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Covid Chaos: Conspiracy or Reality? (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 14, 2022 7:00 am

Covid Chaos: Conspiracy or Reality? (Part 1)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 14, 2022 7:00 am

Jan Markell hosts a health expert, Twila Brase, and an attorney, Marjorie Holsten, to talk about Covid chaos. One health expert, Dr. Peter McCullough, calls the vaccine the biggest biological disaster in human history. Why are truth-tellers called sensational or conspiratorial? Hear first-hand stories of Covid abuse and needless deaths happening in hospitals. Has it become legal and profitable to let patients die? Calling this two-year nightmare a plandemic only draws scorn.

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What is the truth and who are we to believe as it concerns COVID-19? There is no bigger public health crisis than the impact of censorship in COVID-19. Welcome to Understanding the Times Radio with Jan Markell.

Radio for the Remnant brought to you by Olive Tree Ministries. We get a two-part series today with a health professional and an attorney. Jan and her guests look at many aspects of the COVID-19 ongoing scenario. Millions of people around the world have had their lives impacted dramatically, have lost employment, and even been estranged from family members due to the pandemic and its fallout such as vaccination issues.

We'll spend two weeks considering the many ramifications of this end-time plague. Here is today's programming. I would like to think that this is information that people want to know.

I agree. How much does it disturb you that this is being censored? Because on every other platform, this conversation we're having right now would be censored.

Social media, they would censor this for sure on YouTube. But what you're saying is incredibly important. Censorship that has suppressed for two years information on safe and effective early treatment and censorship on vaccine safety has led to large numbers of deaths, hospitalizations, and permanent disability. Joe, there is no bigger public health crisis than the impact of censorship in COVID-19. Welcome to the program.

So glad you can join me today. That's the familiar voice of Dr. Peter McCulloch. And we're going to begin a two-part series this week on Understanding the Times Radio. And I'm back to talking about COVID-19 as truth, in fact, is being censored worldwide on this issue. Many are vaccinated now almost two years into this ordeal. Some are having some adverse effects from that. I'm getting emails about some terrible hospital ordeals going on.

And I'll relate a couple of those stories. Some call the COVID experience a plandemic. But if one talks about that, they are immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist. I don't think my two guests are into conspiracies. One is the also familiar voice of Twyla Bray, Citizens Council for Health Freedom, headquartered in my hometown of the Twin Cities. The other I will be bringing on in a moment is attorney Marjorie Holston, who lost her mother in a tragic incident very recently, COVID related, of course. She will tell that story. And some of you have actually experienced the same.

I know this topic is of interest to everyone. I air on the Bot Radio Network. And actually, they compiled the top 10 programs in 2021 with some audience input. And Twyla Bray's hour with me, which was titled No Shot, No Service, what to do, ranked number one in 2021. So I know you have an interest in COVID, how it affects you, how it affects your loved ones, and quite frankly, how it's affecting employment, just how it's affecting relationships, because it's just rubbing off on everything and quite often in a very negative way. First, I want to welcome back into the studio, Twyla Brays. Thank you for coming in, Twyla. Thanks, Jan.

I'm so glad to be here. Now, we're two years into this ordeal. The first thing that I'm very aware of is that it's been a very successful fear campaign. What are you observing two years into this? I don't think that the fear has diminished, although I do think that some people are not as fearful anymore.

So I think that there's a splitting now. Two years in, there are people who are looking at it a bit more objectively and saying, wait one minute, the vaccine was supposed to end this entire thing, and our lives were supposed to get back to normal. And now there are governors, there are others who are saying we have to lock down again, we need masks again.

There is definitely a contingent that remains very afraid, but there are others who are now trying to figure out whether they should be afraid or not, and what is going on. You had a headline, it probably was on your website, or your e-newsletter, and it reads, CDC continues dishonest vaccine COVID data reporting to hide the danger of COVID jabs. And we're going to talk about the vaccine as we're into two programs, but can you expound a little bit on that headline?

I'll give it again. CDC continues dishonest vaccine COVID data reporting to hide danger of COVID jabs. Let me read a paragraph. It says, the CDC hides vaccine failures and props up the pandemic of the unvaccinated narrative by only counting breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death. It's like they are ignoring the fact that there are all of these vaccinated people who are getting breakthroughs and they end up in the hospital, but there's a ton of them that aren't ending up in the hospital. And it's like that data is not anything that they're collecting.

It's like blank. When they say what the number of breakthrough infections are, it's actually incorrect. We don't actually know how many breakthrough infections there are, but we do know that increasingly, this is interesting with Omicron, now is that the CDC actually reported that about 80% of the people who are getting Omicron are the vaccinated.

That's what I thought. In spite of that, there is such overwhelming silence on vaccine injuries. You and I talked about that previously. You've been on two or three times here. We've talked about vaccine injuries.

We've got Tucker Carlson, who's telling the truth. Laura Ingraham is trying to report on this, but not hearing a lot about vaccine injuries, other than internet is full of those stories. But for the average person to find information on this is difficult.

Yes. Going to Open VAERS, Open V-A-E-R-S dot com. So I actually just went there recently and they had updated it and they had crossed the 1 million mark. So it was 1,227,000 adverse events. Now those include deaths. And it was interesting to see that the number of reported deaths had crossed the 21,000 mark and there were 21,002 deaths that had been reported. And then of course, there's just so many other things that are on there, like the miscarriages, the myocarditis, the permanent disability.

All of that is listed at Open VAERS dot com. But what is not listed are all of the cases that never get reported. And nobody knows how many cases are not being reported. Now, interestingly and different than the federal VAERS system, Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, prior to COVID, it was completely voluntary. Now for those who give vaccination, they are required to report any that are vaccine related. And so that might be one of the reasons that the number has skyrocketed because there is this mandate. But of course, they get to decide what related means and it takes at least a half an hour to report a case. So when you're looking at time and you're looking at staffing shortages, how many reactions are not actually being reported?

Spending a lot of time on the various publications you have on your website, articles, and then you've come up with, we'll talk about this throughout the programming, the COVID-19 quick reference guide, all interesting, all of it important. And the huge takeaway I got from doing a lot of hours and hours of show prep for today to try to pare everything down to what's important. I think the takeaway for me is if you're a COVID sufferer or you have a loved one, keep them out of a hospital, correct? Yes. I would say that there are several bottom lines, and that is definitely one of the bottom lines. Some people will probably have to be hospitalized.

There's nothing that can be done about it. But the fact of the matter is the first seven days will probably determine whether or not you get hospitalized. And it's really what you do in those first seven days. So this COVID guide is meant to make you understand how important the first seven days are. Doctors will say, what day are you on? When people call me at the office, I say, what day of symptoms are you on?

Because it makes all the difference. And if you can get early treatment before the seven days are up, you are most likely to avoid the inflammatory cytokine storm that starts the clotting in your lungs and can be systemic clotting everywhere. The bottom line is get treated early. Treatment is truly possible. Find those who can treat you, get an early treatment kit ready.

Talk about that. Do everything possible to avoid hospitalization. We'll talk about the early treatment kit. And I'm going to be playing some clips this hour, folks. And I'm very fond of Dr. Peter McCullough. I think he's a very, very credible source here of information on what's really happening.

I want to play this clip, Twyla, and get your response. He's going to say we're witnessing the biggest biological catastrophe on our hands in human history. And that has to do not only with the disease, but the treatment, which happens to be most cases the vaccines. And again, folks, if you want to get vaccinated, that's entirely your choice.

But there can be some consequences if you're going to go that route as well. Let's play a clip, come back and talk about it. Then I want to introduce my other guest. Now, as of September 24th, it's raced up to 15,937 Americans have died. Over 250,000 Americans after the vaccine have been hospitalized, gone to their urgent care or office visits. You can see the temporal relationship on the bottom bar graph.

You can see that sharp spike upwards. Sadly, we have over 20,000 Americans that the CDC tells us are permanently disabled after the vaccine. That's bigger than some major cancer groups. The disability that we are going to see due to these vaccines will go down in history as an unbelievable atrocity. I made a presentation to the Heritage Foundation in Washington that provides a lot of oversight to the House and the Senate as well as the agencies. And I made this presentation.

You could hear a pin drop when I was done, pin drop. And finally, one of the former presidents of the American Medical Association said Dr. McCulloch, we have the biggest biological catastrophe on our hands in human history with a medicinal product. And we've had two administrations buy into it. We've had two, all the houses of legislation buy into it. We have the entire medical established buy into it and the whole media, and no one knows how to stop it.

No one knows how to stop this freight train. And we're all witnessing it right now. The deaths, 50% of them occur within 48 hours of the shot. 80% occur within a week.

That's been shown in separate analyses by Rose and McLaughlin. McLaughlin showed by getting the data, doing a representative sample, adjudicating the deaths by separate reviewers. He found that 86% of the deaths had no other explanation outside of the vaccine. Very tight temporal relationship, very tight clinical review relationship. On two occasions, the CDC on its website in March and June floated out a one sentence result saying that CDC and FDA reviewers had reviewed the deaths and none were related to the vaccine.

Maltheisms, I can tell you, I do this work. It takes months to get all the hospital records, to get the labs, to get the death certificates. There's no way they could have reviewed these deaths.

And including the CPR that was done in the vaccine center right there, that wasn't related. When they make statements like that, they're the sponsors of the program. They actually have no position. They have no justification for them to even give us a report on what they think. They're the sponsors.

They need experts, external experts to review these and to give these reports. Those statements will go down in history as malfeasance. Dr. Peter McCullough is a cardiologist, epidemiologist. Twyla, we have become, in the last two years, a two-tiered society, really, vaccinated and unvaccinated. There's the vaccine wars. Even in church, you're going to find the vaccine wars. Some people don't want to be around those who aren't vaccinated.

Family members are in dispute. Give me your perspective. We just heard from Dr. McCullough, who actually says, we have the biggest biological catastrophe on our hands in human history. Would you agree?

Yes. And not only at the level of what's happening to those who have been injected, but also at the level, of course, of the complete failure to look at treating people from COVID and everything that has happened as a result of that, all the deaths that have happened, because most people can't find anybody who will give them early treatment. When it comes to the vaccine, I usually call it an injection because I don't look at it as a vaccine. A vaccine, it's very interesting. I don't know what your listeners know, but the CDC, I believe it was in September, got wind of the fact that organizations like our organization were using the CDC's definition of vaccine against them, because the CDC's definition of vaccine has been what a definition of vaccine has always been, and that is that it creates immunity. And then they had a definition of immunity and said that that means that it prevents the disease, that you do not get infected. I think it was in September, they changed the definition of a vaccine to be something where it essentially helps you to decrease the infectivity, just like a very ridiculous definition. So it's not a vaccine because a true vaccine keeps you from getting the illness and it absolutely does not prevent you from getting COVID. So this is a genetic-based experiment. It's not approved by the FDA.

It's never been approved by the FDA. And all these people are getting it thinking that this is going to protect them from COVID and it's not going to, and it might hurt them in the meantime. Exactly. And we're going to talk more about that throughout the programming, but I just wanted to interject that. And by the way, Twyla, we talked about some of the things you've just enumerated here before in a previous program that was many, many months ago.

And I think it's such a key point that people need to hear. I want to bring on my other guests here for the programming, and that would be Marjorie Holston. I'll just say a word about her.

Marge lost her mother recently to COVID, and Marge says that the hospital ordeal actually speeded up the process. Marjorie is an attorney. I personally know her. She's served on my board of directors for a number of years. And I can tell you, she's not sensational. She's not conspiratorial.

So let's cross those off. Today, she is a grieving daughter due to the loss of a mother and a loss that perhaps didn't need to happen. Marj, welcome into the studio. Thank you, Jan.

I'm so glad to be here and appreciate this. Your mother's ordeal began in late October, and you were advised to bring your mother to the hospital. Your father was in the same hospital, apparently. Right.

He had COVID. The ordeal, which truly was an ordeal, and we're going to get to this almost nasty word from the severe situation here very quickly. Why don't you give us a quick rundown of the scenario, and you know what's important. You've told me the story. You've told Twyla the story. For that matter, you put the story on Facebook, and you heard from people all over the world who were enduring a similar ordeal.

Yeah, there is a protocol, and I'd like to, when I finish telling my story, read what the protocol is so you can see that there was a script that they followed. It started with my mother Friday, October 22nd. She was having some difficulty breathing, so I brought her to the hospital where my father was at the same time.

He was getting much better. We sat in the COVID waiting area. She had a COVID test. She tested positive, and they finally said, okay, we'll check you in. So I went home, and then my mom called saying, no, they didn't check me in, so I went back to get her, and they had told her that you're not sick enough.

Go home. But there was no treatment or anything she was given, so I was with her the next day. We actually had a little bit of Ibermectin. I gave it to her, but then the nurse called on Sunday and said, what is your reading on the oximeter? And her oxygen reading at that point was 88, and the nurse insisted that I needed to bring my mother back to the emergency room.

Otherwise, I likely would not have done that. Two days later, we went back, and they did check her in. Then when I got home later that evening, a doctor called in to check in with me for the first time. I was the one being checked because my father was still in the hospital, and the doctor told me the night of October 24th, your mother is too far gone. She's going to die.

I begged with the doctor, please give her, I mentioned Ibermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, other types of things, and I distinctly remember the doctor telling me the only tool in our toolbox is remdesivir. But that's probably coming down from a higher authority than the doctor. Who knows? Hospital administration or even in Washington, some protocol like this.

Very likely. Because I've learned that that is the case all over the country, I believe the doctor likely was following directions. It is the only federally approved treatment for COVID. Day by day, my mother was getting worse after she originally said, I do not want remdesivir. But two days later, because she was getting no treatment other than just oxygen, she was cognizant the whole time, and she was able to say, okay, fine, give me remdesivir.

So it was not a decision I made at that point in time. It turned out she received a total of five treatments of remdesivir. I learned that later when I got a copy of her medical records. The records contain me only asking for one. It says, daughter asked about Regeneron. I denied it.

The records do not show that I asked for many other things, which were also denied. The notes indicate she wants to live. By almost a week later, I had not seen my mother, and one of my friends said, well, you're entitled to a compassionate care visit.

I didn't know about that. So I called the nurse. I said, I would like a compassionate care visit. And the nurse says, how do you know about that?

So I said, well, can I talk to the doctor? And the doctor said, okay, sure. I was able to finally see her on October 30th. She'd been there almost a week. She indicated she wanted to live.

But at that point, they put her on a BiPAP. She continued to get worse. And every day, the doctor would call me with some sort of update. The medical records simply reflect daughter was called care disgust without a mention of the care. But there were a couple instances where the doctor had said, how about if you overrule her desire to live and let's just go to comfort care? There was a note where I had said, you're starving her to death. You're not giving her liquids. And the notes from the medical records indicate daughter asked if we were starving her to death. I indicated she's dying from COVID, not starvation.

I indicated any IV would cause distress and that an oral sponge to the mouth is comforting. Mom had an iPad. She was able to point her finger up and down, but it was very hard for her to hear us. So communication with her was almost impossible. But we learned afterwards that they were starving her. They were denying her all food and they were denying her water.

And finally on November 3rd, the doctor convinced us that she's going to die. And he said that if we agreed to take her off of the BiPAP, we would be able to see her again. Otherwise that was a form of bribery. It was a form of bribery, but that was the only way. It's the only way you could see her.

Yeah. And I had asked about hospice. They said, you can only have two people in the room.

I happen to have a brother. So all three of us wanted to be there. They said, well, okay, we'll make an exception that her husband, my father and my brother and I, the three of us could actually be there. Twyla Brace, the CARES Act, has that somehow allowed for some sort of a bonus to be given to hospitals if they do this or that, or if Remdesivir is given, things like that?

Because the federal government does approve Remdesivir, they get a certain amount of money whenever they provide that because that's a federally approved medication. There's also, of course, if they put somebody on a ventilator. Correct. Yep.

There's a definite bonus with that. It's almost $40,000 if they put a COVID patient on a ventilator. If they have just a COVID patient, not on a ventilator, that's nearly 14,000, but that's a big jump when you get them onto the ventilator. The thing I would say about the Remdesivir from all the physicians that I've heard talk about it is it's really targeted at cell replication. And by the time you get into the hospital, your oxygen levels are decreasing because your lungs are clotting off. That's what's happening.

They're just not able to do as well. By that time, most of the viral replication is over. So what exactly is the Remdesivir targeted at? And that's why people are concerned about the organ damage that's happening with Remdesivir. They're saying, of course, it's being given too late. It should have been given early, but it's for hospitalized patients.

By the time you get to the hospital, it's late. You're listening to Understanding the Times Radio. I'm Jan Markell.

I have in the studio two guests. We're talking about the COVID situation. Twyla Brace, Head Citizens Counsel for Health Freedom.

You can learn a lot more at Some of you hear her Health Freedom Minute on a lot of stations across the country. Marjorie Holston is an attorney. She's recently lost her mother in a very tragic ordeal in a Twin Cities hospital. I think what I'm going to do is quickly play a clip. It's going to back up some of the things you're saying, Twyla.

Then I'm going to have to take my midpoint break. We're not through with your story by any means here yet, but let's just play to complement what Marj has shared so far. And this is a father who's talking about the loss of his Down syndrome daughter in a situation eerily similar to what Marj has gone through.

And welcome back, everybody, to The Chris Elsato Show. The China virus pandemic has impacted the lives of billions of people. Not only have we struggled to fight against the virus itself, but also against the corrupt interests that may be trying to use the China virus to their advantage, both monetarily and politically. Here with me now is one man who tragically lost his daughter to the China virus, Scott Schara. Scott, first off, my deepest condolences to you and your family.

It is awful to deal with such a loss of a child anytime, but this close to the holidays and Christmas, just breaks my heart. Your daughter, Grace, was hospitalized with the China virus in October. What happened at the hospital? Well, we got into the emergency room on October 6th. They did a CT scan which showed that she was negative for blood clotting, which was good. The ER doctor suggested that we admit Grace to the hospital for three to four days, maybe a week. I stayed with her as an advocate, ended up getting kicked out of the hospital by an armed guard on Sunday. It was Wednesday when she came in. Then, during that period of time she was there, we rejected the request to have her put on a ventilator five different times. Ultimately, after the last denial of a ventilator, they chose to label her do not resuscitate, even though she had her best day the day before. She was on the way out and out. They proceeded to give her a series of meds on October 13th. Ultimately, she died at 627, two months ago today. You've given me a lot to chew on here.

Let me just take this step by step. You shared the timeline of the medications that were administered to your daughter. From your notes, she was given a course of sedatives, morphine, and such.

Why do you think that was significant? Well, no one could survive that combination of meds. If you know anything about package inserts, which are the rules of engagement for these meds, the morphine package insert has a black box label that says specifically to not combine it with a drug like lorazepam and presidax.

They, in fact, combined it with both of those drugs the last day, in fact, the last several hours. Something else you stated that caught my attention, you said the doctors labeled Grace with a do not resuscitate order. Did Grace have a DNR order filed by you, her parents, her legal guardians? Did you guys do anything like that? We did not. I don't understand how us being a power of attorney that we didn't have to be part of that process, sign off on something all we denied was the use of a ventilator. Good grief. I'm not a lawyer, sir, but my understanding is a DNR has to be, it can't be instituted by the hospital itself.

It has to be done by the legal guardians of a child or an adult of sound mind and entering into that type of thing. It has long been noted that the China virus reimbursement programs for hospitals may play a role in skewing their reported death rates. Last year, for example, a Florida man died in a motorcycle crash was counted as a China virus death. Sadly, as politicians and greed have dominated this pandemic, the lines between dying with the China virus and dying from the China virus have been terribly blurred, irresponsibly blurred.

What was your experience, sir? Well, I don't know that it was blurred in Grace's case because they put on the death certificate that she died of COVID. And the fact is she died of negligence. And when we study the records, we think it's gross negligence, but proving that's another matter. So the death certificate gives them a license for government payouts as you're well aware. And we, as Grace's parents, my wife and I, we can get $9,000 from FEMA in reimbursement of the funeral costs.

Fortunately, we're not going to do that. My wife said, we're not going to take their dirty money and she's right. Was there any financial incentive you become aware of that the hospital that you happen to be dealing with had because of China virus, because of patients who have the China virus? The hospital will receive $13,000 by labeling a death COVID. I see in studying it why they kept pestering us to put her on a ventilator because they get a $39,000 bonus by putting a patient on a ventilator. And then of course, they get the daily hospital rate. And so it ends up approaching $300,000 that the hospital gets once they convince a patient or their advocate to put them on a ventilator. And Grace didn't need a ventilator any more than a hole in the head.

She was improving every day. It was crazy, these requests. Mr. Shahra, in your opinion, is the financial system that we have set up to handle this pandemic, is it set up to help patients or something else?

Unfortunately, it's set up for something else. It shouldn't matter what the financial repercussions are, but this combination of denying advocacy along with these government bonuses, and then you add in immunity from liability, it creates a temptation that it seems like these hospitals submit to. And certainly the hospital that Grace was in submitted to it. It was beyond belief what we experienced, me as an advocate. And then my daughter, Jessica, took over as an advocate a day and a half after I was kicked out.

And the things that we saw and witnessed are beyond belief. And so just think about what it's like when an advocate isn't there. When I come back, I want you both to respond to what you've just heard.

I need to take my midpoint break. Let me just get quick heads up here, because Olive Tree is all over social media. Sadly, people are impersonating us. So would you please understand that we don't appeal for money ever on these social media platforms. There's fake YouTubes of our radio program out there by dozens and dozens of them. Just ignore them, please. We wouldn't stoop to the level that these folks are stooping to make everybody look like fools, starting with myself.

That's what's happening on social media. Just keep an eye open for all the phony that's out there impersonating Olive Tree Ministries and yours truly. I'm back in just a minute or two. Don't go away. I'm going to continue with my discussion with Twyla Brace, and we're going to hear the conclusion of the story from Marge Holston.

Back in a minute. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through That's You can call us Central Time at 763-559-4444. That's 763-559-4444. Write us through the mail at Olive Tree Ministries in Jan Markell, Post Office Box 1452, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311. That's Box 1452, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311.

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Now here are Jan and her two guests to wrap up part one of our program. A hospital once inundated with COVID patients, now the stage for a different battle. My company could ask me to jump off a building if I wanted to. It doesn't mean I have to do it. I don't believe I should have to make the choice to put this in my body to continue to do a job that I've been doing successfully for 14 years.

Asking us to do things that could be contrary to our own health and could be detrimental to our health for the sake of making other people feel comfortable, I don't believe is right. I survived it actually getting the virus. It makes no sense to me to go and get a shot for something that I've already survived. Jennifer, Kara, Sarah, and Kathy have all chosen not to get vaccinated and are all losing their jobs at Houston Methodist. They're concerned the vaccine didn't go through extensive clinical trials before being given to the public. If I were to take this vaccine, then therefore I am a part of a clinical trial that I do not want to be a part of. But there were trials. This is not the trial, as you just said, there were trials. I don't trust the safety of this. I do not believe that it has been tested adequately by any means.

None of them agree with the guidance from all major health authorities in the US that the vaccines are effective and safe. And welcome back. We're spending likely two full programs looking at some of the highs and lows of not just the COVID-19 experience, hospitalization experience, vaccine experience, though it really isn't a vaccine, folks, because it doesn't keep you safe. And I have in studio with me two guests, one being the familiar voice of Twyla Brace. She's the head of Citizens Council for Health Freedom here in the Twin Cities as I operate out of the Minneapolis area as well. And Marjorie Holston, who just lost her mother to a terrible ordeal, has a concerns COVID, remdesivir, hospital experience. I just played a clip going out of part one of a dad who lost a Down syndrome teenager, because Twyla, some things were implemented on that teenager that didn't even need to be implemented. Kind of another needless death.

I'm wondering how many needless deaths there are. That story is egregious. So I don't even think that that child had to be put in the hospital in the first place. I think there was an opportunity seen there with this idea of taking this child, then of course, scooting the advocate, the parent out of the room, pressuring to put them on a ventilator where 85 to 90 percent of the people put on ventilators die.

And of course, it's going to give them money. I think what we're actually seeing here is a destruction of the medical system, because the medical system is based on a mission. And that mission is to save and help and cure and comfort people and to work for the patient. These stories are about a system that is not working for the patients.

It's working for something completely different. When the American public understands that the hospital system is not working for them anymore, whether it's COVID or whether they're age-based protocols or disability-based protocols, just realizing that the hospital is not a safe, ethical place. It doesn't have a mission for the patient anymore. They're like a cog in the system. They keep the system going because you couldn't have a health care system without a patient. But that doesn't mean that the patient has to be the center of it anymore.

It should be. But I think what we're seeing is that it's going away from it and that's terrible. It's also terrifying. When people are sick or if they're in pain, they would like to get well and out of pain. And we rely and have for centuries on a medical system. And I ask you off air, I'm sure there are medical personnel from nurses, you name it, who are grieving over what they're seeing.

Would I be right? You are, and you are seeing a lot of doctors who have still got the Hippocratic Oath in them, who still believe the patient comes first, who are either being ousted or they're leaving or they're setting up telehealth programs to help the COVID patients because nobody else will. There is an exodus of excellent nurses and excellent doctors. And you've got to wonder who's left. Is it the compliant ones?

The ones that are willing to do what the corporate overlords say? I think this is a disaster. And we're seeing it full fledged in COVID. Marjorie Holston, let me go back and ask you, did you sense that some of the turmoil you went through with your mom and her ultimate demise could have been because of short staffing? It certainly could have been.

It wasn't blatantly obvious. No, when I brought her in on Friday night, they sent her home again. I inquired, did you have room for her? Because that was what they repeatedly said in the seven hours we sat in the waiting room, were trying to make room for her and then they made room.

But then when I brought her back again on Sunday and the doctor said, oh, you're way too late, she's going to die. I said, why didn't you take her on Friday then? The answer was, well, I don't know. We had a room.

So I don't have an answer. They had a room maybe, but they perhaps didn't have nursing care. I want you to continue on and also wrap up the story, because another fact about your mom is she lost, I think it was 34 pounds in literally a few days.

I think it was 10 days or 12 days, which is astounding that that's even humanly possible. But she was denied food. She was denied water. There was a lot of stress going on. I think we need to clarify too, your mother was not vaccinated, correct?

Right. When I finally got the medical records, the 12 days that she was in the hospital, every single day starts with a description that uses the word unvaccinated. Do you feel that she could have been marginalized for being unvaccinated? That is a distinct possibility. So she was on a number of drugs. She was on dexamethasone remdesivir for five days. And obviously the killer was the morphine.

Right. Going back, we weren't allowed to see her until we agreed that we would pull the plug. She was on a BiPAP machine giving her a large quantity of oxygen.

A BiPAP is a type of ventilator, so I'm of the opinion that that qualified for getting another bonus treatment of funds from the government. But they were going to take off the BiPAP mask. And when they did, the very first words she said was, I'm thirsty. I reached into my purse to grab my drink and hand it to her. The nurse that was right there reached up to actually stop me from doing that. But then the nurse put down her hand and said, oh, I guess it doesn't matter at this point.

We were stunned at that. But mother was able to speak with us for a few minutes. They had said, as soon as she has oxygen hunger, they had a, I believe they call it a PICC line where they could IV give her morphine and a cocktail.

There were a total of three dogs. But as soon as they gave her that, we talked for just a few minutes. We prayed with her. We told her we loved her. She was ready to see Jesus. Then as soon as they gave her the first dose of morphine, she closed her eyes. We did not speak with her again. We were under the impression from the doctor.

So I'm backing up again a little bit. Wyatt said, well, can we bring her home for hospice? And he said, well, no, she will die on the way. We were under the impression that as soon as they took off the oxygen mask, she would die within the hour. But instead she languished for almost 48 hours. Her oxygen level when they took off the mask was 67. And it stayed that way through the next day. My dad watched the painful thing the entire time on the iPad that was in front of her. Every time she started tossing and turning, he would have me call the nurse line and say, please give her more morphine. And I think it was perhaps a blessing that it did end at 48 hours.

They finally did approve hospice. And I was told that she died on the way home when they delivered her to my house. I think you had asked for some other doctors to assist you in some capacity. And one actually said, I'm afraid to help you.

What's that all about? During the time I figured out they were depriving her of food and water. I started calling other places. I started calling hospice. I was not successful in finding a hospice because I knew I needed oxygen. They were too short staffed. I called two different doctor friends and said, will you please prescribe this for me?

I wanted Budesenide. And one doctor said that he had already been having his medical license looked into. He can't prescribe anything for somebody who's not currently a patient. Another one said that he is just too afraid to do that. Another said that he did not have malpractice insurance. Right.

Any thoughts? I'm so sorry Marge for what transpired there. It was very wise of you to try and find other assistance, but I can't help but think of your mom sitting there in bed dehydrating by the moment. And of course the body requires water to function well for the blood to be thin enough for things to move, for the lungs to be able to breathe back and forth.

Water is like 98% of us. So of course she's not going to get better if they're dehydrating her. I mean, it's wrong.

It's just wrong. And here they had a PICC line and you had said IV was going to be discomfort for her, right? They could use the PICC line to give her that IV. There are so many things they could have done to make her better that were not done. When I got the medical records, she went in weighing 128. When she was discharged, she weighed 94 pounds.

So that's a 34 pound weight loss in 10 days because the first two days it indicated her weight was the same. It's criminal. You made a statement to me that I think is extremely accurate and I'm paraphrasing it, but that Obamacare paved the way for things like this with their death panels. Yes, it made it legal to attenuate is the word that is used, services, which means basically to ration the services when there aren't enough to go around.

It is my belief that you can easily connect the dots. And when so many healthcare providers, doctors, nurses have left or been fired because they've refused to get the shots, we are having an extreme shortage, which kicks in the operative provisions of the ability to attenuate or ration care. That made it legal for the hospitals to deny a lot of the care and to basically kill her. And the CARES Act made it very profitable for them to do so. Help my audience understand the CARES Act. Well, the CARES Act is a lot of things and a lot of money, but there are certainly all sorts of provisions in there which give extra money to the hospitals for doing certain things. Individuals should not think that just because a bill is, I can't remember how many pages this bill was.

The one that I looked at was 880 pages. It's a lot of pages, and nobody should be thinking that every hospital attorney doesn't know exactly what's in there that gives them room to do whatever the administration wants them to do or to find the money that the administration wants them to find. And it's legal because it's been made into law by Congress and signed by the president.

Maura, do you have any more that you want to share? Someday, these medical providers are going to stand before God and explain what they did. Maybe it was legal. That doesn't make it right.

To paraphrase, everything Adolf Hitler did was legal. It does seem that it's both legal and profitable to let patients die here in the 21st century. Twyla, you didn't think you'd see that in your lifetime.

I didn't expect to see it in my lifetime. Give me your thoughts. For me, watching the guidelines, the value-based payments, the so-called evidence-based medicine, which doctors say, well, we're just following the evidence, right?

No, you're just following the protocol that somebody has decided you shall do. And they've called it evidence, and they found the evidence that they wanted. In watching that over time come and watching it, particularly in the Affordable Care Act, in 2016, we launched the Wedge of Health Freedom. And the Wedge of Health Freedom, the vision for that is much bigger than it is today, because today it's clinics, although there are two x-ray facilities, and I think there might be a lab, and there's some vision folks, and there's a dentist, and there's like 500 around the country. Most of them are doctors or nurse practitioners. But at the end of the day, we want to have hospitals, labs, x-ray facilities, and they'll be independent, and they will be patient-centered, they'll be privacy-focused.

They will be no third-party payment, so they'll be affordable, and they'll be patient-centered, and it won't be like this. The problem is there's outside controllers, and the Wedge is meant to get rid of all the outside controllers and put it smack dab between the patient and the doctor. Folks, if you want to look into this Wedge, you need to go to Twyla's website, which is That's Citizens Council for Health Freedom.

It's in St. Paul, Minnesota. We'll mention your book in program number two, Twyla, the title of your book. It's Big Brother in the Exam Room. We say more about it in program number two. Yes, Big Brother in the Exam Room, The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records. Yeah, and I think that's come back to haunt us, too, the electronic health records, as we're talking here.

Marge, you said something off-air here. You said if you had seen, and again, this is Citizens Council for Health Freedom at Twyla's COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide, and again, this is available at her website, or you can call her office. You want to give the number, Twyla? We'll give it two or three times. 651-646-8935. One more time.

651-646-8935. You said if you had seen this COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide, and folks, we'll get into this a little more extensively in program number two as well, this would have saved your mom. If I had known ahead of time what to do and how bad the hospitals are, my mother would still be alive, and I encourage everybody out there, download this from Citizens Council for Health Freedom.

Read it. Send them a donation. They are one of the most wonderful organizations out there, and it tells you how to prepare, get these medicines ahead of time. When I finally found a doctor who was willing to prescribe Budecenide for my mother, I thought that would be a life saving thing that with a nebulizer could go directly into her lungs and help her. It took a pharmacy a week and a half to fill. I got it, but I was not prepared ahead of time. By the time I received it, it was too late. So everybody, if you have not had COVID yet, if you have loved ones who haven't had COVID, even if they're vaccinated, make sure that you follow this protocol from CCHF.

Get these things ahead of time. Budecenide is expensive, but honestly, if I could have had it at the time, I would have paid everything I had to have it. Sure. Twyla, what's with Remdesivir? Apparently, it does save some lives, so it's not 100% horrific, but it's got a very dark side. Why should people be concerned about Remdesivir? Let's say somebody is headed for the hospital right now and that's what they're going to be offered.

In the guide, we tell people to come with a COVID hospitalization wishes if they actually go there to make sure whether they really want it or not. But Remdesivir, they had trials of it for Ebola and they stopped those trials because of the danger that the subjects were experiencing. As a result of it, I believe some people died. I haven't looked a lot into it, but I know that it was terrible.

I think Marge has actually looked a little bit more into it than I have. More than 50% died. There we go. From the trials of Remdesivir. From the trial.

Okay. For Ebola. So what they've been finding in COVID though is there's lots of organ failure, just negatively impacts the organs of the patients. So here you already have somebody who's compromised and they might even be on a ventilator, which makes them even more compromised and they're getting Remdesivir.

This is something that should be given early. It's all about viral replication and the virus is not replicating anymore. So it's not really the time to give Remdesivir once you have entered the hospital. But that's the only thing the federal government provides is a treatment for COVID, which is wrong on its face. Doctors should be thinking about what the patient needs, not what the government says they'll supply. It goes beyond supplying.

It's giving an extra added bonus payment if they do give this treatment. Right. Marjorie Holston, I appreciate you coming in and tough story to share. Sadly, it's being repeated as we speak thousands and thousands, probably millions of times around the world. First of all, your mother is currently enjoying eternity. Her suffering is over.

So happy for that. I know that she's in heaven and I know for a fact that if Jesus says to her, Hey, do you want to come back? She'd say, no way. And I'm going to see her again. Absolutely.

Anything else? She loved both of you, actually. She's been to your most recent conference. She's been to your conferences. I knew your mother. I was at your house for dinners. Oh, we were honored to have you come. So Jan, I want to thank you for this opportunity. I'm still grieving. It's still very painful, but as part of the healing process, I so appreciate you giving me the chance to share. And my hope in sharing is that somebody will realize, Oh, this dry read of the COVID-19 quick reference guide.

This is real. Your mother, your father, your loved one does not have to die. Read this, be prepared. Don't let them die.

And if people can be saved by hearing my story to God be the glory for that. One last comment. This is going to go on until enough of us stand up and say, stop, this has to end. We just saw recently where the CDC said, Oh, well, yeah, we had to go from 14 to five days because we discovered there was too much pushback and the airlines and the NFL didn't like it at all. So we, the people need to push back and say, you, the hospitals are not going to do that.

Excellent point. Twyla, and she's referenced here several times, again, this quick reference guide. And I think you came up with this here in the last couple of months and you originally told me about it. I thought it'd be a two page word document and you've got a manuscript here, but very thorough.

You've got charts graphs. What led you and folks, we have program number two next week. I'm going to ask Twyla some more questions about where is all of this going? Where is the illness going, the treatment? Where is that going? Where's the government going? And obviously we don't have answers to a lot of these questions. Who can understand this present government?

Because they're kind of out of control. What prompted you to do this particular project, the COVID-19 quick reference guide, again, available at We'll give the phone number one more time going out of the program.

We'll get that later. Go ahead. As just a reminder, I am an emergency room nurse. I'm a registered nurse. I saved lives along with doctors and the whole team of our staff in the emergency room, pediatrics. I was pediatrics. And the idea that people are losing their lives unnecessarily here for unethical, immoral behavior is terrible from my perspective, but also people are calling our office or they're emailing us or texting and they're saying, I just got COVID.

What do I do? And I thought we cannot just keep answering this question to everybody. So I thought, okay, I'm going to come up with a guide.

And I have to tell you, Jan, that I expected a guide of about four pages. But then I realized I had to let people understand what the disease is because it's not what people think it is. People think it's like a lung disease. It's got nothing to do with the lungs. It's an inflammatory and clotting disease. You said that it's inflammatory and clotting disease. And is that why folks are having so many strokes? Oh, yeah.

Autopsies will show clots all over, not just in the lungs, lots of different places. So I thought, okay, well, I have to introduce it. And then I thought, well, I have to get them prepared. So you'll see in there that there's a preparation section, there's a treatment section, there's a hospitalization section.

If you actually find yourself there, there are protections. And then there's the long COVID section because a lot of people who are getting COVID, they were never treated right in the first place. They never got early treatment.

The cells are still expressing the spike protein, even though they're not infectious. So they have all this inflammation in their body and they can get rid of it. And they need to get rid of it sooner, not just languish for month after month, because some of it, they won't be able to get rid of if they wait too long. I really wanted to let people know the timing. Timing is so critical in COVID. This is like all important.

What day did your symptoms start? Get it done by seven days. But then once you're done and you've survived, you cannot wait. You need to go soon. And so I quote a lot of physicians in here who are actually what I call COVID care doctors. They're actually doing the right thing. They're actually thinking.

They're actually coming up with their own protocols. They're saving patients and they're saving them afterwards too from long COVID. So yes, it did end up to be longer than I expected, but it's meant to be a real tool. And thank you so much Marge for saying how useful it would have been in your case. It would have saved my mother's life if I had had that information. Best way to get it folks, you can download it from the website and they can also call 651-646-8935. 651-646-8935.

That's Citizens Council for Health Freedom. How long did it take you to do this, Twyla? Well, I think really a month. I think my team was kind of impressed I could pull it off in a month, but then we updated it twice.

And so just new things that we got including povidone iodine, which is an amazing thing to put in your nose to really kill COVID quickly. So we added that in the last update. Marge, if anyone wants to get a hold of you, how is that possible? I'm going to give my personal email online. It's marjolsten at That's my personal email.

M-A-R-J-H-O-L-S-T-E-N. That's marjolsten at Take away from this hour, Twyla Brace is what? We're down to about two minutes or so. The takeaway is to be prepared and to be ready and willing to stand up and fight. There is this sense that has always been that the doctors and the nurses are there to help you and lots of them are. But today in the corporate culture, they are not and you have got to fight for your life. You have to fight for your loved one's lives. You have to fight and you must be prepared to do so. Wow, that's an ominous word.

That really is. Yeah, but therefore we're building the wedge. Well, I want to thank you both for coming and folks for doing it again next week. We're going to have some additional information as it concerns COVID, as it concerns the vaccines. I'm going to play some sound bites as well of how some folks are, let's say, protesting all around the world because their rights have been taken away.

You'll hear more about that. We're going to play some clips of some folks whose lives have been, again, just totally upended because of a virus for which, by the way, the cure rate is about 99% other than some categories where there's some difficulties. And it's interesting too, Twyla, those getting sick.

I had it in June. It was kind of like a cold. And yet then you have the worst case scenario of people desperately, desperately ill. Is there a reason there's such a variance there? So I was just reading something from a Pakistani doctor who was talking about people who are hypersensitive to the debris of the virus as it breaks down after the replication. And that's the first time that I've heard the word hypersensitivity. That's possibly the reason why some people are sensitive and some people aren't.

And the people who are sensitive are the ones that are going to end up with the breathlessness and the clotting. Okay. Let me go over the Bible verse here. Maybe I get a couple of Bible verses because we really need to focus on the Lord, who is our provider and our sustainer. Jeremiah 17, verses seven and eight. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is in the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water that sends out its roots by the stream and does not fear when heat comes for its leaves remain green and is not anxious in the year of drought for it does not cease to bear fruit. One more verse, Isaiah 26 three.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you. I hope you'll take those verses to heart folks. If you trust in the Lord, he's going to be your comforter, your guide and your counselor. I want to thank you for listening. We're going to be back here next week. Hope you'll join me. Be sure to join us next week for part two of our two part series with Twyla Brays and Marge Holston. Along with Jan Markell, the three will consider more troubling aspects of a pandemic that has affected billions of people.

What are the prophetic implications? Contact us through our website, olive tree views dot org. That's olive tree views dot org. Call us central time at 763-559-4444 at 763-559-4444. We get our mail when you write to Olive Tree Ministries in Jan Markell, Box 1452, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311. That's Box 1452, Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55311.

All gifts are tax deductible. We hope you will stay tuned and stay engaged and watch with us as day after day we see all things falling into place.
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