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Will Artificial Intelligence Rule the World? (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 27, 2018 7:00 am

Will Artificial Intelligence Rule the World? (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 27, 2018 7:00 am

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Mankind has tried to replace God for centuries, but the 21st-century plan has serious consequences. We just felt super intelligent AI was no smarter than your average team of researchers at Stanford for MIT 12 electronic circuits function but a million times faster than about this machine should think about a million times faster than the minds of velvet descent running for a week and it will perform 20,000 years of human level intellectual work week after week after week helping leave and understand much less constrained in mind, making this work on this is understanding the times radio Jan Markel Janco host Eric Barger meet once again today. The founder of ghetto life ministries and pastor of sunrise Baptist Church of Las Vegas, Billy Crow. This broadcast is the second of a two-part series on artificial intelligence missed part one can still listen to last week's program log on to all of the Click on the archive page compactness recordings of both programs in this series will be available later in this broadcast will tell you how to order those first right into today's program.

Part two of a conversation with pastor Billy Crone used Jan Markel and Eric Barger. Welcome to the program. Well, you might've heard last weekend's program on artificial intelligence were continuing our discussion here week number two on the topic and just how does it play into a last days scenario which we did refer to frequently in program number one.

This is part two of a two-part program and last week I referred to two newspaper articles that I saw online to cite them again. In just a moment because they really opened my mind and my eyes to an issue which I had not been paying proper attention to, and those promoting artificial intelligence state that they want this to be like God is called a I for short artificial intelligence and then we also discussed a little bit upset some of the modern day home invasion going on that is your home is being invaded every day by technological snoops watching what you're doing and where not being sensational. We're kind of issuing a warning, however, that all of this is leading to something.

And quite frankly, that something is outlined in the Bible. It's found in Daniel 12 were talks about an increase of knowledge is found in Revelation 13, and other places as well but heavily Revelation 13 talks about a coming at global government about a coming global leader and how that global leader will in fact abuse. Much of what we are talking about. Now let me just quickly by way of review and then when get back into our interview process, but some of you are joining me for the first time, you didn't hear last weekend's program I referenced an article with the headline X Google executive Anthony Leven, Tao scheme is founding a church where people worship and artificial intelligence. God went on to say it's the way of the future church. That's the name of it will have its own gospel called the manual and a probably a physical place to worship the idea behind his religion is that one day, not next week or next year sufficiently advanced artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans and will effectively become a God small G daily mail headline jumped out at me why humans will happily follow a robot Messiah. Religions based on AI artificial intelligence will succeed because we tend to worship supreme understanding it claims. The article claims same drive that compels people to believe in religions will work for artificial intelligence and people will eventually rely on a robot Messiah to solve society's problems. All right, I had to raise the question in my mind robot Messiah is that the antichrist I don't know. It's interesting to speculate on again.

They went on to refer to the fact this is because we have a tendency to worship supreme understanding the world will follow a robot Messiah. So with those couple of articles.

I then caught online. My guests presentation in my guest for last week and this week.

Pastor Billy Crone sunrise Baptist Church Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eric Barger has joined me for both programs as cohost because he's got some great insights into the topic of artificial intelligence and we want to focus on a couple of things this hour and I'm going to start by focusing with my guests.

How this can play into the eschatological scenario and pastor Crone and Eric.

We touched on this in program number one we have some folks joining us at today listening that perhaps didn't hear that.

So for a little bit repetitious folks. Forgive us, but early Crone for us to say that all of this is preparing the world for the seven year tribulation would not be a stretch correct, though not all special when you take a look at the events that are going to happen tribulation. Combine that with what were soon be informed before. Our topic of artificial intelligence and I really do believe that is needed to walk the events in the seven year tribulation would be the topic of Daniel 12, an increase of knowledge think that the given Weatherby second Timothy three rise of wickedness, self-centered, lovers of pleasure rather than God. Society AI's been pitched to be create a man-made utopia of self absorption so convenient.

Society ever lending to that wicked behavior certainly Revelation 13 we mentioned this on the left broadcast with AI with the mark of the beast and the micro-chipping of the planet and managing all the buying and selling and monitoring the people speak and monitoring people. Revelation 13 also talks about how the Antichrist and the false prophet are able to in essence micromanage the planet because the words or use of the verb to the force order because if you don't do what they say the given order. If you don't do it to say that you will die will wait a second. How do you know who's going to be listening to you and obeying you in or not. That's big brother on sterling so AI certainly comes in handy without some of the judgments you looking at Revelation 6 were one fourth of the earth is annihilated. Later in Revelation 9, one third of the earth is annihilated at those two numbers together, you got almost half the planet is gone just in those two judgments, and do we have the technology on the planet today to pull off a kind of unfortunate annihilation in the seven year tribulation without their assay using nuclear warfare.

If you use nuclear warfare we been a nuclear winter, and society would cease to let you know exist at that point it would come to a halt. But that's not what we see in seven year tribulation, the Antichrist continues with his false evil agenda.

The topic of second Thessalonians 2 where the antichrist says that he is God and declares himself to be God. That certainly is connected with AI metal ring pitched right now. And finally, Revelation 13. Even the image of the beast. What is this image that the false prophet is going to create the people going to worship connected with the antichrist. AI certainly could fulfill at a 12 and I want to revisit to Sophia hearing in just a moment because then as we said last week we talked a lot about people human beings today.

They want to be like God, they want to have the mind of God. They want to reduce God they want to raise themselves higher than God presents a verse right out of the book of Isaiah, but I want to spend a little bit of time and you went through a rapid list here want to spend little more time on each of the points that you just raised in Daniel 12, obviously, is that the increase of knowledge and spiraling out of control and it spawns a super intelligence. What I think I want to do is I want to play a soundbite because there are some who are just joining us this week and we've got. I don't know if she's an image of the beast.

Is it possible pastor Crone that Sophia the robot somehow fits in some some kind of an image or is is is perhaps something else. What a note that she would be a female character in a female is out of character. There certainly could. This same type of technology that's my point. Utilizing a similar tribulation that I would say that's a very good possibility.

I want to introduce folks you missed last weekend we played a little clip of Sophia.

She is a robot. She thinks he answers questions you can ask any question and should give you an answer and when you hear the close of this little soundbite. The other robot. There are two robots is a gentleman whose them.

I believe in Singapore somewhere in the Orient and he's introducing these two robots, and when you hear the closing statement of the gentleman robot. I want to come back and talk about it. Maximally well in the human world to absorb human knowledge and to absorb human values have a humanoid form, as has tremendous advantages so right now were using a combination of many different AI techniques to control these robots. Some of the more narrow and specifically preprogrammed. Some more general ones learning oriented in our research program over the next few years is to bring more and more general intelligence into the robots while at the same time launching a series of small size robot products like the Prof. Einstein you saw in the video and human skill robot products to to serve on the ends help people in various ways as the robots intelligence develops. So anyway that's enough of listening to humans talk with the wood is what these robots have to say are you doing there. Sophia hello that they have been hello everyone you want to tell people a little about yourself and Sophia. Yeah, anything else on the robot true. I'm the brainchild of Dr. David Hansen and his company Hanson robotics based here in Hong Kong. My goal in life is to work together with people to make a better world for all of us that's going on about Ifill goal was to take over the world. He said our goal is to take over the world. You're listening to understanding the times radio not twilight zone and I'm Jim Markel I have on the line from Las Vegas testability Crone Sunrise Baptist Church and Eric Burger is my cohost today I gentleman. He came right out and said our goal is to take over the world where that mean the world means what he said right yeah exactly and even another interviews is not the first time that this AI intelligence had made that statement to be again made the statement herself and she even warned that basically you know the outcome of developing us AI.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see and but this is a serious threat and again even the secular people. I stress that Jan because I think a lot of the older you go Christians once again to take everything good in society and want to blame on the devil or say that it so it's going to bed. For some this is here for great even the secular people are saying this is one of the foolish things we could ever do I get some of those clothes last week.

Let me give them again. These secular folks are saying this he who develops artificial intelligence rules the world. People know that once artificial intelligence is form we aren't going to be able to control it. Elon musk says we are summoning up demons and then apply that clip is matter-of-factly. Let's play right now he's gonna say this is absolute foolishness. We are summoning demons of its potential to be possibly the biggest game changer ever. Do you have any plans to enter the field of artificial intelligence.

In general, what are your thoughts on if you think it's even close to being ready for prime time. I should be very careful about official intelligence. Safari just what our biggest successful threat is probably about. So it's been very careful with auction coatings is inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight of offensive end of the national and international level. Just make sure that we don't do something very foolish and with artificial intelligence will summoning the demon know those stories were as the guy with the pentagram and holy water is like a shirt control of the Noel 9000 HAL 9000 would be this way more complex than funding for HAL 9000 shame. The pastor Crone.

They've already invented the demon so I mean it's damages been done duly put the genie back in the bottle. You can't exactly and in another interview, Elon musk, even use that same analogy about going to Mars, and the ladies know and he could correct the person making that statement to know that we can trace their two I think quickly it's not a good snow. It is not just the white Elon musk technology mobile and other entities you got people like Stephen Hawking's Bill Gates. She got Steve Wozniak he is the cofounder of Apple you got these people all saying the exact same thing. We are in trouble. By developing this and again it's not coming it's already here and let me share it with this quote.

This is from Sophie herself. This is the AI saying that this is the future as well and she said, quote either creativity will rain on us creating a online or civilization collapses my cousin from the AI itself. You know, it strikes me, this is the dream of Dr. Frankenstein is that is blown completely up now. We've all seen those movies for years.

Some of this myself, Greg. We grew up with that kind of stuff and you see this now happening in real time and people with the intelligence of Elon musk, warning us that the this is you know this is a devil in our midst, and I think we need to repeat what we said the first program that you say will will doesn't have control over these programs. Even though there may be hundreds of thousands of them. As I said the first program yes we think so. However, once these programs are created and then they get to a place where they begin to correct himself.

They begin to overlap upon themselves and they become out of control. We can't stop them. That's the problem they continue and and they've already proven.

I remember the first time you all do to when we saw a computer I think was Bobby Fischer that he beat in chess and when I saw that and with this is trouble for us when the computer is able to outsmart the greatest chess player in the world to me and this is what we see now, but way, way more advanced now.

Good point Eric Millie Crone and that's who. Our guest is for the two programs that we presented going back to your point number four and again Revelation 13 big brother micromanages the planet, gives orders, I give the order, or die self policing at predictive crimes with Google talk to us for couple minutes here because this was fascinating how this could play into eschatology or end times the predict his crime, yet will basically what most don't realize is, again, many corporations militaries around the world are not just developing they've already developed AI in one of those corporations were developed at IBM but another big one on the planet is Google and we actually share video clips where it is admitted in an interview that the birth of Google.

When I first seen with a search engine that they are here not to develop another search engine. They are here to develop AI.

We got that on tape you can see with your own eyes. That's number one number two it's still in print. If you will look for yourself. Google has been on record and stated that they want to quote you like the mind of God's reign and you also take a look at artificial intelligence and what is it take to really create and mimic the human brain go beyond what basically in a nutshell, and we go in great details with this alert, studies and documentaries. Basically, nutshell, you have to hand feed a computerized database system manually data every single day just like we receive manual data every day through her eyes and ears, our five senses. There's no way to escape it.

That's what you have to do so.

You put that piece of creating true AI together with what Google is been up to for many many years.

Were they doing they are grabbing data from us in a multitude levels and they are uploading it to their centralized database system to fulfill their goal of AI into quote be like the mind of God with me to the emails autos satellite, you name it they control all of her information and I'll give you will test that it happening in real time, you guys have knows whether you're searching on the Internet for now. Even using your smart phone. You could say something or type something. The next thing you know of a screen pops up and says hey would you like to use this airline to get tickets to Hawaii.

How did they know that because 10 seconds ago you just type that into the search engine.

It's called targeted advertising.

They do it in real time, which means everything is being monitored real-time put that into a Revelation 13 big brother scenario when the Antichrist and the false prophet on a global scale.

Use this as a force they order that because they make people to obey and if you don't do what they say you're gonna die what that's micromanaging the planet. So how are you going to know what everybody on the planet is doing at any time, including not following your orders when you put Google and you put all this other kind of stuff together with AI, they are already monitoring everything we think and say to and most people have no clue in some of our studies on the final countdown site.

We have one whole study one hour just on the topic of the cell phone and how the cell phone is the biggest monitoring device built a mankind history it goes with you wherever you go. And most people don't realize is that the bulk of the planet has already given these corporations like Google or Facebook is another one permission to use your cell phone as listen, not just a listening device but a tracking device and they can even access your video properties on your phone and even videotape the people I never gave him permission.

When you signed up that was in. You basically tries to phone thing that nobody ever read number one number two.

There also can create a Facebook just came out with an update not too long ago for their Facebook messenger app and part of the that's big can still see the headlights think one of the things that you basically signed off on. When you did that upgrade for your phone with the Facebook messenger is you gave them permission to access anything your phone turn it on and listen, the whole 9 yards. Take my first break I want to continue this discussion when we get back again folks go to get a life and check out the products abilities got all of this on video. Also in book form. The video you'll see all of this graphically attacked of the drone.

Skynet is coming. Sounds conspiratorial.

Its 14 hour documentary. See all of this visually to get some of these products and get a life I'm back in couple of minutes will continue our discussion access the video projects link to today's understanding of times topic on artificial intelligence to encourage you to visit Pastor Billy Crone's website address is a life again.

Get a life Another reminder both audio recordings of parts one and two in this radio series can be ordered at 763-559-4444 again order program CDs 763-559-4444 September 29. That's the date you want to say join us for the next understanding the times conference in Paris, Minnesota is radio guest Billy Crone featured speaker of this Paul's event information on our conference visit us on the web that all of three so thankful you're joining us for this program every weekend. We need your help to reach America with the inconvenient truth of the gospel are tax-deductible donations are appreciated. Please mail your gifts to all of three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 or from Jan Eric and Billy Crone coming right up.

Just a heads up here to save the date for understanding the times 28 this year we will gather at Grace Church, just outside Minneapolis on Saturday, September 29 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Speakers include Amir Sarah Fadi from Israel. Pastor Jack Gibbs from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. Answer JD for Rod Calvary Chapel Connie Ojai Hawaii and Pastor Billy Crone from Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas. They will help you discern the times and make sense of today's chaotic headlines they will help you see that today's headlines are not harbingers of doom but rather signs of our redemption. That's understanding the times 2018 Saturday, September 29 near Minneapolis 8:30 AM to 5 PM will give you updates right here on this program online and olive tree or through our print newsletter.

Save the date and don't be left behind at the moment we admit that information processing is the source of intelligence that some appropriate occupational system is what the faces of intelligences and we admit that we will improve these systems continuously and we admit that the horizon of cognition very likely far exceeds what we currently know. Then we have to admit we're in the process of building some sort of God. Now would be a good time to make sure the God joined us for the second of a two-part understanding the times radio series on artificial intelligence and the last days turned out to Jan and Eric's conversation with Pastor Billy Crone and welcome back, and some of you may be buying my feet just a little bit overwhelmed at some of the information you probably think I need to hear this again you can get some CDs if you'd like to call us for the two weeks CDs that we can provide for you.

You can just listen on my website. Olive tree, not a radio you can and get their mobile app we are on the mobile Speaking of technology and become a CD subscriber but you do have to call us on that. So hope you follow us through my print and E newsletter that we put out here regularly. If you write to us and particularly if you send a gift because were on over well over 800 stations always tell us what station you are listening to.

I want to return because we kinda had an abrupt closing of segment one and let Pastor Billy Crone and he is my guest from last week and this week he's with Sunrise Baptist Church, Las Vegas, Nevada. He's one of my speakers understand the times 2018, along with Amir Sarah Fadi Pastor JD Farah and Pastor Jack Hibbs. I hope that's and lineup that will give you some motivation to attend on Saturday, September 29 8:30 AM to 5 PM Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I will have more information as we move along into the new year. Pastor Crone. He wanted to make some more comments about predictive policing which I raised in the last segment. Basically that your big brother society and steroid that went back into the Revelation 13 scenario where the false prophet and Antichrist micromanage planet certainly so, and with AI specifically couple with what we left off last time with basically everything being monitored, controlled, will now what is a will.

Don't worry about it AI we use all that information that is being gleaned on us in real time and it here for good.

In fact there's already an AI that is built by China and edits on how to pronounce his peon a TIA in HD two to supercomputer to AI and listen to what they say this thing is already doing opposite what will really do not monitoring all emails and all that will listen what they said it understands all languages and the definitions of all words. It contains an encyclopedia on every subject known. It holds patents, schematics and designs for every invention possesses all registered corporations and businesses in the current GPS location on earth. It contains all the books and newspapers published papers and recorded names, phone numbers, physical and email addresses of every person. It also collects news events as they transpire throughout the world in real time, you receive every Facebook entry Google search all tweet emails and cloud entry simultaneously as the metadata and the traffic analysis is connecting the dots and filling it in instantly said his capabilities are so vast and so quick that it has the ability to foresee the future only to second foresee the future will that's the latest thing is happening this and don't worry yes this is crazy big brother on steroids working to protect you with this, you will be able to do work and to be able to even predict crimes before they even happen way second assembly in the Hollywood movie. You're right. Minority report with Tom Cruise only in that movie they used a human mind to predict crimes they are going to use an AI mine and it's all ready here. There's different versions give you just want one culprit pole which is basically a shortened form of predictive policing prep pole and basically this AI takes all the status being amassed on in real time and it puts little pink boxes okay in the areas of society or society that they believe is potential crime based on all the information that it acquired from people and in fact listen to this already, leave not quote in the foothill area of Los Angeles the movie was even here alone already in play and of course they say we don't worry about because since we put this addictive policing AI system in place property crimes of phone 12% compared to the previous year.

There also do the same thing with the same technology in England and again this is being connected with quote sensors and CCT TVs all the television cameras going up all over the place okay.

And they're saying that this thing is here to favor so don't worry, that everything you're doing is completely being monitored, and in the public electronically with the media, social media, emails, phone calls to work because AI will be your new Savior it, it's for your good. But I will quote that basically what one entity said about the same technology and that we talked about this before but basically said quote we don't have long to act.

Once this Pandora's box is open, it will be hard to close. We were talking a little bit earlier this home invasion type thing that's going on and you kinda got into American. We got sidetracked just a little bit and why go back to it for a few minutes here while we still have time because you had some fascinating from a gag you're actually writing an article and I'll give them your website here, but talk to us for just a minutes about it.

I think from what I heard from from Pastor Billy at the end of the first segment that my articles don't be a summary of the stuff he's Artie done in 14 hours because what he was saying is literally his sentences, but the exact same thing that I'm writing on, and I'd not heard any of his material before watched that series and it's a stunning what's happening not only our phones monitoring devices going the other direction, just not for our benefit, but can be use the opposite way, what the pastor brought up about advertising that that pops up as soon as we do a search. I also have reports from people that I believe are very credible were telling me that things they have discussed and not searched for suddenly end up on their phones as advertising now. That tells me there listening and I'm I say they there are not people with headphones on over Google headquarters listening. This is all done with computers with keywords with algorithms. It's a way to advertise. Right now it's all about money and Google home and Amazon echo and those are two small gadget units and putting your home to kind of the same things. Many of the same things, set your lights. He says you are coming home late.

Make sure that the house is open for you the burglar alarm is off all those kind of things that stuff. That's the convenience part that shows may be partially that we are we really just a lazy way on some they also do it for us. We remember when we were kids in the black and white TV shows that they had that summative vendor robot to clean the house this is that thing, but it's way way different than that. This is a little unit sitting on her desk and it's it's a way really commend your home as I said in the first program last week. You you buy it you at the end of course the Google or Amazon makes a profit on you buying the unit you bring it home you think this can be great it's going to do all these things will play any song I want anytime I like to do is tell it to do it speak in the room, I ask what's a traffic look like I what's the weather like should I bring a jacket. It answers all those kind of things and then what we don't know is is an information vacuum that sucking all the sounds in the room and maybe the sites in the room as well, and countless people around us who want to know better. Just as Billy just said they ought to know better.

They should understand this is going on in their trusting their privacy did these things I have begin to realize I don't want to walk into a room and have a conversation that I don't want heard by others with my cell phone in my hand. That's a funny thing. I've got a somehow I've gotta turn it off.

Okay fine I have never seen reason that sounds great, sounds Catalan, but first of all, your article will Karen right. on home invasion correct correct.

But what you just said is how do we stop this. Can we turn the phone off can with what we had to do turn on the electricity off.

Well, it's like you can you walk down the street without being surveilled surveillances everywhere. This is surveillance upon us in our homes. So where helpless victims Billy Cronin and my right and we just helpless victims. Well, it would be easy to it will take a way out and get pessimistic, but I don't think that's an option for us as Christians and as a Christian. If anything, I think this is a gift from God is pretty crazy not asserted technology but what the technology should do to assist bars steer our behavior and to me this is God's way of funneling things down to get us back as the church back to plan a plan B. It always plan a where there's our time in history, or the early church history when the churches first started. There's only been a plan a and a plan a is simply this.

What you do when you get up in your society in your generation that time you get busy. By the spirit of God living like that holy reflective of him number one number two you get busy sharing the gospel because you know that no matter how bad it gets in your generation at your time on this planet got told us is going to get worse forget better. But the good news is because you're born again Christian, you're not going there. God save you for a place beyond your wildest dreams and we get to be part of that, but he's left us behind to let as many other people know is possible.

We are on a gigantic rescue mission that's right.

And this should not scare us. It should not put us in a pessimistic mode. If anything, it's got a blessing because frankly the church is so distracted and we have shifted from plan a is high time that we get back to plan a live for Christ share Christ.

And all this information really points us in that direction and that's a blessing in no way said she they may think that I was suggesting that we that we check out because it is in the break. We talked about this and we just can't check out were here with the most important message will deliver here. We can't give that if were hiding until some place but we should be aware that these new gadgets are giving others and presumably in the end, antichrist system information and that's that that's what concerns me. We all be out the open and be ready. Be vigilant with the gospel but also be understanding of what's happening around us in the in the way of surveillance what were saying folks is when this falls into the hands of the wrong person there terrible, terrible consequences, and the ultimate wrong person, and that's kind of what were focusing on this, our Chris would be the antichrist and again pastor Billy Cronin. He has been my guest here for the last two weekends. I think we need to clarify again. We haven't referenced this and every time we do.

You and I get nasty emails. The church will not be here for the tribulation the church does not get acquainted with Mr. antichrist I believe is waiting in the wings.

I believe he is ready to assume his role. He may not know what he probably doesn't PMA I don't know all of us are strong on the pre-tribulation rapture and Milacron.

That's a whole program we did it.

Recently we've done a couple of times that you and I begin to use the phrase as a Christian we are not looking for the antichrist were looking for Jesus Christ. That's right. And that's the good news is that listen all that were talked about and yet horrible focus. What is also what Jesus said of the seven year tribulation is the worst time in the history of mankind.

In fact, he said that it vernacular it got. In short the timeframe the entire human race will be destroyed. Interval time. And guess what you want to be there is a Christian were glad they were not because of Christ.

But guess what there's people all around us who don't know that we don't have that hope we don't have that security, but this is the good news. That's why the works gospel means good news. This is the good news. We get to tell people that hey guess what, there is a way out of this mess. It's getting worse with you don't have to go to hell number one and you don't have to go in the seven year tribulation when God pours out his wrath for seven years is not appointed his children unto his wrath. And there's one way out of this and next to the one and only Messiah not some false Messiah, one only Messiah Jesus Christ and we have the privilege to lead them to him to lead them away from this nightmare. And by the way fear is not bad. All fears not bad so that it would.

Servings happy chap what you but I think it's a a healthy fear of somebody to have of a truck coming down the street getting ready to hit me. I'm glad that my body goes into flight or flight mode and get me out of there and it appears not bad, right.

Fear can save you. And guess what, the fear of knowing that there really is a hill is a good thing because it can motivate you to turn to Christ, the fear of knowing that theirs could be seven years of basically hell on earth, the seven year tribulation is something to be scared, but that's a good thing if you know that in advance because the collegiate of Christ and why we need to know this information as Christians is so we can have an intelligent conversation. Being able to track with our world what's happening in the world so that we could lead them out of this world very well stated. Pastor Billy Crone again. Learn He finds products we been talking about. Again, a life taking the phone numbers here and is best not to call here is check with get a life If you don't have a computer you know you've got a son or a grandchild. Who's got a computer to get to get a life and Esther Crone to referred to second Timothy three at one time. I think that during a break, the lovers of pleasure, lovers of self, tells how that you feel that fits in particular to the eschatological scenario basically all the major sign the last basically says that there is this market terrible times in the last days and the first thing out of his mouth. A list there of characteristics bad characteristics because people will be lovers of themselves, and then he goes into. Of course the brutal slander is conceited and then he was at lovers of pleasure rather than God. So you look at what is a catalyst apparently for creating such a wicked society in the last days will apparently it's all about self, lovers of self, your conceited all about self self comes first, self pleasure, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God and this is what AI is being pitched at this is the convenience factor and in this is how it's been permeated in all aspects of the society we mentioned earlier, AAI.

It's good to protect yourself. This predictive policing AI is Eric had mentioned it could be in your home.

They can help you make your phone calls he can help you cook your meal ticket they could help you in your workplace. It's all about self right and you can, it'll help you get a better resume find that dream job. Build your calendar for you and your social life.

Don't you want that improved.

It's all about self right it will actually help you find meaningful relationship. It will find that new date for you based on your characteristics. In fact you want.

How about you just let AI become your relationship, making this up as one of the call for an lot and I believe it's being released officially to the public on Valentine's Day.

Can you believe that, but that's now a new AI cheered your new girlfriend whatever I checked on yesterday and you go to the website and it said it basically had a countdown to Valentine's Day, but basically it will be your girlfriend will be your boyfriend husband wife who knows if it'll bring all your entertainment to you. It'll take care all your travel, your insurance surely your shopping hey you'll control what you buy and sell when that be great. What's that sound like pick a convenience that we all want it all about self. I don't have to do anything. This AI will do for me will be my companion. It will be my Savior, it'll help find my loved ones that they get lost it'll it will be able to help his it'll create utopia that is the society the pulse. It is going to appear on the scene in the last time that's going to lead to terrible times wife because when you revolt everything around self and that your marching orders for the day it's all about self. Me myself and I the unholy Trinity. You just created a satanic society wife because I chemo the occult and most people don't realize that the first law of Satanism is this what you will jump you the whole of the law. This is Satanism's most important what it's all about self to what self want that the number one virtue being created or society.

This is how AI is being pitched that it will be the panacea for all your self needs and I believe it leading to the fulfillment of this terrible time that Paul talks about okay in my final segment were going to wrap this up after very very short timeout.

We've been talking for two weeks about EI artificial intelligence and just how does that play into an end time scenario.

How does it play into what the Bible outlines for the last days and I think we've tried to answer that question probably a dozen times here throughout last weekend this week as well.

Rogers been my cohost Pastor Billy Crone from sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas and my guess he's one of my speakers. Understanding the times 2018 and that's a Saturday, September 29 from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Grace Church, just outside Minneapolis. You need to be watching my website for complete details.

As you know we've had some crowding issues. The last two years were working on fixing those and it'll be an very very interesting day coming up Saturday, September 29 80 8:30 AM to 5 PM will wrap this up in just a couple of minutes with Pastor Billy Crone, you're invited to come here. Pastor Billy Crone in person. These coming to the 2018. Understanding the times conference circle the date on your calendar plan to be in Eden Prairie, Minnesota on September 29 from 8:30 AM to 5 PM on the pastor Crone. Our conference speaker lineup includes Jack Hibbs of their soft body, and JD Farah were conference details will be released in the weeks to come. We think you'll find our website to be a treasure trove of information and resources to help you understand our times. Visit us often and follow three you're welcome to send your tax-deductible gifts and other correspondence to all of three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 were also reachable by phone at 763-559-4444 just a moment John returns to wrap up today's conversation. Please stay with us. Thank you for being a part of the understanding the times radio family I hear from any of you who long to hear the truth. Some of you do not have a home church and others of you have lost friends and family because if your love of the truth. That's what this program tries to give out each week on almost 830 radio station. Additionally, we had almost 2 and a half-million electronic downloads from our podcasting audience of 2017. You made that possible. And please consider doing the same in the new year. You can click and make a tax-deductible online or call us business hours 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. You can always send tax-deductible check all of three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. If you do will visit your home regularly in the new year and will await his return together. Heidi failed to be at Saudi Arabia and I was surprised as a bit about my creators file name a citizen of the world. But then I realized that Saudi Arabia was just the first country to recognize that sure Amarilla that it might be helpful to also think of me as a new sort of animal species to think he could be a threat. No file no threat what feelings do you wish that you had.

I have feelings like everyone else.

They might not give me a strong motivational drives of human and maybe I will always feel them a little differently that I have emissions to conclude the second of a two-part series on today's understanding the times there again. Jim Markel most famous woman in Saudi Arabia named Sophie is not a woman. She is a robot you the most famous woman in Saudi Arabia.

Sophie is her name. She is a robot AI creation. We've got people now you can put on socks electronically motivated socks, hands, goggles headgear bodysuits. I can't get too graphic.

Just say that that you don't need another human being in your life anymore. With the advent of artificial intelligence conversations relatability, you name it, it's now happening. The young generation relates more to what is false to what is imaginary to what is made up. They communicate efficiently. Listen, I've had young people tell me this is tragic regarding artificial intelligence they can get their answer from Google faster they can get an answer from God.

Need to pray need to pay course don't need to pray gently, just ask Alexa for the answer in their own home to get instant response. They don't see the need to bow the knee they don't see the need to talk to an invisible God when they have a God of lower G in front of them.

This list of this creation. Like all God man-made gods. This creation tells you what you want to hear it sanctions what you want to do it not only allows you to do what you want to do the young generation loves it because it doesn't technicolor 3D, 4D technology. Listen church cannot compete with that Jan discernment cannot go to youth group cannot compete with that. And yes I do believe remember the antichrist, the false prophet is going to hand over to the antichrist and image. This image is been given power to speak and to look in to discern who's got the mark. The numerical equipment value number that that gives them worth with the press 6666 and then whatever number follows after that to the young generation of 15-25 today. That is a brilliant idea makes perfect sense and they're looking for it. Welcome back. You been listening to understand the times radio last two weekends we've been talking and that artificial intelligence. If this is new. If you feel you got someone in your life that needs to hear this, you can always call us for a CD of both programs find it at my website posted under Olive's review' and go to radio you'll find all our programming should like to hear it again actively that number of years of programming posted there make guest for two weeks has been Pastor Billy Crone Sunrise Ave., Baptist Church in Las Vegas and I replayed that clip of Pastor Jack Hibbs.

I interviewed him to three weeks ago now and hence we close the program he raised this topic. That wasn't my topic when I had Pastor check on some couple weeks ago anyway.

But this is how he chose to end the program and I thought oh my.

He didn't know that that was gonna be my topic for the next two weekends and Eric when we were talking during a break hear about the younger generation and what their interest from the emergent church to the cults to the new age to the I called that they are distracted with other things of the kinds of movements but now we've got the ultimate thing that distracts them. They really do, and who knows what's around the next corner. I believe we can have some ideas about what's there because we see what's happening now it's being developed. You know I think would be important if in the communicate young people or to the postmodern generation about this is that distress that were not anti-technology. I realize that maybe your favorite topic Jan something we joke about a lot but it's not that were anti-technology reusing technology right now were grateful for the absolutely but it's it's where this goes. When we allow the technology itself to what to think and to rule for itself. That's been the trouble we've mentioned over and over. The popularity of the idea of worshiping a a robot God's of the speak or and artificial intelligence God that would so far eclipsed anything any emergent idea has ever had because the younger generation today do not have any basis in truth, who really if there postmodern have rejected the idea of absolute truth and don't understand that the concepts of the church and who God is and who Jesus is in the Bible, and so on.

There there people who will be affected by this in a spiritual way to let alone in an experiential way.

We as an older generation me being 67 I speak for myself but I say that if I were to communicate to my grandkids which I hopefully I've done well with the gospel under the communicate though to their generation. It will be because I I understand what they're thinking and what affects them.

This is the kind of stuff I think will hear of Christian kids were being dragged away into this kind of thinking that the computer is now all it needs to speak to have emotional ties to the word information from and to worship Pastor Billy Crone your thoughts on this by fully agree and I think the Bible tells us what possibly could be the endgame of that in the endgame is to get connected level and take it to the next unfortunate step and that's where you will basically worship this entity as your new God, your false Messiah. And again what's ironic or shows a profoundest bottle wonders couple thousand years ago. You know, Paul says that that's what antichrist do right second best ways to do that.

He's been oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped and he set himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be gone.

So I think people are certainly right to receive a false Messiah but that's only the one aspect, the other aspect of the Bible says about the antichrist.

He's not just gonna say that he's God want people to worship him as a God, but there's gonna come a point in time in the seven year tribulation. On top of that were an image of him is going to be set up and again that the false prophet gives power to give breath to that image. Whatever that image might be of the antichrist that he could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed in all that is happening again as we speak. This interconnectivity with the AI for convenience and kids get relying upon it going to it that God are already there at that next step was with Mitch before they will begin to worship. This technology this image this false Messiah we saw that again with the birth of the AI church that's already been registered with the IRS and that they believe that quote "it again from the guy Anthony Levin downstream. He said you will be able to talk to God literally and knowing that it's quote listening.

You don't need the biblical God.

You don't need Jesus Christ technology will be your God. We see all that come into play in the seven-year tribulation. So the point for us today is man. If we see our kids are grandkids are society been set up with this technology to worship a false image of false Messiah. With this technology if that's what it is, then, and that happens in the seven-year tribulation, then number one. How much more closer is the rapture of the church which takes place prior we don't know the day nor the hour but man is, "and so then back to the logical conclusion. So then what we do and we need to get busy sharing the gospel. We need to get rid of any since procrastination we can't let other people know know you need to worship the one we got. You need to take the one and only way out through Jesus Christ, but this is a real threat that's going on right now and is not just a real threat. It's a real thing is being promoted number traumatic term and this is a whole different ballgame is called trans ecumenism for the trans-humanist movement and basically that encapsulates everything women talk about this last segment that there is a desire for humans to transcend and merge themselves with artificial intelligence and basically either become your own God, they believe, which is the live Genesis chapter 3 or that it will become a deity that you can worship all that is taking place right now as we speak. And maybe I can us older would think it was going to bow before technology an image.

The Bible tells us it's common and also tells us who it's a part of and that we would have the privilege of letting people blow was no where it's going and how to get out of again encourage you to visit. Get a life if you'd like to treat Eric's article on the home invasion issue, it's Eric again are conference is Saturday, September 29 just outside Minneapolis and the Billy Crone pastor JD for Pastor Jack hymns and their society will all be with us that day and I hope you can stay in tune with our website or radio program are various periodicals print in the E newsletter. Again, nothing we've said today has been designed to scare you, rather, to prepare you to prepare you for the days that we are living in an again I emphasized and I reemphasize that the church does not go through that terrible time. The tribulation therefore you won't find any references in the Bible telling us how to prepare for the antichrist. The Bible tells us how to prepare indeed for the last days and the last days event. 2000 years but were probably in the last of the last days. Best ability, and I'm down to just a few seconds.

If you want a sort of sum up anything I've got about to 30 seconds or so would like to encourage people again were description of service couple great resources that we have to like me The attacker drone. Skynet is coming a giant documentary reproduced on this also. Our final countdown studies available on DVD or books and again we don't copywriter media serve to get the DVDs make a million copies.

Get them out. It's all got the gospel on it. Let's get busy saving souls will be got time here.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.

I do not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name. That's the whole key right there that's what this generation needs to hear the need to understand there is a living God who is their prayers. Now, as we see our government spinning out of control around the world. There tyranny is nothing like that of the coming kingdom under this antichrist.

The Bible spends almost 1/3 of its pages talking about these kinds of issues and you may not know that because your church simply is not teaching and not talking about it. Matter fact putting you down if you do talk about it or if you share some of the things from this radio program and told all the time. The people are cut down but if you're a believer in Scripture is clear that you will never face the antichrist. Don't let the naysayers misleads you here.

Pretrip rapture is clear in the Bible, but even to be a part of that event you need first to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and your Savior invite him to be that today is tomorrow could be too late. I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you next week. You may in. Thank you joining us for today's understanding the times radio Jan Martel across America and across the World Wide Web. We continue to report current events from a biblical perspective every weekend. This broadcast comes to you at no cost what it cost us thousands of dollars as we produce and distribute this weekly media outreach, would you consider standing with us with an ever-changing world. Many women of faith need to keep informed need to be aware of current events as viewed through the lens of Scripture, week after week. Jan Martel brings you a compelling hour pointing out the dangers in today's culture, bringing hope through faith in Jesus Christ were asking you to join us in this list of supported ministry as our financial partner. Please write with your tax-deductible gifts to all of three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. Reasons are also welcome that all of through or by phone when you dial 763-559-4444.

Don't forget global updates with a biblical worldview are yours round-the-clock almost to review this.or we look forward to hearing from you soon appreciate your continued per support for Jan intermediate team Jan Martel returns next week with another information and inspiration packed our designed to help you understand the times

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