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When Watchmen Warn

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 7, 2017 8:00 am

When Watchmen Warn

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 7, 2017 8:00 am

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God has raised up watchmen on the wall meet some of them this hour. I think things kinda went south and about the 1960s we lost the culture war in the 60s and sort of everything spiral down an out-of-control sense that this is understanding the times radio with John Markel, Johnny's today with Dr. David Ragan discuss his new book, God's prophetic voices to America.

Jenna David will review 13 very important voices been or will continue to be instrumental in calling this nation back to God for those voices of passed on nine voices remained to continue their role as watchmen on the wall is Janet Dr. Reagan bring to light how these 13 voices have impacted the world for Christ going to find this conversation fascinating. Incidentally, David Reagan's newest publication is available in our web later in this broadcast will tell you how you get your own copy of God's prophetic voices to America to begin the hour with a short thought one of those voices like David Wilkerson sure the Lord God will do nothing, but he reveals his secrets under servants the prophets. Never in history has not judge the nation. Our church first raising our voices prophetic voices.

God said, I will. I ought to my people. I would do it for the nation.

I will not judge you. I will pour out my awesome judgment until I warn you, that's what the prophet Amos is doing. He sees the judgments rolling down he sees a start gathering and he said I have to speak English 36 silver trumpet be blown in the city and the people not being afraid is that God is rising like a roaring lion and out, ready to take the prey.

God saw that the company said nobody seems to be alive. Nobody seems to be listening puts people don't want to hear anything of judgment. Now they don't want to hear anything of any glue would do because there's so much fear of the land so much expectation terrorist attacks and so many other things that are bearing down in our society and especially economic outlook in present and so people say I just can't handle it anymore focusing we have to hear it because the Holy Ghost gives us power to handle it, so to speak. He gives us the endurance and he prepares us prepares us in the warnings that he speaks through his servants, and welcome to the program. You know, we look at news views truths from a decidedly biblical perspective and that little clip of Dave Wilkinson was just the teens were going to talk about a topic sorted them as Dave Wilkinson has just preannounced their own gods and warning voices because were carrying a new book by Dr. Dave Ragan, God's prophetic voices to America and rated time on some of those prophetic voices here for the hour.

Dr. David Ragan. Welcome back to the program will back you up. It's always a joy to building program, which went well. What one audio clip. There. That was fantastic well but it sets the stage for what you have written in your newest book and you say God never pours out his wrath. Without warning he does not wish that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. And you say he warns her remedial judgments and through prophetic voices and then David you talk in your introductory chapter or two a lot about the religion of humanism which would teach our ultimate hope is not God but man, why did you open with that theme will be called. I believe that God is raising up the prophetic voices to speak out against humanism. Humanism is the religion of Satan has been from the very beginning is gone.

The many different names, but the fundamental characteristic of it is the exultation of man belief in man, the rejection of God and the humanists have grown increasingly strong in our nation ever since the beginning of the 20th century and they are I think the number one enemy of America the day of Christianity and that you Dale Christian heritage that made our nation great. So I started off the book by talking about who the enemy is and then shifted to talking about how God is raising up prophetic voices to speak out against that enemy and all of the manifestations of the rate that I think what you're probably saying is that through the humanists, their message is we are really need God because with man we can solve our problems with man absolutely right that is their message to the idea of God is ridiculous that we are putting our hope in Bilson C and that the only hope for man is man and man's rationality. The course look back on human history and you can see that a reliable reason of man were in bad shape because man is basically evil. Born with a sin nature, and that it would allow man. We don't have much hope you also. You emphasize in and this is a passage of Scripture's cell relevant here to the 21st-century and Utah command to second Timothy three because in that. Certainly the last 20 years and even more in the last, say 8 to 10 years we have seen mankind just have an over emphasis on the love of money, the love of themselves love of pleasure, the rush to hedonism a lifestyle of pleasure and then you say this leads to nihilism, or despair. And you say today people are wallowing in despair and trying to find relief through drugs, you name it. The trying to find it, but how are you tying this with the second Timothy three passage. But when you reach negatively.

What it looks like the evening news every evening here in America it's a society that is falling apart seems random. No Jan you know as well as I do that that is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy because prophecy says several places in the end times society will become like it was in the days of Noah to go back over to the book of Genesis chapter 6 and look and see what what was Noah society like it was characterized by two things that violence and immorality.

And that's where we are today were in a world that is characterized by violence and gross immorality getting worse and worse and so were saying Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. Talking to Dr. David Ragan and many of you follow his outreach heavily is Christ in prophecy TV. You can look at your local listings for that because I'll a few ministries is carrying one of his books and folks were not carrying a lot of products but I felt that this one had a message that you needed to hear about God's prophetic voices to America and you can find that in our and you know Dave Ragan.

I think things kinda went south and about the 1960s we lost the culture war in the 60s and sort of everything spiraled down and out-of-control since then.

Maybe that was planned. I'm not sure but that was kind of the starting Jan I think you're absolutely right about that and that is why make it so interesting that God began to raise up the forces in the 1970s of the area before the size in the past all came on the screen in the 1970s.

They were David Wilkerson and Francis Schaeffer and Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Wilkerson shaper. They begin to speak out in the mid-70s about the deterioration of American society and calling this nation to repentance and warning of judgment and then Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the people are not aware of the fact that when he was kicked out of the Soviet Union he came to the United States and settled in the state of Vermont and he also began to speak out against the materialization and regularization of American society, much to the consternation of many people who had been errors of him and like to point out in here that he was invited to speak at the commencement at Harvard University, 1978.

He arrived, he wrote and left parietal because Beckley actually believe in everything else because he got up and talk about what a horrible thing. Humanism wasn't how it was destroying the American society and how we had forgotten about God that would last leg of the worldly intellectuals at Harvard would be here just few years here. First is your right you get solar voices from the past spent just a minute on them to get Peter Marshall and say word about him, you got Dave Wilkerson Francis Schaeffer and Alexander Solzhenitsyn as prophetic voices who are no longer with SME to stop for one minute.

Here, David, because when you say prophetic voices.

Now I to have a little bit of difficulty I have to be convinced that there are, for instance, are prophets and apostles today so let's explain what you mean by prophetic voices.

Well what I'm talking about abortion here. I'm not talking about people who are specializes in the teaching and preaching of Bible prophecy.

Most people who are specialists in the teaching and preaching the Bible prophecy or spending their time talking about such things as whether or not the Lord's going to come back and rainbow thousand years on planet Earth or not or whether were in the millennium now and what's going to be the timing of the rapture. Support molds are important topic but that's not what I mean here about prophetic voices I'm talking about people that God raised up to speak to American society and to point out to Americans that we were turning our back on him and his word and that we are facing terrible judgment.

We do not repent and turn back to into his work. You happen to start with Peter Marshall because he back in 1944 warned that America was headed into becoming a secularized society material minded and I think he's definitely one who was called with a prophetic voice to warn Americo sermon he preached in New Orleans in 1944 people through that for the height of America. We were winning World War II thing was going great but he was he was trying yell but you got to understand something here and that is what I see our society in a materialistic pagan last direction and it's going to get worse after World War II, when we suddenly have the freedom to spend our money own all the products that we won't go your World War II consumer products that they were not available and when he gets to the end of the sermon.

He says what we need in America is a prophet who will have the ear of America enslaved over how long will you halt and stand between two opinions.

If the Lord be God calling him but they'll be God, follow him and go to hail tell you what I heard that sermon out drop-down window drove all he was really strong about that and he called probably should we need a prophet that was in like 1943, 44, and 30 years later in 1973 Dave Wilkerson stepped forward and said I have a vision of where America's going is not a pretty vision to definitely at that time as you will know Dave Wilkerson was the darling of both the charismatic and the Pentecostal movement. She was their number one store in Jan the moment he began to speak out about the need for repentance and that God was going to pour out or juggle this nation if we did repent many of those charismatic and Pentecostal churches just wash their hands and even took their bookseller, both because it will leave a negative voice they were preaching this going to be a huge revival about that you will be a great revival in the end of the Bible never speaks of no great revival because of growing apostasy in the end what they were teaching. I think Wilkerson is a little bit like the prophet Jeremiah.

He was a lead in the IMing. He said terrible things could come to America if we don't turn things around. Then you highlight somebody else here who's passed on another fellow who is prominent in the 1970s Francis Schaeffer, he warned he put some of his thoughts in a book, how should we then live a film actually the attack, humanism, and he said if we don't repent. We are going to be judged and then then he tackled the church with the great evangelical disaster book so he was another one who warned back 3040 years ago. He wrote a book when you met with his major book with them right before he died he wrote one called a Christian manifesto, in which he talks specifically about American society and the triumph of humanism in our society and in that very interesting. He said that he felt like the greatest threat to American society to the Judeo-Christian principles we hold so dear was the Supreme Court and the judicial activism in what he called socialized law law will not base the bone God's word loan, not base to phone the Constitution loan not based, bone, natural law, law based upon changing pads society that is going to destroy America. If we don't get these courts under control in the very last book you wrote was on called the great evangelical disaster in which he talked about the fact that one of the reasons our society is in such terrible condition is because of the fact that evangelicals were beginning to abandon their belief in the inerrancy of God's word and that was one of the things this man thought or from the time he was born of the time he died was he bought in behalf of the inerrancy of God's word to Dave Ragan because were carrying one of his books God's prophetic voices to America were spending some time here on for these voices who passed on Ray to get to the nine who are still with us here in just a moment and then David you move onto, as you already indicated Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist who gave a warning and back in the 60s. He was in the Soviet's and camps for some insane reason.

They let him go. I can imagine why they would do that because I was going to get out and tell the truth about the gulags right was a powerful writer and won the Nobel Prize, but he would accept the prize because he would leave his country is plated Woodley Bakula native country of Russia but finally kicked them out, and became the United States and settled in Vermont and not only did he give this great speech at Harvard, but later when he won the Templeton prize was given to him for his religious leadership he gave a speech there. That was just unbelievable and let me just quote one paragraph he said more than half a century ago while I was still a child.

I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation of the great disasters that had befallen Russia men have forgotten God that all this and he said that is exactly what is going on in the United States of America everywhere ago.

He said I find people who have forgotten God and he said when you forget God you will become caught up in materialism and in most of his speeches were gifts, materialism, and how materialism is an empty way of living, and it robs you of the soul and robs you of the real meaning of existence and the man was just a very, very powerful, spoken with, and most people didn't know he was a Christian. He was born and raised in the Russian Orthodox Church, and although he became a communist he was arrested for writing a private letter about Stalin in which he was critical and he was put into the gulags concentration camps and was in there for over 20 years but during that time he refilled his plate and he came out with his faith renewed and he died with a very strong place right Russia deported him in 1974, he wrote the gulags Archipelago, 1973, but he was in the Russian camps leave in the 50s and 60s.

It may have been in before that incredible story and I had forgotten that he had made the analogy our nation. Russia forgot God America you're making the same mistakes are going to suffer the same consequences. He's one of the floor of the prophetic voices that have passed on. Dr. David Reagan writes about and then David you got about nine that are still with us and working to get into those I think we'll get into those in my second segment, but I going to the back of the book right now were going to talk about the back of the book here little bit later. What I'm doing is I'm I'm just giving a little tease here because you close this book and it's very ominous I think how you close the book, we can talk about it every kind of wind the program down but you say is America doomed and you give some statistics here. Towards the end of the book that are ominous anything point of what you've done in these approximately 270 or 280 pages. I think what you're doing is saying you know what, in less we listen to some of these voices we probably don't have a very good future when Reagan was elected. It's interesting, especially sleep it.

Schaeffer in his book the Christian manifesto said God has given us a window of grace.

And he said it'll be interesting to see whether we take full advantage of it or not. The advance of humanism in the course of it was a window grace, but as soon as Reagan left office. They march toward the humanist highway just kept right on going. And in fact accelerated suggest that that is what's going to happen when Trump leaves office. I think we have a second window of grace is God gave us a very miraculous one but I think that is going to pick up and continue and I give some reasons for that and one of those reasons is that when Pres. Obama left office after eight years most ungodly administration American history. You left office with a 60% the lady and after eight years of most ungodly administration is designated air Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes trumpeted and after eight years of that ungodly administration young people of America, the millennial 19 to 28-year-old those people supported and out and out socialist president and when needed. Get the nomination they supported Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly even more important than that is the latest born of polls were now showing that only 9% of Americans have a Christian worldview. And only 17% of those who claim to be Christians have a Christian worldview. But I want to talk about that and more. But first I want to talk about the nine voices who are trying to warn today and folks will do that as soon as I get back from a very short timeout. I'm sure you're curious to know some of these folks are, I think you can recognize most of them and I suspect many of them, if not all somehow impacted your life there warning today or not.

As the first floor who are not with us any longer. These nine are with us today will get back to that. Just a couple of minutes don't go away. Don't touch your dial you enjoying today's task copy of today's conversation by calling 763559444 or download this program from our website. All of three order a copy of David Reagan's new release voices to when you call 76355944 Olive tree ministries host yearly conferences that you and direct contact with Bible commentators. These conferences are recorded and available for you to share with your family and church friends. Just a moment.

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We live in unprecedented time daily headlines indicate that the earth is reeling their own wars and rumors of wars in the church is caving to apostasy all predicted this ministry tries to bring you the best experts, theologians, commentators and authors help you understand. Thank you for making this radio and conference destination priority among believers around the world stay up to date by checking headlines daily at our website. All of three who can access our weekly radio program at our website Saturday. This is Jan Markel. Many Christian leaders avoid topics of our day. But here on this program we had on the times demand we address the hard issues and bring biblical viewpoint into focus.

Thanks for joining us a warning.

It's a warning because all of us love this country watch the mistakes she's made concerned that perhaps is there time or is there not time to mend some of the things that we've done wrong over the many many turn to our discussion on understanding the times in order voices to America focus of today's conversation by visiting all of and clicking on the online store tab.

Now, let's continue with Dr. David Reagan and Jan Markel will come back. I'm pleased to have on the line from Dallas, Texas, said Dr. Dave Reagan known well through landline ministries Christ in prophecy TV. By the way, I'll be on that program in November. I believe it's 12 and 26 going down there little while ago to see the lay of the land in Dallas physically ministry and those that worked there, including Nathan Jones and others and of course Dr. Dave Reagan and so I brought David on today to talk about his newest book and that would be God's prophetic voices to America. It's a warning it's a warning because all of us love this country watch the mistakes she's made concerned that perhaps is there time or is there not time to mend some of the things that we've done wrong over the many many decades. Dr. Dave Reagan. I want to talk to you a little bit here about the nine who are you consider attentive warning for today. You start out with a very interesting fellow. I don't know and he's actually retired now Lee semiretired CBS News called Don Wildman the ayatollah of the religious right lovely title. Of course, coming from the far left. What should we expect mean head of the American family Association the mid-1970s Tupelo Mississippi look he told Americans to turn off the TV for a week because he was a voice crying for decency. You picked him as one of these voices is also in the 1970s of late 1973 was unknown country preacher from Tupelo Mississippi. God has a great sense of humor and the Lord's anointed him and one day he just got fed up with TV and he just simply issued a press release which you sent to the Memphis newspaper and said I will "turn the TV off for a week and let these guys know were not happy with what's on television. At that time it was blaming the three major networks and as he put it, the Associated Press must've had a very dull day because I picked up my little memo and without all over the nation and the next thing I knew people were calling me from everywhere say were fed up with TV off and that watch one of the most powerful industries in America today calling this nation to repentance.

And now he has been succeeded by his son, also speaking out very forcefully and continuing the tradition of his young Tim Weldon. The trend of this ministry good friend of mine since 1982 he was invited to speak to the very prestigious Los Angeles world affairs Council and list of his speech 1982 atheism and agnosticism with their stepchild of humanism, hedonism and materialism may not be the official religions of our country but they have become the accepted practical vision by many in key positions of influence in boys that even more crude place for today. Dr. David Jeremiah yet assassinating sermon series which was titled I never thought I'd see the day I want this place is less than a minute clip here of Dr. Jeremiah today we reached the halfway point in a new series from starting point called, I never thought I'd see the day culture at the crossroads where examining modern cultural and theological developments that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Today's message is called. I never thought I'd see the day when morality would be in freefall in this message. I'll look at how modern societies have decided to dispense with God's moral laws to reset our moral compasses, Christians, we need to look at the morality the difference between the letter of the law and spirit of the law that was Jesus focus in a large section of his sermon on the Mount will close that gap in today's message coming up next to another one of the voices you've highlighted, even wrote a powerful book about which you live.

Nine things that he thought he would never live thusly, and they all have to do with duration of our society never met Dr. David Jeremiah, but I do know another voice you selected. He's a friend of this ministry. He's been in my conference activity to friend of mine, Dr. Irwin lutes are and you say he's speaking against emphasizing the evil of man what you mean by that important because one of the cornerstones of the cornerstones of the religion of Satan is teaching that man is capable of perfection that man is basically good and that he can be moved toward perfection through socialization into education and you and I both know Jan that the Bible teaches exactly opposite. It teaches that we are born with sin. Later that man is basically evil and that we cannot rely on, man. We've got to turn to God and so at the end of that chapter, I just say his whole message of Irwin lecture can be summed up in one sentence and that is America.trusting in men and place your trust instead in God. If you like to check out this book, you can do so through all of the ministries God's prophetic voices to America. Olive trees used were just in my story, you'll find that they can call us if you'd like. Will try to get it in the next couple of newsletters have had it in my E newsletter several times were trying to get print and you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel, the author of the book Dr. Dave Reagan is a longtime ministry friend that had a met a number of my conferences and now David, this book is not about what you typically write about typically write about the King is coming and now he's gone down a different pathway. How come Plato my heart the last two years, or do what your nation on your watch and that's what's happening here so it's just been something that has been tearing me apart inside.

What's all this going owning and so I decided that I needed to put it all together to point out how God is using these prophetic voices and remedial judgments to call our nation. God loves America is used America modeling to proclaim the gospel all over the world and he is not looking forward to destroying this nation but Jan were walking in the same steps that the ancient nation of Judah. Did God love that nation. He blessed nation like no other nation, and they turned their back on him just as we've done and they refuse to abide by his word and he said probably that the prophet called repentance. He said remedial judgments, they would not repent. When Jeremiah came and said God is going to destroy this nation. If you do not repent their response always was the temple to temple to temple what they meant by that was, never touch us because his Shekinah glory resides in our temple and were doing the same thing when somebody speaks out like the voices are doing. Usually there met with criticism as well. America is the greatest nation on planet Earth. God loves America is like God sitting on his throne griped of an American flag. Yes, God loves America what he is fed up with our opposition to him with our rebellion against him and he's calling us to repentance. And if we don't repent this nation will be destroyed just like agent, Judah was well another voice saying something very similar to what you just said.

He said it at my conference in 2015 he said to have a spine paraphrasing, but God's heart doesn't flutter at the sites of an American flag, and Dr. Robert Jeffress, warning of impending judgments, and keep talk about at my conference and his books on your TV program at your conference. He warns about, says some of the Supreme Court decision play that little clip here Robert Jeffress warning. I learned something that morning about implosion's sudden dramatic. They begin with a series of unrelated explosions, followed by a pause and then a sudden collapse. Ladies and gentlemen over the last 50 years, our Supreme Court has made three explosive decisions that have sole weekend on moral and spiritual structure and foundation of our country that are inevitable collapse is certain, right now were simply living between that time of the explosions that have weakened our basic foundation and the coming implosion. Well, David. He said it well. He said your event. My event says it all over) paper Robert focuses on decisions of the Supreme Court in Portillo. In particular, have just undermined our Judeo-Christian ethics and he continues to talk about health Supreme Court is just completely out of control and destroying this nation so you he is a very very powerful voice and he's one of the voices of the people I met you here. All I know why you think that all she does is cause trouble and you are very powerful voice and pick you out as a voice and speaking out against the apostasy of the church because that's the reason our society is in this situation because the church is gotten in bed with the world and the church is more interested in pleasing society and being favored by society that is in pleasing God, you point that out tremendously back with most powerful quotes in this book is from you quoted this Humpty Dumpty is having a great fall but secular mankind cannot figure out how to put it back together they think new elections, new laws, new trees, new regulations will fix everything.

They are clueless that the secular path always leaves the poly we have passed the tipping point. Let's hang on a little longer and be salt and light and try to delay the decay.

There were still some playful shepherds and some of our pulpits.

Nothing is falling apart. Everything is falling in place more distresses coming and it will be heart stopping, and breathtaking judgment is a bonus over powerful words. Well I'm concerned as you know, my background is a young person was an extremely solid church be Baptist, but that matters, but again it spoke against apostasy all the time. Little did I know when I got into ministry. Olive is gonna run into was one false teaching after another false teaching. So my goodbye radio cohost Eric Barger joins me very often speaking out against these things and yet were troubled by it we really are.

All I love your comment that you make over and over and over in your writings and that is nothing is falling apart.

Everything is falling in place. It reminds me of that great statement about Adrian Rogers and one of his sermons were.

He said the world growing gloriously dark. People don't know Bible prosecutors and what this means what it means is that Bible prophecy says that the world will be falling apart, just as it was at the time of Noah when Jesus Christ returns the deterioration of society is horrible and is is nonetheless assigned they were getting very close to the coming of Jesus. So he said were growing gloriously dark.

I actually had your whole book of almost 300 pages. I had that cool highlighted that I was in a talk you about. You raised it.

The world is growing gloriously dark.

Dr. Adrian Rogers and now that scene is good news because of how you just explain that you are like a lightning rod for some reason I know what I know I am like everybody is attacking you and and I think it's because Satan hates what you're doing with the passion and hate your ministry takes what you're saying and that is tell you what, that's a good sign for the concerts that I know it's tough for you. Well it's not been the most fun but you know what I've got almost 40 years of experience of being kind of a punching bag, and I cannot ignore it. Now David and see it as a badge of honor.

And the worst part of it is a lot of that nonsense comes from people or profession. Gretel absolutely absolutely sucks if you'd like to see my testimonies in this book, God's prophetic voices to America and indeed has my testimony and other things Olive back. I want to recommend to your listeners a UL that you put out that I'm right in the middle of watching when you called me. I just got it yesterday and it's called the blessed hope of the blessing of the blasted okay and the blasted Hill that fantastic video people need to get that video.

It is just really great. Thank you. It's the most frequent email here.

David is I cannot find good news that the King is coming in any church in my town and it's because certain people have come against that glorious message and the known as the rapture and I name them all. I name all those that have come against this wonderful message. Let's let's cover a couple more people here before the segment gets away and I want talk for a moment about dear friend of mine have worked for them since 2002 is a watchmen on the wall, bilking it, and he's warning all sort of warnings as it concerns Israel her covenant land and don't get hang.

It's not just a piece of real estate. It's God's covenant land can't divide it really curses those who curse Israel and many people are familiar with the book that he issued several years. He is all about showing the correlation between verbal calamities in this nation or mistreatment of Israel, that one was called the new one out called revealed Obama's legacy and in there.

He makes this comment no US administration is done more to accelerate the nation toward biblical judgment that Obama's administration and he talks about how that administration was both the most and Israel administration in America.

It was stunning. It was so grievous David to get up every day and find new outrage that Obama I don't know why anybody should be surprised when you consider that Obama said what 25 years of the preacher in Chicago who was of an passion back to the core and all of his time condemning the Jewish people right. It was no surprise whatsoever but and then bilking it has an updated version of eye to eye, ceasing the consequence that the dividing is really confined that but actually this hour were talking about God's prophetic voices to America. New book by Dr. Dave Reagan and I want to get to a few more that you've got that you're talking about. I do not know. Dr. Albert Mohler. Obviously follow him online. Listen to a lot of things he talks about his podcast you say Mohler is a voice confronting intellectuals wanted to explain what you mean will give very intellectual and we need a voice like that and you try to read his books are not easy, but he is an intellectual and he speaks intellectuals and we need a voice like that because I certainly couldn't do that. But he can and so he takes own the theologian and he really is very effective at doing it and giving theological arguments in behalf of the Judeo-Christian values that made this nation great while he can get down and really talk to the average person as well and he did that in the grips that he gave out at Brigham Young University in 2014 where he made one most powerful statements that I have about our society said we are witnesses to one of the most comprehensive and fast-paced moral revolution ever experienced by humanity, velocity, and breath of this revolution are breathtaking and the consequences are, yet incalculable. We cannot pretend that this is not happening.

We cannot delude ourselves in believing that it will not matter again I think that will do his will hold over to the next segment was with got a few more voices yet to cover and then as I said I want to get to the very closing of your book, you're pondering some things that is American doom, though I'm not so sure. But we certainly don't appear to be paying any kind of a prominent role in Bible prophecy or eschatology and a course you have some great insights David because you compare a life as you recall, it you grew up in the 40s and the 50s and for you.

Compare that to today and it's worth two different like another planet like then to now and then we had a couple more voices that I want to talk about here before we wrap this up and we will do that, folks, and let me just say this program is always posted to my website every Saturday Olive olive and get a CD of any program you commit CD subscriber but do call us on that so we can process that with a credit card. I hope you look in the my print and my e-news letter. Look it up online or give us a call and follow us on Facebook as well. Jan Markel's Olive Stream ministries and follow us on Twitter at olive tree men. I'm going to come back in just a couple of minutes we can wrap this up to get at least two more voices. What are the voices. Dave Reagan says that there God's prophetic voices to America I list for who have passed on nine who are still with us today and the book is in my store. back in just a couple of minutes. As you may already know from the discussion so far.

One of the prophetic voices.David Reagan's the publication belongs to Jan Markel tells her story about her own faith journey. Think you'll find David's chapter on Jan fascinating order your own copy of God's prophetic voices to America is that our bookstore olive trees or phone 763-559-4444 think you agree every weekend.

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According to the Bible we should rinse with truth.

That will enlighten your spending the times in which we live sauce prepared for the changes coming to our world Bible is the last days will be an corruption like the world has never known sites of this we are sending the times radio with Jan Markel this is all the Old Testament prophets are generation and what you hear him prophesy to his generation is a dual prophecy that is applied today. Amos the prophet sees God as a lion roaring lion roar until he has his previous site just as ready to pounce if a roar and he said God is alive and ready to strike judgment on a backslidden nation in the church times.

Radio continues to special guest Dr. David Ragan used John Markel Tucker Carlson tonight America.

The country is divided. It is been in 150 years since the Civil War right and left live in entirely different cultures.

In a lot of ways rarely encounter one another personally. They live in different cities in 10 different churches we different books have different hobbies evening different foods. Increasingly, at the political level, state and local governments don't just denounce federal policy actively defy.

It states totally ignore the federal ban on marijuana letting citizens grow and sell it with impunity. Cities tell the police to pretend that immigration laws don't exist or are invalid or so immoral you can ignore them.

Can we salvage a functional nation out of two groups increasingly despise each other's real question not asked often enough and we are talking about will lead America this hour and some who are warning America and one of the things I'm concerned about is the divided states of that certainly happened here in the last over 10 years or so and even more so in the last year. The last year has been simply on overdrive and so I have on the line from Dallas, Texas. The familiar voice of Dr. David Ragan, lamb,, lamb, Christ in prophecy, on television, and you can look that up online. Check your local listings for when that errors in your neighborhood were talking about his newest book, God's prophetic voices to America because he cites 13 people before who are no longer with us.

Nine who are with us were wrapping up that discussion because Dave Reagan hears a voice so important. The voice of Franklin Graham and let me just say and I think you rightfully cite the fact that the 2016 election could have been swayed away from the hard left because Franklin Graham visited all 50 states. I was present in St. Paul, Minnesota, June 2016.

The hear Franklin Graham and he didn't get up there and say you got a vote for the Democrat you got a vote for the Republican. He just pleaded on behalf of God to spare America and to give us more time for the gospel and for the God to have mercy on us and I think he did respect, capital and people group. Roy to repent of the sins of our nation.

Pray for God to have mercy and every one of them. He made the statement. I have no hope of the Democratic Party and I have no open Republican Party zero. Our only hope is God and I believe that's one of the reasons God gave us this window of grace that he's given us because of the fact that he went to all 50 states and had people probably believe that our prayer was very very powerful.

Graham is really right on the cutting edge just like you Jan Israel after only cutting edge and people hate them with a passion. Just go to Google and type in his name, and you will see hundreds and thousands of vicious articles calling him every name in the book, using all kinds of expletives denouncing him saying why can he be like his father and be liked by everybody, my soul determined to go out and could be of everything that's going on. People just pleaded with a passion I really pray for his safety because that fear. Somebody may try to assess the other thing I noticed was Franklin's every media opportunity he gets emphasis even two minutes on national media he's going to get the gospel of salvation and that's that's wonderful because the time is growing short, you had to interject controversy into your book and you included the prophetic voice of Jonathan Kohn declaring an impending destruction we must repent and talk to me about why you included him. Jonathan Kohn is sort of a classical like what he felt like one you speak like one and and and of course he is a lightning rod.

Also like you have been good people just like lip just seemed obsessed with condemning this man and his basic message is just as biblical as it can be that we have deserted God and his word and we need to turn back and repent and if we don't, God is going to judge this nation that is best and why people are so obsessed with attacking him is just beyond my comprehension, except that Satan loves lady with a passion and motivated many people as we can become adjusted. I is American doomed the way you close off the books so you got all these you get 13 profits. Some past, some still with us, and that your ultimate question is I think have any of them made a difference and again you believe that God's given us a window of opportunity here with Donald Trump. Just as we had a window of opportunity under Ronald Reagan and again you cited some things earlier in the program. Only 9% of Americans have a biblical worldview. Let me go back to what you say you say the Mary Kay you knew is gone and then you give some some illustrations of what we like in the 40s and 50s lot. That's not recognizable that you will not talk to young people go into a state of shock, believe that of the kind of America that I grew up in ever existed but we were very Judeo-Christian principles in this nation were extremely strong. Every public meeting was opened with prayer every school meeting was opened with prayer we prayed every day in class we read the Bible stories in our English books are senior English book was full of Bible stories that we read to kill the teacher what the moral of the story was everything was closed on Sunday except the most essential things like baby drugstores. I don't think they will, but they may have been but mostly open.

There were no diversions owned Sunday. You did not have sports events on Sundays.

They recognize that is the Lord's day and are part of the country. We have things on Wednesday night because they knew everybody with the prayer meeting on Wednesday and it just goes only known of the Judeo-Christian principles in this country were so strong and all that is just been diluted or else just simply disappeared. You also write in this last chapter about how divided we are. That's why played that little Clint.

We have but to close the brain against the center of the nation. Our nation is more divided right now than it's ever been since the time of the Civil War. One of the reasons that were finding that there can be no you can't find compromises in the Congress because it ended the difference in Democrats and Republicans were not all that great. They both believed in Judeo-Christian principles, but they had different concerning how much we should give to the poor, how much we should not things of that nature, but they could come to a negotiated compromise and negotiated compromises are no longer possible because are such a members diversions and fundamental values between Democrats and Republicans so we're finding that increasing violence in our country that I think were going to find increasing violence because there just is not this possibility of unity and compromise. Because we have such virgin values. Now, instead of basic value: you can find this book in my store my newsletters as well.prophetic voices to America at least certainly referenced all 13 voices that Dr. Reagan believes are prophetic voice to America warning Abner quote you here, David. You've already made reference to this, but here's the direct quote you referred to it a few minutes ago.

How did this happen and you say we need to be clear it was not due to the attacks of the secular list that secularists the humanist atheist of the sexual libertarians know it has been due to the failure of the church to preach the gospel call people to repentance and stand for righteousness.

In short, the church has sought popular approval and in the process.

It's gotten in bed with the world. You feel that the blame goes right back then to the pulpit and jam that is been your boys avoid the melting pot pointed out that the torches got in bed with the world with the churches abandoned the preaching of the gospel to the churches in the entertainment business and your great blessing to this nation into the church and I will encourage you to keep speaking out and not be discouraged about tax because they will continue to come to just doing a great job and I would also say that even though I don't believe that there is any hope for our nation. I believe we reach the point of no return and there are people. Of course, disagree with that but one thing we can agree on is that there is great hope for individuals and individual Christians great hope for those who do not know the Lord. They will only turn to the Lord.

We have the hope of the rapture.

We have the hope of Jesus is, no matter what tribulation we go through what experiences we have the negative that he will walk with us through the and those are great points of encouragement and you do and that here at the end that I wanted and that way David and that is we have the hope of his return.

People can still call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. It's one thing to be saved from the tribulation and all that but the fires of hell. We really want to save people from and that is the optimistic, positive message of the gospel, which is then not affected where America's going because it's timeless right you have absolutely no again, let me just encourage you to hang in there and you keep your listeners to support. Thank you David again sucks that you get the book in my store. God's prophetic voices to America.

Dr. David Ragan and a lot of the program just little saying I like to read here now and then when the time was right to see parted laws fell down. The Lions went hungry. The sun stood still. The waves recall the stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return guides never early. He's never late. He's always right on time.

His plan for you is good. I want to thank you for listening folks. We will talk to you next you will and you and all thanks for joining us for today's times radio with Jan Markel across America and across the World Wide Web for current events from the perspective of the week. This broadcast comes to no cost to cost us thousands of dollars to produce and distribute this weekend media outreach to consider becoming our partner ever changing world men and women of faith need to keep you informed need to be aware of current events through the lens of Scripture, week after week.

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