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As You See the Day Approaching

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 23, 2020 8:00 am

As You See the Day Approaching

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 23, 2020 8:00 am

Markell visits with Amir Tsarfati as they discuss the day approachingthe day of Christs return. We carry Amirs newest book in our online store. They also call out a popular pastor who suggests the gospel is not for everyone. And what is the purpose of the Millennium?

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There is global conflict raging, but we know who wins in the end, where all was going to end reasoning with the Jews to accept any fact that holy faith that you don't need to believe it will even make the effort to tell them about welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel what you buy all of three ministries. May we hear part two of a two-part series with a mere soft body from behold Israel. We continue with our theme of perilous times in these last days and the importance of sharing the gospel. While we have time life as we know it can be interrupted at any moment, here is today's program on May 14, 1940, after nine months of debate, the United Nations voted to recognize the state of Israel.

Millions of Jews from every continent joyously pulled back into their ancestral homeland.

The Ravitch country was rebuilt and against all Israel existed as a Jewish nation.

Many considered this greatest fulfillment of biblical prophecy since the birth of Christ.

Out of all the nations of the world.

The Jews started gathering back and there were very few in 1917. Today there are over five. It's an incredible migration in fulfillment of prophecy.

In June 19 27 the momentum the prophetic fulfillment accelerated again when the Jews took control of Jerusalem Six-Day War to the promised land. Its capital restored to Jerusalem when they occupy Jerusalem. That was a stellar day and I think it ignited the clock of God's prophetic calendar and is moving relentlessly to the fulfillment of all these things either the stages being sent or the signs have already begun to be fulfilled.

Israel's back in the land.

There's conflict between the Jews and the Arabs, the Western powers are trying to broker peace treaties in the Middle East, weapons of mass destruction already exist. So all the things the Bible says are going to transpire at the time of the end are already beginning to transpire to get our attention. These are like red lights flashing at me saying wake up were getting awfully close to the final fulfillment. Welcome to the program.

I love it when it Hansen starts talking about those flashing red lights next to Tim LaHaye, in that little clip is well video is a few years old because they're far more than 5 million Jews in Israel now let me just sort of reset the stage because this is really part two of a two-part series with the mayor certified team. I guessed from behold Israel mirrors Mennonite annual conference since 2015 got to know him real well that he has a couple of books out and we are carrying them and he has a new book the day approaching and Israelis message of warning and hope for the last days we didn't get much to it last week because we talked about some other issues we talked about covalently talked about how the globally leaked want to reduce Earth's population in various ways they're doing that.

We talked about the mark of the beast all this vaccination mania. Does that have anything to do with the mark of the beast.

I highly doubt it but nonetheless there's a lot of chatter like that going on now here's where you can find that program you can find it on my website. Olive tree go to radio.

You can find it on our YouTube channel.

You can find you can find and one place light source and we are very visual in our videos now so if you are a visual person. Check out the programming on his channel or are you to, or light source.

So I'm going to build on program one as we do part two today what I wanted. Jesus had want to read the Bible verse that this book is based on the day approaching which should be Hebrews 1023 to 25 where it says let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful and let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of somebody exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the day approaching.

And then as I closed the program. Last week I read a paragraph I'm going to reread it because I realize many of you didn't even care.

Last week's program I close the program with this little paragraph to the skin is set the stage for what we talk about this. Our it says this is the day of the 70th week is approaching God is going to deal once again with Israel, the valley between the peaks was a desert for the Jews. But then came 1948 and suddenly Israel was back home. God has brought Israel back and now we are waiting for him to pour out his Spirit upon the Jewish people. What a glorious day it will be when we see the mass repentance and reconciliation between the Lord and his chosen nation. Lift up your eyes the base of the mountain is almost at our feet, and the path of the church is nearing the end of your Sephardi welcome back to part two of our programming to explain first what you mean when you say the path of the church is nearing the end. I know what you mean but some listeners do not know when Daniel wrote God gave him Daniel basically spoke of the history of the nation of Israel and Daniel identified a time period between the command to rebuild Jerusalem's old and the temple to the point that the Messiah is about to enter into Jerusalem as the promised Messiah is the only time Jesus is not stopping his followers from saying who the Messiah infected filling that he's telling the other will not save in the stone will have to cry grant management for Jerusalem and Daniel given the exact number then the Bible makes a great distinction between the first 69 weeks which are exactly 483 years old, 360 day year and it brought a course two 3280 through the entrance of Jesus on April 6 I know about the Bible speaks old another week will be later. Dr. Balliet was talking about.

In between those two mountain peaks the prophet could see the mountain peaks because the prophet is talking about Israel, but in between those two mountain peaks.the time Jesus came into the time the church was established. The time with the church had its time on earth to make disciples and get ready to be taken out of now the focus is shifting back to Israel.

Well, we just celebrated not long ago 100 anniversary to the sun rambles on the benches and a lot of people don't know what sunroom a convention evening.

Maybe if you give me two minutes well explained that would like to unite 1917 is a quick gesture. The role of government in England released declaration. It was Lord Balfour, the grown Lord of all child declaration were England or the UK is seeing in a benevolent ivy establishment of a Jewish home for the Jewish people in what was then Palestine very interesting because that is 1917. That's the tail end of World War I.these before the war officially ended in 1917 when the name Palestine was written, you actually describe the landmass of what Israel and Jordan are today combined a huge portion of land is being now promised as a homeland for the Jewish people. Zionist Congress didn't want all that Jordan is today, but they sure want to. Also, the eastern banks of the river Jordan in the eastern bank of the Dead Sea because that was part of the biblical boundaries. All the tribes remember to try didn't cross the 1917 change sunroom a convention to somehow set the tone at the end of World War I with international agreements with borders and countries and the sunroom of convention decided to adopt the Balfour declaration and an international agreements no longer the British are being nice to it. Now world decided according to international law. This is the legal basis for the state of Israel.

1920, exactly 1 of the use of the end of April 1920 exactly 100 years ago the world put on the table.

The legal right of the Jews to return Dr. Uganda@America. Any other place, but to their biblical ancestral homeland which is his will unfulfilling to three years later Britain and France started trading with the land that wasn't even there what's in there. He was actually given them just to keep and prepare it for the return of the Jews and what they did they start swapping land to start cutting off some pieces of the land. In fact everything beyond the river Jordan was caught off and given to a Arab tribe was originally from Arabia and they establish a new country called Jordan to Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, the Golan Heights was taken and traded with France for something else literally like in the marketplace.

They chopped off stop and think what ever they want of course 1947 came in the partition plan in 1948 and people can understand the UN has no right to establish a country only international agreement have the right to do that they can only Rick command is not international law. You can see, and that in 1917, God has touched the British government in 1920, God has touched the world powers one World War I in 1948 law have clearly told the British get out of here, you're not doing what you need to do anyway and Israel was born 1967 God is saying enough is enough. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people 2018 and the only superpower in the world is a good knowledge being that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and is opening his Embassy right there. These are all sounds of trumpets.

Yes, he asked me, and that's all to get the attention not only of Israel but mostly of the church because Jesus said when you see the fig tree comes back to life.

You know that summer is near, then began the that the doorpost he also talked about the fact that that generation that will see the fixed reblooming shall not pass away, so I'm thinking is really back in the land where watching the fig tree blooming where the generation is a lie that the length of the generation is anything between 70 A.D. to 100 years and we see all the other signs that characterizes the end times. The Jesus told his disciples for the event on the lookout. Everything is there.

So I believe the time of the church is almost over silver and the baton is back to the hands of Israel and of course Israel is going to go through a time of judgment here.

Time Jacobs trouble. We know that Zachariah is telling us the truth that two thirds will perish in only the last third, God will bring through the fire and refined many people in America have huge issues with what you just said that teaching within dispensationalism to serve its in situ spirit. It's in the Bible you and I didn't cook this out God, the God of order in the Bible without I don't like this is a lot of stuff in the Bible that I wish it wasn't there but God is not hiding the truth from us to know the truth and truth is that that's what happened. I want you want you to do the many versions of your testimony. Now I'm asking this for a reason, because after you finish with how you came to say I'm going to play a very stunning clip heartbreaking clip it happens to be a pastor in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area who's going to say we must never witness to the Jews first tell my audience.

The meaty version of how you came to faith. Well I grew up in foster care result of very broken family. He was born to parents were divorced when I was very very given to my on for couple years and then to foster homes one after the other didn't like life life, learn good to me. I will spare from you all the things that I went through, but I can tell you one thing I didn't see any reason to continue to live. So I carefully plan my departure for this role by ways of taking a large amount of pills and not waking up the next night something happened to me. I felt like I need to give the world. Maybe one last chance. There is something that I may not know, and I need to make sure there is no hope everywhere in order to continue with my plan and that is the week where I did realize and discovered that my best friend in school is actually someone cold messianic Jews, a Jew who believes in the Messiah Jesus and Yeshua in the way for me to find out is when I went to his home and we set for lunches balance. Everybody held hands and bowed on their heads and clothes arrived and prayed for the food and they ended up approaching the shame. Yeshua the name of Jesus. I was stunned. I was shot in the silicone around naming. I've never heard anything like that and so they told me they share with the Jew, yes and thankfully it was like wow, I've never heard anything about life interesting in my intellect I understood nothing, but in my spirit with the truth and so I kept coming more and more in a Asking questions and then of course came the question so the minute I understand that the prophets of Israel because of Israel. The Bible of the Jewish people widely need to end up every print name of the issue of the shame Yeshua what's the story then one lady said wanted to ask God to show you who Jesus is and I did that night I knelt down and I asked him who is Jesus from the next day I woke up and I went to my workplace and I put together the morning newspapers and inside the number one newspaper in his world with a huge page advertisement in a fit Yeshua on huge page with the family with the campus Crusade for Christ Jesus film that was in Jerusalem for two days only that I thought I'm probably the God loves me more than anyone else coming view through a whole production for me anything Hebrew in it is exactly the day after I asked both amazing. I went to see that movie. At the very end.

I pray that I accepted my heart and went back home to my foster family. I told everyone that there are sinners saved a few weeks later I got kicked out of the house because of the faith they thought it just a temporary thing because it's the craziness of the teenagers in Eagle Pass but it didn't look 25 years later while event 25 of the nine team 90 were talking about 30 years and years and years ago that I came to faith. Around this time of year. Interesting thing is I got kicked out of the house.

I moved to my friends place that I got baptized on the Army in know the rest is history. And yes, Jewish people witnessed to me and that's how I found truth.

Not only that the mere society is my yes he was my guest last weekend. This you're listening to understanding the times radio Jim Markel here, but a mere not only did you find seats but my goodness, you have gone on to become a global evangelist and I can say, that is, I've actually seen it firsthand.

Up close and personal.

What a remarkable outreach and ministry you have, even as I'm describing it. I'm choking back the tears and I partly choking back the tears.

Because of this next clip I'm gonna plenty identify who this is's name is Pastor Mac Hammond. He pastors a mega church in Minneapolis-St. Paul area and he believes in what's called dual covenant theology that the Jews are saved by any Old Testament covenant, but they don't need to come to faith through Jesus Christ. One play that clip in light folks of what you've just heard from a mere society and his many version of how he found faith 30 years ago through the Jesus film actually shown in Hebrew in Israel let's play Pastor Mac Hammond, but here's the point.

The precedent was set in God is the same yesterday today and forever more. Somebody who believes our covenant that old covenant that the seed of Abraham through Isaac does believe and just like Abraham, the belief was counted on to him his rights inside me was I somehow the Jews of heaven been believers that have met the definition of Israel here.over the last 2000 years either somehow got to meet Jesus already. Are there gonna because he said all Israel will be saved as part of the mystery that has been revealed to me. I don't tell you it's gonna happen. Micrograms was installed maybe once more held in captivity captive when it comes the second time I don't know the word Doug dulls that, but I do know the precedent has been set. These don't take care of that will believers didn't a lot of dog go to hell. This means it is not up to the church to evangelize the Jew, while people say well I got to go to hell widow go get him. That's not what the word says only dead sharks producing all the word of God is yours.

The word says they're all going to be so I don't know how I've got some suppositions, amen. It's possible if Abraham's bosom is close then in the last day or two before the.God get somebody in front of the site or it could be that have a deathbed experience with the Lord knows God is God just said all Israel will be saved and so that means for office to make evangelistic thrusts into the Jewish community are going to Israel to see how many Jews we can just say, is the surest way to alienate Jew brother and bless the Jew, because you're saying to them, you've been living a life deceived you don't have a covenant with God is your on your way to you gotta do it my way to become a Christian, or else something you just put somebody on the defensive.

You're not going to have a relationship with anybody and it's not necessary because all Israel will be so now I would say 8/10 theologians you took the sermon to Woodside full book so you have to read this for yourself and decide for yourself what this is the way I see it.

Nothing is more offensive to somebody than to suggest the covenant that they grew up believing they have with God really is nonexistent is not a valid present-day government.

You have just alienated them big time. God forbid we alienate or offend Pastor Mac Hammond, you have an open invitation to the studio, which is less than 10 minutes from your office to come visit me sitting here in studio here if you'd like a program defending your belief in dual covenant theology.

The Jews are saved under an Old Testament covenant, they do not need Jesus. Amir respond please. I would say I wish all the apostle Paul could be here right now I'm talking dismissing almost half of the New Testament everywhere Paul went the first thing he did was going to the synagogue and the reasoning with the Jews to accept Jesus any staff, St. Paul wrote that all Israel will be saved if it meant that you don't need to believe in Jesus then why would Paul even make the effort to tell them about Jesus and why would he suffer from there and I would look all suffering from the hands of the Jewish people in Corinth, for example, you didn't want to stay any longer, and God is the one on meetings. The another long period of time, and I'm thinking to myself is this pastor so ignorant to what pulled himself even wrote about the law about the covenant yes, the law cannot save. I'm sorry to say but the Bible says final system state. Someone Jesus would come for nothing. The law was just you wait to understand that you need them. Aside Deloitte perfect brightly. We are not perfect. There is no way we could ever be justified by the law. That's why were justified by faith. Faith in who faith his teeth. He's our righteousness. He's our justification. He is the one I'm shock what I heard because in my mind every single thing he said contradicts the writings of the New Testament will again I invite Pastor Mac Hammond into this reading studio. It's a few minutes from your office, a mere society would be happy to be on the phone. I have him from Israel and swear I often connect with the mere so that is an open invitation want to play one more clip because it's another's situation here and that would be the Bible Society of Denmark and what they've done to my Bible and then the announcer here is going to come and clarified that the Bible Society of Denmark is trying to repair the damage our own welcome to another episode of pot for his role we have with us again. Dr. Ayres Soros present 140 ministries and we have some really kinda sad, unfortunate news to discuss with you guys. This is a controversy. It's really been unfortunately been really big in the Israeli news cycle, but apparently there was a denomination that came out with a anti-Israel Bible.

In other words, no mention of the nation of Israel colleague with the debt. So go to tell us about a little.

The specific facts are and it is very very sad is that the Bible Society in Denmark has decided to create an Israel neutral New Testament. They have selectively removed the mention of Israel. The vast majority of the mentions of Israel from an edition of the New Testament in Danish and they have put it out. As it turns out that is, as you've mentioned this was quite a splash in an Israeli news media very sad because for the average Israeli.

These are questions I mean that's what questions do you know the date try to obliterate the name of Israel, as it were. We have approached the Bible Society, and Israel will address them. The directories that is a personal friend and so I've asked him what what happened there and he in fact said that he was while the project bears the name of the Bible Society in Denmark. It's not a Bible Society project infected some sort of an external company that funded attend and did it. Of course, it still remains very, very sad, but he assured me that the Bible societies actually going to try to get away from that. Get the name Bible study away from that event for the average is ready again. I think with these very free painful that many Israelis think will. This is what the questions are about trying to erase the name of Israel and this is really reminded me of some verses from Psalm 83 and we read in Psalm 83 verse four says they have said, let us wipe them out as a nation that the name of Israel will be remembered no more interest. How does it out. This is something that has been written over 3000 years ago.

It's also pertinent to our day and age, and it's just a heart wrenching mass of thought isn't it sad that we have at the conclusion that that spokesman just made that were applying Psalm 83 to the church now come, let us wipe out the very memory of Israel's existence and yet there are many churches that actually have that sentiment they have blotted Israel out of their very remembrance, they don't talk about it. They don't talk about winning Tuesday Jesus they want talk about Israel's glorious rebirth as a nation and you know that and I know that because we work with churches on a daily basis. I'm down to a minute or two in my segment, I would make sure that when I quote Psalm 83. I will make sure that we were for it to be physical. This is an individual around sad thing is that correction so to speak, are actually taking the same stand of the anti-Semitic Arab nations that were here around and through try to take us and destroy the 1948, 1957, but I can tell you that I'm not surprised. This is not the first attempt to do stuff like that. Any thoughts would be the last one. By the way, I did speak also to the head of the Bible Society of Israel and he asked me also to post it on my social media which I did and he said look we need to make sure it's not going to be a precedent because once that thing goes smoothly in under the radar.

It will open the door for more and more thing. I don't envy these people. You cannot change it to apply. If you remove stuff from the Bible with change stuff in the Bible God is nothing to be pleased with you, we see that in the Scriptures that type of warning the idea of removing it was to appease what they said. At least they could New Testament for nonbelievers is for searching people if they don't want to make them angry by having the name of Israel. Well you know what if Israel makes you angry. Trust me the name God of Israel will make you angry as well and Messiah of Israel will make you angry up as well and the fact that Jesus was a Jew when he came to the will will make you angry as well. When we come back greatly answer the question, what does it mean that all Israel will be saved. It's really very simple answer. I do know why that pastor he really got confused a little bit there but I'm going to clarify the mere will clarify what it really does mean I'm coming back in just a minute or two to go away. We love write to us through our website. All of three views or that's all of tree views.O RG: Central Time 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write to all of you ministries and Jan Martel Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible over Jan and Amir, we are carrying Amir's are Fadi's new book the day approaching Israelis message of warning and hope for the last days the boat looks the plans of the world, the church, Israel, and for you as we look at the turmoil of our times. Now many are asking if we are in a run out very last of the last days. Tribulation events are casting a shadow on the church age. We have global events including locus plagues, pestilence, and natural disasters that are of biblical proportion God be sending warning signs to both the world and the church in the Bible Jesus spoke about the signs.

It would make it clear his return is near.

Learn what those are, how they are evident today is a native Israeli believer nurse are Fadi has a distinct perspective that weighs biblical history and current events in Bible prophecy together to sign the light on the mysteries about the last days find this compelling book in our online store.

All of tree olive tree and are printed in a newsletter or call a central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. Believers are not preparing our heart. We are not going through the departures bolt and getting on the plane. We are not planning if we don't have it days that we know Walt knowing tower.

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Our website including headlines we have appreciated a nurse are Fadi's teachings at our last five conferences in the Twin Cities area. We still have some DVDs of our more recent fall events here are Jan and a near to wrapup part two of our two parts so the biblical signs of the end times are numerous and will define the specific event that many believe will trigger history's final countdown come without a hint of warning is an event that will catch the tire world by complete surprise, and then plunge it into total chaos to those who study the prophetic calendar.

It is known simply as the rapture the rapture of the church is easily the most exciting event that could ever be imagined in the minds of men. God has given us this report that it's going to happen in the twinkling of an eye, you have to be prepared in advance and can't get prepared when it happens. The most detailed biblical accounts of the rapture are found in the New Testament. Not all of us will die, but we will all transform it will happen in the moment, the twinkling of an for the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding side and with the trumpet call of God first. All the Christians who have died will rise from the grave. Then, together with we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and remain with him forever for all of its mystery. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the rapture is its eminence.

It could literally occur at any moment, and as the Scriptures tell us there will be no doubt when that moment arrives. Christ is the Savior of the human race and welcome back and spending two weeks with my guess. The mere surfactant you can learn sign up for his various key announcements that he produces catch him on the many presentations he makes on YouTube's ability YouTube on the computer and type in Amir's are Fadi or behold, Israel, and dozens of presentations will come up there all outstanding. We are active on social media as well. Olive tree check us out on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and more. And when you write to us. Would you tell us how you listen. Are you a podcast or are you listening to one of our 900 radio stations. Are you listening on his channel or YouTube.

Just let us know how you listen. And that helps us process things here in the office encourage you to sign up for my printing E newsletter. I spent two weeks with my guest last week. If you join me. Well, even late in this hour, we covered a lot of issues concerning coveted 19 mark of the beast, those types of issues we talked about him almost from the hour encourage you to look that up on his channel or YouTube or on my website.

All programming posted to my website. Olive tree and then we been talking this week a little bit more about Amir's books is new. One is the day approaching Israelis message of warning and hope for the last days which I've read one and 1/2 times partly in preparation for today but Amir, I want to go back.

I indicated on the way out of my first segment that we need to clarify just what does it mean that all Israel will be saved. That's for that pastor was so confused that we talked about play that clip you and I know what it means is simple, what it means you explain why.

Back but Jewish people. On his return. Those who survived tribulation will be saved and the reason they survived tribulation is because they were faithful not to receive the mark of the beast and to lead to the desert where he prepared a place for them for three and half years 1260 David very simple. If you read the New Testament in the book of Revelation and UCD find Israel there in a very specific way.

By the way, the same description of the return of Jesus in Israel is looking at him on the Pearson using the book of Zechariah chapter 12 the fact that he is coming back with his saints to Jerusalem is in Zechariah chapter 14 the prophets of the Old Testament knew that in the book of Revelation as well as the book of Romans that Beverly described that book that you could be saved by affiliation. There was no need for cold to ever pay the Amy synagogue and tried to convince them believe in Jesus and with no need for Paul himself to become a believer in Jesus, so I don't understand that position when it contradicts everything Paul wrote and everything pulled. I think some people pastors and laypeople. They want to be such good friends to the Jewish people. They want to love them but they love them to death. Literally, they love them to death. If you know that somebody have cancer and you have the medicine medicine is some sort of taste that the person like are you going to refrain from giving him the medicine.

Just because you know he doesn't like that you show your loft. In fact, I think that's how you hate. I think what he's doing is basically taking the shortcut avoiding confrontation because if that thing with the Jewish people, then what are you going to tell the Hindus of the are you going to tell them that everything they been leaping for all those years is wrong. He then told them everything you believe in to the Jewish people is wrong about it the same way with the same conviction. He stood in the middle of Aspen and set the pumping monthly. You say that the same way than with the same conviction. Anyone who does not believe in Jesus must be saved through Christ alone. There is no other name by which no other name. Thank you for clarifying that was her name falsely passed to him and might even come in here to the studio and we can discuss it with him. Amir, the first program we talked about a lot evil that's going on. We talked about the global cabal. We talked about how the globalists the globally late-term trying to kinda bring about the end of the age. As we know it.

I don't think they understand that but the point is right now. Evil is hindered and is hindered thanks to the restrainer during the tribulation.

Something happens to the restrainer. Once you clarify who you feel the restrainer is and what happens to the restrainer during the tribulation from which the church is absent in chapter 2 we can find a sequence (that is about to happen in the world. We can see that Paul is speaking to the church in Thessalonica. By the way tropic only churches that did not have Jewish people and it's not the only epistle that did not have any Old Testament quotes and so these people were kind of a little bit shaken by the fact that on one hand, he is telling them that there is no way a believer can die forever and on the other hand, he did see some of them dying and that he got to in first Thessalonians chapter 4 tell them. Don't be like those without hope in any told him about the rapture of the church, but then in second Thessalonians. In chapter 2, he says, for you yourself know brethren that are coming to you was not in vain you thing know, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him, we ask you not to be soon shaken in mind and then he goes on and explains what the end time is going to look like he talks about the apostasy of the church and he is talking about the eventually rise of the Antichrist. But then he said the following things to look, don't you remember that when I was still with you I told you the thing the main pole sat there with the Thessalonians, and gave them more than any other church a great dispensational teaching on that time all the seven year tribulation.

But then he said, look, I told you all those things now you know that what is restraining. He told the only reason why not. It's because there is the restraining power of God. The Holy Spirit here. You have been sealed with a look at this event is the mystery of lawlessness is already at work people see lawlessness, but he said to them, look only he H when I restraining Royal do so. This is future ability telling them guys.

It's not for you. You will do so. He will continue and kill no, is the point where the physical is not that they are forever on till he is taken out of the way. If a factly. The description of what the believers are going to go through taken out of the way it passive. We as believers are not preparing our departure. We are not going to that departures a whole and getting on the plane. We are not planning it.

We don't have a day that we know we don't know in our we don't have a flight ticket. We don't do departures were being taken somebody is snatching them for the beautiful thing about this because you can see that only when taken out of the way and then in fan, the lawless one will be revealed only after the rapture is going to take place, not before.

And this is become very contentious since you and I now you and I can be the victims of some things are going on, particularly online videos made about us and our strong beliefs about what you're talking about were just defending the faith. I think Amir were just defending the very clear teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture of the church which as I said has become very contentious as a matter fact, let me read something that you wrote is not in the context of the rapture, but it can be applied to the rapture. This is in one of your newsletters. You wrote this, and I copied it is identified with it. You say this. However, my biggest concern is not what the world is going through lead.

The Bible believers shouldn't be surprised about what's going on the world then you say my concern is how believers are treating one another and then you go on to say online tax bashing and smearing has become the new norm Twitter Facebook posts by one individual are being immediately perceived as an attack on another. We forget how to respectfully agree to disagree on many things Jesus said in John 1335 by this all will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another and you conclude, sometimes I think that the rapture hasn't happened yet because of the way we did the bride conduct ourselves perhaps were not ready.

Let us finish well. Let us finish strong.

Your point is Christians here in the very last of the last days doing way too much sniping at one another over lots of things were more. One another up and preaching the gospel in preaching the gospel. That's the point, and it makes me sad that instead of praying for one another and consider appreciating the different ministries that we have in sharing the burden all do all day long every day all day is criticizing his being the police anything, only the name of contending for the fate that held a two I believe they do it.

That service to God work around under think that using the ways of the world is they put some graphics where the molecule and the reticule you the world is not doing that to us here right then the victim of an unbelievable thermal busy writing blog attacking believers than writing blogs with the good news to be shared with nonbelievers. I think Lee's major point in my heart is with you on this issue.

That's ironic that I managed to bring this up.

I'm with you and I'm I'm weary and brokenhearted, and it shouldn't be happening, particularly when there's so little time left.

If we aren't spending every minute encouraging one another. After all, Hebrews 10, I opened with that kind of opens Amir's new book today approaching Hebrews 10 encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching and we been talking about today approaching now for two weeks that he's been my guest. You can find his new book today approaching and Israelis message of warning and hope for the last days in my online store you can find it in my various newsletters you can call my office central time will get one out to you very promptly and while we still have time.

Amir, I want to keep my promise here, because in your new book and by the way, we have his original book as well. The last hour in my online store and in our newsletters. Towards the end of your newest book today approaching you delve into the millennium and I think when a lot of people here about the millennium thousand years, you and I believe it's literal.

I just heard from in millennialist today. He emailed me, says Jan I love everything you do.

Listen to your program follow you. We disagree on. Well, he's millennialist and I'm a premillennialist is, but I still love you that that's what we like to hear folks instead of the bickering and fighting so there's various versions of the millennium. We believe it's literal because it says so in Revelation, why am millennium talk to us for a few minutes why a millennium. I'm fine if we didn't have to have one, but it's God's idea, so were going to go through with it because I've struggled with for the longest time. Not that it's not true because it's true. I struggle, I struggled with it because I knew a look if it's written in the Bible to effectuate it has to be true because John is saying that Satan will be locked down for thousand years.

And then he says when the thousand years are expired he will be released for show this great but there is no greater way to describe a specific time. Then to mention how many days are only going to be the Bible. By the way is very very serious when it mentions you names weeks hours while mention that unless you meant it, we know that these are up plane to God not acting out. If we think it's literal or not, because he believes that it got to be a thousand years though if you choose not to believe then that your problem but I struggled with it because I said to myself, oh my goodness. I left the terrible world to a place that Jesus prepared for me. Those mansions up there in heaven, they must be wonderful.

The last thing I wanted to come back and that I know.

But then I said to him was okay but must be a reason for and the more I study on the millennial kingdom. The more I realize that I don't think we going to suffer that much because for us once we become like him. We have the glorified body and everything. I think that the essence of time will not be the same way for regular people. I think that for us the thousand years will be like one deity like a thousand years. I think it's going to be easier for us because we don't have the body of the people of the mind of the people different around here. However, I realized that God is giving the world a chance where Jesus is ethically raining from Jerusalem other words, if you think Jesus never see Jesus you think Jesus was just a Jewish teacher theme of the King of the world and if you think Jerusalem is not God's place then you see the real from Jerusalem. And if you think that it's the Catholic Church that it will be raining. From there, then you're up for a big disappointment because people come to celebrate the feast of Tabernacle may not Easter and not Christmas, you realize that faith and is not the verities bound for thousand years. There is no satanic influence in the world Jesus himself. There there is nothing you can say hey that's why I can't believe God is giving you 1000 years to show you that if you still don't believe that you deserve the great white throne judgment.

The key is what coming at the end of the millennial kingdom's the judgment. God wants to tell the world she righteousness in. I sure judge. I believe that the millennial kingdom is the way for us to understand that sin is sin, and you cannot blame Satan for it all day long and you can say Jesus is not here so I theme you cannot see the world is terrible when the world will not be terrible in Jesus will be here and say that I won't be here any of you still join Satan to second after he's released at the end of the thousand year then obviously you two deserve that judgment, but the millennium also is to give all the promises to Israel that God promised her obviously but again remember at that time to Israel that there is already yes at that time that his words are but his right and so it's not like Israel needed to do anything God is going to demonstrate everything by way so showing new borders and by way by showing that new temple and waited so restoring things at once used to be because God is going to say hey I was never Catholic pay for everything you try to make me like I still am the God of Israel, I still chose Jerusalem is my dwelling place is definitely what God wants us to see, but Israel at the millennial kingdom is already saved because the non-faith are not there.

I believe it's for the rest of the world to have another chance for Israel.

This is the best time the Jesus because they just got to know everything about it as a nation they never had any relationship with Jesus before the first time he just returned they just turn in the second coming. If he just returning the second coming in. They just acknowledging and they are going to take pleasure in look the church at 2003 and have a thousand to take pleasure in getting to know Jesus and worshiping Jesus and by the time of the thousand years millennial kingdom is over. If you're not a wonderful on fire follower of Jesus, then that's great white throne something you deserve. Here's what you write in one of the chapters on millennium you see your decisions today affect your place and role in the millennial kingdom. If you choose Jesus. Now you will reign with him in the future if you deny him. Now he will deny you before the father. There are no promotions in the millennial kingdom. Either you will rain or you will be reigned over followed Jesus today and you will reign with him tomorrow reject Jesus today and you will not even see tomorrow. Paul wrote to Timothy, if we died with him. We also will live with him. If we endure, we shall also reign with him. If we deny him, he will also deny us that second Timothy two 1112 then you conclude I would much rather be among the Rainer's than the disowned make your decision. Now the Bible tells us that procrastination is not an option. Behold, now is the accepted time.

Behold, now is the day of salvation. And I think that is the key to your message that I hear you give so often a mere and others that work closely with us. Pastor Jack and Don Stewart and Katie frog now is the day of salvation.

That is, we talk two weeks here for two hours total that they ultimate message is now is the day of salvation. Don't wait. I know you agree exactly. I do agree and I think that tomorrow might be too late. Look the world. Yes. How can we take the risk. How can we take the chance and again a few you choose Jesus today you could start having life and having truth and having found a way already. Now I'm not a promise to a garden because I'm not about anyone, but I will tell you if peace that you never had before but will be in your heart, and there were times when we need peace in our hearts because I'm hearing from people right now as we speak. They lost their businesses. They lost their investment of a lifetime. They lost a loved one passed away because of this cozy crisis. The only place we can look to for peace is to the Lord right now for some anyway. Not everyone's going through a crisis that many, many are saying. Jesus is our hope, he is the source of peace is our provider is everything I'm telling you, if you delay your decision. You might regret it and violate those who choose not to receiving right now. I'm not sure how much of chance will have later because the world will be so brainwashed by the antichrist and the agenda in the lawlessness and all of that, that the Bible says in the same famous second Thessalonians 2 that the cause be rejected. The love of the truth that might save them. God gave them what strong delusion.

If he things the truth why when you accepted Mary's saying is based on diversity citing is that once the tribulation starts in terrible terrible fast strong delusion overtakes the world and it could even overtake you.

We don't know that for sure but that's what that passage seems indicated could overtake you, and you enter into the tribulation. Unsaved and you are so deluded you might not even understand the concept of salvation during the tribulation. We don't know that that's kind of up for debate, but it's a serious warning. I think the mere that's what we've done these two weeks is kind of remind people that God always warns before Z judges, and I think he sent the world a colossal warning in the whole coven crisis that we talked about last week. This week we didn't but God always warns before he judges. I want to thank you for everything you do. I want to refer to the book today approaching find in my store. The last hour. His first book find it in my online store olive tree olive tree learn and thank you Amir for giving up a couple of weeks here appreciate it so much. I'm glad our time is up with my voice is going on me. I want to go out with the Bible verse of first that's so meaningful to both the mere Sephardi inmate because we have spent two weeks looking at our changing times that can create confusion and uncertainty and even see her and I want to go out with a verse from Colossians chapter 3 verses one through four. Therefore, if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above or Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on the earth, for you have died in your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory. Can you set your mind on things above today. That's all I'm asking rather than on this growth in sin and stain earth. We are going to hear a shout any day. Perhaps today you will participate in that glorious event only. If you have named the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

If you have not do so today. No one is promised to tomorrow. I want to thank you for listening will talk to you again next week. We don't share any programming to scare people, but to prepare people to the end time pilgrims heading towards our heavenly home. If we have made a difference in your life. Let us hear from you. We get our mail when you write to olive tree ministries and Jan Martel Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 call. The central time at 76355944 763-559-4444. Write to us through our website. Olive tree that's olive tree no matter what the circumstances.

We believe God remains on the throne is in total control and is allowing all that is predicted to fall into place. That is been our message on air online for over 20 years. Thank you for serving the King of Kings with us

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