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The Enemies Within

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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July 7, 2018 8:00 am

The Enemies Within

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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July 7, 2018 8:00 am

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There are consequences when a nation forgets God will spend the next hour discussing that they feel how people will try to get black lives matter of the radical clip of Eric sending the times radio Jan Martel's origin between New Zealand authors care and political activist Trevor love recently, Trevor produced a video documentary enemies within the Gnostic enemies can be more dangerous than those who threaten us from afar logs here to discuss with Jan the enemies who infiltrated our nation get the conversation started. This cannot and welcome to the program newsfeeds truths from the biblical perspective and you may remember that couple of years ago I featured Curtis Bowers on here. We get a two-week special on his production called agenda and quite frankly we had overwhelming response and I've recently been apprised of an equally gripping DVDs title enemies within my Trevor Lowden Travers from New Zealand and he's going to join me for the hour to discuss the communist infiltration into our government. He also emphasizes and I find this to be very significant. It's a red Green alliance is sort of a double whammy of communists and Islamicists who have penetrated our government and, obviously, their goal is not anything good for America for her future for your future for your kids and grandkids futures. So I hope that you will really listen up, and Trevor Lowden. Welcome to the program Jan Jan Hemingway at Trevor you're from New Zealand. Why do you care the bombing you make a fantastic film.

You obviously part time money and effort into this. You're not even from America why the burden here. What country with society from invasion during World War II by the Japanese army only because of the huge sacrifice of your father and grandfather and uncles at the battle of Guadalcanal in the car will see him, but why do we we feel very grateful for that. But really it's also because you know the U.S. Constitution is the guiding light for anyone who loves liberty in the U.S. Constitution is allowed to die the light of liberty will guide across the planet not just America but in every free country of the world because of the world is full of bad God should buy from office Gowen in Beijing without bothering to Ron and you have the radical Islamic movement and if America is a leading the world's people will take over and all the kind of world our belief. My children know you state in this film a little bit of deception going on when the Soviet Union collapsed, he took away the image of the enemy. And that's how they have infiltrated so apparently there's kind of a delusion that the Soviet Union no longer in Russia. Whatever you want to call it the whole communist world has asserted diminished insignificance so you say that's when they really made inroads weeks ago with Sochi, Russia, where he headlined a convention about strong convention off. Call me the youthful whole life of the world and that was to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution and Vladimir Putin, specifically in conveying to organize that the youth for the Russian communist you you know you got on that right now that Russia was backing the Taliban in Afghanistan. Russia is backing ISIS rock sure was backing Hamas and Al Qaeda. Russia still backing Cuba and Venezuela olio call me to the Bloc countries and it still outlines full outline through the Shanghai cooperation organize a patient with communist China to rush or is not our friend in Russia now have three times more nuclear weapons than the United States.

At minimum, and double the number of soldiers under very nave to think that because they don't talk about coming with them so much. These guys that are still not committed to that goal of a KGB still runs Russia more powerful rush of the evil was before. So is info. Try to get a system expecting black lives matter and expecting the radical groups in America. So yeah it's definitely still a threat to play with.

I think this might be a trailer that you have and it presents it in just about two minutes, two minutes and 25 seconds can what this film is all about and then I'll tell folks how they can get it. Lowden is a guy from missing when his dad was concerned about the world.

I'm an activist and researcher from Christchurch, New Zealand for five years I've been traveling to the United States to expose the greatest active trial in modern history that old school communism that you saw with the USSR. It's not that it's alive and well and is not just United States, a country founded on the very principles of liberty and freedom. Soldiers have shaped lot more than 200 years to protect is now facing the most dangerous same enemy within.

I've been following yourself for a long time and it's over whelming wise America slowly sinking into poverty and socialism. Why is the American economy teetering on the brink of collapse. Why are the allies of the United States slowly backing a wide enemies become more Bryson is a soul in accidents. Perhaps a coincidence just inevitable line or has this been deliberately engineered attack on the greatest nation in the world is saying we have bad actors traded our system basically making decisions the way you China Trojan horses inside America. His enemies are plotting the highest levels of government deliberately working to bring the nation to its knees. If you look at every policy wanted ministers since it has an older brother living enemies within names names and holds sizes exactly how hot & American activists try to the hotspot government working together to destroy the Constitution finally extinguished the American dream is America holds every Western country dies down as we talked about every free nation long-sought is that what this is really about enemies with knives feel the prices and show you what the mainstream media won't allow you to say you are listening to understanding times radio and Jim Markel.

I have on the line. Trevor Lowden, writer, producer of the DVD I've seen very recently called enemies within. Here's how you get it. First of all, we are not carrying it but you can get enemies within to order it online and Trevor as I was listening to that clip. Something came to my mind and that is, seven, eight, nine years ago, probably 910 years ago now, Barack Obama promised the transformation of America. Now I think he kind of opened the door to a lot of what you are revealing here he is himself committed Marxist. Now we have a new sheriff in town as they keep saying you see, perhaps a greater pushback against the enemies of within with Barack Obama out of the picture, though he still organizing for action with his little group behind the scenes going on right now because there are a whole bunch of Bible whole yes yes still in the ministration you're really up to praise God right now you have Donald Trump and Barack Obama and it hasn't been decided yet complete control of the election of Donald problem with a huge plate three unit for outside life of freedom because not much better. Trump himself, but because of the fact that Hillary Clinton would've effectively finished Obama's job for an and I want to say two things that she would've that she promised to do with the hundred days of taking office. The first one she was going to implement UN resolution 16, 19, which she helped to design and implement through the State Department for operation of the organization of Islamic conference that the largest Muslim brotherhood front group of the world and that resolution would've technically made it illegal to criticize Islam in this country would've made it a felony. So that was one of the other things she was promised to do with the hundred days of taking office was to legalize thievery illegal immigrants in the country and give them citizenship, and voting rights people need to understand the significance of the wrongly lost his election, about 2 1/2 million. Donald Trump won by about 200,000 very slim margins right now there are between 18 and 50 million illegal country right now we know that I will vote approximately eight people seen at least for the Democratic Party. That would mean between 10 and 24 million new votes for the Democratic Party. That would've essentially created a one party state in America. They could never be put in.

My argument is that even if your Democrat do you really want to live in the country where one party rules for Eva because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And it's my contention in the movie and I'm not giving the Republicans a possible certain goal. There are a lot of problems with the Republican Party.the Democratic Party since 1994 is effectively being completely taken at the top label Marxist Barack Obama was the crowning glory, and he filled the party with communist. He filled the administration with communist and that the problem that Donald Trump is now dealing with you name some allies now. First of all, back up a little bit you say that I once knew what was once Marxist and Leninist now just call themselves progressives. You say that most communists say they are socialist, you spent a good amount of time talking about the Democratic Socialists which is what Bernie Sanders is and I want to get this Sanders here in a minute and then you talk about. There are certain allies of the Democratic Socialists of America and you you name them and and am just going to go down a list of names that you name. In other words, the nicknamed I'm about to name you name and let's just say in simple terms, these folks are sympathetic to say the least to communism, Marxism, whatever you want to call it, you name representatives Jerry Nadler Maxine Waters Alan Grayson Florida John Lewis Barbara McCall Stevenson step down, retired Debbie salmonella Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders will get there a moment you name other names that are again very friendly to the whole Marxist message Patty Murray Washington Al Franken Minnesota Claire McCaskill Keith Allison Muslim. Again, I'm naming a lot from Minnesota Amy call Bashar Lewis Q Taras you even name Mark Dayton, the governor of Minnesota, you spend a fair amount of time talking about representative Andrew Carson, another Muslim and you also consider John Conyers of Michigan to be one of the most troubling in office with communist ties now a couple of these names are perhaps more than a couple I've named as a speaker embroiled in some scandals and whether or not they remain in you is questionable.

We don't know at this point.

All I'm saying is you are naming the names of some people. And as I just read some of those named some of my listeners are shocked and I maintain Hartley and Congress got about 100 members.House of Representatives, and about 20 portable close to 25 with so enmeshed in the upcoming of them almost bobble or in many cases bog that they couldn't pass the basic FBI background check to drive a school bus. They couldn't sell.

You spent the post about serving on the high mental acuity committee, the armed services committee, even the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives and these people are trashing your country and every day but a horrible thing. There are no security background checks in Congress. What if you have people serving in the that wouldn't be allowed to clean the toilets and any military by snow country. Yet that's serving on the intelligence committee and the services committee and they are working with enemy nations like the Cuban and the Chinese and the Russians to bring this country to its knees and left me like a good case for that you do. Again, folks, I didn't enemies within enemies within the time I wanted to spend a minute here on Bernie Sanders. He certainly think without some shenanigans going on the Democratic Party. He probably could have even be present in the United States presidential hopeful Sanders finds to be a democratic socialist wants America to be more like Sweden, Denmark and Norway. He wants America look more like Scandinavia bods is almost telling you the truth. In 2014, Sanders endorsed long time Communist Party support. Actually, Garcia's bit the Chicago Merrill Sanders parked alongside Scott Marshall Alito of the Chicago Communist Party in the early 1960s Bernie Sanders studied University of Chicago.

There he joined the Marxist young people, socialist lady and work for the Communist Party lid packinghouse workers Union in 1963 Sanders travel to as well is a case of the pro-Soviet classroom. It's not youth organization.

Sanders worked on the shop, came to Bullock's approach. Stalin communal file now-the kibbutz is cofounder Ron Colin had been child in 1950 I was flying against Israel. So by 1972 Sanders had moved to Vermont where he became active in the file.

If in 1980, Sanders bagged the presidential campaign of Andrew Coley, the leader of the probably Cuba Socialist workers party in 1985 while serving as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie Sanders celebrated the sixth anniversary of the pro-Soviet Sandinista takeover of Nicaragua, Caroline, and I think here's what's stunning that I think here's what's really grabbed my attention. At the end of the campaign season almost a year ago in the two committed well I am going to have to say it to democratic socialist communist Marxist whatever Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders gave very very close to winning. Never thought I'd see it in my lifetime. Well, not because we know the freest riches see in the world and that brain is a little bit and live a little but a complacency, and most Americans have a real problem understanding the evil side of politics, especially when it comes to your internal politics. Hillary Clinton is a committed Marxist trade 30 Sanders method Marxist just a little bit more about them. Hillary, you had two boxes competing amongst themselves for the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party and one of them came with in the whisker scrape coming your Pres. that one of my two boxes. The garage, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and if you see the damage that Barack Obama did your military to your rights relations to your economy to your education system you think America could have survived eight years of Hillary Clinton and conservatives and Christians in America knew that and were pretty traveled as we lead up to the election. Back in 2016.

Here's what I want to get him to take a short timeout here when I come back I want to talk to you a little bit more about some of the say some of the policies that are trying to be implemented by these folks from the $16 minimum wage. This part of their plan folks stopping the Keystone pipeline is a part of their plan sequestration normalizing relations with Cuba arms limitation, all sorts of things are part of the leftist plan and we can talk about that and much more.

I have on my on the line Trevor Lowden.

He is a writer producer of the film enemies within find it enemies within and were not carrying it at this time and if you saw the video agenda. This parallels a lot of spoken but this one is totally gripping, totally captivating and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you really want to understand just how did America go from the greatest nation in God's green earth is by the way, but there are those trying to take her down so that we become another Third World country under a communist flag on back in a couple minutes don't go away with this.

There's more to come soon forever love you enjoyed the discussion.

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So were putting those in half. That means that few prime seeds are now freedom. But you need to call the brushfire agency.

88833853388883385338 some of those could still be available. They will sell with the AFL-CIO that would America lived by the job we we became any related goals for the AFL-CIO by allotting everything my baby you'll country you feel like you and me the NEA unite that out completely, self-described political researchers from Christchurch, New Zealand. Trevor Lowden recently produced a cycle enemies within that documentary staying serves as the centerpiece for James discussion with Robert today talk about, as you call crazy insane. I've been following your stuff for a long time and it's over welding. If you look at every policy since it has no brother living never become anybody calls for comprehensive immigration is trying to get the license system.

Basically this is an insider nation. The next something that is, those morning is you and welcome back your listing. Understanding the times radio talking for the hour with Trevor Lowden, writer, producer of the film. I just watched enemies within an Trevor office where you said to me that we just names and names few minutes ago. My goodness he named ulcerative that all part of the Democratic Party, but none of them have ever pushed back against you.

How come with what I say I spent a lot of time in archived what happens you. Every city has a few coming and when I get old buddy. A pipe is not fully lifetime and it's got you not only minutes of meetings.

The membership list file that you and I put them in little box and I donate them to the local library if I hope good. I someday someone's going to come along and write a biography of the wonderful revolutionary life will we go into those libraries and we fight hard copy and be photographed thousand of pages and some of them tremendously revealing United that will have later is a great Barack Obama went from communist when he was a young community organizer that will have membership list.

Call me this group could contain Democratic Congressman in that kind of thing so we have so much documentation. The lift did not challenge if they know that would lose any cool battle and the publicity would be hugely damaging to the last segment I reference to see the policies that the left is course voting member since the $15 minimum wage is part of the Marxist plan here in the sequestration normalizing relations with Cuba arms limitation etc. and then you spend a fair amount of time and stand very effectively talking about the labor unions and that today they are completely controlled by the Communists and your film says that the union movement is not interested in the workers it's only interested in communism think a lot of the workers are clueless about that completely clueless and you understand that in America are up to about 995 American labor unions were actually delayed but anti-Communist that's right, like a light on Kirkland and George Meaney and I will patriotic organization and naughty naughty five naughty naughty for it was a code inside the AFL-CIO. That was the year that Democratic socialism America laid by the immune but John Sweeney talk like that organization sweetie became president and he removed the anti-Communist schools from the I have felt the IRS called generation and the Marxist came flooding so that every single major labor union in your country ECI you ask me NEA United order.

I would give you nine but now all run by Marxist old completely communist controlled but I will guarantee you that 99 scenes of the Jews paying babe like I shouldn't completely clueless. I have no idea whatsoever.

And so what is happened is you go to stand it if you control the labor movement in this country.

You effectively control the Democratic Party. The Democrats rely on labor union money and manpower to get them elected. So what happens is the copy that fit a policy about demobilization relations with Cuba or nuclear deal with Iran. They make it live union policy and the unions make it Democrat policy. So under Obama, you had about 30,000 communists in America controlling the unions with dictating the policies of the Democratic Party which were controlling the lives of 330 million Americans.

That's how it works is to you spend time on briefly but very effectively and that's healthcare. I asked if I'm going to play, click here. In just seconds, about how they're trying to obtain single-payer. Let's play click number three and then Trevor. Let's just talk about a firm energy. Once we finish with this look at this clip talks about the goal of course is the goal of communism everywhere is let the government decide who gets care what kind of care they get.

They don't like you folks. You won't get it is affordable and constant 2009. The bill passed against huge Republican and tea party opposition. I intend to speak in support of defunding Obama care until I am no longer able to stand with the complete lack of transparency. Transparency is a huge political advantage. Find out what the American voter or whatever but basically that was really really critical to get past. Another key Obama care architect was harbored public health professor John, I helped craft and pass Massachusetts health reform in 2006 and the affordable care act of 2000 John McDonagh was a former chairman of Boston DSA Gerald Friedman is an Amherst economics professor DSA called red and big time. Obama fan I shut up, whereby Obama shift. I love My friends job Prof. Friedman lobs that I like most about it is makes promises he can't realize so couple of years will have an opportunity to nothing.

Yes give the exchanges chance at all to try this thing and then it's going to fail because it sets see house doesn't say will succeed.

The uninsured White House projections are not making this up, this is what the White House sets Obama care files. What comes next.

We have to be because the other side they are. We have to be ready single ways and expand services then will come lately to fully socialized health to make the change we need, we need those happened times asked me since I was the need to make these a call. This will bring your healthcare on the complete government control, as was intended all along listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel.

I'm on the line Lowden producer of the film. I've just watched enemies within find it enemies within enemies within Trevor just a haunting clip. I just played from your film and then this goes back to 09 2010 when it was implemented. I think of the past officially 2010. The Republicans are not pushing back.

I'm not sure we can stop this locomotive just not sure how well the critical battle because Obama care with signed by the critics of America Marxist group and the father of the single-payer healthcare movement was a man called Queen young doctor from Chicago. He was a communist party man but he didn't join Democratic socialism America and he was Barack Obama's personal session and political mentor. He gave Obama the idea of the plan for Obama care what it would move toward socialized healthcare it would file it would leave a whole bunch of people uninsured and in the push would come for fully government controlled healthcare and list from comes up with a plan pretty quickly moves back to free market solutions. That is what is going to happen even under trump residency or certainly under the next Democratic administration look like come from a country that has socialized healthcare and you do not want because they arguments very simple when you think about this from an if you live in a free market healthcare system and are not free market here but least the last elements all but you are customer and customers are treated very, very well.

If you're in a single pass system. You are liability because there is a fixed government budget for healthcare, but there limited healthcare needs. Every operation you have is a drain on the system.

So when you stop paying taxes and when you are no longer a contributing member of society will healthcare is decided by account you you imagine if your seven-year-old girl with leukemia that I can give you $100,000 with of cancer treatment and save your life and you, Mike, Robin, Mary, you have a family of high-tech or you might be a 75-year-old man who has prostate cancer and it's gonna cost $100,000 to give you another two years of life budget is fixed, they have not. I have to ration what are they going to do if I can treat the seven-year-old girl with a 75-year-old life that probably want out of tree but well here over the last several years and appreciated the way it's covered in your film, it's in very very ominous time Republican party is not exactly helping the cause of getting rid of this kind of this behemoth. It's fairness in the face want to look at them a couple more issues. You've already referenced actually say the amnesty because the left needs more voters and weekly cannot reference that the first segment and that there are some we don't know how many million immigrants but you stayed in the film, it's game over for conservatives and Christians when it comes to voting if in fact we're not going to deal with some 20 and possibly even 50 million immigrants are in this country in these people are being controlled by the unions committed to turning the USA into communist nation. But again, this amnesty is a huge, huge issue and Mark Christian called churches. Yes it has. Yes, that that Christian called that we must welcome every illegal immigrant to come to the country and I don't even use it would have a grant by our legal alien that the difference between nonimmigrant and illegal alien same difference between a case and you will have an upper-class that not the same thing. If you look at the Old Testament all about national security in the family talk you through a lot get invited family because they have to put up walls and defend themselves based. I called I am the dog that you had to be help to protect your country and protect your family from those who would do you know most of the illegal country Christian people who just want a better life for themselves and you can understand why they do it but the problem is this guy will destroy the very country that I have come to seek solace in the comfortable life and I will fight 80 to 85% for the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party is not coming in on the sugar carding at the Democratic Party. If not, call me if you got this holy alliance going on because a lot of the Republicans are controlled by the Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce once an unlimited supply of cheap labor so they want to keep the borders open. The Democrats wanted an unlimited supply of undocumented youth out so they want to keep the borders open so you the problem. So Donald Trump got elected on a promise of no amnesty and closing the borders we have to put every pressure on him to make sure those promises they can't because otherwise there will be no America leaf. That's right can succeed in this film it enemies within enemies within were not caring itself.

Best not to call here but to get online and enemies within I want to spend the time that we have left Trevor in.

It's a limited amount of time left. I want to spend it on the red Green access and let me just explain what that is, to my audience because that's really the aligning of communists in America and Muslims because they both parties have couple of issues that they share they hate America, they hate Israel and so they've kind of yellow in their destructive efforts and quite frankly Trevor

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