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One Nation Deleting God

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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June 29, 2019 8:00 am

One Nation Deleting God

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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June 29, 2019 8:00 am

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Why are so many people just casually hitting delete when it comes to God. If you take any of the Scriptures how this revelation are knocking to get the full story. If you believe the proxy 30 to 40% of the Bible allegorical the little you're not quite understand the significance of this time replacement theology has led to 100 million American churchgoers today that have no biblical understanding of what is taking place in the nation of Israel.

Thank you for joining us at times. Radio Jim Markel radio for the remnants today.

Jan spends the hour with White House correspondent Bill Feeney.

Insiders view of politics and events and issues affecting the church today. There are consequences to cutting God out of a nation, even out of politics. Janet Bill Canning will have on many cutting edge issues this hour encourage you to stay tuned to this entire program. Some final thoughts. Not one nation under Democrat demolition.

Did you know they have removed God the majority party in the House of Representatives has deleted God from his many official congressional proceedings as possible, including swearing in witnesses you swear or affirm, under penalty of perjury that the testimony about to give is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, information and belief, at the wreckage of the week when a parliamentary inquiry. Yes, Mr. Johnson, I think we left out the phrase so help me God. We did, we witnesses do it again for the record, I want to do it. Some of them don't want to do is necessary and I like to reserve my will, of other people only goes back to her founding history is been part of our tradition for more than two centuries now know that she should abandon it. Now that I asked witnesses if they would if they would choose to use the phrase German Mr. Nava. If any witness objects should not be asked to identify himself we do not have religious tests, office of anything else and that we should let it go with that. That is the face of resident evil Jerry Nadler get used to it.

It will be Nadler who leads the effort to impeach Pres. drop so God is gone now. Post no more God and the people's house.

This is not about a religious test.

This is about the founding of this Republic. We are a country built on a core belief in God and Judeo-Christian values. Thus, the Declaration of Independence is now under defect O assault by this crew.

One nation under God, divisible by a radical political party that seeks to attack liberty and justice for all and welcome to the program you would look at news views truths from a decidedly typical perspective and who ever thought that the world's leading free nation. Quite frankly, because of the calling of God and the blessing of God would have a political party who wants to delete God and make no mistake, that is what the progressive left wants to do will talk about this and much more.

This hour, are we looking at another Mideast war with Iran in the picture doesn't the Bible predict a major end time conflict with a nation called Persia and other nations such as Russia and Turkey. I have worked with White House correspondent Bill Kane since 2002. He has been a frequent guest at my understanding at times conferences.

He has his finger on the pulse of what's happening just in America but around the world and taken there in the Middle East, which we often call the epicenter of all things that are going on, Bill. Welcome back to the program yet always a pleasure to be with you. I think America recently is divided into two categories and you actually write about this. People who fear God versus people who hate God and the progressive left can think of only one thing dethroning God so that government can be guided spent in Washington 20 years and you've seen this evolve in my right that fluid it is apt, amazing how fast things accelerated over the last the eight years of Obama and then since Obama and Pres. Trump taking over with his evangelical support. It seems like the enemy wants to do everything they can to attack the evangelical enemy that supports Pres. Trump and this is all part of a Jim Daly at this slippery slope is been getting worse and worse and worse over time and now to the accelerated pace just as that clip just mentioned.

Unbelievable is what we just heard guy is unbelievable in its speed as well and you and I are Frank bill that we have a president who God uses in spite of themselves and one of the things that makes him unique already referenced. It is he so comfortable with evangelical Christians. They elected him in 2016 and as you write. George W. Bush seemed more comfortable with, say, mainline Protestants and perhaps Catholic Barack Obama was comfortable with leftists, so-called Christians, I have a hard time equating communist Jim Wallace with Christianity, but that's what he calls himself anyway. There certainly are some evangelicals in the leftist camping at Russell Moore, whose leftists, for that matter the last 20 years, the national Association of Evangelicals just go to their website. It's all leftist policy. Thankfully there standing for traditional marriage and are antiabortion, but Donald Trump resonates heavily with evangelicals.

He has unprecedented number of Evangelicals serving with him.

He has a burden for Christian persecution. How rare and he's been Israel's best friend ever remarkable.

I know a lot of members of advisor community due to Jan and I are about strong Christians.

Patrick Jeffers picograms are part of advisor committee, but has good rapport. There were the president, Michelle Bachmann. These are people love the Lord love Jesus very bold about their faith and these are people that Pres. Trump feels very very comfortable with.

I was a part of the thousand Christian leaders that were at the Marriott Marquis just for the election in 2016.

You and I saw an amazing event. This was so amazing and presence.

Trump was so comfortable and Mike Huckabee interviewed and Franklin Graham was there. Jim Dobson why group of people from the Christian community were there. I've been in numerous audiences with him in these very comfortable with us.

He looks to us. He fears God has his own unique style of his own unique way of communicating with the work they're doing through the State Department through Mike pence, Sam Brownback now about Christian persecution. Mike pence is very outspoken about Christian persecution and also about the right to life. This is just incredible people. He has a random pick and make things happen and that he listens to. I don't think a lot of people realize that Jenny feels very comfortable with that. As you mentioned President Bush's very comfortable with the Protestants in the committee, the Catholic leaders were at the White House.

40 Obama bashed Christian expression of the points were very evangelical. This is just a breath of fresh air despite the challenges were going to hear Washington you have said to me, I think you wrote it in your newsletter as well, and that is you said that the progressive left the party and the last is going to run America into the ground if necessary to remove Pres. Trump and you've written that the left will not govern as long as Pres. Trump is in office. I think they're only going to object and holler and scream impeachment. It's almost a demonic obsession of my wrong absoluteness of infection. They are out of control in rear of the truck derangement syndrome and we watched it with these committee at the Democratic committee had been Congress Mr. behavior Nadler waters comings and others that it's almost like they can't contain themselves, and they certainly don't want to see Pres. Trump be successful at anything getting a lot accomplished. As he mentioned in his reelection campaign are beginning at Orlando people that follow your program.

Our website terms accomplish a lot. It is not been easy. Plus with this morphing hangover shoulder is getting a lot accomplished. You can get much more accomplished and that's one thing that this Democratic led House of Representatives and I will see him get credit for anything in there making his life difficult in unfortunately that is putting their own obsessions and issues ahead of the American public. And that's unfortunate. I can offer much to sense and all of this and that would be that Pres. Trump said something he said this in a recent campaign speech and that is that the party of the left is not so obsessed with him. It certainly is but he said it's equally obsessed with every conservative patriotic God-fearing church attending person in America probably the Western world that their goal is to wipe out.

I think this is my opinion, their goal is to wipe out every person who does not embrace a radical agenda LG TB Q heavily.

This transgender nonsense use any bathroom you want to destroy every unplanned baby let every boy participate in women's sports dictate what can be spoken from every church pulpit.

These are the people if we oppose any of this that are in the crosshairs just as much as the president is at and this is why profamily leaders and other Christian leaders are warning that no one who embraces faith in traditional values is now safe in America or anywhere else.

Certainly I may look at Canada they're not safe. They are either.

I think they may be ahead of American my conclusion Bill Kane egg is that we are in and Isaiah 520 generation. A second Timothy three generation right now.

Evil is celebrating righteousness exists only to be attacked and if you love your country. You are an aberration that must be driven underground and laws passed to silence you and I have a frequent saying I never thought I'd see the day I never thought I'd see this day.absolutely, Jack. Think about that everyone throw out by agent of things I've experienced over life would've never thought of my age at this time, having been with logical college after college business world ministry that I would ever see anything remotely like this. It's just unconscionable that even if someone insatiable was off this planet for the last 10 and half years if they came back right now. They would not even believe what's taking place know it all built to a point and then accelerated became an avalanche.

It's so hard to even comprehend this kind of behavior. The other thing is if they can't defeat the people and they're going to infiltrate the liberal churches with their dogma with their agenda with their talk with this hate speech stuff with their pro-LGBT Q with their pro-gay marriage are going to do it that way and they are infiltrating the Protestant and Catholic churches, which in.

Unfortunately Mel majority them favor same-sex marriage. If you're right it's unbelievable as nomination was… 30 p.m. Right now it's up 20 and that's what's happening, you stated ops for all denominations.

I never thought would cave his schemes and want him interested, click, click here.

It's Franklin Graham and he's talking to Lorraine Graham basically saying you know what we need more Christians in leadership in Washington. I thought the president today was as mesmerizing doubt Trump is the guy is holding the torch for God in Christianity and Judeo-Christian culture at stunning stunning model in my lifetime with a better president like this and that he's not afraid to speak out about his life but this was though the 66 prayer breakfast at the start of my father encouraged going back to Pres. Eisenhower and others to work on this at the very beginning every president since Eisenhower has come to this breakfast is a bipartisan breakfast would put on by Republicans and Democrats that they work together and these are men and women of faith who come together in a bipartisan way to put on this breakfast and it shows that Washington can function. We need more more Christians in Washington. Could you imagine if the majority of the House and Senate were God-fearing men and women they could argue their points, but I thin of the day they will come together and work for the good of the all American people. We need men and women in Washington who believe in God believe in his son Jesus Christ who took our sins to the cross and died for our sins and God raised the life we need more men and women like this and last year I went across this country for every state capital asking people to pray for this country and encouraging Christians to run and either teleported run for.

They could be Democrats are giving Republicans, but we need Christians at every level of government. And when Christians come together. This is what you say the prayer breakfast they come together and they work together is a great thing. Laura was glad to be there at one point the president talked about how a year earlier. He had asked for prayers for I believe was a little girl who lives a very, very ill and he said he was overwhelmed her from as he had been overwhelmed by the response, the prayer that had come in for her and he reported that she was doing much better as a small moment.

I know I personally felt the power prayer in very difficult times and the left doesn't understand this Franklin glazing will look easy, but Mary all these times and location. I can have a foul mouth. He said the things in the past. How can this flawed man be this evangelical and an Catholic leader in a way how does that happen. How does God use people like that in your response would be Donald Trump is not a perfect person. I'm certainly not a perfect person and I would hate for somebody to hold me up as being the greatest example of the Christian faith or the Christian life that many failures in my life and so does Donald Trump. But that doesn't stop me from believing in God and believe in his son Jesus Christ, and Donald Trump believes in God and he believes in God's son, Jesus Christ, and I appreciate the fact that he's doesn't run away from his faith and is willing to stand up in front of the whole world and let the world know where he stands in the appreciate people praying for you. We need to pray you were commanded to pray for all those in authority Laura all went black T-shirt available in the presidency he became president and your president and we need that orders us to pray for your listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here on the line from Washington Bill Kane egg have worked with Bill since 2002.

You can learn a lot more at his website, which is watch God work. Watch as an watchman watched out of work and you can sign up for his weekly e-news letter which I think I've promoted for maybe 10, 12 years now. Heinig's eye view from the White House it's electronic you have to get and click word here about my annual conference coming up September 21. Tickets are going fast, you need to check my website or just call brushfire ticketing nets 88833853388883385338 September 21. Tickets are $25 including lunch Katie Ferron Robert Jeffress Sameer Sephardi Jack Hibbs.

Yours truly and Lori Cardoza more as well, at least you'll be bringing us that reading that afternoon. Please don't wait until it's too late. Get those or 888-338-5338 and want to move on here with Bill Kane they can bill you and I and talking privately. We are so concerned about the tide of our times in the just for an example, and you write about it, Disney, Netflix, threatening to leave Georgia in spite of the fact that Hollywood actually films in countries that ban abortion that Hollywood and corporate America are threatening state boycotts again over this LGBT Q abortion restrictions and there are few Fortune 500 companies in America that seem to have the moral commitment to oppose this because of the wrath that would come their way by the media etc. again, we get back to this Isaiah 528 letting eight-year-old girls have hormone injections.

That's good. It's incredible to watch this.

I think you're just spellbound.

I have a lot of friends at Texas Arlington Delta worker for 22 years and I have friends in the government down there and also people that help support the government and know what they're going through down there is incredible annotated Texas will stand up to it's been a battle of good incredible size and magnitude Texas estate continues to get blessed with the enormous oil and gas resources in this incredible economy in the cities of Bloomington. At the same time there in a constant battle against corporate America against the NFL.

One time your other sports leagues were threatening to pick the All-Star game out the Super Bowl game out assembly will just on a bathroom. Bill liquid North Carolina went through all incredible, but praise God for the boldness and these leaders in the states that are doing the right thing.

Biblically speaking, a stand up for life. They stand up for marriage man, a woman is was designed for. They take on these corporate powerhouses that are in there looking for deals.

Anyhow, long time to get somebody big tax break. The taxpayers end up paying for the shareholders. These large corporations on the benefit of the people outside of the jobs. This is a slippery slope. Jan is not getting better in Portuguese. Getting it worse, denoting time you saving about this considering hates me on and on and on. And unfortunately, these activists have worked her way into human relations in major corporations they work their way in the public relations department. Bahman Kerry had 250 LGBT activists within their administration and allow these people now working for corporate America just another facet of a can't believe this is how you were to buy one of these duties just like in Noah's day. God said enough. I think he's going to say enough here any day as well he's going well. Yes, it's good to remove the church in what's called the rapture of the church is going on leave evil mankind on their own. Take the church home and I want to read just two paragraphs from your associate Bill Wilson because I'm not quite finished with Washington yet Bill Canning has been working out of Washington for 20 years service in the White House press Corps which that in itself is a challenge since most of those are on the far left and once we get to talking about the media we learned that 90 leave and 95% of the media's hard left because what Bill Wilson writes in. He's one of the writers for okay and Bill says this not only reading two paragraphs of the room quickly. Here he says three players in the Russian influence con for former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan, former national intelligence director James Klapper.

They are all master manipulators, deep state Intel veterans Comey Brennan and Klapper were appointed by Barack Obama. All three also were connected to the George W. Bush administration.

Recall that after the 2016 election, the New York Post reported that the outgoing president was establishing a shadow government to maintain power through a series of nonprofits, government insiders and appointed judges in the court system. Most know that these three actors were intimately involved in trying to take down the newly elected president. What you may not have known is the shocking revelation of these perilous times and then the last paragraph and reading that Bill Wilson who writes for KNX international news says Washington Times columnist Robert Knight and author Diana West have revealed a legitimate communist concern surrounding these men. Knight reports that West in her book the red thread documents that Brennan and Comay are communists. West documents Brennan September 16, 2016 admission voting for the Communist Party in 1976 that's in the US during testimony before the Congressional Black Caucus foundation Knight reports that Comey admitted identifying as a communist when he was a young man, and still reveres Marxist theologian Reinhold Niebuhr as his spiritual lodestar. Klapper told the House intelligence committee in 2011 that the terrorist sponsoring Muslim brotherhood was just secular and that it had no overarching agenda so Bill and this is written by Bill Wilson one of your colleagues actually Curtis Bowers reference this as well, but I think your average person has no idea that the person leading this bogus campaign against the president James Comey background as a communist, maybe he is still today. I don't know that with interesting building a great job Pharaoh was that outward from very very credible sources as well as his own insight, which is excellent what's happening. I got part of the reason the Dems would come against prop so harshly and hard is because earlier they they camp to continue with their attack because this step is for the service and when it's beginning to service the general bar is for the people he's put in place in some of the other reportedly coming soon US attorney from Connecticut that's in charge of the investigation of the he's bringing an ATV enough geyser to get to the bottom of this people you mentioned a lot of this can be exposed. Hopefully a lot and I think that's really the number one motivation of the Democratic Party to continue through their media which they control 90, 95% of the media to keep the attack on Trop and the front page of the newspaper this other stuff just won't get the press coverage of light to the desert. I want to transition into the media and you're certainly a member of the media and you told me 90% at least our hard-core last and certainly like to know what's in the drinking water at these journalism schools that they crank out one Marxist after another after another anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-righteousness, antiflag, anti-patriotism, that's what they're cranking out in these journalism schools. I just want to play, click here it's Mark LeVan that I want to dress you bill on the media want to quote you as well out of your newsletter because I think he's written some brilliant paragraphs here they hit Mark LeVan in his new book that the media, he says, look Free Press is destroyed, you and I and my listening audience as an enemy of the press. More Americans are worried about sake news than terrorism. That's the part of this clip, you may not hear this kind of a lead in before we get to Mark's comments. More Americans are worried about sake news and they are terrorism just about everybody I know is turned television off because it's intolerable. I lets display that clip you know Sean Tyler. I wrote this book because the media won't solve police. There's no circumspection there's no reconsideration. There's no shame and there really no standards left. So it's up to we the people to take a look at the media since the media won't look at themselves, that wasn't always the case. I wrote down a few things here problems with most of the mass media today. Notice I don't call them the Free Press because they don't even understand what he Free Press is supposed to be, or the history of oppressed because they're destroying a Free Press. They commingle news and opinion pseudo-events.

They manufactured events.

We spent three days talking about the word nasty. How preposterous they push propaganda for the progressive ideology.

AOC is famous not because she smart not because she's profound not because she's accomplished anything, but because they want to promote her and her agenda social activism, climate change is there any individual at CNN or MSNBC in their newsrooms who don't push climate change.

There is no diversity of intellectual thought in these newsrooms.

None. They've abandoned the pursuit of objectivity for social activism, progressivism, and the Democrat party agenda and they promote that agenda day in and day out. In fact, they lead it the reason we talk about impeachment today is not because the president committed any impeachable offenses. It's because the media and the Democrat party want to remove him the reason we spent 2 1/2 years talking about collusion with Russia, a manufactured story a pseudo-think event is the president called it because there was any evidence because this is what the media was pushing day in and day out.

They are not defending the right on the First Amendment of freedom of the press. What is the purpose of freedom of the press. Why is it in the First Amendment. It's not in the First Amendment because of CNN or MSNBC or their corporate ownership or any specific so-called journalist.

It's in there for the American people know, why do we have freedom of the press we have freedom of the press to expand freedom of speech among the American people. The point of news and newsrooms is to give us the information through which we can make decisions about our families, our lives, our government, our country so we can be informed. The best place to find it right now is local TV news and then Rush Limbaugh says objective journalism is dead.

Today's leftist news media are activists asked, working relentlessly to destroy conservatism to literally eliminate it and the people who live and believe in it everywhere they can. They want to bury it and us bill, we probably have to get to this. On the other side of my break in a minute and then let's pick it up again the media deteriorate to this. Mark did a great job in his book metric couple. He mentioned that history of thing on our side effect argument is among the humanistic human manifesto type approach. We want to remove guy we want a roof, Judeo-Christian values, we have our own set of values we need to take care of these people can't take care of himself, and then when you have no moral foundation that all the other perverse things slip into a life that agenda, and a lifestyle it affects everything. Think of what was like what we're growing up Pledge of Allegiance reporting school prayer before we start school wouldn't have problem schools wouldn't have problems in our communities.

Winamp problems in our homes over time is manifested into this disease and now this national disease that we have and those people unfortunately the media in the Democratic Party are lockstep. It's about 90% of them troubled by the 10% service but it's about 90, 95% subordinate range.

Dammit this is a formidable foe. The old saying is you don't argue with some of the bivariate by the gallon trumpets take a moment to thank God for twitter and other social networks. Otherwise this would be getting out all boxes but the only source I will coach you will have to do in the Senate. I'm going to take the midpoint in the program break here when I get back I want to coach youth what you've written about the media's I think it sums it up in your even questioning what on earth is going on with Fox news and so my turn them off the last year so also want to get into another topic. When we get back is you and I have said many times that we're in an age perhaps the most significant breaking news ever as it relates to issues of the last days with the least amount of interest in this topic. Why and why the mocking and the scoffing about the good news that the king is coming will get to that folks want to come back in just a minute don't go away. We love hearing from you if we have impacted your life right is through websites. Politics that's politics reviews for Colasanti time at 763-5544 44 763-559-4444 to reach us by mail by writing Jim Markel and Olive tree ministries box 14 due to Maple Grove, MN 55311-1452 Grove, MN 55114 with Jana Bill given moment. It is now on the horizon. Understanding the times 2019 Saturday, September 21.

Tickets go on sale June 1. General admission only $25 but included lunch after June 1 were asking me to call the brushfire agency at 888-385-3384 sign-up is a bridge that is 888-338-5338 after June 1 featuring six speakers will begin at 845 church doors open at 7 AM location is again grace church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis saw the website for hotel information.

Speakers include Dr. Robert Jeffress the signs of the been around for a long time are increasing in frequency and intensity. I think something big is about to happen during the last days.

I believe the Lord is going to return lives are body at the last trumpet to be out of there will be certain events around the world and the well-being the last trumpet and we don't day and we don't have the hour, but we understand the times and the seasons JD for the third time and I believe it's very soon so everything here matters normal waving of our lives are just kids and he's not only spoken to us in.

He is speaking to us right now world events he's acquiring you and I see in the world and match it up against the word of God and Jim Markel. I believe that the world is longing for a man with a plan for a Mr. fix-it is down at the bottom of here. Is there a leader and chaos will also have a greeting for boards or those of more proclaiming justice to the nations event will be live stream no cost and that Saturday, September 21 just outside of Minneapolis invite all believers to better understand the times become watchmen on the wall friends for life at this annual conference. Learn why things are falling apart falling in the place only to God and knows how things play out the belief United States. We have a team in place as well as the Pentagon that fully understands the number one threat to the Middle East into the world actually the nation of Iran.

If you are on the line, download the one mobile app find a new program on your device every Saturday morning programming is also posted to our YouTube channel.

Jim Markel website and to one Saturday morning. Please pray for this radio outreach that travels around the world. Weekly year on almost 850 radio stations as well as our podcasting YouTube audience you're trying to affect lives for eternity.

Bill could it be that Pres. Trump right now is been so to raise for such a time as this. Just like Queen Esther to help save the Jewish people from an Iranian menace as a Christian I certainly believe that's possible and he's talking about God when it comes to Israel. I'm confident that the Lord is a worker pump also receives criticism for injecting his faith into the equation of God our father, Dr. heart. Help us to draw near to the sincerity of her Maryland merit worship of the natural there is nothing with a candid official government official. When asked to talk about their own personal belief system. What is wrong is for him to apply as he appeared to do those Christian values, though specifically evangelical Christian values to the task of foreign policy. But for Pompeo, his village. He was informed by his faith. There is no separating the two. It's who he is. Your faith has informed your views clearly and not only that, but you're not shy to talk about and I'm wondering about how the really manifest in your life so course, my mission as a secretary state, the thing I've raised my right hand to do. I swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and I've done that. Now I have four times, first as a soldier that is a member of Congress and is the director of Sandow Secretary of State in each of those missions.

The task that I have is informed by my understanding of my faith, my belief in Jesus Christ as Savior think that makes a real difference is I want people to know is why I talk about it from time to time.

I want folks to know the perspective that I am bringing to the challenges of the job that I face and it also requires me to try and hold myself to the standards the Christians hold themselves out for. It's not an easy task from North Korea to Iran and everything in between. He's the key man Pompeo who loves revolutionary war history is determined to forge ahead in both the diplomatic and spiritual battlefields. Ahead David Brody CBN news you heard a critic there of Mike Pompeo's saying oh my, how horrible that somebody like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might apply Christian values to foreign policy. What are some of the things we've been talking about for the first part of understanding the times radio and that is Pres. Trump has Christians Christian friendly people serving in the administration, the party of the left and for that matter, the media, all sorts of rivers and shakers, the deep say people in Washington are just simply horrified by the concept of God. They want to delete God from the country they want to delete godly principles from the country. They want us to celebrate nothing but diversity. Values that any Christian can only run from because there fulfilling the Isaiah 520 good being called evil evil being called good in their indication that many in America and the Western world have been given over to a Romans one mentality, depravity, depravity, talking to Bill Canning for the hour and not quite finished with the media yet and you say this. CNN is a media disaster in their continued spewing vitriol toward conservatives. I haven't seen Wolf Blitzer smile in 15 years is a big part of the problem along with the other cast of characters homosexual TV personalities Anderson Cooper Don lemon then you say the other networks are equally bad in their distorted coverage of conservatives. MSNBC's top post. Rachel Maddow is a lesbian LGBT agenda as one of their main agenda items Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, along with their media guests can't contain their angst against Pres. Trump and then you include. I'm at least cutting it off here. Fox news is filling their ranks with gay personalities, Shepard Smith and Fox news contributor Guy Benson are homosexual and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce is a lesbian. Most members of the five personalities are on record as favoring same-sex marriage, Fox's Steve Hilton asked Pres. Trump if he would have a problem with Democrat presidential candidate Pete butted Jake being on stage with his husband, the president said he wouldn't mind the LGBT activists are going to keep at this in an attempt to isolate the president from his Christian base. I thought that was a good quick summary at least of some cable news job boards are perspective and that words are Judeo-Christian values were the respect your tolerance for abuse and that's unfortunate what happened with these cable networks that you mentioned these people made a determination on how they want to run their life the same time they're not tolerant of our lakes and our values and they say were not tolerant what they're not tolerant of the way we believe the way we were brought up Judeo-Christian values to dictate our lives. And that's a big problem. All you people have the right to have their own beliefs.

Unfortunately, they will have a personal, intimate relationship with our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ and that's all we can pray for is nothing new under the sun is that Solomon spoke of in Ecclesiastes were living in that Isaiah 520 time on evil considered good and good considered evil things are out of order. There out of order because were moving away from her Judeo-Christian values and our foundation that built and created this wonderful country. Dylan wanted talk for just a minute here. Nine. Monitor events as they relate to the Bible literally on a daily basis but you can you read headlines on my website. Olive trees headlines and articles that are posted daily that will help give you insight from a biblical perspective on the issues of the day.

Same with Bill Kane eggs website.

Bill is my guest for the hour is website is watched out of work and you can get is the newsletter Kane eggs I view from the White House to help you understand these times that I went out of that segment one saying you and I say all the time we're in an age of the most significant breaking news, at least as it relates to the issues of the last days with the least amount of interest in this topic. Give me your feedback on that and the fact that you and I've talked a lot about 100 million people in various churches believe in replacement theology talk to me about this for a minute and it made me that we currently are the most important time in biblical and prophetic history with the least amount of interest in the church. As you mentioned that in 2000 for the work for Mark go add up the numbers of all the people that attend Protestant and Catholic churches. The replacement theology, believing that there is no biblical significance to the state of Israel that Jesus will be returning to Jerusalem for thousand year millennial reign. They know nothing of the rapture and they are the ones that are calling for Israel to leave a covenant land that God gave Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendents, may that this biblical illiteracy is like this today on the abuse of the ones with the world Council of churches and Afghan Celtic churches are calling on Israel to give up Arab land. The Arabs there land. It's amazing to be Jim but again the 27% of the Bible. That's Bible prophecy as is important today as it ever been, because were getting close to that day when the Messiah returns. We understand that but you have all these people in direct opposition because they believe the Bible prophecy is allegorical, not literal, serial. Consequently, if there are there there there going to be there another part of the Bible. My audience to hear just some of the scoffing that's going on out there, it simply shocking and talking now that issues related to end times, Israel, Jerusalem saved all tied together as a cliff. I found not even sure who it is itself of the YouTube video but I just want you to listen to the tone of this folks, and then put this into perspective of how important would build Teaneck and I are talking about for this hour.

Some the most important insight and perspective on our times, because it has everything to do with the quickly the Lord is coming back and now listen to the scoffers I've told you before about the evangelical support for Israel being very heavily driven by the belief that by supporting Israel the second coming of Jesus Christ will happen depending on your flavor of Christianity.

This will bring about the rapture or the apocalypse of the end times of the end of the world whichever lovely phrase in your sacked attributes to that event.

I've also told you before about outrageous Fox News host Janine Puro, who was at some point a judge somewhere really scary to think about and she combined her insanity with the evangelical insanity around Israel in one lovely segment where she praised Donald Trump's decision to move the embassy that the United States has in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy listen to Janine Puro here just gushing about how great Donald Trump is Donald Trump send Iranians who are the descendents of Persia a message to reflect on their own history right and that it was the king of Persia, who thousand years before Mohammed was even born.

That's it. Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish people's country, there will be no Ottoman Empire associate nations that will destroy Jerusalem any longer. Donald Trump recognize history. He liked King Cyrus before him, failed biblical prophecy of the gods worshiped by Jews, Christians and Muslims that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state, and that the Jewish people. Finally, deserve a righteous free and sovereign Israel. I notice she seemed weird pronunciation of Jerusalem that Trump had in that video where it didn't. It wasn't clear whether he was trying to eat his tongue or maybe had a denture issue. I wonder if maybe it's like having the years that are too big or something like that trips crucial.

It's a weird did you notice that Pat is a weird thing that's going on.

It's connected to being a Trump supporter in some way out be hard to draw that line to her to parse it out this news. Like how does this count as news analysis. These are quite literally the rantings of a disjointed and ignorant person and I wonder, what do they know that this is the biblical prophecy that ends with the destruction of life for the rapture.

I know some of them know that and love it like they think that's just at the greatest thing. Nothing better than the rapture but I think that that's part of the story that some of these people are missing and the other just laughable thing that shows you how transparently devoid of any meaning. All of this nonsense is is that in reality the relocation of an embassy doesn't have anything to do with biblical prophecy right like Jerusalem as the real and enduring capital of Israel either is or is not, but he merely obese 71-year-old president saying that removing a building from one city to another materially change the biblical meaning of what's going on and that's what sort of truly beneath evangelical support for Israel. It's this nonsense were more than 50% of American evangelical Christians believe literally that Israel is a requirement for the rapture or Armageddon or the apocalypse. Call it what you want the end of the world. They want that right and they see Jerusalem is ground zero for that and it is really important to understand this when you hear about the political support that Israel gets from the right wheel tank second Peter three screams at me about the mocking and the scoffing going on.

I'm sure Desi was well guys are so clueless authority began again, where he began. I know there are indicative of what's alcohol is a great example. Jan and there are no connection of the.their level of understanding is so inadequate you know unfortunately there are just a small amount of us that are truly straight tuned it evangelical. That's why just praise God for the opportunity to understand from Genesis to Revelation is his work and for us to follow the word from beginning to end, and the prophets as relevant today as it's ever been in the site community. God moving in my life and other people's lives and answer prayers and then to watch Bible prophecy playing out in our day.

It's incredibly exciting and the timeclock is Jerusalem the state of Israel and its exciting days you have written a lot to down to one of your books designed to live facing the consequences of dividing Israel and recently in your E newsletter and other places I've heard you comment and watch you comment in red things. We have had just astounding May and early parts of June here astounding. I would say whether catastrophes we've had I think 500 tornadoes in just a few weeks.

That was back in May.

Sort of.

One calamity after another and you feel that some of these calamities have come about because America is messing with God's covenant land, possibly with Jared Kushner trying to divide the land at the same time you and I acknowledge Israel's never had a friend like Donald Trump. So how are you connecting the dots. Here we get Jared Kushner maybe trying to divide the land. Donald Trump is not can let anything harmful happen to Israel, but I'll get back to report that lamp regardless of friend or foe.

God give Atlanta, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendents, and is not to be divided parted parcel. Whatever his covenant land not documented hundred 29 events since the perfect storm within a 30 foot waves into President Bush's home in Madrid Spain in October 30, 1991 I noticed in my studies and history of documenting all these events.

We've had Midwestern floods.

That's been the period of the most active effort in the peace process is been five different summers over the last 27 years that there has been massive flooding and at the very time our White House administrations were very active in the peace process at that time.

This last month, the month of May had 500 tornadoes record floods record storms and Kushner was very active. He was in Jerusalem he was in Brussels he was having meetings with Middle East leaders in preparation for the January 25 26 conference about right.

So his whole month of May was very active. They acknowledge the day they invited everybody you have these key meetings with NATO leaders Israeli leaders Middle East leaders in all of this was taking place in the heartland of America is the heartland of Israel's being discussed will very interesting.

And yet, as I said, and I emphasize and reemphasize.

I cannot fathom the president allowing anything to happen.

That's going to harm the nation of Israel. Her boundaries or borders or people I could be very wrong, but I just have a hard time seeing that happen group that I deftly agree that's what your good friend Michelle Bachmann and others you know we've contacted the White House you yes and will you have we been involved or where what were saying there where the message or were they importing the covenant land of Israel from a biblical perspective so the Lord is deftly open those doors for Michelle myself.

Thanks to Michelle to be able to get this message to the ministration and I think they are very well aware of it partially if interesting is they were going to do the economic and political the same time, the political being the land.

They decided to kinda break it into two parts, starting with the economic and the political is been delayed again because there is not a government in Israel so that possibly will be November, but we continue to say please not give up the biblical are no busier was Judeo and Samaria for the Arab state. Please do not because there will be consequences as there have been since 1991. Anything before that I want to hit Iran to hear before time runs out before I head in that direction to skinnier perspective on the candidates on the left since 2020 election because obviously campaign 2020 is in full gear. President Trump kicked his off week or so ago, the left is been on the market share for six months practically give me your thoughts.

No other substance.

There's a lot of stuff that they say war and Harrison Booker and others Biden. They have their rhetoric the place of their base there.

Just a lot of gravitas. There's not a lot of plant. All I can do is attack Trump Jan the 20+ candidates. I don't think there's really anybody since even formidable. I think it's going to be a very interesting election.

Obviously with all the different components of the tax. The presidents gone under VP Pentz.

That's my opinion. At this point there really is a real strong viable Democratic candidate listened to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here talking to White House correspondent Bill Kane.

It you hear him on this program.

Many times we try to bring Washington insights to all of you and Michelle Bachmann on numerous times as well, and we kept the fire up 1-2-3 punch when it comes to trying to keep you apprised of all that's going on in our nation's capital.

But more importantly than that. How does Italian to the Bible how to tie into events that are predicted in the Bible for the last days. Remember if you write to us, which always tell us how you listen. You listen to her. One of our over 850 stations podcasts you two were slip in some images and video into our YouTube.

Now, if you'd like to actually see what were talking about. You can do that on our YouTube.

If you're really in a hurry and you just want it downloaded to your devices get our one mobile app and you can take the program with you where ever you go. I hear from a lot of you say and you take your morning walk and listen to understanding the times radio and we really appreciate it.

Wanted to check out our printed e-news letter we talked about all the things Bill Canning and I are discussing on this particular our bill. I want to play a real quick clip it's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talking about a potential war with Iran. And then I want to spend at least five minutes or longer if necessary. Talking to you about what on earth is going on with Israel and Iran. American Iran is a Civil War were looking at this is possibly even Gog Magog forming that stasis considering full range of options we brief the president couple times will continue to keep them updated. We are confident that we can take a set of actions that can restore deterrence, which is our mission set to say a full range of options does not include a military response course force present to consider everything we need to do to make sure right with God's presence, and we don't want Iran to get a nuclear weapon. The previous ministration put them on a path with a virtually guaranteed that they could get there so we withdrew from the ridiculous JCP away and are moving ourselves towards a set of policies which will convince Iran to behave simply like a normal nation so you seen them attacking international waterways trying to frankly drive up the price of crude oil around the world so that the world will cry uncle in all our lives is that if there so cash-strapped and they need these customers whether they attack them because Iran can sell its Google. We've stopped them from doing that.

We put sanctions in place that have taken them from roughly 2.7 barrels per day. Million barrels per day, with American sections, release this video of importing the show and IRG Revolutionary guard patrol boat pulling up alongside these vessels and removing a mind from the hull of the ship. How certain are you that this is the IRG see when you take that evidence presented to our allies and the United Nations. Of course, will lead and we don't just purport that's what that video is. This was taken from American, this is the stuff this is the real data. Yes, we've shared it with allies already you have a chance to see it.

I made a bunch of phone calls just to make a whole bunch more calls today.

The world needs to unite against the threat from Islamic Republic of Buchanan. The previous administration actually enable Iran to get the bomb current administration is trying to prevent Iran from getting the bomb.

The news reports say they're going to have it in six months looking at a potential war either. Israel striking Iran America striking Iran. Iran striking Israel around striking America. What are your thoughts about the regions.

The good thing about it. Pres. Trump has people in place right now to fully understand the normal and correct. The Middle East possible. The world is wrong like pants. Mike Pompeo is a remarkable Secretary of State also has the benefit of the CIA insight that he had was director of the CIA in the knee of John Bolton is knowledge about Iran, of the threats of Iran and North Korea for a long period of time so you have very practical, pragmatic people that fully understand the threat.

The other thing is a former CIA twenty-year person told me about 56 years ago the UN.

It's not by chance that the Chinese Persians and Jews have survived the centuries.

Because of that smart so this is a very formidable group on their three-dimensional chess players were anybody else Middle East is playing checkers. So Iran is a very substantial threat. Jan we have to take him very seriously. At the same time we know what their nefarious purposes are for the Middle East. We can see that there still a major supporter of the terror group Hezbollah, Hamas fees in the Yemen are also working their way into South America on me and they are very formidable. Number one is top of the nuclear weapon number two is stopping the ballistic missiles are to carry those nuclear weapons: them to become a player in the nations of the world as you know that there are very wealthy mom focus is people so it probably never get there but nonetheless this Ministration is very serious about applying the pressure on Iran to stop some of these nefarious things are doing Israel had a plan to attack and run back in 2008, then the Obama administration came along. I'll never forget this is a stunning surveyed Israel from attacking a run so I guess he could protect his Muslim buddies. He just said Israel. If you try to attack Iran. Iranian nuclear reactors are US planes will shoot airplanes out of the sky. Am sure you about fell on your chair when you read that to Bill absolute October 2008 Israel by registering their jets on ago got wind of it, Obama said look you don't do this, we will promise you we will start pushing sanctions right after the election in 2009 and that Yahoo was all but ready to go were stopped by Obama. At that point and then end up working this way under this agreement that the truck administration is not favoring would now be the time. Now Israel has the most friendly US president in its 71 year history Israel has the needed weaponry at the same time, it would not be like the 1981 strike on the Iraqi nuclear reactor would now be sort of the ideal time for Israel to do this to make some kind of strength yesterday rated number one. The situation would have on their northern border getting much worse never to his Iran is developing some weaponry and Lebanon.

There also bring you and Israel continues to take out with aircraft that continues to be an issue in the problem. They also bought a lot of spell checks from Flickr give them a lot of different capabilities at the didn't have before their 2008 plan was brilliant with all kinds of things cyber localized BMPs doing bring ejected from curves expand and you have administration right now to think this administration could benefit a lot with what Israel is already done in preparation for that inevitable attack on Iran very likely the fulfillment of Jeremiah 4935 to 49 speaks of the law which is modern-day Iran, so this would be a formable Israel United States cooperation in the event to deal with this enemy back the leadership of Iran continues to talk about the wiping out of the little Satan, which is Israel. The big state which United States they are bent on. Determined to wipe out Israel and what does it better than Israel and they must do something as well and one other quick note here. The Saudis are petrified of a nuclear Iran because they believe Israel will be the first to be hit and they would be the second spray had and they need to be prepared as well. And that's another reason the Saudis looking United States and Israel to be assistance to them well in Iran is waiting for the Monte you called him the Tulsa mom same thing. The Mahdi Islamic Mahdi Islamic Messiah, and I think they believe that chaos will welcome the Mahdi.

So I think they'd love to create chaos which is unthinkable. Bill you're thinking of nuclear weaponry dropped on innocent people just to bring in their Mahdi, but these people are capable of doing that, that I was a big doctrine during Obama's time in office the 12th Imam of the body that we haven't heard a lot about it lately but we know that the supreme leaders of Iran are very prophetic when it comes to that which you just discussed and I would imagine that she is much so that ever before the due start addressing it or mentioning that only the God of Israel knows how things play out the Middle East with Portugal United States.

We have a team in place as well as at the Pentagon that fully understands the number one threat to the Middle East into the world actually the nation of Iran like to learn more soaks this it builds website launch. The word sign up for his teammates. I view from the White House E newsletter to get to books is offering over there. Obama's legacy and idolize facing the consequences of dividing Israel and as I go out of the program. I feel I need to remind us yeah we live in unstable times we live in biblical times. Frankly, we live in times that the prophets of old long to see that it is both a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this. So many I hear from our walking through a fire many of you listening today are walking through the fire.

It seems the world is always engulfed in turmoil is well let me leave you with the verse Psalm 31 and they are the psalmist says I trust in you, oh Lord, our times are in your hands me think about that on a geopolitical level times are in his hands as it concerns your life. I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you.

She thank you for your loyal listenership. We have tried to error the inconvenient truth for almost 20 years of understanding the times radio tried to be an alternative source for news and patient. Those apologetics desire to help you look up though our redemption draws everything seems falling apart. That means the King is coming soon as hear from you by writing us through a website. All of three that's all's time 763-554-4763 55 or drop us a note tax-deductible check to all of three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 5511 Xbox 14520, Minnesota 55 until next week. There is always hope.

Called the blessed is soon return of our Lord and say

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