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Encourage One Another With These Words

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 25, 2022 8:00 am

Encourage One Another With These Words

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 25, 2022 8:00 am

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The consequences of being left behind could be eternal.

Why we say encourage why would you think it would hurt if we were even in there for a nanosecond looking for the antichrist with Jesus Christ. But as we waive we live a holy life by the spirit of God.

Every day we get the gospel out until the fullness of the Gentiles into the last person you think that's what he's telling us welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the red rock you buy all of three ministries maybe feature part two of our programming with pastor Billy Crone, Jan and Pastor Crone considered many aspects of the rapture of the church, but also include the consequences to the left behind world. They asked the question, are you ready for the rapture. We hope you'll capture the rapture so the wild thousands of people from potential number of people are not yet been confirmed, and what was initially reported. According to authority phenoms are expected to be many, many flights been canceled because of security affairs points reports mapping and crashes like the wild because some pilots simply dissipated like Kansas expects the rights with great number of traffic accidents being reported hospitals not been able to type the number of patients coming in.

Many parents and complete dispatch the children of Satan's head. Remus advised that this could be an alien attack and I basically think Jesus said thousands of people witness is believed to have seen a bright flash for the huge thunder sound being like the clouds Hessen images quote PC now from seeking to become is like a wild, these images have been analyzed to express genuine CCTV footage from pop shopping center's parking lots. Check traffic monitoring system. Indeed, whale, lightning, what is perhaps the most alarming is the report of the hospital when constructed. Children just vanished when receiving images like these nonstop from life while they get to hear from heads of state liquor wells were in short have not yet released any statement that his chances of saying that this is the rapture of the catch. Why they had many cry and take seriously praising his and were going to talk about that for the hour. Be focusing heavily on apologetics today because we've covered news broadcast the last 34 weeks to focus a little bit more on the rapture of the church, mostly good news this hour because the most frequent email I get is that folks are attending a church that will not talk about the Lord's glorious return in what is known as the rapture the iPod and we are carrying a new product on the topic. Pastor Billy Crone. Are you ready for the rapture happens to be nine DVD 18 teaching set and I've seen portions of it and I feel it is encouraging, informative, and more than what if the rapture of the church were today.

Are you ready are you and your loved ones ready. How can we make them ready. What are the consequences of not being ready will look at that and more.

This hour, in this presentation I heard Pastor Crone make an interesting statement. He said Jesus didn't just save us from hell. He saved us from hell on earth. That being the tribulation the time of Jacob's trouble. Daniel's 70th week. That's what the Bible calls that seven year time of hell on earth, Jesus will remove all born-again believers from the earth right before that time. Begin. So again were to talk about that for the hour today pastor Billy Crone. Welcome back to the program.

Thank you, Jim. It's always good to be on Billy Crone.

Many denominations they have no trouble with the second coming of Jesus is probably in most of the creeds that they read, etc., but fewer and fewer in the last, I would say 25 years, maybe more no longer believe in a rapture you know what might have happened seeker sensitive church growth movement. What certainly that and I would add even prior to that unfortunate movement that came upon the church seen about 30 years ago. A lot of the mainline denominations when it came to eschatology the study of last things. It's like they turn the spigot off which is really wild. The grade on water theology there straight on. They take the Scripture edges exposed to withdrawal in its grammatical historical context but then when they come to property related passages. They just follow the edge and so there's been that crowd that's been there still there.

Unfortunately today.

Again, I would say this duplicity should be consistent. How you approach the Scripture. But yes Jan I think the other aspect is even those who historically used to interpret and teach all the Bible the whole counsel of God, which includes prophecy because nearly 1/3 the Bible deals directly or indirectly prophecy so you have to get to it which includes the rapture but they have bought into a huge log called the church growth movement that has now redefined what's considered a successful church came Jesus in Matthew 28 you want to be a quote success in his eyes. Then you go out there and all the world and make disciples disciples is that they taste and the Greeks were we get the word mathematics from it means disciplined learner learner.

What will of the Bible.

So were not out there just you and the gospel. But when people get saved they come to the church and the equipping of the saints your taught the whole of Scripture to become a disciple will that's not a success anymore. It's now been redefined a successful church is the one that has the most numbers okay. People are not people there just a product of number in the pew you're a means to an end and that's the game that's been played is a how do I get to this new definition of success that it's all about the numbers numerical growth instead of what Jesus said spiritual growth. Well, here's what they say in order to get all those numbers you need to start cherry picking the Scripture don't ever teach about not just proxy. Jim don't talk about hell don't talk about Rapp don't talk about Antichrist up and don't talk about future events and how it's going to get worse before it gets better and don't talk about sin or backsliding.

Basically, the whole of the Scripture. And if you do that, then guess what people will stick around and you get what you want for not spiritual growth but numerical growth okay is in scenes that sounds.

Jan, that's how I believe probably 90 to 95% of churches.

Mainline denominations are operating. This is why there is an illiteracy of the Scripture in general.

Certainly prophecy and unfortunately even the rapture. Let me get to some general questions about the topic and let me just fire away that she was.

Some of these.

Quite frankly, there are probably dozens and even hundreds of questions so I'm trying to trick them all down here to less than an hour. Let's explain. First, Billy Crone what the fullness of the Gentiles means, and if I just have a succinct answer will get to a lot more questions the fullness of Gentiles. Paul talks about that is when the last Gentile non-Jewish person gets a then were out here and then in that context that both talk about Romans then God's eyes goes back to focus on Israel correct and course requirement in the seven year tribulation and then he begins to fulfill the promises he's yet to fulfill the Davidic promises that one is going to rule and reign from the lineage of David. Jesus literally from Jerusalem over the whole planet odyssey that hasn't happened yet. So that's a future event. But when that last Gentile, the fullness of Gentiles. This age right now that we call the church age when that last person gets say that only God knows and were out here at the rapture. The seven year tribulation begins. And God begins to focus on Israel again which is one of the purposes of the seven-year gelation. It has nothing to do with the church. The church is out here.

The church was a mystery.

When the seven-year tribulation was originally talked about not in Revelation is started in the book of Daniel, the church was not human existence trained for 570 years, and it's about Jacob's trouble, not the church's trouble. It's a time when God restores a remnant of Israel and then he fulfills his promises and ushered them into the millennial kingdom. Keywords here Jacob's trouble.

The three words forwards time of Jacob's trouble, that describes the tribulation as you just said that's not the time of the church's trouble is the time of Jacob's trouble. It is when God really deals with the Jews course one third of them are going to come to faith because they're going to flee to Petra very likely during that tribulation Billy Crone in this nine DVD 18 teaching production that I have seen a portion of you outline what's going to happen during the time of Jacob's trouble, otherwise known as the tribulation and I want display clip. It happens to be you and your outlining what's going to happen during that seven-year.

And folks, this is one of the reasons we're doing what we're doing today and that's because anybody listening who may not be a born-again believer. This is what you're facing unless you do turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. What happened during the seven year just real quick highlights okay according to the Scripture for small startup of the seal judgments and how to start off starts off with the first seal the white horse the global false peace brought anybody Antichrist. That's what Sgt. Daniel 927 the antichrist makes a covenant of peace treaty with Israel. That's what starts. That final week of Daniel seventh week the seven year tribulation and is beginning that last for long because the second seal is the red horse a global war breaks out in the third seal a black course he got a global famine breaks out for seal pale horse of global debt. One fourth of mankind is killed by the sword by famine and by plague and by wild beasts hunting people down and eating them. Okay you don't want to be there. Then the fifth seal those that didn't get saved during the seven-year tabulation, not the church but guess what now you are going to get it done.

Basically, the picture is for those that turn to God in the seven-year tribulation to be slaughtered like flies is a global persecution and if you want to avoid that skull get saved now okay within the 60-year-old man again were still in the first half. This is the first half, the beginning of the great tribulation just before that.

Also there's a global earthquake and the sun turns black, the moon turns blood red asteroids begin the fall to the earth, the sky receives mountain islands across the whole planet are naturally shaken and removed from their places, and there's a global fear of God's wrath. They know this is God's wrath, but they still try to hide the don't repent is not good for mankind. Then you get into the trumpet judgments one third of the way there. The trumpet judgments run open by the seventh seal or silence in heaven for one half hour was a good debate on what is that mean in the Scripture someone have to say this encumber me. Some would say that means that proves white women on heaven. I didn't say that Makyla I did not say that. I'm just repeating the theory that I disagree with others would say about you.

I grew up in Kansas and Nebraska unfamiliar tornadoes. You knew the tornadoes about to hit Wilson. It was total silence on mean none of bird chirp.

You couldn't hear the crickets everything shut her mouth and what in anticipation just last for a couple seconds and also comes a tornado for one half hour. The whole plan is just that's what's called the great tribulation. He thought this first half is manually seen nothing yet, here comes the trumpet judgments.

The first one hail and fire one third the earth. The trees all the green grass was burned up in the second of a huge asteroid one third of the sea dies one third of the ships are destroyed by a giant asteroid slammed into the sea. The third trumpet, a blazing, comes by and it poisons the freshwater and the rivers and many people die before trouble you have a solar's mighty one third of the sun, the moon, the stars are struck one third of the day and night is now without light. The fifth trumpet. Satan releases a demon horde of locus from the Abu softly missed and they torment people with the mark for five months.

It's so bad they want to die. But God's design will let you.and just keep going on and on. The six trauma force angels are loose and now another one third of mankind is killed from that.

The seventh trumpet announces here comes the bowl judgments and you got those badly seen nothing yet. The first bowl, ugly, painful sores break down those that took the mark. The second bowl all the scene on third of all the sea turns the blood all sea creatures on the thurible all the rivers and freshwater turn to blood. You got nothing to drink and then got turns up the sun before bosons gorgeous people of the cursed God, they still get right with God defensible the kingdom of the antichrist is plunged into darkness. The six both the Euphrates River is dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to go to the battle of Armageddon at the end and in three-pronged lectures to see the world that from the mouth of Satan the mouth of the antichrist, the mouth of the false prophet we saw last two people to try to take on God. At the battle of Armageddon and then the seven bull that God had it no more worthy and it is: is the final per mountains of graves of all earthquakes this planet Has Ever Seen Takes Pl. in Jerusalem was split into three all the cities on the whole planet completely collapse. There's a couple wrath for Babylon the wonderful mystery religion harlot all the islands and mountains are not just shaken there and this time gone, you can't find mountains you can find cities. That's how big earthquake is and then here comes a massive hailstorm 100 pounds each, slamming into the earth and the battle of Armageddon.

And guess what God doesn't lose the blood is as high as the horses ride over 1600 stadia. That's 4 feet deep, or 200 miles and then you got the angel harvest Angel harbor to the right is the remnant of Jewish people. God is not done with them, and then those Gentiles are somehow still alive that got saved during the seven year tribulation will be slaughtered and the angels come and scoop them up and prepare them to enter into the millennial kingdom. But guess what those that still after all, they still refuse to get right with God, and somehow somehow survived all the angels going to come and scoop you up and throw you straight in the hell that weather reports pretty tame was that's the importance of the rapture saving to get say this is not a game that events can happen all of a sudden people just disappear, and I hope you disappear with us is made away from and what you've done God's will and forgive you, through Jesus, why would you hesitate, why, when Jesus was called a gift received the gift and be saved before silly if you join me later listening to understanding the times radio I'm Jan Markel. I have deck with me for a second week pastor Billy Crone. He passed her sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can learn more at his website, get a life get a life last week we talked about the Ukrainian/Russian invasion of Ukraine and some deeper meanings to all of that. But this week, try to stick to apologetics but Billy Crone.

We just talked about church growth movement a few minutes ago and you got admit what you just talked about.

That was you that was a lot of doom and gloom. How is what you just shared going to grow a church. I can understand the mindset of some skeptical pastors were to die quote all that I didn't get that Sunday newspaper. I didn't get from Reader's Digest. I didn't get that from my own self inflated statements that came directly from the Scripture and you mention pastors Jan is a shepherd you're supposed to yes love the sheep and take care the sheep there.

I say protect the sheep.

But you're also supposed to teach the sheep in the Bible is very clear. If you really love the sheep you teach the sheep the whole counsel of God. All the Bible and everything I just quoted was recorded in the Bible I just read in chronological order. So therefore, if God recorded for us. There must be a good reason for while there is. God knows the beginning from the in he knows what's coming to this planet and he loves people enough to tell them in advance what is coming, so that they can be encouraged to take the way out through Jesus Christ before it's too late. The Scripture says that God is not willing that any should perish but all come to repentance. And he's giving people an opportunity to see and to realize listen, you not only don't want to go to hell and by the way, Jesus talk more about hell they did happen. Why, because he knows it's real and he doesn't want people to go there so he tells them about it so that they can be motivated to escape from that and received the exact polar opposite heaven was the same thing.

There is a. For seven years coming to this planet because God is going to judge the wickedness and the evil that were dealing with right now all these great reset new world order guides all the cheery and blunt is going on right now God is good and judge them in a timeframe called the seven year tribulation is not a party is not just some passive time is not peaceful is a time of God's wrath important for seven years. It is hell on earth is, we not only need to tell people, please don't go to hell forever. Please don't go to hell on earth being left behind after the rapture, and that's biblical generate. There I state is a heart of compassion. I understand completely. I'm just repeating what I know some pastors are thinking and I appreciate that clarification, and I certainly do agree with you Billy. You and I take a strong stand on behalf of the pre-tribulation rapture of the church and I may dwell there for a moment or two here and actually to play couple soundbites and have you challenge the soundbites here in just a moment or two, but let me first say people come back at us and say, but there are saints in the book of Revelation.

Well, of course, there are saints in the book of Revelation, because that is the next time of revival.

We hear now about revival coming a revival is here or come visit to our revival in such a such a city, and if that's happening that's great. Happy to hear the revival of all revivals in spite of what's going to cost those folks. It's in the tribulation so folks are seeing St. in there and they come back at you and me you see the churches in the tribulation and we do with all these red herring argument is due in massive detail, but that's a classic one Jan and really what they're doing and this is what typically people do that disagreed to preacher position that the church leaves prior to the seven year tribulation and they put the church in this timeframe. This is one things they do. They take the Scripture out of context. And yes, the word saints is the Greek word hog yes it does appear in the events in the simulation. But what determines the meaning of a word is the context in which is placed when you give you some examples, and we do this all the day. This is not trying to skirt the issue or get all theological prints and sleet give the one word cool CO OL I could spell it the exact same way three different times and it will literally based on the context mean exactly 3 completely different things I could say Jan that blouse you have on today. That's really cool right is a hey Jan, I bet you if there were you're at Burda Vegas is kinda cool outside where I could say Jan what's going on your attitude towards me is kinda cool. There may okay now that's the exact same word spelled the exact same way. But if you notice it had three completely different meanings. Why, because this is just common sense interpretation. We do this all the time.

You don't just look at a word and assume what it means you have to observe the context not settle at to get to this.

So it is with the word St. if you do the research and study the Scripture. Scripture interprets Scripture then you'll see there's actually four different sayings mentioned in the Bible there's Old Testament saints. There's a New Testament saints that would be you and I today. The church age. There's people who get saved in the seven year tribulation that is not the church called tribulation saints and actually there is millennial saints. The saints that are in the millennial kingdom that happens after Jesus comes back at the in of the simulation so you can't just assume it's the church you have to look at the contact and context that these people are quoting Jim is not the church it's the tribulation saints. Those that get saved after the seven year jubilation begins. They took it completely out of context.

I just want to read the verse that you and I hold to as it concerns that a lot of people say to both of us. There's no single verse that's going to teach a pre-tribulation rapture. You and I hold to the fact that Revelation 310. Let me read it just briefly here, which I think is the most convincing argument for pre-tribulation rapture because you have kept my word about patient endurance. I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, folks, this is right before Revelation 4 went literally all hell is going to break loose on earth that is coming upon the whole world to try those who dwell on the earth again because you have kept my word about patient endurance.

I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming up on the whole world Billy Crone to me that is so clear that he's talking to the church in Revelation 1, two and three and he saying to them, I'm keeping you from the wrath to come, exactly, Jan Paseo, universal, no single verse that teaches the rapture. Certainly they hone in on the preacher of both. We know the rapture is a real event. First Thessalonians 4 also John 14 first Corinthians 15, but they specific state but not the preacher position in just a defined Jan for the listeners.

The rapture there's different positions. They had the poster position that says the churches all seven years in the seven year tribulation.

There's the pre-wrath position which says the church goes from our timeline. About three quarters the way the tribulation. The mid-trip position which says the church goes halfway into the seven year tribulation and then there is our position called the pretrip that we believe the church is rapture prior to the seven year tribulation and that's their objection from these animals.

There's not one single verse that says that were out here.

Prior to that event. This is the most obvious verse that you just quoted Revelation 310, number one was the context as you rightly stated Revelation 2 and three is all about the church those letters to the seven churches, and so he's talking to the church and he makes the church a promise that he will keep them from this hour of trial that is coming upon the whole world, so this isn't some localized event. This isn't just some general trial that these people again experience at that time because the context is global and it specifically brings about a dichotomy. There you will be kept from literally taken out from those that remain to test those who were on the earth. That's two different audiences, so he's promising the church that even though you may have had a challenging now you can have it direct for me. Jesus became I'm going to take you out of a timeframe that's coming to the planet to test those who live on the earth. If that's not the seven year tribulation and I don't know what is okay but as plain as day you get let me play a little clip here it's less than a minute happens to be Dr. Michael Brown and I got issues with Dr. Brown on number of points. His book, not afraid of the antichrist because he believes were going through the tribulation and if we go through it were going to be protected, so he's not afraid of the antichrist.

But here's the point he makes, and I'd like you to challenge it. Jesus promises us tribulation. This is the common work… In the New Testament.

John 1633.

Jesus is in this world will have tribulation would be encouraged to overcome the world or acts 1422. You must pass through many tribulations in order to enter the kingdom of God or Romans five that we grow through tribulation to Romans eight that tribulation lot separate us from the love of God… Just a normal work were promised tribulation, but in it we overcome in the whole idea that we have to be taken out first because were not appointed to wrath first and context is high about the outpouring of wrath at the end of the age when Jesus comes to destroy the wicked and the wrath of hell and judgment, but even so, when God put out his plagues on Egypt to protect Israel, even though they're right there in Egypt. Pastor Billy Crone, my compound has six testing that the tribulation, that we go through on a day by day basis which every listener experiences and granted it can be very trying at times is equal to the tribulation and you just gave the lineup about 20 minutes ago the horrors of the tribulation. Not comparable, correct, not even close, not even you will not Jan is actually two completely different Greek words. He mentioned correctly. General tribulation trials that we are promised… And agree and dare I say even though I hold to the preacher position. It could happen today, but nobody knows exactly when.

Only God knows I'm not saying that even as a preacher position. That means were going to make it out here was some even worse… Or general trials, but the Greek word for wrath is not the same word. It's or gay and it literally means light of violent outpouring shaking emotional think this is not the same thing. You're right Jan, when you look at those global events mentioned in the seven year tribulation that already highlighted earlier. That's not normal problems. That's right. We have asteroids living in the earth right now on that scale. We have 1/3 of the sea dying. Do we have an earthquake so big that all the mountains and islands route, not a portion of the planet the whole planet. Of course not. So he's wrongly comparing general tribulation to dare I say, T.

P. Tribulation, which is a. For seven years nonstop. It isn't normal. There's nothing normal about it, it's all God's wrath being poured out on the planet. Two different things.

Here's where I like you know in part two of my programming. By the way, there are scoffers out there as well and I'm gonna play a clip of one of the primary scoffers will do that here in just a moment, but I also want to go in part two of my programming.

We got it clarified that the rapture does not start the tribulation the rapture is an event that's going to be a glorious event that happens in an instant and then following that is very likely a gap of some time could be days weeks could even be months will talk about that were carrying Pastor Billy Crone's newest product, at least one of them. Are you ready for the rapture to my online store olive tree olive tree It is a nine DVD 18 teachings on the rapture be outstanding for the small group for Sunday school class so will get back and were going to hit some more bullet points. In part two of my programming, so don't go away back in just a minute, you'll stay in touch with us online through all of the tree that's olive tree you can call us central time. 763-559-4447 635594444 rightness of the mail and follow through ministries of Jan Markel, PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. This unstable chaotic world that is groaning to be free from the curse of sin.

Thank you for trusting understanding the times radio all of we are so pleased to be carrying the new Terry James and Pete Garcia book disappearing future events that will rock the world what we are witnessing today is about to bring down the curtain of prophecies final act, each hour brings troubling headlines from the many news sources now available every report seems more intrusive upon our daily lives than the previous.

All accounts appear to be setting the end time stage IV soon fulfillment of God's prophetic word and a great disappearing notice, the rapture of the church find the book in our online store olive olive tree or call us central time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 also pay by check price is $12 offer free shipping to the US and right to follow through ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311 darkness into anticipation as you learn about the forthcoming disappearing in the new book disappearing future events rock the world you really think that right now when you got it relatively easy to accept Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior so as to escape not only help with hell on earth, the seven simulation and you won't do it now, once relatively easy you really think you can return to him when your head is literally chopping block, not even risk that get saved today and avoid the whole thing. We know you can always be via radio so catch understanding the times radio at your convenience online. Watch the video version of the program or listen to the audio olive tree then to complete archives on YouTube on rumble light source and on his channel Christian TV notes returned to Jan Markel and Pastor Billy Crone wrap up today's for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the archangels voice and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we which are alive will be caught. There is the term you like to mark things in your Bible, you might circle that Harper pods in the Greek you're outta here snatched away plot away is what it means caught up together with them. The dead and the living at the same time to meet the Lord. Notice in the air and you might underline that not only earth but in the air. So shall we always be with the Lord. Therefore encourage one another with these words. It's been nearly 2000 years since Jesus ascended into heaven and left us with the promise that if I go back to the father's house.

I will do what, again and receive you unto myself. Glad you can join me today for understanding the times radio that was Dr. in Heinsohn giving classic verse caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Her poncho and we are to encourage one another with these words, let me reset the program here you are listening to understanding the times and I have on the line with me from Las Vegas. Pastor Billy Crone of Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas.

Learn more and get a life he was on with me last week as well the different topic this week refocusing Hanalei almost exclusively on one of his new products.

Could we carry it, are you ready for the rapture. It's a nine DVD set.

You can find it in my online store. We now offer free shipping in the US and Canada, call my office Monday through Friday. You can sign up for my various newsletters e-news letter print magazine be offered in there as well. Pastor Billy Crone and Heinsohn ended that passage with the wonderfully promising words, encourage one another with these words, encourage one another that we are going to be caught up to meet the Lord Jesus in the clouds. If you and I were running from the antichrist. If we were trying to escape the 100 pound hailstones, etc. we would not have much to be comforting one another about right and I fully agree Jan and that's very important fact there in the context Paul Molly mentions once but twice. He says to encourage or comfort one another with these words.

What words that we are going to be taken out of this timeframe called the seven year tribulation when God has said that he is going to pour out his wrath seven years nonstop that final week, and he's promise the church is not gonna be there when you take a look at the events that we've already outlined God tells us what that time of him born on his Rasco look like that.

Is it normal problems. This is the timeframe that you want avoid. And here's the good news got only told us that he's gonna pour out his wrath.

He not only describes what that wrath is go to look like. And it's horrid beyond normal events, but he promises in Romans chapter 5 first Thessalonians 1 and first Estonians. Five.

Which by the way is before and after the rapture passage in first Estonians for that we are the church and we are saved from God's wrath.

That's why Paul says not once but twice. Encourage or comfort one another with these words. You may have some challenges this side of heaven were going to have some general problems were to have general persecution. But when it comes to God's wrath and specifically that timeframe when he's going to dish it out in judgment on the wickedness and rebellion that's going on. Even now you're not to be there. Yes, I'm going back to apologist Dr. Michael Brown. This is very very short clip of him and he's going to be saying to little bit how I introduced this segment of this topic and that is but Billy Crone and Jan Christians are going through hell on earth right now why would we not go through hell on earth. During that time known as the tribulation.

On the other hand, around the world are brothers and sisters should be heavily persecuted for the faith. To this day, Christians are killed every single day around the world for their faith. Summer tortured some brutally imprisoned Summer beheaded similar buried alive. Some of the children take them. In other words, there are all kinds of harsh taking place in the present tense. I say let's take hold of God's grace to be overcome is today and to stand strong in the midst of tribulation today as the church has through history and let's look forward to the victorious return of Jesus, at which point we will be caught up and glorified with pastor Crone. I think the mistake Dr. Brown make sense so many others as well is the suggestion that the persecution of believers be Afghanistan be in Nigeria and it is awful folks and we are not minimizing it whatsoever. Still, that's man's wrath that Satan's wrath.

That's not God's wrath.

What we see in the tribulation is the outpouring of God's wrath, which will really minimize some of the man's wrath going on today. Am I right, Billy Crone oh, absolutely.

In fact, little surprising there. He actually contradicted himself in his position, which is no surprise because what he saying with all due respect us, not what the Bible teaches.

He said there that these other Christians brothers and sisters there being beheaded.

There's persecution there martyred for their faith.

Okay, I agree with you that's going on that is horrible but to compare that to the events of the seven year tribulation and God's wrath import out it's not the same. We don't see on the scale of those events in the 7 Year Tribulation Taking Pl. today.

You can't make the comparison or but notice he said in his position why he puts the church in the center tribulation not only trying to say Welford to have troubles now.

Why do we escape that trouble whether not the same to what he said earlier, just as God protected his people as he poured out the plagues in Egypt so he'll protect the church in the center tribulation. Wait a second. You just told me on this clip that people around the world being beheaded and we shouldn't expect anything different but you just told me the churches can be protected.

So which one is it so there's a contradiction is going on there. Plus the other big problem with that is when you take a look at the saints, not the church thinks the jubilation saints, but he says it's the church in the center tribulation. These people not be protected. That Scripture is very clear right even in the first half.

It's clearly that there is a global martyrdom. These people are being slaughtered like flies in the crying out for God's vengeance to be poured out, and he says wait longer and he's going back and he'll deal with. He'll have the last word on this point is he saying the church is gonna be protected but there is no protection with these people and is not even the church to use the term Jan I think a lot of people are called tribulation wannabes and I just want the church to be in their and then they approach the Scripture and then they look for passages. Unfortunately, out of context like what he's doing and try to cram the church in their to me again you go back to the basis of the rapture. Why did Paul write that he told us is to encourage or comfort one another. If I'm in this timeframe that you open up the broadcast with Jan for one half of it for 347, all of it in some supposed protection, but when you read the Bible, there is no protection for these people that so comforting.

It completely undermines the whole purpose as to why the Bible even mentions the rapture is called the blessed hope that's right. The black could torment these people are twisting the very meaning and purpose of the rapture. So glad you said that I actually made a DVD some four years ago. Now how the blessed hope became the blessed hope and that quite frankly leads me I'm not quite through with some of things were dealing with right now but just since were talking about the blessed hope because in fact the rapture in many circles has become the blessed hope, we've got very prominent people who are putting this down.

Something terrible saying you can't find it in the Bible there's there's the classic was only discovered in the 1800s by Darby etc., but let's just play clip because here we hear Bible answer man supposedly in Canada graph and I've played this on air before folk so if you hear it, does not a repeat program were airing right now but some of you will recognize this where anxious says you can't find the rapture in the Bible. Well 900 and where do they get good teaching that the church will be erected out and will not have to go to tribulation word that found it's not. So that's the whole point. The point is it something that is imposed on the Scripture. The notion is a very new notion in church history, it's 1/19 century notion that was popularized by John Nelson Darby and it comes with the presupposition that God has two distinct people and therefore he has two distinct plans for the two distinct people and he has two distinct phases of the second coming, and two distinct destinies. This however is an imposition on Scripture because the truth of it is God has only always had one chosen people. One covenant community beautifully connected by the cross and illustrated by a cultivated olive tree in Paul's letter, the Romans so the point here is that all those who are followers of Jesus Christ are the one chosen people, and this is prior to the cross as well, because all that.

Look forward to Christ prior to the cross are God's covenant chosen people in the covenant chosen people are made up of people from every tongue and language and nation and people. You're not a son of Abraham because of some genealogical construction. You are a son of Abraham because you believe in the God of Abraham, if you join me late to our listing to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line from Las Vegas. Pastor Billy Crone from sunrise Bible Church learn more at his website, get a life get a life media and were carrying one of his new products. Are you ready for the rapture nine DVD teaching series.

Pastor Billy Crone.

This only came along in the 1800s by John Nelson Darby when in fact the early church was actually expecting the any minute imminent rapture of the church. He also disinherited Israel right there on that clip, but give me your thoughts. Yeah Jim where you start, you got so many things wrong on that is, while Belinda see if I can unpack that first fall. He says there's no biblical basis for the rapture that's imposed on the tax again, where do we get the idea. The rapture from the Bible versus only as for prescriptive 15 John 14 and it specifically mentions and first estimate is for is Ed Hines and mentioned heart pods so a quick snatching or catching away. So this idea rapture were not imposing it or reading the Bible and that's what the Bible says number one, number two.

He said it's a recent teaching. No, it's not where I derive my beliefs on the rapture is what I just quoted to you from the Bible that's been there for 2000 years in the New Testament.

What is really talking about is this red herring argument that reminds me of the old classic axiom.

If you repeat a lie loud enough long enough often enough people will believe it and that's what's happened with this John Darby invented this recently, and then they'll even go another step and say he got it from some girl they guys on vision in 1830. I couldn't wait in our study. We deal with this in great detail the blow that thing out, the water, the girl is Margaret McDonald from Scotland. We actually were there on location to go and research.

And that's the biggest lie ever. We got a copy of her utterance that these people say that John Darby got this idea from them.

When you read that so-called utterance Jan, it's not even pretrip. The irony is, it's actually post-trip with the partial rapture which is not pretrip at all. So if Darby were to be influenced each of the come out being a post-River. According to her, not a pretrip.

So that's lie number one line number two John Darby. He had an accident in 1827 and he began to as he had a lot of time on his hands read the Scripture, and he began to see the delineation between the church and Israel and begin to understand that at the end of the church age. There's going to be this event called the rapture so he had arrived. His conclusions three years prior to her in that accusation number three.

He also knew about her and her charismatic abusive behavior, and he not only discounted her and what the other. She was hanging with were doing. But even use words like this is demonic. So to say that John Darby got his rapture teaching pretrip position from that source. That's why number one number two they'll say will it still recent teaching we go through eight pages of notes that I brought out of historical examples of prior to 1830.

Even that red herring argument to wear it throughout church history from the early church forward of people in documentation having a pretrip three mill mindset, so to say that there's been no evidence it's only recently popped on the scene is a lie still back it up.

Jan, the reason why believe the rapture is not because of John Darby is not because of the historical evidence of other Christians throughout the centuries who also believed that it comes from the Bible and then to address his issue where he does away with Israel is called replacement theology that's a lie from the pit hell and I like to bring this out.

Jim even though pantograph completely discounts the rapture.

Most people don't realize that those who take the post trip pre-wrath admitted tree positions which puts the church in the seven-year tribulation either all the way three force away or Hathaway. They are in essence doing a eschatological version of replacement theology.

Thank you because what they're doing is they're putting the focus of the seven-year tribulation, not on Israel. Listen, and replacing it with the church. That's a formal replacement theology that's completely on biblical, let me just fire away a couple bullet points here because I made reference to this before I went into my break. The rapture doesn't start the tribulation is going to be assigning of a covenant we've had 69 weeks of Daniel's 70th week that's transpired, but there's coming the 70th week of Daniel. Daniel 927 so let's clarify that the rapture does not start the tribulation. Rather, the signing of this covenant by the antichrist as he is going to feign becoming Israel's best friend that starts the tribulation right that's two major passages that are parallel passages tells us of when the seven-year tribulation starts and that's Daniel 927 when the antichrist makes a covenant or treaty.

There is a peace treaty with Israel that's coupled with Revelation 61 which is the beginning of the seven-year tribulation starting with the first seal and that talks about the white horse writer which many believe is the antichrist who comes in on a peaceful school because he's only with the bow, no arrow arrow and he brings in this time of utopia. He's the man. Mr. fix it with the plan he brings back global peace.

That's how the seven-year tribulation. Starts the rapture takes place prior to that and the reason why is because when the seven-year tribulation starts, also known as the day of the Lord.

The Bible is very clear. It is a time of God's wrath. He pours out his wrath from the second. That timeframe starts and it goes for the next seven years. Again, the Bible says that we the church are not appointed unto were saved from and rescued from God's wrath.

So we have to leave prior to the beginning of the seven-year tribulation.

So the question becomes how long after the rapture does it take before the seven-year tribulation starts and again we don't know. It could be a short time. I would take more, the position that is probably going to be shortly thereafter to me. What starts the seven-year tribulation. Mr. fix it. He's coming Abba. Apparently some sort of global crisis in the world clamoring for world leader to fix all the problems on the earth. And then what better excuse to dovetail off of to dupe the planet that your Mr. fix it with the peace plan, then right after the rapture the church and on top of wars going on and who knows what else. At that timeframe, economic collapse and then millions of people disappear on the planet. Wouldn't it be a great time for somebody to stand up in the midst of all that chaos to say hey I got a plan and then here comes this religious global cohort called a false prophet, and he further dupe the people to put their hopes and trust in the sky and were now entering into a great time of peace.

So to me that's why I would say not thus saith the Lord, but I would say it's more a shorter timeframe and a longer time. Some people actually want to say this could be years in your I personally don't think so. I don't see how that's possible global chaos. Are you kidding, perhaps lacking a world leader actually week black or leader as we speak, but even more so at that time the world will be clamoring for someone to come on the scene make all things right here listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel have pastor Billy Crone on from Las Vegas, get a life

Let's quickly hit Billy Crone, the restrainer, I think we need to spend an extra minute on the restrainer because you talk about the removal of the restrainer. The restrainer is taken out of the way, I do believe you feel that is the Holy Spirit's presence in the church today. Again, folks. I've seen a number of the videos that were talking about from the video series so the Holy Spirit is present in the church today going to be taken out. In other words, salt and light can be gone. The Holy Spirit however will be here in the tribulation help us understand this if he's taken away. How can you still be here. I believe what he's talking about. There is the Holy Spirit's presence in the church today that we are to be the salt and the light, we are the reason why, as the Bible says in second Thessalonians 2 why the antichrist can't make his full parents because were the one that's holding it back. In fact that's what the word there restrain literally means in 2nd decile is to seven. It's could check on the Greek it means to hold back or hinder the course or progress thereof. So think about it. He can't make his full appearance on the planet duping the planet wall were still here. And that's common sense because guest will be blown the whistle on the guy which Brad also.

Jan is another reason why we can't be in the seven-year tribulation because if we were in the seven-year jubilation the church we be the first one St. hey there, yes. Watch out for that guy.

He's antichrist. We blown the whistle on that's why the Bible says he can't make his full appearance until the Greek word that she was there were seven again we hold him back. Restrain hinder the course or progress of his appearing until we are taken out of the way. The Greek there. Jan is very vivid what it literally means there is not just taken out a way it means to rise from the midst G1 what that is. So the Scripture is very clear. Shocker just happens to fit the pretrip scenario that the antichrist can't make his full parents start the seven year tribulation. Daniel 927 Revelation 61 until the church who is currently now holding him back from doing Foley's dirty deeds is risen from the midst of this world. If that's not the rapture but her know what else is. But you mention who is the restraining influence the Holy Spirit in the church today. What's important to note, I'm very deliberate with my words.

It's the Holy Spirit's presence in the church today and the reason why say that is because the Holy Spirit hello is God. God is omnipresent, so how can you say that he's gone he can't be gone otherwise would be God. Rather, the Holy Spirit's presence in the church today.

That's what's been removed. But of course the Holy Spirit is God, and omnipresent. He still active and we all know he's can be active because the Bible is clear if people make the worst mistake in their life and they don't get saved today and there left behind by their own doing and are thrust into the seven-year tribulation, which is what the Bible teaches will happen if you don't it's a the Bible says good news bad news. At that point, people can still get saved in the seven year tribulation again. The tribulation saints, not the church that is evident with the hundred and 44,000 male Jewish witnesses in the Scriptures very clear.

That's the revival was going to happen, but it's not the church it's during that timeframe. Also, we see the two witnesses. Revelation chapter 11 and then got even sends an angel to declare the eternal gospel.

So God in the midst of his judgment and his wrath. He still demonstrates his mercy. The Holy Spirit still operating in sharing the gospel. That's the good news.

But here's the bad news. If you wait until then number one you're flirting with you, not to die first.

From these judgments before you have an opportunity to say yes to God or if you do get saved and praise God got say, but the bottles very clear. There is no protection. You can be slaughtered like flies. In fact, the Bible says that even decapitation is going to come back as a form of capital punishment, and I like to challenge those people with this common sense.Jim who say what say what if you Christians disappeared rapture all know that you're right and that's when I'll get saved really you really think that right now when you got it relatively easy to accept Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior so as to escape not only hell but hell on earth, the seven simulation and you won't do it now.

One is relatively easy you really think you're going to turn to him when your head is looking on the chopping block, not even risk that and get saved today and avoid the whole thing very well put pastor Billy Crone and were carrying this wonderful set of DVDs you can find an olive tree you can get more acquainted with pastor krone get a life Billy him down to a few minutes left, but let me read three verses and I'm gonna have you tackle it you'll have to do it in a minute or two, but that would be second Thessalonians 2 first couple verses now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and are being gathered together TM, we ask you, brothers, not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed either by a spirit or a spoken word or a letter seeming to be from us to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one deceive you in any way for that day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, here's the thing. I get so many emails about this because chapter 2 verse one is the rapture of the church verse two and three.

Sounds like the antichrist is in a be here and people say, but there's evidence that the church is going to go through the tribulation and the keywords they're not catching would be the day of the Lord you take it from there and clarify I'm down to about a minute. I love this passage because again it actually fits the pretrip position. Even though people want to bring it up and say doesn't. But the context is clear.

Verse one concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, the rapture, in the context we ask your brothers not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to come from us, saying the day of the Lord has already come the day of the Lord is not the rapture the day of the Lord to find an old and New Testament starts at the seven-year tribulation moves forward and it clearly is a day of wrath. Then he says don't let anyone deceive you in any way for that day what date, not the rapture was the context, the day the Lord or the seven-year tribulation will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. So one is antichrist revealed we just talked about it. Daniel 927 when he makes a covenant with Israel and Revelation 61 the right horse rider so is very consistent.

If you don't take things out of context.

Paul wrote this because there were some people say the church was in the day of the Lord, the seven-year tribulation and he says don't be easily unsettled or alarmed by that is not true and then he says don't be deceived because the day of the Lord will not come until the antichrist is revealed. Daniel 927 so again Jan it fits perfectly with the pretrip scenario. I think what folks are missing is that keywords their day of the Lord.

Verse one is the rapture verse two is talking about the day of the Lord or the tribulation. And that's what's throwing them exactly and in verse three. What they do is it says don't let anyone deceive you in any way for that day will not come. They assume that day is the rapture innocently tribulation bingo Milacron you're coming back with me again next week and were to talk about one of your other new products. And that's the DVD set on the covert deception so will hit that next week week number three with pastor Billy Crone. Let me go out of the program saying that the point of this hour has been more than just presenting good apologetics.

It has been a clarion call as you could hear.

Make sure you are ready for eternity before eternity to make sure that you are ready for the rapture to ensure that the Bible says simply all who call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved. That's out of Romans 10 call on him today. Folks, no one is promised tomorrow. That is why the Bible says to day is the day of salvation. Do it today if you don't know for sure where you are spending eternity. I want to thank you for listening. We will talk to you again next week.

Contact us through our website. Olive tree's olive tree call a central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write to all three ministries of Jim Markel, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. God knew of today's events before the beginning of time. You knew you were going to play a primary role in these final days is orchestrating all receipt transpiring everything falls in the place

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