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Living in Prophesied Times (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 20, 2019 8:00 am

Living in Prophesied Times (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 20, 2019 8:00 am

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One man says that Donald Trope is all that stands between us and the insanity of today's new left.

That's next on the of its 70th birthday. We this unbelievable gift that was given was the United States of America economic and military superpower of the earth designating that Jerusalem is your capital today understanding the times radio we present part two of a two-part series with Michelle Bachmann.

Michelle visited Minnesota six district from 2006 to 2015 ran for president United States in 2012. Aggressive left seems to be at war with America, with Christianity, with conservatives and with truth this hour.

Michelle Bachmann and Jim Markel continue the discussion on this dilemma is the 20/20 campaign has begun and progressives are not being quiet about their ideology. There are general Markel and Michelle this and how crazy these people are working to eliminate straws to save the wealth, but infanticide of human beings is a right a choice between a mother and a doctor know it's not. I just want to say one thing before we go to the present United States. Thank you, thank you for being a statesman what you've done in Israel will be remembered for thousand years. The Golan Heights moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem taking on the terrorists and not Hamas and the Palestinian liberation organization office you closed in the PLA shredding the Iran deal, which was a threat to the United States as well of our allies.

The Gulf Arab states and the Israelis to honestly we have four Democrats running for president, Elizabeth Warren, Julia Castro, Bernie Sanders, Kemal Harris, none of them will speak at AIPAC which is a moderate left of center organization that supports Israel.

That's how hard-core the Democrats have become anti-Israel. And when they have an anti-Semite among them. They can even pass a resolution specifically condemning the anti-semi by name and yet the number three Democrat in the House of Representatives yet again and that party compared the president United States and Adolf Hitler and welcome to the program. I know that was a little bit. Well Mark live in is a kind of an enthusiastic guy and he really believes in what he saying does this program and your post and my guest again for part two. My two-part series with Michelle Bachmann, who represented Minnesota six district from 2006 to 2015. Michelle lives with me here in the Twin Cities area and Michelle. Somehow we survived the winter of the century. I don't know how we did get it spring couldn't come soon enough this year. Thank you for coming back to the studio for part two of this little series that were running and where resurrection weekend here. Chris has a glorious time of year for every Christian. But we've got a number of things yet because we couldn't get to them last week. I want to start out with kind of most pressing issue may be the most pressing this hour anyway and you said to me, and quite frankly Amir's are funny.

Set it to a couple weeks ago on here with me as well. Trump is probably a shoo-in as a reelected president in 2020 unless he starts messing with God's covenant land of Israel. You have been speaking to that because it's a matter fact you shared with me some incredible smaller conversations you had with people in very high places is certainly free to name them. If you want. You even went as far as to share Bill Cano's book eye to eye facing the consequences of dividing Israel, you and I both have some concerns about a forthcoming deal in the Middle East. You had some private conversations in public conversation just expand a little bit on your comment that, it certainly will sink Donald Trump.

If in fact he starts messing with Jerusalem divides the land throws Israelis off the land. Talk to me little bit about this Jan happy Easter to all of the listeners today. This is a glorious weekend and it's a thrilling weekend be able to talk about this particular subject.

My heart is been very heavy in recent weeks on this issue of the presidents Middle East peace plan because I agree, and I felt this all along that Genesis 12 three is being fulfilled in front of her eyes with those who bless Israel be blessed and those who curse Israel be cursed. I was in Washington DC when the molar report was released it clear Donald Trump and it was exactly at the moment that Donald Trump had recognized Israeli sovereignty over the goal on Heights. He made the exact right move at the exact right time because the Iranian terrorists and also terrorists in Syria are trying to use the goal on as their base throughout attacking Israel, and they're also trying to use that as a supply line or Hezbollah, or has the law, which is in southern Lebanon and also backed by Iran is a full frontal attack by Iran against the Jewish people in Israel Donald Trump again came out at exactly the right time. Just as he took Jerusalem as Israel's capital off the table for discussion by saying that the United States would recognize Jerusalem, so too.

He took the issue of sovereignty over the Golan Heights, a very strategic piece of real estate off the table by having United States recognize that sovereignty. In other words, is no longer up for discussion whether or not Jerusalem as Israel's capital. It is we say it is.

And it's not for discussion the same with the Golan Heights. Also, the US State Department policy now is that Judea and Samaria. The biblical lands in Israel are not occupied territory, then it is Israel's territory that is off the table. These are the significant issues that including the issue of so-called right of return by Arabs to Israel. Those issues are off the table. Big issues have already been addressed by Pres. Trump. He is in an incredible position when it comes to Israel as well as what Markel event. I agree with every word Mark live in set. He talked about Donald Trump tearing up the Iran agreement, which is the worst thing that could have been done and I salute like Barack Obama. He enriched Israel's most powerful enemy which the ayatollah Rota book.

That said, within 25 years we will annihilate the Jewish people and Israel. How much more pronounced. Could you be with your intention to commit genocide against the Jewish people, and yet that's who Barack Obama gave 150 billion+2 Donald Trump has the best bona fides ever of putting the United States in a path of blessing when it comes to our response toward Israel, but the one thing that could hurt the United States and could hurt the Trump presidency because the Bible is very clear. God is not partial what he does for one he does for all so the Bible is clear. If anyone touches the boundaries of Israel. If anyone touches the lander seeks to divide the land or if anyone touches Jerusalem or divides Jerusalem that person or that nation also will be divided. There will be negative consequences.

So half of Genesis 12 is that if you bless Israel you will be blessed. We seen that with Donald Trump but also if you curse Israel you will be cursed and the Scriptures very clear.

If you divide the lander to put pressure on Israel to divide the people from the land if you touched Jerusalem there will be negative consequences. So if Pres. Trump would reveal a Middle East peace plan that divides the people from the lander pressures Israel or touches Jerusalem.

I believe that that action could be sufficient to deny him a second term. It is that serious and that profound because if there is anything that is consistent to Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. It's that God has Israel.

His strong right arm protects them and he will cover his people and cover his land and no one will thwart his will that has been uppermost on my mind and God opened a door of opportunity for me to be able to speak directly one-on-one with the highest leaders in our country on this particular issue and I didn't know that the Lord would open up that door I've been praying about it and God opened it and I had the ability to speak with them and so as I was praying about it I decided to take Bill Kleenex book with me, which is called side. I Bill was a former White House correspondent. He had been there for decades. One of the only Christians that was in the White House correspondents pool.

Any notice this odd phenomenon that whenever a leader weathers an Israeli leader and American leader. Any leader made a decision or pronouncement that was about dividing the lander separating the people of the lander touching Jerusalem that something negative terribly negatives is medically my negative at a straw in some cases catastrophic happened quite often within about a 24 hour. I mean almost simultaneously as he wrote this book that itemized and documented this happening eye to eye facing the consequences of dividing Israel folk you can find those to be the primary places to get the book but you're right and I've had Bill on here two dozen times and that think six or seven of my conferences in the spring and fall it. I've had. And yes, I think he is the most articulate spokesman for the consequences of what happens when we try to strike up these deals which is in the making.

We just don't know the details. What was the result when you started sharing some of the Bill Kane again cites the result is that I was able to lay out on the table to Scripture. I laid out the Scripture from Genesis and Obadiah and Romans 11, I laid the Scripture out and I was very clear. I said I'm not speaking politically.

I'm speaking biblically because it the present can have whatever plan that he wants to put out but ultimately God's will will prevail because God will be the one who protects the people and the land and the capital of Jerusalem and their only downsides negative sides to touching we can have whatever idea we want. But God will ultimately prevail. After we had that meeting the people around the table unanimously agreed with me who came in with me to this meeting and then afterwards I had two copies of Bill Kleenex book and I prayed.

Who should I give it to and I went up to two of the top leaders and I shared with them what was in the book that the documentation was contained. I said look, I know you're terribly busy you don't have time to read if you just read chapter 1 that gives the scriptural basis, but it also gives the documented basis of what happens. This is very real and it's very serious and I know these individuals from past interactions that I've had with them side that ability to give it to them. I also had the ability to sit down with an individual who has direct continual contact with the present United States.

I invited Bill Kane ached for an hour-long meeting to that particular meeting.

We laid it all out again.

Bill agreed to write a two page executive summary on this book and that individual took all of that information and was going to make it available to the decision-makers after that. Just this last weekend I had the occasion to be back in Washington DC with an individual that the present United States talks to on an almost continual basis. I was able to share that concern also about the president revealing a Middle East peace plan that may potentially put negative pressure on Israel to divide the people from the land that individual told me that he did go to the president and talk to him about it.

I we had contact with that individual again this weekend. Asked if he would again continue to press this issue not leave it just a one time only, but continue to press the president so this is my ask of your audience. This is where all of us come in.

We can't even begin to comprehend how powerful our prayers are before a holy God.

And so I would ask everyone in your audience to agree in prayer and unite in prayer that the Lord would speak to the power of his Holy Spirit to the heart and mind of the president of the United States that no matter what recommendation the president's advisors bring to him, whether for good or for ill. When it comes to the boundaries of Israel to the people of Israel to the land and to Jerusalem that the president of the United States would stand foursquare and full force biblically that no Middle East plan would touch the biblical lands would touch the current boundary of Israel, or were touched Jerusalem. That's what we need to pray that the president of the United States would hear from heaven and he is actions in presenting a Middle East peace plan. Either it that he wouldn't present one at all, which I think would be the best course of action, or to present one that would in no way pressure the Jewish people to separate from the lander from Jerusalem. We have a president who I believe will listen. I have been told by one of his strongest advisors that one thing that the president will do. Ultimately, he wants to do with righteous that's what I have been told.

Now that's what we need to pray that he would be a man who wants to do righteous and we have two years of evidence that that's exactly what he's done when it's been a persecution of Christians when it's been about preserving innocent human life when it's been about dealing with Israel he's in every instance, he has done what is righteous and so now I think this is the biggest peril in front of him in the next two years. Yes, that his advisors some of his advisors may have a different idea about Israel and the Middle East peace plan. I guarantee you some of his advisors have other ideas. Other intent. You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here in studio with me for two weeks series is Michelle Bachmann. She represented Minnesota sixth district for number of years stepped down in 2015. It's been frankly I think called to an even greater ministry in the years since she stepped down.

Amazing open door she's serving at the United Nations.

She's an ambassador to everyone at the UN getting the gospel out and Michelle is something that happened in its time tying this in with what you just shared because both you and I were changed literally for life in 1974. Both of us were both young people. Obviously, that some years ago. Now we both went to Israel in 1974. First time I did know is doing, but my life was turned, absolutely upside down. I believe yours was as well.

It was I went to Israel, 1974 as a believer in Jesus Christ. But I was about 18 I guess and I went to work on a kibbutz and when I was there I learned two things one is that the Bible is real in the Bible is true. It's in front of you everywhere you can't be in Israel and not understand and appreciate that the Bible is true.

The other thing I learned is that I was home when I went Israel. I felt like I was truly home because that is our spiritual home.

This is where God has his throne, and there is something that's intangible that you can even put into words about being there and that's why I would encourage everyone of your listeners if you can go to Israel go to Israel for yourself. You.

You will also be change. Like Jan and I were changed by going there but I would also say that for many of you who it's no longer possible to go may be physically or financially, if you can encourage or send your grandchild or your child to Israel will help them to go home because you want to have this truth of Scripture put into the life of a young person that's when you want them to experience this change in their own life and I will tell you that I haven't talk to anyone who's ever gone to Israel that has an experience this transformation. This change within them that there's something about Israel, will the something is that God chose a certain people to have a certain land for the purpose of being a blessing to the nations.

That's what happens when you're there you are walking in the truth of his word, and so for every single person is listening. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. That's the whole purpose of the jurors in prayer breakfast is to awaken the church to fill the command of Scripture to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It seems like a nothing throwaway line. Doesn't it pray for the peace of Jews among our course be a piece. Who doesn't want peace. This is a command of holy Scripture to pray for the peace of Jerusalem because the Prince of peace rules from his throne in Jerusalem and it's imperative that we walk out and fulfill that scripture and I was called into ministry when I went there in 1974 standing in the sea of Galilee, a distinctively had a call to go into full-time Christian ministry would show him of the rest is history that took place because I went out on a limb and went Israel as a young person in 1974. Both Michelle and I were there. I don't think we bumped into each other. You know you can go through behold Israel a mere star funnies group.

He brings young people there on a yearly basis. Behold, if you'd like that information as far as Michelle's suggestion that you perhaps in children or grandchildren.

If you're not able to go. I know lots of people in their senior years are going to Israel, the thoughts of a it's very possible you can get it.

You know what you and I went in 1974 Israel what it was 1/3 world country. One thing I remember the good by an ice cube anywhere in the country. Not today.

Today Israel is a first world country in almost every way equal to the United States and it's my pole that within our lifetime. Israel will become the only first world plus country in the world. It will be almost like you know when you're in Disneyland. Every single inch is perfectly manicured and claim I think that some point.

That's what Israel is going to be like very close Israel just declared the eighth most powerful nation in the world.

Think about that folks 70 years ago 71 years ago. She didn't even exist. Folks were certainly there, but she wasn't an established nation and 70 years. You talk about the fulfillment of the Bible and 70 years. Talk about the fulfillment of his promises. We are in an generation that seeing the fulfillment of God's promises in the Bible so fast we can hardly keep track of them. It's true because the Scripture said that Israel would be uninhabitable that it be a wilderness and on and hat and it was literally on an uninhabitable. Mark Twain said, there's not even a cactus here. That's right, there is nothing and in that time the climate has changed by design because millions of trees were planted in and that get it's not how some of the finest farmland anywhere in the world. You just can't believe how it's been transform it is that idea of the fulfillment of Scripture that went Israel first began it was uninhabitable back in 1948 today 70 years have been fulfilled. Israel is now over 70 years old, so that is the lifespan of a man. According to Scripture some 90 coming up to those first 70 years, Israel's foreign policy had to be based on a defensive posture because it was in a weakened growing state like a child coming into its full development on the absolute birthday on the day of its 70th birthday. We saw this unbelievable gift that was given as is and and that gift was the United States of America.

The economic and military superpower of the earth designating that Jerusalem is your capital taking that off the table as of today it is my opinion, from a foreign policy point of view. If I was the prime minister of Israel. Israel is now in a position of strength is at its full manhood.

It is in a position of strength. That is not operating from a position of weakness. It is in a position of the strong right arm of the Lord their God.

In fact, I've been with Benjamin Netanyahu when he has said our foreign policy is miracles in and remains, miracles, and as of now we see Israel in a position of strength and God will be their protector and defender from a position of strength will here's where I want to get I want to ask you a couple questions in our second segment. This is a two-part series, folks, and this is airing on resurrection. We can but it will ask you because we've talked a lot about Pres. Donald Trump the last weekend this week and if you could sit down with him literally face-to-face for an hour over cuppa tea.

Just what would you talk to him but not obvious that some of the things we just talked about. You would be first on your list, but let's go beyond that, because you said to me privately that one of the things that's really a burden with you is that repealing this whole common core situation so want talk to you about what you would talk to him about if you had the opportunity and I think you have had some opportunity will do that when we get back folks.

Another place I want to go.

What happened to Judge Jeanine Pirro a few weeks ago. Honestly, this was a travesty were to give you some inside information on what happened. Judge Jeanine is a regular on Fox News on the weekend will talk about it. Just a couple minutes we want to hear from you programming like this help you understand at times the watchmen on the wall right to assert all tree ministries. Box 1452, Road, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, always were just electronically all of three views.or that's almost 3 views.or call us some tricks, 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 text to give to her website. Michelle return just olive tree ministries is carrying a new book by Douglas Stauffer and Andrew Ray reviving the blessed hope of Thessalonians. I did not think I would see the day when we would have to have a discussion about reviving our hope in the rapture of the church, something that has to be revived is often expired. And yes, discussion of the pretrip rapture of the church is been on life support find this excellent book. In our store and all of three in our print any newsletter or you can call a central time.

763-559-4440 476-559-4444. This ministry is committed to helping the entire church to keep looking up and expecting his return. Even if vast portions of the church have little interest in doing that. We will keep reminding you that the trumpet and the shout could happen even today, and I promise you don't want to be left behind. Check out reviving the blessed hope today.

Twitter banned from the Twitter pages advertising for this pro-life movie unplanned. Then after the movie came out did well at the box office the week after. They also banned any following of this movie unplanned Christians and conservatives are having fewer and fewer platforms to preserve the use of ideology as though a world controlled by big tech does not look favorably on our beliefs. You can get some information is our website.

All of three

There you will find daily headlines and other articles convenient online store conference with nation videos two years of radio programming and more photos posted to a website as well as one placed on from and our YouTube channel early Saturday morning about a motel and Michelle bought Fox News is condemning one without anchors Jeanine Pirro after comments made during her show Saturday night. Question Congressman Neil and Omar's allegiances because lower the head covering was of this.

Think about it, Omar wears a hijab which according to the Koran.

33:59 tells women to cover so they won't get molested is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution. After that, Fox spoke out rebuking her condemning her words doing right now is keeping a correspondent Brent Elder host of reliable sources.

Of course, of any Pirro saying out there things that is not new.

Fox News began condemning very clearly what she said. That is new. Yes, even though she wrote this. It was put in the Teleprompter producers must've seen about a time, Fox News did take a stand against her. She's all apologizing that were trying to distance itself from her by saying they strongly condemn what is that on the air by saying it does not reflect the views of the network and is is been addressed with her unclear how to address of its been discussed with her and that means maybe next week is a bit on the air about this about, look Fox News has gone back time and time again to the idea of fear of Muslims, fear minorities, it's part of the business model not on the run-of-the-mill talkshows, but certainly on the proton talk shows like impure networks make choices all time right you make a choice to give someone real estate an hour more of TV every week and if it doesn't go beyond any the statement is as been dealt with directly. If it doesn't go beyond that, the state that one statement was a means that I think it means they won't have their cake and eat it too.

They will have on the air, spewing this venom all the time, but they also want to give just enough distance so that advertisers don't get uncomfortable and that is probably the overarching issue here Fox have a big of advertisers this week and yet they're embroiled in two controversies and welcome back talk about that for the next few minutes anyway number of unassisted some weeks ago now back in mid-March. I believe Judge Jeanine actually made some of the statements that you just heard it was a lot longer than that and that she was censored by Fox News. Now, a lot of us are currently loyal to Fox because they cover the news to little bit more fairly than some of the MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC crowd, which is full-time trump they are literally obsessed with bashing Donald Trump. We just spent a program and 1/2 talking about his accomplishments, his loyalty to Israel. The fact that America will be blessed as long as we remain is real staunch ally and friend and a little bit of comparison on what the previous administration did as it concerns God's covenant land and people compared to the current administration.

So when Judge Jeanine made a comment about Minnesota's representative Omar she was promptly removed from air for a couple of weeks else. If you missed part one. Get it on my website or our YouTube channel.

It's the Jan Markel YouTube channel or olive tree views as an viewpoint, olive tree go to radio complete archives and just two years of programming posted there if you want to go to one there's about 10 years of programming so Michelle I just want to touch on this for a few minutes because a lot of us were horrified when this happened to Judge Jeanine you have some insights that are just well their precious. I think a lot of people don't realize how this came about.

Actually, it was an associate producer that called out Judge Jeanine.

Now this is remarkable in itself. Here you have a network and an employee at the network and associate producer on a different show.

Not even Judge Jeanine show this associate producer was a Muslim and the Muslim tweeted out at one of the talented people at box in an audacious tweet.

She said you have Muslims working at the same network. You do Judge Jeanine wasn't taking a shot at Muslims but this associate producer went after the talent Judge Jeanine and she wrote Judge Jeanine can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hat shop aren't American and not in the associate producer's name is Huff set Kemal Kohn. She wrote this on Twitter. She said you have Muslims working at the same network you do, including myself, K thanks that's what she wrote.

So if you're an employee to be like somebody who was tweeting at the big top talented CBS News or NBC. Normally the employee would be fired, they would be taken out because you're coming against the product that the network is trying to sell instead Fox News got behind the Muslim employee who tweeted against Judge Jeanine in the network said. Fox News said we strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro's comments about representing Alano Mark they do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly and as you know, she was thrown off the air for two weeks. But what was it the judge, Jeanine said, which she said again and you've played that is that she was asking a question she asked a question that is true. The question that she asked is whether or not by Avalon Omar wearing the shop, which is noted in the Koran that a woman is supposed to wear covering on her head so she won't get molested and all she did is asked the question, does this kind of give us an idea that this representative adheres to sharia law, Islamic law because Islamic law is antithetical. In other words it's opposed to the U.S. Constitution. That's a fact.

Islamic sharia law is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution. This is a very simple noncontroversial question, but when it came to Fox News.

They were willing to stand with their Muslim associate producer employee and throw their talent under the bus who was asking a truthful question.

It was absolutely shocking what happened to ship Fox News love Fox is in transition. I think we all know that that began some three, four years ago a Bridget Gabrielle has told me she's marginalized on Fox. I haven't even seen her in the last year, but I think they marginalized her new book as well. The Murdoch sons have taken over there taking it far left and this was almost inevitable, but shall this Texas I think to the greater question and that is where can your average Christian/conservative Christian listener. Yet some of their news and information sources are getting fewer and fewer and fewer. Not only that, but then you've got social media pushing back if our listeners are getting their news on Facebook on twitter on various places, Instagram lots of online sources. Again, the news is slanted or is the truth is withheld and you and I are just concerned that the sources that we can go to for the truth. It's kinda getting down to a few online search certainly Christian radio is of great place for truth, but this is of great concern to both you and me and then you've got the powerhouses Google and others really pushing back. It is this is a huge issue. You know we talked about the two consequences of the 2018 election and the two factors being the mainstreaming of radical socialism. The other one being censorship and the censorship it's really an odd censorship because the Internet has been taken over and is dominated by Google, Facebook, then you have twitter get Apple right so you we talked about these multibillionaire balls.

That's a part of the multibillionaire cabals the people who really are in control of the communications industry in the United States have made a decision that there's only going to be one view that's allowed and so were seeing censorship and after censorship after censorship of voices that don't conform to this absolutely liberal view will give you one example that just happened. This new movie came out unplanned at the pro-life movie and it exposes the deeds of darkness of Planned Parenthood in wonderful's of our show all incredible. Phil get the DVD folks if you missed the film get the DVD when it comes out. It's absolutely wonderful but yet the week before the film was about to come out twitter band from the twitter pages any advertising for this pro-life movie unplanned.

Then after the movie came out did well at the box office the week after.

They also banned any following of this movie unplanned. This is just one example we see this over and over and over. If you've got a conservative website. If you got a conservative individual that's trying to speak.

It began with Alex Jones. Actually, in August 2018 seen Facebook Twitter, Apple, Google. They've all been not selling ads. They been refusing to sell ads to conservative or Christian organizations or they refused to put their information up or they redirect viewers to websites that have the wrong information and article just came up that several of the congressional races in California were impacted because Google and Facebook and Apple redirected traffic to rainfall. Sources of information, as opposed to what the candidates really believed I mean this is serious business, because now our communication is online primarily trained and so the manipulation that's going on really takes us again to Bible prophecy. How could the world get to the point where the Scripture says that even the very elect could be deceived.

How could that be possible.

It's possible when were told lies nonstop and were not allowed to have the truth. That's what were moving at in a way that we've never seen before. Because our communications are increasingly controlled by fewer and fewer multibillionaire's and then have the news that comes up with his fake nose right. That's why I think again we live in this false world of what we see on TV. What we see on cable news primarily in what we hear in the radio, what we see on the Internet there's very little of it that we can trust. So you gotta go to trusted sources.

Who do you trust Jan Markel you trust so you go to Jan Markel you go to our website, you see the headlines that she's posting because she's already gone through them. There's different websites that you can go to but I think again. Your listeners have heard this analogy before. The best way to know what a counterfeit is is to know what's true so if you know your Bible if you know what prophecy says then we can recognize when it comes what the evil one wants to do in our time and also what our response is supposed to be in our time. That doesn't lead us to despair.

It leads us to read choice that the word of God is true and trustworthy has been fulfilled in our midst. You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here having a two week series with one of your favorites. At least that's what emails and letters tell me Michelle Bachmann. She served Minnesota's six district for number of years starting in 2006.

You may know, she ran for president in 2012 and I keep encouraging her to write a book on that experience because it was indeed quite unusual happening for a woman from the Midwest. I think Alana transition just a little bit here. Michelle and I gave a little comment in my preferred segment that if you could spend 20 minutes or half an hour with Pres. Donald Trump and we just spent almost 2 programs talking about some of his accomplishments and would be the first to acknowledge that he certainly is a flawed man is every one of us are, but you've certainly elaborated on number of his accomplishments. You even said in the first program that in two years.

He may have accomplished more than Ronald Reagan and his administration. So if you could spend some private time with him. You told me privately that you consider common core to be common socialism and it's time that that institution of education of known his common core go, what else would you tell him if he could spend some time while uppermost on my mind right now is what we talked about their prerace show and that's the Middle East peace deal right that the president doesn't get hoodwinked into doing something that would be.

I think fatal for his presidency and certainly dangerous for the United States if he would do anything to touch the land or Jerusalem or pressure of the Jewish people of Israel. That's number one. I think the second thing that always look at the big things.

How is it that our society has changed so dramatically in the last 50 years of our lifetime or certainly in last five years and 10 years, but the society has changed in an big way. That's what the left is focused on not little things, the political liberal left has focused on the huge things and the way that they've been able to achieve all of these unprecedented successes to the point of even demanding that little newborn babies 90 declared a boy or a girl I met where would that ever come from, how could we get to that point. The reason why we were able to get to this point is because the left understood.

Don't waste your time on older people focus on the younger people and so they have focused relentlessly on teaching socialism and teaching anti-Americanism to little children through the greatest vehicle that there was, which was the public schools. The public schools historically were used to assimilate new immigrants into America. The American way was taught we were taught that we had tremendous heroes in the United States that the United States was the greatest country in the world. Unlike former Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, who said America's never been great. Absolutely we been great. That would be the number one thing that I would press on the president. If you want to change United States of America. You've got to change the education system.

That's how I got started in politics. I was a mom at home minding my own business at five biological kids age 23 foster kids and I saw the nonsense that came home and the backpack and that's what led me to get involved in politics in the first place, because I knew America couldn't survive if this trash. These lies were being taught to our kids, and that has only gone on every year. Another class that have gone through 12 years of indoctrination than socialism there now unleashed into the United States, and it explains why in 2016. Bernie Sanders, an avowed known socialist received two thirds of the vote of those that were under age 40. That's because through school. They learn socialism so Pres. Donald Trump needs to work to repeal what is known as common core. That's the federal government take over of the curriculum in the public school classroom. But then I think he needs to go further. I think that he needs to give true choice and education to every American family so that every American family can have the money and the means just take all the money that we spend at the federal government level and divided up between each child in America and let the parents use that money and they can choose to put their child in any school they want, whether the private school or public school, they at least have a choice.

I would also recommend that they put online if you want to call it the Department of Education just have what we used to have in America. The traditional scope and sequence. Because here's the dirty little secret. Prior to 1993, America's public school kids were taught knowledge, facts and information. It was pretty objective and it was pretty basic. After 1993 knowledge and facts and information are kicked out of the public school door and instead kids have been taught, attitudes, values and beliefs that are politically correct and sanctioned by the federal government will this is wrong. This is in violation of what many families believe that our schools are indoctrination centers. Quite honestly, that's the big thing and if there is one thing that would change America it would be to change the public schools of America and to do that we have to be also very big in our thinking, and that's to give parents the choice not the teachers unions not really the educational establishment in DC the power we need to empower parents that would do more to turn around America than anything else. This is a been a change on a dime. Again, the left took the long view.

They began in the 60s read the writing the curriculum and taking over the public schools to advance the leftist Marxist because through they've been wildly successful all of culture followed what was taught in the public schools we need to begin there will they've got some candidates that are running in 2020. Michelle there standing for some incredibly awful issues and it's kind of a lineup of kooks, anti-Semites, anti-American men and women anti-Israel pro-evil candidates running in 2020.

That is just frightening him in Donald Trump is probably a shoo-in unless he makes a misstep in the Middle East which we've already covered. Anyway, I'm just concerned that no, you're right about that and that moved so far left they moved in the coop category what they've they've moved into Venezuela, Venezuela counties are here you have an entirely beautiful nation disassembling it in front of our eyes and a and we want to be it. And if only CBS, NBC, ABC would put their cameras in exactly the Venezuela, whether eating pets and zoo animals that my folks and that's a good day.

If they get the God that they got. There are literally starving to death and millions of people are running out of that country because they can't eat and the oppression that these people are under that exactly those laws are exactly what Bernie Sanders and Ailey, all of that and nearly the entire LOI higher line of the of the Democratic candidates running for president. That's their meetings with that survey. They want a fantasy economics that has never happened anywhere in the world where it's work it's happened in Russia and China and in Venezuela but it's brought absolute human carnality death in these areas in the work here for several of them were careless, it will exist in they don't care their work assigned they think it's can relate a failure if it works. They only want their ideas implemented and their the willing puppets and stooges to run early. That is just idiots that are the useful idiots, every countries gotta have useful idiots folks were gonna wrap up our discussion in the next couple minutes. Don't go away because rodeo is about hearing on 12/800 radio stations. Additionally, we have a substantial electronic audience listening on one on our website and on YouTube electronic programming for weekend program is always posting early Saturday morning and have it downloaded to your devices to sign up for the one returned to Jan and Michelle going out save the date of Saturday, September 21 for understanding the times 2019. Tickets go on sale June 1 for $25 and include lunch will be selling general admission seats only and no assigned seating this year and to Dr. Robert Jeffers SR 40 foster judgeships yesterday for Jim Markel will help you understand the times of watchmen on the wall location once again is Grace Church of Paris and a soda just outside of Minneapolis to Junior's timely fellowship is unparalleled as you make friends for life. Save the date, is that our websites conference page for a list of hotels and other pertinent information. That's all of three views.board all of to opening. Thousands of new September 21 just outside of Minneapolis you have the ability to be a living letter by focusing on how God wants to use you every single one of us, whether it's in prayer, whether it's inscription reading, whether it's in praising God.

We all have something we can do.

We cannot even begin to imagine how God uses us our sphere of influence. Let us know how this program affects your life. Walk toward writers all through the streets, box 1452 drove MN 55311, Box 1452, Minnesota 55311 service or textbook to gift online all of that's almost 3 views.are also text to consult our website or call us at 763-5594 476-355-4444 John Markel and Michelle have national voting means get rid of the electoral college. I think that it's an open to the discussion. I mean there's no question that the popular vote has been diminished in terms of making the final decision about who the present United States and we need to deal with that which is a forgiving review: absolutely.

I myself at the list and flowing the voting age to 60 I think it's really important to Kids when they're in high school when they're interested in all of this are just as those who chose welcome back.

We've had a two week discussion about things going on in our nation's capital about forthcoming 2020 election. Some of the candidates we've talked to Middle East issues. We've talked some inside information because my guest for two weeks.

Michelle Bachmann is been able to have some inside discussions with people in some high places, and I think have a great influence. She's even shared some of the insights of our good friend White House correspondent Bill Kane again his book.

I do like the consequences of dividing Israel were wrapping up the two week discussion. If you missed part 1 Best Pl. to get it either on our YouTube channel under Jan Markel or on my website. All of tree go to complete archives all of to to hear what we talked about in part one, and were wrapping up part two today again. Follow us on social media we post images now in our YouTube channel so you're going to be able to see what were talking about on the YouTube channel that's found under Jan Markel find us on Facebook. Gemma kills all tree ministries twitter olive tree men Instagram we got incredible Instagram olive tree ministries when you write to us.

Would you always tell us how you listen. Maybe or a podcast or maybe you're listening on your iPad maybe your listing on one of her 830 stations. Let us know because that helps the office here better understand exactly how we are spending our ministry dollars and how effective they can be all right. Let's wrap up our two week series with Michelle Bachmann remember she serves at the United Nations.

You need to remember her in prayer. There she is cochairman of the Jerusalem prayer breakfast, which I think Michelle you had to have your arm twisted for both of these positions correct through some prayer breakfast and United Nations.

They're both an honor to do like and that I was highly honored to be able to do it. We hold the initial pictures some prayer breakfast in Jerusalem. Always on June 6. That's the date that Jerusalem was retaken by the Jewish people.

So we will hold it in Jerusalem at the Orient hotel are going all over the world now holding Jerusalem prayer breakfast in our purpose again is to unite believers in every nation to fulfill the command which is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem so that their nation to might receive the blessing as a sheep nation rather than a goat nation right but you did not really want to go to the United Nations. This is to three years ago because one of the things you like the least on the planet is United Nations events. Gerard calls you to the United he needed.

He did, I have never found much use for the United Nations. I felt like we should shut it down and pull up the US funding and kick him out. The United States that was if you want my honest opinion on what it was.

But that's not God's view of God's view is that this is it.

One of the most strategic places on earth to advance the gospel so my heart was broken for that and so I'm looking at the individuals that are there not the aims of the organization. I am looking at the individuals to bring the redemptive value of the gospel of Jesus Christ and it is having a profound impact. That's why the prayers of your listeners are having an incredible effect, both at the UN and with the Jerusalem prayer breakfast and she gave illustrations of that last week folks you need to hear it get in my website or you go to one and access their archives as we air there as well. This is resurrection weekend, Michelle. It's very special time for many of us who know that we serve a living God. We talked for quite a while before airing this broadcast. We want to leave folks encouraged and we talked about some crazy things we talked about some policies in Washington. Some candidates that are running for office that it's hard to understand just where on earth are they getting some of these crazy ideas, but we want to leave people with that kind of a thought because were living in times that were prophesied thousands of years ago in the Bible and here we have the privilege of living them out. The writers of the Bible, both old and New Testament would've given anything to be in this at Chatterley Enterprises, a generation instead people are looking at headlines and say always me. I don't want to be here because I can't even make a difference. Which is crazy because we can make a different look how you are making a difference. I hope by making a difference.

We need to go out of these two programs encouraging people, particularly this particular weekend, and folks will listen all week long here and on the podcast and all, but let's do that. Let's encourage a man because we are again we are living letters each one of us. Once we are transformed and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We receive his forgiveness over our life. We are born again just as today.

This is resurrection weekend. We are a new creation and then we walked out and live out being a living letter. I was recently speaking in Norway, I gave the gospel on national TV for an hour and while I was there I learned about a Norwegian man named Hans Howdy pooches by his one life walked all across Norway.

During his time in that nation was turned upside down because he preached the gospel. Those Norwegians 840,000 came to America and establish an ordered society based upon the precepts of the holy Scripture because one man was a living letter. Each one of us. Everyone in your audience has that ability. Whether you're bedridden.

Whether you can't leave your home, you have the ability to be a living letter by focusing on how God wants to use you every single one of us, whether it's in prayer, whether it's inscription reading, whether it's in praising God. We all have something we can do. We cannot even begin to imagine how God uses us in our sphere of influence. It may be one remark that we make to someone on the phone or to somebody in our family but when we live for Christ. The whole world changes.

That's what God asks of us and I think here's the other thing. Don't ever for one moment despair about the day that we live in.

Yes society all around us. Doesn't look the way it did when we were children. But here's the good news we are seeing the law on the profits the field in front of our eyes. Now more than ever we should have more trust and more joy in the promises of God being fulfilled because those promises are being fulfilled at an accelerated pace that we've never seen before in all of human history we saw that we've had 5000 years of recorded human history we have the biblical narrative, but we have seen more prophecy fulfilled just in our lifetime than we have seen for thousands of years and it's right over the horizon to have even more so. This is a time to rejoice in the God who loves us in all of creation archaeology fines are proving the truth. There was a new one a new one new one in the city of David that showed one of the clerks in the time of King Josiah exactly as the Bible said so. Every archaeological find three fine has proved the Bible not one has disprove the Bible so this is the time for the highest level of faith in the word of God and the highest appointment that each one of us as believers have to be a living letter. As we walk out our faith of the gospel and to trust the Lord that through the power of the Holy Spirit.

He will use are poured out lives to advance his kingdom for his glory folks. The stunning convergence of what's happening in the world is just that stunning. It's the story the convergence of what the Bible predicted, sometimes thousands of years ago it outlined what would happen. It even outlined the sequence of how it would have it all playing out on both side laying out both in terms of the antichrist in both in terms of what God would do. They are paralleling each other. That's why we are privileged generation gap. I would acknowledge it's a trying time and sometimes looking at headlines can be a little bit troubling but headlines are a herald of is coming if you can see them in that perspective.

And I know Michelle both you and I and we have such a burden for the persecuted church, particularly in the Middle East and Africa on a Mexican era segment I think it's next weekend on the persecution of the Nigerian Christians. I'm glad that you said that because remember we saw recently, there were 49 and again Muslims who were killed in New Zealand, the world focused on that tragedy. But at the same time 200 Christians were killed in Nigeria at the world didn't hear nothing about that and it filled by Muslims so Muslims were killing Christians, and it made no difference of four times as many exactly and that is the story that were living with today, so that's a real particular burden I have is some of the persecuted Christians and particularly in again next week folks would talk about at efforts short segment, but I want to bring it to your attention. Michelle is absolutely right, whereas the event in New Zealand was tragic going on many many times over with no media coverage whatsoever in these Christians in the Middle East and in Africa and other parts of the world are begging us for help begging prayer of anything we can do to help them shall thank you for coming in you been in here two weekends.

I appreciate it greatly. Again, always a joy. I thank God that that's one thing that Donald Trump is trying to do, particularly in Syria and he has people on the ground to provide a safe space for the Christians that remain well in. It's interesting because the troop pullout from Syria didn't quite typical size that will have sounded that all troops are going to come out and yet there is intervention from believers in a thousand were left specifically or to protect believers that are in Syria. If you would like to attend the Jerusalem prayer breakfast in early June of this year.

Visit JPB that JP be to keep up with Michelle's other involvement at the United Nations and beyond. Is it well-versed that's well-versed and I think on this resurrection weekend. It would be appropriate. I often close with this but I'm going to do it again this week and when the time was right to see part of the walls fell down. The Lions went hungry. The sun stood still. The waves were calm. The stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early is never late. He's always right on time plan for you is good one.

Thank you for listening and we'll talk to you next week is a special time of year for all Christ followers since Christ suffered 2000 never say we trust you know him as Lord and Savior. If what better time make that decision. This resurrection time of you if you do that brought Jim a note all of you start or all of three or write us all three ministries.

Box 1452, Minnesota 551 price.

The first time always look up his return

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