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Question & Answer Session: Behold He Comes Conference

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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December 17, 2021 7:00 am

Question & Answer Session: Behold He Comes Conference

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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December 17, 2021 7:00 am

Today Jan Markell plays the Q A session from Behold He Comes Prophecy Conference. Participants include Pastor Jack Hibbs, Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Barry Stagner, and host Jan Markell. They discuss current issues, Bible prophecy and troubling church issues. It is an informative hour. We have complete DVD sets of all conference presentations in our online store.

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Behold he comes. That is, the statements, and a conference. I do not believe that you can be a New Testament church in the true definition of a New Testament church because to avoid Bible prophecy is to exercise out of your Scripture. 27 to 30% of the Bible. The Holy Spirit would never do that will come to understand at times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by all of three ministries. Today we are playing the question and answer session from the behold he comes prophecy conference at Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California. Participants are Pastor Jack Hibbs near Saar Fadi Pastor Gary Stagner and moderator Jan Markel.

Here is today's program and welcome to the program.

I'm so glad you could join me today. By the way my media team is taking a much needed break.

So I'm playing the question-and-answer session from the behold he comes, 20, 21 prophecy conference held recently in Southern California. I hope you find it informative.

We looked at church issues as well as the importance of Bible prophecy, and asked in this panel. Why on earth of the church is not talking about all of this important information.

So here's the panel discussion, I'd like to start this out with something. It's not on our notes, gentlemen. It's not in the questions at all, but we just heard today. Michelle talk about. These are days of delusion.

We actually have days of come the incompetents at least in Washington. Let's be honest, I'll be blunt.

He surveys the freezer how much this hurts behaving today. How can the church counter delusion, deception, treason, incompetence, how can the pulpits come against this Jack here very late start with Jack. Psalm 107 verse 20 says I've sent you my word to heal you all of your destructions. The Bible tells us. Paul wrote to Timothy that the church of the living God is the ground and the pillar of all truth. And so today the answer is pastors need to either be in the word of God more or get out. They need to step up our stuff out. This is not a time. This is not a time for spiritual week.

We are warring against invisible forces, it is overwhelmingly obvious.

It's no longer revoke cooler hip to be a Christian.

It is warfare and is very clear.

It's very very I believe that we should not make sounds of surprise all of us studying the Scriptures and we know that that's exactly what the game is a little like these are the last days of and when the Bible says the last days.

People will have those we know that everything that is happening now even the fact that for Israel to standalone America cannot be as strong as it used to be.

To all of these things are not a surprise to any of us these things must happen. The Bible say all I know God is about time God saw these things happening when he sent us a beautiful email with an attachment to the book of Revelation, and he says look these other things that are going to happen. Trust me, it's going to happen.

So when they happen. We must tell people. These are the things that have to happen in the book of Revelation is the beautiful love letter of Jesus to the church from the very beginning of the very end, and in between the consequences of the sinful nature of man and they can either be not condemned as in John three or there condemned already, and to be not condemned is to believe in Jesus as the only way only truth and only life and that no one comes to the father by throwing and to preach Jesus not to preach any other thing and to preach salvation and to preach what it means to be a sinner.

What the wages of sin and why the free gift of salvation is and we have to make the name of Jesus known from pulpits more than any other peers. At first Peter four. If you are reproached for the name of Christ blessed our on their part he is blasphemed, but on your part he is glorified the word approach needs to insult or to injure, and I think we as a church need to change our thinking and recognize this as an opportunity to glorify God. Peter is the one who when the apostles were beaten for Christ's namesake.

They rejoice that they suffered in the same manner Jesus, so this is an opportunity I think we have to remember especially today. I hear people say things like the church should be for the sake of everyone's health quote since when has the church only met when it's safe to say in the first century we've all seen the fish on the back of a car on a T-shirt was simple. Do you know what that was all about Greek symbols mean, Jesus Christ, God's son and Savior and it was drawn in the sand as a secret symbol between church members. Why because they were risking their lives to be Christians. That's where the church started so why in the world would we ever think that were going to be exempt from that kind of persecution. This is nothing more than a season opportunity to bring glory to God by being faithful to him and all that we say some quick bullet points on how to spot pastors who are starting to go woke the progressive Christian theology. One of them buzzwords for progressive Christian theology and I talked about a couple of them. Social justice is going to be huge's critical race theory of a couple of things you want to listen for.

I think there may be the two biggest but there's many others pastors.

I actually don't know how to answer that because I haven't listened to one woke Pastor.

I'm not no no I'm not getting. I don't know what the words are. I have not listened to one I refuse him very careful about what goes into my ears and I've never heard one. I feel bad for Jack to shake God she's the watchmen on the wall. She listens to all this junk that's out forever rated by the way, if you know the center radio program, you better start and listen because she talks about these people so I don't have. I'm going to guess. I don't think it's a stretch. They probably don't talk about sin talk about repentance there. Not to mention the cross do not to mention sacrifice. I'm guessing they're not going to go through the Bible exposition only fill a void that if they started skipping chapters of the Bible. Then I tell you what I literally get out.

If I started skinning verses and chapters in the Bible.

This church would get up and leave. And so they generally disdain eschatology Bible prophecy in their own ever, ever be of real friend to Israel, but American travel in the church more than anybody here, so give us your blowback exactly 4 I started traveling around the world.

The Lord really spoke to me and he said everywhere you go in the teach wrong about Israel. You know that the piece from the rest of the Bible is really like the litmus test for this whole thing and I want you to know that even more so they will refrain from touching prophecy.

The two disciples that were on the way to email us if you remember the they were disciples, they were not the Pharisees and Sadducees are, they were not the Romans. It was the disciples that were with Jesus for three years almost every day and they were walking all the way from Jerusalem to emails and they were sad and that was Sunday morning and that was after the angel already told the woman that Jesus is already risen and Mary saw him alive and what is it that Jesus said as he was walking with them.

He said oh foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe that which the prophets have said he basically rebuked disciples that when they don't believe the prophets prophecy they miss out. The whole point of the plan of God of salvation over who the Messiah is in walking aside is all about.

As far as I'm concerned when they leave prophecy out and when they are no longer standing for Israel.

It is the number one sign that they go woke and progressive look.

That's the progression of the world. The progression of the believer is when they realized it was Jesus. What did they do turn around and walk back to Jerusalem that same night. That's the progression of the believer back to Jerusalem.

The progression of the church that is not into Jesus is to emails. There is down the road to a mouse. The road of shame. The road of embarrassment and sadness. And there's a road victory and there is a road of we now understand, and now we can preach the gospel. He is alive and to add more coming back. There's very I was making as Jack was talking about. I don't listen to this nonsense either takes me too quickly to the phrase shut up so I want to go there but I think the reality is we want to just throw a simple test. If your hearing more about improving your this life situation in solving society's woes that you are about being equipped to get people into the kingdom of God leave okay I'm gonna raise part B of this question and it's not on our list, and so then if let's just say that it's a very sound pulpit. Let's say they are preaching only that they would never touch the issue of the king is coming back or they would never preach a message or even give a statement from the pulpit that we must stand with Israel are these deal breakers again that say it's the sound pulpit but they will not touch some important issues that we consider vitally important is that it deal breaker delete then go to the church down the street or across town or do we stay with a church that's a sound pulpit, Jack. Let me be very clear before I give you my answer number one, you can differ on the pretrip mid-trip post trip because of how you were brought up that I don't mean to say this hurt anybody. But if you are in mid-trip rapture individual or post-tribulation asked you are a product of a denominational view.

You did not come to those conclusions on your own. Okay what you say that now answer the question about a dealbreaker is I don't hold the view that if you are in mid-or post-river you're going to hell. Now that's ridiculous. This church tomorrow will be mid and post-rivers here getting healed. But here's the thing. I do not believe that you can be a New Testament church in the true definition of a New Testament church because to avoid Bible prophecy is to exercise out of your Scripture.

27 to 30% of your Bible.

The Holy Spirit would never do that.

The book of Revelation chapter 19 tells us that Jesus himself is the spirit of prophecy.

It's the defining point by how you know Jesus said I told you these things in advance that when they happen, you will know that a go. Amy that I am that is the self-contained, self existing eternal God.

If you leave Bible prophecy out.

I don't think you can be a New Testament church. Amir is a dealbreaker.

I'm not a businessman, not sure about deals, but let but I am not a you know that your review time for your Jew. How can you not know what how many times did you encounter people that say we don't have any church around noon 1023 and I'm saying something this. If that's the only church around go there and take food settlement in the supplement are watching others online on our ever teaching Bible prophecy, you don't get that in your church.

Very good. So that's I tell you that if that's the only church around do not want to say okay don't Bible prophecy. I'm not going to turtle date you need that fellowship.

Trust me, if you join me late you're listening to understanding the time the radio and Jan Markel and this week I'm playing the question-and-answer session from the behold he comes prophecy conference recently held in Southern California. Participants included Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Barry Stagner Amir Sir Fadi and I had the privilege to host the Q&A.

Let's get right back to it bury way again. I think you need to think of post-rivers and bedcovers are going to become preach rivers in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye for five.

I agree, long time ago when I was first getting into teaching.

I heard a pastor say stay in your own mind if you not funny. By nature, don't try to be funny, if you're more cranial stay in that lane teach through the means and manner that God has gifted you in and you know a lot of guys are intimidated by Bible prophecy, and these other things but it's part of what needs to be thought as you come upon an inscription get to skip over those things because their heart if we skip over everything that was harder difficult, would be teaching John 316 every week because everybody knows that. But there are things in Scripture that are hard to deal with than you come into the Daniel 78. Some of these things are require a lot of study and a lot of homework to understand them fully and completely, especially in light of the times that we live in today and it takes that effort to get in their mind those things out. Not everybody's willing to do that, but they should be, but I think the supplemental thing is important that something referred more than anything else we been out all over the world, quite literally, we are constantly notice teaching Bible prophecy we can find a Bible teaching church so sadly I think a lot of people are forced under situation where for gonna get fed things they ought to be fed have to go online, but that does not substitute for being in fellowship. I feel lend interrupt him on this so important that that 27+ percent of the Bible be not the reason why you get all these calls and emails and why were talk about this right now is because I think maybe Dallas theological seminary might be left in this seminaries are cranking out ministers who will become pastors who had no eschatology course is exactly right. It's impossible to dodge that some people will pay $100,000 to get there doctorate in theology and come out expected to be a pastor of a church and the world around them as being prophetic if they like it or not is happening. They don't know what to do better know what to say so they avoid it because they've never been taught in the seminaries, so that's not a good start, but the very first Bible prophecy in the Bible so the first eschatological teaching in the Bible was a so Tara logical passage meeting this the first prophetic word given by God regarding your salvation was a word that Messiah salvation would come in the future. Genesis 315. It's the first prophecy in the Bible is about salvation. You miss that you missed both. You can't miss it.

And so watch out. We go to seminary. If you're going it's sad that point, Jack. This is kind of point C to this question would actually be number 19 and not leave in the topic and think it's so important. But the question is what you say to a believer and adhere to the question and say what you say to the believer, pastor, teacher, attic, church, who simply isn't excited about this now.

Maybe they have been taught for some reason this topic is just not in their paradigm they have no interest or not. Excited when were living in the times of the signs were living at the time when Jesus literally can return. Perhaps today number people here obviously probably all are waiting expectantly.

And yet the people in their lives and the people in the lives of those texting and these questions are dealing with pastors, friends, family members who are just Boulevard over these issues. What do you say to them. Amir what you're saying nice I want to say that the Bible says yes that to those who love his appearance. He will appear the second time. Hebrews 9 exactly mates. In other words, he came for the first time to save the world not to judge but to those who are expecting and looking forward to his appearance. He will appear a second time. The Bible says. In other words the believer has, to have that expectation for the return of Jesus to take him out of here and if he doesn't have it. He needs to ask himself how come the Scripture, not me. The Scripture said that we should have it if we want to see McCain coming to take's not my words and therefore I'm saying something is terribly wrong with your understanding of the Scriptures or were you never probably studied that to understand how important it is to eagerly want to see eagerly expect his appearance in the universe so many verses about eagerly waiting eagerly expecting eagerly wanting to see him again and so there's a big problem in your Christian understanding in your Bible understanding if you don't have nothing. You know, I was picked up in airport one day in Singapore by Deacon over the big church there and pick me up in a beautiful car in sizzle of the Lord has blessed me so much. My business is blessed beyond measure. I make more money now than I ever made in my entire life just started building our house.

Singapore your own house is very rare. It's very small place.

He says I am building such a beautiful house.

I don't mind Jesus will not come back soon you won't, and I realize somebody love something else more than loving his appearance so correct. Listen to this. This is so precious so precious because you couple Hebrews 928 and listen to this. This is Paul's answer to us in second Timothy 464. I am already being poured out as a drink offering in the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me is in here comes a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge will give to me on that day and not only to me only, but to all those who have loved his appearing pretty crystal-clear.

Okay, I need to move on to Cindy and time and I think we've heard today about power shift in the world. It's gone from America.

It's going to other world economic forum, China, and the knees are the new power players. All of these needs are going about the antichrist. Eventually, obviously, and ultimately to Jesus Christ. But before Jesus Christ the antichrist is going to come along and overwhelm the world. So how does this happen is China to be a major player or is she not be a major player is the time for anybody to be a major player other than the antichrist or is the antichrist waiting in the closet back here somewhere. Not here, where going this way were going. This way when he'll come out and establish his kingdom going in.

I think the world is going to see such chaos. The antichrist will be welcome by them to bring about peace that their loan so China will step aside. America has been held as the policeman of the world you move the police what happens they now you have to understand every rat comes out of its hole right you know North Korea resumed its nuclear program. Right now China is saying anyone that is approaching the waters that are being disputed right now is actually entering into our territory and the same thing. Iran is attacking everywhere all day long. Nobody cares Russia understand what's going on Turkey understand what's going right now the mice are coming out of the hold and it's going to be such chaos that when the invasion towards Israel is going to come and it will come. The only power that can ever help Israel in order to withstand it and survive will be the God of Israel, and there is no country, not Europe, not America. No one is going to come to help with.

It reminds me of what Jesus talked to the Jewish people think those days were not sure. Yes, so my point is I don't think Scheinman is going to control the world. I think that actually China will have hard time even with the antichrist.

I don't think you can have an antichrist with the powerful China sent is not yet something is going to go wrong in China.

You know what could go wrong in China and am open for this. I'm sure you are to is the gospel that's what's gonna going on in China gospel very well is creepy guy security. You have to remember that the whole geopolitical landscape change is Daniel talks about the antichrist dividing the land. Revelation 17 says those who are in coalition with the antichrist have received no kingdom as yet.

So everything is going to change during the tribulation. I think we also have to remember, China is home to the underground church which is mass and when the rapture happens there gonna lose a lot of people in there can be just as confused as the rest of the world which is the opportunity for this guy to come in this smooth talking flatterer and deceive the whole world and following him, everything changed in a moment, and a mirror is so right because the Scripture says that he's going to deceive the world.

The first half of the true relation. Don't be fooled all know the first parts flying. It's the second part that's bad know the seven are all bad. The front end. Daniel says he deceives the world by peace. So that means you would want peace the world and any peace and prosperity so something economically has got the collapse US dollar soon with what's happening and there's going to be a need for a new economy he's going to have the answer and he's going to bring in peace because examining the but even in those 3 1/2 years of supposedly peace. Make no mistake, the property depravity will be in such level that the two witnesses. Whatever they say is going to be held as blasphemy and when they will finally be executed. What are they going to publicly drag their bodies in the street and people will get right now whenever I don't know if you've seen the footage after 9/11 20 years ago you and I saw it in the streets of East Jerusalem in the Arab Muslim section renegade candies to one another while the Jewish side of the resource lining up to donate blood. The section of Jerusalem was celebrating for what happened. No white space now are moving to the future that was 20 years and lets most of the future.

Those two witnesses are going to be dragging the streets of Jerusalem that people can't get the war and yet what is going to happen. People will give gifts and candies and celebrate the death of the people that God sent creature you can imagine, it's not only peaceful in the way you and I see peaceful things the moral standard is going to change so dramatically that what then is going to be peaceful for us is going to be horrific. Now we are holding Isis as criminals because why they behead people remember they started cutting off in the future that will be the practice. All of the world, he will not take that mark of the beast when the beast will be here in ruling the world his head will be chopped off a crime. It's going to be the practice of the governmental week.

Those first years. Don't be the illusion that it's going to be something that in our language will be amazing and good this world is going to be in horrific reality.

Everything we experience now it's law and order compares to what they gonna define his peace. We make clear that if you're born again believer, you won't see that the scriptures say they will literally send gifts to one another around the world. The world will celebrate each other. Amazon busy gifts giving because these two Jews are that is to profits or out-of-the-way.

Just a quick reminder that we still carry complete sets of DVDs from this wonderful event held at Pastor Jack Hibbs church, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. Other speakers were Pastor Hibbs, Amir Sir Fadi Michelle Bachmann, Pastor Barry Stagner and yours truly that question-and-answer session is a part of our DVD set, as well as other features. We do not sell anything separately but all messages, including this Q&A can be found at no cost on our website. Olive tree olive tree or on our YouTube channel. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of three that's all of the tree can call a simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 right is through the mail.

The olive tree ministries and Jan Markel, PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311 call gifts are tax-deductible in an age of fake news and false teaching.

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Watch the video version of the program or listen to the audio olive tree then to complete archives on YouTube on rumble light source and his channel Christian TV. Now here's the conclusion of today's program. Let's return to the Q&A session from behold he comes conference, 20, 21 in Southern California recently held at Pastor Jack Hibbs church, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California. Participants included Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Barry Stagner Amir Sir Fadi and I had the privilege to host the Q&A.

Let's get right back to it. We talked a little bit about this yesterday and we pointed to some things that are going on in Australia. Sorry don't mean to be thinking we get viewers from Australia but my goodness, some of the tyranny going on there is adhering. So this kind of tyranny comes to the doorstep of people in America. I believe it's very close in Canada. It's in parts of Western Europe France for sure, and let's talk about believers. How does the believer cope with latent tyranny.

Now the root of this tyranny here in fall of 2021 seems to be one issue and that vaccines we're not here to tell you to take the vaccine or not to take the vaccine. The point is, they're using that as a tool to come against good people. Christians and solid conservatives.

How do we deal with this kind of tyranny should end up on our doorstep. Barry Stagner, I can't repeat that. I'm sorry I we actually were linked our live on the technical this whole thing is so troubling on overall this we have to first of all remember the government's responsibility is to protect our rights and other health or health is trusted into the hands of God and yes we had wonderful advances in medicine that we all have taken advantage of or in one of those situations where people are making a personal health decision, but when it comes down to violating your personal rights to make your own personal decisions. That's where we need to start standing up. You have to remember, the apostles were told not to preach in this man's name anymore. Now you've gone out and spread his name throughout the whole city and that's when it came down to Peter and the other saying you decide whether we ought to obey man or whether we ought to obey God and one when they start telling us we can't meet his church. God said meet his church. Hebrews 1025 do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the custom of some, but even more so on the day approaching the stirring up one another to love and good works now. I didn't read anything in the parentheses, as it says, unless there's a pandemic.

So when they start telling us that we can obey God. That's the time we stand up against the tyranny and you know Jack you put something on telegram but a Newsweek article about there is a group that is exempt from the vaccine mandate. Well, who is our group exam group that's exempt from the mandates of vaccine is the entire U.S. Congress and the White House staff's exempt federal judges are exempt also serve them listen. I want you to think about this for moment I view that as an rentable insult to my intelligence. See nonsense. Anything in the look in their winter weight three days five days and then missing Americans and standing about moving to the next thing this is who we are now tell you if Sam Adams and George Washington came back today they wouldn't recognize if they spoke to us personally. They wouldn't know what country were from. So should we push back against this tyranny if it counted our doorstep to be pushed back against the tears know that I had very Isaiah 5417.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper every thought, every Tom mix judgment you shall condemn for this is the heritage of the servant of the Lord, and their righteousness is from me, you bet we push back.

We stand up three flight probably never heard a sermon on this before Paul the apostle told the Corinthians, by your obedience punish all disobedience memorizing outbursts and a little memorization card area yet it's in the Bible.

Some of them look like well you mentioned it today earlier today in your message about exposing wickedness to expose wickedness and to punish disobedience means that we are walking in the light with the Lord and that we ourselves are being obedient. The Scripture says that the righteous are as bold as Lyons so yes we do. In fact, let me say this, it's owed our local government and our county Board of Supervisors and the chairman of the Board of Supervisors, our beloved mayor and city Council. They have defended us by us exercising our faith and look we were going to do it with or without their approval. The point is that they stood for us and they stood up against the governor because you know what we know them. They know us. We know their children.

We pray for their families. We know them by name women ministry relationship with our county in our city.

This church supplies the chaplaincy program to crisis. This church supplies a publicly undisclosed amount of money to help the city meet emergency situations when people lose their homes in fires or the death of a mom and dad in the child's left alone wouldn't want that to be public news to Jesus the dome at the right hand on the left hand is doing, but the city knows and you know they did.

They stood up against this governor to protect us because of a relationship that is God, godly marriage, godly city Council that the godly County board of supervisors.

I didn't answer your questions, but I wanted to acknowledge them for their good works like should I move on night again, this is not in the questions here, but we've considered today specific things that we've looked at, pointed out very specific in time things going on past Barry Stagner get the same thing if we could summarize… Say in a paragraph or two.

Here we are in the end of the church age. Would there be one or two things we should be watching out for always be watching the Middle East and Amir. That's why we appreciate what you're doing so much because you're from there and you help us understand the mess they're easy to understand language value.

So let's set that aside because I want to consider couple of other things that we should be watching as we wind down the end of the church age.

What apostasy in the church I happen to reference lawlessness coming out of Washington DC and in our major cities. Amir, what would you tell the audience to be watching again would just set the Middle East aside for now because we want to look at some other things I just spoke about the fact that Bible prophecy says nothing about estimations between themselves or about themselves only there's the general concept of righteousness that every nation should practice but in reality when you talk about Bible prophecy is real. Of course the figtree coming back light is the major thing, but I do see the platform all around the world for the one world government. Wangle your religion and one's own economy so important, so there's a global platforms that are being prepared right now and there is the regional and there is every person, no as a person. What did Paul write to the Thessalonians concerning the times and the seasons, my brothers, you have no need that I should write to wife because every true believer can sense inside of him. The urgency of the tub, so there is people I get tons of emails about visions and dreams and young people and older people that they can clearly see the soon return of Jesus to take. So there is the individual aspect. There was the national aspect. There is the global aspect.

Add to that the Middle East and you get a picture that no other generation. Since the time of Jesus Christ had the privilege to witness. We by far are the most blessed generation since the time of Jesus we see more prophecies being fulfilled in our lifetime than any other, how boring it is to live in the 1600s living the way they see nothing. All men were wearing wigs and stocking and all that listening to my I mean it's like we are literally watching things that I even the prophets wish they could say yes amen absolutely no Jack say this all at once all at once. You've got now, as Michelle said the US falling from the place of superpower, the economy, the dollars in a go away soon the threat of wars and rumors of wars, Israel back in the land of Israel. Now abandon. You've got yes the Ezekiel 38 stage being clearly set. You've got the complete breakdown in family gender is them LB GT Q all this prophesied in the Bible Romans chapter 1, you got all these things happening at the same time and Daniel even warned us in the last days right before the end we missed it. The vision is given Daniel the announcement is men shall travel to and fro, and knowledge shall increase and that word means that there will be information exchange.

What we would sit lightspeed and that man's acquisition of information would be exploding.

This is what's happening yet all these things taking place at the exact same time. Never before. Never the word convergence perfect.

It's exactly that's happening all the lines are coming like the detectives with all the clues in the surge on the lines and now it's so amazing if you just joined me you are hearing your presentation from behold he comes, 20, 21, the prophecy conference in Southern California very recently. Participants included Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Barry Stagner Amir Sir Fadi and I had the privilege to host the Q&A, just a quick reminder that all presentations are posted to our website under video olive tree olive tree or you can look into purchasing a complete set of DVDs. Visit our online store. Give my office a call.

Let's get right back and conclude this Q&A session and again like I said in the exhortation today. The devotion was you can't think of a better time to evangelize people.

Your neighbors are scared to death. They just don't act like they're terrified and now you need to let your pride aside because the reason why we don't over neighbors is because of pride. We need to lay aside and say listen call me crazy. Whatever.

But I went to a conference went through the Bible and long story short, you need to know that Jesus Christ was written in the Bible of died on the cross for our sins and rose again from rose again from the grave rose again from the grave for your sins and you give them you give them the gospel when I wait till next week this and I want to leave this with you. Can you share the gospel. Don't say anything can just ask can you accurately tell someone the gospel.

Do you know because if you got your neighbor and you say hi a you believe in God course I do.

Praise the Lord.

Thank you because I thought of after 30 by Jesus, your neighbor God, who what God in America today is what God because everybody believes in a god or gods. But did yours come in flesh and die for you to take away your guilt, shame, and to break the grave so that when you lived your last breath on earth that you see him in grace and mercy I'm telling you this is the time. That's why receive a global response yet to our four ministries.

I can't even imagine.

Maybe somebody needs to do this just these four horsemen in Corona Crown. The amount of traffic our sites get in a month combined and then just recently with television Fox, CBS Newsmax for what's happened to us. It's not wise this happening because Jesus is coming. This is no other nation in the time, let's just take the last couple minutes here. Each one of you gentlemen let's encourage the flock care with however you want to encourage them.

Obviously the greatest news. The greatest encouragement to everyone, is the fact that we are the privilege generation that very likely going to see the king coming in. See Jesus in the clouds any day. That's tremendously encouraging news, particularly in light of here. We've talked about in this little session delusion. We talked about the incompetence. Washington DC would either use the word treason here a couple of times we talked about some tyranny. We don't want to leave on that note, we want to be able to encourage folks. Pastor Barry Stagner. How would you encourage and we are running short on time, how would you encourage folks as we wind this event down today. While I don't think there's anything more comforting or encouraging them to know that this life is not all there is and where were going as a place that cannot be described.

It can even be imagined. It's a place of untold beauty in scope and all the things that we ponder and are going to experience annual Jack mentioned that old adage in his message about being so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good and listen if your heavenly minded you going to do more earthly good because you want to take people with you because that's the only thing we can take to heaven. We have a mandate from God. I believe the great commission is established in the Old Testament in Proverbs 2411 and 12 rescue those who are drawn towards death hold back those stumbling to the slaughter, and then were admonished if we say we did not know this will not he who keeps his soul way our hearts and render to each of us according to our needs. We are here to save souls, we are here for that purpose and listen. That's exciting that is wonderful and amazing thing to do because human souls is wise and that's why we're here to act on behalf of the Lord and listen. I like you, I don't find anything more exciting in life. I've been a football not my whole life.

I love sometimes I just do not know football but I've been a football fan my whole life I couldn't care less about football anymore.

They messed everything up so you when I get excited about.

I get excited about seeing a raise and someone walked down the aisle were on a field and as long as we stay focused on that for you to be able to handle what ever comes our way. Believe me, tell somebody about Jesus today, tomorrow, the day after that you have an exciting life. Jesus said that he's going and leaving and then we will do greater things that he will come. Well you know what Jesus did heal the blind person the blind person he resurrected Lazarus. Lazarus died again. The point is, we were given a box full of gospel pills.

The gospel and all he's expecting us to do is to give the gospel pills because that will give people eternal life.

What is the greater thing that we can do. Then Jesus it's not that is the we are greater than you. It's just the fact that he left with us the most powerful pill on planet Earth, which is to give people eternal life by sharing the good news.

And so my point is this. He wants to find us when he comes back doing his business. He wants to find us when he comes back sharing that I want to encourage all of us before we share anything. Ask yourself 10 times in my going to share the costs pill. Is that something for eternal life or my going to share desperation and hopelessness and no comfort. So that's one thing we've got today we heard about information going both ways and it's amazing you sit share share about as much as you can for the good news for the whole that we have in Jesus and I'm telling you this is amazing to see in 2021 that many people sitting in one room and so many more thousands of people in more than 50 different countries watching it at the same time and when they click the share button hundreds of thousands more are watching.

I heard do you have the power that share the gospel pill rather than any other thing and talk about that more than any of Jack give us a paragraph plays are to that's all excellent. I would say you're welcome. I would say that read the Gospels again just a fresh read of the Gospels and ask yourself as you read this simple question. What was Jesus most happy about when you read the Gospels. What made him happy and I think immediately I think it's all summed up and I just see Jesus actually laughing with joy when salvation came to Zacchaeus's house and then it's a comical moment is precious and Jesus is rejoicing that look you guys see Sam look to the Jewish disciples that were around him salvation has come. He to it's like it's very cute heat to is the son of Abraham.

It's remarkable. So what brings a smile to the heart of Jesus do the same and I'll leave you with this. I've had the opportunity recently someone bowed their knees to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and what led to that was the preaching of the gospel. They know it. A lot of people you and I know you know the gospel, but what sets this person up to bow the knee was not knowledge of the gospel. It was the authenticity or the power of the gospel is a big difference is Jesus warned us in Matthew seven, to those who said Jesus. We did miracles in your name we cast out demons and we did all this in your name and Jesus said, depart for me.

I never knew you. And so what happened in this person's life was that there was an authenticity why what happened in here is start treating the people that you come in contact with. As a believer don't Savior a believer that would be wrong to treat them as though they were brother and sister if their unbelievers say to them you know whatever's going on, what did you see that the second Lord we just pray for that family. That accident right now that just Lord God please be there in Jesus name in there and start finding out when skies live in this life it's real to him.

This, in this individual walked up and said this happened to you, and I said so start treating people as though they were believer and watch them warm up to authentic, real Christianity, you need to preach them anymore, as in Augustine, the nisei tell everybody about Jesus Christ and if you have to use words if I have the last word here lesion that is not a lot of time says and I want you to know how much work goes into them and Jack and his team have been working for weeks if not months on this feedback.

Thank you. Thank you Jack we love you and we will do it again if the load is not unitary American you and this is something little bit different is going to hold his hands up to pray because that's how it's done. Can we lift our hands up in just have this be a blessing that encompasses everyone in this house of the 9V Schmidt you and nine nonbelief the makeup of the nine nonbelief. The SMS shuttle.

The Lord bless you and keep you Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you the low lift up his countenance towards you and give you peace in the name of the Prince of peace is the Lord of peace, who is alone can give you that peace that surpasses all understanding. His name is Yeshua he's our salvation in his name we pray in all of God's people see the name of this conference was behold he come and that is because indeed he is coming again sooner than anyone can imagine. Are you ready to meet the Lord is your name written down in the book of life, or is it registered in the book of death. The Bible says in Romans 10 that all: the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved want to do that today and make sure that you are in the Lamb's book of life: the Lord today and ask him to turn your life around and make all things new.

Want to thank you for listening will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website. Olive tree views.our olive tree central time at 76355 94 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write geometry ministries and Jim Markel. Box 1452, Road, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible. It's a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this.

Just remember that we have a front row seat to the last act watch everything fall into place

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