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Wake Up, Sleeping Church!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 27, 2019 8:00 am

Wake Up, Sleeping Church!

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 27, 2019 8:00 am

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We are asking this our you know what time it is God is trying to wake this world. The reason that we are witnessing the birth pangs increasing in intensity and frequency because the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ at the door and he is trying to wake this world up for that trumpet sounds wake up wake up wake up, do you know what time it is. And I believe until that trumpet does sound at the appointed time in Jesus Christ, his church and hear the wrath of the church that these things are going to intensify even more. Thank you for tuning into understanding the times radio Jim Markel also called this radio for the run. The first two segments. We talked to two gentlemen were effectively reaching younger people. The truth of our times with information that relates to the lateness of the hour closing psychogenic talks to the pastor through his boots on the ground in terror written Nigeria. He is ministering to persecuted Christians as well as Muslim terrorist. This is an information pack our now here's Jim Markel and welcome to the program so that you can join me today and I have two guest with me believe that we are well in the last hour and that the tide turned perhaps May 1948.

Both of my guests are trying to get that message to a quite frankly a sleeping church and some younger people as well, often are not all that interested that life as we know it be about to change. Chad Thomas has an outstanding YouTube channel where he sounds the alarm weekly that the hour is late, unlike many of his peers. He is watching and waiting for the Lord's return and is trying to again wake up that kind of sleeping church.

Todd Hampson is also a young man.

He is an author's book is titled the nonprofit's guide to the end times, and his hope is that he could engage the younger generation. Frankly, anyone into a discussion of things to come in before I bring them on just one or read a couple of lines of what Chad sent to me believe it was an email and he said this, he said. The world is asleep and God has been shaking this world, but since Israel turned 70, I think it is gone to an whole new level and then he says that 30 years old. It's sad to see most of my family, coworkers and people I've grown up with my age think this is all just normal and taking no thought on Jesus and his soon return. I have no doubt he has called you and me and many others to plant the seeds of truth to a world in darkness and Chad goes on in this email he says we are hoping just to reach one just like the parable of the lost sheep, the angels rejoice over the one more sheep that was found than the 99 and then he concludes the younger generation have grown up in households that don't fear the Lord and with God being removed from the schools we have seen the second Timothy three prophecy gain speed like never before.

Things aren't what they used to be. Families rarely have a meal together as the families at the table anymore are rare, and when you look at the younger generation. Well there on their phones. The bottom line is the human condition today is mirroring again.

That second Timothy 31 through five. So, gentlemen. Welcome to the program for the first time. Thank you so much about her to hear what I say Chad limit direct this question to you and will kinda go back and forth hear what has been the response. Now you've got a YouTube channel will give that here throughout the segment. What has been the response to your channel.

The feedback from younger people. Your hearing from let's say under age 40. What's been the response, and what I will pay at a YouTube channel for close to going on five years now. I have noticed over the last couple years that there has been an increasing number of younger adults that are becoming more interested in Bible prophecy. I would say your to have a very mixed response. I mentored one of Walker's golfers people that are better out there just to attack you.

But I do notice over the last couple years that there is an alarmingly surprisingly increase in the younger generation that does see something happening there trying to do something about it. I believe again with the younger generation. A large percentage of them are still asleep in her going on about their future years down the road and they could care less about the Bible and Jesus Christ in Bible prophecy, but I am noticing that there is especially over the last couple years and increase in more of the younger generation that is becoming interested.

Your 30 but you came to see some seven years ago or so, and how did all of this impact you and I may need a short answer, but I am still curious because this impacted you so dramatically back when I was 20 years old when everything changed for me.

When Jesus Christ changed my life.

But my eyes were opened until I really sat down. I read through the pictures when I read through the Bible and I look at what's actually occurring around the world and I actually found you and a lot of others like JD prologue mirrors our body that were teaching on Bible prophecy, and what you guys said lined up with the word of God. I see everything happening in it lined up with the Bible that changed everything, and I realized this is all real. This is all true, and in fact we are living in that timeframe were to expect the Lord to return at any moment here because you wrote an intriguing book, Todd Hampson, you wrote a book called the nonprofit's guide to the end times and targeting young people at the same time. I'm sure you'd like to kinda target just about anyone. It's a tremendous endorsement.

You've got by Dr. Ron Rhodes is a short synopsis and then I would ask you the same thing. What is been the response from younger folks. What you hearing, so the nonprofit outgoing network and animation background and character pulpit nonprofit non-PR oh AGT so it out of a play on words knowing that prophecy is an intimidating topic I wanted to have some humor and some comedy relief. So he just prophecy wrong and is a terrible businessman 30 today.

Wait a dollar short. But the book itself is a basically an overview of prophecy 101 overview to introduce people to the topic of Bible prophecy in general and the signs of the times in the period that were written specifically, I approached it like a missionary. Would a mission feel like I realize that my generation and below have a lot of baggage when it comes to eschatology you been saying forever that the Lord shall return and what they really mean is the 70s when Helen became out with the late great planet Earth, Unum, life will that's really a short time span in a 30 or 40 years. Not like you know super long time. Then of course the left behind series that kinda ramp things up again just like chat that I'm noticing since 2015 when godliness project all my heart.

I am noticing a serious uptick, the elephant in the room. Everybody sees the world falling apart and Deepa have a want to know what's going on but they're not getting the answers.

Chad hit it on the head to I think until people do the intentional study themselves eschatology will remain untouchable and scary and complex. I believe that the multifaceted attack from the enemy and he just done a great job at us getting our eyes off of what we should be looking at in our day.

Well, just asking each couple questions and I do want to read a couple of emails I've gotten as well just join me folks are listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel. I have on the line to gentlemen, Todd Hampson, author nonprofit's guide to the end times you can find that a Christian, frankly, you can find it in your local Christian bookstore any of them would have it, and then Chad Thomas find him on YouTube. Watchmen on the wall 88 is his channel asked guys a couple of questions here because we're talking about the younger generation. Let me go back to Chad here for minute. Tell me when you hear from them what are they focusing on. If not, current events, theology, eschatology, and the obvious fact that, as Todd just said everything is falling apart. You and I the three of us know everything is falling into place, but things are falling apart. What do you find them focusing on the here and now you know Jan, this is something that you know I would think about earlier. A majority of the world is focused on worldly things Jesus said to focus on treasures in heaven, not treasures on earth were finding today is that the enemy has deceived this planet so much that all they want is they want treasure on earth they're worried about what's next week, next month.

10 years from now retirement what house we can get focused on the future and are not focused on their eternal future. You know, we see in Ephesians 613 that the battle we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Again we see that the enemy of principalities that the rulers of the darkness of this world have people so focused at the root so Doug in this world that they want to be here and they are striving for things on here and not they could care less about the kingdom of heaven. What's coming read an email from college student get your take on it here. This is from Jamie Smith.

He's given me permission. He says I love listening to your podcast.

Learning about biblical prophecy actually helped me reconnect with my say send it gave me so much hope for the future against college-age person. I actually attempted suicide before I came back to Christ thinking that the way the world is turning was actually a good change according to the left and that there is no room for Christians in this new world that they're trying to build. Now that I know better.

I have felt nothing but joy and hope and I have even grown the courage to tell my friends on campus about Jesus Christ and his teachings.

I just wanted to ask if there are any outlets for the college age prophecy watchers like myself to connect with each other. I love the guests on your program but we have a unique perspective that needs to be addressed in that we are actually the ones being fed all of the un-biblical ideas and then he concludes, and by the way he's at Auburn College in Alabama.

If you're college-age person you want to connect with someone who wants to connect with you. Jamie Smith at Auburn college is interested. So write me and I'll send it to Jamie and then he concludes also I would say our numbers are much smaller, so it is much rarer to find someone that believes in the rapture like I do. I have been to many Christian organizations on campus and nobody I have met is excited about eschatology. I have also had church jobs that I left when I learned of their apostasy and then he concludes they said they didn't want Jesus to come back yet. Basically they enjoy the world too much. That's his conclusion.

Thank you for everything you're doing.

Again Jamie at Auburn college in Alabama Todd that surprise you. It really interesting. I have my older son is in his first year in college and that I have a my daughters in high school that I have a younger son in middle school so I can't have a built-in focus group from all the different age groups and bear experiencing the same thing and I think it similar to how we as watchmen and watch women are kind of spread out in my gut.

I feel that there's not to be a great awakening of end times Bible prophecy but I think God has certain people strategically placed in every generation. But what I have noticed just people with my father. The college student is similar to what that young man shared and that's that. It's really hard to find solid theology and college life right now is crazier than it's ever been there so much temptation so much evil coming out of that we really need something solid to begin to so even Muslims had to find unique ways to find fellowship in good Bible teaching and not in a judgmental way, but it that's just the reality really have struggled to find connections even our college. One thing I have noticed on the positive side is that unlike my generation that has that baggage, but my generation has been inoculated that had just enough eschatology to be immune to it and it be able to ignore it. Even though likely set the funds all around the what I found is with all three of my kids back to the first one to finish read my book with my middle school audit even though he is reading that he came down the steps one day and said that I just finished reading your book so there's Beverly hope.

But what I found with college-age is that if you can just get their attention long enough and address the fact that there's an elephant in the room that most people are talking about. They will listen to the message of our prophecy and they don't have that baggage that a lot of people my generation have them at very exciting and very fresh and like a whole new world. If you just loaned out long enough to take a look in your update of the sea weeks ago. This is your YouTube update again I'm talking to an author, that's Todd Hampson any YouTube, that's Chad Thomas in your update recently. You stated that quote people around the world know something is happening in nature is out-of-control.

We would say the birth pangs are escalating. We keep hearing that some of these birth pangs of biblical proportions.

So true here were new into 2019 then we had the most incredible horrific tornado. This is back in February that hit Alabama now with the most incredible flooding that's hit the heartland. What do you tell these younger people when we have to talk about these birth pangs arches horrific. What kind of advice to give as they come into you.

Are they mad at God.

Are they confused. What I've noticed.

People that do know me that know that I'm in ecology, unique black mop don't agree with me having a little bit not you what they think.

But when I say that people know something is going on. You can be at work. You can be in the grocery store you can be anywhere you'll hear people talking about the earthquakes, the weather, fires, flooding, like you said. And when they come to you about it. They might mock a little bit fail with this is pretty crazy what must be another sign, you know to meeting you. You lead them to the Scriptures them you can show them it's right in the Bible you're not making it up. This stuff is all in there. What I did notice to Jan is that we were getting their attention is not only like when they are asking you questions to to lead them to the Scriptures and show them in the Scriptures where it's famished off also. You're not telling people to get religious. This is something that I've had said to me recently where I have yet was witnessing to a coworker and she said I was sharing the gospel with her and she said I never had anybody explain to me the gospel. That way she's like I grew up in a religious household and I was told all these rules and regulations and different things that turn me away from Jesus, but the way that you just share the gospel at all makes sense to me. So in the same ways that we would want to share the gospel with people were not preaching to them. Religion were preaching to them a relationship with Jesus Christ. It's the same thing we need to really effectively witness to people we need to show them what's happening right now and how it is in the word of God, not doing it in a way, but doing it in a loving way. Answer their questions plant the seed again. We can only plant the seeds for people. God is the one that can provide the increase, but were all given opportunities almost every day. I believe the planet want to play the clip, the gentleman who influenced me in one of you referenced him earlier in the interview and that's how Lindsay was his book late great planet Earth's book sort of caused everything that makes sense now think this was. I'm not sure when it came out think I got a hold of it. In the late 1970s.

My world suddenly made sense. Today we got some new tools is called the Internet. It's called YouTube is called all things electronic, but this is how actually very recently, even people who know nothing about Bible prophecy are asking the question we headed toward the end of the world as we know what Jesus Christ himself warned of just such a time as the one we see unfolding before us in his last and most important prophetic message recorded in Matthew chapters 24 Luke chapter 21 the Lord Jesus gave a list of signs to watch for that would signal the end of this age, his disciples asking for the signs of his coming of the end of the age. Jesus then predicted that a number of special signs will all appear together in the same time.

And these signs began to appear in earnest when Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948.

Parenthetically, nothing in the way of signs of the end times was relevant until Israel was reborn as ablation because every of one of these assumes that Israel is restored as a nation you've actually made that point kind of over and over again and I appreciate the fact that you do and that is that everything is on overdrive since 1948. All these signs, many of which should really converge in the tribulation.

But there casting a huge shadow today and that's because Israel, the bones, the dry bones came together back in 1948 and I appreciate the way you emphasize that all the time. Again, this is on his YouTube channel.

You can find it at watchmen on the wall 88 go-ahead 10 people don't realize how significant that what's right. When that happened in the fact that in May 1948 entered into the 70th year and concluding here in a few weeks will begin the 71st year but the 70th year is huge for automatically and I think God is letting us know how significant it is. By showing the major convergent convergence all my goodness mean since May 14, 2018. The very first day, when Tromp moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on that anniversary day and then we see everything that happened since then, mean getting credible to see what God is saying to this world, this marker when Israel became a nation and how we just entered into the blonde almost 71 years here that generational timeframe he speaking to this world, what time it is when I get that read another couple of emails that I've gotten from young people who are very in tune with what were talking about.

And yes, they are the exception.

I would have to acknowledge that I want to ask my two guests and they are Todd Hampson and Ted Thomas have them give some advice to those of you who are parents and grandparents and you love the topic that the king is coming and you just do not know how to reach the young people in your life, be they kids, grandkids, great grandchildren. Whatever you do not know how to talk to them so will do that when I get back in just a couple minutes don't go away. God is shaking the world to get our attention is also shaking the church. We are in the Laodicean age is no easy task. We are thankful young men like Chad Thomas Todd Hampson claiming the gospel in their own unique way to hear more about this adjustable why not save the date of Saturday, September 21 for understanding the times 2019. Tickets go on sale June 1 for $25 and include lunch will be selling general admission seats only and no assigned seating figures this year include Dr. Robert Jeffress SR Fadi Pastor Jack Hipps Dr. JD for and Jim Markel will help you understand the times become watchmen on the wall location once again is Grace Church purring at a soda just outside of any office teaching this timely fellowship is unparalleled as you make friends for life. Save the date that our websites conference page for a list of hotels and other pertinent information that all of trees used for all of three Thousands of new September 21 just outside of the reader to be living in human history to be live in this time working in common at any moment hold yet people are so caught up in this world but once I realized I started studying the Bible and Bible prophecy. I realize how close we are to the coming of the Lord encourage a man like JD for all the we didn't have that blessed hope Jan I probably lose my mind always to ministries loves hearing the listeners.

Always give us a call 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 writers through a website. All of three all of three just by mail box 1452 drove MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311.

Since you are running to and fro to catch the program electronically website on Saturday morning complete archives or enjoy our YouTube presentation images related to the discussion inserted screen download or tap into one mobile app. Listen with your more minimal.

What is your challenge.

What is our responsibility as Christ followers before the church's rapture, which could occur at any right say first of all read the Bible, get your idea about the coming of Christ, right out of scripture itself. You don't read the Bible through the newspaper you read the newspaper through the Bible. So if you understand what the Bible says about the future, then you can look at the news and say oh wow, it looks like the stage is being set.

We don't want to run ahead of God and set a timetable that's in the father's plan, but we also want to be alert to the fact that Israel's back in the promised land. The Bible said they would return in the head after nearly 1900 years. That's never happened before in history that the Middle East would be in crisis. In the end times and it is that there'd be a global economy that could potentially be controlled by one individual and that there would be weapons of mass destruction that might bring about the kind of things predicted in the book of Revelation and they already exist. Those things get my attention to say the clock is ticking.

We have a date with destiny, but we also have a job to do in the meantime to reach the world for the cause of Christ. While there's still hope. While there's still time now is my good friend Dr. and Heinsohn commenting on what were talking about today and I have as guests for these two segments. You can learn more about Todd just the way it sounds.

Todd you can find his book the nonprofits guide to the end times and then a Christian find in your local Christian bookstore but first guys I want to read another couple of emails from younger people and then I want to talk to you some more about reaching them with this topic that we love so much and it's hard to break through. Quite frankly, Todd and Chad. Much of the church doesn't have to be just young people, much of the church, all ages, has sort of gone numb to this topic.

So the fact that were waking anybody up. It's getting harder and harder, but Miranda rights and she says I'm 23 years old and the music teacher, a graduate student. My mother and I love your radio program. We even have a Saturday afternoon tradition where we listen to your program while working on a puzzle. I was listening to your recent talk and just wanted to encourage you that there are young people out there who are eagerly awaiting our Lord's return, myself included, some people my age may not be shocked by this but it's not that I don't want to experience certain milestones in my life, it's that I understand that what the Lord has in store for all of us. When we returned home the words heavenly home will be far greater than anything this world has to offer and happy occupy until he returns.

However long it gives me, and however much of this life. He allows me to experience. Please keep up the good work then let me just read another short email from Jesse. Not sure if it's a here shape they said just wanted to send you a short note to tell you how much I appreciate the truth that you speak every week.

I heard you read an email on Saturdays program about a young woman who was introduced to your ministry by her parents and had shared with you the struggles of being a young woman trying to discern the times in our day and age you specifically mentioned the difficulty of reaching the younger generations and I just wanted to share with you and encourage you with the fact that through your faithfulness to God's calling you have reached many young people not as many as any of us would like, but I for one have grown and been encouraged by your ministry. I'm 21 years old I was introduced to your radio program by my mother. It went from tuning into your radio program now and then to a week rarely going by that I don't tune into you, JD for rock Jack camps in their Sephardi I listen to all of you regularly and praise God for the biblical truth each one of you speak in a time when so few have the courage to stand on the word of God that just a couple of more kids in their 20s can't tell me what do you think is the biggest detractor today. Do you think would be the technology of today that's distracting these younger people, and if so, it is our friend and our enemy in a sense you just think it's the tide of our times that question, haunts me. I really prayed about that and thought about it and I think more than one thing I think technology are being bombarded by everything for sure with 18 types of social media on their phone and Internet readily available. I'm sure that's an influence, but as you said, that could be leveraged for positive purposes as well.

So that's the beauty of it, but I really, really wrestled with it and I don't think there's any single answer as to why there so tuned out to it.

Other than just the enemy has really done a great job wearing a minefield of getting our eyes off of it.

When you think about it, it just it lines up with all the things we read about the last days church the Laodicean church and through in my good to mention this before my gut, I don't see.

Of course I could be wrong but I think it lines up with Scripture. If were where we think we are. I don't see a great end times revival must be happening in closed areas like Iran and China were gods really kind of leveraging the oppression of their faith and to grow the church in the West by just the dwindling away, but what I'm encouraged by just like you said that there are people scattered around numbers at the grassroots effort where there are going to be people that are naturally drawn to Bible prophecy. So I think we just need to keep shouted from the rooftops in every way shape and form. We can and you mentioned it is complex and how do we even approach it, especially when people don't have a frame of reference I found that even using just one key thing like to me when I became a Christian I grew up unchurched didn't believe in God believe in evolution you know hold on yards but I was in the eighth grade I had an art teacher who is also a Bible teacher at this private school went to that one year and he pointed me to fulfill Bible prophecy and evidence for the reliability of Scripture and just like you said how Lindsay opened up a whole new world for you that opened up a whole new world for me and that's the root of my interest in bowel prophecy. Nothing just pointing people to even just one key thing like one thing I'm blown away by that the church at large. And I'm thinking of probably every church I've been a part of of never heard a big push pointing to the fact that Israel becoming emaciated and is fulfill Bible prophecy addicted by every Old Testament prophet, except for Jonah to me that is a huge Anton sign that has been swept under the rug unintentionally that I think we can leverage to point people to the times that were in play, click into this is you and you speak with such passion here because you're trying to wake up the sleeping church.

There's just so much happening again. It's hard to keep track of everything. But what's amazing guises talking about the parable of the fig tree, and that were in Israel 70s here and I was good I was reading the other day up again about everything that's happened during Israel's 70th year in the course of blows my mind every time I do that is literally everything is right in our face, and God is trying to shake this world is trying to wake us up. Do we know what time it is wake up sleeping church wake up sleeping world. My son is coming signed.

We got asleep. If you just join me or listen to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here.

I have on the line, both from the East Coast Tottenham as an author you can learn more about him and not you can find his book the nonprofits guide to the end times should Any Christian bookstore and Chad Thomas. Learn more at his YouTube channel watchmen on the wall 88. His numbers there are going up astronomically and we talked about that in the first few minutes of the program and we believe that's because really there is some sort of inherent interest in what's happening. We often say here. Things are kind of falling apart. Well, not really there, falling into place and people are getting curious about that. That's why we don't want you to give up on talking about these issues to anybody any age group. Okay, guys like to spend a few minutes time.

If you could give some advice to any parent or grandparent listening great grandparent, listening, aunt, uncle, whatever would you tell them.

And let's kinda target now.

The underage 40 crowd how we can reach them at number one just really being sensitive to what perceptions they arty have a vested theology. There a lot of reservations, some of them are understandable, like endless parade of fetters and sensationalism but also a lot of it is just they've never come in contact with it in a solid, clearly defined way for think avoid getting too much into the weeds and focus on some of the big things like we mentioned a few times Israel becoming a nation again. The hundreds of fulfill Bible prophecy that show that future prophecy will also would like me to be fulfilled literally and also the convergence of everything is happening right now. Nothing too younger you go like high school, middle school, even college-age.

They still have that sense of awe and wonder what were talking about are some fantastic things to think about everything that they see in the movies and on TV.

It's all about hyper realism and all the fantastic baseboard living in a time when were very close to some very fantastic things happen and some of them are happening in a string of wicked just recapture their sense of awe and wonder.

And somehow get them to look into scripture even challenge them. Like I often challenge people like I'll make a statement on my blog or even in the book a safety thing to say. Don't take my word for this big in yourself and find out if it's true I have a small Bible study that goes with the book in one of the sessions I talked at length about don't take somebody's word for it. You've got to put the work in yourself because it's one thing to hear other people talk about it but until you study it and wrestle with it and asked the questions and internalize it or not, you know those convictions for yourself. There been several authors like Lee Strobel, for example, who was an atheist and wanted to prove his wife wrong so he used his investigative skills to try to prove that God didn't exist and he became a Christian will the bottle with a supernatural book and it does supernatural things to us. I think the more we can get people to not just brush it off, but to dig in themselves better off will be. And also you know you hear a lot of talk of you have heard the phrase you're so heavenly minded you're no earthly good.

I think the opposite is true. I think the more we can focus on our glorious future and the things that God has promised us the things his return is part of the gospel almost everywhere the gospel is mentioned. His return is part of that promise. The more we can focus on our glorious future. I think that impacts how we live our life today versus detracting from powerlessness with life today, so if there's any there's no magic bullet. I think really just praying specifically on how God would use you think like we been saying people are strategically placed in families and in areas where he has good works before them. He wants us to bump into an effulgence. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and pray that God will use us and it way that he can only use our specific set of spiritual gifts and our relationships with those people. I really think people it would be more of a grassroots effort of people waking up and I think that's the way to go, turning it over to you. What advice would you give to parents, grandparents, anybody who trying to get in. We can just think trying to get through this too. Younger people.

I mean, would love it to be eschatological truth as well. But how did they communicate to the under age 40 generation because you're doing it effectively.

On the other hand, you're 30 years old and I think younger people are more inclined to listen to appear in the art to someone twice their age. I don't have kids yet but I will say this going to Lord Terry and I do have children one scripture that I have in front of it. I read every day is Proverbs 1533 the fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom, and before honor is humility. We need to raise our kids or grandkids in the fear of the Lord in his word and in the world that were in knowing that the way society is now. Kids are glued to their phones and all the junk out there. Think about this from the beginning when God created us right in the beginning there he created us for relationship with him since we have this deception out there right now with the media with music with television with the phones it's taking away from that relationship that one on one. We have it. Getting people so engraved in the affairs of this life and in all the junk out there. So I think it might apparently grandparent out there is again there to raise your kids in the fear of the Lord and make sure you have that time each day for prayer and eating dinner with the family and me.

What happened that history I was talking to a brother in Christ the other day.

That's he's in his 60s but he said when he was growing up in Maine that was all his child that you know they would have Bible time each day prayer time and that there is a family didn't have the phones out now. Yet you try to go to a regular family. Today people on their phones even you go try going to a restaurant that I look at all the people around you on their phones talking to each other. Buried in their phones and in doing what they're doing but in this world when the closer we get to that trumpet sounding deception to get more rapid people get so sucked into this world are to be caught up in part of that Antichrist deception is gonna come on what the church is out here. The stage is set for that was in the precursors to help the bottom line is if your parent or grandparent out there again.

There needs to be again a fear of the Lord, and if you have a child that's gone off course you want to be praying for them, but you want to bring them back to the basic values of spending time in the word and spending time with family because the closer we get to God, like the fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom to their knees to be that your beloved. It seems like in the world were in Jan that there is in a fear of the Lord. I would agree. You know the one thing that your testimony, Chad is the news that the king is coming is what ultimately ignited you. First, you are an unbeliever and then I think your account may be little bit lukewarm and then this concept came to you and you caught fire and felt that you said and also Patrick 80 for August.

The blessed hope. Once I realized that the King is coming when she realized that I wanted to live pretty King ministers like incredible like you said it now watch the blasted help supplant snow in the blessed hope, and what greater time to be living in a human history to be living in this time working is common at any moment the blessed hope, yet people are so caught up in this world. It's sad to see but once I realized I started studying the Bible and Bible prophecy. I realize how close we are to the coming of the Lord and encourage a man like you said NJD frog again if we didn't have that blessed hope Jan I probably lose my mind. I know I would. I want to thank you so much because we spent two segments here. I hope please conveyed some practical information and helpful information. Anybody doesn't have to be necessarily just to parents and grandparents.

Anyway, we have young people listening as well. You can hear from my two guests today Todd him and in Chad Thomas that you're not an aberration. If you happen to have an interest in this particular topic. The good news, glorious news that the king is coming learn

Find this book and any Christian bookstore look up Chad's outstanding YouTube channel watchmen on the wall. The 88 posts updates sometimes twice a week. Thank you. Both gentlemen for what you doing appreciate it so much, will stay in touch, say, just a heads up on some conference activity coming up this spring, summer and fall. Saturday, May 11 awaiting his return conference, Toronto, Canada, sponsored by Amir Stephani, behold, Israel, and you must get a $15 2000 seats sold now speakers Amir Stephani Jack hymns Barry Stagner and yours truly, then hope for our times prophecy conference, Indian Wells, California, Hyatt Regency, sponsored by Pastor Tom Hughes and his prophecy outreach hope for our times must register hope for our hope for our almost 20 speakers, including Jack Hibbs and Heinsohn Dave Ragan Billy Krohn Tom Hughes Nathan Jones Barry Stagner. Yours truly, and many more.

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Nick and Tina from Vancouver, Canada. I'm Darlene from New Jersey I'm from the great state of Texas Glencoe many times have you been to the conference on 19 violence and for about the past year.

She is such a blessing. Very informative and it's just a joy to see that people are saying the importance of enzymes study and eschatology. One third of the Bible is prophecy and pastors these days don't really want to touch on that plane swore Christ coming back and how the Bible are being layered. We welcome to our radio station lineup, the life FM network of 25 new stations taking our total stations to nearly 850 across North America. Stay up-to-date by reading our daily headlines at our two years of radio programming posted there as well, plus an online store conference information and a contact line find info there on how you can text you as well. Jan talks to Pastor Brad Brandon.

Max don't want to miss his incredible story tree ministries is carrying a new book by Douglas Stauffer and Andrew Ray reviving the blessed hope of Thessalonians. I did not think I would see the day when we would have to have a discussion about reviving our hope in the rapture of the church, something that has to be revived is often expired and yes discussion of the pretrip rapture of the church has been on life support find this excellent book.

In our store at pound of three in our print any newsletter or you can call a central time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. This ministry is committed to helping the entire church to keep looking up and expecting his return. Even if vast portions of the church have little interest in doing that.

We will keep reminding you that the trumpet and the shout could happen. Even today, and I promise you don't want to be left behind. Check out reviving the blessed health today were the great numbers of persecution that happening are great about the persecution of Christians happening.

You see the growth of the word of God. You see the growth of the gospel look at what's happening in China right now and look what happened behind the Iron Curtain. Once the Iron Curtain was dropped. Realize that the Christian church was nourishing under the communist regime there. We often feel helpless and goes to the persecuted church now talks to one man could not sit idly by and not help persecuted Christians in Nigeria, Pastor rev. Randy did not know that his mission field also includes loving Muslims as well is a short segment encourage you to be more aware of the situation and welcome back heading into our closing segment of the hour and did you know that Ace figuring number of Christians harassed daily at the hands of all sorts of extremists book of her ROM in Nigeria is wiping out entire Christian sections of the country and that's just one nation in Afghanistan.

Christianity is outlawed, and that is merely the case in Pakistan where the remaining few Christians are under constant threat. Recently you may remember a deranged lunatic gun down dozens of Muslims at two mosques in New Zealand that was a major news story and it actually needed to be reported, but shouldn't mass killings of Christians be given the same sort of media coverage and sadly we all know that does not happen now whenever there is mass slaughter of Christians, it is usually quite frankly entirely ignored by the mainstream media, particularly in United States. I'm aware that recently VP pants made some statements to me just quote him here in he says Christians are clinging for survival. He says, quoting VP tends in more than 100 countries from Iran to Eritrea over 245 million Christians confront intimidation, imprisonment, forced conversion, abuse, assault, or worse simply for holding onto the truths of the gospel. Again, VP pants, a recent statement by him. Now our church is even talking about this. Are they even financially supporting the persecuted church are they having regular update. So here's what I want to do for the remainder of the program and we don't have a lot of time left but still I wanted to squeeze this very important topic in and I'm joined by Pastor Brad Brandon Brad, welcome to the program. Thanks, Janet. Good to be with you.

Thanks for having me and your with the cross Nigeria and I'll give the website here in just a minute or two, but let's just talk for a few minutes here about what your boots on the ground in areas and you're getting the gospel to some of the perpetrators of this persecution even vocal. Her ROM some of the Fulani in the Nigeria area. Talk to me little bit about this yet.

We are boots on the ground.

We have operations in both the South and the north of Nigeria north of Nigeria is obviously a lot more dangerous. It's filled with and controlled mostly by Muslims largely the Lonnie as you mentioned, and vocal. Her ROM the two groups that have strongholds in the north and what were doing is going into different villages and into these areas and using different means and ways of the Lord leads to evangelize people and were actually seeing a really good response of these mostly for Lonnie are 99% Muslim and worshiping a fantastic amount of Muslims come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior really know you told me there are 2 million people displaced in various camps in that part of Africa and in some of these cancer can be up to 15,000 people, 90% of them Christian. I think no security in the camps, little food little water year, bringing the gospel what's going on in these camps. What you have a lot of the food Lonnie are going into Christian villages and their persecuting the Christians are being targeted. So don't believe the news media when they tell you that the conflict between the for Lonnie and the Christian is just a land conflict. A lot of times you'll hear people say well it's it's over, you'll grazing ground cattle select cattlemen versus farmers that's not true. The Lonnie are going into these Christian villages there targeting Christian homes there targeting churches and they destroy the whole village and killed many people in the village. Many Christian and the survivors are left displaced and so what happened in the country as this is become really an epidemic of literally biblical proportions.

You because we filled up 4000 IDP camps in Nigeria. These stands for IDP stands for internally displaced persons and there's 4000 of them throughout Nigeria and the total population is over 2 million people and I think it's 2.1 million, largely due at the 99% of the inhabitants of these camps are from the displacements that are caused by the food Lonnie and vocal around so the persecution is on a scale that I've never seen anything like it before. Why is Nigeria such a hot spot. This seems to be your target that why is such a hot spot because I think it's been largely forgotten by the media. It's sort of lay dormant for a long time so it allowed a lot of groups like this to operate under the radar screen in the Mideast is been on the radar screen for many many years now Nigeria not so much. And Nigeria is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa.

If you look at the GDP.

There's a lot of money pouring into Nigeria now. It goes into corruption and then it also goes to pay for a lot of the terrorism that goes on there so you have this huge gap between those at the top and those at the bottom 80% of people in Nigeria live in abject poverty coming. They have literally nothing in all the monies flowing to the corrupt government into the terrorist organizations that so many Christians in Nigeria have, yeah, years ago there was a large outreach to Nigeria, probably 200 years ago. Britain sent a lot of missionaries to Nigeria targeted that area with the gospel of Jesus Christ and had a lot of success there a lot of conversions happened and so that's how Christianity was introduced to the area.

One of the drawbacks from that was that the missionaries who first went there had the belief that the food Lonnie were because they were nomadic people.

They were like animals and they didn't have a soul. So the early Christian missionaries didn't do a lot to reach the food. Lonnie people and that false teaching has now led to the stronghold of food Lonnie that are literally wiping out tens of thousands of Christians think the numbers 50,000 since 2011, 50,000 Christians have been killed since 2011 really is.

Someone said the New York Times would not place a story of this kind of persecution on the front page and sack. They do not covered at all. Apparently when assessing now again referring to New York Times all the news that's fit to print the massacre of African Christians does not measure up to same can be said for the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press.

The Los Angeles Times and every other major paper in the United States.

The news shows from the three major television networks. They do not mention any such story nor course would CNN and MSNBC, etc. frankly, I don't even see it on Fox news. I'm not sure why this is Brett almost like a blackout of this kind of stories yeah I think it is you and I think you're absolutely right. And the reason I believe, is because that persecution really is the fertilizer to the feet of the word of God. If you look at the book of acts told in acts 18 to go out and preach the gospel to the entire world go reach the uttermost part of the earth. It wasn't until acts chapter 8 and verse number one that they actually start going out and doing what Christ commanded him to do. And the reason is chapter number six and seven they were suffering persecution at a great scale.

So wherever you see great numbers of persecution that happening are great amount of persecution towards Christians happening. You see the growth of the word of God. You see the growth of the gospel look at what's happening in China right now and look what happened behind the Iron Curtain. Once the Iron Curtain was dropped. We realize that the Christian church was flourishing under the communist regime there talking for this segment with pastor Brad Brandon. You can get acquainted with him and his website across across and grandeur actually having some outreach to the Muslims and I found that fascinating because you're bringing him some medicine, some other kinds of items that they need and they're open to your message. Tell me a little bit about that. Yeah, they are you know it's really been an amazing thing. The Bible very definitively that it's God that opens the doors. So anytime we see open doors. We know that God is done it and we have walked into food. Lonnie villages, I mean literally, not knowing if organ a walkout at the end of the day and we been talking with them and really just showing Christ's love.

That's how the Bible says they're going to know us is by our love to go into these villages and we see what kind of medical needs.

They have been other needs that they have one village that I was just in back in January just simply need to clean water brought to their village. They were drinking out of a dirty well and it was causing their children to be sick so we went in there with just some means and ways to get them clean water, and that opens the door for us to sit down from that they invited me to preach the gospel to their entire village about 150 men, 10 of those men ended up coming to Christ, and were using other means to evangelize the food Lonnie word one village that we've had a lot of success in has allowed us to set up a school in the village for their children, and the stipulation that I told them was we have to use the Bible in order to teach your children to read and write English will do it as long as we can use the Bible and they negotiated and they went back and forth for a little while but at the end of the day. They said you know what, this is a blessing and we thank you for showing us some love and now were in their teaching their children and using the Bible to do so in the Muslim food Lonnie villages. You said one of these colonialism said to you. We had been praying for years that somebody would come and help us with medical issues and here comes a white guy from America that was you that was pretty amazing.

So I went in there and I gave the gospel to the whole village after we had given them some medical help and clean their water and we talked about to educating their children and helping them with that, of course, using the Bible to do it and chief LSU, all got up and front of the entire village and he said you know we've been praying to God for years that he would bring help to us and he said here comes this white man to our village, bringing help and preaching about Christ, he said, who are we to say that God didn't send this man to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to us. And these are the kind of doors that God is opening it's really amazing to be part of it and that the learn more soaks across's pastor Brad Brandon Brad about a minute last. How can my listening audience even be a part of this well. The best part is to pray, I mean we say that all the time. As Christians, but I mean really getting on our knees and praying and we need strength.

All of our operators on the field, myself every single day.

I make decisions that put people's lives in jeopardy and have to make those that I need wisdom and I need strength for that. Our operators on the field who are going out every single day to these villages as well. They need strength and they need help. You go to our and on. There is a list of ways that you can pray for across Nigeria and Jan, I think that's the biggest way that we can get support right now is just asking God to strengthen us and empower us to do this work results. Persecution is on the increase and predicted to increase rates final generation Jesus Christ says in Matthew Eckstein that in this world you will have persecution and yes Christians and Jews are on the run today. When will the Western church take a more active role in behalf of the persecuted church. As I said even VP Mike pence is getting involved. We hope you'll take this short update. Seriously and prayerfully. I want to thank you for listening will talk to you next. The church is all too quiet comes to members of the body of Christ suffering and dying around the world because they display across those who survive often lose everything they own and live in squalid conditions, barely surviving.

Please pray for the persecuted church is here for you right through our websites all call us at 763559444 476-559-4444 right with a tax-deductible check to Olive tree ministries. Box 1452, Grove, MN 5511 section thank you for trusting us with the truth inconvenient truth as well is again next week under seven times radio show marked

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