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Solving a Mystery: Mystery Babylon

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 24, 2019 8:00 am

Solving a Mystery: Mystery Babylon

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 24, 2019 8:00 am

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There is a mystery in the Bible. It's called mystery Babylon and we'll talk about it today was the portions of the book of Revelation whose meaning is hotly debated is the reference to mystery Babylon in chapter 17 it appears that this will be the location of the antichrist governmental and spiritual headquarters where is mystery Babylon is Jerusalem New York Mecca Rome ancient Babylon rebuilt. Thank you for joining understand the times radio with Jan Markel today. Jan spends the first half of the program with Dr. Ron Rose Olive tree ministries is carrying his newest book, new Babylon rising the emerging end time world order. Babylon is the second most prominent city in the Bible. What does Babylon represent discuss that next in the book of Revelation. Angel said to the apostle John, I will show you the judgments of the great hot jewel so the harlot sitting on the beast with seven heads and 10 holes in team multiples great amazement, Joe noticed her mysterious name for head Babylon writes the angel said to John, I will tell you the mystery. Then the angel said the woman whom you sold is that great city which reigns over the kings of the and I am so glad you could join me for the program today comes to mind when you hear the word Babylon plays a critical role in the Bible and particularly when it comes to end time, Bible prophecy, eschatology, and there are varying opinions on what Babylon represents. Some even think it's a reference to New York City, which I have always had huge problems with and I personally have lean toward it, representing a part of Europe and more specifically Rome with even a reference. Perhaps the Vatican has Rome does sit on seven hills that we do now is Babylon is going to be the seat of the antichrist during the tribulation. My guest today for this first segment has a new book and we are carrying. It is titled new Babylon rising the emerging end time world order and is written by Dr. Ron Rhodes, who heads a reasoning from the Scriptures ministries written dozens of books. He was at my conference. Understanding the time 2013, and when Ron Rhodes expounds on anything I pay a lot of attention to keep in mind folks that in the Bible. Babylon is referenced 28044 times in Revelation, second only to Jerusalem and I believe that is not by accident.

It is by design. It plays a huge role, Ron Rhodes, welcome back. The program package and it's always good to chat with you well referenced in the Bible. 280 times, second only to Jerusalem. Babylon means I'm taken my talking points from your book Babylon means city of confusion and war and it's portrayed as a demonic city and I think of the city of Babylon or ancient Babylon, and the tower built there and that was kind of the first effort at globalism back then correct and what you pondered a whole Lotta contrast between Jerusalem and Babylon in the Bible and I think it's important that we understand that today because just as you and I will one day spend eternity in an eternal city called the new Jerusalem. So this city called new Babylon, headed up by the antichrist will be the primary force that stands against God during the end times and so this is no small subject even a perverse just mentioned the topic one time that would be enough for me to want to learn about it when you have 11% of the book of Revelation dealing with Babylon.

That's over 1/10 of the whole book so that means we need to pay attention and understand what God wants us to understand about the city and what the implications are for us today. I cited interesting Ron and you state in the book. Of course the thing that I find you emphasize strongly is that this new Babylon. That's the subject of your book and time Babylon. In other words, will seek to short-circuit God's purposes again worth repeating. It will need the seat of antichrist power and goodness Babylon did this in ancient times, and Babylon was the seat of horrible stuff going on at the beginning and at the end.

It is really terrible place to be, well, that's right. And I'm glad you mentioned babble because you can actually draw from parallel ancient babble under Nimrod and new Babylon. In the end times just as Nimrod was the political head of Babylon, so the antichrist that strengthened cohead of new Babylon and justice.

He promoted false religion. So the antichrist will promote false religion and just as Nimrod's name means rebel so the antichrist will be a rebel and just as Nimrod was a hunter of human beings so the antichrist will hunt down Christians and Jewish people during the tribulation. From the very beginning, babble, or Babylon have been anti-God's reign, and since it's such a heavy emphasis in the book of Revelation with new Babylon then you and I as Christians need to understand it and I must tell you Jan I think that this is one of the most under emphasized topics of Bible prophecy out there. There are far fewer versus for example the deal with the rapture. We talk about the rapture altering line because the Bible talks so much about this end times force called new Babylon under the antichrist.

That's why I wrote this book, I want to go over and will have to do it briefly and sucks.

I have run for just one segment today so bear with us if we go lightning fast in our discussion, but let's just go over some of the options and I read an impressive book years ago by Dave Hunt, a woman rides the beast and he felt Rome/the Vatican would be end time Babylon I have gravitated to that for many many years. Just tell me and some bullet point form why you disagree. First of all, the Roman Catholic Church option is a viable position and so I respect people that hold that view, but I personally do not because even of the Roman Catholic Church as a wealthy church.

It is certainly not the global economic and commercial powerhouse that is described in Revelation 18. Furthermore, Roman Catholicism has never ruled over all the political leaders and people of the nations of the earth and still further, if Roman Catholicism is ever destroyed. It's my view that the merchants around the world and would not woefully lament as they do when new Babylon is destroyed and still further, Roman Catholicism does not engage in slave trade, as those new Babylon and I think probably the most convincing thing to me. Jan is that there is a lot of positive evidence for Babylon being a little city nominal holdout commenting on that because I have a feeling we'll touch on that later. But to me that's gonna be the strongest evidence against the Roman Catholic view but all of Rome. I think Clinton myself and others who hold to that would say that it's all of Roman Rome represents Europe in the antichrist can very well come up out of Europe and then I think the Vatican assertive tag done to those that teach that particular and if we have time a player clip of Dr. Ed Heinsohn expressing that well at least leaning that way it's more than the Vatican Ron Rhodes. That's my only point.

What I would say that the number of differences between Rome itself and new Babylon, for example, Rome did not fall. Suddenly or dramatically or completely or permanently, as is true of new Babylon because new Babylon will fall on a day Rome think an extremely long period of time to get destroyed and to go out of business, as it were. Furthermore, Rome is not located in a desert or wilderness as the text of Revelation tells us the new Babylon will be still further, Rome is not a seaport city passes true of new Babylon, and even though Rome is said to have seven hills. There are various scholars who believe that a reference to eight hills were nine hills is probably more accurate of Rome and still further, the very text in Revelation 17 nine tells us that the seven mountains are actually seven kingdoms okay and those kingdoms are Egypt, Syria, Babylon, media, Persia, Greece, Rome, and the kingdom of the antichrist and the idea in that passage is that false pagan eyes. Religion influenced virtually all of those empires. The way that I read Revelation 17 nine as it has nothing to do with supporting Rome rather talks about this pagan eyes, religion, controlling all these different pagan nations. I'm glad you clarified that that was very helpful but I want to get some more of the options. In other words, New York City. I've never bought into this Dr. Ron Rhodes, but there are lots of people who do New York City does not represent any kind of a global religion. It's not a religious system. It's not in the wilderness, etc. etc. don't think we have spent a lot of time but let's spend a minute on it anyway. Some people think that both Babylon and New York City are really rich and their dominant economical powers are both permeated by immoralities and both have since piled as high as the heavens and New York does have a port that the port city answering Babylon is but you know it can hardly be said of New York as it can be said of new Babylon that quote in your screech flowed the blood of the prophets, and of God's holy people and the blood of people slaughtered all over the world coming winter that happened in New York, New York certainly does not represent a global religion is not a religious system is not located in a desert or wilderness. It's not engaged in slave trade the way that Revelation 17 and 18 describes new Babylon bears little resemblance to New York, couldn't agree more. Actually, let's go quickly here to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. I think they have become popular. Lee thanks to one person, Joel Richardson. He's written some books and film is like that on Mecca in Saudi Arabia and this doesn't require a lot of discussion Ron it's just no way is Babylon, Mecca, or Saudi Arabia. I'm sorry Joel Richardson is a friend of mine I think is a godly man.

Oh yes a lot actually consider him to be a wise person but I do disagree with him on this position.

I think first of all this going to be in Ezekiel invasion. The take out most of the Muslim world and I don't see how an antichrist and a new Babylon that is Islamic could rise from the ashes out of all of that. Moreover, we see that in Revelation 17 and 18 that new Babylon is a single city. It's not a city that represents a massive geographical territory, such as Saudi Arabia, which Joel Richardson argues but it's really just a single city just like all the other cities mentioned in the book of Revelation, and furthermore Mecca is not a seaport city whatever city it is.

It's gotta be a seaport city because all of the commercial goods are transported by ship so you're right think this is too many problems with him and give you for it to have liability play a real short clip it happens to be you and Dr. Heinsohn, Mark Hitchcock on the John anchor Berg program and you're discussing this and this is just a little input from Dr. Mark Hitchcock who was my guest here in the last week or so. I think this is the most difficult interpretation of the book of Revelation. People take Babylon the Rome were something to be New York City predator stated to be Jerusalem like take it in a more literal sense to be a literal Babylon this going to be rebuilt or Babylon.

Babylonia is referred to about 300 times in the Bible.

It's always literal except there is one place in first Peter 513 where Babylon does seem to be used. Therefore, the city of Rome to meet. I think the most important thing is we see everything really come full circle right in the beginning after the flood. Everyone was gathered at Babylon that the city was built there by Nimrod and really the whole world was under his control, God. Scattered men over the face of the earth, and Satan is the master globalist is been kind of inexorably bringing the world back together again and we see this Babylon.

Whatever it is, in the end is to be antichrist city is kind of man sitting in this can be the final place that God destroys before the Lord Jesus comes back.

I think the main message is when you read those chapters.

Babylon is a place of materialism and sensuality in opposition to God. The main message. Whatever place we identified Babylon as particularly it's something you don't want to be identified with and whatever Babylon is all about. We want to be the opposite of that in our lives here listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here. I have on the line from Texas, Dr. Ron Rhodes, who is written the book we are carrying in my storage, new Babylon rising the emerging end times world order, new Babylon rising you could give my office a call sign up for printer E newsletter, you'll find it in there as well.

I've read it cover to cover and he gets into some explicit current event issues. Towards the end of the book fascinating Ron. Let's get right to the point because you feel Babylon always refers to Babylon and Saddam Hussein bank. He spent about $1 billion or more, trying to refurbish and rebuild ancient Babylon.

It's certainly not all, they are yeah I think there's been some progress talk to me why you feel you're taking this literally ancient Babylon when the Bible refers to Babylon. It's Babylon anorak whatever the Bible mentions Israel is always Israel.

Contrary to replacement theologians who say that it's really the church and in the same way Babylon is always Babylon, and unless we have some kind of an explicit indication that it should be taken allegorically. We ought to take it literally to me when the plain sense makes good sense, seek no other sense left to end up in nonsense all the other cities mentioned in the book of Revelation are literal, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Entiat, Cairo, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Asia is mentioned the Euphrates River is mentioned.

And since all of the locations mentioned in the book of Revelation are literal.

It makes good sense to me to interpret Babylon as literal. Furthermore, every Old Testament reference in the Bible has it literal. It's not a figurative thing but it's literal and since the book of Revelation draws heavily from the Old Testament, it stands to reason that the term Babylon is used in the same sense. Furthermore, since Babylon is mentioned in the context of being along the Euphrates River. I mean that geographical. Mark the literal city must be meant as one of the most important evidences Jan when you look at what John wrote in Revelation 17 and 18, he draws extremely heavily from Jeremiah 50 and 51, and in that Jeremiah passage Jeremiah speaks about a future judgment of Babylon, which is not yet taken place in which will be fulfilled in the end times and what you find in Revelation is John point by point, using the very same language.

Almost to a direct quote from all the stuff that Jeremiah says in Jeremiah 50 and 51 and the thing is, Jeremiah portrayed this as the actual literal city of Babylon, and since John borrowed so heavily from Jeremiah 50 to 51. It makes good sense that both of them are referring to the same literal Babylon, for example, both mentioned the golden cup. Both mentioned this prostitute seated on many waters, both of them mention the whole world being drunk by the wine of her immorality. Both mentioned the sudden fall of Babylon. Both mentioned how fire will burn up the city both mentioned how the city will be completely destroyed and will live desolate forever. On and on.

I could go. I think we have a time limitation. But the point is the one parallel after the other, pointing to a literal Babylon that I think your point is in the book then do so much that has to yet be constructed in ancient Babylon or what Saddam Hussein was trying to re-create some 15 years ago. So much still must be rebuilt. Your point is that antichrist will have the resources to rebuild it quickly. Almost instantly I believe that would be your position.

That's right, I mean Saddam Hussein did is working out fairly short. With $1 billion of oil money.

That's right.

When the Antichrist comes into power during the tribulation. You will have access not only to unlimited funding, but to an on limited workforce. I can tell you this Jan what the antichrist wants the antichrist will get and it's quite possible that like Saddam the oil in Iraq will be the primary source of funding for Babylon and I believe it strategic that the antichrist at the headquarters there because he will be able to control the world's oil supplies which will be in short supply. By then, and in fact it may motivate other countries to come after the antichrist, like China. China is using more oil than ever, and it could be that the kings of the East attacked the antichrist and his forces, precisely because the antichrist is choking them off from oil. As you now and as you point out, and quite frankly is the TV program I'm referring to is John Aker Berg points out this whole topic of discussion is indeed being discussed, and has varying opinions and then let Dr. Ed Heinsohn way in here as well. Let's go to another question who is Babylon in Revelation soul chapter.

This givens of that and we skip that. So what is mystery Babylon that is one area where were going to disagree with each other. Probably that's what I many take it as literal Babylon that Babylon will one day be rebuilt in the future become the great commercial center of the world become the headquarters of the antichrist and is certainly ancient Babylon was a major evil city etc. but even by the time of John it was not a major city that was having a major commercial influence in the world. I think he uses Babylon as a code word for Rome in the book of Revelation because he says it's the city that sits on seven hills and it's the city that rules over the whole world.

Rome was a city that literally ruled over the whole world at that time you were a Roman citizen, you are considered a citizen of the city of Rome, not the Empire and so because he calls it mystery Babylon. I think it's a clue that you're not supposed to take it literally run roads and obviously had Heinsohn just presents another view that is very popular but why do you think it's called mystery Babylon. That's a good question.

It all hinges on the translation use and I like it a lot is a good friend of mine, he does use the King James version according King James horses mystery Babylon the majority of scholars today don't think that that's the right translation is translation the changing for this upon her for head with a name written, mystery, Babylon the great, so there you have mystery Babylon right in the text of Scripture. There's other translations like the ESV and many others that say on her for head was written a name of mystery, Babylon the great, in other words, if not mystery Babylon, but rather it's the name itself is considered mysterious, give a quick example just clearly.

Let's consider a sentence like this on her head was written the strange name Kylie Wiley here's another sentence on her for head was written a name strange Kylie Wiley will in one case Kylie Wiley's name is Rita strange in the other case.

Kylie Wiley herself is said to be strange at all hinges on where the word strange goes in the same way. In Revelation 17 five. It all hinges as to where you place the word mystery in the text in the King James places it in such a way that it ends up being mystery Babylon that enables you to interpret Babylon allegorically. However, if it's not mystery Babylon and it's the name itself that is considered mysterious then mystery Babylon is no longer on the table in terms of bringing about an allegorical interpretation.

So in my thinking. The best understanding from the original Greek of this passage is that the word mystery and name belong together and I want to get all Greek on you and but both name and mystery.

In the Greek are neuter.

That means they belong together.

It's the name that is mysterious. Babylon is feminine in gender.

It has nothing to do with either name or mystery way that I read the text is that this is not referring to some kind of a mystery Babylon. Rather, there is a mystery about Babylon okay and cannot pay what it probably means going. The fact is, is it a mystery.

In Bible times referred to something that was now being revealed but was not known in previous times. The rapture is said to be a mystery because it was first revealed in New Testament times, it wasn't revealed in Old Testament times is something that is revealed. Right now, but was not revealed in the past. In the book of Revelation. Babylon is called the mother of harlots and is called a mystery, in the sense that something about Babylon is being revealed now that wasn't known before, and what is now being revealed that the source of all cults and false religion is Babylon the new thing with being revealed, you spend a fair amount of time and I'm glad you did. Referring to the book, new Babylon rising the emerging end time world order find it my bookstore give us a call, you spent a fair amount of time towards the last third of the book talking about some current things I would say that there are tribulation events that are casting a huge shadow on today you reference apostasy and turning away from biblical Christianity, you reference the rise of false religions and cults tolerance for things that we should be avoiding you reference the rising anti-Semitism, escalation of the Mideast conflict Gog Magog invasion rebuilding of the Jewish Temple persecution and martyrdom of Christians in moving to a cashless society. The globalist OneWorld efforts a talk about all this and more in the book, why are you tying all of that to the new Babylon rising.

I think what's happening today is setting the stage for the rise of new Babylon. And that's why you and I need to be aware of it. Now there's a rise and fall of Christ and false prophets, and that is setting the stage for the eventual emergence of the right hand man to the antichrist, the false prophet and it's also setting the stage for the ultimate false religion that will emanate from new Babylon in terms of false religions and cults.

You and I both know that Satan is a master niche marketer of cultic ideas. He's being doing it for a long long time. And as we continue to progress toward the end times. These false religions and cults are setting the stage for the emergence of the false religion that will emanate from new Babylon.

The same thing is true of apostasy. The more that we grow towards the end times. The more apostasy will take place in the church with denials of God and Jesus and the true gospel and this is opening up the idea for the perverted teachings that will come from new Babylon.

There's an increase in tolerance and moral issues today and I think that as we go deeper into the end times is tolerance for all believers will make it easier for the false religion associated with new Babylon to rise unchallenged, and I think especially following the rapture of Bible believing Christians all who remain behind will be tolerant and open to anything that comes down the path, including this new religion associated with new Babylon. Jim got anti-Semitism is never been higher when open prophetic Scripture that the antichrist will engage in a campaign to annihilate the Jews new Babylon to will be a viable persecutor of the Jews in that campaign will be directed by the antichrist under the inspiration of Satan, the Middle East conflict ties into all of this we know that if it's a literal Babylon. That's right there in the Middle East in the oil fields, and I think that's a strategic location for the antichrist. Following the time when he briefly takes up headquarters in the Jerusalem Temple. We got the Ezekiel invasion and how the stage is being set for that today and you know with Christians out of the picture at the rapture and with Muslims out of the picture. After God destroys the Muslim forces in Ezekiel.

The people who are left will be ready to embrace any new religion. Muslims won't be around to withstand it, neither will Christians that greases the skids for the emergence of the false world religion general. How much time I have left. But I think that you beginning to see how the assigned to the times are setting the stage for the emergence of the Babylon I'm so glad you included in the book. Some of the signs of the times and he does so suspend 1/3 of the book is just signs of the times. It's a fascinating read again.

I read it from cover to cover, new Babylon rising the emerging end times world order. Olive trees views as an viewpoint, olive tree views down or discard my store. Call my office if you'd like to order it, sign up for my printer e-news P advertise in there as well Ryan I'm down literally to the minute if you want to sum up, I think you've done a wonderful job in a short time here, but you got a minute to wrap it up. I base my book on a common principle have always used in prophecy, Jan, and that is when the plaintiff makes good sense signal other sense when you end up in nonsense and I always tell people that if you want to understand how God will fulfill prophecy in the future. Take a look at how he is fulfilled prophecy in the pan.

He is perfectly consistent all the prophecies of the first coming came literally to pass, so will the prophecies about the second coming in all the events that lead up to the second coming, including the rise of new Babylon since over 1/10 of the book of Revelation deals with new Babylon. This is a subject we need to know about Jerusalem is the most often mentioned city and Babylon comes in second, the Bible could thus be termed a tale of two cities Jerusalem and Babylon and I explained it all in this book he does encourage you to check it out. So the 2nd ounce either in my bookstore by giving us a call or at your local Christian bookstore I'm changing topics when I come back from a very short timeout. I hope you won't go away.Karen Rhodes thank you for all you do and how many books does this make for you now 78 is now up in the 80s.

Ron has reasoning from the Scriptures ministries.

We appreciate what you're doing Ron so much. Thank you for joining me will talk again thank you so much on the right by now. Learn more about Dr. Rhodes. no air on 850 radio stations in North America and around the world electronically. If you would like to see us continue to spread the good news and inconvenient truth. Contact us through our website. Olive trees that's Olive tree central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 always write us at Olive tree ministries Jan Markel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible, continue our programming.

Why are you in a prophecy conference, Jack gives the message in a way that is understandable that his real courage stand on the gospel in fight so many things Amir said brings this book to life is very clear and he's a great storyteller. I love that mere handicap campus and NJD. We realized we needed to find a church that actually taught the Bible.

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So the website for details. Comment made by thousands of like-minded remnant believers. Saturday, September 21 learn like things are falling apart. They are falling into place. We lost our way to American God marketable and we are looking in the manifestation of what had so many levels of chaos going on how the indoctrination media to reach our children change their whole mindset. We know you are on the go and sometimes must listen to programming at your leisure. Understanding the times radio with Jan Markel is posted to our website under radio on Saturday morning. Love the one mobile and have the program downloaded to your devices or access our YouTube channel on Saturday morning, insert images and video of our air discussion. Many who are visually oriented benefit from this.

Now here's Denmark's course many the presence of apologists have attempted to turn this urgent humanitarian world crisis into a debate over what freshman Congressman Alexandra Koch of Cortez called concentrations where those comments and set off a firestorm of both good faith and bad faith, criticism, and there are legitimate reasons to object to the use that term in the context as many pointed out direct allusions to indications of the horror of the Holocaust, always treacherous territory and welcome back to the program. This segment were changing direction just a little bit and let me just as I set the stage here like to quote Joel Chernoff, Executive Director of the alliance for Israel advocacy and he says quote for the first time in US history. There is a danger that anti-Semitism will become normalized and legitimized in you as politics via the progressive left, and he goes on to say, anti-Semitism has existed since the founding of the country, but has never been institutionally embraced by either of its two main political parties and boy I would attest to that. My observation of politics over the years both sides of the island Democrat Republicans been a bipartisan support of Israel until more recent years.

Perhaps the last 12 to 15 years and you heard that Alexandria, Acadia, Cortez can have recent radio interview brazenly and mean she's called Israel everything imaginable.

She's called it a criminal enterprise.

You just heard her say that what's going on in the southern border is comparable to concentration camps, which is of course lunacy and apparent long-term objective is to make anti-Israel discourse a regular and normal part of US politics and to me this is an shocking change to kind of address that I have invited for the balance of the program.

Lori Cardozo more founder and president proclaiming justice to the nations. PJ TN. She is a pro-Israel activist who has emerged as a leading voice in the media to warn in the war on anti-Semitism and the battle to preserve the hearts and minds of America's next generation of leadership. She is on the front line of exposing topics that rage today in America multitude anti-Israel, anti-American, pro-Islamic agenda replacement theology within Christianity social justice propaganda and the failure of the US educational system in Christianity's responsibilities to the Jewish brethren, that sounds like an enormous agenda for the remaining part of my program. We won't hit it all that we will hit a few things anyway and the time we have Lori welcome back to the program. Jan thank you so much for having me back. It's wonderful to be here with you to talk and discuss these issues and what our solutions are in status Christian okay for the first time Jews in America are wary of their future here in the US and there is an emerging concern that the anti-Semitism growing so quickly and violently in Europe has now landed in the US and that Jewish people are not as safe here as they have been historically and as I entered the program. It is now in the U.S. Congress to play another clip later but your thoughts please. Absolutely. And you should be concerned that live here in America because the world is changing dramatically and the United States is no exception to the rule. It is frightening Jan that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principle value. I hear many Christians who talk about this being a Christian nation. I always correct them if they know it.

Jews and Christians that founded this nation it with people of faith believed in the same God that same Bible and unfortunately we have lost our way. As Americans, we have removed God from our schools and we are looking in the manifestation of what that impact has on so many levels.

We see the chaos going on home weekly to chaos in the school see the indoctrination to media to reach our children and change their whole mindset. But now we do see a rising threat of anti-Semitism and part of the problem within Christianity, we just deal with that right now. Christianity unfortunately had a history of anti-Semitism. We can go all the way back to the early church fathers that were Gentiles network, not Jews. When the Hebrew leaders at the church started to be weeded out and more Gentile leaders they hated the Jews in UT a lot in their early writings about their antagonism toward the Jews talking about them being demonic and devil worshipers. They been used to persecute during the pogroms during the incrimination during the Holocaust.

We see all of that throughout history.

Yes, it's a problem scanning versions have to start reading their Bible we just read one of the press releases you send out insults you can sign up for her E alerts and press proclaiming justice to the nations, and you write this and I'm just quoting a paragraph you say reflecting on all we see unfolding by the way, folks, there's a lot unfolding in America right now and a lot of it is not real pretty, and I think you'll know what I'm referring to list some of the violence in on you say reflecting always see unfolding tragically white supremacy, black lives matter fringe group patriot conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, and arrange manifestoes are now as familiar tropes to our vocabulary in America is the order manual at Starbucks and you say we have created a monster in the form of a platform where so much hatred can be concocted in secret and yet disseminated to the atmosphere.

With the stroke of a key to reach untold billions, Hitler would have a lot of the times we are living in swastikas themes, images, and the same violent anti-Semitic vitriol that birthed the dawn of the Holocaust are now everywhere online, both on dedicated hate sites and the Facebook pages of college students that have been raised in Christian homes and then you say as we look around us. The writing is on the wall everywhere. Violence is growing against the Jews around the globe, as is anti-Semitism the online culture has become the new wall surrounding our daily lives, and these walls. Unfortunately are too often covered in hate you, some that up beautifully. Lori initiated that now you can if you look at it again going back to the church of my focus is reaching the Christian around the world and specifically here for this conversation in the US, but if you look at what's happening with PayPal way shooting. Yes, in that in California you look at what happened in Pittsburgh at the tree of life.

These two individuals just so happen to be Christian nationalists. Now many Christians are familiar with that term. But if they go back to the time that Hitler was socialist nationalism that Hitler pushed into power and there were many Christians that supported Hitler appalling. But if you go back in history and you look, the reason why that happened and what's happening in our generation. These kids quoted New Testament scriptures to legitimize going into murdering cheese in their place of worship is outrageous and because they are being taught from the pulpit replacement theology that God is replaced Jews and their place in history or for all time with the church. There is nothing in the text of the Bible from beginning to end, from Genesis to Revelation. To substantiate that position at his doctrine and traditions as men and we are not to add or take away from the Bible, not one word and deed. Leaders who are teaching these young people we know what it says in the text of Scripture would be better for Millstone to be wrapped around her neck to be thrown into the depths of the sea is where we are if we don't start teaching our children biblical truth to stand on biblical truth not but it's politically expedient like what they're being taught in their classrooms every day and we are going to lose our generation, we are required to teach our children and our children's children throughout their generations and we had surrendered. We have allowed the political education system in our country to usurp our responsibility as parent and I want to go there in just a minute but I'm not quite through with Congress yet because I think we are all blown away recently when proceeded to leave. She's a representative from Detroit made the following comment this a kind of a calming feeling. I always tell folks when I think of the Holocaust and the tragic Holocaust and the fact that it was my ancestors. Palestinians who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, to human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out and some people's passport and just politic in the name of trying to create a safe haven to produce as comments from Congresswoman. It was hated to leave have set up a wave of backlash tonight Pres. tweeting this Democrat represented to leave is being slammed for her horrible and highly insensitive statement. Holocaust she obviously has tremendous hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

He writes can you imagine what would happen if I ever said what she said and sat low represented simply went on to completely murder history of her in the holy land because she can give the credit to Israel's rebirth to the so-called Palestinian people. I'm sure you but fell out of your chair when you heard that as I going balls all over again. If you repeat a lie often enough, long enough people will delete alignment problem with that using media needs people have a brilliant strategist behind them.

All they have to do is put out a statement and what happened at statement recurrence goes around the world over and over and over and people hear it and they start injecting it and they start believing the lie that with the dangerous because when somebody tried to challenge them. They don't get the same level of airtime write you back to that that message goes around the earth to undo the lot. It was just that the people start believing the lie in. This is why more and more people are starting to buy into this narrative and you see the hatred growing, but I will tell you Jan in the United States of America and this is the one thing these women still don't get that 68 to 70% of Americans stand with Israel and the Jewish people against their war on terror that little dirty secret that people forget about when you talk to the average American is most of us are Jews or Christians, mostly Christians in the United States and then flinches.

But when you do a poll like that and you ask people what they think the average person living outside of New York City. The East Coast or the West Coast. Everybody else understands we now have to think critically we know how to look at that damage into side. We should be on and what is Jack and what is unjust, and unfortunately the people that are inside the Beltway like the Three Stooges actually now for the seven headed to Portland may get it all they say is what they want that present here that the press will repeat it over and over and over, around the globe continue to perpetuate the lies and hatred against the Jews ethically see the right anti-Semitism around the globe and here in the United States of America, Lori Cardoza, Maureen. She's my guess for this entire segments today and she is one of my speakers at understanding the times 2019 Saturday, September 21 along with pastors JD Parag Robert Jeffress Jack Hibbs including Amir Sarah Fadi. Yours truly, and others feel just get your ticket online or call you can call the brushfire agency 1-888-338-5338. Again, that's 888-338-5338. We will live stream and at no cost.

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Saturday, September 21.

And by the way folks for close captioning that event as well. If you've got a hard of hearing loved one will be providing for them at the event and online as well. Lori, here's the thing, and I know you're involved in what I'm about to bring up California is set to enact resolution. AB 331 which will require all California high school students to take at least a one semester course in an ethnic studies based model curriculum, which consists of at this folks, which consists of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content in order to graduate. This will be effective. A few years down the road yet. It's perhaps three years down the road. Maybe for either way there actually some of the suggests, this is going to be pulled in California that they will not implemented due to the sort of the tension going on in America currently but you can still see the mindset of the progressive left Lori, let me just put out, and Marie another one of your press releases you say this in the new curriculum in question California high school students could be offered the potential of a full course of study that paints Israel and the Jewish people as part of a system of oppression and privilege that must be fought with resistance. According to reviewers in the coalition notes Lori Cardoza more with the click of a page. Students are then offered a view of Arab-American studies that reads like an exit from a Hamas propaganda pamphlet should we be surprised that a trio of academics on the advisory committee created this model curriculum or vocal anti-Semites whose vitriolic and anti-Israel positions hatred for the Jews and outspoken bias have been nationally well documented. You're going to perhaps participate in pushing back talk to me about that I'm actually scheduled to go and testify before the Department of Education relative to the specific topic is not just California is just one example, and I'm surprised that this is the first time California is being picked apart.

Can you know we been fighting this battle on curriculum text. See, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel anti-American anti-Judeo-Christian pro-Islamic content in America school since 2012 when it was first discovered in the Williamson County school. What is so shocking about this is that the Department of Education state of California is going to make this required of all, in order to graduate. If you think about the school system today. You even have to pack your classes to graduate from high school when we went to school we got anything less than a D we fail to take the course over well dear making this a requirement that the students are required to be able to pack their academic their math class there science class, they can take test and fail them but don't graduate children are being forced. It is mandatory for them to take this course to be filled with his propaganda and indoctrination is the height of double standards, but it indicative of the problem that is happening across the country why Jan we started an initiative to mobilize parents and citizens in their local school district to take back control of our children's education curriculum. It happened that this is mandated other states because remember they always say when it starts in California. Eventually it will blow me with the Gulfstream and it'll go and unfortunately we are going to see more and more schools adopting similar content. The editing about this three anti-Semites who sit on the board and who made the decision to adopt this curriculum had this in the works for several years because last year they passed the law had introduced the law they had to find a vehicle that he had introduced the law in the state of California that did studies would be required while now there going to be introducing the curriculum for this required law that was passed last year. They know exactly it's all incrementalism. They do it gradually they think nobody's paying attention. Well, word got out on this one that we had been on it. We joined with 82 other organizations across the country condemning this and of course, as I said, I'm going to be in California testifying next month.

With regards to this to speak to the Board of Education and tell them this is propaganda.

There is nothing accurate about what they're stating in this curriculum we don't even cast. In fact, we see just like what we talked about with these congresswomen they can say anything. They always accused Israel of these generalized ailments that they never give the Sabbath into proof whenever I call out ill hi no marks from receipt of the Glebe or Alexandria Carpio Cortez I quote exactly when being that I don't make a generalized statement out there to anti-Semites later in dynamite and then I clarify. They don't do that don't give you facts about how Israel is to suppose it apartheid state how specifically are they oppressing the Palestinian people. What we know.

Recently they came out and said oh they're incarcerating children. Palestinian children are being incarcerated in Israel. Well you know we incarcerated in the United States to when they break the law. They try to tell somebody or if they didn't like the Menendez brothers.

They were under the age of 18. We incarcerated them. They don't explain that to make it sound like Israel's toothpick in the Arab kids up putting them in prison and then incarcerating them against their will to do anything else that your kids to put bombs in their backpack to allow these leaders these terrorists to strap on impact on their body night people in the streets of Jerusalem. They run people over in a butcher little children and teenagers like what happened in English at Sion in Israel, just south of Jerusalem last week. It's outrageous because the world even bother asking what their fingers they gave me could you give me an example of what you talking about Lori is the producer of the TV program focus on Israel. You can sign that believe that Sunday*my correct Lori at correct, the broadcasting information on her website again. PJ She is the founder and president of proclaiming justice to the nations, and again pro-Israel activists is emerged as a leading voice in the media in the war on anti-Semitism in the battle to preserve the hearts and minds of America's next generation in leadership and warm winning filmmaker as well. I'm going to just go down a little bit different road here in the interest of time, if we have time I want to hit even one more topic, but one of the biggest false teachings in the church today and just one reason why some churches I think are sailing today as God cannot bless them with already made reference to it. They hold the belief known as replacement theology, the church is the new Israel. Most denominations today embrace this openly and there are a few holdouts. Thankfully, many churches are now driven by social justice and embrace again the lie that Palestinians are the persecuted minority within Israel, but Lori Cardoza more between replacement theology and social justice. Israel is being left out in the parking lot of legions of churches. This is one of my burdens because I'm working with churches almost every day of the week one way or another, certainly working with pastors and trying to get the message that you and I both represent into the church. Well, that's a little bit hard in the church is have operating under the banner of again replacement theology and social justice. What would you suggest to a pastor listening today I went to just that actors have bought into this false narrative number one they need to ask themselves how can they substantiate making this false accusation again. It's like that three congresswomen given examples and unfortunately these pastors do not know their Bible. They have gone through their seminary and their seminaries have taught their doctrine and their tradition that they handed down. Of course some of these pastors will substantiate their position by well it's the Palestinian Christians that we care about and their being persecuted by Israel and have to correct them. I said excuse me Palestinian Christians live in the Palestinian controlled area. There is no Israeli government. There are no Israeli police. There are no Israeli military governing over them that the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinians are being persecuted in Bethlehem in the holy land and one must ask oneself doing the persecuting because the Arabs have control over their communities and we know other pastors were actually in Bethlehem who have been persecuted and they won't toe the line at the Palestinian Authority and they don't buy into this false narrative that a lot of these Western church pastors have bought into thinking that the Jews are persecuting these Christians goes back to falling that same narrative only for Jews that kill Jesus. Well, excuse me if I read my Bible right. He knew the issue I Jesus knew what he was coming to the earth and it once the Romans, because it wasn't the Jews that had control over the government authorities at the time to put the Roman government and the other example that she uses. It wasn't you. Now people come across when they killed them with the Romans. If Jesus were been killed by a Jewish government, they would stone him because that was what was in the Bible about how they dealt with issues like that with traders or what they perceived as traders Christian pastor need to take Hebrew lesson in the Bible they are reading the Bible to Greco-Roman lenses and you cannot understand or interpret a book. It was written by Hebrews written in Hebrew.

If you're going to put a Greco-Roman spin to it.

The Bible was never intended to be Greco-Roman iced it was intended to be translated so that other nations of other languages could understand it like a great that we were never to take on the Greek mindset or interpretation of the words it's always been Hebraic and we start studying from that perspective. That's when we get the picture and it just blows the whole false narrative in this hatred is 2000 a year is nearby. These pastors by these leaders of the water. One more topic year, taken on the NEA national education Association to give you credit for it and you say, when was an American teachers union deputized to become a global watchdog whose mission it is to vilify Israel and become a vehicle to push hate within their membership and then you go on to document you say the NEA will use existing Digital Communications to develop and publish resources to educate members and the general public. Again, this is referring to Israel on the apartheid Israel atrocities in Israel gross violations of human rights of Palestinian children and families by the state of Israel funded directly by the US NEA will publish an article in NEA today on the work that is being done by our members and organizations fighting for the rights of the Palestinian children and families. NEA will partner with no way to treat a child campaign to pressure the Israeli government and the detention and abuse of Palestinian children. The NEA must oppose the detainment incarceration torture. My goodness family separation and murder of children and their families at the hands of the US domestically and globally. Lori, I'm down to two minutes but talk to me about your battle with the NEA and I'm telling you this again. Are they substantiating the proof where it back to sustaining all generalized statements that they're making. They don't have a name we should be challenging them and we did.

I wrote a letter to the NEA. I just actually got a letter back date friend and you know what they substantiate their position on and allowing that even to come to about it.

The thing I asked the NEA in my letter to them.

Where is the proof.

Where is the examples that you can cite NY and the NEA, the leader I said do you even see if these so-called accusations are legitimate. Where is the justification. Where is the proof now they are concerned about the democratic process. We want everybody to have an opportunity to present their position and then we democratically at the body will vote on it to see if we want to do it or not, and I after don't you check to make sure that it's actually accurate with being presented are you just connect randomly allow anybody to just submit anything to take up issue and vote on for the NEA to adopt policy for the future, and the fact that the NEA their mission statement, with the educate America's children. Now they're taking it upon themselves to educate the world using their platform and their well to promote the father of lies is very very busy folks come on out and meet Lori Cardoza Moore Saturday, September 21 just outside of Minneapolis understand the times 20 1980 Farah Dr. Robert Jeffress. Mere society gives. Yours truly, many others went to close the program. The two verses today. Some 3115 says I trust in you, oh Lord, our times are in your hands is that not comforting. And in this age of uncertainty of the seat of denial of this information and even despair.

The wonderful words of and God will be the stability only God an abundance of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you next. Thank you for supporting this radio outreach now in our 19th year as we are now just weeks away from the other setting the times 2019 conference member.

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The two reach us by phone. Simple time at 763-559-4444 763-5594.

Thank you for trusting this ministry. This radio outreach see section denial here to remind you look up know everything is falling

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