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Revealing Revelation: All Things New

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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May 20, 2022 8:00 am

Revealing Revelation: All Things New

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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May 20, 2022 8:00 am

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Are you looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth. Chapter 21 in chapter 22 back to the drawing gentlemen, recognizing that the old heaven and earth to file beyond being solvable. God goes back to the drawing board and he designs and then create a new heaven and new earth, and in new Jerusalem. Welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries. They Jan visits with ministry partner on their sorry Fadi, everything that has a beginning, also has an ending. It's all outlined in the Bible.

Jan and Amir talk about that this really very challenging times chaos pandemics, natural disasters, political intrigue looks like the world has lost control look like there's no hope. Yet we know that for the believers, there's always hope God throughout Scripture is always always emphasized the hope that we having him in his plans for us yet same time God always gave us an accurate description of what is going to happen to our world that is in a state of disbelief. The most important source of information stand what is going on in our lives and what is going on in this world is the word of God and in the word of God. The most important book that describes today's situation in the very near future. The one that encompasses all the future of the believers and the future of this world is the book of Revelation, the revelation of Christ convicting Messiah that revealed himself to a living apostle on the far remote Greek island called Patmos right by the shores of the Mediterranean, giving him a living message that rings in the ears of every living creature ever since. It's a message about life and its message about choice and it's a message about the destiny of this world. This is a book that is often misunderstood, ignored, or abuse. This is exactly why one invite you to a journey throughout the 22 chapters of the book of Revelation to help you get a better understanding not only an understanding of where we are today more so of where this world is going to a book that will give you the understanding of how important it is to make your decision today in order to avoid being part of the catastrophes that are going to befall this world. Join me in the journey of revealing Revelation and so glad you can join me for today's programming think you know what that introduction what were going to talk about this hour, and when you be bringing Amir on momentarily because we do carrying his new book and study guide revealing Revelation how God's plans for the future can change your life now and he said so much in that two minute clip that I don't need to repeat other than yeah and the churches are marginalizing and compromising, and even allegorizing this subject matter, and that's why it's so important that you hear the truth about the book of Revelation. So when this book and workbook came out. I was very enthused about it now.

I've read the book cover to cover Amir's RFID. He is actually a tour guide in Israel and what he's done is he's become a tour guide through the book of Revelation in the product that were talking about.

Amir points out that Revelation is not so much about the tribulation or Israel or the rapture of the church, but about Jesus Christ. From beginning to end and ultimately it outlines our glorious future.

We have worked together since about 2015 and he was at my annual conference for five years, we have ministered together other venues as well. Since then he resides near Tiberias, Israel, and we carry a number of his other books. I'm going to mention those as we get into the programming telomere welcome back to understanding the times radio. Thank you, Janice.

It's an honor to be here in your program yeah I'm literally stone throwing distance from the Valley of Armageddon. Yes, I saw a recent update where you can see it in the background. Let me say this, the narration about the tribulation takes up much of the book of Revelation, but there is really a very specific purpose for this time. It has to do with Israel. Why don't you explain that, yes, a lot of people tend to forget that God is not done with Israel is not room with Israel. Israel has a purpose, and has a plan that God outlined in the book of the prophets.

This is what Isaiah was talking about. Jeremiah was Ezekiel in Zechariah and others throughout the book of Revelation we can finally understand the plan of God for Israel that was already written throughout the prophets everything that has to do with the tribulation through the physical return of Christ and the reign of Christ for a thousand years from Jerusalem. None of this is news to the ones that study carefully the Old Testament we have to make it very clear the church is gone. The tribulation will begin. And God is trying to get the attention of the nation of Israel. They choose their own things. They follow their own ways and plans, but God is trying to get their attention, as he always had. So he's sending to witnesses ascending hundred and 44,000 witnesses from the Jewish tribes from all the tribes of Israel and at the same time he also sends an angel that proclaims the everlasting gospel that is happening while the theory anti-Christ pro-Satanic world is in the climax of its activity. Israel is there not by itself in a different planet Israel as a nation is in a falling deteriorating world all around, and God during the time that God is dealing with this theory on believing and falling and sinful world. God is also trying to get the attention of Israel.

This is why those two witnesses are sent to Jerusalem. This is why those hundred 44,000 are from the 12 tribes of Israel and this is why eventually the return of Christ will be to Jerusalem, the reign of Christ for thousand years will be in Jerusalem and even the new heaven and new ever scribed as the new Jerusalem.

Yes, now I want to clarify to the audience that these are hundred and 44,000 Jewish witnesses there not Gentile evangelists. Folks, the Jewish witnesses Revelation eschatology and times. It's so wrapped around Israel and the Jewish people, which much of the church is missing but Amir.

This brings an end to the times of the Gentiles, which began under Nebuchadnezzar. I want to read a paragraph from the book here you say this, the tribulation will punish mankind for sin and you say how often have you heard someone ask why did God allow that to happen, or why doesn't he do something about man's inhumanity to man. Well, here's your answer is going to do something about it for now. He continues to patiently wait for mankind to respond to him but as time goes on. There is more and more rejection of God and more hatred expressed towards one another and then you say the time is coming when God will say enough, then he will pour out on this planet.

The judgments of the seals and the trumpets and the bowls that are found in Revelation.

These judgments will be just rewards for the rebellion antipathy that this world has leveled against its creator. So, as you say something happens, however, to the church between chapters 3 and four of Revelation.

The word church occurs 19 times in chapters 1 through three, and then not again until chapter 22.

Where did we go Amir.

That's exactly the point. This whole time. It was never meant to be for the church, not with the church. The church is gone because the child has been rapture and we are at the presence of God in that throne room of God and one of the things I talked about a lot is the throne room is that the things that exist up in heaven rather than down on earth.

We are gone.

That's why were not mentioned. This is why the reason need for to witness. Yes, this is why there is a need for hundred and 44,000 is why there's a need for the angel to proclaim the everlasting gospel because the only task the church has to days to share the gospel's ministries to proclaim the gospel and when we are gone. That is now a job that someone else needs to. This is exactly why I believe we have those things is important that we understand that God is not willing that any should perish. This is what second Peter chapter 3 saying the heart of God is for all people to be saved, but mankind by their own choice or are marching towards such an evil if you heard what was going on in America right now God for bid. There will be some changes in the abortion law that now they're talking about being able to even the board after the big events right there is no limit to the evil of man as we can see and it's only gonna get worse and worse. Remember God allow the nation of Israel into the land of Israel and berated very well in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 7, eight, nine and God said to the nation of Israel. I did not bring you pain because of your great hard and works but it's for two things. One, for all the promises I gave to your forefathers into because of big evil that these nations in this land have been practicing you completely. God is not going to put up with such evil is going to put an end to it and we're going to see now is what is not to be trapped in a world full of evil and with a very important choice to make, will we follow the one that Satan sent to rule the world or will we follow the very simple rule that man cannot be God.

That's it. I mean we can worship that guy as a God in the temple of God. You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel I have on the line from Tiberius Israel Amir's authority, behold,, behold, Israel.Oregon where Carrie's new book and study guide revealing Revelation and I'm so enthused about this book. And Amir, let's have a clarification here on something and that is you and I are really adamant that we must not allegory rise. This book frankly don't Alec arise anything in the Bible other than the trees of the field. If there clapping their hands.

That's fine we can Alec arise, but not the book of Revelation. And yet, as we are speaking many many listeners are in churches that are in allegorizing and other words are not taking it literally and this is just a tragedy. It is a tragedy and this is exactly what Satan wants.

Satan wants the church of Jesus not to be ready remember what Jesus on the road to amounts what he did to his own disciples, he rebuked them, and he said hold foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe that with the prophets of said is a look when the prophet said that Messiah had to die when the prophet say that he has to die for the sins of the world. When the prophet said that he has to resurrect on the third day, why didn't you take it seriously. Why didn't you believe that and that's why you don't understand why I had to go through all of that when we don't take Bible prophecy and the book of Revelation.

The weights being introduced to assist the word of prophecy. Blessed is the one who is hearing or reading that word of prophecy when we don't take prophecy seriously and we start allegorizing and changing things and generalizing things we miss out what God has for a plan for us as individuals and for the whole world. And this is exactly why two disciples of Jesus could walk all the way away from Jerusalem on the day they heard that he is alive and they were sad, yes. Is it look how pathetic it is to be sad when you know that he's no longer in the tomb that he's actually alive. Amir, you and I frequently remind folks as we watch natural disasters today. They're heartbreaking to say the least, but they pale in comparison to the judgments that are coming in the seals the trumpets and the bowls of Revelation. I'm actually not going to dwell extensively on the seals bowls and revelations in our discussion only because I haven't some recent previous program but I'm going back to your book for a moment and I want to read another paragraph on the seals, bowls, etc. and you say this. How will the people on earth react to this devastation meeting the seals bowls etc. folks, as is so often the case, rather than running to God, they will run away from him and then you say many people will recognize the cause of the calamity they will understand that they are experiencing physical judgments because of their spiritual sin, but rather than saying God we have sin.

Forgive us, we repent and will follow you. They will try to hide from the all seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful judge.

What would have happened if instead they had thrown themselves on the mercy of God. The point is here Amir there seeing all these horrific incredible events going on. And most of them are going to curse God and many many more will just keep running away from him. In other words not turned to him that this is a stunning commentary on mankind and a hardened heart.

You're right that's going second Thessalonians chapter 2, says those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. So we're watching a world that is not only not believing the truth and consciously believing the lie buddies taking pleasure in unrighteousness and when I read Revelation, especially in chapter 16 when I read how they blaspheme God they know that he is the one that can stop these plagues and yet they did not repent and give him go, but they blasphemed his name that tells you the depth of deception and brainwash that the world is going to go through under the antichrist and of course Satan himself. It's something that's scary unless you choose Jesus today.

There's a good chance you will be brainwashed is a good chance you will be completely re-programmed in the way you think. Not to mention how the world is now encouraging more and more drug use and more and more acceptance to drugs and before you know it you'll make some decisions that are far away from rational and logical ones and you will believe the lie and reject the truth that might save you.

This is very tragic but we all can see that happening today. I mean I'm asking how can a mother take pleasure in killing a baby inside of her. How can scientists be so excited about bacteria in one of the planets outside of planet Earth. They can be having big headlines. We found signs of life, just for one bacteria when they have heartbeat of the baby feet and hands and nose and eyes and they don't: living in were watching stuff happening in your same to yourself. The not only don't believe the truth but they actually take pleasure in unrighteousness.

We carry some of Amir's other books I may just reference them and you can find the one were talking about in my online store olive tree olive tree this is a revealing Revelation and Dr. Mark Hitchcock says on the front cover.

Amir makes Revelation come alive like never before and I would agree with that. The other books that we carry Israel and the church with the study guide we carry the day approaching with the study guide and we carry the last hour so those are the four books of Amir's or fatty that we carry Amir and is jumping ahead a little bit because I feel that it's important that we clarify something and that he is the subject of Babylon, and there's so much confusion out there and I hear from people and they say Jan, don't you know, America is Babylon, and then others and some scholars say don't you know Babylon is the literal city in Iraq.

That's going to be rebuilt.

We know it's a religious and economic system. It's the second most referenced city in the Bible and that's why I want to talk about it right now. I want your perspective on Babylon and you talk about it in the book here and others talk about ministry Babylon give me your perspective based on what you've written here mystery Babylon tells already that he cannot be the original one. Or else why would the mystery the original one doesn't have a coastline for someone to see the merchants in the sea, and quite frankly when you read the description of Revelation regarding data you can clearly see that it has to be a financial, religious and political system that is headquartered somewhere. I've always believed that Western Europe is where the antichrist is going to write even by the way, Peter, I'm not mistaken, referred to Rome as best along in the New Testament.

I believe that it's not America for America to be Babylon. That means that America is still a superpower which doesn't really correspond with Ezekiel 30. Let's face it, if Ezekiel 38 happens when America is no longer there to stand by Israel for Israel with Israel and America is just like one of all the rest of protest. That's it. If it's even there. Then we know Ezekiel has to usher the rise of the Antichrist. It's not a war in the middle of the tribulation. Certainly not the end of the tribulation and therefore I can clearly see that if it's not the original, which doesn't fit the description and it's not the America which doesn't fit the timeline.

I can clearly see how from the ancient Roman Empire will rise.

The new Roman Empire and from that part comes the political, financial, but mostly also the religious system and it's tempting for folks to speculate on apocalyptic characters who might the false prophet be my thing. Antichrist BN names have been thrown out here in the last few years. All the antichrist want.

That's a manual McCrone nor its Barack Obama. Now it's a load. Amir Zielinski because Zielinski grows out of obscurity and many say that the antichrist he's the little horn so he probably comes out of obscurity, and I think you would agree that we need to be careful when it comes to pinning the tail on the various apocalyptic players, I believe so.

I believe it's very dangerous path for a believer to even try to guess what he antichrist is certainly because scripturally if you go to second Thessalonians.

We actually know. As Paul said in chapter 2 verse five. Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things, and now you know that what is restraining that he may be revealed in his own time.

For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains will do so until he's taken out of the way and then the lawless one will be revealed which means we have to be out of here. The Holy Spirit in us in the church that very unique presence of the Holy Spirit that has never been in a history in any group of people beside the church. We are the restraining power of the Holy Spirit in us and when we are taken out of the way. That's when the lawless one will be revealed if we think we know who we is that means that either we are being left behind, or we want to change the order in second Thessalonians chapter 2, which we can. I would say is you always say let's not worry about the antichrist.

Let's look forward to Jesus Christ. I think hard, like scale is I'm going to go backwards just for a little bit were going back to the opening part of Revelation and that's where John is talking about the churches before Jesus Christ takes the church he wants to address the church in the first few chapters of Revelation, and not all of those churches are very pleasing to him.

There's emphasis there's Smyrna's Pergamum Tyra Tyra Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

But here's the verse I'm settling on.

Let's talk about it for a moment because he's addressing the church of Philadelphia and Revelation 310 and there he says because you have kept my word of endurance.

I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. In other words, Amir.

I believe that's evidence there of Jesus Christ removing the church from about what's the trial that's about to come on the whole world the seals the bowls, etc. of the tribulation. He removed the true church he removes true believers, based on Revelation 310. Your thoughts. I believe the word is thrown not through. Thank you in that is exactly why this is one of the main scriptures to support the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. It's very important that we make mention of that. It also corresponds with first Thessalonians chapter 1. At the very end it says the following thing wait for his son from heaven home. He raised from the dead Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath. Again the word is from not through the coming wrath. But in other versions. It's from the wrath to come. We are not here to experience that wrath and by the way, Daniel and chapter 8 makes it very clear to everything is cold wrath.

The latter part of the indignation, indignation and hubris. The word wrath, its goals, there is a part of the events that will happen in the former part and events that will happen in the latter part but elevated is the indignation, all of it is the wrath of God again.

He will rescue us from the wrath to come.

First Thessalonians chapter 1 verse 10. And, of course, Revelation chapter 3. When we talk about the church of Philadelphia and of course, let's be honest every time Jesus when he revealed to Paul about the rapture both in first Corinthians 15 inventing first Thessalonians 4 the rapture of the poll is describing has absolutely no connection to a great tribulation. You would think that when he talks about the rapture. If the rapture happens in the middle or the end it will mention obviously this is the worst disaster the world will ever go through in history but yet both first Corinthians 15 speaking about the new body that we will get this, we are being taken and first Thessalonians chapter 4 talks about encouraging one another with these words completely unrelated to a great tribulation.

We've got two topics and actually three that are stunning, and one would be the millennium. What is this millennium is a literal 1000 years what the Bible says it's a thousand years. What is this new heavens and new earth. What were talking about this hour at all. In this new book revealing Revelation that we have, you can give my office a call to if you'd like to get a hold of the book. I strongly recommend it.

And if time allows I want to ask Amir.

His perspective of its there's some prophetic significance to what's going on in Ukraine or is this just another war and rumor of war. Frankly, I don't think so.

I think it has deeper meaning. Also, you have an interesting video posted online a merit discussion with your daughter in Israel about the topic.

We are covering this hour and my aunt is speaking. I think on behalf of the younger generation. Let's play that short clip think that book of Revelation is relevant to my generation is a very good question. My own and I think that I can ask the same thing about my generation, and I think my parents generation put out the same thing because this is the revelation of Jesus Christ that was given to the apostle John in the island of cosmos 2000 years ago.

Yet the Bible is not with the timestamp and when the Lord said, blessed is read and hear the word of the it is not limited generation. In other words, every generation, every leaving that will ever read anything here that book and keep the words of the will be blessed. There is a blessing that is promised. I understand that it's not an easy book to read. I agree with you and this is exactly why I felt the need to write, revealing Revelation, revealing Revelation is journey that I take you as a tour guide. That's what I did for many many years people come from all over the world to Israel and they don't know the history of photography. They don't know how we can make the land to the people today to the history and to the Bible and why they needed and that's exactly the purpose of reviewing this is a guided tour 22 chapters of a difficult book to understand that is super important one God wants everyone to read here and do the words of the prophecy of your read the book of Revelation, not being that it easy to understand that I agree with you that this is not an easy book to understand. This is exactly why it is a misunderstood abuse, overuse, or ignored completely and that is exactly why I believe a book like revealing Revelation so I truly believe leaving the very end times. This book is all about the end times. There is no more relevant book.

Then Revelation the time and season in which we live today and especially for people of your age generation that is so digitally oriented. It's important to get back to Scripture in order to gain an understanding of what really is going on in this world today. You know, social media gives you a false picture of this world. The Internet gives a false picture of this world. The Bible gives you a mirror of this world, not just a mirror of what the world looks like today more so of what is going to happen and so far the Bible has a track record of 100% reliability, accuracy and authenticity and so I trust the Bible study the Bible and I want to convey that understanding. Those people find hard to understand.

This is why revealing Revelation was written just a couple of quick announcements here. We are having a special understanding the times evening in just a few weeks.

On June 9 with both Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley who have written a new book on the reset and how that is ushering in the antichrist agenda. If you're coming on out to the church doors open at six and that's revived church. Some of you will remember it as Brooklyn Park evangelical free. Only the name is been changed and that 7849 W. Broadway, Brooklyn Park Northwest suburb of Minneapolis. No costs, just first-come first-served of the panel discussion will have Q&A you can submit questions online so that will be happening on Thursday, June 9 here in the Twin Cities area but available to the world by accessing Mark Henry Mark Henry to lifestream all these events and then we posted electronically. My website Mark Henry ministries website.

You can watch it at your leisure and also Amir is going to be doing a tour in Canada, beginning on May 22 at here are the cities they May 22-30 and I want you to go to behold for details.

Montréal, Calgary, Vancouver for sure those three cities, Montréal, Calgary and Vancouver.

May 22 through May 30 and I highly encourage you if you want to be encouraged turn out to one of these meetings. I've had Amir at five of my conferences and I can tell you that well.

He electrifies the audience. I don't say that in a sensational way please. You know me better than that. It's just that folks are so hungry for true Bible teaching plus they are hungry for more information on how does it all end. And when does it all end well. We can't give you that date.

We don't know, but you can look at things around you and you can clearly see things are winding down and Amir coming back to you here. I just said that we have so many listeners right now who are know what they're thinking there thinking, why doesn't my church talk about this give us your thoughts on that because it's a heartbreak it's the most frequent email to this ministry. Olive tree ministries.

Give me your take on it. But that's exactly why we were that book because there is a common thread throughout the whole Christian world. The book of Revelation is either to be ignored or to be taken as an allegory, it's hard for them to accept things as they are. It's too hard for them to understand that the events that are described in the book are truly going to happen. Yes, it's too bizarre it's too weird it's too catastrophic it's too harsh while I'm asking what's more bizarre than a flood that is covering the whole world. What's more harsh than a flood the discovery and they have no problem with that flood the time of Noah, some saying to myself, God said he will no longer send a flood, but look what is going to happen. This is going to be the biggest catastrophe this planet has ever seen in the reason why people run away from it is because they want to believe in the good, happy, and of the story. Sure so it doesn't really correspond with the narrative. All the good feel good to go and all will be good.

It doesn't correspond with the narrative all the kingdom mouth. That's right, we are preparing the place for Christ to return here rather than we are going out of here so he will judge the whole world while were gone.

I also believe that there is a side in some Christian studies of very religious. They want to know that they suffered enough in order to justify the grace and mercies and salvation and eternal life that they will have. It's very bizarre. It's almost like they want to stay here when you tell them that there was a way to escape. It's called ace KPs and like you are escapist while I'm proud of being escape.

Wouldn't you want to escape a disaster absolutely see a big ship drowning, wouldn't you want to be on the first rescue boat out and escape that will obviously and thankfully we have many examples in the Scriptures of our God removes the Rogers before he pours the judgment on the unrighteous and look the enemy is working very very hard on landing the people of God. He doesn't need to work hard on the nonbelievers they will never look at this book anyway. They actually take the word apocalypse to take the word tribulation Armageddon and the put it some other worldly things x-rays they don't put anything in the right context, but the mission of the enemy is actually to confuse people of God and the best way to do it is not to attack them from the outside first beaters outside set computers inside is to bring false teachers from the inside that will tell you how it's categorized how it's all not exactly literal and you know what I remember, when his will was born in 1948.

That was a big problem for all those people categorized and from that point on they have to start questioning everything else because if God after 2000 years brought his people back to their land exactly according to his plan. Then apparently the church is not Israel. God still has a plan for Israel and that is why I say let's stick to the Bible and let's take it literally in Israel for me is the best example of why we should do so. I think the biggest theological change in my lifetime Amir and my audience. And Amir just referenced. It is this dominion theology kingdom now theology because it takes the emphasis of the latter days off of Israel puts it right back on the church.

Even though the church and even here for the book of Revelation, except a couple of opening chapters 3 chapters. So it puts all the emphasis on the church and the church is been a big glorious in the church is going to restore the earth don't buy into that. Okay. Don't believe it is false theology.

Can I be any more blunt say if you want to keep up with Amir surviving my guest for the hour do so on his telegram channel there. He's posting videos and other articles in various items of interest. Daily.

If you'd like to keep up with all of tree ministries. We are on telegram Facebook gab Instagram rumble YouTube now what I'd like to do. Amir is transitioning a little bit here and I think to do that. I want to play a one minute clip it happens to be Dr. David Jeremiah and then come back and this is transitioning us into well and intriguing and even glorious time known as the millennium.

The Bible says that you and I who were Christians are going to be a part of the government through true all of us who are believers. Remember we go up in the rapture.

If were living during this period of time were taken up to heaven in the rapture were in heaven for about seven years, while the tribulation is happening down here, up in heaven.

The marriage supper of the Lamb and the judgment seat of Christ for believers. All that takes place up there. But when Christ comes back at the battle of Armageddon and he defeats the armies of the world that have come against him.

The Bible says we come with them and when we come with him when the battles over we stay here with them and we rule and reign with him throughout the whole world. The Bible says and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

Revelation chapter 20 usually will pressure Jeremiah 1 of my going to get to do. I don't know. There seems to be in the Scripture.

Some relationship between one's faithfulness here in this time and what administration they're going to be given in that time. So if you want a good job in the millennium. You better start taking care of business because the Bible says he's going to reward us on the basis of our faithfulness to him miss our Friday why a millennium. How about if we just were in heaven for seven years.

Let's say there no regarding come back to a very bruised earth. Why do you think that's the case when I was studying for the message I prepared on the millennial kingdom. I was actually asking myself the same question. Why could you not leave me in heaven and send me back to the same earth. I gladly left but then I realize one thing possible we may not even feel the thousand years as thousand years because we will be in a different body that is like Christ. So, for God a thousand years like one day one day is like a thousand years. Unlike those who do not have glorified body. We may not have this concept of time the same way. However, what is more important is this. Towards the end of the thousand years millennial kingdom after Jesus Christ himself physically, not just by name, not by spirit. Physically, he will sit and rain from Jerusalem.

And people will come to worship him in Jerusalem from all over the world after 1000 years of seeing a world that is as close as it can be to the situation in Eden before the flood. After all of that when Satan will be released from his bottomless pit for a short time. The Bible describes one more a multitude of so many people that will joining in his war against the saints, and the point is this God will show us that the next thing that is coming. The great white throne that final judgment that will send people to the second that which is the ultimate one is going to be a very just reward to those people.

Yes is giving us another thousand years with Jesus in a better world. And yet if that's not enough butter without Satan. Satan is locked up for those thousand years him and his demons, and yet people are people with our hearts with their desires and so when the moment comes in the final judgment comes. I think it will be easier for all of us to see how just God is in the way he's judging the unbelievers. Additionally, Amir. There are dozens if not hundreds of promises to Israel in the Old Testament, and therefore the millennial kingdom.

And so the millennium during that time. All these promises to Israel will be kept very literally, absolutely. This is the time when Israel would be back at the head of all nations. Jerusalem will be the center of attention of the whole world. This is when we know that the times of the Gentiles are over. This is when things are being restored back to Israel. And yet everyone needs to eventually put his trust in the Messiah, not in anything else.

So I agree with you as far as Israel is concerned, the millennial kingdom is God's way to restore things the way they were before.

But again, we do have this very unpleasant portion in chapter 20 of Revelation that the scribe was going to happen.

The minute Satan is released again. The Bible says he's out there to deceive the nations once again. That's what he does. That's his expertise and he will do it again and they will fall into that deception and follow him to their death and so it's very tragic to end up such a beautiful yes yes but again it shows you eventually God will always judge people and adjust way. That's why the Bible talks about Jesus as the just judge if you just join me you are listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel.

I have on the line from near Tiberias Israel Amir Sir Fontaine. Many of you have been to some of his conferences, including five of mine here in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area starting in 2015 that he has a new book and our conversation is centered on the book revealing Revelation of God's plans for the future can change your life. Now it has an accompanying work. You don't have to get the workbook. If you don't want it to study guide both are in my store. Olive tree olive tree give my office a call and I think Amir, your book might be in target. Few places like that. Yeah, apart from Amazon where we've seen unbelievable presale those target brick-and-mortar store and also Walmart in a couple weeks even Hobby lobby oh wonderful, let's move quickly because our time is winding down into Revelation 2122 which talks about and this is tough to wrap your brain around folks. The new heavens and the new earth. And Amir says in the book God spares us the details of the demolition of the original heaven and earth, but he unveils a new heavens and a new earth that would be Revelation 21 verses one into and so much superior in quality to the old you know Amir, superior quality to the old heaven.

The old earth. I understand, but even the heaven will be greater because all that sin from the devil and when he rebelled all of that's gone.

Thankfully, yes and thankfully, the new Jerusalem will come down.

Yes, and it's a city descending from the sky but it's massive. This is not a normal city were not talking about London to Los Angeles were done by the territory that is wider than your from London to Kiev. Basically it's huge and it's adorning such a beautiful way.

It's like the most perfect of gemstones that are on the walls and its foundations and gains in streets and it's like a ride that is coming down and it's amazing look.

When the Bible says no ear has heard, no eye has seen a dozen come on anybody's heart the goodness that God is prepared for his people. This is what it's about. There is nowhere in this world. Even something close to the beauty of this new Jerusalem look I generalize, but that saying is that woman's best friend is the diamond okay that's what they say it's a joke against but I can tell you this woman will be very happy. John didn't have enough words to describe the beauty of this Jerusalem just like the prophets when they tried to describe a war in conventional weapon that we have today in modern days there were no words in their days to describe what can be described modern languages today, but 2000 years ago they were and I guess even today, there are no words that can ever describe such beauty.

Such elegance, such going to details look.

The walls and the gates, there are not because people are, they need to be protected. The walls and the gates are just to tell you how much gold is holding you and protecting human or ever and ever.

Even fats. Normally, these are the least beautiful places gates and wall you invest in your mansion but not in the walls and the gate, but even the walls and the gates and the foundations are all with unbelievable perfect gemstones and all of that book. I am extremely excited about our future. Not only that we gonna get new body. Thankfully, not only that we gonna be out of here before the tribulation.

Not only that we will be in the beautiful throne room in the Christ judgment seat and receiving our rewards and having the marriage supper, but also after a thousand years with Jesus, which, how can anything wrong happened to us when we are with the Lord. After that, to know that we will spend eternity in such a plate everybody when they enter into hotel.

They want to run and upgrade the room and went the hotel manager tells the look I upgraded you to the suite or the presidential suite.

They are so excited. Then they feel so blessed. Think about it, God is upgrading us yes to good godly suite. It's not a presidential suite.

It's the suite of God. We cannot even fathom the amazing things that were going to go folks. I know some of you because I hear from you. You're going through such difficult times right now being broken relationships illness. Children that have gone astray in your life and your heartbroken. I want you to be encouraged because this is our future. This is what were talking about. This is the glory of what awaits the believer. Those who have named Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

This is what awaits you.

That's why were talking about it. That's why I'm so excited about revealing Revelation because yes they're going to be some terrible things taking place on the earth fear believer you're not going to experience these bowls and vials and trumpets and the seals, etc. you escape all that and only some glorious, glorious times await you. I want you to be encouraged by all that it's not all doom and gloom, and a lot of people, including some pastors will tell you all Revelation is all gloom and doom.

It's all darkness know it isn't folks known as an issue here what Amir just said my goodness that's just total incredible future for those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life and that is the key. Amir, I want to transition here for just a moment and let's spend an extra five minutes or even more if necessary. We have the time. I want to look at Ukraine and as we speak.

We have watched think it's almost 3 months of horror in a nation that was minding their own business and all of a sudden it was invaded in the most brutal way. It's almost Amir like looking at 1942 again, and here it's 2022. Get me your perspective on what's going on Ukraine and the only real relevance to the believers might be how it applies to Bible prophecy but give us your perspective. I'll say two things about the great first of all there is bowls and misinformation and disinformation from both sides.

Everyone wants to show that they have the upper hand.

But we have to remember that eventually, the bottom line is two thirds of the Ukrainian main cities are damaged severely.

Some of them are completely level almost to the ground. We also need to remember that Russia is going to achieve the goal.

Creating those republics on the dome bus area, creating a land bridge from them to Crimea and the new thing now that Russia is doing and this is the second phase of their operation is taking over and controlling the coastline of Ukraine so it will disconnect Ukraine from the black seek less you will paralyze their economy in it is happening and look what I just said paralyze their economy.

There is a lot to do with economy. It's a lot to do with trade with financial if Russia has no problem doing that to its own blood. Let's face it, the Russian Empire started in the Ukrainian queue. These people share genes they share blog they all look almost the same thing. Even in the Ukraine. The language that was mostly spoken until 10 years ago was Russian and yet if the Russians have no problem doing that to people like their brothers and sisters how much more they will have no problem doing that that same financial war that same war to take spoils and booty into plunder all that that Ezekiel describe what is going to happen to Israel were seeing an introduction to it's like look and see how it can happen and how the world will only protest but have you seen any fighter jet coming against Russia of using Amy foreign tank rolling into Ukraine to fight the Russians. Have you seen any submarine firing a drug no. They left the Ukrainians to do the fighting in their protesting and sanctioning only from the outside and better with the ruble is back to the same length before the war, which tells me that Russia is not deterred and it's not as bad as people think it is and if Russia will feel that it will serve its interests. For financial reasons to calm now and the same to Israel.

It will have no problem doing that. So you're really referring here to the Gog Magog passage of Ezekiel 38, 39, absolutely. I think that we all agree that there has to be a hope in the jaw that has to be a reason and from the way everybody is protesting against that you know that they're coming to take plunder to steal.

It's their financial gain. It's not about Palestinian state. It's not about all of that about taking something that we have no we can clearly see that as a result of the Ukraine war Europe wants to clean itself off the dependence on Russian energy and Israel is becoming the alternative, whether it's directly from Israel or indirectly via Egypt. But Europe is going to start getting gas from the Middle East rather than from Russia and I believe that when the Russians will understand that they're getting hit that way they will have no problem no sentiments, not even one muscle on their face is going to move when it comes to changing their tactics and making a move against Israel. I mean if they can do it to the claimant's trust me, no problem doing that to us. So this could be sort of a set up. I mean, this might be phase 1.

Do you think they will try to take any of their old territory back or you think they will head to the Balkans next I don't know.

I know one thing I don't think Israel is on the rater right now.

Okay, think Israel will be a default from their situation because of the Ukraine. When they find themselves losing markets such as Europe to Israel.

They'll understand that they must make a move against Israel.

But as we speak. Right now they are creating the reason for Europe to wean itself from the Russian Gaza North and of always said that I don't even think Putin understands the biblical significance of what he's doing.

I don't think that a lot of world leaders when they do what they do. They don't understand God is laughing because God has the last say yes but they really think that their big shots and they can do whatever they want. Eventually God will use all of that and fulfill his plan.

What we see now is a very, very determined Russian leader to restore the greatness of Russia and to turn their neighbor from a threat into a what we call living space space where they can live with and not be very, very nervous about. I must say America made many mistakes over the last few years, especially during Obama's. America literally almost raped Ukraine with its involvement in the Ukraine.

Both US secret services as well as injecting Americans into every gas and oil company. No wonder why we know those things about by an you understand that there's also some interest here from this administration where's the previous president wanted to uncover all and then what they did with that phone call with Zielinski is trying to impeach it look right to cover up all of that. So putting is looking at all of this he saying this is maybe not a member of NATO, but they already act like 1/8, becoming America in my backyard in God is why he came up with his demands.

He waited for a week president in the US and he made this move when he knew that he can focus our discussion for most of the hour, centered on the new book that we carry revealing revelation how God's plans for the future can change your life now it's in my online store and get my office a call if you get on our newsletter lists Ian print in its advertise in those periodicals in a mirror. Thank you so much for giving up your time today to join me here. Understanding the times radial. I want to go out of the program though because I talked a moment to kill about the Lamb's book of life, so I want to close by asking if your name is written in the Lamb's book of life. If so, your future is out of this world glorious if not your future is out of this world. Horrific and to make sure you are in that book of life. Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus today asked him to be the Lord and Savior of your life. He promises to make all things new.

Even your shattered life he will make it all new. Romans 10 says all who called in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved. It is that simple. But do it today.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow. I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website,.co RG.

Let's follow three views.Lord: central time at 763559444 476-355-9444 your mail when you write to all three ministries of Jim Markel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. Nothing happens by accident.

God is orchestrating today's global events is history as we know it begins to wind, we have a front row seat wants everything from the place

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