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Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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December 10, 2021 7:00 am

The Game Changer

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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December 10, 2021 7:00 am

Jan Markell and Pete Garcia review top stories that have biblical implications in 2021. The game changer was the Covid-19 pandemic. That ushered in dozens of scenarios with prophetic implications. They also look at potential stories of significance for 2022.

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Hard times are not uncertain at all.

The Bible outlined them in detail.

More scriptural references to the tribulation than to any other historical period mentioned in the Bible in the Old Testament.

This seven years of turmoil is also called the day of God's vengeance the time of Jacob's trouble and time of the end will come to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries. They would consider the lateness of the hour for the entire program. Part one.

Jen outlines the prominent Bible prophecy happenings in 2021, then author and commentator Pete Garcia joins Jan an extension of the conversation. Here is today's program on the island of Patmos in the Mediterranean Sea. The apostle John beheld a series of visions in one of them for mounted horses appeared on the horizon of the future is the ominous messengers of the final apocalypse.

The first horse in John's vision was white and it symbolizes the rampant spiritual deception that would grip the earth and its final rent horse and rider found images of intense warfare throughout the planet. Then a black horse thundered to the earth can have a famine natural disaster and finally the pale horse of death made an inevitable journey, spiritual deception, starvation, earthquakes and intensities beyond anything humanity has ever experienced. They are early signs of the end times prophesied by Jesus Christ, and welcome to the program so I am going to spend the opening segment talking a little bit about what I see to be the top Bible prophecy stories of the year and we are racing towards the end of 2021 and I picked out that six items to run through here as the year is winding down and news with apocalyptic implications. Well it's breaking not just daily but hourly. So summarizing them in a compact manner is difficult, but let me try the current year has been record-setting in so many ways. Some of those ways are tragic, as the Lord tries to get the world's attention. So here's just a short list of the top harbingers of his return. That happened throughout the last year.

Half even two years that we should have paid attention to, and it's going to even intensify more as we rush into a new year and the first is kind of obvious and that would be America's decline and the rise of course of the world economic forum. I think many of us did not think we would be the generation to see the drastic decline of our country and as absolutely the world leader the world is now preparing for global government and the advancement is stunning.

It's diabolical and all efforts to advance this are cloaked in these days saving the planet and the organization To do this of course is the world economic forum. We've talked about that endlessly. On this program. It's the most significant story within the last probably hundred years and its leader Clouse Schwab has gathered hundreds of the global elite to carry out a satanically driven goal of a one world government that now has global attention. So what happens to America. Let me just play a clip of Mark Hitchcock here. He's going to offer some suggestions as to what might happen to America that's a big questionably awes also wears American Bible prophecy effective.

Probably the most asked question I get. As I travel around people want an answer to that question we get all nervous when it doesn't appear VHS player looks or are they doing some reports. I will America's just not mentioned. Like a lot of places are mentioned in the Bible, not every country is mentioned, but to me the fact that America is the greatest economic, political, military might this ever existed in the world. If America were a key player in the end times you think would be mentioned in Scripture. A lot of people find America. In Revelation 17 and I can say America, or maybe even some would say New York City Wall Street is this great and time system is called Babylon. There I don't hold that view.

It's possible but I don't hold nothing Bible on merit.

In Revelation 17 making is Babylon the city of Babylon over in Iraq. I guess can be rebuilt. There's already things happening there to die right in the middle two thirds of the world oil so I think that's gonna be. That's Bible and in the end times people say if there's an unnamed nation. Isaiah 18 people say will maybe that's the United States. All these different places. I don't think America's mentioned in the Bible is a key player in the end times.

I think that's significant because therefore not mentioned them something to have to happen to us if were not a key player there a lot of plausible scenarios out there in some type of nuclear 9/11 could take place.

The moral meltdown we have in our country taking place the crushing doubt all those things could certainly bring our country down or those things could also happen in a crippling combination with this event we note is the rapture when all the believers in the world are to be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. Now they're Christians all over the world, obviously, every country will lose people there believers all over the world, but according to statistics by men like Barnett and others say about 8 to 10% of the people in America are true believers in Christ. It is they believe that people are saved by God's grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone that numbers anywhere near accurate that some 30 million people will disappear from America. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. So the coronavirus was the crisis they could not let go to waste. Revelation 13 outlines the coming one world government which will be led by the antichrist and they will need a crisis and they got it so in a brazen manner. This world economic forum boasts in their slogan. Can you imagine that will own nothing and be happy there telling us in advance that they plan to be in control will own our possessions that the governess with socialism or communism. And I believe they manifest prominently during the tribulation from which the church is absent. Yet we see them coming to prominence and recognition already. Even today, number two, and a list of top Bible prophecy stories in the last year, we can stretch it out even to the last two years would be a fear-based world willing to submit to government overreach. Again, the globalist convinced the world that it is worth giving up many if not most of our freedoms in the name of health, safety, and during the tribulation, the left behind world will have to give up everything. Tremendous conditioning has gone on since now March 2020. I want to play a clip here of Glenn Beck and he's talking a little bit about the process that we have gone through and how we have willingly given up so much of our freedom.

I don't know if you've noticed this but the military now has been deployed to enforce the lockdown in Australia. It's a prison country again.

I can't imagine the military being dispatched on our shores to make sure that you remain inside. Well, I was can say I don't think Americans would put up with it, but yeah yeah yeah yeah we would yell we would put up with it. I mean, why not. But what else what else could they do to us. You know, here's the thing we have taught the United States government and those weasels in Washington an awful lot. We have taught them that you can spy on us. You can collude with big tech. You can break all of the warrant laws you can lock us up in our homes. You can destroy our businesses. You can tell us exactly what to do and what not to do, where to eat, where not to eat, when to eat when we can open up what we have to wear what we have to put into our bodies. They can tell us anything and will take it will take it. Just keep taking. I think they have learned a lot. They have learned a lot. I have learned a lot, and hopefully they're going to be a few states that will stand up now and say yeah that was a mistake to teach you that I was a big mistake to teach you that well our own FBI encouraged people to turn and loved ones whom I have been violating health, safety, and I think that kind of betrayal is almost tribulation asking itself the level to which the world has cooperated in all of this is just been staggering and many have not submitted but far too many have. So the ultimate loss of freedom will come via I believe vaccine passports and probably forced vaccinations. And while some would say that that is just medical tyranny, they will open the door for eventually total tyranny which will be the case, of course, during the tribulation and the church as we are promised is spared from God's wrath. Revelation 310 and by the way, if you just joined me you are listening to understanding the times radio I'm Jan Markel I'm going through the list of I believe half a dozen or so top Bible prophecy stories in 2021 second half of the program will be joined by author and columnist speak RCM but let me just conclude with some top stories here in 2021.

Perhaps expanding even beyond that, a little bit but number three would be lawlessness and the rise of the spirit of antichrist.

And I said many times that since Minneapolis is my hometown. I recognize lawlessness 5 miles of Minneapolis, was burned to the ground in May 2020 and will never bounce back. But today's lawlessness doesn't have to be buildings being looted and burned. We have utter lawlessness coming out of Washington DC so lawlessness will abound in the last days according to Matthew 2412 at the passage in Matthew which of course is really the tribulation tribulation is casting a major shadow on the church age now, and that is why we have stories that were hearing now that art shocking right to that breaking news yes smash and grab finish strike again pulling off a big heist at the Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco's Union Square. This comes as days after a robbery crew cleaned out a diamond jewelry store at Sun Valley Mall in Concord KPI excise Kenny Troy photojournalist Bob Horn were the first crew on the scene there tonight. Okay, that this is still a very active scene with a heavy police presence were told that they are still searching for suspects in the area take a look behind me to see some of the other doors and windows about Louis Vuitton store smashed glass littering the sidewalk several streets run units were had to be blocked off and still are point-to-point source of his began as a smash and grab then turned into a robbery. A little after 8 PM smoked one witness he said that more than a dozen people could be seen running out of the store clinging to merchandise and hauling as much as a good one point SAP officers can be seen surrounding a great convertible Mustang with one patrol car blocking it.

Several officers taking the time to smash on the Windows source telling us that at least one person inside the car had to be taken to the hospital size captured you police detaining one person at the scene as deputy. Also confirming multiple suspects have been already arrested and there been course. A number of high and high's all over the bay area including Union Square which has been hit hard several times since last year back out here live. You could see that great Mustang right near the store. Police officers and investigators still surrounding that car searching that car at this hour, please or respond to other stores in the area that have also been vandalized. This is still an ongoing investigation that you could see heavy police presence here tonight in Union Square well again complete and utter lawlessness.

The antichrist is called the lawless one second Thessalonians 29 whose rise to power will be in accordance with the schemes of Satan in the root of this evil is rebellion.

We see rebellion absolutely everywhere we turn to since the spring and summer of 2020 we have seen escalation of complete lawlessness in many countries. As these nations prepare to greet the antichrist and his administration so moving on.

I believe another highlighter lowlight as it comes to Bible prophecy stories in 2021 would be the rise of the Romans. One reprobate mind and delusional thinking. I think four of the most terrifying words in the Bible would be, God gave them over Romans 128 and that is what he does to mankind in the last days he gives them over to a reprobate mind where to most of the people at that time. Up is down, black is white and evil is good and that kind of thinking abounds today. Once the culture declines to a serious level. Then God says enough and he rescues his bride, the church out of it and takes us home to heaven.

He then judges the world for its depravity during the seven year tribulation. So in the last year and 1/2 we have seen major leaders engage in the most delusional thinking imaginable and if one didn't have a biblical perspective and an end time hope their actions would actually be terrifying is as though they intend for as much destruction as humanly possible. Remember, God washed his hands of many of these godless leaders and they are recklessly careening into the very last days, and perhaps they can be summarized by this soundbite here that's going to be a well it's a homecoming queen who's really a man Sweetwater high school made history of the weekend crowning a homecoming queen that someone might've thought would've never had a place on the court tennis reporter Laura Acevedo caught up with the student and her principal with pride for their cash homecoming queen was crowned at a football game on Friday.

She tells me she never thought she'd be the one to make district history, liens Carl picked answer high school's homecoming queen. I went by completely shocked but crew says the response has been overwhelming that everyone start cheering for me and I really expect that from anyone. Chris was crowned Queen at Friday's football game. The biggest game of the year and national city, the 18-year-old was the first transgender queen in the district after the pilot died crying when I thought of my life by strength in the homecoming queen. The decision was a vote from the student body something Sweetwater's principal says volumes about her students was extremely proud. I can't promise everything will seems to be affected who they are there all wonderful human being with her here to learn, Cruz admits that not everyone is accepting of who she is and has a message for those who disagree every opinion invalidated by some opinions can be really harsh though I was a faith that I keep it yourself. If you have nothing nice that they then don't they hope is that the rest of the community will one day be as accepting as her classmates so I like how times have changed and then how LGB think you people are more accepted in the community.

Now in national city Laura Acevedo pennies again. Romans one reprobate mind and delusional thinking and now is the dominant way of thinking, certainly in the Western world. Another major bullet point I believe would be the escalating birth pangs as creation groans whether commentators have said that they have watched the calamity of natural disasters escalate with much greater frequency and greater intensity and imagine the world is using even biblical terminology, the world has taken God out of the equation and suggests that tragedies are man-made, and even the result of man-made climate change when there are over 50 Bible verses stating that God is in control of the weather, not man. So while these will be off the chart in the tribulation. We see a foretaste of them now in the church age. I think particularly in the last year. The world is suggesting that only a mother earth type of worship system will fix these natural calamities as they refuse to recognize them as the hand of God. I think they are a stunning herald of the Lord's soon return others one more category that I'm going to cover here. And again I had compiled a list of the top Bible prophecy stories of 20, 21, this is my last point in the narration here.

I think it's a very important point. Nonetheless, and I think every listener will identify with the fact that there's been a marginalization of Christians conservatives and Jews certainly in the last year and 1/2 to 2 years at the Bible says that the unbelieving world hates us. John 1519. In the last year that has become a harsh reality in the Western world, righteous people, starting with born-again believers have been called extremists white supremacists and comparable to the Taliban. We actually went on the Department of Homeland Security's potential terror threat list. If we objected to various covert measures or if we question the 2020 election and leftist commentators said we were dreaming of a theocracy there partially right. Because we long for Christ's ruling out of Jerusalem in the millennium. Then as we moved into the late summer of 2021. We actually saw a new target target of marginalization.

The unvaccinated and while this is a personal medical decision. The powers that be decided to establish rules that even unemployed millions who chose not to get vaccinated.

Some were just uncertain about the vaccine, which is an experimental drug, and other people have some natural immunity and feel they just simply don't need vaccination.

So where is all of this going for me just play a short clip here it's Laura Logan of Fox News and I think she's sums up where were headed in the near future with the pandemic.

Now her comments may not be the most flattering, but they are realistic that we will never be finished with the pandemic we have it until the end of time, or more accurately, until the end of the tribulation and the great tribulation from which the church is absent as avocados being intervention to hear people talk about Larra. What's your take on where we are where we don't.

What is very simple. Pete right.

You just have to look at Africa they didn't have the death rates from Kovic that will predict it and what is happening over time is that the entire response to COBIT and everything that we were told about it from the beginning is being exposed and it's falling apart that Liza coming up and ready now.

There is no justification for putting people out of their jobs will forcing vaccine mandates for a disease that ultimately is very treatable. It's cheap to treat medicines are available all over the world and it has death rates that compare very much to seasonal flu and so in that moment.

What you see on Dr. Patsy.

This is what people say to me that he doesn't represent science to them. He represents Dr. Joseph manga, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the second world war and in the concentration camps and I am talking about people all across the world is saying this because the response from Kovic what it has done to countries everywhere. What it has been to civil liberties. The suicide rates the poverty it is later rated economies that level of suffering that is been created. Because of this disease is now being seen in that cold light of day, i.e. the truth and people see that there is no justification for what is being done so, as they're being exposed and the control is slipping away below and the holding of the variance, emphasis, and nobody should be surprised by that because they will be more variance until the end of time will nanny free of them. So I believe these are some of the primary signs of the times of the last year and as we move closer and closer to the end of the church age.

All of these issues that I've outlined you can intensify, including the hatred of Christians and Jews and conservatives of even more under attack course. The Bible says we are to count it all joy in James one in for a closer look at some of these signs of the times you might check out my newest DVD convergence how things are all falling into place.

Now, what's our job to be in the meantime, I think our job and whatever time we have left is to be salt into the light and to delay the decay and to try to wake up both the believing world and the unbelieving world because most are absolutely sound asleep. They are convinced that they just go along with the agenda.

All is going to come back to normal. Very shortly. Happy days will be here again and they may be in for a rude awakening if none of those things happen as they think. So they call these uncertain times, but are they really uncertain for those who understand Bible prophecy, the times became quite certain with the birth of modern Israel in 1948.

These are the days of the budding figtree times of the end as a new beginning dawns, societal upheavals, natural disasters, and the threat of new and more horrible kinds of war create fear and anguish across the world.

But the Bible said these things would happen during the days not long before the return of Jesus in the Bible's accuracy should give us tremendous comfort through it, God demonstrates his authority and ultimate control. He did not create us then leave us to fend for ourselves. He remains active and interested in our lives. He offers to make this part of his family. And when you're one of his. He has a Bible full of promises to give you comfort and hope in times of trouble. When I come back I'm going to continue on this theme as I talked to author Pete Garcia but an article he's written on the last generation and I promise you we have some very intriguing things to talk about but may quickly add this. We've got phonies on YouTube, impersonating olive tree ministries which it just delete them. Please don't watch the videos. Consider making fun of our ministry and me and were trying to get these people taken down and do been seem to care a whole lot just ignore the phony YouTube switch you it's not produced by olive tree ministries back in just a couple minutes we hope you'll stay in touch with us online through politics reviews.old porridge. That's olive trees use God for. You can call a central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 writers through the mail and follow through ministries and Jim Markel, PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in an age of fake views and false teaching. Thank you for trusting understanding the times were you. Are you trying to make sense of our times as well as the issues that concern the very last days we have brought back one of our most popular products to help you do that. Dr. Ron Rhodes book the end times in chronological order.

This book will bring all these issues into their proper order to explain the significance of the rapture of the church tribulation. Christ's second coming millennium and the many details that surround these and all the last days events.

Dr. Rhodes is one of today's finest scholars is easy to understand writing style is maybe one of our audiences. Most popular theologians find the book the end times in a logical order in our online store olive tree that's olive tree or you can call our office.

Simple time at 763559444 476-355-9444 market down to just $10.

Please add six dollars shipping in the US is our hope to not just understand the times have you understand how the church age winds down as well as how the other events transpire in the end of days and start this book by Ron Rhodes the end times in chronological order. They're prepping for the universal basic income and who's going to be tied directly to a digital currency. And that's why they don't care now about running up a $3 trillion bill with you going through Congress they know. It's got a crash at some point they've Artie got a backup plan in place and ready to go spend like crazy until he can rush it and then go to the we know you can always be via radio so catch understanding the times radio at your convenience online. Watch the video version of the program or listen to the audio olive tree then to complete archives on you to rumble on light source and on his channel Christian TV now Pete Garcia joins Jan to wrap up the rapture of the church is easily the most exciting event that could ever be imagined in the minds of men. God has given us this report that it's going to happen in the twinkling of an eye, you have to be prepared in advance and can't get prepared when it happens. The most detailed biblical accounts of the rapture are found in the New Testament. Not all of us will die, but we will all transform it will happen in the moment, the twinkling of for the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shop and with the trumpet call of God first. All the Christians who have died will rise from the grave. Then, together with we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and remain with him forever, on which Mr. perhaps the most compelling aspect of the rapture is its imminence. It could literally occur at any moment, and as the Scriptures tell us there will be no doubt when that moment arrives not as decaying flesh and bone but is living human beings with transform bodies ready to meet Christ in the here and instant later. Millions of people from every walk of life will vanish as they too will encounter their board between heaven, regardless of age or nationality.

Every man woman and child who was taken as one thing in common, each of them believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the human race. Well I'm glad you could stick around for part two of my programming and yes those are the kinds of issues were covering for the full hour known as eschatology of the doctrine of the last days we talk about it frequently on this programming and I talked on air to Pete Garcia several months ago. Now we took a look at what's known as the giant than that's traveling the world in Peru pondering if it might tie-in somehow to the image of the beast, and I've invited Pete back on air today to share just a bit and you can learn more about Hammett's website. Rev I'll say that again later on, and Pete does have a chapter in the newest Terry James book Lawless the end time war against the spirit of the antichrist which we carry. It's in my online store and there are two or three major stories were going to look at just as time allows. Pete welcome back to the program take ceramic into MMB quoting a couple of your articles and just to get the conversation started. I'm quoting from an article of yours and believe it's titled the last generation actually had a DVD and made by that title to have gravitated easily to this article and in it you're stating about how our times have changed and particularly since the pandemic came along, which is now to be two years in March and you say this people had their lives to get busy getting on with. They had their careers. They had their financial investments. They had their sports teams and their pet hobbies. The majority of conversations I have had with church people about the coming in have always felt like forests conversations because they didn't want to talk about it and then you say you'd think, given the sorry state of affairs these days.

The so-called Christians would be excited about the change in the global administration, but they are and you say people are so invested in the here and now it's very difficult for them to see the forest for the trees. As is often the case, it takes a supremely disturbing event on a par with 9/11 to wake people from their slumber and then there was coven and then you conclude if any good news came out of this so-called pandemic and the subsequent sphere apocalypse that is since ensued. It's that some Christians have finally awakened the biblically speaking, the global shutdowns have taken away their livelihoods, their sports and their various forms of entertainment and force them to pull their head out of the sand earthly distractions and to look up some Pete what you're saying here is that coven became the game changer right, absolutely.

It's one of those things that force people that were pretty insular and focused on what was going on in their lives to look around and not have the luxuries of sports and not have the luxury going to shop are going to work. Now they're forced to stay home. They're forced to look at the world that rapidly changed in front of them and take stock of their life. I think the thing that hits home to me is that people who don't understand the topic of the hour here today eschatology or the doctrine of the last days. People who don't care about this, who have walked away from it, who mock it. He can't possibly understand the time in which you agree absolutely crowded the issue that they have with the Bible is that the Bible doesn't come out and say the market. Abuse is going to be a microchip. It doesn't say it's gonna be a quantum… To the Bible gives us. In most cases, summaries of what's gonna happen with hundred percent accurate and as we watched these things get flesh on the boat if you will it take a lot of the people by surprise there also not connecting the dots between the things of the Bible talk about the things that are happening day-to-day is another one of your articles you hit on something that is I think one of the intrigues here of late 2021 and you talked about the climate summit in Glasco. This is now several weeks ago and you referenced good old Prince Charles. He made a speech in Glasco, which has many of us scratching our heads. I'm just gonna play. It's a minute and 14 seconds here and then I want to come back and talk about it with you because he's talking about somebody unidentified in his speech, which I think is just an entry as we tackle this crisis are reference, but a series of independent initiatives running in parallel scale and scope of the threat we face cold for global systems level solution based on radically transforming our current fossil fuel based economy to one that is genuinely renewable and sustainable. So this is my plea today is for countries to come together to create the environment that enables every sector of industry to take the action required.

We know this will take trillions of dollars.

We also know countries, many of whom by growing levels of debt simply can't afford to go green here. We need a forest militarist outcome.

The emotional strength of the global private sector with trillions at his disposal far beyond global GDP and the greatest respect beyond even the governments of the world's leading. It offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition did Prince Charles accidentally let it slip that the globalists have a person in mind to run the entire world.

He said he is referred to his. Could it be one of Clouse Schwab's world economic forum leader up-and-coming protégés to something that Pete has written about and that I have pondered here since about a month ago to give me your thoughts could be written extensively about this. Prince Charles is a long time and space in facial and even though he doesn't command the level of authority that he would have it working does have a large platform and he is an influencer at the global scale of a couple of things that are interesting. Obviously the one where he mentions with trillions at his disposal, and obviously the speech was written beforehand. Yes, with the thought that he was just caught in an interview to a reporter. This is something that he wrote down or have somebody write down for him and he reviewed my estimation is that they do have somebody in mind, and all Schwab, the founder of the world economic forum. He started a program back in the 90s called the young global leaders are was renamed about 2004, and out of this program. It had a number of current and former world leaders angle of Merkel Tony Blair menu McCrone California Gov. Avenue some gates to both of them is a laundry list of the Who's Who of the folks in all of the same mind all globalists to help think that the only way to fix the problems in the world is to unite as one that his disposal at his disposal is in my mind that they do have somebody in mind who that person is we don't know just yet, but we would assume that this person is of the same like-minded globalist agenda that the rest of them are. The second thing that he says here that interesting if he said that we also know that countries many of whom are burdened by growing levels of debt simply cannot afford to go green. I think what he is addressing here is the national debt that are across the Western nations are nowhere 29 trillion at some point we are not to be able to meet that agenda of going green because it's just too catastrophic to our country into our economy into the global economy. So I think that they're also prepping for this universal basic income, and this is going to be tied directly to a digital currency. In FY they don't care now about running up a $3 trillion bill with peace to you Bill for the call to Congress they know it's gonna crash at some point they've Artie got a backup plan in place in the ready to go with it so that it's gonna spend like crazy until he can rush it and then go to this new system. Well, as you say you cited the young global leaders, graduates, and this is important stuff sucks because it goes back 30 years and Mr. Schwab started out training folks when they were younger obviously Angela Merkel some 30 years ago Tony Blair 30 years ago, and menu McCrone only since 2017.

Obviously, Bill Gates and Jeff be zealous in their earlier years, as well as a matter fact. Chelsea Clinton is on this list who is been trained to become a global leader and have some sort of a role in the whole end time scenario that the Bible outline so these are things to pay attention to just what on earth.

Prince Charles knows we may never know. Frankly, I expect the church to be removed from this planet much sooner rather than later and we may never know some of these things I want to move on in the interest of time and talking for this segment with Pete Garcia. Learn more at his website. Rev that stands for Revelation 310 wonderful verse. Rev. and that is a headline that jumped out at me and were still in the sole topic of coving and how it's changed the world in less than two years absolutely set it upside down headline from Sweden.

Get your covert vaccine passport in a chip in your hand and then it gives a video unfortunately that is in Swedish so can play it here relate but the article states this over the last few years Swedish workers have volunteered to have microchips implanted in their hands so they no longer have to carry cash ID keys etc. microchips are gaining popularity in Sweden and now the Swedes are getting covert vaccine passport implanted in their hands or elsewhere under their skin, and then the article in Sweden's daily newspaper says get your covert certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin is increasingly popular.

To insert a chip into the body with different types of information and now you can also insert your covert certificate in the ship. The article concludes the Swedish public health agency announced that it is introducing vaccine passports for every event. Over 100 people and then beginning back on December 1, Swedes will need a vaccine passport to go virtually anywhere that micro-chipping is voluntary. By the way, but it will give some time in the covert police will make it mandatory in order for people to participate in society both specifically in Sweden as this article is pertaining to Sweden, but really around the world.

I'm sure you saw that article and have a thought or two on the bottom line for the fourth Industrial Revolution, which is what caused Schwab in the globalists and all of these folks are pushing this is that everything that can be automated will be automated and that includes the human body the natural evolution if you will, where technology went from the first Industrial Revolution to the second and third amount to the four we're seeing everything connected to the Internet. If we look at the mark of the beast. Revelation 1315 through 18. The Bible gives us a cursory like 666 with the number of the name of the man and it is this system that can be used to control all buying and selling, but it can also incorporate this idea that covert it helped usher in this age were we need to embed medical information into human body will be like this.

The related compliance measure that will come about during the tribulation. This one chip will have your medical information middle have your social credit score. Your social passport if you will middle have the digital currency portion to at the financial passport so you have a health social and financial passport all wrapped up into this one microchip whatever it into becoming what would seeing with Sweden and with other countries in the form of conditioning and infant to the patient to that type of automation that will come to human body poster listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel.

I have on the line Pete Garcia who is an author and commentator, and you have a new book out.

I believe it's section and wanted to give it about a one minute plug. Go ahead.

My book is called hobo volume 1 transfer homeward bound silicate acronym about a retiring Army major that's deployed to Afghanistan, right around the time that the American economy crashes really a story about a man who is in the process of losing everything and find God, redemption, and Percocet in the world. So it has a lot of Bible prophecy Americans told in a fictional story format available on Amazon go to Google to type in Pete Garcia Amazon and it should pull up really quickly to clarify folks, we are not carrying it in her online stores, so you need to follow Pete's guidelines there as far as getting hold of his book. What we are carrying is the Terry James book Lawless, and Pete has a chapter in Terry's book lawless end times war against the spirit of antichrist. You can find that it olive tree and just go to our online store or give my office a call PQ have been a major in the US Army and you actually spent some significant time in the Middle East you and I've had a conversation about the pretty obvious that the conflict is growing between Israel and Iran, and I'm going to play a clip of a mirror's are funny. This is just here in the last few days he's giving update on his observation about what could be a pending war in the Middle East between Israel and Iran, folks. If this happens we don't know if and we don't know when but if it does happen. The entire world will be destabilized. Not saying Israel shouldn't do this because Iran is plotting and scheming and planning to obliterate the nation of Israel, which God won't let happen.

By the way, but let's play that clip of a mirror, and then come back and talk about it ever since I landed back from Dubai and from Europe would been watching something quite remarkable Israeli Air Force exercises are the most intense of ever seen in May. I even add the claims are fully equipped my neighbors told me that the feeling when those F-16s are flying above us is as if it's completely fully ready for war, no I want to connect the dots between three things. First of all, the Israeli Defense Minister just said yesterday Israel is getting ready is preparing itself for war with Iran.

This is important to understand that we don't normally say those things publicly. As far as I know this is the first time when an Israeli defense minister on live TV is saying that me and the Prime Minister are fully coordinated. The military is fully prepared.

I also want to tell you that over the last two months or so. I've never seen a series of so many exercises in the civilian population to know how to behave in a major Rockets attack. So one Israel is getting ready to strike in Iran to the Israeli population is being prepared for a long missile attack on Israel and three there is a report that is coming out that Iran already acquired enough enriched uranium for a bomb and now all Iran has to do is to put it together and create… Why am I saying all of this because there is a very big dispute right now between Israel and the US administration use administration is trying to get back to the wrong deal, but the Iranians are just laughing at them and is a circus what's going on. Iran knows that America cannot do anything. Iran is demanding the old US sanctions will be listed and that's the only thing we want to talk about what we have is this Iran is running towards nuclear bomb. America is not freely calculating the full picture of what's going on Iran was slowly embolden by what they saw with the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, Israel and America are not in agreement on how to handle situation. The Americans told Israelis.

You can't really drop a bomb anymore at the Iranian nuclear sites are much more sophisticated leak hidden from all of you.

In other words, America is telling Israel don't do it.

It's not going to work is always telling America. We are getting ready to do it. Iran know now comes another thing all the Iranian proxies in the region.

In Syria and Lebanon. Other places over the last few days and maybe couple weeks we see that they are getting ready for something they move old there rockets and headquarters from faraway places into civilian populated area. They learn from Hezbollah in Lebanon and they learn from Hamas in Gaza. If you hide yourself within civilian population is on be hard for Israel to drop the bombs without being accused in the international court for committing war crimes so basically what is going on right now is all sides are ready for a full blown confrontation and I'm saying that because of never seen anything like this before. Here and then I was reading some of the comments of people about that and somebody said if Israel will risk striking Iran.

Watch what he wrote in on time at the secular Israeli military person. He said if Israel will strike Iran. There is a danger that Turkey and Russia will respond and I'm thinking to myself because this military officer been reading Ezekiel lately because I've been talking about the destruction of Damascus is probably the thing that will escalate the whole situation and will probably cause. Ezekiel 30 to come to pass, but should Israel go all the way to Iran and strike the selected nuclear military sites. This is another level as well, and we might see some immediate reaction I'm saying all of that because these are the things on the ground is a lot of things that are not being said a lot of things are under the surface, but I think all of you needs to know that Israel is officially announcing that it is getting ready for a war with the wrong date on safest on a matter of days or weeks or months, but it will happen. That's what they say and hope you can get updates like that from a mirror.

If you sign up for his YouTube channel and just sign up for updates and there are usually several times a week on YouTube. PQ got several years in the US military.

Your major in the U.S. Army and you are actually deployed to the Middle East for a good season as well.

Therefore, you now as he pointed out nuclear sites in Iran are hidden. Unlike the strike that they did in Iraq in the early 80s one reactor out in the open. This is a whole new challenge. Yet at 1981 strike in Iraq was called operation Babylon and a few a lot of correlations between then and now, in terms of international pressure for Israel not to do this, we are seeing the US under the Biden administration also began to get pushback said no do it, but Israel realizes that it has a very limited vanilla time. Family twitted near said in 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu was saying that it was within a year that Iran could get enough nuclear material to create a bomb and now the estimates or months to weeks, so in my best hypothesis would be that it would be sometime spring of 2022 that they strike and met largely due to weather weather the least in the winter it's pretty terrible. It's wet and overcast and the summertime it's brutally hot and I don't see Israel going much further beyond that to attack the sites afforded to the Thompson Everett and yeah it's different from operation Babylon, in the sense that it three different facilities there underground or hardened with technology about the change of water by 1081 and they have a ground penetrating arsenal that they can use and not only that, but their cyber warfare.

Now there's electronic warfare is all manners of ways of the conductive. I just don't think they're gonna weed out the three years for the bite administration of change. The Iranians are back away because it can't risk truck coming back in a second time or seven equally conservative Republican, and everybody that this point is kind of the mad dash. Iranians are trying to spread to get to the bottom and the Israelis are going to split the stock of I think 2022 is going to be a crazy year leading up in a kickoff with some fireworks. Your best guess is the spring of 2022 and this could be pulled off because of weather and related things. I'm in my goodness it got roughly 1100 miles by air to travel so they can.

This is a supreme challenge. It will take the grace of God to pull this off, Pete. Whether or not we're here to see this as hard to say certainly could before spring of 2022 could be tomorrow.I hear what you're saying that the more opportune time weatherwise would be spring of the new year.

By the way, just because were on the Middle East and reflecting here for a moment or two on the debacle absolute disaster of Afghanistan in that you had so many years in the Middle East. Give me your thoughts number one we left about $85 billion in weaponry behind. Could this not be used in the Gog Magog war. I think it very well could be because Afghanistan is a part of the Gog Magog alliance but give me your thoughts. 2008 and again in 2013 and in 2008. I remember asking what are we doing here what is our objective because even then it seem like we are trying to fight with stalemate was even worse in 2013 with regards to just the general attitude of what our mission here so you fast-forward to 2021 and 20 2012 may be arrangements for there to be and withdraw from Afghanistan conditions based Biden took that ran with it as an excuse to get out no matter what the cost. Like the fact that we have troops in Germany and Korea another place it on low for decades, so I'm not sure what was the why behind why we had to get out exactly that time. Regardless of what it was going to do to our geopolitical standing.

I think it was a calculated move by the Biden administration to reduce US American geopolitical standing in the Middle East to signal to the world that we are ready to take a step off the stage and let somebody else run things for the foreseeable future, and I think that that move by us in Afghanistan signal you are enemies merely Russia, China or North Korea, Iran, that we are not going to stand up anymore in the middle you're withdrawing from that area of the world that embolden them in every time that we see in American or the American ministration either become too distracted like with the case under Bush in 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia. We were so distracted with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We let that slide.

And we see it again with Russia in 2014 when they went into Crimea under the Obama administration, enemy fee that we are not on our a game there to take full advantage of that and I think that what we signal to them. Now, for reasons that are beyond my understanding is that our enemies are to take advantage of that situation now. So yes, you're right Afghanistan primarily with regard to the Taliban and the economy network and all the different groups that are aligned against Western influence are going to join in this bandwagon that becomes the Gog Magog coalition are going to come very well on Bell because another that I have a well armed $85 billion worth of US military aircraft weapons, vehicles the whole gambit all the stand nations to Deaconess and because extend lot of the Sands Turkmenistan Afghanistan. Those nations represent Magog, and that coming war. Ezekiel 38, 39, we reference that a lot on this program.

Just take some time to read Ezekiel 38 and 39 it's forming on the horizon. It really is. Other nations are going to be involved. Russia, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, Iran there to march against Israel, and then the passage says in many nations with them. So perhaps the be another couple of dozen Leonel just lists those nations, and then many nations will be coming with them I don't believe it's Armageddon. But it's a war that is on the horizon. PQ wrote an article here and you're talking about some things that are taking place that show us the lateness of the hour. Again, you refer to global government, the third Jewish temple. I just pull the headline off of the Internet to about incredible activity that's going on as we speak.

Practice run for third temple reenactment of several temple ceremonies planned.

This is planned for the early part of December here this month and you talk about the image of the beast which we actually spoke about on Eric couple months ago and now we've just talked about some things that could be taking place in 2022. Did you ever think you'd see the day you'd be a part of this generation. No, not by a long shot. I member in 2011, 2012 and the whole Mayan calendar day was going on…… A while ago but now I'm looking around like. While this could be any day literally. So many things have become unhinged in the world and a trigger point as you said the salary was curse the pandemic coven, which has enabled a lot of things to play out that I think we wondered how would it all happen and the pandemic came along and now some of the puzzle are likely falling into place. Learn more about Pete. His articles, his books, etc. and rev rev I'm just getting the program with a little saying I use now and then and I encourage you to do this balance of this year and in the new year. Won't you look back and thank him look around and serve him, look ahead and trust him, but always look up and expect him. He is coming again. I maintain he's coming again much sooner rather than later and I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week.

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