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The Prime-Time Occult Invasion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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July 28, 2018 8:00 am

The Prime-Time Occult Invasion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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July 28, 2018 8:00 am

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We have a folder trying to harm us but we have a mighty God who was promised to crush Satan under our feet and is responsible for most modern concepts of exorcisms reality. While much more subdued from that is now sending the times radio and Markel in this allergenic host Eric Barger and Joe Martin Richey continued to discuss how our enemy is operating in current events as this program often reminds you, even though we live in some trouble times we know God is still in control. Thank you for joining us for the second of a two-part series little later in this broadcast will tell you how you can obtain your own copies of both last weeks and this week's program now skip conversation going. Here is Markel and welcoming into the program. I'm so glad you can join me would look at news views truths from a decidedly biblical perspective. Listen for a while.

You know that now and then I tried to do an update on the paranormal and it's encroaching on you and those you care about big time. It's invading the schoolroom, the entertainment industry and even the church is evil being called good in some instances, it's not even subtle and longer when I do these updates I'd like to include my very frequent radio cohosts Eric Barger and Joe Martin Richey who were with me last week as well and both have written extensively on the occult. The paranormal and related topics, and I read a compelling article this week happened to be in Christianity today and it says in part that says we have an enemy who walks around roaring like a lion looking to destroy us, so we should watch out many of us already feel like were in the middle of the battlefield with an ancient foe, wreaking havoc and destruction. The Bible says we are right, even those of us who believe the Gospels which showed Jesus came casting out demons aiming to bind the strong man are flinging Satan down like lightning, we can tend to act as if all that stuff was way back then in biblical times that the Bible says Satan is at work now, and we dare not forget it. Indeed, it's not enough to know that we have an enemy we need to know his schemes.

Ephesians 611 and what resources we have in Christ Jesus against him. So Eric and Jill, thank you again for coming back to the studio again this week and you both have written so extensively on this topic can as that article states and is another one.

I'm going to quote from in just a moment in place soundbite. All of this is intensifying almost more every week. Every day, every hour. My Rachel, absolutely. I mean this occult revolution that we really noticed ramping up back in the 1950s 1960s has gone just pretty much ballistic with you the advent of Harry Potter and all the other things that are out there in the market and witchcraft Wiccans that has grown tremendously. So yeah, I mean it's out there it's alive and strong, and it's I think it's going to continue to do this because of course we are approaching the end of the ages that we are going to have to deal with a spirit of the age that is much much louder and more in our faces. Eric, your thought on this.

Well, I begin to call at the end time occult invasion, which is really what it is it's invading our culture to make the occult look normal and we've talked about that before two but it can't be stated enough it around us every aspect of the world of the occult, now appears to be normalized.

It's happened to us as Christians as well. We seem to trivialize it.

We seem to even though we say yes we know that witchcraft occult etc. is wrong or evil. We seem not to be bothered by it, yet it's one of the main forms of entertainment is certainly all around us and is being practiced in our communities and places where we never dreamt we'd ever see it.

I want to get to the entertainment industry in just a moment because I want to quote somebody Carl Payne writes a lot on spiritual warfare I've read in various places.

He's got some excellent books and he says that people by nature love darkness more than light. He says the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent and demons are in a panic mode stepping up the fight.

He says too many Christians and churches are more interested in blending into the culture then shining in the midst of it in standing for righteousness. As obedient ambassadors, and again he is so right. And I'm hearing more and more about a demonic activity than ever before, and Jill, I am hearing and I'm to speak for myself. I am hearing from Christians who are being harassed by literal demons.

I've had my own experience you had your experience Jack Hibbs is that his experience with a come around to try to bug us to scare us to even sort of threaten us and again one word drives them away, but talk to me about why you and I are experiencing demons when you're fighting a battle you're going to hit the enemy here to be face with me you can to be there and you can attack you. So if you are out there doing what God called you to do and trying to make a difference in the kingdom of God, let my father always used to say they're coming after you.

This is a fact of Ephesians 6 the spiritual world is real. It is there and man has with police that stand down to the centuries.

It's only been in the last hundred hundred 50 years or so that we'd seen this this attack of the river like we are talking about early about revering science and shutting out the supernatural. So it is real and if you are living and walking with the Holy Spirit. You will see that kind of attack in your life to play a quick soundbite here to pester JD for rug and he's commenting about this is one of my speakers. Understanding the times 2018 is normally talking about end times eschatology things like that and he's actually weaving what we're talking about into his prophecy update real recently. We get to Ephesians 6. I can't wait. The apostle Paul says we wrestle the word not against flesh and blood against people see that's what Satan wants us to do. He wants us to bite and devour and destroy each other.

Jesus said that the enemy, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But I too to give you life and life more abundantly us on a material sense. Please us that the spirit filled life that we just got done talking about the shoes.

The truth, this is a spiritual war is being fought in the spiritual realm and it's for the souls of mankind and as the end draws near and the end is drawing near.

This spiritual war is intensifying. That's what's really going on.

Best we see happening, certainly here in America but even perhaps more importantly, in Israel as well.

Now I know that and I actually almost in some ways where it is a badge of honor, but this might sound gloom and doom or doom and gloom.

Not sure how that goes.

But doom and gloom.

But I have to say because it's the truth that according to God's word. It's going to get even worse pastor told mom that you don't get out much.

Do you know actually don't mean things are extra pretty good. Well, okay, yeah, but things are great again, America is great again. Are you putting your hope in a listened understanding the times radio and Jan Markel Evan studio Eric Barger Joe Martin Richey were doing a paranormal update building a little bit on last weekend where we talked about little bit more about that kundalini spirit coming into the church and so were actually in a building further case for that as we go into this weekends program out want to quote from Carl Payne again. He writes heavily on spiritual warfare and he says in a building on what pester JD for rug just said there in Hawaii spiritism is clearly on the rise in North America typically associated with contacting spirits to communicate with the dead in one form or another. The media is replete with programs and movies glorifying walking and talking with the deceased and successfully contacting demonic spirits, which is why practitioners are actually doing, whether they understand this or not open up a person to actual demonization. Yes it can. Is this done purposely. Sometimes it is, is this done innocently or naïvely.

Sometimes it is due.

Demons care whether a person's motives are purposeful or innocent for involving themselves with demonic spirits. No Payne said he had worked with people in the past who found themselves caught in a demonic bondage both purposely or through something thought of as a game or curiosity. Demons ultimately have one job and that is to destroy, he said, a friendly demon is a construct of childish entertainment, not reality. The good news Jill Martin Richey is Christians cannot have a demon correct correct there is no biblical foundation for that. When you have the Holy Spirit living in you. There is no room for anything else and certainly not something a week and that defeated you know Jesus defeated Satan and his demons on the cross and so they're certainly not going to share space and you so when they come around harassing you and me as they have in others I talked to was the name of Jesus Christ.

They have to flee, and fast. Yes, and they do. I mean, I know you went through this and I went to this at 15 LA a fallen angel had to obey me, and I was 15 years old, so the power that we have in Jesus Christ is tremendous and we should not fear them, but we should recognize the fact that if we are doing battle for the Lord. They will at some point or another, and try to trip us up and that would wrap this up with Carl Payne comment. Anyway, he says, but those of us who know the promises of the word of God understand that Satan has a short time terrain he will have his 15 minutes of fame and then will be lights out for the great deceiver God's day of judgment and his final destruction is coming.

In the meantime, Satan knows his time is short and he seeks to reach his havoc while he can get those who belong to Christ. Know that we have been raised up for this time and our goal is to advance the kingdom of Jesus. While there is still like Eric way into this place very comments me. I'm listening to him thinking about things I've written to or along the same lines. Satan loves to work in in our ignorance, and for those who just want to shut out any talk of Satan are demons ready that that kind of thing.

The dark spirit world understand that we need to understand these things. I'm not saying the major on it. I'm not saying that we should fixate on it, but we need to understand it, because otherwise he works in our ignorance. Paul makes it clear in two places I can think of first Corinthians 2 and Ephesians 6 about us not being ignorant. Let's not be ignorant about these things and here's where I kind of want to move into because I just gave a comment a few minutes ago about this invading the entertainment industry and that's an understatement. And it's particularly affecting young people who take advantage of the entertainment industry, the music, movies, television, even the Internet and Joe I thought we got rid of the Lucifer television program, and I was rejoicing and then knocking to say what I think of Netflix they picked it up yet picked up Lucifer and it's bad enough there is a latent program out there about Lucifer, but they're taking it a stretch further.

First of all their portraying Lucifer. He's a young man dashing, handsome gentleman is even in law enforcement leaves. Helen comes to Los Angeles to occupy Los Angeles, California and kind of the sentiment underneath that is that Satan can be redeemed. He's such a good guy. He can be redeemed. Eric is this just universalism run amok what kind and when you said he's come to Los Angeles to invade.

I thought what is this a true story because take a look around entertainment and you have to think that's what's taken place. I think the Universalists would love this idea. The idea that the Lucifer that Satan can be redeemed. We have nothing in Scripture that tells us that we find in Scripture that his end is in the lake of fire. That is not redemption in the Bible does not say that the devil repents. He just goes on deceiving and ruining the lives and this is not harmless. Fiction.

My concern is that eternal damage can happen. I would play just a quick clip here of all the vigilant Christian talking about this Lucifer television show and I've done an exposé for that one.

Only one top for you in the description section used this to market itself and notice here it says I hope all these big award nominees.

Don't forget to thank me hashtag. Lucifer is coming for the Lucifer television show. Now one of the things I've been showing in my series here covering the media is that these occultists these Satanists love to hide the truth in plain sight. And that is exactly what this is. It's hiding the truth in plain sight literally on a massive massive billboard. Here we see the glorified Lucifer. You know the Bible says. He comes as an angel of light that is able to masquerade himself in here. Hallie would be entertainment world portrays him as a good-looking man so here he is, and they're saying well.

He's responsible for the success of the big award nominees. And that's exactly the truth whether it's the Oscars or whatever else ceremony that they have to give these puppets their little idols.

Lucifer, the God of this world, Satan, the one who has caused a rebellion against God is responsible for giving them fame and fortune. Some of them. It's a very practical thing selling themselves over to a secret society and then others. It's just selling them their moral standards and themselves in a more metaphorical way. But either way. Hollywood is just sucking up the souls of so many people sending them down the wide path to destruction. So I just wanted to share this with you to let you know again more truth hidden in plain sight encourage you to use it as a way to witness to other people to show them you know, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing them that he doesn't exist. And one of the things that you can do to help them see is shown the truth it's hidden in plain sight because then when they see the chameleon and they see that he's there. There can understand that he is the father of lies and that there is a massive global deception in the Bible is true. There is a global conspiracy that this world is ran by a falling being and that he has little minions working for him and we see that in the entertainment world.

A number of professing Christians. Eric defending the program, asserting that it contains a positive message that if Satan can be redeemed by God that anyone can.

But Jesus did not die for fallen Angels. I'm sorry he just didn't and they may be professing Christians, but that they know with the Scripture says, are the biblical Christians is the question and imagine that they are there with sound, not to us. Jill you had a comment this thing about Lucifer the character they've created. They've actually done might we see Hollywood doing all the time is redefining things that we define vampires and now they're redefining Lucifer here and making him something the Bible says he is not and has never been down through history.

He doesn't have an ounce of anything sympathetic and him. He doesn't care about purity this guy here runs a nightclub called out lax in Los Angeles and he is drawn to this to the purity in this Los Angeles homicide detective while I'm sorry that is not the historical Lucifer that is not who he has ever been. So really what Hollywood has done here is create something not real, not based in fact, a fictional character that is really not Lucifer at all. As Jesus showed us and Jesus defined really who Lucifer is, what is he what he wants.

Worship. He doesn't want purity to someone a look at human beings and hang around with them and think maybe there's something good here that I can get a pizza hole which he wants is there absolute matter worship. He wants to dominate and destroy the Lord Jesus Christ said of Satan. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 844 and all you have to do is read the last few chapters in the book of Revelation to see that Satan goes on deceiving the masses right up until the time he is finally thrown into the lake of fire. You can read that in Revelation 20 through 22 for a long time. We complained about the way it Hollywood treats biblical characters biblical stories.

This is just another example.

That's what it comes down to is just another example that we cannot trust the theologies of Hollywood. But we are doing in the segment moving into the second segment were doing a little paranormal update and I tried to do that at least once a year just because again, evil forces are moving in everywhere in the church and the school and media into entertainment and you cannot escape it any longer. We simply want to get you to be prepared to be on guard had to fight back against the powers of evil will continue our discussion with him, taking a short break back in just a couple of minutes the last two weeks of understanding the times radiogenic are cohosted with discussing the inconvenient truth order digital copies of both broadcast simply by folding 763-559-4444. The order line number 763-559-4444. To learn more about this ministry to become a financial partner with us. Just visit us all your gifts are tax-deductible. Thank you in advance for your generosity mail at all true ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Jan Erica Jill returned shortly. Understanding the times 2018 is almost sold out now to consider getting a group together to live stream the event that your computer or perhaps put it on a big screen. There is no cost or registration involved for streaming. Our speakers include Amir Stephani Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Billy Krohn Pastor Katie Frerotte and Eric Barger. We will help you understand that nothing is falling apart. In fact, things are all falling together events that could be interpreted as chaotic and dark are really a herald of his return will also help you contend for the faith, fellowship with like-minded is essential for spiritual health and to stay optimistic and looking up our event in life meaning is Saturday, September 29, but you'll be able to access the archive programming. Following that event I promise our speakers and their topics will focus on the bigger picture God has everything under control.

The king is coming right on time is never early. He's never late and he wants not to be left behind. I based this experience on the fact that I knew there was more there was something there was the other side. As I was unhappy is looking for an escape.

I was looking for literally the possibility of something else you hear I am the townhomes kid being abused and neglected and I didn't feel love. Soon after his experience with the Ouija board presents Jeff Felton's home spoke to, I woke up one night and literally it was like a voice behind Mike my ear saying Jeff something showing a strange force took Jeff one out of body experiences during these times. He saw things days before he experienced them in real life of the church of the issues of the soul. That's the focus of today's others of your time broadcast back to our pedal and the conversation once again John Martel and were continuing our discussion on the rise of the paranormal, which is at an all-time high.

Anyone who is observing these things would acknowledge and I'm led to having studio both Eric Barger and Joe Martin Richey Gerald is the daughter of Dr. Walter Martin. Some of you heard him on the radio and many other places back in the 60s, 70s and 80s and Christians need to remember that the spiritual realm is real. Demons are real and the battle we are waging as believers is real and we need to return to faith even as popular culture grows increasingly anti-Christian. Okay, so how is the popular culture growing anti-Christian in a minute here I'm gonna play a clip of just how the entertainment world is glorifying all of this and we've done programming before featuring the Long Island medium and others that unfortunately Eric they have a platform and they're influencing millions of agendas just entertainment didn't show no harmless elevation and how often we have heard that this is just entertainment and Weaver Christians justify the idea is really nothing wrong with that. It was just harmless entertainment. Some of these people are not charlatans there really tapped into the are called they are listening to the demonic and their giving answers that of course Satan wants people to know about particular things to entrap them so you know we we got to see it and understand it for what it is and and never just cut a laugh out of it and that's one of the ways that Christians be marginalized is that anytime we suggest that this stuff is real people around us in the church roll their eyes. They don't want to hear right now we've got to continue though to do exactly what we been doing that is try our best to communicate the truth to these people would see these things in a different life than the Scriptures just sometimes I think that this topic and and you are such an expert could you get your outstanding 700 page book kingdom of the cult and I think this is looked at by fellow Christians almost as skeptically as end times a minute something that we just that we don't want to go there never want to scare people. Number two, it's dark there were three will keep people away from churches that bring them into the church yet pastors need to be equipping the saints to deal with this topic do and it seems like a lot of people skate along the surface of life like that old movie the matrix where another living in that they're not participating really in it and I think that happens a lot. People forget. Ephesians 6 we are warned and warned and warned that things happen on a spiritual level that spiritual warfare is real supernatural is real.

That's why Satanism on and the occult. That's why the lure people in because there is a real power there and we need to be out there saying, hold on a minute. This is the week power.

This is the power that has already lost.

This is the power of the creation God is the create tour.

Satan is the creation he's already lost, but the power out there is real and we have God's power.

The best the greatest to stand and fight against these lies against the power of darkness and so many don't do it, or play clip here were talking little bit about the entertainment industry and how it is certainly seducing millions and millions people with its underlying themes and sometimes overt themes of the paranormal and is a program with John Edwards again. He's self-proclaimed psychic.

We can spend hours debating how he actually get some things right. Here's a 3 1/2 minute clip of him on prominent television program is just invading primetime hours kids home from school now in the summertime. Others year around watching this kind of entertainment. So right now psychic medium as well as a best-selling author John Edward is there really excited because they want you to be able to connect with that much I know you well, but even get there now doing mass when you're doing your art.

What's the feeling when you connect here on voice. Do you have a feeling it's I like to demystify with this is I think a lot of people over the years when they think about psychic phenomena.

They think it like in terms of Hollywood. They think in terms of what they see on TV. It's really like a daydream it's it's an energy so it's like what you're thinking, seeing, feeling, hearing all happening simultaneously like downloaded the error, so I quit is when you're in school.

The teacher was kind of boring and kind of fogged out the like stared out the window and you had that thought this item having that thought well and having this thought is like having two things that happen simultaneously is its related injury is paying attention to her.

This was their giving me the date Is there anything you are seeing are feeling right now that you are someone you might be able to connect detail.

Anybody have either a brain tumor, brain aneurysm were cerebral cerebral hemorrhage not connected him not connected to somebody behind you… There's some talk about the brain aneurysm.

The brain hemorrhage.

This is an OO thank you had a brain tumor where the J name in the family. So who around you would be "j".

Jacob, my grandson, so his grandson yes yes okay you know Jacob and life.

Yes. Okay. And is there is there somebody who's about ready to get a new car or his or somebody about ready to do something new with their vehicle. No, I don't think so. In the next year you're already starting to talk about it now is that you I'm with you why you having the conversations because I feel like it's like almost a wholesale change. Like if you've been Alexis family you're now thinking about becoming a Jeep family same like you like that type of thing so there's almost like with like.

Can I do that in my last clear that like to break with tradition and get a new type of like old cars for 35 years. So yeah yeah yeah you have the site brand loyalty feeling he's making you feel like step out with little joy.

I can ask you though. Are you diabetic are you taking yes he's making me feel like we need to talk about you taking her blood, but again like checking checking the blood and staying on top of that, and then Stephanie was Stanley Stephanie I'm assuming is your dad was talking about. I feel like I need to let you know that he's let you know you Stephanie and noble my first name is on and coming in so your stuffy and so it's like his way of letting you know that that is here. I think you guys have some fun stuff coming up, but I'm good with all your needs that Dr. helped us know that he's okay and then on to tell you one single white flour.

That means happy birthday so somebody's birthday is now thinking you might want to feel this is either incredible accuracy or fakery. One of the other quite amazing yeah it is. And the thing is that time St. has information are demons of information, but it's a limited amount of information and it's not always correct so that the way that's why you listen when you listen to him. It's kind of like a prompt here a push here and question here. If you go back to what he said in the beginning anyone here the brain to anyone here that aneurysm. Anyone here is something else okay that's like three very broad categories of illness and the chances of someone in that audience.

Having a connection to someone who's had something like that are actually quite good. So EE notice you can hear him say to Xavier had a brain tumor to stop and wait because it's not accurate. He can't pinpoint it to that level. In a like I said over and over again and in the book is just this is really all say that this is real. There is a real power. Here is John Edwards always cracked now is he always accepting this power know has he tried to maybe for some people. While there are those out there who say he has. So I mean it could be a combination of both things. Again, God's power is much greater. This is foolishness really in the eyes of God and will lead you into something very dark, somebody might be astounded that he got to got the daughter's name correctly. I will see, Satan has limited understanding and said he I believe he is feeding these people who have been put in the in the spotlight and who are now expected to perform to tell others about their past and in lieu of telling them about their future. Satan knows about the past. He knows family members by name.

He knows the things, but he doesn't know the future, which is the real prize.

That, of course, the psychic is trying to promote them herself as being able to see he doesn't know the future. Only God knows the future, and though the psychics may get to things right. Occasionally it said that Jean Dixon got it right.

Half the time You have the time. She was wrong and you know when these people are looked out the sages you know that that understand all things. They don't and they only have that information coming from the dark world you're listening to understanding the times radio I'm Jan Markel and I'm doing a kind of my annual sometimes semiannual paranormal update again started justifying it because it's making inroads into your world.

Every day the school, the church, the marketplace entertainment everywhere. Paranormal is absolutely on overdrive and it is out to ruin you and those you love. So we have to talk about it occasionally. It's also primary sign of the end of the age of the fact that the King is coming very soon and we start to see these things go on overdrive and air in general. I got in my inbox here. Very recently I hadn't certainly didn't ask for it are your deceased loved ones trying to contact you.

This was the subject line that came in my inbox. Here are 10 obvious signs to watch for one of life's greatest challenges is healing from loss of a loved one. They really lost to us. What if it were true that the spirits of our deceased loved ones remain close by.

As close as a mere thought or mention of their name. That is exactly the way it works. Again, this is an email that came in my inbox and the last day or so. That is exactly the way it works is medium Sherry Engler, author of pearls of wisdom not to give the rest of highlighted want to promote her book and that's because there's actually no such thing as dead okay. No one ever dies. Okay, much like leasing a vehicle, our spirit inhabits the body for a lifetime, then returned to its natural state.

In the spirit realm based on our years of experience communicating with the dearly departed. She states that most souls don't depart at all and usually choose to watch over their family and friends while also enjoying their beautiful spirit lives. They love being more present and helpful than they ever could have been in life and angular ads. I think people would be very surprised to know how much comfort and guidance is coming from the other side. It's those little whispers in your mind or that person's essence that sweeps by, or perhaps you hear them call your name then dismiss it well don't dismiss that it is them though I've never heard them complain. I can imagine that it wouldn't feel good to be dismissed as dead and gone when they simply want to comfort you with the knowing that there still with you with Jill again. I got that in my inbox here very recently. I just go back to Jesus. He is the ultimate authority and he told the story of Lazarus and the rich man and Jesus said, you are definitely in one place or the author when you are not here. You are either in heaven with him or in hell and he is the ultimate authority. So I guess I would choose him over any author any day of the week several months ago we gave an update on the plight of the white South African farmers in their struggle to actually just survive in South Africa, the government of South Africa is turned against them, and that many Blacks have turned against them as well, and the white farmers, even though there risking the future of agriculture in the country by all these people coming against them.

These these white farmers are having terrible time were in touch with pastor Gabriel that's his first name, hesitating to give his last name here and this has become an active ministry actually for you. What is the current situation. While things are getting worse and worse in South Africa. Literally been told it's quote unquote burning there's a move.

I think the government just passed something to take away their guns.

Yes, they hand they are in currently trying to fight that. So on the gun to be turned in without any kind of compensation and if you're caught with them on the way to the police station, you can be arrested for that.

So I mean it's a very's very strange and dark environment, and there are people and in pockets of South Africa that habit. Of course worse than other areas of South Africa. In other words, the total confusion and nightmare hasn't progressed to encompass all of South Africa yet so we are in touch with in different areas. One of them. You know they live daily with piles of tires set by the sides of the key roads so that if if there's some kind of riot or some kind of insurgent demonstration or something going on.

They can set fire to the tire so that people cannot get away from them if they're attacked.

This is what people are actually seeing these reports on the ground. We have relocation quote unquote camps that really are so sad Jan I know you've seen the pictures of them and it's so sad to see people living like this were not just talking about the white Afrikaners but were also talking about some of the original inhabitants of South Africa. The very light brown skinned groups. What we would maybe compare to Native Americans here in America. They are also treated as very very much, second, third, fourth class citizens, but we had an incredible chance made a wonderful response. Thank you. Also much for your response.

We've been able to help people who are in one of these wrote relocation camps in Pretoria, we've actually supported for needy farming families and paid for two ambulance evacuations from these farm attacks and to evacuate the victims and we pay for hospital admittance fees for for elderly victims. We've are also supporting a relief ministry that's on the ground there actively trying to help people and also a cancer patient cancer group for these white Afrikaners and also we are hoping this is about our next project is here hoping to start a preschool in that the relocation camp that were working and and we are also hoping to help them adjust the basic necessities like restrooms, they don't even have stalls to block out the inside of the restrooms. Their living and such abject poverty. That's one of the things we'd really like to try to help them do and especially the preschool a lot of kids there are not getting much of an education in these relocation camps so God has really blessed. I can see his hand in this entire South African ministry and it is really humbling thing to be able to help from so far away it's wonderful you phrase to think over $10,000 and you want to raise more because this is an ongoing effort on yes are in focus. You can donate electronically. Sorry we can't deal with the checks can't deal with phone numbers right now but Walter is the best way to donate Walter Please don't send text to this ministry folks we can't. This is a Walter activity. How else can they help to lobby so they can pray they can become a where of these issues, which when we did this last time the feedback to me was I never knew exactly and we don't hear much about it and that the will you do the attitude of the media is that somehow we are racist for trying to help people from being butchered. That makes us racist because their skin is white and I mean who is the racist here, but that is a nano Tucker Carlson talked about yet to be said, that is, he gets such a terrible backlash when he does segments on South Africa and Afrikaners because their white and he gets it from the media. So unfortunately the whole story is not being told, and South Africa literally according to our source on the ground is burning. It's starting to fall apart. It's starting to turn into an extremely dangerous place was dangerous before, but the temperature is rising there. So if you want to help.

Please you visit Walter you can always contact till it Walter and let us know if you would like to become involved in helping the people of South Africa and Zimbabwe made the same mistake. Yes, a 10 day turn on their farmers who are heavily white, very gifted farmers some Zimbabwe turned on them and eventually Zimbabwe starved right because they drove out there gifted farmers who were dividing food for most of the country and all of a sudden nobody had need food now that same thing could happen in South Africa. I'm not saying it well, but that's their certainly a possibility this could happen yes and unfortunately that's the direction that looks to be heading in. Because when you're talking about taking away people's land without any compensation. What is going to happen that plan is producing food. So of course what is going to happen and just one more thing I want to add to Jan that I neglected to mention is we are also providing food for one of these relocation camps and they are in desperate need of food right now.

It's an extremely harsh winter in South Africa and I know that they're having a difficult time dealing with that. Also, Walter that's free have to go to be of help she want to write her directly and she will respond to you.

I know John Eric, thank you for coming in the last couple usually has appreciated so much. I'm there wrap the sour up in just a couple of minutes don't go away. We believe you're fighting these weekly broadcasts helpful and insightful video team continues to bring you themes that bind our times and give you hope but God is still in control. Please pray for this program as we minister to thousands every week to help them to understand our times your prayers to ask God to direct our financial help through would be a tremendous blessing for the media to totally depend upon tax-deductible gifts from our listeners readjusted all of tree ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 visitors online all of three views or our full-time staff waits for your phone call 7635 5 x 4 four without your prayer, financial support, this program would cease to exist, being faithful in helping us reach America with olive tree ministries is carrying a new product to help you contend for the faith and understand the time it is Jerry James new book deceivers exposing evil seducers in their last days deception. Our generation is characterized by deceiving tactics in the church. The media, the school room, the government, the globalist agenda and much much more. I have contributed a chapter in the book talking about the deception that has invaded the church in the last 30 years. Find the book in our web store and all of his nonwork the hardbound 320 page reference book you can call us to order 763559 763-559-4444 is also featured in our printed newsletter sign up online.

Don't let the deceivers you or those you care about.

Many are falling for these deceptions and delusions of our day stay in tune and up-to-date order deceivers today we live in a day when discernment has become an essential part of spiritual growth without discernment.

We are subject to the deception of the culture and the delusion of false teachers in the church rarely will you have the opportunity to hear about the sermon about a world like you will with Jan Markel. Each week we bring you the truth behind the trends in culture and the movements of the informed and be aware, we are understanding the times radio with Jan Markel. I remember some years ago, Dr. David Jeremiah had a sermon series that was titled that he just didn't think he would live to see the day because we had a time when up is down, black is why evil is good and we are challenged nonetheless to be salt and light and to delay the decay and as I like to say things are not falling apart. There, falling in place times. Radio continues spinal signature Markel has some thoughts on how the world was strange welcome back room of this program is posted to my website every Saturday olive you can always go to one and get their mobile app and have the program downloaded for you every Saturday morning and are now airing on about 830 radio stations. You might want to be a CD subscriber you have to call us on that you'll hear that number throughout the program. Get a CD of any program.

Here's what I'd like to do my closing segment because last fall, I wrote an article listing a number of things I didn't think I'd live to see in my lifetime and prophecy update turn that into a short video.

Now it said 200,000 people view it. So now almost 6 months later, I've come up with another list of unbelievable happenings that I never thought I'd live to see Shirley living crazy times a lot of things the Bible predicted, however, are simply now happening at break neck speed, but it still leaves me speechless. So here are a few things I've updated my list and I never thought I'd live to see churches would not just recognize the Islamic holiday known as Ramadan. They would join in on the salad ration while hundreds of innocence were being killed around the world. At the very same time didn't think I'd live to see it. I didn't think I'd live to see the World War II anti-Nazi term, the resistance applied to those who are opposed to US Pres. Donald J. Trump imagine that I didn't think I would live to see women's morning activities curtailed or marginalized because transgender's can now participate as a woman, even though their males all our women are transitioning into males getting shots of testosterone, making them much, much stronger than the female competitors. It's the dramatic event to a competitive and controversial weekend from back bags 17-year-old Dallas area high school student won the title of champion the girls state wrestling competition Saturday mix of cheers and boos to what wrestlers he fell to his knees. To soak in the many of the audience feel bags has it on their advantage on the road to victory bags transgender athlete or girl transitioning to become a boy takes testosterone injections to make the transition happen. Many believe that provides dumb wrestler with an added competitive edge strength and agility hard to miss on the back. Well let me go on my list of things I never thought I'd see. I didn't think I'd live to see this is a good experience. Here's 7/9 Supreme Court justices all agree on a religious liberty case seven out of the nine Colorado Baker Jack Phillips and then there is actually hope for the Republic. After that decision. I didn't think I'd live to see public libraries in my neck of the woods the Twin Cities have drag story hours with cross-dressers for children of talk about the return to the days of Noah will along similar lines, and we talked about it earlier in this program. I didn't think I'd live to see Lucifer get his own TV program first on the Fox network and now on Netflix as we just discussed.

In fact he's glorified as a good guy, handsome, charming and funny and you know what some day Christ reject hers won't be laughing about Lucifer.

They won't even be sitting in front of the TV, enjoying the entertainment there to have to look at him face-to-face someday unbelievers who rejected the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well a few other things I didn't think I would live to see. I didn't think I would live to see the Department of Homeland Security announced that it intends to compile a comprehensive list of hundreds of thousands of journalists and editors bloggers and folks like me. They'll collect any information that could be relevant about them about me, that's our department of homeland security. I just didn't think I'd live to see it. I didn't think I would live to see Christianity literally expelled from public schools, but Islam taught and praised what first letter prohibits the establishment of a state religion in this country. Of course these days.

That wall is usually used to stop prayers at football games. Other dangerous expressions of faith like that but now Christian group says is needed to stop the federal government from promoting the religion of Islam. According to Christian action network, Department of education is funding educational materials about Islam distribute by PBS that are just thinly veiled propaganda for the beta mom and peace be upon him education spokesman told us department does not fund nor encourage the use of particular curriculum when one is what exactly do said that's a strictly state and local issue.

However, the PBS website clearly states that classroom lessons are funded by the Department of Education. We pointed that out to the education of our mortal waiting for a response from them.

Where is the Christian action network and he joins us tonight went on to explain how you believe the department of education is funding pro-Islamic propaganda were doing exactly while first law to go to the PBS learning media website and pull up Islamic education programs.

They have the Department of Education seal on NSS funded by the Department of Education, so we took a look at these various programs that are available for the public schools and we were] shocked at some of the lesson plans that students have two achieve in the classroom. For instance, teachers are expected to ask their students what does the Muslim prayer sound like what do Muslim prayer movements look like.

What are some of the things that Muslims say when they are prior. You have to ask yourself a question of why does the federal government find it necessary that our kids grades five through 12 know what a Muslim prayer sounds like is not a fact. What with the proper answer to that. Be talkative teacher greatest student on these type of questions. But that's not all talker students are also given a worksheet and on that worksheet.

They have verses from the Koran and the hadith that they have to read then the student has to give the meaning of those verses. Then they have to explain how those verses are used in the everyday life of a Muslim. Well, I just never thought I'd live to see a lot of things never thought I'd live to see Netflix will have an animated drag queen series for children makes you think of the Bible verse, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matthew 18 six. I didn't think I'd live to see anytime would turn on the media.

The only story being talked about the president Donald Trump stories about him, his family and always in a negative light always negative, can't the left give him an ounce of credit.

And what about all the other significant stories. The media just ignoring never talks about is all they want talk about is Donald Trump. I didn't think I would live to see residents of Gaza who took Japan's gift of kites for children in Gaza and the terrorists in Gaza turn around and use them as incendiary devices to burn down southern Israel and folks, Israel supposed to make peace with such barbarians to get much more low-tech than this. Get the flying fire kites or balloons have caused extensive damage to southern Israeli crops and nature reserves and foam guide the Philistine and send off as a present three weeks ago over. Lieberman is the agriculture manager attributes near less than a mile from the Gaza border in the last six weeks is what's his loss 250 acres of wheat 500 acres of countermeasure 25 acres of trees that were older than the state of Israel with them here with sparkles and equipment when we save the file know we just found was the throttle and thrive.

With as quickly as we can.

It's part of the great march of return with tens of thousands of Palestinians repeatedly attacked the border fence with Israel. Palestinians posted this video would try epic music on Facebook showing border infiltrations. Some of been killed or captured trying to do so. Israel is working on solutions to combat this latest weapon and some are calling for targeted assassinations for those that were sending the kites. Well I didn't think I'd live to see the left going absolutely apoplectic about the separation of kids from parent at the border, but they defend and even celebrate the permanent separation of kids from parents.

It's called abortion. I didn't think I'd live to see Wiccans and pagans. They had a scheduled gathering in Maryland the other day God had other ideas because a huge flood to cancel the entire event. I didn't think I'd live to see private conversations be at risk. Thanks to Alexa Google+ and our iPhones and more literally spying on us.

Today's world has absolutely no secrets. I could list so many more things.

Folks that I never thought I'd live to see and do you have a saturation point so I keep my list short.

Whenever I do this, but I suspect even George Orwell would be shocked at the tide of our times in the Bible says that there would be a day when good would be called evil evil would be called good.

Isaiah 520 we are there. These happenings remind us that we're not in Kansas anymore and things are absolutely falling into place. God is using the negative as a megaphone to say I am coming soon and I am saying again. Things are not falling apart. They are falling into place.

Look up our redemption draws nine. This was actually my e-news letter a couple months ago. If you'd like to get my E newsletter or print newsletter.

Go to my website.

All of you can sign up online there for the print or the E newsletter want to thank you folks for listening and we will talk to you next week. All you all know God, you will in all times radio with John Markel across America across the World Wide Web to report for events from the perspective of this protest comes to you at no cost. Cost us thousands of dollars as we produce or distribute this weekly media outreach, would you consider starting with us ever changing world men and women of faith need to keep you informed need to be aware of current events is the lens of Scripture we got there we John Markel brings you compelling. Our pointing out the dangers in today's culture of bringing hope through faith in Jesus Christ rescued you to join us in this mission supporting ministry as our financial partner was right with your tax-deductible gifts to all of tree ministries.

Box 1452-year-old MN 55311 traditions are also or by phone when you dial 763559444 updates leave you or yours around the clock almost review Scott Archie. We look forward to hearing from you soon appreciate your continued prayer support for Jan and John Markel returns next week with another information and inspiration parked our designed to help you understand it's

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