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Every Wind of Doctrine

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 1, 2019 8:00 am

Every Wind of Doctrine

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 1, 2019 8:00 am

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The Bible says that in the latter days some will depart from the faith and give heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons will talk about that this hour you feel better about yourself and God's goal was not to make you feel better about yourself.

I know this because I'm terrible, but he is an interesting self-esteem.

He's interested in self-denial today.

Understanding the times radio with John Markel.

We discussed the rampant apostasy is driven many out of our churches today.

Jan suggested Pastor Barry Stagner from Calvary Chapel Tustin, California.

It is a challenge for the true Christ living believer to be caught in the age of land to see we want to give heed to sound doctrine that is more challenging every day. John Markel and Pastor Barry Stagner here their burden for this issue for the entire hour. I want to stand up in faith and I'm going to so in Isaiah 5417 C of $54 and 17 says was over the phone doing right now.

When this was written there was no chapter 54 verse 17 and yet using prosperity printers do this all the time. Based on Isaiah 5417 or some other verse that they like that that happens to fit their theology and they are counting on their followers and their listeners being biblically illiterate, so that they can fall for their schemes.

These people are charlatans and welcome to the program. And yes, there really is every wind of doctrine going on today.

Unfortunately, it lands in our churches on their daily basis. Quite frankly and let me just kind of set the stage here for the hour because I recently shared a prophecy conference platform with pastor Barry Stagner. This was in Toronto, Canada back on May 11 as well as Jack Hibbs to mere Sephardi and myself and Amir's organization plan, the Canadian event had over 2000 in attendance from around the world. You can order DVDs said, behold, behold and I was drawn in particular to pastor Barry Stagner's message because it was on deception in the church that day, so I asked him if he would be willing to join me in understanding the times radio and various pastor of Calvary Chapel Tustin, California. I also was privileged to participate in his proximity conference back on January 5 of this year in California. Here's her mechanic going in this hour because he and I believe that the same generation that saw the rebirth of the nation of Israel would also see a radical shift in thinking and beliefs within the church. All right that's been now over 70 years so a lot has happened in the world and the church in those 7071 years and if deception is to be the pitfall that will characterize the church of the last days and it is how will those living therein be able to withstand the looming tide of deceit that is rising with every passing day is matter of fact. Too often those that are being deceived are totally unaware that the wool has been pulled over their eyes. I'm just going to give a couple of verses here to substantiate sort of the climate that's going on in the church today because the Bible predicted it over and over again. Second Timothy four we read for the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. Acts 20 verse 29 know that after I leave savage wolves will come in among you, and not spare the flock, even your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. First John four dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world. First Timothy Ford of the spirit expressly says that in the latter times context frequently focuses latter days latter times. Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron one more verse Matthew 715. Watch out for false prophets.

They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves and then the verse that I already referenced Ephesians 4. We are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming cell pastor Barry Stagner for the first time welcome to understanding the times radio baggage at a great privilege to be honored to help. Paul says latter times spiritual discernment will be so low in much of the church that the doctrines of demons will not just be unrecognized, but they'll be taught the be defended the be promoted as a valid and this would be all out of the church of Laodicea. The last age of the church which we are in tell me when did you start to notice. I want to give my perspective later, but when did you start to notice these things beginning to happen early also speak regarding movers shift in thinking was when we started using terms that were common to marketing organization is talking about branding and things along those lines, and again I'm not the one who was real big or controlled by verbiage, so to speak, but when you start to incorporate things beyond the language the practices.

I think that's when we really began to see that there was a shift and that the church rather than having confidence in the gospel message of the fact that God said no one comes in with he draws began to become tactical in their approach and that things are working in the world to fill arenas and theaters were employed within the church. To me, that was really the first indication that there was a significant paradigm shift and I would agree with you and I want to go back to that in just a minute exactly what you just talked about want to give the verse here is the verse you highlighted in your message happen to be second Timothy four and for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers and they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables now in your message, you clarified a little bit. This is your message back in mid May you clarify what you feel some of the fables of today's church would be well. I think it important to point out the difference in a method of fable one of the distinctions. This amount is something that is completely fabricated and I think I give the example of the flying horse Pegasus we look at a fable of fable incorporate actual realities would hear about an old woman who lived in a shoe with more children than she knew what to do with these are all things that we would be familiar with old women exist today.

Shoes exist children exist almost things and this is what is happening. I think in the church affairs language being used is familiar felt very churchy but the vocabulary is a different dictionary and there's a different set of meanings behind things. I think that's a lot of overseeing and experiencing in the church today. Things are being said the film churchy some religious but there actually not true. We talked about many little things of the message that are happening today, but again I think this is practice and of itself is what started the whole process on the downhill slide was just changing the basic narrative of the church yet keeping similar or spiritual selling language CL I want to talk with you little bit about the seeker sensitive and actually that's one of the things you kind of focused on in that message and whether we want to call some the things that are going on in the mega-church movement, we can call it that mega-church movement, you call the church growth movement.

You could call it seeker sensitive movement to call purpose driven movement is have all one and the same. It's the marketing that you've already referenced, which I think is huge. I think that came along about the 1990s. I just want to throw in a few other things that I've seen, and I think I started seeing the changes Barry Stagner and their Stagner is my guest for the hour. I think I started seeing them probably in about the 1990s. Maybe the late 1980s, and I hear some of the things I saw the evangelical outfits began to focus just as much on the green agenda as the evangelistic agenda. Another bullet point social justice became the new mantra. Another bullet points religious left picked up steam and the conservatives moved over to the religious left.

Another point I saw eschatology of course dropped is not going to fill the pews are the offering plates and younger people had no interest in the topic again that Canada goes back to church growth. Another thing I saw happening about the 1990s, church music, change some of the lyrics became unsound, improper, again I want to dwell for a minute on seeker sensitive but we had Bill Hibel as he introduced the seeker sensitive movement to attract numbers. He admitted some 25 years later looks at and work just a couple of other things that I get to notice well. The evangelical love for Israel began to diminish. This was certainly the last 10 years of the denigration and mocking again of Bible prophecy went into overdrive and denigration and mocking of pre-tribulation rapture of the church the last 10 years into overdrive health and wealth movement took off 1990s heavily spurred on by outfits such as Trinity broadcasting network. All of this and more seem to signal to me that we were in the times of the church of Laodicea probably missed some things there Barry, but those are some of the primary bullet points I saw starting somewhere in the 1990s I think probably the first mistake of the seeker movement with the world what they want yes church… Something that is in a big ministry has been unveiled from the National Enquirer to thank you how to figure movement of presented so we went to the neighborhood we asked the people what kept them from coming to church and basically the reply was will church is to churchy church decided well will take away the things you don't like when you come this. It was almost the old bait and switch.

Maneuver the treatment fee with prefilled and that will offer one thing and then show you another when you get to the office. That's kind of the mentality behind us that were going to make sure that you're comfortable with our setting is nothing to authoritarian like a poker across her exclusive eliminate belief and other religious systems and if it's going to be a welcoming place to be entertained by the music and then later, maybe in a small setting foot in the Gulf War. Hopefully some will be saved is how they package their own tactical adjustment because their numbers were diminishing in church attendance, so there had to be a strategy of all was basically let's go knock door-to-door and not sure the four spiritual laws will find out what it is we can do to get people to come to church and you want to think created the problem is one of the common terms associated with this movement and that is reaching the unchurched, because the loss for the unsaved are nonbelievers are too aggressive of terms so quickly. The shift wasn't to call them the unchurched. The main problem I see with that word myself is that it implies that giving church is a solution to your dilemma when effective only to get church people need to get saved I think we need to keep our language in our vernacular as believers intact because it's been responsible for the rescuing of souls for nearly 2 millennia listen to understanding the times radio Jim Markel here. I have on the line from California. Mr. Barry Stagner Calvary Chapel Tustin, California. You can learn that's Calvary Chapel Calvary CC

I want to play a clip of Andy Stanley, Barry, and it's how to engage unbelievers because Andy Stanley is going to say here we are seeker focused and then I want to follow that up with a question. What drove it wasn't so much about changing churches.

It was time for how we can engage unchurched people nonbelievers in our community in the local church. We were actually told it wouldn't work told it wouldn't work. As we were in the South and there's a church on every corner and the last thing Atlanta Georgia needed was another church we completely greeting that we stood up in front of our first people on our launch night I said Atlanta doesn't need another church but what Atlanta Georgia needs is a different kind of church. The church were people feel free to invite her unchurched friends and family member so that was the beginning of the journey for us. We been very successful in terms of counting people and numerically I think part of the reason was when we started. Nobody else was doing this in our community. We set out to be seeker focus that is our bottom line for us to create a church that unchurched people loved to attend not simply church that was easy to invite someone to we want to create environments church environment. Unchurched people absolutely love to attend, not just elevation people finding your finding their way in getting the complaint God is most interested in. On Sunday morning ones are driving down the street don't even know were here. It's not about me it's not about you.

So when somebody comes to me and says, and I really don't like the music I say to them I need to apologize to you, I somehow have given you the impression the church is for you and I don't know what I have done to give you that impression but I really want you to hear. It's not and I know the music stretch for you.

It's a stretch for me, but we're not here for the Arctic convinced were here for the get to know Christ crowd and in and we got a fish with the bank that they understand so I hope that you can buy in to purpose over preference to hear that phrase choose purpose over preference. Okay there Stagner I thought church was about equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, but I'm hearing from those who want to push this more market-driven seeker sensitive church growth, etc. it's not about the Christian and as you and I into road and talked in the early part of the hour here. It seems to be about the seeker we have come to a place within the church where spiritual accuracy is basically measured by attendance in the mind of people, but I think what we need recognizes that there can be a large attendance with a small church. The church is comprised of people have been born again by the spirit of the true and living God through the preaching of the word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and what the figure movement seems to have concluded is that that model doesn't work anymore, and therefore there needs to be more tactics to get people into the church basically is one of the clips stated the fact that there's a lot of people coming here shows that we are indeed successful in our endeavor and I don't disagree with that they are successful in their endeavor if the Lord who has to the church daily those being saved, not those who are comfortable in a setting that they're familiar with nothing to churchy what you said in this particular message and again I'm referring to the message.

My guest pastor Barry Stagner gave at our conference in Toronto, Canada. This is back on May 11 prophecy conference that we gave you said we live in an age where secular songs are played in church to make the seeker feel more comfortable.

We live in NH were crosses and pulpits have been removed because some see them as authoritarian and representing all that keeps people from coming to church, and you already reference that and then you said many churches are designed more like a nightclub than a house of worship.

Again, in an effort to make visitors more comfortable. The problem is that by design, the church is not supposed to be anything like the world I want just play one more clip here in this early part of our programming and its bill hypos really came up with this idea, 25, 30 years ago and here he saying a real short clip it didn't work Greg Hawkins again just brilliant guy goes though we made a mistake.

What we done at about this point when people cross the line of faith become Christians, we should have started telling people and teaching people that they have to take responsibility to become self cedars. We should've got people we should've gotten people taught them how to read the Bible between services.

How to do the spiritual practices much more aggressively on their own. The church growth principles utilize the wisdom of the world for its foundation rather than Christ. Paul specifically warned of the dangers of building the church upon foundations other than Jesus for no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ there Stagner sell this brilliant idea and work so well know reaping that were leaving at church because we've got guys followed up model. I heard one pastor say that he never used the word sanctification. In any sermon he followed up with. I thought the principal but the words in the Scripture.

And that's what the Lord desires for us is that we would be sanctified and again just taking this whole approach in trying to be a church without sounding churchy using your speaking Christian Asian think we need to understand that there is a way for us to approach the nonbeliever and to share with them the gospel, but once they have heard the gospel once they have made their decision to follow Christ. As you mentioned at the top of the show. The church has responsibility. According to Paul in Ephesians 4 to equip the saints for the work of ministry ministry that the church as is going to the world preaching the gospel while we are meeting the needs of the society around us with multiple Titus.

Make sure your meeting urgent needs so as not that there is a responsibility to the church to care for the pressing things going on around them that our primary responsibility again is simply put, in Mark 1615 of Matthew 2819 go to the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Again, as I said in the message. I don't think that the church should be playing stairway to heaven in the sanctuary. I think the church need to be warning about the highway to hell telling people how they can avoid spending their eternity separated from God, which really is the heart of the gospel right. Perhaps you as well.

Stagner. But the most common email that comes into this ministry and into me personally and as a do travel a little bit anyway and meet the folks in various conferences you and I share it To me pretty sad.

I didn't say you know I can't find a church I visited every potential church in my town and for various reasons and I listed some of those in my bullet points. One of them being they'd love to hear eschatology touched on at least a couple times a year minimum and of course it's probably not gonna happen. That's not really the focus of this hour, but nonetheless that's is one of the many issues breaking the heart, but it seems to me the church is all about equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, but it's kind of gone into this other direction that's very very troubling and again that one of the founders said. We tried this, we tried it for 25 years 30 years does didn't work. We found out our people were not growing. They were reading their Bibles, etc. I know Bill Hibel stepped down really almost in disgrace over other issues, but I give him credit for at least coming forth and saying, but we tried for several decades. It was a failure point because a lot of the times when a model doesn't work, the cheaper blame and we see a lot of that in the word faith movement well if you healed 12 PM. You don't have enough faith in the transference or deflection because of the emptiness of the message and looking at this Janet what you just said is so crucially important.

What I will set himself a hasn't become so teetering and I think all of us recognize that we often see the word presented metaphorically as the bread of life that it is our sustenance. We are to feed on the word and meditate on it day and night when you've got something that is simply package to make people have an experience within the room called the sanctuary and not creating within them a hunger and thirst for righteousness, which obviously we gain the Lord imputes righteousness to us, but we also need to employ the practical side of that by finding out what is acceptable to the Lord and becoming living sacrifices and proof of what is good and perfect and acceptable will of God, and know again I agree with you. I think that is the right perspective, but is not limited to that particular movement that the model didn't work the plan of God is quite simple and Jesus waited out directly and ask 18 where he reminded us that the purpose of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth, so you can't change perfection.

I'm in the model that you presented, which later natural told in the Lord added to the church daily those being saved so that tells us a God expect people to get saved during the week not just on Sunday in the sanctuary and that the work of the ministry that the church needs to be equipped to do one more click here. This topic happens to be Mark Driscoll and again were still in this particular topic here of the church growth movement as close by so many names the seeker sensitive purpose driven just goes by lots of different names but is Mark Driscoll I found it made it's very very sad plant. Let's plan that let me ask you about it.

We finished cast vision for your mission and people to sign up and move on their people that are to die in the wilderness and their people. There is just a notice too many guys waste too much time trying to move stiff neck, stubborn option and people. I am all about blessed subtraction. There is a pile of dead bodies behind the Marshall bus and by God's grace and the amount of time were done.

You either get on the bus to get run over by the bosses of the options but the bus I stop. I'm just a guy who is like look. We love you, but this is what were doing. There's a few kind of people there's people who get in the way the boss you run over there people who want to take turns driving the boss thrown off because they want to go somewhere else there people who will be on the bus leaders and helpers in service their awesome.

There's also just sometimes nice people should on the bus and shut off. They're not helping or hurting just let them ride along in their senior, here's the things that clip that I just played was Mark Driscoll and this is the feedback I get in the emails that come to me folks go to their pastor and they say you know maybe do things a little bit differently here and the responses you know what if you don't like it. There's the door. Pastors do not air the left foot of fellowship and you know what you should take initially was in within the first few words, you should serve those who don't align with your mission, and I think that's the problem right there.

We don't have a mission God is a mission and he has called some as pastors and teachers to do what Paul said in Ephesians that is to equip the saints and to say you know a people are either on your team were pro-market team are chrome off the bus to run them over with the bomb run over my first thought was to meet people spend time trying to direct or change the minds of stiffnecked people and they need to just get over that.

Just run over somebody. Moses comes to mind dealing with the group of stiffnecked people and seems as though he was so passionate about these people that he was concerned about them and asked the Lord a rather than destroy them just deal with me. The Lord is going to destroy those people and Moses intervened for them so you come up with such an attitude is certainly not within the pages of Scripture as a pastor and the others always had to be people issues within the church. But Jesus already knew that, and there's room for various personalities of there's room for input as to how different things. I love when people come with ideas. One of the things I like to tell people when they say, when we do this to say that sounds good.

You're in charge of the work of ministry is all about.

With so many comes in and says you know he wanted you do this, I think there's room to encourage them to get involved themselves. This is kinda a lesson. I'm the big guy you don't like the way I do things. Take a hike. I just can't find it in Scripture that somewhere in the book of second opinions like well I think the positives take away from your message that you gaze and that is this that in the latter times when apostasy is in full swing in the doctrines of demons are preferred over the sound doctrine.

In other words, your point was, Jesus is coming soon. The Laodicean church represents the end of the church age and clearly we are in the end of the church agent working to pick up on this folks. When I get back from our real quick break here midpoint of my programming because I don't want to let this point go. The Bible keeps saying that it's going to be the last days, when every wind of doctrine is going to be so prominent and where in those days. That's the good news back in just a minute. If this program strikes a chord with you. Let us hear from you. Always write us through websites all of three follow three views.arch coal is central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 available by mail by writing all of three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Jan Markel follow three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 more with Jan and pastor Barry Stagner is now on the horizon.

Understanding the times 2019 Saturday, September 21. Tickets go on sale June 1.

General admission only $25 but included lunch after June 1 were asking you call the brushfire agency at 888-385-3384 sign-up is a bridge that is 888-338-5338 after June 1 featuring six speakers will begin at 845. Oh yeah church doors open at 7 AM location is again grace church in Paris, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis saw the website for hotel information. Speakers include Dr. Robert Jeffress the signs of the been around for a long time are increasing in frequency and intensity. I think something big is about to happen during the last days.

I believe the Lord is going to return, there's our body to be out of there will be certain events around the world and the well-being the last trumpet.

We don't date and we don't have the hour, but we understand the times and the seasons JD for time and I believe it's very soon so everything matters that affect the way we live our lives were just kids and he's not only spoken to us in. He is speaking to us right now he's acquiring you and I see in the world and match it up against the word of God and Jim Marco believe that the world is longing for a man with a plan or a Mr. fix-it is down at the bottom of here.

Is there a leader chaos also have a greeting from Lori Moore claiming justice to the nations will be live stream no cost and that Saturday, September 21 just outside of Minneapolis invite all men the believers that understand the times become watchmen on the wall friends for life at this annual conference. Learn why things are falling apart falling in the place. We do not have the second group of apostles and thousand years between the last group is appointed by Jesus as nothing is going to arrive and the last day, we know you lead busy lives. So if you miss a portion of our radio program, Texas online. People watch and listen to programming on our YouTube channel under Jan Markel slipped in images related to our discussion. The program is also posted to our website and to one on Saturday morning of each week. Download one place mobile app play the programming on your phone and other devices as well. Let's return to Jan Markel and pastor Barry Jesus made very, very clear wolves would enter who would twist the gospel of the kingdom and use it to bait and allure God's people away from the truth to destroy them, so preachers are not just accurately preach the gospel. There also to aggressively and bravely defend the gospel and the only way to really do that is by exposing lies. So in this movie are intended to do both.

Number one to present the truth number two in order to make sure that the truth is clearly represented. Also expose the lies part of loving people is willing to tell the truth even when it's not welcome. Part of sharing truth obviously requires a willing to expose deceptions. Some people come to us and said hey why are you making this here's one there certain denominations that people sort of given up giant Christian organizations that we all trusted that we've all been very thankful for the past are suddenly beginning to show signs and surrendered and many of you many who will watch this movie still think that those institutions are safe. Many people in America right now. Still think that they can trust these large gospel coalition organizations that they can no longer be trusted. The reason why Jesus warned us about wolves who will twist the truth is truth is taken and wordsmith ever so carefully so that you buy into the life without ever realizing that it's a lot and will come back and I was actually little sound clip from a forthcoming film enemies within the church and hopefully that's out yet. That's a trainer for him that's coming out eventually and we'll talk about it when it does come out enemies within the church. Those we've trusted their caving caving to all sorts of things limit is quickly saying by way of announcement that there is a prophecy conference coming up. You need to know about it is June 28, 29th, 30th near Palm Springs, Indian Wells, California Esther Tom Hughes putting on hope for our times 16 speakers. I'll be there pastor Barry Stagner and pastor Jack Hibbs Dave Ragan Ed Heinsohn Don Stiller and pastor Billy Crone at least 16 speakers will be there June 20, 29th, 30th, hope for our hope for our

I'll be there, hoping to meet some of you who I told will be coming from far and wide. Here's a phone number if you'd like to call, please write it down.

951-708-1407 951-708-1407 to be held at the Hyatt Regency resort in Indian Wells, California. It will be live stream and after the event either DVDs or downloading will be available June 20, 29th, 30th, sponsored by 412 church pastor Tom Hughes. I'll give a couple of other announcements later so let me reset the stage by saying that spending the hour with pastor Barry Stagner. You can learn more at his church, Calvary Chapel Tustin, California that CC test CC test and that organ I have to share a platform with him about a month ago in Toronto, Canada prophecy conference a mere Sephardi and behold Israel put it on Jack Hibbs was with us as well. It 2000 in attendance. Thank you for praying by the way my audience. I really appreciated it. These conferences are grueling and very enjoyable love to do it by 10 wearing let's just put it that way. So we appreciate the prayer that goes behind all of these events. Pastor Barry Stagner was there and I'm playing off of his message of that particular conference and it happened to be on the deception defection and things going haywire in the church pastor very Stagner here's the thing. I think when you introduced your topic and that prophecy conference in Canada. Some thought. What is this got to do with eschatology within times is not in the rapture not on the second coming is not in the tribulation, the Antichrist, you and I know it is about the lateness of the hour. Why don't you explain why you even gave this message to point out is the longest answer, Jesus gave any question in Scripture. Relevant discourse was in response to an inquiry made by fishermen brothers among his apostles and neck pain.

For James and John and they ask about the signs of his coming in. The first thing that Jesus said in his reply was to take heed that no one deceives you know that implies an age of deception. They frame the question based on what could happen prior to your return. Jesus tells them to take heed or pay attention that no one deceives you in the first indication of the nearness of his return was those who would come in his name, saying, I am the Christ, and actually in the Greek it would just say I am Christ, or I am anointed Christ being the word for meeting rather anointed or anointing.

So in essence what Jesus was saying, here's the first sign of the nearness of my return and that is those who come in my name, saying they have an anointing from me. And boy, that's not something that's going on today we have those who are claiming to be Old Testament type profits are claiming to be apostles in the likeness of Peter, Andrew, James and John, which by definition means according to the apostle Paul that they have seen the Lord Jesus and resurrected form so we are seeing many come today using the name of Jesus claiming an anointing from Jesus as the first indication of the nearness of his return in the new pair that with what Paul warned about the falling away report. You meaning to defect from the truth. So you have those who are claiming an anointing for actually defecting from the truth of well established in Scripture, inspired by the Holy Spirit, known the apostles doctrine. This is what makes the link with the last days immediately because I was question was posed by the apostles. They were asking what could happen down through the ages storehouse a church going to progress throughout time and the seasons of history what the signs of your return first thing Jesus says false anointing. You're right. Having said that, having made that clarification and again we open the programming we started talking about the typical church models today.

At least since the 1990s, church growth seeker sensitive mega-church movement is made many different names usually will involve a watering down the gospel.

Suddenly people find there without a church is one person said to me, my churches left the building. They come to me and they say it.

What can I do.

And they say I visited every potential church in my area and my talent. Sometimes one will say I'm driving an hour one way every Sunday because I have found a church, but it took me a year or two, three, four, five years to find it.

Do you say you as a pastor who gets it when you tell people is one we know that there is a responsibility of the congregant to a congregation.

Paul is 12, say one part of the body can't say to another. I have no need of you because they're all contributing to the function of the whole. I think one of the tendencies today and thank the Lord we have YouTube and sound teaching via different Internet options, but the reality is the result of us, especially Hebrews 1025. As we see the day approaching the Lord as we see the day approaching not to forsake the fellow shipping together with one another, as is the custom of some.

Here's why think this is important to point out because one if we understand. I think what Dr. J. Vernon McGee said quite well that we need to remember that the church is for us. We are for the church. We need to make sure that we are incorporating service and making sure where doing our part in seeking the advancement of the kingdom, and sometimes that's going to be in a less-than-perfect situation for the church setting goals, but when we recognize that there are people who approach the teaching of Scripture differently. We need to draw the line between those who are heretical and those who are just downright marketing a product may be recognize you know what I can find exactly what I'm looking for. Look high and low, but this guys at least given it a shot is doing what he feels the Lord is called them to do and put your hand to the plow and make sure that you are serving the Lord as being part of the church again. I want to send out to the listener. A word of caution to deed of Meridian the worker were called to do and sadly Jan I hear what you just said constantly and continually for people who move through job or school opportunity or whatever away from a Bible teaching church and say I just can't find one. So really you have to come down to the place where it's like you know what I need to be serving the Lord and need to be participating in ministry using the gifts that God has called me to for the benefit of the church and to supplement the teaching that I'm getting that is scriptural based on not again not heretical with being a self eater so it is that's the one thing I hear more than anything else to is I can't find a line upon line, precept, book by book teaching church.

I couldn't even tell you how many times I've heard that so I don't believe the option is opting out completely just feeding yourself online because there are other aspects of the church that we need not just to participate in but the benefit from an energy iron sharpening iron and being in fellowship with believers. I appreciate that clarification.

I want to talk about the theologies that I think are causing things to go haywire.

One would be. I think this is the issue of the last 5 to 10 years and that would be the social gospel, social justice and the activities that have been prompted by let's say the religious left. Unfortunately it's moving into our conservative circles as well play a real short clip here and then I want us to discuss it is so is this encyclical are because hungry friends is the greatest conversation as host president Ava Morales out of his usual gift effects. Classic communism symbol worn by a Jesuit priest change the world is slavery and by what everyone probably got the bottle being inspired word of God. Probably just means it doesn't have a very great view, but how it treats okay. I would call that sort of a pot for re-of heresy little sound clip. I mean it's social justice. You heard the green agenda you heard inclusion you heard everyone goes to heaven.

You heard some of my bullet points that I said I'd started observing somewhere in the 1990s, not mocking and denigrating of so many things Barry Stagner that you and I hold very sacred, including eschatology, the introduction of the health and wealth movement, which is been going on here now for probably 40 years. What I want to focus in on for just a few minutes. Here was this social justice gospel. The religious left.

She heard the voice of the arch religious left us there.

Jim Wallace what you've done to the least of the my, how many times it weird that he doesn't even have that right. The least of these Ed's Jews, I believe, give me your thoughts on this very Janet really what we've been talking about all program and that is the world dictating to the average how the church is going to operate as an entity, so to speak. Looking at these things we see so much, and not necessarily. I think the social gospel was almost a misnomer and the sensitive promoting communism Arianism, which is basically the mentality of the world today has to be equal.

Everybody has to have the same thing. Nobody has a right to have more money than anybody else in all things have to be on equal footing one and I think when you have this type of mentality you're disobeying Scripture because the Bible says quite clearly Paul warned about busybodies who don't work at all yet expect to eat. We look at even the angelic realm in the heavenly realm is a hierarchy. I mean everybody is of equal value to the Lord all not of equal ability and capabilities. Some are mentally stronger than others. Some are physically stronger than others so we can function as a society and a culture and some physicians are to be rewarded more than others again because egalitarianism rules the world is now made its way into the church and this is the mentality of the up-and-coming generation and its impact to the church that we simply need to make sure that everybody and again like we mentioned earlier with times we are to meet urgent need to make sure that the church is caring for those within the body. And after all were told to do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. Really, what were saying Jan is a move away from the primary function of the church which is to preach the gospel to the world and now were approaching the felt needs category health needs and I think the felt needs me has morphed into this social gospel, social justice probably just some other issues that I see going on in the and you raised them and that's what I am talking about some the issues that you raised in your message, thanks. If you want to be in touch with pastor Barry Stagner do so through his website CC is Calvary Chapel Tustin, California. He sponsored a prophecy conference first week of January of this year. I was privileged to be out there with a number of other speakers in their Stephani Jack Hibbs Barry himself. Yours truly and we had a wonderful time we had about 1500 for folks diddly Barry 1770 registry almost 1800 registrations and they came from all over met some wonderful people. Okay, let's talk about just a few other theologies that are troubling today and you raised them. Therefore I'm talking about them just to kinda stick with your message that you presented. We've talked extensively hear about this seeker church growth etc. you brought up something that troubles me enormously, and it's I called Dominion theology. It basically says that given enough time, the church can make the world really perfect. Only then and only then can Jesus Christ return. Now I gotta be honest, I consider this heresy. I really do and it's in the same camp is post-millennialism it's really troubling theology because you and I now there's enough time given trillions of years church knocking to make the world perfect. Nonetheless, this is come along. I think it started in the 1940s rapid latter rain and has morphed into this Dominion reconstruction is an theology that the church has got to take dominion over the world before Jesus Christ can return you talk about confusing the church confusing believers when it comes to and time issues. Sadly out of this movement has morphed something called the new apostolic rep yes she is a group of cortical church leaders who have been assigned the task by the Lord himself, at least according to their claims to usher in the church. Dominion over all things economic, government and spiritual. Obviously, in order to prepare the world for the return of Jesus Christ. As we mentioned earlier, an apostle is one who is seen Lord and resurrected form and therefore they make a claim to have either been transported to heaven. Christ basically coming off of the throne. Is she seated next to the father visiting them on earth in the same form that he met with his other apostles enough qualifying this group to usher in this utopian age puts the world in such a state that the Lord can return again.

Janet think that you pointed out, I think we can well label this heresy because you can't back this was Scripture now is nothing in Scripture that says is going to be this golden era, until the Lord returns, it's not going to cause his return, but he's going to usher in that era, when the Prince of peace sits on David's throne and rule from Jerusalem for thousand years.

We do not have indications in Scripture where there's going to be a second group of apostles spanning some 2000 years between the last group that was anointed and appointed by Jesus is nothing in Scripture that says such a group is going to arrive in the last days as a matter fact in the last days. Jesus himself said they're going to be more like the days of Noah, confident that the man's heart is only evil continually. The world is filled with violence, and the other thing I think we can overlook regarding the days of Noah. Noah built a ship on dry land for 120 years and he's labeled as a preacher of righteousness that tells us he was preaching only word.

And no one would heed his message and when the flood came, and as I mentioned in the message Ken M calculated that because of the lifespan during the no way. In the near genetic perfection. There were most likely over 16 billion people on the face of the earth at the time of the flood and yet only a gun on the art. Jesus said, and it's not a numerical comparison, but it is a likeness to the mentality of the world that that's what it be like when I'm coming back relatively few will lead the message of the gospel.

That's exactly the opposite of what the new apostolic Reformation is purported to do.

I think this also gives us reason to understand why we have in the church today and I use the word remnant is a remnant of true believers because again you fellas, you preachers are preaching your heart out, but so many people do not have ears to hear now what this is an end time phenomenon, and again this goes back to people not giving heed to sound doctrine, etc. as the illustration you've just given Noah reached his heart out with billions of people on the earth and only eight and they were his own family responded and the final generation is compared to that and that's why I think gender people that are sitting in a pew have the responsibility to shape these things were so these hence the teachings are easily dismissed simply because they are inconsistent with Scripture. And certainly they are inconsistent with the eschatology that were given concerning the last days. Things are getting worse and worse and worse. Jesus gave the progression of what I like to call the preamble to the relevant discourse in Matthew 24, 328. He gave a series of just general course of life of this is always in wars is always been rumors of wars is always been famine was always been disease and pestilence. And there's always been earthquakes, but then he uses a phrase that he associates them in answer to the disciples question with the last days where he said these are the beginning of sorrows which that phrase can be translated as the birth pangs, so he is telling us that there's going to be a dramatic and relatively short time increase in the normal course of life events, wars and rumors of wars of the disease and the other things and that is what we're seeing today happening in our world is not that things are getting better and better thought that the church is having dominion over the world is just the opposite. The world is growing in it. Hatred of the church and then Jesus said to be hated by all for my namesake were seen that manifested today in ways and in a relatively short time, especially in our country. Things have escalated in that regard. Where the church now is looked at with disdain, rather than the respect that we all saw growing up in this country, myself preachers to be deserted on Sunday and people were in church and people who didn't go to church and respect the people who did. But now that's all gone. Patient turned around in a dramatic fashion in a rather short length of time. I would even go as far to say within a single generation. Yes, within a single generation, but I think the point you and I are making is that something changed in the heavenly's in 1948. Obviously, Israel became a nation that was the most astounding geopolitical events in history I think is a miracle of God, as we all know, but I think something changed in the church about the same time. Then as we move further into the 60s 70s 80s 90s. Some of these things that were talking about intensified the things that have gone haywire in the church including folks not being able to find a church, but including again the dropping of Bible prophecy which again I get daily emails because that's broken the hearts of so many people. The war on them using that word intentionally.

The war on the pretrip rapture, which I'm sure you hear plenty about that's relatively new. I can remember 30 years ago.

Even when I was growing up in the church. There was no controversy on the timing of the rapture to simply wasn't anything to talk about this extensively next week, folks, I don't want to dwell on it here, but again Barry the war on the pretrip rapture is the relatively new one at such a passionate debate now.

Bear with me for you when I get a message on the rapture and if so your listeners would like to listen to it. I have a YouTube channel called the truth about God.

Yes, there's a message on their called rapture human invention or biblical doctrine, and actually what it is apologetic on the rapture and we used three criteria to establish a rapture as a biblical doctrine we use Old Testament president and we asked the question, do we find in the Old Testament, the supernatural translation of living human beings into the eternal row course, we do have those quite clearly in the Old Testament who were translated by God into the eternal realm and then we got New Testament clarity that course. The New Testament is full of references to the rapture and then we also have prophetic necessity. So again it's a defense of the rapture the church the pre-tribulation rapture specifically and it addresses rather briefly why the mid-in the pre-wrath and post-trip positions are scripturally sustainable right and my point is that the debate has gotten so contentious. I think it's one thing to indeed have a debate, the producer of my radio program sitting in the studio with me. Not far away is the son-in-law of Dr. Walter Martin and they tell the story. Kevin and his wife tell the story of Walter Martin and Hal Lindsay debating rapture timing, they would debate it would discuss they finish they hug each other they go out for dinner all right today. We don't get along very well is my only point Jan on matters of interpretation, there are those who hold to the school of if you don't see things my way. You need to get rid of about exactly earlier, you know that old adage to the Walter Martin is we need to agree to disagree aggressively that to his phone out the window so as proving were his disciples. What a lovely show for your YouTube channel is the truth about God correct the truth about gun truth about God is in the title of your rapture messages rapture doctrine or human invention looking up folks. You can learn so much on some of these YouTube channels and the various teachings.

Barry I'm down to literally. I got about a minute left to wrap it up. Go ahead, it's all yours.

Thank you real privilege to be on you just want to encourage your audience that we are living in the last days of signs all around us not to fall into the category of the Pharisees and Jesus rebuked in Matthew 16 are not discerning the side city – the weather but you didn't know it was time for me. The company didn't know that I was fulfilling Scripture concerning these things. So one I think overhearing things about unhitching from the Old Testament need to be careful of such things because our many unfulfilled prophecies related to the last Asian.

Specifically, Israel that are in the Old Testament, so we need to be diligent. We need to teach and heed the whole counsel of God old and New Testament alike because that is when will set the newest and then the old and the old is revealed in the new and it's very very true that we can see more clearly that we are in the last phase to prepare the two together and study the Old Testament and see that things are happening in the church and in Israel between those two and know that it's time to look out for our redemption is my Jesus is coming soon about the most exciting and comforting message that we can offer to the world today absolutely has to be a singer in prayer. I know he's traveling at the least Australian. The summaries can be ministering with their society and some prophecy conferences there keep him in prayer for strength and clarity of mind and success.

The topic of deception in the church interest you. We still carry Terry James book deceivers exposing evil seducers and their last days deception. I have a chapter in this book is to a number of other authors. We highly recommend we've carried it for. I think year and 1/2 now there are at least a dozen to 15 authors. Deceivers exposing evil seducers in their last days deception find it in my store.

Olive tree call my office or find it in my various newsletters E and print newsletter. Let me go out of the program and I'm courting Barry Stagner. He says when the church begins to be trampled underfoot by men. Because of this loss.

It's preserving purifying influence by adopting the doctrines of demons in the form of ear tickling fables.

I submit to you that the remnant church will be taken out of the world in a moment, and in the twinkling of an eye, and that is wonderful news. This message is part of the prophetic scenario that tells us our redemption is near. I want to thank you for listening and we'll talk to you next week. You have a love for the truth. We encourage you not to lose heart. We are in an age of deception, delusion and denial. God's remnant believers will always take the high road love sound doctrine, even though we are in an age we see every wind of doctrine. Stay in touch with us through our website. Olive tree olive tree call us at the time 763554 476-355-9444 or write to John Markel and Olive tree ministries tax-deductible check Box 1452, Grove, MN 5511 Xbox 1452 Grove Minnesota 5511 until next week. Look up his return is even at the door as part

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