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Spirituality in All the Wrong Places

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 6, 2019 8:00 am

Spirituality in All the Wrong Places

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 6, 2019 8:00 am

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Today our assignment is to be light very dark place. Are you prepared witchcraft is growing like no other religion. I mean there's articles like this.

The number of people practicing Wicca paganism is growing dramatically, written on October 12, 2018 or the fastest growing religion in the states. Wicca today of understanding the times radio John Markel welcomes to just specialize in informing Christians about the dark side first. John talked to Joe Martin Richey, the progressive movement in America and Europe want to do away with God. They are fine with welcoming every evil Jennings jails. Here are some stunning details with you first segment today encourage you to represent the light of the world in these troubling times and welcome to the program. So glad you can join me today and you often hear Joe Martin Richey on this program is a radio guest and I consider her an expert on spare normally called apologetics, and more and she's following in the footsteps of her father, Dr. Walter Martin. She also handles the social media of olive tree ministries and she writes for us and she recently did an e-news letter for us. In general, thank you for coming in by the right to be heard and read a few paragraphs from your E newsletter and folk you can sign up at her website. All of his John Oregon go to resources. I would read a few parent member to discuss a little bit of what you've written, Jill, and again this was on the rise of the cult and the rise of fun just some of the things that I think are very haywire. You say don't. Many know nothing about how great civilizations fall they don't connect the historical fact that the rejection of God always leads to the rise of evil. Today we turn on our TVs or computers and see the glorification of everything vile that crushed ancient Israel.

In Rome, so true everything awful that destroyed 17th-century France and 20th-century Germany, and then you say the lure of secret power is irresistible, and though far weaker than the power of God they choose it being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them because of the hardness of their heart. Ephesians 418 where the occult thrives. There is no hope. Malevolent evil always breeds despair and want to stop here who could have guessed that the 21st century would bring a witchcraft boom its biggest cheerleaders are the media will glorify it as good practice when all the evidence of history tells us, it has always been evil. How do you fight a media blitz raving about Super Bowl supermodel wives and their cute little habit of closet witchcraft. And here's where I'm heading is and you say patriot quarterback Tom Brady thought he was doing something good when he shared special moments with his wife Gisele in an interview after his fifth Super Bowl victory. Okay Jill, I mean I found this shocking, in light of what you wrote that Tom Brady admitted that his wife is a so-called good which, yes, and he actually quoted her. She said you're lucky I am, which I'm good which can imagine this us like their level of media attention is beyond anything I think we can comprehend. They literally cover the world. I don't think this is real shocking only because half of America. Almost every progressive in America is rejected God the rejected faith of rejected Christianity to them. Government is God and that has consequences. Europe tried this, they threw God outs 50, 60 years ago, we can see what's happening to Europe play clip and just demand of Tom Brady running what were your thoughts. Well, like you say it's it's not surprising it's a shock to hear it's mainstream like that from probably the top quarterback and he is a role model.

Yeah, he's a role model so it's a shock to hear it on that level. But it's not surprising considering her background so I believe that she really was steeped in witchcraft in Brazil because it's almost like a state religion in a way that right.

There are so many different forms of it in Brazil and people just take it for granted when they cast spells. A lot of times they'll do it right out in the open and then people claim on fences and sit there and watch them actually do the spell candidate is from Brazil. He endlessly asked of this probably is something that she was very familiar with. As a young girl display Tom Brady talking about all this. Any superstitions going to a special when you get in the game on Sunday. You had somewhere. I did and I always saw him learn a lot for my wife over the years she so what about the power of intention you know and believing things that are really happen and she always makes a little altar for me of the game just wills it so much so she put together little altar from you to bring the pictures of my kids and Abby's little special stones in healing stones and protection stones is as we were necklace drop. She makes Sally's mantras and I saw the question hurled a long time ago I did. I just shut up and listen an episode like this is kinda crazy and then about four years ago were playing the Seahawks and she said you better listening. This is your year, but this is all the things that have to do when I did all those things by God work and then 2015. It was about early January. She said you know much I love you message let you know this is not going to be your year and of course we lost the support of six look like 60s going to be here so it was early January for sure. A survey by asking we have a chance. She said you do a lot of work and really listen to me so man I listen to her right out of it and she said see that a lot of work you do the work I do mine. She said let me marry with good which you're lucky you married, which I'm just a good which Tom Brady who's the quarterback of New England Patriots. If you don't follow football again a role model. I'm sure to millions and millions of younger people celebrating his wife being supposedly a good which Jill I don't know that there's good which meant working here from another one here in a minute. Yes, and I think now if you look at her intent.

She feels like she can control life. This is what she's drawing on his power that she can count on. So I think she's been doing this for quite a while, and there probably is some power there that's connected to her and we know where that power comes from. But you know the witches when they cast their spells, they say. So mote it be so, so must it be so. They are willing it to be done and that's exactly what she's doing now here we are, you know mainstream right out there in the open on the probably the biggest platforms when the biggest rate forms.

You could as a real super worldwide that's exactly right in here we have witchcraft just rising folks. That's why I do these updates every couple of months because honestly some of this is trying to take over our culture and society, and in parts of the world. It has think it has pretty successfully taken over parts of Europe and other parts of the world that are very dark.

This has moved in when they throw God out. This is what happens and you are right, Jill, and so we see is front-page news. The worldwide image of two gorgeous human beings with the family.

Small children relying on potions spellcasting and suits saying of a wife and mother consumed by the power of the article I want to move on similar story. Valerie love okay let me just go back to your article because you write again see newsletter folks on my website go to resources as if the Brady propaganda were not enough, the Christian which an oxymoron if there ever was one has arrived on the American scene. This is their redefinition of witchcraft, a new and improved labels. Since the Bible clearly teaches that all witchcraft is evil to so there's no good and bad there's no white and dark. It's all evil.

According to the Bible and then you say Jill, but it is nothing new for Satan to present himself as an angel of light.

Now you talk about Valerie. Love and X Jehovah's Witness turned Christian, which I said that right folks X Jehovah witness turned Christian, which is simply marching to the same ancient drum. She believes in white witchcraft, just like the Bradys even though biblically and historically. There's no such thing as a good which this Valerie love is again trying to pass yourself off as a Christian, which in 2013 she published the Christian which is create, which has amassed a large following in her Christian which is create. She writes I am a Christian, which I love my cross and my wand. I consult my tarot deck in my Bible. I adore and then devoted to Christ and the goddess.

Is it possible Jewel Mark Richey to be devoted to Christ and the goddess visit was the goddess will that depends I guess on which day the week it is, and which particular goddesses currently being worshiped in paganism, which is what this is sorcery paganism. There are just many know we could team up to thousands of gods and goddesses that have been worshiped down through the centuries. Unfortunately, here she's not familiar with first Samuel 28 and King Saul visited a medium visited the witch of Endor, and his punishment was death. He wasn't expecting to see Samuel, but God sent Samuel to respond to him and to condemn him to death. So there we have our first instance of how God feels and it was a very detailed encounter. So, how he feels about witchcraft in any kind of connection to him. And then we have Paul of course in first Corinthians warning against and for mixing any kind of pagan practices with Christianity.

So he spends a great deal of his time and Corinthians, warning us that these things cannot mix so you have basically an approach that Satan always does, where he takes something and redefines it. She is trying to redefine witchcraft. There is nothing historical.

No evidence that ever points to a good which down through the centuries, but of course evidence as we know today. Jan right evidence doesn't mean anything.

Well, she says. Again, this is Valerie love. She says there is no conflict in what I do what I say or who I am. She says whether I'm walking in nature and hanging out with fairies or in high consciousness communication with angels or commanding demons and spirits or steering the healing remedy in my cauldron or pulling herbs for a T or speaking a spell or dressing a candle, wherever I may be in whatever I may be doing.

I'm never confused and I am never in denial that she says the creed goes on. I am clear and certain I was sent here by God for God's good purpose. This is her creed you're going to get the ball Monday through Friday going to be at school. The covenant of Christian which is mystery school is in session. Boys and girls yes ghettos on Saturday we have a reader studio get readings or you can even register to be one of our vendors all one of our readers at our readers. Hall we have a witches ball the witches ball is being in the theme of the witches ball this year.

Boys and girls, all American horror story all apocalypse I want to see someone, is Michael Langdon now yes he is the seed of Satan. Yes, he's the devil spawn. However, I like him like to see someone is Michael Langdon.

Or maybe his very witchy mother's mother was a witch's mother was a servant of Satan in the satanic church so anyhow that Saturday night, which is fall themed American horror story's schedule, witchy do you get ready for food, fun dancing on Saturday night. Sam next Sunday morning resurrection Sunday Easter Sunday, the first ever that we've ever done Christian which is church service, and this is probably the heart of the whole convention for me bringing the word to you from the pulpit, Rev. Valerie love Christian which is church service. We have musical against that he will love and we have all inspiration and a powerful word especially for Christian which is again ultimate in delusion we get that absolutely. And of course Satan is always the angel of light right and you have mediums like Jonathan Edwards who claimed he was sent here by God. They all claim there sent here by God. In fact, we have records of stances that took place in the 1800s. They would literally open a Bible in the middle of the table. If you can believe that Jan he would put an open Bible in the middle of the table, and there are records of hands appearing above that Bible and pointing to a Bible verse. So that's in the middle of the sand so this is Satan's modus operandi work so well for him.

Why should he change it.

You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here in studio with Maj. Martin Rishi Buford are often on this program she manages her social media so you might be talking to her on Facebook as well and were giving a paranormal update and you can learn more at her website. Walter she's the daughter of Dr. Walter Martin and check out her 700 page book, found it. Walter the kingdom of the cult. The kingdom of the called and I think she'll you're updating your father's book, the kingdom of the cult so you been doing at the last many months yes and we have a brand-new edition coming out. Also, 10 were doing something newer doing handbook on the cult's good. It's a mini version of the kingdom of the cults and includes a study guide so that will be out in 2020 2020 over that one okay and the cult is coming out right now and folks get that most conveniently at the can visit Walter Martin done, or there local Christian bookstore and most of them are going to do business in their local online Christian. Actually, that's all that's good. I love folks time to get a computer if you don't have one. I want to move on. I want to hit just a few more things we just have a short segment today. In the article that you wrote. We also talked about Walmart and I don't think folks are aware that used to be family friendly. Sam Walton would never go along with what's going on is to be totally family-friendly. The whole Walmart empire that now there's an online link you click it on and takes you over to online ordering options for you can request anything of an occult nature. I mean there are pictures there you can order pentagrams you can order Masonic imagery the bull foam. It is on everything. The foam and jewelry T-shirts. Anything you can think of. And that's the symbol of Satan folks everything that celebrates evil that celebrates the devil's in Walmart. Who would've thought that we never see the day I surprise I seen it before, not to this extent, but I have seen witchcraft manuals for children and target before, but this is something that is totally they've upped the ante in fact in they have. I think allied with the satanic temple, satanic temple. This is their merchandise.

In fact, that image of bafflement that you are mentioning and that is a basically a goat man that looks like the ancient God and with big longhorns and I'm sure all of us have seen some version of that but the satanic temple which is currently the flavor of the day for Satanism, but they have specific images that they use, and no one else can use these images and that Jan is a an image about the mess that is being sold at Walmart so I think that they have a contract now with the satanic temple to sell their merchandise. Okay, I wonder if this will spread. Then to some other retail outlets, and I'm sure will the satanic temple is very aggressive and they are out to stop Christians. They say that they just want fairness and freedom of speech, but there out to stop Christians in their tracks. In my opinion this is why we try to bring you these updates. Folks, the Bible says in the last days, evil will wax worse and worse. Second Timothy 313, Revelation 921 talks about the escalation of evil in the last days second Timothy 313, Revelation 921 other references to those are pretty obvious ones. So are seeing the fulfillment of the Bible, fulfillment of Bible prophecy right before her eyes. I want to touch on another item she'll only have time here. Amazon prime original show called good omens tries to paint. Get this folks, the antichrist as a savior, saving the earth from the Apocalypse and the end with angels and demons working together. Now here's the blurb from YouTube about this movie it says this with Armageddon. Just days away. The armies of heaven and hell are amassing and the four horsemen are ready to ride a Riz of Sally and Angel and Crowley a demon. How appropriate Carl is a demon after Aleister Crowley agreed to join forces and find the missing antichrist and to stop the war that will end everything based on the best-selling novel by Terry Pratchett Neil Gaiman good omens follows an unlikely duo and their quest to save the world.

The new series is going to premiere again. Apparently this is on Amazon prime May 31, 2019. So again we get good omens, i.e. a gay what next. I'm sure it will do very well to because you and I know anything dark sells very well. Now I'm at the irony here to me is just incredible. Who are they looking for the antichrist. Yet they're looking for the right to solve all their problems. Isn't that ironic yeah. Again the world of the unbeliever doesn't understand that that will usher in all of there for him exactly as there can be left behind as I don't have to deal with literal hell on earth you write this I'm going back to your article of June this was our e-news letter several weeks ago now and you write this and this is a good note the close on we must be salt and light in a very dark place giving him all the glory, the power of the cult is strong, but it is far weaker than God's power when it seems like all hell is breaking loose. How wonderful to know that this world is not our home.

We have an eternity of incredible joy to look forward to a new heaven and a new earth.

What will it be like the lion will lie down with the lamb, there will be no more tears, no suffering, no evil people know Satan, no death, and then you refer to Dr. Kirk Coke, a 20th-century pastor and for your warrior against the cult puts it all into perspective, Satan and all the hosts of darkness are a defeated foe. The triumphant theme of the New Testament is that Jesus has disarmed the principalities and powers and made up public example of them triumphing over them.

Colossians 215 wanted to expound on that. If you would.

The early Christian church. We have records that the early Christian church called themselves soldiers of Christ and even though we are in the midst of a very dark place. We should put on our armor because we fight against the invisible foe any fusion sex put on our armor and go out and fight, keeping in mind that incredible hope that you just read the hope of what we have coming. Jan mean we are going to be done with this world in a very short period of time. We want to stand before the king and be told well done, thou good and faithful servant.

And so we must fight we must occupy until he comes. But we had this incredible hope and that hope should light our hearts every single day. Even though the world around us is growing darker and darker. Okay folks again. You can learn chose the daughter of the late Dr. Walter Martin.

Many of you listen to him on radio some years ago now go and not quite finished with this topic.

I'm going to be joined in minutes by Carl tight grip. He and I attended a local pagan festival called pig Gannett con to be held here in the Twin Cities but I promise you it's in your neighborhood as well. You need to learn about these issues, folks, we need to be salt and light and delay the decay and pushback against the darkness will talk more about it in just a minute don't go away go away so I can suck but Joe talks to Carl tight grip lies of paganism. They both attended pajama caught in the Twin Cities.

If you weeks ago. How can we push back against this kind of darkness in your neighborhood to think the state of the moral right of well with the restrainer gone I think it's going to be. We think we have anarchy now, chaos now.

We haven't seen anything yet. Just what are the seals with elation.

We are curing a DVD set, 20 parts study by Pastor Billy Crow on the seals. This documentary takes you on an in-depth journey through the first half, which the church is absent in the production or general so they would.

Dr. Jennifer Jones in our lives to the Lord by calling us at 7655447635594 $5.06 dollars shipping seals you only parts of the ideal for your small group or adult Sunday school once as a pagan community itself recognizes growing more prosocial voice cultural voicemail for their experiencing growing pains and growing challenges. Also see how can we bring with us authenticity to the broader world around us is a recognition that we live in an age now gravitates mind whether you consider yourself a paid or not pagan you is you that our culture we love hearing from you.

Always contact us through our website. All of three all of 30 doctors by mail all of tree ministries. Box 1452-year-old Minnesota 5531 Xbox 1452, MN 55311 caller cycle time 763-1544 765-5944 program was posted electronically website and to our YouTube channel early Saturday morning is general welcome back, moving into a different topic here. My guest for the next two segments is Carl tight grip. These are researcher authors speak urine over the years he has attended a range of internationally significant political and religious events in his quest to understand sort of the historical and contemporary forces transformation, including the Parliament of world religions burning man in Nevada and the United Nations Millennium forum and pig on a con in my hometown element to say a word about that because both Carl and I visited the local pagan pride event in the Twin Cities just a few weeks ago.

Now, and although such events are held literally around the world. One of the headquarters of it all happens to be my hometown, Minneapolis-St. Paul. The annual pig Gannett can event is at a local hotel and it's for people who identify as weekends, Druids, pagans, heathens, shamans, psychics, new wagers and a lot more in there they meet the exchange ideas and they sort of, well, they celebrate the darkness. Participants are encouraged to renew their spiritual life. But this spiritual life does not include the God of the universe or his son Jesus Christ. Some I talked to had been raised believing in the basics of Christianity. One told me, quite frankly, he said. I read every book ever written by of the late Grant. Jeffrey obviously heard the gospel in those books rejected it all and now they celebrate Earth worship, witchcraft, and all things dark. I could not help but think of the biblical references that state that someday every knee including every name attending this pig. Gannett can event will bow before the Lord Jesus Christ Carl tight crib welcome to the studio here of understanding the times radio.

John is good to be with you. Welcome to the land of 10,000 Lakes 10,000 New Age shops 10,000 which covenants you reprised me of some of this and I mean I got a national international audience.

But I happen to live in the hearts sort of the heart of evil. Here will Twin Cities area is very unique in that it has a very vibrant pagan community that the community has been alive and well since the 1970s and the lost over the last 20 years or so. It has really grown in size and it spread out it's not just your job. It's as old as Ms. Ali rest of the Western world. I get that you and I were both at this event you are there for three days I was there for an evening is in a hotel not far from here. We will go any further and details on that. But at first glance it might appear like this was just a weekend Halloween party people were in costumes because they were having a costume contest that there were concerts there were art shows there were meditation sessions. They were speaking about the people I talked to about honoring nature honoring trees talk of Crystal's reiki therapy intuitive readings, healing rooms, tarot cards, magic, holistic living magical art of baking New Age, not a big deal this coming going on forever. Nothing unusual to see Terrell Carr what made this and what makes this so different.

What makes this event different is that it really draws together a diverse pagan community celebrates the diverse forms of paganism. It's a time for networking time for their own community to grow and to find places of correction and so this event because this is an annual event this year was the ninth view by the way, this year was just under 800 people who were registered for Pagano: there's a lot of rituals we events begins with a ritual. It ends with a closing ritual. There are numerous rituals all throughout the day. A lot of workshops a lot of networking opportunities was workshops.

I attended a workshop on blasphemy as a healing tool those workshops on a variety of pagan subjects is a pagan community itself recognizes that they are growing more prosocial voice more cultural voicemail the neighborhood before their experiencing growing pains and growing challenges also looking to see how can we bring legitimacy and authenticity to what we do into the broader world around us. This recognition really John that we live in an age now, which already gravitates to the pagan mind whether you consider yourself a pagan or not pagan worldview is imbued with in our culture well you and you said to me more and more Christians are ambassadors in a pagan world and both you and I felt like ambassadors at this event here in the Twin Cities. We also commented that the enemy God is far greater, far bigger than anything any practice any pagan belief system demonstrated at this three-day event. But you're right we were ambassadors. I mean they didn't know your background or identity right. I was just there for a couple of hours interacting with some of the attendees. Two of them sitting next to me were Druids they were of seem to be very normal couple very friendly.

As a matter fact I said may I ask you some questions so absolutely and so eidetic wisdom for at least an hour sitting by them happened to be a rather aging male witch who seem to be like you needed some psychotropic drugs but the two Druids were very normal folks very cordial right and this is important for people to realize is really this is a cross-sectional society. These can be your neighbors absolutely skip your children can be your doctor.

These are educators.

The list goes on. It's not people just from the margins of society, though sometimes symptoms, sometimes as part of the people looking for community looking for a place where they belong. But at the same time. This is a spectrum. This is as broad as your neighborhood in terms of the type of people you will meet. I spoke to some of them about the eternal consequences of their actions and of course they weren't impressed.

They were looking for spirituality, but in all the wrong places which you don't have to go to pay Gannett can convention to look for spirituality in the wrong places Simi can find that some of our weaker denominational churches. They were certainly were looking for it in the wrong places, but there were children there and there were teens there right there with workshops for children and teens and you said to me, for the kids there raised in pagan homes are like going to Sunday school for them right there were teen and children trucks teens and children workshops at the computer. There was a room specifically set aside for their children. This may be more of a surprise or shock to Christian thinking if if we would introduce this idea maybe 20 years or 30 years ago but now but now there is an entire generation brought up within the pagan worldview for them.

But this is just a part of their world. The children are very much a part of it. Again, Earth worship, witchcraft, silly rituals were not going to get into some of the details here. Again, some told me they were formerly evangelical Christians, they chose to reject the truth for a lie were not interested in the eternal consequences of that end one had been raised being talked about as it concerns eternal consequences and care what the workshops John that I attended a question came up. What is your background where what is your religious background. What are you bringing to the table in terms of your previous religious culture and there was those people there who said I come from a Southern Baptist background come from Methodist background number of Catholic background, Lutherans, Orthodox evangelicals, one of the speakers I know as a background where he was a youth leader in the evangelical church, so there's a lot I mean a lot of interesting carryover between the pagan world and the crucial role in terms of where the people of come from, and as Christianity is being rejected in Western society there is a move towards things like Paris pagan communities in your city is just it's the petri dish as well. That's where it's all kind of congealing together while apparently, the Twin Cities is called a pay Gannett stand in essence been told affectionately got stunned by the big pagan community.

Since this is a lease the late 1980s early 1990s. There's a whole book by that title which you that Pat would pick up a hardbound book and then we have the publishing house that publishes products like this that's drawing some knocking to name them the strength folks here listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here. I have in my studio today. Carl tie crib. You've heard them on the programming before with actually shared some conferences together recently. We did one in Oklahoma City and I was able to meet Carl and his wife there, Carl.

As I said in my open visits some event Parliament of world religions talk about burning man in just a moment, United Nations millennium forum pay Gannett Which Is Here in the Twin Cities.

Lots of Events like This.

He Writes about Them.

You Can Find More in His Book and I Have the Book in Front of a Game of God's the Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment with an Introduction by Gary, and Best Place to Find This Will Actually Your Website. I Think Carl and That's a Game of God' Correct That's Correct Agreed Excerpts of the Book Where Growth Religiously. Geography Is Online on the Webpage and an Order through Their It Is a Thick Book. It's Sort of the Encyclopedia of These Kinds of Events and Issues Way over 500 Pages.

So Softbound Unit Order on Amazon If You Want As Well. You Can Communicate with Carl at Game of God' That's You Will Get If You Do Dot-Coms Game of God' Carl's Canadian Carl What Was the Most Stunning You Are There Three Days I Was There Less Than Three Hours and I Had to Get out Because My Spirit Was Grieved.

It Was Troubled. I Think More Than Anything, I Was Grieved. We Read in the Bible How God Actually Harden the Heart of Pharaoh, and It Seemed As Though God May Have Harden the Hearts of These Pagans.

Obviously They Hate Him Because Their God Is Nature, the Trees Creation Etc. but Not the God of the Universe and Our Spirits Were in Conflict Was This Most Troubling Thing You Saw One of Them Was a Ritual. I Won't Go until Ritual Was a Certain Ritual at a Place Called Marriage of Heaven and Hell Got Some Really Disturbing Elements to It and That Was Understandable and Removes Disturbing Thing.

This Is Serious. What Were Talking but Here Is Really Serious Demonstrates and Should Demonstrate to the Christian Church Look. Reality of Spiritual Issues Is Here. It's Interface It's Time for Christians for Us to First Won't Know What We Believe and Why We Believe and Stand Firm on That Thing I Think Is Important for Christians to Realize Is That While This Is All around Us, and Indeed We Have a Pagan Worldview. It's Absolutely Saturated through Our Culture in Many Different Facets of the Book Brings out in the Play, We Need to Recognize That at the End of the Day Really Bows Every Every Person, Every Power, Every Principality Bowels.

I Think Sometimes We Tend to Gravitate Towards Your Were As the Only One That We Should Be Fearing Is God Himself Who Is Greater Than Any of This Is Greater Than Anyone or Any Person That Was Going on or That's Even in the Room with You, and I Really Know Use the One Who Is over and above All Things and Not so Important.

If We Don't Grasp That We Will Be by Fear. There's No Reason for Your Concern Yes Yes Absolutely.

Well You Actually You Gave Me Some Flyers from Events Coming up around the Country Folks This Goes out All over the Western World, and Carl Handed Me a Flyer Pagan Spirit Gathering 2019. This Is Coming up for One Week. This One Will Be over the Summer Solstice, the One Were Talking about Was over the Spring Solstice. This Is Important to These Pagans Is the Solstice, so This One Coming up in This Is Going to Be This in Ohio or I'll Get Another One Coming up.

I Think in June in Wisconsin but You Said This Is All over the Western World All over US Dissidents Absolutely Vacuum A Few Other Pagan Events. Vesicles in Your State. The Other 300 Which Is Covens in the Twin Cities.

That Was a Lost Count but I Have That in the Book Documented 300 Covens in Circles Roughly No Covens in Circles Change the Number Shifts around Because Covens Come Covens Go. The Lifespan of a Covenant Is Usually Three Years That'll Really Know What Happens Us Will Move on.

People Change People Will Physically Move through the One Thing Though That Was of Interest in Terms of Myself Coming to This Event Was to See How What's Considered the Left-Hand Path How That's Being Embraced More in the in the Pagan World (Popping Satanism's Imperialism and Electrical Workshops Were That Was Brought up. In Fact, We Have a Satanist Who Came As a Is a Representation of Satanism Elusive Puritanism in the past, the Pagan Community.

The Wiccans and Other Pagans, Druids Would Not Necessarily Have Embraced Terrazzo. This Was a First Year, They Invited Sunroom This Right Stream of Thought Because As Far As Al Is Going to Stream Right before Littlejohn. This Was the First Time That They Have a Satanist, and Do a Workshop Satanist Had a Workshop on on Satanism 101. What Was Interesting Was This Is All My Things Important for Christians to Think about As I'm Listening to These People in Their Private Conversations As a Talk Will Christians. One Thing That Really Bothered Me.

I Mean, It Bothered Me along Is What I Heard How Christians Have Reacted to Them. Okay, Not in Love. That's Right, Not Only That's Really Important Not in Grace but Chastising Them Swearing at Them Calling Them down. The One Sickness I Was Listening to Was Talking about How a Man to Come over to Her with a Bag of Trash and When We through Trash. I'm Sorry That's That's Not Christlike. So If We're Going Be Ambassadors in a World of Darkness We Take Approaches like That Helps Nothing. All It Does Demonstrate That We Ourselves Are Bound by the Problem of Sin to Their Folks Listening in Their Thinking, My Goodness. If I Bumped into Her, My Neighbor Turned out to Be One of These People. If a Family Member Turned out to Be One of the How Do I Even Talk to Them, What You Say What I Know and You Will You Can Be Running into People on the Street and Running at People in Your Community. At the Beginning Point. This Is Really Important Thing for People to Grasp Is to Go to the Basics from the Basics Being Right Out Of the Core. How Is Reality Found House of Reality Put Together His Oneness from Dr. Peter Drozd Puts Us to Go Beautifully. Oneness Tourism Explain Quickly. Oneness Is Paganism.

Oneness Is God, Man and Nature. All Essentially the Same Show the Same Essence, the Share of the Core. The Biblical Worldview Was No It's Not Oneness It's Too God, Distinct Holy Completely Different Than the Creation. He Is above the Creation Isaiah Chapter 40 Brings Us so Beautifully. Romans One Brings Insight to Reality from the Biblical Worldview Is God Is Different and Distinct. And Then There Is the Rest of Creation. I've Had Talks with Wiccans. I've Had Talks with Pagans, Were We Brought That Interplay and Brought That Is, the Forefront, We Can Begin the Conversation Because of the Start Somewhere, and That Really Is As Basic As It Gets, but Also It Is a Powerful Place to Begin What You Said to Me That Christians Need to Have a Mind to Engage These Folks Running Our Nature Would Be to Run Away, Even Though the Folks I Spoke to Again They Were Very Open to Anything. I Had Say We Shook Hands. When We Parted. They Smiled, They Were Just Couldn't Be More Gracious, Rightly so, Right, and I'm Sure You Encountered This This Weekend Yourself Absolutely.

As I Walked Away Feeling All the Are Lovely People and I've Interacted A Lot with This Community. There's Some Wonderful, Good Natured, Wonderful People, but Their Spiritual Worldview, What They Bought into Is the Exact Opposite of What Christ Wants to Give Them All One Asking about Burning Man Because This Is a Huge Festival in Nevada You Go down There with the Theft and and Assign You Hang outside of Your Tent and You Engage in More of This and Maybe a Burning Man Is Even More Extreme. But I Think My Audience Needs to Get Acquainted with Exactly What's out There Now. I Don't Think My Average Listener Is Not Can You Attend Burning Man Know That They Need to Know. I Think That This Is Kind of Mainstream Now At Least Its Mainstream Insulin Frenzy at a Course but Just about Everybody's Know Something about Burning Man and I Think That Christians Need to Better Understand It, They Can At Least Battle It in the Spirit If in No Other Way Maybe Physically Can't I Come Back.

Folks Will Talk about This That'll Wrap up My Hour Today Don't Go Away. We Are Available 24 Seven on Our Website Follows to We Have an Effective Online Store Conference Information Are Printed You Newsletter Nationless Daily Headlines and Other Article Categories. No Text to Give You Call Us or Visit Our Website and Felt like the Wrapup, Why Not Save the Date of Saturday, September 21 for Understanding the Times 2019. Tickets Go on Sale June 1 $25 and Include Lunch Will Be Selling General Admission Seats Only and No Assigned Seating Figures This Year Include Dr. Robert Jeffress's Authority. Pastor Jack Tubes Yesterday for Jim Markel Will Help You Understand the Times Become Watchmen on the Wall Once Again Is Grace Church Parade and a Soda Just outside of Minneapolis to Junior's Timely Fellowship Is Unparalleled As You Make Friends for Life. Save the Date, Is That Our Websites Conference Page for a List of Hotels and Other Pertinent Information. That's All up to Reviews.or All of through the Will Delete Thousands of New September 21 Just outside of Minneapolis. We Set Aside As Signs of Excess Of the Unknown God Which Comes Out Of 17 Right. How Do We Proclaim Christ of the Pagan Cultural. How Did Paul Proclaim Christ's Culture.

Paul When He Was about the That's the Paganism of Athens Law Paganism. You Have Politically Correct Background. It Was Very, Very Wrong. Open It Was the Worldview That Everybody Lived under We Don't Talk about the Dark Side Focus on Negative Information to Encourage You to Push Back against These Forces. Bible Says That in the Last Days.

People Will Wax Worse and Worse, Is Why the Christian Is Called to Stand and Defeated the Enemy Is a Defeated Foe Is John Markel and Carl Tight Grip Wrapup to.

There Are Many Reasons for This Massive Global Pagan Mystic Bible but Who Exactly What Are They Believing Where Do They Live Mind Is Obviously Not Trying to Any Analysis Growing Fascinating Demographic Trend That Is Acting Millions Worldwide. According to Some Estimates. European Neopaganism Is the Fastest Growing Religion France Goal Denmark and You Guessed It, United States Of America and Welcome Back and I'm Wrapping up in Our Where Were Talking about Some Things That Are Little on the Dark Side.

Remember the God We Serve Is Far Far Greater Than Any of These Entities That Were Talking about, but We Spent the Last Segment Discussing Again a Con, Which Was Held in the Twin Cities Happen to Be over the Spring Solstice and I Was Attending I Attended for an Evening Carl Tight Grip Mind Studio Guest Is from Manitoba Attended for Three Days.

It Was at a Local Hotel Not Far from the Office Here and Had 800 Participants in All Things Dark.

Talked about All Those Issues in the Last Segment That First Appearance Might Seem Rather Harmless Kind of a New Age Festival a Little Bit like They Might've Been Celebrating Halloween Which Frankly Folks As an Innocent Concerts Art Shows Focused on Meditation, Holistic Living, Holistic Healing Magic Tarot Cards but Then They Got into Some Extremely Dark Things As Well Because It Was a Pagan Gathering 800 Pagans Gathering Because the Twin Cities Is the Hub of This Kind of Activity I'm Not a Member of the Minnesota Chamber Of Commerce for Lots of Reasons, This Being One of Them Now. Just a Quick Comment Here by Way of an Announcement or to Remember. This Programming Is Posted Because You Lead Such Busy Lives It's Posted to Our Website Saturday Morning. It's Also Posted to Our YouTube Channel and under Jan Markel Were We Now Include the Photo Illustrations of Everything Were Talking about Will Have Some Photos of This Event so If You Want to Watch Visually, You Need to Watch on Our YouTube Channel. The Channel Is Jan Markel so Look That up Saturday Morning Posted to Our YouTube Channel. Otherwise It's to Our Website.

One Plus about 830 Radio Stations around the Country. Actually, around the World. Carl, Thank You for Driving All the Way from Manitoba to Be a Part of This Event and Then to Be Part of the Event Here at Studio. Speaking of Canada. I Will Be Speaking in Canada with Amir Sarah Fady Will Be Saturday, May 11 Awaiting His Return Conference Anticipating Amir Sarah Fady Pastor Barry Stagner, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Myself Church on the Queensway in Toronto May 11, You Need to Get behold I hope to meet Canadian followers of Olive tree ministries were still waiting to see if the event may be lifestream that can answer that at this point in time Carl has a book it's called game of God's the temple of man in the age of re-enchantment said that wrong the first time.

It's the subtitle is the temple of man in the age of re-enchantment game of God's you can contact him at game of God' did I get that right that's going to God' you can get the book there you can get to the book at Amazon. I happen to read the pages where he's written here about began a con, and these regular attender of a Carl does anybody know your background when you're there, no, no, not at this event had an opportunity to talk to a new thought minister, probably two hours and yet we went right into what you did and that was good. It was good.

This places and points in time.

When you keep you mouth shut as of the times you open it and you have to figure out be discerning regarding just to make any inroads with this gentleman with a good conversation with the conversation came from Catholic background. At the end of the day all you can do is hope and pray that the words that were said will cause his heart to start something I would say the same for those I spoke to, I gave him the gospel lights. I said earlier, talked about eternity and the consequences of being there in the wrong place right some of your listeners, but wondering why even go yeah why do you go. I've been going to events like this since 1997, including the political side side list goes on.

Primarily because I do real research boots on the ground research and costly try to know how is the culture being changed. How was it moving forward. How is it going to be challenging the Christian community and then sent up to people like yourself and others who can take up and disseminate that to a broader audience while you actually have a tent at burning Man festival. It is in Nevada. My right that's right that more than about a Northern Nevada burning man this late summer every year it's more paganism you you have a think you have a tent I've seen a picture of it. They have a sign outside.

This chance it says camp of the unknown God come and ask questions. What happens when you do that for slow burning man is about 80,000 people a class together. It's a huge event and its pagan in that it expresses that worldview of oneness that worldview that were all connected were all in one is not pigging in the large pieces of the workday is like a religion like Wicca, which is different. There are differences here are nonetheless we want to know okay is a biblical model relevant for a modern pagan culture. Can we take a biblical model and move it forward into age, were living today so I'm like pig Anna con here in the Twin Cities. You don't talk about your background, your purpose in attending at burning man. You not only talk about it. You put a sign out front. That's right, right, talk to me about this because I'm here right tell you about the truth right on going for two purposes I am doing research at burning man. There's all kinds of things there workshops, lectures, meetings, things without the blood is one of that is hundreds of events under one umbrella.

How long is this a days can and then we set up a sign at a tent is a small team of us the signs of results Of the unknown God which comes out of acts 17 right. How do we proclaim Christ as a pagan culture will how did Paul proclaim Christ pagan culture. Paul when he was at Athens. That's the paganism of Athens raw comparative paganism. We have now politically correct paganism.

Then it was very, very raw and very open.

It was the worldview that everybody lived under what he do he goes to Mars Hill.

She sees these monuments and statues and alters the various deities, including the one that says to the unknown God when he launches into a discourse with these people is brought before the Council and she uses that as leverage to launch into the gospel quoting the rural philosophers. He understands her own worldview understands it well enough that she can be able to bring the gospel message to them in their place so we set up that sign Of the unknown God. People come up to us and this will be Ceja who is the unknown God does open door. Here's some water have some absent food has undertaken on a degree that's hot it's it's just boiling hot most times it's really hot. We have windstorms. It's a very harsh placing in the love conversations and we let them talk. We interact will have a conversation for 20 minutes. 30 minutes to hours dissuade anybody that this is not a good lifestyle.

It's not so much an issue persuading it's more of an issue of here's the truth of Jesus Christ.

We use the oneness to the model we use that to help people see things very differently in the fact last year. Glossary of people coming to our account to talk to us multiple times people say hey you got run like the conduct talks more absolutely. In fact, last year we had 1215 people interacted with us fairly frequently throughout the event.

One point below the fellows out of that I was hanging out with and who'd been with us right from the beginning of the event until almost the end. On Wednesday I just said Loomis at your burning man is your first burning you every carnal pleasure under the sun all kinds of avenues to explore spirituality to hail a bunch of Christians was wrong with you your burning that you held Christiansen, who he just looked at me says so I'm just learning so much from you guys okay so those are seeds. Are there others like you there.

I don't know. I don't know what prompts 80,000 people to come to steaming hot desert hundred hundred 20 probably very few showers probably limited of bathroom facilities, etc. just inconvenience all around in uncomfortable prompts them to connect to something like this and spend a week community spectacle energy and excitement of the place. There is a lot of things there but draw people in terms of just the overwhelming nature of what's happening. It is unlike anything else really, what's the age group demographics or blog to have children children's Village area set up so that families with young children have a place to go in the demographics of ours brought his community and what is the meaning of burning man at the end of the week we burn singly because I go there burn is human effigy, strawman, not straw. It's made of wood just spends quite tall yard 2014 it was over hundred feet tall in the nails of temple set up. What's the significance of burning this piece of wood birth, death, rebirth, birth, death, rebirth and the cofounder of you that Larry Harvey is passed away.

Now Hugh has made it very clear it's about you finding your own sense of spirituality is really a self-service cult. That's how he described you wash your own brains. This is a place where you come in and experience some sense of spirituality.

Not that you are looking for a supreme being that is what Larry would say being supreme so it has a very self-motivated sense of spirituality interesting. You can learn more with Karl's book game of God's the temple of man in the age of re-enchantment Altay crib and you can find it at game of God' that's SCA stands for Canada game of God' Carl thank you for what you do. I mean, I'm not sure a lot of people can fully appreciate it. I do you're going back to burning man the end of August.

Correct trial go make sure we get our tickets and go about it in a planted tent in a sign and you're going on.

Share the gospel again calls model works does open doors, you know, when you look for spirituality in all the wrong leases you will always find a counterfeit God and belief system. And while the devil is going about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour the Bible is in first John 44. Greater is he that is in us, that would be the God of the universe and dwelling all true Christians. Then he that is in the world and slay the devil and his angels with the name of Jesus calling him today make him the Lord and Savior your life today. Tomorrow may be too late. I want to thank you for listening will talk to you next week. Five. This programming about a text gift to all of three ministries box 14 to Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55 follow central time.

763559444 476-355-9444.

Contact us anytime at all three views.or the world to rise by use trusting us and looking radio for the remnants

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