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No Place to Hide (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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February 1, 2020 7:00 am

No Place to Hide (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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February 1, 2020 7:00 am

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You are hiding in plain sight. We discussed that today thousands of people in Sweden have opted to trade in their ID and their credit cards for tiny microchips that would be implanted underneath her skin tips are supposed to take the place of car railcar are certainly the size of a grain of rice and there implanted just under the skin between the thumb and forefinger welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel brought you by all three ministries. They would begin a two-part series pastor Billy Crone on modern technology Bible and the connection to the last days because of the sophistication of modern technology is truly no place to hide. Someone is always watching or listening discussed that, along with some mornings next two weeks. Just Markel watchful police cameras like these have some people thinking big brother you have a right to privacy in that you have a right to have government not watch what you do.

Others are dazzling new crime-fighting tool.

No city in America has a surveillance system is vast and sophisticated as the one here in Chicago cameras big and small seem to be almost everywhere the live footage is watched around the clock. It is city command center.

Police and fire and people on the lookout for threats of terrorism, hundreds of privately owned cameras on office building shops and restaurants also looked into the system now work cameras are going in police say so-called covert cameras. Maybe next as small as a box of matches.

And here's the amazing thing city of Chicago never got a chance to vote on any of this. Welcome to the program say don't we enjoy our modern conveniences for the next two weeks were going to consider how these conveniences really are working against us and how their monitoring us tracking us keeping a record of almost everything we do what we buy who we know it.

Sarah and it's why the big tech companies well there called masters of the universe and they will serve a master eventually that would be the antichrist and I've had pastor Billy Crone at one of my events. Understanding the time 2018 had him on air numbers of times and we are carrying his DVD set on modern technology Center online store will say more about that as we go into the programming for the next two weeks because as I perused quite frankly the DVD set is 16 teachings on modern technology and their intrusion into our lives.

I know we think that the technology is all good. But honestly, it's got a very, very dark side because it's actually revealing that we have absolutely no place to hide. Perhaps, other than under the shadow of his wings.

Pastor Billy Crone.

Welcome back to the program was great to be on your drawing from a number of passages in the presentation that I viewed including Daniel 12 in the first few verses there obviously your drawing on Revelation 13, but let's just start here with the Daniel 12 passage and you set the stage with your presentation talking about the increase of travel, the increase of knowledge. Let's spend a moment here on the increase of travel, which actually can probably be summed up rather quickly but go ahead, you actually sum it up quite effectively in mind the historical context and time it when Daniel makes his prophecy says there Daniel 12 verse two signs indicate uses phrases during the end of times in those two signs are people going to and fro in the context as a global basis. So people would be traveling on a global basis like never before and that there would be this increase of knowledge apparently around the world like never before. Those two things are not only going on. Jim. But those two things are something that are by large recent developments in the last days there a part of her life, so much so that we don't even think about these things as major mega Bible prophecy signs were looking {NAR and again the first with the travel that's all we do today as a society we travel.

But we'll put it in the play with what the Bible says every aspect you can think of how we currently travel is on a rapid scale by Clinton should take. Traveling on land right the fastest that man was able to travel for centuries and centuries and never change was basically horseback about 3 miles an hour but you look at today and what are we doing to go from the horse to the horseless carriage, i.e. the car we get a top speed of 30 miles an hour to hundreds of miles more and that's just the amount on land if not just the travel in general it the means of which and how we travel on land and the fact that that's increasing the average person today. Now travel 16,550 miles per year and some people talk see much more than that and we could go just about anywhere you want in vector St. Louis in this Jim presented estimated by 2035. There will be 1.7 billion cars on the road. If you do the math that's about one car for every four people on the planet and then even recent developments would travel and the Lamb is not just were satisfied with driving our cars anywhere around the world as much as we want, but it's also the cars are being automated and this is recent developments. This is just in the last few years and it's not a couple fly-by-night companies. I think the left the checkers up to 30 different companies around the world who are pushing to automate the cars.

They also want to automate the roads and things that nature and course depiction it as this incredible utopia where you can just sit back with the car drive for you and it's all electronic and we could take a nap.

The point you make very effectively pastor Billy Crone is the increase is exponential, we can go into space. Now if would like to spend the weekend probably on the moon will probably be able to do that at any time, but I think the point that you're making is headed toward a one world system and lots of things have to happen before this one world system can be installed in the increase of everything. Let's focus here on travel, knowledge, etc. that's Daniel 12. The increase is staggering and you bring that out you even bring out how communication has been needed to increase. I mean let's face it, we started out with maybe even writing on rocks.

Perhaps you even show how we have advances in money, folks, this is all to bring about a one world global system and you don't work because the Bible says big is your work headed toward the seven year tribulation, the Empire exactly what she going to establish is going to establish with the help of a guy called false prophet religious cohort is going to establish a one world religion a one world government and one world economy. One role means the whole world is going to be under the and like you said back to travel to presenters and centuries. We lived in isolated continents. People didn't travel back and forth is not just the increase of he said. Travel is also in the air. We can fly anywhere we want on the planet and that he was speeding up there certain services today that they basically want to get you from here to Europe. Within an hour or less. It's crazy and I'm not making this up as all document and even on the sea right and in space look the newsletters and member can go back to move their coming out in just a couple years with some to call the moon express the average Joe notched an astronaut connection take a trip to the moon, but you have to have this increase of travel to break down the continental barriers so that you could at least take that first step of creating a global government and global economy by been able to be in the same proximity to talk about these things to get people to go along with your plan. I want to give a little illustration here because you outlined the history of money and the concept of trade because all of this is a part of how things have morphed over the last 5000 years. The concept of currency ultimately boils down to trade. As far as historians know the barter economy was the only form of trade until 3000 BCE when the shuttle started being used as the first standard unit of currency money as we know it today started to take shape around 600 BCE for the first national currency was created coins were standard in civilizations around the world to the song dynasty printed the first paper money backed by gold, silver and silk paper currency was lighter to carry in the Middle Ages the concepts of thinking and commercialized that emerged while lending occurred throughout history, Italian merchant started turning a profit by financing the sea voyages of other traders centuries that followed, the Industrial Revolution allowed people and ideas to move more freely. The money wasn't far behind money wires made it faster and easier to send money across the world.

Lending took on a more convenient form of the diners club began issuing credit cards that can be used in multiple locations. Unlike the single store cards before them. The advent of the Internet read digital payments like online wire transfers and e-commerce and in the last 20 years.

Our phones have become extensions of our wallets. Even to this day, money continues to evolve into thousand eight anonymous coders released bitcoin the first decentralized virtual currency on the Internet so you can just see there's a progression and that's were to be covering here for the next two weeks is the progression of how various things from knowledge to travel to money to eventually morphing into even a cashless system eventually into a chip how it's all falling into place. Billy Crone, let me just ask you this, obviously, how it's all morphed so incredibly fast is absolutely staggering and you bring out an interesting point here because you say that there's going to have to be an ultimate delivery system for one world I want to jump to that for just a moment because you feel that that ultimate delivery system is kind of in place now.

This is talk Amazon for moment here and there even talking about eventually suggesting that they put it chip into every order that they sell, which then can obviously be tracked talking about that for just a moment factors are important, not only communication but also specifically mention there is a passage Revelation 11 it talks about the account of the two witnesses. Yes, military witnesses against John writing is about 2000 years ago you got put yourself in his shoes must've seen butterfly with a passage that we must seem like science fiction to him if you will.

How are these people going to gaze on these two peoples bodies. The two witnesses. The Antichrist is allowed to overpower and kill them. The bodies were lying on the street.

How is the whole world because it says there going to gaze on these bodies for 3 1/2 days, but keep reading. It also says that these people are so excited and are gloating over the death of these two righteous men that they're going to send gifts to each other and is all within the context of three have base 2000 years ago when John gets his vision cycle first pocket the whole planet watch to that body chemistry and in our people to send gifts to each other on the whole planet within three have base with you and I see that that personal sports watching a global event that's with the global satellite communication technology we could watch anything anywhere on the planet at any time and that's very important folks that happen in our lifetime and this whole topic of modern technology.

By the way is very important especially for the scoffer. Oh come on you Christians you been seeing Jesus come back for all these years. Nothing ever changes. You know not when it comes to modern technology technology that even happening as we speak is coming into play with level proxy passages. You couldn't do that before, but you could do it now, you could watch these bodies all the plant, but the other aspect you mentioned Amazon as much as they were risen to become the global distribution leader because again, what's the timeframe there.

You have to get a product, a celebratory gift to anybody anywhere on the planet within three and half days just like we travel just like with communication. So it is with distribution for years and years. It was impossible to get something from one part of the globe to another, but then sure enough we eventually quit from the pony express here to the U.S. Postal Service and then UPS and and then we had third day. Eric second day air and next day air would be in condition with that and then here comes along Amazon and they take it to a whole new level.

You talk about rapid and easy ability to get a product on the planet, and three have base they boarded away Amazon. The course they have for their prime customers. You cannot your shipping for free but you can get your product within two days where you basically want and then Amazon is going even further and there generates once what's called Amazon prime air using drones. Now you can order your quotes Salvatori gift in 30 minutes or less and then it's not only things products. It's even food Amazon shoot on right now.

They offer service where you can get food from Amazon in two hours or less you pay little bit extra. You can get it in an hour or less and in speaking of even more recent developments. The delivery service for food and again the reason I bring it up is because hey if you can celebrate something like stated that the two witnesses don't just want to send a gift you want to send like a cake or a let's go get a party tray sandwiches and stuff of that nature right now what are we going out. You got all kinds of options to send food anywhere grip. Hope you were eat eat 24 door – all that stuff. But Amazon is taken even further.

The speed of ordering is going crazy. You can do with the click of a mouse anywhere in the plan they could do it with Amazon app. They also have these things called Amazon – button enough mirror that and basically though send you a button. All you do is push that button and it automatically means your computer will automatically reorder that thing and have it shipped to you.

There also increasing the speed of transaction and Amazon is now launching this is all recent developments there now want you what's called Amazon go services and basically these sort stores that you can go into on-the-fly and you don't need cash.

You can just use your phone and you actually walk into the store and you grab whatever you want and you walk out. It's all automated.

They can save time but I have a theory generally goes like this is only one problem with that cashless payment system with your phone that Amazon is encouraging people to do.

You could lose it or keep it stolen and then what are you going to do you not able to purchase what you need.

Wouldn't it be amazing if he could take that same device, i.e., the phone that already has a chip in and maybe pretty soon for certain prime customers. You can get a Amazon prime chip that can be installed into your hand and with a wave your hand now. Literally, with the chippers of a phone you can make your purchases.

You can be tied into the system and focus. Sounds like science fiction, that's exactly where it's headed there listening to understand the times radio Jan Markel and Pastor Billy Crone on the phone here from Las Vegas were carrying one of his DVD sets.

This is eight DVD set with 16 compelling teachings and it is on how modern technology is well dear I say it's a blessing and a curse will get to the curse part here in just a moment because were being surveilled just about at all times. One of the things that has to happen to go along with all of this would be obviously cashless society. Ultimately, I want to get to talking about things like the 5G network.

What is that all about. How about social media about your iPhone. How is that affecting you and not every day every minute way that the predictive angle of technology. Technology is trying to figure out what you're thinking about and what you're there to decide two weeks from now so that they can act before you even think about it.

Those are some of the things were trying to cover in this two week series I want to move to cashless here, display the future will be to passion for anger already saying it from everywhere you go. Whether it's a baseball game or chair local deli now is getting there even faster than anyone else. According to a New York Times report and for thousands wave and get that have microchips implanted in their hand. Second, paper products, but just the way that their hand makes the Apple Watch pelican obsolete.

So it's not that many Swedish companies are asking their employees to get implants to pass the access points and to pay for convenience is now the red flag start going up so for our red flag to turn the legal media ally and align all thanks for joining us on as I know you got the red flag reading on the book of Revelation possibly somewhat concerned only come to you arising from human micro-chipping themselves.

This is the mark of the pleasant. I'm no biblical scholar here, but it's amazing the parallels may now listen, let's get down to brass tacks when used at night you say stop with this. They got only cashless way house went to a car. We've got a couple of blocks we've been cashless but that's not the issue. One of these days these kids these. I think it column millennial to take these little tiny RFID radio frequency identification chip the size of a grain of rice. The cool Scotty waiting in line overnight to get implanted as a look at its I go to the drugstore. I know to what It's great how cool am I love this little embedded chip and I'll say they have medical records to do that to grandma and grandpa gave God for the absent kind of dementia.

Dear walk it off probably have it in our dogs like OnStar for human beings. But here's the catch one of these days God forbids got a unify date date they find you guilty of something before court and they say the sentence you to prison now what it'd turn your chip off and you don't exist.

These are some of the clips that are contained in this eight DVD set that you can actually see these clips. If you watch the program on our YouTube channel and tender Jan Markel knowledge tree ministries see some incredible things that are inserted into this production. Pastor Billy Crone cashless. He's right now and where you found this clip he says what he think this is the mark of the beast. I think he's saying, of course, it is.

It's been around really for a while. The cashless idea. He's right we don't buy a house with cash. Yeah, exactly. Again, it's just like all the equipment and communication to mission travel slowly but surely, like a frog in a pot rain and warmed up to this idea. Why, because we know where the endgame is it's going to head towards a global system of the antichrist. That's a one world government. One religion and one world economy and Darcy cashless know the reason why we say cashless is because I think that's the commonsense interpretation of Revelation 13 in the mark of the base and says that he controls all the buying and selling and people access it through a mark in their right hand or afforded i.e. a biometric system which were already warmed up to. Obviously that means it's gotta be some sort of electronic payment system because what you do. The mark is just tape and 20 bucks on to back your hand and paying for something notes gotta be electronic will as he said, and felt this was so a lot of those clips. These are secular people against exactly effective at killing people.

Yeah, and they even admit this is the mark of the priest and wears a head of horrible society were there to say you do is say "turn off your chip. That's Revelation 13 written 2000 years ago. Even the lost admit that again. We've been warmed up to it and well-liked about what they mention is not only basically were already there is a cashless society, even here in America you're seeing a whole different trend you're seeing the whole countries now completely converting to cashless not as an option. It's now your only option is mention Sweden right now is 99% cashless there literally doing with cash leave. If you have cash, you can be shut out of the system and other countries are following suit.

Very very quickly and then they've developed it mention genders 5G network.

Talk about recent developments in our lifetime people they can.

What's the big deal about 5G was in a hot topic well let me give you with the 5G network will do the old 3G network. If you want to download it to our film. It would take you 26 hours.

The new 5G network 3.6 seconds and they can okay so what sort of faster download speeds what they want to do with this 5G network is not only offered around the world, but it's going to try listen, every person, every product to this global matrix system that we call the Internet and this new system.

The 5G network. Finally, they have the speeds capable of doing that. The term that the use is called the Internet of things were IOT in the picture is this wonderful utopia were now these increased speed we can connect your smart home with your smart car. Your smart office in your smartwatch and your smart phone or smart appliances. And this thing will be able to constantly monitor you know you better than you follow. You track you order for you and want to be great no use provided a really good clip in your DVD set to Billy that is forcing my bond that was seized around the world make calls and send messages and set the web.

Now their plans for 40 to be replaced by Justin 5G Boston that what tensile transform the incident. 5G is a software defined network. It means that while it went replace cables entirely. It could replace the need for them by largely operating on the cloud. Instead, this means it will have 100 times better capacity than full G which will dramatically improve Internet speeds. For example, to download it to film on 3G take about 26 hours on full G be waiting six minutes and no 5G you'll be ready to what you will fill in just over 3 1/2 seconds, but it's not just Internet capacity that will be upgraded response times will also be much. The 4G network responds to welcome lawns and just on the 50 ms we 5G it will take around 1 ms, 400 times faster than a blink of the Ali smart phone users will enjoy a more streamlined experience thoughts for a world that is increasingly dependent on the Internet just a function of reduction in time delay is critical. Some experts predict that by 2025.

Nearly half of mobile connections in the US will be 5G, a greater percentage than any other country or region. Pastor Billy Crone.

After that, when you have six and seven and then 8G and is the purpose of all of this simply to micromanage every human being all absolute facts hate the government run oral care so much about people or citizens that they just want to ensure that we have faster download speed right. There's always a method to the management reason why they need to have this kind of sufficient speed is to make sure that they can connect every single product every single person on the planet all at the same time in the continuous nonstop monitoring system they say is going to lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams I say biblically going to lead to the fulfillment of Revelation 13 because you put yourself back in the context. How in the world is this guy going to literally control the whole planet micromanage a know what people are doing or not doing, even with the buying and selling. You not only need to create a global network for people to be tied into Inc. about it. You have to have the global infrastructure to handle rapid knowledge transfer of these people and products around the world. Guess what folks, that system is being launched right now. It's called 5G and you said something interesting in this DVD set. Tell you more about that in the next half of the programming here.

You said whenever you see the word smart.

Just insert the word big brother and I think that was very profound. Simple little statement I just said is profound yet simple, because without smart phones with that smart TVs will get smart refrigerators for that matter.

Some believe have to be afraid of our refrigerators or not that level of micromanaging that they want.

That's exactly right, not just on the outside of the home and out there in the world they plan on moving this whole system and are already doing it. Inside the home. They want to dictate every aspect of your life including of course buying and selling, but you are going to be like a caged wrap system on a global basis will know everything though. Know your thoughts or behaviors or patterns will even be able to build such huge dossiers on you and they know will they already are way they will know you better than you. They will know when you need something. Go back to the smart fridge that smart fridge will order things before you're even out because it knows your patterns of eating. Also there's action been some sicko people sample with second if they're going to control not just buying, selling, but my eating habits in Kittitas into the medical system and what if they know one of eating and and that affects whether or not I can have healthcare or they're going to demand what kind of food I can and cannot eat. Based on my health folks. That's what this kind of a system leading to nightmare global micromanaging system, but it shouldn't shock the Christian at least one studies prophecy. This is exactly what you need for Revelation 13 exactly continue this summer to take a real sore timeout here and when I come back. We have so much to cover yet because again I sent a few minutes ago. I'm not quite through with cashless society. Yet what that social media means. Many of my listeners on social media as a matter fact we push social media here because it's a great way to keep folks connected to each other you think you just may be keeping up on your kids and grandkids and what they're doing well. There is another side to that actually your iPhone it's actually listening to you know that it might even be watching you. It really is so will get into all of this is we keep moving on here into the next segment and next week as well because I really want you to be apprised informed and to be able to quite frankly cite back more in a moment. Don't go away. We love that made a difference in your world.

Write us through our website follows to events follow tree views for color central time at 763-555-4444 763-559-4444 male by writing to all the tree ministries of John Markel Fox 1452 Grove, MN 55311 spots 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311 four with Janet Billy Crone. It is not too early to mark your calendars for understanding the times 20, 20 will have a two day event Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27. Tickets will go on sale for the Saturday event next summer will be no charge for Sunday activities speakers at our annual conference include Joel Rosenberg nurse are Fadi Pastor Jack kids Michelle Bachmann, and Castleberry Stagner Grace Church for a Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis check our website for hotel options on Sunday, September 27 will have a morning service with pastor Jack kids next fix live by 11 AM Sunday evening will feature an evening with Joel Rosenberg at 6 PM. These events are free and seating is first come first serve station is revive church in Brooklyn Park so many make plans months ahead. Please make note of the special weekend, the Twin Cities area of this will encourage you to better understand the times and become one on the wall as we await his return. There are part of the global leads think they're going to come out on top on the scenario. It is the antichrist scenario is Satan's man for the time there even be duped. I believe, and find out his true colors because he's a liar. Volleyball lies John chapter 8 murder is been one from beginning. We don't present programming like we have today to scare you but you deal with our times, strive to make you watchmen on the wall. If you miss a program catch it on our website follows as follows to have a visual you to see the program on our YouTube channel John Markel and follow tree ministries also listen at your leisure.

One place.also download your mobile program will be sent to your devices. Saturday morning Jan and past when we get ready to go in the morning, not in the equation lies to yourself. She streamlined her while I took credit cards only she feels is inconvenient and dangerous as a lot of times I think I have a lot of cash on hand. Be a little bit anxious between 2020 15. Non-cash payment in the US grew by almost 400%. I really needed Castellanos to see that my credit card or Allison's eyes and mouth then met with the mobile app where people can pay each other on a smart phone now processes $2 billion a month. This year Apple added similar payment capabilities and high methods. These free services are so popular. 30 major banks recently launched a competing product called Val doing away with paper money is been a big boon for small businesses to five Washington's family-run Italian Shane facilities his cleaning business before life. The case that the newly opened location of radical staff to remain competitive.

You, Lucia has to pay plastic welcome back. You know at one time our world was totally separate at different continents, etc.*different continents, but very very connected now. We talk about these things in my print and E newsletter.

Why not sign up online or my office a call and you'll find the product advertised in those items. Ian print newsletter that were talking about this weekend next and that's pastor Billy Crone state DVD set on technology Pastor Billy Crone you've titled this set what modern technology, modern technology, and that's a part of your series on how the tribulation is rising, so this one is on modern technology.

What we've been talking about here for the first half of the program. Well, if tried to hit a lot of topics pastor Crone. I want to go back a little bit to this cashless system or cashless concept because I just said all global economies are now connected at one time the world was very separated and then we talked about how things have sort of morphed into everything is travel communication distribution system everything is morphing faster and faster and faster in the last 100 to 200 years now even have a World Bank we have a world international monetary fund. We have the WTO all of these things we have universal monetary system is clearly on the way. No coincidence that cash is going away and it's a step-by-step process that the other aspect that's going on. Even with these global trade treaties 40 think those are all about taking huge sections of the planet and they're combining them all into one and a court ultimately would talk about specifics Bible talks about the antichrist kingdom if you will, the seven-year tribulation is to be a 10 horn kingdom. Some people say that this is talk about 10 economic regions around the planet and split up in the trade treaties personally as well as PPP where Trump yelled out of what did the elites what they freak out so much over his decision.

Pallotta because the global trade treaties are a part of pulling the planet together into one giant economy, step-by-step. In fact, we also see that aspect in the fact that is going cashless. Just give people a quick experiment. It's not just going cashless were now starting to see their own country, even if you wanted to pay cash. You don't have an option not only in food restaurants and other places.

But I'll give it needs experiment I file the place all the time. Guess what, try paying cash for anything on airplane anymore. They do not absolutely right already there.

It's all being tardy and give we know work headed. If you read the Bible headed towards antichrist kingdom. You said something that triggered something in my mind again. I've seen about 13 of the 16 in this state DVD set that were talking about this hour and next week were trying to whittle that down into to our discussion. Not easy to do something you said triggered in my mind and that is this the reason I think that men like Donald Trump for that matter.

Benjamin Netanyahu even that new head of the UK's, not new, but the election was rather recently in the UK, Boris Johnson rather hated is that they are nationalists and not globalists. One of the things that Pres. Trump has done is is very anti-some of these trade deals he's talking here with Hillary Clinton. This would be back in 2016. They were having a debate. One of the many debates they had. Let's go back in time here to 2016 insight laughter which was one of the worst things that ever happened. Factoring in data rate here in New England. You go to Ohio, Pennsylvania, you go anywhere you want, Sec. Clinton and you will see devastation when manufacturers down 3040 sometimes 50% NAFTA is the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere but certainly ever signed in this country. Now you want to approve transpacific partnership. You're totally in favor of it.

Then you heard what I was saying how bad it is.

It is that I can't win that debate. You know that if you did win, you would approve that and that will be almost as bad as NAFTA take you to the White House. Pres. Trump that this week is first full week in office.

We cannot tell you that he has signed a three today including one that does withdraw the United States from the transpacific partnership.

This infuriates the globalists if you're going to have a one world system you need these types of trade organizations in place and that's why he's thrown such a monkey wrench into the globalists plan hydrogen. I think that at the reason why not just people in our own country. Certainly the liberal mindset.

But even other countries around the world give horrible press to our present is because he's bucking the global system in the global elitist and for years they've pretty much have their way. In fact, even school. Even our own secular school here in America. What have kids growing up now. The millennial's been trained. Don't think about national sovereignty surely don't think about God or Jesus in the Bible. You are a universal citizen. Obama was huge on the because we need to act locally, but we need to think globally are school systems for decades been training kids growing up. They are global citizens of the future and the future is working. Have a one world government. One religion one world economy is good be great, and in fact the globalists are even taken to the next step. If you're paying attention to the medium is there now calling for universal basic income. We just need to be able to divvy out control the buying and selling them will dish out your income. Who do you think right now would be warmed up to that idea that we need to let the government just socialize everything.

It was a universal income we get free education, free healthcare, talk about the political party cheering all of the sign. We have some candidates on the last two would love to be in charge of it exactly and again that tells me who they're in bed with those big bear part of the global elite elites think that they're going to come out on top on the scenario. It is the antichrist scenario is Satan's man for the time they're even going to be duped. I believe, and find out his true colors because he's a liar. In the fall of all lies. John chapter 8 and he's a murderer is been one from beginning these people be and do. But that tells you which side of the fence. These people working for and here comes Trump Boyd. No wonder they're going after him and look at their antics and this in the news ever since him before he got into office they are going after him with the most obtuse charges, unsubstantiated charges, they're making stuff up every week just to try to take the guy out why because he is the epitome of trying to put a stop to what they want to accomplish and the other way if Hillary MI Pentagon in folks I rewarded BBQ on that from a spiritual perspective. This wife said from the get-go I work for the Trump campaign, a door for Republicans. I'm just looking as a Christian, but I think that Donald Trump's time in office in her own country is a spiritual pre-as the church we need to be responsible with this reprieve and get busy about God's plan, which is living for Jesus and sharing him with his means we can, because ultimately you are not going to stop the seven year tribulation. It's going to come. So if God gives a spiritual reprieve, a window, then we need to be responsible with it.

Unfortunately, what I'm seeing from, even Christians, is there more in love with this economy, then they're concerned about living for eternity in taken people with them moving on here if you just telling me spending this week and next. Talking to pastor Billy Crone. You can learn more at his website consigned a ton of products and get a life get a life were carrying this eight DVD set on modern technology. In my store. Olive tree views as an viewpoint.

Olive tree you can call my office, you can begin get on our newsletter lists will promote them and offer them in the various newsletters and again we have a lot to cover yet.

I've sort of thrown out some topics that totally caught my attention organ again here. Hopefully if not in this segment. Certainly, starting next week to exactly how are we being tracked.

Some of you are thinking. You know I don't use a lot of this technology.

I do have a cell phone and that may be the extent to my technology use.

So I think I'm safe know you're not working to get to that for sure next week if we don't get to it this week. In other words, there's this effort at spying going on. That's just absolutely stunning. Billy Crone, you said in one of the presentations that I watched. If you aren't doing your business online, you will be left behind and what did you mean by that. I called the Internet matrix yesterday after because you think about the Internet, which by the way, is a recent development in a lifetime.

You can't face the same old same old. Mother never changes. Nono and I believe that the Internet is good be all part of a couple different things that you need to fulfill certain proxy passages. Certainly the buying and selling, because look at what's going on today. How do the bulk of people do the buying and selling.

It's all online is through the Internet and not just buying and selling, they take care of their financial situation, paid her bills manage their finances. It's all online and things that nature so that matrix is already built that matrix also helps fulfill the ability for being able to track and build databases on people because again Revelation 13, the antichrist, the false prophet and only control the buying and selling, but they also micromanage the planet and there didn't know what people are doing their same and you look at everything that we do online. We are completely dependent on this matrix we again find online, but we research online. We watch TV online. We communicate online. Just about anything. Every think of is done online. Now here's the point that for your whole livelihood, right it's all interconnected now to this what I call the matrix result, Internet. This matrix will guess what now you become dependent upon that thing and that can be used as leverage. So if you don't do what somebody says they're going to shut you off from the matrix from the Internet. And guess what you will be able to bind cell worker data for again even more than that you be able to access your bank accounts are not to be able to get access to information not to be able to do anything.

I can't make travel reservations. I can't do anything I can connect I can't communicate.

I'm completely shut out of the system.

All that is already here and somebody really could have the ability to shut people out of a global system.

We don't colorcode the market be system or anything that nature, but we just call the Internet. I believe it's the hub needed to connect all people around the planet and create a system were you basically are given permission or that's taken away from you.

You use the term in your presentation.

Cyber ROTC I'd like to play a short clip and come back and then discuss that they've been called the cyber ROTC largely unknown companies that buy and sell personal information on virtually everyone across the country. Data marketing is now of $300 billion industry. They know more about us that we know better so they can exit predict what will do in the future with a high degree of accuracy. There are hundreds of data brokering companies in the US. One of the largest is a company called Acxiom based in Little Rock, Arkansas. In case you missed it. This company recorded sales last year of more than one billion dollars. This is the first TV interview Acxiom's chief executive has ever granted so we collect data and we use that data about people to give the more relevant advertising help businesses make better decisions about marketing to those people. The raw data about individual people is run through complex algorithms trucking purchasing and lifestyle patterns, then you're grouped into a lifestage cluster. There are about 70 different groupings with names like savvy singles and apple pie families. It's all perfectly legal but pinpoint exactly how it's all done and what they have isn't easy.

You know the numbers to my bank account slowly tell you what window we collect things like contact information. Demographics your preferences on things. All these clips are shown in the DVD series on modern technology that were carrying in our online store Olive tree or if you want to go to get a life You can learn a lot more there as well.

Billy Crone some people would call this perhaps something innocent like what you just heard that's nothing but can I say surveillance capitalism.

It's really kinda harmless right so they want to know what her favorite car is a restaurant is something like that. So what if it would stay there, which I still personally have a problem.

Anyway, I think we've been conditioned to allow lack of personal privacy is somehow that's okay. I disagree, but you should go there. Okay, so what so they know what I like to know what's up. I own a dog or cat or public camping or gourmet x-ray read the Bible or other books Mormon literature services or daunting. How much gas and food. What kind of food my favorite break and always think folks they know.

Again, they use this information. They sell it to third parties who want to sell you stuff okay. But the problem is it doesn't stay with them and this is something we need orderly documents. It goes into not only our own government system goes into governments around the world to monitor their citizens know the biggest one that the police were aware of that doesn't even own country's outfit called the NSA or the national security agency. They are storing so much information on this bunches. These companies, but they have to build these joint storage facilities okay to house these data centers. In fact, here outside of Vegas.

I think about six hours away from us in Utah.

They finished the Utah data center was a list that data center and that's not the only one there's multiple ones in our country, not to mention other government-run world, but this data center holds what's called a yottabyte worth of information to go watch yottabyte. That's the same as 64 trillion iPhones late into in which is so many that it would stress to the moon and back over 10,000 times. That's just how much information is stored on us and that's just one data center and we've already were able to demonstrate and it's in the news. If you look, but most people don't. Unfortunately, and they admit that that information is being used, to catalog and look for suspects now. The problem with data courses that will yell the sugar should get those criminals or the buzzword terrorist right they should be able to do that to find those terrorists well here's the problem folks is called the slippery slope didn't begin with the patriot some 20 years ago yeah exactly and the aftermath of 9/11, the so-called patriot act which was not patriotic by the way also we saw the birth of what was called homeland security in which to me I thought was very strange in that document. I do not wait 809 or pages, a huge massive thing.

Do you really think that they type that thing up just two weeks after 9/11 know my theory is that was on the books for long time but anyway after that. That's what's given them the quote legal ability to ritually monitor. Even US senators on a scale that most US citizens have no clue on Billy, let's be careful here and let's clarify right now we're heading into the tent of the last force of the program here that we're not trying to be conspiratorial really not number one. Retrying the biblical and we set the stage by saying that there are various passages, particularly were canna zeroing in on Revelation 13. The one world system and in order to have a global system certain things have to happen if the Bible is conspiratorial then I think we are but otherwise you and I are trying to be conspiratorial.

I just like to clarify that will actually enchant. That's why believe you me, it's a lot more work for me on my end in the research, but we provide video clip after video clip. Video clip called news broadcasts, all which it is not from Joe If the research website for wacky conspiracy This is in the news sort this report with news and so there is no conspiracy. The reason why we bring it up is because I believe it has everything as a sign that were running out of time that were living in the last day and is not to be fearful on the freebies of and some of these people even older monitoring me. My goal is to be faithful, not fearful what Jesus Christ has called me to do before he comes and gets me because I know I'm not going into this timeframe called the seven year tribulation known in the meantime, I have the privilege as his child to share with people Jesus so they can take the way out this mess to absolutely appreciate that in your presentation. Again, I believe it's eight DVDs. I appreciate how you emphasize in each one there's a way to avoid the time were talking about what's going to happen during what's known as the tribulation and the great tribulation and pastor Billy Crone very carefully reminds the audience there's a way to avoid that.

And that's to put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and avoid that terrible time of calamity because the Bible says that there's never been a time like it on planet Earth.

There never will be anything quite like it and I think that's a good reminder Billy that there is a way out.

His name is Jesus Boykin after Christian history should motivate you against the clock of the ticket so to speak, comes running out to get busy living for Jesus and showing him however will say this, if you're not a Christian. It should scare you but it doesn't have to be scary. If you would accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Because of that point you will escape the opening to come. I want to go back quickly and we do need to do it fairly quickly. We talked about the credit card system. We talked about the cash less system with spent some time on the wooden ideal solution to all of that just be perhaps an implant some sort of a chip and you actually cover that in this DVD presentation. It's on modern technology folks, and in fact we have a whole city just on that aspect. The first step is to get the old world interconnected into a global economy. Mission accomplished. The second step is it have to get into a cashless form a system for the mark of the beast mission basically accomplish the next step is. You don't want people up to basically a biometric payment system is going in the right hand of the board. It will folks guess what's been around for quite some time and even for people you think it will. They're not going go on this. I don't think this by chance what's one of the biggest trends out there now is you got people putting marks on the body's critical tattoos, but there's also going into implants bone implants ring implants nose implants.

The study implant you think that whole community is going to object to getting some sort of marking your body that will enhance your existence and enable you to buy and sell wine right up.

In fact, that will be chump change compared to some of the things of the but knowing that you see the propaganda is here now is Sweden already taken it next logical step been going cashless they're having micro-chipping parties to think very you said some of those in their having a ball. They have no idea that their foreshadowing what's going to happen in the tribulation. I think Sweden's become pretty much the godless country of much of Europe is now godless.

They have no idea they're having a party. But someday the party will be under the antichrist. In other words, it will be hell on earth you're actually right. I need to have this project is all opposite West European old Western America. There's no way that was start chipping or snow. It's already happening folks even here in America.

In fact, if you're paying attention to the propaganda machine. They are encouraging us, even as Americans to get microchip as well.

When what to do in it and we bring this out right now there's a call to microchip prisoners.

That's one of the big angles are going to make start at the end of the spectrum, and they work their way towards the ultimate goal is to get everybody chip. Let's start with the bad guys, the prisoners they deserve to be microchip to the medical industry article and the government something control that thing we actually share clip from Dr. office to show and he is promoting the microchip implant for medical purposes and even call the quote.

The next great thing and it's like are you serious Dr. Oz is promoting microchip implant then they say you need to put in your Alzheimer's person what one case to get lost chipping what your dog you're used to doing that one of do it for them and by the way, they don't even know anyway so who cares. Then we document actually parents are being told.

You need to microchip your children in case they get lost like that Alzheimer's patient and child abduction.

That's a big issue and it is but man, microchip kit, and then we demonstrate through Hollywood. Hollywood.

Of course, working with the elites is promoting that we've all just got to get microchip and we share clip from Brooke Shields.

I kid you not. She's not only for this microchip implant in case her kids get lost, but she's laughing joke about St. yeah I want to get a baby LoJack. This is like, you can be Kimi, but it's all out there. Even in our own country and only own country. Jim but our own country. Seeing individuals already getting chipped and forcing the go to the next stage. There are certain businesses in our own country right now that are encouraging people to employees to get microchip implant and not just open up doors and use the fax machine and things that nature for security purposes. It's also to pay for your food at the cafeteria so back to the buying and selling. So this whole marking system is happening even here in United States.

Most people are clueless to it that we know work had we not be afraid.

We know work headed headed towards the antichrist kingdom who's going to create a global government of global religion global economy, leading to a cashless system that's tied into with an electronic marking system and were seeing that in place now. So what's the point for you not to freak out all that is we don't know the date of the art. That's an indicator that hey, that means the seven year tribulation must be getting close. Because machinery is all here we as Christians leave at the rapture prior to the seven-year tribulation so that means if I'm a Christian.

I need to get busy living for Jesus loving him sharing them with as many as I can or if I'm not a Christian but is saved to say right now because is only through Jesus that you can escape this horrid that's come to this point. Soon, well said were going to continue our discussion next week will do another hour because there's so much more that we could share with you probably do 345 hours on all of this, the series itself is eight DVDs on modern technology.

You can find it in my bookstore. Olive tree views as an viewpoint, you can call my office sign up for the newsletters will be offered in the various newsletters we provide. But there's more. We want to discuss and by the way. Learn that's Pastor Billy Crone's website. Get a life media is pastor of Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas. Sunrise Bible Church Las Vegas, Nevada.

You may say in watch and I'm not on social media means absolutely nothing to me. Well, you might want to think twice because social media folks are really one step ahead of you again.

Most of you are carrying an iPhone in your pocket somewhere her purse. That's really nothing that a tracking device about your GPS system is in that safe really, it isn't about Google maps is perfectly safe. Not really. So there's still a lot we want to get to the want to say little bit more in our next program about the NSA and replace clip talking about that because again it's them massive data gathering outfit and its gathering all the information you can possibly imagine on you and me.

All of this is to again bring about a system that's gonna blossom in the tribulation and when we see it virtually ready to explode.

Right now, then how close are we to the tribulation.

Like a lot of the program with a couple of thoughts here because we live in such perilous times someone call them even terrifying times and I would hope my listeners that you wouldn't be calling our times, terrifying because there are times of great opportunity disconnect quote the words of the psalmist.

I trust in you, oh Lord, our times are in your hands want to thank you for listening again next week and Pastor Billy come back with me again. Thanks for listening. Join us next week.

Part two of this two-part series with Pastor Billy Crone. In the meantime, contact us through our website. All of three or all of call us of the assignments. 3559 763-559-4444 our mail by writing to all three ministries of John Markel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311-1452 so 551.

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