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Discerning the Times

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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September 28, 2019 8:00 am

Discerning the Times

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 28, 2019 8:00 am

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Everything is converging but you need to be a discerner to see it either.

The stage is set for the signs have already gone been fulfilled Israel's back in the land. Conflict between Jews and Arabs Western powers, a triumph of the peace treaties in the Middle East, weapons of mass destruction already exist. So all the things the Bible says going to transpire in the end will already think that I get our attention. These are like red lights flashing me saying wake up were getting awfully close. Final fulfillment of all welcome to understanding the times radio today.

Jim Markel has very special guest author and commentator Terry James Terry is general editor of a new book title discerner analyzing converging prophetic signs of the end of days has 19 contributors, including many names. You all know and love can spend the hour with Terry talking about some of the chapter highlights here is Jan Markel prophecy itself is God's way of reminding us that he alone knows the future, and therefore he alone can tell the future the signs in prophecy are indications to remind us that if you see these things begin to happen then.

Now that the rest of fulfillment is close behind and welcome to the program. This is the first weekend just after our annual conference and I don't want to dwell on that, other than to thank all of you listeners who did attend our live stream. The conference is available on YouTube as I speak CDs and DVDs of the available round the end of October and my goodness messages were almost exclusively on encouragement and hope, encouraging the believer offering great hope so I hope you'll check out some of those messages. And again, my thanks to everyone who participated and prayed for us, etc. now want to move right into our programming. By the way next weekend will play one of our conference messages and I'll say more about that next week, but I want to get into today's program because we are carrying out tremendous new book titled discerner is analyzing converging prophetic trends for the end of days in the general editor is Terry James and other authors. I'm going to include them here.

Let me just quickly cite some the other authors we've got Dr. Larry Spira Dimino escalating evil seducers Don Magid descending dark delusion.

Jeff Kinley intriguing chapters by Nathan Jones, Damon Doc final empire forming Tom Hughes I'm good have to talk about his topic here in a moment. Harlot system astride satanic steed chapters by Philip Goodman. Grant Phillips, Jim Fletcher has a terribly cutting-edge chapter Bill Salas, of course, Pete Garcia, Gary Stearman, Ryan Peterson, I have a chapter in their rapture reassurance and mockers last days scoffing at a chapter by Tim Cameron and Dr. Dave Reagan concludes the chapters in the book try to go over as much as we can. This particular hour. The goal of editor Terry James is to make every reader a watchmen on the wall. And remember, folks, it says in second Chronicles 12 that the sons of Issachar were men who understood the times.

This ministry wishes to see every follower at least of all of trade and the program here to better understand the times contend for the faith and become watchmen on the wall. Welcome back, Terry, James, and I suspect that is your goal as well that my right so do preachers you actually only look forward to talk about the "sure. Can you say that it's time to discern the times and then you remind us appropriately that the religious leaders of Jesus day could not discern the time of his first coming. He chastised them.

Frankly, my opinion is a lot of spiritual leaders today cannot discern the times of his return again. The carotid network were strictly prompting the Polish brew improved phone rate will grow and multiply about the books record stored railroading a newborn and I believe a improved phone made it where was a time for discernment this time that we offer and schoolbooks, the genesis of the doable and you've written numerous books in the privilege to be in a couple of them in your previous book was deceivers that I don't want to go into that but that was a powerful book and I think we've sold boatloads of them here at olive tree ministries and I would have to say Terry James.

This follow-up book discerner's is even more powerful. It really is. If that's possible. Just highlight a few chapters here, and what some of your authors are saying and eventually I'll have some of these authors on Eric so they can fully give some commentary to what they've written and Jeff Kinley who I deal with very frequently a wonderful writer is talking about the descending dark delusion and the global dilution is coming. He basically says he refers to supernatural activities. Both of God and of Satan and actually during the tribulation.

Time course churches absent from that and he talks about lying signs and wonders by Satan talks about incredible miracles by the two witnesses in the hundred and 44,000 Jewish evangelists and New York take away on Jeff Kinley's chapter Watergate of the job of really pouring through exactly what sort of personal instructor two is all about about people being prepared now for becoming angry.

Delusion goes into a great dual detail about exactly what's happening today with regard to people being set up for the great illusion to come lucky so he's a great runner and is done quite a bit of publishing lightly and very popular writer's were really privileged having book. I think he prunes frames here about bringing out things were actually happening is inferior is not something way out. Thereupon, this guy is down to the basic civil will relive the end what's going on with regard to preparation for this great illusion works is going right and he talks about this delusion is orchestrated by the antichrist antichrist going to use lying signs and wonders to convince most people during the tribulation that he is God. He's going to be God like Satan starved gets his way. Short-term, the man of sin empowered by the devil and he is worship and Jeff Kinley reminds us that many will come to faith during the tribulation. Many are going to come under end time delusion. That's actually the title of his chapter descending dark delusion so many come under in time delusion during the tribulation time, then the days of Noah, descend, and I think were quite frankly, very near the days of Noah at me in the days today remind me not that I was around back then but pretty bankrupt time were living in culturally and morally, etc. I think we were right we were going to walk to the dance of a horse electrocute the wardroom use secretory reward.

He will surely works well about you but I'm surely books a lot of men, I'm just moving on here quickly and moving to another chapter that just totally caught my attention and that is Tom Hughes.

I can't wait to have Tom on to talk about this and Tom's chapter title is harlot system atop satanic steed and Tom is writing about mystery Babylon and he feels that it will be an amalgam of religions.

It's called the harlot, the mother of harlots and of course opinion is divided on this Terry and you know that and I just had Ron Rhodes on who feels that mystery Babylon is the city of ancient Babylon rebuilds I'm leaning a little bit more, as do many of my other guests that Europe plays the very key role Tom talks about the global face the one world religion. Tom believes that that harlot is forming now and I think you would agree right or absolutely, and we can for you were giving a covered auto pitch along jewelry ecclesiastical monarchy with food regularly.

The pontiff was we offer social money going to devote a top-down sourcebook in local Christendom.

Yes he gives some intriguing insights into Pope Francis and the Vatican in Tom Hughes chapter talks a lot about the end time church and the church in the tribulation and skin to be about tolerance and inclusion and anyone can get to heaven, and he reminds us if we think we have Laodicea now.

We haven't seen anything you are doing your article Catholic Church claiming that it will be an open right you will probably I want to build on this for a minute Terry because Tom and you and I were talking about this harlot system that's in a show appears really gonna manifesting now were in the Laodicean times right now but oh my goodness during the tribulation. It's just going to be something unimaginable but you know before it can get that bad in the tribulation, the stage has to be set right now let me play a short clip. This is Ed Heinsohn and Tim LaHaye talking about the spiritual deception 2000 years ago Christ began his discourse on the future by identifying for a specific signs that he said would herald the beginning of the end of time. Watch out that no one deceives for many will come Monday, claiming I am the Christ will deceive many.

In Matthew 24 Jesus warned that answering the disciples question.

He warned about 11 times we were false teachers and false Christ and falseness size. As we moved into the last hundred and 50 years, false prophets, false calls, false religions have just exploded.

There are numerous culprits today that are growing into the millions of followers.

Spiritual deception always played a significant role in the human drama pouring every generation. Many have come as messengers of light only to lead their devoted followers to spiritual documents. In recent years some of these false Christ become household names Jim Jones of the tragedy of Guyana Marshall Applewhite and his Heaven's Gate suicide.

David Karesh, the disciples of the Branch Davidian each of them claimed to be the Christ, the chosen Messiah and each lead his flock astray with promises of deeper insight.

Christ prophesied that in the final days. These masters of deception will increase in number and influence is in desperate world searches for spiritual direction as these counterfeit seekers flourish their tools of persuasion will include more than convincing rhetoric and are going to increase an increase in I would be so bold as to say on the basis of Matthew 24 they will increase in power. They will have power to perform miracles will have power to perform healings.

They will try to replicate the miracles of Jesus and prove themselves to be false messiahs giving false teaching. If you just join me.

You're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here have on the line Terry James who is the editor of the brand-new book to Cerner's analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days. We have it in our store. All of views as an viewpoint, olive to our various newsletter is that you can call us if you'd like central time we can get a book out to you very quickly and again some of the participants. The contributors there.

He spares me know. Jeff Kinley, Nathan Jones. Yours truly, Tom Hughes Bill Salas Jim Fletcher Gary Stearman Tim Cameron Dave Ragan and others can go through everything but wonderful contributors Terry up the clip. I just played reminds me a little bit of yearbook deceivers your previous book.

Now it's to Cerner's tell me the difference between the two. I would just equip, but covered much of what we covered about consider great but will be corroded record people like you wrote for them regardless to is a great book.

Many people covered many of the things that were talked about clip produced played now disorders.

We have deceivers in this world and so that means a greater call to have this cool perspective. Typically involving eschatology or the study ran things now are getting better in the focus of the others have discussed in this book to Cerner is to be in my view, things are considered to be is like a briefing package that can bring people who are without teaching about Bible prophecy bring them up to date rather quickly and comprehensively so I think like a briefing package, and is very truly proper way with some of the great Rotary work time I played that clip is very talking about Tom Hughes chapter here harlot system atop satanic steed and about the terrible false religious system. On the way and my point was the only way that false religious system can come into being is that the stage is being set as we speak with a lot of death of discernment in the church today want to move on to some more chapters as time allows. Here, thank you for including Damon Decca globalism chapter and satanic world government on the horizon.

I'm always intrigued that the Lord sent along Donald Trump to put a stop to the rush to globalism once he's taken out of the picture. Anything could happen was Roger dog grooming redo about that yet. Relate to me at this astonishing, astonishing what happened to me. We can even rope and pulley graph.intervention is opening up the ultimate Donald Trump is obviously like junior high got some time and is not exactly a godly man but he is God's man.

Make no mistake, got it put him in office at this time in the globalist, who are trying to set up this antichrist platform from which your will launches turbo regime, globalist thing, there unwittingly about human menus were unwittingly know what you're doing with their setting up the clip (so that's what we see and are going absolutely bonkers because Donald Trump is intervening is a nationalist use of America. First, God is not a globalist is driving him nuts and is so obvious. Yes indeed Europe tried getting rid of borders in dumping nationalism in trying to think about. Only globalism in Europe's in the process. Obviously falling apart just as tragic to watch what's happening over there. America seems to be making some of the same mistakes where one election away from undoing what you and I are talking about undoing nationalism, undoing patriotism, forming that one world government Americas 1 Election Way I look at the lineup of progressives on the debate stage every now and then. It's stunning. It's a little bit scary times could change real fast is my only point. My question what is the Lord doing exactly as auditors all about. And there's something going on down and it is spectacular to behold hysterectomy for so I'm excited to see what's going to happen even though what you should scary times ahead perhaps. But we know God is in control and what were about as a study event on things and were out there okay I'm talking to Terry James for this hour and we are carrying his new book called to Cerner's and I'll give book information a little bit as we can outline down the program so I don't have to interrupt too many times were carrying it and I've read about 80% of it and then read it all here in the next day or so a lot of move on to some more of your authors Terry as he got intriguing chapters you've got one by Pete Garcia. I'm so glad you included Pete one a provocative writer. He is his title meaning of Israel's 70th figtree anniversary and of course Pete reminds us this is a miracle nation was dispersed for 2000 years, and no nation comes back after paying dispersed for 2000 years, and brought back the culture brought back the language, the religion, the military, the economic prosperity.

It's the eighth most powerful nation in the world Terry he brings out some fascinating dates and numbers.

We can't go through the mall, but can you summarize it is talked about paying the court about imported rework of the modern nation of Israel and what it means that he does a great job.

You agree Robert is laid out what is happened prior to the leading up to 1948 Jewish rebirth or Israeli rebirth.

It just sprinted forward into exactly what we are like so many of them a brings current issues and events into the office 70th euro being back in the land means what it will be one additional main prophetically removable in the next few years were even earlier. Watching neutralist emotions inside to watch right now. He reminds us before 1948. You can only read about Israel in history books. You can only look back at her before 1948 and then Mark Twain's incredible comment back in 1867. He said the desolation was beyond imagination. He said even Had deserted the country that may play a real short clip to emphasize what were talking about. This is again Tim LaHaye and actually Thomas ice there is an ancient proclaims Israel as the center of the all in the context of the end times and the signs will foreshadow the coming there is little doubt that this small strip of land at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa is the focal point of all the Christ and the prophets told about the future you have to put Israel in Jerusalem and every factor about end time prophecy because it's the center of your and in this end time event, you'll find that God still has many plans and promises for the Jews that are going to be fulfilled certain geographic locations might by God because God's veracity and truthfulness hinges around him doing certain things at certain geographic locations. So were saying that history does not move forward prophetically unless the nation visuals involved Israel's spiritual significance was established nearly 4000 when God set apart the Jews as his chosen people and promised them this land is their home. Today Jews from around the Guenther in Jerusalem at the Western Wall. The last remnant of their condition. There they pray and remember the words of God's enduring covenant Israel blocks and film all the world with fruit.

Behold, the days are coming, sensible, when I will raise up from David King shall reign and prosper. I will grant salvation desire and my splendor to Israel you will be my people and I will I will plant Israel in their own life. Never again to be uprooted from the land I have given is breakable bond between God. Israel in the prophetic events of the future Terry. I may go back to this topic of Israel because I do before the time gets away why you hit some things that Jim Fletcher wrote about in time hatred of Israel but for right now I am moving ahead because I want to talk to you about what Dave Reagan wrote about. He's such a good friend and friend of this ministry.

He quoted chapter the effort to convert God into a cosmic teddy bear. Let me just make some comments about Dave's chapter and then I want you to have comments will and he relates that more than once, when he spoke about the wrath of God either today or the wrath to come in the tribulation. He was literally silenced, condemned, criticized, or shut down and that people have bought the lie that God is a cosmic teddy bear. We shouldn't fear you speak into this place. Terry James Morgan. I don't want people to know your God is a God of all course grottoes. The "dollar will be sent his only son to the world. Everyone have a chance, so be sure, but the same time likely circulars to don't even believe in God. Most of them sign. God is only a God of love is no desire to put people in the hill restaurant a dozen people put themselves in a nonbelieving and that's what they wrote about my only event. Even the church today is getting soft on this ideal that God would ever judge mankind for the sins will we know what Ruth Graham said about that with regard to America with her daughter many times that he's going to apologize to Solomon tomorrow if he didn't deal with American her many most egregious and date coverages topic very well. His motorbike he give the sermon great discernment exactly who God is, he is not that cosmic teddy bear. He is a loving God is our heavenly father knows his creation, mankind intimately leave their foreheads are numbered.

Everyone of love leaving knows every shape of every grain of sand on the earth to because he is an all-powerful God, they bring the things you his own wonderful way like you. Jan is very passionate about what he writes was a wonderful chapter and I think people will get discernment re-discern what was going on with regard to God and his love versus judgment wrath by reading this chapter will, his wrath is not meant to punish but that folks might repent and be saved.

But he does write about any kinds of wrath, consequential wrath, cataclysmic wrath abandonment wrath eschatological wrath, eternal wrath.

He states that he knows many pastors who say that the judge mental God of the Old Testament is not the loving God of the New Testament, but God cannot tolerate sin and man's sin nature. He is not going to excuse it. Many don't want to hear that. Of course indeed the eschatological wrath we read about that Terry. In the book of Revelation, and it is stunning seven scroll 77 Wilder Boulder royalty each one get progressively were 21 judgments seven double Stacy urges a return morning training will be no place right pretty stunning stuff that doesn't make God a monster. How can he not judge sin and evil that it's right what about what common productivity. He gave his perfect only begotten son as a sacrifice. What more can you do to prevent people from having to go through the wrath must be delivered again soon and he brings out the fact the believer is spared the wrath of God.

Believer is not spared the wrath of man and of Satan that's going on as we speak. It's hard to watch going on in various parts of the world, but believers spared the wrath of God the wrath that's going to be poured out, particularly during the tribulation. So I did appreciate Dave Reagan's chapter.

Let me just say it one more time here. The book we carry, and it's in our store. It's called the Cerner is analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days. Visit all of or call my office or get into our print and e-news letter will be featuring this. We had attach our annual conference. Some of the authors include Jeff Kinley, Nathan Jones, Tom Hughes. Yours truly, Pete Garcia Bill Salas Gary Stearman Ryan Peterson Tim Cameron we just talked about Dave Reagan, but I had on some things that Jim Fletcher wrote in my second segment here that were having to head into in just a moment. Terry's previous book, and we still carry deceivers again that's in our bookstore and this is kind of a follow-up. This one is called this Cerner's were just off of understanding the time 2019 will play a conference message next weekend and I'll say more about the event next weekend. Right now I need to take my very first break of the program when I come back and continue on here with Terry. James Terry is coeditor of the very popular website known as a rapture ready rapture you can get tons of articles hundreds and hundreds. Over time, but rapture he and Todd Strindberg have been working on that for a long time. When I come back I want to talk with Terry about end time hatred of Israel will be back in just a couple of minutes don't go away. We love hearing from her audience. Send us feedback through our website. All of the Lord, all of which reviews are to reach us by mail. Writing to follow three ministries of John Markel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 call subjects five 763-559-4444 76355944444 with Jan and Terry on September 21. Thousands came from 45 states.

Many Canadian provinces and several foreign countries brought annual conference near Minneapolis programming is posted to our YouTube channel under John Markel and will be on our website by mid-October you would like CDs or the meetings of this event order in our online store. All of to review startle. That's all of through the use of large will be shipped the end of October you could call us Monday through Friday central time in order at 76355944 763-559-4444 will be offered in our print and e-news letter as well. Speakers included on their star body pastor JD Farah Dr. Robert Jeffers, Pastor Jack tips John Markel and Lori Cardoza more six messages in high definition DVD for just $35 +6 dollars shipping in the US succeeding messages are just $30 +6 dollars shipping in the US learn how everything is falling into place that wonderful important for us as Christian believers and all you wanted so important is because we've got the war. People want is not something that our imagination is coming with you.

For developing the appreciate our hundreds of radio stations. We also know some of you lead busy lives in access understanding the times radio at your convenience online. All of three one place the call in on our YouTube channel under John Markel insert images and video.

Those who are visually oriented, although they one mobile app have a program every Saturday morning, there's more with Terry, James, and John Markel as they wrap up the conversation about today, many living in the final generation. If there is no way to be certain for an aura of mystery still surrounds the catastrophic events that, according to Jesus. One day she the foundations as we walk in the lengthening shadows of the time. We can be confident of two things.

Christ prophecies are at this moment closer to fulfillment them ever before, and they own resonating with the daily course of human existence throughout the uniformity cannot be ignored. Let us look now the future as seen through the eyes of juices and the prophets who inspired in their words, discover important clues to understanding all that is to come and welcome back spending the hour with author, commentator Terry James you've read him give her in various places is coeditor of the popular website rapture ready rapture Let me just quickly say that we are very active on social media, olive tree ministries find us on Facebook at Jan Markel's olive tree ministries find us on Twitter at olive tree men find us on the Instagram want to check out our Instagram witches olive cream ministries.

If you write to us, particularly if you're sending a gift tells how your listening. Are you listening online are you listening to some of our 850 radio stations or listen to our YouTube. Perhaps the one mobile app which you can sign up for it. One and have the program conveniently downloaded to your devices on Saturday for our YouTube were inserting images and video and you can actually see the program in action on our YouTube.

The YouTube channel is under Jan Markel and spending the hour with author Terry James because were carrying his new book to Cerner's analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days intriguing chapters with some cutting-edge authors, including Dave Reagan, Pete Garcia, Bill Salas Jim Fletcher Tom Hughes Damon.Nathan Jones Jeff Kinley Don McGee Larry Sverige Minal Grant Phillips and I know I'm forgetting Sam but just a real part Tori of thinking people who are assembling their thoughts on again subtitle of the book analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days to Cerner's is the title of the book and I said going out of the last segment that I want to focus at least for the opening minutes of this segment on what Jim Fletcher wrote end time hatred for Israel and might politically appear if we have time. But Terry Jim did this in your previous book deceivers. Now he's done it again for this Cerner's tell me why because nobody recruited ratcheting up. You cannot hide it under the bushel you got to keep it out front to show people exactly what's happening in the middle of the British Army to be fully shortening what's going on with this book about do believe it is a number one son Polaroid got prophetic, Jim wants to keep Israel out front with regard to the synthetic tax coming against the mission. It is true. The last one he wrote he wrote about the same topic basically but this is an ongoing thing. Getting up three and he references the demonic diplomacy and the drive to divide the land which courses Caesar. She's reminds us that the Jews have been hunted and harassed for literally thousands of years Terry I was at. This is probably 10 years ago now, my alma mater, Bethel University in St. Paul what was called hope for the holy land which featured Lynn Hibel's Samil wide world vision. They spent an hour and 1/2 given Israel a terrible reputation.

My understanding and Jim writes about some of this. He writes that Lynn Hibel is actually tried to infiltrate the Calvary Chapel stream and turn their loyalty away from Israel. Thankfully, Chuck Smith blocked this. This goes back to 2012. Let just play, just a quick clip here about some of the things I heard at Bethel and again folks I'm doing this because the chapter by Jim Fletcher's titled in time hatred for Israel.

As Terry has just suggested it is off the chart and the perpetrators are evangelicals, a mentor of mine Dr. Bell is the highly respected mentor who has influenced Bill and I very much love the Middle East and wanted me to be involved in Middle East and I kept saying not know Africa's my place. You know that which does attend one conference and it was a conference in mind Jordan that was taught entirely Arab Christians was taught by Christians from Egypt and Lebanon, Jordan, Syria rock the West Bank. All of the teachers were Christians.

All of the learners Americans and European Christians.

And so we just sat there for a week and heard the heart of these Arab Christians. I cried all week and two things that just grip me.

One is they just talked about how abandoned they feel by the Western church, which of course it's true. Most Western Christians don't even know there are don't know that there is a community of Christians in the Middle East. So that's very obvious second thing they said was that American Christians do not understand how our attitudes and behavior in relationship to Israel hurts them. Christians, they said, here we are Christians believing where we living in a primarily Muslim and all the people that we live around here.

They look at American Christian relationship with its realm and they see that American Christians support everything the Israeli government blanket support for everything and a totally seem to be unaware of the plight of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, they don't understand that there was any injustice or any problems that they are facing. And so that inflames the Muslim world and here we are, as Arab Christians and we used to live in relative peace know in harmony with their Muslim neighbors that now were being equated with American Christianity, which appears to be very imperialistic in the touristic and totally unaware of the plight of the Palestinians. Terry, I think that probably shocks. He was much as it shocks me because suddenly American military might and are standing by Israel. The result of that is we've inflamed the Muslim were terrorism is our fault. Israel's fault what happened not long I cannot remember – you will want a world so much for going to have to do something to make a not so much… Attending delusion. Jim was talking about developing what is in this is Jim Fletcher's chapter on hatred for Israel in time hatred for Israel even quotes I mean Russell Moore is Southern Baptist convention, but no friend of Israel. He says the current secular state of Israel is not the fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham.

Jesus is. He reminds us that Russell Moore says we need not hold to a dispensational's view of the future restoration of Israel, and he doesn't know some more goes on to name some others here evangelicals who are coming against which never would've happened 30 years ago. Terry know what it is now becoming mainstream notes for things Jim writes about her so well. The outline is or will it affect the evangelical church going off on a tangent to Israel and even agreeing with Bosler saying that they're not necessarily the real Jewish people larger say or read what you said about picnic were not Jews in Israel will leave us alone whether hatred for Jews the world thinks it were not Jews talk about people. Let me read a paragraph by Jim.

He says what has become clear is that the enemy is going right into the heart of evangelicalism.

Honestly, it's a smart strategy with the failed and sailing mainline denominations and the slide of the Catholic Church into cultural irrelevance.

It's smart for Jew haters to attack evangelicalism. The one time bastion of support for Israel.

None of this is an isolated incident.

The same year pro-Palestinian Christians led by Lynn Hibel's tried to infiltrate again.

Calvary chapels with their seminar program that presents alleged Israeli abuses of Palestinians and I referred to this. Fortunately, Chuck Smith slap that effort down but Chuck is now gone on to glory, what will the future bring here for pro-Israel support that written by Chuck Smith and I have to say Terry James. He has been my guest for the hour and that would be. I often write articles that are title.

I never thought I'd see the day I never thought I'd see the day that I'm reading stuff. Jim Fletcher has written and its sleep and out on the pages because it is so true and it's shockingly true true humility.

So you have to really keeps on the cutting edge of all the is because he goes out and introduces people sometimes almost endangering them to do so. So you keep doing only things and he sees a growing hatred for Israel Semitism that is growing and we can all see that a spike sometime from the headline. This is a tremendous chapter of that will give nothing, give discernment to the people who read it. Yes indeed, asking about a couple of other chapters. Here it's hard to know which ones to leave out and use Ghana captivating. Chapter prophetic coalition forming the end times prophecies of Ezekiel 38, 39 course no one addresses that better than Bill Salas.

So glad you have that in there and you want to say a word about that you do not treat linguistically archly contribute one number one to number three songs, maybe number one topic was soaping back in the land and so forth to being part of the peace process that is ongoing. That is eventually going to develop a plan to cross cool on and then very much more specific with Bill points out the development of the coalition forming to of Israel, which is that coalition given by Isaac profit in chapters 38 and 39 of the book of Ezekiel and we see it happen. That is Russia ran ancient Persia around and turkey turkey is getting further away from NATO that USM certainly turned against Israel, and more and more into account both the Russians and the Iranians and this is a significant development is the reason I think that primary thing we should be looking for as discerner as watchmen on the wall as you put these developments, particularly geopolitically north of Israel.

You got an interesting chapter in here by Ryan Peterson not had Ryan on here my audience may not be real familiar with him days of Noah days of lot lunacy. Can you summarize that because I believe and we reference this early in the hour here that were kinda back in the days of Noah and Lot, and indeed, when we look at headlines and leaves see the transgender nonsense just everything is off the chart. Right now, but days of Noah days of lot lunacy. Just give me a summary what going on a show where we are on God's prophetic timeline in that a moralistic lineage what God says is really really good choose hackles up when people turn their back on them as a people and therefore we are right now the end of all this is madness Romans chapter 1 working rate is 50 turn them over to a reprobate mind is what we see no global schedule. Ryan looks at Matthew chapter 24 verses 36 to 42 in Luke 17 versus 26 to 30 basically were, as it was lose of Noah and the available lot so will be in the coming of the Son of Man cross cool next catastrophically intervene when things are going on just the way they were back in those days. Now they were buying, selling, they were building plan to do all the things that normal life same. I think the business was booming. Frankly, both arrows.

The moment that lot when all of solemn judgment fill the Bible says will run encourage all of you think of a very good fashion and is an excellent writer and again giving discernment on the exact where we stand on gruffly, nothing based upon the days of Noah and the days of lot talking for the hour with Terry James's general editor of the new book discerner's analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days you can find it.

All of discover my story can give us a call we can get one out to you sign up for the print in e-news letter be featured in there as well and Terry I wrote chapter rapture reassurance and mockers last days coughing and I think that's the thing that's shocked me the most and it shouldn't because the Bible promises that what we're talking about this hour is going to be the subject of incredible mocking and scoffing, but I again never thought I'd see the day when I'd live to see it go off the chart because it's it's everywhere were computer chapter 3133 important. Yes, if left. Margaret will call not who we are to set things and is not even really so much among the circular motion of the world is against the church tickly when it comes to the rapture but I do seem to think that we are something follow the bottomless pit ourselves when we were from the bottomless pit here and that is exactly where we stand on the shoulders who showed up for it, your chapter lot. It is among the most important because it really specifies precisely the condition of even the Christian community today and how many of these people were Christians who deny the rapture.

I don't know. Seems to me that God lays it out so perfectly appalled of the apostle becoming pre-tribulation rapture because it will not appoint a rep in chapter 3, 10, and yet we are held up over Freeman bringing about we scare people in all of this kind of thing. What about the rapture spirit.

But when you get them out of what will be on our calendar is correct, then he now with Terry James Chan Markel understanding the times radio one or read a couple of paragraphs.

Terry, this is an article from your website again rapture get your response to it. I just saw it this morning. It's an article by Jonathan Branton or title of the article is the sign scream with both peril and hope they read three paragraphs are very short and he says nature grounds in pain and so do believers as we wait and eager anticipation of the completion of our salvation. When Jesus comes to take us home. Brenner says for those paying attention. World events scream with great danger for those who do not know Jesus as their Savior.

For those who trust him. We await the sound of the trumpet and the shout of an archangel, and then he says screams of impending peril if the Christ rejecting world were to be granted a glimpse into what is coming for them during the tribulation, their faces would resemble the scene. Edward munched painted and that's the silent scream. That's the painting being referenced here for now they remain oblivious to the signs of their impending peril we know as the day of the Lord they cannot see how the signs of the approaching tribulation scream for all to see. Instead, they see their lives, continuing for the indefinite future, with the hope of future generations. Now is a long article I read three paragraphs Terry I'm sure you can comment on what I just stated in red rapture ready yes I will look that one up from Dalton know about scream or show what I have in mind there when I girl that is that one is so important for us as Christians true Christian believers and eschatology that is in time, players got light about what is so important for us to discern the times were is because we've got to warn you speak that you don't gotta warn people what's coming is not something that's just thinking of our imagination is coming and we can see it developing those who are discerner sincere developing on normal talking about living too much for that sign. That's what this book does for people. It shows you out of the coma discerner salute you can reach out to other people to tickly the lost and even bring Rose's sisters into understanding judgment witness out of them. Also very well stated.

Nothing to add to what you just said intriguing title. The sign scream with both peril and hope Terry James if there were one thing that you would encourage the audience to keep their eyes on. And we've talked about sign scream with both peril and hope your book is targeting a lot of the things that we should be paying attention to in each one hit some different things you Terry James. One thing you would like to encourage the audience to keep their eyes on. As we started our in a countdown. One thing about a new one orders a convergence of all things then get specific it probably is real because that is God's prophetic timepiece in my view, Jerusalem, in combination with the ongoing peace process that will cross Willow prove or confirm that may Jerusalem about peace process is the secondhand of it timepiece. That's what we gotta watch now again we talk about. I think the temple, but the development of the third Temple.

That's interesting to watch.

What thing is all-important with is very important what those developments are coming over quickly and then of course again.

Bill sells his chapter on the Gog Magog developments above his role almost things are or something.

Look at if you want incompetent and one-word program would save Israel kind of topic I had reference to you loss here because with interest in the subject matter were talking about here for the hour.

That's probably at an all-time low in my lifetime.

It set an all-time low. I mean, I can recall in the 70s and 80s and even early 90s when this was still very popular topic that the church now seems to be not all but many churches seem to be sound asleep other than a remnant and the remnant is very interested, my goodness. We had thousands attend my conference last weekend from monthly 4540 647 states across the country. Six provinces in Canada so the remnant is very much alive and well and very interested but the rest of the church isn't so why a book like this about a good courtship Christianity itself. Believers have to overcome even that lack of interest or whatever. For example you just talked about the people go down there many, many, many thousands and billions of people who down the broad way to destruction with her only a very few go in the narrow gate.

But still, we are encouraged to go ahead and present the gospel message. Even though it would look discouraging to most people because most people if they're not interested.

But here Jesus encourages you going to the same way in the matter of eschatology or Bible prophecy. There may not be great interest. There, but the fact is needed. God wants to help out so you will save discernment among people so regardless of but not interest or not we shall have to present that messages what we have to resent the gospel message to those of interest. We had to present this eschatological message or message to those who are not interested. There will be some of the Holy Spirit will cause some to believe and to understand we need more witnesses in this era we have to go ahead no matter what. So that's one reason for the book. So if you continue with a profitable client into like them until either Lord come there or go to the port of Bethlehem rapture His incredibly popular destination for the folks who do want to understand the times discern the times become watchmen on the walls. I mean, I'm encouraged that the remnant remain so enthusiastic. Sadly, I just learned of a church the last day or two here in the Twin Cities area. I actually spoke at that church when I was just starting out in ministry. So as number of years ago wonderful church in the suburb of Minneapolis. The pastor actually made fun of anybody who would want to attend, say conference like mine. He didn't reference it but he may have been that in his mind, thinking of and understanding the times conference or prophecy conference put on by few others throughout the country. Seems to me you know the topics were talking about here Terry with talked about it for an hour they're seen as frightening or they are seen as divisive by a lot of church leaders. Therefore, we have to avoid these topics at all costs. Your point and mind to is we can't possibly discern the times without understanding some of the things your contributors here have written about Royden Medlock at which is like a briefing package that brings people up to date quickly on everything going on and what it means. These are messages are not getting in the church is unfortunately equipped that makes this book doubly important, in my view.

I think that's what makes up an important volume for time so I really hope people will construct her some feedback on yes will ask for some feedback from the radio program.

Terry down to a minute or two if you want to sum things up. I think ultimately we want people to obviously escape the peril of the tribulation through certainly by putting their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, so that they will be among the church that would be rapture."

More importantly than escape the perils of the flames of hell.

And that is only possible through faith again in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to wrap up our hour with that emphasis you've got some time to do so.

What tribulation calling is something to be proclaimed that what this book does is what we intend to do as you speak and write only site intend to make people aware of just exactly what the world is facing possibly very soon and even people who like you and we have no real idea of what that horrible times will be like a tribulation era, and certainly not what is like hell will know what we've been told or read about. But the fact is that is coming and people need to be forewarned about it. This book is about hope it gets the message across is certainly on. Though these authors have been Holy Spirit influence to get the message to people and I believe that this will come across. James, thank you for all you do the book again discern years analyzing converging prophetic signs for the end of days, olive trees, you were my office a call or get various newsletters I think a lot of the program I haven't used this saying for well I think couple months when music today when the time was right to see part of the walls fell down the Lions when hungry. The sun stood still. The waves were calm.

The stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early.

He is never late. He is always right on time and his plan for you is good and what should remember that as we go out of the program. His plan for you is a good plan for you is actually perfect and I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you next week on live conferences and you want to, but things are all falling in the place encourage you to become watchmen on the wall. Check out our store on our website for many more cutting-edge products that are that's all of three views.arch mail by writing to all of three ministries John Marco, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, box 1452 rolled soda 55.

Thank you for trusting us section

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