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Do You Know What Time It Is? (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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December 15, 2018 7:00 am

Do You Know What Time It Is? (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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December 15, 2018 7:00 am

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Why would anyone want to mock and scoff at the prophecies of the You know calling Christians wackos and in all sorts of stuff and saying that you know We said the world or people were saying the world was ending and stuff like that And there still needs to be a seven year tribulation period and there's a thousand year millennial kingdom So I know that the world's not ending but beside that scoffing and mocking is that is in a level I've never seen before so this scripture has been on my heart lately Knowing this verse that thou shall come in the last day scoffers walking after their own lust and saying where is the promise of his? Coming for since the father fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation So mocking and scoffing again is at a level. I've never seen it at especially from Christians You know saying saying this stuff So I wanted to share this with you today because it's been on my heart and it's been on a lot of other people's hearts Second Peter 3 3 to 5 that's you know, so mockers and scoffers out there. You're fulfilling Bible prophecy This is just another indicator of how close we are to the Lord's return and welcome to the program Well, that was just a little tease because we'll talk about that Actually, my guest from last weekend has come back and that would be Jeff Kinley. We're carrying his new book uncovering the secrets of Bible prophecy There's so much to talk about I just felt I could not get it all into one program and he's agreed to come back this week as well and Jeff Thank you for doing so. Let me just go there for a minute If you don't mind that is that little clip I played intentionally and we're gonna get back to what lies ahead the things to come here But that little clip is so true I have never I've been studying this since the 1970s when everybody was excited that kind of fell off in the 90s But the mocking and the scoffing is out of control.

I'm sure you see it, too Yeah, I do. In fact, what's what's interesting is it's not just coming from the world is coming from within the church Absolutely And that's where we get a lot of this pushback on Bible prophecy and even just talking about the coming Jesus Christ I'm like people this is in your Bible it is in God's Word and yet many people want to ridicule and to scoff and to make fun of and to Downplay and even demonize, you know Some of us who are talking about prophecy as if we're some sort of opportunists They're looking for a way to make money or something No, this is just simply telling people the truth and helping them prepare about what's coming Well, we talked briefly last week about some of the things that add to this Complication and that would be some of the false teachers the herald campings. They had your wise and hunts the date setters The sensationalist there was going to be an apocalypse in 2012 A lot of people felt the blood moons were significant and they may have been but the real blood moons take place during the tribulation The ones that are apocalyptic in nature the y2k So we have some circumstances come along that have fueled this mocking and scoffing is all in my point Absolutely. In fact, that was a part of a direct TV documentary called a sign of where I was interviewed about this September 2017 planetary alignment and the director asked me on camera He says, you know, do you think this is you know coming from revelation 12 in the Bible? I said absolutely not in a revelation 12 is about Israel about Jesus has nothing to do with the alignment of the stars and yet it caught a lot of people's attention did these sensational events always do and it gets them thinking and then Retrospect goes back and it really discredits a lot of things that true Bible teachers are saying because they want to lump us in with some of these uh, doomsday prophets right and it also sort of encourages pastors to stay away from this topic because Rightfully, so they don't want to get lumped in with Harold camping in and the Mayan apocalypse people, etc Jeff where we were last week and let me just kind of reset the stage a little bit last week Jeff joined me for the Whole hour because we're carrying his new book uncovering the secrets of Bible prophecy and among other things in the book Jeff talks in detail. We can't go in detail because radio time is way too expensive to go into detail But we're doing the best we can talking about things to come and he's got a chapter in there What lies ahead the order of things to come I feel is something that the church needs to consider because folks you're gonna be a Part of the things to come one way or another you're gonna be a part of the good things I hope you're not a part of the bad things and last week Jeff We looked at things to come the rapture of the church.

We talked about that. We take a pre-tribulation stand We talked about the Bema seat the judgment seat of Christ. We talked about the marriage of the Lamb not marriage supper That's a little bit later. We talked about the seven-year tribulation sent we sent out some warnings about that No one wants to go through that particular time of trouble And if you're born again blood bought person child of Jesus Christ You won't because the church is spared that tribulation.

We talked about the battle of Gog and Magog Probably early stages of the tribulation. I'm giving this to you folks because you might have missed last weekend We talked about Jesus second coming. We talked about Israel's Judgment the judgment of the Gentiles we talked about Satan's binding and we talked about of course his second coming which of course is huge So let's pick up after Satan's binding which is Revelation 20 This is preceded by the judgment of the Gentiles which is preceded by Israel's judgment And after that comes the Saints resurrection talk to me about that Revelation chapter 20 verse 4 scripture tells us that those who those Christians those believers in Jesus who are beheaded Because of the testimony of Jesus and the Word of God will be brought back to life Those are the ones who did not receive the mark of the beast on their forehead or their hand It says they come to life and reign with Christ for a thousand years again real parenthetically I want to say that this tells us that it does pay to serve Jesus even when you die Even when you give your life for him as this missionary recently did right? There's so many ways that we can point to the fact that Christ Rewards those if we stand for him he will stand for us as he did for Stephen the first Christian martyr but yes, these believers come back to life and they reign with Christ and then a thousand years later after the millennial kingdom is when The rest of the dead the evil dead the wicked dead will be brought to life to be judged But yes, this resurrection is a resurrection to life and to reigning with Christ in the millennial kingdom Let's move on to the millennium and we could spend the rest of the hour on the millennium and it's it's a Fascinating time Prince of Peace residing over literal paradise believers will govern over Those who have mortal bodies and sins curse on creation. Thank God is finally lifted I mean even the animals for that matter The trees are impacted by the curse of sin has nothing to do with global warming or anything like that It's all the part of sin and all of that will vanish Jeff. The millennium is is kind of a puzzle to me It's a literal thousand years.

Now. There's a huge section of the church that doesn't take that literary They would be they would be a millennialists and what would they believe that we're in the millennium now, I think yeah They would spiritualize the millennial kingdom. They would say that the the thousand is not a literal thousand years It's just a picture of a quote a very long time type thing One of the biggest problems is that those numbers repeated six times in seven verses, you know, God's trying to make a point here He's trying to be clear with us about that. So I don't believe that the reign of Christ on the earth is simply a you know A spiritual thing that's sort of happening now and if that's happening now quite frankly He's not doing a very good job of it because the planets in chaos and certainly not in the heart of many of his people So I think it is a future literal physical reign upon the earth that lasts for a thousand years And you know what the great thing about that Jan is that no listener right now on your program could even possibly Fathom the amazing wonderful things that Jesus Christ has planned and in store for those who love him I mean this time as you mentioned is going to be a time where we're living in paradise The Prince of Peace is sitting upon his throne. He is rewarding his faithful He's giving us governing role over the nation's the lamb and the lion will lie down together The Bible tells us that in lies they 11 that even the snakes won't be biting anymore But really the greatest part of all is that we get to be with him we get to worship the lamb We as people will get the fellowship with one another on a level that we couldn't even imagine before and so yes It'll finally be a peace on earth because the Prince of Peace is reigning Well, some of us those with our immortal bodies will be ruling and correct We will have some sort of authoritative rule yes, absolutely and Bible says even that we'll judge angels and I imagine many different responsibilities and Abilities that the scripture doesn't even mention because God certainly can't include everything in the Bible that's going to take place So suffice it to say it will be a time of bliss time of peace a time of Enjoyment a time of fulfillment and a time of great worship you have any idea what we might do in the millennium now You just said we might worship Okay, but I doubt if we worship probably around the clock you think would have assignments have some sort of Occupation in the millennium. Well, you know, God does give us responsibilities here on earth So it makes sense that he would give us responsibilities, you know during the millennial kingdom I think part of it is simply going to be the focus being on Jesus Christ, you know right now The church is so distracted on so many earthly things and you know as Paul You know told the Colossians to set your mind on things above we're going to finally be able to set our minds on the things Above and the person who is above which is Christ. But yes, I think God will keep us busy with great enjoyable activity We certainly won't be plowing a field by the sweat of our brow, but it's going to be enjoyable Responsibilities and fun. I mean, why wouldn't God include fun in this thing as well as Solomon aptly said in Ephesians Please ask these two who can eat who can drink who can have enjoyment without him And so I think it'll be a time of unprecedented spiritual godly pleasure Well in government will work too. We've seen in recent decades that government doesn't work very well in recent years It doesn't hardly work at all But it's going to Jerusalem is going to be the center of the world Jesus Christ will rule and reign out of Jerusalem not Washington not Cairo not Damascus, but Jerusalem again that holy city Talking to Jeff Kinley for both last week and this week.

You're listening to understanding the Times radio I'm Jan Markell because we're carrying his newest book on covering the secrets of Bible prophecy 10 keys for unlocking what scripture really says and you can find it in my book store Olive tree views org and call us anytime central time You can find it in your local bookstore as well Jeff at the end of this millennium. I'm sorry I'm I'm not wild about this idea kind of referred to it last week briefly revelation 20 verses 7 through 10 A Satan is released for a final rebellion and some will have been duped by him during the millennium Explain that that's hard to understand Well, the scripture tells us in revelation 20 verses 7 through 10 that Satan will be released again to deceive the nations again now We've got believers coming into the millennial kingdom the implication is that they will repopulate the earth to a certain degree and that that makes up a part of those nations that we see over that Thousand year period you know Satan has had a thousand years to sit alone in his dark cell and you know being Intrinsically evil he's had time to reflect and think about how he's lost the power Over the earth over the nations that he once had during the tribulation period and then leading up to that time as well And so he's going to come out with a seething hatred and a desire for revenge Against the Lamb of God and against those who are made in his image. So he's released for a short time We don't know exactly how long that's going to be but he's going to amass this huge rebellion of people against the land against Jesus Christ and the Bible calls these nations Gog and Magog and obviously that won't mean exactly the the same term Saw in back in Ezekiel 38 I think it just simply means that it's going to be like that type of rebellion against God and his people sort of an Armageddon part to a kind of thing if you will and the Bible tells us that Fire comes down from heaven and just to consume them now the question then becomes why would God even do this? God just simply judge right those who are rebelling against him type thing and you know The short answer to that is we won't don't really know However, you know some have speculated perhaps this is a way to just just to communicate to us now is that Satan never changes He has no redemptive qualities or redemptive possibilities about him And then also that tells us that you know The human nature is is still depraved.

I mean those who are born during the Millennial Kingdom. They're not born righteous They're still born in sin like the rest of us and we're still susceptible to temptation and I think also You know for whatever reason you could ask the same question about why did God allow Adam and Eve to you know? To take that fruit but Satan is released I think just to show that God does triumph over evil even when you think that you know Evil's been taken care of God still tells us that he's in charge and he will not be overcome by sin and by evil Even by the one who is the most evil one Then when does the Antichrist false prophet and the devil actually get thrown permanently into the lake of fire? Well, it tells us in Revelation 19 that that that happens that he cast them into the lake of fire And so that's when they get cast in the lake of fire. And I think they stay there the whole time I don't think they're allowed to be released with Satan after that thousand year period again If you would like more information on Jeff, you can find it at Jeff Kinley calm Jeff Kinley calm He's authored numbers of books and his ministry equips churches to discern the times He's got a weekly podcast of vintage truth You can learn more at Jeff Kinley calm actually met Jeff for the first time in mid October as we both were ministering at a prophecy conference in Oklahoma City And that was an interesting time Jeff had 30 other speakers So we had a lot a lot of competition that day that weekend It was Jeff Let's start talking here for a moment if we need to pick it up in the next segment We will but the great white throne judgment.

This is so important It is for the unrepentant people who are gonna face God and I'm in a future judgment. There's no pardon. There's no reprieve That's only eternal torment people being damned for eternity at the great white throne judgment Revelation 20 11 through 15 there might be someone listening who could be potentially headed there absolutely, and this really is kind of a one of these passages you sort of take your shoes off and tread lightly on because It's a very sobering part of Scripture and perhaps one of the most frightening Passages in all of the Bible because and it tells us that those unrepentant souls who've been kept in hell Since their their time of death are now brought out of hell to be officially judged at the throne of God Obviously this throne implies great authority and obviously God being the authority of the universe There's great fear that struck to the heart of these people but you know, there's no appeal process before this court There's no time for second chances. There are no reprieve. There's no chances to believe in Christ They had their chance during their time on planet earth and the Bible tells us that all of the fate of all those who reject Jesus offer salvation is a place of great torment where there's no rest day or night. There's no pardon There's no chance to even catch your breath because they heard God's truth They chose to reject him and I think that's the most regrettable thought any human could ever have is to be in hell and to know that they chose to Be there that they had a chance but that you chose not to you know Somebody may say well gosh you sound like you're trying to scare people in the heavens my response to that is you know What if you were diagnosed with cancer and I said if you don't take this treatment, you're gonna die And you took the treatment because you were afraid of dying. I'd say that's still a pretty good motivation In fact, I came to Christ myself out of a fear of dying and being without God in hell forever So yes I think this should be a passage that people should should know about should read about Christians should share with their friends just as a Matter of reality. This is a prophecy that God has given in Scripture that is going to happen Well speaking of prophecy folks just a heads up here that I will be speaking at a prophecy conference I'll be joining some of my prophecy leader ministry friends Saturday, January 5th in Southern, California Be joining Amir Safadi Jack Hibbs pastor Barry Stagner at the awaiting his return conference at Calvary Chapel, Tustin, California And if you'd like to attend if you live out that in that region of the country, you need to register at cc Tustin org cc Tustin org and they will live stream it I believe they'll DVD it as well But you need to contact cc Tustin org for info not olive tree here and the event begins at 830 a.m Pacific time it's one day only Saturday, January 5th again Amir Sarfati Jack Hibbs Barry Stagner and yours truly cc Tustin org for all the information you would need on that Activity coming up first week of 2019.

I am back in a couple of minutes. Don't go away Jeff's latest book is titled uncovering the secrets of Bible prophecy 10 keys for unlocking what scripture really says for ordering information. Click on olive tree views dot o-r-g Today's discussion with pastor author and speaker Jeff Kinley is the second of a two-part series if you missed last week's conversation with Jeff Just visit olive tree views dot org and click on the radio archive tab Remember to save the date circle your calendar for the next understanding the times conference do plan to join us in the Twin Cities on September 21st 2019 early next year will begin sharing more details about our next weekend event. So be listening for that We're so thankful our audience has grown in 2018 more listeners have decided to become partners with us in this listener supported program through their tax-deductible gifts to all of you We just want to say thank you as 2018 comes to a close We encourage you to help us end the year in the black by giving to this ministry We welcome your gifts when you write to olive tree ministries Poxport team 52 Maple Grove, Minnesota 5 5 3 1 1 you can also give by phone when you dial 7 6 3 5 5 9 4 4 4 4 after this brief timeout, Jeff Kinley and Jan Markell will continue.

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And that's what we've spent a couple of weeks looking at is what comes first followed by what and what are the characteristics of that? particular generation that's going to be experiencing from the rapture to the Tribulation of those who are left behind to the millennium. So we have worked our way up Jeff Kinley We've worked our way up to we've gone through the millennium We've even talked about Satan's release and the final rebellion Revelation 20 verses 7 through 10 God led him out for some reason you have given a good warning on the great white throne Judgment revelation 20 11 through 15. Let me ask you this Jeff those who die without Jesus Christ Do they sort of go to a holding tank and then come before that great white throne? Well, the Bible tells us they'll be cast into hell and they'll be suffering under God's wrath I don't think that you know The Catholic notion of purgatory or some sort of waiting room before they experience God's final wrath now I think they're going to be Experiencing judgment from the day that they die in Hebrews 9 22 says that once a man dies He after that becomes the judgment. So I think they'll be suffering under God's wrath But if you want to call it a reprieve, you know of them getting a sense of relief It's now coming before the white throne to officially be judged from God That's the only time they're going to be out of hell for that brief time But I think after that they're going into the lake of fire. There's no pardon.

There's no reprieve. It's too late It's just eternal torment damned for eternity and that's for those folks who reject the Lord Jesus Christ Jeff Let's move on here because there's a very intriguing time and I don't think any of us can possibly Understand the mind of God here. Let me just say and it would be sort of the new heavens and the new earth It's after the millennium. God will destroy everything in the universe. That's revelation 21 They will simply no longer exist. He will destroy the heavens and he will destroy the earth I want to just ask a couple of specific questions because apparently he wants to literally make all things new Help us understand this Yeah Well, you know second Peter tells us that the earth one day and the heavens will be destroyed with intense heat unlike, you know Previously God destroyed the world and the people in it with water but now it's going to come with great heat and I think one of the reasons that the Lord does this is to help us Understand that nothing of sin will remain in God's economy He's destroying everything remotely related to that that past life and that past relationship with sin You know Peter even said that because God's going to do that I mean think about this if you knew you were on a ship that one day was going to sink you would certainly think about Getting off that ship at some point and so what God does basically is he removes us from that He creates a new heavens and a new earth for our pleasure and for our enjoyment In fact the word Greek word he uses there is the word kynos which means something that is fresh and unlike anything ever before It's new in quality So it's not like God's going to do a fixer-upper version of the old heavens or the old earth But there's going to be a new heaven and a new earth and scripture tells us is going to be this New Jerusalem As you mentioned before this massive cubed like city and you know, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that Jan Just you know 1,500 miles in this direction But the scripture tells us that there's going to be gold streets there and and gates of pearl This is where people get the whole idea of the pearly gate a mentality Unfortunately, Peter won't be there checking ID for people But there'll be a crystal clear a river of water flowing in this place and and the tree of life that That we lost back in the garden will return again. So so many things God's going to give to us things that our eyes Haven't seen our ears haven't heard perhaps even colors we've never seen and sounds we've never experienced and and feelings and emotions that could only come with a Glorified redeemed humanity.

And so yes, God will make all things new and best of all will be with him And you write this finally the deepest longings of the human heart will be fulfilled so they might not have been Fulfilled in the seven years were in heaven or the thousand years were in the millennium Well because God's gonna make something new I think he's going to just increase that even better and think about it with an infinite God with infinite power infinite wisdom and Unconditional everlasting love God is able to say you know what you think this heaven is great Look at what I'm about to do for you and Jan what that tells me is that God's love for us is even greater than We have ever even imagined that once we see him We're gonna realize things about him and know that he truly is a good God Not the God that Satan caused Eve to doubt in the garden But a God that can make all things new even better than the previous heavens the previous millennial Kingdom Yes, God's going to create a new one. You can learn a lot more in the book that we carry olive tree views Org views as in viewpoint olive tree views or go to our bookstore Uncovering the secrets of Bible prophecy. You can find it in your local Christian bookstore as well.

Probably Christian book calm as well It's authored by Jeff Kinley You can learn more about Jeff at Jeff Kinley Calm and had Jeff on before talking about all related issues to what we're talking about today But we're not carrying a lot of products these days But I did happen to spot this one because I appreciate both the author and the publishing house and know that only Solid material comes out of them. So we've talked about the topic here for two weekends last weekend We've picked it up again this weekend and Jeff you talk about in the book about stage setting signs And I would like to just reference a few of those and perhaps we can comment on them a little bit Actually, I've been writing an article these this programming is gonna air here as we're kind of winding down 2018 and I wrote an article about some of the top Bible prophecy stories of 2018 and I don't want to go through that I want to just cite a few and get your perspective and I think the biggest story of 2018 and the topic that we're talking about here Anyway would be Israel celebrating her 70th anniversary And then the US Embassy being moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on her 70th anniversary And I this just blew my mind and Donald Trump actually came through with his promise Absolutely, and you know Israel obviously being in the land is the super sign. I believe at the end times I think it's what really starts the God's prophetic clock moving again But I think it speaks to the fact that you know America has been Israel's staunchest ally really ever since her her rebirth in 1948 I mean we haven't always agreed with Israel. We've had some kind of some ups and downs with previous presidents But I am grateful that our current president would honor that promise and ally ourselves once again and even better way with Israel and it does kind of tell us that you know things are happening to really bring the focus back to Israel and I see These things Jan sort of like the birth pangs, you know doesn't mean the baby's going to be born right now But it just tells you that that the earth is really pregnant and we're waiting for these events to happen and some of these little Precursors the little tremors that we're feeling leading up to it I think is another indication the fact we truly are living in these end times I just said minutes ago that you know Donald Trump kept his his election promise far more important than that is that God keeps his promises and he said he'd bring them back He brought them back a couple of times actually, but they restored the language I think it's the miracle story not of the 20th century But of all time is that rebirth of the nation of Israel, but it all goes back to God keeping his promises He keeps his promise to the Christian as well He really does and there's only one way really to explain Israel's rebirth and that is that there is a God and there was a God who has made promises and made promises to Abraham back in Genesis 12 and Genesis 15 and he's going to make good on all those promises those that have not been fulfilled yet And you know as you said, you know the promises that God has made to us as believers It's not think about this my wife and I went on a cruise and we were so excited to go there and see all the Destinations but you know leading up to the cruise I would go on the website.

I would look at the ship I would take tours I would go to the destinations and look there and I sort of looked with a sense of anticipation Looking forward to what I was going to get to experience. I think every true believer needs to do that with their Bible I mean the brochure is good, but the destination is going to be even better And so Christians need to dive into this Bible prophecy so they can see hey, this is what's waiting for me This is what I have to look forward to and what my God has planned for me and all that really does tell us that Yes, we have a promise keeping God and that's something we can really bank on Well another story that I watched unfold in 2018. I was intrigued Jeff that nationalism was scorned and Globalism was celebrated now whether it was the European Union Obsession with brexit in 2018 or the scoffing of the word nationalism I was watching globalism once again take center stage now the primary defender of nationalism has been Donald Trump And he blew the globalist mind back in 2016 when he won But Europe is the epicenter of the globalist effort and I think France's Emmanuel Macron is the primary Spokesman for it and if the Antichrist comes out of Europe, then that continent I believe is preparing the way for him Would you agree? No, I would absolutely agree to that and you know We've seen it ever since really 1957 with the European Common Market at that time And in fact that the treaty that they signed was called the Treaty of Rome Interestingly enough, but yeah, we see the world sort of converging in on itself We're becoming more and more as countries a dependent interdependent upon one another Another nationalism really is being put, you know to the back seat It's being given a black eye because you know, it's really trying to relate it to Hitler and that type of nationalism You can't really be a patriot of your own country anymore You're really supposed to be a world citizen All these type of things is really leading the world towards oneness and I think this kind of background Music if you will to to this end times play is really setting up the Antichrist step onto that global scene I think it'll make it much easier for him in that day to really grab the reins as opposed to try to get all these Separate countries. I think they're gonna already be sort of primed and teed up to be a one-world government And so yeah, some of the things that are happening right now once again I think are just stage-setting realities that will make prophecy take place Absolutely and Angela Merkel says in this day and age states must be ready to give up sovereignty A nationalist countries are not patriotic Europe is just begging to enter into some sort of a globalist system Don't you think Jeff Kinley the one who's holding this back other than God is again?

America is not cooperating at least not right now. All of that could change in a future election 2020 2024 America may reelect another globalist Hillary Clinton is arch globalist We've had many Barack Obama the king of globalists Yeah, absolutely and an election certainly could erode some of the the advances made by the current president and another thing with that Too Jan is the fact that you know, the rapture itself I think will be the event that will just sort of yes out of hope the rest of the world into this one world Mindset and the reason for that is because I think America unlike any other nation has had as I mentioned before not only a great relationship with Israel supporting Israel throughout her birth and development But also to the fact that America has done more for the gospel Worldwide and so if even 10% of Americans are believers, you know That's 30 million people that are going to vanish from the planet from every strata of society and government and that alone will weaken I believe America's role on the world scene and enable this one world government to come together much more easily another thing and again I've been watching sort of the signs of the times the stage setting as Jeff would call it in his book some stage setting activity going on 2018 big time and Jeff would be the probably the foreshadowing of the tribulation birth pangs with some of the natural disasters, which were truly apocalyptic throughout 2018 we watched heart-wrenching photos and videos of unprecedented disasters that are for taste of what will happen in the tribulation the time of Jacob's trouble as a matter of fact What's happened in recent years probably pales in significance to what will happen in the tribulation? Absolutely, and you know scripture tells us in Romans that the earth is groaning It's very I think part of just sends overall effect on the planet and you know, whether you attribute that to man's You know contribution or not, you know can be debatable But the fact that the earth is really readying itself to receive wrath and to receive judgment, you know interesting to you We mentioned earlier about the you know, Jesus Christ returning and his foot touching the Mount of Olives Zechariah tells us, you know NBC News reported in 2004 They found a major earthquake fault running through the Mount of Olives Yes, so even the Mount of Olives itself is preparing for the return of Christ.

The whole world is waiting for that So yes, these these Catastrophic if you want to call them climate changes that are going to happen during the tribulation will not be caused by man Puncturing the ozone layer, but rather by a holy God coming back to deliver his seal trumpet and bowl judgments. Yes, exactly Here's where I'd like to go in my closing segment and it's kind of a short segment but I've been intrigued Jeff and probably not in a good way and I'd like to talk a little bit about this because There are some verses in Scripture that talk about last day's activity character behavior of mankind The obvious ones are 2nd Timothy 3 where we see about the decline character of man Romans 1 is another passage where it talks about the depravity of man That's going to hit them in the sort of the last days and I'd like to unpack that for a few minutes in my closing Segment and we've seen some behavior in the last year that has been just absolutely astounding And I think it would fall into one of these two categories folks. We will do that when I come back I'm gonna encourage you to not go away And also I'm gonna encourage you to go to my website Olive tree views org and check out the book that we're talking about for two weekends I've talked about it uncovering the secrets of Bible prophecy ten keys for unlocking what scripture really says I've had the author Jeff Kinley on the line from me all the way from Arkansas for two weekends And I've read the book cover to cover and that's why I chose to carry it and there's so much We haven't talked about because you can't do it in the kind of time that I have on air each weekend But we're at least hitting some high points.

I'll continue to do that when I get back. Don't go away I'm gonna wrap up my two weekends with author Jeff Kinley in today's world We just don't hear enough about what God's Word says about the end times It seems people don't want to know perhaps because they don't want to believe we are nearing the end Bible is clear as the end approaches our world will resemble the days of Noah When people were totally unaware of what was about to happen We want to keep people informed of what the Bible says will happen. So we air programs like you're hearing today This kind of programming is important to you. Will you help us to proclaim our message for the cost of media going up? We need more weekly listeners to help us maintain this vital outreach on eight hundred thirty radio stations across America You can partner with us through our website olive tree views dot org Or when you write with your tax-deductible gifts to olive tree ministries box one four five two April Grove, Minnesota Five five three one one or call us at seven six three five five nine four four four four We will rejoin our conversation with author Jeff Kinley in just a moment I First Chronicles 12 says that the sons of Issachar were men who understood the times That is the challenge to every believer today to understand our times and to become watchmen on the wall Thank you for allowing this ministry and this radio outreach to do that for you every day of the year as the world grows Darker, you're going to be called upon to be a light to the world and to delay the decay Why not mark your calendar right now for understanding the times?

2019 where you can better learn how to do this the date is Saturday September 21st just outside of Minneapolis Grace Church Eden Prairie, Minnesota our speakers will include Amir Sarfati JD Farag. Dr Robert Jeffress and Jack Hibbs I will have a message that day as well tickets will go on sale next summer visit our Conference page at olive tree views org for more details in the meantime look up for our redemption draws nigh We report on the news giving you insights that we are headed toward a one-world government a world dictator more Middle East Wars lawlessness confusion and political darkness however at the end of the day our ministry reminds everyone that God is in control and Jesus is coming back. This is understanding the times radio with Jan Markell But I want to tell you something as God uses men to advance his kingdom through the proclamation of the truth So the devil uses men to advance his cause Against the kingdom of Christ whenever the kingdom is advancing It's because the Word of God is being proclaimed you want to advance the kingdom proclaim proclaim proclaim the truth Let's return now for the conclusion of Jan's two-part conversation with pastor author and speaker Jeff Kinley again Jan Markell And we have spent a couple of weeks now I have anyway with an author Jeff Kinley learn more at Jeff Kinley calm and we carry the book uncovering the secrets of Bible prophecy It's going to be carried in my print newsletter e newsletter sign up online You can give us a call and if you do write to us and particularly if you're sending a year-end gift Would you please tell us what stations you're listening to that helps us decide if we should stick with a certain? Station or network and the program is posted to my website every Saturday olive tree Views org olive tree views org We are very active on our Facebook page Jan Markell's olive tree ministries Twitter olive tree men And I think for now we're going to set aside any more announcements like that that do take time, but I want to head into a winding up our two-week series on the sort of things to Come that's what we've been talking about I morphed into a little bit into some of the stage setting signs Jeff Kinley talks about those in the book as well Jeff There's one thing and I do want to go back to what I teased about and that is this decline in the character of man Before I go there quickly You give a couple of chapters in this book about the decline in the character of the church and the fact that a lot Of false teaching and unsound doctrine raging through it what I've seen in the last year two three four years Social justice taking over instead of a Bible teaching your thoughts, please Yeah I have a whole chapter in there called spotting counterfeit truth fake news and false prophets and you know false prophets are not just they're Not just going to suddenly arise out of nowhere during the the end times of tribulation time that Jesus warned But they're happening right now. We see people who are bending God's truth misrepresenting it misconstruing sometimes redefining the truth altogether to fit a current agenda a popular agenda I think one of those agendas is to take the church off course and is focused more on just social justice And you know helping people under the guise of what would Jesus do or you know?

What does the Bible say about foreigners and refugees and all those things and while there may be acts of kindness? We can certainly show people the point of the church is to make disciples That's the point of the church And so we have to make sure that whatever we're doing Jan is to focus in on the truth of God So we twist those things sometimes to sort of fit a round peg into a square hole in the church today We have to get back to what Jesus taught the early church to do which was to preach the gospel And that's how the church began this how the church exploded and if we'd get back to that now who knows what God would do It's true. Well, we deal with that on this program quite regularly Jeff on some of the things that have gone haywire That's the most frequent email I get is I can't find a church or I've tried everyone in town and they all tell me they're Not looking for perfection, but they just can't deal with some of the false doctrines. Certainly not every church There are some holding to truth, but in some towns they can't find a solid church It's a heartbreaking email that comes in regularly I want to go to what I teased within my last segment and that is I believe that there's an end time character of man That's going to decline and it talks about that in second Timothy 3 talked about it in Romans 1 and as I've watched some activities This year in 2018 now winding down. We've seen some massive election fraud We've seen a Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh be falsely accused all in the name of politics We've seen witches curse judge Kavanaugh and President Trump We've seen a literal demonic hatred for conservatives during the midterm election We've seen drag queens appearing more frequently and and always for children's events We've seen members of clergy blessing abortion mills now Jeff I'm sure some of this if they'd had Abortion Mills in the time of Noah if they'd had drag queens and maybe they did at the time of Noah I'm sure they were very popular, but they're coming back absolutely, and I don't know of a passage of scripture that more precisely and clearly describes our current age and culture than Romans chapter 1 you know that God outlines in that chapter so Beautifully about the progression of what happens to a person to a people group to a nation really that rejects the clear revelation of God that he gives through creation through our own conscience and what we see is Exactly what's happening in our own country because once the Bible says once you reject the truth about God Then it says God will darken your mind He'll allow your mind and heart to be darkened so that you can't see what the truth is So the response of that is you have to then make up your own Reality and that's what's happening with a lot of this gender confusion that's going on People are thinking they're an opposite sex or they're thinking they're you know, a 50 year old man thinks he's a 10 year old girl I mean when you take God and God's truth out of the picture Then literally anything is up for grabs and what's really sad is that society is really latching on to this It's embracing this and now we're the ones who are being maligned and demonized because we're simply stating the biological Or scriptural truth about the matter and so it just goes down from there with homosexuality and lesbianism and on down to you know Being haters of God and vendors of evil lawlessness anarchy We're seeing all of that take place right now and and I fear Janet is going to get much worse as we ramp up to Revelations days because the depravity the human depravity that we have inside all of us is not getting better But as Ephesians 4 says it's continually being corrupted.

That's right. So this is going to continue to happen in our world unfortunately Well at the same time Jeff Kinley We've seen almost according to statistics almost 80% of Americans buy into some kind of Mystical New Age belief so we've got strong delusion doctrine of demons not giving heed to sound doctrine We saw paganism and witchcraft soar this year as well I mean, it's now fashionable to believe in things that are seriously dangerous We saw again referencing witches cursing Judge Kavanaugh cursing President Trump and this this rise of things that are interested in the paranormal the supernatural Never a good kind of supernatural the interest is in the bad kind and you know just to remind our listeners Is that Satan is a highly intelligent? Supernatural spiritual being and he's not just he's not just randomly throwing darts He's firing Missiles and the scripture tells us in Ephesians 6 that he has his schemes. He has designs. He has plans He has strategies and all of this we're seeing take place is a part of an overall global strategy for Satan to make people more susceptible to receive Ultimately his the man of his choosing the son of perdition the Antichrist during the tribulation period and in the meantime It's anything to keep you from from Jesus Christ the Lamb of God's whether it be New Age or Wicca or Sexual pleasure or whatever.

It might be anything to distract you from the truth and the real, you know Redemption that you can find in Jesus. He'll take our eyes off again folks for two weekends I've been talking about Jeff's newest book uncovering the secrets of Bible prophecy Ten keys for unlocking what scripture really says it's in my store olive tree views org Give us a call central time. It's in my printing e-newsletter and Jeff we were talking a little bit off air that one of the reasons you wrote this book was part of it is to use it as a Introductory tool perhaps for people just now getting interested in this topic You want to reach as does your publishing house? I had dinner with them in October They want to reach a younger generation Jeff you and I travel to prophecy conferences the average age is over 60 at those events and it would be nice to get some younger folks and Frankly, I am seeing some younger folks get more interested. How did this come to your mind? Well for me, you know I spent 25 years of being a pastor to to students to college students to Millennials and and I see the strategic Open door opportunity that we have in that generation to teach them not just about prophecy But for biblical truth as a whole and typically people are simply trying to just keep them interested Keep them coming to church doing whatever dog-and-pony show they have to do to get that happens My experience has been Jan that when you reach them with solid biblical content The lights come on and they suddenly find something to sink their teeth into because they're there want to know God And so I wrote this book as a way to help reach even that generation and even someone perhaps who's you know It may be a parent or a grandparent to say take a tool like this So hey, this would be a great opportunity for you to learn about what does God say about what's coming? What's going to happen and wrote it in a language? I hope that communicates to them but I think it's imperative for us to always reach back to the next generation to make sure that we're Passing the baton of the truth of God the faith of God and the prophecy of God to the next generation if we fail to Do that then there won't be a next generation of Christians.

Well, that's very true. I think that Younger people have all sorts of excuses for not going in this direction I think many of them want to live their full life and quite frankly not have it interrupted say by a rapture in a Tribulation I kind of understand that but nonetheless the glories of the future can't compare to what we have today Well, it's so true and every time I've ever taught about these topics to a younger generation and they've been just you know Wide-eyed or even but you like sponges and so I really think they're probably more ready to receive it than we are to give It to them, but we have to make sure we give it to them in a language that makes sense to them Well, there are some speaking that language and encourage you folks. You can come out next fall Saturday, September 21st At my event Amir Sarfati presents this to young people in a very brilliant way an Israeli young man Who I have featured now for this will be the fifth year coming up next fall September 21st same location and tickets will go on sale not until next summer folks So we're not even going to go there with the whole lineup But just giving you a date for now because many of you are writing and asking about a date Jeff I think we need to emphasize the importance of salvation We want to keep people away from well the great white throne judgment to be honest and how do they do that? Well, you know It's simply say to someone listening right now to this program to encourage them to look around the world that you're living in You know, this world is not getting better other good things that are happening in the world But but the world is coming to closing time as someone is aptly said and to just simply realize there are two truths You need to know number one is the truth about God that God loves you But that he's also a holy God and that he sent his son Jesus Christ take the penalty the wrath that you and I deserve On that cross when Jesus died and when we simply place faith in him when we call upon the name of the Lord Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ God applies that righteousness to your account You can have your sins forgiven You can have your destiny ticket punched that you'll be going to heaven for sure and that you will avoid all of the the terrible Wrath judgments that await those who reject Christ during the tribulation period so I strongly urge you to listen to my words right now And to call upon Jesus and be saved and you'll never regret doing it. Amen folks The future may seem like one big mystery But it doesn't have to be God has made his plans evident to all and when you know what he has revealed You can face the last days with the confident assurance of his provision and his victory I want to thank you for listening for two weekends to this topic. We'll talk to you next week Thank you for joining us for understanding the Times radio with Jan Markell We're reaching the world to report current events through the lens of Scripture this broadcast cost you nothing to listen It cost us thousands of dollars each weekend as we produce and distribute this weekly program Would you consider becoming a financial partner with us in this ever-changing world? Christ followers need to stay in form and be aware of current events from a biblical perspective this is where you'll hear compelling programs every week to highlight hidden dangers in our culture and The hope that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us in helping to underwrite this listener supported broadcast Please write with your tax-deductible gifts to olive tree ministries box one four five two Maple Grove, Minnesota five five three one one You can also give at olive tree views org or by phone at seven six three five five nine four four four four Around the clock olive tree views dot org is also the place to go for daily updates on world events From a biblical worldview. We're looking forward to hearing from you this week Thank you for your continued prayer support join Jan next week when she returns with another information and inspiration packed hour Designed to help you understand the times
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