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Mockers: Where is the Promise of His Coming?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 19, 2017 8:00 am

Mockers: Where is the Promise of His Coming?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 19, 2017 8:00 am

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Are not pastors to preach the whole counsel of God and why do mostly about one third of the Bible will talk about that next only what he always does. It never does anything that he warned the gospel of accommodation to accommodate needs to adapt it needs to make suitable or acceptable also needs to adjust to make something very convenient means to yield to the desires of others to placate the gospel that is yielded to the desires of the weakness of sinful men, I call it the gospel of accommodation because it's adapting and adjusting the gospel to appease this is understanding the times radio and Marco Sgt. is joined by two pastors, one based on the West Coast of California and other services suburban Minneapolis church Mark Henry pastors revived in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 412 church in San Jacinto, California, led by Pastor Tom. You climbed interested in teaching and time issues going to enjoy the conversation and the insight pastors bring to this understanding, the time broadcast.

Today's discussion started Pierce Jan Markel today around the world millions of people interested in Bible prophecy. I limited on the prize city of Jerusalem, just out of curiosity, I googled Israel and times and the results were staggering around 11 alien. I also typed in the words as well.

Prophecy the search results were warming 10.4 million so clearly millions of people around the world field in the state of Israel will play a major role in the last days and welcome to the program. Look at news views truths from a decidedly biblical perspective and that little tease was to sort of set the stage for the topic for this hour, and limited saying this is all by way of introduction, and I pray everyone to be patient with me as I set the stage for me just say when I began in ministry few decades ago. Now I ministered in hundreds of churches home fellowships, women's groups and some men's groups, and every week I would pile in my small little vehicle with a 12 string guitar sound equipment, audiovisual map course, the Bible and I head towards destinations large and small, and my audiences were enthusiastic as I shared the various kinds of themes and messages that have been presented on understanding the times radio now for 16 years and today, about 90 or 95% of those doors have slammed shut, and it's not just indifference anymore.

It is outright hostility towards topics that a few years ago generated great enthusiasm. Yes there small pockets of interest and I'm so glad that they remain, but the opportunities literally continue to shrink and we are now in the days of second Peter three a mocking in the scoffing. So how did this happen.

I'm going to talk about this with two pastors and both of them are very tuned into the topics that you my audience have grown to love and follow faithfully over all these years on air at my conferences and other places online and I want my guess is that Pastor Tom Hughes and that's Calvary Chapel San Jacinto, California. Tom welcome back to the program to be with you all over well and then I bumped into a good buddy of yours that Pastor Mark Henry he's actually from the Twin Cities and that's from revived Brooklyn Park church.

I'll give the website little bit later Mark, thank you for coming in studio Janice a blessing. Look forward to a talk about the Lord interested in you to know each other. You and Tom Hughes. Yet Tom and I go back about 10 years or so. We're both pastoring the same town in the great Bond praying for him and his church in his ministry and collaborating together wonderful Tom. I'm also playing off an article you wrote when you wrote this a while ago, but maybe couple years ago. It's gotten a lot of mileage and let me just summarize it because I think I can perhaps do it quickly. Here you wrote it least in the last you wrote that pastors don't touch on the topic of eschatology and times, Israel in prophecy, current events and prophecy, and number one stated in the article you wrote which I reproduced a couple of times.

Number one they don't understand it. Number two, they fear of offending members number three. They are concerned about scaring people. Number four they fear losing the ties. If they talk about in time events. Number five. They are afraid of being identified with the loony friend in such as Harold camping and every reason to be afraid of the loony French pastor Mark Henry, would you agree with this list that Tom Hughes is come up with. I would actually say the first was probably the one that I seem most of the time. Last pastors about prophecy. A lot of times it is saying. I graduated from seminary but have become really any conclusions about Bible prophecy do they say if that seminary intentionally avoided teaching them. You never had anyone say that specifically, but it very well may be the case. I don't know, Tom Hughes, do you know if the seminaries then are intentionally shutting this out here that way met with anybody that seminary was shut out but to go from pastor that I know not only that, they don't understand it reasonably regionally with the article but quite frankly, there is a real pushback against Bible prophecy churches that I communicate with you really don't want to go down the step of Bible prophecy because of the reasons that I just already rendered. They fear ascending members are concerned about scaring people, etc. would benefit through labeling of Bible prophecy of being for those who are cool it really fault category. I think you mentioned that we are in the second Peter where Gopi mocking those who believe in the second coming of Christ, and I believe that's what's taking place in the church at large in America every church that we all be quick? Not, neither my mother that are large seems to be the majority of the direction of the churches would say from the pastoral side think it has to do some some with Bible colleges and seminaries, which we may talk about later, but I think from the church standpoint you remember in the book of Deuteronomy the people were warned that when God bless them in the land that they would forget God and I would suggest to you the blessings we've had in America, people have forgotten God, and quite honestly, I have people sales on a fairly regular basis. I really want Jesus to come right now I want to graduate from college. I want to have kids. I want to adopt some but I want to do this or that there isn't.

This urgency come, Lord Jesus, like we see in persecuted situations arising in Africa have a priest all over Africa were people in Great Depression and they say Pastor Mark tell me what's coming next and I just open my Bible and we read and they rejoice. You're listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel.

I have online from San Jacinto, California Pastor Tom Hughes and that's for 12 church in San Jacinto. I have in studio. Pastor Mark Henry from revived Brooklyn Park church and revived Brooklyn Park church used to be Oakland Park E free if some of my Twin Cities listeners are wondering just where is that you might remember the name of the previous same church just a different name. I want to talk, gentlemen, something real briefly hear the cry of the young is all social justice and as a result, young people are more troubled by injustice than they are inspired by Bible prophecy. Would that be inaccurate statement Tom Hughes and that accurate accurate. I know a lot of young people we get outraged work generation millennial but really accurate that you would save this to that complaint when it comes to Bible prophecy teachers but of myself or Mark. There is a tendency to lean more toward just talking about what is coming in not reaching into rural community for Mark.

Mark reaches all over the world. Africa and I think there is a label that comes with that. Unfortunately, because of not all prophecy ministries are real well-balanced in that regard, please soundbite and get the feedback from both the deal and this is Tony Campolo and he is sort of the Pied Piper of the guess if you want to call it the social justice crowd.

He is certainly their hero Pied Piper and this is a little soundbite from Campolo and he's going to say some things that actually are not. Lets me put it this way, it should be expected from a Tony Campolo. Let's discuss it with Ruth challenge dangerous ideologies.

But his purpose was to make the claim that the process is to be fulfilled is returned to the holy land. The land and government. And that's the philosophies of the profits of the teachings of the Bible and the interesting thing is not a single theologian John Garvin ever had anything like this is mind you talk about the rapture. As a consequence there is a single theologian, never had anything like this. It just came out of nowhere and has become the dominant wave and yet it makes land graphs and legitimates a mindset that says taking land away from Palestinian people is legitimate again Tony Campolo invoice from Manning on the left on the religious left for the social justice crowd. He has the rear like a couple things just come to my am listening to that is goes back to the historical declarations of different theologians unities right in that sense, they didn't talk about the rapture. Quite honestly John Calvin did write a comment on the book Revelation to use it is too confusing and I would suggest you with not too confusing but coming out of Catholicism. He he really didn't have any other view account of millennial post-millennial sort of influence view. It's not surprising so II would suggest to you that's not the source to go to the source to go to is the Bible Bible speaks whatever men may think well and he concludes that little soundbite by saying all of this just legitimates land grab and the word he's talking about Israel. Israel has no right to the land and this is dispensationalism justifying this land grab Tom your thoughts all theologian is Catholic. I do all millennial teaching, but when I came in third reading the Bible and the Bible book the apostle Paul very talking about the rapture, the term called upper Poulsbo and we hope that it is the teaching of the Bible it went. When I hear this about a land grab your heart and I talked about this many times over the years, God had a covenant with Abraham and the covenant with you forever covenant and it wasn't based upon whether or not the Jews were disobedient or obedient.

God told them if you disobedient will scatter you to the four corners of the earth, but in the last people bring you back into the lamp because my name on the covenant.

It was an unconditional covenant in the God made it with April, when Abram was asleep so it is really if not taken the truth of the Bible with no warning. So many passages regarding the second coming of Christ is somewhat appalling to me. But then again, Peter said in the last day golfers would complain where's the promise of his coming in were were unfortunately affected the church. I'm sure you would agree. You know he misses an important thing there.

And that is all the land is owned by God.

He created all things. Therefore, he's the owner of all things, and he is given to Abraham and his descendents a specific piece of property. God is going to give it to them whether anybody likes it or not to give it to them sent Moses to lead the people back in there. Josh would leave people back in there. They were dispersed under the Mosaic covenant to come back and Jesus is going to rule and reign there. Eventually, that's not a landgrab. He's the king. Someone's been taken from him is taken aback is to give it to his people focused on me just tell you how to get a hold of my two guests today and I and I want to particularly recommend that Tom Hughes his and times TV and outstanding videos that he makes on eschatology and end times and times You can reach my other guest? Henry revived Brooklyn revived Brooklyn there are some other voices that are making lots of noise in there in the same category as this Tony Campolo but you that Shane Claiborne you've got Jim Wallace. You've got the whole Christ checkpoint crowd you got some annual events. The justice conference which could grief a year ago. They had Marxist Cornell West, but their target is evangelical young people with that heavy left emphasis on them and I have the pro-Palestinian anti-Israel message being thrown at them, which they may not be old enough to discern the times it's as it concerns these people that are guest speakers that about document on shooting the whole PDF boycott sanction movement and pipe into catalyst conference call.

You have okay yeah I have interesting very appealing to people who are young and I think of the whole social justice. My mind goes back to the gospel of John, where Judith was it that the perfume is broken and Jesus was anointed with the poor with you always, the problem of social justice gospel. I would get if the gospel Judith is putting the whole social work of Christ really is in doubt what it teaches you how you see that Jim, the social gospel technically is redistributing the funds and opportunity and privileges to others but I would suggest that there's really two movements. Jesus was interested in in social things and he cared for people. He cared for women.

The woman at the well.

All these different things but there's a difference between the social elements in the Bible because it's God centered and a humanistic centering of these things and I don't think we have the discernment anymore to to separate these things.

I was at a conference recently.

15,000 students there. Most of them younger than I am. So under 45 and quite honestly in that crowd. There was a large contingency of leaders. They were speaking on one of the social issues which is you know, saving the environment at the end of the meeting. I had two young pastors that had brought with me said what did you walk away with and they said you know you to save the environment.

God wants us to do that. So who's the biggest polluter and I thought for a moment, one set America. The next one, said China and I said no no I said keep thinking, and eventually, after about 15 minutes or so once you turn your Bibles want you to look with me at the seal judgments and watch to see how God destroys how Jesus opens the seals heavy blows the trumpet of the Angels, and 1/3 of all of the fish die.

The waters polluted something bigger than God is doing here than just saving the planet and they were shocked that they were never connected these any of these dots interesting in your listing to understanding the time to radio with them? Henry in the Twin Cities herein. Pastor Tom Hughes and many of you may watches and times TV productions online gel. I want to head down to state a similar path just a little different and I want to talk a little bit about what what evangelicals are saying. Unfortunately I can't quote everyone. I would like to.

There are conditions when you error on radio networks that you act people so I'm not going to.

But I also am unable to name some that I would really need to be named but I can quote blogger Tim challenge.

This is what he writes now he's an extremely popular reform writer online and he says this, such as recently as a matter fact he said there are seven false teachers in the church today. One category of false teacher labels as the speculator. He says that quote today, as in every age. The speculator obsesses about end times and somehow his failed predictions dissuade neither him nor his followers." Again, very popular blogger online. And yet that we obsess about end times and are failed predictions. Not that three of us have made any predictions we wouldn't go there he mocks. As for an not learning from our failures.

I'm sure you've encountered folks like this mark absolutely and in I find it interesting that he says that because it's in the book of Isaiah were God says I'm the God of heaven and earth. You can test me on to tell you things I got plans. I'll make myself known. You will see my glory and back in the 80s when I trusted Christ number into the Bible and telling people you know about this global economy and people thought I was crazy and you know reading the book of Revelation talks about swords and chopping people's heads off in different things. I thought that's crazy but you know is not so crazy anymore. In fact now unsay people I've even heard them say on Fox News make these Christians are right. After all, good point. I had to take my first break when I come back I want to continue to name some individuals and I don't do this to be offensive.

I'm just eating what they write or teach and how this has complicated the very blessed and sacred message at three of us believe that eschatology or in time teaching is and when we get such prominent people as I'm to name a few more what they're saying you'll understand how they are in fact really inhibiting all say at the gospel they really aren't. But there certainly inhibiting the spreading of the good news that the king is coming.

I'm back in just a minute show don't go away is a real treat to have pastors Tom Hughes and Mark Henry on today's understanding times broadcast appreciate their valuable insights into the life of the church. Sadly, so many contemporary pastors have largely dismissed eschatology to radio justly much differently preach on end time prophecy on a regular basis to order your own audio recording of this program just phone 763-559-4444 get better acquainted with this ministry. Visit us your rent. All through the to sign up for our newsletter. News alerts invites your financial partnership with this listener supported broadcast ministry. Send your tax-deductible gifts to all three ministries PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 return in just a moment. Pastors Tom Hughes, Mark Henry were now just weeks away from understanding the times 2017 Saturday, October 7 Eden Prairie, Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis needed no conference with 20,000 from across America.

This annual event of like-minded believers focus on current events and anticipate the Bible calls our blessed hope. Speakers include mirrors our body anything is different and amazing because the world is on the brink of something, and I'm not saying that what you read and you'll see yourself Dr. Mark Hitchcock, and God is also set forth for some of the signs of the things we can look for as we approach the end times. It Bible tells us that there are discernible signs of the times that are to pretend the Lord's coming Pastor JD for the way chapters 1213 word church is mentioned 19 times you don't find the word church mentioned again from chapter 4 verse one on the rest of and Michelle Bachmann. We are in your face with jihad.

We are your days and that we are going to conquer you and our values will prevail. Islamic values not your values. We need to understand they are literally War against the last sure to make hotel reservations soon as they fill up early. Looking forward to meeting you. Saturday, October 7, 9 AM to 5 PM at Grace Church Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Call us for more details.

76355944447 635-5944 or just visit the conference page at our website. All of three See you on October 7 11 unprecedented times will help you understand the church today is in a mess and what is incredibly popular today is future prophecy almost crystal ball like attitude to the future.

Incredibly popular. A lot of the things with futurism and then a 70 week in future idea having Jehovah's Witnesses of the same idea, futurism, feature futurism degrees so much with calls or say historic churches been saying what the costs of and say since almost 1/3 of God's word Bible prophecy often wondered why so many churches choose to ignore it. Pastors Mark Henry and Tom Hughes are with John Markel this hour discussed that issue that's returned to their conversation, is God a land broker is not a realistic agent land does not belong to a people because of their genetic evidence and welcome back in high have special guest with me for the hour and we have been talking about. Well the marginalization of topics that are so essential to understanding the times and understanding God's plan for the end of the age that would be Israel in prophecy that would be just the whole eschatological outline that the Bible has you know that's one third of the Bible and if pastors want to rightly divide the word of God to Manny are marginalizing this particular topic in studio with me as pastor Mark Henry from revive Brooklyn Park church in the Minneapolis suburb pastor Tom Hughes 412 church in San Jacinto, California, Calvary Chapel in San Jacinto, California and again gentlemen. Thank you both for joining me and Tom. I had to exit quickly in my last segment you wanted to weigh in.

Go ahead market in the last statement regarding chapter 46 God quickly for the one that declares the end from the beginning, from ancient times, things that are not yet done I will do all my pleasure and then at the end of that chapter of my will place salvation and plan for Israel my glory. I look at the comment that you just get away from Bible prophecy from so many speakers that are out there now that God wants us to understand.

You look at all of the discourse. Matthew 24 and the other chapters of the New Testament, in the writings of Paul.

God wants us to understand Jim watch and be ready for that data collected every generation to watch and be ready to watch Ray Jim I like and it went the Bible a few disciples that were with Jesus on the night that he was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane, crying out to the father wedding that were great drops of blood filled his disciple ego watch and pray, welcome to the garden of Gethsemane. They fall asleep.

They didn't understand what was actually company were aware of it. I'm guessing if they really knew what was about to happen their master to get arrested and put on the crop they would've been wide-awake. They would watching they would play in the same way if you get a bad report from the doctor. Your thought processes going to change her suddenly can affect your course.

The doctor said you got six months to live, you live differently over the next month, the Lord giveth Bible prophecy you want us to watch and pray in a will cause us to live our life that that are different for him.

It will cause us to live a life that holier to will cause us to worship. It will cause us to spread the gospel will be teaching that plaintiff ignore Bible prophecy is disheartening because it really done right. Bible prophecy actually inspires me to miss a few more close here and this is a name I think everyone knows my listening audience. Dr. John Piper says this, Israel has no warrant to the present experience of divine privilege when she's not keeping the covenant with God. Israel has no divine right to be in the land of promise when she's breaking the covenant promise.

For now, the people are at enmity with God in rejecting the gospel of Jesus Christ, their Messiah, and all of us know that John Piper has a huge following. Well, this is the message coming from family that Lynn Hibel's bill and Lynn Hibel's both extremely influential Willow Creek in Chicago. Lynn is very outspoken, but she's extremely pro-Palestinian. They are replacement theology, the church is the new Israel. He says I believe the ongoing military occupation of the West Bank and the continuing blockade of Gaza is a violation of human rights. As such, in deeply harms the security, freedom and dignity of both people. Another prominent author writes this and I'm not able to name this particular author of this have to accept that folks says this in one of his books.

He writes the details of my return are none of your business.

Jesus talking. What is your business is the mission I've given you focus on that.

If you want Jesus to come back sooner. Focus on fulfilling your mission, not figuring out prophecy? Henry, you hear some of this coming from some of the church leaders. You are canna rubbing shoulders with absolutely hear it all the time and all of those quote somebody could parse each of them uniquely, but that one you just mentioned was a paraphrase, and he was trying there to describe and ask chapter 1 the disciples are asking about the kingdom and apparently his commentary is there that is a saying don't worry about it. Focus on the mission and then I'll come back. Jesus doesn't come back because we accomplish the mission. We are supposed to share the gospel with Jew and Gentile alike, and Jesus definitely has a mission back is give us the whole book of Revelation to describe his future glory, majesty, and conquering in this blessing.

Ultimately, new heavens and new earth, for righteousness dwells. Tom Hughes and Chris here heavily in the Calvary Chapel Canada circuit therein. Calvary Chapel remains one of the few denominations to cling tenaciously to eschatology, but some of these quotes. Not sure and finished with them yet ring a bell with you to looking back, it might Calvary Chapel. After Chuck was very instrumental in my fighter to get into Bible prophecy and study and understanding Israel within the Bible. However, I see you turning from Bible prophecy is even a turning I would say from the nation of Israel and in the public every couple loose affiliation. We don't have any dogmatic statement that if come out regarding something like replacement theology or anything like that but I consented to make conversations or hear things in the seven I want to play slip since Kelly Chapel pastor's executives and he sums it up in less than three minutes.

I think he eloquently explains why this wonderful blessed hope that we all have is so important. Even though, is the purpose of our discussion here is probably 90% of pulpits and maybe 98 have dropped the topic of the King is coming soon and the wonderful hope that is for the believer and this is just a real short soundbite where Jack just lays it out. Look in our world were looking at hopelessness, terror, insanity, violence, many people are scared. The blessed hope is the fact that the king is coming back churches talk about it okay if you look at what's happening right now is a lot of hopeless people is a lot of people scared there's a lot of terrorism it's increasing there's violence is increasing this insanity that is afoot and these last few weeks in the United States and now of course again around the world with what's taking place. We need to be reminded and we need to be recipients of what is always in front of us and that is the hope of God that God has promised since I'm wondering this morning if we have missed, or often I should say forget the greatest hope for the believer today.

It's a universal hope it's something that is well recorded in Scripture. And it's something that is rarely talked about so much in this church but the church by margin, the earth, and I'm talking about the rapture and the hope of the rapture remind you today. If you're Christian and I need to see your hand if you're Christian, raise your hand if you're Christian that you read the Bible, your Christian. Having read the Bible you understand something that the rapture will take place now Christians disagree on when to take place but no Christian denies that it's going to take place.

Some people want to argue about when were talking about that today, all for this reason you might have whole and leave this building today excited about that. Hope someone asked you to grab your Bibles and turn to first Thessalonians 4 verses 13 through 18 and park right there with the Bible open to that portion of Scripture and we rated together. Verse 13. But as Paul says I do not want you to be ignorant or uninformed, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep or died. The believer is always referred to as someone who, having died appears to be sleeping, lest you sorrow as others who have no for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus or died believing in Jesus. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we were alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who have fallen asleep in Jesus. For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ as their bodies will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught. That's the word rapture in Latin pod. So in Greek two words in English caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words, if you just telling me your list and understanding the times radio and jammer account I have on the line from California pastor Tom Hughes, Calvary Chapel San Jacinto for 12 church out there and studio pastor Mark Henry from the Twin Cities revive Brooklyn Park church is to be broken Parkey free church and pastor Mark Henry you've been. I think here about 18 months in the Twin Cities now yes correct 18 months. What kind of the claimant and I don't mean cold heart or anything else. What can a climate do you sense here when it comes to the things were talking about, you know, it's my privilege to be around a lot of pastors train pastors here across the pond in and as I've been interact with pastors here. One of the things I was bring up this is what you think about Bible prophecy. One of the things is, said my heart is over and over and bird pastor say I'm interested in Jesus, but I'm not really interested in the Bible prophecy stuff which is shocking to me because Jesus is very interested in it. In fact, he's got the last book of the Bible is entitled the Revelation of Jesus Christ and is also very interested because you know through the Bibles prophecy Olivet discourse and so forth. So I just find that very ironic.

We want to have Jesus but were not interested in prophecy about him ruling raining a new heavens and new earth, the rapture of his church. These are good things to hold onto to my Twin Cities audience and I've talked to a lot of you and my summers Sunday night class that had in St. Louis Park, 500 and on some occasions even 600 and on a few Sunday nights and you want to find this in this area. My national audience.

So bear with me please. But again, revive church in Oakland Park is the place. As a matter fact, next Sunday night which would be August 27 I'm going to be making a new DVD. It's titled, how did the blessed hope become the blasted hope the attack on Bible prophecy, and if you'd like to come on out to that filming Sunday night at 630 that would be August 27 I think the lots are shalom in St. Louis Park. I just it's a rental arrangement we have with them.

Churches are particularly open to the topic so were just filming it. It could, he lots are shalom and next Sunday night 6:30 PM. There's no cost, no registration, just come on out to meet hundreds and hundreds of like-minded people who love this topic. Okay, I kinda digressed there and I want to get into in the time that we have left guys, I want to get into the decline of dispensationalism and we've talked about it pastor Mark you and I've talked about it pastor Tom Hughes give me your take on this because all of us here have been influenced by the likes of John walls Lord Dwight Pentecost Tim LaHaye how Lindsay check Mr. Mark Hitchcock Ron Rhodes Dave Reagan Thomas ice and Heinsohn and so many more. And Tom somehow along the way.

Millennial's and predator reasoned kingdom now. Dominion is an and other isms have command including replacement theology and crowded out the truth I can't help but think about spiritual battle plan behind it. Even if I mentioned facial mention that word will cause all kinds of people to react in all emails from people all over the place. If I don't mention the word dispensational dispensationalism. It's not a big deal but the bugs were put in a debate with a gentleman one day regarding the subject dispensational IQ millennial at the time like you like I fit you largest official knowing that you if you are, you believe in the flood yet happened in the what happened with what I think these are two different inflation. You can argue with me all you want what you're trying to do is put into a box and they the naughty Bible prophecy people are caught up in the dispensationalism is simply not true, Jim.

I can look at Romans chapter 11. The apostle Paul told the time of the Gentiles will be full time coming where in this particular dispensation, but the only reason I can think of why we have gotten by the church in general at large of gotten away from it is because of the spiritual battle that we are in and quite frankly, those who believe in these things are labeled of shifting the author here to clerk anything but the truth but it is the truth in the Bible. The Bible even teaches regarding the time of the Gentiles. I have written about Dr. Jim Schauer's outstanding articles on the decline of eschatology and he says this and he's the head of friends of Israel.

Outstanding organization Dr. Jim Schauer says dispensationalism has become a dirty word in many corners of Christian higher education. He says the next generation of ministry leaders at best sees no value in studying future prophecy and at worst views it with disfavor or as something to be avoided entirely. He suggests, even those who hold to dispensationalism and the Christian Zionist view of Israel born out of a literal interpretation of the Bible are distancing themselves from these topic so gentleman at a time in history when headlines are maddening to be honest, the very theologies that make sense of what's happening or declining in favor of theologies pastor Mark would be because they're leaning towards theologies that fill pews and offering plates. I would suggest he goes a little deeper than that. Jim one is scholastically because you were talking about pastors in the scholastic world. So in the areas of theologies of you working on your PhD you're supposed to go back and you're supposed to read all of the great works of classical literature on theology, you learn German, you learn French, etc. well, there's not a lot of dispensational's back in those days, and as a result of that if you're going to be scholastic and you're going to be hit in a historic theologian they're not reading dispensationalism, and some it was a was because are not there. Well, quite honestly, the allegorical system of interpretation was used in all prophetic passages for a long time in church history doesn't mean it's not true because the Bible is true. Every word is true. Every jot and tittle is true and God can bring about including a blessing for Israel. According to Romans chapter 9, Paul loved the Jewish people. He longed for their salvation. He preach the gospel to the Jew first and also to the to the Gentile. And this expectation of the end of the time of the Gentiles the Jewish nation being grafted back in and experiencing BLESSING. So I would suggest to you, a lot of it is deeply rooted in the scholastic approach came of trying to be philosophical and highly educated weeds to be educated in the Bible class real quick remark may also really have a type of marketing that takes place while collectively about education that those who believe in the prophetic thing not educative educated. If we are the owner of the understanding of an attack in that fifth on the intelligence of those who believe that Jesus is coming again to teach it to see that the New Testament right where Jesus ends up grabbing these Galileans and there is the certain animosity that the upper echelon.

The Sanhedrin ends up having towards Jesus's disciples for believing the truth is, not only in the academic level. But if you think about the academic level and writes the commentaries so pastors reading a particular passage he grabs all these commentaries are written by individuals who don't hold to a dispensational view of Scripture allegorical view, even if the passage directly addresses something.

It's going to be twisted or mocked in such a way that's brought up in the area of eschatology or the people of Israel. It just can become a glossed over when I get back and we have a shorter segment when we return.

I want to talk a little bay that the attack on the pretrip rapture because that indeed is our blessed hope, and all sorts of voices have come out in more recent years, and starting to discourage people from even believing it will do that in just a couple minutes folks don't go away. Don't picture down to say this before our next understanding times conference is just around the corner. This is your invitation to join us on October 7. Learn more about this annual weekend event you log on to all of and click on the conference tab on that first Saturday in October. You'll be hearing some of the best speakers in the nation. Contact current events in the light of Scripture keep you ready as a watchman on the wall every weekend we bring you quality conversations about important themes help you discern the times we encourage you to write to us at all of tree ministries PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, also reachable by phone at 763-559-4444 Jan continues with our pastoral panel right after this. Thanks to all of you either prayer financially support this radio out. If you appreciate the inconvenient truth coming to your neighborhood, you think about a one time tax deductible gift to all of the ministries we have served the Christian community across North America and the world for 16 years. This ministry and radio outreach are committed to bringing you news and information you will find many places, they are also committed to bringing you the good news that Jesus Christ is in charge of the playing world offers a lifeline of hope everyone who calls on his name is online and all of or you can call 763-559-4444 763-559-4440 4K ministries 1450 Maple Grove, MN 55311 five 1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 5531 message about today and tomorrow. The king is coming back just want you to be ready in no way you will spend this ministry has written a little in time study guide are we living in the last days for your neighborhood group group in your church interested in these topics you can cover it in 12 weeks. It's got built-in questions in the study guide. Check it out in my store all of three of it's in all of my newsletters, print in e-news letter or give my office a call.

It's nine dollars for one copy. You can get 10 copies for $60 and those who have an interest in this topic you can just have a 12 week study and it's not detailed it's not complicated to rebuild Robert Rafter, John chapter 17 verse 24 father that may also referred to believers the we that God makes arrangement understanding the times your joint insight. Pastors Mark Henry Tom final segment, Jan Marco situation scratch millions of people just what the world really isn't. So many trade church is not wretched to have great tribulation will church has been left ill prepared to face the Antichrist and the mark to him what he's playing the if the pre-tribulation rapture is false and the blessed hope will become the blasted actually comes true millions of pre-tribulation millions who have been led astray by the pretrip teaching become part of the great falling away. Jesus warned take place, time, and welcome back were wrapping up in our two special guests that I have Pastor Mark Henry revive Brooklyn Park church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota separate Minneapolis Northwest suburb and Pastor Tom Hughes 412 church San Jacinto, California Kelly Chapel me just quickly Satan get a CD of any program and got it give us a call or can do so by mail. If you'd like to become a CD subscriber you do have to call us and you can get a CD of every program by becoming a CD subscriber. Remember, this programming is always posted to my website. If you miss part or all of it is posted Saturday morning. All of olive tree new programming posted every Saturday for the week which you please look into my print and E newsletter. That's how I can touch with you as well as through the website. All

You can reach Pastor Mark Levi

You can reach my guest.

Pastor Tom gentleman I want to talk about a couple things are time that/which is short but and I do want to hit the pretrip rapture here, but we are all aware that over the summer here major story came out as matter fact all sorts of people sent it to me. I was I was on top of it, but I think they were shocked that it seemed like the Bible was coming into reality. So incredibly obvious ways micro-chipping of employees in Wisconsin and micro-chipping on their hand to use it, and purchasing things just waved a hand of your account over an account that is going to be debited. No cash needed no cards needed. Pastor Mark Henry, when you heard the story, what did you think I thought while we are living in the days back when I trusted Christ I start reading through the book of Revelation book of Daniel Young to read those things is like how in the world could these things take place, and now the stage is set in so many ways.

Jan just in my lifetime. I mean I'm to be 50 this year in my lifetime we've gone from this being like totally crazy, insane, impossible to understand the like can happen tomorrow, he is your thoughts when you heard the story. I remember teaching a Bible study on our chip many years ago when the technology first started coming out and there were experiments being done originally with pets and things like that. In this case to purchase your item you wave your hand in court that connect with Revelation chapter 13. They will come when no one can buy or sell what they receive the mark of the beast.

While the technology is here gentlemen see that the technology is being implemented.

I see people volunteer important factors. A lot of people that I've heard about online or read about their excited about this the prelude to what is coming and it is coming.

If you take the technology of the RFID chip in your hand.

You read about people faith with being and airport all of the things are here we have a converging of everything happening at the exact same time. I know you talked about that with many gifts for my wickedness likely.

While we are so close to the second coming of Christ.

It's amazing the rapid speed that everything is taking place. Tom Hughes covers a lot of these topics on his Internet video program in times outstandingly doesn't intend 12 minutes and covers whatever some of the current issues are in Bible prophecy, and does it in such a professional way encourage you to check it out and end times because all the program is archived there she can go back and look at lots of what he's done. I tend to lead in this segment with MTs and not could actually give the source of those comments. What if the blessed hope to become the blasted health protection.

The title of my DVD and making here in a week or so but when you heard that little clip and I think you know the source of it and you even know the players in the film and sort of the what's the term I want to use sort of the edge that they had when they made that film as though they've made all of us who believe in this blessed hope, our only hope that Titus talks about in Titus because of the blessed hope, and yet they made a four hour film mocking us what were your thoughts what you will program with offered mockers in the last day make you two appear to be fools again. It takes me back spiritual and the rapture is taught in the Bible is very clear. You look at the writing of Paul look at the warning label anybody you believe in the thing 50 fever Jan you know this label that I've been labeled a heretic because I teach the rapture.

I'm sure Mark labeled a heretic to rabbinic conversations like that of the world that we live in, but I remember what Jesus said upon my return. Will there be anybody with faith.

You look at it. I think the other side of how close we are to the Lord's return. What people do with doctrine just shocks me because it is Titus that tells us about the coming of the Lord Jesus and the calls of the blessed and you know, if you take away the blessed hope is not like we came up with is like this is Jan's doctrine as a man-made doctrine. This is something that is in the word of God, for heaven sakes.

I remember being with a pastor one time and we were having lunch and he graduated from prestigious seminary.

He's well educated, a great communicator a great theologian and he said Mark I'm struggling with this whole pretrip rapture. Why should I believe that I said number one impotency the Bible teaches MNC to the church look for the Lord Jesus. We are waiting for the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ look for him as they look for assignments they look for the abomination of desolation to us saying MNC's number one number two were spared from the wrath that is to come. First Thessalonians. In chapter 1 chapter 5 there's just no other way to navigate around that is true, the second coming of Christ is the biggest theological theme which you can't abandon this rapture because there are too many verses that talk about the New Testament, we can come up with the Bible that but you know the church disappears after Revelation 3 what we just gone and that's for a reason, because we are going other people coming to faith. At that time and maybe they become an underground church, but the official church pastor Tom Hughes is gone. After Revelation 3 isn't that obvious. I think that alone thinking the entire Bible rapture from chapter verse one where John Wright after the things left what they go through everything is taking place right now. You do not see the church again anywhere in the book of Revelation until we returned with the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of the great tribulation and completely missing gone and again with what Mark that God has not appointed us to wrath. First Thessalonians chapter 5 the context of that wrath is the wrath of the tribulation. If appointed us to another thing you're talking about Tom Hughes on your end times. TV is the fact that cashless is coming and we been seeing that in the media here for the last little summer.

Quite frankly, cash is outdated.

It's obviously used in drugs and violence in digital is far more convenient but you have highlighted and alluded to in your programming that this is kind of an intensified push what I be right in saying that many of the world are rapidly going toward cashless United States.

You would think with all our technology, we would've gone there much but actually work at the back end of it. But now banks are driving this is one reason that will end up there. One of them if you can control drug cartels taxes know it's a helpful for government cash transactions which a quick talked with everything going there but articles are really appearing now.

How fast were going into cashless society which also must take place.

Lord promised the role of guilt look like work again. Another sign to me on the how close we are the thing to remember is that we should be encouraged and we need to keep pointing people, Lord Jesus, because when we understand prophecy, our confidence in God increases our hope increases. According first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 58 it says that in the coming of Christ, the rapture of the church. There's this perseverance that our labor is not in vain in the Lord. It compels us on should.also compelled to share the gospel.

Why because Jesus is coming to judge the living and the dead. This is in the game. This isn't just like a prophetic game that were plans, not like monopoly, it's not like were playing cards here. This is a matter of life and death. The judgment is coming and we should be snatching people from the fire so I just a way to go back and read the Bible again and be charged up because Jesus is coming he is building his church. The gates of hell will not prevail against it. Anything to glorify himself. Thank you and get better acquainted with my two guests pastor Mark Henry, pastor of revive Brooklyn church and that's revive and pastor Tom Hughes and times that's for 12 church out of San Jacinto, California. That's a Calvary Chapel church folks. I've tried to make the case this hour, as had my two guests that we have been talking about a topic.

Yes, it's marginalized. Yes it's it's made fun of.

Yes it's kind of been dropped in our churches that most frequent email I get here at this ministry.

Like a lot of the program saying this at the Bible is clear that Jesus Christ is returning someday. The question always is, will you be ready spiritually ready. If you call upon his name for salvation for the forgiveness of sin to be sealed for eternity.

Do that today, as no one is guaranteed. There is a tomorrow call a friend or a pastor. If you're unsure of this because it is the most important decision you will ever make. I want to thank you for listening. We will talk to you next week. They all thanks for joining us for today's understanding times radio with Jim Markel across America and across the World Wide Web. We continue to report events perspective every week.

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We appreciate your continued prayer support for Janet Herzing Markel returns next week with another program designed to help you understand the times

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