happen. Jesus wouldn't have gone to heaven and prepared a place for us.

He went and prepared a place for us so that he could remove us from a situation here on earth as things continue to deteriorate, which the Bible says will happen. Second Timothy three talks about those perilous times have towards the end of days. Things are going to consistently fall apart rather than get better working to continue our discussion. Let me just say a word about Amir's book that we are carrying and were going to talk about it as we move into the programming. Here again is today approaching Israelis message of warning and hope for the last days you hear us talking here in this first segment about a lot of things that sound a little bit hopeless. Honestly Amir's message and mine as well.

Consistently point to the hope of the Lord's return called the rapture of the church it's any minute. That's also known as imminent rapture of the church. Nothing has to happen.

There really aren't signs for the rapture. There a lot of signs for the second coming, and a lot of the second coming signs or casting a shadow on the church age, even as we speak, including the idea of pestilence. Let me just read a couple of paragraphs here for Mark Hitchcock. Mark writes I'm going to have Mark on here in a month or so and he's been interviewed on what's going on and he just says this he says while he doesn't believe the Cove at 19 is one of the plagues mentioned in the Bible. Those he said are going to happen during the tribulation in the future. He does feel of this pandemic as a vivid preview of what's coming and Mark was on to say in this interview that I read he says it's a wake-up call for people to come to Christ. In light of what's coming in the future which is going to be far worse. It's a very serious foreshadowing of what's to come. And then Mark says I think it reveals the globalism of today one person in China got this sometime in the fall and now it's in some almost 200 countries. It's also a picture of how small our world is today and how things are set up for the world ruler the antichrist who is coming. I see just a lot of foreshadows and previews the coronavirus but I don't see this as a fulfillment of specific prophecy and then the article I'm only reading a few paragraphs he concludes so many things that are happening in our world today, and then he lists Israel back in their land. The Middle East is constantly in turmoil. Globalism is occurring.

All of these things are signposts and point to what the Bible predicts about the soon coming of Christ. He said we don't know when he's coming. It could be today. It could be a few years from now working to continue with the discussion here with Amir Sarah Fadi again. You can learn is so much more I have to talk to Amir about frankly I'm not quite believing the idea of the vaccine yet. I'm going to ask Amir all right if Israel says you have to have it to travel, will he take it and I want to consider some of those issues, and a whole lot more is Bill Gates. Is he somebody we have to be fearful of. Frankly, I don't think so, but these are some issues that I'm going to be discussing at with Amir as we continue on here with understanding the times radio don't go away and coming back in just a minute or two we'd love to write to us through our website almost 3 views.hold large, all of its reviews God or call us on time at 763-555-4444 763-559-4444 we got our mail. Would you like to follow the true ministries of Jim Markel, box 1452 drove MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible, or with Jan and a mere we are carrying Amir's are Fadi's new book the day approaching Israelis message of warning and hope for the last looks the plants of the world church, Israel, and for you as we look at the turmoil of our times. Now many are asking if we are in a run up to the very last of the last days tribulation events or casting a shadow of the church age. We have global events including locus plagues, pestilence, and natural disasters that are of biblical proportion God be sending warning signs to both the world and the church in the Bible Jesus spoke about the signs. It would make it clear his return is near. Learn what those are, how they are evident today as a native is really believer Amir Saar.

Fadi has a distinct perspective that we use biblical history, current events Bible prophecy together to shine the light on the mysteries about the last days find this compelling book to our online store.

All of to that's all of to and are printed in a newsletter or call a central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. While in America you are about the making of that divider.

They all happened are nerds that are pushing vaccination for funding old friend folded between what my country and living field. Please visit our online store and follow three books, DVDs and other items will help you grow in your faith also understand the times post articles daily at our website including headlines we have appreciated Amir's are Fadi's teachings at our last five conferences in the Twin Cities area. We still have some of our more recent all events now here are Janet Amir to wrap up part one of our two parties, then the gathering twilight as Jesus looked out over the city. Peter and John approached him, fearing that if the temple was destroyed, the end of the rule would soon follow, troubled and confused. I asked the Lord when will these things be and wouldn't be the sign of your coming and the end of the once again Christ answered with the full power of prophetic truth as he described for his disciples, and every generation that would follow the extraordinary signs and events that will one day culminate in the end of human history, the teachings of Jesus and a lot of olives are absolutely essential to any understanding of future events and end times chronology for a couple reasons. It's Jesus speaking. First of all and secondly it's in response to a specific question and set of questions such as what are the signs of your return and of the end of the age and it's the only time that Jesus really took the time to lay out a chronology, detail by detail and sequence but sequence for us to understand. He knows the end from the beginning.

He's God, and on him the spirit. The Bible says rested without measure.

Though the Holy Spirit rested on all the profits but I think we can depend on the words of Jesus in a special category and what he did is he gave us an outline on which all other prophecy must rest Christ's description of the end times is now included in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke in each of these accounts, Jesus foretells the incredible scenario that will unfold during the final chapters of the earth's history. Listen to my words, there will be great distress unequaled from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be equaled again.

If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive and welcome back and spending this hour with Amir Sarah Fadi were talking about Sam well End of Days issues encourage you to sign up for my E newsletter and is sign up for on three sign up for his various E announcements that behold were very active on social media, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and more.

If you are a visual person. We are making our YouTube's and our videos for his channel very visual so check it out. Our YouTube channel and his if you'd like to view portions of the programming in a more video like form now talking for the hour with Amir, Sarah, Fadi, and when you get into his book in a little bit but I want to cover some of the current events with had a current event going on since March. I commented opening the program that he and I were ministering in Southern California in January. The world was fairly normal at that time late January just probably a week later that everything was going to change. A month later, everything would be upside down and my goodness now or into the middle of May and indeed we have a world that is I set up my opening I feel like I've fallen down a hole in the Mad Hatter. It's canna running the world and everything is upside down in Amir icon and tease a little bit in my first half of the program and we were teasing about the vaccine and the various ramifications good and bad about a vaccine I want to clarify it. We started talking a little bit about the mark of the beast and the mark is associated with worshiping a beast denying God aligning with evil. None of that is going to be happening in the church age and yet we do have folks who are very concerned that the vaccination is leading to a mark of the beast type thing I have heard you say Amir Sarah Fadi that you can interrupt your ministry you travel. You've got a fly right you have to have a vaccine so be it. The virus virus was made in the lab or whatever it released intentionally or unintentionally. It doesn't change the fact that there is a fire if the fire killed people.

The virus can disrupt life and if we can find a way to avoid it or nobody picked vaccine.

If you already have the antibody port through your over the are felt vaccine goals self immune course you won't need it. But if you don't and you might risk yourself them on thing, why not something I prefer to leave them to die if I would someone who is of a second agent with a theory, not easy medical record, I would consider that definitely, but let's face it, I don't think we will in the future have even a choice if you want to do certain activities such as traveling countries will somehow demand to see that either you have been vaccine or your body has already created the antibody that make you immune benefit amphitheater or a viral map antibody by monogamy in 199 needed in order to travel and minister.

Why not look I'm not getting the mark of the beast not getting the mark of the beast. That's the only under the spell of the cabal globally, again I travel around the exponent that you expose them right back. So I don't think we should be so paranoid about vaccinations.

In general, we should test things as they come in. We should understand that the very good possibility that most of the society is already immune because of the fact that in antibody being created because he added in the it is a very mild case you didn't even know you had. They say that in New York City something that varies between 12 to 20% that they have it they didn't know the test that they're running right now or not Philip Toth to see you don't have it when you are asked symptomatic when you have no symptoms. Nobody knows that you have. You don't cough.

You don't have fever. Yet there is a very good chance you have told him change in direction here just a little bit because in the interest of time, there's another angle that I can want to run by you and that is quite frankly, for five months ago we did not have what has kind of turned into a police state, and I mean globally but certainly in America as well, just read two paragraphs from Dennis Prager. He writes this, that what's going on is a dress rehearsal for a police state, and he says, but the ease with which police state tactics have been employed and the equal ease with which most Americans have accepted them have been breathtaking by the way, I would agree here. He says people will argue that a temporary police state has been justified because of the allegedly unique threat to life posed by the new coronavirus Prager says I do not believe the data will bear that out. Regardless, let us at least agree that we are closer to a police state than ever in American history and he concludes police state does not mean totalitarian state.

America is not a totalitarian state.

We still have many freedoms in a totalitarian state. This article could not be legally published and if it were illegally published.

I would be imprisoned and/or executed. But he concludes we are presently living with all four of the key hallmarks of a police state, Mr. Fadi, I would agree with that.

Speaking as an American.

Now I can't speak for your what's going on in Israel. Would you affirm that some of that's happening in Israel as well.

Absolutely. I believe a lot of it out to do with misleading the people by the World Health Organization and by the CBC in America and that has a ripple effect on other medical systems in other countries around the world. Listen, I've seen enough doctors of the runner-up never seen so many Dr. having their own Facebook live so many nurses that are having the dog to fall apart in front of the camera and cried because nobody listened to them. There are some lights in the darkness, but the thing if this I certainly believe that when police runs up to somebody who was kite surfing on one hand, on the other hand, releases real criminal prison. They're afraid of covert ninth-inning print and fill with the problem here got a problem when a pastor is being imprisoned for holding a service and a rapist that is being released because of: I think there is some sort of lack of good judgment, but let's face it, the problem in America is the in most of those liberal states whether the liberal governor they don't even hide the fact that this is the right time to push liberal and progressive agenda. They are saying a nuisance that the Michigan one is that we've heard them thing that even the clown from New York for the I'm sorry I'm disrespectful but much respected people that are written legislating such unbelievable abortion laws exactly allowing to kill the baby nine months old, but the point is this Israel have also several things that we consider them violation of our rights. But the Israelis the difference between us and what we see in America is here you see leaders that are genuinely interested to save their people life. There's no agenda here. While in America you are seeing people such as solitude and his gang the making millions of vaccines and millions of viruses. They all happened are friends with billionaires that are pushing vaccinations that their funding over different ballgame between what I see my country in Wethersfield with their we both just played the clip where I say that this group of elite, the cabal is central mostly in North America and Western Europe. We see death in Israel. I'm still trusting my government and the authorities here. The drumming we do have crazy liberal media.

We do have the people on the political ground, but when it comes to the health of the Israelis. I am a little bit more at ease here than I would be if I was an American I see a headline here from breaking Israel news and it's sure headline searing Civil War prominent New York rabbi suddenly urges American Jews to leave for Israel.

I guess he's referring to the climate here in the US Civil War, like climate, which is accurate. There some good things are coming out of all of this crisis that's been going on for three months is a call for Jews to go back to Israel.

There is the getting out of the gospel, particularly online like never before. God is doing good things in the midst of all of this is a lot I will be on the tribute. A lot of people know that my schedule is crazy by traveling leading towards in Israel personally to me this time of stopping and being home with the family and doing stuff from here. Personally, it was almost like needed.

You also think that there is a drop in crime there is a drop in pollution, but there's a lot of good stuff. Okay, it's not all bad.

In fact, a lot of people find out that they can live without daily shopping, they can live without having certain people working in their household. They can do stuff open fill, but I've heard you say Amir talking to the mere society this hour. I've heard you say in the end people will go back to their old ways and even more so live their life as if there is no tomorrow. So you feel that the lessons being learned in this time. And we don't know if this is going to be three months, six months a year.

18 months we don't know that you feel that really no serious lesson is going to be learned by the average person. I'm not suggesting Christians, but your average person coronavirus disorder but warning from God. The punishment of God's judgment of God. A warning and I think that he feared living here with the spirit of the sea. I think if a person is being drawn onto Jesus because of God and a Pecan find himself reevaluating his life purposes and understanding. The time is short in my even having any purpose and on my left and great, but unfortunately, what most of what I see is the race to go back to normal now.

They'll go back to normal with the understanding that everything might collapse very soon, or maybe one day. So let's make the most out of the moment.

We know right away that the climate that is going to characterize the prior to the rise of the people to live their life like in the days of Noah and remember know what they only want to prepare themselves. He's the only one was engaged in building an ark, while everybody else did whatever they wanted and not totally true. We are right now the believers are building the ark in a way we are preparing ourselves.

We are to be ready bride must be ready we are to warn people. We are to tell people, but we are not to live life just like they do. We are called to be set apart. You have opened the door then I want to go through. I want to discuss the situation with this Mr. fix-it man with the plan. The antichrist want to introduce it by playing the short clip and then come back and want to talk to you about the role of the antichrist. Amir and particularly the role of the antichrist when it comes to Israel. The tribulation, we will begin with Israel facing the crisis, she is threatened on all sides by her neighbors with a prospect who day. The always tenuous security of the country will appear more older than ever before his attention in the Middle East reaches fever pitch charismatic world leader will arise out of your offering the Jews. The one thing they most desperately seek their harassed by the Arabs. There harassed by the enemies anti-Semites from all over the world and here comes a world leader that wants to give them the guarantee of peace.

He's going to come on the world scene and be the leader is going to amalgamate the world and bring all of these countries together in the name of world peace. The Bible refers to this leader by many names.

Master of intrigue with the shepherd. The beast antichrist and what appears to be an extra ordinary diplomacy. The antichrist aligns himself with Israel brokers a peace agreement with the Arab nations preventing all-out war him when he makes a legal or covenant with the children of Israel a piece covenant for seven years is not for 10 years, 15 years and seven years and when he makes a covenant that starts the tribulation. It immediately after the peace sign any thought of tribulation zips to the antichrist, soaring popularity empowered by Satan, he becomes the head of the European Confederacy of nations that move in its final days.

Many scholars believe this Confederation will stand as the most powerful economic political military force whole planet weary of turmoil in war antichrist is hailed as a savior to the Jew the treaty he has forged represents the key to the fulfillment of a dream. The reconstruction of their temple. Once the antichrist comes on the same Bible clearly indicates that he will sign a peace treaty with the nation of Israel. Some believe that that peace treaty will allow them to rebuild their temple and that he will guarantee them security and survival in the Middle East familiar voices. Seven. Heinsohn, Tim LaHaye from an online film I'm near you and I are careful not to start to try to figure out who the antichrist is even false prophets, though the office of Pope is extremely suspicious when it comes to the false prophet. I just want to make an observation and I want your comment and I'm extremely cautious with the manual McCrone that he came out about a week or two ago stating only get the quote correctly 42-year-old present in the manual McCrone face many challenges governing this country is now positioning himself to take over the mantle of global leadership long reserved for those much older than he, particularly Americans, etc. right now he has no real challengers and then goes on to say that he wants to introduce this role of global leader. He being the global leader with a peace type of a worldwide cease-fire, no wars anywhere. You and I are skeptical that he is Mr. fix-it the antichrist. Nonetheless, he certainly is a type he's a foreshadowing of the antichrist. Your comment on this when the man is so blatantly flocking to be a world leader and then we have him walking on water on the economist from about three years ago now the library to foreshadow the forerunner.

I personally think that it'll have to take somebody a little bit more charismatic than if you can't even take care of your own house that is through wrong. I doubt if you can think of everything else. Nobody takes it seriously. But think about it. They tried to push him to be a candidate couple years ago and it didn't work in the timeout under the wings of the pandemic to do the same thing once again in my work.

Again, look, they always try. You see, I believe that every generation there is some sort of a person with a candidate for antichrist thing they're trying to gain God is allowing yet there are appointed time.

In this case, none of us know what happened to three years from now.

Judging from his performance in his own country. I don't see him being in doubt, but I do why he is being pushed for why being groomed for that is the perfect image of the West European West European young hands and successful, and rising star and meteor. He rose to power out of nowhere literally the messages you need to look them up on YouTube. You can get some of our CDs and DVDs from past conferences you have one. Since then I've played. I think two or three times on air Europe ready for the antichrist and we can go into all of that, but again, Europe is the target zone. Europe is kind of the hub. You even went to a city in Germany Berlin where the seat of Satan sits talk to me about that while there is a museum you hope Pergamon Museum in Berlin and it's obviously named after the city of Pergamum in Turkey, German archaeologist who were excavating in the very beginning of the 20th century 1900 they actually not only excavated in Turkey, but they took everything they found that is to Berlin to be exhibited over there and there are two major things in that museum. There is a highlight of the museum and this is why the museum is named directly. Juan is the Ishtar gate the famous blue collar stone gate all back along in this second one is the seat of faith that the entire complex is over the altar of Zeus from Pergamon Museum and think about it. It's almost like they brought the Babylonian spirit into Western Europe and the probably took duct which the book of Revelation chapter 2 considers of the feet of Theban in the city of Pergamum and they brought it all the way to Berlin. As I fed him back method up until the Roman Empire is always being so that the empires that fought against Babylon.

They fought there in Babylon, and they ended up having everything there physically. It seems like the Roman Empire and of course, as I said about the new Roman Empire, the emerging union all West European countries that imitate the ancient Roman Empire old. That is where the Babylonian spirit move in with imported into Western but I think we need to clarify that because of Corona because of the virus.

Europe is falling apart. European union is falling apart is what I mean to say right. The European Union leaping right. Unfortunately, it took them long to close the order you take them too long to reopen them and he took them too long to support country that were afflicted bitterly with the example. No wonder why the calendar burning line. They're burning the flag because the flag means nothing to them like that, they realize that when the money time came when the rubber hits the road that when the EU was not there for them. They also that the EU bank, the central bank of the quicker to help Iran them to help his own good point. Fill that in crisis like between Turkey and Greece. The EU does nothing between Turkey and Cyprus.

The EU does nothing, so that you not supporting our financial interests. The EU is not supporting our helping the EU is not supporting our political, while even part of it Corona buyer both to the point that they are considering right now in Paris you've shuffled everything and I wonder if that conglomerate of over 30 countries know is going to eventually become the pin. That's a good note to end on this program sucks for you to pick this up again next weekend before I close, I want to read a paragraph from Amir's new book the day approaching. Because these are some things I want to talk about next week's program and if it caught the significance of what Amir just said seconds ago.

That is European Union again if this is where the Antichrist comes out of which I believe the Bible is quite clear his case. The stage is being set is all were saying stage is being set for so many things, but here's a paragraph one arenas we go out of this program and he writes this the day of the 70th week is approaching God is going to deal once again with Israel, the valley between the peaks was a desert for the Jews. But then came 1948 and suddenly Israel was back home.

God has brought Israel back and now we are waiting for him to pour his spirit upon the Jewish people.

What a glorious day it will be when we see mass repentance and reconciliation between the Lord and his chosen nation. Lift up your eyes the base of the mountain is almost at our feet in the path of the church is nearing the end talk about that next week. What does he mean by the path of the church is nearing the end brothers coming at time the time of Jacob's trouble, where it's really all about Israel churches and talking about that much these days, but will talk about that when we come back next week again.

Learn more. And behold, you can find the various products that I've talked about, particularly the new book and his previous book the last hour in my store.

All all of learn more about their Sephardi in his ministry. Behold, Israel, and behold, and just as I go out of the program. Somebody sent me this in an email and I loved it. So I decided to close today's program with it. The writer says this now. We don't live in uncertain times, not at all. These times are as certain as any times in all of human history, and the God of the universe has laid out this time and season in great detail, point by point and in fact with all the detail needed by his people to live in times of absolute certainty, so no there's nothing uncertain about the times we live in to the believer who is seeking live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week. If we have made a difference in your life.

Let us hear from you regarding mail when you write to all of tree ministries and John Markel. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 call the cycle time 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. Write to us through the website. All of tree that's all of tree join us next week for Park to nurse our father and end of your talk about troubling times and circumstances remind you the things the Bible foretold are all falling

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