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Your Final Exam: The Bema Seat

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 17, 2019 8:00 am

Your Final Exam: The Bema Seat

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 17, 2019 8:00 am

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We learn about heavenly rewards this hour. What are they and when do we receive them second fringes.

Chapter 5 staff for we must all pull here is speaking about himself, for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive due for what he is done in the body.

Good or takes your breath away. Welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the run this hour.

Jan talks to Dr. Mark Hitchcock for the hour mark has a new book out on the judgment seat of Christ.

Supposedly famous seat at this event in eternity. Every thought, motive and deed will be judged and rewarded, but joy Jan Markel and market it's going to be an awesome day possible possibility in every hassle is no possibility of any repetition because again, this is the final judgment. I think again statement of the thousand nights and a lengthy send lending a lot recently how they get nothing out of time and nothing I'm gay and it will leave heads in shame and say my God, look at all the riches that wedding Jesus Christ and I come to the judgment seat almost a problem again and inspire us a new Dinesh. I will help us to live with the tenancies that is in you and welcome to the program. Eternity's values in view were going to talk about that for the hour you know that we will be receiving rewards from the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and that will be at the judgment seat of Christ, also known as the mainmast seat.

My guest for the hour. Mark Hitchcock says that receiving rewards will be a sign of God's pleasure and approval of our lives here on earth, but our entire life will be evaluated. Motives, thoughts, deeds, action, selfish acts, lots of things will be evaluated by the King of Kings and for the Christian heaven isn't simply a destination. Quite frankly, it's a motivation. Think of it this way how you live, think and act right now. Every day will reverberate in your existence forever and ever. God wants us to know that our labors and sacrifices here on earth. Well, they're not in vain. God wants to graciously reward, sacrifice and faithfulness. Probably the most obvious verse for all of this that will be discussing a second Corinthians 510 for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according to that he has done, whether good or bad. Now we are carrying a new product and it is a book. His latest Dr. Mark Hitchcock, heavenly rewards living with eternity insight and it actually is from cover to cover about the judgment seat of Christ, so going talk about that.

Hopefully we might have time for just a couple of comments about some current events going on.

Obviously, things are breaking the news on none not daily basis but an hourly basis and some of them have some biblical significance in if time allows, we'll talk about that as well so Mark Hitchcock will come back to understanding the times radio like you so much Rob and Ginger and I really appreciate it. I think we should clarify Mark and by the way I read your book cover to cover. I think we should clarify that the judgment seat of Christ, the famous seat affects not just heaven but also what we do in the millennial kingdom in my right draw zero showed a kick out of the first phase of eternity millennial kingdom.

The 1000 year reign of Christ when he returns them after the finish will go on into the eternal state. Resist the rewards that we received of believers at the judgment seat of Christ, which again you and I both believe that after the rapture rapture the church will happen. Those who God is. Believers will be resurrected. Those of us rely will be caught up will make the Lord a memo appear at the judgment should be rewarded or receive block of reward and based on one of differing positions of authority and rule and reign throughout the millennial kingdom. The thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on this earth.

What we do now on the way we live now is not only going to affect what we call heaven or alternative it will affect our thousand year reign original signed one of my friends had years ago really like you should know this is training time for writing to reign with Christ on the earth during the thousand years and Luke chapter 19 schedule shall rule over five cities formal rollover considered so what we do now how faithful we are now with the opportunities the gifts of the abilities that God gives to us is going to affect the way we live for the thousand year millennial reign on into eternity you highlight in the book a lot of verses that actually use the word your rewards and I don't know many people who do things for eternal rewards, but it's nice to know that they do await us that the Bible talks about rewards that God is pleased with our service and I think it's nice to know that we will have the Lord's approval, but I appreciated all the verses you highlighted, just stating the words your reward throughout the Scripture.

Marcello Started This Topic before but Is Layout during the Opening Chapter. A Lot Of These Verses Because A Lot Of People Have the Idea. I Think That Somehow Reward Makes Our Service. Your Mercenary, Working to Get Something from God or Working for Reward and Almost Really Deny This Ideal Future Reward, but One of Them Got One Out Of the Book I Think Is so Important Is Really Impactful to Me in Writing the Book Is We Have To Remember Rewards or God's Idea, They Were Not Making This up or Doing Something to Try to Give People Motivation. It's God's Idea to Give Rewards so Really When We Deny Rewards or or Somehow Diminish Rewards Were Diminishing Something That God Is Told That She Desires to Give to Us and Really What the Rewards Will Be Ultimately Is a Sign of God's Pleasure in His Approval with Our Lives. So It's Not Just a Reward for Side but It's What That Reward Signifies That We Really Desire Which Is to Be Pleasing to the Lord Is. Let's Go through and You Actually Offer Some Basic Questions in the Book.

Let's Go through A Few of the Questions That You Suggest Here in One of the Opening Chapters May Start with the First One Will Christians Be Judged for Their Sins. At This Bema Seat or Judgment Seat of Christ Most Important Questions I Think People Wonder about Because A Lot Of People Have This Really Fearful Idea of Appearing before the Judgment for Cringing. It Will Be There like a Big Video of My Life around Wanting to See It Every Sort of Thought, Every Evil Thing I've Ever Done Is to Be up There on the Screen for Everyone to See.

My View Is That at the Judgment Seat of Christ As Believers Were Only Going to Be Judged for Behavior after We Become a Believer Talk to Carlock before We Became a Christian Will Not Be Evaluated Because We Were Lost We Can Do Anything to Please God, but after We Become a Believer in Christ Service for the Lord Is Going to Be Evaluated but I Don't Think Our Sins Will Be Part of the Several Verses, I Would Point to One Is Romans Chapter 8 Verse One a Very Familiar Verse. There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation to Those Who Are in Christ Jesus in John Chapter 5 Verse 24. Jesus Said That Coming to Judgment for Our Sins. I Believe There Are Sins Will Be the Issue with the Judgment Seat.

What Will Be at Issue Is Our Service. What We Did for Jesus Christ and the Service Will Be Evaluated for What We Did, How We Did It, Why We Did It so That's What's Going to Be under Review.

I Believe That the Judgment Should Not Are Sins. I Think Some Are Wondering This Can Be a Public Event. People Can Be Standing around Maybe Making Comments. I Hope Not.

Well, That's a Question I Put in the Book Because I've Always Wondered about That Myself. Notice Be a Public or Private Is Not Some Say It Will Be Private Because No One Else's Business. You Know the Lord Evaluates My Life. One of the Problems with Making It Private As Well Get to Know the Results of the Judgment. Anyway, Will All Know What We Received Will Be Able to Look at Other People's Lives in Eternity and See What They Received As a Reward.

It Seems to Me That It Will Be Public When You Look at Passages like in Luke Chapter 19 Where the Servants There. The Master Left in Charge of His Goods in His Business When He Went Away into the Occupied Telecom Comes Back, It Seems like Everyone's Gathered There Together and Knows What's Happening Again You Can't Take Everything in a Parable and Say That It Necessarily Reflects Everything That's Going to Take Place, and Luke 19 Is Not Necessarily Picturing the Judgment Seat, but It Is a Judgment Saying of the Lord Coming Back and Holding People Accountable for What They've Done with What He's Given Them Seems to Me There That It Is a Public Event Racist Take from This Person and Give to This Person so Seems like There There Several People Are in There Were What's Happening. My View Is That It Does Seem to Be a Public Event. Some Will Say What Is Going to Be Really Embarrassing, but I like to Think It Was When Literature Pointed out Years Ago, One of His Books on the Judgment Seat. He Said Look, No One's Going to Be Feeling Higher Than Anybody Else Wrong to Be in the Same Boat There. So I Think It Will Be Public. And That's Interesting That You Do Feel It's Public Is That's a Little Bit Ominous, You May Be Proven Very Right. I Want to Defer to Urban Listserv for a Moment and I Want to Talk about Because One of Your Questions Is, Could We Feel Sorrow or Remorse at the Judgment Seat. Since Every Motives Will Be Judged a Means Sometimes Mankind Has Some Selfish Motives. For Instance, the Teacher May Be Teaching for the Glory of Teaching Entertainers or Singers Maybe Singing for the Glory They Might Get. And of Course All That's Going to Come out and Then Were Certainly Going to Feel Regret and I Might Take It a Step Further and Even Asked Could We Even Shed Some Tears and before I Get Your Response Mark and One Player Real Quick Clip of Irma Luzerne and Then Come Back and Get Your Response.

There May Be Another Reason Why They're Going to Be Tears and Have a Safe Reason That I Suspect Is Perhaps the Correct One, and That Is Tears of Regret When We Think of How We Lived in Light of All the Opportunities God Gave Us.

I Believe That There Is Going to Be Tears at the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ That I Have To Clarify That When I Speak about the Judgment Seat of Christ. I'm Talking about You Believers in Me As a Believer. We Are Going to Stand There If You're Here Today and You Never Saving Really Believed on Jesus You've Never Trusted Him As Your Savior. You Will Not Appear at This Judgment Will Appear at Another Judgment Described in the Book of Revelation Judgment That Is Horrific and Terrifying. But Today I'm Speaking to Christians, the Bible Says We Shall Appear in Their Some People Say What You Know It's No Big Deal Because Calvary Covers It All. And the Answer Is Yes, of Course, Calvary Covers It All Legally. When You Receive Christ As Savior. You're Forgiven, past, Present and Future.

You Become a Son or Daughter of God. I Get but That Doesn't Mean That God Does Not Judge Justified Sinners, for Example, Today If You Sin. God Judges You, God Disciplines You Even Though Calvary Covers It All.

When Ananias and Sophia Died and They Arrived in Heaven after Lighting You Know the Story in the Book of Acts.

I Can Imagine.

They Said to One Another Will Is Why We Get Judged That Way Doesn't Cover It All. Legally, Yes, but Still Were Going to Be Judged on the Basis of What We Did with What God Gave Us and Then You Have Those Super Spiritual People Who Say Well You Know You Know These Rewards Are Just Crowns and Aren't We Just Going to Start Crowns before Jesus Anyway, Implying It Doesn't Really Matter How I Live. Well, I Don't Believe That the Rewards Mentioned in the Bible Are Medallion If We Do Start Crowns before Christ Will Have To Pick Them up Again Because the Bible Talks about Those Are the Rule with Him Forever and Ever. I Believe That Rewards Have To Do with Degrees of Responsibility in the Kingdom of God Is Going to Slot You in Responsibility. You're Listening to Understanding the Times Radio Jan Markel Here. I Have on the Line. Dr. Mark Hitchcock, a Familiar Voice and Understanding the Times Radio Were Carrying His Newest Book Which Is Titled Heavenly Rewards Living with Eternity Insight.

You Can Find It in My Online Store and Olive Tree Olive Tree and Call My Office. It's in My Various Newsletters Printed in EE Sign up for Those Online Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Your Thoughts, and Dr. Luther's Comments, There Was a Great Quote or Beautiful Quote by Him. I Agree with Him That There Will Be Regret and Remorse at the Judgment Seat of Christ. I Don't See How There Can't Be No Less down Than We Know Now You Know the Things That We Didn't Do Know the Opportunities We Have Had to Know the Things That We Should Have Done That We Could Have Gone to Realize Our Motives Oftentimes Were so Tainted and What We Do so Will Know Those Findings and I Don't See How There Could Be Any Other Response Observed in Some Remorse and Regret.

Having Said That, Though I Think It's Important Also to Keep That Imbalance and I Do Believe That the Overall Emotion That We Will Experience at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Even If There Is Regret and Remorse. There Will Still Be Joy Talks about in the First John Chapter 2 the End of the Chapter about People Shrink Away from the Lord Is Coming out against Talking about Believers Will Be Ashamed. It Also Says at the End of the Book of Jude to Stand in His Glorious Presence with Great Joy Thought Do Believe That the Overarching Emotion That We Will Experience While Were There after We've Been Judge up We Been Evaluated Will Be an Overwhelming Sense of Joy Because I Do Believe That God Will Find Something in the Life of Every Believer to Reward First Corinthians Chapter 4 and Verse Five Says That Don't Go on Judging before the Time to Wait until the Lord Comes, Will Bring to Light the Things Hidden in Darkness Shall Expose the Motives of Men's Hearts Counsel Ominous.

But Then the Last Phrase Is Each One Will Receive His Reward from God and It's in the Singular.

There That Every Believer Will Receive a Reward from God. I Think We Have To Balance out the Idea of Remorse and Shame and Regret Will Fill Their with This Idea of an Overwhelming Sense of Joy to Be There in the Presence of the Lord and Any Reward We Received Working to Recognize Is a Result Ultimately of His Grace in Our Lives like You Bring out Mark Hitchcock.

Some People, Quite Frankly, the One with Less Ability. Some Are Born with Tremendous Talent and Skills and Even Intelligence and They're Going to Excel As Far More. And They May Excel in Kingdom Work Far More.

I'm Sure That in Consideration and Then As You Already Reference Some Come to Faith Much Later in Life, so They Had Perhaps Only A Few Months to A Few Years Compared to Someone Who Was Serve the Lord. 4050 60 Years Not Tried Those Issues Are Addressed. If You Have Got an Entire Chapter Yes Lock on Matthew Chapter 20 It's the Beautiful Picture There of Jesus Telling the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard As the Laborers to Go Out Of 6 O'clock in the Morning and Another Group at 9 O'clock in the Morning Report Known a Group of Three in the Afternoon and Then There's the 11th Hour Workers a Glut of 5 O'clock in the Afternoon Just Working Our Way Receive the Same at the Various As Those Who Went out Early.

Now There's More to the Parable in Oversimplifying It Right Now, but One of the Lessons Is That the Length of Service Does Not Determine the Degree of Reward, Because Again You Educate People at the Civil Signals 85 of the Time Served with the Length of Service Doesn't Determine the Degree of Reward God's Gracious We Think about This God Is Omniscient God Knows Everything. He Knows Our IQ.

He Knows Our Talents. She Knows Our Weaknesses. He Knows Our Ability. She Knows All of Those Things and God Will Judge Us Individually but Also Impartially, Inclusively He'll Take Everything into Account, and Based on All of That God Will Give Reward or Withhold Reward and We Can Know That When We Receive Rewards and She's Omniscient, and Knows All Things.

What We Received Is Exactly What You Should Have Received National Who We Are What We down so That Should Be a Comfort to All of Us. I Don't Have To Run Your Race. You Do Have To Run My Race. We Don't Run Anyone Else's Right Wrong to Be Judge for How We Ran the Race That God Gave Us to Go Back to the Timing of This Event. You Already Referred to It. It Takes Place after the Rapture before the Second Coming, Because at the Time the Second Coming.

We Returned with Jesus Christ and Then We Begin the Millennial Kingdom Where We Begin to Implement, However, Were Going to Be Serving Based on Some of Those Rewards Would Be Right Practice after the Rapture before the Second Coming, Perhaps before the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. What I Understand, Rely on the Verse Are Quoted Earlier in First Corinthians 45.

This Is Your Don't Go on Judging before the Time Wait until the Lord Comes Bring to Light the Things Hidden in Darkness Expose the Motives of Men's Hearts. Each Man's Reward Will Come from God. So the Judgment Seat Takes Place When the Lord Comes to Come Sunday Any Day, Any Moment He Could Come Dead in Christ Will Rise First. We Are Alive and Remain Will Be Caught up Going Appear before the Lord, and I Believe the First Order of Business When We Get to Heaven Will Be the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Think One of the Reasons I Believe That Is Because We Get to Revelation Chapter 19 When the Bride There Is in Heaven Waiting to Return Back to the Earth with Jesus Said That the Bride Is Wearing Fine Linen Which Is the Righteous Acts of the Saints. What Appears to Me.

By That Time That the Bride Has Been Rewarded in Heaven Is Dr. Mark Hitchcock for the Hour. He's Actually Been Speaker at One of My Understanding the Times Conferences Many Occasion, I Think At Least Five Times and Let Me Just Quickly Say Again Here As It Concerns Tickets for the Conference and They're Going Quickly, so Would You Check in with the Brushfire Agency about Your Tickets and the Number Is 888-338-5338 It Says $25 That Includes a Lunch and the Event Is Saturday, September 21 Will Be Live Streamed Katie Farah Dr. Robert Jeffress, a Mere Sephardi Pastor Jack Hibbs, Lori Cardoza Moore and Others, Myself Limit Just Quickly Add That If You Discover That You Cannot Attend to Brushfire a Call and Just Say You Know What, I'm Not Can Be There. Give Your Name and the Names so That Those Tickets Can Be Available for Others. Please Do That. 888-338-5338 and the Event Will Be Closed-Captioned at the Church and Online so That's Kind of New This Year. Moving on Here with Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Mark, Is There Somewhere in the Bible That Might Indicate What Kind of Rewards Folks Will Get What Probably Maybe the Most Little Bit Nebulous Part of the Whole Idea of Reward You Why I Think We Can Save These Rewards Must Be Something That Are Magnificent Because the Lord Calls on Us to Labor for Them to Affect How We Live for All of Eternity.

Pulses You Forgetting What's behind Our Press on toward the Prize You with the Upward Call of God in Christ Jesus, so Something Wonderful and beyond Our Imagination, but There Really Laid out in the Bible. I Can Come in Three Main Categories We Have the Crowns That Clip You Played from Dr. Luther Refers to the Ground and the Term Is Used in the Bible for the Victors Crown Back in the Day Someone Would Appear at the Olympic Games Metals like We Did the Gold or Silver Bronze but It Was a Oakleaf or Partially Crown That They Receive, Which Was Perishable in the Course the Crowns We Receive Are Contrasted with That in the Bible There Imperishable W Eternal Are Given for Different Types of Behavior That Is Dr. Luther Said When the Castles Crowns at the Feet of Jesus.

But I Agree with Him. It Doesn't Mean You Were Giving the Rewards up Because the Effect of Those Rewards Will Carry on in Our Lives for All of Eternity. What I Think That Simply Implies There Casting the Crowns of Jesus Feet That Were Giving Him the Glory for What We and to Me That's a Beautiful Thought Is of God Comes and Saves Us by His Grace Apart from Anything That We've Gone Are We Not Done Gives Us His Holy Spirit Empowers Us to Do Things for Him That Are Pleasing to Him and God Is Gonna Reward Us for Those Things to Me It's Just a Beautiful Picture of God's Grace. Another Rewarded Is Ruling with Christ Crowns Than We Have Co-Ruling with Christ Again Alluded to This Earlier, but Luke Chapter 19 Rent Rule and Reign with Proximal Rule over 10 Cities. Some Will Rule over Five Cities. How Faithful We Are Now with Whatever Responsibilities God Gives to Us Will Be Rewarded in the Future with Greater Opportunities to Serve the Lord.

Again, We Don't Know What That Will Be Revelation 22, Five, Says, and They Will Reign Forever and Ever. Through the Rain We Do Know One of the Things Will Do Is When the Judge the Angels Says That Infringement in Chapter 6 Verses Two and 3.Don't Think What It Says Will Judge Angels, It's a Zipper to Do Things That Are Wrong and We Have To Judge Them for That. But It Just Simply Means We Will Be in Authority over Them. I Think the Other Reward Is. Some People Have a Greater Capacity to Reflect the Glory of God and Other People.

I Get That from Daniel Chapter 12 Verses One into Says That Those Who Bring the Many to Righteousness Will Shine like the Stars in Their Brightness That I Love a Quote from Warren Where to Be Years Ago. The Truly Blessed Me. He Said That in Heaven.

Everyone's Cup Will Be Full but Some People's Cops Will Be Larger Than Other Lien Consult. None of Us Will Feel Deprived and Have the Micro Markup Is Just How 4 Cups Will Be Full. Some of Us Will Have Larger Cups and Others Will Have a Greater Capacity to Reflect God's Glory like in a Chandelier, You Have a 25 W Bulb 50 W Bulb and 100 W Bulb Will Have a Greater Capacity to Reflect the Glory of God and That Will Be a Wonderful Inestimable Privilege. I Believe for All of Eternity for Us As God's People. One Market Survey That Will We Be Judged Sincerely and Only Judged on the Second Birth Not the First Going to Be Judged Fairly Were Going to Be Judged Fairly.

Silver Is That in the Text. This Is, after All, the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ, One Die Demos the One Who Loves Us the One Who Became Our Brother.

He's Going to Be Doing the Judging of Course He Would like to Have Us Do. Well, He Is Going to Be Eminently Fair Standing There in the Presence of Jesus.

We Will All Have To Deal with Reality but Reality. No Attorney to Tweak It to Make Ourselves Look Better. No Facts Will Be Overlooked. If You Were Brought up in an Abusive Home. It Affected the Way in Which You Live, and so Forth. All of Those Things Are Going to Be Taken into Account and When Your Judgment Is over. Nobody Is Going to Disputed Because Will Know That the Judgment Was Indeed Fair and Joss Will Be Judged on the Basis of What You Did since Your Second Birth, Not Your First Birth.

Some of You Perhaps Were Converted Later in Life and You Have a Very Sordid Story Will after We Get Saved We Are Saved unto Good Works and Those of the Works That We Are Going to Be Judged for and in A Few Moments Will Help You Understand What That Means Talking to Dr. Mark Hitchcock for the Hour Because Were Carrying His Newest Book, Heavenly Rewards Living with Eternity Insight Is Obviously As You've Now Heard for Almost 1/2 an Hour Is about the Judgment Seat of Christ, Also Known As the Bema Seat and a Fascinating Topic Because All of Us Are Going to Be Facing This Judgment Seat of Christ. Everyone Was a Believer.

It's an Ominous Thought Because Every Motive, Every Thought That We've Ever Had Is Going to Be Judged by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Mark Hitchcock, There's Another Judgment He Going to Go on Probably around the Same Time I'm Not Sure We Know the Timing Great White Throne Judgment. Why Don't We Discussed That for Just A Few Minutes I Would Have To Take My First Break Ever Been Listening Right Now Is Purely One of These to Judgment As a Believer at the Judgment Seat of Christ Was an Unbeliever of the Great White Throne Judgment.

My Views of the Great White Throne Judgment Following the End of the Millennium. Luther in Chapter 20 of Revelation Verses 11 through 15 after the Thousand Year Reign of Christ. We Reigned with Christ a Thousand Years.

All Those Who Died All the Lost of All the Ages Are to Be Brought before the Lord Jesus Christ. The Judge the Issue. There Is Not Going to Be Judged on Your Work. Some the Things You Did for Christ to Be a Judgment Based on Whether One Received the Lord Jesus Amended Working Based on Method Are Pleasing to God Effectively. Go Read in Revelation Chapter 2011 through 15 Are to Be Judged Based on the Things They've Done. It Says the Book Is to Be Open to Take the Book That Are Singular to Be the Book of Life.

The Lamb's Book of Life and Says If Anyone's Name Was Not Found Written in the Book of Life Is Cast in the Lake of Fire, but Also Says the Books Will Be Open to Plural. I Believe Those Books Contain the Deeds of Those Who Are Lost and so Just As There Will Be Rewards in Heaven. Different Degrees of Reward in Heaven Will Be Different Degrees of Punishment for Those Who Were Lost in Hades and Ultimately in the Lake of Fire Based on What They Got. Again, As the Quote. Dr. Luther Just Gave Christ Is Fair Is Just so There Be Degrees of Punishment.

Jesus Said It Will Be Better for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment Then Would Be for Capernaum and Coors Amon Beck Say the Cities. He Did His Miracles. That's a Very Sobering Thought for People Listening to That You Maybe Don't Know Christ Who Heard the Gospel Who Lived in a Place like America Where the Gospel Is so Accessible and They Reject a Message God's Got a Hold People Accountable for the Life That They've Rejected and so That's a Very Sobering Thoughts Will Be Rewards, Degrees of Reward in Heaven.

Degrees of Punishment in the Afterlife Are Those Who Don't Know Christ, Mark Hitchcock Says One Day Our Diligence Will Come to Light. He Will Reward Us for Every Act of Faithfulness Done for Him No Matter How Small, Right down to the Cup of Cold Water. We Gave to the Needy in His Name. I'm Coming Back in Just a Couple of Minutes. I Continue Our Discussion on the Bema Seat or the Judgment Seat of Christ Again. The Book Is in My Store. Heavenly Rewards by Dr. Mark Hitchcock or Call My Office If You'd like to Do That or Get on My Various Newsletter Lists Be Advertised in Those Products. I'm Coming Back in a Couple Minutes Don't Go Away. We Always Enjoy Hearing from Listeners Right Us through Our Website. Follow Three That's All of Call Us at Time 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 Rightists at Olive Tree Ministries in Denmark Fell Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 5531 Tax Deductible Gifts in the Summer Season Are Always Appreciated the Return Discussion. Yes, Time 2018 to Come All the Way from Iowa.

Nick and Tina from Vancouver, Canada.

I'm Turning from New Jersey I'm from the Great Times If You Been to the Government in 19 Alan Sanford Bypass Here for Such a Blessing.

Very Informative and It's Just a Joy to See That People Are Saying the Importance of Enzymes Study and Eschatology. One Third of the Bible Is Office. The Pastors These Days Don't Really Want to Touch on That Plane Swearing. Understanding the Times 2019 Is around the Corner. Saturday, September 21 Just outside of Minneapolis You Have Your Tickets yet. If Not, Call the Brushfire Agency at 188-833-5338 That's 1-888-338-5338 or Just Go Online to Selling General Admission Tickets for $25 and That Includes a Lunch If You Have Purchased a Ticket and Cannot Attend, Please Turn in Your Ticket to Brushfire so Others Can Purchase Them. Speakers Include Dr. Robert Jeffress near Sark Body Pastor JD for Pastor Jack Hipps, Jan Markel and Lori Cardoza More Again at 8:45 AM on September 21, and Conclude at 5 PM. The Destination Is Grace Church and Eden Prairie, Minnesota, near Minneapolis. Even Hotels Are Selling out to Visit Our Website Follow Three and Go to Our Conference Page for Hotel Information. If You Cannot Journey to Minneapolis. The Event Will Be Live Stream at No Cost Solar Website for Details.

Come and Meet 5000 Like-Minded Remnant Believers on Saturday, September 21.

Learn Why Things Are Falling Apart. They Are Falling into Place for Very from One Another Because the Human Mind in Our File and Always Wants to Somehow and Some Kind of Merit into Our Salvation Were Saved Completely by Christ Not by Our Merit Save Time by Our We Hope This Discussion of Eternal Heavenly Rewards Is Helpful. What We Do in This Life Counts in the Next We Have an Active Online Store Products Will Help You Understand the Times 10 for the Faith and Become Watchmen on the Wall. Check It out All of Three Let's Return to Jan Markel and Dr. Mark Hitchcock Marked This Pastor Bible Church. It's Always Exciting to See the Launching of the Space Shuttle and All of That Fire and All That Smoke and All Of A Sudden There It Goes into Orbit. Well, Most Exciting Things about Me Is the Countdown You Realize That the Moment You Were Born That Countdown Started on Your Life.

I Countdown to the Judgment of God. The Moment You Became a Person That Countdown Started. You May Live 10 Years 50 Years Hundred Years, but the Countdown Started in Every Single Tick of the Clock.

You Know That One Second Close to That Moment of an Inescapable Predestined Planned Unavoidable Appointment with Almighty God.

A Lot Of People Who Say I Don't Believe in Life after Death. That Doesn't Make a Bit of Difference. I Don't Believe the Bible That Is Not There Is a Countdown Going on in Your Life Right Now You Going to Meet with the Lord Jesus Christ You Going to Give an Account for Your Life and Whether You Believe It or Not Is Not the Issue. The Issue Is How Ready Are You to Meet Him in the Next Time You Look at Your Watch and You See the Secondhand You Counted 12345 Seconds Closer to Lift off Because When He Calls and Name We Going to Remind You That No Dr. No Matter How Skilled He Is and Keep You Know Prayer Meeting. No Matter How Powerful the Prayer Meeting Maybe Can Keep You Here.

There Is an Appointed Time of Predestined Time for the Simple Reason. That's What the Word of God Teaches and That Multitudes of Reasons for It Now. The Title of This Series Is Countdown to Judgment for the Title of This Message Is Simply This, the Time of the Message Is Our Unavoidable How Predestined Appointment. We Have an Appointment with Almighty God, We All Have One You Say Will I Didn't Sign up for That. You Didn't Have To.

He Signed You up. You Will Be There. You Will Be on Time. There Will Be No Delay. God Knows Exactly This Moment When You and I Will Pray That Last Breath and Will Be in His Presence. The Bible Says Absent from the Body Present with the Lord. That Is, for All of Us Have Believers for We Must All Appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, so That Each One May Be Recompensed for His Deeds in the Body According to What Is Done, Whether Good or Bad, They Were Not Going to Send the Form an Account.

Listen to This, Each One We Must All Appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, so That Each One May Be Recompensed That Is Rewarded for His Deeds in the Body According to What Is Done They Go to Bed Now Unavoidable Predestined Appointment with God Cannot Be Changed and Welcome Back to the Familiar Voice of Dr. Charles Stanley Talking about the Subject Matter of the Hour.

Heavenly Rewards Is the Name of the New Book, Living with Eternity in Sight. Dr. Mark Scott Is My Guest Here for the Hour Mark You're Getting Some Prophecy Updates Online.

I Actually Post Them Almost Every Time You Do Sell and There Also Appearing on Your Website and Give That Would You My Website Markel Markel You Can Find His Prophecy Updates. There Is a Very Short Time. Six Minutes. I Post Them to My Headlines Usually Once a Week or At Least Every Other Week for Sure. Real Time Lathe What's Going on in the World and Markel Take a Quick Look at It. So You Might Want to Look into That. Markel You Say. This Marked the Lord Will Turn Us inside out at the Judgment Seat. That's a Little Bit Ominous. It's a Little Bit Foreboding What You Mean Is Going to Turn Us inside out at the Judgment Seat Welcoming to Examine Our Motives Is a Verse Quoted Earlier, Genitive Sobering Verse and Ongoing Judging before the Time Waiting for the Lord Comes to Bring to Light the Things Hidden in Darkness He Will Expose the Motives of Men's Hearts.

Again, As I Said That All Sounds so Ominous but Then It Ends with a Positive, Each Man's Praise Will Come to Him from God to Me That's a Staggering Thought That the Lord of the Universe, the Shepherd of the Stars, the Lord of the Ages Is Going to Find Something to Praise in My Life to Turn Us inside out and That's What That Word, and That's What That Idea Carry 30 and Expose the Things Hidden in Darkness Expose the Motives of Men's Hearts Statement in Second Corinthians Chapter 5 in Verse 10 for Talks about. We Must All Appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. That Word Means More Than Just Computing Appear like Show up Mean She's Going to Disclose or Reveal What's in Our Hearts, so That's a Very Sobering Thing Because I Think about That A Lot. I Do A Lot Of Things That Other People Look and They Think Are Good Things That I Do. No One Else Knows My Motives. I Know My Motives and Sometimes I Think That Human Beings Were Sometimes in Our Fallen State We Not Even Be Totally Aware of What Our Motives Are, but Sometimes I Catch Myself and My Own Motive and I Know My Motives Not Right for What I'm Doing and the Lord Knows He's Going Out Of Only Going to Evaluate What We Do and How We Do It Evaluate Why We Do It Why That's behind It or underneath It. I Think That's Part of What Makes This Sobering Is Wonderful for Us to Notice before the Time It Will Appear before the Lord Some Bench. I Know I Did. This Event Was to Take Place without Actually Be Judge for These Things. So It's Good for Us to Notice so That We Can Be Preparing for It's Kind of like God Has the Final Exam out There on the Schedule on the Prophetic Calendars. Not Gonna Be a Pop Quiz. We Know It's Coming in so We Can Be Living Our Lives Now in Preparation for That Day. So Lord Willing, We Can Hear Those Beautiful Words You Know Well Done No Good and Faithful Servant. It Might Sound like Talking about Salvation Works and Were Going to Have Our Salvation Is to Be Based on Works. You Quote CS Lovett, Who Says Salvation Gets Us to Heaven, but Works Just Determines What We Get.

After We Are There We Had to Be Careful Here That Salvation Has Nothing to Do with the Works That Were Talking about Works Here at This Hour's Good Works to Gain Rewards and Salvation by Grace Do Not Go Together. I Think We Need to Emphasize That Try to Talk: Water Are so Many Places in the Bible like Ephesians 28 and Nine for by Grace You Been Saved through Faith That Not of Yourselves Is the Gift of God Not of Works Just Anyone Should Boast within the Very Next Verse Goes on and Says for We Are His Workmanship, Created in Christ Jesus unto Good Works. God Prepared Beforehand That We Should Walk in Them Were Saved by God's Grace Alone through Faith Alone in Christ Alone, but unto Good Works, so I like to Say like This, Our Redemption Is by Belief As Our Rewards Are Based on Our Behavior after We Become a Christian. It's Our Faith in Christ Determines Where We Will Spend Eternity. It's Our Works after We Become a Believer That Will Determine How We Spend Eternity so Those Two Lines of Truth, Redemption, and Rewards Are Very Important to Keep Distinct from One Another Because the Human Mind and Our Fallen Condition Always Wants to Somehow Inject Some Kind of Works for Merit Indoor Salvation Were Saved Completely by Christ.

Mercy, Not by Our Merit Saved by His Dying, Not by Our Doing. Once We Become a Believer and We Have the Holy Spirit and Were Energized and to Do Good Works.

Please Our Father Hitchcock Is a Pastor. The Faith Bible Church, Edmond, Oklahoma Faith Bible Church Courting You Again Here At Least Courting You with the Book I Believe and There You Say No One Can Steal Your Crown That You Can Lose Your Heavenly Reward. By Default, by Failing to Seize the Opportunities Presented to You.

I Think You Need to Kind of Unpack That." It One More Time. No One Can Steal Your Crown That You Can Lose Your Heavenly Reward. By Default, by Failing to Seize the Opportunities Presented to You Chart I Think Rewards Can Be Lost. In Second John Verse Eight It Talks about Losing Reward. I Don't Think What It Talks about in the Bible Is Losing Reward.

It Means That When We Get to Heaven Document Give Us a Reward and Then Take It Away from Us, but I Think It Means Is There's Things Here Now That Were Not Doing That We Could Be Doing More Defaulting on Certain Opportunities and Responsibilities God Is Giving Us Enough since Were Losing the Opportunity to Gain a Reward. So Again, Losing Reward Doesn't Mean You Got Text Back from Us, but by Default We Can Fail to Receive a Reward That We Would've Received about a Couple Stories in the Book One from but HAR inside It's Really Good Old Story about a Man Who Defaulted Felt like It Let Someone Else Take His Crown. No One Can Steal Your Crown That You Can Lose It by Default by Failing to Seize Opportunities That God Gives to Us so Erotically and We Can Also Lose Rewards by Defect or Service Being Defective Is We Just Talked about A Few Moments Ago by Having a Raw Motive or Doing It in a Wrong Way. We Can Also Lose Rewards by Disqualification Someone As Great As the Apostle Paul Should Not Buffet My Body and Make It My Slave Must Have Encouraged Others, I Myself Should Be Disqualified and the Word to Use There a Dr. Mosca Were the Greek Word for Disqualified Doesn't Mean to Lose Your Salvation Is a Word Used in the Games of That Day for Someone.

He Was Competing in the Olympic Games Was Disqualified from Receiving a Reward.

There's A Lot More in the Bible about Reward. Probably Than Most People Realize. In the Intent of Some of the Details Really about Them and How We Get Them out. We Can Forfeit Them As Well.

In the Book Is Called Heavenly Rewards in My Store.

Olive Trees Olive Trees and I Said I Want to Allow Just A Few Minutes for Some Discussion on Some Current Event Issues Will Do That As We Head into the Closing Minutes of the Program and Mark Again. I Get Lots of Pages of Notes Here.

I Think A Lot Of Believers Don't Give It A Lot Of Thought, Which Is Why I'm Glad You've Written a Book I Think You've Given Some Messages on It to Live. Seen At Least One Message Appears Online about the Topic. I Don't Think Folks Are Giving A Lot Of Thought, I Hope They Will Because of Some of the Things Were Talking about What They Going to Be Reading What We Do.

I Think in Heaven Is Going to Be Intriguing. I Think Were Going to Have Assignments in the Millennial Kingdom. I Think That's Pretty Obvious Where Probably Going to Be Doing Some Things That Were Really Going to Enjoy Doing the Millennial Kingdom Again. Some of That Depends on Some of the Rewards That We Get Nowhere. Only in Heaven. I Think about Seven Years. During That Time of the Tribulation Will Only Be Perhaps Doing Some Things Constructively in Heaven As Well.

I Don't Think There's a Whole Lot That Might Indicate That What Are Your Thoughts on the Question That People Ask How Long the Judgment She Going to Try Again. Millions and Millions of Land Millions Are Right and That's One of the Arguments That People Use against the Pretrip Were Actually Showing up You Can't Think More Than Seven Judge All These People to Come Back, but God Is Able to Do Things with an Economy of Time to Not Able to Do All the Nations and Appear before Jesus When He Returned to the Second Coming of the Sheep and the Goats 50 Years or a Thousand Years to Do That Factors a 75 Day Period between the Second Coming of Jesus on the Millennium Starts.

I Believe Those Judgments Will Be Carried out. We Don't Know How Long the Judgment Seat Will Take.

We Don't Know Exactly How That's Going to Occur God Use Time Differently Than We Do. We Don't Know How to Play out, but I Think It's Can Happen in a Brief Period of Time and Will Be Judged at the Judgment Seat. The Bride Is Going to Make Herself Ready. So Will Have These Rewards Will Be Clothed in Fine Linen, the Righteous Acts of the Santa Member to Be Making Preparation As the Bride and Have in Revelation Chapter 19 to Return Back with Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Back to This Earth Will Be Undergoing Murmur in Heaven.

During the Time That the Tribulation Raging on Earth Will Be Being Judged Will Be Preparing for the Marriage of the Lamb Were Presented to Christ, and Will Be Preparing for the Marriage Supper When We Returned Back to Him with Him Back to the Earth. Those Are Some of the Things That We Will Be Doing. I'm Sure When We Get There. It's Been a Shame Much, Much Greater and More Magnificent Than Anything We Can Ever Imagine Her Know on Earth There's a Verse That's a Little Bit Ominous.

Quite Frankly, for Folks like You and Me Talking to Dr. Mark Hitchcock the Hour. You Can Learn and that is some folks are getting be judged little bit more sternly. Teachers, pastors, perhaps judged little bit more seriously. A higher standard for them.

If someone is a teacher or pastor listening, what would you say to them about is a sobering thing judgment is to be impartial. God is an impartial judge but there is one group that the Bible does single out to receive a stricter judgment. We get that from James chapters reimbursed to you. Don't let many of you become teachers knowing to shut you will incur a stricter judgment of James chapter 3 verses one into and so as teachers were held responsible. I believe according to Matthew chapter 5 not only for what we teach and whether were accurate in what we teach, but I think were also held accountable.

Do we live out what we teach the faithful to live that out and obviously none of us live that out perfectly and none of us have perfect doctrine and perfect theology, but it's something that every teacher should have in mind constantly should be a very sobering thought like put the time and to be sure that what I'm saying to the very best of my studying ability and standing on the shoulders of others have gone before me that it's accurate that I'm not a hypocrite in my life from not living this out. I heard someone say years ago.

You get to the judgment seat of Christ, and you see some lines there and you see one line with a bunch of preachers and it go get another line because it will go quicker and that's true stricter judgment.

That's not saying that if you have the gift of teaching that you shouldn't do that in fear, but what it is saying is if you have that good afternoon. Assume some type of teaching office.

You better be very serious about what you teach, but again also we live it out in our own lives. We faithful to strive by the power of the Holy Spirit to be faithful and align our lives with what were teaching and that's a sobering thing for all of us who are teachers to consider play one more clip speed Leonard Ravenhill again and then we finish with this clip to spend the remaining few minutes talking to Dr. Mark Hitchcock about some current events in the lobby. When using, say, nine, and I will be insane just because you know I don't have a good memory you have on Monday. Member's is this the days of my life is something I think sometime in Jesus. As I said is that what we have is just no grassy spaces like the sun is also five shop John is about Jesus and when he saw Jesus is then just thinking John is that when I saw him I think you and I we must send a page is always falling up and down and you will you say is no human reason for his reaction. The things that I miss the action is getting the why behind the sink that was grieving him moving words, there, and that's been the subject matter of the hour. Heavenly rewards living with eternity and say thank you Mark Hitchcock's been my guess Mark I want to ask you a couple of things going on in the world. By the way find that book in my store. Olive tree views as an viewpoint. Olive tree views that argued my office a call. You can find the midnight newsletters, etc. Mark you want to ask you about some events going on in the world we're living in some pretty perilous times. I want to read an email to you and I'm shortening the email there is a sentiment in this email I want you to hear. Then the word might be a little bit called despair. The writer says I have heard you say that things are all falling into place.

I think so too. My question is how to stop from despairing. The writer says I feel like a lot to grieve daily. He saw the advancement proliferation eventual saturation of the decline of the culture, the writer says, we see tons of other things going on in the perfect order of Romans one, but I can't help but believe even Christian attitudes are changing into outright acceptance of some the things going on the call.

Three references homosexuality, especially in light of postmodern churches. Which brings me to my final point churches began to chase what were once confirmed heretical teachings, which is also a sign of the times, but Jan he says, but I really do despair for this lost world, and Mark. I think what I heard in this email and dozens and dozens of others I get is that people are almost worn out by some of the things they're watching and listening to and reading be an online or other places there despairing they don't know what to do weekend violence going on please get some events in the Middle East that are alarming. Certainly Iran could launch a Mideast war before we finish this program me your thoughts on all this will, I think there's a real tension for us as believers because we live in a fallen world says about Locke writer referred to his righteous soul was factual, day after day city of Sodom. There is attention that we have certainly we live in a fallen world, received assume that surround us.

We see the apostasy of happening within the church and these things sadness deeply. But if we know the Bible.

They shouldn't surprise us because the Bible tells us these things are coming or going to happen again.

We don't have the joy that these things are happening right go out there happening, but we see them happening we realize they been foretold and prophesied in Scripture. This world is good have to go through a terrible time of tribulation before the Lord Jesus comes book of Revelation is telling us what the kingdom is coming the king's going to come but before the king comes there should be a time of great trouble, this world will go through so when people asked me you are an optimist or a pessimist on the ultimate optimist, but this world is going to have to go through a time of judgment before the king ultimately comes to set up his kingdom on the earth. That's what the Bible presents to us. So I think as believers in Jesus Christ were certainly saddened by things we see, but we also have to remember the part of the fruit of the spirit is joy. The fruit of the spirit of love and joy and peace and patience and kindness and so God doesn't want us. I believe her on this earth as his people to go around the Roshan and despairing discouraged and depressed about everything.

The Chapman God wants us to be joyful people in the midst of what we see that happening that we can only be that way by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us we can't create that joy on her own. But as we depend upon the spirit even in the midst of a lot of difficulty and struggle and pain we see in this world around us. We can be joyful people and I think that's one of the best things that we can do one of the greatest testimonies and witnesses that we have is the world's falling more and more in despair to see a group of people when the midst of the, and unexplainable unassailable joy in our great Savior and our great God of hope that maybe will encourage someone that's the way I try to live my own blog is here from a lot of people worn out by some of the events of the day you want to stay up on some of the things going on you even want to try to connect some of the biblical dots but the process of doing that can be very painful and like you said, but one thing I think of conversion or ultimately as believers we want to be focused on Jesus Christ as our Savior were to be focused on him and I think sometimes we can get our focus on the difficulties and troubles in this world every morning, or every night or sometime during the day as a believer to go get alone with the Lord and try and reorient our heart and mind and have a deep love and deep affection for Jesus Christ and I think as we do that can help us hold these other things and attention were we can still have a joy in the midst of the difficulty, sorrow, saw the headline here right before we begin the program really not alarming in light of the way the Iranians are talking at all times boasting about things their president. The honey warns war with Iran will be the mother of all wars. He went on to call for some peace and security that supply came out of Thessalonian passages.

When I read it, but the mother of all wars.

I think some of the things going on in the Mideast are at a level higher than ever in my lifetime and I been watching for quite a few years. Your thoughts on that is a lot of false bravado that comes out of a lot of these leaders in the middle usually say these things to kind of come up with a lot of bluster behind all of the attic were sure Ron is contesting medium-range ballistic missiles. There trying to get to the nuclear finish line.

In spite of what I think some other people were saying just read an article not long ago, your Ron is right on the northern border of Israel. Now they claim to be northern border that has the law, which is up in Lebanon, which is basically a proxy of your Ron that if the northern warrior rocks which reading I've been doing the same. The next two years. It's much more likely that Israel will have a war with Iran them not Hamas, which is down in the Palestinian territories in Gaza in that area.

There saying that if Israel gets to know northern war with Iran has the law and open up the southern front down against his right obviously to distract them so Israel is in a place where they cannot allow Iran to get nuclear weapons and Iran is showing no signs of abating the program at all. Doctors are going full steam ahead. Obviously drove there trying to control the straight of Hormuz were 20% of the world's oil passes every day so to me. Iran is a major flashpoint in the world today in a major prophetic welder mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 38 verse five is a key player in the end times, something that is there that I think it's reaching the point beyond anything we've seen in the sky. Thank you so much for spending the hour with me again. We carry is both heavenly rewards might start thank you for all you do for the kingdom school out of the program just daughter to the discussion about issues surrounding basically an eternal perspective today with eternities values in you where you spend eternity depends on decision you will make to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, or to reject him to reject him, sends you to great white throne judgment and from there it was very dark eternity, consisting frankly of literal flames and torment call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ today want to secure a place in eternity. All of those whose name the name Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, King of King and I want to thank you for listening this week usually is have this program posted electronically download the one place that laugh have it downloaded to your devices.

Every Saturday very active YouTube channel to which the program is posted each week and you can stream understanding the time at our website and complete archives.

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