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The Second Coming of the New Age

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 19, 2019 7:00 am

The Second Coming of the New Age

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 19, 2019 7:00 am

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Mike, the New Age movement. Write in your church sanctuary. Listen to the warnings this hour of the Antichrist and the this is the most simplest understanding that on this most days, not realizing of course this is understanding the times with John Markel this hour.

Jan discusses the new age movement and how it may be influencing your church and community yesterday as author Steven Van cars even as a former New Age or blogger of the spirit came to faith in Christ following a spiritual encounter with the presence of Jesus.

Steven Van cars was heavily involved in the New Age movement has some incredible insights and its influence Steven's latest book written by Josh pack is titled the second coming of the new age. The hidden dangers of alternative spirituality contemporary America and its churches can be found on to get the conversation started. John Markel moving to my ear and log held by Daniel Quinn which taught which is any way to Carella talking but anyway one of the plaintiff states that human beings make is believing that there is only one way to live that we don't accept that there are diverse ways of being in the world of their millions away anyway to what you call God might be something in which you get there. He might, like loving kindness and generosity. It brings to the same point that it brings you what he called a God along the way, are not, and welcome to the program you heard the start of the high priestess of the new age where you want to talk about some of those issues this hour and I have come across a new book very recently about a topic I find great interest in because you know I tracked the paranormal and had my own paranormal experience and I know how dangerous that it is so the book I have in front of me is titled the second coming of the new age. The hidden dangers of alternative spirituality in contemporary America and its churches, the co-authors are Steve Van cars and Josh pack Steve with me today on the line from Canada. The back cover of the book says the New Age has returned with full force in our culture, taking the West and its churches by storm all across North America. Christian churches have unknowingly encourage occult beliefs and practices far removed from what the Bible teaches this unfortunate reality is intrinsically linked to the popularity increase of new age spirituality. We've been so influenced by its integration into our society that we have become blind to recognizing and preventing the effects of this mainstream pop culture heresy even within the walls of God's house we must take action against New Age spirituality, the first step towards prevention is knowledge. Now is the time to be informed, but that's what were going to try to do this hour is inform you about that. The dangers that are hidden within the New Age movement. Some of these dangers are settled. Some of them are blatant and will spend a little bit of extra time on how they are affecting the church. Steve Van cars from Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for joining me for the our epic, you probably see at the root of the New Age is man is divine. New spirituality is called new spirituality, alternative spirituality, the New Age God is a force or a field of consciousness, and that they use terms like Christ consciousness which will get into a little bit later and what attracted you to get into this.

What attracted me.

I guess what really liked me into what information that I come across that I did hurt really addressing.

I didn't think the Bible could explain it in Christian critics point out feeding the information I was really alternative. Things like enough study that the relationship between consciousness and material world or things like evidence for UFO abduction report ready alien visitation in the world. Untaken together seem to be enough evidence to overthrow up my mind open through the biblical worldview. I had been raised with was actually speaking about this being a mainstream pop culture heresy reduction program on the history Channel.let me away from my Christian roots of being lost in the New Age program collegian alien. So really attracted me to the new page movement was the fact that it was given answers to these fringe type alternative topics that are really interesting that the church is really looking to draw thing I would rate the Christian homeschooled under Christian curriculum group in Christian private school in the church. I never heard anything like this addressed from the pulpit and so the New Age teachers were quite happy to come and offer their own exclamation altering the phenomenon the site some issues here that I think will come to define some of the practices in the New Age movement. Some folks listen up, because if you are doing any of these things are, she's got a loved one participating just some of the things I'm the name here, and could name 100 things to feel crystal therapy reiki various forms of Eastern meditation yoga. We've done entire programs and yoga so-called Christian yoga is an oxymoron. We already covered that a month or two ago astral projection.

Anything related to Hinduism, guided meditation, visualization, spirit guides, crystal balls, Enlightenment ascended Masters chakras Kabbalah that's ancient Jewish occult tarot cards. The zodiac, the kundalini serpent. Remember, I've done programming on how Hindu kundalini is entering the church community is shocking how it's not subtly entering the church blatantly and will get into that as we move into the program's even this movement and I appreciated your attention to the history of the movement really started by basically an occultist, her name is Helena Blavatsky spiritualist from the 1800s and she founded the Theosophical Society and she stressed hidden knowledge.

She had a publication called Lucifer and you bring out a point in both your book and in in the YouTube's. I've watched that the New Age is rooted in the occult. I want you to expand on that just a moment, because I think a lot of people think the New Age is well.

It's probably tools to make us healthier things like that that are pretty harmless and you spend time talking to people about how it's really rooted in blatant satanic occult talk to me a little bit about that right will know that I would help them but actually revere Satan as being a little equity worthy of worship and adoration. The practice of the New Age of an identical product practice and spiritual statement literally to it. As you mentioned a lot about the topic.

The title mother of the New Age as she has been really the one who popularized occult information in Eastern thought in the lot of you said in the late 1800.

She did have a magazine that she started called Lucifer more shocking.

That is the statement that she has made about Satan specifically secures the mother of the New Age movement people. A person who cannot professors of religion Lafayette responsible, more than any other person bringing New Age spirituality into the left ear.

Some quotes from her on fate that it is but natural to view Satan, the serpent of genitive real creator and benefactor, the father of spiritual mankind.

It is Satan who is the God of our planet. The only God, Satan, the enemy of God. In reality, the highest divine spirit. Now that's one of about 500 quotes from her work called the secret doctrine that praise Lucifer and Satan from glorifying contacts not extremely concerning to me. I came out of the New Age refreshment to 80 hours researching the origin of this movement and I found this quote you want to read that some people will know a man by the name of Anton McKay is the father of the church of Satan is the author of the pickax Bible what he says about the New Age of adhesive in the scores of books lining the shelves of New Age bookstores. There are instructions for guided meditation crate of visualizations out of body experiences getting in touch with your spirit guides fortune-telling by card crystal balls or the stars. What if statements reclaim these for their own darkroom and integrated them into rituals dedicated the devil where they rightfully belong. Leaders have freely draw upon all men, satanic material document for their own hypocritical purposes. New Age labeling is trying to play the devils game without you think is confirming the light come occultist, but New Age is identical in its philosophy and practice statement on and the reason for this granite, but it really all boiled down to the promise that man will become God. Through special knowledge rights in the New Age movement, for example, people are told that God is the substance of the universe, and therefore the substance of man.

After some kind of self-realization can extend to a state of divinity where they live from the state of unity with God. Early the New Age movement is based off the same lie told in the Caribbean for the very ancient mine ancient philosophy that through some knowledge that you don't have right now you can become God. God's version so for at least 6000 years with a modest hunt for the egos of mankind, and unfortunately the world is still buying into the thinking philosophy where now you know it's not a snake in the garden anymore.

Now it's best-selling New York Times best-selling authors like Eckert Tollway ordeal Donald Walsh architectural book teaching people almost verbatim the lobby enemy of God used to bring death into the world you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel on the line.

Steve then currencies, co-author of the book I've read were not caring and at this time.

You can find an, the second coming of the New Age, the hidden dangers of alternative spirituality in contemporary America and its churches.

I find it interesting because author Steve then cars as well as co-author Josh Peck have spent a good deal of time both in the book and online saying churches wake up. Don't you know some of this is creeping into the church and leave done hold programs on so-called Christian yoga. There's meditation. Some folks are walking the labyrinth. When will get in the more that as I get further into the program and all of this, some blatantly coming into the church and some more subtly coming to the church and Steve then cars you are not saying and I heard you clarify this, that you're not saying that all participants in other words, let's say somebody is participating in crystal therapy. Okay it is a dangerous thing but they're not satanic you're not calling these people necessarily satanic dogma calling these people.

They were to do a little bit of research into the origin of their beliefs and up the type of spiritual movement at those beliefs originated out of those practices originated out of baby satanic or sectarian in its philosophy, but a lot of people for example ground, assuming they walk into a bookstore. The thinking of something looks interesting or intriguing a book about how to use crystals for self-dealing to pick it up and they want to try and manipulate energy now on their own bodies.

That wouldn't be enough to pack up that many. Technically speaking, would be sorcery would be with apt by definition is you're trying to manipulate metaphysical energy to your own advantage but I don't think you people New Age are necessarily statement I want them to think that for example on a New Age teacher drink pop up on mine. Along the biggest websites in the world. Also desktop on the largest New Age website and I hated Clayton I thought it was politics he was serving God by deftly dumping on the leaders are practicing statements randomly play a short clip ears only minutes 20 seconds and get your response to it, and a very interesting couple of statements are made in this little one minute and 20 seconds and then a minute come back and get your take on see the New Age religious movement will be the religion of the Christ in the New World order. Again, this is the simplest understanding that have on the subject. It is religion that Lisa worship of the Antichrist was the beast of Revelation, the abomination of desolation.

The New Age movement does not come in the form of traditional doctrine as a Christianity, Islam or Judaism. There is no unified beliefs or practices typically do not label the churches as New Age, you will not find an official leader such as the Pope for Catholics. They do not have an actual structure of an organization is not what we know today as organized religion does not work. This is more about the doctrine and beliefs more than the label in his book the kingdom of vehicle Walter Morton says this about the New Age in the turbulent decade of the 1970s, an explosion of occult knowledge occurred, saturating the Western world with the potencies of new perspective, a strange blend of 19th-century spiritism mysticism and humanism.

It took the name the New Age movement that quickly evolved into a boulder more organized revival of ancient occultism. It was a new title with an ancient gold penetration of all areas of culture, political, educational, and religious with man at the center of the universe save several things jumped out at me there. He said you will not find an official leader and there's no real structure to the New Age movement. It's not an organized religion which you agree with those things I would no organization there is no one book that outlines all the doctrinal beliefs of the New Age repent, we would definitely say however that there are stable court doctrine that are virtually universally held by those with the New Age movement of things like the belief that man is intrinsically divine nature. Things like nature at its own sort of divinity or deity to accidents like reincarnation. For example, this Would Be Stable Ct., New Age document, but try to point out that there is no New Age Bible or basically anything, it's pregame except Jesus of the New Testament. Anything is embraced with open arms accept the idea that you can copy God and thought three really start to the Bethany for the lot about George and the nature of this movement want Jesus Christ as the one that many teachers always have to try and explain later, always going out of their way to account for the person, the ministry of Jesus Christ all everything off except with open arms.

Revealing and I played as we entered the program I played in clip zero the New Age priestess, Oprah Winfrey, and I found it interesting that you said either in the book, or in some online videos I watched as you. You said you Oprah Winfrey is as dangerous as Helena Blavatsky mean partly because she calls himself a Christian. Oprah Winfrey does but she's Bailey promotes this New Age spirituality that you would say that she's more dangerous or as dangerous as Helena Blavatsky correct out more dangerous because for one ship a bigger influence is most influential women in history arguably impeccable audible out to be a Christian right felt the reason you not that I would say she's because Morgan into the Christian character Christian culture in the last anybody else in history is because she is promoting New Age doctrine, New Age heresy while professing herself to be Christianized when the father Jesus Christ tells us you shall have no other gods before me and went over claims to follow Jesus will also teaching and I quote, create our spiritual understanding of our own. We can have a God of our understanding extremely confusing for the listeners because they are hearing one thing from Jesus in the opposite from Oprah and those who see pictures on the programs would weigh more dangerous that we look just in a nutshell. Some of the things Oprah believes really quickly.

She believes God is an energy and impersonal force in the universe that Jesus didn't come here to die person to show us how to live from a mystical fate of mine called Christ consciousness. Jesus isn't the only path to God that man is defined by nature that there is no tax such as the Bible of the fines once for all doctrine and theology reincarnation belief that we can't fashion a God for ourselves, and this is coming from someone remember who publicly profess history this year after year, all claiming to be a Christian and as you know, gender can be a Christian and hold any one of these beliefs let alone all open at the same time and wishing she will redefine God redefine Christ and redefine what it means to be a Christian and you have all the Christian language there, but you have taken concepts and ideas derived from the Christian language. If you were to compare what she teaches to some of the biggest New Age teachers in the world such as Deepak Chopra, record, collate, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dir., the exact same and that is really dangerous because first of all, it makes new leaders feel justified in their apostasy because Oprah's teaching allows them to feel like their sympathies and intuition toward Jesus are satisfied. It also gives backslidden professing Christians an excuse to depart from the faith, offering alternative set of ideas and rule under the same name.

And lastly, it makes those who are walking with the Lord think that these pagan ideas are compatible with Christianity to embrace them and their own lives.

And all because The Most Influential Women Ever Calling Herself a Christian While Promoting the Stop.

I Think She's Far More Dangerous Than Polenta Blavatsky with the Priestess of the New Age Movement. I Would Agree Wholeheartedly. I Think That She's Done More for the New Age Movement Than Anybody Else in History, All While Professing Stream. The Confusing, Dangerous like to Learn More. You Can Sign Steve Then Cars Website and Reasons for Reasons for Again. The Book Find It to Amazon Is the Second Coming of the New Age That Hidden Dangers of Alternative Spirituality in Contemporary America and Its Churches. Here's Where I Want to Go for the Balance of the Program. I Want to Get a Little Bit of Steve's Personal Testimony. We Already Heard Allie Got into It, but I Think Some of the Experiences That He Had and How He Got Out Of It and Then What I Want to Spend As Much Time As Possible on in the Remaining Segments That We Have Is How Is This Affecting the Church. Does Your Church Is Featuring Something That You Might Just Not Be Aware of. I've Named Some Things Your Church Walk in the Labyrinth. Perhaps Things like That. Featuring Things like Christian Yoga Will Get into a Whole Lot More Than That, but We Can't Get into Anything in Detail At Least Give You Kind of Some Warning Signals in Case Churches Flirting with Any of the Things That Would Be Represented, At Least in Steve and Carr's Book the Second Coming of the New Age. I'm Coming Back in a Couple of Minutes Don't Go Away, Just a Quick Reminder Every Week.

You Understand What Size Radio Broadcast Is Posted to Our Website and Follow through the We Would Love to Hear from You about This Program. Contact Us through Our Website Address Again All of Three Views.for the Reminder Broadcast Is Listener Supported. Appreciate Your Prayers for Us.

We Appreciate Your Financial Support Right to Us and Follow through Ministries Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311. Please Don't Forget to Save the Date September 21 Grace Church in Curry Minnesota Weeks and Months to Come. Sharing More Details about Our Next Fall Conference Once Again. The Book Written by Jan Suggestive and Then Cars Title the Second Coming of New Age Dangers of Alternative Spirituality Contemporary America and Its Churches Can Be Ordered with Amazon.Com More from Steven and Jan Coming Right This Is Jan Markel and We Live in a Day of Lawlessness in the World in a Day of Carelessness in the Church.

This Combination Brings about a World of Can Fusion Where Truth Is Being Upstaged by Social Movements and the Ideologies of Liberal Theology.

We Help You Sort through These Issues Every Weekend Right Here on This Nation.

Thanks for Supporting This Radio Outreach Now Heading into Its 19th Year. There Is a Common Misperception That Radio Stations Actually Paid Hosting Programs like Is One of Programs like This Would like to Underwrite This Program Give Us a Call 763-5544 476-355-4444 Just Conveniently Online and Hold to All of the Lord Jesus Always Droplets Acts As a Double Check All through Ministries Box 14 255-311-1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 55 Claiming News and I Question Who Believes That There Are Certainly Many More Paths to God Other Than My Mom Rethinking Christian Believes in My Way, but I Don't Believe That It's the Only Way What I Believe Is That Jesus Came to Show Us Christ Consciousness Oprah Advertises Herself As a Christian While Rejecting the Essentials of the Faith Is That She Deliberately Rejects Christianity While Promoting New Age Spirituality.

Oprah Winfrey Is a Professing Christian. On One Hand, and the Most Prominent New Age Teacher on the Planet.

On the Other Hand, This Is Understanding the Size Radio Will Sergeants Talking with Steve and Then Cars about the New Back to the Conversation.

Once Again, John Mark, I Was a Really Broken Person.

I Didn't Realize How Broken That I Truly Wise, but I Was Depraved.

I Was Miserable, Had Depression and Anxiety That I Was Suppressing Had All of This Spiritual Knowledge.

All of This Information Wasn't Bearing Any Real Fruit in My Life I Felt like Something Was Missing. I Felt a Little Bit Dead inside. When I Open My Eyes. I Was Covering 4 Feet over My Bed and Realize That I Was Out Of My Body and I Started Having a Panic Attack Being Appeared in Front of Me, This Being Had Redskin Space. It Just Scared Me Because I Realized That I Wasn't in Control of the Stuff Is More Powerful Than I Was, That These Forces Were Real and That They Didn't Care for My Well-Being My Permission.

I Was in Their Playground Shaken by the Experience.

He Began Investigating the Claims of the Bible and Jesus More Closely.

I Would Sleep with the Bible under My Pillow Because I Knew There Was Something There That Was Authoritative That Was True and That Was Secure and I Had Power over Anything That I Was Scared of Well Thank the Lord See Then Cars Finally Realized He Was Dealing with Very Dark Forces That the Dark Forces Are Real. He Realized He Was Actually Playing around with Latent Evil Now. Again He Entered the New Age Movement, Very Young, He Became Extremely Popular Is Online Following Was Staggering Tell You If I Had That Many Online Followers. We Have Quite a Ministry Here, You Mean It Was Just Incredible. The Number of People Who Are Looking to Steve for Some Kind of New Age/Occult/Paranormal Direction from Him and in His Life. Steve at 19 You Really Became a Spiritual Guru. As I Said to Hundreds and Hundreds of Thousands That You Felt God Was This Really Got to Me You Felt God Was Rewarding You Because You Had a Higher State of Consciousness and Played This Clip and You Are Interviewed. I Think It Was on CBN and Fascinating Short Little Interview There. You Felt All of This Gave You a Greater Sense of Power, Purpose and Meaning, and I Bet Do A Lot Of Folks Who Are into This Stream Feel That They Indeed Have Power, Purpose and Meaning. Because of Their Paranormal Influence.

Yeah Walt When You're Able to Interact and Presumably Control When You're Being Told That You Can Control Not Only the Forces of Nature but Spirit Beings in Another Realm. Whatever Kind of at Your Disposal. You Can Call upon Them When You Want the Part from You When You Want. It Is Very Empowering and It Makes You Feel As Though You're the Driver of Your Ownership and Have I Mentioned in Our Interview There That Somebody from the 700 Club from Sleep Yeah What Was Really Shocking to Me. I Thought All of the Rules I Had Learned New Age You Can Go How Spirit Beings Are Allowed to Interact with Mankind.

It Proved to Be False and One Single Experience Where I Was Pulled Out Of My Body against My Will, by What I Can Only Describe As Being a Demon Redskin Black Markings on His Face, Arms, and with Colusa Creamery Are Consciously Aware That Your within a Dream and I Got Pulled Out Of My Car within the Stream and I Got Sucked into His Third Diet Sounds Crazy, but He Had 1/3 Eye in between Is to Regularize, Which Is a Symbol of Psychic Empowerment in the New Age.

Eventually, the Pineal Gland and When It Opened That I Got Sucked into This. I Opened My Eyes. After about Three Seconds of Blackness and I Was Hovering 4 Feet in the Air over My Bed.

I Spent the Next Four or Five Minutes Trying to Fight to Get Back into My Body Next to My Physical Leg. I See That I'm Not in My Physical Leg. I'm Trying to Get Back into It.

He Was Extremely Terrifying but I Really I Realize I Don't Have Sovereignty over Myself and over These Practices in the New Age and the Real Reason Is Because When You Start Doing Anything Scripture Tells You Not to Do When You Start Engaging in Different Types of Supernatural Sender Immediately. You Step outside of the Protective Covering of the Father That Exactly Happened You Obviously You Got Your Eyes Open Here and You Repented You in the Garden in Your Life around Because of What Happened to You Using a Public Statement.

Your Hundreds of Thousands of Followers and What Was the Response Right. In a Nutshell I Had Facebook Page Right Helps. Find Experts Gathered over Half a Million Followers in Less Than a Year Happened. What I Did Is I Had This Network with Some of the Largest New Age or Conscious Facebook Page so We Will Share Each Other's Stuff. By the Time I Had My Own Website up and Running in 2014 at Have a Culmination of My Research I Started Sharing All These Pages I Have Access to and That's How It Started Developing a Real Solid Following in My Website Was Really Popular to Accomplish Getting Hundreds of Thousands of Views a Day Actually Made $60,000 in My First Month in Revenue and Your IM Eventually Got My Own House Some 22 Years Old Making 4050 Grand a Month Living in a 4000 Ft.▓ House You Featured in the Quick There Broken and Depraved and Wicked Betrothal Understatement Was Dark and I Was Blocking the Bible Think That You Were Darkness. I Was Darkness. I Was Spiritually Dead. I Was Morally and Spiritually Bankrupt and after I Started Confessing Things the People in My Life and Realizing You Know I Am Not Fit to Be Got over My Life Anymore. I Decided to Say a Prayer of Salvation with My Mother to Invite Jesus into My Life in A Few Weeks Went by, Nothing Really Changed after That Prayer, but It Was Kind Invitation. Jesus, I Want More of You Who You Really Are. I Don't New Age Version of You Anymore and It Culminated to Me Having This Moment of Brokenness in His Presence. I Was Weeping before Him in Repentance Asking for Forgiveness, Asking That He Would Hear Me and I Can Describe It As I Got Engulfed with His Presence Where the Atmosphere Started Change and It Became Thick with His Glory, and I Knew It Was a Personal Jesus of the New Testament Was a Personal, Divine, Authoritative Presence All around Me and I Both Know That She Had Been Raised with, and I Knew He Loved Daniel He Was the Lord and Everything Was Subject to Him and All I Could Say My Head during This Time Was Jesus the Lord Jesus Is Lord over My Head and I Got Born Again Got Born Again in the Five Minute Encounter with My Got Filled with the Holy Spirit and I Couldn't Believe What I Just Experienced It Was Jesus Christ.

And Even When I Was in His Present Strength of Them Was Really Interesting Scene like Nature Itself Was Responding to Him in That Moment That His Present Sherlock I Could Contact the Spirit Nature Was Responding to Him Being There That Really Really Moot Because I Was I Was Seeing How Even the Universe Is Subject to the Created World and the Chief Lord I Got Born Again. I Went inside to Have the Holy Spirit Reveal All the Lies and Deception to Me about the New Age As You Said I Made a Public Apology to People. I Told Them the New Way to Think Deception to Keep People Away from Salvation in Christ.

I Apologize to Them for Leaving Them into Demonic Deception and Practices That Are Only Going to Invite Demons into Their Body and As Far As the Reception Goes with Reception Range from People Telling Me to Kill Myself and Break Myself off the Face of the Earth to People Kind of Keeping Watch and Taking out See If I Was Genuine and Sincere to Praise God.

A Lot Of People Came Out Of the New Age Group and in Fact the Best-Selling New Age Author of All Time. Names Doreen Virtue Go to Any Bookstore and Any Place in America.

The Range of Cards That Are Still out There. She Thought There Still under Contract That She Did Repented Christian Now.

She Said My Videos Helped Keep Her Courage and Boldness to Leave the New Age Roof and Publicly Conforming with Her Faith. So Response Range from People Telling Me to Kill Myself in Absolutely Freaking out to Some of the Most Common New Age Teachers Ever Being Inspired to Leave the New Age of This Wealth. Scott and Cindy. You Can Learn More and Reasons for Reasons for You Can Find the Book Most Convenient Place, Folks, Is Amazon Then That's the Second Coming of the New Age. The Hidden Dangers of Alternative Spirituality in Contemporary America and Its Churches and It's by Steve Van Cars and Josh Peck. So I've Read a Good Portion of It. Plus I've Seen Videos Online That Are Very Moving and Indeed the Troubling Part Courses.

Lots of Things but the Number of People Caught up in This Perhaps a Number of People Na´vely Caught up in It Again.

They May Be Doing Certain Practices That Sound Perfectly Harmless and I Talked about Some of Those in the First Segment Crystal Therapy Reiki Certain Kinds of Meditation, Yoga, Astral Projection, Guided Meditation, Visualization, Spirit Guides, Crystal Balls, Enlightenment Ascended Masters Chakra Kabbalah Tarot Cards Zodiac Kundalini Kundalini Spirit.

I Could Go on and on and Some of You Listening Are Participating in Some of These Things and You Think It's Harmless Is Maybe Even Be Healthy and We're Here to Tell You That It's Spiritually Reckless and Dangerous or Listening to Understanding the Times Radio I'm Jan Markel I Have on the Line from Canada, a Co-Author Steven Van Cars Stephen Couple Things Here. How Can Christians Accept This I Mean That New Age Christianized Is It's Message You Bring That out.

The Church Ignores the Message You Bring That out Bible Verses Are Taken Out Of Context by New Age Teachers. They Might Use John 10 They Would Extrapolate Jesus Saying That You Are God's Pastors Don't Want to Offend, so They Won't Confront People Who Are Going into These Things. I'm Just Pulling out Some Points That You Bring out Both in Your Book and Online You Bring out the Fact Jesus Is Someone Who Became Christ by Raising His Consciousness through Meditation, Yoga Contemplation He Realized He Was God. Anyway, These Are Some of the Tricks That the New Age Is Playing on People Who May Even Have a Church Background Exactly and You Want to Take a Moment to Spell Map and the Flowchart in Our Culture That New Age or Some Fringe Type.

If You Do Not Really a Problem in Our Culture That It Is, but Maybe a Handful of Hippies in Sedona Arizona but in Fact We Look at Ethics When You Have 36 Million Americans Currently Practicing Yoga and Billion-Dollar Industry.

When You Have 40% of Americans Say They Meditate At Least Once a Week. When You Have 27% of Americans Identify As Being Spiritual but Not Religious in This Number Continues to Grow Year after Year after Year, Actually October 1, 2018. After Our Book, the Second Coming of the New Age Was Published a Study Came out to Show That 62% of the American Population Hold At Least One New Age Belief and They Only Tested Her for Belief Tested for the Belief of Spiritual Energy Being Present with the Nature and Psychics Having Reliable Insight into the Future in Astrology and Reincarnation Tested for Belief That 62% of American but with Gary Janice.1% Professing Christian Also Held At Least One of These New Age Beliefs. That's Right 61% Here Right and They Weren't Asking for Things like Pantheism, the Idea That God Is Nature to Want Testing for That yet. That WE Back to God. In the End of Eventual Universalism They Want Testing for Belief in the Eastern Principal, or Yoga, so I Would Say a Very Conservative Estimate That 80% of Professing Christians Hold At Least One New Age Belief Which My Opinion Is Nothing Short of a Theological Crisis in the Church Right Now.

It's Very Unfortunate That about One Third of People Who Claim to Be Christian Belief in Reincarnation. For Example, NY Really Want Pastors and Christians to Realize Those Were Concerned That Atheism Is Amazing. The Problem in Our Culture Anymore. Only 3% of the American Population Identify the Problem Is That People Stop Believing in God Believe They Are God More Likely to Believe They Are Defined and to Reject the Divine Altogether for the New Age That We Talk Early in the Program Being Taught by Generous Okay Oprah Winfrey, Russell Brand, Jim Carrey, This Is the Religion Spiritual Movement That's Taking over the West Right Now and You Mentioned, Janet Is Going to Infiltrate Its Way into Modern Evangelical Churches As Well. Absolutely. And Something Else to Bring out Stephen Is Is That Some Churches Will Now Stress That Jesus Being the Only Way Is Very Narrow so He Some of These Things Were Talking about. Maybe There Okay Will Now Right yet Is 719.

He Said I Came to Bear Witness to the Truth and Whoever Is on the Side of Truth Is on My Side Right. Jesus Don't Think I Come to Bring Peace upon the Earth and Come to Bring Peace.

I've Come to Bring Division and the Truth Divide by Five Light from Darkness Wholly from the Profane Truth from Untruth and yet the Truth Is Extremely Narrow Now Is the Way That Leads to Eternal Life, and Few There Be That Find It. But the Truth Is a Person. The Truth Is Jesus, and My Hope Would Be That People Would Be Open-Minded Enough to What They Read the Book at the Second Coming of the New Age to Be Open-Minded and Willing to Follow the Evident Where It Leads to Leads to More Narrow Feminist Equipment Narrow, but At Least It's True. And Fill in the New Age Movement of Course to Complete Convert the Idea of Truth. Truth Is All Relative to the Individual. You Can Create Your Own Truth. The Cult of Postmodern Self-Defeating Philosophy That Has No Basis in Science in Scripture Really in History until about 60 Years Ago Jesus Christ Completely Overthrows That I Think No Man Comes to the Father except through Me Is the New Age Teach That Jesus Is Someone Who Became Christ by Raising His Consciousness through Meditation, Yoga, Contemplation, Etc. Mean He Realized He Was God through Practicing These Things Were so Many Christians Are Doing Absolutely Absolute Doctrine Called Christ Consciousness and Understood Once Again Demonstrate the Pervasiveness of This Idea for Something Taught Oprah Winfrey by Deepak Chopra Tollway What They Do Is They Define God As Being the Substance of Reality and That You Were All Made of God and Therefore We Are Kind of God in Human Form. God Is the Substance of Our Being the Substance of Humanity through Jesus and Someone Came to Show Us How to Self Realize That We Are Intrinsically Divine. Jesus Is Someone Who Became Christ. I Realized He Was Intrinsically Connected to God, Just As One Office Just As Everything Is in Creation and so Teach Us How to Be Enlightened. Enter in to the Kingdom of God Is Used As a Metaphor for This Divine State of Consciousness, but Realizing You Are Inseparable Being in the Substance of God Writes the Christ Consciousness Is the Idea That Jesus Came to Teach Us That Man Is Inherently Unified with God and Separated from Not Only Herself Ignorant through Sin Herself Ignorant and Oprah Winfrey Says That She Believes Jesus Didn't Come to Die for Our Sin Teach Us and Show Us the Christ Consciousness by Each of Us so You Don't Feel Donald Walsh for Example in the Book Conversation with God.

The Sold over 10 Million Copies.

Mind You, There You Know, Not Just Jesus and Christ That You Come to Christ but to Not You Can Become a Christ Dangerousness Jesus. That's What Is the Effect in the Last Days. Many People Comes Then I Am Christ, and Will Deceive Many. Don't Go after Those Who Say I Am Christ You Have New Age Teachers Telling Millions and Millions and Millions of People Convincing Them You Are Christ Literally Fulfilling Biblical Profit for the Enzymes the Stock Sorry Want to Kill Stephen in My Closing Segment and Will Get in As Much Assistance We Can Talk so We Can't Get in. You Can Find A Lot Online on YouTube and You Can Certainly Find It in Stephen's Book the Second Coming of the New Age but Insists What Are Some of the Practices That the Church Is Putting Blessing on and We Made Some Reference to Them Will Take a Closer Look Here in My Closing Segment. For Instance, You May Remember a Year Ago I Talked about to Christ Alignment.

Basically, These Are Christianized Tarot Cards, Destiny Cards, Destiny Readings Will Spend a Minute or Two on That Angel Boards I'm Never Thought I'd See the Day When We Do Have a Christianized Ouija Boards, but There Called Angel Boards or Spirit Boards. We've Got Again Yoga in the Church Kundalini in the Church We Began to Mention It. Walking the Labyrinth.

It's Got Some Contemplative Prayer. We've Got Stephen Feels near Death Experiences Would Be New Age Type Experiences That Perhaps Their Dreams, Hallucinations or Visions and He Brought out Something Interesting Ain't That I Was Particularly Caught My Attention That Were Reading Some Popular Books Today Where It It's Really Jesus Speaking Word For Word in These Books, Which Is Nothing More Than Sort of Glorified Channeling.

Trying to Get to Believe That Jesus Is Speaking Word For Word Word by Word and Some Books Today That Are Bestsellers and This Would Be Closer to New Age Beliefs Than Christianity. So Those Are Some Things and More Will Get to.

As We Have Time in My Closing Segment. The Book Again Is the Second Coming of the New Age. You Can Find and I'm coming back in just a couple of minutes will wrap this up with Steven Van cars. Learn more and reasons for back in just a minute or so don't go away no you enjoy just discussions then cars of the new age will want to remind you this broadcast comes into your home every week because people like you have supported without your precipitation and praying for us giving her coast-to-coast of over 830 radio stations. So thanks to all of you for your generous support. Welcome your tax-deductible gifts mailed to all three ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 give securely online and all of three views the Lord need to reach us by phone 763559444 is the number to call Stephen, return this brief timeout. I am life the tide of our times deteriorate for some say we are in the time period known as the beginning of sorrows, but that actually comes later. Clock and calendar. Still without any eternal, negative people are discouraged today and that is why Hebrews 10 tells us to encourage one another on the three ministries has products that will help you do that visit our website. Olive trees olive we have books and DVDs that are uplifting and that will remind you that the King is coming soon and the darkness will turn to John if you want to stay up-to-date.

Also check our daily headlines posted hourly everything the sons of his Chronicles 12 were men who understood the time God wants us to be in the know today and looking at events that cause us to lean his return. In today's world who do you trust for good insight on current events for that matter who you trust for good Bible commentary. America is full of fake news and false teaching. That's why we want to offer you an alternative both. We are understanding the times radio with Dan Markel and our main objective is to tell you the truth about current events as they relate to a biblical worldview.

Join us each week on this station first source New Age religion comes wrapped up in a package of self-help self-esteem, self-reliance, Libyans 413 says I can do all things through Messiah, which strengthens me. The New Age philosophy subtly removes Messiah from our thoughts makes us believe that we can do all things. If we just believe it will it to be so is the power of positive thinking for the conclusion of today's understanding broadcast. Once again Jim Markel New Age movement consists of a massive network of group work towards one desirable mingle of the New Age religious movement is bringing about rain worship of a woman relief will control a world government will bring enlightenment to the masses will bring peace to the show people how to live in peace they referred to him as the Christ or my trailer they will accomplish this goal. In many ways. One may specific weight is to bring about acceptance of all religions and beliefs, but at the same time, directly blasting the doctrine of Judeo-Christian beliefs. This blasting sometimes is very direct but a lot of it is very subtle. So subtle that if one does not put on the full armor developing may be swayed by this philosophy, seeing New Age philosophy believe in Jesus Christ is only don't read your Bible, too much really practice what is six okay we are wrapping up my hour-long conversation with author Steve Van cars just a couple of quick announcements here and now we have a very active Facebook page Dan Markel's olive tree ministries.

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One and other locations as well Steve, I can gave a little tease going out of my last segment and let's just talk about some things happening in the church sneaking in the back door. In some cases rushing in the front door, full-blown occult practices sung. In some cases and other cases, perhaps more New Age E-type things but as we've kinda discussed over the hour. The New Age really is the occult, and that's trying to Christianize questionable things at best and way last February I believe I talked about Christ alignment Christianize tarot cards called destiny card readings. This is the Christ alignment people in Australia talking about Christianize tarot cards I got Christ alignment feeling she say I may 9 AM to: find meaning in from the highest and remaining knowledge guiding my snow and getting many trainings invitation having training emailing Steve then cars Christianize tarot cards. Now these folks would say that they're using these Christianize tarot cards for evangelistic purposes. Your thoughts on this about ministry there. I would think that I do believe these people are well-intentioned and maybe even some of them are our born-again Christians who feel they were operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit were operating in word of knowledge. Here, there is actually a plethora of ministry that are utilizing card not about ministry becoming a trend right now and as far as you think card and appealing to the intuition of people who are unsaved and pick a card that you feel drawn to pick another card epic another card to pray and ask spirit what he saying about the card you pick. And as far as that of an evangelical method, and I don't think that shirt that word of knowledge operate like that you doctors choose to operate in word of knowledge.

The Holy Spirit appoints the gifts as he wills and base the entire evangelical ministry off of this idea that you can be a newborn Christian and you choose to operate in the court have an interest operating word of knowledge is only for being biblical it would take a stumbling block as well to Christians and to those outside the body of Christ.

That is actually a very very small way in terms of the amount of people numerically are being impacted by New Age in the church. I think that a much bigger practice once again. Maybe well-intentioned people unless you mention all mentioned briefly here Christian yoga where you actually have Christian yoga ministries. You have your own Christian yoga certificate and that this paganism, by definition, yoga literally means union refers to a state of union where your individual self is unified with common universal spirit that undergirds reality. The stretching yoga is designed to shift your consciousness and align your energy systems in your body so that you facilitate a higher consciousness called moksha where you realize that God is all and all it got.

It literally and with them in practice and has been mentioned earlier on the program with the $10 billion industry being practiced in the church outside of the church by Christian.

Some of these poses were meant to honor and revere polytheistic gods of Hinduism were meant to invoke them to invoke their properties into one body through literally exercising your body members of your body onto idolatry, groping at the spiritual portal Michael pression.

My own mother. For example, had to quit her job recently because of New Age in her church, she worked at the church for several years and to honor the church's anniversary of having been built on indigenous land. They invited them to just try going to come celebrate their doing drum circles pagan drum circles which are meant to invoke spirits in the room there doing smudging ceremony in the church and the church was inviting its members come celebrate this without so there's many many different ways for the New Age movement is beginning to infiltrate the church mingle, not in our book, but truly getting out of control down sure that you're aware that it is really getting absolutely getting out of control. A contemplative prayer.

I mean I think people think well is everybody sentence contemplates when they pray, well, that's not quite what we mean when she give me one minute on contemplative prayer. Prayer is meant to facilitate a shift in consciousness, quoting from Pennington here started, Started the conflict. Prayer movement where we go from ordinary consciousness to a state of pure consciousness in which we leave the false self for the true self and attain unity consciousness with God. Right.

So yes, she said that God is known in pure consciousness, rather than by some subject object knowledge and what they mean is that when you shift your awareness away from the ego consciousness away from the mental chatter away from thinking and into a state of pure awareness that that's where you meet God you interact with God and fellow contemplative prayer is a set of practices where you're going to Pick a mantra, repeat a mantra over and over in your head, for the purpose of trying to shift your psychology so that when you shift your brain waves the and you shift your state of mind.

Now you're able to somehow, I don't interact with God better and not with God in our walk with God through publication, through repentance, through righteousness through praying in the spirit not through trying to shift around consciousness. Some pagan means it's really mindfulness, literally mindfulness, by definition, there is no vertical connection made between you and God using Scripture or some kind of mantra Christianize mantra repeating yourself to try and facilitate the new state of consciousness to accomplish some pagan end of meeting God and pure consciousness or something.

It's just really really defective. Unfortunately, it is being promoted and encouraged by some really prominent evangelical leaders as well, Angel boards or spirit boards.

I thought I was in tune. Steve and I thought I was really aware of the end of the evil things come along. I did not know there Angel boards, also called spirit boards there dressed up Ouija boards send never thought I'd see the day when did this come along.

I'm not really sure when I came along around for a while it very old product like this is something where you'll to the younger generation committee wants to dabble in the supernatural way that they feel is safe and obviously for some reason kids have some Fascination with Ouija board after we have more of a Christianized appropriate safe way to engage with supernatural entities and supernatural beings which I think idolatry is no think in all of Scripture or anyone has ever tried to contact an angel of 31,000 verses in the Bible nowhere to think contacting there's no precedent for that and in the Bible so that Grant and Glavine that Satan masquerade himself as an angel of life you try contact Angel. How do you know we are contacting actually an angel when you're practicing spiritism definition due to practices God put the death penalty on the Old Testament now are embracing them in the church wholeheartedly mentioned as well.

There some best-selling books that are New Age in their orientation in Christian bookstores and you mentioned near-death experience that one thing you have experiences on New Age necessarily, but there is one a book called proof of heaven. You have a former Harvard trained neurosurgeon who had to encounter what he went to heaven apparently and attend Christian books or secular told 14, 15 million copies, but he is actually linked up now with the topical society of hell Helena Blavatsky talk earlier on the program and you know I actually went to a Christian bookstore recent and I pulled it off the shelf and I was like the Israelites with which let me explain. She was like, you can throw that in the garbage and fold in the store, and a very popular common book is another one where as you mentioned earlier it's basically channeling right so and I quote the author would sit down quote to listen to God with pen in hand writing down whatever I believe he was saying and that he changed from monologue dialogue that she began to write messages that begin to flow more freely in dialogue with Jesus. But when you're reading the words it's Jesus speaking in the first person like the apostle Paul didn't even do that, he would say I Paul write anything you one thing I Jesus or I Holy Spirit write these things if you read the actual content of this book as well, Jesus is using words like divine mind or spirit, mind, or divine alchemy. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever.

It doesn't sound like you not Jesus? The Holy Spirit reads these words and the spirit bears witness yes these are the verbatim word for word messages from the Lord Jesus Christ and this is also depend of millions of copies tens of millions of copies.

The officer spirit is a multi-multimillionaire because of some of these practices associate all the essentials found in the second coming of the new age.

The hidden dangers of alternative spirituality in contemporary America and its churches with a good emphasis in the book about the church.

Honestly, that's what was most helpful to me, but I think anybody in love dabbling in it. You need to get on the book or find Stephen ban cars online on YouTube outstanding teachings. He's got their limit because I'm completely out of time as the Bible says that in the last days people would give heed to the doctrine of demons and you have heard about all of that in this hour, and while this is a part of the perilous times scenario written about in second Timothy three is not too late for you to pull out of this movement. If you find yourself attracted to it or even active in that cell renounce the evil turn to God, turn your life around become a new creature today a new creature in Christ tomorrow maybe too late. I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you next week will you and you and all and thank you for joining us for over seven times radio with John Mark will reaching the world to report current events for the lens of Scripture's broadcast cost you nothing to listen cost us thousands of dollars each week as we produce and distribute this weekly program would you consider becoming a financial partner with us in this ever-changing world. Christ followers need to stay informed and to be aware of current events from the perspective this is where you will hear compelling programs every week to highlight dangers in our culture and the hope it comes through faith in Jesus Christ. Join us in helping to underwrite the solicitor supported broadcast news like this to almost 3 ministries +1452 Grove Minnesota 5511 or by phone at 76355 around-the-clock dollars through the is also the place to go for daily updates, global events. From a biblical looking forward to hearing from you this week. Thank you for your continued prayer support Joe next week returns with other information and inspiration affect our side help you understand the

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