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Enemies Within the Church

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 7, 2022 7:00 am

Enemies Within the Church

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 7, 2022 7:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor Cary Gordon, one of the producers of the new film, Enemies Within the Church found in our online store. The film says certain organizations and individuals are hijacking the gospel. What kind of damage are Andy Stanley, Russell Moore, Jim Wallis, the NAE, and the Southern Baptist Convention doing today? If unchecked, wokeness and Leftism will destroy all it touches.

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Are you really enemies in the church.

You are not accountable to the 10 Commandments are not accountable to the Jewish law weren't done with that God has done something new. Welcome to the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the Romans brought to light olive tree ministries. Today we visit with Pastor Terry Gordon, one of the producers of the new film enemies within the church who are these enemies and how did they get entrenched in our churches, seminaries and Bible schools, and what is their agenda.

Good answers to these questions and more so Trevor, you look at the evidence concerning the Southern Baptist convention. What are your thoughts if you look at it from a left-wing point of view, the Southern Baptist. One of the last bastions of true Christianity in America and very socially and politically conservative. So if you could conquer the Southern Baptist and move them to the left. You could move the hall politics of the South in America to the lift or be a major conquest. So if you look at a purely secular way. This was a battle fought by the lift to Concha and take of the Southern Baptist like that taken IV universities like to have taken I the Hollywood was just another institution on their list program. So glad you can join me today saying either enemies within the church while a new film that this ministry carries says that there are is a matter of fact, this film is titled enemies within the church and it names some of those the producers found to be well unsound theologically and Morgan to get into all of that I opened with a little clip of Andy Stanley saying we don't need the Old Testament anymore. So you know I have some problems in the church when high-profile pastors are saying things that are, let's say reckless now. The Bible predicts a falling away from an already fallen world Bible predicts then people will not give heed to sound doctrine.

Second Timothy four there will be wolves among the flock. Matthew seven people will follow after the doctrine of demons. First Timothy 41. There will be some upon hearing this, who may object to this broadcast or the entire production that we carry enemies within the church. The film does name those they feel who are bringing harm to the church and we'll talk about that the entire hour. What do we do as I just said a moment ago with an Andy Stanley who says we don't heed the Old Testament any longer.

Jesus talked about the Old Testament all the time. What do we do with a prominent Southern Baptist pastor JD Greer who says as a concerned homosexuality that God only whispers with the suggestion that maybe evangelicals are overreacting. Well you hear me refer on this program to the woke church were to talk about that this hour, and you may be attending one and you may want to flee from it.

If you are in Woking. This is an enemy within the church.

So I'm going to be playing a number of soundbites the sour from the film again.

You can see these clips by watching the video version of this program we post the video version to our website. Olive tree olive tree go to radio we post the video version on our YouTube channel on our rumble channel on his channel.

Or, again, you can get the product that were talking about. It's in my online store.

It's a two hour film were offering it for $12 or you can call my office. I'll say more about that as we move into the program now as a spokesman for the film, and so pleased to be featuring Pastor Carrie Gordon. He pastors cornerstone world outreach that is in Sioux City Iowa is independent church pastor Carrie Gordon, welcome to the program. Thank you very much privilege review at all of your audio. Thank you. Now the producers of this film, including Trevor Lowden, who by the way, I know and have had on air before times and Trevor is an authority on communism in America. He suggests Carrie that Marxism is not just moving into the church that it has now entrenched itself in the Western church.

In other words, the Jim Wallace's of the world, a wolf, to be sure have been very successful as posing as promoters of Christian theology, when in fact his real love is Marxist ideology and quite frankly Carrie. As I prepared for this film.

I didn't know where to begin. I was simply overwhelmed with all the evidence you are producing when you think about the 8% of millennial people 25 to 40-year-old and a vote 58% of the young people in our country. They want socialism are and you couple that with a church that is by the decade, shrinking the number of Americans that attend church faithfully on Sunday has been shrinking for very long time for the church desire to be relevant.

We have what we call user-friendly church dress down dumb it down. Water down the pulpit and the actors go through so much rigor to try to find ways to market their church and get more people to attend and I think many of them are motivated by their better angels. They want to be able to talk about Jesus to people they want people to come to church came but they make compromises and they do things they shouldn't be doing to try to attract people who have depraved mind, and eventually the children of the devil. What happened compromises are made in order to seem relevant and to cause more people to sit down on Sunday. I think a lot of ministers are adopting the language the lingo and thinking of Marxism because of the popular rate and they want young married couple to nurture and maybe they don't realize how dangerous this is what ramifications are, but there are others that are not doing this because they're naïve. They're doing this because they actually believe Jesus was a socialist actually teach us with the bargaining we got both of those staffers to deal with. You spend a lot of time in this film on the Southern Baptist convention, Southern Baptist seminary flagship for the Southern Baptist. I have a lot of listeners who are Southern Baptists.

They are very sound and they are very solid and many of them have pastors that are very sound and very solid, so I don't think you're suggesting that everybody was a part of the Southern Baptist scene is in the same boat of apostasy correct. Thankfully not know, and Baptist Church. It has been such a powerful influence in American history. I don't think we would've had Pres. Ronald Reagan. Sure urge had it not been for these great people and when we started the movie we just put out a plea help, but if you've got information reach out to us and share it with us. We began looking for people with stories to tell. We wanted to give a voice to people who are being smashed today. Cancel culture that are allowed to speak and what we found was this mad rush of Southern Baptist members coming to we got a story to tell. We couldn't believe how many people came from the Southern Baptist sector of the American church to talk to a movie team and we realize something terrible happening, we began investigating and digging down.

I think what's happening, you could take yourself back to the late 1960s and think of what it must've been like when the Episcopal denomination began to implode itself in total theological liberalism, and we look back on wonder how could such great denominations filled with such excited wonderful people like the Methodist Church, for example, a once nation shaking group of Christian rank called Wesley out of these great people collapse and going to such darkness will I think it's happening right in front of a right fortunately with the latest the tip of the spirit Southern Baptist convention.

They are imploding they are leaning into the left very clear and very frightening for the future of America will carry a lot of play, some clips from the film because you focus like a laser be actually a number of issues, certainly not exclusively critical race theory, social justice, but these two critical race theory social justice are tearing apart the church social justice is a euphemism for Marxism, fairness, the same basic outcomes. Your millionaire should be a billionaire and so many of our churches, and especially urban churches there encouraging people to look at the things of this world and bemoaning the relative position that we have within our community. Look at all these other community sodas and why to improve people's lives.

To give people more security to help people.

It's not.

It's a way to enslave them. That's why to mislead them and it's a way to give certain unscrupulous people why you more power than they have a short half what I see happening is the evangelical movement as a concerns critical race theory, social justice, some of the things were going to talk about as well are following in the dangerous footsteps of the Methodists see various very liberal denominations have contained a mall you just name Methodist, but some of the Lutheran denominations.

They went down a wrong path. Some hundred years ago but now we've got evangelicals doing it, and their toying around again with social justice. Critical race theory. LGBT Q, etc. making the same mistakes, repeating it like it began with denying the inerrancy of Scripture that the first critical step devastating war fought for many years of any denomination.

But once you unhand from the absolute moral laws of God in the Old Testament, literally everything in the New Testament when unhinged from the old become very much moral relativism.

It's humanism with Christian needs layer over top of it that's what's really happening. We sometimes refer to that of psychology or how Christianity intersection analogy is a wonderful way to allure people thinking that were talking about Christian fame. For example, racism what Christian whatever support racism. Racism is antithetical to anything Scripture but it is an emotional thing because were lawless were not conditioned in America today anyway to use something for the event of thinking were very emotion driven for everything how I feel they have mastered the art. I think they are Marxists or social mastered the art of touching Christian hot button of the motion where we have very bad feelings about racism and we should. We have terrible feelings about people being mistreated because of some particular characteristic in their life and we should feel that way but they exploit those good emotions. The desire that everyone will be treated well in the May placenta error. It is a really deviant dangerous thing. I played a clip introducing the program of Trevor Lowden and again he clarified in the intro that the Southern Baptist. The last bastion of true Christianity and the left is saying if we can conquer the Southern Baptists we can shift the entire south to the left, so this was a planned strategy and I think you say in the film that maybe a starting date, we could consider would be about 1973. Would that be right. Well, in 1973. You have two things happening at the same time that are really major tipping points American history 1 Republican Dominated Ct. ruled in the end, Roe V Wade for the alleged right to kill children will and then at that same moment, there is a coup d'état going on inside the American psychiatric Association, where secret, closeted homosexual psychologist have strategically taken over of the ruling board of the APA and then voted almost unanimously after they took over almost every seat to remove their sin from the list of psychiatric disorders declaring themselves perfectly and mentally normal combination of the sexual deviancy and one that creates children out of wedlock with heterosexuality and then homosexuality, which is clearly from Scripture through the area of that in the 1960s cultural movement of free love all of the perfect moment with truly Satan stirring the pot America start heading down a very destructive road ramifications now or manner, claiming that their women you've got the same exact people that say we were born gay.

You flip it around five minutes later we were born, any general use and it seems so crazy, but really there is a method to the madness. They have a goal and not concerned at all about looking at the critical we don't care the conscience of damage. Their goal obtain power and reshape America into the kind of socialist utopia that they wanted to be widget in total contrast with founding fathers designed to be nation want to play one more clip and stacking up here what you're saying you're I was born 1973 seem to put a bow on the turmoil of the 1960s, the obtuse and arrogant United States Supreme Court elevated themselves to the rank of Roman Caesar via the illegitimate opinion of Roe V Wade trouncing a plain reading of the United States Constitution and organic law of the declaration, but that wasn't only horrible thing that happened year I was born on another front, closeted homosexual coup d'état of the American psychiatric Association took place and reached its zenith when a majority of gay men snuck into voting positions and voted to remove themselves from the infamous list of psychiatric disorders declaring themselves perfectly, mentally fit in contradiction with more than 100 years of clinical science so those two events of abortion and perverted sexual activism created a chain of events that have led us to now a millennial culture who claims they were born gay. Even though science says that they weren't right after declaring that they were not born any sex at all.

Even though science says that they were new there was any such thing is gender fluidity until like a year ago. No one had ever conceived of such a thing. This is such a groundbreaking discovery.

The poor scientists have no earthly idea how to tell the public that gender fluidity has zero impact on the biological realities between human legs. But even if they do try and who knows the action try. Will they get sued for discrimination.

It's like the rest of us. If you look at who found that the mode gay rights movement in this country was a man called Harry hi and he found the Mattachine Society and other radical guy groups in the 40s and 50s was a very active Communist Party member you list the Communist Party because he could do more good for the course without the Communist Party label your mind the communist to live that he died and he is absolutely the father of the Martin gay-rights movement. They have to understand what is known about the movements issue is not the issue. The issue is the revolution.

How do you break down the American family. How do you break down American Christianity. One of the biggest lies to do it soon homosexuals into an extended minority that must be atoned to that must be accepted into a society and might be even above normal. I must have more rights than everyone else, it would appear that quite a few other stands far more egregious in God's eyes, homosexuality, Jim Wilkin, who is one of our favorite Bible teachers here is actually in a women's conference. She said we are to whisper about what the Bible whispers about we shout about what shells about the Bible appears more wistful when it comes to sexual sin, compared with shouts about materialism and religious pride. Now the LGBT movement is that: these guys has made huge inroads in Christian churches in this country. Many Christian churches of gone from holding homosexuality is a sin to welcoming homosexuals in the church and apologizing for the past. I'm exhibiting behavior at a ethics and religious Liberty commission conference.

Elmore repented use that word for denying same-sex orientation. What he believes that homosexuality is an innate orientation. He repented for having taken a biblical position on sexual behavior.

Yes, he repented zero in the biblical embarrassments that I have to bear that I have written on some of these issues now for nearly 30 years, and in a couple points I have to say I got that wrong back and corrected corrected by Scripture. Early in this controversy. I felt quite necessary in order to make clear the gospel to deny anything like a sexual orientation, speaking at an event for the national Association of Evangelicals years ago.

I made that point, I repent of your listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line from Sioux City Iowa pastor Carrie Gordon of the cornerstone world outreach.

He is one of the producers of the new film enemies within the church. We carry and it's in my online store olive tree olive tree you can call my office.

You can get our newsletter lists pastor Carrie Gordon which is made some people upset and angry.

I played a clip of JD Greer saying we need to whisper about homosexuality because the Bible whispers about it. Supposedly I guess I wouldn't agree with that and we plan a clip here of Al Mohler who is repenting for his position on homosexuality help us understand what we just heard the tragedy terrible tragedy and I have to tell you when we started road screen after making one of biggest hurdles I had to overcome was what was happening without Mohler always looked up to him and so many ways."

I verbally from the pulpit. He's written marvelous things and published really insightful. Think about the Scripture for over 20 years that I relied upon and trusted him and I did get to meet him one time many years ago concerning Christian education ended up having lunch so I don't know them really well, but I've always looked up to him. Well, and I was very careful.

You don't want to come across as a curmudgeon.the probe and slander people.

I am very sensitive to that after 28 years. I know what it's like People spread rumors or say things that are unfair and untrue about you trying to tear you down having sensitivity of a minister. I would never want to put another minister through what I have gone through in my own life. What my father went through for me and my grandfather before him and three generations deep in ministry. I have a sensitivity toward preachers and I understand the difficulties of ministry filled.

I am extremely couple and I also believe the law of sowing and reaping, though I was very challenged by the problems without Mohler and I just was devastated.

I have to say that on the year I was devastated to see how bad things were.

I couldn't tell you exactly why Al Mohler has compromised the authority of Scripture over human sexuality. I don't know for sure why but I can tell you that when I sat down with person after person after person who was directly involved in being fired from the University he was in control of and heard the stories and the board meeting. All the evidence it was overwhelming and it was very clear that Al Mohler had either consciously decided to embrace a form of Christian humanism or he has just caved in.

Maybe out of fear, or perhaps cowardice, but he is surrendered to the forces of evil in this culture and I don't know why he's done it. I pray for him. I hope I think all of our hope in creating the film is that perhaps he would come to repentance and actually reject the correct thing Mr. repenting for previously believing what the Scriptures that, sexuality will like you. I have been one who has deeply appreciated what Dr. Albert Mohler did for Southern seminary in Kentucky several years ago. He began turning the seminary around in a very positive way and I think he's been a hero of the safe for our generation has woke ideology gotten to the seminary. Starting with Dr. Muller at the top. It would be nice. Perhaps you even have Dr. Muller on here and talk to him about some of these things that I share your grief pastor Carrie Gordon. I do the clip we just played folks is a part again of the new film that were carrying and is looking at a lot of the things that have gone haywire in the church here in the last 4050 years or so. Pastor Gordon you said that in making this film was very difficult for all involved in my goodness, I can see why and you said who wants to know all the things that are revealed. And then you say some pastors and leaders who watch the film actually had renewed hope. After they saw the film. Explain what you mean by that. I have heard that repeated over and over and back about 30 minutes. We began interview. I got a phone call in another minister I've never met the same thing the end of the film is true biblical hope this is what we give you for not giving you what I call hope you were not trying to be Pollyanna Chicago future, but we get down to brass tacks of the Scripture. And we know that our hope has always been in the power and authority of Jesus Christ our Lord. Martin seated on his throne. We know how this down. He when he is the victor. He's the champion there's no reason for a startled dig a bunker in store for canned goods just because the church is in serious trouble. America is in great peril right now our freedoms are on the line.

This is all real and it's a real problem, but is very real possibility of a divine intervention. We could have a great revival. We could have another great awakening caught even resurrection, but I think were a detonation spiritual him. It has to be through Jesus Christ politics alone. You can learn more at their website enemies within the enemies within the You might go to particular category at that website that I found intriguing go to the category called woke the PDF you learn some things if you go to enemies in the and go to Wikipedia, that's just a link on that website and then you said in another interview pastor Carrie Gordon you said after you sent the film to a particular organization, the Southern Baptist seminary started scrubbing their website of critical race theory/social justice articles and videos very interesting. Oh yeah they had chronicled many, many excerpts that we have been looking at for 3 1/2 years of their professors openly, clearly promoting critical race theory, which is a total error aggressively promoting it and as soon as our movie began to make another way, all of that footage magically to him one weekend and was taken from their website. I think what happened to these seminaries know exactly what they're doing and they also realize that some of their biggest donors would not appreciate that. And so in order to protect their finances. They pretend it's not happening there really being dishonest, and then remove all the evidence, but were wise enough to have recorded evidence ourselves well. I wanted to come one more Southern Baptist now Russell Moore has stepped down from the seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Thankfully, I'm so pleased to see that the film is dedicated to my friend Phil Haney and I was with Phil two weeks before he was murdered a couple of years ago and he said, just like he said to you folks.

Phil said to me, if I turn up dead folks. I didn't commit suicide. They'll say I committed suicide, but I didn't do that you play a clip of Phillips play that because he's going to be addressing the Russell Moore situation. Russell Moore, who is I think the main person who is responsible for this, at least of the Southern Baptist convention, Al Mohler brought a wall maybe 20 years ago. I don't know the precise time but is better service and professor service.

The Provost of the Dean so we had very responsible positions that Southern Baptist seminary in Louisville and then he was in 2013 a maybe was 2015. He took over from Richard land as president of the ER, LC. They have a budget of five or 6 million a year and they have about 30 staff and is turned into a honestly genuinely left this social justice are of the Southern Baptist convention like the Southern Baptist convention's got this cancer and it's very disturbing. Very disconcerting 2015, the George Soros foundation send this Russell Moorehead of the public policy for the Southern Baptist convention and in the quote Russell Moore as saying the evangelical should be the ones calling the rest of the world to remember human dignity and the image of God, especially for the swing murderous Islamic radical jihadists so Russell Moore is forwarding immigrants from Muslim countries coming to the United States. There is a link to George Soros and why would George Soros wants to fund Russell Moore and why would his organization be bragging that this is what Russell Moore said with Armani my name is Philip B. Haney and I became a spirit filled Christian November 7, 1975 and that's really the basis of my worldview. What made me more of a public figure was being a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security and I worked in customs and border protection, and I was subject matter expert in the strategy and tactics of global Islamic movement, and I literally interviewed hundreds of individuals seeking entry into the country who had potential ties tears, tell me what you think about the ER LC under the leadership of Russell getting involved with the United States State Department and encouraging them to build a mosque not only the United States State Department but also the Justice Department ever since the revelation my former boss Janet Napolitano. They began forcing communities to violate their own zoning laws but also paying the Muslim community damages for their bias their racism is Islam a phobia that started during the Obama ministration makes Russell more in the ER, LC and accessory to a spiritual and theological crime kind of an enablement you're advocating on behalf of theology and ideology is in direct contradiction to the one that you say you live by. That's a kind of a psychosis is who is the primary abuser of Christians all over the world today.

The very religion Islam. This particular individual is trying to help build a mosque against the wishes of the entire community.

I would like to know how in the world. Someone within the Southern Baptist convention can support the defending of rods for Muslim to construct mosque in the United States.

When these people threaten our very way of existence as Christians in America.

Sometimes we have to deal with questions that are really complicated and we had to spend a lot of time thinking them through and not sure exactly what the final result was going to be. Sometimes we have really hard decisions to make. This isn't one of those things. What it means to be a Baptist democracy $2000 went to the MLK 50 conference. Why would democracy fund and openly leftist organization want to find any conference I gave Southern Baptist students at seminary credits to attend again another clip from the film we carry enemies within the church find it in my online store olive tree your listing to understanding the times radio I'm Dan Markel I have on the line from Sioux City Iowa pastor Carrie Gordon cornerstone world outreach pastor Carrie Gordon okay Russell Moore has thankfully stepped down from Southern Baptist seminary to talk to me about this clip we played.

It's from your film, Russell Moore and aiding and helping to build mosques in the United States after 9/11. And I think we can all be strategically position that it Dominion flag or Islam that right after they kill thousands of people on 9/11 New York for a plot and one to build a mosque as close as possible to the site where those buildings were collapsed and this is the way Islam work there sign of conquest. They by building the mosque send a signal to other would-be terrorists around the world. We are winning we are taking over.

And of course it's not granted that way. Now we just believe in the First Amendment. We just want to have freedom of religion and I'm all for the freedom of religion for everyone. Even wrong religion and I'll say that very openly and clearly because I believe that Christianity is the only true religion and that the truth always wins and Christianity doesn't need to be worried about competition will defeat its competition. Competition based on life.

However, Islam is a special case because they kill people and the only way that you should ever allow an Islamic mosque to be built in United States.

They will publicly disavow the color of Islam which is odd.

That is not being done what you have a leading voice Southern Baptist Church helping people who will not read out the fifth pillar of Islam build mock to plant a flag of dominion in the United States and its structure and evil and frankly if I were Satan, that's how I would do it. I think Pastor Gordon, the thing that troubles me and I want to make just a little diversion here Russell Moorehead connections to George Soros, which is something I don't quite understand. I cannot imagine how money is such an entice her that evangelical's are suppose that evangelicals yoke with the likes of George Soros, another hard-core communist, other than in time strong delusion, but just a little aside here and I'm not sure if you even have any thought on it. I have followed the national Association of Evangelicals since the 1980s. They were such a sound outfit.

They were founded before my time at believe they were founded 1942 because they were founded to come up against the national Council of churches, which was totally leftist, even way back in the 20s, 30s and 40s, and yet by the 90s they were going so far left under Richard's Isaac. It was just shocking that in 2011 they came out. I'm reading from their website a 2011 position paper on nuclear weapons. I believe at this point there under the direction of Pastor Leith Anderson, the national Association of Evangelicals, we unite in deploring the mindset that assumes the way to solve problems meeting nuclear problems is might empower then they say we should never forget that we are to love our enemies. Matthew five and overcome evil with good. All that's fine, but the Bible says to love our enemies, but North Korea and China and Iran not going to think twice about obliterating America with nuclear weapons in the at the NAD came up with a totally Democrat party suggestion that we banish America's nuclear weapons so here again with less Southern Baptist convention gone to the national Association of Evangelicals Carrie Gordon and the drama is just as bad. Yeah, and it usually built on a fallacious either or dichotomy.

Think about Jesus said turn the other cheek, love your enemies. So when a man breaks into your house and out at gunpoint. I'm going to rape your wife and kill your children then are you really supposed offer to make you Mohammed and Jim and so when the Bible tells us to love our enemies. It is not saying to love them, to the extent that we actually are showing neglect and hatred for loved ones and so when you're dealing with the realities of the world. The Scriptures are not telling us that Jesus was so loving and were called to be so loving that he actually came to make the world soft on crime or that we should not realize that there is an inevitability that when the Scripture says your to be at peace as much as possible with all that lie within you. We should be inferring that it isn't always possible to stay at peace with everybody in this Jesus in Matthew 23 was quite clear were busy sitting at the table of influence that Jesus would've been flipping over when we love our enemies. It is not at the expense of our family and ourselves that so we do have to have a rigorous yeah and I say love is shown in a military man who is willing to die for this country not necessarily engaged in war and firing a gun or missiles or anything else.

He hates the bad guy so much. But perhaps he's really being motivated by a love for home, his children and his way of life so much willing to fight evil so the Bible does not teach this false dichotomy. I have to love enemies to the point where I neglect my own family were to strive to be at peace as much of life with and that understanding it isn't always possible, not even for God. Lucifer betrayed him. Lucifer took one third of heaven and this is a reality we have to deal with if it was done to God and we are going to have warfare as well. Revelation for I beheld Michael and his angels, and they work with the Dragon. I mean God doesn't escape war, neither can we. So we have to be militant at times just like heaven. And Michael is armed with a sword and he fights so must we in this world and most frightening of all, Jesus is promised he will return and he will come warring against. We should not shirk from battle against evil. I think part of my point is national Association of Evangelicals is also part of the evangelical immigration table which is another outfit funded totally by George Soros. I think the question I'm asking anyway is why on earth are evangelical outfits yoking with one of the most evil men on the planet George Soros is the money that enticing that that's who we now yoke with another person you raise Carrie Gordon and let's plate this clip and come back and talk about it because you have a problem as July with pastor Tim Keller.

Tim Keller's probably the biggest operative pushing evangelical church to the left as a young man he was on the left. Tom Skinner talked about systemic oppression and racism in the United States in policing in these kinds of things, and most importantly taught Keller that the gospel itself that the fundamentalists had and the gospel of the social gospel needed to both the wedding together and Tim Keller took that to heart. You listen to the lecture by Tom Skinner at about a 70 where he made this argument multiple times that it changed his world, Albert Ellis, his classmates at 40, few of the seminary told him Keller that him and his girlfriend. He was dating became his wife essentially were racist and the reason was was because that they impose without thinking about any alternatives. Their white societal norm and benefited from a system allocated privileged and him and so you listen to this and took it well and absorbed it and then of course Harvey Commons at Westminster theological seminary taught him kind of a new way to look at the Bible new hermeneutic of the hermeneutical spiral, and there's a synthesis between the two. Between the audience interpretation and their world than the world of the authors of Scripture. And that's how you come up with meaning. Okay Pastor Gordon talk to us little bit here about how you've worked Tim Keller into the production Keller ration when you use Venetian blinds on the window, you can turn that little rod and the angle of the blinds will change and they will block out whatever degree of light you wish for them to block out you will see only a limited view of what's on the other side of the window.

I truly believe men like Tim Keller believe themselves. I don't think he gets up in the morning and he says I'm going to go deceive everybody and trick them into believing Marxist or communitarian ideas. I think you really read the Bible through his own Venetian blinds that he openly admittedly says he adapted and accepted long ago in his life when he reached the Scripture he sees Jesus as some kind of benevolent social okay you really believe that there is a way for? For them to help the world and I think he's motivated by believing wrong ideas and that's why he is so dangerous because he really believes that and he's gifted. He's a wonderful communicator. He's very loved by many, many people, but ultimately if you dig down. He tells you in his own publications that he is essentially a communitarian which is a word for socialist. That doesn't draw so much fire and stigma as just saying hey I'm a socialist. I just believe in Christian socialism Jesus with the socialist, you probably won't ever say that but will call himself communitarian and he is exploiting the desire and millennial between 25 and 40 years old. They believe Jesus was a socialist think they think socialism is good. They don't want capitalism didn't want free markets in America looking for political ways to change our country.

Tim Keller is got a great dog with in their following him and he's the Pied Piper leading up to destruction. So we have to call it out and say this is wrong.

Again the product is enemies within the church. It's a DVD couple hours to my online store all of tree you can learn more. You can find enemies within the I am talking for the hour with pastor Carrie Gordon of cornerstone world outreach Sioux City Iowa who is the primary spokesman in the film and you told me carry that not only did you not get paid for this film project. Instead you received a lot of grief, you've lost some friends so you're doing this because in your mind you're trying to stand for truth and righteousness and purity within the gospel, etc. I've been in a metric for 28 years I left I left the church thing that happened on your pastor with social media men you would never allow to stand in your pulpit on Sunday morning and teach error have complete total access to all of the people in your local church that God has made you a caretaker of her protector of so there's this brief flow of error and misinformation and misleading things that I can clearly see the shepherd will harm God's people. Strangely enough when you want to try to bring some correction to the public free flow of error correction is not welcomed correction and vilified the corrector like me or any of these other men in the film. Therefore, this assumption all there just bomb throwers there angry this year tinfoil hat with the truth is the men we interviewed for the film and myself. These men love America, they love Jesus. They love the church and they want nothing more than to help the body of Christ. I want people to come to their senses to come to Jesus to repent of their to be forgiven and understand what it means to be born again and to have that wonderful relationship with God that Jesus came together when you're using the social justice gospel, which is a perversion of the true gospel you're telling the world you're a victim and everyone has done some kind of wrong to you and they all need to repent to you in direct contrast with the real gospel which is Jesus with the greatest victim in all of history and you are not a victim you're actually the felon.

It was your sentence personally committed that contributed to putting him on the cross and murdering, and you need to repent of father God for what you did was thought you can't get a more stark contrast, maybe except from heaven and hell.

When you look at the true gospel and what is being taught by these people that are teaching everyone your victim. Everyone should repent to you and by the way, you can almost never get forgiven if you repent with social justice warrior, I'm so sorry I'm white and 100 years ago. Maybe one of my relatives was a slaveowner as though sorry don't never forget.

But the true gospel we all contributed to the murder of the son of God, and we do get forgiveness we get total forgiveness we get lifted up out of the bucket in the mire in the mud and we get called an adopted child of God is the most beautiful thing in the world is why I live. It's why I do what I do with the pastor. I think all the men in this movie feel the same way. We've got to get back to the true gospel good is the only hope for the world, much less America.

You also take a very close look at some other seminaries and Bible colleges that are simply infiltrated by Libby Blunt tilts by Communists. The Christian college and university as an industry as an organization is compromise. There are very few Christian schools that I would even recommend that people consider things because again a wolf in sheep's clothing is dangerous but a wolf and shepherds closing is deadly in many ways. Today, I'd rather send my kids off to a state institution where at least you know the wolves are wall and prepare the kid. Accordingly, then send them off to a Christian institution is nothing but a wolf and shepherds closing, we need to be very careful as very profound clip it's from the movie enemies within the my ministry carries that you can learn more enemies within olive tree go to our store.

Carrie I want you to tell the story briefly and that we are down to a few minutes left here the story that you bring out in the film which is gripping would be that of First Baptist Church of Naples Florida because Ray seemed to be the key element in the well not implosion but near implosion of that church 700 left the church over this incident. In 19 people were excommunicated from first Baptist Naples for racism. Hundreds voted against an incoming black pastor they felt he was not qualified had nothing to do with the race and you interviewed many of these individuals and this is all the effects of this horrific critical race theory because it tried to make the church woke what happened there. What happened there was very obvious after we interviewed all of the people who were excommunicated and everyone who had been accused of rape on public national level.

By the way.

After looking at all the evidence not only would there not a single case of racism involved in anything that had to do with that what happened was a woke pastor who is a progressive and who happened to have dark melon in their skin rose up and tried to get the senior pastor position.

They were heavily pushed by the Southern Baptist convention to take over one of the most powerful and thriving Southern Baptist churches in the United States in one of the richest areas of the United States to collate one of the most influential areas in the swing state of Florida and it seemed to have direct political implications Southern Baptist convention and operative to take the church he was wholly unqualified by all of the rules of qualifications of all candidates to take the position after the retirement of the previous pastor and he didn't need any other qualifications so the people voted no. Plus, based on his social media that he was aggressively promoting black lives matter, which is a growth Marxist hardluck organization that frankly blasphemes Jesus and those kinds of things rose even more red flags that clearly he was not the right person for the job they were accused of racism totally slandered. I'll give you two examples to the people I interviewed one of them is a beautiful old man and his wife come to find out that 25 or 30 years ago. He had such compassion on orphans in Africa that he went and started North frontage personally with his wealth very wealthy man paid for all of the children to be educated, brought them up until they became adults pay for their college education help them find their spouses and attended their wedding.

He is called Papa this day when he goes back to Africa. All these beautiful African people call him daddy. He loved these African people use his own money brings up a whole generation of orphans there now successful adult. They accused him of being a racist. Another example of how preposterous it a law-enforcement officer and his wife were accused of racism. Turns out there foster parent may have red, yellow, black and white children in Iraq that they love is their own and they say will all of one race.

We all had red blood. These are the types of people that were accused of racism, filled it with another coup d'état and attempt to take a strong strategic position in the political war of America by putting in a woke hard left pastor into a position in a very conservative church and the people said no and then they were punished for saying no to turnout did the pastor Gideon not get it did not failed and then I don't think they still have a senior pastor this day.

The church is been destroyed.

It was a thriving church reaching people for Jesus on a regular basis with wonderful new membership constantly evangelizing doing so well that beautiful work that I'm sure is grieved.

Jesus has been destroyed and now it dwindled down to just a few hundred people, and God sheep have been scattered to the four winds in substances.

Critical race theory in action. It is social justice in action play one more clip.

Have you seen the infiltration of the social justice gospel in your school. Absolutely. I seen a real shift at Southern seminary lists in the last 5 to 6 years there's been a real shift toward the left and so again we have guys teaching postmodernism, social justice, and of course critical race theory, and you hear all the buzzwords come from the very top so you have people like Matt Hall, who is now the second person is the Provost. He teaches textbook critical race theory using all the buzz terms using all the concepts which is total hearse.

You cannot take a secular doctrine.

Combine it with Scripture without distorting and perverting the gospel. It's absolutely impossible to say I don't believe in critical race theory go look at the videos that are readily available and by the way, in a meeting.

Al Mohler himself started using the very vocabulary a minute. He talked about the problems of whiteness, white privilege. Privilege absolutely and he started talking about systemic racism and finally one of the last things he said he said Marxism has insights and he said that in all Mohler said yes Marxism has insights) of the context he's already using the word whiteness as if he's accepting another faculty earlier that year. He said listen, I don't agree with all the solutions that critical race theory offers for the racial problem but they are seeing the problems correctly.

Therefore what he saying is there's a problem with whiteness there's a problem with white privilege. He's agreeing with how they're seeing the problems society. We need to see things as the Bible see things not critical race. The film makes the case that the term woke WO KE actually stands for willfully overlooking known evil woke willfully overlooking known evil in the film enemies within the find out more olive tree or enemies within I been talking for the hour notice.

The hour was uninterrupted. I felt it should not be interrupted because of the seriousness of the content and I wanted to emphasize the particular product that we are emphasizing as well. Not for financial gain and not interested in that but because of the content that it might be able to inform you how. Again, this whole leftist agenda as cover.

Loudoun has so articulately shown in other films has infiltrated Washington and other governments of the world. Well it's also infiltrated the church and our seminaries are Bible schools so pastor Carrie Gordon. Let's look at what is the answer. I am down to roughly 34 minutes here. How do you recommend we fix the woke problem.

Obviously be nice we could get rid of critical race theory, social justice, the promotion of LGBT Q probably two dozen other issues. How would you go about doing that actually matters a call to duty were to preach the true gospel given to Scripture and in order to promote and preach that match.

We also have to be willing to defend it from perversion of counterfeit messages that are not true gospel we have to do. Go and when you talk about it makes me think of blanched and he was eulogizing Martin Luther brought correction at one point in our churches history during the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther had died and he was eulogizing him and I have a quote he said some expressive suspicion that Luther was too severe in its critique I quarter restless by saying because of the magnitude of disorders in the current age God has sent us a violent physician and I think that God is moving in our math. I believe that God called us to do this film. I believe it was an assignment from the Lord that I had to okay to do even though it did cost me friendship sooner. Not always been pleasant and I have taken no funds for it.

I didn't want anyone to accuse me of being a Hollywood film. It was actually was produced in Hollywood, I didn't want anyone to build that I just did it for the money for set right up front. I will not accept a salary not be paid. I gave 3 1/2 years because I love Jesus I love everybody listening to the show. I love America I love everything I want all of you to reap.

I want everyone to come to the cross. I don't care what you've done you can be forgiven if you repent.

That's the message that's why we did it and that's what we have to keep doing there's nothing more powerful than the gospel of Jesus Christ. There's no demon in hell. There's no false doctrine or false religion that can withstand the power of the gospel Bible. So you had some feedback now been out here for a month or two. Basically, the feedback is most of it is been very positive. Not all of it yet. Most of it is been very positive. The primary response that I hear the most is thank you Lord. Someone finally said something that the respondent most of the time it feels like you can see everything collapsing and everyone's too afraid to say why I think that the movie is been received with great relief. I think it is a difficult movie to watch you my friend, Steve, Dave, who is pretty hard-core. He said it was so heavy and hard for him.

He almost turned it off halfway through.

He's glad that he did and I don't know how you feel about it.

I am so glad became aware of the scene twice seen other individual interviews of you and others have seen Trevor Loudoun expound on it at great length and I think so highly of Trevor again worked with him for number of years.

So I think you Carrie for what you've done. I know it's cost you plenty.

I think that will be your reward in heaven. Let me just go out of the program and by the weekend so she could get more info enemies within

We carry the product find it in my online store all of tree we are carrying it for $12. By the way here in the new year were charging nothing for shipping.

Your shipping is free.

It's on us on the God of the program by saying this, Christ died for his church. He loves his church. We are the bride of Christ churches and as a result, Satan has a war on the church want you battle for truth in your churches. We contend for the faith in these very last days. I thank you for listening folks and we will talk to you again next week. We are in a new year and want to thank you for standing with us in the previous year.

Contact us through our website. Olive tree that's almost 3 central time of 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 get our mail. Would you write to all of the mysteries of Joe Markel, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible, 20, 22, dear God called his church home hour is so very light so you know all that is happening is everything all voice

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