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Setting the Stage for the Ultimate Tyranny

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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February 18, 2022 7:00 am

Setting the Stage for the Ultimate Tyranny

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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February 18, 2022 7:00 am

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We are on a slippery slope that is always nice as vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, among other things, that took effect on January 15, preparatory to a worldwide digital travel pass control passports for everybody liked your health status, but not limited to health. If you can't see the future in clear outline. Right now you're not paying attention. The truckers in Canada can welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries. They Jim visits with Leo Holman, investigative journalist and freelance writer's weekly reports offer tremendous insights into our times.

Just what might be going on behind the scenes they talk about many current issues this hour. Here is today's program that you can join me today for understanding the times radio I'm talking with independent journalist and freelance writer and investigative reporter Leo Homan here for the hour. I have him on to three times a year to talk about the issues he's featuring and I'll give contact info to Leo here little bit later. Obviously, if you're following the news at all. You are saying is MIA that a lot of people are saying enough is enough enough covert chaos enough government overreach and enough of being told you alone nothing and be happy able who believes that and what were saying, particularly in Canada were seeing that kind of enthusiasm spread all over the world is spreading as far as Israel, Brazil, and my understanding is coming to America in a couple weeks here.

So what were saying is parts of the world pushback cry for freedom demand to cessation to mandates and just say we're not going to take it anymore.

Leo Homan writes a lot about these issues will talk about them and you know I believe this is all a set up for the tribulation. Today's totalitarianism is setting the stage for the ultimate dictator Mr. antichrist who believers of course will never meet Leo welcome back to the program. Thanks for having me back. Jan, as I said here Leo good, freedom loving, well let's start with Canadians have had enough of leftist lunacy of a near communist dictator Mr. Trudeau that had enough with forced vaccinations, forced confinement and closed borders and encouragingly enough, this is spreading. Yes, it really is and what wonderful about it, Janet.

It started as a completely organic movement. There's no political party in Canada that is supported movement of truckers saying that they want their freedom back just to see the videos on the different YouTube channel rumble channel showing millions of people coming out of their homes and lining the streets with these truckers made their way in the convoy toward the capital of Ottawa was really inspiring leader like you said really good salt of the earth patriotic Canadian up. Probably both parties, conservative, liberal, but they're just tired of the mandates there tired of this quote new normal. We know all comes down from the world economic forum and the United Nations to be reading a few paragraphs and you write this, Leo.

You say people embrace freedom, and they flourish whenever freedom prevails, but many were beginning to forget what freedom felt like thank you Canadian trekkers for reminding us what freedom feels like and you say, regardless of what happens next. There's no turning back the clock on the fact that the long-awaited resistance is now underway. Courage is contagious and we now have an army of courageous people liberated from their fear by what started as a few hundred truck drivers and by the way spread to ranchers and farmers and cowboys and more will you see this going. Leo Homan asked. We've even seen farmers coming in on horseback and on tractors and helping with the truckers and it really seems to be spreading.

As you mentioned it coming to America. There's a movement being organized as we speak to move. I believe from California across the nation to Washington DC. I think Joe Biden is probably shaking in his boat. I wonder if he'll go into hiding like Dustin Trudeau did, but the response from the Trudeau government I think was really telling from the very outset before the convoy even arrived in Ottawa while he made his position clear that he would not talk to them and he called them a small fringe minority whose views are unacceptable. Now who is the government to be telling us which views are acceptable and not acceptable.

This is part of their new normal that I think a lot of people were not prepared for. They knew that there was the social distancing mask wearing in the lockdown but at what point did we lose our freedom of speech, and that's where we seem to be moving with this and some very troubling things coming out of our own Department of Homeland Security. I want to visit that just a minute I'm reading another paragraph is yours. You say what's transpired over the last few weeks in Canada is unique in history. I can't think of anything.

This potentially transformational, not even the Polish uprising that kicked off the shackles of the Soviet communism and touched off the beginning of the collapse of that system holds over the whole eastern Europe is Sam so proud of Canada. God often chooses the least expected persons to lead his people out of bondage.

I want to play quickly appear and then come back and talk about it. Leo, I happens to be Tucker Carlson has covered this quite well on his evening Fox program job in Canada. The convoy of truckers converging on Ottawa to keep that nation freeze going larger by the day they left from Vancouver on the western side of the country. The protests in the federal government's vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, among other things, that Mandy took effect on January 15, preparatory to a worldwide digital travel pass control passports for everybody went your health status, but not limited your health status.

If you can't see the future in clear outline. Right now you're not paying attention, but the truckers in Canada can the Canadian trucking alliance estimates roughly 16,000 truckers in Canada are not vaccinated. The convoy also includes truckers who are vaccinated, but working to stand for tyranny is the convoy looks like this started with vaccine mandates, but for most here it's about a lot more of a freedom movement will over thousand will mining the TransCanada Highway outside of Winnipeg in -30. Winchell's protesting what they call government over somebody at the center for Canada and the truckers are doing it all started a couple days ago in Delta, BC truckers protesting vaccine mandates at the border. Now is the convoy once more kilometers, it's getting more support for this. Really tired again I say to him A lot worse to cover what you believe in writing outside Winnipeg hundreds of vehicles taking more than an hour's as a rambled by.

No one was was teasing Salvatore Metro's phone togetherness like I've never felt before, and it keeps growing. Think God. It keeps going what the reaction would like from you gatekeepers will cartoonist for the Washington Post accuse the truck drivers of fascism is the cartoon on your screen to a pain vassal for the world's richest man man supports censorship and crushing anyone who doesn't agree with him, who treats his own legions of workers like serfs and I work for that man is telling you that people who peacefully assemble to express political opinions. What fascists really was the fastest.

How children dress is not a fascist is a pastor with trucker is a member.

The frame can't rightfully have him join a study from Ontario. Mr. thanks so much for coming on a fascist really should tell us why you're doing this if you would mostly for the same reasons. A lot of these other guys know you're doing this. There's just been stifling of freedom in a stifling of unity in Canada for two years. A lot of people are down but people are fired dedicated to going to grocery store without getting into an argument about a mask or whatnot. What really drove me to do this is the smiling faces that I seen on the people that organized a good friend of mine helped put this together and it's just been wonderful to see all the smiling faces that have come together. It doesn't matter. Christians, non-Christians, all sorts, though the natives rode banging the drums just a wonderful sensation to see unity once again in Canada is beautiful to watch from below your border. I have to say you're being snarled that you're smiling back.

The government seems to be doing all it can to prevent you from peacefully protesting its speaking fascist policies, but you doing anyway. Are you worried about the repercussions, not at all.

So my friends been a arrested for pastoring their churches were fully prepared to smile and push through for the greater good. Tucker we want to see Christ glorified in the church and out of the church so were pushing for, me when you say you seem much more like a civil rights hero than a fascist to me.

Are any media in Canada supporting you, or at least arguing that you should have a right to express your views. Not that I know of Dr. I think maybe revenues as notes a positive stuff about the movement but the mainline media as much of the same, the USA, these are not our friends there, and after us there slandering really good people at some the stuff they're saying about really good people Dragon their names to the might, it's shameful. So I snow fascists here moms and dads and kids centered around a bonfire beside me was the convoy came through here about half an hour ago standing here with their kids enjoying a fire with people they haven't got to hang out with her very long time. I got a sensor so thrilling to see this. Having watched Canada was such a beautiful country wonderful country descend into this darkness and to see someone like you standing up cheerfully really affirming to thank you children dress. Good luck. You're welcome to thank you Lee home and my concern is that Canada will not allow them to take their country back because at the heart of some of Canada's leadership is complete totalitarianism.

Now we see Canada's Prime Minister Trudell power grabbing even more. Using the emergencies act to come against his freedom movement. Trudell announced the use of this act for the first time in history. Earlier this week, the act which came into law back in 1988 allows Trudell to invoke various measures that could end the tracker protests Justin Trudeau is a graduate of cloud and why young global leaders movement. He has westernized media against these people. We have a video of him on YouTube working brags about how he owns the Canadian media because he offered hundred and $50 million in bailout money to them. When several were on the verge of collapsing, and the Canadian government using Canadian taxpayer dollars directly fund the CBC, the Canadian bank Corporation, the media and the government are essentially the same thing in Canada we've seen how it's been westernized against these farmers.

These truckers these workers just good working class people who if you were a good left as you would think you would be supporting the working people right but we see in the mask is now often these leftists are in bed with big corporations and big government and big unions… Is indeed coming to America. A similar convoy and my understanding is it again sometime.

Perhaps early March probably going cross-country. My concern and I think you share my concern based on reading the various things you write. My concern goes back to the reaction to January 6 that the left is going to weigh overreact and could turn on the convoy that May Be Taking Pl. in American few weeks yet we see the same type of language being used by the Trudeau government and the Canadian media as was used by the Biden medicine option in the American media against the January 6 movement there called insurrectionist there. Called violent rioters Nazis white supremacist even though nothing could be further from the truth. They found one Nazi flag in the Autoblog trucker protest movement one person held a flag and we know that was probably a plant put in there by the Trudeau socialist government and they use that one picture to try to demonize and rehire group of women, children, parents, grandfathers and workers and truckers really astonishing but it's the same MO that we saw with the January 6 movement in my concern is that the January 6 mentality leased from the left is going to be pretty hostile to any freedom effort here in America will see that scheduled to happen sometime very early spring. Perhaps the month of March. I do have one email I want to read and it's from Gail, actually I met them when I spoke in Toronto couple years ago and some folks I think they came from every province. It was a conference with the mirror and Jack Hampson. Stagner and myself in Toronto couple years killing this gal from the Yukon came, believe it or not, and she writes here in the last couple of days. She says hello to all from our family up in the Yukon. Years ago I asked you to pray for Canada as Trudell got elected and they could see that Canada was in massive trouble. I grieved for a country already then so much as happened. We can no longer fly or eat out, believing friends gather under the radar. The Yukon is majority liberal, fearful and cruel in its fear. Masks are everywhere. The Yukon churches have not taken the stand and are nowhere to be seen. I am on leave. My husband is on leave and keeping this anonymous as she asked me to not use her name and she says now our heroic truckers and farmers and cowboys are taking a stand and it's wonderful to see. I know my Bible. I know that whatever reprieve that is gained will be short-lived. But please pray that this movement will wake-up our family and friends so that they might see and understand that they have been deceived. Pray that they become truth seekers, and in so doing, come to faith in the truth, our Savior and Lord Jesus. Please pray that we remember that as we participate in freedom convoys and rallies that we find opportunities to share the Lord with folks and lead them to the ultimate freedom mirror NASA and one more quick email from Donna in Ontario. She says I have seen people come to faith in Jesus.

Truckers who were atheists before this convoy I have met incredible people from all walks of life we have been hugged more in two weeks than we have in two years we have seen people with tears in their eyes.

Tears of joy because for the first time in a long time. They feel free.

We have seen believers and nonbelievers gather around the Centennial flame, which the prime minister extinguished and pray and sing hymns. It's like seeing the Holy Spirit in action.

This is the sentiment, at least of the believers in Canada and again folks, this movement is spreading around the world and it's about time and I'm sure Leo you would agree it's about time yet.

Like Tucker said in that clip you play about a lot more than help passport yet because as these passports get ubiquitous and become acceptable as part of the quote new normal. They're going to start adding other personal data to the passports. It will include all of your health information. It will include your driving record, your education record everything that you now consider part of your private, confidential information will be on these passports and we cannot allow this to be normalized. Jan if we do then how are we gonna be any different than communist China. I agree you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line. Can the East Coast, Leo Homan, independent journalists, you can learn more and sign up for his articles monitor twice a week. They come out. Leo HOH MA in an Leo great insight onto the tide of our times, and Leo wanted your more recent articles all that you summarize it because it came out in the last day so I wasn't able to included in my notes here, but it's important and that's all about.

This loss of free speech, and now were bring in that story that geared to America but you summarize what you just wrote. As I said part of this new global tyranny that were experiencing and it is global.

That's what bigger even than what happened with the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. A big part of it is the loss not only of your privacy which we've already discussed, but a loss of your personal freedom of speech. It goes back to the marks of Hubert Marcuse who was the inventor of ideology where he talked about the cultural Marxist and he talked about something he described as repressive tolerance free speech for me but not for the if you're speaking in your teaching and your writing and your ideas line up with the ideas of the dictator, then you have what's called free-speech, but as soon as you cross over the line to become a dissenter and you start to question the authorities in your questioning the direction that your country is going in. Then you get called a promoter of misinformation or disinformation and Department of Homeland Security came out with a new national terrorism advisory bulletin in which they said people will be considered potential terrorist who put out misinformation, disinformation, or what they called mall information. So now were getting into a situation where the government gets to decide what is acceptable or not acceptable speech and they are criminalizing speech that does not line up with the government and the media narrative transition here just a little bit. Leo hesitate leaving the push for freedom, which is while it's amazing folks watching some of the videos online. Some of the news broadcast to cover him a very little but get all online if you want. This is now going back two weeks ago to 2 1/2 weeks ago and I want to talk about it for just a few minutes Leo and that is the Sen. Ron Johnson tearing he called it a second opinion and was a second opinion on covert and that's really what's prompting all of this activity going on, push for freedom because folks have had enough of the repression so Sen. Ron Johnson, a second opinion and many testified for at least five hours something was wrong with their healthcare system and I've covered this on ear here over the last many months again. Not every member of the healthcare industry at summer pushing back, but it's very difficult how covert, 19, has been handled the media hype and the fear driven agenda and doctors not allowed to be doctors and we heard about these stories for five hours in, you've got a couple of articles I want to read a paragraph or two, but first I want to play a clip and talk about it as well. This is actually a doctor at the Sen. Johnson hearing standing up for patient rights. You'll hear him literally break down because all he wants to do is do it. Most doctors do, and that's help people in not allowed to so I can tell you what happened to me so I was using a protocol to treat critically ill patients in the ICU with a whole host of repurposed drugs.

I then this is a memo sent to the entire healthcare system but they targeted me personally and what if this memo say this said, I can use rimmed as a via, and then I will quote it was an added section do not endorse section which includes medications that may cause harm and efficiency is not supported in peer-reviewed published RCTs. These medications will not be verified or dispense for the prevention or treatment of covert. This list includes as a mixed and picketed to my Dick Topside fluvoxamine to test arrived and finasteride just to stick it to me that added ascorbic acid, otherwise known as them was effectively preventing me treating my patients according to my best clinical judgment and then how did this progress. I objected, so the first week I was in the ICU know what to do. What was I to do. My hands were tied as a clinician for the first time in my entire Korea I could not be a doctor. I could not treat patients the way I had to be to treat patients.

I had seven covert patients, including a 31-year-old woman.

I was not allowed to treat these people. I had to stand by idly. I had to stand, but I need to be watching these people die.

I didn't try to sue the system and you know what they did. They did something called Pia Cham review. It is a disgusting and evil concept.

They then accused me of seven most outrageous crimes that I had committed and that I was such a severe threat to the safety of patients, they immediately suspended my hospital privileges because I possessed a pose such an outright threat to these patients, ignoring the fact that under my care.

The mortality was 50%. Those of my colleagues. I then went on to the sham peer review. I went to a kangaroo court where they continued this and the end result was I lost my hospital privilege and was reported to the National practitioner data Bank so Carol was standing up for patients rights and this hospital, this evil hospital and did my medical career so that's what they do. It's an outright outrage. It's evil to the coal the home an average five hours of this, perhaps you did to what that doctor is describing right there.

Jan is the ramifications of the cares and yes, which was passed during the trump administration and it provides financial incentives for the hospitals to follow certain covert protocols. What I'm saying is hospitals get money for covert diagnosis. Hospitals get about a 20% bonus if they prescribed REM debt severe which is a very dangerous experimental drug that is very harmful to the kidneys and other organs. They get another grant of federal money if they put a patient on a ventilator. Finally, if the patient dies of COBIT with the covert diagnosis uncured they get another round of money at it all up, they can make up to $100,000 on a single patient if they follow the incentives put forth by the federal cares act. Well, I think you emphasized the proper issue and that is the federal government asking the hospitals to do this and I'm not sure that the hospitals have a choice in all this. What I'm noticing Leo is that people are moving on from coven people have had enough, even the vaccine passports we open here talking about Canada vaccine passports are ending here now in Alberta, they've said enough. The saying enough is enough. All over the world, Boris Johnson and others are saying no more.

We've got a move on which I find quite encouraging. Some nations are backing off of the mandates Jan while other nations are doubling down through Austria and Italy are two that are doubling down and trickling down. It is illegal. As of February 1 to be an unvaccinated result in the nation of Austria and you will be hit with extensive fines if you continue to be unvaccinated there is a province in Canada. I don't remember which one it was, but they have the vaccine mandates in place and it's unbelievable how it works. If you walk into a big box store sale Walmart or Costco and they scan your phone and they find out that you're not vaccinated, you don't have the correct code on your app, you're either not vaccinated or you had one or two shots but you don't have the booster you will now have a store employee assigned to follow you around the store while you to make sure that you only by what the government defines is essential goods, food and pharmaceuticals.

So the government is telling you what you can and can't buy based on your vaccine status.

This is the type of medical tyranny that we are now talking about in the world, not just one or two countries but others are backing off the UK, Israel, I believe, has dropped it mandates it's yet to be determined. If this is a temporary pullback of the tyrannical boot from our foreheads, or if it's going to be part of it. I tend to think that there backing off because they're getting a lot of blowback right now but the way these things tend to work is once a new variant comes along may be more dangerous than omicron. Then they'll put the mandates back in place on the plane of the cliff. When we get back, possibly to depending on time here from the Johnson hearing, which again this is 2 1/2 weeks ago now. Sen. Ron Johnson called a second opinion and a number of medical professionals, testified and said please let us do our jobs. Many within the medical community are not allowed to do their jobs, which is I'm sure tragedy and breaking their hearts as you heard that position. His voice cracked as he tried to tell that he's wants to do what he was trying to do. I often talk about the fact that we have a video version of this program, which we do. It's on rumble. It's on YouTube.

This program, folks will not be on YouTube because of censorship. It's on his channel and other places and posted to our website so just a heads up there that there are some options for you including our 900 radio stations. Now I'm coming back in just a couple minutes in one play, one more clip from Sen. Johnson's hearing that I want to talk about where the globalists going next.

I've got an opinion that I'd like to talk about. I know Leo has an opinion as well.

How about a climate lockdowns you think that's possibility. Oh, I think they are next. Yes, I do and I'll explain why in just a minute, so don't go away. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of three that's all of three follow simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 lightest of the male apology ministries and Jim Markel, PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove the soda 55311.

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But sadly, even those who profess to be Christians to act like it won't happen anytime soon. Therefore, this study are you ready for the rapture seeks to equip you with the many biblical truths concerning the supernatural departure find it in our online store and all of three that's almost 3 or call our office.

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They intend to keep us in Christ to keep us confused. Keep us divided, the more chaos that rains in the world before they are able to get the radical new policies in place. We know you can always be by radio so that's understanding the times radio at your convenience online. Watch the video version of the program or listen to the and to complete archives on YouTube on rumble light source and on his channel Christian TV.

Now let's wrap up today's conversation with Leo Holman. Even though I found it American friendly nurses. I traveled extensively in South America, India and South Africa, working in hot sounds, stopping the spread of the virus in working with early intervention and nowhere in those countries and developing nations. Do I see these issues that we see here in the United States. I'm a very proud American citizen. I come from a family of immigrants and my mother told me that the United States is the best country in the world of granite. I am biased being an American, and our level of healthcare has been deteriorated to substandard third world nation healthcare, whereas I tell people you are better off in South America in a field hospital than you are and level I trauma designer hospitals in the United States as nurses we are getting reports across the country from our American friendly nurses about patients not getting food patients not getting water.

How can the patient hasn't been fed nine days. Why do we need to get a court order to force the hospital to feed a person isn't intubated in his literally telling you they would like food, although you can take your BiPAP mask off blessed as nurses are forward and help you take that offer and how people were not allowed to bear on a ventilator. They're not getting basic standards of care. I've had patients that have been bathed in fat have been given water haven't been turned if you asked me this is in the hospital. This is a concentration camp.

Absolutely nowhere in the United States we isolate people for hundreds of hours at a time with no human contact. It's not even allowed in the prisons. You're not allowed to isolate a prisoner for beyond a certain sensitive amount of time because it is horrible for their mental health and is considered inhumane. However, in these hospitals now were allowed to isolate patients from their families for days and you have to say invite them over an iPhone as Jennifer Bridges is just demonstrated to last or she has to settle people and to see, and personally I was fired for sneaking Hispanic family and to say the last rites of their family and so thank you Sen. Johnson for getting nurses the opportunity, to represent our patients because as you can see were not often thought of as meeting professionals, though we are the missing link between the doctors and the patients of thank you so much for this time. That was the second opinion.

Sen. Ron Johnson seminar two and half weeks ago in Washington, where five hours of that kind of testimony.

Leo your thoughts on what you just heard that nurse was very eloquent.

She was one of the nurses who responded voluntarily to that initial wave of COBIT that hit New York City in the early months of 2020. As you recall, there was lot of elderly people in the goals they were putting him back into nursing homes after they were infected. It was a real debacle, but another thing that she said that I didn't hear as part of the clip is that hardly any of those people who died in New York City's largest hospitals in 2020 died of COBIT they died. She said from neglect and medical malfeasance. That is something that should not be tolerated in a country like the United States, a superpower of the free world and like she said in many respects our healthcare system has been degraded to the point where it is much worse than some of the Third World and second world countries. Could you envision any of this happening say two years ago when all of this hit the sand. No, I never would've expected. I knew that the elites were trying to bring in a new digital system because we had a lot of the documents out there with agenda 2030 and many of the other documents but I didn't know that it would be coming in on the heels of a health crisis, pandemic.

As I look back on it now. It should've been obvious.

Some of the other documents into that at the Rockefeller foundation paper called lockstep went into this whole scenario back in 2010, where they describe the global coronavirus pandemic that would come out of China and people's freedoms would be severely limited and governments will become more authoritarian in China would have the best model. They said because they're the most authoritarian have the most ability to do lockdowns and mandates and all the things that needed to be done to control global pandemic. So they really glorified the Chinese system. In this Rockefeller funded white paper so we should've thought, but we didn't.

But I see them using three things to bring in this new digital economy. In this new social structure and that is one pandemic, whether real or manufactured number two war and number three climate change those of the three crises or hysterical type situations that they hope to use fear generated by war pandemic from climate change to get this agenda through talking for the our DeLeo home and learn more at his website and sign up for his articles.

Leo you've quoted John Whitehead's theory respected leader of Rutherford Institute really read three very short paragraphs. The danger signs are everywhere and you call him, saying, this is about what happens when good generally decent people distracted by manufactured crises, polarizing politics and fighting that divides the populace into warring us versus them camps failed to take note of the looming danger that threatens to wipe freedom from the map and place us all in chains, Whitehead says it's about what happens when any government is empowered to adopt a comply or suffer the consequences mindset that is enforced through mandates, lockdowns, penalties, detention centers, martial law, and to disregard the rights of the individual. The slippery slope begins in just this way with propaganda campaigns about the public good, being more important than individual liberty and it ends with lockdowns and quarantine camps. Again, I'm quoting an article from Leo Holman. He is quoting John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, one more paragraph Whitehead says Claudio Runco, a 66-year-old Orthodox Jew and specialists in certain kind of music is trapped inside his house, unable to move about in public without a digital vaccination card. He says he can no longer board a plane check into a hotel eat at a restaurant to get a coffee anywhere. He has been ostracized by friends.

Shut out by the public life and will soon face monthly fines for insisting on his right to bodily integrity and individual freedom. He concludes this is the slippery slope, a government empowered to restrict movements limit individual liberty and isolate undesirables to prevent the spread of a disease is a government that has the power to lock down a country label whole segments of the population. A danger to national security and force those undesirables also known as extremist dissidents, troublemakers into isolation so they don't contaminate the rest of the populace. What he's saying. I think what you're saying Leo is. There is a slippery slope going on and it's pretty terrifying in the natural. Is John really hit all of the high points in that article, but now is the time for all freedom lovers to stand up. I really feel like if we don't stand up now that it's going to be too late.

The elites have taken off their Matthew they are no longer is subtle about these things as they used to be. It used to be that they would bury their true intentions and some mundane documents filed over at the United Nations but now it's really in our faces when you can't go to a grocery store without a cop or a store employee following you around make sure that you only by essential items because you're not fully vaccinated, and something's wrong, and people will say that's not happening in the United States will guess what 10 major cities have started down the road to the full faxing passports. The so it is spreading one city at a time.

That's right. And that's why you and Mr. light had the Canadians and lot of other places are calling for resistance pulling you here Leo this is your words. We also need to dial in on the urgency of the moment.

We need a hardened sense of resistance on the part of all prayer warriors, patriots and freedom lovers, peaceful civil disobedience. I have been calling for the same for more than a year now, but so far we have seen no mass uprising, at least not in America. We will wait till it's possibly too late. Liking France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Israel and other countries where full-blown digital health passports have already been implemented severely curtailing people's freedom of movement of speech and right to assemble and then you conclude I'm not talking about a uprising where people march around with signs in front of the capital.

There's nothing wrong with that but we need something more.

We need mass resistance where people simply say no to the restrictions and go about life as they normally would take it from there. Leo what I'm talking about is way the people type uprising not with signs necessarily in marches and protests and certainly not with guns or anything like that but you look at what to we have as a bargaining chip is a group of freedom loving people. What you have to believe is at least 50% of America right we have number one our labor.

If your employer is trying to get into your personal, medical, business, someplace they have no authority to go. You need to contact the lawyer and tell your employer that they have no business interfering in your personal medical decisions.

When did that ever become a thing. It's not gonna start now. We need to be very upfront with our employer. So our labor is one of the things that we hold is something of value that we can withhold rather than go into this new tyrannical system number two, our voice, we need to continue to speak out on social media. If were on social media with our families and our friends. We need to not be shy about speaking out on behalf of freedom going to local school board meetings and Council meetings and being a voice their the more people who speak out for you than the people who feel this way don't feel like they are alone in this struggle for keeping America Free and number three I would say our spending habits is something that we can change and alter. According to spending our money with companies that also value freedom use cash whenever possible.

Part of the great reset in the world economic forum United Nations agenda is to digitize the economy or they will have digital programmable money that can be shut off. If you're not obedient to the state. We got a taste of that with the trucker movement were go fund me had $10 million donated to the truckers and because they didn't like the trucker movement what happened go fund me set that violates our community standards so you're not going to get the $10 million.

Do we want to live in a country like that were banks could do that to us Jan Markel. We don't like your radio show.

So working to shut down your bank account and not let you have access to your digital money. That's where this is all heading folks. So we need to be careful who we spend money with use cash whenever possible in shop with small independently owned businesses.

I maintain that the globalists always have a contingency plan. They knew people would protests and be in the streets as they have been a few places we focused early in the program on Canada that's spreading as I said I name the countries where it spreading probably the month of March going to be a very active part of what will be watching in the US. I know you feel their ace in the hole is war which you could very well be right.

But I say the next step is climate and perhaps a climate lockdown. Let me let Tucker Carlson explained that he does it so well. And then I want to come back and I want to dig deeper into this issue of the coming climate lockdown's soloing more now about the sad toll of the Corona lockdowns in this country, according Dubai know we can get another round of lockdowns fees for a crisis that's every bit as bad as ours. Maybe worse that crisis. Of course, Sr. Biden is climate change. Today I'm pleased to announce a team that will lead my administration's ambitious plan to address six essential threat of our time.

Climate change folks were in a crisis just like we need to be unified nation. A response to Grover, 19 we need a unified national response to climate change and from this crisis. From these crises, I should say we need to seize the opportunity to build back and go back better than we were before a unified national response. It's involuntary. That's the one thing we know what is it me or learning that a World Health Organization staffers written report saying that he climate lockdown could be called Corsica coven locked on a climate lockdown.

Mark Rondeau is an author was written a lot about climate change event climate depot. He joins a semi-functional shortcoming of a climate lockdown know I would laugh this off the table except we all just live to West 18 months ago that anything is possible. What is this mean exactly well in my book green product detail to chapters on this Tucker. This is the climate activists were first of all jealous when the covert lockdowns happened they were beside themselves, saying, how is this happening. Everyone from Greta Thornburg to John Kerry.

UN officials and then they started saying we need to follow this. If we can shut down for a virus we can shut down for climate and that's what we're singers even academics in Australia proposing adding climate change death certificates and Bill Gates is that the death toll will be greater so there following every step of the way and it's not just a professor Harris on academia. We have a major UK report coming out. We have an international agency report that came out calling for essentially the same type of lockdowns everything from restrictions on your thermostat to restrictions of moving you can only fly in a climate emergency when it's quote morally justifiable, like a lockdown you have to justify going to the store for essential services they're going after freedom of movement going after private car ownership. The going after everything it means to be a free person turning it over to the administrative state your listening, understanding the times radio and Jan Markel.

I have on the line from the East Coast. Leo Homan Leo Leo couple thoughts.

I want your feedback okay climate I think is a new religion.

It's even been bought by the evangelical church.

National Association of Evangelicals, a lot of them bought into climate change and global warming, etc. give me your thoughts. What a mouthful. Their digestive Tucker Carlson.

He really hit on a lot of the issues) related to climate change.

Some other things that I would add they're going after cash in the dollar. We already covered that. But another thing that they are going after is the automobile.

Yes Pete but a judge and he is the Sec. of transportation in the Biden administration very dangerous man. He is also a graduate of Clow Schwab, global leaders, school he has advocated taxing us by the mile. So instead of paying for gasoline at the pump and having a gas tax attached to your gasoline purchases. He says we should be taxed and pay a new tax based on family models we draw so that is one strike against the automobile in Biden's infrastructure bill at the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and $17 billion of that money is allocated to what they call improving Highway safety and Mr. Buddha judge held a press conference about what he wants to do with that $17 billion. He wants to put in more bike paths more walking paths narrow the streets down and make them more favorable to self driving cars. He wants most all the cars by 2030 to be electric cars that are data-driven everything that you do in one of these modern electric partially autonomous cars is gathering data and sending it back somewhere to be stored about you.

Your personal driving data you will be taxed by the mile.

There is also something in that infrastructure bill that would require automobile makers to embed a kill switch in every vehicle they make. By 2026 that a outside party will be able to monitor your driving habits, and if they don't like them they can disable your vehicle.

What is all this, then leading to the social credit score. We can't carry on life without social credit score and credit score is based on using too much carbon nerve utilizing green energy which is futile. That's an original work, but that's where it's going is an of the Chinese social credit score. Yet all these things we talked about whether it be the digital programmer money or the new digital programmable vehicles. It's all trackable and monitoring the user. It's part of the new digital economy that they knew people would not willingly accept and that's why they need this continued crises whether it be a pandemic that was leaked from a lab in China with funding from the United States. Dr. Fauci's agency, whether it be climate change or constant warmaking around the world. They intend to keep us in crisis.

Keep us confused. Keep us divided, the more chaos that rains in the world, the more they are able to get these radical new policies in place because when people are afraid, confused, and seeing themselves slip into poverty, which is what this is all you know all about because it's a big transfer of wealth. They're less able to fight these things you think Moore will be the next crisis wanted to explain what you mean well I'm just going by the current headlines this could change obviously on a dime. But right now Janet seemed like there angling for a major war in Eastern Europe. Whenever you see the entire media do a pipit from one topic were there talking every day about COBIT COBIT and get your shot. Suddenly now there talking about the Ukraine and Russia, potentially violating the borders of Ukraine when they could care less about the violation every day of our own country suddenly were supposed to have our men and women die for Ukraine's border. There something going on there now whether or not that works out into the war that I think they want or not remains to be seen if people are overwhelmingly against the war. I think it can be prevented. But if the of media propaganda is successful and people are talked into believing that Russia is a big threat to global democracy. I don't fear Russia myself. I fear the globalists embedded within our own government in Washington much more than I fear Russia soon we will put an X, they would agree with you. You can sign up for his articles close Leo is an investigative reporter, independent journalist and very very cutting edge and so I have mine here to three times a year, you say, mother of all supply chain shocks as China blocks down ports misread couple of paragraphs here you say brace for impact acuity impact are about to experience real deprivation and it won't be for just food stores, auto parts from Canada will make car fixes more difficult, pharmaceuticals, electronics, apparel, just about everything we buy at Walmart comes from China. Imagine the impact of China makes its long-awaited military move on Taiwan with the vast majority of the world's computer chips are manufactured.

The mainstream corporate news outlets can't see the bigger picture.

Or maybe they do, but are afraid if they reported the sleeping American populace might get even more rattled and restless than they already are and then you conclude that when you see articles like the one Saturday in the Detroit News, and Friday in Bloomberg. You know, even they are getting nervous. They have to be wondering if maybe those conspiracy theorists were right all along, but their controllers in the corporate board rooms won't let them get to the bottom of the conspiracy to report the whole truth to their readers. Leo the supply chain issue is just huge because it's already creating empty shelves give us a little bit more of your insight here. I don't want to just read. I want you to express your own thoughts and we got a trucker issue which we've already talked about at least 50% of truckers don't want this jab and they're willing to quit their jobs rather than take it. So there's a big issue right there because 80% of our goods in this country moved by truck, boat, Biden entered our saying truckers aren't allowed into our countries unless they show proof that they been jab so that's one big issue right there. If you are concerned about the supply chain that would be the last policy that you would want to implement. So what does that tell us they're not concerned about the supply chain number two. China is walking down ports that send some of these goods and services to the United States, 90% of our antibiotics in this country from China. Yes, and 80% of the active ingredients in all prescribed medications come from China so that's another issue in the supply chain that were having to deal with. Imagine if war broke out on top of this, then you would a complete drying up of certain goods, they would disappear from store shelves because they would have to be requisitioned by the government for the troops we seen ammunition shortages over the last two years that would completely disappear from store shelves. The signs do not look good. Then you've got the issue with food.

There've been massive crop failures in most of the major grain producing countries over the last two years, and China. Again is hoarding grain, which makes us believe that they are up to something. Are they preparing for war to they know something we don't know that's on the horizon for some reason China has now managed to corral 50% of the world's grain supply unit silos. It's been buying up corn and wheat and other grains at a ridiculous rate in recent months to the point where that is also going to drive up prices Leo for almost an hour. We have reported on things that are not very good news. You have some good news for us. I do, I may not feel like this trucker movement has the potential to change government policies, at least temporarily. If it's in God's will.

If it's something that is biblical.

We know it's going to happen right at some point or another. But there is the potential for at least short-term pullback of some of these policies that are enslaving people. Some of the worst policies anyway. We just need to be prepared.

We need to pray for the best and prepare for the work down to a minute or two. You want some up anything. Then I'm going to close. I would just say for people to not live in fear.

That is one of the things that these globalists try to get us to do with live in a state of perpetual fear in the Bible says that God did not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of a sound mind and calm this and peace. We need to spend time with God every day keep our priorities straight man and I think will all be fine. What we describe this our folks. I believe it's a spiritual battle of the Bible says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6 and you may feel overwhelmed with the forces of evil coming against righteous people. Today we talked about it for an hour, never forget God's condemnation of such people in Psalm two he says. Why do the nations conspire and the people plot in vain. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and his anointed, saying, let us burst their bonds asunder and cast the words from us. He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord has them in derision, then he will speak to them in his wrath and terrify them in his fury setting. I have set my king on Zion, my holy hill. See, God has the final say he's just evil is always punished God's people enjoy eternity without end there some rough roads before we get there, but ultimately we are going to be enjoying wonderful peaceful eternity that has no end. Can you imagine that something that has no and I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you again next week.

Contact us through our website. All of that's all of three goal is simple time is 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 male when you write to all of the ministries of John Martel, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Road, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. Yes, we are living in perilous times, God remains in control. Prayer changes things in God is causing all that is happening fall in the place in these last things

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