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Before the Wrath: Why There Must Be a Rapture

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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October 19, 2019 8:00 am

Before the Wrath: Why There Must Be a Rapture

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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October 19, 2019 8:00 am

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We talk about a wedding this hour, but it's not what you think. I don't think it's impossible to overstate how wedding is in the middle eastern culture today as it was in that day the first century a wedding.

What's the most important event that would take place in any town for anyone looking to setting the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the remnant last month of understanding the times 2019, we have the privilege of introducing attendees and online streamers to the new film about the rapture title before the wrath day writer, producer and director Brett Miller Junior discusses this forthcoming film with Jan Markel dear Stan and Brent to talk about. Welcome to the program. Always so glad you can join me just say by way of introduction here that couple of years ago I got acquainted with filmmaker Brent Miller Junior as we featured and we carried his film convergence back then and then actually met Brent last October in Oklahoma City as he was doing some short interviews for his latest project, the soon to be released film before the wrath.

This is a film with about 100 actors in pastors and ministry leaders who are speaking into it with commentary and some of those include JD for Jack Hibbs Amir Sarah Fadi. I had a few thoughts myself and of the film.

Brent introduced this film before the wrath at my conference back on September 21 10 people were very moved by all.

Obviously that film is not finished at this point so were going to talk about the timetable for that to happen. How you can get a hold of it. How you can might even be in a theater near you and will give you contact as well. Brent Miller, welcome back to the program. Thank you so much drama took a pleasure to be here. Well, it was a pleasure to have you at understanding the times 2019 just about three weeks ago now the new film coming out is before the wrath. This apparently involved 10 years of research, talk to me just a little bit about the research and then apparently some new discoveries from the Galilee about the rapture of the church, absolutely. After the coming convergence came out to reignite nude about biblical apology. What we've noted in the nonbelieving world there seems to be a huge division between Christians being able to properly relate to nonbelievers about why the rapture has to happen. In fact, we discover that even most Christians in the United States don't really understand why it has to happen. If you would ask a random pastor. They may say well because the church is not appointed wrath and of course very true but they can't tell you why one currently and there seems to be this kind of gap between Christians who are waiting for the blessed hope who believe in the second coming of Christ, but he is coming back in this disturbing trend, even within the church itself.

In fact, we've seen statistics working with lightweight research which was part of this production. They said that around half of all Christians no longer believe that Jesus was going to be returning soon, or if at all disturbing, and we want to get to the bottom of me that this is the foundation of our hope for the return of Christ. One of the find out why is this happening yet. There's a huge marginalization of the topic I covered that all the time is to be the theme of my message at my conference a few weeks ago my own personal message that I gave is the marginalization I tie let Satan settle scheme to silence eschatology so yeah it's big-time going on in our churches. The Bible is 25% of the prophetic theme and then you say in some of the kind of the promotion that you are using that only 2% of church messages or sermons contain any mention of prophecy which I'm surprised 2%. I think it might be .02% anyways minuscule is our point exactly back.

That was something else we came across would definitely argue for a major part of the problem. In fact, 25 to 30% of the Bible contains prophetic text and so you have opened up the Bible to do the random book a random chapter. There's a very high chance of going to come across something prophetic you do something that has already come to pass, or something that is going to come to pass in the future regarding the last days yet when we find out again, working through likely research that on any given Sunday in the any denomination nondenominational just randomly Christian churches across the United States that only 2% of sermons contain anything not even necessarily the return of Christ.

Anything prophetic at all means that it's not our imagination that eschatology is being marginalized overwhelming smoking gun proof that it lewdly is being written from the church. Then you also talk a little bit about the inciting and the contention about the timing of the rapture and how this is created unprecedented division Brent I've done entire programs about exactly that. It is so bad and like you say the world is watching as people are being so contentious matter of fact I brought Hal Lindsay to the Twin Cities in 2005 and from the platform and I think it might've been a question from the audience asked him about. There are differing timings on, for instance, timing of the rapture and I want to talk you about that just a minute.

Hal said right from the platform. He said yes and that those who are going to differ on rapture timing to going to do so contentious lay there going to do so very often in a mean-spirited way which is such a bad witness to others to have this infighting going on absolutely. In fact, that within those who follow apology which those that are watching and studying the end times is becoming a very small percentage of the church. But those that do write one of the greatest point of contention is when the rapture occurs preacher metric poster pretty rapidly. We've we've got around this over and over again, and this film before the wrath.

I believe a lot of people have this knee-jerk reaction that it's about one of the rapture happened and that's kinda part of what were seeing part of the problem with some shocking and frightening statistics that were seen at first, I want to state there's nothing wrong with the beating. When is the rapture going to occur as the time and a place for but with myself as a director, and ingenuity films. What we wanted to do was tackle what we feel of a much larger problem rather than one brilliant theologians that have books and presentations about when and and have more than enough information out there but nobody is asking why does the rapture have to have we simply we take it for granted that it does. And yet when we look at the nonbelieving world, which by the way is over 70% of the entire population that rejects Christ, the majority of the whole population when they look at the end times because of the blessed hope of the big and when they look at Christians and they look at the return of our Messiah. They don't hear any concise agreement about when and how coming back all the fees are contention that are fighting back JB for all that it perfectly and this is in the film when he said the Bible says will know each other for love for one another and to go but when the world looks at the church today. They say my how they fight with one another. So true it soaks could see the literal videos out there online are beaten various numbers of us up. Truly, they would be stunned and they would be shocked. Brent and I want you to talk about this for a minute or two because your film again. The film is before the wrath folks were carrying the DVD only. Keep in mind that when you order before the wrath DVD from olive tree ministries.

This is a preorder before the wrath products won't be shipping probably until late November at the soonest of this is a preorder if you order now, but Brent I want played the trailer and were little disadvantage in that most are listening on radio and online were going to show the trailer on our YouTube folks so that's under Jan Markel and Olive tree ministries, but most are listening on radio and I like to play the trailer and again the thread that runs through this film is the importance of the Jewish wedding and how it ties to the rapture and then we can play some more clips a little bit later this day. Last night we so even discovered is coming back okay that the assistant portion of the trailer to the forthcoming film before the wrath again, we featured it at my conference back in September 21.

Brent was with us. Show the trailer showed 10 minutes to sort of little clips from the film itself and will play some of those audio Brent talk to me just a little bit about why the Jewish wedding. Why have you based almost the whole production around the Jewish wedding what actually shocking about this because I heard some of the correlation between the first century Jewish wedding. Some of the prophetic events that Christ spoke out regarding his return.

And I think some of us are familiar with some of the associations but what we discovered is in order to find out why the rapture has to happen but it simply does.

But why are God of the God of order reason there's a reason why everything is done according to a world of infinite wisdom, so we want to know why is this event, why does it have to take place and that is what sparked a 10 year research project with Jay McArdle who was an ancient anthropologist who always asked the question instead of what we think in our modern day. What did they think in the first century and some of those anthropological views have exposed incredible depth of new understanding in regards to the biblical scriptures using hermeneutics, culture, and made an example of how we can understand Scriptures shift and so much more depth looking through about one and they began to look at what Christ taught his disciples regarding his return. Which by the way, 11 of his disciples were Galileans, most of Christ's Ministry Took Pl. in Galilee, not Jerusalem. The epicenter of religious activity but up in Galilee as they were discovering doing research in Galilee regarding what Christ taught the actually came across some shocking new discoveries that Christ essentially left with in the Galilean culture what's shocking is that over 10 years of research.

These pieces of the puzzle came together. In fact, the film isn't typically about a Jewish wedding even though there's some correlation factually specifically Bobby Galilean wedding and you might stop and say what's the difference well before this discovery people to know there was one in our finding that there are vast differences between the two, specifically the Galilean wedding customs which were actually unlike any other in the world, including the specific wedding customs that took place just south and Jerusalem and it was specifically the Galilean culture that was the missing key. The missing piece of the puzzle that explained everything of why the rapture has to happen and how it happened, absolutely life-changing your focus, even though you do state some of the statistics. For instance, 36% of Christians believe in a pre-tribulation rapture 18% post-tribulation rapture 4% mid trim 4% pre-wrath 4% aren't sure 9% are other theories. The most frightening statistic is 25% don't believe in a literal rapture at all and the 25% includes pastors of even evangelical churches. The focus isn't so much that as focus would be why it's going to happen. Absolutely entire film finally blow the lid off of exactly why the rapture has to happen we have to remember what all the contention of the meeting when it's going to happen together.

The time and a place for that. I find it happening and it is a topic of important but the nonbelieving world is watching the infighting right. You're absolutely right.

When Christians can even answer the simple question why is he coming back.

Why does the rapture have to happen and therefore honest about it, an event like the rapture to nonbelieving person sounds so sensational so unbelievable. How can we possibly expect them to believe that cave and explain why it happens or how it happened far more important question for Christians to be united on not only for our own edification.

In order for us to properly communicate an event like the rapture to the nonbelieving world and you and I both know they're very familiar with the topic of the rapture.

The home market so they know of it, but Christians are standing up and explaining really what it is and why. Let me play some clips them from the film. Again, these sermons my radio audience how seriously their audio clips.

This part of what I'm going to hear hear.

Brent showed to my conference in video form. However, it was kind of not quite finished product yet. This would include some 45 clips from the film and we got them can run together here and then when I come back.

Brent let's you and I talk about what we've just heard then that it focuses down onto the moment where everyone holds their breath. What happens is the bridegroom is then handed a picture of why the groom then pours wine into a ceremonial cup that will be offered to his desired bride to be called the cup of joy with both hands reverently and respectfully fearfully he would pass it to his bride. When the groom presents the cup she now has the choice to assess whether or not she will accept or reject this proposal for marriage. The moment the top is handed to the bride. She's given all power to stop the wedding by pushing the cup back and rejecting the bride contrary to all other wedding customs and bride Galilean possessed the final. She alone had the power to accept or reject the offer that patrol could not be completed without acceptance to drink one but on this during this patrol the bride accepts the groom and also take drink from the cup, solidifying the new covenant, but then he said something truly profound in the bridegroom says publicly so everyone can hear you are now consecrated to me by the laws of Moses and I will not drink again until I drink it new with you my father's house, but to understand where this phrase is so profound, we must look at another recorded later in the Scriptures during the Last Supper, Jesus offered a cup of wine to his disciples to signify a new covenant with them, and after his disciples drink from the cup. Jesus then said something similar to what the Galilean would've heard from their own weddings. He said, but I said I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my father's kingdom.

This is exactly why we gave them the cup.

He actually says this is the new covenant in my blood. I'm about to pour my blood. It's a promise to be together again and we go to market by drinking wine something important.

The breaking of bread and offering of wine.

These acts were to form unions a new promise meant to deliberately set in motion events on imaginable importance in my Arab culture you eat from the same bread and you drink from the same cup.

The thought is that that which is in you is in me is a common union common union no longer to but one when Jesus said that at that Last Supper.

This is my body given for you. Broken for you he's talking is a bridegroom to his bride when he says to them. This is the cup in my of my blood in the new covenant. That's how they would seal the patrol in the ancient wedding. When you think about the Galilean disciples understood exactly what he was saying regarding these things. They were familiar things, the illustration was entirely clear to them. When Jesus said that his Galilean disciples at the Last Supper heard only one thing.

In fact, this might explain why later in the gospel records disciples asked Jesus only when the events of the last days would place and not why because as Galileans they likely had already made the connection. Especially given Jesus's first recorded miracle which took place in the town of turned water into wine Galilean wedding.

I find this most fascinating that the first miracle Jesus ever performed was at a wedding and that wedding had the same cultural dynamic that Jesus was describing when he was explaining to his disciples about his if you just joining your listing to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here. I have on the line. Writer producer Brent Miller Junior is in the process of producing the new film before the wrath a few voices you just heard that might be familiar. Narrator Kevin Sorbo of the new film some others speaking into it he heard Pastor Jack can't see her to Mr. Fadi. You heard Pastor JD Frerotte.

There are others. J. McCarl ancient anthropologists and author Brent Miller talk to me just a little bit about some of the clips we just heard what what we've discovered from 10 years of research working with some of the expert along with Hebrew University in Israel is typically what Christ was telling his disciples about his return.

In fact, almost everything that he told his disciples about his return had to do specifically with the chronological sequence of events that would take place, typically in a Galilean wedding Jewish wedding per se, but Galilean wedding and I were major differences that are eerily similar to events like the rapture and how and why Christ must return at the end of days that the Galileans would've understood more than anybody was completely ingrained and recorded in their culture and their wedding practice and passed down all the way to us today.

It's shocking because theologians in the past.

Scholars in the past that made connections between some ancient wedding cultures in the Middle East.

The Jewish wedding.

Culture and some of the things Christ foretold regarding his return, but there's always been large missing piece of the puzzle. Large gaps in the sequence.

And what we've discovered over the last 10 years of research actually fill in the blanks in a picture that now perfectly explained from the first coming all the way to the second coming. How and why everything must unfold exactly as Jesus prophesied. In fact, in the clips that we just heard one of the most shocking thing in the beginning of what you would almost call for lost prophetic timeline within the Galilean culture was when Christ was with his disciples at the Last Supper made the new covenant with them through drinking wine that that is how the Galileans would seal the trouble essentially we were becoming the bride of Christ which the Bible said in so many places refers to the bride of Christ.

Now understanding that goes so much deeper than leaving previously is GDC emphasizing. He says I can't stress how important awaiting is particularly in this culture. Welcome to the town of King Israel is now under Roman control and under his on this day. There is a promise is on this.

I don't think it's possible to overstate how wedding Middle Eastern culture today as it was in that first century a wedding.

What's the most important event that would take place in any town for anyone. In fact, as word spread throughout place everyone was able rush to the main gate with everything took place at the gate and this was really really important because this is where you found the elders.

The elders ratified legal agreements and held the ceremonies near the gate, you would have layers of people that would gather around one meaning. Nonfamily members maybe not friends see having wedding guests away. We have them today was important to them. They wanted witnesses because you can't make a covenant without having witnesses to ratify the covenant. There is a written proposal that is presented is a written covenant of marriage that the bride excels.

Yes. Do you agree on these terms. They would say we do, which means that they can't go back on it. They can't say I didn't know that was in there though those terms were disagreeable to after the agreement outlining the union between the two families was publicly within exchange with the most extravagant going to the bride.

In fact, contrary to popular belief about the price that was paid to the bride's father was not a purchase of the bride's surrounding cultures in the Middle East, but rather an insurance policy that would help take care of her if anything were to happen to her beloved but what comes next was set in motion the sequence of events that will shape the future for generations to come in spending this first segment with writer-director producer Brent Miller Junior of ingenuity films.

We featured him back on September 21 to see and have introduced the forthcoming film which is titled before the wrath you can find out a lot more before the before the The film will be out sometime later this fall will be in some 50 to 100 theaters across the country as well, and let her wrap things up with Brent when I come back and take a short timeout here and I want to ask a few more questions, so don't go away if this ministry has made a difference in your life is here from you. Call us at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 note to Jan Markel and follow-through ministries 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 5511. Always order donate contact us through our website. Follow-through used up all of our gifts are tax-deductible more in a minute with our just Brent Miller why are you in a prophecy conference.

I think it's really important now to learn about prophecy to see how that throughout the Bible to have courage stand on the gospel in flight without Christ you have no peace. And so it's always important for us to be sharing the gospel message is true, honest and it's important to see that what he says he will do so we can follow him with every step that we take that Christian in Europe and they are sleeping that I really way on friends from 10 all we will have CDs and DVDs available from our fall conference held September 21 near Minneapolis by late October at understanding the times 2019. Our speakers included Dr. Robert Jeffress Amir Sir body for estrogenic tips Jan Markel and Lori Cardozo more. We are offering six messages on CD for $30 +6 dollars shipping in the US. We also have six messages on DVD for $35 +6 dollars shipping in the US, you can order safely online olive tree olive tree or call the central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 products are professionally packaged and suitable for giftgiving DVDs are in high definition will help you understand the times and become watchmen on the wall. You cannot remove the Bible without Christ, the last days and that's exactly what you're doing, slightly terrifying data coming out of the creek regarding them really living and on more than ever before. You can find the DVD before the wrath in our online web store. All of these Like dozens of other cutting-edge products there as well. Follow-through ministries is pleased to play a part in Miller's bill for it will help the church. We engaged in a discussion of last days issues always call a simple time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 now here are Jan Markel blessed hope has become like the last, but we have to remember something. This is fulfilling Bible prophecy again what these people are doing unbelievers that are come at you saying all you know every generations been saying this, you're nuts. Where is the promise of his coming in and so-called professing Christians that are out there attacking people because they're watching for the Lord's return again the pre-tribulation rapture is under fire like I've never seen it before me. Some of the nasty words that are coming out of people's mouths attacking others for their beliefs and in making videos, mocking them and stopping them for watching for the Lord's return there fulfilling Bible prophecy. This is the amazing thing about it.

So these people doing this instead of bringing others down like for me when I see these people doing its encouraging me. It's motivating me because are actually fulfilling Bible prophecy go again right to the book of second Peter chapter 3 verse 3 to 4 where it says knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts and saying, where is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation mean literally, people's attitudes today again believers and unbelievers is literally quoting what's coming right out of second Peter chapter 3 verse 34 people are literally saying where the promise of his coming. They've been saying it but now more than ever seen a significant rise in increase in the mocking and scoffing that's occurring between believers and unbelievers. Again, the blessed hope has become more like the blasted help right now and will come back as my good friend you to bring Chad, Thomas, you want to check out his YouTube and sign up to get his several times a week updates because this is what he talks about just an announcement or two and then head right back into my discussion with filmmaker Brent Miller Junior ingenuity films.

He produced convergence. We carried that for a while.

We don't. At the present time that we are carrying is new production before the wrath he introduced it at my conference back on September 21 were carrying the single DVD.

There are other products involved.

There's a book involved and you can get various packs of different items together friend that you've got a go to before the before the he should like to DVD only because we have sort of downsized our bookstore for some pretty obvious reasons. Today with the Amazon, culture, and all involved. But we are carrying the DVD olive trees Keep in mind that when you order before the wrath DVD from olive tree ministries.

This is a preorder before the wrath products won't be shipping probably until late November at the soonest of this is a preorder if you order now and let me just say quickly that again. It's so wonderful to meet literally thousands of you in understanding the times 2019, we had folks from 45 states six foreign countries and even our YouTube views of the event is I think well over 300,000 at this point, so a lot of people are getting the truth. Getting the truth as it comes from an eschatological in time perspective and one is contributing to that is my guest for the hour filmmaker Brent Miller Junior Brent, I just want to ask you here. How do you number one find the Lord number to get directed into making films about the topic that were talking about that and the marginalization of eschatology the importance of eschatology the importance of the rapture here of a younger generation. Most of your generation is caught up in raising children, not thinking about what you and I are talking about absolutely younger you go in the generation United States to laugh and laugh interest.

In the Bible as a whole and Bible prophecy in a frightening trend in both people are surprised about how dedicated ingenuity films myself as a writer and director is to biblical eschatology in the importance of it because even most Christians do not understand the overwhelming importance of that apology and why even in the Bible the way that I personally got involved. I wasn't interested in the topic. Growing up if you stated I met my wife and my early 20s and we had children at a young age and I had a career actually left college early to move to Manhattan during boom I moved there in 1999 and I was in the right place at the right time and ended up becoming a senior technical project manager working in new media for large projects for Fortune 100 companies like MTV networks right in Midtown so I will. There the morning of 9/11. In fact when the first plane struck I was about two blocks away coming out of the battery Tunnel. The follow-up discussion from that horrific event that day had a lot to do with religious conflict. You heard a lot about Bible prophecy, reignited discussion in that department being so close to that event that day.

It affected people I knew it affected me very deeply and very personally I wanted to know why this happening in the world. Why does it feel like things are beginning to fall apart more and more every year into the status door. That's what led me to look at Bible prophecy, but coming from somebody who you could almost say that the prove it generation which is much worse.

Even the younger that you go show me the evidence show me the proof I want to know that I know that I believe in the trip. That's actually what led me to studying Bible prophecy, and what specifically the biblical eschatology that led me to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and absolutely know beyond any doubt that the Bible in its entirety. The divine word of God and absolutely true, and that the Lord Jesus is going to return in the last days and unfortunately the way that I actually came to the conclusion wasn't discovered for many pastor or any church. It was true. Years of direct research working with some theologians which most people never heard of in the church is independent research that actually revealed the importance of prophecy and how it can actually be proven that the Bible is true and proven that event like the rapture are real. I find it to be such a tragedy that even most Christians that I mean the overwhelming majority of Christians in the churches today in the United States are not aware of any high green, don't you think that's part of the great falling away the great apostasy that was predicted, we are kind of in the days of Laodicea in the church now and hope it is focusing on your best life now and how we can enjoy life and improve our marriage and improve our finances, but let's not talk about the things to come. In other words, absolutely affected will we been talking about some of the shocking discovery that were made from the first century Galilee, and almost everything Jesus told his disciples regarding his return was directly related to the specific Galilean culture thing that we have lost and forgotten for centuries or millennia. There were only now really beginning to connect the dots again were not presenting anything new.

The Bible contains the complete truth.

There are insights that we have lost that were now rediscovering which are just blowing the lid off of how and why the rapture absolutely must happen to the point where we might even build a claimant can prove the upcoming rapture is not only completely real, but actually shed light on why it must take place in it so powerful that even the nonbelieving world will take notice of why this is such a powerful ministry tool, but you mentioned following a way that's interesting because we know that there is a falling away between the return of Christ.

We also hear that the returns that a thief in the night and this is part of before the wrath because even this was part of what the Galileans understood based on their lost aspects of the culture that were now rediscovering. I don't want to give away such a major discovery, probably one of the greatest discoveries that presented in the entire toward the end of the film is why is it said that Christ returns as a thief in the night.

The reason is apps terrifying yet filled with so much hope and life changing. But before that, lead me to head into a topic of if we back up a little bit why does prophecy exist earthly. This is part of the message that we're trying to get out in the coming convergent and even more so in before the wrath and why it completely is associated with how and why we can prove the rapture is going to happen. And remember, almost half of Christians today either don't believe Jesus is returning soon. Let me any time in their lifetime. Anytime the next 50 years or maybe even ever at all, which is again prophesied that people will return that include Christians which is terrifying because were seeing that trend, increasing the percentage of increasing the reason why prophecy exists in the first place is for God to prove that he is God the way for him to prove that the Bible absolutely trustworthy, which is unique to any other religion or any other writing in the history of the world. I think the most frequent email. This ministry gets and I know some of the other fellows that working with putting those who are in your film. I'm there run down that list again would tell you the most frequent email is I'm looking for a church that will talk about things to come every week necessarily been a couple times a year for sure and would also emphasize things that are happening in the world and how that might tie to the Bible certainly indicate that the hours very late and just what all that actually means. In some cases they tell me they visited every potential church in their town. Some of them big towns impossible to find impossible to find that it brings up greater danger that many of us are glancing over the Christians in the church today of how devastating it is to remove property from the Bible and most Christians don't realize how important it you see as you know, over 1/4 of the entire Bible's prophetic though if you remove eschatology from the Bible with virtually every church has now.

This day what you're doing for nonbeliever you're removing the proof that the Bible is true because it is nothing like biblical eschatology, some of the prophetic sequences that have to unfold over time. Put the statistical probability of those events occurring in such comical numbers possible to occur by chance felt God's proof of God's way of showing us this is real and all these events in the path of all come to pass. Which two thirds of prophecy have been the remaining prophecies will also come to be and likewise matter, they must statistically they must come to pass, but if church is very moving prophecy from the Bible. Then of course removing the proof that the Bible is true now.

What's the bigger danger to that will be removed.

Prophecy from the Bible that when you look at all the millennial. When you look at all the nonbelievers in the world. By the way, think most of us and heard by now that millennial's are now the largest generation. The United now surpassing baby books.

They make up very large percentage you remove property from the Bible and you actually just placed everything that's left in their mind to be on par with all religious teachings in the world because now they have no reason why should I believe this religious: quote religious teaching versus Buddhism, or anything else in churches because they don't teach ecology because they don't teach apologetics having to fix and reasons in history. Logically, why the Bible is true. Nobody can actually tell them why anymore given answers. They cannot race and so there's a conflict between maybe some of them wanting to believe that Christ is going to return, but they have this rational mind that says but I need evidence I need proof and nobody is providing. Very true to me. Just give a rundown again who's appearing in this film. I'm sure it was no easy task.

Brent Miller to get Kevin Sorbo to be your narrator. He's done films, God's not dead oh so many that we've all seen you are able to secure him as narrator of the film absolutely effective. Such a blessing to this project a little bit of time to track him down but the discovery that were made in the film and the impact that it going to have on both believers and nonbelievers alike is so apparent that once we shared some of the evidences with him. He was 100% on board early on. I just really wanted to be a part of the additionally news Pastor Jack Kamps from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California real life which I can't in their society is very prominent in the film. Behold, Israel JD for Ronk Kelby Chapel Connie Ohe Hawaii.

We've got some folks from let CJ McArdle he's an anthropologist. Yours truly, I way in a little bit anyway some folks from life way research Scott McConnell another Lizette Dillinger not familiar with her anyway. And you've got 100 actors. I think we should clarify Brent that this is actually a drama and what you've got here. I just given some names that they step in and they add a little commentary now and then but this is actually a drama with 100 actors. Absolutely effective planter.

That film didn't start out at this scale we had a much smaller budget. But as we were working with drama Carl, who's one of the anthropologists involved in the research on this. Who did teach at Hebrew University first semester and then in the Middle East. Working with archaeologists and scholars and theologians for I believe almost last 15 years there to three times a year for weeks at a time at big sites doing research in incredible researcher and the more that was being uncovered over the last several years regarding the missing pieces to the puzzle of how we can prove the rapture is real and that Christ is going to return very soon. The more he realized that this message has to get out and await where people can genuinely relate to the importance of how big and so the budget was exploded in order to have 100 actors and extras on fat and we did shoot down in Hollywood on the back lot with a film part of Iron Man 12 Strong and many other Hollywood films to order to reenact what the Galileans new in the first century to really bring to life in a way that nobody ever has before. So the film he's a drama hundred actors and then assisted some folks are weighing in with some commentary, some pastors since ministry leaders mere society and others are weighing in making a well-rounded, but how long will it be Brent to be about an hour and 20 minutes. You can eventually find the you can find some companion products such as both Blu-ray etc. before the before the so those are two options for you to get a hold of this, my goodness, using as a witnessing tool. I think that's one of the beauties of eschatology.

It's the thing I bring out all the time is its hand in glove with witnessing.

I just can't imagine a better tool to win others to faith to use eschatology as a tool you're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel. I spent now with Brent Miller Junior is a said in my intro got to know him through one of his previous and he's got lots products but we carried convergence, which was DVD that was exactly what he talks about converging of the signs of the times I think we carried that about two years ago now don't have it any longer, but Brent is a prolific filmmaker just read what's kind of on the before the site just sort of filling the gaps here and then Brent and wanted Ken to wrap things up. Talking to you about the goals and we've already talked about some of the goals that lets cannot zero in on the goals you have in mind for it. Certainly not to just produce a film that's going to tickle the ears.

I guarantee you that is what you read in some of the promotion Bible scholars continue to debate the timing of the rapture but why is such a mysterious event prophesied to happen the first place. Is there a deeper understanding surrounding this occurrence that we've lost over the millennia that those living in the first century clearly understood. Newly rediscovered ancient anthropological evidence from the time of Jesus Christ finally reveals unprecedented findings that could prove the forthcoming rapture is not only real to a skeptical world but sheds new light on how and why this event must take place regardless of your tribulation views before the wrath will captivate believers and nonbelievers alike, revealing new depths theological understanding regarding what Jesus revealed to the ancient Galileans about the end of the age in ways you could never have a mansion and then they conclude these findings resulting from a 10 year research in Israel by leading anthropological scholars and rediscovered lost Middle Eastern views regarding how and why the biblical catching away was prophesied to occur again.

This can be finalize. Hopefully later this fall. Watch my website will make some announcements here on here will put info in her various newsletters you need. Sign up that all of for my newsletters and you can always check out the film website before the before the brand let's talk about for a moment or two anyway and we've touched on it a little bit that would be the specific goals of this film you want to impact both believers and nonbelievers.

Well good luck with that, because you certainly got to worldviews when it comes to believers and unbelievers. How are you going to impact them both ingenuity film special consider herself and apologetics based film company we work so much with the nonbelieving world that, as Christians sometimes what we need to remember that even though there's a lot of amazing faith-based films out there for us, and I've seen some phenomenal one.

Many of them are really geared towards the Christian lifestyle the Christian worldview. Often when were trying to witness to the nonbelieving world. We need to remember that what it is that we want to hear in a film sometimes isn't necessarily what the nonbelieving world needs to hear in a quick example of this is when we look at the apostle Paul meant to refer to him as the father apologetics using history, even prophecy and reason for equal reasons in the synagogues to prove to others that Jesus was the Messiah, and many of us have heard how when he was in Athens. He spoke of the unknown God. But what you don't hear about it how Paul approach that using apologetics by actually understanding his pagan audience. If you read what he specifically said about the unknown God will notice that never mentioned Jerusalem or the Temple and he never mentioned Jesus by name because he knew how to connect at their level to plant the feed and that's what we try to do and so many of our productions we want to leave the nonbelieving world all the way to the water, but it's far more impactful and powerful. They come to the conclusion themselves and that's why so many are watching the coming convergence and being reintroduced left otology and amazing way and before the wrath does the same thing when it comes to the rapture of the rapture of the topic that Christians have a very difficult time communicating to their friends and their families who don't believe it. And if you can't believe in an event that sounds so sensation life like the return of Christ and the rapture then how are they supposed to believe the rest of the Bible you tell them that's true so it's a topic that really needs to be addressed in a way where nonbelievers can understand how it happened and why it happened that it needs to make that and if we do that, that also edifies Christians because now our understanding why do you have to come back for us to reignite help and it's important also mentioned that you cannot remove property from the Bible without also removing the return of Christ, he is part of the last they've prophetic events and that's exactly what churches are doing, which is why we see some of the terrifying data coming out of the Christians today regarding them really living in unbelief. Now more than ever before. It's too contributing to the great falling away in another goal you have and you touched on it, is to reignite the dialogue in the churches across the Western world that have marginalized this topic and I hope and pray in listeners. You can pray that that's exactly what this might do is reignite dialogue. In fact, regarding the great falling away. I think the reason why film like this is needed now more than any other time because some of the trend data that we been saying is far worse and I think most believers understand real quick percent of Americans call themselves Christian self identify as Christian. But then when asked on. This is a national poll gumdrop part of that likely research who are interviewed in the film Scott McConnell, director of the entire organization incredible blessing that you take the time to work with us and with that Dillinger which is where qualitative direct incredible in calculating trendlines over years in the United States, brilliant woman. They have discovered that even though 70% of Americans self identify as Christian. When asked basic biblical questions, foundational questions such as Jesus Christ, the only way to heaven and the gospel is something that should be shared with others. Things that I think any genuine believer take for granted and would say yes of course we find that only 15% of Christian actually agree with the statement, terrifying trend in the US that I can equate to anything other than apostasy.

Great falling away the church of Laodicea as you say in some of the notes you sent me. It's no wonder around 60% of Christians page is no longer believe that Jesus can return soon, if at all, and since we Have introduced this snack and understanding the times 2019. A few weeks ago and we do have CDs and DVDs of that entire event and they are shipping now any day sale. You might want to order them through my store.

All of can give my office call center for various newsletters and we also have in our store. The products we been talking about here for the hour before the wrath by ingenuity. Film's writer-director producer Brent Miller Junior on here with me for the entire hour and I have seen portions of this film he introduced was 10 minutes or so, maybe little bit more at my conference, and the audience just loved it because they caught the vision of the importance of what were talking about and they now they all come from churches that have marginalized the topic or they had to leave just about 50 church for various reasons that's another story that one of the reasons is that terrible marginalization of the very things we been talking about for the sour grant manager to left all yours, wrap it up in an absolute blessing to have the support of olive tree medically for this film and it makes such a huge impact on the entire world when it comes out, and what were saying what the trends going on in the United States regarding the state of Christianity and so terrifying.

The contention that we have in regarding beating the rapture debating Christ that one of the goals of this film is genuinely to find the topic that all Christians can be united on and that's exactly what this film does, which is why were specifically stating a complete truth that it doesn't matter what your rapture. Timing views are what your denomination is the truth that have been discovered from Christ himself.

In the first century are so monumental it really does supersede the continual debates that were always hearing and again there is a time and a place for that. But this film goes beyond that in so many ways where it's going to reignite incredible new hope for believer and is so powerful and is presented in such a way that we genuinely believe that it's something that can be taken to pastors of the church in any nation from the country and actually reignite the discussions about the rapture reignite gushing about the second coming of Christ. Essentially, to have a revival to talk about the end times again which is being marginalized right level that is really the goal this film. I think that the Lord planned on using a mighty way to have a level close. I hope you'll check it out. You can check lot morality for the refine one of the products DVD in my bookstore olive Brent Miller my thoughts and prayers go with you as you finalize this product so needed just allowed the program with Bible verse very familiar verse and John team.

Do not let your heart be troubled. Believe in God believe also in me. In my father's house are many dwelling places.

If it were not so I would've told you Franco prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself where I am, there you may be lost as a promise of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he would return. He would return in the clouds and what is known as the rapture of the church want to thank you for listening. Thanks and we'll talk to you again next remember that if you miss a program you can catch up electronically on our website. One place to using the one place to or by watching it on our YouTube channel, insert images and video on your discussion channel is under Jan Mark go all of three ministries rightists in Box 1452, Maple Grove soda 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 forgot to look into DVDs and CDs of our annual conference is in our store newsletters or by calling us to things are all

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